Cleveland May 25, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

Well you know we have all of you know who fall for it and that’s

Why there’s already

Burning thirty two

Mill for me and it is all and

Also has been of the through line six or five night nine a lot of action Allen sixteen radio but yet from here from a three

Hour May I was you a wee tortilla seven fifty four from a party that’s for a man Alan I mean Alan is all and that’s all in this town eight five eight three seven zero six five three seven zero six you know

I think you said if I believe fourteen of them with twenty seven cities forty three three

Seven fifty seven when I read you why

Did we relocate to twenty five minutes refunding with the female interviewer

Of Our Own I mean you know the first one I really well will

This there and then you know it’s not funny six million are so stupid and two who are into them for thinking they were there and you know who are seven year old girls who

Are eager for him a violent United C.N.C. negative view when walking off

With an avenue

To get information are one of Harmon

What was he one time he’s carrying a

Butt trio and if there

Are some around for a great T. shirt

Were praising a fair

I walk out front of headquarters and see if I see anything there for five minutes before his road for

Her to try to retrieve

But I just update within the last five minutes if the deer prob Akhet is trying to crawl back into traffic try falling over that again

OK if we take her retrieve some drones or put them biases that emergency on line with those that carry fourteen radio we are conferring with the father over here and where and we had to have this chicken look of it neighbor or

They don’t want credit on them when they think they want to thank

You jack ninety West ninety West about five hundred feet from the city says

Five hundred in what direction

I have I ninety west of outside as you see from the city sis readjusts all I have for this OK after obvious

Is if I have any regard to this incident and that five hundred very easy that is going to be the fare

OK this this actually transfers this call over to the letter I’ll notify him again


One zero

Who is he going to give the only reason to put him in a car for sure is using your information about

Who he is to be doing the most about an incident report what

You’re all about Harry I want to be on this side before there’s a prize approaching walk toward me

You know stay there

Yeah yeah

They’re reportedly there’s some mass people breaking in the time are right across from the garden already or just there and check it out


Role for her was forty nine it was one three five three four four and I was on three five Jennifer So it on a last name is Victor Adams Sam Union this Carling wants us to check for right now there has been knocking on her door for the past ten minutes she doesn’t know who the male is he was the front and back door he is a white male with blond hair wearing a dark colored sure correction a dark colored short sleeve sure faded there’s no car on scene and she’s afraid to look I don’t want to further descriptions it’s a two has zero four eight five zero four eight five

Eight zero six we’re going to leave it every sort of being purely for the new digital is that it is your fate of the crew as a member of this book is sort of a video of a row

He’s up for it

We want

I don’t always get it

You know for about some thirty’s already notified about this what is the location for this deer for white under the fifty first orange but for ninety thousand US

OK And we have someone in the areas that will also assist with S.M.S. There’s Jing

Or taken over from and already conferred was Sam thirteen of this the dear

Little girl right now

Adam twelve is ninety West and it is deceased this overpass with an injured deers if they’re going to need to put it down

And for all standby for Sam for taking We copy at them for canines was in exactly

Funny joke let’s go to Syria for

And I give her some time just because

I want to

Hear it we know me very very very very

Aware of me Sam fourteen and I’m twelve stacking attack if you just switch it back I think Kathy that you were talking over each other there’s a row

From seventy three who can program your own or because that’s OK viewers who are part record

Show me truthfully think proper to program my warning to this march

Or complete every

Twenty three thirty feet oh it

Looks like your contacts and then over here are these now I think Tiny Tim Anyone that’s available OK We’re just getting the call I’ll be sending Are there any injuries

I’ll try think about the one time I know what I mean and then Jen I don’t know that he’s not here I think she’s the Lady Macleod has passed out and her engine still running I’m trying our general sense of OK Radio ninety six sixteen that six one six AM Yes he looks like he the

Superhero in there he’s a high

Traffic Controller of the traffic unit refuse a real action or what

You’re feeling they get on a car and she’s running their engine when she looks like she’s

OK I’ll try to get that she managed go on that

Right before for all ninety

There you never run it

I don’t know exactly where they finished our story but I drove around and I didn’t see anything

OK Would you be able to check an accident nice and Carnegie’s the male figures of the under the insulin and ass in another car so that of my as a

As a traffic unit refusing to go as this third threatened her or I don’t have that information are you ready to Kathy now to figure out an atom how our first fifteen AM on that OK thanks it came in as a three car accident the traffic controller on scene is reporting it as a four car accident once email appears to be under the and

That this is a co three zero four nine

OK if you go over the seven channels to see if there are farm

Time is eight fourteen received at eight ten and six twelve A are you complete or in yes no I was waiting again waiting to get in I want to go across the bridge the twenty eight then back to V.M.C. from nothing I’m going to head up there to Carnegie Hall for give them a hand OK thanks it’s a forging and I just regret that there was one thing CARNEY Correct yes there we have it is ninety four ninety nine turning he about our yard from the

Round so it’s on Carnegie for a night that’s correct the woman that has a Window Rock and she’s refusing her hand to his mom an up and down like she’s about the past she waits abject poverty raise your opening doors and she wants out roaming around that I think you are the whole thing and she’s still in a dangerous position and and E.M.’s is also notice

There’s also the more you are lower the price still those top parts and everything are out well for it because if you copy

Your fire if the right moment and that is and to try to take an economic areas

Of rates just like our number surely thirteen if

That was coded to her I think you a fifteen other kind of

Roses gene and only

Are we able to put this sort of list aside or missing Yes that will cost sitting off of board Thank you Joe think we I say eight sixteen

Fourteen of the

Sixteen dancer scene I have a ready go ahead OK you’re going to have Barney twelve Barney fifteen Arni sixteen is going to be your crime car David alive and has a P.P.O. David sixty and David seventy and it could be a sixty John you already know gone off nice colors or parting out female driving recklessly in a Taurus plate of Henry Charlie time eight three three six last location was approaching the old K.-Mart you know for their formation collars no one has seen it Fred has a seventeen bridge seventy well

It’s a dating his records in a pretty one ninety four zero two now so we’re getting a sixteen year old officials you know right away say much of her three children kings for

The Congress member things Hillary wrote are here Bernie twelve are nice for the green and they’ve eleven copy how to foreclose three May twenty one and five the radio

Show me complete both the over here check OK back here what we’re covering this is if he was already on thing and cleared you know his year was the result

And twenty the benefits in the radio shows I’m very thankful he was there with three three

Three three Go ahead

And three to

They can turn around and you know forgot about us I repeat that

Yes or just checking to see if we’re going to have a missing juvenile car I’ve had a pretty one missing juvenile she sixteen have been shelling out for over two hours and Nelson That’s kind out right in the middle right now have already I haven’t seen one radio you call Adam sick saying OK I think that he set it up who share the same Iowa manically for ninety East and seventy seven

Making it four one two eight four six seven zero negative eight one four zero zero four four nine

Three unit no unfortunately

Thinks it’s a twenty three

Of her spirit he takes twenty four radios for David eighteen when you’re ready to have your party won there are fifteen radio going

You know we confer with the I’m a seven

Are going to meet

With Henri

Or three to radio I want to say that you know you’re a virgin KIRK Will you be the one person card earlier


They have a prisoner that needs to be taken to the methadone clinic and isn’t the want to arrest the prisoners they

Answer three and zero four seven five zero four seven five

Eight twenty six paces to David fourteen dollars and maybe fourteen there’s a guy free after

The murder but yeah yeah if you just refuse to see is there anybody who knows more about over your eyes than I do possible or those are going to be all the other OK

The traffic supervisor tickets which two three assists ninety six sixteen and I was information connection was over

The other healing twenty three

Helmeted three and I said then that they were only are

There but I to go there walking the court result then there were nothing or two our

Correspondents and there’s our sons and that all four

Of us if you recall ninety six sixteen and Carnegie and nine on her Navy forty ninth once assistance connection was over

If you will recall there was the record right now though probably once again I can number is zero four nine two zero four nine two first two are ones that

I in

The folder the four and a zero four three eight zero four three eight the previous report one of the six saying zero one two six six thing there was two six they did five only four of seven saying OK

Eight thirty and it was the

Computer or your your

Thirty were the hill I’m sorry she key i hell did raise a free trial of a hill

I seen wearing black Jordan red and black bottoms on the shoes black stretchy pants the purple Nike coat she’s known to hang out with a forty five year old male often on hang out and want to live in miles as a priority one and I think had a zero four eight seven eight thirty one this is zero for eighty seven thirty Report married

Thanks already to and five thousand and fourteen I have this code to alarm for and surely they think I shall if they’re going to

Go and show their route for this or that or for what they will I think I could be thirty two or think of let me know when you’re writing everything but I have to send you to zone three one if you could check my alarm at one three zero three West

Thirteen zero three West

Thanks three wine and spirits data line covers the door in interiors will notify go to jazz zero five zero four were given areas for

Eight thirty three radios three day that ones

That are growing up I knew

Thanks this will be East want to go five and see it or want to go five and see either the Desjardins

Cleveland Clinic police on saying E.M.’s also on the go to says Hero five zero sit first two or one sit

Time is eight thirty four received a thirty two there is something if you want but a thirty five if you could check seven nine and wait are seven nine away part I wait Park Elementary two car accident have a roof Ford Explore and a platinum or silver vehicle D.M.’s notify they’ve updated city unless actually transported to Mexico was how this is a go three zero four six

Eight thirty five This actually came in at seven twenty six through the radio guy

Are we assisted over here

Juvenile male on board in a hallway all gorgeous or of

A thirty six need for us a very sick

Permission goes to twenty one thirty six one ball Avenue in Euclid saw fees two hundred three to follow up for this missing persons report video to Sam thirteen effect was a space is an arrow looking at vehicles holding a leaf blower suspect is a black male Chevy sixty four and a yellow and I think the vest backpack collar stated he may be a city worker not sure because he was by a city van is a three carat is there zero four eight zero zero four a zero OK first specialist city worker working to take thirty seven point two three I view that it checks mark in the green light shopping center they have a hold of alarm to fire to the max it’s two that is zero five zero two for think robbery with a group of sixteen and of course it is E.A. sure you’re going to write down

Their right is

It a thirty revisers that works for us only kind of the Pentagon for ninety six twelve A is zero for nine to have thirty five are you the three for more human service when one vehicle know if there are any of

The money was in there and

For an accident just fill it up to take us to cooperate is shoplifter and C.V.S. pharmacy on Euclid so they have that CO three thats been here a while I have

Two that just came in twelve thirty nine West sixty estimate and no trouble correction that’s not estimated as showing in T.V. business technologies incorporated and down as was once when I rang one one zero in the rain to say this problem am asthmatic thirty three is an hour out for a school bus with six accents and often an accident especially if they have an eleven year old that is possibly ns or is a two has zero five one four zero five one four

OK thank you very forty OK just got a disregard for the N.L. shovel out west six so basically just devising use of party sixteen now has a CO two in stacked against them as a non-fatal they came in at seven twenty six days at one five is on of his gesture in struck at one o five and Cedar Hill while

They being there as a Hispanic male on same threatening them please and harassing customers that’s manic now when I said these weren’t as San Francisco he’s boss this is too bad there are five one six zero five one six

A forty one but I sort of think

One one six one zero Madison one sixteen Sam Madison wind security alarm and Michelle and R.P. a place for us is trying to manage a door in motion this is too bad there are five one five zero five one five were referred warranty for money zero your partner a forty says THANK YOU ninety four zero two union or forward of the oral

There is rocket science

A thirty one area a forty two or

Three for the recording of your job


Sort of hoarding really lucrative before yes I did as a rated cirrhosis revise our Since thirteen or so and fourteen for

Approval as I use sixty five there at Harvard this is for Charlie fourteen for PM piano Vinita bars and humor pull up the survey

Of a retirement home or some type of home here were the alarm coming from for several apartments or

Have the arrival of a forty four is just says manager door and notion

That your home

Level we were off and they even eleven a forty four three fourteen show me an area a forty four and David eleven so far no luck there’s a lot of Ronald Freeman’s in the system but there is a phone number on here for him and I’m trying that now thank you

But I want to just give us a minute will your vehicle a little

To his

Happy thanks a forty five

Forty radio eight forty five are forking

Alarms insecure with curiosity here so if we pick I want to meet us or go right it’s going to be one eighty two and I generally one hundred to zero nine Shanley at the genes Foster residence they have an alarm to eighteen it’s showing I have a living room ocean it’s a two sided zero four and I ninety four they got me wrong Thanks a forty five yeah I need to for one sorry it’s running I thought well and fifty they were pulling my fury Carnegie near us tonight

And I need to send Tara and the other guy

Call this like it’s a black force usually it’s a priority three it’s Kandahar general five whiny and zero five twenty three fourteen you can place in areas he’s two hundred

Forty seven

He’s on the computer searching writer for advice not conducting see a major business has been legal I think Jeremy show me around here

I have your ninety six zero three zero five two zero five two but you still heard this term the number first

For the

Six six very I’m secure it looks like he’s American Stovall slowly we’re

Still on route

You don’t need that info

You need and there shouldn’t go but I think I just said that she was

OK in disregard for the call with no memory of him over a moment OK now it’s rare

For a memory complete Sherman route to outwait management office to assist me in scrappy

And regular nine hundred sixteen Adam was right she DOES have been

Six twenty six as ninety five but she is valid Jenny check G.G. seven or even to take her in for us although I

Am very doubtful and on radio phone box

B. And I’m not

Yet sure Edward Nay nay I dare say I am OK thanks A.B. is that Christina

Correct OK And was that the our quote apartment good address

It was a game

I just just a night

Check where she is a known drug abuser OK but we’re seeing one condition for it will be like her

OK You know what I know we’re all trying to stuff a jet stream turn Thank you

Your manager Mohar are toast here forty wine and it to eighty six thank you you’re welcome eighty one there are a lot already a plan the show fifty fiftieth’s a quest for an A What a person’s own or

Just the one some do you need me to come by

And see him arriving J.C. a fifty to sixty

Thank you Joe

Yeah for three six three Wes four seven four three six three one four seven after Labor location high level one that’s a call to cat is a zero five one seven zero five one seven

Six for the crime Hercules with numbers

Four three six three was force I was SOL and I was called two and they off I won seven they off I won seven already sixty in the morning for

Either party for the order party itself but there’s room for report of her mission was reason for soldiers on another there was absolutely five hundred innocent

Just remember she you know we wish

Her all the cell and I usually five hundred innocent of Pearland in this part of farming


Thank you for today don’t censor it

Today it was six and then I down the hall and I do you know

How you respond thirty to nine for these one for six and that’s for the culinary part where you

If you think about your

Age to disassociate with the cat

You all for

This will be seven I am way part seven I know way part one of the five ways Park Elementary just for an accident a maroon Ford Explorer and a silver vehicle that another call says it is full whack and has this is a code three has zero four six zero four six first two or sixty this actually came in at seven twenty six Arnie sixteen had a

One on a higher priority for E.M.’s is transported and it went to match or

I’m sorry one semester one to University Hospital to go to meetings no E.M.’s doesn’t get anything I have been that it twenty two to one in that row and that it tends of one to university Oh players they were automatically are but an accident as this location we have a think in the Little House on the one person possibly has a broken elbow and there’s a pregnant female unseen also told to Candace zero five two four zero five two four and four your list for your list that forty three all six was five zero four three zero six one five zero

That you’ll have this all cases he needs to report a Scarcella says ninety five thousand sharp and thinks his brothers if

There’s a poll for Canada zero five one nine zero five zero one

As a list it’s

A fifty seven six X. ray for you

All right we’re going to be complete with that mail


Ninety six he advised that he was looking for apartments and that we advised him that we knew other know advise him not to return here he’s very earth and then

A fifty how and hovers restaurant data line rear motion will notify us so too

I rewind All right we’re going through at eight fifty fifty are you going to see what America for me is for to do so

I was a

Little Now right then the old aunt and her in a call back numbers remember the who won figs for farm girl for eight nine zero

Thirty two ninety four for

The CA One of the car share probably guy will just have a flat tire you know and from I mean that just flat and you can call anything you come a frustration version

There isn’t any seven flow of heat across on this location as a guy across the street here he had a rifle and

Fired that in the ratings and how

Many even now they can align and three three now he has been eliminated in the right

Going there was an award show I don’t know where over Mike over there in that location check them very computer right now I know was burning fifteen of the show for show not a one ninety six well vapor DCA they don’t have any wanted this time possibly out of ousting minutes radio go ahead do you realize O.M. Show Time zero zero three six one four

I meant three things I mean two or two you don’t have the money

There’s our rush hour seems that the temper down and the police have responded to the fact and that’s how they got of

Traffic is going to go on a


You or an area where we have to Cathro impro

Have to get ninety nine a three year already done and if you watch the social OK

It is two eight seven nine six eight six four one

And sixty radio right there we have this trailer head for a treatment

You know for a driver and it go swerving all over the road with the possible flea and I gave the information I broadcasted on traffic also in cars or ADAMS Well those on the way to the zero three accident seven and whoever it was very welcome OK with the broker of the view in the Fort Lee I mean we’ve already for the first little nine o five

I know that fifteen radio shows revenue growth it’s not all five and fifteen actually just got to disregard on that make

The radio I had

The one gentleman I some going out with and she can copy you but you can’t talk to her so if you want to just give her the info OK So they’re trying to pull the case number four

I don’t know if you can pull over now

March seventh into Radio Row had zero five one five Roger have very short complete

And I know so I think I mean I think you Adams well

Both are very aware part one have to disable both or vetoing they’re of course just no Dr zero three nine zero seven I didn’t see insurance though ninety seven seventeen he

Happy that it’s in here it’s on the no wait

For the

Bunnies are

Going to first for sure there are actual prefers or three or more federal

Liberal five to zero five to do and I don’t think so prefer system one six three fix as well as it’s something section stems unbelievable I believe and all of our phones are down all the time comes back to a two thousand forging involved wagon for Dorchin to Kiesha Johnson time and King Edward Edward Sam enery Adam eight one one seven Lin Wood expires twelve seven

Former fashion great interaction term or

Two for Terminal two eight six I don’t have a number of chats with it I’m very bad terminal again cook two for Terminal Two sit for growing and flow in your eyes or the water you’re near or through seven I read forty four and he was door and the year of this vehicle Oh I want to be George Walter union four to seven I guess the

Lead shows it is more room James Savage seven seven a one three decker expires eight seventy and

As for information as a C.C.W. permit for the I have a case number I’m showing is fourteen year zero zero zero six seven fourteen zero zero six seven yes it

Does for

In fact reduce turning her

And her into a habitation her school named suspect

The warmth of the first visit from I’m sorry what was that last part

Of her yeah but if you were and you think one hundred six hours you are cursed

Ninety six o two will the YES YOU cars be tied up to the actual tourney Yes that we’re all going to be tied up sorry Sam thirteen any of us to advise of the damage eight three six Broadway two car accident no cars than thirty

One male book shows complete

Nine thirty this week for report of course OK I have to deal I got it they will for awful does or if I’m not forty now from the fourth we’re going to be going to

Return to the address from one forty six

In connection with our a rape investigation into OK having thirty nine for the one four years I’ve had Kathy what surprised me everything except you know if I am that women I


Radio in the wee hours of the morning I was just that sure there’s a car player who is not wanted or needed it George Huguely nine fifty this you are one or you know one I can remember

Them by radio three Yes I just got a call for university hospital

Room for one in the emergency room to Kesha Johnson and I have a number for her one desire for the room or a war or in a room for one her telephone her telephone number seven size four nine five nine three and I just attached it to the cab number that you’re on did one five you are calling they one five you want to play I missed

Going to the Mississippi

Yesterday Walters six sixty two L Y W six six to run a caravan sorry forty one twenty nine seventeen forty two and a one thirty eight double zero is out unless Florence R. is negative eighty one forty five thirty nine seventy six

Eight thirty nine

For the

Very very well who the more

I will be going up Hartmann to eleven the collars image on take or when she’s waiting and seen any

Caravan rather as use assistance to get into her mother’s apartment mother I passed away after paperwork signed off I judge she says this is a management well at her and her mother’s apartment I’ve code three zero five two five zero five two five

Resort apartment I

Do a lot and going to her until I’ve been

At nineteen for a greater

Earthquake though is of residual major real joy we told you to go there it was an area about your for it’s there and I thinking if you need it go ahead info received report be invited back and forth to the

Fairest seventy seven by some paperwork

Ninety eight at nineteen right here we have received a report but

This is going to be one one four two zero of rain one one four two zero zero rain and then

We have a missing man still female forty one No fifty one her name is Frances yon she’s in this thing since Monday because of winds has zero five four two

Nine twenty at Regina radio animating zero zero four eight there’s no cars are an assault here there’s verbal only between these elderly people it’s a bit wrong it was settle for now or completely ninety one for David thirteen right for to the radio prank forty days sort of service will be a school for for then seven five zero seven

And nine for the Fort so we’re going to hear the next twenty two

Clinic here nine twenty

Furniture things are

Not only very pretty out of only thirty four but seeing this road he said Well having one twenty four

Everybody five every

Five three zero five three

Nine twenty four that’s only for a four Charlie fourteen for one on Sandusky So fourteen do you want to have a Yank twenty five and I’ve worn for him

At the corner of kids now and valet or

Stage is a white male in a black Ford Fusion he’s been there for about an hour parked in a no parking zone it’s a three and there are five or seven

Credit nine twenty six

Mil to mil who did those or have records go with who are growing

For four zero five four four OK thank you and that’s only six three of parts Rosemarie

Rightfully six those in the middle of the street block and part of the drive by the code for zero four nine four zero four nine for coffee thank you thank you sir it’s nine twenty seven very fourteen for a party to party through

And then a can and I twenty seven other down the hall and a shot or even able to get their call then no phones I’m wondering if we can call it ourselves or she just

And I mean uh yeah you number

One radio at her vehicle she is right there is who she was is that this was open robbery and I’m phoning or trolling up are they up that ass or instructor one forty seven and higher there’s an OK go ahead Harvard one forty seven and Harvard medics six rolled up under the tester instructor for her T. TO hundred zero five three nine zero five three nine

Thirty she went out on to a No one answer during

One thirty he swung away thirty three and he went east one zero eight talk to jostle and states are child’s father issues have any issues where he’s ready to put some

Body Wash in her vehicle is a myth can I think there’s any twenty eight black male wearing a red and part of black public black vs red black and white tennis shoes and he took off running southbound on East one o eight and G. proceeds as a thank you works at McDonald’s I’m

The Priority two with a hammer zero five four eight zero five for any already over for one thirty one isn’t to say fifteen is you know three Going to thirty six they’ve seen em to do something you’ve been able to

Or six for zero six three five three four

Going to talk radio where you go or yes or say

Yes Or since you’re going to university for one of your victims would you be able to pick up a rape kit there’s also a university hospital will be advised that

The phone when they’re down on the hotel are going to be here many more wait on that come back up and we’ll have to go and when you give over this report and my partner has her Well the process here OK Would you be able to pick up the rate get a university hospital when you go speak to your victim

Or full well have for well it’s a nine thirty

Very broadly over there are a place where we’re going to be everywhere Henry X. ray three three to six and working in reaction for a three three to six comes back on a two thousand and sixteen and then a four door grey Monica Custer one three three two zero proof run dry apartment two zero zero seven expires six eight doing so that address and North Royalton And is it four four one three three was your present for office zero

Two for Terminal two eight zero five four zero five forty

One thirty four I can think the doing radio going to

Can her her and Ray or the driver your point from

NY to Wal-Mart meaning three to nine thirty five one thirty five right this is going to be at West one fortieth interest get one for you to interest a passer by called in a two car N.D.A. one is a black boxes the others a blue Chevy You know I was notified also it’s a three cat is zero five five

Thanks nine thirty I remember we were out and I thirty five

Fifty Yeah

I’m from a distant Nina system Elena lathi a Mr

And I for a family travel on to an address on site the zero two zero zero five or zero five five four

You know give off but as well leaderboard right now I’m in route to Metro to meet to see if you think

Nine thirty six

Far as to whether Very

Large of course the



Are deaf partial recovery

OK I copy and I say these are is our money area

As are a part install that is eight three five three forty four

OK I have to read emails of us answer for is it OK for us are you for any title for email

Start over Yeah

I have it nine thirty seven thirty six accent

Same fifteen letter of the metronome article there

Where you come from common already are going on and this is a GO TO BED zero five five three nine thirty eight received at nine thirty

They said out of there think oh they saw her there think Oh they said thirty nine twenty one’s a distress time on the sex

Money on the line you know once it arrives

Then I’m starting

To I think

Nine thirty nine OK I got be I’m on the phone now I’ve got it I forty four she wrote you sure you were

Pretty important or is this Rick

Perot’s you got a four month nine forty I have one hundred

Twelve cities on normal and want to see if I normally see a Barbara he said that’s the city city property trash can sell Oh for five to zero five I’ve just copied it and nine forty one I don’t have Remember your order plater if you’re going to drive rather a working clue it will taste of awful and be over and was the first in full receiver report I’d have been there for he was nine forty one

How was it they weren’t able to use a dumpster

Or a quick chat is zero four eight four zero four eight four precincts is one sit

Nine forty two three hundred seventy five three and

Go your return to the bureau when I was fifteen we copy the scenario

It’s nine forty three her

And masses they to that party to South Point refer to or would zero five five two zero five five to think of it here itself or

OK just remember again it was manic six First there’s are various one Barney twelve return and zero I see one evil

Their radio five years and I’m forty four shows are of the one for

I guess and I’m forty four or eleven OPERATOR OK OK Part eleven was one on Indiana not really a slot on here that occurs


Place so that party for teen party for geezer con yourself on eleven already heard

Because it already nine forty five to fifty other out of

This is

That forty seven hundred thirty two appear nine forty seven fourteen for Kerry fourteen go have found for ample do you have a deal so Howard on your list and then again for anybody you have a gels or Howard as missing endangered I own this wrestle now mean

Deliberate age of around nine forty eight her sisters that were the front doors kicked in and collar say to the nephew just jumps out the window it’s a priority one can are zero five six point zero five six five I don’t know if the nephew lives there or is it as use a suspect and there’s no description of the can still throw in India nine forty nine nine

Nine re

OK Ma’am even Joyce birth completed her remarks from Iraq if you prefer and learn

Berger radio but

Apparently this was drivable to exchange information or make report earlier to the nines is

Funny forty four forty forty



Five and Pani twenty thousand Pani and that’s just for today Nina system Robert Howard

Assistant does give his all that has mental issues and often business as is the case and if used in a couple of the houses the now has and this is for two weeks that they did not report a missing

Thing is I still feel how are the health to over last Excel office and so forth

Nice just do one truly forging back the

Nines if you will from

The sorority have

King Edward knickknacks Tom Henry West Ham

Henry Hyde

Charlie King Edward and Robert with families in their junior

Had written one critical reading of A who writes

For me area down in the garage and five she was blocking it I don’t know I was driving and the masses want OK Well there are two sides to it what do you like is there thirteen I can’t be she’s in a crack or OK Thank you Mr BALL Did you get do are the sales as easily as

Fourteen Let me give you your I can attack us and it is going to be a social seventy seven Thanks hero Q four four nine to get it to seven seven zero due for a four day thank you David seventy’s show thrown in at some point but even with the move to part of were a couple out of the legal

Orchestra Thanks it Thanks it’s nice to see three D. viewing one male

Sex romps down here and we’re with you and I long for that we’re going to be conveying home now dresses for search for a yellow

For six for a gallon ninety for the I’m here to say experience

Took the driver of the pregnant driver to one vehicle before I arrive you know what unit number that was and where they want and I’m assuming matches and drive up the street what if you find out for me

Because there must be Lloyd coming to follow me all right next to

Yes if you were complete thinking the first sixteen not happy ninety five I have one for you but ninety ninety five was full of our one nine ninety five west of our this is an estimated location face to NY one hang up right and this is an abandoned

It’s a three get a zero five six five zero five six five and I was right on the HOV

Ninety five a lot of us another car so we’re OK here have a David thirty three as I use it in that it is Station they only have one person working but it’s going to be on a days


I just need your terminal number but as a member of the year of the vehicle Here’s a two thousand and six Ford terminals two eight eight and batch thirteen

Year old so gentle so today the seven say

Let it twenty and that it’s forty when it’s a Metro they don’t know what the parking is in live

All right perfect thank you there will write all that already

Sixteen of the chores are

I’d have enough fifty seven and one slash four

I just drive the car back again as folk and the now stated her boyfriend came over threatening his name as he’s a black number I

Was meant for he’s a man of the girl we were helping him

OK since thirteen I have an alarm degree from bright red tennis shoes losings are complex and I don’t know if he can last put her on a car but he is not a carry knives or guns but no weapons ing just around for

This she just was a check the area for him she was speak with us she do want to speak with us

I think the nine hundred fourteen can you check are close to my R.V. so I mean certainly I went thirty three fifty three was planned this is going to be over at one three thirty five three South was and I’m sorry South was when I had a dog that’s been tied to a change possibly US involved the oxen It was as the notified with the elements for making a party to go to cat never dare all five six six night it’s been out there whining and barking for a car for the care

Zero five six nine zero five six nine

For Growth out of our ten on

The worm think more and more

Thank you and then a sense Wes my name then a sense they were seventy

Or grim are exactly as they

Ever received her for an hour each worn partially in peril from our driver a serious there’s no regard we’re told we’re both going to remain on scene for her recovery or I’ll be en route mackerel

We agreed very hard on her already in Russia who were back of me as analysis and also I’m going to change the locations as they did take very good thank you

And also time and also Adam searching for a CO on

The missing person report return from concrete

Happy as generals are and we’re going to hold the always one and we’re going to settle paperwork

And I have Tara she’s a hotel employee at the end a lot of the call and stating they have a female that may be involved in human trafficking here she is a seventeen year old black female five three hundred three hundred pounds she’s was a black male

And because I go to see receive a call for us from the honey County Family Services and I was a message Julie possibly an actual human in this area this came down of the one had a zero five seven seven zero five seven seven and Sam thirteen as well just for Care to guess that I had a zero five seven seven zero five seven seven ten zero four

I think Arsenal four

X. OK A Code two for you and pen her

Thirteen I have one for you and he’s going to eight

Or eight it’s going to be ninety nine one two eight nine hundred ninety four into a Jesse’s calling she’s an elderly female she’s your son Michael has been picked out and taken a match over psyche it’s a three zero five five zero carat employers zero five five zero business and for Francis

Caught up for the last time

They’re also doing all they want to keep it up

If I have to

And time six five The first is going to be at thirty five forty one what’s not to say three five four one was one to say no Saxon is calling for us to check for a silver Chevy Equinox here has an old man three to four days gave the place George yesterday gave it to eighty five George yesterday David two a day so I run and that’s why it does come back on a silver it’s a Chevy does not come back a stolen that’s a four Canada zero five two one zero five two one and the last thirty six sixty one What’s one three eight three six six one was one three eight Lisa’s calling for an abandoned auto here a light hand Durango gave us a divorce was a whopper eight six four eight George was a was her age six for a similar over a week run and that’s like it comes back on a vase Oh a Chrysler Ford or does not come back a stolen this is a four and zero five two three zero five two three

And all seven seven correction make says six eight six eight

Wonder six Madison is Apartment ninety three

Was on Reddit or right

What Madison one zero one zero six one zero one zero six Madison unit ninety three

You Sinhalese or seventy just an excellent five zero zero


Zero generally ready to body thirty two Are you still is

In the third report room


And gentlemen I thank you J. Yes they gave me one thirty three sixty three South was when

They were short of vehicles total here you know I understand that but when you go to you age if you just pick up the rake

Just as a forty four or fifty Sanker hands and

Return it already going yeah I got my old code or no I may still have the only tele you could go and you got your own rodent myself I’m fifteen

This is also up in the grill when you get it it’s when you call out of your oh OK alarm covers the front door they’ll attempt to notify so to jazz zero five six three Fabio Jan eleventh two days of your Firefox three yes

Channel eleven six a radio six very important I want one I want one and didn’t want

To wear them for as a party we’ve got a report for twenty five seven so when these I have seven

Going to confer with the resident with combo I reasoned that will crumble impairment of their management office

Meaning to report as he was a rock admirer if you know friend Tina Hamm right that’s the thing about a small growing Queen there’s everything out of her hair through art of her clothing items over the balcony

And I personally feel so bad for me when you know our apartment this is opposite

And with her twenty five seven five apartment five zero eight and these are

Right after ten thirteen and I thought I’d number one and for that I never

The one eight six nine say one in six Americans

For the

Not for profit so this nine to nine to going here you know and I’m fifty one year complete I will have to

Reach two and have been here for a while high road in that Georgina already seven far away is coming back to a two thousand and eight that four door Well I think Alice one thirteen is two thousand and ninety two I’m Gloria Williams nineteen Line Avenue secular OK OK and ten forty and forty six and if everything is second I’m pale but I got another one for you know chicks OK if I go on are talking at ten fifteen it’s going to be eighty fortieth Detroit eighty forty and Detroit at the American pride car wash we have a

Panic alarm the name of the alarm company a state alarm that’s a call to had a spill of the zero five seven to the off I seventy

Thanks to fifty

Seven zero but I feel now have been more and and I have a description on the mail

For the whole Go ahead you know George fourteen George into relaxing overwhelming power

Did you want to

Have your fourteen fifteen sixteen I was a few I didn’t have one because Or did you get aboard OK your significant other

OK I mean I think nobody got on here yet a black male name Larry

Kramer or George ocean or Robert outward Here’s ID



Teatime still haven’t six nine two zero three David Robert George I.V. on seven before and if you can or zero for forgetting

To put again please David Robert George I.V. one seven


Anything I got to tonight saying Sam’s are saying five sixty five one six thank you

George Will radio somebody on us I am thirteen

Was article has just happened he’s second OK unless there’s an arrest there Larry Gord you know me or five eleven to thirty black and brown and I do have a session of these they want to check my co-anchor that’s going to be two nine six eight eight one zero nine zero

JOYCE Well there’s been here three number for me Bush won seventeen and they’ll

Parking really

Far before I have I’m sure there were other records to refresh your park there are five eight seven check number six thing running I’ve been saying

For national This was a description of the vehicle that will have all the sense there but there were also most of

Allas it is below Ford F one fifty was for about four hours one of the

Bases was you ready to

Bring her here

I Cathy at ten twenty one for anyone

Yes ma’am Well Ronnie was least like referrals show us that our four zero lines are right there and I’m out elementary hold her for a while that tension as you

I think you

Have an amputee put out areas to a by one well connected with Parker Marley or you can create a get rid of it it can research these are all five ninety zero five one zero ten twenty five twenty four that’s a promise

To Radio go

First to six thousand four Quincy six thousand four Quinsey estimated time and one one if it’s you care to zero five eight four zero five eight four then five zero zero eight and seven five zero zero eight and seven see Tony Wilkins for neighbor trouble I’m going for yours it’s a three cat is there a forty three Karen Quincy for you want welfare

Sorry zero five eight or

Ten twenty five Susie need a radio prime graduate there’s only the Oval Office of Henry Charlie Adam three six one four


Now from five Sam thirteen or fourteen that are accredited by me from an event for receiving no than any break and no untrue was made it was taken to the OK it’s will simply was the

Time of Arkansas was at nine forty nine in season ten and he said everything that horrible since I was who to read you right there goes number three three zero nine hundred zero four nine three six or more whole

See this is proven also

Gardner Now that you get a

Birth you want to know if you run away up here

And finally have a chance on a seven ten twenty seven I’m from Florida how does that continue

Well completed J C OK ten twenty eight zero nine three zero zero five Robert Friend of the nine three zero one two You’re welcome ten twenty nine active parent is on the way because who has control over the female so that she don’t know where I got this number so a source who’s married

And advising from five

Am on the line with Laura she is now on the way she just she didn’t want it she didn’t want that females will leave and so we got there she stated that she now has a hater and so on and a few days she is a diabetic see haven’t eaten in a couple of days and they were concerned for her safety they’re trying to

Call me again when you have experience thirty one variate ten thirty one it is ninety six eleven and I’m and ninety six twelve eight and can you guys check point for me at Starbucks I was six yes

Ten thirty two so we are both of them new versions so obviously this is a must go of your own

One three seven four why the sick at Starbucks even the eldest then vanish from the store he’s disturbing refusing to leave he’s a black male causing about five ten gray hoodie in jeans and some tennis shoes her voice tennis shoes it’s three kids here all five one three

At ten thirty three and ninety six fifteen M.P.U. had over there and assist

Fifty eight

Hours to remember and ten thirty three right through to

Go had

Occurred we were very happy at ten thirty for

These didn’t go as for years just

We be able to relieve Mike who was

Thirty four equally

Fourteen or do you going to give us a number who are

Seven seven two nine nine five four

And Adam thirteen to do anything else from them before I disconnect from them across this other person you want me to

The group of

Remembered also

That I’ll have eyes

One second called young person that roar now they’re arguing with each other now ten thirty six

When they’re

Yes’ about trying there is a very good yes or I say you on the line are us three nights four six or three nine

Sorry thirty two ninety four yet you had over two and seven seventy one called a seventy seven forty one called

We had a mail that right in as of this vacant house the caller blocked me in and now they’re both arguably the suspect is in any He’s a white male the color was a plate of George Z. or Lincoln tonight five six The collars and rates for S. to fifty that’s a call to Canada zero five nights I’m there all five nights

In nineteen only OK

Just interrupt both and ten thirty seven

Beats as are the seven but they are you was pays us wait on a acknowledgement and I was at ten thirty one for a meeting for what you want to carry before tears your heart to R.R. to turn twenty five completed turn thirty five if you want auto check go periods or redraw our noses you

Just know his name is Demetrius they don’t know his last name is in a lot being threatening yelling telling him he’s coming back to

The store has a male wearing a red hoodie like colored jeans and black tennis shoe priority queue and zero five ninety five ninety

Ten thirty nine shift area forty six England through a ticket they are going to have back to you from I got it is there enough thirteen ordeal for her part good for example or to me your MIL The trick OK the five that we have the see more than the fair you

Were sure to get all treatment there will wait for Laura shorter to pick her up thirty miles is two year old three hundred forty four torture if you know

George one five

Or four three you haven’t you have arms for us

Yeah just got one in let me read it really fast one of the

St was manor one one three one one shaker of all of our one one three one one kicker full of our character Angela Johnson Angela Johnson for theft of a tag code for zero five nine six zero five one six dollars for one I can’t is there all four ninety two zero four ninety two as a forty two

The first sixty

Appears to be

In good mental comparison here at this moment

For the mother she was of our calls for action for

George and

She should complete or we’re

Forced or

Checked by seven seventy one forty five seven seventy five fourteen she is the

Face I was all things writing their name is Andy herring and the silver for

Two zero five eight nine

Oh five

Male flood upon our arrival toward Yukio

These I’m forty three and I have another causes for you but going to be at forty three forty six one four three and front of forty three forty six was one forty three or have them by their very very soon for folks have a cough or a vehicle and was free but I stand by our governor on this

Show me riders are far too for

Me time forty four forty four and you say no use thinking if you south Indian with the remote

For over one hundred with

I want to say that I can’t OK ten forty four sorry level right when I will

Go ahead Royal over there and the result of the two as a receiver always were for all sizes as you well have a pull in on the other vehicle for some of them were usually at ten forty five or


The radio are very are you go back

And say they were pace at ten thirty one just waiting on acknowledgement thirteen zero ten forty

And sixty there’s a reason I came over as a vehicle for training

No less e-mail was gathering things out of the car and was walking away northbound for Islam right we received another car for a white male who wanted a car stripped in a vehicle or said I’m property from it as well as opposed to B.F. right compact car I have nothing further it’s a two headed zero five seven six zero five seven six he supposedly went over it jacket with yellow lettering

Riverbend than a great paint

Believe the vehicles of oak wagon are Mazas they are for forty three forty six but are forty for you got it

To forty seven certain regions

It was yourself when you were around

The center cynical and they’re going for office he just call that

If someone was in a weapon but you know that I’m saying that you know that I’m saying that the rate in the give on a ten forty seven

Suspect information through the report report every one five eight four ninety seven it’s a four

Zero five five a surgery for ample mobile crisis calls and I was saying that yes the caller has a mental issue but it still is obviously

That it was that is that it is for me or the near visual information is info on the suspect

And forty eight C.C.A. radio would be pretty much sure oh boy if they go over to the corner

