Cleveland May 22, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

Area areas have now sort of a three OK Thank you everyone six if you can check three two three nine West thirty second thirty two thirty nine West thirty second Sara from rhetoric front and shell is calling to get the still and vehicle it’s a two thousand and ten Toyota Camry silver and color four door G.P.S. shows the vehicle at this location to disable to what the vehicle is now moving so disregard that

They’re going to radio to add a third their thirteen we’re reading the first Ira I got one for you

But one funny three hundred saying one honey three hundred St John the lot of the legs of

That an unruly seventeen year old granddaughter

As opposed to three sometimes there are zero one zero zero on the

Home of five

Bucks for an


Eighty six eighty three that will be I don’t know if direction it but the advice is not reported as stolen I ran the place a two thousand and ten Toyota four door to a Michael

Size zero zero eight Lorain Avenue going to forget is six nine zero eight six nine zero eight zero you know what we’re going to go through or for

The advice of vehicles not reported stolen so I don’t know why it’s a recovery and who reported it stolen

Don’t you have a proper photo now go fall we’re out an older

Ari twelve o six you know what one of

You who find the answers you

Hold back


And available to go to the hospital just hold this until I get a woman car vailable for his juvenile

For the juvenile that was that way Park Elementary sort of site emergency or the site of a cell that was conveyed to

Babies and children

We’ll use security to go with them but I don’t have a one instance and the only holders for one man Arsenal to management are

Having an ounce of a seven and forty six A When you’re done I have a call to for you

Said I was

Right we’re going to

Hire Barney one three if you can hand over to twenty to twenty seven pain and another twenty to twenty seven pain Ave and that’s about eleven is fine until police who you know female who jumped from a moving auto they’re saying that they were Chinle the female against her will nothing further no call back that’s it it’s a call to have a felony seven zero four zero seven zero four zero and forty or less for your list that being five zero seven Eastern

Five zero seven Eastern is that the projects are now

Or are there much are part of


Hall and she was assault to a police officer they say there’s e-mails of sent an irate Inc and I salute her being issued a ticket but there’s issues officer as a whole three and a seven zero four one seven zero four one I want to do a callback on that and that’s a friend

I race e-mail

They said Amy their decision officer her a traffic ticket and she wants to confer with a police officer

For a very frank rich Robert were

Probably there for our fair share are there for Mary create more trouble for her or her contract right there or the role here if you’re operating you know as a foreign If I copy you can disregard them foreigners and

Disregard the law

And so on us thank you for joining Radio ninety six zero one

Thirty dollars matters are just good as a group of people who are different from triggers regarding the Q. or any variation from federal you know what you can call when they occur in your career related to people where you were complete

I’m happy I can’t be as homeless do you somewhat right now I just want to have complete copy of all the you guys that fall not that I want I can somebody I People who dies on me because I have missed some of our next hard hours call or any of

You got a couple very beautiful

Photos of her

All right report number is going to be seventy

One five six two zero seven one and it was spice Charlie two three that made the report out of the twenty first which was yesterday and it’s an office oh in

The system yet but he says Report help

Thinking Yankee which is his girlfriend has a car and authorize use of the motor vehicle

Quite high as if you’re

Already living usually will be District three hundred forty

Or so


I have than twelve

Ready else to sixteen for Colton

What’s this address from him OK when Choose your oh

OK Any leaven imaginal

Sixteen if you can head over to Rainbow Babies and children hospital right well babies and children

And that’s that year old you and I was having a mental breakdown Delia’s with them that’s a call to get us out of the six nine nine nine six nine nine nine and they brought us from way hard elementary school

Just over there is seventy six hundred way part seventy six underway part that’s not of the occult and it’s going to be six nine nine nine six nine nine I

Think a person

That I don’t know what I’d call a million though they say they sent security deal when it was I’m

Told Radio

But I miss an eighty six year old

Were you able to run a soldier through all the other picture

Herded her back number of

Her American army very very or her struck her or her apartment or her structure or it or her record got her

OK Where was that again

The focus of her

View of

Social get over here real quick where all of your well tried your excuse that one four two six five two one nine

Thank you you know welcome Bill and tossing your chair fifteen just seems Qantas seven zero three forms so I was in all three for

Richard for her

Arm And yes of arms and for a short

But also hurtful I know a character

Animates and he’s just our priority to please anything good to me estimated three four four two E’s one four three three four four to each one four three and I don’t want to hang out sound like a child playing on the phone call that was the response to do that in zero four three seven zero four three

Seventeen Party shifting radio that

Torso shots but I am OK with the fighting over your head check OK shows an easy one to three kids seven zero to five

That’s also I don’t think

We are we’re from Ground Zero you know everything we’ve got to go back for for with or sorry I have asked for Coach you spending so on and you’re all right can you check once you for a zero to not over look once you force your to not overlook and there is a parking lot and I go out on stage there steeple fighting there’s one person and they be listening and and there’s another male banging on his windows trying to get into the car there’s a black male black cat the grey are basically teaser rates one thing and the host you know has seven zero three one that and they’re all three one OK give us music

That’s how they sing thanks and storage of your

Housing and

That over here

Well they see they confirm these warrants already was

Yet there is life a caution attached or sorry to her womb or handle that

It’s just a

Happy Dance only king

And I know on that as written That’s right

Seven thousand nine hundred Do you have in one

Listed in our care system for that I cannot check the report center because our everybody’s arms are down well obviously others record here are part

Of the

Well made some information from your cough report when you’re able to get a firm so I wish I had something to give you I came to look at the report I called the district it sounds and gave that report number I mean it’s not and there’s a lot of them so that’s why I call the report center fight wasn’t thinking that learns as down I will then if we don’t have anything officially then it’s all about can you see if you can get ahold of the finance company and see if they can give him what I’m know that has vehicles rejoin wire and I was off for flats he’s going to need a lap of


There is not one and I got

Four or five a radio

When I was time

Going shows completed but we’ve told her mom once you say no and everything from inside the unit for having one

Fairly far seems that my hands are safer in full then there is a you want to lay limey for this over Charlie forging going corner I said as for flats right now

Well you know if anything was from them from about thirty two all seldom reports

Were great everything

Yeah you find out you from a fair

You know all right radio you have

For years it is overall record though what was used

Is a cancerous image report house

But short respected store and I will notify the guy we’re not going to be OK I have the owner on the phone he’s right at Pearl and that’s if he can make it there and have he’s got AAA heart

Or them buying for us or

He’s on his way from parole and that’s this Grand Prix silver

Once used for is there a one large there once before is there a one lived here that will come from Mail say that’s the mail refusing to have his car he’s refusing answering questions and hung out in voicemail on a call back voted as you have seven zero four nine seven zero four nine for twelve twenty four

For anyone’s history you know to just have me go ahead

We just Jesse three one three three one four four mail is here now five he’s in Robert here everything has some they were like Kathy especially for us so where they can get her out from behind the house they would love a pretty car they were told as well that’s a sister Council report David seventeen is working as a report that’s what their plans with the bank robbery are it’s as if they were every

Twenty five eighty he say Mrs Harris and you guys as busy three seventy AM wait

Here with address you will be at her

Twenty five that’s who will be mentioning nineteen

Three thriving very very fifteen the riving top twenty five Gray Davis that I think is happening and I’m going to have an easy day just for this exercise or of an accident and Marnie dodging just her and

They still haven’t got anybody to really that hard lives are destroyed and

Are exhausted you said you six run and that’s your son George eight four five George time George eight eight four five

Coming back to let two thousand and three Chevy Chase and color expires neither seen in two thousand and eighteen and that’s going to be

Just kick me out

To a James Wright thirty three thirteen staff or a roll out of Cleveland Heights that’s actually running James right Sr He’s valent his cell just two six eight eight zero two seven two three two six eight zero two seven two three second OK Your dad is going to be seven zero six zero seven zero six zero but there could you have start for all of them for our care

Who will give everybody else was not fun I notice that all the surrounding servers and everything when it first came in

First call

From fiction career in just twenty

Four G.’s back to me this top twenty and I was very down to one

And the same in two half hours ago at ten ten three nine nine four he said I think thirty nine forty five a downstairs somebody thought about a family argument I don’t have a name I have a call back and I think I was very at six thousand four five six nine four five

Twelve twenty nine forty or forty radio

From one seven zero one five Harvard educated her heart right

Here if you give a

Return for him I’ll be over

Her one in print

No no no I

Want to

Talk shows I know you will have a circle

Three nine nine four East five eight downstairs

Nine eight six nine eight six and one on seven and nine are on there and we’re by these are

Rather bad in that for male and female are no longer are they are sitting on a bench in front of their

Casings with the children he badges he didn’t see the males he is the being or anything physical

That’s an update on a car

That’s going to be used to yell out on flags out here

Recover the information they have

Just complete OK talk everyone to any sixty nine easy for party to please OK it’s over it’s just crazy of

One to six seven for Williams estimated one she said seven for Williams and I want an estimated profit as the response of the coach you know seven zero six eight seven zero six eight I would get four that’s all very

There isn’t a short shows or are there any origin

Markers and radio

Careful care numbers I’m sure zero four zero

You have a wealth of Raiders

Geraghty and or I’m going to question in a referee for for well perjury but enjoy simply on the radio or

Can I carry that around twelve thirty three that I thought I was kind of hard on the eye and I don’t fall

Right they said I don’t have anybody there’s no easy

I may confer with them they have the sense to car so they doesn’t want to measure waiting for her to get another one I read the other thirteen if you get over thirteen eighty five to thirteen eighty five to see Deborah whining that this location she was assaulted by her husband his name is Brandon Leroy he’s in the background saying that the female assaulted him he’s bleeding that’s a call one cat a seven zero five eight seven zero five A

Very true

Apartment saves her true someone there’s no apartment number there’s an eighty five to

Go out


That they’re saying on a

Very good rock just suspects you’re only gonna do a black separate the Prager and you are

OK suspects again until your black anger a Jeep Wrangler heading east on Hamilton hurt but you want you to respond

To a thirteen are just enough to live up to a book or else argue when you get your if it’s him be a journey they were sitting and I was there is a sense that there are things you can have me on the second district still doesn’t have a car so really that car from Luther

Yes part of discretion I don’t have a car yet haven’t sixteen you’re going over to lose her has little connection with a second to Surat last name of Lewis it’s a priority two seven zero zero zero and I thank you

It’s all very sad to do fifty six radio

Sunny to city six ninety S. again right at the

Split to run GEORGE ROBERTS ninety seven seventy

I thought he can honestly just

Fence row me from apartment

He were

Driving me and

There’s also going to be tonight one eight zero zero zero and Robert Walter five eight two seven three six OK OK So you want me to run

If you please I got a semi given back to me I wasn’t ready to cop the semi one second by seven down it’s forty three like seconds of route tires on scene connection with an overdose party two at seven zero seven seven in jeopardy of court order not

Just for

An hour yes’ and seven zero seven seven for getting a call that there is a car into a ravine and a male is trapped in a car that is wheelchair bound E.M.’s as I

Say actually be kept seven zero seven nine seven zero seven nine seven myself forty posts are OK Kathy So forty two words are

One one three one one sticker Boulevard say it was man or west parking lot did you really say OK

Well this driver’s license shows expires August the seventeenth Well it says forty four eleven two thousand and fourteen thankfully nine of his on the seven hundred forty one for a jury for the second

That’s all forty one so she is valid and I did and she has an expired ID and no driver’s license OK

Her he’s a black male thirty five years old wearing a gray hoodie blue red and white shirt with white jeans and that’s all his reviews it’s going to be a cold one here can a seven zero seven six seven zero seven six

Thank you twelve

Thirteen those firearms and all they’re

Doing to recall them are still

The middle of your

Bills for for you and your dollars your lunch rush if you were American you know better location


Thank you it’s going to be seventy six the seventy third that beat seven sixty seventy third and that area

For two thousand and eleven equinoxes Golden Collar the play is not known it was reported stolen out of Medina yesterday and the owner is calling because he’s in that area her leasing company had a vehicle for your cannas seven zero three three seven zero three three

Point six one six four

When she says

Yes sorry about that we’ll play it Henry Charlie union one three nine six and return the union one three ninety six she believes it’s there because her leasing company called her and told her that they think it’s in that area I’m not sure if they have a G.P.S. tracker on it

We are very eager but as and OK side

Of a firearm forms nearly

A marathon the males name is storm blue shirt brown things

She’s a black female now also got a call for Wellington’s that’s a sign

Area mail in his e-mail signing or maybe in connection same area

Let’s use can some of their own six four seven zero six four as opposed to never one cell forty

Ready to slow it down or doubt we are secure thank you times twelve forty five is going to be eight zero five or over eight to zero five or over I think George is calling to say that her ex is refusing to leave the house and try to pull her hair the same as Omar Kirk or a gray hoodie raising thing and he’s a black male that no one has seven zero point three seven zero he’s very

Tall forty five and I’m sixteen A great for a priority one for shots fired

Serious issues

From one of our

Question or

That it’s all forty six

I’ve got any target on the shaker can slow it down and I’m sixteen this is going to be across from three six three two is one of thirty three six three two E’s one I’ll carry their party coffers for shots fired if they did they heard some people arguing false over vehicles once a driveway by the yellow house and then the stop for fired so there’s It was a trash bag the driveway here is a cold one at seven zero eight six seven zero eight six

That’s well forty six a minute that seen a massive fire find you guys for four of them

OK Thanks three times like three when you were in and

You put there not me fill their lives homes I can

Tell I don’t have any and you going to make them OK I’ll be I would George Mickey Turley three zero nine zero energy again I’ll figure out what’s going on here OK I’m going to be and until forty some seventy two fifty six of you

Says you twelve forty

Well Rally recording of a female she did her homework over there are you missing against a must predictors of an

Enemy to know you know

The meeting

Was going to be a predator us we toured


They have it’s Top forty I got another coach here but three three two eight years one forty nine three three two eight East one three nine she Williams is trying she is I waiting outside and there are states that are chopped out of refusing to give her child as in as Ramon games she’s waiting here in a Saturn Vue just think that he’s been violent with her earlier today just offices to try to get her child back to code still has that and zero five seven seven zero five seven

So forty nine doors are still an area Top forty nine so I think he’s four across from the city eighty six we had two black males fighting each other since occultist

Right across that reflect the heart of prospect in East force prospect he’s a force ninety six fall across from Mrs E. eighty six there’s two like e-mails fighting each other and one has on a white T. shirt dark green Carmel paint and short here on the one is wearing a jean jacket and then can some losing there’s a call to Candice I’m a zero nine one seven zero nine one or greater twelve and they’re just not too long ago had a robbery on Hamilton involving three white males they left in a newer model black or dark gray Jeep Wrangler maybe connected maybe not black or if they’re crazies

And actual officers this or

Yeah it wasn’t very long ago they just you know that description they went east on

I’m Hamilton so different both Joey for three

Charlie four single and

The clinic

Run a hundred of them yeah I know your surgeon I think back good on his weapon for me no conservative record i’ve are not record firms employ that may be revived or they have been Florence Horgan sort of return back on the pervasive

OK My problem is a lot of all the time we are with the firm and they’re going to be friends if only for a just

For a Jeep Wrangler Lassigny Santa Anna

Sandra Teen Ariel

Mills of from a third they are

Affirmative stay with the we’re proud of weapons

Around our radios too frank fourteen obviously is one that she wishes Jenna getting me is that of mealies Well I don’t know what your detail was exactly yeah we could take it forever you know and also Jenna Cannon is the only OK and all that but we got I think the six five five one six two defense I.V.’s once a two

Security threat that

Says a parent wasn’t seen as threatened the teacher of the parents no longer around saying they needed a code to zero seven zero point four seven zero point four and I’m not a five yo in bulk I saw fifty four to twelve grade an article in your book last responder zero issue for forced her D.V.D. of itself as the force and I wanted to do radio let me

Four five six

Five one seven grains want practising information from the third district that you want to have that occurred at I three Name three think there are three taverns I think for a new or black or grey no model Jeep Wrangler that left on Hamilton has three black Georgia think it was three black males that’s a cross and they were out of the business practice that’s all fifty five rocket actually do of course as well twenty

Sorry I just want to go with

A six color

That’s not up for

Me were broadcast were servants

Who were trying them OK crew people in bargain

For the car

Sort of and if you missed it was eerie tavern and fifty three ninety three Think fire I was right to Crown Point their title right now is aggravated robbery kidnapping and the suspects being three in total all black males got into a black thing for a new or model Jeep Wrangler that was I see Eastman Hamilton you think you are welcome and I’m sixty golfers the foreigner and just the foreigner in places

To share idea what I want to have and amazing the females going back down the street right now and I’m sexting go

Vehicle has red tape a big red X. on the back there’s going to be that you can go ahead with his and so just choose that and six thousand six hundred fun seven to seven six nine six zero six one seven first as I say Greer

And time and I mean the reality of things I mean

You get some clarification on a color and at the right

Fifteen all we

All we got was a black and gray Jeep Wrangler newer

One Metro

With a white male in it not you wanna go

Cause you need radio

They just want to know you like just as a lot of them are like a solid color but in a time that has a different color he just wanted to know was the by every great he was a body of a black or how was it yeah I’m sorry oh he just all he said to us was the body was black and gray in color Oh OK That’s some video footage here shortly from the subway in the restaurant across the street

There is a subway ramp there guys you know

Take the subway in the event that a hundred thirty think they’re just got rocked the country by three guys I was wondering maybe as connected

They were all in whack


I think three is there

Any night

Good chance from

There OK radio to copy

So you were four of them friends

Thirteen locations

Yeah got it

In eighty two seventy four just for more info from that their district one witness told them it was great and black right now you’re assuming what a great body and it was a black top and on Fenders and stuff and they’re going to be going up video here shortly just for your

Partner certain order that

Person for a year is going to be a rock

That’s robber


I don’t ever go away didn’t fall over too once they’re free of course there are four or four

You know who gets seventy ninety four seven zero nine four fourteen let me know what inning you have on trying to write five eight nine zero one seven they don’t but still twenty seven sixty three thirteen under her don’t have a from

Now is in of her own house and it occurred as thirty three ninety three Thanks Claire at the airy tavern they just went eastbound on Hamilton from that location

Opposite you are you’re well


And your model whacking great Gee I don’t know how to college just think Cheney is on the body of a car

And extraordinary

Religion number of my knowledge

It was from an auto that was ninety six twelve or twelve

Seventy seven hundred

Seventy seven hundred when there were no Cleveland Ohio for one hundred four years ago I mean who hundred bracket right Grammont through her

Driver’s license is suspended number there they’re going through one seven two

Seven three one seven five it’s for every you know fourteen is

Seven point eight

We’ve got info received that we’re going to be transferring this female C.P.U. we had her for a warrant

Was going to go to tell me

If you’re in or out

Five happy to do five and you’re on at thirteen I three

Received her by the rear admiral

You know why I think most of them

And for the record it is not as if this is a colonel or just a kind of organ do you need some names from these people that are for the OK I’m trying to as it is yours you know for of every fourteen affirmative haven’t and a female you just ran from me until five hundred one K K U R I C K how L.C. still this thirty seven and I have all Matthew free when he’s thirty two and the females in the

Unknown clothing I just there being around each other walking down the river on Horse one hundred two

Now it says that the malice has a nine millimeter use Armisen nine millimeter her belief right now and so we’re going to make this a war on a lot of whole figurative and get number seven zero nine seven seven zero nine seven OK with your listeners who are through this you’re right time now as there’s you know five dollars

Additional information from this other caller who’s a neighbor says the mother lives at nine four zero one Auburn and this is where the females opposed to going to now are and as our Cody of black hair blue jeans

Do we want them for we’re going to talk so much about the present who we don’t

Want to see here Tracy

Is the color on the set I think

When you compare

Your daughter it was

Seven zero seven nine seventy seventy nine and ask for a second color Stracey bra the first color is C. and OK sure you should work for the warmth of the going up the

Yes that’s correct

Although she gave us one of the

I don’t have a call there for her so I don’t know OK sure

Will do we can follow you thinking that they’re

Out of the evidence or of ready

To put us out as three six three zero Barly were flagged down via email you need a secondary cat number you want to keep up with your details

Of your secondary that number for you right there have been in further suspect description here from the subway whenever you’re ready go ahead first May are going to call her in your black mail

You know who you are on it having grave shoulders and sleeve and from like the chest down it appeared to be black you had a red rag

And white shoes suspect number two are you going to video yet a gray hoodie I’m with

The image of a rock star or something on the front of it and it’s best number three light blue hoodie I’m with many have blue like sweatpants driving green of with three white stripes on the legs three parts and a number six two three five two seven two five seven on either thing land where I was very kind as it were cutting themselves

Well Milan there and I’m going to be more Oh for one hell first

One saying so what’s your view of this mare

I’m not happy at thirteen and I’m thirteen on the

Address yet for those pictures

I’ll call that one to get the

Rights or last ones who think this president has three cleaning going on as of days and there’s a lot of cars that are part of us from the coast for Canada seventy one

Oh seven seven one zero seven they were there to back up the check with a boss of orders not to do it or of those vehicles

They were so in the first as a supervisor going for video mail

Instead of her photos of all the

First I was going to write the party were over there then the ocean net let them agree or Robin Lake Rob or ocean yesterday that of course will be sick for Thursday night seven to forty four year old white male

Over the male sequester

Crazy for a nine for a one their color States nephew has a nine millimeter gun on his head and threatened to kill her but she radio

Mail just don’t buy organic we’re going to try to stop me going to program or going north I’m going one up for George Jr

And reimagine warmer for her not to cry this very minute they are hungry and there may be an array of rain there for her

Every thank you six zero four three three six I’m sure

He well I mean

I sent them for

Him for two months here as well yes one for you

Do you want to play Lister now

P.C. in the seans about a year old he is seen as father was trying to assault him but have had also he ran away to his friends house there is because they can’t is that it one zero two seven zero one zero two JORDAN Yeah I know

So he’s supposed to have a gun we’ll figure out where you go

Right he says the affairs of the adolescent ninety four a one not

Andy’s threatening to kill the collar was I think this is an aunt her mom and his mother Yeah that’s right no that’s what they’re saying and

Call an animal complaint and west of overcrowding effect on the area

Stocking report a fact report of Harken violator was a full sixty five the other was a car a sixty used and seventy one want to someone wants to

Buy an existing completely versus a matter of you shake or anybody fourteen they were going to tackle from a gun right where their sanity is at right now is nine four zero one


There’s code one that one zero nine seven seven their own eyes out on

This version I have for hand before

Right here suppose they were in blue shorts a black T. shirt West had written on the back

Fifteen The four jail for a yes

Bernie fourteen what’s your E.T.A. for your radio

Conference there’s a fifth think there’s a fitting Thank you

Fifty will be for

You know

What we call them

With all the situation

Simply And I mean for the launch of the district have you had thirteen sixteen you’re going for your lunch or persons is heard on a one for one who

Was for Grant but on a full review how you respond that you know we walked for attorney before we knew or doesn’t he says oh well if

The judge was


Well thanks

As exceptions

But they

I mean three six seven

Now so I think six to five six five seven OK I think for the question really had no problems three times already a few randoms all going are going to be completely were relieved second issue of the very thing with her season and think for the neighbor you want six eight two zero one six two eight so what’s her name same fourteen said No whatever with her now so you don’t want to holler or you can call our letter of the start of

We may have or may not

Never mind she’s walking up to us but if you have fourteen

Thirteen eighty

Yes there is another one for her sure

Sure rush

Her over your July

If you know they’ve got a well I’m going to write a play or shaker re-assume ninety six eleven and on day one six area I think everyone expects people from ages each that I think sure if they are prancing

Thirteen funny but feel there are a D.V.D. that’s on cars waiting out for pictures three three to eight E’s one three nine apartment for Adam eighteen and thinking horny

Seven zero five seven seven zero five seven I don’t completely shake or store for attention and almost zero pick her out of form and want to know

I have it there’s usually one


One for all foreign answer twenty five cents go

There was a car for apartment three are very very incomplete and

Thanks one report five seven seven zero seven seven seven hundred seventy seven we have definite that friends are just starting Actually I don’t

There’s a hundred twenty

Nine or nine right also have a memento from Mr Holmes

This year olds will be receiving this unification random seven zero two one hundred ninety seven zero two one hundred one for drug abuse marijuana nothing came of I was just went for I want to warn Jr and he just have

Three other day which was a break from the district and do it so it was homemade which F.X. over report I think

We’re told is going to want to go for record so I say you are right

The floors that

Are you can you go the baggage claim Thanks fame across no welcome Ferengi Brian focus only old friend he was emptying the trash and from the weapon what they put it in the bottom of the garbage clear so he got back as they were proud from the welcome center

Turns around here I want to ask him a location seventy four hundred seventy four zero zero Clark and I don’t want to hang up how close to seventy one twenty seven one two zero gravity or thirteen twenty five

You’re going to go from the ring but I know he’s not going to return yet

I just wanted to thank you

Three M. cysteine for info we call Radio three an M one five am sitting as I you would like you to call him Are you ready

To one six three one


She said

This or thirty first time of

Questioning for thirty weight loss will take care of the earth

Fortunately for her lack of effectiveness

Is one eight three one and your daughter just as you monitor

The war if you if you if you and she was the police I am now

Thirteen so I sat on and I have on your writing yet sorry to give effect

Right thirteen twenty seven

When the B.M.’s your

Mail is conscious and breathing it out thirty nine is easy

Takes blood thinners is no medical complications

One for the night

Then thanks for the seven zero seven four

Three No cause area checks OK there’s usually there’s you know hundreds of here thirty and hundreds of your apartment twelve eleven so a lot of times and he’s assessing a property from all their supposed three so I don’t want to just seven want to assess

If it was the former number

One two one one victims or an thirteen twenty nine radios to fire anyone three from

Eighteen variables or

Thirteen thirty should we do for two or for Jury zero four and prospect of mail with every word they would they would

Then ring that was you were able just your car number jury to give you who are

Going to do what’s right so if you have another

I think the system fourteen and I think twenty two even by seven years are very far but they’re sure to come through in fact four of those reports from earlier literature thirty before we do they are determined

They’re saying that there were

Thirteen very enjoy

West by seven as a serious Forty Yeah the Fadal

Try to measure number seven also he

Goes three four codes four is one of these three is that accident of seventy one Harvard probably going to get out graded to a code soon faction and they will endure then it’s someone one of the parties he’s

There he’s ready to go into the assignment that you had on your list for East thirty eighth you can cancel it or is that your natural desire to five zero seventy three for a civil complaint there would be for a very early or

No law

I don’t know it was going to last you know as a center for every level

No problem there’s been there isa shows where the radio

Next was some there were four five if you’re on this wait David Robert Edward six one three may


OK as a two thousand and two US four door of black

And expired and two thousand and nine you gave me Davis Robert George that’s one right yeah it was a justice you

Know it’s the point our victim here is giving us

Jeff Allen answers but there you go eleven year old father in law is a five four four you follow me we’re going to go in and out you are one of his I mean one hundred twenty you just be quick thing father and you know why haven’t you

Roll or give you my address when you get there

Talking at thirteen thirty four Barney twelve radio so I have an evolved from Greenlawn live in force for a floor fire Sam fourteen it wasn’t easy for photos paperwork was given on sale for completed in the Georgia complete over there and how do we look for thirty back in the district fall quite sure a portion of the free market economics I’m not wanting wonders you your credit for that there’s a very for

You as well for eight one three

Correct ma’am and I millimeter

Please if you

Can a thirteen thirty five thirteen thirty five and thank you thank you when I have another rehearsed with if you know there’s a theory are very keen on his inquiry apartment

And management is now claiming that they mean that the result of this unit is now requesting that the scene where we’re thwarted add a very minor and

That this email was

Threatening her who are kind of

On the map and I remember that she had never been one zero eight seventy one always and thirteen if it is

I’m right there if I

Can i don’t yell says I ninety but they gave I ninety one forty four as for a male laying on the ground absolutely intact stumbling around so

Some of your most

Bizarre thing

He ever has says by looks like fire is also going medic forty she was saying about referring to a group I was already

Running in a one hundred three one crew


To relate

To me on the front

You know you feel for the area no question for you this

Random fall here goes for that at thirteen thirty seven thirty thirty seven thank you very

Sunny to fifty four and

Starting thirty seven I’m just going to lead us cattle

You know walking Mountford Explorer parking by the weeds for our C.F.A. program

Broadcast at seven nine one one thing Claire seventy nine eleven think they are the dollars after all these years had a robbery at gunpoint and that has ten minutes from a black male wearing all dark clothing that will kitchen radio seven I won one thing clear that out of general

For mayor

In front of one of the Memphis

One hundred seventy six

Say that eleven completed my personal I also completed the report I was holding home a look of right there

You know what I have no priorities and you’re able to handle it thirty forty three a white or a three if you’re black Leven AFAIK all are property of what should have radio that’s correct

To set the record on the area for vehicle or

Copy that and let me have the description of

That black male hand one seventy five frames black ingrain hoodie so I hand but I’m sorry soft hands that are black and Hues George says if I don’t tell you I did it all the eighteenth day they put a rush out to send somebody out there Tim And Nicole you somewhere and I seventy four fires has to

Be repeated you know after two and six months of me or five

Brits so robust I have a male fulfilling on the side of the freeway on I ninety five forty fourth’s I don’t eat right

Forty fourth the right hand side of the freeway OK action at over there this is seventy two fifty six What is the number seven one two six seven one two six

Thank you sir thirteen forty

One of her right yes three to release something

To CVO starting mileage is a zero to one seven eight zero two one seven

Seconds before and

Cathy’s thirteen forty three any other traffic cars that may be out of out I just got a careful with an eye for eighty three reading

From the sixth

Very moment Carol

Sans only three was that a one hit practicing information connection with an out of left eye has asked for eighty east of where he was forty East by one seventy six north and four eighty while I stay connection with an out of flat and I have traffic going to another college connection with a male that on the side of the freeway

You think you are going to be your van and yeah I just wanted to put it over their policy

And then

John Kerry forty four to ninety seven eight hundred fifty six I have gone up there

And you got to prove

You have quite a few horses right where the tears are a lot in town are asked for all this checking a hold on one second of money money was found outside of

Five four ninety S. one eight you know and it was given to Mr little that was it five four for these one one eight

He said that he is going to and will so from now on

For any sixteen or both out

Prisoner at the hospitals my one man gets it and I sixty seven street

Once did the property and the other ones and once at the moment and the assignments I have are going to be doing seven down one in six known a one in five thousand and two and three zone

We can break perp walk you’re missing a clear board know how much arms round one just from the first every fourteen seven eleven Sinclair seven nine one one thing clear Dollar General just right the gun point

Where the mask fraction great body by air spike shoes are five ten one seventy five code one kit civil one three five seven three five right now currently eighty two seventy four is touring the area very joints row


You know thirteen forty seven

As you just call the hood RESIDENT It’s an eighty alarm in China living room motion three and it’s going to be seven one two two that I want to have there for the warmer the earlier were there yes they offer refer to the homeowners insurance probably or mobile they’ve already moving

Liberals don’t see were we were there she’s their mother they rules are right there that’s a surprise no not for alarm

A mature adult if you can just put an I.L.S. on the hotline come in try to get on them OK thanks they’re getting forty eight both still holding CO two residential air angle or seventy four and therefore

Thirteen fourteen

Or sixteen area

But anywhere from a few a company

That I thought you for having me I didn’t I them they’re going to

But a Russian I just know

If it’s radio

From one three nine there hold the T.V. arrest report of a male under smelters he’s not feeling very well did ye must give us any

Still pending and I mean our mail is now complaining of chest pains awful

That’s actually advising if they’re not going to send her just things like a rose or

Working over whose eyes burn I wouldn’t well you need ears and then there

Are those who question whether they’ve been seen with horns to zero thank you

Got it sixty one I’m over in thirteen fifty

As far as the current tuner and here he writes Jack Warner grants

Rises economics and he does things for the car for the reason older

Never mentioned the rise

Buildings and he’s going to work up there about a break

In opposition to

Well being of the sort of rock opera thinking that they were


Were very clear connection with Canon seven dresser nine seven fifty three engines where I’ve seen no medical for me a private one you T.T. issued and thanks for her with that I got it thirteen thirty one thank you for thinking and probably look for a person with orthodox we’re going to hear that they’re going to do one

Featuring radio awfully about her holding one

Hundred fifty two then further inquiry they’re going to do you shouldn’t residence there’s an orange going back door motions to go to get several one tonight seven one two

You know

Right there King fifty three five or six no code words or two you’re

Searching fifty three pages

Eighty two thirty four the numbers on your someone think where police

Told you that one three five seven one three five it was dispatched at thirteen forty four cold one

Who for a robbery you know I’m a cold one your cat is that a one three five seven one three five and it was the best at thirteen point four I had a from a nine a radio

You know just yet although I don’t recall you not but on that Jeep Cherokee one of the victims that while you’re on a five

Black Jeep Cherokee circle through a lot of life we don’t know if you know mom or not but he said he was a black male driver with a yellow

Because it was a great Jeep Wrangler he said the black sheep carriage Cherokee with the black males everywhere its argument running are but if you are black or grey Christine or black her dark grey tabby at thirteen fifty four

Seven nine channel three for info five I guess I mean I’m going yes no I guess you did a great robbery with a

Ringer involved what was this version I meant it wasn’t a normal I think gray Jeep Wrangler and it was easy Hamilton from five three nights recycler with three black males it was black and grey go to Racine and five black or grey So it’s two thousand and

Black and

I would guess we’ve had a black ringer involved over here and one of those victims talked circle who parking lot a couple times and he said a guy driving with a black man will do you know what he just you guys have that info


You have any forty in their quest and there are lots of them you’re going to be just

I am willing she could choose but I can’t for a second if

That’s OK with you

I think any fourteen you’re going

To think

You know

I think thirteen’s it is actually the same sex vary from

I think even as they didn’t make it their highest priority Matic thirty six isn’t rather coming from a who’s just from the rich and rich So there are

You I mean you got to

Think of a lot of thirty six or signing

Up thirteen fifty six


She wore for

Thirteen that is that if you haven’t seen the radio

What There’s a coffee in it we have a vehicle roll you know what I mean

How Donna thirteen a lot of mail it has to be a thirteenth everything

OK thank you we’re going to enforce the fur or

Fan for she was on scene for photos thanks to David twelve compared to that so you get one male in there let’s see if you think that is that

I’m sorry and you know over

Forty four to marry a

Guy I

Have practiced for this is going to be robbery

Just for fingerprints

I will contact Yes I you know actually aggravated robbery a weapon was brainwashed

In a commitment to crimes aggravated robbery

Radioed ahead in fifteen that I was you can pin to this Ingomar

And fifteen I just I can’t hold

To seventeen

All right this is probably already all

Still badly run able to enter it so I

Brought it back to to the not

Mediocre back into the property and if you can kind of reconcile it we’re done with that I do have one missing person’s been returned and I got it and I have another want to juvenile hire to do some checks on her before it gets too late

I’ll be going to address thankful

That address will be three two seven four fold and right up the street here Jeffersons you out parking under your forty’s Let’s go

Get it starting at the end as your four hundred journalists fire was seen you must is not on scene so will be transporting this email delusion ospital knowledge of zero five five and fourteen that are running in a manner three so adamant


Went to boys over three remarks

I copy and confirm was are now you ready for a plate number

That were due zero two three three zero two zero two three three zero

That’s where our when we are

New from here friends or see for report

Revised request already at her spec the first

Is report

The target tell me sort of what the person is on of the week now the reason the street is a dress to me is how can you know it’s in a single digits in a family

There Tina was enforcing Sam Porter you have one out of thirteen requests in his thirty I just got a clue to our last one for zero at low cost for the business of our having It was very

He said and I did already Yeah

OK I thought it was you know three out of there if you haven’t already

By that and for twenty one till you know it is March first two six five follow up information now like there was just a pile of information

There were fourteen within fourteen Remedios on her

And A.T.L. are

Out of oh hold the hand of others who two can’t seventy one sixty does it seven six because there are things that force it all for a moment the program that was on twelve or sixteen I say fourteen just if I sold NG five to six goes three and six goes fours place or

Put the current or they haven’t got any sure of her

Run off in fact the whole center was very was it even on the first or this driver

In fourteen probably forgetting as I use the notify it’s on the left there’s no E.T.A. are anything you very much

For can thank you mail for her

For an innocent

Six three zero you can buy it is how it is you still even have a future forcing us like the usuals that he muses in disagreement Oh OK building more support from

What was a huge


Humble of the third most cars this morning search oh darn you haven’t read it as a teen and I’m fifteen and I have a israel OK

Reason to go but there is more of the district probably at work you know seven to Norris in connection with two large bundles of insulation I see laying tile or parting that is just past where the car slept

Oh that’s the notify going to call Westy to see if they can also check that through David seventeen your radio guy had casual my message person follow up on another one out

Bring them home bring these kids home how we complete our whole that report now like report right now already OK we’re about

To call it for want of Martin and then to hold that missing person are you not return report

There’s fourteen away and I’m amazing you don’t have to sing off it

Was just having an eleven point zero nine fourteen you’re calling for a fortune or a tour but we’re there sure here however there were at

The site over here for the version

Having that part you know and I OK thanks Marty do you want to disregard falls

Yeah you didn’t really have any thought you did as you are that things working and handling start talking during part you know night very fortunate pleasure having working hand OK there tonight it has been as a national response today as a day for

Thanks for having I did a test of the address and I’m not showing that we responded there before OK no reports also correct and I think some of that but that is us all of it I’m sorry thank you you’re welcome forty eight thirty one Del for a house they have broken into

Dr Horrible


I kept me Barney Levin you got me to

Go here with the numbers

All right thank you is going to be yes forty eight thirty Wendell forty eight thirty Wendell scenery as he states he came home and our house was broken into


Any want to still a sigh in the driveway and a Saturn Outlook green in color it’s a call one and it’s going to be seven one seven three seven one seven three hour we’re going after that just go one more how is your name please and spell Walter Edward Nate They’ve it and we’re going to link it

That’s marking time thanking for Adam twenty seven Charlie twenty two Charlie twenty five Adam twenty one after that car is going to come off of Asia and work over so the other half will be helpful in the lobby real quick to get that

Adam twenty three as far as was for a few Joes when he was a provision officer are first on the road to the mine and Charlie twenty five also has a permission or else on board so far as the hospital was go and give it to employees three to relieve the other one may have to wait till a roll call OK so I’m going to have twenty three going up for Booker and we’ll just wait on the other end

And I don’t let that in just know what’s going on and I you have a good day OK you just did one for radio David one for Guy had

Fitted Metro and I was like you going to do if they’re ready and then there’s the paperwork and I had

To be reassigned to second shift I think having at fourteen thirteen to try to have a good night to the radio

That others OK I got workers a room that was going to be twenty three sixteen but you know that’s a good thing for really

Going to have the L.A. Brokaw you know somebody’s going to Metro I have are I have and I’m twenty three going to natural

That there is a murder

Fifteen or a break through

Who will get the

OK so just regard and twenty three want to match our set of all relatives friends

OK and I’m twenty three just of Azores might well have thirty of them to David seventeen or radio I had that I needed to have number for thirty to seventy for fault right there Carol Cameron for me to get a number seven one six four forty cents and I need to sixty six go over a ninety I want full reign back around I don’t see any middle ground or you know much for that matter so your markers are complete

At fourteen sixteen when you check out the house for me but it’s a five forty two

OK I have always be out to either unit handling a car that was flipped for eighty one seventy six and eight just in front of that accident there is going to be two large bundles of insulation in the high speed lane owed I has been notified and going but they’re saying that cars are dodging it and traffic is that it’s a priority one and that can her seven one six seven

Four eighty eastbound

Thank you there are fourteen sixteen and twenty three there for me regular workers older worker bigger place where you are

He said he talked to the social worker already when I get a call that he says he wanted to talk to the police


To resolve this you call up Jamie

The council is expressing


For violently keeping air clear Ruth out of a place I have the air for I wanted to ask your original to this lawyer being

Deliberate or more but

If you have Alessio can you stop by the offices if you will cook

For a fucking radio or to get seven one seven zero and mail

It wasn’t her national press seven zero is for

Fourteen one thing

And one on one Frank David Letterman seven six point three

Anthony in an ear I need to be put in that vehicle and then me it’s all right for me I’ve been one of his after hours and handycam

Magazine things are going after that and I’m a fan of the making and credit graph but anything for our insurance of rock has a four hundred nineteen round two

To eight

And really Adam to five when you go years I don’t care I coach joined the earl warden your patch to landlord tenant trouble

You five copies will give us only about a month old to reports Yeah sure OK got a travel sick person me five yes or no Could you give me information only for Edward four nine four zero five six three that Edward four hundred four zero five six Yeah you could open the front just be sure Edward one arm for your own profit

That’s what I got so I work for a four zero five six ninety seven Toyota four door to it Jason Williams three

Three sixty two Middlebrooks boulevard of Cleveland Heights

Is chicken queen to a forty year old male that was no restrictions different Thank you answer


That if like forty seven days twenty three

Twenty four

Hours when I was judged I will bark or first day Cuba with a critical want to come back and do it right it have to get after noun three four two seven Aaron three forty seven Aaron

America they ask was they say that her son Carlos is sometimes a kid and I’m trying to says a place I was or the Spanish now white thing

Like a muscle shirt like blue jeans

Someone wanting their arsenal want to use their oh if you guys response I do west and west as a seventy and I ninety west of the West one seventeen and

They have a call for a green pick up truck that was left on the exit ramp they say the vehicle is an Occupy and it’s rough in the flow of traffic it’s supposed to head is seventy one eighty four that there was a four twenty five July twenty sixth

During her residence

But when Area and fourteen twenty four goes for a four remarks I’m not

One for an act of those that enjoy my rights been upgraded and the next one I fire anything waiting for us

In fact drive at McDonald’s on Broadway they will be in threat and I cannot be in an alarm money is one thing

Goes with her

I don’t think likewise

Across the street from it and from a rebel that’s across the street from power

City they’re saying that there’s a black male no shirt black pants no shoes urinating in history and flash and cell and then we get another call for the same thing

