JOYMOR Hammock Pod Swing Chair for Kids Indoor and Outdoor Hanging Seat Nook (All Accessories Included)

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Manual JOYMOR Hammock Pod Swing Chair for Kids Indoor and Outdoor Hanging Seat Nook.pdf

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Pod swing instruction
Note: Before assembling, please make sure you have all the below parts.
• Please pierce the hole
before inflating.
• Inflate with a pump,
be careful not to overfill it
• Put the air cushion into
the cloth bag and pull
the zipper
Step4(lnstall wall fixture): Step5:
• 1. Please drill 4 holes in the ceiling with screw gun.
(Note:The distance among 4 holes depends on the
part B.)
2.Insert part A to 4 drilled holes.
3. Attach part B to part A to corresponding holes.
4. Tighten part A with part B with caps and nuts.
• Hang the swing to the
hook with strap and
Upper fabric 100% cotton, air bag
machine-washable at 30’c
please use gentle cycle.
Iron at low temperature
Do nottumble dry!
Do not exceed the maximum carrying capacity of 80 kg!
The suspension device for hanging your hanging crows nest must be installedby a professional and needs to
be checked for wear and tear regularly Wear and tear elements that show signs of wear need to be replaced
Fa brics and ropes are subject to wear and tear and may become brittle. Distinctchanges in colour might
indicate wear and tear.
Therefore, please check the carrying capacity of your hanging crow’s nest priorto use Dispose of it if the full
carrying capacity is no longer warranted.
Never leave children unattended in your hanging crows nest. It is imperative that the attachment to a suspension
device is carried out by an adult.
We would like to point out explicitly that this product is not suitable for children
below the age of three years
Babies in particular must not be placed in the hanging crow’s nest
The cushion poses a risk of suffocation. In addition, there is no safety belt which could prevent falling out.

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