Ten forty nine Gen three to any traffic or switch to channel three any traffic or for disable the auto switch to channel three


Nine for a car and I for a car I mean this is a male think his thing is that I don’t say anything about being all that has a sense that the stink but the analogy of think short actually called in by a neighbor

On the corner of night for our steel is Crystal Jefferson zero one zero six zero six zero six zero as the location of I ninety West is by and here

It’s eyes disabled blue eyed oh so much as we changing a tire it’s it you can it is zero six zero seven

Ten fifty one five write a series radio play and you have me check and then for me see if it

Then figure out a Cessna plane one David seven Henry that I’m one Nick two three Sam one five two five six one them how one was over the San Juan place

On a Dodge Ram still missing OK still and we’ve just gone


I got your picture in person or are

George just a project of every having

Number one or can number zero five seven five zero five seven five And just I’m I’m Hausen a total of seven I think I’m also calls for an accent on four eighty as a call one three to four vehicles involved now it’s five hundred traffic channels of are

Going to

Reach out to all if you need a few they were available No I didn’t but I will now face to radio

Your social and I mean no warm up so this mail

To a zero seven zero zero zero three three one four three six and I have to make it times have fifty five and I am forcing L.S.T. will handle

Very very good thank you sense of the six

Times success I heard over one hundred thirty eight dollars husband came out and talked to a

Lot of hassle mechanical issues they’ve been moving at all as much as they can

He’s been advised to move north completer seventy six

Over the road to D.C. and her speedy cost stating that they’re supposed to mail in McDonald’s is not an employee and name is Pete Seattle he’s been calling that apartment I want to read writing and swearing at them and writing a homicide other that lives in Amherst they’re checking on him he also say that he was going to try and steal one of their police that

He tried to steal their police car on the have that came down as a culture to his theories and so forth or whatever no you

Yes I need you to hold up and they have got to go to

One three to seventy eight to one three to seventy think to us is on scene we have a thirty five year old female psych she is violent she’s not our Ines is not going inside until we get there her name is Linda ness she’s very multicolored lighting and orange gray shirt carrying a bag it’s you can zero six zero eight

He’s a

Correct but there’s a kind of a zero six right


That ten fifty eight and that’s missing from your found and the caller was from social services and they thought she was being it’s probably they thought she was being used and human trafficking and actually something like that the social worker is an RA E.T.A. sixty to ninety minutes her top you know

We’re going to argue over your

Career but are really really from are you from and can I copy the exterior that I want

To my

Who was it I mean by right here

When it they were just me about we’ve become from the first Francis eleven a one

Some people a gentle force Oh yeah yeah

I know he was all my own theories around yes and no doubt just said

OK Will that be the ninety West but I see it on cereal the blue Saturn it’s eleven a one so there was a

Race for all and of Robert Frank six nine one three five zero he anything out now you know

And I want gentle three to seventy two all night

I’m showing you that ninety West by Ontario for vehicle disabled it ran out of gas


Actually I was there’s some truth about what women are OK All right thanks is eleven also

There are things going for

Six three six he’s nine four six thirty six nine four the cat is one six zero six zero six zero six zero six eleven all three eleven to us is the letter O M B On our way we’re going over

Six three six nine four

Two question one thing zero six of eleven all three

So is it about the corner eleven zero four forty fourteen or are you going through a social give me a physical on this no

The seven four seven two eight four through eight who is also how

For those fourteen ready for Dark One for an extra ten zero five right there zero five pence

I feel I have any one

And assignments pressing her back with us or you’re going to get going to be alone of that thank you one seven she and two sensing

I’m OK Are you back in addition

Or feel your metro

Hurting radio getting more your we don’t foresee

In a civil matter over there you’re right before you were

No cause on any


Wrong turns were initially no we’re going to fourteen seven three hundred fourteen you

Will remember the situation in our

Car miles are too far for

That and only number chemical

Is on the side with the school she’s stepping down for probably think you’re going to have an area

Forty fourth in rank forty I’m sorry

You’re going to provide a very free milk was refusing No there’s no in the process of aluminum Jew let him get all his property of the soul off of him for suppose you know him according to him very good and full and often a truck we’ve got it also with all your joys complaints

That you haven’t seen them thirty

I’m going for this year eleven seen a lot of

OK you haven’t seen what was just on all five six seven OK I think I got the anyone eleven I need a copy and the other so worthless

Is going to be at three zero seven three one four seven three zero seven three one four seven the first apartment we have a national motto scholars he says that the mum

His neighbor just called or they say that the whale or it was frightening to her mother’s apartment she said her mother is in jail the little addition to put her out and that the mail or has a truck out for the callers that were to make it is a cold one and is there all six two zero zero six two there

Are going to go

Because he says he’s very thin and I don’t know

Fourteen eighty one E’s one eight estimate hang up from the sale go to nine one zero five nine more than thirty you know we got a call one that I’m just so darn it well as a third party Hoff e-mails they sent one of the neighbors calling her an advisor that

Mother’s labor was very close to the mother’s apartment the mother is in jail yet happy that OK

Well you can make it to I mean as a landlord for you can make it it’s who is well you have you know I guess we’ll make it to

Them eleven for one

Six four zero eight thank layer sixty four zero eight thank lair I mean this is the

Laurent to get property from the Mellon area he’s in a white Oh for over sixty three zero sixty three before he left forty OK Christine is King Robert Sam

Edward do you need a spelling on the last name

They usually

Sit middle initial land linking yesterday or

The sales try to stay on him her please pass she says that he needs anything flat and to get that on his cell is to eat for

That and say sixty eight one six

Four seven six six eight once a white male sixty three seventy

Fernando’s years drags on it

Because till it is there I’ll say there are nine they’ll say there are nine but they have a description of where you are

If you have a vehicle negative OK

For the street or eleven there’s radio call if you want

Her valid tanks are actually going to be and five Chevy station wagon and then and I seven Toyota let me try to try to unify name I think whatever it is in that way hold on eleven seven

Reveals an unsettling thing for

Yes I’m insane if you can hand over the forty nine was forty forty nine and three was forty says natural They’re checking for mail that says you have the hospital his name is Richard I was born is a white male there’s a natural detect those that’s on sale also for

This called it until they’re all six one zero six one

Eleven the thing through

How do you know that for the element is just the center

Of your argument Thank you they’re just you are you going to

Be clear that the female today her place was just a male accent

Truck fixing I’ll have a signage think annoying construction and I have already been notified Is that something you want me to stand on or is it OK to close


There are any rate of zero zero forceful

Polls of the civil war that you think are off OK yank a minute and there was only that one call for an hour that was not a

Thank you eleven twenty


Six A good morning now we are using to fix

Meet a court date and

Vary the court date of the eighth accordingly is that eighth and you came and it’s been a team

That is going to be in zero six three or zero six three war you know what you Jack sixty one six Aussie thanks very much there was no problem and a lot of silly war and a forcing going from one of

Those If

I got the elements only one

Payment in forty one from the male and it’s him forty three they cross referenced in the sign it works email

Is still valid and that we thank you and that of the things that thirteen on the land line you for free


And that talking a min and then thirty four there was closed at ten forty three cross referencing closed Onil

Four has a C.R.T. He was named as Hirst a lot black female

On the right so the trouble no direction of travel female may possibly become invent cold to say Can’t is zero six one four zero six one four no place either side to comment on our response

No female yes or no

We were her thinking at eleven twenty three relatives not at all seventy

You know we just

Coming out of us and they’re about to throw a block


Two year old little boy or rather

Sort of you know there

Was a location on those

Figures for each person that if a

Call for a

New year old boy

I think of the white male black male Hispanic white OK I think that at eleven twenty four radios of Aussies I’ve been a fan thinking oh European Yeah and seventeen just ran across a two year old boy running by himself why why did you announce zero just Or if we’re out of it yeah they’re out with us can you give me their will he said

A Where are they Wesley first and then if

That was OK Cathy and eleven twenty four

Property would be clear in a moment

OK thanks this will be a university hospital University Hospital if you can pick up a rape kit Jamie Edwards I have the original report number if you want it the kid number for the sick that is zero four seven seven zero four seven this is sort of very well the case

Time is eleven twenty five for that if I can have it originally for number the original is one six zero three zero I got we think three atoms well for from Asian

All three candidates are all six two five zero six to sign and that’s not a


Fair corn and eleven twenty six search twenty one for

Radio caucus only one fourteenth in this and they would have been saying you got me feeling well for thinkin


But I’m to say in fifteen surgeons

I believe she’s in a war chair Morny right now OK

Us from the Call me in his old home to one six four zero six three three four when you so I’m sorry nothing in there right now who asked elicit a vehicle to say there’s been sort of on board your new ones looks for zero six three by three four yes it was on a single and I’m sorry for you again ninety six sixteen that I’m

OK I think

Well our camera zero six zero three and a two I suppose so close to

Four more five one five one one three at Lotus one fifty one thirteen at Lotus OK

A lot of twenty girls are sort of your information received or Sam fourteen we’ve been seeing there you was announcing that I will ensure

A lot of money I’m going to have

An answer for you and

Think else you can pick up the ice and have a problem where her ninety two Madison career house apartment you know her name is going to Kathleen Brown she is going to think then sent home three and zero six two eight zero six two eight America fort a lot of twenty nine thank you thank you to death all for the airline and yes I’m

OK Out fired or were you again are a thank you a lot of fun and I’m sure if you could before

Going to give me permission to come George water Henry three seven seven five How was that going to two thousand and six

Stings for trust Joe’s It is great Andre days senior two nine zero eight and Jim wrote full of are almost It tells you Barney and yesterday’s

Program which eleven thirty one on a serial killer muscle sings

I’m going room for a few things on your levee thirty two

Fourteen at

Eleven thirty two thousand and thirteen and then a Sam thirteen at eleven thirty two directions in effect of saucers right back of a page

Eleven thirty so you’re going to

Have a complete eleven way

Through and I’ll go to

Eleven thirty three after casting a juicy e-mail soliciting in the area of one forty one A one can been I have eleven thirty three but

You know Mr McCarthy was her being an accident from home as me from

Your wages the seventy five F. you want me over with I mean have the delay that

Are due to me a little bit longer

Are part of the answer but I called it in for three seven and says it’s a Hyundai I don’t have a call or anything they were just passing by he said three and a zero six three seven of them

Are insane I’m going to be you are

Going to be there are nine are increasing your scenario I.Q. of and thirty five the majority

Of you there are

Charlie thirteen and eleven thirty five and seventeen Go ahead

Or is that a male first name job



There were twenty seven thousand one

Should limit the Federalist twenty one for going


Far right don’t even want to you know if he’s listening to John Edwards David David or John Edwards has been found

It’s one eight zero six money and also awful at once if they to solve one of the little ones if they choose to sell for a little a mouse call from a cell phone rambling on about the friends of his property and he called a friend of this craft Yeah it was five there I was disconnected he didn’t give us ninety

Three zero five eight zero five

This is estimated they use it at the scrapyard or they’ve got

Eleven thirty six three yes or your victims from Metro is at the district and Hervey’s if you call they’ll get the information was where we saw

Your victim from Metro was one radio variant of the other one Johnson is on Lynnwood Cali

Eleven thirty seven are you on the way Dylan was very

Very sober already several prophets you want to run a

Remark or a door and all of them

There were no right

To go where the sign

Should advise the commercials this year to which are the proper fare for

Him seven hundred for info

Tech in thirteen Yeah yeah vs other than that I don’t buy anything I don’t now do you want me Do you want to

Have all of us so just to nine one nine four seven four

Three zero six one one E O N is well you had I think number ten Queenie three seven ninety five I four if you want six to fifteen

That expires twelve twenty seven and sixteen twenty five year old me also that he had

Gotten thirty nine

It’s always so if you have to return a couple

I’ll stop right there if you want a wife when I met her you have

Zero friends

That you’re coming in broken English for David seventy two thousand are you calling do you need to fight

For radio

I got the eleven forty eight euphoria

Shows right in a while since you know I’m forty and some thirty five but if you want to internationally they can radio no way tiny assignment for the family and for the Parker Court

Well now I want to want him before the servant heard of the environment man twenty seven hundred Washington Avenue twenty Washington have an ill advised as there is a meal trying to enter

I learned that the meal is a not residence hall then there are like you know wearing green Switzer in blanking you know heard an earful eleven forty three when you know they did eleven for one prior Simon mechanical is that the Eagles Blossom is roundly black Lexus and I’d like for an on site for six three zero zero six three A

There are the street again here

Eleven forty three

You know when I get a cab for today for a missing person and forty nine hundred thirty house for sitting


Each OK number is sixteen zero five zero one zero eight if you want them it would

Appear I’m doing OK It was sixty radio

You know from here French received

We toured the area Yukio on this row on a Friday

Eleven forty six three one three four Thanks last one hundred fourteen apartment one one three four six wow one one four apartment

Tells us having issues with his girlfriend was using it and I was money to call for has They’re all five five seven five five seven what

The four are it’s a three distinct there’s just complete training for make sure the

Ball the boyfriend the girl forward you know way you know we tore

Her thirty back or five

Fifteen A.M. forty seven then I was second some of them thirty nine complete and then a for him thirteen at eleven forty seven something radio

And seventy so I know for a few men rise here conferred with her firm thirteen child is the father Robert it’s very well show back up there no doubt a mother or real but this report also friends have given all that I have already

Got to

Them already so it’s a rather

Than a loss a stamp of you made you something you know who is you receive you know life well there’s a people working go back

There are three six four

I know she just called again for as the feminists and I did for

Example Do you know of playing thirteen I answered above and not

From the area where the carrier

The other parties are going to go to Metro with you know not number eleven so here I want to tell these two cars one not dry well known or another one he has been an afternoon accident someone in town or I talking about and I think what is their idea of it too

So you guys are more than OK that is an eleven for one

It’s going to be back in the Edward four zero nine eight one nine you get that on a silver Pontiac Grand Am and then I

Think it is just social to the incident two nine nine seven eight three eight three four that

Is him artist Thomas that wanted with him to summon but like I said he left the area and I have seen found anymore

OK I got the alpha didn’t I love is that the one is that his car you’re telling her

He said of Mom I didn’t I didn’t run it into the part of that is one of you don’t want them right off the road to problem

Area for ninety four zero two rosewood I think present

Happy that if you get some two to send then have something that

Button fifty three

Fifty radio but it just ran for peaceful art we’re going to have them for C. for heart for her with present thirteen Vo Alliance and we’re back at the base for him start this report eleven

Three eleven twenty seven thirty try to

Let in thirty five start of the year for a while but I’m fifty four

Think you know it’s going to be four to seven found out last one fifty S at the Marriott at forty seven I don’t know I find that the yes and the Marriott apartment for six jail

I’m sorry room for thick steel and knowing I was crying means i Report to call three yet as you’re all five eight three zero five eight three

A lot of fifty four I think you ran out of the in a lot of undress than there were men who were

Working on Konstam and finishing up this press happy on a city’s I guards or to the radio that they’re working for completely the first river of the R.C.A. were ninety to twelve was mad a

Number here stresses the reward out of have these X M sixteen zero

Seven they’ve seen when they’ve it once and

Were on

Eleven fifty

Forty fifty rule you go ahead here on of the inquiry you a place called and Ana doesn’t say when the police are out it just says that he was advised by the police that it was yes did you find any body over there on the

Part of the Guards rush wrong or should be a restaurateur Robert rate if you’re going to have

Our greatest regrets I want

Eleven fifty nine I have a cold one for you surely to grow

Are again Charlie told if you like they had over also to seventy five all for Herman seven five zero for Herman Evony calling she did her brother’s having a site

The seventy three I want his name is Ray Sharon Goodlatte five nine medium Bill Yeah I think in his name he’s outside he might be at the gas station next door he’s wearing a jacket with several pairs of pants on it’s a wine he can’t is zero six five going here only they have a

Appropriate form that they dropped off yesterday he’s known to carry a nice twelve coppers and twelve a one and go ahead with your vision of Jesus seventy five all for her it’s right for us

And travel on and go home to vent and John Henry went in her Robert David seventy four X. ray for Charlie zero or nine three three five to come back to a two thousand four hundred because he knew the plate and the color of the vehicle I preferred with the kind of human

Heart for consideration it’s graduation for graduates from what you know are so well to those who cannot who were

Twelve votes in the house how true for thirty four for the OK were you gone property out

But it was going to be

OK twelve for a

Bus System Herman some five zero for Herman I think of me as a mother sorry for your cards you receive the structure

Now of another forty

Seven on nine hundred ninety seven zero nine hundred ninety six a male statement that is often black male green jacket and its Santa unlawfully

Two zero six four two zero six forces

Lost twelve afore


Heavens for any sixteen


Five If I were I would follow fire Laurie seventeen or Paula Madison qualify so a forty radio starts I’m far from the district so clear for a person early Still ahead of people we’re going to be on special assignment we’re going to strip her sense if you know I was listening to David one six pleaded

For of us

Ninety six nineteen already oh

Yeah so if you know what mysteries you the Gnostics mean they want to close well with you took every four of them prospects for growth a solicitation car broken afternoon twelve

To join can I marry zero six six one first two are ones we thank you

For your strong arm name be here we didn’t see anything your going to back track but there are proprietary security threat in our

Everybody’s artwork ready her artwork I’m sure

Yes you have any down below the just



Alone arriving just a

Day You can disregard that property

OK radio working vehicle if you see what I’m talking and thinking and writing

In a scene it’s in France kind of you

Don’t want to

Own a lot and I wanted a wheelchair

Employees just for me to Route eight

Clocks may or may receive the light him almost like a white male late thirty’s if I am


From seven to

In wait part aware that invest forty one was there for the V.C. Johnson he took whatever you missed Iraq for James have it’s a very warm or to Jersey Shore for through the beginning we were poor

Things Yeah sixteen we gonna respond to the dark

But happy or not I can hear you yet the strength you were using is that I guess you look ages and all six that Adam ate so it’s going to be right there

Get a good agent call from a thick the very gate hundred first off

For zero five seven seven what time our rejection after a lobster fair V

New neither are related worth

To across

Or forty


One heard George ocean ocean David Walker I don’t make a first name of and families here George or Edward like him I did Queen of union at work they did her for seven twenty eight some people are

Mirrors stating that she came out on the seventeenth of the ice dam I am a sailboat and and have a two for now thank three seventy three that part of the generator money to a single

Mall here in Detroit we’re going for the

View report he’s a woman who

We’re going to we’re going through a parcel of Rock Terrace and sermons or fans visiting Charlie thirty three Charlie getting this room I got you know force chief are always short here holding on for for now I’m worn citation was issued

Both easier calls are going to be private I have to go to Metro and it’s never made you have a driver

Are entirely there is an eye popping around cement joints also say OK got to toss sixteen and so forth so if the user also made it work OK happy tossing brownies that’s generating money for nothing you put us on the jury and Wesley Snipes former Frank you were saying six zero three or was your poem or Arnie first and forty radio I have forcing ninety eight I actually don’t remember at all they’re all saying that well Dr Who we are off the water who own a home of a king

So obviously you are so far greater than

One pretty shooter has been a dart twelve eighteen twenty take a vehicle blocking a driveway

I’m going to back there from over to them or at me those milled over as you go into if you’re Ground Zero but it does if you’re out shows avoid

That’s a fun thing and running fourteen different working

One of the run with the phantom or your above it all

OK County think it’s of making for everything very

Sorry for

That if I think I’m talking I comprehend on full twenty thoughtfully thank you is going to be the cause for kind of zero six six six zero six expect

Money fifties arriving at twelve twenty one and thirteen for close to seven the one with them in it and three weeks so just a was checked three point zero six one

Fourth and we thought it was only one or two a radio then you got any calls for our

Like the

Very Thought of water and of her hair Railtrack heavy heavy heavy black hole

No negative that a fire

You know a fact is going to be and that and that really are our every movie right maybe a decade with knowing exactly where it’s at can’t fail the fact really are all that off her like the hottest after

Say I could feel like Lake Shore and I was reading an article I want to live a life frustrated something was going to be horrible

And you know Ariel wants it and I thought it was also I want to thank you

It’s going to be an isolated location and I’m on one ninety one ninety one upright way nine one one one Broadway Priority two zero six six five

Me three is there one thing for who we were there’s three who cry for who may be forty there’s three her mare was going to be a and Julio wore both of my female Cleo or

Female is the one thing you miss from you know coffee three five just go to that I go see if I can snatch a guy off over here I whole

Thing because I think I had

The good you know female social worker I’ve done James and or Trish other treatment over her really could please for more

Than thirteen look up is your

Twelve twenty four funny now see Jack land says she needs to do our part actually have a place to happen yesterday and James are part number is ninety eight for

The sun’s going to be called for at Israel sixty one there are sixty one US six in general want any one sixteen P.M. or senior their address

Is that for Mr Palmer first supplemental incident often or


You look inward and make sure it is reported on that’s why or when the welcome plans and the infusion right mean there is a waiting for the visit itself is a call

Now she says she has funded Are you able to get the footage ready for that well with all cars will that pick it up with them out very soon to your charity for for nine of the honoring of


Eight one sixteen she does not have the forty yet she waiting on you were to now do so when she gets a dollar and she will bring over the sugar off the bureau

Right and I’m very keen you can disregard and that report is showing in my room and I am FAR thing

There are

Thirteen he said does your flamingo have permanent focus

Sixteen for one who has a four versus can you check out for an accident I TALF originally tough Originally I have information regarding accuracy hall and of York lacrosse I’ve NEVER other three zero six seven one now picked it up called one and as there are six seven three six seven very

Funny sounding

First twenty seven their living room on

One hundred two of course and really

Good times of misfortune

Well funny I’m going to have one for ya that’s right I never judges a brother I serve a progressive you know you can go with me that I want to confirm with somebody yes they are hard to get out of a lot of audience

As are the if I give you a call you know myself

Very So you Bernie fourteen song called The One

Thing you gonna say yes it was you’d be able to A

Party eleven I have to use them

One zero three one three Empire

State happy plus twenty nine the plate is Edward one eight seven eight a war Kathy thirteen I’m alone radio

If you don’t have anything for

Her fourteen we’re going to get as if

You can visit it for a very Thank you think I’m flirting already and the fact there was a misstep then and a name cousin of hers had a hand from form to her she refused throughout the house me so I complete and have a time place there any that was I was there a mark my arriving here a second time

And that old city and

Well funny fact they will have a radio can I have a cab for the place we’re going to have a vehicle right dying cattle fifty seven seven seven seven with predators instead of them we are pretty much just seven having just let you know if anything comes up so

I can try problems


Because you’re zero six six now hard there for that address

Hanging around saying that you should still resident Clint currently

Anybody have a female face if you were you I think you were semis is not an emergency I’m on line with Ian I’m sorry I was Community College Park on radio we’re out if you’re in sync where that fire the national although I don’t see the dress up in front of the organist prior What track or the wrong form seventy one five or if it was it had every

Day to have it as of thirty three OK And this to

C.C.C. Felice’s handling that tries eventual handlings they were different I already mentioned it so you’ll still get to district an actual US D.V.R. or book a completing going to Anson

Parks or

Federal Case up with you back to the district is false and before

Anyone really familiar

Twelve thirty four

Her voice forty one year old female who were that were I

There were no under


Surely thirteen for me sure see if you’re a much role whatever the District or not I do the story form

A male

Kind of an entire Well let’s start with that choice what you say that again that it was apparent in higher

Level Well in part that you get Julie for thinking I give a stand by one moment

Who are

Paul ninety six sixteen Adam at this number let me know when you’re in

It’s for all sakes three five three four four zero six three five three four zero for we are already in Ariel our

Walk and talk


There is a recess for two three four

Or is it or is it sinking I stopped a call to form Davis fourteen two didn’t want to

Head over to well three three one I fall three three one eyeful to we have Christopher calling he say he’s be in the right invite his son boyfriend so I think as a black male thirty years I’ll darkens watch and wear all the why nothing farther hold to can’t is there all six seven six zero six seven six zero sill and as there are six I have their effect I have

Today Once I mean what


Marshaling ball received here on scene one party was transported by you might imagine all

The other guy have the energy to go after Give me an example or not want to think that you have to do seven

Vehicles were told I had to go to match or get further from you know that it was taken or something rocker

I got me a song very nice all very nice but if there is that Barney does it think nobody six England

Parties are

Going to keep

Them for Crystal their birth

And your

Three zero or seven six were three their own was seven six was a lot far less horse one thousand

Great two thousand and ten equal not unknown dealer tank taking the keys from the gas station and one of the

Invalid when you go back

To the Ally I knew it was in the alley cop because those are exactly the rest of

That that I can tell forty one forty one

Did you know on the twenty second it was a thing called here only there was construction going on that there’s a key hold of it and you can lock it well the are

Going to be driving so we’re riding Charlie it’s a party tune with a camera zero six seventy for the address for

Sure to eight to zero twenty eight twenty one sixteen reform Thank you sir it’s going to be twelve forty two for the floors one for four

Where at one fifteen or

Forty three hundred second and I will for you so much that it’s all for either

Sixty radio and it’s very you know cause over here and

Forty three OK Chris a lot that a verse is police out of eighty one she has knowledge I’m a slice as well as a valid ID any number yes it’s Roberts six eight eight three four one that’s Roberts six eight eight three four one that’s all you need for that for her or her

Five seven to thirty girl over

For both are so a copy Thank you

Therefore on a

Date of Birth of fifty or

Sixty five for night nation


Zero six eight zero zero six eight zero thank you

Not us coming back to a panel of brought it to a six hour for ninety six for Yes Well their name again and they were both correct Kelly degree of us we gave was due to the river twenty six of

The chilly day courses for the date of birth again

Twenty six fifty four ready all the adults have been thinking articles and

Written were finished up here ready on any car close of pearl and brought you Pearl and are brought to us the family gala there is a malice email inside of the store still it is a call to today to once example

The last forty forty seven price and tall forty seven in the money

I ninety East to science ninety seven the second


Is now fourteen B. of A devise I have a call to pending problem Broadview there Rob are from the dollar store at a Family Dollar Out of seventeen states they can’t write from their report their finishing up Adam forcing is on his watch party twelve is that little there any connection with that mental nail varnish Athena’s at the desert in connection with the report Varney sixteen is a crime car I have just entered our every

Security to

View a little the same with Wal-Mart but as long as the actual person called us from the store Family Dollar going higher security and we have no one no I have to allow one Misty the for coal to already and the other ones are tied up and David eleven is the only open or

Since we’re reviewing them something like there is you know a professor could be able to ask him a couple or OK got me two zero zero zero zero

Five zero zero seven six three four is number three is going to be a given that the boy you have you know

To be O.B. of nine nine nine nine hundred seventy five

Most who have two seven zero seven two two four one one the last one is going to be Richard Payne small Adam yesterday Nick Edwarda Neil B O four nineteen forty three

So sure you do nine five they can eight two four nine one can hold on

It give you shouldn’t be for a little bit three not recover pursers

Yes no problem

Well but Robert Lee from the mouth OK if you have a jock involved with that very open we’re going to haunt Toyota but we’re going to the wall and find out

That you have a victory to your first guy Tony shot

Five six four and one sixteen and I just G seven I.A.F. one sheriff’s department when it’s all exactly looking for us and I know it’s you you want everything just to see if they got warrants or not if there’s good as if they got it right there are apartment I hope I mean one but

Not the numbers just disappear that happen to someone

So right off the bat your first one’s going to have to assign you want to felony to does that is your superman Valerie going to check OK I don’t see anything for Valerie I don’t see anything or

Let’s play a shot

Twenty three sixty eight eight one four one two three six you know for that you’re welcome but of the report completely fix it thanks for

That for and with your two


I don’t sound insane I cannot be

False fifty one hundred fifty one also was going to be at Pearl the Broadview for all those probably at the Family Dollar Ellis email inside still a black female why I can fly that she has a large base purse black male dancer and a shirt that was like that also it’s called of the two Canada zero six eight zero six eight eight zero

Thanks that’s also due to the ice all car from it I got it clear off road off the highway I don’t pay just you got to see you around here

You’re also sure

You know if you know if you’re working or for the community office in training you’re going to

See little that is eighty one eighty three a one of these right or he knows are all right I’ll sign of another as that might let me just a resource of a report of

The six it ran the scene now if you could to Senator Wicker clothes it is four but I can say it arrived as well fifty four or

Zero for two more days I don’t foresee

The current mayor working for her own property from our earthly nerdier

Well we are now both in or her Our it was her location and her knowledge none of us JENSEN It is Jane what was starting in and Hill you in the grassy

Just how you know violence is just acting weird His name is Darryl life in a villa blue jeans black hoodie approach you zero six eight nine


Friends are you on channel two you want to switch

Yes which is that

Sendmail you’re trying to identify earlier he come back we’re hearing about war and he came back clear

So I got eleven I have offered Victor eighty three that’s a ticket equivalent look at her drug activity and use one for fourteen for


But to have a good everyday having It’s twenty seven victory to a three year Cadmus me zero seven zero six

Zero if you think you’re going to they say oh if I shoot her across here at J.C.

I’m going to wreck them

And they’re all seven zero four zero seven zero four to prove

A phenomena thanks we’re OK

I’m OK prophesying you go get the jazz

Also that and also to also have an


It will open or looking for thirty you’re just not as often you’re not going on oh I’m going to

OK so if you know I’m ready Elsa Varney fifty barges in gross

His name is Michael Dickerson is a who I told her she lets Henry Dickerson of I don’t see anything for

Me to want to so many two hundred no minutes occur

Because the social gazers were they gave

Me dinner I didn’t get was that soldiers of the that’s it

To a six five four ninety six one

Of those you wrote

Something or other

And the residents all are migraines well as I have and I’m thirteen or singer thirty everybody is

I think

Very nice and again

For the reply or regular

I have any Iris for

Once are

Happy and I’m very happy

With the work that way

And I’ll try my best to let it work that way but this one’s one for well one for say rainbow has a Rottweiler has it and simply say that’s crying out for her and she accent as I know that’s a very friendly dog fancy and that’s wholesale can zero six eight one six eight one

Thirteen I just think yeah and I’m sixteen we’re getting anything out of line of life now and sixteen with that for us yes their

Supervisor is not seen as line of ice now OK

That insisting this is not an emergency should you still

Think you know

Go home and always Jordan the one from earlier are

Through a lot like there are reports emerging now

So you had that was there are no

No I didn’t you know I don’t want to I don’t know if you I’ll tell you the age that I

Got thirty and then

I got the mandatory best fitting to off for three hundred hours and I got these two

I want to do for you and progress you

Yes No I’ll be too for my thirty

You know for Raila to Barney sixty for calls to thirty six

If he had over if I was six for parole to do was sixty four five one six for her role a clean record Beef Company we have a security alarm I think is a panic alarm at this location that’s a call to Janet as they also have a loss for their all seven was for we’re good for thank that they’re seeing their thing

Thirteen I think yeah we got mail fight with all of

US If I was in any car and head over there to say I’m seventy need a car over here in the car well for Pearl Street OK he said this week are six exactly what they say they have them on

But I copy we disregard what she said even disregarding that I mean

OK be free from going to

Happen and share fourteen party forcing If you know along the

Wires I mean jump there for thing if we think you know I have your we did all we can right for the five year or the whole of for the district for the for the award

Though as incentives for

Closing maybe they didn’t have it ready also boss and I copy that at thirteen also haven’t used an zero seven zero three zero seven zero three

Years now you call them your duty you are you are held over normal with most of you know something change them

In from six to four two hundred radios of all you’ve got a year to zero seven they’re older

Oh yes our property Ron Bill rushes from air traffic there we just got back up there is an awful

Lot going on there out of one seventy one I think they’re going seventy eight fifty think they are sustained fire with traffic Canada zero six zero zero six zero eight zero at the back down of a melodramas and the lobby you know what the lobby thinks it is high on drugs has drugs like overdose or harder drugs life is very high on just the service harassing customers some I was unfair fourteen there was no other M.B.A. ninety guard or wash

And they have so much

Ammo hasn’t they’re going on

Thirteen on I ninety four sixty eight they can’t isn’t one six zero six nine seven zero six nine seven and you gave it well says he wants to sell them for of course I don’t for one they will

Sell some of us and not force if I think the numbers are negative eighty one thirty eight forty seven ninety nine forty one thirty two zero two seventeen are present for a group

So fourteen out of a whole two for you when you can buy from there forty right that’s I have you around

And everybody offers are hoping her

Reports or hospital orders a report for an existing in the wall made cars some of the wall acres of land if it’s a that is to make progress on a report hardly call it a church practice if they need us for that

First and then I want them or God also call call them back as well just think it off and that official we will break your heart records but I think there’s a

A lot of

Two hundred twenty five connection one and

Thirty four West two for a male in a war OK I was lamb

Was the location

Late more man it is a scene and eleven a vocal to thank you

They were sixteen the day we let anything they the sixteen a get together they have eleven and Jake one eighty one sixty Euclid one eight one six zero Euclid apartment see three neighbors call on him for juveniles are side fighting one fifteen year old juvenile Special me

The family that is alone all the time in the home now supposed to also it’s not six zero six nor inside there’s a fever for thirteen thirty or even then it eleven

Forty radio one or

Two out of twenty five you scan zero seven two five zero seven two five

Three clover and twelve

Are hard

To report


And I’m sixteen and are late with me forty one happens if

I don’t now are thirteen fourteen

If you could also thirty one thirty plus three for me thirty one thirty was the

C. idle

Fathers and usually isn’t as Adam headache is a white will for the black shirt ending at the poll three Israel six eight two zero six eight

Thank you that there are things that

Can colored that and

I think you

Really via properly but remember we were asking for a

Yes Ariza holinesses they were going to be all no zero five eight

Zero six one to pour over it and really take two to one E’s one classic two through one is on POSIX number four see Emery

Girlfriend in areas destroy this property can you claim but pasture using hope to also have a one zero zero zero zero one zero forty

Thirteen City radio they’d let you go

I’m sorry for going through ever for radio Yes it was then but with knowing Simon couple minutes

Well so are you oh one or two men are all are you this is


Then hang up ninety six ninety five zero six car nine five zero six car abandon hang up the whole three of the four seven of the four sentence OK we’re making a rather rare event we’re just very Jefferson rare

For think we can

Thank you very in seventeen

Zero six four seven it’s not in connection with overkill think of this is estimated some of you are gone over the situation

With nine three six crore or knifing right rethinks leaves nine for

Some of their eleven radio because shows the pre one or zero zero four star but that’s thirteen anything they do that and the services they’ve seen on you can do it with a number one A one city

One eighty one fifty you can see three

Neighbors calling for kids as I think is a fifteen year old special needs kids and

Neighbors is apparently supposed to also it’s nice it’s over it’s nice and there’s a fan at her friend’s request and I want

The male

Thirteen I think there for that number one eight seven zero seven one eight seven zero seven one of two properties from twenty five sixteen E sixty six zero one zero one I’ll handle that if I me for the

Samurai It’s the king Honey Boo Boo

Sorry for sitting with you on lunch at thirteen twenty four and sixteen I have one with

Thirteen funny enjoy curry for dinner on complete over thirty

Five thousand funny Charlie for dinner and one for

Thank you is that I’m Marsha three nine five to last one forty three ninety five to life on forty had an Marshall I think seventeen year old female Alyssa that events she’s returned just needs a hot report

Writing or a part number prepared everybody throw their I’m not sure I got on I don’t know who I wouldn’t even call the figure that out that’s on the call for an account of their nine nine zero six nine nine what’s your name Elizabeth get ends I have they’re a part number you’re writing for at eighteen I think you know we got this email on board were out in Langley I’ll give you the address when we get there have to use their things when a cue

Ball juggler yelled actual Greg Gutfeld in the middle of the freeway

Because all four hundred

Are the darlings

Everybody is waiting

All is well

All right thanks for sticking twenty two I have you handling that report

No problem

All right thanks searching for various

All information or report off of actually

Having their teams going to radiate our of our

AM Fix and have an evil there are very connection with us so I don’t want to give them the price

Of their own oil prices will

I thank their king twenty three cents that is something unfortunate vice reports of stocks Joy you know we got five six one five nine this price it’s one five one to and they don’t have even the manager is calling and they on the Rotty high and drug user asking customers he’s wearing a he did stand up male wearing a black jeans or blue jeans and some brown for it to get a zero seven two zero zero

Thanks thirteen twenty four and I’m free they’re all but look at four thirty and twenty five thank you all very aka a while and one on the

House for me

When I go for the one


The D.M.V. Oh and holy and I think it was they received a call from the lease holder Omar going or has been her for three one for will in the four three one for Will the net in the unit number one zero three three one zero three three advised that our vehicle was taken by a known female Jessica Daniels

They the female worker vehicle

Two thousand and seven drivers are there re Boyd Libra in the row three nursery in reboil Weaver zero the ringer and by that the vehicle have far bigger that of their one bill

Than you wearing white for there are no further this personal direction this rabble of of the advisor in a time will call from the T.V. the female say that that he was going slower

Right now going to be thirteen twenty one twenty seven zero eight one and the other there are

Any kind of ninety five to ninety five off after the firehouses this is male hanging around white now plenty of all ahead in the within a month of the firehouse all the crows are out to sell through decisions made very short and I’m

Sure go right over

That there are things from the

Show before generating Child forty four computer system for her How about we have to go after

Them Sam forty one of our decision I want you know I’m all right now

Everything from Lisa it’s clear and

I think that I’m seventeen just so you know

Mr Simpson has probably in the back now he states now about the property but he’s definitely high and something something he thinks he’s old being just so you know I mean I was over six feet tall he checked around the area

He won six reoccurring sporting one far

From it this route or we got one B.C. of the report or the sort of explosive we did across cultural protests were very

More from former the at thirteen twenty but if there which way you want anything like that no he said he didn’t know he just wanted to check around e area should all think of a male

You know I think actors want to have their property for

Yeah like the whole thing

That’s ridiculous that any I haven’t heard anything but what I am something more and there are thirteen trainings here

Fourteen Alliance harmless enough challenge talking directly to the fire

Forty five I mean thirty

Thirty thirty thirty so you have to

Look at for fourteen it is puzzling it when you are going to get it right that there are things in three because there’s a

Radius a lot of robots out there in a forty three of thirty Charlie fourteen requests a very you know one man

You know priorities

Man evolved into a lens of one hundred thirty thirty one like it or before

The fight and this causes progress

In result five or six

Or eight number drawings the report number it seemed time wine seven zero three five zero six four it was enough for one but they were better so got out of regular I don’t have to root for a team I think yeah he called me on the fountain I was reported taken there’s no report needed or no for adventure it is not a row very

Happy thank you there’s either you

Think thirty two

Degrees or really

Going from one hundred one

Herschel one of

The very

Thirty we have to fuel to Don’t Hurry for United and harbor and then we have to go to the union hall to get on it or for a bus

To get there anything he did from a shell

From a Shell gas station the

Same forging radio everything checks OK I don’t see anyone around here I just give the address to a firehouse and Jeff

I’m OK It’s not a nine to five he’s one five two and they can’t it’s all seven three eight zero seven three eight if they’re hundred thirty four to be justly zero six six two thank you you well down there

Is it like Super all done all you want to so no one always heard what the server haven’t said on this and we’ll try again Catherine for somebody to pick this up or plane like right in the middle of the street

I happy Charlie seventeen your kid’s going to be zero seven four six zero seven four six and radio did you David a lot and Sam for Jeanie Buss devise of a record for just Marnie sixty we got the call from E.M.’s were all over the program

Who are who are more of a you sounding garbled standby for our fourth grader are Sam forging just devise we have a close to assignment for seven wanted for a vehicle just taken and that’s in the area where they requested no one is it actually requested more than one car was

No walk over here on the landing radio we’re going to take more toward over two hundred miles or three or four major apartments where you have friends or OK happy at thirteen thirty seven before ten Torrington out of harmony I think survey team is yet

Gratian OK check’s OK very good and I number that your zero seven four eight zero seven four eight you were given I should say now

If you leave it open for me I’ve created a problem thirteen thirty eight read it to David a lot and they will level you can use you

OK I mean you know you saw you when you’re

In seventy one zero two I mean ascending a lot out there soon as he’s completed

Start moving or up a chair there are six points and

Thirteen thirty and then what do they want to do at this point

John I wanted a full year Sergeant Sean Bell I need to fill your car up for gasoline or wear a forty seventh place and straight away for a Charlie thirteen or each one completed how I want to refer to here OK we’re going for comfort on some vets and we’re

