Cleveland May 2, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

Four eleven twenty seven fourteen.

Early thirteen from.

That easily to Josephine area.

But in full receive mail as Joyce or this or owner were paid.

Workers all.

Focused on these projects for generating Yes go hit it from here we’re going to have in first a free We’ve got one mail that U.-H. is going to do every raise one mil under so you are see photos are one hammer confiscated just in route to see if you are pro-choice connection with this or have this one and a thing.

OK so far you don’t have a four or sorry twelve primaries I guess I use HARDY Well that’s a very well to carry there’s a from a source with some property and survived.

A lot of twenty eight and forty trials going to Russia and I guess I was just on the learn the nobody answered the phone eleven twenty eight.


Eleven funny.

Everything else.

Already thanks in radio Yes go ahead.

As occasions or should I not last.

Same occasion.

Not with George Paul five six other one that was twenty nine.

And I’m Terry Oh they’ll see Frank stays straight in by an employee at the bar says there is a black man out bowling and he’s inside of our own to pay three eight three eight three eight three eight.

Transport and Mail or Fairview my partner’s hearty welcome I’m gonna follow Murat revamp work name right.

Arnie her her and that it is them this is what them I’m trying to redo it.

For tonight I’m over by one hundred fixing and I’m going to be my next question to you to call your mom.

For a fact we’ve already going out here I’m just going to look around for a while but if I can record funny thing I’ll let you know forty year old for you now got up walked away with a couple miles.

Yes and at last thank you if you are you could be party working open.

Because we’re going to come out I’ve got to thank you and.

Thanks David thirteen are I might have said they were a lot of a reporter with her car for you.

My goodness OK.

Thank you for the radio if you have been number for what you are sixteen thirty eight twenty two three to do that there was no need I would figure any further at all or with the first of that though can you also request a board up for one one not.

One zero How do you know the site ordered to be part of our.


Once the make believe for this he’s been receiving threatening her from and me out of an hour they were merely draining the firms who are unit who physically harm her not on things you know one zero nine zero three were and you think he is and even read three horse and nine eleven thirty two incident numbers one seven zero seven zero.

Charlie fifteen radio or C one five friends I.

Thank you ma’am that are you for thirteen zero seven thirty four right away to a.

Night Away Man Show me out for me for an hour wait Charlie said.

But Rachel.

If you could take for all six five.

Four zero six five powerful the overall number seven one four c I have the poppy growing for one of us it out oh for three eight one six three one sing on the court or the radio he doesn’t have a radio going to fall for the show your eye was forty second confirmed of hiding in a so you headed back to do the report.

Released on offer me information received her on her fairway farm with advice if they don’t return they went from a very well.

We’ve come here for how completely very very.

Refreshing order mean for us but we’re going to report what was here for the shrink.

Joy we were up to three I was rewarded with three periods are over.

And trying to be heard we’ve got Joshi death of history for sure for sure.


Eleven thirty.

Forty area for every male.

Audience Thank you sir eleven thirty seven.

Ronnie was only part of the ride and I sent him hitting really well hit.

The letters on it’s going to be able to receive from both parties.

Some subtle shows who put a seven hundred seven in the.

Radio today was there I think just friends vocally or if.

They’re visiting on that some of the vase on forty isn’t out there that we simply with us now we know we have just got that one.

OK No problem thank you very fortunately we’re close to residual Larfleeze on the net or limit.

One one five one six Then it and if the Del resident A.T.T. Dejan window my.

Both two even thirty eight forty five three eight four five one.

One one five one six OK Thank you sir eleven thirty nine we.

Were from.

Them a.

Level sixty seven seven one one six zero essentially seven three Well we guess it is calling for little or is a disturbing no further code three thirty eight forty six three eight four six.

Seven forty we got the call for sixty eight this part the law calling for oh why think of just two he’s in a car half suspected drug over the driver I’m now from thinner.

Than forty one.


Are there to.

Get you have this and I want you want the family.

Or your vision out of this emergency right now is killing a woman.

That was threatening her the house and then the caller said that he did leave.

You know coded one.


You’re a bit over a.


Star even if he were complete order I don’t pay them forty two days I want aria when there’s no sex OK democracy jars.

Them fourteen points now voice on.


Let me over.

Forty seventh you want to go with the number thirty one thirty six or now one thirty six now he can you out of that setter.

Son was threatening her property.

That he left he went to black churches via their son that is Name one can three four E three story.

You Number two two three one four six six two two three one four six six issues Well well I for fleet first the first part for three five point zero nine or.