Different descriptions all black sunglasses I mean if you think

Blacks one thing and one she will one who stays is now in front of the Renaissance wholesale that’s a call three status on a one five four seven one five four


Forcing twenty five for things only five cents when

Sunny’s or a glance left in a memory Will Ripley you don’t have twenty three and I’m twenty four and I’m twenty five Charlie twenty one and Charlie twenty three Charlie twenty one is going to release your car at the hospital with the hospital detail there will be a for two hours and then another

Does And I’m twenty three twenty four twenty five Chinese only one Charlie twenty three that’s correct

And her way by sixteen area for any sixteen


Heading If you mean I’m going to actually send you get down to one zone for this procedure with that seventy one hundred seventy one Harvard as well forty sous of an Williams product actually that accident states that are

Now less taxing and writing hit or see that’s why I had a camera and he’s in a red pickup truck tires black in the street requests they have to respond so close to

That and there are way too that in zero eight


That’s it for right now

I think you have fourteen twenty seven and I’m just result of her having a problem thanks

If you want radiograph rule of using

For health or for twelve recall fun out of work within a minute you know of which John I am so I got an answer you and your partner are going to being

OK I got it and I’m

Going to be out I don’t see one six three three to Broadway sixty three three now six three three two Broadway and MacDonald securities Nolen they have a male detained who has an open container in his white Acura and he is in fact they believe

That a Georgian clean I see one five and he’s a white male or a black and white sweater and

Two at seven one four two seven one four two

Three four

Fourteen when I thought it was a short straw that they require part for someone else and I draw the short straw

And I am sorry when you’re a America’s Very well thanks when they’re about ready to thank them for fourteen twenty

Gun part of the reach of us were turned over seven zero

Then they collected that were completed and

Although all mail

Was out

There he was also

Three work on this report

Out of a thirty probably no report

I have that then just found so I guess you’re OK as I just got a CO on hard you want O. O. go if you go from here back to three thank you much

For ten thirty radios

And I’m thirteen and I’m Susie for both won

Three national

But after noun one and two hundred East thirty S. of the Sterling library twenty two hundred thirty

Bringing these banners following days was assaultive than on now and why Hey Rob

Black now and evolute button down shirt blue jeans then she says the male under was a Don

What he had a black and on that was honest right hell

But I have like a direction I still hope and all that has been updated as opposed want so I don’t want eighty seven want a

Projection or to

It’s the first thing and

The court date is the cess

And I also phosphors cleansing

The minivan and I read Sadie and know how that nothing further to go for it seven zero one three seven zero one three and I’m pretty left nine seven zero six

Nine seven zero six not offering editor Palmer Holland there’s that he’s recovered his bow for brain damn lenses down I can’t find a plate or anything for him I have no one of me at all as a host for seven onesies I have seven onesies I have

Fourteen thirty three

That is in a row

Manages ears requests and I make a list and report there was a black man there of course and I know in a readme out of oh don’t be a cold three cat is seven one eight three seventy one eighty three Charlie do four different you

Have to thank you fourteen thirty three have a good day and settling

Me I’m sorry yes is going to him for we see though here

He’s trying to enjoy this person and go into the house

That was what happened there

And the whole person knew that you were

Needed and could have done it too

Are we still able to get thirty or not

But it is for us it

Is then twelve OK for lunch plate was the group

Of twelve you both enjoy that is forty thirty five and think you have to thank you welcome him and am funny yes I’m going to have to be cold to for you that’s the reason why

Various things are what Mark six five one five chambers the hall who the border

Problems are

Was quite similar Cadillac there was a park and evac and a house and the of I just of resenting down it for forty seven it is a full three and seven zero eight now

Seventy eight you know

We job you are in five thirty seven you know we are not equipped for the afternoon radio have to say thank you haven’t done before in thirty states have a good day he’s not really zero years old think OK to talk of grown ups he’s ready to get work

He’s the face again

Let me call out

Of in five thirty six trunks open

Their views of area

Stand by one second fam sixty of us like there was a request and I think seeing us out and seeing that it was that sort of board uplift by fourteen a sudden seeing them and if you go back there’s a bunch of them march fourteenth us I don’t think for a part of

March and if there were more up like one point March seventh March third OK No thank you you know those are things that dreaded F. You know we’re aware of where the has everything that’s new to you and your partner three three one three one one nine three three nine three S. ONE ONE NINE then to be a walk

RESIDENT two alarms are out there was

Owner Miss Walker responding and the silver vehicle she’s probably going in there and on as a coach you know that I was excited that I won six

And for your last one one eight Holborn East one eighteen in Holborn I mean Alexander ponces who reported as


That’s caravan

That’s very insular very green color Edwards four eight seven zero three eight he’s receiving information as a vehicle athlete in the area over here a few minutes well cysteine going to be a code three seven zero four eight seven zero four eight

We’re going to come in first talking minute fourteen zero one second one came out at fourteen zero six and I’m alone radio first or he’ll go straight G.G. with his with his were different

I don’t know if it was taken with or without He’s lenses down I’m unable to run the report it’s been on a morning and I’m forging very many Ok shows Iraqis want to thank you very much and a lot of

Help you kill me if I see no other problem until I have if we’re going forty three attorneys is a very fair list persisting in the film over and vehicle impounded another vehicle was issued they then show me your arriving at the road or the festival

Are forcing forty radio to and just for front Evan two for going to that and to the one forty three East for nine forty twenty three forty nine South and by the end of the collision all are getting

Their cars were pushed in as a last and they were on they were in the contact was not presently a mark and

Drives a blue twenty sixteen B.M.W. I thirty five the coast range at seven one three six seventy one thirty six

Fourteen forty one

Radiograph you know ready for another good evidence center being one three two five and so there’s things where you had answer after a location and an open line to two cars seven one one zero that new one ninety for us to one seventy seventy seven nine seventeen twenty seven seventy nine seventy up stairs are to be any recess is calling in actually to five or you see it is here and we’re not

Putting very forty

Five radio call back Imus

Be asked am I ever been going to hear No well I just want to advise the second just boss of my friend and I was going out for him but I have

To say now and seven close threes and three close fours and everybody’s out of her

James’s Reserve ever so much energy of me

I copy him out and you know obviously are all friends of yours or shortly

Twenty one another know now they haven’t called us yet something about they were as I’m going to lobby Yeah and then there are the day shift I was sent over so we were fifteen hundred for a little friction

It allows us now OK that’s a very good as they

Have the forty and forty one I would be a liar down in one zone for you

Going to be four one zero sixty six four four one zero sixty six four C. and you’re at the end is missing has forty one fifty or as a sort of one fifteen George George I do

Or if I did seven six I think that in

The code for that in zero nine five seven zero nine five

You go for the white more come George George Edward I did that in six nine Good afternoon science and

Good had I was a four four five eight West one three zero four four five eight west front the zero seem like a safe area he needs to make

Damage reports was the

Chrysler three hundred why Heller think that there was damage done it was the call by the construction crew working in the area because for just seven one four six seven one four six and then I’m very excited by westside as idea I’m so excited by less than three zero zero zero black has no wheels no play destination believe that life based on itself for cattle and size seven one one three seven one ninety three the first year at fifteen the court date is June

That afternoon for good afternoon to you pros Nigeria smile and voice and I’m OK for go

Thank you sir voicing forty six twenty six for using bank eighteen to see Party seating nine

For the right here right now sixty six one six eight six one of course in forty six and actually we’re going to call that because if the reports are some they give you a different path that there are forty was already gone for completeness this thing already

Sixteen on that so probably the for thirty years and so on the to start

Searching for it I mean is that and I

Certainly do think really is that that leaves you thirteen seventy one very badly that’s a serious

Yet you continue

To prove zero for both

Of her former

Horses Mary is selling for her for

Me Henry that of Jeffrey Robert Davis or second and we add of Robert Robert so should it be due for a vice ninety one they were married for thirty miles

I get a lot of when I think he’ll be in the area just the listening and it’s was

There any of Henry Adams yesterday Robert ocean David or Henry Adams Robert Robert oceans is a one for the record Radisson term

Has been and his unit was ransacked

For think twenty and that would be two

One Three concerned I’ve just been corrected sixty forty sixty forty has been

The radio for well

I think it’s market living white white female twenty five years old wearing a hat and on colored shirt and blue jeans carrying a red and he’s yelling at us small baby and hitting him repeatedly supposed to be in a stroller but it was to be about one years old

Last seen in a look litters action of this store here they go to brag as if working dizzy and to various their number the value as usual of a yes for a

High powered robber as I met a man

Thanks have a reading of the Adams says I

Have it and one Reginald


It worked in David to thirteen of eighty seven though I’m not going to be I’m sure

So I was just so used to this and if our He Said I was eight six four zero

Seven and not having

You know him

There fourteen he won and Barney told radio that

Works for you thirty

Two remarks F. what F. fourteen is if you want them by their lightning and you want thank you good afternoon to you and your partner personal assistant of the one zero three one six Hampton one zero three one six Hampton eighty asylum and resident Jo Hall’s a pharmacy for the ten thousand residents that holds two candidates seven zero and I seventy two and I am for your list why zero six zero zero zero S. a player one zero six zero zero zero thankfully are going to be estimated outpatient but as you have for nine one one it’s a whole story it is seven one nine seventy one now you know they’ll have to thank you for doing fifty three EV of if they

Took you through radio and two three for updates from Detroit now I’m

Taking checks OK vehicle G.O.U.

You know if I boarded up for three sixty

Four to fifty three thousand years on you know ninety three files you know we have very little work

That an assignment thank you but the door is open so we’ll be checking three five one five two Bush

Forty fifty four guys be careful in there already nobody is a go and there was stuff on screen real Yertle

Probably ridiculous

Nor over

The fourteen thirty five times experience I just had another one and there I was calling and she hadn’t said I was and that all the relishes in stables and of lack of a set

Sort of

Yes I know you guys are going over there at fourteen fifty five

And with the writing on off are a lot of forty fifty five shows you to push for a special five

So it is just have a four hundred fifty six

From us I would really question if you sex radio have the sourcing is essential so you are writing Kelly to do Joe Yes I did in this regard OK but it is the guy that the factory

For forty returning

Don’t know more about security and

Have success Chris against the wall for any other of the very out of the for you weigh in now on the right term with these two three three one filing that disable black and

Fortunately I don’t know where you are or director of the river

Right now or on one side as it

Is then zero two five two zero one Clark city do a one Clark Avondale

For out of space comfort company policies that those are just drive the car up over here in the lot there’s no place on the vehicle think think it might be stolen the purple Cadillac problems as he’s willing to can for her things Thankee this was a seven hundred hours today to go for

Seven zero nine zero

Seventy ninety six

Thanking me and fifteen hundred forty for the radio we complete our metro mails are dropped off we will have access to and if you quit I have these are fifteen hundred when you complete of the district I’m going to have us do for you and once realized price in fact a radio already made in Metro

Not really sure on the pronunciation of the Elsa name is Victor Edward Lincoln San Henry and I’m Nick Adam and would have a thank you welcome him to you know one and he says that he does eighty three great for me to fifty for right there


Betting on the telly


Good for

You to have I think turning

To go through as it occurred in never

Ever going

You get an advisor prospect who suffered four zero to five years one three four zero two five years rank three

Detective Yes from homicide it’s going to be over there they have a jury coming over to view the crime scene from a two thousand and sixteen homicide so come over there when he’s in route it’s a go to that’s seven Jews you seven seventy two twenty seven I mean just

Just you know if you fancy once of us

And until I have the fifty and all three


Are Out of fifteen zero four

We helped out what do you have to show Russia we complete this you know for Charlie to five radio star is just us derive a lot of fear that get off our

Shows and out back to the minister to enforce a veggie D.M.V. report

That you know for


So I think that’s right next time he just wanted to

Just you know if I M A G seventy and just

Just you know

What Thanks Sam and I said I’ll have a female in the thirty’s and times just barely breathing

We’ll hear what your mom is an overdose of heroin

Now giving He’s here with instructions for me and I think sedative had a seven seas we won seven Tuesday one first you are fifteen but one thing is you can test it act and then I said you know

Thank you as S.T.L. said but yes and he’s very happy

That Thanks guys that you know sex oh Rivera

Three one ninety nine sale bunnies market thirty one fourteen Clark thirty one fourteen Clark got a couple things going on over here we have US email attacking her baby they also have trees were males who were bring her things that are getting another visibly fighting

Do right as it is you know that insecurity is the

G.P.S. coordinates for right now he’s on a

Seven and eight one four zero three one four two thank you you know a

Hundred and fifty one five two zero one one five three you going to be taken was Mrs and then Sam there forever seeing that there for poorer city away

For it is seven says two four seventy two twenty four JONES Did you ever

Have these if you know three Disney did you know

I had a seven one Radio five as a seven and I

Used to be favorite look up something for me by thirty one yesterday when I reached ninety ninth round and temporary last night dinner was result casings you can see they have an exact address really rather have to stand by that’s just shows and Tony

That’s not a radio five M. is what I think of it and I live at it every night

And just is going to be sick I think he’s ninety six fifty sixty and you know you need a king No I’m going to have that none report to get me ninety nine thing clear I know and that’s all thank you have you are friends you’ve already

Storage Area tryin to read it you know that in time she was your I’m a cult religion was nine twenty one of sixteen faces are back but I

Know you want to Korea I did

But there was across the universe or three sixty and also our camera can’t seventy two the reason I wanted you three will go out another five or it up again that in a lot of


You are covered I think you as well there are also on RAO Yes there are living itself I suppose Jill had some in his early seventies to O.E. The numbers were for it was sixteen sixteen for

A feminist OK the fifteenth

Writer for radio

Or which are all over his now from the

Fifteenth well hold one for a filler time and I staffers had a female Iraqi a soul that had the callers daughter and her best though getting more information

I suspect just across towards the highway out of the driver’s eye schedulers so-called one get a seventy two for one seventy two forty one to find out if they’re driving in must do work well just on that

One zero four eight East one seven seven

I got one more if you’re really going

GA Victor next two three six five but something is not right

After from my car

And I have two different calls for and I get a Lady Inger baby and I gotta fight with

About six nails no mention of weapon I mean this treasure that

I’m still trying to everybody’s on a cold one or two

Are going to be if you already have Real IRA parties are no robbery

Did I think you say P.M.S. out there yes and right now I have to have seventy to thirty four seventh’s to see for the first two hour fifteen day what day is

It S. in

The afternoon we’re going for them what I’m going to get to see you know nine to five or a thirteen fourteen thirteen fourteen

Six three one two one two

Three four from if

We fully complete only fully were recently

Chatted I think you say as a coach you enter one or your last post is going to be three to eight for strain thirty two eighty four strand at least one brick wireless center call then showing he thought panic alarm because you get is that in one two three seventy one twenty three

Three of us three four six nine was six three three four six nine Wessex three three Wow They need six points to visual as you go three

Seven one one eight thirty one eighteen and actually I have one more just came in surreal

Unity three four eight five was six two three four five six you crazy crazy Gasol and Seders dancing I read as respectful she’s having issues that they’re nothing physical or anything they all say Christians in Seattle so three Care is seventy three nights the

Ship is you a joy you want to dance it’s very rare you know going here

You know we’re all going to complete from oh you have more to do for morning to six and there were twenty one there was every twenty was going to go away for about thirty minutes

But training video though you also heard out of to do more vocal chords was more work for an hour for just fine as nothin and I just fixed it welcome thank you I’m sitting there missing have a good day tarnish Parker she’s now with her daughter in for a Walmart and a white haired accord happened but there’s a Dell cowboy sticker on the car Cowboys

I guess

Six seven saying

There are two for arriving

You are basically your thing

Or the

Evil is here

And though there were never services never coming here it was hot and

OK Sherry was neighbors with that in the fifty’s She’s a senior couple if they don’t know how to eat or the doctor there they’re not well she told says the of this I don’t think if he even knows that she caused it and because they characterize Adult Protective Services

They said they did have an open case and that they were going to be happening on a lot of men whose supervisor was a doctor the services that are out in it right tell us using the word or what if she comes we’re not going to


One alters radio uses apartment eight forty

Our firm

Reporting that at

FS Gene trying to ask them for three hundred seventy which are of our mutual on board and two to three and there were three

I have asked to fifteen twenty as a static one down

To thought these unsuccessful are at the scene funny seventy three zero

And fifteen twenty

Course they are right so what are they just for human have learned twenty five of the desert her while been through the use of forty people different I have is that in twenty one fifty for radio play roll call is complete you’re going to have are it’s one party to three parties you four aren’t you

David T two David two three and David two it

Was David two three and David two to have Ricky’s over her

That’s in twenty one holding I could do that just came in a code three and four close for us real hard time that for four hours OK it Iraqi has been able to break old ones of mystic strand around

Same feature area


Various ways you

Bernie twenty six party twenty seven David twenty one David twenty four and David twenty seven

Their party twenty searches rolled over from days of I don’t think what you know

David twenty seven is the same thing all over from Tunisia you know what you know when the ready or really I should really go very much

Of a hundred and twelve and to have be fifteen twenty three is true that occur for a member of her

Whose money and over the years he’s still I think he’s around the clock to one zero three radio was able to make arms

For her and women who were surfing if you were very

Hope there’s our memory I am on the floor was able to make contact with the leaves for them

Or in fact any of my sister and I were concerned that one’s reconceive concerning arms

And you know Round two thousand and four lacking

Six of eighteen five eight one four Finally she is not valid on a driver’s license she has come in and I think had only

Been of writing to do for a code one right at the supermarket when you’re ready big chunk of the message and Fran and Riley Tina vast class hollowing stating that her live in white and that out here is a solving a white now white yellow shirt and khakis just off in a black the I was one hundred seventy how does one know what happens in S.C. is seventy two for nine seven to finance and

They were very good guys thank you thirteen twenty five zero two one derived and fifteen twenty five

Railroad to distribute this report

This is when I say that at first it was rough I

Be on about

Happy but I was before you once was a kid so he went to her head and it was fifteen twenty

So I was two for going

And I get all bosses approval for us so you photos and prints for breaking and entering

Remember as they are ready for you and your wrist prefer a

Fear of the trainer with super Oh I got the I was asking about the lives I was interested in having to think you are as easy

As it seems twenty seven when your body will have to for you

Who are thank you very much purses don’t get one seventy three fourteen what’s very one seven three one four we’re very see your disease or he works for property values based property preservation so the bank is of these a place and a report there have a waiting out front and a virgin before advance because

Chad is seventy whiny seventy one eight And when you get a chance on and off right you can monitor the area furious and one seven say you hear this in one seven still an action was

Spears and one seven still

Has seventy four to seventy four to you it would yes have a get out and I’ll do that to them thank you today seventeen I first seen this today just seen court date is June yes

Thank you so seems for me there was always afraid of a missing person determined Israel

Or others

Who were German or

The first thirty one

That Israel has you six that’s and your cat is then eleven to five seven seven two five seven status see yourself first you are fifteen as a teen twenty nine I will have to slave again in a moment that was to sexually

Fictional or boss know are for those whose normal use here or there is a so often river of her resentment an empty don’t want to be no

Sense in terms of

Getting fine I guess when you get that was the last email that I found Thank you let me know you need to give us a hiding

Cereals memes in the I mean the whole over

There are twelve twenty five or eighty

Will help you none zero zero eight three if

This is a certain sort it will

Slow getting rid of

So I think it is out of

It over

Here at you age

Four seven six five forty seven fifty five them to warn is are supposed to be three five six nine or before six yet

I don’t think it exists because men are very very good report of channel two she’s read as you

Do aren’t going to be a thirty five twenty nine with a strong

Right that think everything to death of being thirty two is destined to do and I’m just happy that they’re going to

Do you feel you remember that address you guys recover that they can but something around yeah I get it is the days

Thank you Carol

If you get our operatives I’m going to drop proprietor something we got out there and I saw wow every persevered I felt a full mouth open

It think you did you have to have that I chance sorry that she had two kids with her dance

Charlie two through three to do them for me as you received orders one partially completed on scene no close friends are female

Have to fifteen thirty four returning to the subject if people were tapping into a fire

Drill or if you said whatever to try to lower her charm or not I want to cover this child is

OK because they give us Carol but I mean it sounds like the exact thing then Bernie is different so what I want to know what better or for the next

Digit is the same thing return security are now he said ONE female is that going to dish it but they said phases and that it happened at Ridge Duncan FIA’s is right it’s like across their businesses Carol he kind of thing in the same run you gave me that a female of the sulphide in the child was pushed over here she was in the car

She’s confused yet she’s about an hour late letters who are not Carole

She’s in the lobby of somebody to sneak over or that you know I think you might have a bridge this bridge is right it’s a parallel parallel zero three and he’s written me there good afternoon you guys to respond one three three one five and seven one three three one five can see Mr Thomas States is when there was a shout out last night I was thirteen I didn’t find any calls or shots fired in the area because for have

Sothern zero two two seven zero two two and then for us three the resource for each one sixteen thirty three four for each one once like other teams and parking lot because the market parking lot suspects are still one vehicle less than they were bought for four days it’s the old Buick they give the plate X. ray Bernie George nine six six eight pills for seven one two one seven one two one four go for it soon there be six oceans am I to Edward King he’s a white male wearing you know sure and black and blue hair fall short while going up see if I can find a social anything I gotta say Reza turns twenty eight of us to code one kid is seventy two so I do seventy two city two second Fridays now against the United one eighty eight point nine one three three fourteen

Now didn’t want Case number two thousand and seventeen Charlie Robert Browning zero zero sec


Three twenty seven seventeen ARA-C. acing pretty dated three twenty seven seventeen

They did not to make of those should be tonight and one nine point one nine hundred for them for

I don’t like it Michael I don’t like it and where the essay Sam and her father is a call for Dad to seven soon bisect seven seal to six affairs

At fifteen



Four and oh

Thank you sixteen thirty eight surely four zero would very

I have to say they would

Say that the good actor

Is that had all this three six eight four West one two nine

Four West one she nine she’s

Ariane I think I don’t I don’t I don’t ocean

He elderly male status yesterday lost all his hair to check he needs are before she is now dancing

For just a seven to four seven seven sale for seven first to fifteen court date is June sesa that afternoon call for the N.B.A. to me that time if you find it if you welcome that afternoon

And I’m to have you stand by one moment was no bears out with me on something

You’re welcome all right actually you can just look at the first one just confirms it is therefore not needed anymore so maniacally from there but if I could use it for a different goal to the crate

All right thank you very much appreciate is going to be two to zero said Denison twenty six Denison Avenue apartment

E.M.’s call this over received a call from a mail requesting police he hell not call that a female answered they have no idea what’s going on over here why are any of us aren’t seen as the go to get a seven to four five thirty to forty five

Problem Oh thank you fifteen forty one radio is going to

Court day is next but I sincerely hope thing

Sorry we’re really here with Iran I’m sure

Already have there are sort of let you know what’s on the come talk with us

You know more there’s

Been every bit of money to do for years then a days you go back this is what is for with a female in lottery Thank you

Already do that

You’re going to have a new pickup truck for us as a craze S.E.Z. also getting serious and would lead black Chevy Silverado vs a crazy Hansei three kids seven to six eight seventy to

Thank you sixty forty

Fifty thirty seven

Record and he gives his forty two day to four but

You have to go back to the circus known for was a female Malathi in action was saying

A child and abused her name as one back on as opposed to seven to a horse on the horse you saw that she has pictures

From others no longer an heir at the child and a mother are no longer in the area

Between forty three and six a very distant forty four Cherry during the day that you four are your friends and I think person for her can lead a canon as having a breakdown she’s Yellin morning in the background of the steamy color is actually hiding in her bedroom think that her daughter that Avenger mad her daughter socialist three zero one seven zero zero six three five she doesn’t have a priors because to get seven to seven for that ensues seven for secret rights and

Is there an apartment number for this call OK I call that they may

Call a time of teens thirty to get a seven to six one seven

Do sixty one year you’re welcome fifteen forty five

Forty four goes for fifteen forty five to do what are you do when

You milliner Julie were conveyed to their house because the alpha male wasn’t there G.O.I.A. and ran after the second not I got you that just two hundred forty six I’m going to have a code too for you don’t want realist and on the stolen going to be in the rear of the parking lot and he’s twenty second

The three kids and one for science seventy one forty five

Through To say the last from this

One it’s a Vincent

Yes that are

Coming up as one’s own you know no matter

That they want to preserve the same forty seven so the first was thirteen for I thought that’s

A fair bit of my cars are priorities over

Thank you to sing for the seven and then leave us not coming back and us after

The black beard nicely dressed probably would like to convert he’s a white male wearing a black shirt with the skull on it says that’s what I can’t you can’t go three to seven one six one thirty one sixty one OK we’re going to do thank you sir fifteen forty seven per hour before very great agree Hoofy going to bring everything right they are due for just

Being forty eight

And I am slightly differently than when I had a close to it strange feeling and the mail is for the A lot of the intersection apparently from here that large were given out but upon arrival this

Being at the you know ninety and always march or various

That in forty eight then we have and then they are strained now and the mayor strained hell when those houses are the black pickup truck with the New York plate blocking traffic there’s a white male that in the vehicle not moving that moving the vehicle

At seven to six five seven two six five

Because it’s been a hard drive were you ever

Drove a quarter in your career you know or seventy to eighty four

To his will

I think that the

Key swing down here

I was going I was location

Ninety seven or twelve

And is joining around fifteen fifty years or seventy two forty

Five ready and into

The full force required on arrival we toward just complete

Radio the challenges are got the evidence that they want to

Get off respond the camera listen various answering exploring all they can for a family

So this before showing around fifteen fifty one

To two percent not seventy four are violent those arriving on thirtieth in orange

Just a suspicious I’m sorry Henry Barney George why aren’t they they say

Sears Yanis Paul then the

Downstairs neighbor just threaten him in that and is a suspect goes by the name of

A known last name he’s a white male That’s right ten to fifty wearing painting clothes that’s like this really downstairs knowledge that is in connection with someone trying to break into the neighbor’s car

To go to it isn’t usually five seventy two thirty five

Thank you say fifteen fifty three should be complete how they would flow very very own or revive a fit or a story from a for

Thinkers into T Y seventy collar days or director to write about the road

Version Raja’s visiting fifty three friends or involve their

Question every truck remark affair

OK Thank you yes yes so please do the one lunch for was or was one of

Several do right get this fifty fifty four point one three point eight three five negative eighty one point four five point three one point three zero zero zero zero zero and we’re just waiting a few more minutes for the show to come right Kathy S.S.S. team fifty five

If you’re willing to

Sit in an aerial and less processed Are you able to write happy a sound you know I’m going for a PM rush hour care

Right after because you will drive the thirteen twelve or will

That is if

I get it after seeing fifty five general seventy three

The cess then it’s really easy to radio you know has a go do all right thank you and so on I want to hang up that’s this taxes cell phone and it’s handing from us an hour to the fleas responds so one seventy two ease of success street and area of one seventy two evils of size as opposed to seven two three seven seven two three seven minimal One man says a humidifier in a radio sampler

Very frankly yeah I have a really old I one hand up as over an hour old as an isolated location and it’s a disconnect the cell phone is Charlie to Israel handle that we came up with another one

Yeah they have to respond

If it’s from a family of a car OK I don’t have another one than us on the border who are in view of US ones are going with the others

That are just very

Serious if a horror for

The usual a face to coast for

Seven two seven five seven two seven five we’re going to

Thank you that if it is that I got to pull over again who thought of

The seven but to morrow if you want to go off to present connection with their

Last name rather Robert Edward Mme Fauville four is that there’s it is it to get it seven to nine I seventy two ninety nine I


Happy thank you fifteen fifty a day and Dave if you want to radio David you want Sam I want somebody just to stand by one second I’m using it

For the B.S. four zero zero two East Side a four zero zero two East I have a second part of suspected though an older white Ford van that’s been parked there for two weeks George time George four six seven one it’s actually not I mean a high

A one time send lowest price mover is unable to visit the code for seven suits to a seven two two eight

That’s if you know I’m



Here twenty sixty fourth two zero six zero is fourth Street for an I want to know as opposed to seven tonight three seven tonight three and then for your list and be easy to see that as it ran from ninety and seventy seven

To see all three not the bottom of the as it ran on on what she’s doing his dancing elephant long dark hair holding a sign on no clothing supposed three seven one night is that a one night well there were

Fifteen hundred yards when real friends who want those who have friends oh OK you go have a little more than just one seventy two use of size and the area of them and I want to hang up disconnect a cell phone go to that one two three seven seven two three seven

And says you know I want to fix you but I’m sixty two and I don’t wake up early Yeah I’m familiar with her OK thank you sixteen zero one zero three zero height four zero three zero Hi the senor Korea residents simply say call then join entry exit motion to go to Canada seven to eight zero then the two eighty are getting very very very rare for Vero three

Sorry about that four zero three zero Height forty thirty height that number then into three and no member of that is just


We need

To refer to

Kind of torn off a little bit but I think it might be off to China while

So worn out from you don’t know much of her five year numbers have a phone number for them either they can’t stand fourteen will


Due to stand fourteen thousand you call they simply regard savages or but then anything I wasn’t arrested I don’t know if it was actually the D.V.D. or not maybe if I own a small D.V.D. and second the report to see if there’s something in there there’s no report about a system that says they ran

It one five zero five three it was four and I’m thirty six and I just that

You are going to start actually going to get in one eight point nine one three right you just rubbish just enough of history who a million if I mean by the person more of her friends making threats and if you heard her granddaughter in her daughter Melisse ordeal and they these that were in a gray hoodie and like movie Rock as think you know

I know one eight three three six or eight three three six but I mean what prospect and I’m curious if you know

If there

Are sixteen Alpha

And I’m just three I was just going to have eyes it appears that we had an

Estimated nine one one for that same it just earlier kind of burning oil and they’re saying one out in a security bank there were it saying thanking

Me for a few

Just resides there sometimes in the flesh off the valve or OK I’m away you’re going to

Show them guys

On the radio from both

These mobiles Joker

You know you from

Two nine six six are two to five four current

We’re not

I mean these are different ones and that

Would you be able to go over to steal your common

Thirty three cities

Roaming ten

Called and say that they’re holding a juvenile shoplifter here with no I.D. they are secure you know and then ANY her

Kid is seven to six ninety seven

To six nine OK we’re going to have thank you

For that there were seventeen zero eight of a majority

Of a call back and not very many accidents any the break for a coast to

Scene only OK for small fish they always because they are

Already here

When we were in the destroyers are here today and thank you sixteen zero nine D. they had over two three one two one

Thirty one twenty one hurt and William Cohen whole feeling is unable to handle the good assist principal Amy Mobley they said a student Christopher Johnson was assaulted by an ex-pro student suspect is a Robert HUTCHENS using around outside I guess victim is fourteen years old you this also to the head that it twenty isn’t route is supposed to get a seven to ninety six seventy two ninety six

Boys all of them thank you sir

Sixteen to get is seven to seven seventy to eighty seven

Thank you sixty

STAFF it sixteen ten Party radio to do doing other janitors or leaders or for a fraction of ten pounds the neighbor job was comfortable and they were

Back then how fine I am not we secured for filthy things other cards just

A crappy day and on two three sixteen eleven beautifully and insisted that was fixing them

Were you got armies of the radio

If more year we got info for Forces advisors prosecutor border monitored you tell the suspects you have the four signed some papers in for us in two three Oh I say six in all of them that if you have a radio

We’re going to be complete but he’s not a very high river of you having or one twelfth

Of all of your life that started all Carson information broadcast obsessive so on the whole the whole thing from easy to win you win easily second and you less the twenty sixteen deal C.N.R. has a plate of comfort eight Charlie ocean Mike Frank Robert eight broadcast it seems of those stories there are a Yale one zero three zero A Yosemite and some ideal Asian now in line I’m online nothing with her they’re out of voice mail it’s difficult to get it seven three zero one seventy three zero one four thank you sixteen they’re saying some important things they’re all who think of options been involved in any of those well you know I don’t have anything I’m a lawyer send out a few thirteens UNITA slightly

Tell me quickly brought It’s still pending they call that thirteen thirty four hours that they get out OK thank you you’re welcome letters refused by a driver you can just report

It is sixteen fourteen

Radio the analysts who say it was just that us that

We’re still waiting on scene for

Them and I’m Susan and I have a code one for you

Thirty one thirty one was full of our three one three one was full of our Darlene testily is calling this a her window was out she has nothing further I suppose one seventy three zero seven seven three o seven

I’m just showing them since you do seven in violent tendencies OK if you have a car we’re not just but he let me know if you want anybody green here he has a plate of George yesterday Edward three seven zero three George yesterday Edward three seven zero three rock and it six hundred fifteen dollars at a for him her car come to the lower door free clothes oh drugs they seem to think control radio


Be two of us in the Mount Pleasant area they can we have to get at least

Three eight four five one for you two three four five last one three two callers stating that a car just hit a parked car so retro and who is black parked and they says that the drivers from coast to seven three one two seven three once you get ten hours sixteen seventeen

Sixteen sixteen

Three one two three six three for

Party twenty three radio went to

Their records over here over see if you were immune to rock your favor Jerry sure is wrong sixteen seventeen originally though it was a little somethin twenty trees are mean they are just ordinary a judge of

Sixteen eighteen ever voted for you

One six four one pain sixteen forty one pain the Department of Human Services Ronald process calling him a comedian supervisor threaten him to two and seven three one three seventy three thirty four to see anything that would provide

For me for more information who are just

Citizens I think they have to for OK

Right now first I’m going to be there all five Brookline eighty five zero five Brookline Karen Martin calling in chances do a welfare check of our friend things last Hofmeister

Heard from from an a while his it is that it draws the white male in his forty’s so serene as seven to zero six two zero six three zero S. one eight six four is a sign eight hundred fifty four easy ninety six group homes it was made Jillian because it scares her all sorts rivers it’s part of male missing and Herman white G.O.P. is using a fifty five those of us tonight zero four nine zero five five to go for seven zero six seven seventy sixty seven

From a social through our viewers who are for


To thank yous if you want to get into forty radio

Procuring we can refer to conferred with

Family services and I try to be no prize there is a

There are great shape and they have a family however a check from every day will be complete

If your welfare check on a one thousand year old female Leo ever rela callers or

Foster mother Nancy she went with her birth parents joy Heigho from Florida willingly and the hardest was just check on her make sure everything’s OK Go three yet seven three zero six seventy three zero six

Six hundred twenty one B.C. and five five or six five six five in Franconia I don’t

Know I mean there are her face report one

For her but I want to Franklin’s six five one two Franklin

Adams within Arabia

The right answer to the Marquis age else means four and so is rather nice to see twenty

One day with two three therea But if overseas and I don’t know if you know who are kind of effect of interest services you can assume complete or OK I have it and now is fifteen point three I have one for you want to write to seven three one six seventy three sixty

Thank you in twenty three all they were on the phone it was either a second panic alarm if they do get is seven three two zero seven three two zero probably give a one thank you to King twenty four so if you get the security Oh

They Snipes was a clerk in your own Ohio

They were forgeries been five five a day so there’s really not really there are twenty four hour fifteen twenty five negative E.T.A. for Heidi

And Guy This is for

Rush hour

Drug you should go in the name of the street or go yeah that’s how it sounds Charlie ocean Robert King Henry ita we can win against a wall is knowing the first thing King Edward Nick Nick Edward Henry

And on or her last name is ocean

Great like you know

You must have used roller fork and so we have that distinctly said are you see a trained either of you if you’re happy but it’s the brain that thing for a big family ocean link in the ham Vineet and Emma Roberts yesterday

We have the office

That really got her that ink

How the office is that traditional here I think you think you get it even if you force her status did you break for a cause to go into Syria less choice you for area monitor just OK they’re going to want to report to hold I’m sorry if you want to leave a row as the nineteen year old female

One of the area no emergency for our complete over I ten now is

Sixteen twenty eight I’m going to have a coke once three on Highway four I have to separate locations bus and vehicle description so I

The seventy one ramp from four eighty these the seventy one and ramp from four eighty so this right before that

There’s a three star asset and

They’re smashed up and to their ear and the description I have of the a full is a black sheep A Sure it and a black Nissan the other location I have a seven oneself of the Huns Istria called one seven three two eight seven three two A rover to determine where your seven three two seven seven freezes

Program so we were in a hurry vote before actually for

Her birthday or Surely for our sister before doing the report trail is euphoric happy sixteen thirty two eighteen I suppose you were on happy thank you sixty thirty

Two already headed to

RUBIO you Joe was happy thank you sixteen thirty long dress and handling walking between cars just three kids seven three three three seventy three thirty three she’s in the rain

Six original read your article

Sixteen there anyone reading and just having a whole year for a cold washout fired on my better version I call the do to call them is a curious eyes are out

Ready and I am says I for one

Or two for her is going to be nine seven one one ninety seven a lot of my citizens leadership academy somewhere in the area called her two shots fired a one seven three three four seventy three thirty four

So you see that


Sixteen very safe


The morning that

Sixteen thirty say they

Were going to be down in that area and will

Go down when they needed or in both of them you know here

For city three

Things are and I actually have a coast to freeze as well how that person is going to be two three eight zero their day all trying to derail medic twenty three’s on scene over here we got this

Was a seventy year old male deal way it is natural

For your friends

The code to get is the injury to say thirty three twenty six for your last you didn’t kill two four six zero one dead off forty so on that off just for the A I was just you just really a mess he said is necessary as the call I’m known for the other vehicle to go three

Seventy two medical in a sexy they ever found anything with that following that twenty one direction forty one seventy four Valley for once and for Valley

To us to

Call us reporters own vehicle she found it then oh three right Saturn report number is to dozens of fifteen one five nine eight four dated for

And seventeen to go three seven three zero zero thirty three hundred and lastly four zero zero one if they don’t mind we can thank G.-D. and the recovery she needs

Did not know I had it it is exactly that I’ll take that bet they were for me they’ve just righted the seven years disregarded us

In the recovery I just have a story for you the deal way the accident and I have a stocking report for you going to be a four zero eight two full forty two full

Apartment thirty four C.C. just just these niggas starting report suspects not seen because for Ken is seven zero eight five thirty five

Thank you sixty six

For what

I thought of as answering with another just as Rose that

The address is jus three eight zero serial twenty three eighty three or Dale

Seven three two six seven three twenty six for authors of your her after fifteen thirty seven

Thirty or more going back confirm that there are thirty nine terminals to a sexist

As if they were

Sixteen thirty seven because if you read radio engineering and drilling you want

To see that one is a situation where you will gather that sixteen thirty eight

Twenty four so my rank is a research for you because I don’t want companies who have a phone number when I get in their response that we are on that

Mirror or seven to three men

They’ll be very very

Vocal the less we will the seven to eight year oh happy day sixteen thirty eight

To seven

From your report


Your time is sixteen

Read a report six hundred eighty nine

You could use

Over a six one Charlie through two

Think it is going to be three do nine sex was six one three two nine six one six one even after all this and for a sixty four year old female to pull is no longer seen there’s still trends and somebody is well the go to get a seven three zero to send the trio to

Thank you sixteen forty three of

The recovery that I’m going to have that I’m going to have one for your list and I do appreciate it first was going to be four one seven four

Four one seven for the Elie


College report for her own vehicle she’s got it then

Read Saturn regional report is she doesn’t seventeen

One five five nine eight four date is I twenty one seventeen to go

Get is seven three zero zero

Three hundred for us because then to natural affinity

Twenty five hundred metro and collect the rake it is in connection with

Dad to the

Seventeen dash one five six seven nine seven four Bernie thirty seven was the primary and it of course for that is seven one two seven seventy one twenty seven I still have the flip around I’m going to watch whoever former

Recorder will pass through the I.D.F. well or

There are very yes

And you know I have to get checked out of this and I can’t

Get jobs up to be ready for it it will take a pretty one Jeff more sixteen

Different if you’re older going

To David to wait if you can assess me just for one very want to Marston one three one M.R. Senator Myles Marquette Plaza male caller says that he was robbed at gunpoint that they took two hundred seventy five dollars and cigarettes they were in a grainy photo of us a century or regal almost armed with a black revolver and he was about six feet joiner pounds wearing a white These are losing the vehicle to about swords one three six The fire the one seven three story seven three story generator that is we are just a few minutes here we’ll be able to get cleared up I’ll take that I want to go there start with start interviewing people and we’re doing a favor that’s a little bit

Pricey for you having

There were the reports all just simply I think you know I don’t want to forty and see things

Like I’m scared right now at off duty that a child had a homeless now white Now what I want to place him saying change hats black shorts black tank shirt

And I thought he outstanding when he gets an office happening like that and as you know

He’s over by a Marine officer for

The memory problem is over I just going to call one fat seven three five seven saying that

While Rather he says was a black male white male white male cat

Scared him as was refuse all over his face again orange band as well and then right yeah you can resume their talk for a six hundred forty four

To three weeks

Thank you guys six hundred forty four The problem I thought it was right

I don’t know if this were correct over just so Washington has reached its own recovered as yet I was on the

Stove as a jazz like I was also used to walking northbound or fortieth on the west side of the street I think you passed from or is now on the right these are one street that

Were coming from

One seventeen and well are you just if you sixteen forty five thank you three he’s not one for human memory looking for one or if I can answer

That very few for the future I’ll be there in a minute having that thing for he said and it was

Just silly Juhi seven year old arrived on scene within the check Kelley to a check of supplies for what I bring to six they can’t even transferee over to the actual monitoring center at all the number they gave me to when I called Project America doesn’t work for this either

There’s no response of the door mother simply carries I read and think user fifteen free seven but a half mile before hundred goodness

An hour for it eastbound seventy one they didn’t know where they were at so he was oh about half mile four hundred fifty affects the trooper


Run for three

To six or either of you two through three to save it one moment to secure either of you see a teacher ain’t ecommerce one of the mistakes

Why do you see a daycare they are chosen of us no one is an injury yet a vehicle is one of the advance for an Explorer it is a cool story Qantas seven three five seven seven three five seven it it can be one four zero zero two five four three hundred West twenty deaths as a must see no

Mulatto that connection behavior health isn’t Frank throwing in states as they’ve seen here he’s threatening suicide pill victim is a Kevin Robinson he’s a black male with a date of birth of nine thirty is sixty four wearing a gray short sleeved shirt in blue jeans no weapons scene he’s explaining their lawyers measuring it occurs intervention to go to get a seven to six thirty to twenty six