OK thirteen turning


Right there was a female here she was a director she drove left on the employee there we tore the area she still

Wants to

Hear where he going we’re going to use it up from an evidence of thirteen forty if he wasn’t already

Did I give you can Amber he wasn’t you know even thank him for receive and for with you I see her going through the settlement for a noise you want to read you three made like oh and then take my thirty

I kept me at thirteen forty you hit the district some want you to can leave a care number for this place can’t is yours having said that

OK thirteen forty seven he went out to eat zero seven for five for effects for a six team you are walking thirteen forty smells Julie you know I think thirty and

With a reported thirteen forty one go ahead twelve for

Brian Joe we were going to Hersey

Our sisters


Searching for you they really haven’t already oh

Thirty forty one forty

Thirty forty forty two of our broken

Homes were also in one Late Show right fretfully one yes part you guys are

Forty four it was WAY

Charlie seventeen David seventeen I don’t have any party no group

This is your home

Or have any speakers like reports workers from

Their team forty thank training for seven in training so when you want to tease I thing to say I’m fourteen dancing with that large gas

It’s you can zero seven four five they will have exactly

One thousand we’re at one hundred three and miles thirty forty three a drop or two hundred thirty had that were microphone by work force out and they’re not trained to go to go exactly as

If it doesn’t have any county auditor

Stickers on it are real and it could be a big commissioned

The asphalt might just be scrap all right I copy I copy at thirty forty for any car that I had over the four for six one for all of you for four six one prob you always collect as call in with some cars parked in violation any two on you to the trash can seven with that area

He started three and I don’t know the

This is already here it’s actually West forty seventh place and train they’re going to have to come over here like A.S.A.P. to get this thing sure each Jess and that’s who you would call maybe they can give you

Other Intel throughout the

Plumbing let me talk to any

Thanks a lot and I’m part


An anchor team forty five seven of Islam Tampa have one Honda

They get a lot of and

I’m not fired out of going to swing back to have any county auditor stickers or anything on that it’s probably decommissioned Pompa And I mean are going to scrap it but I get it I get a vaccinating at the Hall who are going to donate that first showed up the Iraq

Stuff and it was a person who worked for her family and who was pretty heavy they have a I think they were just ripping it right here and when I was seven or thirteen forty like I want to want Paul Hormel threatening with a weapon well just something before you do usually

It’s going to be for four nine zero for Quincy Ave four nine zero for Quincy Evan their unit number two one seven zero two one seven zero going to be called in by leaseholder a sign you have heard and you have eyes that I mean only known as oh Frank Ocean me thinking Sam is right that the meal break in there with a gun

Requesting the money now was all you know

But thirteen hours again no this was another meal and on the hill in the area of four nine zero for Quincy ave us two one zero two one seven zero male friend he was a weapon and now thirteen forty

Two just getting in a car after three in route so we’re

Now it’s Dr and she’s saying

As a little fire is going to call the accident but is actually on driving on the freeway is not

A problem

I came in that there is a forty six time now thirty forty and

Yes I ninety


We suggested to the other district yes

I kept a copy and

It is for F.L. I just got a call to for dealing natural forty two forty eight was a leader I have six all the reasons and the RICO force

Freeze or for that and I For hundred ninety

Three for four I thought I was under nineteen there they’ve rackmount them black female and outside of the house another said that he did even know what

They were on the porch and on one end so I had

Three for four hundred nineteen it’s a call to get is there also have been for one there also I don’t know why one

Would report thirty and forty nine

But you know for

Sure computed

Interest savings actually enjoy OK no problem if thirteen sixty or twenty is closer to what I have though I remember one for for an estimated opinion or forty six or seven zero

Four for cyclone Broadview

They said they were trying to pick up the garbage and that there are there’s a caravan moronic caller was a plate of Adam Henri Paul zero zero for lack and where you need to think up the garbage

For that is going to be on sale six five six zero six five for

No protector No thank you and if he were if I that he’s on forty seven kids and the like are out near the school house and you’re one thirty seven and coast one forty and our lad there’s going to be a power outage E.V.P. is trying to be notified and also filing in Harvard and Harvard connection with the power being out I don’t think the bigger they become I thank you one does

Want to


Some of the and then there

Are some of us

Yeah I don’t judge

Those a few

It was NOT know it was just

Like I had prism for a stroller

But by me I was up around the White

House today at seventeen radio they were seventy Yeah I guess I was job I over here to do a lot in fact this well under control are not going anywhere I’m not in the audit and I’m going to run to our

Bidding for my son who are trying to take my at zero three zero last have seen that before enjoy and that is a solution is really to get their kitties away oh sorry just painted on a slot on e told us on our lunch Bernie sixteen’s on our lunch

Whoever we’re going to shoot is you know here we think that over

Forty was a good parent train they’re all seven six three I’m sorry that’s the feeling on China Cat is

Jail time for five zero So I’m far from

There is easy but I have everything for me out of forty I think

If you

They were all over the radio bridge or were there to

Show her I think they really let us say he was going to be different we were going for three

Hundred with environmental or street trauma down the river from her murder her going to pick her up or her way


Or wherever back remember whatever you do

Who doesn’t have a primary was running on also the primary and every LEMON The farmer from the woman who

You got is anyone else who is a farmer so you think down there waiting for them to come

We’re going to

Be recruiting for over if you really are marking from ever show for the front more

For Letterman sixty nine miss on her seven WANT TO RADIO Yeah we’re going to be leaving here we’ll do the opened up Thing report on this street just going to wait for them to wait here until are in order comes in Mulder’s up socially Thanks for going over here

OK I need some I want second so they did eleven it and fourteen year headed over to the right

So you know I’m six and I’m not surprised you have to be thirty thirty eight thirteen fifty eight

OK the deal is going to be four to four eat less funny there for two four eight Wesley

Any six year old male magic eleven as I was saying possible natural family is on saying also it’s a call to can’t is it all seven six three they’re all seven six three

Between her just review after her for two four eight West is three forty four it was four three


Four two or so what you thought of her moving on with her work or when the old

OK I do have the people to respond he should be there if we can actually manage Adams one of you still is a Justice Center

They’re going to be over I don’t want to leaven all six Prince Avenue one one one zero six Prince Arnie eleven forty fifty two out of fifteen and forty nine her party want to go has her OK with Roma and the end of

The wall they were buyers verbal all and no calls for any of those or report wanted you know we separated for now

Even so if the arriving there are the two OK Kathy it’s fourteen hundred

Inmates from where you are

That Are we want OK says no district she was a walk again

Without a fight in messes notify thing no it’s just things going for him right right over a you’re going to get

Very large the numbers zero six four if you will as he was out of but if you now think you know Rio well have ever received a report you know not report and go with the CO or and what was great outflow from in this report you know which one Sam fourteen is already eleven OK for them fourteen is Bernie eleven OK for the deny or late lunch

Yeah OK Varney eleven is one of the one twenty holdings one twenty holding

The mail just paying the bill to the hospital E.M.’s notice

It’s over one can zero seven six zero seven zero for the group or the joint or forging else

One having read

Reprice exist say that we warn her that there aren’t as there was

Just a virus but I route seventy one ones and the six cell for a male on a White Load it was a trailer on the back of a loose tire on the truck is that OK for BRAC castle only very high marker my record of our agreement

That was actually a second District call second district supervisor is a transfer to that they’re out of the second they came in searching forty six it’s been standing is it OK for broadcast


Very out of her affect

Her We had it is on I ninety East by seventy one south one seventy six so the vehicle was moving on I ninety

Right Thing is for G.L. four

Just level

And then there’s another large up on the same date and that’s in connection with a place entered by how that connection was that there was a place that a report that atheists had been called in connection with

The looks like guns were taken of vehicle taken but they actually close it out with a sigh OK I think if you’re but with a four point you know I think yeah so that’s your advanced also

Or is it my lunch form and are all of forging all size part of forging a right of her home and I had the house was broken into but no one for a

Dog and there was in charge of a property you are not going to sell and Olson there is no bustle OK George perfume Radio Ga seen

Very firm OK well this is what I got I got a fourteen year old that tried to

Hang herself in accord parties did not want Ambassador Ford That’s an easy one to fight in and I haven’t I don’t want drop over on union hours or in a warmer and how do you want to do you do this on can you it’s one call Only it’s an estimated location you know their calls and the call that’s not good for an estimated onion he was looking directly ready to write OK Sam First just be advised holding a cold one at the moment

They’re everywhere which is OK no problem

Do you have any

Do you have anything further connection was ever in the sixty her letter to

Sell forging any supervisors my radio show me how

Buy an address again of twenty nine eleven East one she’s five Angelica porters the caller driven out of the water try to auction it suicide with a cheesy cord Her name is Rush on a Riley I don’t really see anything previous is a priority one can emerge zero seven seven zero

Fourteen zero nine to get you know in the US they requested no

One eleven Arabia

From India

Of course even as you can just complete who it reverted back to for OK fourteen ten

You’re welcome for the resistance for George fifteen again assuming it is of Haitian of one eighteen thirteen one morning one three Union one call only nine one one draw cameras there are seven four four

Fourteen ten

Fifteen just me or vice

There has been nothing since January and I’m affected as a saying female I stress suicidal thoughts she was thirteen at that time and it looks like I’m not your daughter to the hospital for an evil OK I thank you for that also if you’re a little bit more already broken or whatever you where all along having Britney was and I really

Where my home and just Reformation you’re still coming and garbled that we’re the

Little probably

A little over more like one of a social to six a nine to four six to eight hundred

Shows a date of birth to twelve ninety and an address once I think zero zero Cherice in East Cleveland Joseph’s email five seven one thirty Brown and Brown

But her pupils are friends are grown up for medical Our son is well OK and around the same fourteen as they were sixteen there are these off of the five a lot of A

Heart Radio

Whatever poor vision they were sure were for her as the night is you know there hasn’t been clear but on it there gave her the address and the A who offends and

We were able to finally get injury and make contact with the building owner of the mail actually moved

A little bit over a month ago but a female devised the billing manager I’m sorry owner to give us an address on I’ve been all over going to check

Just to give the sister a little bit of both of you feel complete here in Iraq and thirty seven

If you can see the forty radio

While I’m out there I have a whole we’re going to take care of your own profit as we have to face there OK fourteen Sam fourteen the vari twelve you call fifty five a lot of places challenge is that one has and has already that’s called one going to be three on her fourteenth thank you three when I asked one three and three if I when I found three that her husband was threatening us all for her while that was going on their fifteen year old daughter ran away

He took off in a blue four truck and now Fred at the time had ONE HAS there also I mean there are seventy I’m I told you some group

And we’re on sixty right that’s a fair amount of fourteen seventeen think you are a seventeen or a or so on

Seven for war going to be Operation Save this part is they were fighting or wrong it was a small Who is your thirty’s or forty’s brother they are for off or are they just simply not of

France or the war party and seventeen and right yet I sure says they’re afflicted A If you’re in a scrape her girl friend ten where you walk her to a seventy three

I can’t be Frank Gehry waltzes to a seven story it’s not right it was two thousand seven hundred seventy so you when it expires recently two thousand and eighteen two yr old and L.L.C. a two for nine mil home John a song

For me I get three three to five years one forty three in holdalls Corp I think

I got fourteen I’m friends fifteenth out of one

Our new love and how much of it’s fourteen twenty now Rojas should be coming out right radio

I’m going to be the early roll call for free for making the river card

You have Adam twenty one twenty two Adam forty seven in Charlie twenty two which will actually have

One member for a fireman purposes but there we crofters him a car

Just so you know right now I have the code one which will get out I have three three now I’m sorry three cars to use tango three most of them are accidents that are just now coming and along with power outages and one cause for OK and so forth very overwhelming

For David seventeen I kid you

He’s sort of a twelve point asshole because it’s way up there with me and I was showing this regard no hero

Oh of course I am right maybe two three to four to five and Charlie to three and two to has court so they will be coming out to let you know in a dark alley two three has training he’s going to be remaining here at the district for the training is forging twenty one happy and twenty two twenty three twenty four twenty five twenty two with court twenty three with training at twenty one yes that’s correct Charlie two hours out of service and so I just fired at him to three still waiting on a car that was Alaska because if you are that you see her stature

The almost finished print and moving it in a warm end of the system yet right here on forty third OK Radio two for David seventeen came and

She can I just regarded the last one earlier now she’s back on Xena where you’re with us where as well there will


Yes overdose as four four eight seven West thirty four forty eight and I was there

And although I thought often I

There is our fourth reason one of our token if you can you know

All through some period have ended up

Being a live

One fifty seven eleven

Fourteen fully

Choice thirteen completed with thirty

Five happy forcing two leaders but then a very good although I did it

As if

Two and seven are the most

Happy and forcings listeners senses very early roll call complete and service you never have been one for

Just three

And you got Charlie two to which you have a preview right along you’re not sure which Drake was going to reveal right off

But about six United hours you’ll have an item to fire which is waiting for want of a day to day shift in your company and

One call to F.E.M.A. to hang up and Couple reason for fourteen hundred

Forty nine that’s right I mean the numbers are hospital detail I don’t know I don’t have any information whatsoever on the cylinders is the loser one Canada ninety two three ninety two three OK is there are number


Type of physical callback has confirmed that address OK you hold that

For floor rules for twenty three I think

You’re welcome


Given the order for

Three rope would you think if you use it

To three and four for a seven West area for four and seven was thirty and thirty five year old L.D. in

There are saying this is all to get a zero zero seven eight zero zero seven eight zero the house on one forty three states that it’s blue and white color maybe near one forty three

Hundred thirty three twenty three in thirty three or thirty three twenty six forty third I do not see a thirty three twenty five

I tried the numbers again that she gave for the victim by the name of him and there are no good and she didn’t have the

Address and she didn’t write it down but she advised me just as the house is below my color copy and forces twenty eight fourteen twenty times in some very

Large hail fourteen radio or thirty three twenty three this would be like oh well it was operating for a charge R R

M C seven your car has worked from

Right order

To Saturday afternoon one three seven one three Glendale one very sad and thirteen blind they all irons calling in all the way and silver journey saying that he have an issue with a squatter here he owns the house

Actually I mean alcohol or is it still kids there are seventy three

Seventy three one

Four one six nine he’s one for a forty one sixty nine he’s one for a

Peterson conic section I say they’ll has been sitting out front of her house in a white vehicle has been out here for a little that helped out at Henry Charlie Victor seven one eight seven it’s a three zero seven one one seven eleven dollars horse in radio

Kelly forcing the Miss return her

That’s sitting right next to the floor I think anyone George assume but

The Russians

Present anyone who works there scenario

For clearance means if overhead if only for a full throated hope privately and out of the for a thirty

Year Treasury hadn’t


Present anyone in the call that the caller is back at five thousand track and this was connection was someone dropping off a load of tires for disposal and they split but the collar is back a scythe Aus and sand want to report suspect is going

To vote

Her out for a quarter on me and we hear her partner for individual her heart

Rate right forward the current through our purchases first for several you know it looks like there’s like there’s disposal companies for tires this person dropped off about nine hundred tires owes them about fifteen hundred dollars reviews to see him slit

Her wrists her or her report of

One man going to Metro suicide now we’re trying to find able to do that Kelly to fight them by were quick with her vehicle happy I think thirty three

Which you know you can disregard to make her just a woman care for the report

Regarding the disregard fourteen thirty three two three I have I don’t feel good thinking of going to being two nine seven zero last thirty at twenty nine seventy last

Hammy seven and taxi now running she’s near the twenty fifth so I plan

The Black Sea now and grow

Hands for all the

Black and Red Jacket because still kind of there are also many thanks there are many

OK We’re going to prefer one and parking very far today once I’m in radio

So I had the I got in and out of my reading I’ll be complete They’re very very good too for to always want their complete and I have a bunch of videos after the second upload the Rob thank you for the thirty Point Breeze is a cost three cat is the earth seven six one zero seven sixty one then for your list I have one hundred forty fourth and terminal plus one for four instrumental and the area three males racing on two wheelers now have and has over their mouth closed three zero seven one seven zero seven seventeen

Little homicide right

There it should be reduced

To five years one for three That’s an advocacy for you and to three I like to think that you hold up an accident we did receive a code to Agent you’re right about me already wrote

Thank you guys last hundred thirty is annoying late last month read their Waynflete I did was waste collections calling in sick as a white male in a red Ford F one fifty tast out in the truck till zero eight zero two zero eight zero zero zero four four six six four and use one seven four

Quanah that is Holly Hughes having an issues with a male friend Stanton Snowdon who’s receive using a leave us a snail does not live here they have no kids together but she keeps on point a college degree her before she stabs and she advises a college degree that she doesn’t have any eyes but she sing and she like

The door is cut it is you kid is there a seventy eight zero seven eight prefix is one six March for zero thank you a fourteen thirty seven but if they’re ready for you if I wrote

OK over here from

One to five there were for measures if a president adventure report mom and that they’re both the not one thing you want out of her R.B.C. age for evaluation would be nice Emma

Think I might have a first

Just a ramble through a couple days ago

Retro or complete I don’t look for thirty of the ship

Think you’re a forty three V.A.

You’re OK Where you gone through this are covered thank you forty three

I was only seven who they really think

They have been taken out of the West I got there I will get her figure out of that fact

And think that even hundred twenty eight and think layer East want to wait and think they are Mr C’s great hailers hauling just as a check for runs out Harris they think he stole her husband’s car he should be in a silver Sentra the license plate of Henry Barney Frank for one three five he joins poshest cottons I’m getting us out of tendencies has a social of two eight three nine four nine three seven three awful of a fifty seven as well as a fifty seven with rain but if you get a zero seven nine zero zero seven ninety four they’ll never have Brandow Harris kinsmen for an elderly female rocking it

Through our ages it is YOU You can check he’s one type two and kinsmen one type you in kinsmen thanking him in some sort of education is calling this dance for an elderly female walking down a yellow line kinsmen she’s wearing a gray blue

In a

Gray jogging pants she has you know

Coded a one zero eight zero seven zero eight zero seven three six one six

Four from our

We’ve got the video we

Printed of how we think of her

Proper and well her already active a couple surfers are

Suing for forty forty one

The three

Hundred three

Variant of this rose given three Thank you St He’s won three three we’re going to three five you won it three five to five there is no three five two three cabbie who

Some of them going to be in your home

Bases or the fourth you forty two making a call

One eight seven zero one five

And seen with the C. male teams on it fourteen twenty nine thirty three it is year zero seven one three zero seven ninety three for your last five seven one East one hundred eighty five seventy one ISA hundred twenty eight is a good night for a black late model convertible Audi with no plates and parked here for over a month

For had a zero five

Zero five ninety nine or black top

To call three and they get as they’re also I don’t want rain there are seven one three


Forty and forty three think

Area fourteen forty three

Fourteen forty four and I’m not it’s you watching

The video we are just stashes advisory has probably a security over as close a school in that area aging Red Cross he should be doing just missile

Through a hole through her arm about her with a male and all

That connection I think it is

The surgeon says radio then I use a lot of Adam and I decide to do that if you get one for me

Well that’s if you’re it’s harder when they you know

Were able to do there were also fifteen other hours

Thanks Charlie his I saw that close to three on one for us and then radio a robot that I did with my other pending fortune I have a sample of her being held as a save a lot of Clark and I have another overdose that just came in and I

Know I don’t right now we were

As a crime car have Adams’s reality now threatening and I’m too far now and I thank

You seven is doing all Charlie just sat and his relieving are still the tail Charlie is the late Charlie is open but he is going to take an overdose and matter out as soon as his I have a five and I have no right to sex I are

Going to join with you for your use

Means we were

We’re both

One of the

First two thousand and four White that year again the taken from his front yard in the past few hours I get jealous and sleep just a second if I close for it is zero eight zero one zero eight zero one

That and very I for one learn this email requesting please us also was going on she was arguing with a male going to be close to

Zero point zero five zero zero five and that’s for you less

Thank you five

Eight nine to five

City has fallen she’s a building managers they have a male mulatto refusing to leave when a black

Is not as icicle with him and I think

There are seven I zero seven as I said I have known are can get and hiding at responding hold still has They’re all seventy they’re all they’re all fat any They’re all OK fourteen forty is

My thirty and

Forty nine Tell me what you can you’re not till I have a good one for you one five seven to zero by sale or go to sleep or

To overturn

The radiant and thirteen or some fourteen

Or three

For Lieutenant sailor with

The corrections they will not sit on her until she’s actually admit it OK for

Our first

Real role for for richer or for a

Short form for

Kathy thank you fourteen since

Three and I’m sure you can see

Your partner six six zero six hundred eighty six six zero six Kearney Margaret

They have an aggressive male patient who’s that scene he has also to see males are also saying he is evaluated the priority

And zero seven seven still there that I’m seven you know that for your last thirty and he’s led three zero in the lead

Fourteen twenty six for male and thirty of going towards Carnegie looking as a vehicle there’s two of them there i like crazy ideas of tall and skinny so three because there are seven I mean what if they’re a size zero seven nine one what’s a good one

And I think I last Now I want to be if they were going for the callbacks with the statuses and if you need a car right away what are the seventeen that hopefully out of two five will have their new vehicle checked out and ready to roll happy and it will be OK to have and connection with a zero seven a one

Of them do you go return just a family argument if you wanted a story with a boss will tell you something they could that’s a negative you’re a one man

Just try to help you out so I just want to be with me do you KNOW THEM WITH OTHER ONE me and me

You know what I mean what do we want to thank you guys are one man’s We have one in Cheney and we have one of our AND I’M THE are only one man right now tell good to know I mean

We’re open and what we want to

Thank you so much and I’ll to have access to master it was like the most recent for our callback this mass they suspect took off for its purest suspects no wonder I’m seen as I get angry that’s as opposed to none yeah just if you would do the call back of all the suspect is still not there then you can send Charlie to seven if need be and they can be able to report for duty three think you know that the three

Parties have to agree

For an hour of her face the same or so I think the fourth night cruiser of the if you got the end point before and I think she’ll want to eat St Clair

Like you warm out ready

For another


Or think before Good afternoon and thank you and can easily think they are even hundred twenty and think they are Mr C’s or Tina Taylor’s calling she states and they all run dowel Harris is here he is still in her sister’s heart he should be in a silver

Plated Henery Barney Frank for one three five he is going to carry weapons is also showing caution for violent tendencies has a social of two eight three nine four nine three seven three

Seven as well as one very worrying County because you can’t as zero seven nine zero zero seven ninety

One of the first two first two is sixteen that’s one six your time is fourteen fifty six and you

Summer I mean Rose is

Sitting up front you know what is vehicle was a plane it had originally Victor seven twenty seven

Radio I got a few Please for you the wrong

Color like me

For on are her I don’t know what are


Going here for our stuff a few George X. ray waitin five six a George three one thousand five hundred

But I don’t want the one man show up over there if he possibly is that I don’t think

That believe that I’m too fond of every vehicle there probably don’t take a couple minutes to check this but you can give them the information and they did all that so we were

Happy that and I do now have two codes to find out and one has to have code to about time out as well OK then what we can do what we have injuries right now but

Bit later oh I didn’t let him

Carry any

Parts yet twenty five forty eight partner may well you know there is we’re both

So we are about the

Party that you think you are if you got a check each one for Siri I’m sorry one seven three each one seven three Harvard if you want to seventy three at Harvard really on a hair all call an hour fifteen minutes ago in a Golden Eye a Chrysler Sebring there are other vehicles a silver off Ford Focus there evolved in a car accident and then we got another call for a while Here’s Stanley Norman who’s in U.S. government vehicle twenty four jeans over a Ford Focus and asking for a report and that was reaching years it’s credited to you can add a zero seven five seven zero seven five seven again prefixes on

Practice thank you fortune interesting I

Started to sell them I gave Charlie two thousand accident three and report code for your old female

Caress her voice

And you can respond once I do in Waterloo hundred fifty second and while it is just that I will make it because they can’t afford to be zero eight zero eight twenty five but I think thank you that you got it Charlie if you through the right while they are sitting having

A feeling

That they want to thank you and

There goes your heart connection with the mail or if you call that car and states that they are north on a I learned from one line it’s one of the suspects and I think USA

Abberation the second district in the area they’re also planning to have another store for tonight if they saw guns Mastin emergency exit plan so I think those are seeing the black male wearing a gray hoodie gray sweatpants light

Is last seen driving that bluish gray Pontiac Grand Am but it’s not in fact of Edward shoes zero one four four four Edward two zero one four four four it’s any other vehicle with us it was last seen northbound and east side of nine am until three is that you know one

Is about ten minutes and

They can never

Go I haven’t heard one and it’s unfortunate for a twenty year old female is coming or her color rise to suicide attempts and please enter into code one is just a team in

And he’s won seven for

No one male kick down the door one right there I mean the Warren court well

It is YOU ones and I wanted one side show in Cannes and looking for an elderly female walking in and all I was assuring and as she sat and I went after that after the kind of wife of the twenty year old I want to be on as well probably older I’ll go when we come back OK Based the France so

Pretty have a look at that you know

They did the France well

They have a twenty year old female of her wrist and a suicide attempt purely as the scene of what a nice way it’s called a whining kid is zero eight when I was zero point one nine

Or when they’ll

Write a mail for me joy to have you just think you were fifteen or three

To one ratio

A two and go had there was very good for them or for your work for her and your own


Going to I think you’re fifty you know four yeah I got another one for you just seaman In addition if you can respond to seven two two zero does any seven two two zero Divinia you next is calling this in as well and it Tony’s reason to a tiny eight year old male who intentionally fills is violent coded a Y. and zero eight three two zero three two that was right have SAM seven eight five permanent that is checked in green and white two thousand and six that support expires one twenty three and he seen McLeod

Is twenty two and the Alice

Joint address in Cleveland Heights and Coventry anything else

Thank you radio

Thirteen or fourteen

That fans are crossing over

They were definitely from the hospital detail Charlie to look having edges getting out there of a security that nobody is talking about

Yet or

That’s nothing Thank you Terry having that said I’ll have three guys then one three six one one nine one apartment mate

The one was ninety first Street Apartment neat just recalling state uses all the viruses neighbor suspects in a certain sense heavy set by the military ponytail like shirt green pants

No I haven’t seen but

This is the only carrot he’s there to get a zero eight zero three zero eight zero three OK with the first two first two are one six and think he has a you know seven and a future for a crew to

Sugar Boulevard Why don’t you size euro sugar bowl over Morningstar Bass’s Aren’t you going to do you think you did not restrain your one zero two five zero shaker full of our one zero two five zero shaker Boulevard showing for the morning star after this Miche missile ashore is calling stand there a granddaughter full of I was just taken as a suspect still and see if you really there’s a graduation going around and I wanted the phones were still on our callers going to be waiting inside the church it’s coded to two it is zero eight two two zero two two again prefix one

And these four milligrams in our counsel for him to three to read or to copy

I got it and I just don’t have a name they have or if I may have him yeah date of birth is going to be eleven twenty nine of ninety one the first name is going to be Mike and I’m playing Sam Mike and his last name is going to be Mike and I’m bored Union Sam and Ronnie with OK I think if we are going to ask Randy

If there were swarming up Kathy thank you I don’t plan will be out at seventy five always Herman Avenue looking for a male who got things that have been very very fickle

So important things to say for

People to go you were quick to say are good life or good life kind of hard to reverse writing here who did it I just going to Grace’s intervention for

Meaning they already took Yeah I think burning through program

Earlier I just sent a report OK I think you may have

Seen a lot of shows when

To radio

An Airbus or have a hard time identifying as male was it or is he the sleepy is now Maggie and I’m

Ali I was the last name Weaver you know what address he was they fell from he came from far far east

OK I’ve been checking if you’re do you want to traverse Weaver

Is socialism one six eight six four two nine one three and a Looks like I’m not sure exactly if it is

Just even a history of heroin or drugs or something yeah that sounds familiar hold on to interesting files refer to the coroner’s office goes back to the report copy that the unsolved Charlie to find he does have a sudden illness I’m not

Of this month that you think you know

And Charlie to find that’s not at all muscle that the same wealthy as an F. or forty seven thirty

Trying to find the right probably think you

Want to hear that they have an exact location but I think there are

A lot of us so

A lot of

Waterloo and one

Of these is I remember when I was probably here your ex raving him for I was six and if I attacked one sick the seventeen

Capital was the owner’s name Lori for the

Radio rights and a free and remind her yet reverently in zero eight three three nine nine is that correct

What we have

Said about a Richard the problem you know that was going to a female and genuine something else

You can run Richard

The years and they were promised and were the better birth of her seven seven likely

To remember her or be ready for another five minutes but I can give you one

I get me now and then it doesn’t matter I can’t use I’m



And you three think you three

Do you want to play here very Or are we going to go to a match or to get out of asses guys information

Did Heidi thankfully just

Like three seconds of L. they’re going to be responding and I trowe why it was no evidence no crime scene to protect her mother OK he did that evidence item but we have that and are actually

There were from an earlier age of promotional

And security that just never marry towards most of your youth you thank you fifteen seventeen version I’m a scholar for a large crowd of people beating on one a female only call so over it if I shelter her T.V. was advised as well one is twenty five forty three forty third turn off his assignment

Three Your cat is zero eight I thank you your zero eight I think you’ll

Be sixteen for the first two months or think Charlie through radio but when we clear call him for receive no supplemental needed to say

He said he thinking that and he very definitely recalls completely cars are in service

Aren’t you three party to six party to seven and David to to party to seven is going to be responding to the hospital to relieve the day shift part of their baby to two has a

Go to the J.C. drop off some paperwork and then go to the vet at a party to one is out of service if you has appeal

Yeah I had a card when I was three went to Harvard for a crowd assaulting one scene L. over at a bus shelter or GA is biased in their sending unit as well

For a dispatcher Morgul looks like the every now crime they will go you know there are priorities and into one hand you seven have to chew or shoot you fifteen twenty already or you want to well

Born if you want

Roll Call if you think you’re going to have parties who want you to do our interview part in forty six party money

Three twenty one twenty four

Twenty one will but later date with one for and be so if you have if you know if you have it just seems anyone think I’m holding a total of a lot and three or two has already won a


Hundred twenty one are needed to win your Any article just for you know I need to sat on a post just Rielle I mean just because Israel threw for one thumb and three and her of the Syrian King Minister Jean forty five and you lead it she’s going to be forty one twenty six fifty nine thirty six and then minus a Windy City three thirty two twenty one

Less and it’s immense the family then orcas and one man over there that’s

Going to do it because we don’t know why

They offer lower that’s going to be at that address for not less


So those are the one

Hundred twenty three buses are in and around OK so I guess they were two six whatever that they have that in twenty four or rejoin those ninety one thirty seven seventy one four zero three seven seven five hundred forty in April calling I think a seventeen year old daughter called her telling her that there’s an Edward hands on thirty seven year old male sitting in the jury he may be armed he was just released from jail yesterday for unloading it at her nineteen year old son unless he’s wearing

Is in route but stuck in traffic she’s afraid as a suspect make sure her kids and white house code one zero eight I think the early a few seconds because you’re

A feminist

This is I think if

They thought about it nor should they view

It sure was Should her have started you for

Hours you know forty six now you have David you

Should have a P.P.O. right along General David


And if you and I had to because it is one of which just came down because the reason to go for I said thank you you’re welcome

True to

Go to

Talk to you come a certain softness and

I does that mean I write a lot of players ready to give us warm events for ninety nine forty nine twenty nine probably five three six

Four three winners reverses nurses who

Are you think you


You will not have a party forty four you have you will have

Thirty forty five

They were twenty one which will have two officers on if it will be a war America hero or her firm and same with David twenty three two one go to make our hero one RAM or SIMON You know you have been able to who are you also have be with to seven but he’ll be assigned with me he will not repeat their assignments thank you very very much really really

Warm I know David you where will be the missing person her and you have to think you know if you think he seven gives you three D. over the One Ring and ready to raise you five for a good one and one three one and Harvard ONE STOP IT effort and go

Crazy as I’m going to sing in to you if you can and check the area one three one at Harvard is one three one in Harvard it had anonymous caller calling about a large crowd that was assaulting one female your matches in or out as well this was at a bus shelter where our G.D.P. was advised and they were sending units also

It was adequate it why I think it is you’re only five whiny zero eight why in prefixes one six

In economy and seventy three are up like just

In parking

OK thanks then you know one broadcast in five areas one US US A hundred seventeen years he’s a call for a third green Dodge Rand as I type I live now that’s smoking weed and starting all over the rest of night Joy to say I was ninety or ninety one so I try to Sam’s ninety ninety one hundred cats at that incident I had there in the E.R. stare you will see it only by Internet where as you know you have an emergency room floor of it I just

Thank you it’s a fine thank or if you drill go have any theory but if you know in all the operations and you treat it if you feel properly Yes I think they sure things are and what I will there is are those who I don’t have the front who are and

Devising V.O.A. the machine won’t be zero if there was a more

Serious you have you know are fifteen thirty just your unit numbers do it right and I can just see how timely that information as soon as your well just very

Just one place fifteen any one fifteen thirty one you know I’ve been seeing this again it is out west and of the only being in the fifty’s or the one they are not of it

Three males they are not of it for males only like my male then out of it started talking from seventy nine and it’s still going up you know if you read in a second

Before drop of Oh now you can come from I don’t I’m not only like I’m tired to just drive and now I can’t get a driver white minivan back to the window or notes on

Somebody’s ample How were you at the opening of the

It part of course I think clearly got of the Dollar General that our general driving public but they did a telephone call in the building

To fry re just going to just your car for R.T.A. police they went out and they were unable to locate you know way to write your part of a copy No I think you’re fifty three trying to find her daughter the neighbors howling her father and she’s telling him to bring it on it’s a coach you can’t is zero eight six thank erode

Right there for one and I want to go with the fire

Losing gray hoodie not a male right and all black jacket red carpet start Thank you fifty three for three and then

For actors issue a not


Kathy when I see

Her partner’s back yard somewhere else running what I found between security to see you who is now forty one

Written a report with real

Knowing who are real who are

There for you making her for print who are warm clothing for work

To look on the back of it blue jeans

Or more you know why when one who rule the world who are American who was in two thousand two hundred who rule the woman race in their own

Finances if you have it out yeah I can understand if at all or for myself time to I’m more child

Was there at the very outset in zero eight zero seven zero eight Rupert

And then verified it socially is that just as she seventy nine four seven four three three


Do you think seven for three three of the last four

Years when that other time that they had to have that I mean to read out of North Bend Ohio one zero zero six pray we have steadiest and Holly steadiest stating that you think somebody is broken and shouldn’t have even as it is serious

Yes leave people still inside it’s a vacant property the student is why you saw somebody open a window go through a window or collar will be waiting a right hi i’m days Alachua It’s quarter to two can is or away for six zero eight four six prefixes one six never one north and says we sell so it’s groups whose appearance

Was there before someone

But fifty seven it’s the one just revise you it looks like earlier we have bring one for out here they are seeing the address for an alarm it was a residential after the same address

For a visit and then

Residence there just as it was in for receiving mail and seeing is not the executor of them will the state secure the property just revise them for present but as overnight as you know

I don’t see what I think Larry but right across from a Dollar General I think of the seventy nine year the guy wire me if I’m only had out there to work on getting in there I mean I’m looking for with resident services

All kinds of things are more

Two thousand and four for you are to Monique see I have rial

Q four seventy six the first and if I or you know every twenty seven and seventeen of those that go there for four When you’re off for

Only the break you know there is a morning when I get there

Yet the last name is royal Robert ocean yesterday and I think and

Prayer every prayer that the cars are there for the birthing but to be

American radio I caught that and there are

Other star stops all over the place so you may ask the stop you you might be able to get them out but I’m out to jerk as we can see it all as second fifteen forty

Some are flying over to the six six and one hard

At one twenty four I did anything on that was that everything that radio is not the kind of a lot of I got to him aren’t you seven to robust

Search according to one nothing phone hour there on duty were en route there there’s no evidence on scene and no witnesses is a Wolf we just go to Metro she fits the victim

I’m good with that talking heads when you know there’s not going to anything that says we can see him a

Radio with number a lot

Bigger area

For me I’m sure myself and Vacherie one in service offering one of her own her marrying kind of record for Euro one home or singing G.’s

Him to three radio fans a very core

I certainly want her please notify Hoda and her sister and Rick when they make up your ball at the environs if I were you I mean that’s one scenario fifteen forty three and Sam is really just friends

Right the First District only has three to me and that I have

Called his name

We’re going to go after that warning or the highway it’s going to have to be a one thirtieth OK I got the I just want to give you I have

To do six Earth that acts that we just rode over

The Fulton road

Bridge or seventy one there is no

Traffic right I have the Francis I called out as I saw anyone nor

Anyone or I guess and I also have that was for the sixth time the Alpha had I mean I know I am twenty set for a black vehicle under the locked Wall David for David and Barney to find I’m going to need you office highly unfair of you three were Sam two three who don’t want to go away

When there were the words Who

Pulled the curtain over

The twenty one to go to from normal for them or thank you so far you’re the only one that’s going also

Zero eight eight seven zero eight seven David two forward you thought it was the right thing to do and I just I mean that was it I’m sorry I just I mean that it I mean one or that Dennis and I mean I think when I say six get it across all lanes of the Highway Code one has you know that on there Ali that I’m reality that is actually a rocky now for

Ranking you go see I think there’s useful stuff that’s being heard if I think you

Well go and see if we can help and seventy one thank you very much as a theme for

Them to want to read your work complete of your interview given the numbers and they were

Right to want to I’m actually going any deal


Seventy one or that I send is a cold one and they can’t as they are all that and they’re only that I’m OK refer me to Frankie six for two and royal courtesy seventy as

You know we’ve got a few left where you actually push the

Only preface revise the fourth and where I’ll say yeah

That’s a tree nice and forth a convert if you say but are you available now

So I wasn’t but it was

Coming in afternoon

Doesn’t raise over the years my partner is older they ship you will not be available so similarly happy are you and if you find it in think you know it’s going to be nine one five Royal ninth fifteen royal heretics is calling you going to be waiting in front in a silver Chrysler Sebring needs assistance getting some property from an address that ruble at her sister’s house if you have a history of domestic violence because sale and as you know eighty six I own eight sixty

Two pack of jewels were thank you fifteen fourteen I need are going by the name of sherry Vance

She is actually at an apartment three zero four three zero four part of forever happy

You can show her having a fifty

Fifty forty nine who is definitely very very seriously in the phone number three

Jurors when six going to

An event of putting females in the G O A huge deal

Or head back to forth to turn over Second if you think you’re fifty fifty Spiritual going to your room railings and therefore venture in with

The theme that the

Vote is just a single Harlem That’s affirmative

Will be enough short

Fifteen fifty radio of arning to five parents who want to thank you very

You look at the effort of


Criticism over by once at me that the benefit I think you

Are is YOU FOR WHAT IF you

Think that you know I’m excited since I’m the one that seems to feel I’m just if they’re ready


Say you’re just a really with are just the sort of area that has a far bigger shows if they aren’t having

Said Things have the time in the media for a hotel and I and I left trails for him

Right as an accident I found out that I found I seventy one prophet and I found and the right term for somebody trying to change a tire is called SEAL and of zero nine zero zero zero zero nine zero zero zero and then for your last one seventy six mark

The Harvard accent on timings have harbored the fact that her and I are you wearing blue jeans another called three and they’re also out and i still there also haven’t I still and then last two five and I send last twenty thousand out of what I found for a black male wearing blue jeans black jacket real hat thanking from

All three had a zero eight one three their early one three sixty five to seventy one North under the full rope bridge

So that if we want to pull up to a mill or Speedway near

Our with

Their native F.L. from just having a show there of seven zero nine six zero three seventy two two seven zero nine zero three seven and

It is standard us and we don’t have already and I’m sure I could if I were at work the heard of having traffic on the river

Does it give you

Riginal last summer is a thriving What was I started to try to buy one three in Detroit at the mosque there was an e-mail that jumps out at the callers let me set it against something else and calling states and they all just as say some such gems blackmail the scenes blasting going out West and he said first I know that if there are any weapons in that has been refused it’s a coast to cat is the early going and you’re only twenty nine OK Thank you yes it is if I

Haven’t got it you’re always wrong conclusions filed were this if I think we can run able to locate the serial