One for.

The graph it was.

Completed forty four just the copy I got was all right well whenever it gets as you.

Say one zero three zero You just don’t know the forty.

Five left asar rolls well.

I’m OK is two six nine five West and history to spell Victor Adam Sam Sam Adam Robert Rowe to reach the second or a seven on.

Your right.

So I hit a stage and does YOUR than forty six this it doesn’t list Ethel in the Savannah no year well actually as I.

Untie affixing blighter sixty three right there.

Sorry for the delay.

Could you Jeffrey your most recent.

Yes they have enough do you have the land I’m ready and.

The disaster.

Of the.

Forty seven.

And a goat of our eleven Party eleven the plane just landed.

So if they’re not there to frame it as well you know it will cost.

Forty one of them for me let me fifty feet in Radio three three two thirds are OK on the outside no response at the door levitating very fortunate going to ride to Devon city.

And I think that are special to all those just taken with peace from five nine zero one Bright Water five nine zero one break one take only key this is you will see though is a developer thirty four F. or fifty with a little you on the side of it just a quick easy fifty nine a one break want to try to get a color of three zero three zero five nine nine eight three zero three zero five nine ninety eight yes go ahead it shows a public record for those it is trying to say they’re returning to the room for forty seven year old female.

She is outstanding but there’s no answers this is from Vision was he chicks who are.

The fire so good having them and have we been here prior summer training all doors Well this juggernaut also.

Includes walks through full personal he remembers as he who disregard of all can see that the car that fills the cigar the meal refusing.

Being called there prior to the ride one of us the female her.

OK how do you think you owe three point three eight five three eight to five.

Then fifty three.

Noria party alive there were her that information or say for most marketing but I’m not going to call them anything or a SURE you want to use restroom than have any of them making your purchases we wanted them out well you know for.

Third with the stronger or the borrower.

Or anywhere you want to take up at eleven fifty four it’s going to be a thirteen eighty East thirteen one three eight zero is starting straight.

Eleven eleven.

Residents in else is serving a third party call home and a mail client they have seen no harassing Avivim of mounds used Lee Hill three three eight six four three eight four accidents and also I need do you want to know what if you’re poor and or older already in only got it Tintin Tintin’s Stand by for the Horton he’s definitely correct with us from Perth for very happy on the court as are eighty one forty two forty nine hundred.

Forty one twenty eight fifty one eighty five received a third term or whatever.

At eleven a.

And I’m going back to the district this report in full form or each one.

OK eleven is.

That forty six or six.

You know probably in a court.

Of the eleventh as a whole or to.

Your full service in all of the runaway car driver magistrate for the female view I want justice here for.

That I thank you.

And I know it’s radio no no I.

Mean if you what you say you know this is what the transport police for I’ll be down or.

What have you if I’m ever you know the funny sixty.

Sixteen if you take an unfulfilling to listen for twelve twenty to listen for that way readers who even assisted the only there on scene in requests are sufficient connection with.

Their own thing that requests are suspect the next with a subtle fault a thirteen year old in a fifteen year old involved and a principal’s office again Delia bouncing want our assistance as a whole through three eight three nine thirty eight thirty nine.

Yanked her eleven system to deter.

Them I was say every one of your area who hears.

Me or Castro open dumping.

One two four five one three three three.

Of them or who are who are eighteen to twenty nine year old male who are copy em car for me while we’re there before I’m in row who are there for.

One and the address is sixty eight fifty six a viable book for.



I’m not sure I’m a free person.

Happy Thought I was.

Really miss you on a personal now take it down and move to your will read over there now rise fifty eight answer one five eight answer in the last call whine three a seven zero four female the van several residents fighting they were twelve of them and twelve all to her.

And one twelve all to.

Him for.

Advice and I’d have held her there were there things all the males invade you very hospital conferred with.

Return to the district or have a report.

I’m guessing that it’s sort of a three.

And half or three to four Hodgson for three to four hundred and the Rodriguez RESIDENT We have an A.T.L. our own base and.

That’s called two and three and six on three eight six.

All right thank you very much.

As a.

Whole for or other residents.

Are nine and frankly are a trouble for her to say she was all over the road exit on RI ISRO channels and Rocca they so you sit it out a two thousand seven this is for eighteen in two thousand and seventy.

One collar.

Thank you so nine and think.

It’s a lease vehicle.

Thank you.

And you base your info.

That we’re from.

Based on a Volkswagen that I copy has been driving problems that Freddie out of Charlie Simon say.