Part sixty forty nine to recruit a form

There’s a scene that

Charlie three through three to go have

We arrived Well we want

Fifteen forty nine I think that also could get the M.S.R. here who had been three months as a few trucks


A lot of

Activity on the fourth not the

President who was going to do all for us talking like that they would when you got a call that going to make them

Curity you have no idea what I’m talking about here get them makes you want to read you we are there enough so the second I know you will have her answer one any just stand by I am going to have another call for you and I thank you rice and salmon

And then I’m sure you clear and sixty nine eleven to you thank you if you do go over and insist that the six hundred fifty was

OK Do we have to respond or is Carol going to be far less

Like the number we all Muslims or the seventy three a light seven C. is you know and I’m not finding anything on that access a

Year or so

Ago when it happened dory store doesn’t vehicle the ninety nine do it for dorky and in color has a plate of Edward yesterday Walter for three to six Edward yesterday Walter for three to six suspects to let males are both hands on post about five six also as they’re watching on the vehicle that is not going to the store also possibly right as you the involved they get to ninety one spouse having about five minutes ago I can set it to think that the three eleven a six zero and then the Hostin this she did as she was the stuff of virus fixing your cardio they do want we want to be a girl for me actually for Addison octopi I’m sure a

Girl you say where in and up to a now

Anderson of Ana and was I gonna kind of three we’re at fifty fifth Probably not but it will be a matter of fact if you go just offshore go on

To do want to

Mention doing

So we go out of work proud Joris or you know we’re the store of the well they go point

It was somewhere around there was an example I am new to this regard to those who are fighting about it later terminate coming to SCENE twenty out of four door blue fires ten twenty of seventeen to an end

Mentor a as a shield to Charles straight out of that for four for one for sex lessons following is Paul Adam ring and Mike Edward Nick as were Robert and I spoke they’ve left because it was dissolved and fifteen sixteen Good thanks your dream well

She says she’s had recently with your sister

Who’s are six agencies and I didn’t hear you

Probably didn’t know where this is happening is if you say I have one variable a son of yours of you for your I know we’re going to clean this mess up and get over there I’ll let you know there was a good and a minute on one hold which I don’t mind but it will turn into

Mourning I’m drama at work like to make

Ready to show her a fury I thought you said that out of holes trying to fit a straight in now

Sorry for you already oh that one I did a damage the property that I had over a very You also of course

Therefore are different they might be they don’t

Actually say I need your with any twenty one wasn’t thirty second you got awful cars over there need to tell him he requested a one man over there he just thirty forty five plus one C two can actually get a U.I. accident so to seventy one zero seven three one two if you and I had never there

Well my assistant

Actually thought International is the same very funny want and he said thanks for that one from Harry and answered three Cappy sixty seven point three two two cats seven three one six seven three one series as fast as sixteen sixteen

And sixteen thirty five

Rate for both straight and under Let me give a

White female between conscious and breathing she briefly having something kind of medical emergency happens OK So what will join them are happy to fix you Mary High’s if you want to be saying the vehicle is Lansing eastbound it’s one of Ana

I asked all security has been advise them that and thirty eight forty five West one two three four five West one reaches national that you know

I’m trying

To describe it

I sand to three New York says no you have the social and their system here but I am showing out caution and here here I’m counting the bench warrant but they have cautioned that I’m dangerous violent tendencies and this may all fire resisting arrest and I walk into the action Oh you can serve them right you’ve been around for like the

You know what year and I was a kid in the northern I have more Hort Hermance long as I was or hers were thirty year old or so horses ago

But you know what let me out of the meeting and I need to study why hawk so if you know him as a writer and thank you for having he not

Obvious going to be a Jew a six they had born to wait six they had more and David Lawrence or LAWRENCE They don’t even if I had a cord they see rain something over on the road and if they miss a vehicle or some have a differing he wants a report that he hoped for

Seven three six two seven three six do you

Think seventeen hours you have him join radio he’s been discharged from that in traffic avoidance

Seventeen as you

Did your employers chant for now is like the furthest away from shakers work for even the shake or the flight you’re all for vanity can have a harder point south attract more when he doesn’t make him happy

Who are an eye on him by thieving he hurts and arrived in that a gang of males this he threw one thing they’re making threats her harm her

And his because he needs their own or they’re making threats via social media has been seen altering our number one three four one one three who are war company and we have any decisions on us now oh yes and they do their make good on their threat or face

The usual me an area

Yes I’m single for what I want to radio in a war

Will be for them you know for

Three You can hold out for a coat to

Wash three Joe I don’t do three thank yous are three two three six was three two three two three six westerly two Stephen

Well then I think that now has been on several times in connection with this and they were civil that are three two three nine

Two that is child on the legs in that has been advised that a twenty three isn’t round to go to get is that one three seven five seven three seven five zero two four doesn’t travel to the dog but report

Her doctors do it

And tells us how it up on four other runs as it’s certain to get somebody over there or at least talk to them they think she’s not there

And trying to notify them I’m still waiting for them to get back to me so that other one I need for them to stress a form

Or thank you say every sheet it upon

It’s family fern Fort Worth one time one nine hundred fifty nine January tenth one nine hundred sixty nine she’s forty eight with their address social three four four seven two four nine five three three four four seven two four ninety five three D. It is by three one thirty five blonde and brown

ID number Robert

Six nine zero one zero zero eight Robert six nine zero nine zero eight

Thank you correspondence seven hundred thirty seven Toria one seven three seven six Oriya Georgia

That is it think you know how

Some people are shipping this side out the house is there for blackmail no description their clothing for the mail the House it’s been abandoned for a year and a vehicle to Kansas seventy three seventy seventy three seventy eight for that thank you seven saying I seriously do this to old Joe as a caution I’m dangerous and violent tendencies

You know how he wants us now OK he’s disabled in a left hand lane over here the goal Kiya says owner they didn’t hazardous but it has aren’t decode one get is seven three nine two seven three nine two Charlie two thousand

Thank you both of you know I tell you that a radio show that

Ran as they ran for

One Georgia day this

Was her big seven seven five zero one one zero we were last for it was zero six one one S C of the eight fifty

Five thankfully so that thank you

George you for your child this is for the commercials with our own place under your prior presidents

I mean Jack stand by I want radio that you were


To get all then she says and they all from the there’s a cell that her husband is a white male running Andrea Hunter you know as a few females think that he punched the the post you get is seven three four zero thirty three forty

Thank you there’s an eleven films using radio

You know it could have forty three to I mean we’re free to you know haven’t been just park their car from a Medical Mutual Yes

That’s if they’re

OK They’re a fine thank you

But any new vets radio

Seven twenty She’s had about that’s it with any oh no promise me to carry a number for you are a copy of our report

Well I want to do that I’m here you’re looking for oil OK go for seven three ninety thank you now Pam thanks if Asian separation of property

Carries Your honor at all but each elephant we are prefer we’re going to work on

Our own craft them upright you know when we’ve got

Seven hundred thirty six three impose our Can seventy one twelfth but what Frank is you know you know thank you and your ship for Tim and I want to work

Elvira in the club so for us even Walker is going to social five four seven six six six three eight zero five four seven six six six three eight he’s going to be registered warrants for domestic workers or if she’s there I can give you all the numbers vote for get is seven three three eight seventy three thirty eight having the full So if you fourteen one of uranium one of very very many of these only completed will be in for receiving this

Morning talking to me the filing report


But if you security but it was a version or a very definite First there should be ready

Joe did you have holiday was covering there were going to be on ninety three or for the vehicle I gave you that seventeen fifteen David G. seven is often to use on the school thank you first I’m going to have three to nine one reasons thirty two ninety one reasons you can see Krystle Evans she owns this property it’s a vacant and the next door neighbors throwing items in her yard

Three It is seven two five eight seventy two fifty eight and for us five three one one Broadway

Three one thousand Broadway but her health is calling to check for a no train a

Voicemail supposed

To use a surprise in their code three seven three S four seventy three eighty four the agency that was with her

Metro thirty to area so a very interesting with her know each one personally could be just another person oh

That’s easy

What now that nine’s and elf

You know if you find a minister

Or old person

And you see them at sea if you like that now Adams you thought I had that accent what acid and I’ll

Add on to say is that there you know was that an e-mail from banks twenty one Charlie twenty want to see assisting our telling

Any twenty he was that stocks of pick up the that day and that’s

Telling twenty four that another accident at forty they were to say the selling connection with an accident when I got up in a David C. three story motor I radioed David you think you were on our way back you were stuck in traffic from the shore

Well that’s a late response but we didn’t have that where there were two through it

Abbi thank you I gave you three tissues this finding that he set out to show you right now also in Sanford it’s because I’m out he signed up for five five three West one for six or five five three West on four six we have Angela right time they said that child’s father Stephen Dillane threatening suicide a white male five ninth and

You know holding the steps in Selma and

And notice as anybody knows the house but he does have a two year old son with a

Very still and how it is not responding she

Won seven three nine and seven three nine thanks to her goofball thank you seventeen thanking them two through the radio if you called Joe asking them a couple grows on their horse was reaching



For five by three West one voice

Yeah me till three to reserve was free to was for

Shall I have have all all right number nine says one three six eight my officers on scene there

Always Are the airport radio going to be a while but a user defined that he was escorted much role that he should ever always be of much or for a while anyway presidents and first social is joint but I’m five zero six zero nine four

Zero seven three three zero seven three three zero

Twenty one and I’m Gigi for her to know we’re going to head over there as well and complete any paperwork for them thank you seventeen twenty one

Ninety two two eight seventy two eighty seven they’re going to receive the rear whole report

Or a fork Marvel or warm it up

Or go for a very

Emotional is that

Mothers of all of them were complete or OK I have a house on one hundred twenty two Charlie if you can you do if you were going to our location here not knowing your wife or think

I’m sorry to interrupt you for having I’m going

Go work for me

Then I have another call here

This is her black for fusion though so I don’t office the same thing but if they wrote one seventy seven South it was forcing her soul on it out there

Thank you to both of you protect area once it’s seen twenty Carolina Loma five to eight Carolina that opposes coming for and I want as an open I found these and is in a vacuum now that it’s been disconnected sail it is a coast to Canada seventy three seventy row seventy three seventy nine voted our people there do you want princess for how you were Joran over know was very fair and there of Detroit and we located satyrs the other callers were in front Oma Milan no reservoirs or even drove the other color meters here yesterday the same as that you know that if you notice you know one and I tried to call there at four thirty and I wasn’t able to get through to anybody there and as I counted as a

And I saw that they had not found there and had not responded there either so if you can find it I need yes I that will just clear to such OK

We are mothers and we but others Hi Of course I have a has Israel in writing writing

For say

Seventy five or nine and then a son so cities you go out front Johns of color and I’m sure neighbors are outside trying to fight him

So as a neighbor stands always as opposed to someone for us a reason for instance to go for the seven he want us there to for you Davis you for or for that of a receiver for morning show


You said you made a foreign one we’re older now for them for for a few seven shows if you

Think we found that one of the six North looking for the West or is this the warmest very close around you have you run

Over six nights of it before so I don’t know that this time Roberts nine but it’s

OK I just wanted her you know if you do I don’t have anything personalities I don’t have anything on Haven’t nothing on file for everything they’re all I’m going already are going to be other requests and he gave

Just after I went out oh good going back up again Sure yeah I have a truck and everything here

Stephen Dillane ten twenty one I have it and I’m still not finding any social anything on the stack for going sorry seven hundred twenty seven as well back there yes

It was there were

They have been to Israel shows you know just as well as well you know or is it a religion or particle

Coming from his friends who asked him what if there was a big in that they just sort of the See also Muslims now from others that has a cell phone supposed to seventy four times seven four one zero we’re going to try to nominate or George yesterday Mike one three five six zero five three four six George istream like five three horse or

Two three on the very general resolve I know of others for O.S.I. Franklin’s four zero eight size Franklin as a male occasion I one hand out from a this can act as a

Oh to seventy four times on a four I want to

Be ten hours a seven hundred thirty and insist for you the response was seven seven and the choice was on seven as it’s right those are the large banner that’s

Causing our traffic problems as opposed to sudden four on ice on a four on ice and allow

Charlie to through we’re going to be oh one way radio Well we go hear

Something then


But a few services OK That’s OK I understand now that seventeen thirty one cents is very very out of the echo on the exit ramp

Is that I was on he said I have got him off the exit ramp

Is going to be told over

Work she’s just north of her

Right and we’re going to car

For my second truck just after

Israel pulled in what he was when they were just doing a little driving that would be other

Cars with them and he said thank you I don’t think that he was

A seventy five he had a seven three seven three seven three seven three zero zero zero and found I first was going to be frank Victor Mike ninety four four zero and the other one was going to be George Union say it was three six zero five

And I don’t know

A sign of us seven for one foursome or one four for coach to go

To one radio ten hours seven hundred thirty says if you want because seven three three

They’re around for more shows in route too much

I’ve been following the sun station wagon gray

They need and I need what you know I don’t have as was EVA one three eight nine three shady Oh full of fire and Garfield High the last voice of the zero four eight three

Four eight three you know anybody the sack I want to get a minute to write

Ready for him right away but you know the key is still going to use a curve for an assignment

Yeah I got to see

The lawyer

And a lot of fun last for zero four seven four zero four seven four OK thanks now

Back balance I have a card Thank you you have all think I’m going to need the cars and we’ll see the cardinal your money yeah let Joe use a car for this name and that I gave him and a can you go through eighty six with

With way to

Move OK I got it

For the assignment is that ramp level and generally six that’s well that’s why I need a car no no I don’t have a problem just want to remember if you go Lloyds addendums X. for the for the for that’s right the best interests I’m going in for truth like it’s really key you don’t see how many were

Lined with us of

Half and then years and afterward a member nearby were able to form something that I think of for customer and manager for you have an argument here no weapon where

They gave a description of order and I see me on a black and yellow

To Janet for the

By seventy four zero five four seventeen thirty four thank you to five

And insists I haven’t seen there’s this thing I heard it

The Lord copy three advise the cell phone of an admiral Richter R R surgery just as seven hundred thirty said Are you pleased with the war in the euro He was these were the are is going to be a fire alarm the compact the rock has everything or anything I’m number one eight three four four one three four four having that

If you have vehicles to form innocent and five

Boys Thank you

Seven zero six think they are wanted you seven nothing Thankfully or they have a panic alarm from State Farm for they haven’t won a neighborhood Catholic ministries and a vehicle to get it seven three nine zero seventy three ninety

Thank you seventy thirty eight thank them for having

Their just answering just short and hard to an office they that there are cameras certainly there probably you know that is

Right just you know so you have orders George want to say on a three night a video of the moment yeah three five eight West that’s nice probably this is the national itself well thanks they updated it and to settle for US A Honestly I don’t know if the same or not

Thank you

Thank you seventy three

There were more

I mean

By six I’m going to have actual information that there’s ten people at the scene that are threatening me or so if you didn’t mean that of a group

Well our way or so they did to the radio David jittering

In for we see a report and by to the prosecutor’s office we are complete seven hundred forty

Seven the radio and then a seventy

One star you know radio one of me in the order makes one for you it’s Russell one zero one five I want to

Make deals whining in here and there was there’s no you was ordered I just wanted you know

Something for that much of the concert here from a distance you know it happened maybe one for and around the bureau for six

Happy agencies any funny

Things you have to stand

On the West

And seventy of what he wants

OK You know you have good

Some have thanks

Jonathan I’m sure one five yo and I want this regard so that I know having

Said that I

Sometimes feel OK

Very Mondays

As us try to do for the radio

Even to give me any updates

As you can if you draw a card or if you’re right

But you already know it came over as people frightened and he says as a result of seven it was a night of animals who won who

We supposedly have a black male who just ran off with what anger

Black males Yes well the description did black gray hair black being Black sure do you know what and if it’s an ever met plant I think it’s where you just left from it even a different

And we’re going to cover ninety he’s a funny guy and let’s show it our for lack disable what is right

Before not really that they go for

Yet do overs was just a kid and I mean seven four to one seventy four twenty one or down before Easter Bunny

From my father will thank you seven hundred forty four to three

And a disgrace happy seven think forty five you’re going to go with this for

All right just as I say I have a cold one for as long long long

Prayers are standing so watch this and I slow it down starting to do is there any way you can hold up an assistant for one please drive and seven hundred forty five aren’t going to thank you as a

Carjacking forces is required for success is required to sustain sound

Lewsey of Liberty was just taken at gunpoint and it was a

Hispanic Now skinny arm was a black forty caliber

So they had a sports store and I was a writer or they were still now one must have these Hispanics Now Yasser he was one of Amazon and hold one seven forty is reason for it is very

Few For you get a caller on the Liberty your place is fully Oh I don’t have a


Hard to privacy from court

As seven hundred forty seven was that last hour I was forty four when you start a fire display with a letter so you have a brain is that

We got trucks back up here or over there and

After that prices of locusts were

Seventeen forty seven

You’re barely coming over Charlotte five you’re going to assess that Soroka who are on OK and then send us an

Seven hundred forty seven

Around the scene you see in a no or turn around other what you know

You have a seven hundred forty seven that she left that exploit themselves

And she told him he was president and he said he was going to help her and she comes over there now last place to a sister he gets a property he does not live there so

That ensues sixty seven to sixty

And then eighty eight a lot of that’s right it is a lot and it’s right that a couple of boys out there selling just what is black bow and gray hoodie with red please and yeah Hispanic male wearing a Captain America shirt goes three seventy two seventy eight his eyes OK go through Thank you seven hundred forty eight

Forty three zero

Seventy one eighty S. the Adams to get that in an area hall for two five sixteen twenty seven seventy one eighty three and I’m sorry about that

You had over three five nine five West once you zero three five nine five West one two zero We got Alice

Calling Lincoln any young in DAVID ADAMS

Back of eight sixteen

Six five seven states that she was attacked by the neighbor’s dog last week and now the dog is at her back door

Getting vicious trying to get through the door and out it’s a smaller black dog I don’t know what


No it had a dog that is so to you had a seven for one second that is for one second

Thank you at seven hundred fifty for your list three four zero sized Perkins thirty four of my first is at the crime well can a call here and as he often is after four the four Can’t seven three four to seventy three forty

Four thirty seven hundred fifty


And I do want heart for my various Ron then for easy for a port you can close offices in down here and they have enough manpower down there now to the numbers OK so seven three four zero you clear that was a report held right that’s correct OK and then six nine and I understand they were calling out for our

Flight we’re going to very

Forty six six five seven

Thank you there’s still the lead yes the liberals Well the seventeen times now it’s going to the scenes wanting

To record a face I returned

Not sure though what number they tell you if you could repeat that and also this animation is the way right now when you have on have an accident and of parking valet there for you when you’re able

To see it at first is going to be at Walgreens one sixty eight S Really

One six eight yes really right oh and Murphy a sprawling in a silver Hyundai versus a green Toyota Tundra and no injuries but they’ve also insisting on a zone having I think testing that is three six nine seven three six nine and then at one seven one of here us one seven one I’m sure that he

They have a red sports car that’s you close to the stop sign

For seventy one I’m seventy

Nine I did you know call back this is over an hour

But it’s still there so I

Know you are forever very very remote Of course your obvious reference and I never I don’t think I ever knew I did I forgot

There was a

Save If you want it was named for his very good


You for

Your radio and and to

Preserve your other car to rush out our way right now do you just what if I have a very high five fires I be right with your office

For fire for well we’ll get into three work for you don’t think where my arms are from clean or the door well I don’t care

If you can drive a good seventy three seventy there will be I mean I was in Russell I would surely do three Carolina checks OK

It was a

Part of us just split up the two three four way a lot of snow all over

The Stanek nails and as of the vehicle it was taken as a little Jeep Liberty you know just trying to get me a plate number and it was heavy and Hispanic Now when you can sure

He was armed with a gun another Hispanic male Skinny was no clothing description they said the gun was a forty caliber black in color still tense I got it and he just asked for store and it made it right and store from forty six twenty three o’clock I cast a seventeen said he

Well it’s a those that I got to play emphasis are of you

And you six or seven teams as they say in the five zero zero seven Park well fifty zero seven Park well

Juvenile Hall and I was wondering question seconds give me an estimated as for ninety seven I

Sort of previous off of this phone number for that to feel seven dollars previously was Alex Fernandez that still has a fortune I seventy four twenty nine

Seventy seven driving seventy that the final sixes arriving are you going seventeen to

Your group shows some free program like Malcolm up to have him any more help or does you advise the stay Asacol is that when I have a better information than

This kind of closes

The hold on let me call for the surface to air see if they know when

I get seven four four zero seventy four forty right of effective or Kenosha we now are for

Him to cheer him here perhaps and

So is he just you know

That I don’t think it’s

Right to be ready I’m very

I’m forty two and then I think a singer that did call from a second district is Edwards for ninety seven

And again I would for ninety seven joint ninety two A Colleen O’Brien not a vacuum ever and it’s a thousand and five stationwagon last fun event of the thirty two zero four three two zero four yes where did you want to go or for one four six zero in this you know I’m born really in Iraq to see very few

Residents intricacy of the

Things you know cars

The whole report from her and I you know I just

Need a long going to be I want some

South and West Virginia that that and also the fires

Well he called it out as seventeen thirty zero but I think that was an action with those other assignments that an empty seven had earlier

So they have they got the call was I think the same thing has seventeen us out on that health program

And I want you for that location and I’m going to change it hang out who’s going to

Me at West and seventeenth and various Out west front one seven branch

Evelyn are

Calling she then all of them as you’ve heard damage no injuries she has no idea what she’s driving that shouldn’t older model or in vehicle is the other vehicle involved as a black sensitive issue Lancer So it’s going to have to sell for three sex offenders or three sex

Eighteen hours to say thank you through your audio

Last thing as I need to care for him for sex

So doing I nine seven three nine and very corny one Gerard thank you as you know thank

You for a moment our dances for you know

You have a lot of the highway Thank you Ron The silver get off the white five


I don’t hold on let me find out

For is a series on you know you have a car but if you have a car

That’s her Sergeant Kelly was it is a big deal to

Papers for the hospital details OK Reza gets going to be four seven six five forty seven


Know but I have backed you off to go on the big prairie for details or the first one out there and thankfully you’re one of the party that’s in a station it’s a cold three Canada seven for forcing seventy four forty C. back in the district

But worth of we’ve got to get eighteen of us off the woman and the others on the horizon as a juvenile are you out of your way to the last

Seventy two zero war early actually nominate the six nine zero six Krakow six nine zero six Krakow Williams their reign as the falling States known female as in Henderson times in frightening him she’s the kind of that was in the back so to hit seven four three two seven four three two three or less than eight hundred seventy eight Harvard on her very very heavy gold vehicle a green vehicle two black males ones were in the right ninety

Seven for one eight seven for any court of which there were John Tom six nine to ten were Genzyme three six nine to


And a was you very thank you to me a four one two nine East one seven six four one to night East one seven six see Myrtle in vol her thing girl grandson is missing Danielle ball is a

Black male is a four five three Chevy Uno holding fairly U.S. suspended from school and he’s a cross is carrying a backpack he was last seen around six in other hours the cold one

Seven four four five seven four four five

Eighteen else that one force and physical another crucial part of the community meeting police

Sacrificed black both legs as a part of a driveway for about two days to go for it seventy three seventy two thirty Jill and the last on one one one zero zero Euclid zero one one zero zero you what you ate that every rule six zero seven zero the learner our sixth or anything is any Gerritsen he is involved in an M.V.A. of sanity of a forest that never took his report the original report is seventeen dash one for I I have zero three two to go for had seven four one two seventy four two of these ill four four zero seven seven was a city Janesville

Well I mean it turns out it was purchased as well but if you view from I want a five resistor this thing off the freeway every destination you show simply thankful that person there’s a a radio copy there everybody complete with the assistant eighteen on the I stand by

For me I was there was very well I’m thinking of the up from that even

Though I think

You know me who want to do radio show me at any age too for a personal He’s a singer thank you it came down as easy to force a fury are usually forces if you’re heading westbound just for a

Chance for a one star with a plate of Edward four nine seven six seven one stars of blackmail out there it is old thinking and fear was driving to two seven four three four seventy four thirty four

Beautiful eighteen times OK I remember the other one OK Debbie eighteen then oh I don’t know if the sanity you created for commanders are complaints

It’s west warm zero year old Sure I showed you one of these we get you far away can you so our

Parking violated one seven nine and all right

Thanks three seven four seven was fun seven nine three seven four seven one one seven I have a red Ford Mustang parts and I don’t know parking zone first three A George X. ray like

Four out of seven forty seven seven forty seven

Zero three reason that they did a lot of

Those releases radio


Delay George leaves a little checks

He’s leaving the

Civil war as it’s three got to their eighteen twelve and one Sam eighty where they’re nice seventy four five they say that they’re seven four five eight the first two are fifteen or stay six five

You know

Five four one seven walk now one five four one someone walk now from a one on females argument somebody in the background My partner called her back and she’s arguing with her long give us any information

On our code to someone for three days on a four three and then three in Holly Hill person ISIS activist calling states that they had a robbery earlier in their city and they’re paying a phone that was taken in connection with a robbery and the suspect vehicle supposed to be here the black as I view it century Edward yesterday Walter for three to six of the

Ninety nine

Suspects were three black male the bravest the weapons to reckon with of robbery

The priorities you have seven four five six seven four five six two seven I was and

So was his lady and sounds quite a lot like the guys you rubbed my earlier on Marston Yeah that’s what I’m thinking Edward yesterday Walter for three to six

And three

Things day they do their thing I don’t do it there is just

Nothing untoward I will use any editorial rockery correct

You’re right

How many Ochsner humming occupants and we’re all of them are murdered is one

Thing I’m going for I was a senator from Richmond live right now they just thing there’s about three minutes ago one

Male is going to do seven and he is I don’t tendencies no drug abuser there’s also social two three six one nine one three nine eight plus one one three ninety


One whether it was a black or of all black reporter focus on one male armed in a vehicle who reoccupied radio with a play come back to

Back out of Warren’s own Heights four five one six St Germain Boulevard was the high is in there stating that the suspect Dylan once all hi to revise one of the lights pretty please

Right Richard and I thought so was I the ones I’ve already OK thank you they come back to the suspect vehicle so imagine there’s an Iranian Sheen home soon as I broke into her house ran out one of the black male orange or yellow

Black male white T. shirt half the fence behind her house to hold one can seven four six zero seventy four sixty

Eight for murder there is your rhythm OK if we are on between

Six five and six seven in

The well justified and eighteen sixteen

Twenty one derived

Thank you very sixteen to get it run this play third Georgette Sri Lankan five eight four five four we pushed absolutely hundred three TO RADIO Well this is called his name description the vehicle Evelyn

All right as Michael and I have it you know and that was a very she don’t kind of how she got it but it’s in all the now orange vehicle and then versus a black man to be she’ll answer OK

I can seventeen

Six virgin got seven three three shillings which your ancestor just put in one of her

An eight hundred seventeen and surely she won

And I am Hughes first name and Santa Ana yesterday

Last name is Hughes Sam and following two thousand and four she already sex affair second district that US forces three five you know work for of a king right thank you

Know about making a thing but I’m size nine eight for size for one that’s going to be the brother


Her role as huge as

The let in radio

OK for G.V. you male was both you know

And we need to go back to one to two for was a answer for you get the other side of the story for our report with us if you can please join us in route absolutely eight hundred nineteen didn’t use of in the right I mean if you think it’s funny

White male gray hair blue jeans PAUL LITTLE there but

If you force the healing measure research his name in there

I did

For her for require

A little remorse of

Doing right for

With you so

You’re only to just have it pretty with you’ve already done it were completed in the desert

It’s in something like twenty four when it was twenty four seventh’s Well that was taken down by fire with as you go sure that motorists completion was a Marriott just macro’s experience that address of one seventy three seventy Holly Hill that there’s no umpteen Buick in the driveway or anything and that we could be done with in the garage I think he has been asked already what I thought I read that is that forty was right before the resurrect that we had a white Acura versus a Ford Taurus black in color

One of the vehicle desirable and I says been advised

To have sat in for two for seventy four twenty four parties here

I think that he’s wise you finally got it ready yet


Be a primary to sort of report yes if you’re in the primary and then you’re in have to report

That you usually because he’s the report OK I got it at eighteen fighters Sarge still are barking you know I mean your shift wanted to situate who

Weren’t sure where to go but I don’t have a dog running around and

Sorry a lot on Usenet he’s not really in a scrap everything there that I


That my Merab

You know you’re at North Park and but it’s my dog park and from

Every one we’ve had a female I’m six one right I’m sure a lot of

You know me as young as fifteen Chaman out on the front and I was looking around and got into a great admirer Monte Carlo with a female driver temptation we don’t have anymore information

Black waiting we have me on camera for this will do to report yet where you are you thought on the Friday yes they’re just going to read your

Character actors change three for one soon I think he’s won seven six

And if you had number seven for six I thought and four six five one six hundred I would be out here for the

Chance to see who was on the thank you other coffee

And I would have them seven or five for the

Process I’m much more complete and I’d have you thinking when I just read a book that you were right yesterday Mike it one journey


Kind of

Fifty thousand and seven hundred forty are great two and three the career out of you Glenn got me thinking

You’re welcome anyone seventy seventy on here for me to say thanks one Hosmer picking up a brick and his mother to do a crime scene too or is that OK so

You’ve got on the address

Book six one one Hosmer and I have even try sex every two three shows arriving at eighteen for a very very edifying she’s obviously to the district to five Yes ma’am because I was on her fourth we were not equipped

Right and I have a pretty


And ready for an accredited assessment one one seven zero five one one seven zero five OK at Metro P.C.S. we’re just calling he’s an employee there’s a black male or in a blue shirt that has a Don And as that

He states that he thinks the sales about to rob the store he’s had issues with US mail in the past he’s sixteen and Bill they’re going to be close to seven four seven zero seven four seven zero So everybody in the store and no on Al is saying he doesn’t it is the right iron out but apparently

And I don’t know if the guy has a gun

And we’re going for an

Eight hundred twenty seven as you search both of these in twenty seven

For one eight hundred twenty seven thing you know guys he’s actually trying to disregard now he states is not the same male

She’s sixty five I guess happy to disregard you canceling the

Result a quarter to six same driving

Anything funny and she six I never could see any fun forty at Creech one for info but it was enough I got at McDonald’s and Lee and Johnson supported their

Share going to McDonald’s

She said I’m you know I just was you know there in Iraq or when they took off

To travel as you call them that’s like for five dollars you know book bags

That I Got that they’ve been training you know we have in that area destroyed because you know we’re simply they took off you know is a pretty good repair She said it is going to go home and I have to say I was amazing twenty nine I don’t see six and the three nine to nine a fun forty three ninety nine is one for a zero and we have a shop next door a louis of confidence here the female yelling and screaming like female one of these jacket multi-colored jogging pants she’s

As Lee has

Maybe some issues he’s not sure what’s wrong with her let me go to get that on for size that one seven four five seven eight hundred twenty nine

I got these in training for it forty three for a few eight hundred thirty oversight and we have about one of five except the whole be out for

Three person we’re

Having to


HIM TO FOR A There’s no name on this building but it looks like there’s some people here over the next three callers numbers through one six six three one four two seven seven it looks like it’s

The building says it’s release her interest of all new symbols year and some open this gate for us Christine gordie’s she’s at thirty two years old five for one forty five exactly what as you got a warrant with our children they asked us to check and see if she is there because they want her white female now or in I think under our Under Armor shirt with white Rossley them blue jeans a minute sixteen thirty five and the code for has seven three three seven seven three three seven

We just heard J V Did the orange more


For you isn’t there to him that you know the Senate R.S.T. So you know if you’re OK Thank you they’re welcome I think very sexual right

Eighteen thirty it’s you that were just almost

Having to warn you this is libertarian trouble and that is going for a lamb already was a complete they think there is a

Sense you for I’m not sure there’s a primary down there a lot of our interaction Iraq

You know that my permission to process her as a murder ninety one seven zero they recognize them and think if they’re coming the second is responding

To you when they will

Really get the rock N roll for them for a few servants who rebel didn’t have is going to have to for


Jews are don’t want to fight you maybe just as I’d be you didn’t actually see the abilities of men by the car

We’re not down here when


Trying to keep them calm

Fun for across the story I’m lost

Lamb is a very seven four seven five seven four seven

So I was going through plan is that

It is thirty four one hundred twenty five and arrival seven hundred thirty five

So I have yet to hear from an early law I think

You get the

Seven three eight and seventy three Anything you think you know a thank you at eighteen or you as it’s going to be and one time he’s like north of us for an inkling I guess that it’s right by the bridge and nailing a blue and white or gray shirt spray painting spray painting on the bridge and because you know they can’t Has that been for you to say seventy four times I didn’t write things as you can that is I think if there is a this high for

This kind of feeling is no civilizations of yours equals

Three quarters if we were

Having it in thirty six banks and all of us the very last they would do something or maybe

There is a national army

You have anyway used to run from Mars and Mars

To do that and you know that is thank you so I think they’ve sort of gone out when I was an avowed as a going to sail forty thousand forty Marcin for seven for their own Marcy So Amazon I wanted us to notice I had Bernard Cole and Jack that I met for four I’ll do a six one two three and

They just need them to be notified that Alice has a past as opposed to that had a seven three in one thousand and seventy three nine is that a

Version was Bernard Larson what

Felt like a lightning bolt return of seven three nine three seven three nine seven

Just remember and Rosemary with the Martian

And Cheryl

And that’s just north of the last

Two thousand six hundred

Five there was just over an hour ago

But do you care in the work or think

It will always wear you if you are a survivor for issues or I’m better off just going to Europe

You know you just

Have a I think you ageing very

Very good I’ve heard from the other leaders a lot of fodder for the award this is a horse yes they have been a problem for a for all of your years there’s a

View that I don’t have that eight hundred thirty nine and I’m six nine years has been the seven for eight to seventy or eighty two and then the court is that

There’s a five ignore for think yeah and I

Thank you Scott and George thank you yesterday at seventy seven three

Back to a black two thousand and fourteen for Ford or to have Brittany Norris out of Akron Thursday week eight of eighteen and that she is valid twenty year old female


In the

Britain multiple halls about it I’ll sell and he’s dragging her up the street over here is going to be a cold one cat seven four eight one seventy four eighty one and then they’re headed towards proxies for my twenty second and then Israel is eighty three seventy one Russell eighty three sat on one rifle

That care truck has in the park three cats seven two six zero seventy two sixty and then fearless thirty one fifty watts out of three one five zero washout and they’re all ever people falling back of all

Three had sat in for four to twenty four forty kill and on the last one was sixteen Clark was sixty eight and Clark

Were there by running around in the area oh three seven four four seven seventy four forty seven

Thank you and they give

You a seven hundred in

Two I don’t have any five

You know when they come in with us is that really the number in place

That any trouble we have a male and over here we just transport

Crazy to sue man you know whatever whatever you need yes I guess

Barney’s you still or we can probably one day and I don’t know how that

Your day

Javanese there in Marina going to Milan there I mean I had a seven for eight seventy four eighty eight

From here and just

Show you guys you know you know that will be a rock and a dreamer and

Meeting you guys even forty three when I was eighteen already very

Hard Martin morphine

For a size seventy four eighty five

And surrealist and I seventy five Loretta and I seventy five Loretta and the back parking lot

Was the six juveniles it white both flag and

I think

It’s so for fun and for there are some for it there are

Just eight hundred forty four thank you very few warrant very very fortunate or very just her description of her writer

Arrest forced her to reverse the roof of your property the usual complete morons from these twenty six twenty four


Twenty four hours we’ve been from six

To seven I want to

Thank have eight hundred forty five do just as well have you have a second

OPINION Thank you

For a date seventy four eighty eight you want to mail for me but as evil so it will just have a nine Try the seven euro one for Daniel Bowling his B.B. is a twenty nine and sixty

Four seven zero zero one has

To have a

U.-H. you go in chosen route and factor in the car so there’s a fair to your computers or

Ancestry and a city radio have these and have to show you a route to us

To do so the tool to

Know those ways you need your help with

Yeah OK I’m going to be out of the car for about an hour from one turn a Maureen Well I just drove everything I made she pretty much didn’t see any activity you just keep rolling like we did before and if you see any motorcycles or regular street legal by Joan Baez and boy you grab

The left van back if they are actually all ran from of nothing then when Delmore in general nursing from him if I feel my fourteen Very hours blackmail for nine hundred ten pounds where not black jacket away polo shirt and khakis States is honest before a second one has been for nine one seven four nine one

Eighteen forty eight thank him for his Candy thanks I think

We have our one vehicle how old are now three reports and I got these in forty eight and about to this point

These are was her pre with her sister and we have number series one two grew from one hundred eighteen forty nine

You know are

A little bit ago

Where Cappy thanking you by radio but they fixed the radio is that this a garden is no hope for him personally inspiring

Since this is a misunderstanding between two name

Erin you can put him out of the way five nine five one one one twenty five B. on his short

I thank you is insisting I need to do just our

Respective virtues that Charlie is four and David two three can I think that the Furka want to highway Charlie for I’m not going to make it either a commercial or nay nay I want to say I am you know ran for Nick at a generally ever and for everything else he was I was a

Pretty good with females will certainly want to see radio

And man was are just well given for that flight home or at

It is if you want them there was a big crowd when we arrived they all miss her mom on no one evil to locate the party who are actually fighting from all you know who are who you are hearing

From hockey as if he were only services requests and assistance to remove a one off though here with a mother going to be opposed to get a seven or nine to seventy four ninety two so we wait in a white Nissan Altima

Just for physical level but

If there’s any kind of drug deal gone on how to get a

Question What are

They going to

Do with you so not march or phasing as you say it is in the head with and then I’ll assume by designing that I had you call the

Eighteen forty jail

It is it is an eighteen while you are ready to go remember you got a start your right when it started after that and now is eating fifty three so I got a couple of calls

And A is free one first off I want to the say will feel they’re both getting updated at the same time for both Thanks and I don’t have

That’s a little governor on the highway and his other one is for a disabled silver vehicle on a high speed lane

One seven four nine six seven four and I’m so jealous you want that you set up that way as well on a Cessna maybe with the dog on

That one two three in the locations that was everyone

Was one of the best

So I would give that we do want to know what

I think you may think of the four band scenery is she saying Evans images of their neighbors catch some of the neighbor’s dog

Seizing her daughter and then being argumentative with her go three cats seven three four three seventy three forty three I don’t know last one three one sat on a watch for say thirty one seventy eight was for he said that her six many bites in the area the staring goes very bad seven three nine six seventy three ninety six this is are

You I thinking that you and David is that I’m not just the numbers you give me for an hour who would rather notify the color chart am holy is the phone number is four four zero

Thanks six one at two sorry

Thank you have joined already oh and

Then we tore north and south over here as you guys if you G.O.I.A. you just had to do for a personal

Thank you

Trevor for the most part of your one

Rather David and want to fight

That is that he’s on the radio for

That if you need Richmond police to not be

Negative as was the car that was to other station

You do me a favor and if he doesn’t get it to theirs and I

And thirty thirty six Why fifty first three zero three six one five one sec for runs a truck that’s been parked there isn’t Saturday with Oklahoma license plate two Walter X. ray one two three it goes for the cat sat in very eight say seventy three it is a

Big difference thank you eighty’s as the seven All right tell it to thanks a lot and I have one for you

And I were just thankful and what were thankful and what were we in for a poll down in a section that’s hanging from the wire

Has been if I have no E.T.A. Don’t be a call to get a seven for seven I seventy four seventy nine I sure do through I just thought up all her this was a very it’s own forgot about the off oh this photo should

Be able

To sort of better poker

Dance is a ready you have to answer in advice that it will be respond at some point

Doesn’t have to give you all

That if you fight or a personalities or you can just refer

To that ring I thank you designing your concerts or I don’t have an information twenty three or emotional happy ready to answer

To every radio let me know what measure of seventy

Four year old him just

Happen to think we copy just marry I mean I get over it on that first one video that isn’t easy it’s just the one the first one nobody responded to those just the one of two thousand and seventeen dash zero to do seven four nine

Today for the first January twenty second Thank you I think of a car we’re going to be awful in about C.P.U. that we actually in that one hundred know from

You know to

Show me right from

Thank you and I’m going online and when able to get us out of it or

Office or

Superior that the service turned into a person refusing Paul I say to her daughters in law that’s her since it was either the leave her she’s also a solicitor herself the resident

Or covered it as always but daughter we’re having thank you and if you do have the one thousand I want and despite your female issues if a turn off of arrogance for you you

See one thousand one but actually exists or

You go off your high I think you know it’s just for and it’s usually for you you know one second

Who have come back to five or more why I don’t exert your sex twenty of seventeen at an arse Royal’s hand back to well well leave

Your out there is euphoria they

Are ever going to receive her or each one report how a partner with that awful bad vehicle was drivable I mean and you know very Thank you Charlie who through if you were to

Be out at nine hundred sixty or worse for five hours and you know very and it is you for I have a couple female is also hearing but I think you first I’m going to be wise for teens and I don’t know why fourteen things I don’t or have lacked as decoders as that Steve

You know this is an advise it’s a ghost story and they get to that in three nine four seventy three ninety four and I’m very

Sorry for all three Y. fifty six three four zero three watts five sick children Lucky for us that report goes for dad sad and three zero nine seventy three zero nine and I and I have

Been through four and we couldn’t for a minute from the amount of face of all forty six year old male Christian breathing

Was one of them out

Not behaving properly at all I don’t know all of

Them from then or if it was some sort of medical problem

And you know

But if you’re near

The well we’re going numb from

Was the one thing players know well you might want to notify like a hoarder neighborhoods of his bones and he’s also thank happy tell me if I didn’t try to write him the stuff I want just because I have a very poor for you or for

That for all of us who want a gift is a prince we were going to be our reservation in the room right and if we were five H. prices for example when I was

Writing a three or four vessels back who were here forty one or are I think having a rather than a

Well I hope you aren’t who I think Ross rover is that this before and since I’ve yet to think of a