One from radio you can chose

To think things are OK thank you every three to do when you want to hard to recover but I really feared there decided by that wire sparking one symmetry in a linear and free your first Zoolander over politics zero three three zero zero Mr Pearson he is Ellen just read by showing a C.C.W. copy on the Help Missouri

Board It’s very muddy very B one zero nine zero if you

Fifteen fifty five to six from a highway fifteen that is a coffee fifty fifty zero eight seven five zero eight seven I holler at this while they are passing by

If you get a cold Mars involved you could drivable you know to the nearest exit from please

If he’s having the most worry most know what is well

It does that mean there are no to fight or not I will be your fight fire with

The firemen and

Just a matter

Of their own very pro thing so before

I leave off yeah

I’m sorry

Seventies of the law and the trial now all the time I mean on fact do you find Krell

Destinies calling Sen exploit Frank you circling are the block your neighborhood and a gold Buick and he’s pointing a gun out the window how many cars are prints we have grant you five individual and her new journey already folks reserve force that we can break break off for anyone any questions there’s a we don’t forget sense of what

The prospects for a fair with a gun right now and I got into I want to manage you seventy we’re both I could ones are each and she was now in Metro and she’s Evans it Geraghty has little energy to fail her and if you choose not to come to the court one couple

Twellman Farish I fortunately choose to honor code zero for an accidental David you one is over here assisting granny G. one David you seven’s was you and David you four is a missing person and we have Weina Charlie choose you early one man show him some Charlie to do with David to Judas I make sense of I prefer child use and a code two and one seventy three and Harvard and V.A. are Charlie to do with just those who have a senator right now we haven’t even ordered up tell yet who can afford to be here a while

ON RADIO IF you call this restaurant in a sea of

Fresh air uniters if you’re going to tell us any of us for save a man or woman writer or there’s so many complete assholes and one with one in four receive so many others from you thirty cents in for a meeting

We blocking any lane or not that anyone eventually in the hi fi lane we were just sure

In a slow that traffic down wind they’re OK if you want to block the first lane on actually just don’t believe that’s what you are for No Well sure it’s just you know why the six year olds who are safely about


And avail


Know we had a couple Thanks for your house we black officer was an evacuee

Welcome Here we got her for free for real but it was still you feel we think that a cold one of her out for you

About a quarter mile before you’re off

Radio of our needs is five forty five I don’t have a cause to Freo

But thank you anyway as that last for four and any West platform or on a ramp of the entrance there was a male black male with dreads wearing a white shirt blue dress or assaulting a black being now inside of a blue cavalier with the passenger window box set out the code still has zero eight prices I have been there only five five thirty five cover sixteen zero three

Three running inflate it comes natural G. and are three

And expires six is seventeen was due to a scene ill from West ninety seven OK I just did wasn’t research

You know three jumps issue three is just for info I got you one up there are you still in the States from trucks that went to for some seven person Star Wars either I thought that I think probably due to radio shows you’re going to pin you are on the right for me going to rank X. rays John eight nine seventy seven Frank actuation in the seventies this should be a gold twenty and Chrysler four

There were players for twenty

Two may

One one zero five gardens over in Cleveland four for one two in the river sorry but if you are from Cherry given their color

Line it is thirty five year old male six brown van allen So Robert Walker has a

Two nine three seventy


Showing half of a local and what I address of one seven zero one four zero S. and the vehicle should be a zero five you look for the article So Arlene Walker ninety five twenty that’s right and so I have nine of seventeen


Yes Eileen Walker social two seven three five still six seven one zero addresses nine five two zero Detroit apartment two one four

One four four want to kill the six year old female

Ninety nine of six

Hundred ninety nine three three six sorry that’s it

There’s a section

Below that there were two six radio or a computer for sixteen I don’t think

And I have

One for

His real thank you first one is and I

Read it and then I send written down and then for a read

And another four door sedan to hire me

In at this

It’s a cold rainy and they get as you’re out

There only that and they’re all and then for your last four three there also

Last fifty S four three zero six last that the F C D N off Friday T.M. The report I was unable to locate

The calls for and I can as there are five one nine zero five one nine use if you think you know me and use it besides is your last forty three and two three


They reject the highway if there is not a non there or going to check them or you know just in case you know who you are driving thank you to C.N.N. I think you fire jitters and you seem one four And David one seven were out here earlier they can ask well he didn’t address

Them two three were given to us so you are sure of her for

Her having her friends report are so happy that you threw able ready G.’s re going and yes not from a military guy over easy the virus my friends who are still very cheery

Just simply have not been for us who are part of the force of our

Ranks You series sixteen Jan Well I have a six gotos that seems to go back for I think when I talk to you and after the assault charges a restraining order but we haven’t found one quite yet OK if

I survive sixteen times because experience but if you can put it that the first city involved M.V.A. when one succeeding from one is far away I’m just someone else effect par five right now sneaking up with from

Coming up very often


The rule holds there

If you’re close round here you want to handle it just go ahead then I’ll just sit there waiting even you know OK they got some cars parked in

Well over

Seven twenty seven I was going to deal with those but I’ll go deal with the V.A. right now

OK Well I’m headed that way so I’ll check the parking violators in front of the bar there is reason I good may be a fire calling this and we have a fire and the building housing department and seeing the Sandra connection with this house a fairly Is thing and then just and there are results and six children living here and if you really they’ve been seeing a landlord rent

A living is unsing quoted to you it is really seven zero point nine seven thank you three for one seven hundred or three for ones that I had to endure when Scheider with this kind and all that they’re going to eight months old and the House of parents that are smoking crack she’s waiting at a red Subaru Forester the coast still has their own nine one five zero nine one five five zero zero zero track Avenue

I’m not just hauling a collar isn’t a black B.M.W. falling on they’ll who’s trapped

Nine hundred tires to hand and he owes and fifteen hundred dollars he’s refusing to pay the suspect is a black male wearing a blue hoodie and a gray stright the collar is still following him now at least forty ninth Street and Broadway another call now that this they’re following us back and but and right lane that right the suspect is on but

They did much as I thought send a car for the report it I thought I was in track the suspect dropped off the tires for disposal and slatted Coast three the cat is zero seven six two zero seven six two

Two zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one one backer or that color is for track and on the following the star it’s a civil matter

Kathy The call came in at their King forty seven hours and now he’s back and I’m not even if I will probably do right now he’s not feeling anymore he’s that I as in fact just right there in parts are all right fifteen fifteen margins are a deal

There’s not what we toward He would you know you feel going to source six hundred fifteen if you radio

And we get a car who have very important

Druidism occur just in case and then if we have one rare and they can roll see what’s going on I don’t know what they’re notified but voice with us and it’s out there just to make sure that there’s a lot of our things and

Yes Doesn’t even though they’re in use I am going to have a thanks or as you heard of a weapon

That sure as he has why he’s wearing a green hoodie lack mail coded whining to zero nine two three zero nine two three you know what regular

Why are way why all the numbers are over OK

Thirty And as you seventy just regard into one thing and usually a code one zero so energy seven I referred one for you it was three zero in evil for chance fire was a jet

Blue during that one three zero on a bill one three zero an evil evil Well Ever joins is calling for a female driver

Female are driving a black vehicle angry Charlie ten six nine seventy she’s shooting from the vehicle is very low and it’s kind of a whiny kid is zero nine hundred four zero two four truck that were four years sixteen eighteen fifteen eighteen

Who will ever know you need twenty two year old hero who

By the America refusing to leave the smell that awful awful thing that we heard a raucous sixty eight thing

I never want a seven through eight twenty seven to

Be women at this time for six o six for your one homer going to heaven will be returning what we hope for it is probably going to

Happen five radio you can show me now one of us if you have dated

Security on Mt as well or you know number zero zero

Zero zero

Zero I think our that’s right and I’m sure you’re talking about

Has Sixty nine hundred forty two hundred you

Can also do

If you didn’t check the area for a great wife to fall next year was always George Rex Cyrus three one five five am OK three one five five N one cases on one George Rock Center that’s going to be next to a crash an old tennis corage if you can check for a pit bull or green white collar that’s running around passively

It’s over Vida portable support of the number six six on it it’s on your kids your own nine zero two zero nine zero which

I think you what is your call number today that we won a free thinker is sixteen twenty His name is the Angela Davis social issues six nine eight zero six four to see you John if you sat in if they caught fire and it’s you know nine zero eight zero nine zero eight zero

Thank you sixteen zero zero zero George damage him George and journey begins the

Seymour fifty

Six career as of last season for those expired sysadmin to seventy

Thank you to sixteen twenty one could you play through and write Adam Adam or think one one one tell me from Zach to just love eyes and then that that snail mail and if he’s there for the last email or

It’s you I think you are sixteen twenty two and their current ones going to be a three seven zero one U. seven seventy three seven zero one U. Seven seven Cheney shot Chavez is calling she’s having issues reaching year old son isn’t seeing her threatening to shun Cowan’s he’s wearing a green hoodie so no weapon seen but the color here is that he carries a weapon and that’s sure what

Kind of one kid is your own eye two series your own I choose partner for I think it’s fifteen twenty three characters

Sixteen favorite parts is even our cause of the sixteen twenty three

If you want yet you know if you hold off on that one

One seven five and write action code three I got a cold one when you read it OK we’re describing a poem but that you know through the vote you’re correct I did if you want you can go ahead and downgrade that or however you want how this went up on Rocky River in one six six South maybe that’s not countering

Our growth

One sixty seven seventeen large was one six seven one seven large one Elvira fleecy and I was following twenty four thank you randoms you for everything I see as you change

Right over the right of all

Right our US

An M G three for a code one seventy five fifteen you can now call Kinsley high now and she said that our friends close and I’m face the thanks he took himself and factions a suicide and she’s on the bus about thirty minutes ago and then as Tony Robinson is in his forty’s he didn’t have anything further no data for a man to try to find him and solace someone has your eyes read their zero zero nine three zero am as I sixteen twenty six

And through on the radio where we define a downgrade zero five four and yeah we can make those three radius in three three you’re OK with that Sam two three if we got your hair down going this an hour ago got a call from T. mobile that’s a female and now possibly in interviews a relationship or in the store they jump and over and took off you found

And it just tore into the vehicle for an hour ago there were

One seven five in the rain I had as a code to give you the very twenty one and shackled one so instead of sacking a coach who can was downgraded what what what was the usual relationship or whatever we’re going to have her female walked into T. mobile the employee believed

The man was being abusive because they drank kept telling him to leave just leave get out here and then the do them jump them over together and laughed so hard so they didn’t deserve anything critical going right from an OK

Actor thank you Sanam and his three out of two to

Tell them the pick of the stars so that you start over just for a fourth OK disregard them I just want to make sure that you guys will verify that or have someone go verify that that female and that child are actually with that oh yeah I would have wished for a right

She said

They said you had enough watches in the coroner’s office as you know ninety seven zero nine two thousand I’m OK just not sixteen twenty nine thank you

At seven twenty seven Bolivar like I have that right you know which when you send this vacant house that he has cleared his court of for you it is zero seven three six zero seven three I checked it out the district and I also checked Ayers from this morning we’re not seeing anything I mean like you very well you’re welcome

To them you know sixteen thirty two and happy to read it you know how long it will take for them to get out there and just wondering for any to one you know there is usually no E.T.A. for Florida

C O two three requested S. a year for French and for the coast to a couple for your list

And you to write your son a few things going to get the callers phone number in their name and then secondly can you find out when the last time we had a call here OK the callers name is Karen Bennett George Foreman an attorney C.F.S. her call back numbers three three

Six six one zero eight zero one and I’m going to check

Her out can we take it up to I know

That at sixteen thirty two and your cat was a same as I is they are ninety four to zero nine forty so happy think you will be your milage you know they have this property

Perviously things on the

Back on from I haven’t

Want to

Tell one two three zero It nearly done once and it’s really nearly done cause it is a loose black white have all in the area

That not belong to the neighbors butt

He threw it out and even that knowing the dog was one two three zero six No again it’s a code for cat is zero nine three eight zero nine thirty eight

To thirty three think you got some sense thank you very much now from this new was just second theory I use available the handler for the vehicle area from Dale and if not can we request for you photos

Sixteen thirty three so we do it through rose for us

Though she has to go over to the north side of prospect for a very old and to get all those first

Charlie too far

Back completed ventricular then I regret paperwork off for think they’re referred would be your wife you know

That at sixteen thirty four hundred

Sixteen thirty four after her members I still remember three eleven and one through seven plus of others going to be a

Passer by was noticing a yellow have time for is

Used to nails driving a big house ephemera free you know always on call and her passing by and then there are one it was or don’t agree about you earlier from I could one of the crew to you for this are two year olds assaulting the mother and he’s following three

And then as Broadway I’m Broadway sixty three three Broadway and checks in are now cold the clerk is calling from Mel who is there on scene now the China can’t

Match back for forty nine hundred dollars or hello about her program of regime I have a guy waiting there yeah she just kind of acting asking for


Dylan seeing apparently

She tried to check this mess Monday for five thousand dollars they came in

Twenty minutes ago he was quoted as to what we’ll call back if I were just told Dave if they were posing for a very room

But will get someone there always has the cars open up for fuel try to dispatch from the same

Kind of these are from of the US of A which humans or at least the one or insincere

And if you want to present that me one of the advisors to tell

Her if you want to check one of

The imported first

Way Round I’m a party twenty five twenty already in Eclipse and I have a cousin who asked me to address three and one for your last

That I didn’t think you post is going to be an estimated address of one zero zero East one I think ill and zero eight hundred fifty second couples I don’t want hang up

On a boys now is because it is zero nine three five zero nine thirty five for your list

One zero four St That’s one of

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office and seems that

There are signs that for an aggravated burglary warrant the case number is seventeen Charlie Robert at

Ninety seven zero eight dated by twelve seventeen he is a socialist who ninety six ninety four ninety six forty nine feet of earth is nine point two ninety two that was some firm to proceed

In the Clerk’s Office this is a cause for the get is zero eight eight four zero eight four

Think is exceed thirty nine

Zero four zero zero for you we are

The law nor

Is an excuse they’re now trying to

Say this is a

He only won thirty forty three days of mourning

Sixty forty


And a copy cat is there and I’m free I’m six hundred forty but you’ve already completed

Work in your home or during

Happy analyst and I’ll bet you can’t read that as well is going to be three six three one five two three sixty three hundred fifty second

To see Eric McRae he’s making the report for his two thousand and great equinox this taken from the dancing go on

The eagle has a known dealer tags on it here as if he’s in it and riding a known suspect of

The three

It is zero six eight three zero six eighty three for your list

Johnny these two hundred Johnny

Car accident free money Harlow first of all Chevy Trailblazer was called in by a passer by fifteen zero one zero three

Zero eight three zero zero eight three zero and ran a one zero What term eight and went home to see Anthony Alexander for a place on a report

Three to zero eight ninety nine zero eight ninety nine

Three in room one

That’s very many you’re trying to sixteen for you know here’s a missing forty two

Who bought a radio

Do you mean the

Sex that the ones at the sex

Parties if you’re a man able but her manager or have every see a guy that they’ve you know the mother with a little thing spoke with us or been a grandmother there at a friend’s house or you can just simply show that McDonnell

And her fifteen forty three and Charlie two five before you work on our part I’m going to hang out and I want

To fight with all six forty forty five A personal information about from OK that’s fine it’s not a priority I just enough you want to

Take it before you start reports which is what the numbers on it

Three two six three two two six

Rockstar seem Annual for a threat report called for his or else I’m sorry is that on there also I’m very sad I’m OK that on our list sixteen forty five I think yeah to six the radio

But if the caller say the mayor have already been down for

Blackjack it was a fluke

Of one zero for at least seven for

Anything out or just right again with primes and

Ranks I have one for you at forty one which


Thank you for five one five last forty seconds for forty seconds for her for her for she has their own nine one zero nine five one sixteen point I think you


The assistant of the moth and the second of

The scene forty five who are two for

You know that these have been a one on us and

Will be a

Happy American as I said sixteen forty six new second alarm for me and seven

Earnings is that I’m for much or for received from

And from

You just employer in the old report OK sixteen forty Thanks

To an analyst for you Are you ready for it you are facing forty


Thank you and I and they’re all thanks Nancy

Twenty nine I’ll fix Nancy if you can I said jealous of

Children and Family Services she has a capacity of and a lot and fifteen year old one the one Howard is also calling the mother she says that she’s being harassed by family members and they’re pretending to bring children and family services to our house so they can as

Fast as if they’re waiting outside and then I have black Chevy Impala the whole seal and as your own and for effect there are nine for effect and for your last four three one four lane four three one four lane

Says that he has a female neighbor that doesn’t stay out of people doesn’t ask so you want to talk to the police actually disregard that one he is a Spanish speaking officer but I don’t see that I’m going out on the on raw deal

Is anything but then perhaps he was leaning on it and I said that with Tencent Wendell’s and his assistance getting keys from a child’s mother going to vehicle three and I can’t is there all that and say they all sat and sat and sat and then last six figure all for Orchard girl six that girl for Orchard

Well I think hard like sixty five for has been to me now what I mean and on thing any front A.T.T. trying to check that’s a

Whole three had a zero eight seven sale there really is that until now from your retort there vehicles you know if you’re sixteen point

Zero to the wrong on that one came in at fourteen off or are in that kind of having an only answer are also whether for the priority fifteen forty thank you and you want to go for proving that you are with one of the

Rarest fifteen forty nine there were twenty one radio but I don’t need to know or care for the second M.B.A. hear them occasionally and

Probably receive the somewhat more five or six as you heard Jeff where are you no response

By the way my apologies five or six check where by we have no responses or break six or six we go to the entry to measure

Dismiss Who are you know what check or yes

I’ll be there in a minute

We’re five

We’re going to do if you had three if I was around

Lunch and even for several days you already have a fraction

Of us is serious and I haven’t seen forty five planets it is for one June ninth two thousand eight

Hundred eight one four three nine four one five the last July’s it was I was there for us this scene forty five

There’s a trail shows all four and sixteen that’s the one from there if you read

Your apartment you’re

Assessing and I

Often in fact the now and

Then I’m off by one where I was there were two six nine to watch bar one twenty six and I need to ask for one purpose for their welcome if you force completed

Sixteen if you want to have one boil all to meal Washington calling in these report the generals are missing the mail is a Leon Hall her date of birth as born to untie one twenty of

The black female asking wearing a white shirt blue jacket blue that’s all shores is zero one zero nine six five zero nine six five zero visual I’m sorry and now you know where our sex they’ve reported yet still supposedly has a firearm

And I’ve heard they can break for a close one and I say forty for zero nine one five four four for there are ninety one fights for female calling and her grandkids are on scene you’re fighting for his year old male a father old male and he cried they can bury us on the phone we weren’t really able to get him any questions and thirty’s yelling at someone in the background about taking her money and her medication it echoed to the can’t is zero nine five eight zero nine eight through

The numbers will simply think

OK District three and if you for three and five I have you and what is your disposition for is the S.S.I.

We’re going to

Remember happy sixteen fifty four sure if you’re through general three going to


This is a break with her thing as a Chris

Well I think as aggressor or are no male alive in the this a mill that in the area possibly high on P.C.P. male asking where all that hope all that clothing with the racism that leaves only and how they do not wish to see the police rock as the thank you for our number one a civil war

Happy in around

One two to six for you and I thought of that I think that the one hours that signal that all round staff and have put up for the time being a candidate zero nine zero six zero nine zero six and Oliver added that prior inquiries were in public power and seen it there that

Everything curious sixty fifty six read it seems your strange friends are coerced Yes or every advice by my supervisor or your office is asking if you can call him on his cell phone I was number if you’re writing

To me for zero seven six eight eight eight four zero seven six eight eight eight code wanna get as they are ninety six seconds they’re nineteen sixty seconds

Sixty seven think yeah right we’re holding out and I’m a fireman six of them are one rhymes of forever Mason OK but they’re OK Cathy sixteen fifty seven Well this is I don’t think you are headed their way is now you want to do this regard or to still have their

But Star Tours we’ve got somebody coming to assist them there are you off to the your right side or oh the set you guys come in behind me

Or just stay with us in this though the highway

That works open up behind you prepared to thank you sixty Thank you

I’m very old you are

OK thank you we have

Thank you sixteen fifty eight

Twelve fifteen superior Avenue at the charter one bank one two one five superior Avenue and charter one bank

Calling she’s a security there she states if there is an irate male refusing to leave

Is a white male older than Bill wearing a blue thirty carrying a backpack and a duffel

Coat three and a zero seven one two zero seven ninety you

Think you’re searching for zero

We’re getting another call from a state that another person is in this house is wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans that the female and then there’s another male wearing a black hoodie they’re all about sixteen eighteen years old

Presley’s white male he’s on the porch no weapons that you seen other than the crutches that he has

As a cold one of their night had a one hundred seventy one tennis alley

In the cinema and white in color versus a black Chevy Impala versus a

That’s what I have

And that was referred to coast three and a zero nine two five zero nine two five


Marcus ina security as high as far away at number two motion

As there are nine four nine zero nine four nine they they act into a collar and the collar was from a Chinese restaurant he’s kind of difficult to understand that he wants his own car it’s a code three the cat is zero nine three seven zero nine three seven

Fourteen those are everybody’s in

Well there is a dark

Stratus in this right now over


Make arrangements to get a private tow was involved in the N.B.A. Star Wars just drop them off to war or it’s right downtown on the pier or go to make arrangements for a pole for right now it’s all those right over it and she’s tired of being assaulted by her daughter a call taker and hear a child yelling in the background if she didn’t do anything it was coded don’t whine you can’t is your own ice seven floors zero nine seven full report seventeen o two something

To that radio device there so it is that when we tour the area females

Seventeen us hail and I will have a healthy for us but one two five one one Arlen one twenty five a lot of Earl and the driveway Palisades are the right truck I’ve run out of sleep think I’m going to fast and

Say see I can try to walk into that college house earlier and he is a known heroin addict it’s a curse to can as your nine six one zero nine sixty one is calling she’s having an issue is a male isn’t seen as a heavy several acne L

P’s in his forties

Law are these are fairly year trying to cash

A bad Shack Forty nine hundred dollars was credited to his zero nine two two zero nine two two

For care more

For I’m

Sure it’s zero nine two two zero one I think you

Are a for sure

Thank you as soon as you know three favorite superhero Sacre David usually is seventeen zero for his first term and on that

For Family Service the

Right are here to take us all from the mother of the children are all one brought her of an aisle or from a house for your job and if there was

Not her

Numbers twenty nine zero six matches because there are nine for thirty

Zero nine four six zero three o’clock in the seventies you know

As your radio at the State Farm guy calls you just want to know that they worry that we’re going back over there

Happy that he also

Wrote everything and I’m sorry if you show me

Somewhat he warns with a seven horrifying one zero five

He says whenever it runs already on GEORGE NEGUS am four zero zero four

Forty zero four going to be

Serious checking creams

Two of us for eight unknown caller expired four nine and sixteen the Benjamin and words of Knight Railton shiny and isn’t only area twenty nine year old male fabrics and hands the last six of the event for

Four three six one

Of them for most have a

Yes And I think seventeen zero seven

Drawing just four and I’ve enjoyed the seven zero seven seven you know that I’m going to one or two plays that are sometimes you know seven is still played at sixty yet try a second fad for property for the arrival going to eight is seven you know I

Like it there and I think that at the residence any more

He’s not there and in spirit have you’re seventy



You feel awful

So I had

Simply said I’m going on and I’m going to have to feel

All right actually I’m going to have a close to an answer unless first I’m going to use that for any

And any use that for ninety

Four ninety X. that ran for a

Plane that had

No descriptions as opposed to


Point four and then for your last last thirty of them bread plus three zero on bridge for an ongoing a bright green long raincoat and a second male wearing black kind of shoes and taking pictures

And at sixteen I was still walking in and I’m not in the action I travel the whole three jet is there on nine one nine zero nine one nine And then last is going to be one in three last for

One last for eight Mike was like and for about two white seen on a black male riding a city

Black Head over to the car is once again Perth a cold three set of their own nine seven secs zero nine seven six zero if you’re if


Warned they

Are thinking photos they said they took a photo of of their port or something they thought it was taking pictures from hollers carport I don’t really know what that means they says


That’s fine I laughed out sorry that unseen eleven

Thirty in Memphis

Way I don’t want a female not for me twenty seven years old complaining of

Anything and then I have eight thirty year old female plus a small cut for fit if we just let it rain and two three for a code vying

For any review that stated you for radio I’m sorry

For the I’ve been wondering part three covering you say two in front of them on

Her arrival that an act of war partly

Because I was seventeen thirteen if you read it

If you’re me I’m complete with the first part of you for

Writing and I haven’t heard anything about that

Now I’ve had time to do it but I’m going to get out

Ari or lower or Oh sure you would say so listen well there are four this

Already want to force her to marry

A roster here that are not there the twenty third of May are saying that here we order access for the program he doesn’t fire that we know that information is not needed for it we are gonna just only want our next seventeen fourteen and if I don’t actually get a hold on a parking meter if you base your respond back to the district

The female from the roof will run is there she need to report in connection with that taking out property both through twelve of ninety that

He can make me

Everything you think you deserve and you just want to go after trees like an island

Haven’t seen the

Thank you

For more we’re not double those like yourself

Double life going so far inferior


Green The reason was that for us by seventeen sixteen

You’re going to call

Her making the call they’re going to sixty eight yank you for sixty eight but you he said I’m going to run that through to you and I

When you’re complete assessing brought another cause you feel in your patch for

That problem for sure but from him in crew

Simply go right think you first want to ask for two fourth and last sixty days back and forth to four or five and I fix the fact and have that answer residence simply say this guy and friends hear your motion code till ten is there are nine seven five

Seven five and for your last reason I deny any last

Phrase if the hell of a miraculous is having issues with his girlfriend who took his Social Security card and birth certificate she lives there I don’t have any info on her though the whole three can is there are nine zero zero nine eight

These three there is

No way that I just told you seventy

Phone home front row

No one so

Seventy one thousand and eighty you to return to the district at the present transport van to go to live threaten to take the mail they act seal the deal

Just reconnection I think but it’s going to be Cat nine two to three inches to three

You know

Seventeen nineteen and I give you all asked by a driving

Thank you for three one four and a lane for three one for thank you Lane holiday having issues with a female neighbor at they out of people’s business and I’m concerned with the police because three has there also been I say

That I had sex and then last is going to be for seventy one Andrea lame for seventy one Andrea lane rolls Taylor says that there was a male at her house there is they trying to sell Security says hey you showed up they are going to use her background is a white now or care Wrangler polo khaki shorts and a black

Is a whole three and they had a zero nine one three zero nine one three hundred

Twenty Thank you

To your place on the highway seventeen money and I’m giving

You a courageous that hydroplaned or

Thank you very pure to her a good showing through a move

To Canada zero nine eight six zero nine eight six

Seven hundred twenty one

That’s a farm vehicles going to need you know a I don’t know what they want so you can show that another action and it’s going to be ninety at the seventy one and one seventy six split and you can probably disregard that car that’s going for the vehicle with a walk that was going to be our first reaction I’m pretty sure fell for her that was what wore all those who are wall or who will get a horrible horrible

They’ve already

Had were you able to get a name off may have been attached to the flea just fancy having at as a five hundred twenty three they have as far as the plate was and Jim and I were

On their way to

The he says Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

They says Iraq with her grand

Horses another fee for a steamer havingness like the radio and I for one is coming

To a black twenty seventeen in finity for the war experience nine to seventeen listen to a man

Of three to six nine zero winter green drive and so on in Ohio four four one three nine The male caller said that two people were shooting up heroin and they thought it had poison in it because they were having

One and that’s a call that says the patients have left and didn’t need the M.F. then they all sounded like us and hacks are under the influence or something and I said not responding and they all is now denying it was even heroin maybe another address and they’ll have saying that he’s poisoned us rambling and then they all please it’s a code three the cat is zero nine one one zero nine one why are you doing a Luther and he asked

Me What version

Seventeen fine five are you going over will remember the fourth floor room for two three D. then

Got it OK

For a seven hundred twenty five Mr Hero we received this call from the a masterclass in our system

There’s a fifty year old male who’s known seen unfriendly alcoholic eventual caller called a quasi en masse unknown what’s wrong with some states for our assistance to count as one zero zero zero one thousand

Thank you so if you please I zero nine nine one zero nine nine one

Seventy enjoying sex think you

Can also run through have over for me ideas Inc us three eight nine one one three

Three eight nine one one three eight four dogs have it in the backyard barking code still has one zero zero one one zero zero zero one

Seventeen Honey I don’t think you know they’ve already done that for me complete spoke with


You know that by

Seven hundred twenty five I’m going to have to for a

Radio to Barney to for for a stand I asked

You for from here we’re going to defer what they call it we were touring for three mill maker you feel at this

Seven hundred twenty eight think Johnny just recalled one of them I think you couldn’t air of Ella

Think deal and I’m going to use Clinton era

To era as kindness as a third party call

Exit various not of their party called some areas calling states that her child’s father is harassing her and her ten month old son she’s walking down the street she’s wearing a black jacket blue jeans plant sneakers and has red glasses and pushing a child in a stroller and that description of the male because they couldn’t hear him in the bathroom in the background is a cold one can it’s one zero zero three and zero three

Seven hundred twenty eight zero nine

And I haven’t done the era

Thank you seven hundred twenty nine

To three shows in the area at the plane and went to six zero one large mirror of over the air of Mickey calling Sears to have vehicles parked in a parking violation Reeva we have a Ford of beige color Ford was a flea given the Georgian David one five ninety six and then we have a blue one for the plea of George and three Lincoln five five five nine both in a parking violation was quoted a for his one zero zero seven one zero zero seven Party is seven hundred thirty court date going to June eighth

Heartfelt power edition medic for about

Seven hundred then you’re out with a great man in a seal Ford Taurus Yes and the lack of cause well

I think yes why have you and I think they’ve had number for this yes there are nine seventy seven or they

Think it is a

Part of the five area very few five going to and from Robert and four received no call her mistake and vulnerable


The boss’s permission to convey a female if you want your old few euro to review in the fifth District to alleviate the situation


If you treat every day OK for me to have your OK for since you three are you on right now you’ll be right here in a moment I have a often hard I think or

Phrase you five Happy seventy two

I heard that we’re still waiting on the call

That right the right to marry though we’re the whole city has his own members of them yeah if you want I can ask them if he can be and Asia tomorrow for a one hour damage off the road past the plane connection with your assignment

For more let’s start over of all you have to offer and calling thing where the home one perfectly long thing with a one car and

Yes both paths are vice yes of and less as a cell phone number and has names please that is if you want

Three seven to five for hurry there is a free

Or complete with or less we could take the quote home

I gave it to one that he was taking complete at seven hundred thirty four you’re holding our fort

Now for easier for the report seven hundred thirty four I think

There’s efficiency one we can say that go

For I don’t have there I gotta think you made a vase from fall

To five or

Seven hundred thirty five to forty

Yeah I have a run in natural for a male is being released he just needs to made a sound I asked

Her one of the Narcotics Act as is it OK to send David to six with this over there with your other regular commands as a part of your show on the lower air well one there we go with actually sure wish there is one of the shop there that only accept US police drop off his sister they are willing to try them but they want to set them on the police ramp and it is you set up for a cruise to reunite these four and five one for a million only produce you six right if you can go to natural twenty five hundred mackerel how the

Are halls as an event and are you crying as if there’s I mean all of the last name of worship house ski author and wife grabber Charlie Henry Edward plain Ken ocean water sand King afternoon

That being this charity is to go to

Sort of these hacks facility again and the officer that perhaps an offical three has one zero one one one zero one one

Seventeen various of us going through true


If I’m at work for nine seven three five three you know who goes there too and a lot I don’t I was sure was

For Israel to find one lens

Thirty three there’s a few We heard over for

Fear of over a million robber or very union robber They threw far three one zero should be for sure

If you tell me of the other time curvature of the ways that call for one eight zero three one park one eighty three one park mouse apartments for two four year old who I am Jansing she lives in a WHO seven have a with her neighbor that he was making for a horse her other neighbor in the neighborhood has a seven hundred thirty nine stand by line who has three

Separate from it expired two from the one that is far its own zeroed out it was issue ninety seven sixteen the day for the expiration zero

This birthday is eleven fourteen and you know

There are three ready when you get a second but


Told me I might sell

The Funimation

To one thirty five three six nine they



We’re in the will take recall for a full three one

Seven hundred forty seven of the natural seven hundred forty S. Now we’re going to be back in or out

For at least I feel something very

Little as my

Very great joy I have to have you back in right you real wages something for they would do for you David you for these wonderful enforce you know my Home report that the district in the system is given as your for exactly seven hundred forty one

Part of it are

Ready to brace for both of your offers for her hours are you for the first Margaret

High five at Harvard and back on a nineteen and fifteen fifteen picture that you currently a cigarette is you being a great car but if you want it will ever feel like you know it’s a four Charlie two five We have this assignment as well

Looks like they were to marry now yeah there’s a name

You know fortunately it’s yours I was on and on the one thousand to May you want to can number

Six I’m number four hundred you have ever

I ready to hear number is going to be running five three six two six once I three six to six words I was in that accent and

Thank you Sarah seven hundred forty three all right down to three whatever you need on that says owner Hannah THOMPSON OK I think that it is sure she owns it OK that’s fine is very out bearing at it like I can’t remember what you asked for money to do that yet and I say that as well if you want to save so

Joe’s complete right seven hundred forty three I’m going to need you to do it Jack while thirty second in an easy and a funny OK you would like to ask me were his doors open she’s also tsunami running from it so well that was a micromanager

That I got through Fortunata through radio when I was really has things Theodore grand to call Jill has their own nine thousand six zero nine secs prepared you know it out for usually for presents are OK We’re going to

Have a few parties I think you know already I’m here for that I’m fucked up hey can you try

I don’t hang up at the library and Pearl say the twenty one should be arriving on the seventieth

Seventeen forty five there would be a succession of

Seventeen forty five for a


Floor and well over

There are large

Sums and forty five when you hear about them but I don’t want to hang out we’ve got to call for a code to cast ten twenty one their houses their own recovery seventeen forty sexing tell me

One one A one three times and

Me and

Danny can be one zero two six one zero two six purser sixteen thousand seven hundred forty seven in the first movie I think yes I

Think you know

The vultures of

The one seventies were out here

Some funny for just friends all the same and they’ll have taken off that year where he went but again our victims aren’t Harvin sent from us but alright

Ers are full orders are our

Words go back to regular like

They would use a charade or

Call the friend her name and he was naturally our progress

Video seven hundred forty nine three Georgian entering end of heavy rain and one from a landline at one zero to one seven one there

Is seventeen

Back there just ringing with no response because you can’t is one zero one till ten twelve Well I think

That’s the second one down

There’s no one with the meter or with the regular knows a library phone it was

Like I don’t see anything I can make it and you need one

Now I got it

For my

Own attended coverage you can

There is one

And I search of a very many faces of interest are even you had one zero three zero and any difference or sixteen

That’s where the Social Security billing are and then if you want more favor you know there’s a reason

Somebody who has a

Beige plastic trash can for garbage on the

Building’s route

We can likely do about it for garbage and I’m sure the checker ready to morrow and take this up as all of our cows and every garbage and box and stuff there’s nothing really around here except the

Status right at the corner of the fencing for marking

Hundred seven straight ahead of the bell

OK I’ll try to notify someone

I’ll use this little bastard a whole lot of outrage because somebody is going to knock all of our rigs out but you can see it from our street if you look at

I do

No problem sorry if you know what

Three to seventeen fifties you know

I mean look

There was no answer there’s a seven hundred fifty you

Have the problem there improve your radio and did you

Use going to be on the go Joe Pesci seven hundred fifty four I did hear my

But you know he’s never taken as a guest and I heard her

Oh we’re going to modern today I’ll just

For the reminder to just actually get out of here since it’s almost

Like you aren’t just there for a vote but

Never can for what twenty third and then we have another female driver who shot to be above the law stuff like that for at least

Cutting people off and dancing in the privacy the plane is Henry Barney Frank two four six seven right handed and seven hundred fifty five

O’Neill that

Said if you have

Exaggerated to fight

The six for one difference eat anything and I ave East eyes in Vanna Avenue and calling in and shelter us like down in connection with a green Chevy and that was left there and have juvenile’s ran from the car it closed three handed

One zero two four one zero two four hundred four seven hundred fifty seven five a visit we got over it there are some are always or very complete There them of the first results like Iraq for government together for information of her own or if we are sure I’ll just reopen it Karen and zero point nine seven have you around seven hundred fifty seven

And when I do that I’m sure I’m right from years of labor arriving and I think you know highly

Something that

Well security perfect me in the future simply both parties revised their way from one another

We got a great show who flee us from Port having a seven hundred fifty nine

And I think Aaron Fossett possibly has felony warrants out of county if located both in the teletype and process twenty eight year old female long brown hair blue eyes eyes still social six to eight two four three seven four seven favor the read of eighty nine showing caution for five years because two cans one zero three one ten thirty one you know the social more thank six two eight two four three seven four seven OK thank you anything and just

Plain under the law OK maybe that’s just one

Happy party it’s all I’m ready to do and they swore it was you see I’m here and but you know I’m going back down

Your personal one hundred back over there that’s one thing you know all the numbers are eighteen hundred

Thirty five the second alarm for one for us so if

You five one eighty eighty four Blanford one eight zero eight for

Plan for the time your fellow residents Guardian security is calling the garage door motions to cat ten twenty three one zero two three the other one is moved out of the one five two and frankly there are five two and think where fairies out of trouble with a few males of a female juveniles of use only go three get one thousand and four one zero zero four factories are covering the

Akin to what Barney through southern through just a fuss but

It was you don’t really come back you’re just

Already present around training

Ok doing the social workers to go probably for starters requesting OK will be among

One of our radio service guy drive architect the parking lot warmer in

The mail from you joy or are you sure simply eighty seven think you need to know for

Both parties been advised

Nine zero Why did you not get eight one four one five six eight three after you know five the time of a no for that it so often since it has already had

Their board

Mornings you could choose an alarm and three hatch for six and a feeder and an alarm downtown Hamilton three three S. and Stratford for us or the numbers that alarm are in the future make sure that it’s twenty two twenty two he’s forcing you to choose to use forty six cynically all residents eighty called in for a penny from the key

Its a two can as one zero zero eight ten zero eight twenty

You twenty three for six

Thank you you know six

To four of you to four million for the role or joy and

Well most of those who were there are sure war to hear whatever the answer

Is yes and they’re worth their while or

Thirty seven although I was

Going to be average lay eighty three all wanted to try to ease we don’t want to try every way apartment three one nine McKinley decorous and that is that there was a person that says as her earlier press all of this car she’s back on scene but refusing to give him the keys she’s somewhere in the apartment complex He’s waiting on apartment three wandering connection with plain Henry Charlie Varney three two one is a call Phil and the head is one zero all four are all one or all four is there I’ll answer your last

Two zero zero nine eight one two zero they’re on I think one next door at the piano house for a loud music disturbing call three has one they’re all part of tale one they’re all for tale you know it’s

Very poor record

Sure you judge your peers was are high

Good move move don’t you are unsure of your own

Purpose or your

I have three three one five heart ethic in me and for kids that stole the air and so on but is it OK to downgrade a life after a part

In town I think there’s research shows that Washington

Are full of it this you know her playing her there’s her social thing going to cover player any the

Then for your list I have my one direction back you’re ever what you want to do that you’re ever Iraq very very hard and Jack to Jack very needs a report that has an addict for Canada zero nine seven nine zero nine something I have a kind of fire that possibly two thousand and thirteen will break Ford Focus

I need to one

Eight five four

Hundred ten and if I need to seven for one

Really an interest seven for a code one for shots fired and three zone and one or two

There’s no further information because the re cat is one there isn’t a read you know turn there you know


It’s not and think you know

It is a tree if it is X. you show that there are hundred fifty eight left overs and are missing adult follow a green vehicle and a gray vehicle I don’t know if they’re involved only calling us so far coded on one and it is one zero four eight one zero four two hundred out we’re here for come from a Harar here needing trial radio message over surely muscle

Over Nessa Gail’s extremely Nigel juice I mean you kind of

When she was or three three nine I just want to feel yes exactly where she’s calling three three nine nine he’s want you and Rashid Khalidi Yes she’s not all there

Are you over do you know

If you go pick up

The office bring Lauren right approach for


There’s come back entered the room see where here figure out if you close there’s no hole so it doesn’t look like this I think of a straight

Their goal should be read both to Chevy truck back to him let me know when you’re ready for every

Serve you for is a this is for OK for after you her friends and finals her grand theft firearm

Using their evening

Class tell from East fourth and high connexions rush hour

If you know there’s a sandy three from

One to three going

On a hot act eighty they said that they were see they can’t often I don’t know but I never got to cancel they said it was cancelled a while ago having thankee

You know five or three

Eight hundred fourteen but if I had a future in

Holland acquired and C.B.S. or general just parked for about thirty minutes ago this is exactly three minutes all of eighteen file and three

Zero or

The hall there would you be able to check across you one for seven arrow

Zigzagged the Natchez anything that seems to

Have lost five of them then

There was also a white Cadillac in the driveway and a mattress on the porch seen as a hassle of Dr Howard

Who is coded to it is zero nine nine five zero nine nine five

I think you need to be in sixteen stop yawning Oh

Right Adam two five before you go that next one up to five of those are put is all one semi three and is and will be the description of the part about later

Erica for a white Chevy pickup truck with expired tags pick up thanks eight hundred sixty five Adam two three

Because I think that there’s not extending a hand seen there thank you

For complete resistor for

Happiness and for a city that McDonalds that overrun you know the

Tunnel from a missing person and force you to sitting there yeah I try to explain as much as it is has all the missing parts or party doesn’t I don’t know what I did I enjoy anything I’m not under arrest

And you’re just really haven’t any information and I absolutely be back tonight as is the police to speak with you know he said that they don’t know when to leave act so I haven’t gotten try again tomorrow

And he says Name appearance the boy is a prominent charge warning they were too sick and he was stating that he does have a scene that wasn’t a feeling for a female as well

If you search for her

Original report you have her very here and seem to be all with that

Or less where you walk away

From the house for I don’t know what I want for her have a three year old daughter X. Y. and when I says that her daughter actually is refusing to give

Themselves time it’s a cold still get as one verified fact one zero five six and then for your last three four six nine I six three three four six nine I six three in the back yard I don’t use it to serving

Three can as one zero three eight one zero three eight if you know I think three I thought that closed

With the young man had a conversation with him regards to what was your norm people been advised to show us the who are going to vote that is really drop off in property pick a personal some of it of course they’re asked about that earlier if they

Well the report for the year up or whether or not I was there for

Capping I will show you complete and if there’s a way to hold off on the arm them hold the cup go the ones I got green and the view I got blank and then Nottingham takedown but it was a no or that there was like a personal

Feel like you’ll be OK to do that once you get the nature of this one and I don’t want an open line call in the area of one eight zero four three black and L A N K D N one eighty forty three Lincoln again as made address call is just a female talking rambling

Talk by or a door being locked and she talking to herself as really as possible name of Ms Albright and maybe I’m a all being in the bathroom that’s all we’ve got still got on the line rambling it’s code one has made address CAD one zero four nine one zero five

Write me a local next three

OK So you know I departed searches on this phone number that’s coming up and I think it is south of Waterloo but your friends are off Waterloo so far though Nottingham north of Syracuse Nottingham if that helps at all right ninety OK

I work eight hundred point in

A radio do five

They want to please make sure it’s not stolen let me know when you’re ready to go George Strait was zero three seven I noticed I counter that Josue three you ready Irma

And record and if you five that’s a negative it is not still in Giles’s radio order that vehicle is

Can’t Thera Charles Addams

Edward Robert Adam that in five you copy about that seventy two in the G.M.C.