Were you know I want.

To be unhappy if you For me the first one is going to be.

Three nine to six errancy three nine to six heresy a Sears and a rear is a back door see Devon Cheney he states that.

He was right at eighteen.

At citizens think on three thirty one and her role in this report was never made he needs to make a report states that are the suspect has been seen in that area this morning and that there recently he’s in the ninety six ninety seven Toyota Camry pure Intel or like male with ability so he hasn’t been seen has this.

Morning it’s a cold chill and is thirty eight five three eight five five Therefore your list for your list that three nine two two minces thirty nine silly to insist check for a possible stolen two possible stolen cars not a color is off dillies they said these cars were left on this property of the old Buick Century but the plate of Frank for hearing nine seven six eight and a really serious interest David five five six four five six they still find it a fort is actually on his property a call for Qantas three eight three seven three eight three seven and that’s.

A five twenty nine thousand nine hundred eighty four so Harmon driver’s license number.

Eight zero one five zero.


Thirty one former expire.

Probably people who were still.

Area has a new.

Version and with who.

I’m happy I’m happy until them or sell them a.

Difference what color car was that you give out for the male is that he was Rob Peter Yeah a few years Toyota Camry Maybe I forgot my colors what colors pewter power over a color like the champ of great looking at how OK and just her info I broadcasted I for any West on average for that male all over the freeway who exit a.

RIDGE row and I call that I don’t know any of this and so on on this trip if you know how long ago was that call we got it at eleven forty two as well minus one call you know just one call.

Fight report you ready you have enough for.

The last let me make a record you’re wrong I sure will and it’s all to.

Be until.

They were sixteen whatever they were sitting on it.

For eighty.

That our city fought for eighty by what.

They wrote.

And as has another.

I must only.


Write my her background with that actress for me know.

What they mean you can learn a German complete here from a four minute wait if you know it is by your contact a point three retrieve the rest of her belongings have a happy and who are.

You want to do if you’re honest later and hopefully.

Eight three five nine tribes that are ready to see what it’s worth if you give me Marty six things yeah that’s what they gave us hello once again and the last was ing.

Yeah well place it was summer for bunnies I think they’re dressed real well that’s of the deal you gave us although once again.

First to hold for just thirty and I mean I do have him in Lawrence but whoever had him everything but a social He just that address.

An address from.

Them I was I guess Stand by to be one of those two I get your info you’re ready.

But right now there’s a read over to Ford truck to a Can people in construction excavating from one two three three five Forest Grove Avenue out of Cleveland.

Thank you.

For being played everything else thank you.

Barbara Kaur in West R.T. and Barbara court it was already.

On Barbara court the college days that she says are because of a construction auto that’s thank there and possibly dumping illegally also mentioned something about a fall or owner coming from back in that area it’s a cult three suspicious activity nothing farther no call that can’t is going to be three seven three three three seven three three they don’t have an arrest.

Forcing you know.

Prophecy or any other times it’s not.

Run and enjoys it is even ninety two three it’s coming back to.

A two thousand and four Pontiac unable.

To ride once off of things that by two thousand and four Pontiac four door and fires in one of two thousand and seventy two a silver lining tonight for four west are you sure you’re OK for that yes ma’am wonderous moving.

To the radio show me complete generated a report but leaseholder.

Person would be a suspect.

One male out of there Martin you.


Something else the fortunate said they’re waiting for assistance or property Yes I just.

Had to get that out or are now.

Advised him OK I have a thirty eight or three eight zero.


Or any other sound.

And all the angles right Susan along with the cell still to nine hundred seventy four eighty nine eleven to lining.

I mean for eighty nine eleven and she’s about it.

It was a pretty of the Charlie.

Card for here Charlie Stross if you can copy a few for me the first person to be out.

There all five a West for seven till they’re all five A was for seven.

And the barber she says that her ninety nine G.M.C. Jimmy ran in Cali was hit yet she needs to make a report that’s a call.

And it’s going to be three eight five seven three eight five seven and for your list just one for your list that was Simon serial running last Sunday third in the ranks at nine seals pizza we have Randall at this location he was a light does painting a connection was a work that was done for him he’ll be in a gold G.M.C. so low in the parking lot I Well that’s a call for that is the rate for three three four three and that’s a perfect sphere or take that affirmative Parker and forty six things that you need of also over here at the school.

Sam forcing ready also false and you’ve also had offers you always really school fortunately it wasn’t a four report writer.

For Charlie Sheen for one.