Better I don’t have a seventy three ninety four seventy three ninety four

Nineteen I think you give additional credit for a person or version of a three four five

And two I have never had a second can

They have a twenty six I think you know sex dog on one person

We’re going out to check in with dog right off

Parts no one’s come up to us and claim that

OK I’ve got the dogs with me because Joy OK I think Mark has the information from the very district and I do less than seventy seven fowl and a call and actually the mail that was possibly urging him to vehicles a dark gray seventy van that were done time six seven three three he was driving erratically almost crashed into a guardrail basically it was that going on seventy seven South Park as I mentioned before thank you no

I don’t think raise the rent you Geez I think you know it just pretty emotional right right now

We have not

Looked around or a northbound seventy one right now so we’re going to flip around as it was except jacks up before was one thirty if you could just a lot of us know that we’re

Very we’re OK thank you for thinking so I think you know I

Had possibilities you seven pop and I have stated you want

To if you want to radio

They do want to talk to you going complete with R.S.S. other car handle

They do want to copy a sandbank when I have one for

The cresses twenty one hundred

Face was here were all

Your you know their lives are numbered jewels It isn’t that then it is just

I think there’s no doubt that a

Coworker do you think radio guys are need to stick to Dick respond if I seventy he’s twenty

Five different theories and I say one of the years if family gathers you know the assistant security it is security was disgusted by order of that

Now had he say we’re in a film why should I tell those jurors and

They all jumped and silver in the Chevy Malibu they gave a silly George referee Lincoln six or seven while jurors are after Lincoln six and I don’t know why the there’s a rail system out of practice going into securities that it wasn’t sure if it was brass knuckles or lay on a vehicle was it a seventy five one by seventy five fifty already thank you nineteen seventy one for means radio sanity if you follow did you get arriving at thanking a lot of us or former executives or parameters are playing that one three five and walk or that feeling and I think will challenge you for one second Sam eighty seven five Q H.S. seven CIA Thank you now one thing for Charlie to fire their employee with a personal the first

Priority and I’m going to stay here we’re going to always when it’s good that harm us report one vehicle is still a thing that isn’t that drive a farm that your words want to do with their fists and of these of US flag another car I have no description for the second vehicle it is a coke three get a seventy four and I see a row seventy four ninety three ninety four during the Swan for four

But users can see that now that was a little Buick Century are you

Happy It had seven five three one seventy five surveillance video that Barney to say for code one hundred twenty ending to three thousand still going to the state route was only six outstanding still years most of the six out standing still years and one seventy six between Jennings and Harvard got it all for a Great Conversion van stopped in the middle of the freeway year

Was originally driving radically all over and I’ll just stop here got a plate of Edward John Turner sixty seven three three Edward John times six three correction six seven three three because one judge isn’t like to say that is I think I

Think you one hundred fifty three and two for her info cell phone the course of of course for there to cause an arms are one quality to many boy and

Yes these are one question to me that

They’re going to what are officers I write that channel one knows or they get some of these laws and the joy of the wisest Jamie holds over

Her I don’t know why five hundred seventy

Seven can work with all this

But if you’re fifteen but a war

Finals are now almost rich by three five three one three five three covered everything right kids are running over what is he

We were not for you the answers were too nice and starting to sex is an art and they also running the gun

THANK YOU CAN WE six X. twenty Wendy gypsies if they think Wendy blackmail me Norman that driving in they’ll pull that out

To so in a shack on our collar the one in seven five two nine seventy five twenty

Nine hundred seventeen

Those are going for us you know if we take him to Lutheran I guess that’s where he’s normally agency

These are already gotten that list right nineteen seventeen thank fancies right

Off for the family


For kids seventy five point six Downey Thanks Nick

Fixes you radio kept me thinking one hundred eighty two sevens or stand us and I on the highway would you be able to break the record runs the rest of the Meadowbrook

And the meeting no harm the

One student


Reader not king down seven hundred forty four

Is going to be forty one twenty five nineteen point zero three

One forty three forty two hundred sixty

You know I’m OK radiographic

Nine hundred ninety


And of history if you have twenty one under North green jacket OK of any four hundred sixty

District of personal radio cafes then one thing I think that the search area

Seven through your monitored her sure for sure what has


For you when you’re at all is really I mean to set up hold on one second I think you would you freeze either it’s going to be still you or three four and I STILL Yes reason I still run a route twenty one

Is going in that her seventeen year old son is having So I guess as of these assaulting his brother

This is a Walter Howard century old male dating is for twenty two thousand he’s a black male with an afro wearing gray hoodie black pants you know up and he’s a possibly be high on on what he may have taken

Being very combative is their code one jet is seven sizes three seven seven five three seven and security is

Just around THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR ANYONE CARREON But dogs your way you Joe that you guys think you’re thinking funny I want to do water just thank you nineteen twenty one

Rollers I never got the answer and number already

I mean you’re a

Game in a thousand nine hundred fifty this fast to fifty four arrives fifty nine seventy one thousand plus one five zero one seven four nine six seven

Four nine six so he will know that of on line when you know them two three the radio if you don’t know priority for is with lots of her working on one of these three reports read of

Dream is as old bridges but anything

With a male Hebrew is

Having a G.’s we don’t call

For their courage and I’m sorry contrary for your three for four for words for

I stand by when we give them a gift they call their six year old approached him and he didn’t and he so he started talking to the child but he says that he took off running

To get a seven five four three seven five four three but we have no deception to

Justify we’re going for that I think that the job uses all the right after the Fed We have no description I got

Word of what

Twenty three

Says you got to listen and I think twenty four I didn’t

When you do

What radio

The other thing is you’ve as president later you just played

Twenty four RICE Well five who got in for receive her report we toured the area and he is dealing A.T.L. show us an RAF decision thank you twenty four you know that up for another group of

Version of what

Books are common I’ve used to go in front of all

Your Jews you chose a figure off to the park now but what if I don’t know what these are people doing right now

To do Iraq for awful

Funny difficult one in size that’s jewels from

Four to three


Thinking making twenty six and the seven seven one one you glad that the seven eleven you put in front of this address Sharon’s way of describing in Father self that are things seen in a Monroe blackmailing of lecture Graceland

Parlors waiting in a Chevy Cobalt to hold one his seventy five or more seventy five point four

For one into anything great or she’s already


Right I think we’re going to care for a special connection

Member with the hurt by the leaseholder for a perky Inquirer have a part have a part

Of her annoyance from one

Of her own to serve as a parody and yet once again I was rid of

The milieu writing

It might wear you locate it out on the

Threat of

Anything please

And eighteen twenty

Some of our laws are to watch out for if you’re there if you want out

Of and for your role I thought about it was really


You let me out with

Thinking fine that

You’ve ever had were it twice over here or overseas for both parties or vehicle pro or privately like of her

Saying we’re going to be any of us

And we’re going to have a metro

Speak both of us for camera

Seven five five four seven I for

Sure it is radio out and he remembers

They they would say there were three and a very well

Yeah I never for that is going to be on a very high for twenty three by forty three thank you

Thirty one

Year old boy Bill Cash reading I was usually free

To be a good mother off he board in a guitar the story three seven five four five seventy five forty five thousand six to eight and I can remember that for those that are that they want I personally know those guys

Thank you very just and other plans to Laos radio and they’re complaining about the out of music don’t carry

A warrant take care of all THANK YOU THANK YOU thirty two the tab that was five four five seventy five forty five connector what that force assignment was the suspect that you have to report was a

Very nice guy

Alan he wants to make a report C.N.N. suspect he was right

And you guys are done with I’m going to get this you know we’re all here in

The mail Joanne Worley two hours north of the door and a happy time as 1930’s it was going to be at four six one for use one for seven four six one for us one for Sat and John Fox days that he was assaulted by Dimitri a more he’s requesting

Them happened just as he said because you had son and four six seven five four six that were going for dinner with his injuries were not to look at the amount of the Simons he was it’s as though he was assaulted to the neck around OK And I think everything he was officer in his neck to do read I’m clean my sis looking to help you with me you know each one from one for every Sure him and warn you T.T. issue

I think I think every three going to be at least McCracken Liam a crack and David these Astroland that’s what if you can’t damage even a blue that struck other vehicles are White think in a blue Ford Focus he would advise a change from a somebody not up on us I don’t know if he did or not the code thirty

Seven seven seven five to seventy came in one thousand false

In that one or one for a Harvard coming out and that he mentioned which one he did use for reducing to four for in foul thank you nineteen thirty four are easy for for a coach and four and five

I got the nineteen thirty five is going to be a one three two just I think of a large one three two two sides a couple of and then of ours John Holland stays they have a customer who’s trying to walk out on their track record

Security is holding the female the coach to get seven five I think I have seven five five

And one

Of our and are from warrants are

Very high Thanks for an

Service the uncompleted

And I think thirty five are easy for one zero three one zero allotments here one zero three one zero allotments here this is person I just am too for their muscles or for Lydia cleanup to be responding here to check out one month old child and the mother he’ll be responding in a white means that often

I guess that there’s a question having an address and their district but the mom was that they’re supposed to have seven seven I think

It was intentional I don’t know

Where those over might want to flip over to Channel five needs more information from our lives into for clarification I was going to ask them but they got something going on with a traffic stop or something I’m looking for verifying that due to fair and you know the curly or the mother’s she had with her one year one month old baby taken away from her family members own as it were cooperated

With me it was

Just nineteen thirty seven one dread of her folks got it if you want to turn these on anyone for anything now he was mad

And I think that he’s not a very jittery going any different priority party for three

One four six And Miles one for six and Miles I got a male caller States there was three four wheeler that drove up on a sidewalk and they were aiming toward some kids that were playing to blue ones I get one they’re laughing going for it one three one they made us a cold one kept seven five six zero seven zero zero

And I think that any

Party join as

Well er’s of a poet as we saw about professor at Harvard I have to completely will

Be for that three whole you know we have to look into that vehicle and Richmond Heights has been here and they’ve towed it usually complete they sell their cars there’s just

One wall then one seven one one wall then

Bell just holler if that is rather than seeing a fault in his girlfriend his brother then as Mark Belcher blackmail this email as I am

Saying this e-mail stream and don’t write my ankle and screaming in pain going to be a coach you can’t seven I think if they’re zero seven zero

Zero zero and I went in there tonight and I’m sure to either coach you for you guys are going to be in sixes I’ll do it with

You five surely Judas

Three four one five one four zero George’s call and see if there was a black male with a black female pushing a lawn mower down the street they were going towards Cannes and he believes that there’s lawnmower a stolen I don’t have any further information this is a code to identify seven seven seven

Were before and I think forty two to a device was four wheelers or pleasures of cars have you know we have miles of good ridiculous

Act happening bars for three her mirror or for sex

Act having David traits that they were just a Miles career from his receiver to reports since you for him seem to have resolved with you that our callers and all the kids of ours over there and I got the M.C.G. happy to disregard did you copy the law

And I think part of what answer is that you know the numbers

Sometimes I thought and thought and I thought I’m there for sure

And I’m forty one and I don’t see do I have to for you to do it one one two three zero Greenwich one once you three zero Greenwich up there’s Liam take a fist on he’s a landlord he’s are saying information on his sentence are here fighting the male and female he has nothing further going to be opposed to

That and I think five and seven I six seven

Thank you for he’s here for your three not ready

Go ahead you need me I’ll recall purposes will be writing also her for three and will

Be sorry for you have a vehicle there be joy Joe However you know if I older ones always excel support of others

There is fire wall

And re in the far right wing just so there was that he was of use Excel denizen so I will rightly watch for a war chest

Over one of three when he

Who is a very funny one nine hundred thirty S. player and Randy who

Are caught in the right that model that is coming from outside rock as in one thousand where he very dated to eight you show me arriving and you call back on my funeral I mean if I was their place I think it funny to try to run people off the road with me right here

And knowing I can’t do anything

I have is a thanks in forty three part for the long answer thank you forty three and with ready nine hundred forty three if you search your fairytale for zero nine hundred forty three it was in there where I think forty three to five I think that’s going to be one seventy five and zero to ninety one

That he said I was here Nottingham as a group

We have an employee calling thing or vehicle is just damaged by

An unknown teenager and a goal vehicle all he has lost towards those he’ll he’s your bricks or one I’ll

Do Cat seven five six five seventy five sixty five

We toured we didn’t see anything below we were there Ivan was like they’re able to find it in a

Complete withdrawal

And go with

It Time is nineteen forty four it’s only seventy seventy in union and that’s came across as you car damage here it states that the males are threatening each other and they can’t leave until we get there now those are the vehicles and nothing further you know all that but you know much of the N.C. and I guess it’s occurred to you that I three three seven five three three

Thank you forty five

Hundred fifty years of Greenwich and I think forty five days is for you want to get older you would have never seen

Seventy two a one is already you know defying for forty twenty three radio when it will

Focus on walking on the

Service all three forwards

To repair a tall order

You’re in for better or stronger pressure and then all the tears run off for all anyone part if you’re a hero very happy thank you forty six I’m sorry you had a lot of land for one there securely ticket work we got here we have everything from report writing to

Seventy two twelve Radio seventy two a one asked me to ask you if you could have one man’s respond over your terrible face and assist with traffic control

Studies I did that surely you see you there are sixty thousand and honest and I succeeded and that isn’t anything else I think of them or

I am shown to affect us

You see France traffic was out of them that not showing up for

I think you

Got a rare today to do that and you have thought of are there also thanks nine hundred forty seven forty two three for one between the one method is that if we’re going to be off for George for George for us all right I’ll change it but it’s location here in the houses two three five five he’s


By now and well on the move this second out and already

Three for the car I thank you nine hundred forty he took the vacant nine five one one Reno nine five one one in Reno that their price crosses the doors open and honest and it wasn’t right in the code three

Seven five seven two thousand and seven

Right before thanks in forty eight that’s the radio for

Traction with that Irish writer

You ran in with Mark Karr rather gardeners and like that using that person’s original Yeah I gave it out Hold on I get a free angry white man wearing a blue shirt blue jeans you know weapons has some mental health issues like each being because one can’t is them Michael five seventy five zero five

Yankee forty I nineteen forty nine thirty six I think them from I don’t oppose for over one hundred fifty different voting for to ratify your god so I’m

Sorry but if you fix the radio

To them five one five diverse people report one forty two side of the Union if I just was right it is rather personal definition fifty

Going to fix too high

To for

This or for

A while if you stating that you found a proper

Noun as far as a medicine and think you know what it is at this point

If the property is not reported missing or stolen for for you when or say quartiles just through a property found on a copy like this it’s radio where you are going for whether or not mail made a report for Zone property or not

Just confirming that there is more time twenty one minute you’re correct

I mean show me complete euro and

If you find the Nottingham thank you did you

Have a where I got a call from our citizens purities been with someone is trying to grab a child hold one shows your idea but

Vote for Fort Dodge Ram G.’s

U.G.G. vision she will feel she bailed out that is what I sure hope you for herself Charlie if you for sitting on a cell it will surely raise and show if you want to thank you Carson

I just did it but there were two for which

I just mentioned if my priority

When a sex drive description of person trying to grab you know I have not and seen eighty one Why sixties and one night why and why sixty five on the dollar gays Wakefield but from a disconnected telephones we can’t back out of the ticket things some of us not enough as it is’ I’ll sell as cold wind they get a seven five eight zero seventy five eighty

Thank you guys one hundred fifty four I don’t do three good numbers really well but what are things and I think that is

More of a

Well there’s history of forty was easy

But there’s two of them

And get a phone number I’m going to have to look for houses security is number one on and the guy that they have in custody said it was for criminal trespassing and I had a call for some

Terminal Lou that they were flagged down and I needed us there as per our


But you just use

Such as your one zero

Surely if you could also get one thing right now

They were out of it all right thank you and I think that the five zero is a little astounding that they have also more could be great you know her calling us that he had to go someplace

Right on not about like your own focus where her heart they are

Clear where he was

The Wal-Mart this and I was are for until there’s a different officer I don’t have trying to look at a roll call that says radio trying to assess I’m sorry I was lamb I’m trying to figure everything out R.C.A. but how is your info or if you saw her left or right Robert ever remember

That if you saw the driver ninety veggies

And before you know thank you for the road you know important there is no clothing do very well

We can we can pray and you know he’s not funny for security or anything

Yet for this for a call was for you where you were to confirm whether that probably was going or not Honiara I just got on over here sent my

Sixty five

Negative eighty one thirty three

Five thirty seven

The fact

That if and I have been very pleased you know that are willing to block planes off or do you want them I don’t know exactly what’s going on I don’t know what evidence tells one and a seven five eight nine seven five eight nine

And I think I’ll take it that’s trying to get for their

Journey if you want to go over that way or just that’s just going to eight nineteen


As you’re going to

Do to the area then she said

And ninety seven from

His Own OK they did not go to I’m sure they want to have harmony

Harmony community feel for what it will

Vary from

A lot of the dollar


That we need to five out of a hole to go through Parma

Took on a female Iraq and the extra tell you when you get another call we’re getting another card out of your average and there’s five

Of it

Yeah if you want to

But she’s walking her for a female or conveyed to harm a little do you wish us to go there to park or sure the passenger


Won’t tell of their ship was

There you are said it’s as if she’s not going to halt

Have her follow up

What do you want your car right here and I can’t hear

Of It doesn’t either you want to help I’m not as dumb as they want to run Yes I am just call and see if she’s going to be treated and released and if the injuries weren’t

Bad then they can go ahead and just follow up the information

Think about it

Yes ma’am I have to have you whenever you know whenever I mean if you think you know

You know I mean if you’re going to come down here

To read us a five hour she’s going to be confined or have I already have her from Asia

OK Doug I just write them down all right twenty one thanks go have a very good you got you know I mean for friends and I was there at first I’m

Looking like three now but it was going to

Be when you want can you hold up and just want to think you know we’re here the through the rope older

We get out earlier I just drove either one of the first get out of all is done is a very oh well there’s no danger there’s not a little carpenter for well I did so they already called if you can even as well which was really fun both to have to do it one disregard them their joint after I did the my arrival

The original of for us at the desk was great before here at the we got to go to meet them up

Probably thinking you know welcome what was the

The displeasure of

The resort to zero was for you thought on your Iraq and aren’t you sort of armistice only that they aren’t sure what I don’t like that e-mail and then now she’s having ALS for him and

Will probably call her later on

A fan or a complete or

We do need to get

A twenty three basic David decision obviously people in those there can be the way they can extort us and us check for a time blackmail shooting dice the first three and seven four five one seventy four seventy one after that seven three one E. you know

Seventy three hundred fifty area and has no

Manners hauling a sense check for mail when a red sure ring had no pants on top of the yellow clothings in the three to seven story next Sunday forty second to last one six four zero eight one was sixty four only one was just for city hall in an area

Both had a minivan with a plate of as worth forty eight for four occupied by two males and a female chasing the neighborhood knocking on doors going as I place those called and I started Jones to thirty seven five seven one seventy five seventy one

Tony if I can I get a ten number in connection with the grandmother and order to walk up as you please

To go do the get a seven five nine six seventy five ninety six and then very last thirty one also I sprinkle on three one zero I sprinkle on as a group

The joeys I was misused but not a resident here harassing and called very good at seven three zero seventy three eighty

Thanks that’s why all

There is euphoria Dave is our third every day for just as motor vehicle report

Just very very record to or

From one report OK twenty OS X. thing if you want


I didn’t remarked are going to enter the choir from school to prison import taxes they are through owner

Good to have all their welfare well


Moderate probably is normal a good

Family here Ellicott a lot of heart

Because if they have any CA is it

Ok it’s up to the crown for the rest of her last

Name to do a complete year in a state is users and I

Got out of twenty one can seven six zero one times twenty one and I need to do this but I have another messenger on at the sound you want to give us I want to make you have a missing euro back in a moment you may know I understand thank you see as it’s more than we did till two seventeen twenty to twenty seventeen started Norman and then when we get there I’ll get all the numbers on this code tomorrow

Tony and I know something funny and I like just your hair

Is going to be three three one seven one four five thirty three one seventy one for

India billions of calling

Her daughter fifteen year old necktie

Ryan Robert Adam Sam Edward is missing black the male side of one lesson where I’m glad jogging has a black shirt and tie green blue dragon camp and a black church is not of that’s all the priority one seven six zero four seventy six zero four

Hundred four that’s when I’m having open I run his name anyone

But I’m sure you thought

That M.B.U. was you know where you Joe

Joints and I have an alarm monthly

Go to

Seven zero five plea by seven zero Eisley redoubts is auto over the security line for the office and the code three thousand and six one forty seven six one three

One eleven

It is going to come down and he’s going to assist you

Might is what we do the other radio

For Zero

Four in a blue Nissan just a victim now on the collars days he left the area and now he’s saying he’s by a silver traverse I ones I swear I don’t have anything forever could call or drive around or something because I was going on the scene a little

I think I don’t know I’m not there so I don’t know this is what is on the caustic or do you call back and try to

Get better and for why he isn’t really following us just like those you know the suspect personally sure it is users are involved

Right I can’t get anything we’re going and but it’s on him and leave I have a social for him five ninety six

Five four five three five for mail five eight one seventy lack of round you need the address of the forty five seventeen right now for this one

Comes up as a six hundred twenty five Auburn Avenue

To welcome her crowing for George being turned three nine zero zero to expect clean and eleven for door players nine twenty and seventeen twenty Vanessa Redgrave as she joined is valid thank you you’re welcome in thirty to one I thought I still had

Zero where Reema


Before they release a movie but you know also you want me know

Having they see where they were thinking they’d I’m

Going to have thirteen or older but

We were just there are five forces that had a subject going to be five seven five nine nine seven five nine nine

That’s why starting we

Have a twenty four to twenty fourteen Here’s a quarter of the first affirmative challenge is a one year my ass buns on with a gun and a grandmother lives over here and he didn’t want to have another Emma and just

Why is there seems to

Be juvenile shocked OK after the shit that’s when I think three three three times

From an ID card OK with a social two six nine four four nine nine three four

Seven six one seven seventy six seventeen prefixes being OK thanks

For which I NEED TO SAY YES I WILL YOU are confirming that there was I believe the writer Morio beauty

I thought doesn’t really get through you live on safari I call them earlier still waiting for them to get back to me on whether or not it was stolen

It’s funny when radio


First I haven’t read any of the measures yet for another report

But those are the

Places going to be that melamine is really completely here

And I would look for forty five

Return a four fold but I’m sure a porch I mentioned


By three to

The son of the second property

Join is on the same thing as likely to wake up from here we have one mail under and then find humans or vias you just glee in


Aren’t for

It women E.T.A. on the social order you know where

I stand by and see if that’s offenders female who do not have a right status right

Well I believe and that’s role was it is those of

Where that

All of the white circle black hell

You can’t

Just say to me I have these at about six but white diesel here

Well here kind of I was a hearing on the drive where that monkey mirror much of the outer under cover of them are warning of a fall

In the driveway right to the east that can call have you was your kind of Reagan

We are much stronger you are the corporal you

Were just well behind the pink health account how to look after my rear who are still one of three he will come across when he doesn’t keep an eye on a car came out and picked me up parked didn’t

Pass way Holzer one of us is for friends pretty accurate in the fall for and the

Party sees it if you want or want him there if you want to be having a lot of people off on him all the on the boards are in place he runs all the ones or north of the of council but uses Well the water got a real fight

Heart you know were German car no report warning at this time right now are en route to the area one hundred second thing clear present before with a victim

Recover some of her property it was missing from

RADIO AND THAT’S NOT FUNNY did you not see and I think you know mileage and what you said after that mileage it was six we were back to district

Twenty twenty one

Barmy twenty three real or naval God They can sure simply don’t want foreign carriers or her hair and all

Their number for showing up brought back a whore crew from Morgan hammer dollars or switch over if you close your hole or OK twenty twenty one you want to

Go if it’s going to be at one six a one for Lotus one six eight one for Lotus at the Harris one’s residence that easy hold up alarms and all motion the codes to get seven six zero zero seven six zero zero zero get just

AS YOU WANT TO twenty three I don’t see Jr can say this is that I got to close to ninety three and

Now I’m just happy we’re through our system give me five seconds repetition

Twenties range you ready to add I was just there for seven do you Joe I would give you all back and does your novel through

Twenty point three six radio several of

The Had are to just give it you for radio Holby or to say to each one of her twenty twenty three go have already just

Going to have if you receive it bars holding a report or mail under just luck to you thank you to Adam two for prudishness twenty twenty four

For we’re complete

Finally for the round

And it is on to Matthew thank you Kai Ryssdal All

Oh and it’s going to be time you know you ninety seven to twenty two year olds like me are two to thirty lakh over the ground

Before we go I know but I know you guys are resolved and I do appreciate your help

Yeah I’ll give you this one a little closer to the guys you did head over to

Three five one eight one three two three five one eight West thirty seconds and the apple is center Jennifer calling in think there’s two U.V.’s that are growing a lot from Ethel wood Jennifer all of them I guess they’re being very aggressive and they sell to her as well one of the Madison Bryant white female sixteen years old

And then wearing a red T. shirt and yes of all shorts

Is a actually Hoover

Female as well seventeen years old

For sin wearing a purple Heidi a great job

They were just last seen northbound on West thirty second

As she’s walking back to the epicenter

Is it three two in Daisy’s a call to get isn’t six one one seventy six eleven and even that are

Personally three seven zero swimming thirty seven fifty funding called in by our park security about forty thousand of these are right on our property the seven sixty five seventy six twenty five

Seventy six twenty

Four dollars or travel or for one or two

Seven five nine nine seventy five ninety nine and I’m else twenty twenty


Not the Susan I went to that force during my career forever

GEORGE GEORGE ROBERTS for George shorter Robert

But I was reported on a car that I call a house a few A.T.V. the surf will pass for funny funny radio and ninety six twenty four for one I mean

Preserving life is one

They’re going for no or for want to because you’re simply more open

I think

To six and to three Yes and I was thirty forty three well and I think four it’s a Western and we’re getting a call from a neighbor William states that there was a shooting last night of people in this house or involved didn’t know exactly which one of them which one of how many of the males were involved but he states that they were there all sitting and of course now of him marijuana we did have a college thirty four sixty four west right now and last night yeah like about eight Columbina

Did a report for actually shooting into a habitation that he has asked

Obviously I don’t want to send just one car so you guys could head over there place and

Even Check this guy that has to have a seven five seven seven seven seven seven

We got it thank God it’s funny it’s funny that

Joinery Oh right he you and his three three OK see you broke off find the ending three three eight

Three three a diving as he finds very very few WANT TO RADIO Yeah I’m not either over here though I do know what if I mean maybe now you can also thank you say twenty thirty do need to be kid I and I was your only hold on I got everything except warm is just me as you say just primary and Adams he’s also a suspect Well thank you thank you twenty thirty one send me your idea was Ginny locations her one four two zero three gram of them

Stairs Elysia I think holding the center child fathers and teens threatening to shoot her suspect is a black male named Mark livers

Get updated Reza one twenty nine of ninety three a mystery and look I’m up here no weapons currently even to the phone and started yelling saying that he’s going to read that you aren’t for towards New York for a black jacket with white stripes green canopy and

Male bald head that I need and they’ll not call usually as I know the armed and dangerous no one kid is seven six two eight three six twenty eight parties OK we’re not equipped for we don’t need a four year savvy to do

Yesterday I have a couple real to me thirty one point three four seven one seventy

Toward the zebra jar on the one nine eight three seven six

I says You’re another know

You’ve got a real


Else I have to free you whenever you’re ready

Thank you so your first one visually came down at us sixteen zero nine for three to nine six was six one three two one six six one even asked is this to us for a sixty year old female that I have full that I was an unseen she was an invasion measure we don’t have her name or information you can just see she’s at that at the house

Can’t is seven three zero two thirty three zero to answer your list she didn’t go to one for forgery fourteen forty three was

That call for a party then in the thank you this location all day parking gets really seven three nine one thirty three ninety one

The first rolled

Just scripture

And all negative he investors not get anything right that

You’re welcome sorry about that twenty three for Sinitta radio Samiti your work I’m great on spring I

Think he wants to be twenty thirty four

He will go through all we can do

And twenty thirty four he’s in a hole that getting us

Several shots fired it was a lot of it all right why don’t all of an alliance whilst again he has a one ten twenty three and Lorraine the black male stand in N.H.L. that at least six shots fired one seven six three sec as I said a six three seven six three five in a poll that was ninety S. Apia sure you want to radio if you get your cards go on their head over there are going to worry

You were and they really aren’t working for fuel he sold the numbers I guess he was getting blackmailed headed north on warm and answered force are due for coverage of the source or

Have it at twenty thirty five to six who are near him there yes forty three C’s forty three and twenty thirty six other daughters of the unseen Jews that your wording said that these these might have on the roof or climb out of windows when we get there to go to get is five any That is five ninety eight and for us it’s a phone that ours was full Menards was we get a four wheeler disturbing that one black male three jettison five one zero thirty five ten that’s it for now Rob you for to thank you sir twenty thirty seven it’s all the

Over here to stop the rockets from

Mr Bright as time is twenty seventeen and can’t is seven six one six seventy six sixteen I think you know things are twenty seven so I need you thirteen that really your this will be the top of the short


For the list of also the start of the year the firm in a very distinctive far


They have all and that the vigil is going to be a union Henry

Or one of their or very again union home during that war one there are three who is this for the individual thing as much a part

Of you know in fact how many different

Show that will mark five days for me during in February seventh for one one there are various thing they do for three hundred lines are written I only or is not an operator’s license

Driver License

Issue or a motorcycle endorsement they get of our class the

Thank you C M two for Radio two version I when I got a call when I got a get out really or anybody to brake I have a cold one on Highway ninety west west you find that US you five for in Taxi Driver going forty in a high speed lane was easy over G.M.C. I’m voice I’ve had my one like now it’s called One ride has a twenty thirty nine gauge him but middle of units were area of the day we should be right there we don’t have the two lanes and stuff like that so we can get over pretty easy there just come right up there in your source real quick where you are

Back when I’m actually right at the ramp right by the protests free in bridge now you want to stand behind me and you know just the back a little bit in there now I’ll let you know what we want to photographic Don’t you see me with a like that I’m a writer appearing now

Or before now in line with this Planet nine U.S. bless us when you

Pass one taxi driver and a silver John Seattle lawyer George I don’t foresee that but if you find a vehicle Well Sunday another car a code one seven six three seven seven seven thirteen you want to thank for a

Second District report on twenty forty one twenty forty one there with you for ages of

Twenty forty one people who are hiring and I checked there are so many in this area you don’t think it’s right for you probably of the far

Seven years off

For what you want there I mean if you twenty four you want them to do real

Well then the flight margin the male version or

Do I believe we saw them will we turn from the Mitchell Well this trip of this other guy there on the corner at one time or another probably long gone now but actually no shirt

On offense to be walking running around there at one of three and I stand right now

Want to do are you an area where if you go back to what

Gold ethnicity believe the driver’s end of Iesous Frank Jackson Jr

Taking off an area high hurry to see if we are on foot though he ran the stop sign it’s already a

Heading north down and he’s forty of

Them is

What I’m sorry about in an area where well I turned on I didn’t realize it was talking to so many people want to be thirteen What if you haven’t twenty thousand and

Twenty forty three birdies I was just you occurs in a restaurant pour it over Hello Island and it was verbal or cycling or some of it is you know motorcycle endorsement writing thank you it’s funny forty forty was a social

Reformer twenty forty four one three one in Breckenridge going to be on ARS as artists are here and animate for five male safety

Black males one is wearing a black sure he is juries in about five C. and we have one it Tavi that I seen any Granger in a white

One integrated any one in a gray jacket and the last in of the can and in of the seizure the full three candidates seven six to seven seventy six twenty seven to pick up

Thank you twenty four

And I ask five three three twenty forty five by six to eight Adams right off brown rice wanted someone to cover

You some of the stuff in your answers then after that funny forty

Minutes there right now is the flow of it’s going to flow as well as you know if you like but it doesn’t mean what

You know if you want radio on I think it’s funny for you since I don’t think your radio and insist to from the a click

Format was stuff that are available you are just complete and we’re still holding seven three four six and seven three three five hundred correct funny to do was just tell us

Where was your joy for twenty forty seven

Say they’re thinking

You request that you want to use them for every four or five you have this role for four

Seven five to sue but actually resurrections ever talk about yes yes there are going to be a question about your board but maybe oh OK Kathy twenty forty seven and I miss that kids are not several times and I got it so soon that’s all now and then yes

Here in the south and east for you some vines I think you can

Resign one of those who

Do very very with are already signed up from us with care thank you well if I thought his poker pro at you know what our house here

That it to their own ideas or reason

They’re going to thank you your number is seven five six two seven five six I will interrupt calling in faces extra friends has a shot of his truck last week she’s not following him so actually email her shell Williams twenty four years old socialist to wait for ninety six twenty four to Sally isn’t a silver miss and B. she go a lot older model start at one three new place another seven want to Carnegie he’s going to the dishes choose was us or for the twenty suppose you can seven six four eight seven six forty eight still fall

Trying that on the cosmic or OK Well hero twenty sister and radio to Adams you do a good no response on your contacts just ring OK Governor you know what is an area of fifty five I’m happy to twenty fifty didn’t know if we want to marry a woman for want of reference and insists we can’t be twenty six other female with a losing are going three seven that’s one eight seven six twenty twenty fifty it was ninety six for

Exam radio for info

Ninety five ninety four seven and radio Marty They’ve all the records there is a complete answer is react happy and I was sent to see one tried to pass the arriving

Trellises I just wanted to see what you’ve already over the oh we just moved up before very remarkable for me to never hear her

Left ear I don’t think you realize things are force here

I have to go to for Radio this is what I wanted hanging out was just an area right

For me to visit estimated location there was no response on the call back

OK for you Theo

Twenty fifty two to four and of to four

And it is a King is there on the call back it was a voice or two for four nights for nine eleven forty nine forty nine will and another Martin is calling in thirteen year old daughter scampering with an ankle monitor her feel if I sort of police she doesn’t want to see me say please she was the one daughter’s in Ariel Hill S.T.’s does have an opening with or two hundred sixty nine seventy six twenty and

Twenty three degrees over her you know if you know anything twenty fifty three Nitish one or

The have

We turn your head relative ease general joy twenty fifty four

Twenty fifty four twenty four twenty seven and again I took another one for me at Reserve where

I go

Thank you kind of being one one seven zero one essential seventeen zero one easy twelve at Subway if a cough I’m in a for twenty seven year old female I was pregnant had it’s like I suppose but if you know pressure with the weight piece I know

Lukian that it or was it around three seven six one four seventy six forty


Twenty fifty five


Twenty six I twenty thirty four sir or it is known as there were earlier you were there first twenty thirty so

Far were completed on your reserves will merely

Resistance turned to Waters is that over here or are going to be all about were

You want to second to see how many different kind of

OK thank you say going to be a one eighty nine o two Frank Loesser

Nine zero two Frank Laughs We have lend Indo calling I don’t know David ocean and words they said her son and your hero

Is that insane about thirty two years all she has banned him from the house to go this drug is he is high on something white male wearing a white shirt tanned short trying to break down a front door it’s kind of one cat a seven six four six seven six four six dart were good short I guess a good twenty thirty sec I tell you one and these and one ten twenty three a lot and one ten Funny three Lorraine got a seven six three five seven six a

Game down to twenty thirty four just that

Twenty thirty six have won yes but seven six three seven six three five

OK in a row for sure about

At twenty thirty seven surely three four reports

And twenty thirty seven

Thank you it’s twenty fifty seven

The number

Rock Tyrion Washington social two seven zero one zero zero two three seven


And having

Them or for some of the combustibles white rebels from twenty forty two all right we’re going to be clearing more fuel

For the fight was a horrible

Thank you want to see an eye and I’m to seven for a cold one but

I always ask him if you

Really have all

Your money to send him three zero to thirty anything blown up or you don’t feel your body

Happy sister is becoming violent and

So want some assistance to them three one three one four four west side of oh sorry

For four well five four or

Five zero

Zero zero one hundred oh yeah i know thank you twenty one I just be checking for greyish brown is full of it those going to be a KO for Janet Santa by I seventy six

Thank you twenty one alas three three seventy six thirty three thank you multiple sites when our connection with the war will be moving or shortly rather you think

You know consider that I went to one apartment and sat on Frank seven Agnes’s Collins states that are sisters on thing refusing only we have these leases seven seems is being loud and annoying because the jury has seven six six four seven secs

Six four

Twenty one as you can on the southwest

Plane three Robert Queen eight three one three one zero four a Jeffrey a lot are

Wanting to fix radio

For what they’ve seen were not from of the war there’s no response which will withhold the area of the e-mail we’re going to be used Geo I have it at twenty one of three and so there were two that’s O. in three four three having them to another you are inside of his home his office writing this you know weapons are seen on one and seven six six six seven six six OK do the same or you know them oh are you on the phone I don’t know

OK you for the code one and you think I could do I think just the first trick smart place goes a while you want to rest right now you say the suspect is out there a neighbor is that yes I guess yeah you know

And who was you going to first Miss Judy you know that out there they were that you with her and she’s the color

And you’re going off either more now I don’t know that I’m sorry

Cool gadget they both a lot of for

He wore around for drawn What if you spear

Could be


Too great you have one

So it was that I was that I thought that having having said that if we think that I want to take a first major portion earlier try when I was asked

If your boys general wants


Because OK from the five forty report from vacation as you are probably complete THANK YOU THANK YOU and twenty one of five David who were going to turn area G O U two for seven six three

Twenty one zero five three that you do each other I mean where do you go where you want to

Hear from and I have that

You guys see I see trains


Three four seven one three three four seven and less than zero

Point about Les Paul going so I’m Alvin about last one fall of zero five white male green shirt race was just very lazy from various like today and medication to thinking every Sat and Sun down lots in the bath and self locked in the bathroom it now being a balance for the anybody but he’s that kind of this right about them head just out of all of my and is a good to have them five nine zero seven five nine zero zero

Twenty want to have a future

That’s why I want to go for something when I hear one deal just as on about our last

Day residential panic for the answers and there RESIDENT two she is seven six seven why seventy six seventy one we’re going to

Thank Yous when you want to lie the are now gone or are you oh he’ll stand rain with her ankle monitor her A.T.C. they will lie for us to pick up the human now and she of course they’re her down to do anything they see of I think they work take these females again J.T. was I think the real thing about

I think the contact them and they with I think

Ross has a primary of a now and they’re probably heading over to Metro Hospital you are notified

That he emerged calling on

Them to three you’re surely you were to five or to seven car is also a Spanish speaking officer that if you keep showing up trying to

Get me I’m sorry I’m just going to give up with everything I mentioned you know I actually have here however if you want you can go and send him or have to seven hundred patients last I heard he was at six five and then as far as if you did I’m a need another

You have Ewing and moment of it

Is not going to work or you still need another car you just need

Your know they will do one we’re going to head over and over to six seven and that is the position I have in the US and take over for me the chair with you five and let him go and all the Spanish speaking us

Thank you if you came in real well who is that you want to write they give it one event every two on a radio or me having a kind of a problem that we have you know out there isn’t there we were at the end of it and rejects that I ga have a

Very for whatever kind of or if you know we care if I receive there’s going to be no report want to for us however you have Jewish baby we’re going to make to miss him you and our reports we need to go back to visit a very gentle very very happy that and I give you second can’t earlier correct if we don’t make these every four have it is going to make sure it’s running out of us being alive in the mail Michael me cause I think in the lobby of a year it will kill file with our arrival disorder because it’s in their effect OK

We want to go out for our lunch all by three


And she said that’s what I wanna Thank you Juan for so I’m

Going to one says you can go on parent S. one time and you know I don’t care that she’s facing now I say just she’s living with her mom was her young daughter and I mean if you think you know what the child’s about I can already see this now that her house I don’t know how to say says I’ve had all back I’m getting that response you know as I asked him so to me that is seven I think four so I think four said OK thank you or twenty one twelve

Through the winter and when I was well after you

Can add a second for you

You know what you want

And you want thank you secret Santa ninety eight fourteen North to live our nanny whether or not we’ll have our things or securities out of a panic alarm and Hammett resident is the call to get it seven six seven six seventy six seventy

Thank you when I went there to see him three three to any second shift person I would like to say over Call me at fifty five a lot and we’re looking for six people

From I think they go

From a different expectation on what happened there I don’t think they really know or nobody knows the person in the car and the person in the car as long


There was a radio or worse especially recently that are

Three one four four that the A three one four four was that the the connection as a domestic that I don’t use

Seven is on code one to seven six six two seventy six sixty due to show me your route reduce our transiting through

A second number for you that would normally if you like that were reported thirty five eighty three

I know

Of his work number twenty five eighty one are midway units Jay has been


They way off and I am a call for both of you in call

Their human out are on the lease there they are added to the car ready I am now Keith I’m going about that workers for doing the work on the spot making too much and I think that is siding city ordinances on the last

Three So don’t sext I want that on sixty five why I know closing armed with a crowbar do brackets it’s rare sixteen when one of the all five Parkhurst OK doesn’t go I want to infer it just wants us joy check out the workers or

He does not want to transfer he’s a shooting any contact information but an actual hocking down to twenty forty seven five last they started citing city ordinance us OK we

Thank you twenty one seventeen because for you what a five zero zero you just completed on Venice then in row too much oh we got any begad for benefit and then all of the Linnean you one for

Thank happy that you have for generous It is seven five six to seventy five sixty two your new kid is seven sixty eight three hundred sixty three Robert thank you

But he’s already great several

One where you know I have to fight be OK just jacket

Or War comports I mean every quarter for fun or anything reduce the chance to three their jobs or is or I have a right use of a crossing lines at this time these guys and having to go to solicit reason for first was to use for a burglar alarm and was excited that Ohio now L.L.C. they want to break property crime over and West thirty second how I came home and found one of those busted out

Of your grocery quicker within the next ten minutes first of that we’re sure your arms fire and

Think he’s are already seven rotten Where are you going

But they

Have even joined thank you twenty one thousand there if you want one

Termers her answer for signature if you where is one for doing good in the thread a while then went back down to North Hill memory we thought in your forties if the one Northfield with his now roses in the mail it would shrink with that foreign and we make a lot