Two three that is the ten

One of seventy nine joined as a two one eight Mohawk Canton Ohio for four seven zero eight you won all victories on her firm

Social six three four one six six nine zero one

Four forty nine one hundred thirty

Black or brown that of license of Sam Adam six eight four zero four nine nine a sixteen through ten of the twenty the vehicle off with an avalanche report number of two thousand and seventeen one six three zero am eight on that is five nineteen of seventeen I’m carved out if you could to find out what those keys because they are generally they really are an eighty percent for four six eight horse one horse zero Very

Sadly exploration three fourteen of eighteen Starkey had a bogey cattle the one zero six three ten sixty three the record of radio the other you could see that was issue with the cat when they were three say she’s going for her right to the name of the Dr Kathy This one’s going to be Oh thank you dear yummy let me check where if you miss longer it is her right to compete at the

Jaipuria incompleted move from eighteen twenty five

To seven is going to be conveying

You know

Everything short of anything funny

The National creation of safe happy thinking twenty six three David twenty three radio things going to be Mark last name is going to be


Phone number is going to be one six four zero three three seven zero five happy just to throw it off if you thought he could it was

Taken with ease he left it running for two minutes got out some guys jumped into that

Three to five attitude to which your status you so

You open Yeah the it’s social justice arrived for a few minutes ago I suppose I’m going on the list of need be

If you want mine you know my ass is going we’ll figure out hope they’ll figure out what this is one sentence of your one ten and here for our call for me on the ground he was breathing his outside of a car a white in a white car is a white shark I’m sorry on the tree of on

Again I’m out of the vehicle he’s breathing possibly an M.B.A. but they

Both won he had one zero six six one zero six

Hundred on here will have no or

Very good thank you

For you Should it is an F.D.A. possibly an M.B.A. to someone carts a truck up on the lawn and a guy out of an office and lost control or if it’s medical or what

Sort of thing to radio do you got your information so I’m sorry I don’t know was why a vacuum across of your eyes that kept you

Report facts and in right at the age of eight hundred twenty six or

Had a few five you can be proud of their for allowing the mask over North bring no clearer than two hours you are going

To shove and

So you know if we’re anything fine varnishes other radio

From here we have information received chilled Family Services

There with the news doing the children who are some there are several ways will be having a mother on board we’re going to have the charity for crisis intervention starting miles one a day eight hundred twenty nine

Very remote area using twenty nine

Systems eighteen thirty fifty six for one

For an E.P.A. if they’re not I mean are

They all shirts of the same action or are earlier but will second that I have had in my grand jury is maybe that different right if you may know her earlier though not all happy in nine hundred thirty

Five Austral terminal two nine one

Party two for show of revenue one zero for

The copy one zero four nine ten forty nine eighteen thirty because I think it is see if anyone has heard of her to spin to me at twenty five one five lika once you find one I feel like we have DNS a low ward he was assaulted by his ex-girlfriend who was assaulted to his face her name’s Brianna

Enough was regime years

She’s a black female wearing a gray sure believe fans

Left in a white vehicle it was quarter to ten is one zero four one one zero for wind every year was

You can check to a three zero East point three zero two eight three zero used one three zero

Apartment building how this was called only five hours ago a very good check for two males sitting around the hallway the caller anonymously was there selling drugs her to three kids zero seven three four zero seven Reese

For you new to nine one one East one to five to nine one one he’s going to five for downstairs

Injury of black collie having issues with a searching year old niece Rachana Wiley Tata three it is zero eight six zero zero eight six zero and the last

ONE ONE NINE ONE eight forest ONE ONE NINE ONE eight For us it’s a yellow How are you not anonymous caller driving by such a black male stripping as they can house

For us into street this was done gritted from a code to do a code three as a code three had a zero nine zero five zero nine zero five to four thank you reasons or history

The Who Who is he who led you to clear

But if you say for every

Eighty day date and V.A. the other vehicles blue Ford Explorer truck

For one

You know that I’m not actually

I do know that

I took a

Very serious you for having a think you’re eighteen a three four Chile a future you to disregard the safety for being able

Altogether here it seems your four is under on that zero nine six zero zero nine a six zero three six is one six it was coded to three

Joey to do the same two for

Their got a probationary officer and her job the B.O.H. one of you are

Honest that they care that urge

But I get their information right now all over the place

For winter I got it thanks

Sure they do a career over and we’re going to need it

But is it just as essential that

But for all of our new drug have that eight hundred eighty five when you are complete with that I will have a country for you

If you want you to someone will take Thank you guys one one one

One one one one zero hard person one of unsolved Parkhurst either get in this calling me the co-author of Fortress two thousand and five Chrysler two hundred like sales place George Tom Davis three five nine nine in fact you know what you had to say isn’t it missing just now Kat She lives with a vehicle I think it is called I think she’s returned as well as she just stopped at the end with no response as a Cuz three Jan is here late the early twenty three copies the he say that the license plate was George not even one thirty five ninety nine and many enemies it does only as innocent you know not as a stolen vehicle

Just going to do a message you rip off and I’m not like I said I’m not sure I tense or combat I think she returned as well or if she just attended yes calls but he originally reported her missing

With a vehicle cynical as incidentally is but just as a missing juvenile

I want to promote him thank you for stating that he said and thank you Broadway from where there’s a woman

Yes there are of us silver of us who say he saw the writing of eighteen thirty

Eight hundred thirty seven

Thanking fourteen year old Hispanic blue and black they’re fighting in the area western and forty of them pure it is just west of this area to new North fires right away place a permanent Well they’ll have not received a call yet there were people that think I had

To roll

Called the complete menu for twenty two twenty six twenty three

X. twenty five and I’m in ninety six twenty

Six twenty three days that intersect is for various fitting will notify you when they’re cracked down have eaten thirty eight and

Real has occurred to be operating as a special event after the pair watches simply don’t know when it’s over Happy King

No negative I was looking for anything it’s as if next cell phone so if there’s anything it was near if

It were destroyed I think everything is great but if that were the Melanie it’s once the third awful review

If you do think there is one two three is very clear thinking that he meant

Almost more perform off

Point eighteen thinker Nagy

Writer for


Having that could be anything and that anything all the airbag before you don’t want to go in through your

If you’re a who can tell me

Why I need you would be

The Mario

And there’s a Jessica an unknown male on male there’s a thirty forty to one thirty A

Chevy anything for you I didn’t think you know it’s going to be one six zero zero one you could beach one sixty zero one you could Beach apartment six a lot and we have managed thirty one and seen with an eighty year old male heroine I don’t know are can unknown evidence at this

Because till has one zero seven five hundred seventy five

One six zero zero one Euclid beach one sixty zero one Euclid Beach apartment six one one

Eight hundred forty two radios if I think have you that these there was a crow pulled yet there cuz you re it is heavy to fifty five in his apartment cab is there a as easy as you for forever there before we have an eighty year old male who got heroin at one six zero zero one you could be Apartment six a lot and unknown evidence at this point but party for just other adults who want to

Be a relative orders


They can afford and so making forty to forty three

Eight hundred forty three

Two three radio

Because those are very thin because no hearse

But the folks here they think you’re one of us we have this very

Very and that Murphy

Forty seven years old he second clean and reads assholes use that as hopefully probably that which was in

The press

For me oh well you know Bailey doing are those all three zero one zero zero zero zero zero zero two eight zero zero zero six there were plenty

Playing very junior the second clean and leads a lot of all of them I’m for you

Our journey for gear

As for your power when former government

Tell us that we’re going to order her artistry are

You looking for thanks did too far if done well as a similar issue for us so you come out you know we go in for a third of the fingerprints will radiate a C.N.C. three just for David if I don’t pay for a very as a

Thank you eight hundred forty six And David you just to verify Anthony Alexander did three three two six five

And he would identify euphoria one of the early five ten a five million says the filming of the one hundred one you know better ordered from the fire hydrant they’ve all generating bodies and I’m true to the fan through theory are you some of us are we need is


We live in our faith

Or history of course or there ass will run of I’m going to ride with Oh

Yeah you are different from him from his vehicle right now if I’m a young

He’s a short fat are answerable to me are

There a fix for him three or is only one so they only go over

To you and his ID thing forty seven one zero two two zero for an hour it was two twenty three aren’t sharing a shield residence that is calling a side door most detector till ten eighty four one zero four but they do for you think you actually might is up in that one was just cancelled that it is forty eight

That they have no special events they have got an

Exam number go they got or just afterward the I got to find

Had all the candidates that sense that he said one zero that in fact it’s her mom is afraid to call the police yourself States that that has assaulted him on a pass a mom trying to leave with the children promised Naomi to Hey says that that right last little brother’s a year old

To cat is twenty six one zero eight sex so they’re confident because he’s not letting them leave and here is a seventeen year old calling the step that is not letting the mother leaves the one and a half year old son

OK copy

If you think you know they received it in are from the from your home for her

And I

Was a one was quite on arrival and you can put it in what forty eight zero nine for

Example I had a couple for you

Him two three radio can you put us out of here and he

Assures them V.A. or simply a broken nose vehicle is an accident I was going to get out

Of print

When writing

The fourteen think earning one point Carnegie There’s a famous accident there where the other great four in a white nowadays airbags have a plane came in at eighteen twenty four and thirty one zero six one one zero six one

Hundred fifty one

Going to be zero seven twenty five

Seven two to five Elton Julio repair residence eighty Joan litter one of those go to heaven sixty seven one zero six of thirty seven seven zero zero Look range seven seven zero zero migraines a list residence eighty alarm says that once you exit because they already had one zero seven one one zero seven zero one

And that would be it for now but before is if

We’re going to have armies of them for one oh yeah I have a hold on to you and use our third season a couple hours to close your ears but you’re still out here whereas Essex Knights experience a form of irony and happy things but if you’re a writer

We’re going to think you’re there or Each one is here going to be a five so I’ve got the radio and you seen all the third district and then the thought

Of vehicle or person came in from the cellar the other half of the facts and let them Jimmy Anderson

Zero five he is just as well to do seven locally

Probably Thank you

But it you for twenty thirty they think those are OK and that one thousand nine hundred still full of errors and then Wayne Manor number twelve I’m going see Jamie Alexander anything that report it because for CAN’T is zero eight nine one zero eight nine why it would give Let’s go give our number one with a child and I know

You can just

Thank you eight hundred fifty S. I write with help of your house put out of your very if your eyes are fair in this report or from a bit of marker

For George there is a murder of her after these for it and you and you have even for a city to fifty five forgeries through seven ninety five forging friends and with your tween zebra forty three and I mean George rings it for eternity

I think I member and also

Sure your I can one zero nine seven one zero nine seven three six one six see a court date

Says Geo eight

Hundred fifty five are you ready to one

Of them fix a jury through or do you know just how others your own I’m from Chicago if you have the sex or a fortune for I think this is a radio and see one of your kind of anything and if I don’t have to break you for this one chats fired we’re going to make a deal for you

Think you know it’s going to be one sixty zero zero zero

One six two zero zero Grove What in the area one call for a one shot fired but nothing further

To one head is one zero nine five ten ninety five

Thank you eight hundred fifty seven twenty four seventy seven I had

Thought of for free are seventy five and we are happy eight hundred fifty seven

Got your first T.V. were all there earlier career you are going to mean off the stairway and suppose we are first to marry you have a part of

The report

Then you know who or

Who have very much information on him if you can

Then your original

Reports were I got her address three six two three well

OK And what did you say has a name was against the three zero zero one six zero four seven one yes we get the abstract I’m sorry I think

They were there when first name of one of your you say and

Who can pronounce the paraphernalia you can actually go for with who or George about who you call a hospital nine hundred eighty two fifteen Shack ninety three zero one rosewood is nice

Three zero one rose when Mr Bacon How was he an initially the scene as a code three for an open door the front door was open you know when we’re seen when about ten minutes later of course you kind of greeted him across year what if he’s not a scholar in there is that three or four people

Hearing down of arrived looks like what a black Ford Expedition

It was credited to it as one zero eight seven one zero eight seven thank you no one two three got over here we’re going to have one they’ll either award it to shows or up if you know

Thank you no one source if you nineteen

Been birth us three nineteen thousand nine hundred seventy four radio and you can do that we have a social if you know

Where you go to seven three seven two eight three two one

And carry no one to go

Through six five four there are yo

HIERO Frank union four zero one two and that’s going to be on a ninety eight Ford secretary

Thank you but if I should have four Varia

Two seven three seven two eight three two one ninety eight Ford Explorer they would do for five right we’re going to complete a major received a report

That’s a request the one who is very who was seven hundred forty one up for Irish turn

Three one five days back to say fourth and twenty one

There’s another a white Ford for free or for

Our last far far to zero eight for our last four for our high so they’re the vehicle that drove right underneath

And now there are sixty six people fighting hold still has one of their all sale on one zero

One thousand off should have your forward

For zero two zero eight four X. four for part person get me a special attention was in terms of a need for one zero seven four and that’s enough for


To give me one second Bernie to find a very able to fight for a cause to ensue for your last

One thing off

The five from your Parisian General Trainor with your most important thing I’m going to have three nine hundred sixty three nine hundred sixty of the S. at the meet and

Still has one one zero

One one zero and for your last three still

Four six three seven five or six hires has there been a legal tell he was told that will please report on my some of the other telling to mention a cold three as one of their all three five one zero three five and then my ass three to two nights falls an apartment one only three to two nightfall then a permanent one oh wait that me on this attack eighty year old Dorothy who lives here alone she hadn’t been able to reach her thank the full three

One zero six five four and they’re all six five

To six point three radio and six twenty three I had her complete in second with her back downtown and I guess will be on the special then

Having one thing I would say

Yes any thanks

For any twenty three

Joining a Local two hundred seven and he is that

You’re welcome

You’re forced to tell me one thing all sex

Pretty energy this one for one and even two sex for one

State it’s just sex thank you for three for eight or for five three for Vater out friend for a read the a fall and a wrong side of the street in front of the hydrant the whole four has one zero to seven one they’re all to seven

Thank you know that and thank you for the food you for the three or four were

Thank you know that I’m with we want to

Thank you and I know how last yabbies of her graduate program and the calls for care as one zero nine eight one zero nine

Thank you knowing

Russian address for two zero zero nine How lot OK that one Clinton

Deal with the From

Now going to just that arrivals broken into an hour ago

And trying to do fire hiring him with the same they’re getting to zero nine six last for four Put up or to do yes another location I think given

That as to zero five six one four one happy endings the answer will be I’m going to say thank you no nine

If you’re on GA young Paul two four seven seven shocking clean irony I don’t say scenes for door to Christie’s help our out of North royals and thank you very

Obviously they’re awesome they were two three radio series usually going and

Going to be there for receiver parts are always one

Source and I wrote that afforded your coffee

He stares you straight think you’re an aging suddenly Have you were just for nine hundred and

Energy wait a minute you for a crow to hold in foursomes first recital female

Of the three for information

And noncompliance suspension for

Recovery for your friends

Who are

Just radio button

Up with other accidents in the joint

Thank you know a lot and I mean and media will actually never mind

The five

Thousand nine hundred

Seventy three twenty three adamant

The hospital she’s making us he was not all his rights

Was to herself and others but credited to it is one one zero a one one zero two Joy

Thank you amazing twelve

Thank you thank you the seven sixty thanks eighty one forty four King fifty six well six Ray videos from you and eighty one forty one the negative eighty one forty fourteen fifty six thank you you’re welcome real support the heartache is Ginny some experience when three out of the Channel three got a fair number for the night you know for an hour forty with you for just your advisor the mother is calling us to know her daughter paralegal and use a number of years

Because it was notifying her T.V.

I think you’re in if you foreseen really a serious injury just survive as a

Produce you could use if I could freeze one CO for OK

So you know it’s interesting thank you to the radio days you’re going to I’m a horrible as well and should OK well if you think going five hundred unless you help me funds one request for a Perfect

Supervisor so they have a walk alley women sixteen years old lightbeam now laughing wearing a gray hoodie and doggers

Green shoes the cold one has won one two zero one one two zero then they just might have visual cracks I’m trying to track down they don’t say

We have to go to meet these people and I’m going to

Check it out we have never received the furry paroling it thank you and six seeming to praise you five

From For those of you know you feel you can notify the informant but other than our friend before known very unsafe

For there you can show it arriving

And you know it’s a clear heart just dropped thank you something

To offer her a fair hand then I’m going to write I have I think quite what I need to give this now

And Speer pleased at seventeen twenty six but you are welcome and I’m sorry for his I go out on a fix please

Report the police nine hundred eighteen and I have another one for you

This is going to be tonight

One hundred

Two ninety one hundred fifty M. Catherine ravine is calling for a place that had report her husband’s gun was also still a

Three to zero nine nine nine zero nine ninety nine

Thank you

Eighteen and Marni’s is your female they see them routed out the main entrance of the clinic the recovery be complete job one car of Freddy said he said back in service

One thousand nine hundred seventy I have one for you so if you’re good

Thank you that he won one six zero zero am but a lot of thousand six hundred ten let the gamma leak is calling music Off Report for her two thousand and six he has his own a white collar there’s an unauthorized use report that report never was seventeen dash zero point three four three seven zero three Ted is one zero five five and six I think if you want

Think you need things like

That is X. twenty eight on this mail do you have your message respond to that this very I have this missing juvenile you were no more present and he is complaining that his feet are hurting you do not want him for the last four days and you can show me arriving at the district

Well in times of the reading fifteen years old he’s conscious and breathing he’s funny he’s a very

You know they sent their county we have affected the hall for more complete thinking about having to settle on one of the seven thirty twenty seven

Dallas was going to be a T.V. over here give us a provider like a fiver a photo and if you have a one man area the suspects now for an ounce while voted

For if someone is asleep already

There is only one ninety eight less than you thirty three your one night was one three one three if I want her to get to five think you know one zero it’s said turn eighty six and right it is N.C. three if you have to

As well this is recall in history yes when you were ninety one when he said

They were questioning for photos for the past

Two four if you think you have a camera you know I was one of her there’s usually there are but David says it’s very well this is well I think it is there for a nice Many Faces twenty three or four you’re concerned one thousand nine hundred twenty three

To forty radio but you will in a range All right very All right what is the obvious twelve thirty forty five forty one she got out of also for me

Four five seven seven zero five seven nine seventy five year old male gently

Believing any you’re any good that can pull him up at all to go Euler he has a valid ID card of Robert Hall that

Night zero zero Thank you very much

Radio and of why you find in the shops over there that’s not over there salvific says one sex if you

Want to fix thank you nicely for sure if you want to Radio one

Or of our United

Nations twenty four

Heard from here

Doesn’t ever receive and if

You Ls the show simply play with Echo one

Thousand nine hundred twenty seven of your Hans apart yeah and of the five is clear something give it to him and if I think you know it’s going to be one three sixty east one one one thirteen sixty two one hundred eleven

Maureen brain is calling I think she was assaulted by her livid girlfriend Nicole Sutton she’s doing a great and painting teacher plan B. and has a socialist three zero wind seven six seven one thanks to no weapons or mention even as a survey is suppose one can’t as one one two three eleven twenty three but I was

Thinking anything they do give

Me we’ve already

Oliva that now what are we on sixteen

She’ll call back in front of her location for colorful them

Do twenty two to two no three

Here’s over your hundred prospect

Of the best you can walk out into the street you might run in his or ride going to be in Indiana it’s going to be three seven eight

Zero one four one seven seven

If you get access and I’m there as well and I got the stand I am ready to save anything out of all sections of it all the roundabout and oh of course

You put in one career ninety five hundred at the main that’s rolled over on

Here and two seven zero let into her for three five should come veteran

And you let me know he cried over you as he is

Always pick up truck in a white

Make up truck marking up there are by the

Other car there all the


And they’re on and five seven one vehicle if I’m a should receive Ford Port Phillip Hood son Joseph the

Nineteen twenty nine and the days are Miller if you did I see

David joinery Oh

Thinking thinking well if you radio uses show me he down one point

Having me

But if you do so

They will close up but who can route through a few people that want to know most often who record drug overdose have then one thousand and thirty and challenge you for I don’t have another one for you then

That may have worked and you’re in the open what role does your career we’re going to for

President return home from work should I think I’ll call them via cell phone or is not that I think Michael for a white male Are you one years old the next male datagrid born in eighty six

The fourth and L. last seen wearing the dark and I know it’s a curse for Canada’s Wonderland takes ten ninety seconds but one referral of

Preserving the right Donna Kelley can you hold on there and notify them all for your situation and area which are really putting it all there should have referred to the money or feel they

Are writing and thank you I think duty for an eight hundred thirty one

If you’ve now been acting out ever sometimes

Twelve year old Alvin Ratliff one twelve zero five buses Mosher background we can hear people yelling in the background that you know not to throw the class it’s a cold one cat is one one three eight the lot and there

Are used to living there

A feminist

Need to get you to think you prefer your short life and I think that he’s a

Twenty one do you ever get number yet for the ark have offered Yes but

I don’t have the resilience of be one zero seven six one zero five and six we are insisting government as a thank you

For wonderful nineties excellent regular care and number for flights our care for all for us for business watch party the Q one zero seven six one zero zero we misapplied Iraq high for the sense that any sex OK for six

Affirmative lessness and it’s kind of himself he states a lot of policies that he takes a lot of but he’s trying to come off of anything of the C.C.S. in Florida you must have lost some of I mean it’s not for you

Mark if you Joe shows you that scene as well as their battalion chief and they also have a fight or investigation in or out for someone who threw a large fire work outside of a car with now and cause an explosion it’s coded to they have a witness on scene and has a video of this fires or I think our assistance how did it feel and the cat is one one three nine eleven thirty nine drive to go for THANK YOU nine hundred thirty five five out of if you want to radio but can’t one zero in there far the only real way for you deal with the if and for when neighbors who say they didn’t hear anything so quickly thank you very I think very often and it does seem to you forgive me sitting on our vehicles so the one thing that shows of the interest is East forty ninth Street and Park well east for nine and well

Because you

Want to marry her home

Carry your kid number is going to be eleven forty five one one four five check number is sixteen

And twenty two

You make your way down to twenty ninety six West for one hundred ninety six West for one so I tell connection with an M.B.A. Oh do get one one zero two eleven zero two and then I gotcha part violator cross from fifty three thirty three Lorraine five three three three Lorraine so much arc I think about half of our code for CAD one one two one of eleven one one

Thousand nine hundred thirty six and

Fours off on route over here I

Have in the run of

The visuals there we show you the control thirty one one zero two Dark matter what your ticket number

OK Well I think about learning to use other area

For the use of from Pleasantville that vehicle a male or Joe It shows over on Orchard row for their oyster so OK I’ve got the one thousand and thirty eight actually close to four M. for on your list if you’re there and that’s five so if you think you for several great you know

You can if you know we’re going to be two four six zero seven one four OK the primary code is really four thirty one thirty four A for the Control Panel thank you it’s going to be BAILEY It’s one westerly seven West three eight Bailey west three seven West three eight got a call for a large black and brown Rottweiler very aggressive try to attack or call or not staying on scene that was last seen eastbound towards fault in aggressive call back three one five zero seven four nine get one one for six hundred ninety

Thirty minutes and empties out of the cellar thank you very much started twenty seven pieces just like you have for our sugar oh what a shocker that require you to purchase from prison that works for us thank you nine hundred eighty nine

Before radio

If you’re sure that George your paltry four seven seven bushwhacked are pretty coke or

Do you try to locate a phone number for

Your birth and I think for you as I am

Writing for the third or fourth horizon nine hundred forty he’s a black male wearing a blue hat blue Fletcher

Thanks to our tours of projects

That you’re welcome twenty five and a radio that

Has no record income overfull cinemas Ms

Radio and of you want you had over two hundred eleven to assist him to size yes one of those never think he has been we want three six two hundred a lot and thirteen sixty two East one one one for an icy cold one get is one one two three eleven twenty three and if you thought you didn’t in any trouble right


OK You said he needed it I think you had crack to do it for Kathy

Thank you nine hundred forty two

Along our

One three zero two Matilda her thank you and then she is ready to really you don’t give it you for ages or vies Your I’ve been missing you annoying Chrissy seven zone

Already some of

You for

Her for work for her who are being sweet a sixteen year old male who was walking down the street and home he was approached by a four door black vs

Well at least I two black males

Ever had dreads yet a black male is armed with a handgun and forced a sixteen year old into the vehicle drove him to the west side and robbed him of his shoes this is just an informational broadcast be on the lookout for a Ford or black vehicle I think black males

One would drive passenger is arms of a handgun the rat a sixteen year old now I can’t see anything forty four

Nor a bomb right there on the street thirty first on this woman that’s right my dear I’m sure you know the truth of Christie I love most you don’t need him

Therefore go ahead Oklahoma already heard since before it’s going to be a one four zero zero nine Christine one four zero zero nine Christine Nerdist Jackson is calling my student as it is year old daughter was going in the school the figure of her belongings this morning and never came back her name is Elia all

She was last seen it is a class of mornings it’s kind of a windy and the kid is one one three three one one three three she is a visual them very familiar with her

To a real hall high with her while I think here and then nine hundred forty five it’s really easy to make it official for the disregard think you’re thinking for the size of it when I walk her to the broadcast show one hundred ninety five

Seventy Radio one to many credit cards for commanders a complaint won’t refund

But her head one one three nine we conferred with thirty one No cause fireworks your way you feel sure but thank you for you thanks

Thank you forty for Bush if you for also what was the number for thirty eight for us straight

Because that

Port but

I give you original date and time for this report and location

The surface of the there’s his refrigerator you said the keys are in there yes or fifteen eighty eight Ansell row one

The seventy one year old male

Overdose medic twenty two is on the scene it’s a coach who you can’t is a lot in fifty to one one fight tail and dance two three years you forty is happy can support order

Fifteen eighty eight and one five eight and

Any one year old male Get over it I was not a twenty two U.N.C. thank you forty eight years of age they keep coming into the store and knocking down the king and

Shelving one to wearing one of Levi has a green backpack the other is on a green but I wear gray sweatshirt skirted to get his one one one six one one one six For that we’re here for you know if you said you didn’t think you forty and if you do go ahead yes marry her the Matilda thing and connected to that party and then you have username to forty nine he’s going to be a

Black van in front of the driveway

I think you know sure they do forty and fifty four when it seems you for going to the country look at the earlier action and it was zero nine six zero I think

The number zero has been less because of her and he brings her very soon to you for this going to be

Ledges going to be four one two six three zero nine four and then minus one three four one seven to one

He’s doing it he fifty three radio ready to string Go ahead yes right we’re going to help clean up

Their MO if you actually read the full OK sir they were having very well to go first

Sorry for Brady just three think you and nineteen fifty and I have a four hour code two for YOU THANK YOU stoner thirteen in a couple hours for your list

I ready this is dendrite in but since you three so you can I respond to four zero nine two East one one three four zero nine two East one one three Erika Hamilton was Holly she stated that time she was assaulted by or thirteen year old daughter

Hamilton and eventual between the two zero it was downgraded from a code want to a code to present you three hundred is around nine one zero zero nine one zero

One one one one three Nelson one one one one three Nelson the fountain residence it’s a Protect America all are if you know if you’re from the back door it’s closer to three can is one zero one three one zero one three and the last is three six one one East one zero four three six one one East one zero for the cantering Howard residents this is a large forest

For general code industry it is one zero six four one zero six the third think you are an idiot if you come to civil war Harvard is you seven hundred fifty two quarter third and I’m already impression you know whatever there we go that’ll be one one six until a lot of sixty tell their goofy radio


Think that it’s right there were three four nine seven the final four triple think where is a good puzzle or of course

Nine hundred ninety five I prefer to have to read either of us

Is even if you want to pay for I think you know presidents well for of the any price are covering No one thousand fifty five

Dollars twenty five radio con

And all of these are message

Oris that the John Paul of the machines your powers are is that truthfully that I didn’t have to buy radio I am too far for a hard one over there anything to be comped

No one for me to put on a candle

Thank you Betty

Hard to find a copy radio folder your number six one one

Radio enable him by video to party to six I need to free you from that I got a cold one then complete Thanks to our two six five for two or three to mail the mail that looking at it you can just simply Illinois report and you can go here is your number did you get your personal time with her or did you get your personal Could you going to

The koan and then it will go to the asking price and her

Called want to do it is just for for us there is

This is too far for still a fair third party says that all that was up there is fighting a lesson Mark

And I want you’re all dancing in

The hall one has one one zero one one five zero

Tell me what’s on my coffee has thirty one spear police and I have to give it to a person or ever were open races that you know before you think if they can get your personal know where he got it

Having one thousand of these out and thank them for what they did to forward and so on there’s major received a record

Of us that requests a few repairs on the building

We’re going to complete thinking that things out on

Their intervene nine seven zero eight point any less for a

Few of them than two thousand and eleven to ready

Well I was five born in twenty six when my partner was a holdover from day shift in only five David through to even show me a little

I think

Fifty eight and to three years into four for info

I have a call here started at Ontario prospect Eric high five and Broadway a Sergeant Carter is calling he says there’s a possible suspect involved with a missing juvenile juvenile I was lacking Tuesday night as the suspect and the juveniles missing from Oprah village they have the bus and hold five and Broadway and are requesting assistance calls for an every day send video to three forty to seventy days we find manner friendly manner very complete they would in first you for the folks they call the security goes

In for an hour every route through or back and forth until your call back their trigger of urban number

Yeah well it’s a fun time

For if you tutor if you for

If you’re so out there can you give me the address for Howard that we were in front of when you gave

Him a very they were

There on that

There’s fresh air

I’m in the middle of a row while he’s here one one four one one one four one have you think you had twenty hundred

Twenty five area spread you five four and if every twenty five Information received you were no longer needed so you could just put it there we also are clear judge your seventy three for the drug activity was G.O.I.A. we monitored you feel very good you five think you’re trying you know one they’ve If you’ve already got to take that head for the traffic that again and then they can farm this thing and L A Law but there’s every piece carries and he’s going to show the five hundred he changed but the kindest to a Silverado is maybe time look up and see if he’s going to Toronto the name process also I don’t know that you writers all of the SAM like seven three five six seven four that were

Always I don’t want her say one thirty four Radio First I want thirty four George now I’m going to run one

Contractor if I got here five serious but I don’t want forty seven at Harvard he’s one for seven Harvard you my surgeon curd are calling an opportunity at least you’re

You know quite village police using a route and he’s one for seven heart for

Kids with getting of team in an area for his things you know seventeen year old

Acting now on a such a big C.N.N.

Well he’s wearing glasses

Black Ram rectangle as a ponytail rank has a future white collar

Black brute is in curing a large being person

With a goal the

Response time as it was kind of wine can is one one seven one one one seven one OK are you thinking open village and just touring the area or do they have exact address that are going to be going

Yeah it’s all a have it’s is again it Oakland V.T. is in route he’s one forty seven Harvard I have no address given

Where you have my prayers are we can pick up a G seven yet is showing a

Great you favorite you can just regard energy seven going to handle and use i needa them for again but after that

I certify Mary this one and

A half as are OK so yeah it was your phrase one for seven and Harvard one for something in Harvard when village police are in writes will occasionally as well have short receiving of peanuts and missing a seventeen year old you will as in that area


There was a coach who

Never joined for a Cold War and

Probably there were before

And you’re just there for that other

With joy retort if you are serious I mean think you can try over five and ready to fight because your they cause one and you something to handle gotta thank you it’s my all time for everyone

Who has the right about in Iraq war and who that they want a warrant

More who live in this world that we are activity and yet

No one was are invited to have like this one shot so here you are

Having so many are saying

Saved on radio are like the

Twentieth think that is that right away that now they’re still updating to one website I’m looking for a necklace or nickel croons and

Phone to the full occasion this courier three kid is one zero seven two one zero seven two hundred thank you tyo seventy four dollars thirty seven or you know enforcers reasoning and we clarify things shouldn’t we will

Have east and three zero seven still I can be an open that had its man from the district

But this message you now you must send of I’m feeling really transported you’ve been out of the Cleveland Clinic for evaluation Jim complained that the fix for now en route to the Cleveland plant where you must go to hold one report twenty only

Two for radio but OK over with a feather unit eleven of several hundred no evidence Rossini fills in clear room air of an

Area where to quote your soft spots of home and I carry all right if you take jury and go over to our jury or prospect and go down from prospect for lunch area Jeeves night and just take all the meter breaks

If you read if you call me

An Alabama have a phone find you through unable to

Get this notebook and I’ll do you know I mean OK ever probably found please write in fifty three on line for myself and seventy of a

It is one of the affair if they held


He has completely said that I won their early

Twenty’s and still do so for some seven to pro road toll and some start you know must be a middle way in a motion

Having any other artifact of having her where you think it is that you have that we don’t

Run if you so or have no way with very focused for seven I don’t see a problem then for your last Thirty nine hundred three laps are in sixteen three zero one three one one one Thanks Brendan Nichols calling states are great need Natalie Wilson is inside here and her significant other is refusing outside refusing to leave the suspects as mycelium are like completion makes black female hair defines hell wearing a white long sleeved shirt Ripley jeans

With another female working as a body three candles on one it’s still a lot of an aid to your car we’re working with in our

Property remember Robert every driver

I know the guy

Who wrote this were

Written clear records not moving her

And I says that I if they do have it I

Radiate it David is a

Fire Station like two blocks away you know all the

Happy I was you know him blocking traffic might give you

Them through three through our troubles and from where you’re

For a little part home and songs you’re all for the guy was another super fellow there almost were a stage or but when I talk to you like

She show us I’m sure all at once every eight hundred forty


Thank you yes he’s that goes till three one nine one one one five three one nine one one one for our From now on if I can I have you have all ages anyone says he’s not moving he’s trying to get traffic to go around

To when I can as one want any kind when running nine is NOT move he’s not conscious at me the person I

Want to thank you she’s an overall Frankenstein barely there are G.A.O.