Sixty three.

You’re welcome and well.

Just go between it is and that was seven four I’ll.

Be at fault twenty one you know we’re open if you know a report run for a draw if you feel we can take it I have a suspected Dylan and.

E-mail calling says that a tenant left at the end of the property you want to.

Yes sure we need those and all of those and we can take a number of those fifteen as much how it was that I mustn’t think anything radio if you get a missing person there so they can take those up and I stand by for a couple of here I’ll let you know they’ve all been going to those numbers you want both of them fairly well.

They’ve evolved.

Is it to separate five of the developing nations or was it two two vehicles at one location it’s just separate incident wells and five.

OK you know if you want to give us one another think David he can very quickly.

Appreciate that right this one for forty of the twelve twenty six thirty nine Eastern or twenty second twenty six thirty nine Eastern twenty second I have no name and the haulers he says that the tenant left the vehicle of the end here for two months no description on the vehicle however I do have a call that goes for can three eighty seven three eight seven The letter money and make it right the suspect is Amber for with who drives a black two thousand and four Chevy Malibu she’s not all saying she doesn’t even report that’s a call for and it is three five eight three eight five eight Thanks Carol for a male that’s part of our arrival that you want to show me thanks a part of twenty four.

Stories we’re very we’re very professing very very clear we’re this is for twelve twenty four and Barney for me.

When I bring Cornwall a personal thought my ocean link ocean.

King ocean there thanking I did yesterday but now I have a low thank you you’re welcome David.

I’m pretty sure yesterday we put a seventy two hour notice.

On a gray four door Toyota they had flat tires and a cracked windshield at one two seven and large mirror and they had a license plate of Henry or any George four five seven one that’s not really the same vehicle.

Did you guys run it yeah you can come back and stolen yesterday but that was just your next.

Thank you information.

But we all bless one sixty six from large would Jack deal less well sixty six is.

From large would suggest deals and less one eighty five one eighty seven the slowest twenty period is and sunset.

We are friends.

On second are some a.


Monitor cannot walk free the last time he Connie was one thirty two dollars seventy that was for the servants a civil dispute on the same day once it seemed for.

All that the most recent was announced our report for this location.

For want to surrender our name.

We want to report.


Three to four to five seven three to four to seven check on the welfare of a thirteen year old and the lives of us Thomas and you’re on a mat on Thomas They’re both white females you apply in a violent relative’s home from Knox County after the father was that the My name is here Thomas so called three three eight nine seven three eight nine seven.

So that’s one three five zero two Kelso there’s.

Your storm year go ninety nine Toyota or so are.

Played out it is Harry Charlie Adam two one four zero Mary Charlie Adam two one four zero I checked the total repose so forgive three eight nine five three eight million five Family Services prove E.M.’s are very few they just made a call back for.

The sickle three even number thirty eight sixty one three eight six one.

Thank you so well when I thirteen or.

Thirty seventeen and a three one seven M.L.K. going to be a down and high school an alpha notified of or give us a sixteen year old female cutting herself suicidal and that at eleven and route the one three eight nine nine three eight nine nine six think oh well twenty nine and thirty having.

Already become.

Happy at twelve thirty after six times six three I’ll be out with George Wein King for one five six seventeenth and pain.

Has a traffic today great review there formatting happy George Wein King for one I think the seventeenth and pain need to catch.

Them a five seventy eight to radio channel three neighbor further for grabbing this affirmation I’ll report.

I’ll take your already I’m sure.

I’d have been a.

Fish already are in it once I think I want to get ready other day the forty.

Years he did make a report.

On the Hubble I just lost live from a shell of a one hundred zero to clear even.

Farther into fourteen by Cobra going to three nine zero one three nine zero one.

Very very Noah and there’s seventeen I have a use for it.

I Report Number seven saying they’re all one two five five four not seventeen zero one two five five four not and they did for twenty five thousand seventy.

Great therefore that report called three three eight six seven three eight six seven and then as a juvenile detention ninety three hundred twenty that is we had to Quincy.

Thingy they said officers were there yes they dropped off a juvenile and I left a report.

Maybe just because a report instead of X.’s district call four four four three eight four four part.

Well thirty three.

Years or more of their names suspect report their license to zero six they used and thirty nine zero two three nine I’ll sue.


Welcome rodeo day the six thinking you go through the district for the time to work or.

Be at the other needs or.

Can’t is on three eight seven two three eight seven two they just say they need a one person to confer with the R.C. Joseph Jr you plan to from Asian received it were invited OK for Corning three eight seven four three eight seven four twelve thirty four.