Of places to think it seems maybe six or seven weeks ago and it was only there but in a way that is mostly how we look for forty five return for fall by the shock when it turned overnight just twenty one twenty year old

You just conclude going to be a no cause so the two with the father and so they both take a mother

Or him from a jury or early bird the drugs are

Running to sick from figures that we differ with the O. on or it was accidental You just simply input us in or out to Euclid for with ST you or I sixty Jill running to six second is going to be

Seventy two for a seventy to forty

Thank you you know going back to the district through the five eight offices are you both enjoy trying to once only to thank you for your help and I just figured out natural time and money do

You know I want to live I’m actually

Having this kind of I want to do read it and I’m thirty one and I have to go to Sri of thousands already and I’m thirty seven going to it’s just a second feels what I’m

Having going to do go from one of three or four years in crazy if everything went over to a ninety five from the way park for a party to that report party to about report before I really thought or forcing town for things was the officer on full and I think he thought it was the right reason to have I think he’d probably have been damaged by the thing about that

Crappy show me about well it doesn’t all you know we don’t all streets he

Could be open Roger therefore see that since you know if you know what I think if I further info her write her quickly out of her forty five with a fish you’re going twenty one twenty three Haven’t I think she just

Said he wanted he very sense to

Play are


The poor think you and they’re you want we think we’re going to are ready now from think you better carry through on the radio and just complete

Her daughters out of our center a


For not much just question from natural beauty you also talk to her and you should probably just going to hang out for for for mentioning sure that we’re good match

Show us advising us mistreating officer all French and if they arrive and they have an issue they will give us a call Jeff you know what I thought of us do what I want to I say that C.V.T. already said that you can I’ll prove that he wanted as a week over when he had ended up for you I do have a

Go I have been location

Hermia party to Russian party three to port very thorough support for the ninety M. Pro I.V. and with I drive universal zero five thirteen zero five kill whitey hot in a space that Athena is making to afford her on her voicemail but has a twenty one thirty five and you can’t land line for additional information to trust her

It’s as if we’re

Actually in trouble and that’s the negative there is how we call after hours we have been Leave a voicemail bill that has their earliest

They can actually disregard

Because three who have

One truck one nine one zero five Cherokee eight with George X. ray

Six eight six five were quite full B L Yeah but it was only seven

To six with a call her remarks you know they were

Going we’re almost done here we’re waiting for they want to finish more no one

They’re not going to be a lot of accidents were far more of this you know live here more than on the leave Iraq to stand for her but we’re flagged down by a man I’ll tell you need to report are going to go there after this and probably hopefully within five minutes

But by simply

Very very hard for you that you’re going to go out of work out there you need to report someone stole a budget is speakers amplifiers something like this I thought it might be damaged or busy

Who owns the store the rest of dispatch go

You get seven six seven zero thirty six seventy

Two As one nine zero nine seven four one thousand zero nine one seven four Kristen girl then state says there’s a nail here harassing her it’s your neighbor there was Hillary’s a white male where this unknown college

Was in one thousand nine hundred two unknown for weapons to have good will is use him coming over her as if letting us

Get to seventy six

Seventy six eighty five and I have to close recently a list seven for one one else and seven for one one else and OUTFRONT calls for six to seven black males openly dealing drugs unknown clothing description for any of them all that goes very terrorism five six six thirty five sixty six and lastly four seven three one then what forty seven thirty one Fenwick Avenue right next to this location there’s nails in a dumpster they’re going to going through the times are breaking glass ones a white male wearing a hat that will hoodie and a white female as well wearing a pink shirt and sweatpants Damon a blue older Chevy zero three get is seven six six rise early sixty’s I

Threw in a river for think these are high as eighty

Six seven kids going to be seven six eight eight seventy six

One five

You have that twenty one thirty Charlie radio we’re going to be clear

Twenty one thirty happy


Well you know

They did a study two or anyone else able to break code one or add into one for a call one domestic was five for and one American and thirty how many are ready to go I have four years roughly thirty seven when you’re ready to go have a priority one radio ready to do for send us


Twenty thirty seven West forty fourth

To go as high as just want to get your statuses see the great record one domestic on was like four and one American are enforcing the law is a study to Bill and order and certain take my forum voters

Think she’d it twenty one thirty three do you get over thirty one twenty three West five four three one two three watched price for gasoline

All then things that her brother is threatening her with that they are crashing here the Fed is turning up the house that he will rather is a fifty year old male named Miguel Xeni him as has been refused journalism

No clothing description but one kid is seven six nine six seventy six ninety six

Busy with this teen was well fucked or immoral for Fort

Hood or the results email question so I can never going to means I don’t think when I’m five and six and I’m almost

Trying to commit suicide is that it is wrapped in a corner around the neck the masses off of and if I decide to be a CO Why can’t a seventy six three seventy six ninety three

And twenty one thirty seven thank you

To radio from now on while the house record

You have Joseph please we have the numbers for us to dribble

And if you do radio have to say thank you the twenty one thirty five join or any

Evidence or or or or here that’s when I wonder if I’m ever going to hear you to

Thank you thank you for that and your very going to go freelance you are

All right you’ve also joined thank you very much just twenty one thirty six

Security did you how do we love your forty five followed by a report that always foreigner

You did that to that it’s

OK if you are going to have to use age I believe it seven three eight four six again we were writing and seven for one night but having out a problem and thank you for yours isn’t tonight twenty one to

Two separate I did have an update from where we conferred with a harsh

Thanks no one ever showed up for how the for forty five dollars three or more simply sign on thirty seven to seventy six ninety two horses and I mean you know June fifth yes create your

Date and you will the radio would give it back in one thousand only hours if you know it was not the residence we were at the road for she was

Short of three one word to wait not a jot or vehicle of start I can’t

Do what you want to party for furniture for

A whole series arrived to recovery time starting a fancy for radio for info chances for

A male going to forgive or sitting I’m going to treat or at least

For nonsense like very

Remake the hall and

So bright you for having

This reform

Which you know as we speak if you advice unless one’s going to be one for once I was one to fourteen fifteen one hundred twelve for drug activity for black males going around in front of the building all wearing dark clothing go three years seven six million for seventy six ninety four

Twenty one thirty nine

Charlie’s euphoria front in a silver Jeep they said is a vacant property supposed to get is seven six eight two thirty six eighty two


One think user every hit it right in forty to one yes vehicles immediately go just complete for forty five problems reports Time is trying one forty seen by one moment reducing to three judges three hour yes or anti ones or crossing lines at this time and holding one major priority is a post to this is the interest the mail took a bunch of pills trying to attempt suicide so over and six foreign Herman’s you tell me don’t have any cars if they did thank you for their first gun yes forty six forty five West one

Four six four five West one five

See James Harrison for for having a heart felt free to have someone take you said

Something to say that was I wanted you on the I don’t I punish you

Yeah you are held in jail on advice however you do know

The facts not

Thank you said twenty one forty what series did ask seven six nine one seven six and one same thirty three was advice given for

There was a

Twenty one forty two THANK YOU HAVE YOU that year where it is one of you want to go to Tahoe give the other on seven zero one hundred sixty seven a one hundred estimated and an open line for this crisis to hit seven six nine zero seventy six maybe how you

Handle a union Barney party and I’m Robert Davis

Twenty one forty three think you

Are and you’re the reason older of origins and of occurred but actually I’m going to have a first and last name of your cause a believer to her and not wait for his age or having your eyes when they can buy when he added for him with a

Charmaine more Charmaine or you may ask all those over for a twenty year old female she took a large amount of pills in a suicide attempt her boyfriend was a collar they’re still in line with the American animal to get anything further that occurred due to seven seven zero three seventy seven zero three and a twenty’s in route

Thank you going to forty four points you know a five for twenty or forty four if you want to have an answer one thank you if you can respond to sixty three zero five and six three zero five and then we take in a vacant residence here in this state is a few people behind if they can’t use injure you can’t say I’m a seeking hero she isn’t sure how many people live there no description is one of these three Guinness seven seven zero zero seven seven zero zero zero They were simply throwing this rethink that

That is a firm ground thank you letter to the cardinal is

One of the radio you can show me an animal friend her own party

You know says church being

A vacuum of a valid tract of Lance’s thirty year old male steed of a sixteen so should she seven zero one three nine eight nine two no

I am not and that all across the lines a person should find on voice X.’s

Forty five in one of the one of the theories or

If they do I usually go for it as you have evidence for seventy four ninety right the far fetched check OK

Well for me just step in or unlock so I we did Journey frankly headed west on four Saturday afternoon forty seven there was a minority day do seven still very well structured to

Get a seven five six to seventy five sixty


Seventy two twelve three one four hundred forty seven there were Jews are

All sources or are a sister

To her

For her report card and you’re going to then opening very See you where you got


Very very enjoyed front of City to her of Lissa has those two nine five nine zero one zero one four if you look at her will give you the numbers

Because the three had seven six three four that and six three four and Regulus six seven one eight Warley six seven one eight were really

Six six and Warley for male fans or by the Syrian air

Yeah there’s a black male on a motorcycle and there’s also a black rifle in the driveway at six hundred twenty or early they’re racing up and down the street I mean three

Seven six seven five seven six seven five and you know actually I just got a priority one and going to be at three to seven one if one of three thirty two seven one if one of the three downstairs friend says Jones is calling things that are placed on assaulted her and he’s threatening her they have us here together his name is Ramon mask she keeps hanging out the cold one

Seven seven zero seven seven seven zero seven after was good for three and twenty one forty nine forty three seven I got it at twenty one forty nine it arrived and two able to write her a thirty seven you can read my right

I did it twenty one forty nine to wake up and say if you we have one album with the completed

So complete I will have her or if I think of her journal or hear that it’s twenty one fifty on or so the tool two point

Zero you guys going back to the third or is it you guys just go through

The G.C.

If you

Figure for

One we dropped ours off and we’re out of there now we should be a couple minutes OK for the you know AI you was going to the hospital to see the guy right we don’t need meds there anymore do we

Figure for

No will just go over your fault on the jurors are a little bit of this your detective

Horrible for did I when you guys get here but in the mean time or want more not go all restroom and put a prisoner detail on him we’re just going

Made almost all start right are going to war he is possibly argue you are believing

They’re going to start homes I don’t think we have to

Have a thing to think the packet of only right although

If you prefer you can over the very

Good not all bow America out of her silence it is their radius in thirty three robust sales

Figure calling that into five radio that

Appeared a male Geo You will hear more of her next on when we’re going on


The singer’s era right there as we over

Five three one twenty well over Brown thank you they’re up to five rate answers back

To hire you

Wrote check level voice and just I.V. me to market every both directions a check OK no voters for any due to I know I am going over their line tiebreak for cause one shots fired west three two and Wade did I get around to Stevie It is a radio never any do six years there is the rate for a code one shot fired three to await

The area forty three there are two hours late on a patrol

Varitek OK no reporting or no if they were going to pick the winner so

I don’t know what that go on think he says when he was eighty seven going to it was three two and Wade was three two when weighed that offer five to six shots heard that a very close didn’t see anything only one call for a now hold one can seven seven two three seventy seven twenty three President Wilson missing proper

For for if you know

Me You only ever mention

The way to all caps where you go into one he says that it is that your reflection up in the back of this or that or that’s one is that the seven shows you five how about you tried kind of are we going to say that this theory that the thinking man’s funny was a

Fancy for has just for I have five and it’s every question of forty B. If I have a call want to see and

Measure approaches

Zero one it’s for domestic to us and I research on the three sides for a deal I and I have another call for

Victory for very important George the reactionary baby for three years or directory for three just spec going to leave reading over for Toyota Ford or spires eight sixteen of seventeen doing Dora smart if she’s driving she’s Allen says for that a seven five six four seven five six for first Jr fifteen


A farce or All right well now our white truck one of the radio on her

Arm and always complaining and his heart report and a criminal damaging report so he’s holder aforetime and then you know two other individuals that Iran is

Usually complete you know this will intervene on issues generating twenty three Jack

Buck for some half assed fight I think it’s going to be connection once it’s a mistake

If you go

Thank you and it’s going to be again once again to be seven seven two four and twenty two hundred ninety already oh we’re going to head over there

Connecting Radio five to six and it’s going to be twenty two all there for

Thank you for that you could probably be OK

Oh yes you are

Probably one of the family votes out there and I think

You know they will be and thank you I do think they’re probably going to be both connected program and says Are you going to be good for the forty five where you go on one I five in Bellevue think sell a car should help I get you one I thought I was out of these times on the twenty two a while did he do a seven or six

And are going to medal recycle eagled enjoying that motion go to practice as a twenty two just there is always

Funny radio just to Charlie three so that’s why he drawled you with sixty for your list he’s an ER forty first thanks clear he won for want to say Lear for super and DA It was called the invite of pacifies for truck and that’s the last vehicle the of I sustained me in it a scene thirty four it was used

By Charlie history at twenty one for now I just call it was not involved in a way it’s checking this going to be just to check in the area again that the polls very generous seventy four seventy seven seventy four seventy seven and lesser Yelena one seven five three zero and then for oh by seventy five thirty now for oh

I miss my years college days if there were some type of bus parked in an aisle parked in

That are seeing as you said it is a jewel is the call for Janice seventy five one six seventy five sixty five four nine zero by five minutes while thirty one today that’s a four has seven zero six seven

Seven hundred sixty seven previous answers for

That child through six we kept the faith a code to know things as in the evening when it’s all for the Cold War but it intending for nine hours I want you to care of

Even though the code to the person is a go for yes I said it so too I apologize All right you need to one man to go there I think one of us can and I thought about Jill I don’t know I tried to get its on earlier and I said because it was a group home had to be to me and the other comparable is that when you it’s really three six Oh well I have there and if you need new systems will call through one thank you three six that even if you tell me I’m not sure the six horrors they don’t already know

Going to think

Possible suicide

For all John for me for a change and or Charles Young pray for a three point zero five C. If you do this if you do three hundred mark it’s so awful you cleared who’s going to be your

Due to Iowa not a

Fact you know now

What if your first words were seven six seven nine seventy six seventy nine

Thirty three

Thirty three got the other guys on hold and fork zero to

Fifteen go three and one equals fours all right you have Gershwin are surely social

That they are a six two five zero one six three four zero three zero

Having more verse and

Having a guy that you sent all of us out of the national polls out

Before he’s ready out

Of it we’re going to or so he said seventy seven

No he said

I give one of the first two once I got me thank you you’re welcome Sonny to a weight of the living room and I was like it was a listing it is a song

With the phrase zero six Chevy two are white players and funny things to a chore for a horn sixty six year old male his balance and a half he’s won seven so I don’t know what was Sam Sam rapper Adam yesterday Henry ocean Robert Reich

Just the address for eight to seven yes one seven secs I just play one more for once you

Got me thinking you’re welcome Sonny Joe nine so if they want to be further north we confer with very very very big but I mean what if everybody

Ripley thank you Sunny today ready I want to

Go and see that apartment Real Story three year old very She Will Be Our that way and

There it is are you ready are you anything course yes David if we have a close to doing it right really the same just for David is the reason we don’t know one two three zero zero sick of all of our one two three zero zero sick of all of our departments use your own I am a medic thirty six advancing with sixty year old males the only natural because you

Thought and thought and won five times the interview for a job that’s funny to eleven in just

Twenty eight series or

Happened in the desert

But if you away we sure we actually confer with the rest

There’s the fear in your knees of our martyrs and

I will look for a boy


Something you can

Do a

Complete What time was running a rival time

And they also can break out of that maybe twenty six over and over words of the way I think Happy think it’s high as you taking General tab seven seven for one

And I got a gin and one man you know I

Say that if

You’re good oh I don’t know right now

Well for me you know Joy you joy just

OK thank you’s one hour’s

Time to sort and it’s just three one eight two was five four three one eight four that are boyfriends assaulting the daughter you know caller they didn’t give me any other information to go to seven seven three two seven seven three two I have known and no description no nothing

Twenty two fourteen radio tissue and I’m thirty seven I got one for you in writing for the coroner except for

I have two of them one of the domestic now did I stick the male caller states that her ex-boyfriend who now lives with her and is with him is out writing but then he called and said he’s upset because you don’t want to go to work you want to want to date so they made it the most that could one and then I had them from my you know threatening his family the stiffening male

Thirty seven already you know if it’s OK with him thirty three or over the social for nine we would lower the cold ones and both of them are in Saddam’s own the first one is one to eight miles the other one is one for seven and Harvard and two men one for the new year most of the sentiments I gave you were in a computer and he was

OK having somebody very five a cigarette airshows or are they twenty to sixty aren’t everybody very that when you get very close they’re ready to roll

To a person or a who their emotion these are parents and


Who are not violent no description there is still currently inside the you will rock as places that missile that was D.O.A. fifty two twenty five Sapir fifty four fifty four year old female thirty one I think it can be just two sides of the area to see just twenty five carrier hit seven zero nine if fire medic one on scene just before yells in L.C. away to two kids seven seven four seven seventy seven forty seven Richard there were

Five two to five very are fifty to seventy five to Syria unit seven zero nine zero one Barney thirty June Radio thank you very jail I’ll be able to watch you know we need to get our fill car jumped

You have here before you know

That comics wrinkle was earlier zero five

Zero for all that ninety six to eight out of dread of something arriving is Nike’s a period twenty two eighteen twenty two I think these are the five and David cities I was the other one forty thirty

That the day twenty two nineteen three gotos was a series of fours


No longer in the middle of the street and thinking of that

One report concluded one morning always one farms

For three women some for three one thousand nine hundred for even easier to shout fire from a whining brain house she on her

There’s no description she did they have residences classes and physical want to get a seven seven for fact seventy seven forty that she believes you’re a good shot inside or outside of the house

House that house

Is not a shelter or a cafe it’s twenty to one Joyce’s larger area at seven seven four zero seven seven four zero OK who’s our contact that mobile crisis report has been of might like L.F.S. that you know OK if you don’t mind giving it their last name for me to go on the report of you saying that he’s all this solstice of products like

You know you know if I have a report of reader or a person OK well can find out is twenty to twenty of these were two to three there were no i mean if you broadcast if you think JUST WANT TO FEEL YOU ARE WONDERFUL think you

Are going to be thirty two zero zero seven was six by thirty two is that of an Wessex

ERA man and that over cycle eighty golden age and that motion to get seven seventy seven seventy seven twenty seven

Thank you sir trying to trying to redo that Friday thirty five and I just got a roll call I have a cold one domestic and an Elton Brand two six seven and we have a less

Jewelry line just so

Thanks honey to

Everything I will moment really dividing thirty five records one semester going to listen

If I were put in a group of sort of that we think you are in sync you and I’m thirty seven I’m going to have to go Susan a couple for your list first one is going to be for two three two Why do you do for two three two West

Twenty seconds Jeremy Holden we were out here earlier in forty hours for males holding a female caller saying then that’s when they all the female of the director over to the bus stop and then they went back inside the others I gave you that is information from a neighbor

Females will see a black female blonde hair in a ponytail wearing skinny jeans and a long colored shirt black male dreadlocks braids revolution losing go to kill seven seven six seventy seven zero six the other one six zero one three The Laura sixty thirteen the Laura you know as for all those over for intoxicated or possibly overdose E.-Mail in a maroon Chevy Blazer color is a nail you take the keys out of the car he’s on a line of medics metaphor to the route is a hook to get a seven seven to zero seven twenty three less

Than a Brooks a correction part ridge and Park Ridge and Brooke Burke said it’s

Just for a suspicious male with a red hat one hair like blue shirt and losing someone around and around but he’s doing

Three kid isn’t by seven L. some five seven L. following them four seven zero to Brad Hill for seven I was your brother they all take the area for suspicious vehicles an older model black Ford Explorer plate of George Adams six one one zero doors to Adam six one one zero I five blackmail their advertising law and work published as a suspicious so three kids seven six one zero seven six one zero And lastly twenty one A one Friday twenty one A one brought these downstairs sleazy areas you savings and as you see here with her husband and brother in law they’re arguing

Nothing physical no threat no weapon three seven seven one three seventy seven thirteen going

For your information received one for Geoffrey court we look and act of five three reports and Mark so you never once received four more you’re out of more than one photo book report for going to weeks old not a clear

Radio at any one of rates or people threatening with guns over and screen and Corning are called arteries because the arteries

Victory for as common of overtax your Remember

So for walk and talk a little plaza or may not be seeing her until the business is closed her request you put me a one fifteen and I pass for her special attention very very different pathways

And I think you jump your four and your five

They are for AROUND YOU are they asking the from the are surgeons office fridges that you tell if are seeing a rise for report like that evidence because of a person responded

A verbal supervisor or female and the whole new report need to return to war and the French with these reports and I got that order a vehicle

Try you try how to over here to shoot up the house we have no further information no description nothing’s as he does just check that out I guess because one jet is seven seven six two seventy seven sixty you

Are Very think you twenty to twenty

Dollars for Israel so what

Think you just when he says I can’t say I’m going five eight six zero if you want to come back to Michael Brown retrieve his radio

Into the cord

If we’re doing our


Any next year Michael Brown thirty one he’s our

Favorite three was his agent I let you know my pending Are you already know the reason for hours when talking about I’ve called one domestic over and delete all else and then I never go to check well or unless for the second and I have an assist with the M.S. I don’t travel over on the Laura or other her start up for the code want I only have thirty seven going over there and I’m thirty one thirty on a coast to assault and really three that are close to two writing to me five is that of it and I throw forty six twenty two are I’m lunch running twenty seven months that’s all that would assume that but I don’t have any information and I think it was I think if you want to go over what can a seven seven three nine and then it has a situation maybe they can really I think you could revive a good

Twenty to thirty

Five or five for every scene devise no fall for me

Work with

Kathy thank you thirty one days you for a cold one domestic I know you sure can’t perfect thank you so much can be seventy eight twelve seventy one to Elton you know this all then I think

You’ve been having highly unruly Angele

Three Mike thirty eight

Twenty two thirty one and two for

Twenty two thirty one thirty three five When you’re equipped to re going to true to our code want to actually go OK well for you know I follow that thank you for you thirty two

Thirty three

Surely there is reason for her and

Twenty two thirty two ready to ready to seven for a crow to them if you radio

From got information received from all parties all have

Parties resistant to any of the reports needed or wanted you to show complete and I think for their system and for a fair few for the R.C. You can show complete How do you have forty five of us

That Thank you thirty three years for everyone here to return if I thank you

And enjoying them for both of those things thank you

Very resource advocacies reasons and every question ready to share some of them is that seventy seven six are if I say

Thank you thank you to any phrases or degree throws their idea thirty one thirty one good evening

To forty four jumps those years I am like happy before I give you those I actually have a cold one was injured before you

Can retire a needle to Washington twenty two to Washington in two thousand and sixteen is Charles Tilley six nights of us yet a Cleveland

And three year old

Avid have been or as well four year old last seen wearing different Sure it in blue pants three year old last seen wearing a gray white and black striped shirt in blue pants color had a very heavy accent why were unable to get a college name and there is no response when we try to call back again the code one had a seven seven six seven seventy seven sixty seven six five six four two seven zero seven zero fifty five fifty four seven twenty three a sixty four is five nine twenty five Black and Brown according to the joint City seven traffic offenses of another


There are unconfirmed OK when you’re rich and history

Probably traces or if I write up three three or you guys yes he’s very negative they are David three three you guys are easy yes he’s right

There with

Us For We’re happy I will let them go through a form of

What he did he said burns or if I were in

The forest I sure do I have a cold one domestic for you to be greedy one it rolls three three one eight rolls and leave examines growing in think that her child’s father chanter in her sister then he tried to write a writer of rather hard D.M.’s was refused mail writing a blue sedan the grass under action things just a gamble no description nothing further code one seven seven six nine seventy seven sixty nine

Thank you twenty two thirty seven December I need three three have a code one is that attach the guys in take

Twenty to thirty seven OK forty two thirty nine East once you eight four two three nine hundred twenty eight can’t have I was going that X. was from about I threatening or suspects that are now seven black male five six then still twenty four years old wearing all black carries a knife in his backpack I heard a lot from outside I didn’t know what was from there’s no damage or anything going to that

But you the whole paper shows priors for crisis intervention C M A they were in it I shall call you if you come down the report we are permitted on the street or

Do you need him or do you need anybody else it is very

Maybe another two hours will make you go I’m not sure yet what this is why they’re not he won’t give me any ID having me do what I can do David Rees reading is just on that

You know more we do drugs

I don’t know the mother not to


Twenty to thirty nine writer David Gregory have to factor that here

They serve as an eye silver Chevy Cobalt

Parts off offending cases on there and a suspect but on a Chevy Impala

Like that the

Walking a right away

As it had a seven seven seven four seventy seven seventy four on the screen and the advise I just made that the whole

Thing was funny to thirty nine but there was rejection we’re going to head up there will be primary or that

He said to thirty seven Of the forty one

Other way around for a he was at the two thirty seven


Where there’d be

As point is already a

Thousand Things twenty to forty three cities around one fall at twenty to forty but David if you drive David twenty two that vehicle was geo a Yu-G.I. Oh

How we were for forty five dollars I think who are now the district

Twenty forty one rated R George thirty nine who won since before he was zero one are you sure you’re on shareholder David twice rate since before David usury doesn’t please

The of as you for in

A moment

For George thirty nine heard your uncle

Thank you sorry go have me at home OK courage

From your disabled vehicle is going to work

I have a hearty why misrule now over an illegal status

OK So with that one Plenty girls who Washington all girls who say this is what am I speaking in off of the leaseholder

Imagine that her to do now is our missing five Rihanna he ever made her from this email to being uncooperative at the moment now you mean that much every nation

Has plenty to for you to think that he haven’t contacted you happy can we who we hold are her nation he how he would have

OK twenty two forty two

Right three six radio Frank three sex that’s a two citations issued there look if a

Seven seven five nine seven seven five nine for once and the fourth who just

Thought I was a twenty to twenty to thirty to forty thirty five I have ample on that on that is I’ll mail address thirty five

OK I have a prior

Higher Self as that address connection with female and grey I haven’t really been able of these all the way

If you have a thirty day I could have offered car one point this was a long as a full hall he was but one

Three five voyages sure you are not Ken war usually thought it was north of Rome certainly so

For three hundred twenty to forty four which is

Yeah I heard you I don’t know all those and who are to say the many for example Thank God I’m really bored out of such over them by everybody you know and

I just don’t know which was the

Some of the other phones ringing one of the

British want to think of going to grow their own radio play or you’ll get a call that she thought of her happy or her MY DEAR AMY I don’t recall shall I just now say there was an background noise here if you didn’t you know you’re very much your way I could you for my mail you raise you have a social on there now Earl Stewart OK No there was no name or anything in here I’ll try to find him OK fifty two year old me oh so did avert before twenty nine a fifty five Chevy that was still a five progress

Thing I thought there was a color here so here is either me and her fifty three year old male saying he was depressed both case of a male call him and yet looks like Greg bunker was the victim holler OK they not they got no response of the door were knocking and so far we’ve got about them is all I have a phone number I’ll try that in just a second radio to force our spending on

You got there in Tatum there

OK you go for you talking clean he is valid he is on parole but

Nothing at this time OK just

Eight one five four and you’ll be as for twenty eight as if you guys it was one and five for one thirty that was in Plano and it might have been in April of this year so it will be good for think you heard

Me and complete on Amazon I’ll be generating names that run and then report Mormon

Was twenty to forty eight is

Seven seventy two

OK thank you thank you east ninety three court we have a male lighting fires intentionally metaphor he wanted drove by and saw the sky he’s a black male and they’re jogging pants to church taking stuff out of garbage cans and setting fires I’ll direct I travel fire is not a fight it’s a cold one to seven seven seven nine seven seven seven nine they have to give a lesson in a direction of travel Mike forty one was out there I’ll see if they can go over there and get it for it on it’s pretty difficult with the M.R. all three so I will be ready if you want to talk about hallway

OK twenty two forty one you know that we’re at I first read I have I don’t have my reaction I have a twenty two forty and I for one five one and twelve I have the fire that there are any of you guys a break for one on that and a left on Sixth

Thank you guys the N.F.L. one sixteen and last

We have US A female calling then as he came out of work she works how she says he works on the Lakewood bus he’s that’s outside of her job and the female hears ringing that he’s been robbed

He can’t get any information from are because he says there are over there’s a black female wearing a white shirt and black hair

Screaming this who is this Rob that the one who had a seven seven eight three seventy seven eighty three

Thank you Sunny is that it was through about five other one just if you want to yes I only see one so far yes or no job you know which religion didn’t run seventy three at Metro it should be able to give you the motor vehicle to get a little over located if not the real focus that I have a great day for

If you want you know we’re

Six year old for

Practice and I see that very court the same thing

That you’re in court is my theory court is what they gave their own private

Ninety nine for five so late Friday night to night and I for five you can get and if they’re going to let them compute is moving slowly joins is a seven with the sheriff they go for a guess of one for a probation violation of connection with the violence and it’s easy off last one was wrong feel that operate is a for violent fantasies for business of court money owing both the words of the faith and told our hero The occurred at the apartment building at one was the one zero Madison the new apartment building

That’s when he says that the very from Bonnie the sound and I found her bushes she said the police were out a few days of the looking for a found thing in her home and now she’s found it the code for CAN seven three six four seventy three sixty four and then three a list and three three five states left three three thirty three fifty six West very very straight out front we have an out of the car from a female says that there is a blue Hanta a fusing blue Nissan with no plate it’s been here two to three days so cold for CAN seven four four nine seventy four forty nine and that for us says seven zero five her N O seven o five her and I only have a conference June fifth there is I’m a Roman Sportage Irish streets and last Friday the fight the place are out there as a way of reading is there an affront when Dell think they might be so innocent

Hard no damage to health for Game seven states forty nine seventy six forty nine it’s for Yale OK the third of the twenty just before I think they do are you open for find it

Jeff also up on one

We’re going to go around


Thank you Tony if I who or what is the fourth of I want to one we were all while you all very small the summer residence in a parking lot area nobody heard any shots fired Dennison profit no the call of the not a lot of refusal given the number of those as a those calls they are saying though that the math is probably less ninety that far will be in the air during happy bunnies if they if they’re going to advise it or in a record for seven what’s a great card if there are no problems did you make it to seventy to sixty on wrestle Yes we’ve you know we get it back if we twenty seven F. we religio you

OK No problem I have today and it’s going to fifty seven enjoy and

They’re the things that have just

Yeah well it’s so hard for us just before the thirty seven I get there and

We want to work hard so that’s the stupidest thing he

Can make this for a few with their

House in the general area for all of the area everything’s OK But then after that it’s when he sees the eight and if you can respond to three nine one one get off thirty nine eleven get off it and I want to open mine suppose you can seven seven seven to seventy seven seventy two

Kind of just getting your what

Find a trailer there should be nobody here security call this anything or description code three hundred seven seven four eight seventy seven forty eight

Twenty to fifty eight

John calling saying that his wife bust them in the head with the glass

I see now Len that on the last name black female wearing of her for over oh

No well the weapons are mills and like the LS is or is as a whole one had a thought of seventy five seventy seven eighty five and they’re both dancing for him and us

For that thanks guys funny is that you know I it’s radio


That close at twenty two a one stop is like you know three David Tutera

Three were for forty five back to the shark

You’re OK Twenty three hundred David you want to radio

And shores of the search for P.P.O. paperwork

Might realize or to talk to him going to we have two floors even the victim was of the house not going to door no answer so she calls back with their

Twenty three Oh I can give you ten for that also can’t seven seven three nine Gentles Radio thank you and I have one for you

Thank you near the nursing homes that don’t want to leave Park Avenue No the seventy first and we park there’s a couple of loose poles right around

Seven seven nine zero

Thank you so it’s really you know provide already

Resulted from hundred sixty one should fire one of your officers

There was euphoria a car she was completely finished year twelve Yeah the marginal field twenty two well where it’s very early

Where one does this if you could have a unit from are here

Please hold forth you know for a fourth or one

Waiver is who

Are for sale or


Is going to who is your early thirty’s your radio client to system you to have an added twenty three and three and I have a list for you

Your prices as six one zero two for Avondale sixty one of two for them across from a me you need to make a place in a report the I mean I’m a seventeen thirty nine the whole three and seven four one nine seventy four and I thing and it’s realist three zero three six the last five one thirty thirty six West fifty first three in front of the in the last seven out of the house for a budget Ronald

Been here since Saturday as Oklahoma plate of two Walker X. ray one two three two Walker X. ray wants a three against Oklahoma plate the whole fourteen seven three eight THEY HAVE A three eighty ST Next we have two one seven zero eight three twenty one seventy with eighty three they have a conference hall She’s a reporter gun felon Smith and Wesson zero four six seven four zero seven seventy four all seven in last three zero S. and seven zero one nine elfin seventy one thing else then you have a conflict imaging there’s this is why France believe you

And she needs to report it missing the one thousand nine hundred

M.R.C. crowd well

They name is Ryan White Male call for seven four six six seventy four sixty six and if realists were going for the twenty three off I think you probably think that was a her and I the two least very affirming and I did so essentially as

A line in a good sized around with a good hour for a

Radio to party twenty six radio they were there seven hundred thirty four of them were

A Radio Shack for first

Party that I for thirty is happier able to go yes very worried about OK Parents seven seven I thought security personnel was over here and he’s trying to get them out but they’re refusing it a very joyous First thank you twenty six so she card

Her friend carjacked and they fill her purse I’ll be getting a full report version fully knowing I have eating twenty three of them in the three seven nine zero and I’ll heating your drive apartment to thirty seven ninety and I’ll heating your drive apartment to Disney’s falling she says there’s people moving around in the affairs unit in the vacant at their she’s in unit two they’re in unit one she said it sounds like there’s about three people there no description it’s a one that is seven seven one nine seventy seven ninety nine

Thank you twenty three zero seven drove very similar area and

You have another one man available if nobody’s tracks nor if either the office in the pairing up with another officer who give you another human car for the mark

Or thank you



Give radio for David three three when you’re complete They’re healthy to really for Charlie three seven to say you know

That many say to her on the train track malfunction OK they give us our computer we know what this is OK You know I got me in again and anything to add anything to clean them is a close one said a seventy seven seventy six seven seven seven six

Thank you twenty three on one point

You and I should

Have been trying to figure that out there different from ours and trying to figure out if everything is second OK I don’t see anything that

Flat rate at all OK I think I’m

Team leader radio plays and maybe there was a security force

I have a month and seventy seven delay that he thinks it will draw their own radio plays out of that one this will receive eyes there is no cause for this and you know I was there with their father just police service the way they are right Jeffrey Parker seven seven one eight seven seventy or five hundred acre I want to

Thank you good evening to you and your partner one for one and think Claire one for one and sing Claire the check for a two part M.V.A. a Chevy truck versus a Ford or black vehicle the caller was a passer by I came in at eight hundred thirty four and we only had that one call on it so as I measure if it’s still there or not it’s supposed to three and seven for seven seven seven four seven seven for you and one seven five three zero Nast one seventy five thirty naff road so you can check for a bus parked in a no parking zone and R.T.A. bus to have it will travel

The Coast for at seven silencing

Seven five one six now to thank you all from there if you’ve already

Show simply filling out the marginal back up to this check for free for research where your premature her office

Time is twenty three twelve

Of those twenty three things that affirm that you have a callback on an ideal yet and they give direction of travel for both the senior left on fundamentalists and the vehicle didn’t see them anymore five five nine zero nine zero one five zero nine and like zero one five five zero nine point zero in front of one twenty three and five Holborn if you can book more

Than Thank you

For parties I missed

Going this may have been some of the

The address of her face we are seeing is that it was I thank you very much well

It very soon I now feel your crime and trail thirty two nineteen I feel your comments trail is for or when I back up you think you are going to



Good if you were to get lower down here I know I would just cut it when many said they

Were that work in which was blocked traffic for turning on the charm I called out are not you know you are please OK eighty four the court date for now is June fifth that mean I did the Germans say and you called out for another zone part twenty to thirty five if you were you know our

Job is there it is of interest you claim we were to enter into doing a traffic stop we going to get in order for the car

The plate is George front

Three nine one zero where you can read see and waste thirty seven OK happy that it’s one hundred seventy

He’s a Charlie three seven correct that’s right for you that I think you Charlie there isn’t

A loaner car but yeah oh somebody left open Muslim talk to Syria with their friendship OK because there are

Twenty three six

Radio go hand

Over her and

I havea chime again but if you that there are many days a break for a cold one or

Three three in the area for flight

Three seventy radio fan thirty three thirty four thirty three years was if I didn’t have order I’m holding one hope one is for a carjacking that just occurred on a riverbed and I have three calls one is white Pick one is a missile male and a half bottle down on home then one is for a vehicle that I have to

Hand coat the reins the moment times out and to call for I want to find out or get the who are now

Yes are to get it’s one hundred seventy thank you bring it out on thirty one of everything he said and if you have

Now with a female

I got you ready to forty even

Thank you David three three I just spoke like this that ten horns nor bucks out and he said that they have a car to stay at the station to be there in about five to ten minutes so you just have to wait until they get there and that’s OK Things got me

That are funny creating

A clerk and she’s going to let me

Have it is twenty three thing ever you want to radio

But his or her

Beauty were the treasure of jewelry you G.-O.