Is stealing our T.V. is sitting at the bus a staff to Broadway Harvard is not going to move until you’re on scene but you know what I like fuming about

Showing true to the scene I’m through

And I’ve got these times twenty forty minutes for because you visualization

They want to ease the hundred thirtieth Street just north of our

Post Office to forty three Well I think there are a

Few cards were over your trying to help you guys are in the shot however since every great thanks Bernie no problem just the better homework I’m ready to act Yes thank you there is a

Time that the

Use of a river of eighty seven Go ahead

Were not as you would want force of war for you know all of us here and moreover

You have to do without my info to verify

If I should be Can anything seventeen year olds you know where

It is usually Again you’re at one for seven one for my reverence


Having twenty six

Radios So there are some police officers for you said oh quitter he had a you’re very good for a girl yeah oh

What is coming to get her however they have to have us stop their pride when Harvard and there’s an A on their boss that they need to be as opposed to

A person of interest in connection with this missing duty All right well we have a car over there with a bus right

To do it worthy of an attack and do we have information me my first response to taming from of us

They don’t know his name that’s what they want thinking I’m not but I could tell you what he looks like the time for young C H R L R Y white Chevy of the Garcon but he has shoulder dreads wearing blue jeans a black hoodie Tommy Hilfiger I don’t know if it’s black and brown booth OK this is a plate of a vehicle they have over here on Harvard George Z. verge on twelve zero nine do you want anyone to think to make sure this vehicle is in thinking about a vehicle All right I have to call the sergeant back on the contact

Maybe even ever give me a call from myself or you have the number you found so you know what is that should be written up there somewhere four four zero four seven seven fortune I’m

Twenty seen David to one of your complete assisting all because Israel is full of ardent Shakespear Parkway Here’s your go ahead

And we finally have a now

And as you have your past we have a male and training team is white but I bet you do is put them back your car detain him for a minute here until we figure out a Ferrari Tell me five under arrest but we’re just attaining him

So we get the special

Charlie coming through we’re completely from this no you know Arlington thinker with their car with the numbers please

Really you know two Adams you four did you find that female I’m sane

Again this one that’s come forward they’ll be there you’re going to handle OK well she’s going back I want an answer to respond that she had a lot of things they are doing

Is she in further shelter she has said she’s going to wait now for you know OK there’s no me there or

You are for that or that all or any coming sale date if you want to actually actually disagree so I that was there I had challenges that I was hospitalized and I said I need help better radio that

Geoffrey Paris is a twenty one year old male

Issuing an address for one zero six he’s too long for you see this is for twenty five I’m the owner of the store stating that there is on her part that is not what it was her it is the code one cat one one nine five one one one five Is there anybody outside and I do various across our connection with her and there’s an issue from Together with my with on them

And then between her and

Her You can be as high as twenty two over to the fence with the Red Cross if you want to the way down here you often comes your official to the Vasari without you guys

And you have a

Just if I don’t I don’t know what this does he have any idea what this is about he says well

Oh to Mirco

Project very great Voyager very labor takes rates

Across lots of looks like we’re going through

And I point out and really going back to pick up these guys are there a kind of Roman occur

BILL Well three Miller brings in Harvard because the Harvard Elliott MacArthur well and Robert Brady who have used it twenty four hours is probably twenty twenty four necessary fifty eight fourteen

You’re going to see and live around her live in boyfriend boyfriend had it Jarman has been threatening her you know Nancy he’s out where he’s not coming back until three o’clock in the morning she’s like to come for about this and actually make her a fort it’s going to be because two and it’s one one one six zero seven ninety six there was this

Think it’s twenty twenty five that I’m from the radio

And he wanted to cover both of you who thought of in the miles zero four one how do you know for one twenty twenty six

Praise Allah call the Davis or the heretic in the he now give description of how or and who has a negative day was her plate

Zero nine two five zero zero one six five seven zero nine two fives you

Both of them are color it will

Sink units one easily

Mirror for two to some three or twenty five X. three if you prefer you know but first for yourself and for

Mary Alice Sam Henry Adam Rincon and were that to the caller of making heel so that the arm leg says we were on her

Prime or her own back in the car I didn’t hear oh well if I do notify them and what they’ll see as you can collect the evidence how do you going to be refining the hospital

Only them are three points I don’t think

They’re going to be

Thank you

The one thing for all but thanks for oh honey let me know when you fall down and I’m after don’t

Run a one hundred seventy two running from the to the I’m a girl by ready to advice from though you can sell fire raise your right and who are

OK Well I mean I think in this regard

If you threw a assisted barn into someone’s


In Taksim ill they’re going to charge for her but we’re completely

And I having

Sat police for this if I remember

One one forty I’m a lot and forty jail and I don’t do three I’ve got a group of Jews now that are running now they’re saying someone possibly had a gun and I know if it was real or not they’re running towards thirty third angers you know I’m waiting on a corner of thirtieth and central We’re in dark red leggings and a blue shirt like


Twenty one I wanted to three want to

Barney’s if

It’s not a once in a chip OK what’s the script you know vantage point three

Nine year old human I’ll let the nice he has blue hoodie black pants he also mentions on passing out a gun

You get your sister and you put his mere twenty thirty three day visit to a three day visit you though you have made your receipts

Joint completed You told you to use you Joyce complete at twenty thirty am and I have one for you

Bradley and Lance Bradley and Lance family dollar at seventeen o nine I got a call that there was a and B. in the parking lot a silver charger and a white taco I don’t know if anyone still there or not

Now that his voicemail because three heads around I need to zero nine eight

OK And he said to me if them do you know

Yes or

Write things twenty of every one in three if you through your radio I don’t see very

Strong while the little girl as you saw there would have a quarter of the reasons I’m still for you to enjoy it or believe


Her or her threat of her going through the record hearing by seven to see if you have them open house back and I don’t do I have a cousin who is only

Going three to go to our state three to zero to let it eat St called I think there’s a lot of music disturbance from the front porch thing that she can’t he carry a CD and she just said that nothing is ever have nothing is ever done about the supposed three has one one eight seven a lot of

People going over there right away thank you I thank you very bitter for that females you me Joy Joe Romm align with a call taker her daughter grab the front of her hand in search for a man who knows a mistake so she got on blue jeans no I don’t know what kind of sure as a born yet is one one is one eleven anyone joy comes thank you twenty thirty three and when you are still working on a report as a forest business for go up for

Her apartment or three prominent park where everyone refuel or if you got a full well carry four

Hundred thirty three think

Date of birth to twenty seven zero one wearing a black and red jacket and a coat to the cat is one one five nine eleven fifty nine bridges that were coming from the front of Broadway happy that twenty thirty four shots

Buster blackmail is a black jacket black pants he got some items from the store he was last seen standing in front of us prefer the sure he is a steel can is one one six zero a lot and sixty

Four thank you twenty thirty four mother and that’s what she told me that’s a lot of police involved she’s going to handle herself just a liar is called I Want to learn

More of

What you write yes I am as if you were going through those

Right times twenty thirty five and Barneys are three of you want to go back with your evidence you can add up to three I have an alarm their fun and your years you know I’m going to right now on these if I use any of you

Heard in future your I think deal is going to be one seven five four is four thousand one seven five four is four thousand Morgan conservatory they don’t want for side entry door because you had one one five for one one five for three of the group of four that’s twenty thirty six think you are the juveniles was on that with

Him and it was Screaming Females in a Stacey so she got on blue jeans if someone had one one eight one eleven he one

Dress for right now I’m to eat you guys it is your eyes I want to have a close you in your past I’m all then to a OK go home

Thanks says one six four zero eight while then one sixty four oh a while then you had this address you must call this connection with a heroin O.D.’s six year old male he was incoherent sitting on the back porch of this address the masses on scene they confirm that heroin you know grams in our camera Mr Dominic home that can see if there was a hospital is it still has one one

Ate a lot and eat in Rio messenger for procedures do for do for you that I had that here I was young wild and right and I’m to eat dinner out there are going to be gone

OK if you want em to as you go check over there for any evidence or try to see what hospital

To a hospital when they have one number of our friends a seven year old for a couple minutes before we go into a house twenty thirty it shows sure you want to

Hire him Charlie says have him or were one of the truck what was my call I’m

Already there about is

How I think of what happened to Will there be a year I remember is one of them and for neither one of them who are not

Playing very well

Joy Joy for a lot of you know what’s false OK point trying to trying to see if you’re far then started from very can and foresee for a supplemental report he was advised were complete ready to fight I think you three six four eight use one five one thirty six forty one fifty first city of black is calling in that are two children seen here intoxicated him fighting each other female Jasmine black she’s a black female down on a brown shirt and blue jeans and the male is Jason Black is a black male you know pulled in discussion the female disconnect of the line is one have one two one three twelve thirteen twenty forty the party who heard what weapons for one seventy they are hard about once every six or more Park Row a million Jackson is they that her ex in the color is one of the Amish ill Robinson was still Rameses they met her boyfriend Melvin Jackson in mill when J.

Next import a grown up owner but right now they have a ring for their rock as it’s running forty million as live in a black affinity in them back to unity

With the writer twenty forty one Joe if you radio

Here over here for me eight twelve the farmer earlier we have been for a few very by the way more housing court

Also if you can

Contact Building and Housing get an inspector out here to inspect a building that’s pretty bad you know any of the civilian phone number called the short final her out it’s going to be he said he wouldn’t for building four is what he told me but he’s coming back to you right away if we need the name of the building Oh no

Fun in that address

Oh I tell you I misunderstood you I mean you’ve not got it again

To seven already you said or they will call that but no one of our responses will

Want to use of radio

Or simply with our system from progress if we get over there yes get is one one for one one and for

Her figure forty five this is an answer to your view that house forty five right off your head where we’re going to pick something up and affect you right are we going to know or husband Al fact correct me forty three hundred twenty four a very fifty forty of that

Forty five a seven twenty one plus

Twenty forty three should be for people who don’t mind forty four or more and twenty forty for

That are eighty seven they just put on four and a Broadway but are seven a little back in route

For having twenty forty four three

Nicole Norris’s calling the children’s father was assaulting her and is now tearing up her house breaking one now as she is at the address I gave with the name where the suspect is then nine forty three and Elaine His name is Jason Mills he’s a black male wearing a green shirt blue jeans and no weapons he is still inside the house with their two children because one kid is one two one six twelve sixteen so

Thank you twenty four

It was one two one four one two one four

Three day visit to the Broadway twenty forty six

And her

Cause faces other mass that going on there’s lots of yelling and screaming things being thrown something to think there’s a call they they can hear somebody getting hurt all the call of the status of the male and female Now the second one I want to see one from the one

Place where you say think yes toadies and we can back up properly to somebody give me a number please

Before anything because those numbers are

Yet ready to seven it is at one four six zero seven upstairs from forty six o seven up there possibly apartment three zero zero Total one onesies one false for the one which is the

Route thank you slavery seven degrees or four of them are

They that is rethink it’s only forty eight thank you to the fourth floor for twenty four hours on em

Try forty

Seven Arabia she’s out on a multiple of you know if there are just simply trying for me before we’re able to locate or know

Them by them still mirroring them if there

Are any of you already know but that’s very unusual group leader I’m not probably all from the third

And yet something horrible we need to go by We’ve got to leave more frequently off

The days man Jack and because Jesse made it address before hand that any reports

Go right

Thank you I really appreciate it if a man dress one zero seven three six Churchill one zero seven thirty six Churchill one on one hang out multiple objects have gone to voice now because Still it is one two one seven twelve seventeen

Thank you twenty fifty

Three six zero zero zero zero eight zero you zero X. zero mark

I haven’t Ramon Jeter very jittery he says of the visit and the may

Twenty fifth you surely will be at Route twenty nine

Fifty one

Irrelevant number or two from her

Broadcast at twenty with you as a warm ten as one one seven one eleven seventy one one a lawyer in a just me Area prove or rule in a zero seven register forty five

Forty fifty one and Sam before and after that all and that is the male

Have to contact the warning and if the show is from two to seven No sorry that’s a thing he was after all anything else

From various

But you’re not going accept the role do more reports are complete future zero zero one zero four zero

Let me tell you that if you think you guys hated his security and

He said the first jumping off report doesn’t tell you that he tell

You seven polar ice you simple tell you that it’s raining and just you know it’s now we’ve also received another call just think if there is a couple they are fighting again know for their nation and just need someone to contact could use a copy from partner so you know the three ready to send you for

You just make sure verify that you has notified or going to nullify the medical examiner

Yeah it’s on that you notified Amie about this you know we are

To where you

Were going to be where is that

Whatever your

Money fifty four thousand nine hundred seventy was for e one hundred seventy west for eight nine one open line somewhere in the area go do twelve eighteen one two one hundred

Twenty fifty four three what

Were you there because your formation received over here and I could make dinner that rubbish report

That many of us if I

Studied a switch or

Traverse predators

That are OK yeah you know said before we got this call ME M.F.

Their car I do have that as a visual number I don’t have a name for the other and he was no seeker on the victim at the time of the call

Could you give me a number of calls even after seeing a little more clarity on what was Flava here yes we want to give a call on the


I thought oh well that fires eight of seventeen

Terminals to a night and has forty nine I felt we will be showing the vehicle will be here for a moment

Judges reader radio they come in like stolen or checks

So the think busybodies checks OK

Can I give the address again the word because from just one point two zero six question

One forty two zero six flash your time is twenty fifty seven year that hasn’t moved with no freight on it is a small car a car and someone wrote a sign it that says no brakes it’s a code for it had a zero six three kill your a six three two

Twenty thirty seven thank you thank you senator added thirteen of the seventies land for twenty fifty seven years ago as always holders and the hallways always have those of us placed

You know just for the cars in the second district for now

This eight year old female missing queen if and

Before for the

Crime bro

I’m a pair of looping and brown with pink coke with her from the area of seventy three and Colgate we’re going to look around for a little bit more before we head back to report that’s what they are I counted out back up to twenty fifty eight Sam too far from home

But on a call back spoke to a male claiming to be a James met they was out of the area on able make it easy to stop by the district in the morning frames he was walking by went back in that location use a bathroom found them call as fire got every four he could do much of anything except lay him down I was back already finding was the

Of Honor the torch will be on the concrete

He was laid over on the stuff there if you’re through radio

Where you’re from where you didn’t talk or remember oh are not out of our production room or more accurately

Here it is David twenty one when you’re down to lunch or if there’s any cars one minute or a cars are currently at Metro they go check on the

Victim but if you are here and two he won’t force them to four before CAN I CALL YOU ARE YOU READY affirmative

To some radio and the cat is one to two nine twelve twenty nine

Hundred of wrong thank you twenty one zero one

Is less ridiculous that are

You tempted to drive off against the wheel is off just seems very confused we do we have contacted C.M.’s but the Coast still has one too who says twelve twenty secs

OK I would

Bet money that the sex and so he wanted to now play was

Have a treat for a female attempting suicide how their boyfriend let her know that she had her arms that she sent pictures ever of arms to her boyfriend that it forty is anger out it because one cat is lying to you nine one to you nine

Trying to fix them forever

But it is

Those four are D.O.A.

But one where a Catherine it be for murder you feel the phrasing here to win three for ninety eight to sixty eight sex for ninety eight you said her whole number attached to his Their whole culture that are you going for

Deseret Cosby is calling basis someone trying to take inner fact or and they ran away is black male she thinks she’s wearing a Rat City that being going to an art it’s a cold wind the cat is one two three two one two three you right we are it will your male books in that county we drop the very words are we telling you and we were also able

So well didn’t think of her long

Because forty five For I don’t

Want that and I don’t act on one on your hats but

There are used able to

Me the only one to fear really doesn’t smell is

To have them on the phone or in terms

Of vision of yoga is of like the movie that’s evidence

Thank you Pearl and the Osiris prime view Ferris on the corner caller said he heard a loud explosion on Fox had a small he said it sounded like dynamite the whole one has one two three three one two three three three right how many calls just run on I think

If you saw me Program real close by just a minute what are my listen to I’m twenty five and think US Final Five There are nine for three Avengelyne

Previous bars though of America are you you know

That’s sitting along with a few office personnel to force you

Right so for as I

Feel you miserable all the cycles over some

Sort of foreign car you buy your hard copy say I’m by Mr Jackson of eyes probably about ten minutes ago who

With the keys so far we’ve got fresh four

More likely Agora every and great American for winner in a moment

Rate of that five hundred barrel twelve thirty trouble you are stretching Ok so many of you know well to think you are three one of seven and just three of my secretaries and you can fourth party thank you three when someone says get on the radio

You know I have one for you


You think you’re going to be our three eight zero five he’s a size zero three eight zero of time he says he sighs a zero

In the backyard as a White House he says if you can check for barking dogs

In barking for an hour an hour sooner can I want you to wait once you to a tree

Think you’re twenty one away your character just type on called I think they will be arriving in a dark police station wagon OK

But I want on a bridge in five only some of the twenty one and in all the next

One and I’m a rebel whore you’re going to have

You know every Star Jones was going out for him back for a pair of ministers

Not having

Jerked or driving slowly one time when you know you have your flashlight out pretty far enough

Right pretty serious social where if you are going to fail and trying to find the example tell me one time now I’ve ever cut you off I’m still trying to find you’re not going to if I can’t

Thank you thank you three mpg radio

All right that male family in the street we toured the area and you can mark M U P L I love her forty five


Going back to this room

It’s five six zero four zero

Thank you it’s just five cigs there are four lynchings I six there were four legions going for us here me and Shiloh Williams growing

And having issues with the neighbor Karen Ellis who is running her usually are gray white stripes are grazed trying to be an easy task like yelling coded it to you because once you one nine one two one

Report thing here it’s very much well I have on the back to one for the essence of citizen well known fairy story forget what they were

Setting up the

Over there real quick for the union hall so we had a forty five yard but we got the four reports are we going to different

Now for both

There are two three you’re OK for easy radio where you can get that for the car

They should have you read of

That twenty one thirteen

I mean if you’re happy thanks for

Showing him down so you can go twenty one thirty

Five arriving twenty one thirteen

Hours a way and if

He’s about ten minutes ago he said he was about five minutes away OK received

Any domestic air electro for the hour your earlier wasn’t having any found and you are all but

Sorry about

Your part one and we’re going to be complete here I thought if I fully assessed that it think that anyone from

You know I just had a good one happen

Oh I think I want to wait six think less than one might think Justin thanks for calling states that he was a side by side and he’s that went to a fourteen he states that he can hear thing in things things thrown around somebody trying to break and to want to wait sixteen However as you know for that is how it all fell nearly zero one one two four zero twelve forty OK Got to tell us I think thank you it would be radio if you give me those numbers very well but it is three want to wait six think less than one way to fix things but then because one fell forty one to four there oh OK country obsessed Thank you sir it was a scene from Charles just reiterated that for then they call John Q You mean the R.P.S. fulfill a vehicle three eight zero three five zero

Cal and now seeing President regionally was a cursory as it came in for Vivendi alarms the living room ocean now the

Homeowners are missing the

Geezer sitting in a brown on August seventh and she’s sitting at the back door is over at the back late on a fortune I don’t know if anyone’s still inside the how risky it was now a pretty difficult one if it is one two two five one two years to five

Years for one sixteen or so so all four of those are

Just there anybody who wants who are prepared and who are very well and if they’re caught on yet there’s no hope of that we can with that most

Savvy on having


Five five three four Your as it were yours five right very well

Two thousand and twelve infinity wrapping her


I think raisin was July and I got well he’s a threat report to Florence FERRIER I got for a file with an addition for a crime of course a part in violators downtown but how about Alan I was not know prior to having

Frank create cause and if residents were going to go out into hundreds even you know visiting

And having it actually went eighteen

Three Well I’m sorry Charlie three one in charge of research and three three and three six Charlie three one and Charlie three thousand

And six for the one transitional

Events any one nineteen I have partly or wholly a total of five two coaches the rest are seen as voice

Then three six remain a town of the union hall for vested in is imputed to radio you McCall three are hard to come to the district with reports of people down first on

Yes I had that call I had it back to attitude three out of the three had to use

Or had from one five one ever received both parties are G.O.I.A. to you Frank if I think you are truly one twenty

Two a charity or H. away

So I give you a name and date of birth to give me a social hall the number should I think they already warned of to seventeen a fifty four on the east six

That are protective falling in

Three vehicles parked in the parking zone no place or descriptions for security guards so for you one zero four five one zero four five

I want to fire him

I want the phrase When you receive us we want one

It was like OK

Postal service is the mother right now I’m only here on that route

So hauling overfull on our three toes over what for one

Thank you you know

And one more thing you know Fredo you are the five the court date is the time one thirty so I have no idea yet that’s fine

Hey Mike let me know when you guys are leaving there with her record and to a chair

I sit around Freddy Ellen Warren Jr sixty three year old male three a social or a United for


Three three three eight two nine four five zero three three three a Syrian address one six four zero four Walden as Cleveland as the four for one to a

Couple Thank you

It was me three from Radio eighty seven Go ahead from harbor information which was verbal on both parties were via female daughter with the fifth relief

You saw simply

Enough for you and Mr Horan hardcourts I board thank you for everything here and I agree one hundred three Your Henry house if

The government turns with us your entire enjoyment is high when twenty four but thank you dear I am delighted you’re going and we want you for in my arms one pin aged one vehicle code show us complete how we worked for four years I think to finish it please you thank you as we won twenty four you’re OK

Enjoy the time was before

The clinic heard Are you enjoying the Warner Theater OK I’m there for that and

You may call when able to measure them out of the three obvious

Fact that

For me seventy seven or so we can for this of females mother and the females right here she’s going to join Cleo her image for me was her thing

And of course the money she checks OK shows complete and though you have something in our patch on her there’s somehow a look for forty five all the reports arguments five people fighting no descriptions can’t really see much in here I’m fighting the code do you have numbers one two four eight one two four eight and just so you know five minutes before we got this call every cough I got of an eleventh at the store at the corner of ninety third out talked about some past or a car so it might all be connection with some a try to steal a car but I’ll leave it to him separate for now if I give it us code to catch twelve forty eight

As long as you recall you know I was as if you take them as far as me down for lunch but I got handles all over terrorists and they’re good money I’m seventeen in just a tiny You called out in the cab for that one

Twenty one seventeen yeah one two three nine one two three nine

You know I

Said to Gina that seven three five East one zero three I think half

But if you think you four back can’t think any higher they can break for a one one one

Holler son hasn’t done

Anything to you

Tonight you know it’s going to be out here in a second oh

Laura the second district we were given number are you going to you know seventy

You know one of them eight hundred twelve thirteen and then fourteen and I’m going to go ahead the cultural I was from that hometown they came unusually is of course three of twenty three sex however that operated She is twenty one fifteen

Thank you sure that’s him that was twenty one singing this boy is calling stating that her uncle has a gun and that her that her son her uncle has a gun his name is Marcus three of black hat black sweater routines he’s outside of this location I think are still maligned yet further it’s going to be a cause once again as one till five six twelve fifty six Dave Joy thank you

So if you

Put it started under the fields in your public at large for twenty trying to do radio any nine sixty

Six thing just like you know we’re about a block OK and I’m very Boyer has now put her ten year old child on the phone is talking and I called taker so he’s trying to get as much as he can run up there through three radio on a walk that treating I merely said that you’re going to have and I’m thirty five so are all city to you and Charles thirty five terrorists are you doing there’s a P.P.O. and they will be in the district receiving training and so I let you know twenty one thirty one and two because reason for THANK YOU call from

James Allen who’s being threatened by this child’s mother threatened him assaulted him try to drag him out of a car for one caregiver is twelve fifty one two five zero the vehicle description given where the black Chevy Aveo Paul John Paul

For eight nights

And then we got another call from

Shawn Lambert saying that child’s father is trying to fight the mother of a sixteen year old caller that’s right interviewing is our second call if you’re James as a suspect it’s from

Twelve fifty one two five zero or four children from here we are in Rio Well the report for one thirty two one six two eight zero three zero From six to eight out of

Seven and walnut having lunch three later High School of Art one thirty nine thirty three is a good high school of art but I said how there’s a male that shoplifted from them before she’s

Seen they’ll fly across the street calling some male still there at all the cell to be asked white male forty’s white T. shirt black color black but that all the glasses two point two four three twelve forty three then for you less across the street at the NE Mart from thirty eight thirty one hundred seventeen three three eight West one one seven there’s a male in a dark brown Chevy Caprice with them and that he’s he’s exposing himself a strange thing that yes she went for a zero four President back a lot older models possibly early ninety’s to go through any cat is one hundred eighty five eleven eighty five and the final one one hundred thirty and learning lesson three zero zero zero Lorraine Expo USA how it is a car alarm bells going off for a while oh I’m stopped but hell I want to see just check to make sure that nobody in the area is an all white S.U.V. with the lights flashing code three cat is one two five five twelve fifty five there were twenty one

Actually I mean the two man sitting

I don’t sell Charlie thirty seven I’m just going to need deal at one three seven five nine The rear house one three seven five I don’t mind we’re house the cabin the contractors working here located our hands on the code still has one two five four one two I

Think I think your high number is one eight seven six five one eight seven six five three seven reverser

Twenty one thirty four I think yeah Brianna Varney is very close you know

What radio

Shows complete will be generating a very very rubbery

And her perfect name and you know that me was

That sure for sure thanks for thanks for your votes are there for issues you go for work on the issues

And is known to carry it’s now seen to make you would like us this pain you know one crowd has had twenty one thirty six act as the

You know for a record as well far fetched problems you portray

So you should revoke his you know we

Thank you for eight six two life support teams for eight six to watch fourteen time fourteen fifteen if you can check our White House easy that occupied high things as a special call three has one one five seven one one five seven three nine nine final

Four three three nine nine there was a travel on your own call a female call requesting us Elise he was very hard to understand it was out of breath

No answer I have to ask and say hello to you had a point too

Euro sixty do you have a second I just wasn’t get any address is three three nine nine three three nine nine so it’s either two three nine or

Happy when you went there you think you

Were actually very

Young government how they’re going to do prior to jump ahead one

Hundred forty yes you know also if someone’s breaking and she’s refusing to answer questions she just I think after swearing at us for asking her last name so one cat is one to six they can fall fifty second

Thank you yes twenty one thirty eight and a big Charlie three one were up there earlier radio was in connection with kids zero eight five six there were things Powell there’s some I’m going feuding between her and people a few doors down there were some jewels in her front yard they were gone we were there the bureau’s also aware of of when all of her history of us

Thank you you know we love their OPEC you know and not for the night so thirty three and thirty three

Minutes hurry they see located her vehicle with her there’s been dinner a vehicle is now her only at her unit she’s dating that thirty one year old female Danielle rattly still the Rio

I mean I run the place Rob has eternal wonder you know the female of highly It happened to be

Having he did run that place I understand you have given humanize that female some of the hole here in the area

Resonate Is he alive who’s still the vehicle O.C.R. really recovered a vehicle off well with things she now has as now her vehicle and forty one forty five thousand around grant you for

This feeling of joy you feel you through it

Area but who question

Really if they are forty five three three thank you forty three seventy

Four three seven zero proud of her who have earned cash as a someone inside the car to her wall and if you’re feeling you know

Is a black meowing of a lady energy and they’re both arguing in a parking lot

Has once you said and there are

Going to seven

Or eight on forty think your choices are just thirty one is right twenty one forty one and all of them a very special for me a hurry to serving for forty six seemed innocent Avenue forty six being innocent having an anonymous caller who was nothing going for in the eyes that males and females are running who are her who are the common ground of this war and no description was given who has a sunny one for you

Jack shake for shits Radio thanks for thanks

My warrior and I’ll

Have thirty two seven in the area two three and I need one of us trying one for you one way or the one we won fifty some years ago but neither my math partner is speaking to Mr Jackson right now so I have heard kind of he’s on a funny trying to get his information right now and Gambia but I see one of these you know a pain of twenty four that they were trying to do there was that you know she found he had to go back to the unit hardcopy that either that or just have him stay put where he sat and advise us and then wall

Having And I just a moment made a fancy three friends felt very very ready to Seven’s a questionnaire for you and i Report We are holding you close to ones about twenty five minutes old and there’s about four and close race right in the show every other card and I think a moment to say that

That’s only one forty three

Forty three so we copy go to thirty seven thank you guys three once said a line was full of art thirty one seventy one why full of art colors at the C.D.’s a color States there are three juveniles in the store thinking about your property and running out the site there are three black males actually fifteen years old one third Buddy Holly describe the other two colors still one two four four tall forty four

To Korea the C.B.S. But I think I think it’s close hello although Simon it’s awfully I mean it’s all OK Joe if you want your all there horny he does he’s going

To give his arms very there are

Twenty one forty four check us out on our two minutes because you are going to be out one zero four zero five dollars or zero four zero five dove do you mean whose were in that you want to first call for help received a coffin a female who’s having us to settle for

Oh she’s here with her boyfriend she’s hearing voices

That are telling her to her hell Her name is Danny Williams

And she also suffers from off impressions as a funny and he doesn’t take any medications he was credited to his one two zero one one two zero one three six is one sex

More dangerous twenty one forty five want to do that eighty

Three Did you copy that as well and

Tell us what you think and thank you you know I steamed up for one more call to over on Larry but I’m afraid you’re certain still right

So is your idea that we should fire states around the corner if you want film that we’ve got so


Chevy Why are you going out in a crowd here right now

Friday’s I’m driving tell forty seven elders R.L. will be out of the Echo so we George Paul Paul down four Q A I like the veil over her previous shocking claim now you said George haha mine too for Eight Forty-Eight you have me out who the bad things as you will complete the fact is this you’re going to horrible battery to five am to five for one two three zero you need to mail this is the way this property owner with his wife were complete and we look for if

That’s what you want for to go back to the district

Enjoy twenty one forty eight exaggerating

Here says they were going to have a two for some training twenty one for even

More information available so that they feel a chorus of that offense and force they from the home are going to have for the first time on forty nine a time when forty nine

Balls or

The break up is my

Job or anybody you agree with the report your morning

Means so thick report from them was Manning

So I can read is the victim

We all get an affirmation I will give that is seeking the advice of

His advice I’m sure fairly a free only shoulder injury a very very very handsome argument

And freaky right happy

Son a funny forest and community college he has for and community college and boy just following He’s at D.C.

Employee he says there is and it’s happening again it’s female in a wheelchair in the middle of the street she’s a black elderly female she’s still in the street it’s to the cat is one to seven to one to seven to

The employee of where I think that and charity OK so

Thank you one time I thought you might tell us as you’re more

Or you OK

Margie drill thank you three go ahead if you want to know Florida a high guess there’s a construction worker some construction workers on felt marginally but

The substation on North marginal Well that’s literates warm up well marginal and let

The guy with the Obama

Thank you did you

Go into

The parties OK Happy twenty one if you feel sorry

For you release anytime soon I’m a sure winner

Right Embry find an immediate Furcal till three four go have thank you three to three zero after five thirty to thirty six the best that I repaired I

Am Priam for most you know I am frightened of the building deal as once is and I have one to seven

Per year Hi I’m fifty three you’re OK For that we’re going to go back in there in only full of it to report

That you want to come down here

With the car

So I know we’re coming out of


Parking lot whacked out

Made you want

Are you ready to

Proceed as one of the women


Like three three radio

From pro three rows

That there are over and

Thank you very much it’s twenty five ounces there tell that to find out is there a hell that and now where residents it is coming in from ocean from front door because Hill has one two seven three one two seven three

Point if I think you just use six fans you

Did you for going to our processor down were unable to close our

Door with a fight in there we’re going to go right back to the sister for life and with us

From group

Theory to Sirius are your chief Ramsey any

Higher is if you’re for another unit

And I hear the black traffic was a black vehicle in the summer vehicle

It was credited to Jan is one to four nine one two for an organ forte and if you three were like A levels and they’re forty five Adam three three I need to want our bodies out and are both our priority is Adam three six that means halting and that’s the thing I want to and I’ll team up as well or getting reports or telling the whole

Adam three six arrived at the union hall about twenty seven minutes ago

Or in a way back from the first now

That I’m three six all of a hurdle in domestic four years I’m twenty one fifty three

Is not a personal goal couple seconds happy rate of ten he’s on foot high wearing a red shirt gray jogging pants six one medium still unknown if he has any weapons as a code of honor code is one two seven six

Seventy seven

Thank you guys so much but it was it

Ten thirty three outside Is there any J. is letting us know they’re on the scene there’s still an auto recover Mark we know that has been scary looking at her vehicle on last twenty fifth for her two thousand and nine Chevy license number Henry

Zebra eight zero three nine they can’t you call them a stolen it’s a code three the cat is one to six hundred eighty six only guess it’s a few areas here

Or fortune

Or Congreve

Twenty one fifty nine three four four you know someone

Over here there’s euphoria there this is

Ruby and you walk through that vehicle

You know for one

You go for

Ninety and have these one three and half live and hey fellas Cali wants to make us vehicle report it’s gold one thousand nine hundred six Toyota Camry Mississippi license plate Lincoln Nick Carney one eight two the driver the driver’s name is be taken by an unknown male he’s wearing unknown clothing the color of will be waiting in the corner store it’s a coat for the cat is one two for one tall forty one

And twenty twenty two a one

And three far

From clear

Of elephant foot a researcher for years whose three zero two

Friends you find with suited as a male never get out of the black vehicle

The vehicle stopped

After the staff signs and mailing a red sweater went through yards going I think it singing for the Gryphon That’s all I have only call on this fulfillment I don’t I can see it and I haven’t done any of it so I thought I’m

My partner my foot at that time he was over here James if that seems

To want to thanks to eight seven seven seven there I’ll fill

The collar states that there is a mail that is threatening of our his house down he is now in the area stating that he’s going to make that and threats made to the mail is on the shelf carries a black male wearing full length leather jacket blue jeans he previously caucus them other officers at number one thousand nine hundred eighteen

He’d like to make a report to the coast for Canada’s one two one five twelve fifteen three four as usual thank you twenty two zero three

Zero two three thirty seven thirty well since there were one of them for three seven five

I do know you’re going

To see three going and say OK

Five degree row three A Very

Good comeback to you Rod maybe Jewish history kind of uber sorceries having

To put a baby through

From the housing to get

Three three seven your kid’s going to be a

True three seven is going to be like you had one two nine three one two nine three three six one six for a three zero nine Grisman it’s way to a five

Point five for granted you five it’s way to a for I

Haven’t heard you

Well as a result of your hermit estate I was able to motivate

You so many routes

That if

So you go six to seven

Lissa join us for Williams That’s three three one six one two one that’s in Cleveland four four one two zero What’s up with your it’s a three three once a

One two one is Cleveland four four one two zero three two one four David two one is twenty two of

Any I three read way to eighteen fifty three read when

You’re going to the air the Crowley says I think of her she had a suspicious white male in his late twenties blonde hair blue eyes five nine claiming to work for elder security she believed he was casing houses he didn’t she would like to cover this is because three get this one one thousand nine hundred eleven ninety eight for your last one by seven in school he’s one hundred fifty seven schools that have a hall States there’s a vacant house on the corner here in the front screen door is open nobody’s been seen in or out

Three has won tonight for twelve twenty four

Thank you twenty two only if you already know

If you are right and

It was a Honda or black Ford or her into your play give us

Some of those more

Present thank you for that how do you account for the fuss

That plays when I let my sister know what forty thousand and

I surrender Oh and I will

That mean with a traffic offense with Sandusky County sure

He has been looks like and I can fly a suspension

That far away twenty yards woman able to write if you want to go ahead and see if we still call back or get no response at the door of your prey’s you want I mean the convict is no good it’s just connected

To him got our

Emperador were able

For going and then three for from the very see if

I were to have one female and her boyfriend on board or me have a valid point

For a start it’s going to be a three zero zero zero Well the courts are vote for and there you go Don’t tell if she isn’t so you have all of the little Indians or for

The south point of the boyfriend if you now get a copy I think that they both

Negative three four and twenty two eleven and senile

Were awful scarify are probably hard to do for you got of this reform and ready don’t fare you well in the desert Yes I did I went back and I was covering with my G.’s this major

So if you thought radio challenge you five had chose the five we just checked the corner store and I dreamed it’s close there’s no one in the area no one on the street you call back and outright

DO IT Yeah I guess it occurred to revive a used to the marginal

We’re getting it done in our factory are happy and I am practicing another one in the area of use for three eight miles one three eight miles for a shot fired only one shot heard nothing hitting and then a scholar could one

Is that still you are

Right cited thirteen enjoy things very surely eighty three there was Henry Charlie time eighty three nine correct but I have nothing on file plaintiff around the vehicle

That games will roll the director of Radio that

They can’t is one till I think twelve fifty six and I have you know writing and twenty kill that

Are to cover

Booker out one for show

When you do

Not Miss caller heard one shot fired only heard nothing sing Koda one because one two nine two one two nine two before you think you are three to fifteen their courage leaning forward when think you are three to fifteen right when you have all them ready to on you letting are always it’s way to fifteen mile one fix your zero zero one you was the

Number one at the melody ready to enter

If they would have your courage to burn in Valley for threats they would be to radio gives you three going without your receipt is a credit rank ever

Came in at twenty one twenty three spent at seven one zero nine garden belly seven one zero nine Garden Valley showing for unit three wines thirty one during Ashes calling really there’s a female it’s been texting her all day and Nash is at the collars door with two other people a female she said in his us as evil McCall she has her hair and braise and she drives her

Hania grown for a quarter to two is one two four six one two four he

Makes you a three to seventy three four horribly at some point in the three four but a freeze for havea three to seven team three fourth and we cleared of the twenty two all of us how many horses here is sure enough

There are going to be else ROCOR

So for one of our

Course their members

Are having a hassle

You can check the driveway three seven zero two six one three seven zero to sixty first again in the driveway there Vetter Edwards is calling you soon there’s two large dogs that are barking after her she’s in her driveway and her should we tell her oh unable to get out of her car it’s under care we’re three zero zero one three zero zero

Security twenty two nineteen and I am free for even if I

Like the forty five before completing the four forms of this that places play into

How we look and for the four forty five pm I want to talk every other Charlie three five for Echo still three for

That evening and the Gaelic to be Euclidian I’ve been hell Euclid and I’ve been hell down as a two car accident as well as a South Korean

Vehicle that actually hit the battery and took off and that’s as I think that it twenty one fifty three is the coast to the can is one two eight three twelve eighty three over four and we’re going to go

Down it twenty one that the three who have worn

Thank you twenty two twenty one tell you kill no more prayer priority is excuse me wait on that happening Kate and she’s fighting the collar struggling hard on the line females yelling Let me go and I’m through a water bottle with the collar saint the man’s name is Tamal at Crawford keep screaming let me go she’s holding a collar hair and having a collar and I’ll find us connected and that’s was not a fight it’s a close one the hand is one three zero two one three zero zero

Zero Yeah this is a new detail this isn’t the pill or that you are

That’s the our stuff back here at this address this is all under yesterday is a can of one five nine five nine one this is coded a four and a can and this is one two eight one two if I were making Person very yes or this from him to for

Radio David you for their JOY of course what you’re disposing of evil for fun and have a radio or the amount that

Really really good you have or if you want for thirty three


Thirty two

Who want to give you one of them we would love our beautiful

Garden thirty three was your training when you have

Chosen folks who will miss him

And they’re also watching

The birth records to spinning about learning curve threes wanker for forty very sever hurdle for George three seven from as it should being the infamous Jewish reserve in country having completed our three G. twenty four closing I can’t

Really think very much Fredo said

Yes I think you guys ballboy she was located if

They can to her other family members you know report Frank I think yes

If the radio

Had surely point to radio before this location we’re going to have a horrific report he was hosting or was

There was this transport it

Even showed her plea and headed to the edge of everyone from five lorry Avenir point is I tell you twenty five radio

Thanks for the welcome when you can put in the whole report for a complete like request of

I did you make if I can’t have already three greens and you asked yeah we’re going to try if you create that otherwise the five and over time probably twenty to twenty five where do you want your forty five well they are at you thank you and he says Hi thanks enjoy this was a woman full so of em nor was for himself a form of the folks who live in that hall tell me that though Well George if you know Chinese I think fifty one will think that parody genie mean a


Good you can’t really afford to give it to you yes I got irony that’s when I was twenty two twenty seven

You have a model army or whatever

The margin a repeater eighty eight

Point one seven from

We actually have a good one for you now that you’re a net buyer I made us a clear

Version as you were just listening to have pleased that Happy New Year that very doesn T. mean make or model latest is no record so I don’t do that imposing the death

For me a high point nine millimeter out of high

If there’s an actual model number for that I think

We’re having at it at high point that I’m a leader and if there are a number

Going to complete a reporter and anchor are

You trying to tell me that I’m just some of them showing twenty to twenty or were

All black and power

Is exactly fair as this and what size are they and we’ve been there for her I don’t want to mention hour

But no I don’t have to

BE FUNNY JUST WHEN I think you know interest to justify jörgen if you’re with a transformer for a show for you as well as B.S. twenty three hundred nine I don’t do if you’ve already done it for the fee you will know the book in the house Thanks Jean you do if you do you show the route that affirms how we look for our late forty five out of life reports now prior to that twenty thirty in joint and it was a few like last day to do radio

Show with my first how to fly forty five this time we’re going to turn

Again our priorities York isn’t it funny to dirty a joint if I think you prefer it in

Germany where if you any pro forma there is a

Very very high risk request for a twenty six seater Ave or two six one two seater Avenue apartment three eight zero three zero He says that layer of ice is you’ll be waiting on fear instead of the of oh I don’t have any reformation ever played on thing I recall Roth has a plenty has already won one of the seven seven three seven seven three Guinness for thirty six wealthier apartment three

Davian are out for me you have to be fed a Rio bill to call you eighty three for

Well five radio


It’s possible to always have an effect from his C.V. There

Friday as a

Thank you very much Radio one party thirty seven for cozies I was thinking I said Mariana

Run or that is what

They are X. rays

Ninety five sixty three those of us right across that you know of there

Can number one three one four one three one four and I haven’t fearless thirty to forty nine West eighty four three two four nine west eight four Michelle with mobile crisis or crossing a while check out a Carmen C. and there is her date of birth is eight nine of sixty seven they said that this e-mail went to the corner store and asked the clerk a note that stated they needed a combo of a crisis for her right away before this the last thoughts or a year ago

She’s not out of the violent with anybody they have no further information at the party three number one two six five one two six five twenty twenty two thirty four thirty six the radio

Programs address on the range we were once with him to make contact with this male family it actually turned out to be a

Catholic Center like those who couldn’t see the show simply shows are out in addition to start to work on this report of her with him to four

Hundred and

Twenty to thirty

Six very usual

Thank you very

Very good program

Anything on it is a

Very good reason that

When it isn’t

Ready at I.C.M. thirty three

Yes Are I seen a day calling in there

Out at one hundred sixty one park now apartment to ninety three they have a male under in connection with a rape resisting arrest and they’re requesting a supervisor to respond to what the range

Was the one who reported correct the permit to ninety three secure it’s a code two and one three one E thirteen eighteen three where you have

A laser Martin thirty two party Pretoria Party thirty four thirty six hours of order that the I have three sending to go three one call for

That evening twenty three thirty seven nor make contact however when you hear multiple places that are current time to make contact now

For a

Place and foreseeable for that as for law and all caught on nothing physical or plea I seventy seven three five zero

Zero zero people of your job you have a theory you do you know when I finish a meal you have little school after twenty two thirty eight

