BlueFire Wired Gaming Earphone Plextone g30 voice gaming headset

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manual BlueFire Wired Gaming Earphone Plextone g30 voice gaming headset

Full Text of Manual:L Left headset
2. Right headset
3. Detachable HD mic {bendable flexibly)
4. Multi-Function wire control {built-in HD mic)
5. 3.5mm 4-grade audio interface
6. 3.5mm 4-grade audio master
7. 3.5mm 3-grade audio/mic interface
1. Q: Why there is no sound?
A:. Check whether the phone plug is fully inserted into 3.5mm socket of mobile or computer, and then
push up the volume key of multifunctional wire controller until your hear the sound.
2. Q: Why can’t the opposite side hear sound from my mic?
A:. Check the mic control key of multifunctional wire controller i,; fully pushed up.
3.Q: Whether voice talking can be realized when the master mic on earlap is
pulled off?
A:. Yes, as the hidden mic in wire controller will immediately start to continue to pick up sound.
4. Q: Howtocorrectlywearmemoryfoam?
A:. First pinch part of the memory foam to make its volume reduce before filling it into ear.
5. Q: How to correctly wear fin -type silica gel ear hook?
A:. After filling the headset into auditory canal, rotate the eartap on both sides 90 degrees toward rear
part of head to make “fin” completely filled into the external auricle. If your ears are small/large, just
replace with the ones of proper size.

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Package Content
> Plextone G30 gaming headset • 1
> Bullet silica gel ear muff (3 dimensions) • 6
> 3.5mm audio extension line • 1
> Computer audio patchcord • 1
> Headset storage bag • l
> Wire clip• 1
Requirements on USE environment
> Mobile with 3.5mm 4-grade audio interface (Android/I OS)
> Laptop with 3.5mm 4-grade audio interface
> PC with 3.5mm 3-grade audio/mic interface
The guarantee period is 12 months. Artificial damage such as appearance damage, breakage
of wire by pulling, etc. are outside warranty. Please contact the seller or email to, and we will provide guarantee service for you as soon as possible.
for Multi-Function wire control
No Key Name Action Effect I For

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