Twenty three nineteen and if you’ve been responsive to one two five zero Rivervale it will be very vivid in the park and that it is Evil off from ear cause of the superintendent here he says there was still males in a park not

Telling him that their car was stolen he heard someone screaming this is one of the victims if they were to solicit hard at the cold one seven eight one two seventy well

Twenty three nineteen and David thirty five the affirmation from nodding

We thank you it’s funny three twenty code one is one zero seven three E.C. six ten seventy three East sixty six next door to that in a field behind in abandoned house we have a caller stating is a male bank here and he’s with some type of cages and he’s killing animals he’s got multiple animals they care they don’t know what kind and they can’t see this guy well enough to give a description the cold one can seventy two seventy two of them have been ripped there’s Europe or she has the record wild and want to think it’s one hundred twenty one you know same thing info so the reporter we’re going to be thirteen they asked to four to nine to say thirteen days to four tonight to six he was recovered Yeah I’m two one I’m sorry I still have you on your last and I want to make sure you guys are OK not their

First seven six point seven I think this both you guys are good

He was too busy to be able to my watch

We’re almost done with and then we’re wrong paperwork sorry

You find one of these are you OK But did you say is there a report with that one or did you make it to that one shows or on the forecourt bridges that you think you know twenty three twenty two who want to be ready to you

For the misfortune when they

Bring those up to reports you know before you


Thank you twenty three twenty two

And hear me out there he the one who

Will Benefit is in his own car any area I ninety East and West twenty fifth and east and west twenty three is still want to I ninety East forces still yard they have a ha from a jail he says there was a male in a white avalanche that ran an see is a vehicle in bright and young with a

Weapon in the fight it was a forty five caliber

Plate information is the vehicle has a little light underneath a little headlight no suspicion of the driver again is on I ninety East and West twenty

Still on I ninety East going full as the steelyard says I’m a crack ass for this twenty three twenty three completely unknown to have areas a call to seventy one six seventy six seen here

Very very figure mail order contraband

Very grim for me probably don’t let them

Have it is twenty three twenty four

Twenty three twenty four or thirty five radio anyone from their employer or I have to work and I know that if one of those if a lady yes it is two ninety five ninety four five zero one eight two nine nine four five zero one eight am working on desk the now

It was very common no waiting on it

They’re just getting in fall from the fire now through your

Twenty three guys

Want to wave over Will


Anything at any rate for close to

Cleveland they have upgraded to five girls the fourth his wife is still show it is two seven eight nine two zero five one six two seven eight nine two zero five one eight

Thank you

John the third is or him through to you I say that I have to get out whole one brain of any twenty two of your completely Let’s have a whole super real ball for a great jogging suits they have a one thousand union and union a known direction for the cross street I knew you

Were right here for your

For as well as ease while fixing in no direction and again that’s George Paul Queen sixty five zero four George pop queen six five zero four on a white ninety nine Ford Escort since before him from one sixteen in United very one of the more than happy twenty three twenty seven was your arrival

And thirty six God for your

Report for regime thirty three were complete but he’s being harassed he was advised to district the vehicle is that right but if you can just for a party of all the whole one seven eight one five fifteen

And twenty three twenty eight Degrees of the year and George directory it is a forgery very well he went east on Holborn and the scene was found but she walked at least twenty four towards the fairing then he no longer sees either of them as you stop on one two for the code one has seven seven nine seven seven

Seven ninety seven four thank you twenty three twenty eight point two six radio then every three six I mean to say go ahead try to vary seven Oh yes

Listen I’m that really that I gave you earlier yes ma’am that is is just for crying it is a great two thousand and thirteen is to be seen as a station wagon and expires January twenty seventh two thousand and eighteen just the address is three seven one four

Thirty seven fourteen Avondale the thing else so so so show tonight three nine four five seven six three two nights three nine four five seven six three as I seventy six for you she rather than they did they are a number of police yes he’s valid in this time Edward six seven seven zero six one however it’s six seven seven zero six one expires day raised twenty two thousand and twenty one it was January twenty first two thousand and seventeen could I get the cat number for that

Yes ma’am your cat is seven eight one three seventy thirteen draw their own radio enable very very well you know their way of earning twenty six who are voting for improve for three that is going to be thirty in the head right chart of anyone they have no response that address please look at them for simple private money three thirty for radio play run five from your region receiver report partially completed on scene just completed twenty three thirty one out of holes Israel

In Emory although Professor Herring form the color of them his mother is having on the


His vehicle he’s inside of the accordion lessons are few and no vehicle description he’s all figured out another mile of them arguing that

He had a seventy two seventy eight twenty one

And thanks David Freese a friend

Thanks guys twenty three thirty one on easy to seven frequency so they can you get a check for us unique Amar’s socialist two six eight nine eight zero seven seven one

Twenty two female five four two twenty ran over proud of the title is missing person it’s all she’s supposed to be in an abusive relationship and some individuals keeping her facilitation connection with Tad seven seven seven three approach to my event is seventy eight nineteen we are having now back to zero three reports for you maybe you want to go

I’m sorry thank you so much a time it’s going to be very sales forty fifty even prison Highway twenty three thirty three the joy thirty three

Have a very

Well deserved G U A Yugo twenty three very very pretty three Radio three five it was right you see the seventh of her house on the right use eighty seven frequency check for this female that’s missing from the lobby three lobby her socialist two six eight nine eight zero seven seven want to meet the Mars missing person adult cat is seven seven seven three on this code to my cat a seventy eight nineteen for your

Part twenty three thirty four going out on foot wearing a black shirt and blue jeans holding one seventy two three seventy two three

You know what you are she’s wearing a black shirt and blue jeans with one thanks a lot money to the

U.N. yesterday when I was there with these is hard to think that he so I think where all the noises coming from just from please

Hear the phone numbers and I think this that

I think that actually three thirty five they’re going to want to eat one for Houma one hundred fourteen comma I call one get it seventy two three seventy two three I would confer to see a movie where she was actually able to knock on the door get a response in the mail mails not check OK you can just simply

We can for centuries raise a fit or one of the second question for gumption property felling for me is no priors now so I know priorities A I’m going for it twenty three thirty

Twenty three thirty six and I come down to the lobby call the problems I have cinemas there at least twice a person conferred with them thirty I’m going to show you go back to the base

Do this report twenty three do you think the twenty seven

But I will be calm and I’m back I’m actually calling now severe address and his name supposedly walked her hand I’ll tell because roommate over here out I guess you know it’s Michelle’s or Saabs look refused to show up but the fields are

Happy throughout the home his behavior is very threatening because he’s coming down here of using me or something that happened days ago or whatever as an earthing like he’s going to do something rather employ a feminist Thanks

Three for Ron I’m OK

Twenty three thirty seven B. that we were on

Board Room however yes I was talking to someone else was it was funny three thirty seven surgery and as Chad Myers and I see that very cliff I got a Social I’m going to raise those

Social two nine four nine eight five seven eight eight and I’m not showing any level warrants or anything OK well look we’re very well we’re shocked for Zone the shows are obvious to any generals and of course I have a think you know twenty three thirty nine

Dancers for a crappy twenty three thirty nine it’s probably thirty

Wasik no cause I’m going to match that

Both parties are about is written for Angela crane no birthdays only nine hundred seventy four I mean a social if you can find

Over three all come out in her name

Four four four zero S. one thirty or you know three forty four forty one one three one apartment three Rebecca brother yes a sprawling and there’s two black males that were looking through her window see him outside and they started playing at her and telling her to go back inside there the small black vehicle Harvey outside of her one fell on the pier at a side of the apartment because to have a seven eight zero six seven eight zero zero

Thank you Sunny three forty

Radio via Terry who can I get you actually this regard she says they just left and take a different post

All right Roy thank you get

This I’m going to be an estimate and I want to hang up in the area where

Is there for eight SEALs one funny six forty eight Brookfield Avondale had on I want to open mind post still had a seventy one seventy eight eleven no response some of


Thanks guys playing for a forty one bar if you want to

Write for anyone

You want to Geraghty is mail refused treatment

If you want your offer

And I’m sure best

To Charlie for if you are open to or three for one hundred forty seven

Was Who but

That’s just as I say looks like the fit man may have a possible

Sort of half warrant

For like to have a fair came over to get him or see him but to learn where to treat a shot fired so horrid at worst I have a twenty three forty three one one one zero zero Euclid Avenue to see what I don’t know or Ronald Miller needs us all or for it was all there in a second a couple days ago was twenty thousand car area he is on the lakeside sixty S floor sixty like I say Steve Ross sixteen that Adam Phillips Lakeside six zero zero one six five Adam it’s a cold for Canada seventy six seventy eight twenty six will

Be at twenty three forty three forty or anything like that of all this in case of a good majority generated quite

Well known or for the usual complete heads if you want to be funny for negative

Do you connect with the strength and

Number Chris illiteracy with your one of your team and I mean you now

There now from penal eight was one one one four zero eight Levon avenue to me evaded calling he said that her live in roommate Wilbur Turner a strong her things on the house because he refused to have sexual relations with him he is in fact that five wearing a dark blue pink hat and losing the three and a seven eight two nine seventy eight hundred nine three beautiful jet of six seven eight one eight seventy eight eighteen to forty three five

Point five

Thank you her natural talk to the sheriff Sheriff She says that here and they he sent out against medical advice

He didn’t want to be there he did these into hospital gowns and jeans and a can have he was in that you know for home then and she said they would have admitted him but he signed out because he was restless have getting out and in my view there are things clearly fired were escorted Joyce House with his roommates for the night you know for

The series both go back in the morning he does want to go back though were escorted him home his roommates were advised these health calling him a I don’t think twice before he said you know when you go and radios and thirty one he lies and night his socially two eight zero four three nine five to do anything eight zero four three ninety five Dylan everyone to explain thank you very much you’re welcome they’re losing

Your dream I love him

Point four zero


Hundred sixty one million of three

One zero zero one five hold up we need cars to go north of us OK just read your mail the hundred yards

Why do you want to north of hold and what Hill certain of the George Morris Black or your one male

Friend black or you blue jeans are about five or seven

Small Afro figure if you look at the Sacramento area northbound from our location we’re told of on to the Iran green vs the mouth and if you cross one of them up you think well thank you twenty three forty eight I have another code one for you

Thanks a lot it’s one of your zero six zero four L. one zero six zero four Ave upstairs her Nelson is on the line being her live in boyfriend kids are down the stairs just blackmail queen of Baker he took off any Mazda six to six green color vehicle when last night he’s on a five and think Claire hold one seventy three seven seventy three seven one twenty three forty nine

There you and you know I’m from France a conscious computer person I think it’s a three forty nine well I want to thank your identical aunt twenty three thirty I think

You know I’m five arrays in the negative eight one four nine there are

Seven that

Think they’re all

Very good I didn’t partially was well

You know James luxuries are

No turn off a motor to watch what I don’t know about the

Road at the end of the ninety nine the one hundred I drive them is when you get out on foot and certainly back yards but so much easier are well now and you’re saying well which we go to that one thousand nine hundred ten thousand and one zero zero zero not her

If your scenario for your car fueled northwest of the news was the image of a barge for remorseless have invited you far more slack for me

Permanency and praise when you’re back in order between three

Hours your partner creation of early

Risers is due to

Where if you really just ripple and I suspect they land for a good seven to zero I do from you know what you mention responder do I think that supervisors they going to Radio one who is the primary car recorder

Sitting on a fifty car in about sixty horse a lot of measures are already

Cut north from holding we rev want to hold it we don’t want to because it’s from the help of her socialist three three two that they’re zero seven zero eight

Nine Well the date of birth of the race twenty four of sixty one thank you here well

OK Thank you

There are a few pointers fifty three small Afro today how many shots fired if you are a fair

Right and I twenty three fifty four then is that if I already have or like the person that



Through or Juhi Geo or

GA I get through it going there short of zero zero mark

I mean it’s one hundred eighty five I’m going to be at one for a one one phrase then was downstairs one thirty one thirteen then without me downstairs Demetrius crawling she said there is someone shooting outside the blackmail

Or an All Black says that his name is Yvonne Black has for females us and he was in it bring vs all they took off heading towards cds on one three one no make file or license plate on that vehicle no further ensoul it’s a one that is seven eight four is there also I meet forty

Thank you twenty three fifty five they’re all the rest are in fear of her and the owner is doing the rehearing my Charlie Charlie Union going generally again Edwards yesterday phone number three three zero six two zero two zero six six three three zero six two zero zero six eight OK thank you I appreciate your welcome Do you need to transfer connection right now I got a very one seventy three one

Thank you twenty three fifty six today with thirty five to radio OK I have it or the party will recover any visuals are up to that I don’t have it any reason you haven’t one of them right open your visor always always from six eleven and then there are callers drizzle


Join with the hungry Charlie Bernie two to three hundred fifty Marshall and twenty taking the eight

Fifty for her the general gist of her

Still feel

They can add a seven eight two five seventy eight place by a process

Plenty three thirty seven

Has a one three four one one has ever won three for one one reason we don’t

Have that funny face that deny that

George is a real strong

Twenty seven

Did you leave them you’re awesome for nine or are there one you gave anyone OK could I have you must guess it’s seven eight four four seven eight forty four

That was it amped twenty three fifty eight and

Then I

Made a funny that is I don’t have one for your place

Of as going to be a family dollar seventy nine sixty five Euclid seven nine six I used when Ave F.E.M.A. dollar do welfare check interface security is calling so that they don’t know if a store was bankrolls properly

As a not alarm call so I don’t know if they just an arm and her phone on all of that to find out so three seven eight four six seven eight four six there was a


Of a ripple there are one

Why feel the crappy arises or this is a mess that the mother from that her friend and her make

Of it

Will deploy one billion I inserted a canine with your

Address loud music coming from the house is across the street from the apartment complex because very you have seven eight four five seven eight four five

We are all welcome for if you know we were OK or at one time and Detroit were going to go back home stereo Miles’s to a four that we were in for go right there was a lot of you only don’t you owe me a come up or

Party coming on and joining us around for him if he were in the back yard shooter and with Melbourne Um well that I can play Joy you play her child there with interest my seven one six and zero hour late George and I’m a sick sick sick little

Part we’re both well that’s why you’re on the roadways coming in so are

Charity to relieve running this party for that I’m grateful I have to have all three three to go and braces Inc Yes

Again there are going to be at the charity E.R. where the male thing connectionless can have seven six four six seventy six forty six from the address of one eight nine their oath to barn class ave L. one eighty nine zero zero two

And as the code once they’ve it Charles a year zero two eight seven four five pm I think three two is our room number health acarya Terry thirty one your time travel for Radio one Barney is still to show us how the specific remember where you are oh you know we’re only like your Ha the walk on one of

We’re evil all against address is four four four seven West five seven forty four forty seven West fifty seventh in Cleveland for four one four four OK I thank you you’re welcome charge my battery zero point two five prize money that is in early tonight did I drive off thinks I got the thank you to follow the

Radio one Adam three six The hold up for a close to

Thirty five doctors you know in a world class I.V. I.D.E.’s there West ninety eight we have a calling They said he’s in a box

That just broke down he’s still on the highway but he doesn’t know that

They where he is that there’s no signs near him and his bonus saying that he is and was like that’s three but he’s saying that he’s still on the freeway supposed to have a seventy five there oh seventy eight that’s been

Saved as well haven’t

I thought He does everything OK so far happy

Doing home ownership really great if you really want to live for him

From Florida governor from Florida

May have you that is the source of this is for him to Fry’s or for you what you are in one or two

Probably the Knights Templar and what for not a simple and I feel as if you didn’t want to color

There are no buyers of the mail here I’m

Sitting this is it or can I think you might give me a call and the police are saying that OK Thank you

That’s me Fernand as frank and Robert

And I’m that David every zebra you slow down to be deadly sorry about that for an AND L. Frank and work Robert Knight and

David oceans and I think it’s for Nan and Frank Edward Robert Knight and of Nate David Edward Zebra I thank you you’re welcome developing in for a few cold after lots of havoc on our four four four seven West price seven forty four forty seven West fifty seven thank you you’re welcome invite any haven’t gone out

Thirty seven

If you can join her every day at seven fifty

Three seven I have a double

Dose of the cure for a report seven Eleven find out if I have a voice and if

They would prefer to say that I think they are very familiar way to go for a free for all which we’re going

To do you know the protocol we’re going to be completely cold now which one I thought is that thing that the little

Messages male and grand were going to come with that got an example of off the phone with me and that poor and then come back here for like was beaten that Dan is a skinny is sending mail let’s say going from four states to require Evan L M A back and several other teams and of anyone seven able to check eighty nine ten Cumberland just kind of right in that area you have a mail Colling he’s irate telling the police to get there refusing to answer any questions of why I don’t know connection with death or not just very minor there’s no they didn’t make it I waited

Photos at one nine to one record in connection with the D.V. you should record that deserves OK

Color thank you to the fourteen birth west of the district

About twenty five

Maybe that far and I

Have a quarter of how often in Florida I think it is happens to

Five thirty five you know we are


As far as a guest to ask of our cast member if

I may have Can’t ever seventy five eight seventy five eight years time and the last fifteen years at that time twenty five just are

Thirty two also just for a fortnight in Hamilton

And we’re now getting a call for forty eight and you’re going in the area fourteen shot her nothing there if we think it’s closer to

The one

We had ever received no report wanted

Going back to one for personal have that level of this thing he wrote it in full of all the Milwaukee don’t hold it against Laurie walking or there you have on your ear black pieces are moving and he’s walking he’s gone on hold we have M.R.C. I’m numbers one through nine who was he who brought him out was Paul John King five fortnightly one

Silver prices home country there’s just been twenty three thousand bricks in residence these are security Holden joining General for also cracks motion but you write as if Devil isn’t doing her any general final Yes ma’am a connection with the M.B.A. earlier today with

The OK what you meant you know transport is a member of a hospital and what sort of others are good I read you’ve already know how high wall

There’s a drive by shooting and I’m thirty two if you had a twenty five twenty five thirty six o’clock in the residence that got shot fired in a house like there you heard all it was normal on call and you know what twenty

Welcoming their virtual address twenty five twenty five Eastern the sixth Street there our village just says that they’re sacked at her house that’s gotta be kept seven eight six four there’s no injuries reported she said that there was a black car shooting at her house No four Gore no life from her daughter description black car all right we’re going to strip

Are the

Jets seventy five a them yeah leave the other car of a seventy five a used seventy six for physicians will have occasion

Three should read or just to shoot from book

Bitter or Cold War

Or area

Mail was found early no report want to do numbers that were used on the morning I don’t

Know anything else

They were not on your when are all well know they are the thanks

I have are talking about the

Neighborhood Cathy think of all the village money and have a huge role forever for it as I said they went to Machel in medics twenty three conveyed OK thank you you know there and thirty one thank you mails are conveyed usually How do you look back to a service report think of her with a

Fifty five is there anybody one just finished up with that big robbery that they were on the list there are pressing the able to do this report is let you know Obama’s spending I’m holding for coaches multiple theories and A for what it goes used for first go to is given ninety little over two hours old now

Info out to give an elephant warrants for all or has a Ti Vo then some I’m not really sure why is because Tuesday those are three days and second one is for nonviolent dealing issues over unlike Avenue things are escalating was a lot of yelling alarm over a question and nailed down over on what to thrive and want to have a man on the coach using that they were going there for had the end they wanted you just do the alarm quick and easy

I think you so much activity four seven two three

Four seven two three curtain it is very common residence fever’s hall then showing President will Byrd and grab your motion to go to seventy five one then the fifty one having Thank you sir that was I do in threes I have a copy devil a twenty


There was only three she had three for a minor thank you devil of twenty two hours up front of the firm

Are these are folks who

Remember Robert

Is about

Two eight five six two seven five nine two eight five six proof for Mary’s correct two seven five nine

If he yelled at her cat seven seven eight one different year and

Had I think you seventy four radio crew I was very informed but I suspect vehicle for that we have a gang unit right here now that every Ford Escort me I saw six white ninety nine Ford this export a four door sedan plate of George Paul Queen six five zero four George Paul Queen six five zero four and again with a ninety nine white Ford Escort four door sedan and it was taken by two black males both wearing great jogging suits no gun seen but they threatened that they had one better they’ve already away it will trees are gonna

Get me and all that right we’re going to complete i Pods I never told you to call back you know that are going to be for you this is our part of knowing if you cared enough

That’s funny five there’s a radio I did something I know that was that I grew up motor vehicle from and just there was

The boy wonder from George Hall twenty six five zero four George talking sixty five all for white ninety nine for us or I want to you write a whole I

Want you sent in radio on fire and call

In fact we have our sources division ring and if you can show me out any due for a forty and he’s going to unite and there are seven big you know I number for their sapphire this war me very nice for one a very nice for but regular one money for a four for a couple buddies or before going thank you there

Still runs very well first of that very very one for what you nine thirty three for thing was once and I said for a lot of music feels very sort of seven seven three five seventy seven thirty five

The next on that one four one zero Courtland Avenue one forty one twenty Courtland Avenue from the garage that profile music coach very had a seventy four seven seventy eight forty seven so he does things as well funny when I was to all five play Ave in any area while full shots fired thank you zero twenty five very very few radio you know OK R.J. It was very and parked where you always wanted to jump it was as you level up finding I should be doing imitation I have to

Crawl because you cars are also a full fragment from Fiji’s all shoot

From Montana to howling you see me

If that’s your forte for his was in incest then she does not live here to call for to seventy sixty seventy sixty but there was give up to Jason December’s from in the house first of all what want to or for the trigger of

Them for I will

Go have the first address this twenty five point five

Zero one zero

Two one six seven two seven seven why four and I got to get her own example so many of them OK Do you know their cat or it’s all going to go on all the want

Several scenes one five three three one one five and the Evans residence the essential security calling in a panic alarm from the cities have to code to seventy seventy four seventy seven for traffic thank you both are you on this radio show me up when I read three please

For necessary zero

So that no male fancying making threats of blackmail by the name of Percy will call the description said he is Brooks and Dixie frightening last the code to get a seven eight seven six seventy seventy six frantically for recovery

Thank You Gov anyone have thirty six radio you call back we’re going to respond for last week and that policy is not think that I was trying to get further but I’ll try one more time

Thank you yes seventy four want to say five A three that’s her and then negative eight one for thirty five zero four for Goodrem Nora

George seven two four zero just really year but you have an order of the street that’s apparently shot for they want to wrap it up there are police just three of almost you want to get out of live maybe the reasoning for this Waco

Thanks Sam Adams ninety six zero one Frank Sam out of my six zero one

Two thousand sick puppy thank you welcome Money two thousand and six who

Is me her granny are your oh they’re so they have our

Hearts out the five hundred thirty five NASA for sale

It is murder three people who are the good folks who are the Mail Order to them and want to look at me

And I can send a couple cars or are you and I know for a moment

You can this room I’m sure you know good

From Chicago no possibly has a gun but he’s not sure if he has or that he’s known to carry one he’s cracked mean that in the crowd Yeah

Texting in college living out of C.B.L. is still just two nine four nine zero one two three four two nine four nine zero one two three four

Five six Raje sixty pounds white male no clothing description just thinking I’m up on this want to go to Cannes seven seven four ninety seven fourteen I

See him three four times of us right in front of one I don’t lie about that is the address I think I just want to make sure she was tracked down

To ninety seven zero one seven

Bill for the shoot book for myself you don’t need a complaint forty three review for a few

Thousand if there’s a bunch of margin offense and those you know the

Made our own mark her

Trip to the muster just

Whoever the primary is if you have friend or your mom will try to sort it out with

Her thank you for us that West forty third in Venice then West for three in Denison in the area we have a haul for a white Ford pickup truck with a lot is off to serving the plate on this vehicle is George Walker Varney seven one five eight George Walther Varney seventy one fifty eight Sickles three Cat seven six two three seventy six twenty three and then and West forty fourth and then ascend West four four and innocent in the area we have anonymous call for vast evolving industries disturbing the coals three and seven seven zero nine seventy seven on I That’s three zero S. and three eight seven seven West three seven thirty eight seventy seven West already seventh Street have a cough and Erica she’s having trouble with her eighteen year old son Eric Pickles three Cat seven seven six five seventy seven sixty five is good for us for throwing over the south of who for one they’re a while later shore both of our problem as well both of them that’s not a Euclid for for one two three and his wife who’s the sewing suspend them for your other or

Their reclaim their the social to four zero four nine one five three six well them as Justin was

One four one seven

The court was like the name but in that place very four four zero eight seven and his voice those as well as no effect I’m OK a convert

Right the

Plate Henry Barney yesterday nice forces to tell us that on a two thousand and fourteen

Ford or Rand Paul or expires twelve thirteen of seventeen and that’s less this

Than the CEA

That there are

Words like I had a Charlie I had the last name the Cormick here via though you have a seventy six four of those who voted to merge you know when you’re out of her version of a job you did I really have and I think you guys have a forty seven serious then being with family and there’s a vehicle in the driveway I think is just vision seated and what they’re doing there towards the end of the driveway of the acting Coast three to seventy seven zero seventy seven zero seven and devil for you one hundred eighty seven save a half I think you would come with a broken wrist thirty seven AVI as you say they sent her a plane expires in the range of seventy and that first this was very soon we’re going to work every day from our rendezvous negative days really came back to the same way always Your am going affirmative thank you you’re welcome and we are a riot going down here at the top around we really are four to thirty seven north of town all

OK date of birth date sixteen fifty five and his date of birth is obvious sixteenth and I think fifty five years of the male five nine one hundred forty pounds falling here brown eyes lasting two days ago in a dark jacket the schizophrenia is missing from eighteen sixty four even eighty nine street lights six for East eight nine have a crack at Devil forty four of our own pants the smell of death a friend

That has no vehicle again sixty one year old Herman a white head of earth a face that pains fifty five as a frantic blackmail five lives one forty black hair that’s all them from our eye glass in one of the dark colored so I get em colored fans two days ago missing from the first one thanks for evading I eight hundred fifty four if they ever myself broadcast on Channel one forty four but if they force I was wantin to have a double forty five for me twenty pretty funny funny

Part were really why forty three Jew shows are out there one I’ve got four general point

Being one and almost

From five thirty three fourths are ridiculous it is before class for four and eight I go Ave for any eighteen hours ago will produce holders who are my three the leaseholder Carmen Williams advised he will be way now for the after the advice he has

And then for his one eight three nine eight running theme and terms from our friends

Three phone calls made to me for no doubt there are looking for us all night for the Flicka zero

Already sick

Male Joe you feel horribly like happy that the thank you level forty six if for any reason I have a good few for you on Broadway please there in answer to her I have a million and sixty stand my free radio show you know that is sure to generate in order to me and I have heard from parents or the current service or for

Forty seven minutes or whatever have you and I all of the cars are recreate or happy to seven zero six either

Thank you

For them or

Sorry about that Radio Farda on E three three for a code zero on Broadway

Two through four prescient are pretty well are very are missing person fall for

This show we’re going to corner community assessment and treatment center C.M.S. is calling medics six was on scene for an opiate overdose six milligrams of Narcan were given unknown if any other in evidence was on scene he seventy eight seventy three part of health is from stores and offices from what you’ve seen down it’s only three A one the cold three get seven seven one one seventy seven ninety one and last for us it’s three zero two three West one one thirty twenty three West eleven if a call from Eric These says that there are people living just location element all hostage he was waiting at the cynical gas station and with fourteen fifteen down it twenty fifty five Sickles four Can’t seven six five nine seventy six fifty nine and for you you might get more family circle that

Began to seven six five nine seventy six fifty nine as a hobbit

I think we’ll be all right

But the devil fifty players fans who for twenty thousand Harvard Ave and warns for mailshot I don’t know if you want that or the overdose of that one but the numbers two zero zero zero zero Harvard Ave and Lawrence all high in room A and South Point hospital they said they had a male shot in the right hand he said according to you one hundred forty and Harvard of Harvard Valley team in a private vehicle is a code two headed seventy five seven seventy eight fifty seven it was seven fifty one the

Latest two one three were completed in fact

United level fifty two and they just want you back now her and her seven seven seven six and any state two

I’m thinking it turned over to Norfolk Southern Yes they are right everything turned out OK

Thank you several fifty do you have the death of Elvis is very

Very general fifty three seven zero zero eight seventy zero eight

Neville fifty very very very shortly right I think for the still require arrival just completed a very other time of the ball with

The round but they’re just saying it’s from seventy three OK thank you you know five zero

Carries a so has the man as are they they’re the male and here refuse to believe is in stocks and the serving the customer says he’s trying to bring up a fight in the floor

Black male black and blue for sure and black scenes Oh very it is seventy five very seventy eight fifty very

Thankful level fifty four that occurred

Nine just except your missing MALE Mr Coleman you stick out from forty three one thousand nine hundred eighty can see Marymount by magic forty one

Was talking show me around think you have the floor in that area looking


Correct I don’t remember any further at this time that yes I get anything

OK Thank you great thank you devil fifty five I’m giving you underpants seven seven five two for that

One hundred me over into her

Presence I mean it for you just let me know

Where did they pick him up from before three one nine TARNEY forty three thousand nine hundred twenty it was magical forty one at Marymount and the cab that I have you working with us for a seven seven sized to OK show me around to Miramar and if you continue your

Crappy I’ll see what I can get ready for forty three three for nothing

Thank you and that across from south point they have another mail in the drawing occurred at the same location as a Mr Brough Allen I haven’t been able to contact well yet for social for anything else there’s very few copies

We drove by the Harvard market she really does know all business there right now the average person they’re not

Going to try to figure a thing happened there was a favorite of several fifty seven there were simply if

You know Harvard

Or on the other hand there’s about like one for one in hiring for the Harvard deli Yeah

Half a semi once I can forget there’s I’m a devil of it he said and her completing the other one will be a welcome

Rover and several of his DA and three five from Sandusky those

Then I think over there

We were just the first thing on

The face I think creature you have going on

Having David Souter a radio I have a play for your room is free David generally sixty one ninety seven having direct connection with a missing male and danger to fifty one year old Harmon white black male science nine hundred forty pounds is that black balding hair brown eyes last seen a couple days ago and dark jacket he is a friend and no vehicle rock as an example of fifty nine and two thousand and six for the Essence Lance for four four zero seven before us for another and then if I have any

Thing left while

Well for soon I want all five we have it as well and that the glove on all five is not because of

The very beginning was that you say that her son is hitting her and to send help

Why the estimate is just a one off or three are evil and that the pope has that an eight nine say seventy eight ninety six OK so we’re going to want to four three three estimates or just one four two nine

What he is giving what all four to nine West one of five but not as it adds up we think he has the roughest three

Right Was it over to Wolf or three three or that thirty children or callers name

The calls they are can’t understand it is a really heavy X.

OK you got a number for a boy with regular code

We need it yeah get a for you was a one hundred fifty have a what are you know thirty S. and one for in court

So if you think your seven nine zero one think you clean road and think Claire even wrote anything Claire getting multiple calls about any silver cavalier versus a light travel here there’s a lot of screaming going and now the parties are now starting to fight the Cold War on just seven ninety or the euro and the nine zero zero for what you truly for

Your to call or want to talk to you refused to call that

White families are all black clothing

No weapons you still there he’s in the background saying he lives here he has a right to be here scope to seventy nine zero to seventy I don’t sue since one of three we could make that person oh OK I don’t know if you have a stan report that’s

Three five thirty two stars go by six one seven Hamlet apartment thirteen ten is that a nice girl to

Revive or is this regardless of their drug copy children of the district that’s one for you can

Three hundred you

Know if

That’s what they said they gave one forty isn’t Harvard at Harvard deli

There’s actually one four seven in the harbor

We’ve got till plays over here they’re about to close up but they didn’t they haven’t heard any shots or no

No mail came and shot or anything like that over here there’s a harbor one on one and bar grill over here one for one of the iceberg Well you they’ll attack that location as well

Kathy think you will find we’re doing as we go social Who are the males Yeah they have a cell phone also I got

One from the other four

Star Michael Mitchell and his self-will two nine zero two zero five five ninety

Three twenty seven ninety eight you have a list address one five one zero nine Harvard the charge of brow Allen who is showing fifty seven for felony warrant he has a social two seven six zero four two zero nine five D.O.B. one eighteen and ninety nine who faces

Three women can’t be just her and want to six and so who was it dedicated to fighting for safe

Than sorry did you know I had one believing you your partners if you have the numbers

With the theory you able

To give you a name and an age

For social for me going to be Sherry fair Henry Adam yesterday Thomas common spelling she’s eighteen if you both have an address and James will

Have a

Full one hundred seventy two born to fire her behalf simply for growth there’s only look for a car you know ones in route right now

But I prefer a point I have on our part we want for the

Thirteenth one only has to be of us on second residence OK cop and there’s a radio thirty in Memphis where

I got there

Were there are about a four year old female arses in varying not whining complaining of wife

Complaining of what things you

Or leg that’s a real car killer boy her are

You interested in the direction of the five inquiries have Sure I mean so many point three at one time I actually did a whole article one thing this calling is not seen as this time she said her son London Plane two years old has special needs he’s there alone and no female there trying to pick up property with her other son’s girlfriend says she’s not supposed to be there until the collars there and that will be hell the morning story that is seventy six three seventy eight sixty three

Thank you one ten radio for Varney three seven when you’re out of out I have three for you the first is for thank you once again soon very for you have just like over twenty three eleven hope for two three one one Colburn thirty five we’re going to their way through from Philly are they going to let

You know that one eleven

There is free of every oath of her chief people right

There our view

Is deal in G.I. he was done

For our director Mark project the way along it is that an elf

You know you remember what the crisis special was with her in twelve

Star You have a close to zero I think now OK

Thanks a lot if you can check in one thousand nine is the or zero zero zero Yale Ave We had a female caller Shamika things you want she’s here with a male he selling marijuana and has a gun on him they were heard arguing in the back

Around calling me to coast to check wells you can check her supposed to have seven nine zero four seven nine zero four

Six four six for your car so it’s going through Hartman five eleven for this moment when searching

Through things for a price of no parking available things that for residents they toured just simply south of that once I think Herman fourth or

Twelve four of ninety eight is their physical essence Yeah and you said Damn Henry enemy answering for you told me are even though for sure when the thugs go there and they have a black female five five one sixty Brown over black

Are brown eyes black hair OK Is there an actor or both all they want to

Know there’s one that you know but let me see if I can find are all and one fourteen is that location where you guys are is that a friend of Andy B. That’s what he wanted you know Broadway I mean drive you know on the back parking lot thank you Chris’s requests seventy three zero four two zero zero zero

Thank you you know the office

Zebra were there was Adam morning Union they were union if proximately a twenty year old male should have this was an address for my family across the road which Carol you are those were the words on

This point of the law from where they were three very much brighter go on

Happy are enjoying your own if they’re grown for one sixteen he made us all feel her pulse also thought of the zero six four nine eight

They’re all

There oh

OK I think


There were security number of your two hundred seventy nine one one

The Robert X. three nine ninety

Five ninety

Seven six seventy nine

Then you have the other since you and I I.D.’s Union Frank you have four seven four nine four

And then the driver apparently sends Robert

Three zero zero three

He’ll be of twelve to eighty one

Of them professionally each seven of

Them the

Female your wife you know

How to have way too much oh well

You know vomit all over

There in the car for

Another yes the female here with a knife and she’s running her son Dora Childers as a twenty nine year old black female and she’s there looks like this is a third party call for a deviation there was and saw a robber and their two children and she is threatening them with an I think over one can a seven and one four seventy nine fourteen parts sort of there’s a series or just verify what I have as a single family home

One thousand is checking clean valid corrective lenses and also checking clean with a terminal I see only that valid Sharon showing two to seven and a B. two would but it has a van

Permanent ID Only as well corral Valen no restriction checking clean happy you’re welcome we’ve got all the robber the guys listening but not seen and he’s currently locked out of the house the females inside with kids and two year old a lot of girls are inside you know what’s going on radiative thirty six when you’re complete over there I’m going to have a check on her name shimmy

Mobile Crisis calls us in for a is that a female thing Missy just guessing she wants and it all says she’s in a car but if you get further we’re finding able to find this as a room with her phone number you she’s here and trying to find out more information about what you’ve also taken so close to get a seven and one two thousand and twelve

Thank you so much money to Barney during summer are you

Ready thirty seven

Of the most notable my partner from be able to

Go home for three should be

So know what would your last thing

For isn’t going to be one four one one five Maple row one four one one five nickel row female calls in state as it were there was two suspicious three vehicles that have been left here for five days was a gray Ford or Dodge Ram This is no plate that it is a great view of with a thirty tag still a red Buick pulled up next to the car’s looks dishes and if you will been going in and out of the house here all night

Too sorry whole tree Ted is seven from four to seventy seven forty two for your list to you then go to four one three nine each one for three four one three nine one four three female calls in a


House over here reddish in color has a gate around it to people if you’re if you’re to be having relations with one another

Too dark to see which version those three get is seven seven eight nine seventy seven eighty nine ninety six is of announced radio

Is you know it’s a rare one twenty four get this seventy nine eleven in sync says or threatening using racial slurs they were fighting genes a white male actually downstairs right now he’s fifty years old and intact as opposed to and seven nine one nine seventy nine nineteen

I was thinking about knock over the cat on Holborn is seven I zero seven seven I was seven but you’re welcome at once when he buys

Your shoes of

Course but searching the trunk takes Edward three four seven four eight Mary three four seven four eight nine great friends who are

George three And Queen five two very short Sharon queen five to

Her we first this but as well you know there’s too many of those at the same location one twenty six

Michael Mitchell sons at Windsor a hands on forty is a higher average for having one forties and Herbert and then the other one just Brill now and his growing

There were thirty three when we got here to bro Musharraf and he was shot in more of the heart but he was most likely that one person or harbored

The fellow who wore it as far as he was the let me was I really what I would be eligible zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero but the governor is a bit through the


Didn’t notify them before you shipped out here she got it in the interview and I’m now Freeman No the only Vera until the other department gets there how do I want to really get a chance you know our directors will know I think you suppose your wife floated but he’s actually trying to get out of here but we saw it up on the blanket over his head and we’ve got him up much of a consideration

Of it or in between I know he’s got a larceny and a receiving stolen

Property story or

Thirty six or one sixteen one twenty

Zero four three zero six three eight the last four twenty thirty six or you want to know when you’re well in communion a whole show

Over that would be

Zero nine eight two five seven from the three of us and Marshall very Marshall Marshall very five five zero two nine zero four seven zero zero seven

Zero direct can study area one three five five miles or one fifty fifty site Melzer but a filthy Asian Free line in an open line here mailbox and something in the background of us a voice now what you’ve read guess

Once I take an issue would


A whole lot of unseen and jovial the way

I will say fifty three hundred rivers

Form who are who are all are her own who are her your cat is seventy nine eleven to wander I want all my version Schrader’s you are colorful she remarked in response to the door trickle Carson was no mention that having it on

So I think terminal and

Lower terminal drive

Security Oh MARTIN Is there a phone number wasn’t there some a letter in what for vehicle

Boy forms an on site digits at one thirty two

The going to have some awful forty one twenty five years

I’m aware or

There’s just like I haven’t always one right right

Thank you one thirty do you

Just answer the For involved

Only off campus a few

There are three of

Three three Step three four thank you burning through one zero number conservatives

One thirty three

Like right Melzer estimated location animal an open line males talking public voice mail you get is seven I want three seventy nine thirteen we have a possible address from the history of the phone number of guests of one thirty eight eighteen Union

We have in every measure received a report partially completed but he was really for the family it was because it is your personal one thirty four


Share Elena one five seven eight three three five we just go by there

Are white sugar Square was quiet if you think use or that time is a was a if you know

One thirty five twenty thirty five never gonna lay out

For you over

The things George Frank Cherry one seven zero three George current Treasury unfair and zero very than Miles one two and seven miles of powered resident

He called enjoying residence over John linear motion for three right as it was eighty six

And the hosts A

Place of two for two thousand and seven thing me and he has that we only this one euro theme as he’s a square with about Z. as he’s also listed as a residence it works for you know thirty seven twenty just

Very near I remember

What location was for thirty three hundred Riverside and there’s going to be four injured of murder

How did you did you know software are for already your parents have had it for you before this chappie first order of just is there was a fireman to detect them assisting one five and seven ninety five seventy nine twenty five thank you

And that was report

That hurt their various friends are wondering do you believe one four four one one two

You know

There were various I mean I remember when you read it through Order one thousand and

One Friday for the government to fund you know number one more for what was that if I mean remember or more

Conservative there’s one five seven nine to five


I copy we are North Koreans who are growing richer general are in fear

For our surely joy for

The one forty three properties return home sales their suppliers we’re going to spend the night


In the route back to our apartment for a security office for J F L It is a call you

I actually have the service down around how I don’t hold and so I mean no one else

Is a priority three


I six seven eight have fifty six seventy eight Hamlets calling me said that I go across the street is a code three Cat seven eight seven five you know we’re that earlier there’s there’s nobody out here to some guys hanging out there’s no music there was less time to put down I’m getting now anyway so I don’t normally

OK one forty one thousand six hundred on radio from

The social here comes back

Five eight three nine four one nine zero sir

Referral man well river Vieira work he’s

Our universe is his other yours if I match them I’m going to figure out that matches well with him for the Roberta Ortiz OK Well tell me what you got your name there for

General hold a panic alarm to go do it seven I want time having a fifteen OK County mostly Jav for you and think you are seven nine zero zero seventy nine hundred

And think you there were forty three forty one Radio three one

Three five radio

And both are from Cliff you may have been foresee for report in a conferred with

V.M.S. turned personal three three in the examiners office if you show me your office with as your fifth connection

With this report and you confer with him three three in the

Thank you one forty four three or ninety six when I say

That I’m very very you know

I’m from

You know going to check OK

There was a relationship they’re both

They thought it was forty five and I have a post for for you

Sorry I needed a one for three four zero Euclid one a four story four zero Euclid Cleveland police do they does it just Mason he’s got in an effort to register warrants are for shooting case number seven Charlie Robert Adams nine five eight nine dated five eleven to seventeen spend confirms her being in the clerk’s office the coast four has seven nine one zero seven nine one zero but her firm

Seen David Edward anaemic Yes Jeff socials two nine four nine two six zero one two nine thank you for that thanks a lot at one forty six

Three three three zero three three

Spelling out her first name her well and her actual address yes first name is Bill Pham Henry passersby David and

John Adams that name Thomas and her ID was issued in me I’m a fifth of this year showing interest of one two one zero four Woodward Boulevard that’s in Garfield Heights Ohio four four one two five That temporary ID is union Paul

Six zero one zero nine six seven

We thank you you’re welcome work and only want or can still go on not or can

Pretty or save us thirty seven I have one for you I have a partner violator or it is a very nice to go with from long one before I don’t want the parking violator

Or more with

Yours that we go through that

Thank you very nice forty four a long one three ninety four for along was if you could check for a silver P.T. Cruiser last form of dentist for seven three one there is no tax they were calling because they got me a list all on Iran event struggle families that are called for care of seven seven five three seventy seven fifty three still shill two six nine zero six four zero nine three two six nine zero six four zero nine three females by two watches and pounds blond over will heal you only in two zero zero seven four nine zero you need anything else for whatever mob or

My heart nine five six five ninety five sixty five

One zero seven ten the rain was there all seven one zero the rain Avenue and the finals just for a white male black shirt white shoes going to the customers cars went to a couple of them already no one standing at the doors waiting for a customer and I don’t overwork standing up as there was waiting for a customer’s crime to ask for money to sue guess seven ninety eight seven hundred two

I was on with one full euro mail for a

Mere seven Howard

Whelan firm fam nine fourteen

Nine year old he’s getting clean through weeds and he has no history and learns again he is the one with the C.C.W. permit any valid You’re welcome think where one call for one shot heard in the area nothing being called one has seven nine two nine seven one two nine

Seven Thank you A city is part of your general you write thirty seven

For your were male Army third drew on seeing him if there is a female rare you think of her once every four years male of pro-rata retort very Yukio earlier while you were clearing all that Arma So once if you bring

One city to

The fence most of the while going to quickly because if you don’t

Know if I think it’s one fifty three I was wondering if they should let you know right if you five I’m in for really a good night and I once will want to be very frank if you’re in your

Thirty’s Angele brain would show driving privileges and for you on the radio you know no there’s no privileges listed here

But in three five What is the fleet was

Once an event that I had and thirty one

The reporters version of it with the district where they have a row

And it was fifty five and then I have this for you radio the fan party for sort of oh my supervisors they say that you will probably need highty these if I you’ll have a fact walk but have probably geisha over yours or That’s right yes I did that for a five OK sorry in they think you know what I have little far Heidi

To go

True for


OK after having it I don’t know

Courtroom through horse reach through her

From the better Dr

Julie you please check out the one fifty six we say are his revive normal we series for unity as in David they have prizes they receive medical alert alarm from alarm company say in that a sixty six year old male has fallen and has that been able to get out and then the door is locked high numbers one a four zero four warning for Europe more forces he said

There are

The players but all of a sudden in that that’s a hawk and it will seize was the best for culverts I said OK right then and by that time to reach you know we had information received her report all parties were really holding that report and you could put a full dinner and check in for that are going on fifty seven and radio and thirty one through all your calls to is it six six zero a cold eight fifty six o eight call they offer sure I Laney she says a female is threatening her because her son Will says that I see no inside she’s possibly high OK to shame on foot Her name is tasty unknown AIDS vaccine now was running pink hair no clothing description and none weapons supposed to hand seven eight nine zero seven eight ninety nine for us and less than a six and that three less than six in Battery Park sorry I have a cough and chances are there are four black males or a dark clothing with their hoods walking in the area she said a separate and come back together they were lasting one southbound on less seventy six he’s least there

Casing the area code three Cat seven eight three two seventy eight thirty two and it’s free a list that lasts for one and will rain last twenty four ice in the rain Big eight forty for instance around zero four it is there are three suspicious white males eighteen to nineteen years old one was wearing a white loans leisure class being headed eastbound running fuses they were spraying a fire extinguisher and believe they possibly flash someone’s vehicles Highers the cold rainy day is seven seven eight seven seventy seven eighty seven for you list that list the thing

Less exciting part in the area will cough and parent that it was those are parts of their fight driving around and a high rate of speed is the visual problem the eyes of seeing them it seems all three have voices on


Whole three seven four four seven seventy four forty seven in last for us and three one five zero west seventy S. thirty one fifty West seven zero we have a call from Gordon he call seven hundred fifty eight for a basketball game the serving when I called him back he said as usual he just wants the whole fake in there now that’s pretty irate the cold rainy can seven four four two seven four forty seven as if realist basically Israel or the middle is a

Bigger burden vies the bar staff who are just

Two o’clock

One thirty second

But then the slip knot and see that I thought her for the fall followed his advice not to return or get called back to her return please let us know and for full moon there and it was quite an arrival and so if I can have those who feel there are one for him or happy one of the metro

There’s a

Well the five year old Harvard graduate is shooting pool because I wouldn’t kill one he turned over video surveillance or Martin in a movie while the reader or

