Quickload Replacement Auto feed Spool for Black and Decker Trimmers

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Manual Quickload Replacement Autofeed Spool for Black and Decker Trimmers.pdf

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© Mission Cables, LLC. www.missioncables.com MC28v1
Thank you
for purchasing
Quickload™ Spool for
Black & Decker Trimmers
Instructions Inside
How to load the Quickload™ spool
Disconnect the trimmer power
Release the tabs as shown to
remove the cover and spring.
Remove the empty spool.
Maintain tension on the line of
the new spool by holding it as
shown and pulling on the
end of the line.
Maintain the tension of the line around the spool while
completing the following steps 5 and 6.
a For an instructional video on how to load the Quickload™
spool please go to www.missioncables.com/quickloadvideos
Need further assistance? Email us at support@missioncables.com.
Insert the line from the new
spool through the eyelet in
the spool hub as shown.
Place spool into the hub, with
the MC logo side facing up.
Press the spool down and
rotate until it drops into place.
Snap cover and spring into
place. You are now ready to
use your trimmer. You will
hear the nylon line being ~ut .
automatically to the proper
& WA~NING: Always wear eye protection. Uplug trimmer before
chc1rging, installing, or removal of spool. Read tool and spool instruction
mc1nuc1ls for additional safety precautions before using this spool.

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