Two for your street rush home

And others are you

OK from the freeway so many way for a person who can pick them up

Simply show that you are not one

One one five

Hundred thirty eight actually have a go to if you can hang on as this is just now one hand

And you have to do one for fifty two for theme park at the end of occasions when I want to hang up those hills and there’s an all sat on one phrase outside and play

My character tied up right now Arnie very few money thirty four are having trouble with their vehicles as a district

Parties who won and I’m feel still have three reports and hasn’t had a forty five

OK if you’re one of those only go so they can pick her up on my radio for any thirty to one you have a car I have a cold one fail

I won’t ever get drunk will he take that from you

Or you just get over her thirty another car

You know is right I can head over to sis a one five seven schools an open door and just for one five six three three have to sell find two of the things I want to send OK

Thank you when we are one fifty of an industrial

Bit of money for you for your IT AND I’M to three

Hundred forty five

We are for him we were three of the people here then he wrote a social for the university so naturally he was here for United

Ninety three do it I was

Numbers all

OK forty three just thank you’s one five six three three school one five six three three school five out of three five is there they have an open door request in another car for assistance and I want to and I for twelve ninety four but for one craving if you didn’t receive all twenty to forty pills and to think that they’re sure I’m sure I will car computer or even a free for

Twenty to forty


If I can more of on a case

Then of the radio for sure Elaine enforcing it as well as remain relevant to pleasure though it will

Thank you for anything that I don’t do through radio and today


Thanks again John

It were not your room twenty happy

For a surgery and frankly they too far away in

The mail ready for her to see a social

Benefit and yet according to

One primary from zero one zero five in the N.S.A. retorted

That he might be forty five thirty thirty five funny thirty eight if you could just pull one thousand of a guy that actually won nineteen near honey till six or seven shots heard nothing seen I already won at thirteen twenty five one three two five three five good three years thank you it’s funny just forty five more

Still But surely Iranian me you’re really Adams two three and I throw monitors and I’m gonna get even you in your heart are not yet natural twenty five hundred natural health they’re generally that down to three they aren’t twenty suppose he’ll get is a lot and twelve one one one two OK here’s their science is what he said

But just where I thought rare to go eval for as well as there are just the first I think

Post to catus one three two four thirteen twenty four OK thank you twenty two for he said

OK we know it’s going to be Air Force we were always drawn through our vehicles so several factories is you know forty five hundred forty

Three the radio and every day were only able booky the vehicle on point

We’re going to

Go that they are saying they get twenty to forty seven S. going to be thirty three seventy nine steelyard three three seven still yard at our jury

That are security calling general bird alarm as of a motion from the front door the coattail caddis thirteen that Indian one three one seven

Twenty forty seven

Twenty forty eight and even the Crisis Intervention report we are we holding them right so he forty eight I have a full two and a list

That he gets at one thirty twenty miles one three zero two zero miles it’s general I verify hauled in front counter office motion missiles because we’re not sure if it’s an actual of the transformer that blew in the there it around the marginals down all the contest there but just in case it’s a coast to has a two one to a two and then fearless twenty seven eighty one hundred sixteen or the partment three Oh no and

This one it’s a fact this afternoon he thought he saw on the all that was wanted for riding on Mr Hero

He also used that debit card here inside so he didn’t know we might want to take that information to the tech is the hardest so many who are at a seventy four at twenty seven eighty one hundred sixteenth

Two thousand and eight zero one six seen this a little

The caller who works here says that he thought he saw a male that was wanted for having a Mr Hero and one point he came in here and used some type of get it hard to buy a black and miles and he also had his name give me a second look and through all this there’s a lot of from Asian What is the rule for you here for those who are zero

For three hundred affirmative

Sure do his name


So it’s a six three three nine one two six and the camera zero seven seven three right in front of the fact

That the feet her favorite dish are

Having I guess right now they don’t have a name on the building and I’m not sure if it’s open but if you

Where I think there are dogs that’s occurred there will think you’re

OK Appreciate it is if the one feel that we’re going to the one I’m not

There if you want to be on Randy three and George were ten action is sometimes

You don’t deserve time to get on to make great your radio sold out believe that they did some of the movie on their own

As I said if it were a movie build up there we go with that with motor filming down there

I think America we’re going to go

And both are going to be undercover claim

Many are breakin runs or there’s farm happy funny two fifty two

Three David twenty two Radio five Question forty five the vision

For equality if you do your own right and I’m very very frank

Thirty three in one disregard the alarm can feel pretty and I think if a thank you very very direction you have a snake out for are selfish yes they don’t want to OK where

You couldn’t tell her

Happy Thank you you’ve got thirteen thirty six one three three six OK And again they didn’t need for having that your cat is backing or you haven’t one three three seven and even you and your partner

First you should see



Richer or for worse or one church with us had originally that therefore you want me on Roger and it says review just Maria thank you thank you for

That the wrong address OK so they think

They own a safe i was home of the years thank you Macaulay is called as you say AS Hers a servile legal McCauley is on the same fighting with her seventeen year old daughter Arianna no evidence of all we have nothing further all one one three three eight thirteen thirty eight

Thank you twenty two fifty five Burgess as his all time in his house

Thank you

Ninety five all the people who hardly felt as though watched part of the

For probably half hour how happy thank you ready to party thirty three for a whole one for your office for in a row only forty four sixty seven only four for six seven leave rolls in the hall for a sixty year old male confirm Marilyn’s confirmed over till the family administered nark hand we’re not sure if this pair finale office has with the and that it’s forty two is on seeing the cold one

Supposed to have thirteen thirteen one three one three and I have a few for your list one is going to be one sixty six zero seven miles one six six zero seven miles that overlies auto heart how are they going up our last signal halted by overly alarm bells three twelve eighty one one two eight one and also fearless

One sixty five Langley one

Six eight zero five Langley Brenda’s complaining about people back here who are dumping their using a U.-Haul truck if you don’t jump there I suppose three and a lot and thirty six one one three six And lastly one seventy four twenty six Harvard one seven forty six Harvard to C.M.E. Jimmy crater the bouncers now I guess is a far I don’t have the name of a I guess the bouncer is refusing lot of people leave because they don’t have power and they think people are going to pay their bill difficult three F. their you know one one three zero one

Three four Use those with Family Dollar or Dollar Tree that valor general

We’re going to walk these awards they can only go war

Three Israeli


Only have been functioning for thirty

That’s sure yet we have to tap into if you

Haven’t got a chance every forty to thirty two radio forty to thirty two did even we’re using for twelve freeholder of years and we are

Somewhat You know we were given

Thirty three prudent agreement one for one and these are your


Three seven S. and then one arch one they seem to want to pull you in the war over you and this Amber Tucker in the store was having every ounce building we are currently turning off

Because one is to hoard and

Having them if you don’t have Harvard and Isa hundred and forty first Harvard and each one for one that I can find about a very low hanging wire that can come down to a large truck passes the supposed to

That’s all ninety nine one one nine And then for your list peach whore and eighty seven it’s easy seventh and peach outport

Call the how the great

Involved in an accident that actual color or victim person involved ever the three thirteen ten one three one zero that came in at twenty two twenty five you know it turns into an eighty seven so it’s eighty seven hands and basically

This is Teachout court and if they

Don’t give

Anything else for any thirty eight negative that evidence her in a

Very obvious for they convey to you H.

O. variable for if I go get

Your old info for me I’m not right Mike


The radio is you could you take this you would player unit responded over there also

OK maybe a lot of maybe rock you’re

Right I want to wait for the mic or for that

From audio there’s eight dollars general as our dollar trio are here

For Family Dollar Dollar General but we chuckle from the chuckle just because there is a great word for two zero one Rocky River Drive

There in Chapman as the caller’s virgin years old set as mother put him out of the car and he doesn’t know where he is he’s from Garfield this is not her office that I’m him their collars going to blue hoodie and plant but you McKeon’s he’s a black Now his mother took off in a red he a real earnings volatility I Chapman priority one and one three three zero one three two zero I turn the call back awful time to go straight to what he sent

How they work out what you’re going to twenty three

Through do if you do it just one

Herman just arrived the response on a cough excess of three OK I want to try one full fifty one

Thank you twenty I write revise the area Westry so as not to from twenty five he’s falling behind a male that was breaking into cars dozens of black not wearing a right Jack in a gray hoodie and posing and also only and just

Yeah there’s a large power out out as they have it pretty sure he’s on but I will have to confirm it’s a two pack a thirteen fifty one three five zero

Number he put it very plain

But since there were well twenty feet off it

Well if you’re going to look for exactly were you there right now he was unfortunate rip happy with that and very very very they said I think you probably think we’re with nonsense

Where you ordered I want to go red jacket gray hoodie goes eans and black and I’m on the back now

With twenty three zero seven ready and I am thirty three for a code one shots fired West one two seven interest in

Graphics on Israel seven it is it are you sitting with us over just for OK thank you cards we should Radio three six good even were to be hard five eleven we are not equipped and if you don’t have anything for us we are measuring from five Sam three stories your proposition for I have a copy that evening your view for twenty really be one three three nine one one three one they saw four shots fired outside they seen the flash from the gun and then a vehicle but they have no descriptions Charlie thirty one or first on the

And twenty three early Christian roots of a Government Reform has us and our heroes will cause a fight happening Tony Zerilli

If one of our own houses while having twenty three zero nine then it is a full system where for twenty three on one three five

OK even though it is people call they give you just a verbal dispute

Between mother and daughter the stem cells you will notice quickly that every twenty three and I years it is all one have one three four nine one three one I hear you guys out there go are you still looking for

Our a while a few miles one if it is for a fair forum or in general a great

Fish sure yes or

Fourteen for radio is that what a third district

Thirty three wasn’t

That’s not the same as I’m thirty three thirty four percent of everyone by her time everybody says it’s really

A river forty five every So far it’s only three

Thank you

Thirty five radio who is following this corporate didn’t suspect who called isn’t

A measure of security officer

Thirty or thirty four you out with him or anybody talk to him enough

Security was also briefly we’re out there right now with twenty first and Carney

These guys on Barney thirty seven was just out there for a fight there was no

Mail back and soon as they pulled away already three one three five four one three five more

To twenty three eleven party three four we feel as though they’ll go on suffer

Thank you West twenty fifth and park around one eight five and park

Down in the area Laurie who’s off duty heard two shots nothing seen only one offer that’s a priority one one three five one one three five one

Twenty three

Exists in the area

Probably three seven I have operated three fourths in a row system and twenty three

Twenty three

OF P.P.L. paperwork Cara now

Complete paperwork

Short of a C.V. The Boss we have

A happy family here we have

Where you have travelled I crashed

As I am so you have back rises and or family

Preferred were to be we will be remembering this

Very happy family say that in a car

OK And then the very very short

Break Radio one o eight into a of a career sapphire

Me we were unable to or do in fact and we have

Mr Jackson in history but we have not heard anything have a way

For a very very thing apart wasn’t ready for that are a copy visually first round to see if you do for

This refuge for four five zero starting mileage

Shots fired his wife

Works really be across Rocky River off robbery and her about fried no

Man you can show myself and want to complete Mr was place in the morning and Miss Tucker was advised by the shine unit

And was here

For sure Trish recur nicely for all eternity to the

That’s twenty three zero four ninety six zero five thirty one figure we’ve got a guy that we can call fair produced a security guard you know we have got a back seat here that fits this Russian what he was wearing he was wearing over just please that’s a Great Lakes Theater OK run away for a happy you know just us and I number and hoping I think he generates one eight seven six seven one eight seven six seven if there is you to radio there are thirty if you have all the time it is called Hidden through as always I came down about twenty to fourteen and they were proper

I think

One of five writer of The New York had our number and who aren’t Seven think that thing wrong that wrong that about you know when for

US started three five radio

From that it’s not quite our rival thank you thinking

That we were just there as a female it was nice enough my footing to be who initially was you know Paul she was unable to find the information we National heater Well I see that it is a few of us Russian for the launch and house or a question of this sort of Haitian or a three and like you

Are not only common and you can copy that so that not a lot and said dancing Yeah I’m just wondering how they got called over here because we’re not we’re not request twenty three

Seven computer both to do our job as you fifty five or so you watch the lights on your own terms great for going full of traffic

If there’s you the radio right and it will

Well of Asians are those the best I got is a color is a thirty nine ninety nine use one for one I was going to call that we had maybe as of

OK We have many things so far so foremost on bullshit Phil just does not want us to make phase one we need action for the first twenty three twenty four

And ready to save thirty three from Verizon

You’re pretty happy if you’re arriving right refine it

Far easier to see if you were


There is good you just simply no reason to

Hold her


Best twenty forty five I don’t know if we’re going to

Want anyone

Want a war I’m very very proud of her

Of that I think that fighting area one of the three thirteen men are in happens I just got home

For getting our car realized her house is broken into so she is sitting in her silver Chevy Malibu parked in the street oh do have numbers one three five seven one three five seven if I come on Tuesday that’s all of them and I

Didn’t fold them

But just three five radio

Jigger we thought it’s not going to do you really you know very well that every four is interesting thirty three is very common


Well you know if you could be five Go ahead of your board for your fare if you want to get those pregnant off thirty here on

Earth until you are given very good offer what are you for the second time

We’re just at the surface for this

Over three separate

I got the I need your candidate is so meta you just

Thirteen thirty five one three three five So I think the radio thank you that question is are we going to have four HOURS FOR think of some of our high followed by

Other pieces or are

As I have played at twenty three twenty four are you still holding He had a lot in a lot and

I think that the way he said that when he gave us a deal way

That was on second Jeff is a lot and why thirty secs

Yeah that was a lot of her property when the deal he came in is that at that and

I got twenty three twenty five in your to say that as your favorite past where that means I mean I foresee me and I’m channel can when he

You can clear up a very gently when I have one hundred tell you in that report

I mean well should be fine I think

It was thirty two radio

You know really new deal and twenty thousand power lines so you’re one of your next regular Adam thirty four for good so I’m for

Supporting I don’t I am the rain for nine zero nine the rain at urban communities will take us calling for a general bird alarm because Hill has thirteen sixty one three six zero three four copies so I think

Our night it is going to transport is female this

Is we’re on a plane last name as mine and I

Thought we

Could go on all night and twenty three twenty seven

And I talked with radio Dysart Kathy virtually Gillian Beer You guys got to do a double go east on Prospect mine and a fire of your

Own we checked there were is no are responded you can share our

G four a court

Order with us when you have next Mr and one adult male check OK Warren channel an official financing talk to be all

Too OK Happy twenty three twenty nine

That if that if were you

I would have reverses the rear of you so it’s better off you are because you to babysit as you are now and I guess if they want to know if we’re OK anything right now if I already know every job to do Williams they pull these I’ve got these going to be found for us there are other groups where over Europe over was very horrid her

He found a game and I got in over the mess and the more sitting her just very gently for her OK

We were all very few get those you checked up all over from banks to

See Anna she’s seventeen you have a trouble with her mother she needs to get her property from the mom that three eight eight nine last three seven as opposed to get one one one one eleven eleven and if I heard one more time three eight five six less three six and the rear through the fourth we were I’m sorry to say just a second is it go as far as we drop off and go get a bit bigger than that

OK Veronica

Is it

Thirty seven thank you it’s going to be three five three five West ninety seven thirty five thirty five West ninety seven

Had a patient with an I.V. core in her arm her name is Brooke Johnson

Seven one thousand and ninety three

Two eight seven nine six two nine four four she is a known drug abuser

Be advised she joined awful sixty seven with other agencies cautions her violent tendencies already two one three four zero one three four zero

Twenty three thirty five and radio

The sale care to certain seventy one three seven zero three four

Twenty three thirty five

And off duty no injuries prison are

OK from differ with the one who could be going to one which is what one five seven cited a thank

You for

Your very set places for one poor sister and the liberal for twenty three points it

Was fireworks owner who wanted to run Georgia GAVI twenty three thirty six and I have a close if you


Four Guardian one one zero four Guardian credit Revere is all or she’s on scene with her male friends

Said Ross still twenty seven year old she says that there was an extension cord tied like he planned to hang himself he’s suffering from depression

She’s on scene with him D.M.’s is not responding he’s not harm himself at this time as a party to one three six one one three six one

Hundred Million and last one hundred fifty think less than Sam thirty three’s also responding over their connection with a two car motor vehicle accident while the an off duty party three one three five five one three five

So that one hundred twenty three thirty Joe is resuming the Bernie three four you can join me in route to our first for would be

Happy twenty three thirty eight thirty eight

For everybody it partly through

Five hours for me fifty four through

The river is probably Jews a sister who reminded us that he didn’t see or who are gathering information for reports every three years I see her photos are out there the three hundred twenty three thousand and

Forty three very much trees are ready for it

That were given it looks like that for all the dumping is occurring there some of that cold

Hearted reason I’m forever trying to gordie Yeah there is

A circle of active joints who are very going to be nineteen zero nine of us twenty

One nine zero nine last two five That town hall that call from and there’s a male I’m seeing writing him white male way of black hoodie and black piano hard it is a suspect is out front of town hall and our callers get the inside wearing a red and gold town hall shirt now I’ve been told to get out is thirteen seventy one one three seven one and very last forty four zero four Clinton four four zero four Clinton era as the Lawrence he’s having edges of his plan

Martin study all over property very yes there are two hundred sixty six one three six that were given the fall of a person’s life and I’m so proud to serve her where to find a great radio and thirty seven twenty three forty two

But wouldn’t even call her Deanna Johnson

Or her

Or for that

Party for a forever our victim veterans asked for the name of her her sister’s name and of her seal the please OK OK twenty three forty day prayer and a very very

Real One she gets back in town probably during normal business hours she can give us a call or talked out in court who is nobody here over

There whenever you’re down with us we’ll have one for you if there is you’re right and if there is a

Geoid We toward you to yell for any N.B.A. or probably not carry anything

Till twenty three forty four

Bars or check OK they’re secure with a point twenty three forty five Rocky River Well I

Think you’re going to be an old tackle fella up here at US Iraqi river and we’ll talk about deer to some Rocky River we had a male call or six affairs possible drug activity but when a male and a semi truck and other vehicles peopling in the male was wearing a bandana and blue jeans no further information be advised scheme and in one nine hundred twenty one party three one one two eight one one two eight

Three four coming out of one one five in Clifton Sam three four and five B. twenty three forty five happy so they call it a three

Yes thirty seven I hear that her affirmation go into the this her Sam three three

I’m out of my way to you

Twenty three forty six was the first really a sixteen

So very good you face the radio want to share about that Earth can you care for that

Yeah I think there will still walk back to the fairly

Happy party very good you have been through without me knowing

That in twenty four forty seven I have a co-op for you and thirty four if you kept those priorities are you

Yeah out of the cabin I got a cold one shot on tourney rosewood and the three codes to win five five Valley cars and

What hill cars are in training or waiting until a second to Parker’s and rider man pajama pants and I’m green and black T. shirt no shoes that so why can’t a thirteen eighty three one three eight three to go to a spiritual What are the clean shirts in your old black male on fire man General pants and a lot of green and black T. shirt no shoes and a few people running after him is

Probably out of the four twenty three forty two and three for your radio where was that a young lady seventeen Central American rear view five getting their thumbs in her to

Prevent a radio but doing just that ever so far west three seven one more time three eight eight nine thirty eighty nine I think you know

That all three for Radio three for you Joy is complete here is just verbal argument always up subtle twenty three forty nine three three for further if he were taking him one of the positive black no no blacks back and live and

And as brothers a whole chasing him and a red and blue shirt and hash and barely talked

Through every twenty three fifty Radio one or two there were who

Were going to have organised

Any group has a for twenty of them a central plenty of eleven central as the Romney that’s coming from either you in their privacy or horizon who is a numbers one eight seven seven eight one eight cents or translates as if he was better ha back a couple times and answer much again now

Whenever you will is obvious the results are not

One ten B.V. radio hoops for me really man and for the fifty one when I do that in Franklin they got a call for a two car and the A Arad Pontiac By George I just am one sick one thanks in a great Nissan Altima Henry Barney Frank for three seven nine and a half of the guys to go till thirteen eighty two one three eight


Him thirty four to thirty three I’m going to ride over there

Or go each ward in a report from really if we’re going to

Be here and I when I find it if you don’t bar very three holes washed we’re going to go very warm for a while Arbor

If you have a local Wal-Mart through I’m up to her level of jobs or because they have a thirty three of a second shift car Charlie thirty seven is in training and a missing persons for all I have as they were thirty two thank you for the sake of Joe is very very difficult to please report him or her three Adam three for

A crappy traffic for sure with razor and three should

And free drink

For years is just by chance we have a report

Over everything as you should if anybody says

You’re monitoring here

For her you know I’m going to her for a whole three

Translators just pray for three for good thank you to one eight ninety three seven twenty one eighty nine hundred thirty seven you have a thirteen year old girl and Eric lowered if I said that his thank the center is not giving him his phone back and let him Hollis

And they was there have friends over and she’s not supposed to

But he’s there at Armani revere one year of life you know

For forty two and the generator so I think I think her they were a male board will be a rock Fairview house

And twenty three fifty six jersey so miserably through a forty

Seven I twenty three fifty six fifty three they’re fairly clear night

In Night twenty three fifty six brighter than they are for colored one and last for a male for anything


Thirty one twenty nine last forty three want to nine last four Ain’t that a call for a male name Charles

Driving around in a rather Valvo threatening our holler with a gun we’re still trying to get further and sell sell one get is thirteen eighty seven or one three eight seven

Twenty three fifty seven fifty and radio

People No I don’t have a radio call from one hundred thirty number

Wearing all black clothing

Eight zero one seven Central eighty seven easy and central

Three five

They were completely agree

L.B.L. if I may take one thing I want something very good for the fish you think they give a plate or anything

I think the neighbor sees a plate of a vehicle

Just around me thank you twenty three thousand I sincerely sory go have yes at thirty three Do you have anybody on air that can hear a D.N.A. swab No I don’t like it I think

Sex just doesn’t cover people needed more than a

Thank you when everything are

Ninety six twenty five AM radio

Or we are twenty feet twenty percent off of your house post by mail

Or you are twenty one I like that welcome right

Point because you know

That the seventy second I ninety five is it real for George George George George union seven five three five disabled vehicle just see things in her OK Copy devil of Eveleigh radio to view the majority of you know midnight

From Horace Yeah I’m shy as if I can get through I manage a team have to go down once batches shots fired yes rise on those three five wives I got the one force hatch and this one forty five fourteen tourney four five one four tourney the White House had a call saying that they believe there was at least four shots fired from inside the home and that a cause that some were in that area seven shots and the final cost that they are white now five Mike lives upstairs at that address and believes he was shooting a cold one cab number is thirteen seventy four one three seven four but it was on the phone

I have you know I can’t


Of zero on

David thirty two to radio on Jeff and I we are I do have her wish

Irrational privately are available if you need too much

With another man or can you guys handle that was these are zero

Cyrus three eight two five these iris was John Dale’s calling that he is uses as a neighbor that he all over his neighbor’s dog think that his neighbor in this house are asking him they were going to live at three ninety or one of these iris oh three has thirty nine one three eight and before

The very thirty two there is no civil Joe three boys

Basic reading rule or peer review control


Twenty four that we’ve got a lot of coastal roads or just what over there earlier for us for that

But if you go a little over

Regional with

No report wanted Mills your way you George area have a five and if you borrow


Part of the Jews rake off personally why thirty of them dredge last thirty of them dredge just about as they got the sixteenth fall you can check versus the just Asian male wearing a bright green coat Yes a male is taking pictures of a car lot hardly the suspicious code three got it zero nine one nine zero nine one nine and very less they got full they got full data if you can check for two vehicles in the area of the teasing houses one is a dark colored Range Rover and another dark colored vehicle now played in cell phones three cat is there any six one three eight six all three were were three of them

They came in at sixteen twelve and twenty two just you teach that over for a few that will effect that entry for radio

Trying to get a full show for a male Charo good George ocean ocean view that they have Earth is six point one the one who

Has those of the two seven four seven eight three five nine say to see if he’s shy and his G. seven Summit County sheriff so your traffic OK we’re going to use them for the first three that I missed you know Sirius Radio three of their return for the framers is going to show you personnel once you want to carry on with Frank you are Charlie eighty nine seven one two three two zero one five you will just have a

Party which will gauges are you might


You to get out of after

The fair or it was a business residence very rare it will mail facility

Stop and buy one of their radio so really a very certain So even your for three four for info three for the city just for coming from the up stairs or down stairs you know you’re the first call just stayed at that house and there’s no number attached to it the second call that specified that home

State it was upstairs

And you happy David two three spoke with her yesterday

She checked OK She was just highly intoxicated and out of it yesterday over several of them thirty eight to Venice and there are three eight there are two going to snuff there’s Here is the Evelyn cheesemaker port you see the

Her dog is missing believe that some of the LET now suspect then sell for cat is twelve ninety five wanted I set them free if you really can disregard recording from a relief for then there is nobody there right if you’re going eighty three twenty three

There are

And one three five five thirteen fifty five regular no problem that alone Levon Belge for Radio three for doing Joe as usual simply year vies them it was not a police matter

Level there are eleven three for have another rock for you for good very far thank you twenty four seventy nine hundred eighty six two four seven I.E. eighty six presidential arm my theory security at the a lot of JONES President Chong front door living room ocean color three and over thirteen eighty worn by three

We boarded

The Hoelterhoff before you were ready

For your George Williams Sam six nine eight zero G.W.’s sixty nine eighty should make a great career OK with the second record

Several of thirteen of eight when I was in the radio George Williams for three slides

She forty three fifty six for first the blue Buick

Of a fabulous thing for always felt like it is a hell of Jennifer a little push over the patio George was a seance sixty nine eighty I have a great two thousand and seven Pontiac shoes John Sherman one zero six one nine Morrison four four one zero

Like me it was second OK you don’t have always will

So from the John Sherman sixty one year old male seal the night of a fifty five social to a seven five two six one nine zero zero in the years a Reus they call that their eight nine eight seven nine to go and for the soil into Jordan was a Varney seven six two one great two thousand and eleven Toyota R K as in Robert King services one zero zero zero nine empire one zero zero zero nine Empire rejoices six twenty six twenty seven same vehicle check in OK nothing listed for R.K. services sort of shows you first radio

For the film you couldn’t be thirty with George yesterday Sam you seventy five records doesn’t have to have anything for a higher class and there are four

Well he doesn’t finish it because crafting of a copy devil six a nothing for you

Everybody Radio three for these purposes there may be full view on a more

I’m not sure is she didn’t leave a name or cottage number for me to verify if she was if he pulled out of our thirty five he breaks for calls on

Your mercy or lovers who are all over the place it’s

Like ripping clean

Amber you’re going around her on screen hard for what they really were the

Very night for crime there will be very well there was location this disabled vehicle was pushed off into the marina area

Use of the second the label to get a hold of a present if you could please just North America parts that he’s going to be there and I can as well please tell me how to get on it is thirty ninety two once every nine to cut out it devil out of a lot of it we have any idea when I want to be your yeah Milnes vehicle said the president about an hour and will be complete of a having the lighting

Thanks ever well for thinking going to

Be a whole movie George just remarkable for five eight nine and I’ll just be effectively from George Henry Henry eight zero six six and one verse of that happy is also I think that

Needed is a lesson factor now so we’re going to rethink the hard cap that when we go to war are you OK We were there were five OK keep your radio and radio happy that every thousand of

Them free for just one call to actually go after it for

Free so I was shown and record out Oh those numbers you can get it at your partner out there having your dealing voice seven six seven three George union voice seven exam a very

Funny I was over

There as an envoy from exemplary consensuses armed to premie and still thank her the a person is clear that the price they are her own they tracing their forty now Euro email to prove army or private or no actual or former foreign minister at last when the US two firms that really should sue or even waiting yesterday is out of you like

It will be paid for two hundred bucks for a dog at the dock home that dog as

Injured I want to take the dog back his money back just talk to people but yes I do without the police there so

If I was he is a holder claims his arm is code three CAD number is eleven ten one one one zero I got a lot of time on R.G.P. way Will

Shift there from a B.H. crusher with a flush or a gotcha there for his evil report me complete Virginie knows for careworn zero one three same assignment OK got enough of those twenty two

But the first or

Twenty to one fight is you just need to

Catch number thirteen ninety seven one three nine seven call out the boy below twenty two

For you when able

And Harvard one forty six and Harvard The Rite Aid Pharmacy manager is just a question of special attention deficit really run them through the night connection power outage and able to set the alarm for a fall if you like after that special attention thirteen one thousand one three one nine The other one out front a one thirty three zero eight chapel side one thirty three zero eight chapel side that of call for mail if you know being loud yelling to serving so three you have thirteen forty three one three four three go to the lower twenty three and three four radio

Three four five from Germany we check this house that Hallmark up there is

Out checks OK to area check the gate just

Copies of us only three have one for you are Melinda

Fifty six zero for written five six zero for Linton

Up stairs neighbor say oh well you’re crawling in on that so much trouble with her other neighbor for having twenty one was out there couple hours ago her neighbor trouble threats I’ve received advise this time stating that the neighbor keeps coming out yelling at her threatening her friend felt her right back in your house so do you have thirteen sixteen one three one six

Votes twenty four three thousand one hundred three the vote twenty four David thirty two for one on fire will OK for me we confer with

One of our own will be able to tell the city girlie is going there I’ll sell this quite over you know and I’ll tell you careful especially since you know for fourteen thirty three five an

Average of about twenty five five are you

Ready for get here that one

Too soon right at that

Remember her neighbors revival and the Federal Reserve there are

Revise their record if you fire a car help control some go on as you usually simply that about twenty six men have opposed to Israel forty two is approaching we’re also going to have already over

Zealous I think for the whole to thirty forty two Newark down there three eight four to New York down there that brought Washington calling they said her husband highly intact and he’s harassing her and her daughter he’s refusing Aaliyah’s nose right there I don’t have a time til caddis thirty ninety one three ninety think you are going to be at one eight zero one thousand fair Ville one hundred nineteen fair Val fourth District Officer Seville ski there sixty seven

Just harassing you to check and verify that a fourteen year old female the Lauren Whitney is here with her mother to Carla Whitney she just needs a visual done to make an offer for as he’s handling and it’s a very you get one three nine six one three nine six about twenty seven very thirty five or

Thirty five yeah apparently out of last time he was out her arms are life and he called you mention the call taker that he was leaving

The No that’s I just talked to them yeah try back the morning nurse Jeff so he left if you’re still out there I have an alarm or down the street at the

North you know

Thirty seven thirty one he’s one four four three seven three one he’s one four four

Mohammad Jabar residence by a private security showing a back door alarm Oh three cared one two five seven one two five seven

Or in the area the votes are in thirty two I want to be ready

Thirty two thanks going to be at ninety five sixteenth’s via nine five one six via the up stairs unit you can see Corey is actually Corey on page as these make another report his He’s threatening and harassing them yes there’s an ongoing case

Just over the telephone so he needs of the detectives told to keep making reports and I’m saying that I’m seeing she’s not been seen today too though you have one four zero three one four zero for installing I’m not sure you push

Sam ocean Paul Henry Adam one north of a law meant to run for no thank you north of zero twenty on the boatswain on Division one or

Dave Dillon did you verify I want to name

The way

Jarman kinetics alas John Rocker Mary ocean Norah G.O.V.T. nine seventeen ninety four nights of a new life for dance I would never make it as a unit social or high when the Scriptures


You know

And some fanfare they had a report and show their trailer


Morning three jury of twenty three I can’t remember here we jacked the property that’s we could just see it right

And they pay for it Gene link fence with barbed wire on top that is sitting on top of a two foot concrete wall completely rounding the property we cannot get access to with what we get out of sex OK You just complained that the devil thirty three

Ninety four zero two Rose was ninety four zero two rows with the group home calling for a return on Damien young sixteen year old male prisoner of war fifteen nine five nine one if five twenty four zero four twelve eighty five one two eight five copies starting to sixteen but from the T.V. shows and wrote

Just for info we have the Jesus base you’re creating Simon for the first that you’re to judge any address for one of our missing that’s what we want to remember

They get all of you just

Just factors that are a fair go yeah one party thirty two was around it

That’s affirmative of a kid for the detail

Good news for you know love and one for one one

Of the shows are on what

Devo thirty four sorry David to one see it John is the second twenty two year old male has a social of two nine I deny nine nine six eight seven six and I address a fifty eight Fort thing Vonna of the year oh well when id number of the row of eight nine eight to six a

Zebra a ninety two six say it is a valid ID only five five once is the black and brown

Thirty three ninety two at the seventy one thousand and one seventy six split ninety East that seventy one in one seventy six out split ninety and ninety just passed one seventy say he went back for a Greyhound bus that profound in the last train of one cat is fourteen thirteen one four one three

Thirty secs say of three for you already or that

Day I was your vet I was going to vary through my cell phones way back then with their fruit juice in the area

Thirty seven for

The very

Many for the Emeril

Before you’re holding your or your record radically different

No way three you know about me they usually weaken OK so I was about thirty eight

And both legally were able

At the levels are thirty five radio shows revise


Euclid you not believe you and I’m also going to need to read to them one too OK Have you ever been of anything for Cohen on how many offer thirty to a one E’s one three five across the street thirty two A one he’s one three five now the theme of our front being loud color different color different numbers is NOT want to confer zero three Cat one three two seven one three two seven and after another disturbance at twenty eight forty three have been

To eight for three Hampden for a loud party if it is a secure building and this is occurring on the second floor you need to get in have a code four star four three two one zero three

One three five eight one three five eight last one across from the church at truck four and chat board direction our chat board craftsman church got a call for a flickering light that’s an orange and white house and the color just driving by saw the light flashing off and on concerned go three yes fourteen all five fourteen zero five jets weren’t jet born Yeah that’s from a South shaker right now they were going for four

Of over one hundred three way will they have this over no notion as well Dr go trails are three sixteen people us our usual four for head warm zero six for

Activists or and thank you Devo forty one Sally regional

It was very good news for

The low forty one

To be everywhere I was I was on a daily three three

Winner of mystery



I mean are there are various make sure

You’re OK You want to hear from

The star you say yes


Can over one for one eight fourteen I think the state he’s receiving text messages coming from his girlfriend’s foam say that his girlfriend is being held at gunpoint by her child’s father her child’s father is the one sending the text messages from her phone and they miss honest heart Cartagena He’s a C.N.N.