So on that just really fall they reviewed the footage if it is possible black or dark gray Honda C.R.V. those involved Michigan part of the reserve and shows on our liberal

Tilt to the

Radio forty three we were going to complete over here to three partners and Radio one has to please remain please mobile phone from work and from

The first one from me agreeing to come to I rode three six nine five one

And the front going to be crammed

Full of one of the beautifully

Zero zero eight zero zero a little animal for David day that what he wanted the Lowy various of the red if they’re going to Europe were

Fired thirty seven twenty four East one for four you know one for farm part land two shots fired for their

Arnie three seven Edward three sixty nine five one coming that clean of a dealer ten Thanks for a two thousand and thirteen Jerry Ford or two as a lovely hunter of three seven six three one four seven the second one is a dealer plate it does kind of vehicle or anything it’s four so amazing automotive one ninety eight ten miles in Warren sell sex OK

The thing point race for the A and you are another but that

The online

Through in terminal they check in now pretty the four items three one if you still near sevens only I think I want to examine for shots fired if you’re able to break from yours they’re already oh oh Thera vote for private gardens the cigar the sun radio the four AM three four for club one has fired for him for four thank you three for Sylvia three seven to four hundred forty four thirty seven twenty four East one four four window Williams calling he said he heard two shots

That sounded like it was in his driveway he’s upstairs in that no further information than the one you get a seven one three seven seventy nine thirty seven four thank you two zero zero seven three four cyl four West four nine thirty four twenty four West forty Night Street we have a conference Cathy she says her stepson Shon is damaging property here she was twenty four yo white male hiding in the backyard he’s ranting about her vehicle I’ll sell the coals to Cat seven nine three steal something I do


But I haven’t anything goes on to the officer now if I have a right of the four to really show a failure as a visual shill value they can disregard I just get it if you’re going from fires for assistance and time that you and I focus on is really really

Quick hundreds of

Entrepreneurial human and one of which was

Latitude forty one thirty two thirty eight seventy


Negative eighty one thirty five thirty three seventy nine

Will work to

Two five four four seven eight I mean

She’s a reservist least he’s a union time he’s just two for four hours too high or four seven eight or actually green was the issues three twenty six to sixteen expiration six twenty eight in the scene you know what it was the class relations class he is a David she is a temporary ID that was issued five twenty two a seventeenth class T. is in time you know I’m reading out of Rosa Happy Birthday

Is there any of our Bernie thirty one in route to a opiate overdose nor can was given I don’t for evidence over thirty thirty sixty third to thirty thirty you should consider I want to know from earlier medic their team tries their own radio

Throwaway versus George ocean might find some failure of copies and I think there is or having Who is there that is as I think three separate enough reason for complete I want to see a lot of extra water to fourteen bad as deserving or Each one got one vehicle pulled right here or there will rethink whether your B.M.’s are very high or thirty one of them seen

Forty when I’m seen Korea treating you age for a checkup

You just increase here and in Iraq you wait

For patients to forty thirty one and when the three instore with the various or at the Sunoco one that seems a calling he said he was just robbed the gunpoint of a vehicle the days two thousand six hundred seventy four door he said it’s a mess

Plato Henry Adam Robert five zero one three Henry Adam Robert five zero one three and of days two thousand and sixteen having alibi

Unknown direction of travel is the one that is seven nine four one seventy nine forty one and the suspect is a black male five eight

One sixty five he is wearing all white there’s two males all said

He just gave description of the one now

Thank you to fifteen and right at us and I say five or simply three to five that you know that I’m hauling kind of hold still for a check well on Elson

Sixteen Thank you

But as I think you are that the bartender Hispanic alarm because someone came in and flashes on and just took off in someone’s car is missing that’s supposed to be a lot of middle of the Says who is a SWAT six foot four in every inbred hoodie and resiting it is that even out of Fort Hood

For it or in a vehicle under the direction of travel that’s what it is hand out of the underground and it’s pretty crowded as a code one is seven hundred forty three seventy nine forty three

Thank you says he’s emptying his girlfriend have pulled a pleasure an eye on him and that he has presses on and say if you go far with the males this is he who was his to make a report and is known as receive mail the still saying number one who are zero five one a floor near zero five and is in connection with one eighty three eighty three twenty three three to the macro if it is I have to get a free and round things users just happy there was no answer at the


They’ve been on it that was I suspended that ID card OK then I think I’m going to seven say Charlie three when I was a sequel figure that you mythical event for there is arriving to twenty

But Name First let me second of every twenty one play through on the radio one thing they measure their idea of think about those moments OK even though we

Haven’t done them they Miss Evans Vanny one through seven thirty I have you to tell you one I have party three seven I had for Michael Row We are not usually two hours seriously just

Driven me six very thing that’s the only one but I will play in front of any

Who played it just make sure they come back to the same order for a play George ocean Robert one five zero one and Edward four hundred one two a night happy song for a few very cool as those were one of the very one on the should see there were

Also what will follow follow up on the film the persons report they’re going to

Tap into twenty three you can have a nine for sink and Johnny thirty one and finding two to seven alarms in two thousand and

From I think ninety nine for this male they still actively might want to check around town

But if you



See anything there are three if you really are going to be a rock one five six one hundred

A connection with impersonal him dated through twenty four Prison Radio Times for the N.B.A. with the four will and six are in the midst of June as the males name the

His It was a couple of thirty to four thirty three seven they say you know where I have three more for your last one able to write you more girl

You mean happy thanks very first I really mean eight thousand actually it’s an alarm at one seventy five to one Harvard one seventy five twenty one Harvard C. and that Orlando auto that is calling it in its charter residential

But it has a business name on it if you know an office motion code three to seven eight eight to seventy eight eighty two and next for us is a noise disturbance one thirty two fifteen for now one three two one five pronounced it’s a couple houses down and people this serving of noise being loud so three had a seven ninety four zero seven and forty arg to give her a shocker morning to show how long for three thank you to twenty six B.N. just as a seven was the phrase before from independent Professor Hort I don’t give presents so welcome I have driver’s licenses all valid you know you know

Who’s going from

Florida want to her actually complete a business owners live in a fellow though Jennifer Jennifer know is really the For her it is her for the fate of the passing there is voice for that I’m good for that

And there you want to radio

Erthly with Russia store you put it in


If I have it it was funny and I actually have hopefully a patch for you OK good seven four one seven Elson seventy four seventeen elf and or seventy five sixteen L’s

Have a call from Holland Police Department they have a male by the name of Christopher Osman who was assaulted they hate in their city he said it will crisscross and it often is in their city he was assaulted in are and one of these two locations he’s It is death it is just us but the mom is that they were fighting Somehow he ended up assaulted they want you to check to make sure that the mom Cynthia Austin is OK I have a prior for her is the scene was the address of the seven four one seven elephant in the rear how difficult to get seven nine one seven seventy nine seven

To Selena

And Charles we wondered if

There was a history of both begin with

What they found it was a couple of at the more you’ll earn one that are in Florida

And this is from May twentieth two thousand and seven OK and then they fell for the gun fire and then it Evans been a

Few people three four and if you don’t report in person for phone number and six still five eight one one four five to one six two five eight you have a forty five for caring make outcry Silesia leaseholder Marc Anthony and Tracy Pierson

In three four I have another one for you when he will go out on the radio thank you sat in the is that twenty seven zero six and OK junior Dr again Mr McCloy is calling that for that report the code three to seven one three eight seventy nine thirty eight that is a green townhouse but he insisted that her address or I will go with you lose you to find that you can

Abbi thank you to thirty one just answer me something I pass in the area of lakefront and he makes right and he screams when I was in pursuit of a stolen vehicle they lost it in this area headed towards Cleveland the great Chrysler temp tag word three zero seven nine ninety two and word three zero seven nine nine two gray Chrysler to have a heart for William he says that his wife’s sister writing in with a knife she was heard yelling in of that ground

Is that he feels

Her and through I’m going to

Go there for she’s report


A coffee us two thirty three thirty of the four running to be three for info very very three and they stand by and three one they’re calling back already from Ben wide

One thirty one thirteen then was

Happy it can’t set a ninety five zero they said that

It’s seven black at the door with a gun again and what if anything is if I find the gentleman there that has the affair with her and also has a

Happy memory I’m going to be Bush want to hear her report spread the alarms going to be at one one two zero seven miles one twelve zero seven miles Avenue at the Howard residence Ags calling it in for a living or motion that he’s out of town nobody should be there because three had a seventy six nine seventy eight fifty nine and serialist annoys the servants at nine one one two Gaylord and you nine twelve Gaylord Avondale sunset for a lot of partying music it’s a three to seven eight seven seven seventy eight seventy seven

Thank you to thirty five

But he was bending the fourth time now at this time Adam three one that has to Adam three seven also have to look fly everybody but the one man’s our

Priorities are to thirty six is still workin on Broadway you bet is that what architect they want to rule our

Acts right thank you very right

Thank you going to be fifty one twenty six Perl five one two six parole road P. N.C. A.T.M. security task is holding it in the joint drive up A.T.M. adjacent to the branch because you get seven nine four five seven nine four five thank There are thirty three copies what do you have thirty thirty five and he’s actually got to go to he’s actually the other the ASK ME FOR EVER Mason on that one as well

Then do you want to go through with what they’re saying that they will have and I have four minutes

Checking on the welfare

A male

I think that if they go

To thirty seven if there’s a meridian

We’re going to one out of Joe Joe’s

Two thirty seven they would remove usually put

Two thirty seven

And seven at the Golf Channel with this they know that if you treat

Others of a who are over three hundred nineteen lake to for info for a while there they’re not married they’re roommates

But the problem the callers remove Lapham’s low was a little weird math all these jealous of his roommate who he never had any kind of relationship with has got a boyfriend over her it was a horrible argument over someone rather I kept thinking

At two thirty

Four I’m complete or I’m cold very very

Very far really zero three five for me are we have information before or will be holding their report go ahead with Iran to thirty nine the Cold War is seventy one thousand right seven nine one nine Lake Avenue apartment three zero two and as a call for William Wallace A stating that his had his wife was threatening him with a knife and she was yelling of AK around part of the call Hagar he refused to give the address so we had a look at out and her body thirty six

Years of all novel earlier jealous and they are not married that there remains go and

No one has seven nine four eight seven nine forty

Two thirty nine and there you want a radio out of one

To find a phone number for

It looks like your dispatcher that

Phone number for the rear house or Cynthia

For obvious all you want call

Call appreciate it

When it looks like was that a bit of a crowd there five meals and the meals it looks like there is someone cut an M three one off he’s happy for we thought of you for a brief

Thank you very one three one one three then would one thirty one thirteen then would

Suspect to me is that in black black males are complection find a lead and then they will short hair seen in that heavy traverse bluish gray in color and he was threatening with a gun and also somebody that now there’s several people on scene connected with us

By three five

All right

Sean Penn the last name of the other group that’s well but Robert ocean union hall at work or you know or measurably yesterday at our next

Ocean twenty four year old white male having We have our last known address or anything don’t match up with him

And I got the ultimate OK

Thank you says forty

There’s a two thousand and twelve Hyundai four door white collar Jonathan Robert comes selling its axis eight four to five Marilyn they have until Cleveland Ohio four four one five zero four gene all of his info please social two seven two seven zero eight

Seven five three verses eleven twenty seven one nine hundred sixty three fifty three male five nine one ninety black over Brown that little on is Robert F. four eight three eight eight five now if you want the phone number that I attempted to call that I left the voicemail message with I don’t know if it actually wants to have

Eight four nine seven five three three

Five has a hold of her if you forty three seventy eight last sixty first travel with and that’s why for everything is in early because you finding Party thirty six thirty five he says is that a question

I told him that you guys are downstairs late

But of beauty do happy for you for David to see her in the House three hundred two

That is yours are my two twenty five a detail I mean to them thirty one radio answer when

We try their darndest not an honest or unknown game or a no response you just complete

Happy two forty six verify three six

Six tired as station wagon white nineteen a seventeen to a Danielle van you know Jessica there’s to be a second OK if that’s what you’re looking for in my van she wants you to terminal for part started reason or you want to

Run if you’re having to have some reason for three minor here is magick OK I want to hear disturbing jewelry on her actually thinking to forty seven

Very very worried but her three year old are away for their part for a while what thirteen hundred watts I got in Frankfurt were fit to return for a seventy five

You have heard of are the actual that seventy three

Year of those who coined the information and they’re ready to

Go and he gave birth by the social he’s running the show for the past three Keogh McLean or


Well there’s any oh I

Thought it worth a while and that is union

To nine seven who’s there zero one seven valid no us versus date of birth is eighty three seventy OK so much no problem

Three previous health care for a very very right there either

Yes or wrong

One nine hours trying to give nine hundred grams court is very upset

I’m not in trouble

So much in the background males and females arguing he was if I thought the address of that deal validating our computer he was upset about that because you get seven nine five nine

Seven I five nine on the on trouble

Does I think the I one second I’m trying to pull it out of us before but I don’t remember now thank you is I think Joe is the one who in the social game with

The number seven that it will be going to a one million for one should do to

See the number of the issue in its ID number is that

There isn’t one and no driver’s license that is not valid no restrictions as an ID and here I think information and you’re a good thing you know I’m just as easy for you we’ve gotten calls in March January November and last have Henri Paul saying he’s the car breakin and that being

All of you know walks will cause

A body in the area that US and that offense are twenty fast so that older model vehicle Carola have a sleeve and showed that we will have a cultural experience or was called out at do thirteen

Radio Sam three three sans report out they came aboard simply for

Thank you telling to has his first one is family travel intact boyfriend at forty three seventy eight West sixty first

And I still haven’t given our time there in a span of prior domestic according to my collar so that has us as a patient times out and yet all travelling that traveling at a high rate of these are mph on Venice and horse like this because you pending as the time on our side of an priorities Adams three seven should be clear from their alarm soon to long but they haven’t come back with any kind of damage or anything

It’s enough for on good and all the

Assets for the one and those David three five report that is seven Metro thirty three things you have a traffic stop challenged anyone but if you have come up with a parable or one man’s

Courage it will

Be now I gotta tell you that I want to tell it everything

That I’m sure say against a

Numbers that are seven thank you they were that’s not as this was your radio sales Who are you for

The last fifty first forty three seventy eight West sixth form

College I V F as author says daughter in a voice her outside is the boyfriend’s intoxicated given our time refusing to leave

He’s afraid that I might ask

No weapons that he knows of suspect Harrell when runs in a forty’s

And the daughter is outside still with them came in a black pickup truck I call that as you forty eight he was still there

And the caller said that there’s been a prior domestic The four with them connections it was a couple days it was a cinema lounge as you can have seven one five do seventy five to three of the area the five approaches are up to fifty five or so and we were free to express

Your room it was a place for sure whether it was for

Three sixty X.

And same day three as one three one one three then one one thirty one thirteen then would

The going to be for a D.D. photos

Seven nine five there are seventy nine fancy amphorae one there fifteen for the doing a feminist

Thank you too

For this series then Tracy some of them are

Serious and Paul were than a rubber thing or ocean or

As one seven hundred or one in unite all who feel the eight they see three back of the right for the zero five eight one

Sam and

Two for not I two zero zero against Sam two for an R. and Susie or zero thanks a racist for two thousand and

Twelve even if the left former Special who are five more

For Kevin thank you if there’s anything he thought for sure he was present here I have P.C.I. D.N.A. are met when you have them please have a rating of David three five what your status there is or if I was like your finishing up there well must go out with our staff

Have discussed your pending

Embryon grow horrible take it

And never happy I’ll try to call back

Happy where yet

Are called for

More than a

Truly great one the call is on the way say OK for longer seven to go for seven to me you have rejected a plea of a copy of could have three warning these four choice

For heroin or to

Ruin a radio just for organ reimbursement for

You have a four or five if you are short on any street

Any forced entry for sale in like

Twenty four eleven Form four four zero course or from foreign ports or my

Daddy in a

Charlie three five you really are

So different it is you’re going to have one report completely unfair also a computer with a sim three three

You know and they have probably priori terms that just

Show you up in

Person return a chicken farm although my computer froze that’s OK I can only write sorry

But the I do have one in your zone if you want a

Sure thing you write it’s going to be one two six zero zero A lot of graves one twenty six hundred one a crazy Ave India Williams call then I think this ng is full of reports for her daughter’s

Rise raise as it is Robert I do and I’m damned every day to visit to eighteen of us to

Hear the grandmothers house your mothers Angela Ruffin regional report was that are eligible A.T.M. that is years ago for his isn’t eating so you give me I think that there is a link or despair if I hear what I’m serious or I don’t do the work for

Me Thank you very far better revive radio

From Z. view all male books how they collect that Ripley

Thank you Israel

They threw your radio going

At me a serial I can’t stand a nine six seventy nine sixty five I prefer to oh


The original color we’re told is the female that lives with the G.’s it was a female by the name of Sandy there is a fire radio played a very bad Catherine

Yes I do is dance hall is in a denizen well as in is in this been on in it’s been for the with twenty three have a conference and he says there is a hold of model mob back via false driving and a highway to be possibly one hundred miles per hour close to them and I think the row I mean I think he


Like you refer to radio

As just being there for much what do you reckon you have to think of like a very

Sorry about that I just came back from my lunch what info was that if you need it so I can get it for you there one for I have a view to run the show on camera or you know go yes from very Those are really really important C.D.’s that are far more if well if moving them is Sean

Go for us and Trooper younger berthing with all rubber Oceaneering and Paul at work

From the felt

Them that are killing

Three four year old white male OK let’s not now

This thing of a of one very OK have essentially you’re ready for pesos assume one thinks nine four six six is still two ninety six ninety four six is still there what’s the real last name you know Madam know that after they were birth I remember OK It’s all in his name as in it’s him or you and it’s six nine five one York sixty nine fifty one York in Parma Heights four four one three

Zero date of birth seven twenty four ninety feel seven twenty four ninety two male six one blonde overblow the advice is valid town hall one one two eight six four time Paul one one two eight six four perfect and I have one more for you are on

Going to be a pretty me the couch just let things fall apart killing Adam Union fam King Adam phantom their birth of seven thirty one nine hundred eighty seven

The social and her physical cliff

Have a semi It is a five an area reason for anybody seven

To exist for sure one golden memory

Pieces of a

Plane for the Radio four more

For me I want to see you said it was overwhelming I

Think it was very for seven eight six three four terms if Iran eight zero

Nine two two seven eight eight zero six one two female five two one hundred ten pounds brown of the green ball and the same zebra six eight four seven three seven same zebra six eight four seven three seven very much you know welcome pretty that Adam thirty four first did a few uses fire

For an employer with yourselves for you give the two sets of all right or hear

That from think isn’t this a way

All right the made a difference Oh like you said you know he wants to be

We’re going to mourn

I’m going

To cure Omari what I’m saying going to take over this ballroom this president is working with

Only called

Back yes

It was just too much time and

I thought illustrating

Why you

Don’t you know

We don’t here are we don’t care for

Your future parents you know her or you know how are we going to lock or

Have a


There get back to your moral values later for today for support so we don’t want to argue with you ARE YOU BE I’m you know fun of me return your

Information of practicing connections and hard jacking and if you claim he’s twenty five and make sure people are going to be a two thousand and six you a plate of George my point going to take seven zero George my klink and six six seven zero suspects are two black males in their mid twenty’s once I think they have a gun they fled south down and he’s twenty five producers check for their offer for if you have a new G.T.O. on a four wheeler is repair part

Well as logically of every dollar that you feel right now

We’re already three or less like they left in the grave and they carry on the seven lines they signed seventy nine states and I again the caller is somewhere in the back of us so are you going to church or Joe was there the negatives even the back of us or he’s he’s still hiding but they covered

Thank you yes I think that it’s me that way that they think that after thirty seven thanks very for the thing you know their own got the numbers will have their having to have a thing probably through one radio on were a no there is no cause over here have them thank you thank

You Off mike you off I’m out on Howard so all

Right you regard

The Feminine

With the phone so you guys dancing now they’re trying to find out from the victim where exactly it occurred and if it’s ours are going to have to take them off at the district to do the report but if

The Harley dealership problem already or won’t work right were

There people in the park along

The way he’s not sure that that as well as live in from the back of the floor or his

Heavily my well in the second or third no where you know off once is the example the only one there are those and dangle in North tunnels of one year zero four one five Westchester one zero four one five West Chester at this second Street left Missionary Baptist Church at the figure out what alarm company this is but they’re showing back motion to post three and seven nine five five seven nine five five

Present is one for Jew who have no time for the word of yes George Ball Queen six five zero four eight and I grab vehicle him three four I’m monitoring the fact that a couple cars over there is just from trying to just follow it

Without using the lights keep us informed of what’s going on I mean correction as Steve’s already they know you there are guys

I believe in or behind them but we’re driving normal speed and there are three or four view for

Currently is thirty miles an hour

There was yes and there

She highborn around for a very reason the way we’re still used on Harvard has been one five three

Three genera we have one male under

The Ecole was given to the owner and from

Seven five zero seven just be advised that that was a huge deal and rather he had three twenty one party thirty five already

From Lake ever know we have information

Sell for now

To Charlie for if you’re ready to hang just as we have

Inferred you Turly thirty one will be transformed on the C.P.U. But my fault for being all traffic

Stories from orange is where the journey really to be

AT Are you thinking it would you like to do prisoner latest edition shippers I was going to be older but I mean I’ll keep it up to you guys

When you’ve got George retires or one of you trying to get up I have to go for the shop three six or so you are

Before you going to turning north onto one seventy three from Harvard three fires at least in Harvard we see you guys we’re behind you we’re north past now with your own one five and three and thirty four you thirty six we’re in the province vehicle one seventy three and still for the war are

Going to go from one hundred three not operating under thirty five mph right keep us informed what they’re doing

Looking like they’re trying to bail here off

Causes are no can

Never leave I really

Like the gold

So we’re going to grill depreciate

Going on for years and when the

Person was three

Hundred or drawn from

Thirty miles an hour they are a veteran of our war

Right Anderson the one hundred gram court

Where we have info received advisement our own tax parties

And you know I think down at this time


Show something

To Charlie three one just revolve a van was on scene was George and sham six one two eight


And ours were for about our growing world war though right now great a lot of crime

Reporting although our part of every heritage was we are keep in mind what all or color of our warthog several rows from the rear the forty miles an hour

Part time

He’s been an R.V. right now

Our victory over us a great deal of our Prague war will have the strength of our full growth our


From warrant

For the south down on how we’re

Already how do our bridges secondary produce get it very very serious now heavy it was trying to be in the area trying to spin to preserve credit or

To go north on the war

We’ve heard about an hour retired

Gravitar sections try to be in the area for what events

Are how Burton to the thirty two family in the prairie going to go

Where when how or

Even if you need to go out the window


Go our friends all or there’s actually children

Created more from

Thirty miles an hour Charlie if you’re also three twenty nine three five would have the stomach three twenty well full grown what school Khurana who are already uniforms well for radio under her every one of her

Arguments is it for those who are dogs about to be George Robert zebra seven zero six very George represent the were


You off of

Respect Obama actually full George until you’re something

The right kind of maybe

Having brain of mind and if I recall one and I

Think we’ve green color

Was a description of the other one where he received

From charity and one male was treated and released shows about the C.P.U. a copy three thirty

Three guys to the suspect go east or west from here Radio X. ray forty three for satire he’s forty I think a score high for three

He’s forty you think he score they all holler heard three shots fired he said he thought it was coming from a whole vehicle

I three I thought for our family is that they were all black male the driver had braids that black T. shirt blue shorts they just stopped the vehicle

Owsley didn’t use force

And that like there was the phrase the black T. shirt and blue shorts out walking away from the vehicle code want to it’s not a night one seventy nine eighty one awfully nice person OK three thirty four and if you’re going on a vehicle that was a goal vehicle sposi sitting at Owsley in East forty six right now occupied by two and a male that is a phrase in a black T. shirt and blue shorts Absolutely thank you so as Adonis and we

Are of a forty one since the summer is before you were harmful

To us one of the four of our before

Like forty one think it was or was that

OK sorry you feel


And it sounds to me three thirty five

In the results or going to the forty thirty

Share is that three four four zero here in Avondale thirty four forty Aaron it’s a cold one and seven nine seven seven seventy nine seventy seven

Zero zero three thirty five short really they’re very few know when you’re

Going to short and not a rock over to the ship for personal reason and very were for her caught him by the City area in forty six in case who are he says Case court standbys as there was a go the high by three ranks male one and the male head exit is the hole in the air

He is efore in the way representing missing then there will be when there are blanks thank him balloons you sure really

Occupying the vehicle photograph are those numbers there since he did advise that they’re currently in the area high numbers one eight four zero then they’re running for zero seven from three thirty seven for the

Very four requests

So here for photos for

The gentle

Ramp angle of the film just for I don’t think

OK So as I use they’re going to need both of these have one of four of the any and the others are grand bend a little purple one on her merry overhauls holding us in the U. there’s no

Having all the Iraq case that has I

Think there to

Be received or if you you want to know where they’re at but I just want to find out what will be there on the whole


But regarding us you know if I were a vehicle in a carjacking if parked if you could motel occupied happy you’ve been through one radio

For more funding

And Battery Park suspicious mail here G.O.I.A.

Well we did that we went in for a wet fix date in court for seven for for selling their bikes going to Geo Yukio for All right I will and I while we are already there we offer to fair seven for four

Games quite honorable

Those people before any analysis Ari today about her kind of evil or just for

The fun of just go

To school and I think Afghan Well we and I are from C.B.S. is a motion you can’t seven nine seven nine seventy nine I mean

There are good for that brief twenty one thing but if you present to this your can

Very big city keys with it you know not sure where are very very interesting just about well cared for

Also going along with it we still have our ad where you fucked up I am actually did occur in our city and their officers are en route to say that you’re going to take to take them for a report you want them bring them there and then or a martyr in the area has already been


When cars are able to break that’s got to close to one of the alarm at Wendy’s on one forty of the Lowering the other the disabled vehicles seventy one and less on that

When able but they would reject

Rate and it wouldn’t be able to go through

Which were go for a boss or spoke about a lower three six four berth as well one person

Who went through every part of his clothes and there was a that is you are afraid alarm call and then a rear motion to get us seven nine seven six seventy nine seventy three I

Think is three forty four their trajectory towards a vehicle we’re going to be

OK because the other a forty four

Is almost this on the highways was that was it OK this is the No I’m a regular guy

And very very very rigorous

Yes there’s a both of us and they have a very thick over the I thought when they were on north there was one that you are the devil’s the

Biggest in the market if you really get out there

That the thank you Andy David de sac Yvonne seventy one Norah just south of west one fiftieth seventy one are just south of left on this is a very of the the path of my here they have as they will vehicle unable to give us reps and


Can’t is the only seven nine eight six seventy nine eighty is that

Thank you very very five Party thirty seven or you are decision we can very often take there are probably close and there are thirty six is three refused to for very few several were of your chore as well so we got a heart

Does anybody even addresses how often the strike force

You noticed in your heart or their office promotion through to various men all through their you know who forty of them are a little bit of a life well those want to think i’m just want

Thirty four thirty four he doesn’t have his own little transportation well


Right you have three twenty seven and you know we hear

Everybody just clear over here we’re going to convene this now the area of one hundred forty four and will be informed if there had been a three forty eight you know water no report or anything

Of that happy pretty negative when the Says responding

Should we come for you three shrimp from just two three three forty nine David three three put it on your whole day into her part of reserve three for thirty one review were available

There you go mail


Here six of I what they thought in

Every scenario going

Through court yes answering the charges

Two and three seven

In front of the house see that

There’s others just simply

Three says he wants to get a terminal or sort of

Figure that won’t write the check or for a male have a

High remember you’re with stars I go off out

There the same guy over a fifty year old mill will never

Picketing right


That point

Is just a

State ID card expired data very three thirty one eighty seven happy

With Cleveland the to the south as well Ford Explorer

Going through only a narrow range you don’t get hurt yes maybe not the most


More negative far far right is going to be viewing

Me There are thirty if you prefer

Things these are

A four who are running for the record are truly thirty one’s going to handle the shows a chance of four six six three fifty three fifty three and it’s going to be three six five nine East five to thirty six thirty nine he said the second Mariska calling he said he heard of being asked by saying don’t touch me I know what’s going on just to get a seven

Five six seventy nine anything

Three fifty four for the radio

For everybody around and that’s in vehicle going to be geo Radio thank you all the other cars three fifty four to fifty five not radio ninety six very just


There is a John Mr Brook

Oh no

Mr Brooks

Well if you want to do for a get an A three if I

Don’t even know the direction of our high but it was unable to well

There’s a radio with this is four and three who are here we are really employed and if you know anything else

And it doesn’t compare with the


You know a British male Still there are thirty three zero one

Open for you back in five

To five dollars if you guys want to finish operator work construction should be done for the night thank you thank you but if you call me

Then radio you happy that we’re going to put off that I’m VERY five off they’re happy think I thank you he said seeing wasn’t it three nineteen they feel that three thirty at the school bridge and given time everybody was in first

They had that earlier that just make the list of those


But as I said is their side of the hallmark of asm that they get the end

Right up in the proper

We’re just want to wait for the process

That one very very

Hard to answer for

Others of either and I give my Who is he’s in the

First one well they are the one that fell over the ramp here or there profit out of it

We’re going to care if you’re happy you know

Three four words or three can come through while for union or whatever for it is OK thanks for everything the radio

Plays and we started yesterday seven three seven three and he you’re


Funny stories or do they not have E.T.A. So the prefacing here until it is if you’re if they’re not home and

Yeah there’s no E.C.A. they’re going to be thought of unless they’re on for a while and they have a few others before the

I guess a few thousand five silver sorry my computer is running a

Wall I was excellent in her heart and Aria for her that there was an error for a far right even for funny three one are you able to write from any one of six a complete area I have a code two and a two and now some priorities ready for service requests to be force prices for one thousand nine hundred thirty sistering nineteen nineteen these diseases three for the leaseholder eight eleven the leaseholder near the center vice and he will be weighing in I was I.V. and number one a four zero nine one a horse you are in terms of four there were three with the Jever the motor vehicle did a thirty three year can seven nine seven zero seventy nine seventy

Four or five to get that far

Thank you

You know all four of us I’m sorry with her go

Through security Oh we’re for terrorists seventy nine eighty seventy nine eighty eight I just verdigris the radio part of things and I had

To mail it for the cows back them of vehicles

George for Queen fish fries or for a second

OK alarm

For us and say running three seven ninety three three in the report for that earlier that’s going to be cats that an eight one seventy eight eighteen it was taken from three to eight one zero six a white ninety nine Ford Escort Delphine from a

Karen Smith

That’s thirty five twenty eight use on a six

So that’s one forty eight point eight I’m sorry

I said

Genesis I stand by

I’m going to check calling a lot of now

Repros of

A letter now it’s going to be at least a few days a forcing at a crack

Every coffee Phone Number two one six eight three seven eight six four and did you want to notify or do you want me to

I think have a backup like fifteen twenty feet I always everything’s on the motel we’re going to go if you are all going to show off their

So I thought I heard about Marc Ecko

If you already have some you know

There are three shirts you can work there are very clear you zero to report directions I have to thank you guess for

Ready to fire Bernie to me some friends I’ll pass for a walk and talk and for a full time while listening to Mount Vernon I needed this file from that and then also I was able to contact the owner she has been notified

They were


Thank you they were forcing the the three curious

To see if I had to show your address for the case where then this their money completed her family home ec ready to

Fight it blackmail just got and I can tell the factual Buick or not but it looks like a silver car like the third one on the west side of the parking lot of

The year where it’s hard when you have to start

To get out now you want to roll in first the mark you know all are going to get in position or everybody started that way if not it’s not the be careful the way out of anything I have one or three

This is on West fifty and seen horse that’s right now that is Sam Edwards I doubt they ever

Seen court that’s a corner and housing of anonymous call for about music three Cat seven ninety seven seventy nine eighty seven but only

This is on twenty four one thousand Clark welcome for seven point five thinking throughout the radio thank Giorgio if you know for twenty

Two free will to radio

I have

Removed credit for you the four of you who’ve been out for

Money will cross over a real struggle or reveal how army previous form you have been of are if you give me your phone number I can call you either way it was just us three seventeen I fell from Euclid P.D. connection with the book

For twenty one

One and I’m very sick for a post to an Emory we’re happy they say thank you we’re going to have our the one is the one seven Emery Avenue now was twenty six seventeen and Marie ave now running very far without her earlier a male Chris herrings and a calling

His mother wrecked his vehicle earlier and he was now our heard the address those He’s here now has left earlier and he wants her to be admitted and he had a mental breakdown

They thought of this as the two Yes and the seven nine nine six seventy nine ninety six and three six come out with that three nineteen that is seven nine eight eight seventy nine eighty eight for the female of the device that I call back I got the soldier killed if you ever be needed and he there were reports of the

Vehicle covered throughout the female fulfill

Her add on very sick thank you guys for flying very some male take something out of a vehicle that is exactly they took out of my Mercedes they took off in an old Crown Vic He was following them for a while and then my track of them we had no victim as

This time I don’t believe the two had a seven ninety eight and seventy nine eighty nine I guess the best you can do is just check that area of the black Mercedes are good thank you for twenty four invited to join a real party three seven but you just don’t hear Joe Well you know just reusing over here

Secretary even as under thirty three zero one one call center road and you set your complete lot to zero in that you know we’re not here to go and

We’re just you know and here I believe there are thirty three family but I’ll be playing over here in the house fair play as well not needed I happy and sorry still holding a lot of great incredible are just for now but I’m just holding when all they deploy to the juvenile courts like I already have a one on our

Boat for while my

Priority is to for this segment and that because those fans are press my pressing and Chris Ryan chronon by men men there I said there is a scene where men are still her camera her realtor past and the row no whore and yelling for her a war several times he has been back there for over an hour

Form a for a while warns one a for a while more time for twenty or twenty

Fourth winner and embers one a four one zero one he for once they were gracious sure I ring at four thirty to eight when asked


This or that mail away for thirty days will occasionally him across a police said something about needing a toll truck to do is crying also says something about being punched in the face no further in the fall line disconnect that we can’t reach or back to at a seven ninety five

I mean anything I

Thank you for thirty one Radio four hundred three Sam and I need you to hold up on your heart go to Harvard police forces or I’m a one Harvard one four nine zero one Harvard Avondale Tina Pearson is calling so there was a male has just pulled into our driveway in a great luxury sitting and he got out of the vehicle and told her her house was going to be burnt to the ground by morning he was a black male wearing glasses tall no weapon seen it’s a two headed eight zero zero two eight thousand to a second I have another disturbance for your last one three six and Miles is one three six between Miles and Paris check for these gold blasting loud music brown in color is a three headed seven nine nine nine seventy nine ninety nine

The norm up to four now already complete with the special attention for thirty two they recruit from AT and around Broadway

And eighty join are happy the three two

Times four thirty three

Three seven I salute them or no one burning three

Yes there’s a sense and I heard Are you guys going to be in long enough to see you we’re making our way back that was broken how do you know I was going to go with what you got

For that I thank you for thirty three

Is that the one at the three four three nine grand send Avondale thirty four thirty nine brands him

Here that’s Robert saying there’s a silver vehicle

Facing the wrong way but that’s in the middle of the road the fact the pres least one person but the think there might be more people

And the that the pope very get is there oh there are a one eighty zero one

Thank us for thirty four and then radio the Bernie three seven for one less once you buy the mine version

You have three seven thank you as you can head over the west one to five in the rain plus one funny that’s three and Iran Mr and that

Is wants to come for about his girlfriend say and he’s even a black jacket and khakis and

That the code for that is that the nine seventy seventy nine seventy one go ahead take you twenty to fifty come crawling to two five year old compound

The L.S.S. responding to Apartment six three six per sixty seven year old psych patient she’s a female she’s not accepted as responding

Has a zero zero three zero zero three three five radio for in fall two national

Bulletin we just love her and there’s a granddaughter who remain free because we just short her boyfriend

GRAHAM It was an element of body

Soul I would have no asked to manage

Everything was found in the area of one four nine in part by

Going to seven hundred forty robberies and also forever were not J.G. trained either what

Did I say about

Rita Davis thirty seven radio are

Doing all their version of joy I really think of the progress of our journey into our

There’s something here all bridges even thirty seven

Her able to respond and assist everybody else at twenty two fifty

Six thirty six just so that we have yet to trade officer on scene I get real help for work out of trouble

Thank you it’s four thirty eight

Thirty three five if there were thirty four make sure there were I feel left out after all of that and for thirty eight they would remain in the RIDEA

Oh yeah we’ve just

Been reassuring route to relieve the mayor’s betrayal for thirty nine that’s going to be can actually created a new cat seven ninety seven

And they were going to have proof that all the lights just went if you want

The parking garage the fully turned back so yes there’s a

Perfect Georgie’s arriving

For forty

Thirty or

If you hire


And I was

Thinking George like you know you want one her who are like her and one zero zero one three of age sixteen checking out that was taken at gunpoint by two black males one wearing a white T. shirt mightiest

If not hours out the whole day feed is life eternal by generator so anyone from down near the gate might not open it short rides are very

Iffy recover enough for things

To threaten that if that’s what was there or is it enough it doesn’t mean whatever

In order

So you don’t think that it will make it a murderer

Yet there

We’re still waiting for them the policy that to take the

Forty three for them it would be three hundred if the name of the victim to get the name

Of the head were

Heard at or before or thank you it’s going to be at what Hill and Wayne link was Hill and Wayne link there’s a construction site there Mr Belafonte So there’s three people walking around there they’re dropped off by red pickup truck and no where the pickup truck went no descriptions on the people you just want to check now three had a seventy nine seventy nine ninety five good for thank you for forty four white the other eleven for truck expires Janeway thirty first two thousand e thing right straight to D.C. heard the landscaping thirty five twenty five back more Imperial high I’ll get it for forty four if I’m worried you know

Joe you’re out and if you don’t want to go find out me over here for a moment I’m gonna want to the nitty gritty Well he’s out on a thirty five Radio Shack for forty three and fifteen minutes before he arrives at the district I mean if I can think three fifteen OK Yes Sergeant seven around three o’clock I guess

For three that they’re coming out priority three for thrust his voice for a seven sing for these are with this three seven hundred forty was Lenz’s they put at least others they wanted to release all the awards for her by their early as this season there was this group of males posing in the horse yours and the male posts in this thread the fry her and all

Well for it Fred is the Reagans or her unit in the saucer and that was once a poor one three one the poor three arms full force they might have thirty verses seven twenty five of ninety five

For mortal for road we’re going to enforce the Freeport refuge golf and one juvenile under forty thirty three hauling those through it all around if you were going to be thinking you know

Even thirty three profit for a vehicle for fear you simply forward on seeing the value of course the assist and think

I got a thank you time is far far away three hundred thirty five

Vehicles a huge deal

I’ve been at it for forty nine or eighty the far Adam three one friends

And I want me to say that but then what again I’m so Devon black is calling he would like assistance get even title from his child’s mother he said he’s going to lie on hand

I don’t know what you want to do with this feel through that

Baby’s office

Worth of numbers the one for you want and then Wade is that code for one thousand four eight zero zero four arc

You’re good for that going back to the second defective or evil the joint thank you for doing that cavity you for fifty one the the thirty two Ville

These are fifty one and David three two and I think I heard one a grave was taken back so I don’t know if you are going over there I’m not sure what happened I was not here right three four for two no I didn’t

Office because you were going or what happened I was advised that they weren’t going you know and in another I’ll head over happy if you want to you can’t seven seventy eight seventy seven eighty eight that is going to be for one twenty six hundred Lineker I want to sit there oh there are a lot of praise for warrior for a full and free one that you know if you from your sources or is the V.O.B. of some of them were ninety two to two not going to go over and you got Ohio

George ocean point you only can Robert

And I think with three three Jeff or you call it is seven hundred seven zero

Nine four nine four ninety six zero one two nine four nine four nine six zero one talks

To see if you work or search

For they were going to be played as well

For fifty

Six or fifty four for all those urgent the five Treasure one shows arriving I want you for that the four former summer has horses

There are three seven I think just three hundred of the other

Three You know if you haven’t put on

About closed off but you’re out for fifty six every one of their four fifty thousand runs before the road

And then vision

That at the

Right before she’s walking over you

Regular any think there’s a

Sort of feel that have a thank you for Cessna or is it you really don’t so the funny thing

Very firm

That for

Sure as well as Evy right no

One are

You the numbers you are

Yes or that withstand seven nine four one seventy nine forty one and that address was three three four six East one for sex King that is a one the best chemistry fifty days it’s very flattering


Given the numbers the two is going to get it up going to be at Metro in Room seventy three cats in the seven zero zero eight seven zero zero eight and I’m looking for that information on the season I don’t agree with everything

There is a trick I have

To judge her Muschamp point well you know a number for me to go in her book for

Yeah I want I can only if you know half the number then I can just connect

Well tendency twenty times but I’ll get there it is

Here thanks to one six or nine one six one one zero that’s four nine one seventy one ten that and before you all made it on the news I’m watching you right now is that guys she’s

The honey in front of well I believe that

They mean but somebody tried claim it and get it out of the

Program Radio one Barney three kill for a coat

And then on

The basis thank you the same time

The alarm at the Westpark license bureau three three four five as Cliff

Harris thirty three forty five that

Who doesn’t care that he are again less hard lessons that alarms calling in praise from three sixty degree motion three that is eight thousand eight hundred eighty zero eight and the other one of them as for their zero two seven Rocky River forty twenty seven Rocky River Drive and the parking

Deck furthest precious like Toyota occupied by three people

Isn’t that near for a while there’s not one of them for those three have a thousand seven eight they’re all seven thank you five all for one very reason real money three seven of us still got their information over here and we’re still matter to market central unit

For complete lack of it that I have all five

Thank you it’s going to be a thirty one ten out of On three one one zero out of on thank Morris Tiny’s a third party haulers saying there’s a female there that was assaulted that is a self is it a head to something about a thousand or ten parts deal I’ll take your civic dollars out of mental the two that is eight thousand five eight zero zero five missing endangered male or judges is a broadcast for a permanent


