PC Volume Control Knob, DROK USB Volume Adjuster Knobs Audio Sound Controller for Adjusting Volume of Computer, No Loss of Sound Quality with 4.6 Feet Cable

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USB volume control manual.pdf

Full Text of Manual:

Rotate it to adjust volume
Press it down to be muted
The USB interface
Easy to be muted:
• Pressing down the top cover will turn to be
mute; pressing again it wi ll return to the
origina l volume .
Volume Control:
• The entire top of the Wire Controller is one big, physical volume control knob, you can control
volume of your computer speaker.
• 1. First plug this USB wire controller to your computer;
2. Then adjust the votume level you actually want using th is big knob, which is way easier than
hunting for the setting on your computer.
• Use stepper digital potentiometer, pointing adjustment, has a very nice feel.
• It controls computer sound card by instruction, sound doesn’t get through wire , so no loss of
sound quality. ,am•
• Please don’t use this ,tern in damp environment, al though the product has been packaged with
waterproof material, the components may also be broken in damp enviror:ment for a long time.
• Please put this item in a safe and stable space, to avoid fa lling or being broken.
• The volume control knob has a very nice smooth feel, please don’t force to turn it.

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