Where that force growth Geraldine for a minute OK thanks.

I’ll go Bob has been hearing happy hi tech radio Well thirty five.

Barny fifteen on party oh.

Well thirty five David seventy.

Two to say missing people I have a possible D.O.A. natural David seventeen I did not know that we were doing missing persons but I.

Will take that away of a.

Very sick room and I wish somebody would have told me OK.

Right the possible deal is one by one.

Clover side one fifty six the king over.

The media event scene in Oblivion Bellevue.

D.O.A. her Uncle Enos is not there yet their route.

Is Again thirty nine zero three three nine zero three zero and one are going to zero of us yes wonders that have a their district her pick up the mail being held by the US MARK COLVIN her name of Leonard young.

Even though one can now.

Connect with the nothing violence robbery from one location the go on to now be holding for five.

Seventy eight.

She was young to the phone but her voice from printer is hands on her and then the phone disconnected possible domestic going out it’s go to thirty nine hundred that’s three nine zero zero.


They would all have a copy of it and for now it would have remained Carol and I’m one hundred one I’m a quick I’m sorry for four and away.

For thirteen I right there was a copy radio if you don’t have anything for.

Six three six nettles six three zero six not over.

In Residence eighty five.

Zero two three nine zero six thirty nine a.

Full forty five days in the radio go ahead.

Mark that card you know a movie did if you want then.

Fall forty for it to the engine six and around.

Look like medics forty one.

Chosen to go I thought it was such.

An ordeal that well if you could.

Call one of hope for.

Forty we have a few which are personal I have two for you.

Three one all to hold our.

Mrs McCann is calling this OK she does next door to that her neighbor’s window is broken and helping neighbors are not home nothing saying it’s a cold one three nine zero nine thirty nine on a.

Full forty.

Three nine zero nine thirty nine zero nine twelve forty five in their community.

Going there with her two year old.

Covers for the on the arm for her MARBURGER And for her dumping Nitro simply the another like a horse thirty four forty three than the last.

I have a cold one full of Parkland he is a chicken.

Broth from what we know.

There was no response at the front door.

People as well.

Three Jolly thirty four right.


The city six year old male called in by the that listen to three seventy seven thirty seven eighty.

Thanks Wolf.

Forty four.

Sixty sixty.

That is such a big win and then if you weren’t sure me at one pick three if you were in the rain for high ranking.

There is a.

Well there isn’t just very early paraphernalia of also yet thirty arrests recovery.


Your rate or worse was he going to fix your old one canal or you can take the car we’re going through the federal building and are we going through well where the I think is armed guard with the gate or the federal building where the right of seventy eight they said that so one canal is where they’re selling port is I don’t know if there is an armed guard there or not.

A sound fourteen yet every.

Couple are very hard co-wrote.

For very.

Hard covers want to make sure our radio we’re here oh.

OK twelve forty six.

Forty forty radio Secondly I don’t think.

Just stand it.


OK can ever three seven one one hundred twenty for visiting until now and.

How are no three loud music now.

And her.

OK What number are you going to use and come back out and I’m in there about fifteen you know over here and then for.

Them thirteen we get this you know come down screaming over brother recently passed away we conferred with management here shows complete right through fifteen copy that it’s well forty seven and before that action I want a five hundred seater I got something that well five in Chester for.

But we have the return from free for thirteen for the reports in the district and for.

Your information received you know we confer with Emma and.

We’re going to take and you can I’ll tell you a general the following well.


Yes Or are you that if you know her here are.

Twelve forty eight thank you she says that her daughter might may return that far as to Nana Simon daughter’s name is Lennie starters twenty five years old that’s a call for.

Three six nine zero three six nine zero OK thank you and before you handle that King a copy of five and I will one of them at a location.


Thank you so it is I have three five three eight Norton row thirty five thirty eight Norton row is a file and I will estimate it location now call back to Canada spring I one seven three nine one seven And that’s it.

Thank you so far.

But all.

OK well.

You know I’ll be heading to you on Metro briefly to assist I thought well the numbers of you don’t regard the address a six eight five zero with park.

We got it he left in twenty one.

I’m sorry because you have thirty three a three for thirty eight thirty for an awful system for.

The real one is also.

A problem for horse.

Somehow you know Bernie when one.

Very alive and at the Jack as you know one of public square.

Barns as a male.

Incapacity a Gerald BIOS requests a car for all SCOTU care three knowing one eight three nine one a.