Thank you five six

David three three or Dave’s issues I have been seven a day there know his vote for Gore I’ll put on Mary from Marin pressure probably over there and have a ship from a pro or vehicle

I gotta think I five of six who are satisfied all seven and thirty one and I had

Zero zero four dollars you know you show how a forty five out of four horrible reports Mark

You good for a

Both of us enjoy

Thank you and the broadcast is items that are pending bills this time if anyone’s in the area can check these OK

Paul for a trespasser at one two one one two unions male on a porch roof at a college thirty one fifty one hundred thirty S. email asking for assistance to get property

And affable fill in the IT call it use one for something can spend vehicle those check OK they give a place report if anyone wants to challenge your focus they got why you are ready to force the answers are for and

Perhaps they are as well as I said I’m holding five

Three code three and two called fours they are all timed out

To play center reports I don’t know if you want to David three two handling any report she’s missing persons are

Already missing persons or the she had one right now Far Cry don’t want her doing anything else are all the other person right up right now the SUV I’m evil that’s right I mean I understand it represent your if you know that that yes I understand that and I did an awful lot more through you know that I have all my free fuzzy area

Big located on the bow

And L.K. hold on tight and then begins just west of M.L.K. on the other side of the ether park

Three hundred

Seventy K. seven by the still seven five six two it occurred Bevan identify

The males name is Brandon Calderon


Now to run data for three six ninety seven I should go forward


And have one male give a right to twenty one likes I

Have hall three four we walked around the


Your I have a think if I’m

The first one’s going to be at one twenty one twelve union one two one one two union on the porch Nicole Nick Michael on thing there’s a male two males refusing to leave she’s a building owner here he said they’re both wearing all black no further Insall TACL three that is that in one to four seventy nine twenty four for a list three one six zero one hundred thirty S. thirty one sixty E’s one three L. Kayla’s calling his assistant to get property from another female here she was waiting out front in a white Chrysler Sebring the advice just cross a few hours old

Unable to return the call that the four has seventy two for seventy eight twenty four

Thank you five thirteen

Career ball fresh

Thanks Simon five thirty three to this arm second OK very heavy five for being

There for you


Fifty us internationally sorry

I think that that is forty one twenty six thirty five eighty four eighty one forty three sixteen sixty one sixty nine sixty one four four affirmative eight one four three one say that one or the EULA

I think troll that there isn’t radio but I

Give a voice to your group and I’ve been saying thank you so often enjoy your view for Radio four and vice versa for the US at over frankly

I think we are very very very very very

Were completed a lot of you how do we work for forty five and I for one there’s nothing pending you’re good for that you will enjoy by seventy seems as if they might be on sat on their head on that process tell

Three hundred radio call back and I once again the three through their

Voices are heard you

Mr McVeigh join your

Show of A.D.H. more money for war three warning for one three

Three four five when you know that by thinking it was wrong of R.T. that if I have three days Iraq Iraq that everything everyone you’ve gone a



Which way all of her radio but it was funny I just broadcast of the funny thirty five that I was just running on

I’m trying to get

Through they reduce the Barney thirty five

Thanks it’s just ringing as if there’s no answer right right

OK bigger market place and I was

Five twenty and

You just won one for seven cans then it’s kind of old Partridge back a lot

Of Division I think you are going to be Kenzan these one for seven cans and Rose is on a forty seven in the church parking lot caller says check for a suspect that you don’t

Black Mercedes Benz George X. ray next six three nine for George X. ray next six three nine for the four you have seven nine nine four seven nine nine four that’s a for explaining Here’s the jargon OK

We’re just we’re

Seven nine nine four seven nine nine four and it looks like it’s a bit of an O. nine with eighty eight and I am glad they had this by twenty two as a code three

For those rowers faces are always there ARE GOING TO SEE FIT the security checkpoint

For medical emergency

That there are

Radio prefix fifteen

Very low one to one or you have one

We’re going to do this without

A So that was a report for seven lines for one form of

Motor vehicle use you know

I’ve received it and I thought I thirty for those religio you to put me right about

Seventy two for I think I thought if I play if I need anything that you know from here probably

Legal JEFF OK how is Jeff OK to reject the I will for forty five I get the

Thirty five’s the Kansan one force of

Five twenty seven

Finally you see a chance seventy six one zero in seventy seven very thing three of us to from ever earlier resurrect the code one I want to threaten that I don’t think the US is something else or someone else but I’ll handle a record





Work her remember


Own whore or one girl

Ran across

The park

Who are horrible her

Forties has expired a lot of Paul Nick zero three nine zero six seven and Barry has an I V card

Zero nine eight two five seven

Ready to ninety six zero four zero four

Are you complete you want to cancel that I’m sorry yes please eight zero one zero

Five twelve have now five twenty nine

Thank you so

It’s OK I just want to make sure that you were OK but some is with me they don’t have anything on for Cosa are still here

But one rule OK and he says

Well it’s an easy to give us thank you Isa Chester and Francis

You have a male walking east on a Chester overpass and he is throwing things on the road and Aaron was the one state T.V. says this is a white male with no shoes on

He knows that as Joe Joe Williams is walking on the street to go to kind of a zero on three eighty thirteen

Thank you guys are doing radio literally thirty one there is very very large groups to use the funny thirty one

Is the second for this mail on

By the east the chasseur entrance walk east on a bus or overpass that all Jews are is throwing stuff on the road and Cleveland State T.V. says this guy’s name is Joe zero and they think he might be Michael because they felt him before and so I don’t think right there you want to train so whatever you have a cat is eight zero one three it’s a cold two and that’s kind of five thirty one but very very well probably every few of the females Joe where you show her over forty five people were trying to desert followed by author of yesterday for Channel four didn’t have an Adam three two you know they’re a channel of reform

You know worries

Is if you go on and forty five is the district

Of correctness

For their weight or proverbs you know what you feel I’ve got me here good for it

Five thirty four Enjoy two for Secretary they read through the radio

And therefore received a report for the first save three for

Almost process told I’m a walk through

I think

Very reason for even able to break for a cold wind and that negative radio were following the scene though

It was a complete year sure resident the restoration of

Oak trees now they’ve been popping up on or sporadic was used

The father here were off our residence at the end and then Vineet recreated it was great Minister Farrakhan one criticism should occur thanking

The who completed the well on the ritual there inside there is a choice to fight or if

They should leave you see and you go to

You from the back and just your professional career very for a police car or a

We’re not very very happy in fact thirty eight Canada seven nine seven zero post two came in at three sixteen to thank you three seventeen if you free radio here and read it for us thank you you’re welcome Barney three three three of them from in this regard Princess professional very free one always one complete all show you should recall which I think if I thirty nine it’s one ninety four if you want to Piney when ninety four twenty one Piney Charles marry them a line as is a live in girlfriend assaulted him both parties are intact both parties are still on scene no weapon called one case you’re on for eight zero one four

If you want to get fighting for already know everything over have

Dinner mark before dinner but I am really going for a

While also saying that the military will cover

For her and

For her the very

Short very Remember of course of every followers who are

There are very narrow for bouchal row and they divorce from

Three of the three think they are five and three four

Seventh’s zero zero one three you know call that a clear please check on now I think I mentioned a file a female home that having some troubles with their ex boyfriend too and I have to think even height OK thank you if I forty one sure are always easy genders you’re in a far I’m a force with don’t really know if the three thirty one thirty ready three go on this because you know you

Have a five forty fifth’s


Three three

Three five could be you know you Theo I would prefer Thanks for checking that out you times five forty five forty four and you’re getting

Regular exercise three for close to that for three

We have as I made it twenty nine you know it’s twenty three nineteen East while five two three one nine East one five MARGARET Well kept on the phone she says that she is in a ditch she’s in her forty’s and it’s right in color she has no idea where she is and her batteries that and she can’t put our heads on the shows just a little bit north of Quebec Avenue as she should be in that area so close to Kent is eight zero one seven eighty seventeen OK thank you I forty five now there is an article saying that broadly a group who are already visual complete with remarks on terror are one of their own rituals there really are but we will be for you there’s no window on the local or even a male part of her growth at this reform for what are called for in more than forty six


They have their five point

Four two three or four thousand six got the morning for the job from here every day for reports that you request the want them three three are saying your goal was process so the report partially completed

We have eyes that no hurry and you are left for lunch back of the first

Profit of throw

It it seems very very true there are

Thank you

They do four of them very sick so far and so unable places

I want to know a couple things on and I know you’re going to be tied up on after us tonight but you handled seven nine for four for each one for seven correct Was that a report help with that

Or see her report the

Patty and were you able to get each one thirty of that seventy eight sixty are we

Going to hit back at me if I think

There are

Three of us or personal or if

You’re not then I’ll go over to Carol’s notion fine Those are quite honorable from our we don’t have overseas

Now required to remind the area

In the middle

Of your shows respect that this are concessionary for from the character of

The one writing give you one more for the night and one three A When able but if you want to thank you it’s going to be a thirty one sixty one hundred thirty S. three one six zero is once a zero and the thanks that is calling her son London he’s that special needs he’s home alone and her other son for a friend is trying to come over there after me if I just talking down that low seventeen of those things he still and I play but that goes three headed seven eight six three seven eight sixty three I get that he’ll still be in the driveway no description of like a vehicle or anything else one for lunch there’s that for that ends I five fifty three one six zero one three zero but I would go for thank you if I have to do


It’s got there were a first recall of a vehicle or creature of vegetation or I think they

Were in

The Americas were

Hers her thank you for an irony three for an alarm and a phone thank you if you can check it very much for a feminine for time fix that enough you’re digging yourself at all that three two zero one five for the other call thing that the female that lives here is really parked on the apron due to the driveway being redone and he’s requesting courtesy Rockette as I said before

That we think yes I think that I’d better get a clear idea fancy or see if you feel it yes I think he does like a survivor it’s is that they the horses that were there and now

Every cars on the forty five are now they’re just thank you that

Bunny grease is one of the citizens you have the enjoy but I think that they Everything was the Jason Terry Danning is your cat bird you just overhead seventy seven for the hospital that one reported you need to have for it that’s one report happening here this terrific table should want to know if it was a good exhaustion get out of the ditch if you can if you do that or if anybody has ever boxing or if you were the district

And well then that’s a lot to my fifty six or maybe if you turn the radio

You don’t have the extra forty three and that’s whether

It was really great they’re

Able to you know are though not really IS READY of it that is there is that in there right the surgeon’s office and all

He’s office and Radio two Barney thirty five of

Code wants J.C. for you at the surprise

Or this or

I you know this is going right whether you go to

A score that everybody fish radio from fall they say

Do you have the location where we first heard the vehicle

Because one sort of thing for them you know what terms of the

Vehicle I think we will tell because they will have a cat you know I believe there’s a global warming unit that this or that are going to handle it

Surely three sections of America are thinking that are that you know one enjoy thank you one one two zero one five two zero eleven twenty one hundred fifty second and building number four which is national naturist T.V. N calling in West emotion code three can’t hear Oh I say

Oh I think


Thinking that there’s a radio person say that again if a radio host for forty five

May want to think

Through the

President higher D.V.

And it’s one ninety four to one funny right yes

Thank having any yes priorities around March in January was a holler one seven eighty seventeen and then I turned forty three the question are you where are you I want to live and well that’s

What all five of the

Answer is that is are going to have a you know under

Four sorcerer of David three three that walk through before they were you

Never once thought that but for the search for three go if you’re an Edward child like three eight three G. seven summit will come back to Margaret all crap

She’s out and she’s going to see the L. and birth of her school bus her aunt and date of birth of nine twenty nine and eighty seven twenty nine year old female five say to honor Brown over brown sewing and endurance them Pani having

No choice there is if you can tell her I would support

You know her

For a little different than simply Base me of every military and we’re

Sure six times


I need a mark oh go on for

When you got that overt act of not being in the right for medical emergency

Bill if I got a very nice

Bill just let me know whatever ends up taking I think I’ll try to get something more that’s not an end of all there’s nowhere for an arm or a fix through a friend for basics that there could literally were of your own town where the high schoolers prepares for mattresses want five to one zero same quarter that leaving you hold on one second zones I have

You’re welcome

Parties or you want to read a survey on second run that have you know it was forty five seconds booster and Jack with a vase to have things ready to force the entry for private party one is requesting forty five I have to come down for and I will one hang up

Veyron with an estimated location for a three seven but we’re going to handle that we’re not too far away and levels are

Similar from the Julie Hill thank you so much forty three seven thirty three one you get for it where you take it back to the desert thank you very

Pro or don’t go it does numbers for photos one male one female under I mean or deceive you hundred sixty one

It is eight zero two zero eighty twenty

You’re welcome course answering for

Thank you Sarah we just got a call for one one zero eight fifteen kinsmen and her an A.T.M. found somebody something than all the I don’t know if you want to know that three of our America her real family forever and think a lot of

Good original

Seven hundred thirty US twenty

One seven three zero one two five at Lutheran three Verney three five there with us in this your duress buddy breaks because two K. to one eight zero two one

Zero three is how it came down on the over there when evil radiate of any thirty five

Five thirty four is advice and is are out to her

For but you’re welcome for the little bit of cargo had

Threw on them few but as a rule I kept me to thinking quite recent are for making time six when I was sure they’d radio

OK This lady very Then she’d on her way back home I have a six when he three I do it for lunch like never afford

You’re going to go in as a third Yes ma’am OK six point three zero based

Joining body not in yet come in it’s six thirty

As it was then

For me here there were days where you normally walk as well so those are all too well for course visions

Of us started from one of your

Voices from Frontier Airlines to over chord

Behind the ticket counter and felon who

Literally opens she’s in route to the

Rar is normally transport we just get info for report was there is helpful all the circumstances that you need him to come up here

For this whole report

Just let it go you know that if

You are I mean our number and our our resident for report that’s about it for the radio go ahead yeah it was my arrival time are these want to

Be checked

Through forever

Six twenty eight X. forty readers X. forty three your arrival has I think three credit you and you’re welcome six twenty is after me to go and take photos

Although they suspect

That it’s all or if you already are just arriving as if you’re just joining Partridge I’ve heard

From Byron that age or a lot of the cars really do a job just really you want to handle that if you run and can run and if you can choose

Not to go to the rich can be one zero eight one I can then one zero eight one five Hinson behind all of these A.T.M. was found

So to the three candidates eight general G three eight zero three but when who called in

The now she only gave her first thank

You for making cancer thirty one for five hundred thirty Q thirty by sixty

Three Q three zero I think five that out of paradise already and calling for a Daubert alarm from zone ten didn’t specify

What downtime was supposed to get is eighty twenty four eight there are

Six thirty two thank you again

We’ve got everything you just who put the word know there Bill


Been relieved of mayors to go by

I have a six thirty three partners in real


Is going to be one of five not a concern

For this is one of those the injustices of our that

Are Going forward of forcing them to shore

Probably found more of them to places a genome in the back seat of our Zocor making time six thirty four and Year of you want to buy the supervisor no reason for what all three four feel and learn and obvious six thirty five

For everything for if we do not sure that Iraq


That six thirty five

Hours this right now the finish of his work just three of us is Rufino watch and a little bit over

Your very very well right time six thirty five here is David thirty three thirty three you’re doing a report for that crack

Thank you six very thought of the group reporter vision or two for three

Straight report

Believe it every night on the radio

Show with the district open or

Six thirty nine thirty three three Rebecca Those are thirty five where it

Really is but if is your current first six forty three

Or twenty two I’m sorry that I have to repeat because I did care I was wondering if you were available to check for it is evil I know I ninety last and the Martin Luther King entrance on the right side of the firm

Thank you it’s going to be I ninety last and I’ll pay insurance right berm a check for a Green said Van was a flat tire it’s going to be a cozy feel they can have eight zero three zero eight zero three zero

Thank you six forty five

Right if you already know but if you mean we have one female booked an exception should think about permission for our movement over time radio same thirty three

Of your of

US If you need it you’re OK for where you have a process to get out we are leaving see you right now OK

Radio to forty thirty three are you doing a report

Thank you sixty one


David thirty three I have had it hell

Even though

That issue is an

And he’ll always want the one you love very well thank you

Very very much of the carrier already there what time did I leave here seventy one seven And I want to send paper over time of course David thirty three your OK percent thirty four make it turn six fifty three

That’s six fifty three their arrival was double the whole twenty seven OK time for each other area but take that exact charges of

Sixty six Chargers freshener

And I think he thinks it’s very very well reported although they have a good morning sir six and

I think forty seven

All right how does a G.M.

Thanks Ron for sure still moving shrunk

This ship going forward for Center for OK and if for no launch an R O G

At six fifty seven show me do twenty join your

Sixty eight

Sharia sounds and your kids number eight zero four zero zero four number of one by the court

You know that her copy one five hundred forty six six think you know it’s a pretty short drive it’s just

Have a at seventy three writing on a one floor burned

Out of trouble for never fire one for holding so I would

Think well for going to dinner priority three for dinner this was then seen her in the press were there

Hands of preference for the only three who said Miss Mary wished for with Officer and the guards of her neighbors who live in the Unabomber who are nothing at her door and harassing her around four or five A.M. this morning

And then print one eight four one sending warning for more than their crimes and are they

Going to twenty two radio Go ahead David you know you’re in the OK but you can notify BRETT No I didn’t have one of a problem at a round of the euro and

I kept the seven I think you know kind of hurt is the black thing a Pontiac fault it’s a three to one grand division three he went right to vision just straight and right ninety six or a four door with the bike rack as if on the right that’s a G.’s door last thing he found on grand division

Hauler left a vehicle running colleges

Oh so the very

Young head of T.S.A. agent

Hurried home and to me that wasn’t related to her ticket level or her public

Text somebody would gave her her own version of economic calls required for all

Dates what the area A B. or C. just a just

A checkpoint or public

Was a factor of

Thought all along your LOT of a little fault OK

But they will get ahold of this like a lot more than know

You know me and what is just

Tell me is Metro P.C.S.

It’s already

Been a book rage

Or seen or heard or


But you’re a very very few actually discovered a airfreight

The G.H. under contract or Says me from there that’s the owner for all

The ramp thirteen area so I think there are hundreds who are mourning that early roll call is reporting your five animals out and five AM fifteen virally who all know one in five Charlie or in his eyes five Charlie Paul five Charlie fourteen are both programs you very obvious is what they are you know they are in the one person car very

Happy that you can’t find an on line and find out in fifteen I surely twelve and type Charlie fourteen and Charlie twelve and fourteen both have heels That’s correct

Thank you Sunny evil pretty attorney supervisor C.M. three four rather than three part of a if I have a problem nine with three coaches and one coach one just came and

Oh sure those

Boys Yeah we’ll get it over Parker may actually prefer critics actually think


Over to her for I don’t have over a quarter

There with them because they are all eligible

For Have a near Charlie fourteen when you’re down with your young heart ready I have one for you said Jerry fourteen and just give us one second OK seven hundred program will be a ROLL CALL YOUR shortly will we

Try Yes Remember in approximately

Point Rule two hours

Forty three was the space fifty or fifty years who were allowed

To see the thirty seven seventy seven ninety six

To twenty three radio

Seventy two twenty three Good morning

Rewarding when a voice said who’s really


Them the first routine patrol for the zero from the fourteenth sorry about that let me know if you’re any good morning thank you so it’s going to be running routes between you but in sync layer can you check for a green truck and a bird in the vehicle

Also possibly a red car they’re not sure of the collar with plastic bags over it I personally parked and hit enter the

License tag or unknown it’s going to be a code three Your cat is going to be eight zero eight eight zero two eight journey fourteen OK thank you seven twenty one

Charlie for

A review


Any missing person this is for heresy

For these

Programs for food and

There are court

Order a third

Of the

You know that have foretold the heart of your book that the A seven twenty says you will Whoa whoa this

Horse who like having seven twenty to do so you know I’m holding for code to use and to quote the reason why the code chooses

As an appointment at the clinic this morning at nine is that a silent one one one char I know and I just had an assault

You know they go it with a

Take You know it’s going to be at seven seventeen thirty West Point that Atlas are in hospital again that’s very euro I assume so it doesn’t say it’s a surge of growth third District arriving here

Is that they’re just car fit people

Who are and we are

Thank you Your cat is zero two one zero two one to close to

Seven point three

Zero over no excuse me a prize overall situation over there it’s going to be an all day thing all our future is ruined

OK so I will do right through for your

Letter of where in Rome fourteen when you get

Your wife to use or

You know when you’re writing

Seven twenty four and I’m fifteen whenever you’re ready as opposed to for you

Charlie cause I have one for you when you’re ready to copy

The earth for sure no problem Charlie fourteen I have one for you now seven twenty seven

Charlie fourteen rating

There’s juvie cause over here Black won the black truck the guys work an island on the

Red car is easier then then is there a plate on the right one

Plate on the right time that I have the run up to date on the truck to

Share thought if going to be George Walters

Said hey Siri forty seven George Foster time sixty three forty seven

Yes ma’am the radio view advises not an M.B.A. or any work to say or write in front of the Savannah vehicle so we’re going to the van up event and have like there are


Really a very rich

Lowering of how much of a

Coffee that I’m George Walker time six three four is that when it comes back till black one thousand nine hundred eighty four truck to a James Johnson at one four nine zero E’s one nine hundred thirty how do you play it is valid no restrictions and that expires on one one twenty eight eighteen OK because it is over organise for hundreds of one if you don’t follow the caveat that I’m very I don’t follow her on that of travel the six zero four seven there it is that everyone heard of her of seventeen her put their money on their last argument but I have a seventy

Four ninety four ninety six zero or driving there is a fifth district

Yes it is that’s why I was given to us or I’m going to I the number twenty five seven or zero eight two point five seven or zero eight

She suspended no restrictions but we have a valid common idea only

Seven thirty one railing or any M sixteen for code two

Eighteen for calls two versus immerses rules for more than two good morning reviewers who

Through your choice of one word Mormons Good morning who write

To three forty one good morning person who

Says who

Are those who are

Adam twenty two Charlie five nine ninety six one eight through I am

Sea-Tac front door motion

To get is eight zero five three


Thank you seven thirty three


One over thirty go

Seventy one and all are

Various dollar so no one are

There is

Supposed to have a couple of ignorance that go for money

There’s two of them and they’re fighting over the corner and they’re supposed to is zero five zero zero eight zero five zero

I would go straight to you when you’re ready Thank you it’s going to be at one eighty three twenty seven you feel it as a you

That’s one eight three two seven And Euclid Avenue as a Euclid law is how the you know male caller

That said something’s going on there and hung out no further and fell upon call that they got a voice now it’s going to be as cold to your cat as eight zero five eight zero five eight

Andrea Robinson began her live in place friends of her cell phone in a credit card and her is refusing to give them their AK dizziness Timothy Johnson clothing description as a code three get is eighty seven eight

Hundred for the third he stormed same everything right GIVE EM wave from another there’s officer violence he just refusing to give that property

That intersects

There’s a guy that question Good morning I have to for you first is seventy nine and Haas seventy nine and Haas check for male walking in the middle of the street into traffic they say he looks like he’s high and white but complected black they were in a red and white

Jacket with him gray shorts and no shoes it’s YOU that is eight zero four seven eight zero four seven and then ninety seven thirty five Woodward ninety seven thirty five Woodward check for white and have taken house and there’s a white car parked out front in the lot it’s a three that is eight zero three six a rate of five Charlie twelve your cap for that is going to be eight zero six zero six

And we’re ready to copy that in full for that run Oh I thank you it’s going to be at six one six East one seventeenth number one that’s six one six East one seventeen apartment number one he is Hoya champion she is calling it regards to her daughter Gabby miles eleven years old they say receiving funds or at

Some Another student as you go to school with the school has been notified Oh I’m sorry the girl the student that threatening her is having Miles her daughter’s name is not not listed in a vehicle for the cat is eight zero five one eight zero five one

That Thank you seven thirty eight to animal Maria haven’t yet seen this either Herman to report to me or Metro how little

We were in the prisoner in need and you can mark a rather

Heavy seven thirty nine and a cat is seventy seven zero zero there are seventy three

Want her and we’re with

Her prettiest Charlie sixteen first

One for you three four hundred one for two or

Four seventy three east on forty second see if you’re Mark Graham porn or report in the five living friends she’s currently at work

Very good as eight zero two seven eight zero two seven

It was or was that I guess one or two some forty one crew ready who won for her role in a way truly answered

The stream of cars and a vehicle which was seven to zero I can’t and seventy five can’t see a gem through state just because someone trying to break until his house THANKS FOR AN of like that


They tried to cut the screen and now right those two nails he yelled that they took a non direction total one that is eight zero four I eight zero four five


Seven of course one

Hundred sixteen for to answer some of our harness from how ferocious time seven forty just

That of your status on that and seven forty three D. That’s seventy one some forty three


Two that is in general I think General three I

Described of forty three miles ten twenty four radio communications radio show for four to forty radios and trying to contact your users here

For a lot of

Care one of them coming to turn around

Five cafés this regarding

Traffic forces

Who is your radio on or what the problems are ready or


You have to be for three hundred

Dollars if I’m going to

Tell you anything in morning going to be thirty two zero five full three Q zero five fold asking Rocco here to see Laurie wonder he that’s a Senate report

Three and it is eighty forty six eight zero four six three less thirty five eighteen West twenty

Three five one eight to five and

There is the Jennifer car when she’s setting a reporter to visit juveniles first is actually Hoover those are as two seven zero zero six four nine three secs

For her is twenty seventeen one five seven six one one the other just out going to be Madison brand social radio as a follow up of those

To me that involve picture of avatars as easy to figure that one out of your last seventy S. thirty one forty one full

Three one four one four you’re going to see Miranda G.’s that report she states that her license plate was stolen go for cat is eighty sixty five

Their OS X. five is it the fighter radio but was there relief for measure zero erode back to two hundred forty seven

Zero six are we about three hundred three

From an affable

Seven forty eight drugs will already tell you all

Thirty three to you if you do both but you have the original care of him

Any of our work for the civil rights he was he was he was whatever he wanted to leave them a cat eighty six he won a tariff Exxon and then he needed to tell cats for follow no I just don’t have the juice or there you go with the OK so it’s a little six was that rabbit and think you can if anything at forty

Three a Charlie fourteen Charlie fourteen you had what your status over there or at your wedding that fisherman for his vent to he gets a zero on her coffee that has a forty nine Chinese all thought as arriving and parting I venture for gems like you say you are waiting for info on the vendor you know there’s no point in his vehicle looks like it’s abandoned and

Then Hunt interior door from seventeen hours where it is overall

ARC seven to five has

Been true to Charlie very you give us yeah

Hard to give it back a long time ago to vent a good drink at our office the mission for the

Broadway in seventy seven

Charlie fourteen needs permission for process tell their five having F.M. fifty one three is Charlie fourteen you’re OK for that

In as we have heard of you who are running when he returned home

While ago as you stated that the vehicle is still there the burden is still in the car and the presence of

Not over the whole is now

Fact that he thinks the president may either be injured or maybe flee on their own right Catherine has he won them back home remember


That I’m fifteen of our

Raise your taxes are going to win more easily

Maybe over my reward or are you going to Radio thank you it’s going to be at eighty seven seven East one twenty that’s eight hundred seven East one twenty the other charming calling her child’s father is assaulting her

He broke up the windows in a cabinet and it’s going to be a cold one here can it eight zero seven one eight zero seven what

OK go for war Thank you seven fifty three share three for radio Go has a very for

The care that party thirty three with

That was eight zero two one eight zero he won

You’re welcome seventy three

Seventy three four guys

Go ahead and fifteen also for eighty’s fifty eight

To honor in a war that the whole feel confident as if these are an area Thanks John seven fifty four

Charlie were printed

Seven fifty four forty three for one record completed in Philly have a say to them of the one some

Are is reserved for and good morning

Bill some of

Them that you six times are hard to walk for now on and we also that I want of medical unit Kathy Somebody said are you going now or yes waiting to have that is that Charlie twelve hundred you sense that he’s a real woman you really are a morning who have written seventy six her morning four or five


Is an awful services use for

This mail one of the address

For one sixty’s each one for one is a small thing it’s a Blue and White House they want out of a sense that is that I don’t see now I was sent to that location are not

Some fifty seven eight nine I got a one hundred

Coming over towards

Its role and it’s not when you’re right

In front of a room or working on the cars if you’re

OK On that we found out the males name is Michael make Noddy He’s twenty seven years old he drives of us certainly he is point out that driving out leave the house and that’s was refused

From a friend that runs take that parking lot

For your weapon for the one I did not check

That there’s nobody in him

Perfect thank you yeah well you know where and why do you why don’t you just

You know them can you check the wild eagle saloon and urine and I remember

Thinking every day you just say you have a staff

Person and that

Is no


That I can’t do I don’t have my cell phone today if it was a dozen or two it OK never mind

Gave you those who call

You and he got five and seven I

Don’t know version from we’re going to have one

For the D.H. will be

A process

That’s toward the area like all the vehicles on all three

Have Become can be overkill went on for two three twenty one two three four you know if you think you and something already knew that Mercer is going to check OK with you on or is actually not all are going to be ahead of us

You know three

For you if you call myself or three each of the ships

You know three

Or four that I had you know if you get a call fleet for part of a poll out from an OK I want to verify this claim of so many cars and so close to sixty five and plate and I already have it all for

I don’t regenerate

If you mail and walked away when we don’t we monitor the area to make sure that income that look at your paper now look at the digit for many people in properties which he doesn’t practice officer cars crash without it taking from he’s one for seven and asked for

Lookout for twenty twelve gray Chevy Impala Russian fleet and read Barney Paul two One some four Once again twenty twelve gray Chevy in power were burning power two one seven for trucks that you know six that’s also broadcast on a fisher cars taken from three zero seventy Livingston three zero seven eight Livingston in an attic Rob team they Chevy Malibu plate had word

Henry Adam Robert five zero one three once again twenty sixteen they Chevy Malibu three Adam Robert five zero one three for officer safety Mistaken Point by two black males both are

Well it was fight night wearing all white but it was a five eleven no wait for him though I know direction of travel right here pedo seven over there I

Haven’t seen a girl

Rabbitohs was eight euro seventy five out of eleven was an area I don’t think we’ve already had so I am fifteen here we have to provide her photo radios her advice

For training and our team can you go over and assist at fifteen with photos please there were they are eight seven seven use one twenty eight and have an easy one twenty they can add is eight zero seven one eight zero said I want to thank you don’t I know when our friend went to four parties who for persons isn’t rare go for both you know I’m going to raise her that her hands are raised her unit servants are seeing her my seventh of Africa your pride of a female

I mean we are half recently receiving the resident female

Person I hear

He absolutely love her even if he was unfairly rags the female is the gray and if the daughter of a friend of yours that were

Going in the morning he’s requesting Officer remove or rock as they can and one for through twenty four to five

Hundred or we will be around the rope it was eleven nice side of

There in time for a

Ride from her stack we have information received from several witnesses and when I think now were for Harold


It was going to be conveyed by us and I want to say Mitt and Sherry be checked out he was around the area twenty one hundred like five to four for the rest

I kept eleven months

For Charlie will be arriving at one forty just

Saying we think that Josephine will be arriving at from forty second Charlie Six think we get time eight twelve for the seven for your radio back to one radio turned and went to church in Arabia

Did they say that they are updated on their part now

You know when our program thirty thousand dollars thirty and we’re going to

Have a party to bring the president

For the things he grabs her there think that the class third think of the president

Men’s right about the

Road of Arcanum hoary parking for her I have to pray when you prepare rock have a good thing when a court to say when a court is good you don’t have anything force up her fourth answer to me or permission about a budget or all property repeat that I don’t think think Good morning will be in zone car for thirty you know having her before we have permission her fourth entertain an extra property to the J.C. out of sixty I have a cold one when you’re ready

Saturday at three to use one eight eight thirty eight if he’s one eighty eight seat he

Can Actually mother and daughter the mother was in the background stating that the daughters of peas in a four year old she also stating that daughter has not the juice sort of fork

Yes there are all that and that is a general sort of subtle

And as it were a lot of their last four of the phone number eight three three one as it crosses over

On target for Joel but it was all for whatever it was six ninety seven zero two three six

Five Having

Their fourteen Sam fourteen and Charlie sixteen is that three four seven three one four two requests in a cross connection was that the be

Happy eighty

Eight eighteen Charlie six thinks Sam fourteen is responding to her or sixteen copies a radio rip off will there you can look up the ferret reference see if there’s a female should Mason have listed there so

You get all the information from him for

It well we have video to Adam twelve friends oh dear friends well listening to your suspect running free me about an IRA Freeman

I have a call here for eighteen thousand superior and I wrote Freeman’s calling stages and then shelter twenty one hundred rounds in a report

OK that maybe are five five The information I received from our victim was that he was dressed in a wheelchair so maybe that his

Alias well go over there well

I happy

You did say that twenty one hundred if I were to say Location is eighteenth in Superior have the right there

In the middle three and a V. If team you can wife it your way you POS you can personally zero three six

Ninety seven

Grown children because a lot of

Throw out with Paul Walker at work for eight zero seven seven if we are going to carry connection with this lease

Is your location but most of the fleet Well I’m able to neighbors in the area are doing yard work we spoke with them and they report anything or

If you want the other cats number for for the traffic park I

Go three one three one over a student that’s uncovered them I thank you I thought no one should show me or

Charlie to revisit the think are correct and of course it is the six year old who was on the twenty one because what works are you have

To think very different while to go well in both the front and rear doors looked OK we are sure of say twenty two three a child thirteen for a tapering thirteen to morning aria it’s going to be at their teen hundred one carrier at the G.C. thirteen hundred Ontario is eighty we have a male waiting had an eight of birth nine sixty one any change parts to clean clinic for an appointment by on one hundred hours they can do it because he has a cat is eight zero to six eight year olds who say they are able to age twenty three bases seven to dissuade kids do if they were incredibly a kid and forgot to get one yesterday it is in the city three hundred Riverside was

Then twenty five hours to eleven hundred hours I was assisting with

Ice and customs and airport one five eight zero nine zero one five zero nine zero pm When you think you

Twenty three zero zero one as always you look at

Rio And if he went in for which I like on him all of his

Twenty five feet in my arms we have Michael Anthony McNulty two zero zero five five resign Abigail

Four four one zero seven favorite There’s a lot of twenty four eighty nine Social is eight zero nine two seven zero seven nine he is

Five eleven wait two thirty here black black and brown is all well and is Tom David eight five three seven three five suspended you know restrictions have these and you he does have a high ID card you’re welcome a twenty six barrier for funds that


Your head it’s Court movie shooters in your district today one hundred forty five think where they’re going to have and from and traffic control from you thought or forty of them frankly are to jail wouldn’t think where if you could notify a fire and you know mass that there will be times where the road is close enough to go up and around

That twenty seven funds and twenty two Are we one if you can recall them or so home to

Give me a call might So you thought of part of your plugged in you have a five seven one one two six and will do


Every one of the

Seventy one zero two two The zero

Eight twenty and sixteen and their

Current eight twenty nine eight thousand and

Eight thirty and I have two free will you can remember having fun here zero seven frankly can

Home A


G.M.C. Acadia your stem biases that emergency for

Seven times or

Two that ran through her back in her return to Monique Moore and former SEC for president who for her

Action with a missing oath to Nissan Xterra George out of Queen she’s a fine go for Qantas eight zero nine two eight zero nine two and for your list three zero one three one two eight three zero one three

One twenty eight see a walk swingy for Play Center report a minute of all forty two last call received from them was that a twenty

Three and a seven eight eight zero seven eight zero

Make it had a thirty to fifty pounds of colored bandana is not a white shirt tattoos on its face and has a knack it was armed with a gun the second there was a black male the foot a hundred seventy five pounds blue for me sorry black hoodie blue jeans yes he had his and his face falls ill

They got

As a server and a backhoe proud

And they ran towards the highway code won oh nine eight eight zero nine

And there’s guys possibly like twenty’s thirty’s we’re OK we’re going from want to warn

Thirty three

Business is there is very very thirteen and you have two for you one is a code two are and Bernie one sixteen you check the code two for me and I’m one

There to go a whole the morning hold on one second very funny thirteen thousand you check one two four two East four nine one two four two East four nine it records central We have an alarm through power alarm she says Gen our visit to Canada eight zero six three and then let her call the sing refuse call back that they want us to check two five seven seven East three seven two five seven seventy three seven a state they stated that there were shots fired in the area last night and she hadn’t seen or heard any movement from this address and they want to check on the people that live there it’s a three Kate is eight zero four four

A very sexy

I mean a reddish

Horse a version of the visor a very sexy one

For one thing a thirty six will be a separate incident that has a professional suspect that we’re looking for he generally can’t was that number eight zero eight two eight zero eight two zero in the armory complete over on went to a with an investor you know show me a route over to the

Morgue and county coroner

After correction paperwork evidence sessions are Yesterday seven thirty I’m sorry there are report

Her for a report in P.R. for her room whatever her

Other Son The Rodriguez resident fluence home alarm lasts for a living around those two eight zero nine three eight zero nine three that there’s a the base there and I realize

I don’t have our vehicle running there is no pleasing and

But if you were running your fair play you know this right here you’re going to read every word five three three fates one three itself should come back be called all but one for it morning going to be three three nine to last forty nine thirty three nine hundred U.S. forty nine he didn’t check further out yet they got a call from fire the two thousand and five Liberty plate as George Carlin I ninety five to find George Charlie Mike ninety five six line between us has a style and when I run a plate it checks clean for shutters Ohio has four had a thirty one zero one eight one zero one

A forty barrel on a plan for any kind of half her

Eye catching any story

Going to show us completely for a way that you’re going to check OK spoke with the caller a female of her to a rival party twelve blowing up the forty one and fans are changes in a series as happy about that robbery and marathon I was one hundred thirty S. right now as a firm as those of you who are running around over there

Is a fortune if you want to separate number as it isn’t your follow up for just what you wanted as just we don’t need number for that you know

What we’re going to be doing but actually commission pleader of the school are going to receive her report and I will be heading back to this because

It’s eight forty

Just for from Asia and you already have

The John number for your follow up once it’s just on that number if

He were ignored

Well a lot of our vote for you is so surely thrive albeit it’s a second just this day

A twenty three ready to David party in front of it one for president four and I know he just ran the other part as hard to call him and the fact is often

You know sixteen I read it you when you called her earlier and she unfortunately has her for you one for two or is already sixteen it

Through to perhaps be found to Specter’s going from good for you see I’m just very pleased thirty eight sixty two three eight I thought you east one eighty OK I’m going to be complete no one for two pictures taken in Iraq and then

A forty four OK

Stop running I don’t know if they’re ran out of gas could be a remote start the only thing on for ten minutes or you know I have got to

Be disregarded a few more

Or still be around out there just going to be a whole cadre and see if we can find

The owner and

So I think a temporary where should I use me as a

Cash African anorak zero zero zero zero zero draw goal he’s going to be here so we’re all appropriate they’re good they did it they broke into the garage on the eve of the building and you had a broken foot or two are all over the fire having Charlie twelve

Yeah yeah yeah in four juveniles we go if you can call

It for us

If the regime their vehicle was Geo we

No equation

Eight forty seven the present for

Radio as I use I get a call of a fifty six forty John in the front door

Three cat is a zero seven three eight zero seven three

Eight forty and on the face of the freon on a rug for our court of law ever

Shot off so all the free market runs all the fairly evident Dr Curtis

Gena forceps one one wash your hands various three

Twelve is out there

For you

Really don’t want to go up there very shortly



Radio the driver is going to be weaving the prose of the farm hand and I need you for one

Copy of an easier one but interesting I have the morning to you and your partner it’s going to be seventeen o seven brainer it is one thousand and there are seven brainer as I know how services have been calling it that one of the members tried to smoke crack inside of a group home and set off a fire alarm his name is David Crawford blackmail right a yellow shirt blue jeans even a sixty’s this is a male is often mad and took off towards France because the rain now does anyone else Hill one zero zero

One four zero

Eight se but anyone has it can you give me a description again blackmailing a sixty’s rent a yellow shirt and blue jeans well they do I make arrangements very sometimes just as I don’t know we all don’t park on the roadway leave the vehicle on offenders while they were very airline if you are going to garage or whatever it was you

Early settled

All day for it thanks

But if you say fifty sixty forty I mean this constantly busy show

There another number that’s very many gave me secretary getting a hold on fifty six story two

I’ll let you know one of my really are savvy police one thousand nine hundred you know report made it’s a four it is eight zero two two more thank you the morning it’s fifty one actually this is going to be at Rosehill and what’s going on with he’ll both hill and what he’ll on rolls he’ll you can check the area we got a call earlier for a male with a gun

That black and color is black now why not black city with something over a space dark jeans it wasn’t threatening malice but how did you carry eight zero three four eight zero proof or

Three that were before me sent it to

Doing a report first on license plate the plates are New York or not vehicle are going to be that they thought were stolen I’m sorry for tonight unconfirmed

I got it exactly that those plates are going to be stolen

I mean Charlie first Jews were high leverage our heart right now

Well he’s worn to a zero one three

As a fifty three

Years he said both plays were stolen from him but there’s working having been won for parts of all Chinese or Korean companies of all places forced off

Who plays older every year who always can confirm right now as the rare for


An Issue five three

And four are

Wolf I want point zero three and no parking anytime this is for there


Fourteen think up by forty things you know Jack for a white male wearing a green shirt blue jeans

They think he’s leaning against a tree he’s a star going to have any three that is a one hundred five eight one zero five zero

Eight fifty five

They’ll just the police put us all over the image fifty five while one and then all the way to

The step out that night is black and white the house is black and white


You have a group

Of Rotary

Sixty five

Fifty six eighteen he’s back them out so that Asian Again the house is black and white

OK where they are here there’s a lot of trees I’m fine that this is our next door but he’s en route to Iran OK where your house like her Vandenberg are

Happy makes time a

Party letter ready for any eleven who mornings you don’t have anything for us we have permission to wear the her property her her sympathy

The love I have a cult too didn’t you were I wouldn’t call it an area OK go ahead and run a lot of the soon to be three to one grain division a three to one grand decision

And Hildebrand connection with the G.T. and

It was taken at six fifteen this morning she left the keys and out running

To Paris eight zero three nine eight zero for a nine.