Telly the Teaching Time Clock

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This product conforms to safety requirements of ASTM and EN71,

the learning

Move my hands and
I’ll tell you the time!
Real Working
Analog and
Digital Display
Turn Knob
2 Play Modes:
•Tell Time
•Quiz Game
Activity Modes:
Activity 1 – Tell Time
This activity allows your child to learn how to tell time through discovery and exploration.
• Turn the clock hands to any time, and Telly the Teaching Time Clock will announce the selected time.
The minute hand can be moved in 5 minute intervals.
Activity 2 – Quiz Game
This activity asks your child to identify a specific time on the clock by moving the hands to the time selected.
• When this activity is selected, the unit will ask a random set of questions.
• To select the correct answer, turn the clock hands to the correct time. The unit will confirm whether or not the answer is correct.
• If the answer is correct, a positive statement will be made and a new question will be asked.
• If the question is answered incorrectly three times in a row, a new question will be asked automatically.
On/Off/Volume Button – Use switch to turn the unit on and off and to adjust the volume (high or low|.
Play Mode Selector – Move the switch to select one of the two activities.
Digital Display – When the unit is off, and the time is set, this display shows the time.
When in an activity mode, this display shows the time being taught.
Movable Clock Hands – Move the clock hands to activate the time-telling function.
Turning Knob – Use this knob to rotate the clock hands more freely. (D
Turn slowly to avoid damaging internal components.
Night-Light – Push down on the light to turn it on for nighttime comfort. Push down again to turn off.
Night-light will turn off in three minutes.
Carry Handle (on back of unitl – Use this handle to make Telly the Teaching Time Clock more portable.
Battery Compartment (on back of unitl – Located on the back of the unit.
Set Hour Button – Use this button to set the hour.
Set Minute Button – Use this button to set the minute.
To set time:
Use hour and minute buttons to set time. Press and hold the hour or minute button until display flashes.
Then push the buttons down until correct time is displayed. Time is set when the display stops flashing.
Special notes:
• If Telly the Teaching Time Clock suddenly stops working, or the voice becomes faint or the sound seems weak,
the problem may be low battery power. If this is the case, install a new set of batteries before using.
• Turn hands slowly to avoid damaging internal components.

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