Twelve three zero.

Do you want to mail.

Me a as a full and poignant D.O.B. of three twenty seven I don’t want having Moyse mail three sections you crave are numbered in detail in thirty nine zero eight three nine zero eight four fifty three one zero it’s really our only freight elevator on this side on the west side I saw one I was in.

For Charlie.

Playing thirty eight if you can hear Frazier receive a third of the shuttle of the Martian shells and were not one of those.

Thirty eight or three twelve fifty nine thirteen or.

Your friend from here make contact the already not a harbor our former.

Complete regret for her again oh.

Thanks sorry for office he’s.

From up have thanks to you thank you.

George for taking my journey here another friend for one of the straight I’m a sustainable Oh too or think about age.

Twelve fifty six says oh one two eight one four buck I rode out a cleaver and she does have a well and so there’s nothing I can verify with any of the stuff of others is rationed swarms fourteen out of something good which is very pleasant and he.

The recovery of the areas when you don’t three hundred twenty three hundred strong.

And vehicle owner concerning the edge around Y L sort of reporting person you know the recovery.

Previous and current number one five four seven four one four seven four and I’m now fifty seven.

But anyhow I just leave for Port au.


Don’t we don’t.

I number the last last seven zero seven seven zero seven again the original incident numbers one or seven for one class for seven for.

Cathy very well fifty eight ga ga ga thirty seven Clark Georgia.

Seven three three zero zero.

And I have it on a our white Chevy Impala.

Tossed into the loving radio.

Shows on West thirty third.


Strafford ninety five hundred way Fark Avenue ninety five hundred way Park Ave unit seven he and I mail one to make a report regarding previous call to earth which was on March fifth Think of the year and want to make a report or missing property.

He wants officers responded on saying he did not wish to make a report with all.


The hassle of the ninety.

Seven call or the general says as well.

As when he visits this here.

He think he received a message for him.

And born into a human and her nearly think that you were there with her plea in the ME her older sister asked her.

Once the generator of all who was in the mail was waiting in the lobby H.Q. from nonsense.

A couple locations your photos were at a swearer.

Before her prospects are a lot and you are her.

Are you it was clear Well middle of the two you wanted time part of I got sick to see you no thirteen No one for you thirteen you said you were done oh yeah they were clean your kitchen while they said we’re going to be a rock to see to you war may be a book.

Well aloha.


Pretty old woman or first on your.

Pitch I want to show me take a quick listen running out of body for thinking all fanatics cult is are.

Going to say and I think the power is out yeah I didn’t realize it was deeply power that buys me all right if you’re the only take thirty a pearl.

OK Their chances are easier before thank you thirteen all three of our apartment two zero five out of Cleveland plates good vehicle checks OK.

Just twenty year old female.

Hired Orion has an Ohio ID.

Thirty part number of twenty very very good.

And as one of the assisting medic forty two so make forty two.

If you know what I do George once it’s mixed thirty nine zero today I was told I got it well but Minister for refusing him sticks to my fingerprints.

Searching all for that’s where he got.

Social to end.

Five eight eight four five four seven.

Five foot two terms Rover I.

Think you.

Can figure he what if I’m just Or does one of a future was the action they were going to.

Go through thirty five legal information for it one ninety five.

It all one military was where you were completely from there what is it this year we need to convert or.

I copy that and thirty nine Are you hold it was useful and he went and I did it we’ve never had anything once we asked them to sign and I was too nice a succesful until you know we never had it if you still got it we could put it on our list OK if you can put it on your list.

Tonight six six years once you.

Did I think sixty one feeling is the estimate is silent I’m a one call that’s a call to Canada’s three nine zero five three nine.

Go forward under they’re coming top thirty six this that’s offered you two two in the complete pressure from ready also want to wanted list at least holders on of the and Danielle are fully born two year old female.

And on thirteen L. seven thirty.

Ready on the foreign eleven porting shows around thirteen also have a.

Run eleven Friday eleven that’s six three one six Harvard sixty three sixteen Harvard we have the media’s role as college he’s having trouble you know his money back in connection with some repairs that was that were done on his auto He states that the situation is getting he.

Gets a call three candidates they’re not three six three neither six.

Thanks and on thirteen only thirteen.

DAVID I think it was an area.

Thirteen only.

Be thirteen to five seventy eight.

Is he going to the city or as he wants a county.

He’s going to go to the city first are a copy of we’re here so we’re just going to take him on a OK I got a pre-book or filled out I just need there’s numbers but I.

