Amazon Basics emergency seat belt cutter and window Hammer quick start guide

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Amazon Basics emergency seatbelt cutter and window Hammer quick start guide

Amazon Basics emergency seat belt cutter and window Hammer quick start guide

Quick Start Guide 

Intended Use

This product is designed to facilitate the escape from a vehicle in the aftermath of a car crash.


  1. . Locate and reach out to release the product from its
  2. Hold the product by its handle with the hammer head pointing up.
  3. Hook the seatbelt into the blade and slice through the belt with a r, back and forth motion until it is cut. Then proceed to releasing other passengers, small children first, from their
  4. Now using either side of the steel heads on the product, smash the side window close to a corner by swinging it like a hammer. The glass should shatter after one or two
  5. Protect your eyes and face by shielding them with your other hand, and let other passengers do the Once the glass is shattered, use the product to get rid of the remaining glass around the window edges.

Product Disclaimer:

  • When using safety tools, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of injury and/or damage.
  • Read all instructions before using this tool!
  • Amazon is not liable for injury, theft, or any other emergency or circumstance emerging as a result of incorrect use of this

In some extreme cases it may not be possible to escape fr m o r ve h ic el.    There is no guarantee that this tool will prevent serious inJury or death. It depends on the severity of the incident and actions/

reactions of the person affected.                                        

.       d             safety tool designed specifically as a potentially life-

  • This pro u    Is a
  • Keep away from Children should not play with this product. This product is not a toy!
  • Do not strike the product on metal, rock, wood or similar hard surfaces.
  • Do not alter this
  • Do not use this product for other purposes.
  • Always protect your face while breaking a glass window with this Protect yourself and other passengers from shattered pieces of glass that may be thrown around because of the impact.
  • Please rationally assess the severity of the accident and judge whether or not the use of this product is justified.
  • IMPORTANT: Intended for use only with tempered automobile door window glass in an emergency. Device will not break windshields or other windows made of laminated
  • To determine your glass type, look for a permanent marking on the bottom corner of the automobile glass, or consult your owner’s AS1 stands for laminated glass and AS2 stands for tempered glass.
  • Warning: Used cars may have replacement windows made of unknown In such case, the car’s user manual will not be helpful in identifying the type of material. In this case please seek advice from an auto dealer or a repair shop.


Warranty Information

To obtain a copy of the warranty for this product:

D    Visit


Contact Customer Service at 1-866-216-1072