Top Race Clip Remote Control Object Launcher, Release and Drop Drone Delivery

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If you have any questions about this product or its warranty, please contact us at
or give us a call at 212-920-7190
Thank you for choosing the Top Race®TR-66 Drone Clip™. The Drone Clip™can be
attached to any larger sized drone capable of lifting at least 3 ounces or more. Please
read this instruction manual carefully before using your device. Save these instructions
for future reference.
The TR-66 Drone Clip™ should not be used as a toy. While it is small in size, it can still
pose dangers to users and anyone in the vicinity. Always follow safety precautions while
using your Drone Clip™.
The TR-66 Manufacturer or dealers assume no liability for damages caused by parts,
wear, improper use, or use in an unsafe manner. Always operate the Drone Clip™in a
safe manner and safe environment, free of obstacles, and at a safe distance from others.
Damage or dissatisfaction, due to accidents or modifications of the product, are not
covered by the manufacturers warranty and will void all attempts to return or replace this
For more information visit or
email us at
Users should operate the Drone Clip™ in safe areas away from other people. Never drop
anything from the clip near or above people or pets.
Never drop anything metal, sharp, or too heavy at any time.
Users of this Drone Clip™ are responsible for any errors, poor performance,
and any damage or injury that may occur while using this device.
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Once the battery is fully charged simply connect and install the battery into the clip by removing
the Drone Clip cover and putting it into place.
Note: Use caution when plugging the battery into the Drone Clip™. Do not force the connection
and be sure to connect it the proper way.
Note: Only use the original Top Race charging cable that came in the box.
1. Use the included fastener strip and slide it into the Drone Clip™. (see image)
2. Pull both ends of the fastener strip all the way around the drone until they meet on top
and fasten it together as tight as possible, (see image)
Note: the fastener included is long enough to go around any large size drone. You can
always cut off a piece if its too long to better fit the drone.
Remove the battery cover in back of the
remote and install 3 button batteries in the
transmitter (included), make sure to install
them in the proper polarity as shown inside
the battery compartment. Never mix old
and new batteries.
The TR-66 came with a dedicated USB charging cable
1. Connect the USB Charging cable to a computer or USB outlet.
Once connected the the light on the USB will turn red.
2. Connect the other end of the USB to the Clip battery.
When connected the light will turn off.
3. Once the light turns on again the charging process is complete.
Charge time is about 20 min.
1. Turn on the switch of the transmitter.
The light on the transmitter will flicker.
2. Turn on the switch of the Drone Clip.
The lights will stop flickering and the controller will automatically pair up with the Drone
Clip™ and is now ready to use.
Press the button of the transmitter and the Drone Clip™ will open. You can now load your
desired product into the clip. Press the button again and the clip will close, holding the
product, loaded tightly in place and ready to take off.
We have included several accessories to start you off: Water Balloons, Parachute. You
can use the clip for any other product as long it fits and is not too heavy. (Please read
Note: A special lightweight plastic clip is included in the box to help you clip on products
that wont fit directly to the Drone Clip™.
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