Will be full of six twenty five and sparks nineteen fifty nine.

And a fraction right now.

Copy and five hundred seventy eight I need one hundred young so show me nine three one.

Thirteen on George with you three francs issue thirteen I’m a socialist two nine one seven six two four four zero thank you there’s no the father was your guardian.

Are hearing that he just got their prophet even when all five think clarity than a camel there if they’re able to track.

The one where.

They’re thinking Thomas now think a.

Person near everything thirty that has an IP.

Thanks there to anyone that great if you guys want to pick up the guy eighteen.

Months a war lease calling.

A child’s college father’s accusing her of.


Taller as a few kids with no one to three years old.

If a caller was assisting his kids because they were walking alone in the rain any one of them to get out of sight and out of the kids’ father is she isn’t much you know I think it’s go to.

Yes three nine three seven three nine three seven.

Because there’s always a question as Mr Where are we the caller.

Is a caller from thirteen thirteen seventy one L.T.D. radio so I wonder if you know you can’t rope and dumping three to four six.

Seven please Mr heater to have our party who doesn’t need to divide only air so fortunate Charlie Porky’s because a lot of this hole in the loud music and he will.

He’s the first target.

For all the cars you know I already.

Long as there’s no priorities are to go for that sort of.

Think only fourteen I say at the District thirteen thirty.

I’m getting twenty two channel per cent I want to get rid of at a fifteen minute car under the tree I want to live in Chester you can disregard University Serco I handle that five fifteen disregard Jeffrey eight million for that very thing.

Ninety three thirteen and a one ninety one third thing they need to get it’s a reasonable cost for the ad just three to zero six for ninety eight Therefore yes now on the connection now we’ve only added About eleven minutes not even eleven minutes but maybe eventually heading in that direction also with a very.

Well first I think they’re now OK I’m going to thank you you’re welcome fourteen radio forging you know number to C.M.H. a police place three hundred one C M H.

Thank you Thank you Jordan two you have a.

Mic we’re sorry Max.

There idea.

To knowing your own.

Eight zero four seven zero zero zero.

Three nine four three.

Run eleven Aria Well then you know we’ve got a woman I think we’re going to be our review.


Information received I’m going to have a robbery and just like record to do it this was all I got so mad wouldn’t so I went to a lawyer.

Who swore Dorner it out it really might very well who would know in the back.

Of it and always if you’re clear the house if you’re to measure.

Or I will be back from out of tune to an amp hours to neighbor or.

Become a call or she does not turn to.

Your family or might come over and do a verbal report was recently in Iraq.

How is it that they’re being seventy three times if three connection would have been an equal complaint be out it thirteen E.T.C. even if the third was a plate of George Union robber one side of the market is equal for seventy two hours they’re changing their.

Genie back I know I’ve been upgraded to a coat to the female just write me.

A little glossy get you know a little yellow like that I have no other car to take it being Sunday than give me an A.

Missing since yesterday.

So it was an ornate ninety eight yes five no means four color was threatened by a friend with a girl in the party sixteen this is yours.

One six are going to update.

For you one eleven are you.

For to maintain regarding once a body well has a goal to leave the building for a meal that he has a poll before it’s a McDonald’s I want to.

Know that that I had one in cars.

If you have Jews E.S.R. cars available seen them up there have them respond if needed very fourteenth provide any information and they can remain under very.

Trying to a teen and they will know that it was just that if you handle this will too short or if you know we can never go nor will they would be able to save their teens Well those cars where you are you haven’t heard.

Anybody else available radio say the six Charlie twelve and try to fourteen on like you know they’re on their lunch how long of those cars were on their launch side that they were sixteen has a deal kill.

You now have to break it to our cars or party fourteen fourteen we can.

OK so that there are twenty one million about the force that is seventy thousand to five now Sam thirteen a party for you know already on your surgery maybe two minutes are.

You a favor return to it after you know the priority and if it goes beyond fourteen.

Hours all true and unfair or think about it one second if you back to you right here in thirteen right I got the one to one taken care of it was already started sixteen with but like so you got fifty five zero Morton missing son missing since yesterday and I got some code to family trouble for knowing for one would let me have a new.

Call them.

That I got this photo of misusing their well Colin was in prison.

One hundred twelve over there the political war discussed the prophet Warren he has for her and she was an artist company thirteen funny you points out of his name question was a default.

For that their king fighting eighteen if you don’t have anything for her to be the for thirty thank you for your get there King funny very.

Funny woman who will complete over here sometimes in handle I will of her others will get a verse seven twenty seven of nothing the code or in Q three nine four one three nine four one I was the middle for the last many years Cory would in America thirteen twenty four but that’s.

Like a very I’m just letting it wear out that one thirteen twenty four Me thinks team know Toyota Corolla Well I usually go.

Team hundred out of toast for Oklahoma seven four one three four.

Think it again while I get you to run the other place not I’m too skinny and they will let me laundry to her over there.

To get that money.

George the Burlington four seven three eight I got the I got the letter much too for you you’re ready.

For one too knowing five seven point four four by negative eight one three six five four point nine two.

Year made for.


Years make don’t give us the models but the.

Oh five.

To a friend right your Jordan River away.

Or some intrigue You’re welcome for or Miller arrested.

Twenty seven.

Thirty repeated this if you were.

Thirty one he says they were out one seventy six in ginning estimated hang up alarm thirty two C. and was five or.

Six five in Clark a U.-Haul for customer own things threatening you know what missing hoses.

You’re fourteen of you have natural.

Cars anybody bridges a gulf.

Eleven If they get asked me Are you even me.

He said Charlie said.

Yes radio.

From a state route one seventy six getting running up to three ninety five Bring on.

Radio thirteen fully seven and to have us on eleven from a walk been tell starting finishing up for lunch sentencing and I throw twelve technical to alarm sixing when I think it will fall of use are now going to have an appointment at fourteen hundred.

OK we don’t YOU are.

Crying Well they just critical one another article two are you not all are as well my coach.

That is correct.

That I want to break.


Also as you both are on the same time OK I have nothing for you at the District thirteen twenty nine thank you thirty one and I welcome the stars in pursuit of a life for.

Thank you so you know.

There’s a lot of.

Growth of missile.

Thirteen twenty nine this on illness thirty two thousand was five four three two one zero was last for Stern residents eighty five zero zero zero pills three nine three two thirty nine thirty two thirty three and remember thirteen thirty the home of the three calls one of those again someone anyone else three eight seven three one three seven does that average want.

Something J.C. thanks court or an unsafe five o’clock at a U.-Haul customer threatening that was.

A call that you have that you want to cross are still there in a freezer leaders.

Here fifteen average on the air.

Fourteen radio.

They were sixty this and that on thirty thirty one thirty and they were sixty one sort of issue for you.

That is if they wanted a vegetarian lunch it’s just a happy dance and are you going to the district for your lunch yes for those are OK there’s a that it is out for to go and do just.

That probably.

Already sixteen is already here or talk with or thirteen.

Forty for a more hold up on the well for Iraq down three.

For us and.

Thirty three just.


We’ve been was the third info received.


The eleven we’ve It was a third in full received notified next of kin and headed back to Judy are complete.


On one in the area one city of by J. Field Well what’s up with this pursuit or whatever only thing we have is that an unknown police car was in pursuit of a white boy.

Made a call that is a thing of the ME any of the mission on the car and citizen vehicle almost ran her over ran her off the road yet no partial plate or anything still the length of a silly ass was that the vehicle the white Toyota made a right almost one sixtieth from the rain and well oh oh look around for a first see it one in my travels.

A joy thirty four to radio farting on through a filter for me three zero zero five six zero one seven.

I copy someone from earlier.

Thirty seven zero two and run route two question for you and I think thank you very much for thinking.

I’m already oh.

Nineteen I don’t put me at thirty two Tina you going to follow up thirteen very.

Well for her number ninety six and I know.

The chances are you going to ensure there’s any safety fifty third in for with you on a vehicle is not.

A valid ID for a child to be seven and.

I just say very mature enough and where we can for rather currently four percent threatening remain threatening and worse three seven a first aid check they have and west three seven.

Suspicious Activity six driving car and an overdose.

Two five in Detroit Those are all cults use the supposed four I have.

Seven code three but I walk right.


To three one of.

The others writing.

She five parts of the seven saying there isn’t any I guess my I haven’t even had even seventeen on it now I think.

Oh MARTIN You know names well.

OK there’s no opposite want to think of me and there’s something OK happy.

What do you have all and this stuff is missing and your people aren’t explaining so then then he’s calling back saying that if we don’t get there soon he’s going to lose it.

So usually Right right the caller has a caller saying that he’s the one that’s going to lose a nothing you’ve all people.

Jimmy Jimmy has Regency in start users aren’t really little and over don’t really go to them they’re detectives and we try to be them.

And I’m thirty things out there with their thirty so I got them to know.

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