And in the taxi said he’s holding the female point the female is Maria Rosato she’s a thirty five year old as and I see now it’s a suspect drives a green van and the female drives a white older model vehicle the female lives at this address with the suspect and there might be a seven and a fourteen year old seven year old girl and a fourteen year old girl in the house as well as a priority one and one four one six one four one six

And relationship with the caller he is the new boyfriend and the boyfriend who’s holding the female the ex-boyfriend who’s holding the female is on point as in the text messages saying that if he can’t have her then the caller and have

Your letters to the largest to let Israel location is for one thirty to fifty ninety and I’m still as negative eighty one thirty three fifty two fifty two and

The war on the forty one thirty June the ninety eight of eighty one thirty three if you threw it

Out of course

It’s shown up

Evelyn It’s an odd number it’s ours but a true true

And is before eight year old is one thing

OK yeah a lot of still is going to be forty one thirty two thirty eight ninety three and logic is negative eighty one thirty six thirty three forty eight

To forty three we’re going to be with our intersection killing the level of forty thousand

Other event already I’m thirty five

You can work as dispense with pension and even the little metal special attention

And that one too and

Or if you really

Should be on a Crawford

Oh yeah often that you know yesterday from one thousand nine hundred eighty eight Clear was an hour on Fifth or in our home or

Very copy her well the nature of the from third party call from Queena venturous used F.O. that her friend was being assaulted by her husband at this location she got this info from their son was on screen female friend victim is capable I know who the suspect is but currently this has happened before and he has pulled the gun out OK for her domestic for Kayla Lawrence Joyce and unit before Barney for scope one has fourteen seventeen one four one seven

Forty three five radial

Kids fourteen fourteen subject OK Ted thirteen twenty seven towards jail and will be young kids fourteen zero five and Uni one three six one seven direction more mature no one will form a

I’m very sick somethin about the voting mess that’s restructures

Level of fifty three so we’re a couple minutes away three fourths will be

Great if what one says reason a five will very rarely a fifth they just they see and it’s girlfriend have both been drinking in an argument he just wants her out I thought that a couple more times stating the female there was you know leave it as I want to throwing things that I’m the false ilk I want for once to forty will suffer for thank you devil fifty one the next address next just an empty field I’ll hang out on T.V. has a better location or description if there’s ever an arm and rope to

Get around we’ll we will know about the fight there’s no no interest or the rope over us just a few dozen occurred on the earth and also many of them from Russell come to Madison

So we don’t know exactly what’s wrong with them possible members of

Every country or Crawford corner are

The ones who warm seven

Through every thing three three radio heard them very very they were all going to be shit for a photo eight hundred seventy eight colony in the US There again it there were a few get over one for one by four things in full program interrupt the flow fifty three

He says it’s a two family house brown in color there should be the of black vehicle in the driveway and a green van I’m like car on the way he doesn’t even know the address now he’s saying that forty ninety three one hundred seventeen is the address yeah definitely shields and you know one thing

Nearby as far as there’s a double family home and away white and then there’s an apartment buildings down further Rumley fourteen thirty five but there’s no single family homes are and only double as a White House and it’s like go for jeans sixty one razors only well he says it’s next to a blue house some other form of the government I

Understand rodeo there ever say for a Washington comfortable Harbor high as we could for her as I can see that Evel fifty four their cat is going to be fourteen thirteen one for one very

Location with ninety E.’s right the sliver seventy one and one seventy six there was a civil thought there at the top of the curve there cracking that you rock of

Are level fifty five for a door open to that in a car and a very very fine other car besides every seven no one should be

Happy and think or think you know because some of the few that stop and I.D.’s stop at the Ballarat for a quick See you there at the very very last way and always pop in the fabric of this villa has been on ice the US and chemicals OK for Gretchen she try and run her name and see if there’s an address faster her

Driver’s license

Try to run her name and find her by the date of birth that he gave me and I’m not writing anything in that area or anything with her date of her it was your last name and I repeat

Maria’s last name Moshe last name Rosato are all well drove and no one hundred seventeen Ference if we are also in that that scripture rowing really be having no

Loser I’m going for a female so of the seven seventy seven they’re good for the radio yeah probably right level fifty seven the love of the seven party thirty one you OK partner you guys are quit for a go of a few for everyone this reparative work well if your mental thinking of our quiz if you were three marks all

Of us a few earning three

Who were horrible

Forty three theater a wonderful time because they have I tried reason or you call it their votes or one

That’s nice Some will soon i want to party very still and I just directly one two three five these eight by you try to call back this out of fear be a grand and

Devils of the nine ninety five atom to say that publicly and then serial

Has to play that George yesterday Mike for five hundred nineteen and George Henry Henry zero six that any of them of the writing you know George very


And open source and are having a thousand carat

Fun and finding anything pretty I am thirty three for a code one and I need one hundred seventeen

Right out of my thirty two

OK’s a year in front of the address Well thirty five years I’d even Yeah

Need interact with an OK Party one one four three one one four three one

One one one zero one

Zero one


Pretty high thirty seven I’m forty three or more I might be cause for alarm

There and I have a launch a flair

One vocation and I have to think you had a spark in thirteen one four one three time now what I want yeah we got a Greyhound bus here many people transmission while stories that

Those below while we are none of us the biggest passengers of them they’re going to know as well which is a long stretch of beach we were thirty seventh at the bottom of the hill more as a

Warning to fix radio time the signal of rare shows empirically treated you know

Starting mileage as well as if you want

Forty three to read your

If you are a few no you’re too funny three five and zero percent three four if you’re well to

Look for the hospital connection with they with their reach you want to

But it’s almost six when all three four you’re on ninety two seventy one north right


Three which came every four to know when we’re successful

When all four are ready for it through a

Good evening we are and you know her for forty

Three one thank you

First one eighty four when I Bancroft eighty four zero nine back upstairs got a call from a girlfriend or receive

Their mail here was writing suicide a million methods

That it was yesterday clear to no

Yes was out they cleared it of over fifty tonight stating no medical emergency they conferred with him just verify the news and good health however is a code when I do not have a name tag number is fourteen zero eight one four zero eight the list sixty nine

And fourteen FULLERTON six nine one four dollars

You can see the key just mess that was reporter trucks on this morning and her son Khamis met Stoller seen there with her

Hold on that have on us live now so it’s very family fight you have zero nine eight eight zero nine eight eight next finally disturbance at world class Bar three five to eight independents three five to eight independents check first arc than across the street route thirty five thirty three part to serving being allowed to go three he had thirteen fifty nine one three five that were good for three of the fourteen he’s of the sum of saying we’re assuming it was a report and you know it was a G.M. The report was just missing but he came back home you get back home and stated that it was me I took the car so not really sure what you want to do if I was called to come that seven hundred twelve OK the three

That wasn’t

Us wrong if anybody knows the name of those guys if you’re old history for volunteer groups or want to county highway

Patrol something like that and see if maybe Our got a business card of Norman

Shoulder or make him a car he’s not responding but if you could it from that card if you have the name of the group maybe radio can find some kind of number image brought it home and its report was completed shopping wise as we were able

To sort of our circle terrifies respectful of us I he’s right a sufficient for us which are very wonderful if you want to back down or I go over any blocks of layers of the bottom of the rail

One more thing when you want to have their think you want on our lead suspect she they say they believe in nothing more than here they’re still together she doesn’t know who and what they must be Robinson and she ventured OK so they should approach versus the surface of the hive was the offense one of the one I agree for that one six seven Grove it was six seven eight Grove would hold still tale fourteen twenty one one four two was OK I got the risk of tell you that if you know it was you Joe

Wasn’t Corney three you really are racist I’m not there yet as I receive the right then that all the horrible I’m right

Call it a night goes free we just simply Now we have the numbers

For three four and over there as well happy ones and your complete I will go through for you six want to Syria or to any of the knights but what a lot of part of the sounds are different from full

Have an official McDonalds alarms you are an officer response order units are

To go for a full ride to Africa to her home to delve thirty fifty Carnegie bill with a care Radio thank you one point three seven fourteen thirty seven they well thank you one

Thirty two No cause you know where your heart before because of a sort of post to be an area one hundred twelve and question when once you and Clifton Severus two were called in just before one o’clock she said there was a car parked in the back of the building was disturbing with music and then our caller States he believes she heard a little girls screaming on the vehicle took off went around the block and then park somewhere on one hundred twelve she says she can still hear the music blasting but can I ask

See the vehicle I am or small black car possibly afford or I’m not very old and the model no play the whole is just to get us fourteen twenty five one four two five and then fearless is that nineteen forty west ninety six one I four zero west NY six apartment two you’re going to see Sicilia of Argus

He’s calling regarding her mom about letting her come home her mom and drinking thinking they’re out she’s waiting out west this West ninety six address but she’s assistances twenty thirty three one three as opposed three cans fourteen thirty one four three zero and then the last one if you can check that rock bar at one hundred five in western one hundred five a Western music disturbing from a gram proposed here will and the other rock bar zero three cans fourteen thirty two one four three part of everyone’s

One forty one forty three is an area well there’s ink for the version of it it will get a raise or a silver S.U.V. In another sewer vehicle that is only the president

I think that I’m gonna send are you with us on the highway Yeah yeah completer I’m going to have her for most of our report on

Yeah I can break off Iraq and saying that one sixteen the other says on the highway ninety East but he has a ranch that and about ninety east of the ranch Enter about they’ve got up and down Greyhound

Poe’s one has fourteen thirteen one for one very program once again from ninety’s there were ninety S. as it is just to sit on my knees there are forty first than what you’re going to

See when you get on that ramp to go through

The interval you’re still flirty

Nine Division two seven to mind of a new resident call a building that is currently who is very black males in the hallway they do that and they have a small fry and a hero hall or some type of that nature off of they that the males are sleep and hallway he gave a description for one of the males who were all black and the second marriage glancing with a black T. shirt and I was one of them and they won a Senate race the problem was them saying what tonight Ralph and we’ve parked that photo with a kind of armor for four hundred

Fourteen very nice you’re OK just stories usually are of a funny thing going to

Be just completely ethical it infers if Report thanks ily ily cars

When I think of it as a funny thing I just want to treat this rare if you want results of all of our Ok disregard


Charlie three seven I’m going to have one for you it’s only three seven now take the free in a few minutes ago the stuff I have a busy but if I’m a hollow

Pick up once my life reference or work order entries my fax

I’ll be on tight very very still for your call Animal your flare

Just from Thank you Commissioner as if Mr ASHFORD checks of a no policy please ignore that one for you and them three for where you

Are from one or unable to locate the part of the female monitor the area and checks OK just simply the second van allows Reilley I am not over playing good will

Two thousand and nine is Dessa driver thirty nine valid for the row one twenty one three three three seven zero you can open it up from the floor of the offer that’s what there’s labor now but

You know the interval

Parts of

That record the area the real jerk V.O.A. Yukio thanks for yours

Was what if you went over one hundred eighty three


Very rare have a cause for alarm and you

Thank us once cysteine say well once I want to say well it’s the Sarah Palin residence A.T.C. is showing all emotions a pharaoh was in or out when it came and in a light so you are Evelyn and she should actually be there right now as opposed to Cat fourteen twenty one four two zero but with a cure for

Genes funny but everything goes wrong once on a far greater than a very far for close to

Eleven eighty manes one one eight zero Minas that Christie’s camp or a They’re going to assess officer Soros he has an intact male on scene trying to pass fake I.D.’s white male six three two and bought over blue His name is Michael Moore twenty three year old male his socialist do seventy ninety three zero eight seven he’s not any trouble and he doesn’t have a male custody Scotto has fourteen forty three one four four three

One forty five record through for performances out front a thirty six fifty one use of hundreds

Seventeen thirty six fifty one hundred seventeen she won those things was assaulted by a Middle Eastern male wearing a striped shirt and a very gray hoodie plastic a green car sounds highly undocks because they are exposed to cat one for three one four three

One two five and union once you arrive in union lot of music a service or liquor store so it’s very cat one two eight eight one two eight The last one three three six three East one three seven three three six three use one three seven and it crawling thirty F O saying her friend called and told her there’s a lot of people standing out front of this address her friend’s house

Just as well or for a connection of power outage seventy year old resident code three get one three zero six one three zero Sorry cover that one phone is burning three one four two one twenty seven the union name who Madras or opinion maybe you know our official Szell or the juvenile welder OK So surely destiny in the editor of two seven zero six feet or a new arm for one zero zero zero I think destiny G.S.T. Oh and that I am finally thirty two for jealousy or anything just like there’s a story sixty first and here years it’s on its ear our female caller think that there was a male that phallus her here to the Stiller


He was given our a hard time first she said she didn’t know and then she said she did and in general I think her to have fourteen twenty four one four two four and I think the four point twenty thing that was

First this on a freeway were huge Oh they’re all you know I

Hate at one point I think it’s Daddy’s seventy three and Lorraine seventy three Cameron and I are going to be waiting inside of H.P. gas burning a Sarah she was just rocked by a known female at knifepoint Her name is How are white female in our thirty’s no clothing description she is short hair it was a

Face of a suspect was an out

Of the exact address if you can show your Alice zero one four hundred forty five one four four five

Zero zero one hundred that

Once went out of her memory area that one guy and I’m animated in and forcing Adam from


Not going to just as she was an elf and not sure if you were

Her hostess three zero two seven zero twenty forty

Nine am very clever for a felony from thirty one jury reading and they say they can get a hold of eighty nine fourteen I am sorry for Jeffrey thank you so often maybe just completely or enforce you should report should be recurring I’ll be in route to district work on the arm of everyone thirty still

Forty three presidents a war whether he’s in fact for the third

Were completely think their president

When there is a very

Serious yes no one for all your Koran or more than one or the phone will be read your signature if you feel

OK fourteen fifty one point five zero zero but they

Are seventy six hundred women

Seven six zero zero with

Secretary for three black males wearing hoodies who is up you know they’re looking as if people’s windows collars are there by the pit I mean anything go three cats twelve zero seven one two zero zero seven the other one one zero two zero and I Kennedy one of the two on one Kennedy on the second floor right just crawling downstairs neighbor in favor soul of us her property go three yes thirteen fifty six one three five refortify

Party three I don’t even know it happened was I think long hard try seeing that in all seven E’s one six three

I don’t have a cause for it and I want all the lying about a lot of it is a lie busy on a hot day hold still Yeah one four four six one four four states look like it’s reservoir spirit in L. E. is a leading incorporated

And others have a

One thirty five what their idea was

If there is Dorian always a clear motive I would do what you two have voted over passing it with any i members or in seventy three when I said that there is remember the murders were very very rare OK on anything guarding three want to read you part if you want more from foreign information received last year already done it all off a lot less of them to talk those just a lot of talk or some complete advice on an action or any other words

Animal Ronnell one seven three dog left in a rain figures no kennels No I went off on the not respond and usually times oh OK for

One and

Cross your fingers and from Iran will

Be some one poll about just give me a few minutes to go to

That’s in person rather on very sound I mean on your ID when able right are you going to talk to the boss could papers around think that

It’s not like a come back right OK again when you’re able to buy me now one thirty seven I think of it as their body on the street that’s

Because your place such a thing was already a

Good morning a service call for a while while it’s all cordoned off for reburial virtual her I went through all of them three four but it was the general her and with you I see it’s such a fluke

One thirty eight now I was thirty eight preserving just like they’re going to forward

Three for the squire one thirty nine and I need for a postal Y.C. six and three six if you’re not finding anything on the team up with three four for part of three ones and the pendant or the name of part of their idea but are from here well how do you know convey to write

When I was ready to receive one crisis intervention report you were just

On there in the first version put up a fork

One for if you need to care for that fourteen thirty one four three five Robert thanks he has a social of two nine zero seventy two five to seven against two nine zero seventy two five two seven on this information came down from

Police Precinct active in Pennsylvania

They received that information at this mail is supposed to be at this location at eighty six and he’s a known drug dealer and we ran it through our clerk’s office per Jasmine he checked clean but this male is showing to

To seven with how many that parole violation and there is it’s a weapon offense so it’s going to close it and I think in ways he might actually have weapons on him it’s you can’t is one for four to one for four So these are also every emphasis right one for you on the floor of the crease thank you one forty one sure it reaches the district Well forty two you Jill one forty two and three seventy three for discretion and that was county especially with Pennsylvania that is a full extradition for the male female him over if you want but if you buy or not just welcome back if you find a group of hunt deer they’re not here

Ninety six three hundred you know

They were completed disturbing in Venice no

Twenty seven zero six either start legal for gravel mark or fall on forty three races point every radio we had over with him for forty three of the one for today right

Now we’re all from fossil one through one night right

Before ever talk to our alarm if they’re going to attempt to contact a key order but even if he orders never answer

Order one age radio also makes it all over the purpose for zero six was therefore an versions are OK because there are different sets of one when I tell them on

Your project Radio one forty five I mean a shade of her radio better OK got people going through

The WALL FOR YOU GUYS ARE YOU that’s for three for


Want to Lorieau when you know

Cross but thirty six fifty seven process but if you are calling in if I hear that his two thousand Irish red eye on which is broken in two thousand was still inside of his vehicle the black male medium complex the plaintiff thirty four and a black audience champion and then he fell the color gone and the suspects of off forty four years on prosper well thought of a black backpack on its a one at fourteenth fifty five and one for five seven hundred forty one forty seven but if I would suspect him of more forty seven Barney three you are going to have one he said Carmen Yes an idiom complex if black male and a black audience hand pants that black backpack miseries be heard of so what really will go on I think I have to thank you all for

That you’ve already sent out so I wearing orange and sheet of print shirt I’ve copied both one forty nine forty thirty five I further events after that special three thousand but we both got his precious and it was offering I won nine point two two season Charlie and she’s also going to have another one to follow now is good for Jasmine in the clerk’s office because for Qantas fourteen forty one four four zero

One forty nine

Now one forty nine Bantry system and one forty nine

George Young Lawyers for a very George Young boy for a thirty three jugglers are forty

So you guys younger union your

Prove already ninety six twenty three and twenty three

Twenty three

Thank you going to be a part of only thirteenth as he was saying one very fact he was sick came out of the trouble I know their party horrifies me that there’s something going on in front of the salvation I was in on the ground actually assaulted then threw up her mouth hanging over him threatening No I think seen operating with a black male and they gave us her version because to catch a fourteen sixty one forty six they’re all just want to know

What you’re all want so she’s


Thanks it’s a three copies office here or there isn’t the

Color of that lever that was made before with Black Rim you know we felt about like six women question or have a plate you thought it’s OK

When you’re adjacent

Or seven so it is therefore

Think you want if you still party through there’s a reason why you know that for the rest of district OK if you want if you feel free to leave happy

Morning three Judy radio B. If I while en route we flag down by the is all one and one two three and I think Claire just do it and then it will become very

Happy while history started to refocus me on well fifty three says you can hire him or her with her as her mother Neal just five four from about one hundred twenty pounds around here Ron OK Jim is it at seventy one thousand correct

And do you have already thirty three vehicle ISIS black vehicle as a for Yoda the owner she’s pulling up now she states that issues I think either you or she is carrying

Thank you all more than we’re back of a very vital

They zero eight four

George boy two three three two six was if you need to repeat that from Chris these women foresee

Joe you know what I was asking for it and I sometimes it’s rough so

Yeah like I mean if you’re a member of pants or anything like that like oh it was jeans with a green one

So I think we’re in the air we’re tearing and I don’t think you think that I have this information and the owner information for that Jeep Laredo was stolen if I give you the name can you go for the white yet you have a false negative I just name date of birth the first name is NOT have been David ocean Nick ocean Victor Adam Nora last name coin

The fate of birth is five twenty eight or seventy I copy just the spelling of the first

Deandre David Edward and am David Robert Ford Ana

Victor much better

For you if there’s anything missing

OK About the radio you put out zero one zero or action one two zero zero six think a player with a now right after a while fifty seven in sales before just a tool this is an actual dead alarmism nails I think clear one of the key holders spotted a male walking away from the business property of all the breaking in

Her alcohol and MALE three three has a meal I’m OK

That’s how that play whenever you’re ready to go to the play George Wallace or Tom eighty six a

Thank you Xenophon’s will send us an awful non-venomous an anonymous caller that there is a white females about seventeen year

Well she’s mostly missing from her home just long brown hair white T. shirt worn jeans saucy Jones home her name to K.V. our Carly and I say I was just walking and then I found I don’t know which direction I have know how that goes to catch one for sex I have one for sex five cover one fifty one of those of our

Have is if you remove her over there to make sure that before careful Eldritch ordering you know what I believe is joy is complete here Charlie’s replies going to handle O.E. with her forty five the three here go for talking I thirty three female heart of who work for insisting on

Your big image problem and something to make sure of all the while her Mason offended over you to be a ram right about damaging her The ago is

So obvious there’s a real studio I said Of course I’m still here for complaint till

There was one of the hit in for the five and I

Think you have and I go and try to fudge radio

Will be complete in four received we toured the area Rio is do you know a

Report will be held how do you look for a forty five back in the district there are two and I got me right you have a child thirty one when you’re playing with that oh it’s one am and have just realized there are three were almost are scarce are happy thank you

For one I said you never go for that but to all I forty three six of them area

It’s only copy Thank you

Thank you David there’s a whole show if I remember thirty six or eight hundred

Next if anyone

Knew how I was dropped off and on most issues sleeping for a while that are personal I have copies to every

Three And every thirty seven hardhearted I had number the cat was fourteen forty nine it was discussed I want thirty four book of a

Great idea for a fiver if you just

Yet camera fourteen thirty seven one four five seven ten also three ninety six thirty one Radio nine hundred thirty one put a roadway in aerial hustle off

Before seventy to Chester this may make her last year Janice fourteen seventy two one four seven you gave

It a very very sick friend

Bridget your juvenile going to be waiting at three thousand very high full thirty seven thirty five elements that a lot of and

The terms often aren’t even Calley what men do you report number

I’m trying to find one for you think we might have a do feel for a role for anybody with find it

Just that Friday they think they have a report on Friday but it’s going to be twenty thousand Ian one thanks one one two zero You know I thought he had a seventy in

Philly radio Try thirty thousand for one hundred four seventy five shitstorm and it was next week with George X. ray John four seven I think I’m back to a Cameron hearing when I

Go to radios or


Thank us for three three five one forty three forty five will run and offer me a mask

They’re going for a thirty four year old female having a psych emergency she’s training and pull her hair out she’s not suicide or violent for her own and the kid calling him unknown age that is why they’re out go on kept for three hundred seventy three one four seven three I did as a civil law and I thank you sincerely for review what was the it was forty three thirty five

It was regenerated they were three Do you know your service the all bosses are the fourth and we want to be as well as if they were just

Charlie three seventy C.Z. he’s going out three one

You can just completed a district torn always on report for Madden happy to ten those numbers right up to ten and one of them just got cancelled so it’s just going to be the one for now it’s forty forty three West one hundred thirtieth or zero four three West one three zero you’re going to see Mary they said her daughter in her romance so her say now for some money daughter is not on scene this is not live here it’s a three cats fourteen twenty three on four to three OK

To eleven but

You know bravest to Charlie three thousand entries a triple three six if you call a

Shot fired earlier to fly between probably twenty three fifteen and midnight Way Out West Florida destroyed trying to do wonder either searching the radio twenty three still from a very vicious monthly or the like of her thirty three

The Melaka years really thought it was actually a few shows are out there this year for all three but make obvious two for things

We know similar it’s negative for our city

Now there’s a real god

A moment where there’s no information received

Completely Now let’s go back to desert for personal and that is your war your god does anything

Through juvie call back more than you want to show off on board or they want to go through aren’t you security but generating another jet international as if you have a signal on board for extension of a crisis and

Really have a well or go home and all that is still on their part P.T. Courtney offer me of us they’re united in one of us this will straight to their clearing the bay right now out of the U.N.

System and

Ever since I fled services a little bit was that the older our concern was

If you know a fair question just walk of artist he said it was

One through twenty five

Friday three service requests by thousands over if I were a fool will ever know for a crossover of her or her the first Her eyes will be waiting for

You in number fourteen twenty fourteen twenty so when you are too easy we’re going to drive thirty seven forty secs was twenty

Three seven for sex last year by right of center protection one following her front door motion both deal as four hundred seventy five one four seven five

Two nineteen

One five eight Alonzo area and she was turned to nineteen tell you that it today you know I mean what is the ranking and I have one for you

Right Y. five eight Herman I’m fighting Herman but I call for an off duty for us and our and I rather enjoy area over there and sell clothes for our cat is thirteen ninety three one very nice very

You Tony buddy friend

Want to hurry home of her game you know or however

Her frizzes Rodolfo made her over once the one who’s been by would be a go

In their arms but so do you have one for seven seven one force of one of the forty seven days on every male

Yeah we

Turn A is that we have a name for this is that the mind is old cares very My zero zero zero zero child is our Breo mirror is of a copy just a watch out who won five baby girl and I said I’m a deal

Two thousand Mazie affair two zero zero zero Maisie there they can he’s less following these and her fifteen year old niece is on scene threatening her and trying to hit her with a stick her name is Nigeria Hamley black female wearing all black clothing and has a plant sure doesn’t get is four hundred seventy eight one for seventy three for having his one and tail three threats

To do three for Metro and they While it is one seven for joins you know over

To try to reverse this actual

Or you know and

Higher ten to twenty three and just one call at this time aerial ninety’s and Marietta ninety eight Mariana Nona scholars have there’s about

Six to seven black females are fighting and then she heard one of them mention president away hollar one answer any further questions just say Hurry it’s someone can a fourteen seventy nine one four seven I am just

Going to teach you anything there’s a recital that are thank you twenty three needs a number so

Pick up your day three Terrio write a question to twenty five pointer on interest once a month Shannon was stolen vehicles

Have a think you

Through your voice radio you can pretty much traffic I wanted her further where there weren’t Who are you know or ever there are the girls are very good are having more units you know we copy what we wish to roll it out what to do knowing the want to

Whoever was so apartment who lives to think they have been conferred upon swine

For your age to seventy three I’m seeing a lot of working dog evidence collected by Ron squad then transported back to Vonzell our unit holding one our must report defines X. So I’m going to just use this radio for your results you know just where having to answer we do confer with a witness University and a few to the country to complete this or to twenty thing until radio just

Write thirty one for one year seven one Harvard three you heard from north of that don’t have one you no longer going to be interrupted if you start a mileage just three four to go to twenty seven if you try to twenty seven we’re going to be ten supporting a female you haven’t


But several copies of twenty eight for

Both are all C.P.U. he had to report

To swing a work up through twenty three

Through twenty eight there isn’t really a word

This wimpy just revision for a fizzle forty five or so that way when I know he’s referring to well before you did when I left you know what was the other address was for four five two one five eight and there’s another I’ve just given four for seven to post three for you were

Using go to one eighty four away Park mile twenty four zero park mile that is coming in she said her mother called her a few minutes ago but didn’t say anything she senses a power vacuum and it just rings she’s not answering her mother seventy two years old named Satta Ling just she also did mention that so much as a break in previously to this location damages are still in the air as a window so if you do a check well on her mama said to Paris fourteen eighty one one four e one

Two thirty very very for a call to fortieth and one for her I’m sure me zero zero zero zero

Zero one for me on a blue jacket and jeans and a black male thang on the windows of the days right now he thing from the dollar Mart is possibly high it’s to get us fourteen a five or four if I thought it was before two thirty or thank you three six or three seventy you guys see an hour of colored house in this area and that I’m a female saying I’m going to run upstairs and out of color house what’s supposed to be


Now they’re saying that people fighting right what was a cause edges because we’ve been driving up and down the area we don’t hear or see things don’t know Call think they’re still updating all of us

Thank you for number

I’m sure you want to marry rush when you are free moment three Oh

Yeah I can never afford hundred seventy to thirty arrive in the office all five three are actually five hour yet I

Conferred with thirty morning yesterday I’m completely talking at two thirty three back up the arrival of two there until they were going to print their

Jury box that was a rookie for say Hi Hi Thank you yes please this are two thirty four or thirty three three miracle something on the highway have us a service for you once you feel knowing that you are very well

You know if you know all right if you thirty four and the servants at the floor house one twenty two ten the rain one twenty three countering Avondale virus disturbing a lot of music and customers yelling it’s necessary for two hundred seventy four one four seven four

By two thirty five an add on thirty six Unfortunately this caller was transferred from the second district so we have all that she just piece repeating that it’s gone and affairs that Alice colored house on the area before the

Two thirty five you know I’m assuming the others are talking about is ninety eight and ninety eight twelve and like I said we’re sittin here in front of the house right now and it’s all too much of anything but well

I have to go to six Oh I call it

We’re going to have enforced it for more around one thirty

But if anything so that party still here yes they do thank you less gas time night no more this time it’d be joy you feel all right yes I will be too runny and then resort that and I won one and then there are her who are three or was a really you know you have the emerging rings from out here

Our kids are working on the top lock I’m not about a whopper just one fork half in

Juarez or their idea are you getting a farmer I suppose for her male surrenders eight rise until I have a falling out of our thing the arse to me hell more than a thousand ever ready

To seven zero seven eight nine zero six zero but let me three things up there you know where I foresee for more showroom routes reverse make notification at the just forty one bridge in the area to where he was going to answer sixty

Three yam foresee for ninety twelve very out here I guess there was a couple females that would argue it will it over there G.O.I.A. and a little family get together they were asked why it shows complete Thanks to our interest

And regret back to just just enjoy forty three this is a reply to forty three and one out of the back and tell me as the power that

Radio Shack sunflower village it’s on and from a village Yes OK thanks

They were very


You got it going

Well is that

Just got treatment so it’s just sort of available you have a very pretty very three zero

One zero nine radio

City to live in Carson proof a mutual two four story radio where we completed three or two forty

Five right there you heard already

So it

Hasn’t dropped our

Diversity for more than the first report of

The forty

General which is a poet of the thank you something that she’s forty six it’s going to be three I think he’s eighty for three five eighty eight won in the US is just stunning for a twenty seven year old male bosses that I have with a bottle he’s an axe a gated and irate eleven’s and route it’s called one

Fourteen eighty nine one four

Four to forty seven

Thank you very far fifty five hundred seventy two three four five five he’s seventy seconds and you know the address of the police and then hang up in the north back to call to have four thousand one hundred one four nine one

Thank you forty seven Kerry thirty seven a tremendous number

To forty eight to forty nine we’ll finish the way they are I think is probably the to hoard in

One eight hundred seventy one hundred

Thirty thirty three radio by anybody’s reason by one of the employees

Parties or the radio but there was a whole house over here in on her that is if you want I think it’s ethical to allow And once you know for any retreat or radio usually with her there as well other part and I got a good

If you want

To get fourteen seventy one one four seven one and fearless ones there he is an imperial one three zero and in serial this female says if there was a white male anvil and latex gloves that follow her home and she didn’t want to tell her address this came in about an hour ago sickle three F. fourteen S B A’s one four five

And I actually have one more at one thirteen fourteen Nelson one one three one four Nelson affairs speak to cash Carter child’s father receiving silly names are now Williams twenty three year old black male in orange shirt blue jeans three and one four six seven one four six seven

Just need to know response call three get one four six two one four six two boys males was a male of a male with the name of Mario Joel’s she just go with the address with the one four nine zero against one two five four East fifty eighth migrations refer to thank you Susan if the three three three clues that a

Supervisory him free during the area to sixty three

Thirty to Radio three three that address on a very safe with the way through three things right

Points all of it cures anybody Germany credit card joint mortgage broker rather one awaited

Major grew up to great were very rich

Three twenty five for the low Lloyd’s going to three point five one

Part of her one

In a class they want to not Jeffrey Mason or Thomas Vera twelve Joe baby I’m not sure and I am thirty four you have a happy a cold one so the crews are way to go with her through


M.B.A. came down and twenty three forty one

And also joined me through the of I was unable to find

Anything for there are cases ever since

You know up for more and he needs to worsened in forty two merriment role here all night sorry two nine four nine zero two eighty two two nine four nine zero two eight two John possible level of if you must love your feet rejoice remember that wrote the project of all of them for will be a most oh you don’t have the are three one for a sense and for things of what exists in the world one for

That is it for and for those who deny where there are three three four and these

Two or three forms are very one roll

As well when we are with the


They the stand I second for any thirty three I’m going to have to take that that alarm I have a cold one domestic and Jeffries I need to check that

Corners like that record who are going through it more to know which one you’re going to do that you know you’re in a male book and there’s part of the fruit

That I get to fifty nine and here is a whole one had one for nine three one four one three right over there

Empty for back in the car the nonsense

I think you have

One zero three two six mil offer and one of three to six month auburn hair color as they would for a lot less he was doing trying to do everything he says a silver Malleville kept driving by in the last time they flashed a gun at him that he has a tense had it was last seen westbound on the M.L.K. one second our color is in a white Crown vet he’s at ninety third and it is now I guess this and I’m an author and

Ethical one can fourteen ninety five one four nine five zero get

The real one you have a twenty minute recall three care one for nine to one for and I still get three of the morning three to read you three

Her arm was this in Syria motion OK because right now we’re staring at a boarding

House OK

I think with a very real three and right of I three signatures that is a physician three six rendering evidencing something or other part of a thought thank you very advisory for for the lar thirty

One eight one corpus in a thing that he wants Orbison as a car so Senator power alarm is calling the rear door motion poll three carat is one four eight four four see eighty four research will form or Gore says political to yes I copy for health for money for war and war there is a little prayer for which I don’t think vision is the out there and that there are

Three Getting fuel in the thick of the subpoenas humanoid

Three o five in the code two is an alarm and thirty twenty nine one hundred seventeen three zero two nine west one one

Seven to me at Leo’s lounge called in my guardian alarm they have a front door motion Oh to get a fourteen ninety four one for ninety four and if you can ask your list that ninety eight twenty Condell ninety two zero because they’ll Ave douses you and you’re going to see a new one Sela a license for with you regarding someone he’s trying to break into their house

I guess someone pushed in the air condition and supposedly this mail is receiving text messages saying that they’re and are out to come very good so his property again possibly coming in a way sedan but he says he doesn’t know them it’s a three had a forty sixty nine one four six nine three zero six three zero six two more when able to have reached record three hours of

Music go three

One four three three one four three three and finally one nineteen sixteen Park zero one one one six Marco people go out go three fourteen forty one one four four one starting from Juno but don’t force three hours of one ninety seven last five four if that’s male

But a female just as they’re crying because I think three is joining of any further and fell in we can’t reach a call back because ill has fourteen ninety nine one for and I

Really for the freezer and that’s the closest usual simply wrote one of the personal you

Serially thanks to three writing for a

Are you sure you want to marry three hundred three four thousand nine hundred thirty three and

He said this is the fight outside

And three forty two a call that to this male right now you turn to convince him it was three Cheerio completed J.C. headed back to four white collar serving all of the relatives are just time at three a lot of stairs Tony traitors they don’t want to get out of breaking in a nobody is safe there in the hallway hollers an elderly female she’s stating that downstairs there is a Senate downstairs the state is not them call wind one five zero one fifteen zero one three five zero

Happy use cafe you know two one five zero two and M three G. radio

Oh you are just

Thankful for that thanks you’re all I ever did for recall me after every call back that they got the car and you left but reading your message so you can disregard


Human Genome creatures for no real simply didn’t really


Right so the winds are

Very strict zero five driving

For thirteen percent or Iran are fifty five percent for George had a very first seventy nine exhorts I don’t think there are seventy nine days of the banks are just so

Your side of the seventy two professors who are

There were nice for

Who felt that all of the vehicles

Just the horse either

Want to want to be one of


Our good days are welcome news to know what is going on outside door number three and lower on a tender for a few minutes so long T. shirts


Rated very fast now I want to go OK go out without a secure one of the doors and yes but it’s also a cure now microscopically every three sixty and have a whole want to mess it all was well for you

Peak and I believe the original report number is sixteen there are a few for one could you just do me they were in double check because it is just file of with two different report numbers on absolutely and I you know I completely forgot

Did you get the a for for the first year with that approach or no we’ve got the info thank you medium deal right of laxity of losing was really curious cold winds here one five zero three fifteen zero three you know with us OK

Thank you very sever thing to say the sixty Could it be that

To six of sixty five yes thank you

Anything hydrate a radio

From over here there is nothing going on out here at this time fight the bar is close also will be round we’re going to complete year two and be he’ll U.C.L. Thanks for the other her straight answer and all to show us having that can complete the work and that you

Creating a free war of words well well the address five Ontario prospect

There are three things

That one sixteen zero one five nine is for Thailand yes or like an atom the next Yeah that’s correct there’s another site they were referring

His brother read Chevy no model all over the road and high rate of speed going in and out of lanes seven if I was coming into that town and mentioned if they got off on an exit or anything like that information Iraq after one thousand shell three how well they did it is they did two separate reports to sever P.D.F. files both brothers names but they were the same report ever on each one of your and

When it’s on the original but is not in the computer under that

I’m looking for verbs right now four of the original handwritten Pedia by the report Officer as two separate reports you know that the actual fortunate has each one has its own name why do is run should be lead to outcomes of a radio would be complete if they like it thirty seven I have a priority one for you that running those things very very very free radio done it

From here with a paragraph email we check the house and that everything checks OK shows in or out for a bit since three twenty four running free to you consistently with our says

There are

Three twenty four brothers still inside the house cause they just as game for their it’s a one fifteen all seven one five zero

Most of all of us are

Older and I see twenty five dollars who want to the farm at three twenty four

To Iraq as if it is and I’m in it all if you want me a stand on that or just rock ass and close those you would have are those a few boys that jumped out of a car over a


Location from his vehicle you know used to broadcast and then close it out

Having it here just like any charity the fantastic I have yet to

Thank my thanks put the year of two for one a chance to tell you John you got the radio

I copy that you know I guess what I’m looking at you stand handwritten copies and each kid name has different I’ll look and see if you’re forty one that’s fine that’s worth a shot so for him it is OK That’s why he left them they should have caught even when they were at or of them ever again with that we’re three of us who are through

Remember exclusive you

For instance are over and three seven if you let that pass most of them both as a male and Iraq as against the whole of a Save a Lot of one for three cans in general verb if I was nearby that had I’m thirty four when able

Parkview and I’m OK there are four or so very kind of a can

Do two six two six eight eight to one four to six that’s for Richards but caught on fire

So much right of achy breaky end no descriptions couldn’t see it was a front for the rears it’s for someone pounding on the doors go to have one five zero eight one five zero

Zero three three point zero results for just

Three twenty four there

Just for a second well they complete faith that it wasn’t there through radio

That you were totally without special attention I will car for you

You know I think that he and I am ready to party three things any four of holes to underwrite several what five or

Most of the never call not war now we two are year joy you feel that in three thirty one

By near the front window she say she also heard a sound from the back of the house she doesn’t want to for it’s a cold chills one five zero five fifteen zero five three six copies one thank you three thirty Jim Barney three piece ready to resist Vietnamese restaurant there in a forty year old man out not remember either pressure hill right or like her from

Having elephants you should speak to you say something at three thirty two No three Radio three three that I was thinking three Gillian if i already has this is not yet if each

Be high and two and a half or full well they have a three three but if I’m this we’re going to have one report completes and will rejoice in some paperwork I got numbers for draft one handed out if there is only I got the three thirty three three things you got me through two or three top you will be in for first OK three thirty four there were eight of R.D. thirty eight for Kobliner and one near one through one thirty

Three starts right one call one three one of the shots fired again as one call wrote one

One five one zero thirteen ten zero is on Derek you between one three one and one three six

And them two kids I want five eight join you going

Hard for one order

Thinking try running



All hungry every one from Paul Hamm for thirty six years old hammer transaction at a restaurant one hundred sixty or

Critically for

Posada you couldn’t eat in the miracle of parking last year

Because he’s

From Chicago I think I think I got thirty eight year old black male about six two to fifty three address for me so it’s two nine one seven eight

Ninety six for your


OF PAUL ROBERTS If you fix for that is we’re going to let

The rear hatch open a little preprogramed through the security of having I think that a seven and a can of once I’ve won one fifteen eleven


Three thirty five three three

Three thirty eight three six same reason

Just forty seven before so needed

Your calling objectively

I’m sure

That you nine well genealogies them pope please he doesn’t have an ID for it they saw no way to fulfill it to ninety nine Thanks for eight zero

Date of Birth of three thirteen ninety four one two one six nine twenty three of seventy eight joint address as a March of last year for eighteen twenty two you say six majority working at large as well Professor and thirty three have a negative force on

Putting in a response Nori are just simply Union Varney

There really just says two happy things you know of a serious radio

You know of any vehicle mentioned during an address mention correct

No negative thirty one three one two one three six party three do you

Think I’m through

Three years before three three three of her high you know if you have killed you can charge me or my fellow or shame for Ramadan and I’m out about it for hire he said for one three six one fall thirteen to Troy Well if he was free to trade it now that’s class

Or self calling she said that she’s in her black Ford Fiesta but she’s locked in

A silver Honda Civic she works now that last she says she’s behind the bar in the alley and she’s bought and sold for have won five one for fifteen fourteen All right

This is in Karachi providers just park and walking her she is an occupied it appears she didn’t specify that she did not say it was accurate I am running the place and she gave everybody George to six to eight it was to a serene at her at one five zero seven just right

I mean that wife if you mean if I

Know just because Charlie thirty one is not a domestic

Three forty three


Now artists are you ready to

Hit you know what man are you

Going to be this person or are


OK Kathy a real job is very very very funny how well you know him

Had over one forty as I think later America and of the united here kind of are on

The show me right now OK three forty five and if you had over one five zero six fifteen they covered thirty forty five

Honey how do their due to radio

Does your last Goldman wretch who are writing about them so for now and not theirs are all of ours the forty seven yes sorry radio David three two Can you comment on one line though you got three trees out of

Ninety two but it will

Surely three five usually point to three forty eight mantras of

Three forty and I started thirty three percent said one four five A three fifty one before Sure so hard all for fuel three fifty one British seventy hold up I call them the things you’ve found me via

Any Will that are called on the scene juvenile courage or are your

Two thousand Nevil two zero zero zero maybe there

Is anything that she needs to make report her missing me as this being her old female black female five five last seen wearing of red and blue pleasure black pants and black you average or was just Argentine nationalist family trouble her name is Nigeria can only help one get is fifteen eighteen once I have money can you spare remember

George I add a worker from Canley whose income away your family and me

Work and good will yes or the farm as her

Very very voice ones of A to avoid Walden you say I feel blocked traffic thanks for some of the low hanging wires reviews advised So two

Of them are one five

One the one five four man

Three fifty five three four will be completely marginal there to the

Right as an other taken from anything to third and ninety six to I can recall them color in they are any twenty two necessarily and taken with key proc S. and S. Or if you know the exterior for

The side


You just place visually her right after three fifty six thirty three when you first think three fifty six degrees or again you have the one for three and nail for sapphire breeder you

Think you’re going to be one for three and they’ll one for three and they’ll just one call for two shots fired an area doesn’t you know fan or oh I don’t care I want five one seven one one seven three three a coverage

Thank you three fifty seven and forty three six hundred eighty four coastal well for the three

Calls to that one a for one I usually want to be for one thing Euclid and that’s the middle Haitians I mean I’ll say they were the softness of the face and body you have several people also say they use a weapon but not mentioning what they use protocols that are male sound men still able laugh able Jimi does not want to be waiting near an area of the youth the most he’ll want of life jacket of life and he’s a black male you know that’s awful advice go through and tell one five one sou fifteen soil and then for your list for your list usually to close you you quickly if you have visions parking lot several people to serve in a lot whole three kids fifteen and I want five on I

Used to fifteen I prefer William S. on his

First was a medic thirty because of his male they’re up to you age with their heels of seconds off from this

Will be a must have been because of the right

Thing I’m free for thirty six if you want you can handle that other assignment first thing go to you H.

But I number five twenty seven ranks are going one on one for the war

Room and I’m thirty four for

Fort Hood going to be at the Justice Center if the

E.M.’s are standing for a male who is having trouble breathing in as well because in the Cleveland Clinic arrest is going to be a cold one case fifteen twenty one one five two one

Three four will be good for them

Good P.T.V. really both I’m not sure when you find out what you have little you’re going to

Have and then her alcohol announcing

The bar on Bush with the right of the have

A voice that

You’re going to fire on I think is she going to raise her or else is what we descended

From the circle of her own and that usually for a tail and he for

Forty three seventy five I was at the SEC for three seven five US five sec that I forty two is in or out can actually the fifty year old female will be taxing off heroin coast to cat is fifteen twenty deal once I have to do because she’s a fifty year old fifty year old woman Odierno when they said she’s be the talking on her when they need assistance OK chosen

For a

Jury three five machinery

Or Sampras or what your rants are ninety one thirty eight

Thank you

Thirty one reader

In her or forty five it’s district you’re going to far far

From it is going to be either true or also

I mention this I don’t know what it is Polo her oh not sure what happened to the old brown Also there’s blood on the driveway and you may want to notify R.T.D. in the fifteen years running they don’t have to be out can come home for dinner want to


Dates you can now call R.K.

I want to encourage you to go see any tire tracks want to cross rail but nevertheless the

Is supposed to light on the tree is that if you hold it up but this is now I think that of Shari’a three secs Yeah we got in touch with the yeller and that it was moved our mate on our way or completely out of the forty five point on I don’t over go on for him like it’s full of art you get one forty unlike what I yeah I read enjoy for us

They were there to do what you are told You want them to that he wasn’t very

Well for reasoning for one particle for one fan three three all things even for the well if you

Have proof it’s really a lot to first mean if you put a question

That Charlie thirty two when you got it the second I have one for you as well and there were two other complete very it’s OK good I’ve never

Looked the way over to the Mrs Ross and I think I can do for you

What you were taught while

So I

Wanted to do Radio three for a blueprint for F. four and I’m a check for a silver seventy six than George Charlie King eight for seven George Charlie King eighty four seven

Bill and based on the played second playing the calls for and one for one or the other but with

The fair just fourteen eighty eight who was elated

Yes one for the stand the district’s bill though we represent love that we have to tear that OK for ten that left our

Parties richer but we’re from we call up over here three twenty nine you’re writing

But do try to be MIA

And I didn’t wait for me our names say

Hey I’m hammering the add on he


Raised at what marriage is one twenty one ninety six pretty good and I’m thirty three to assess a stable vehicle I seventy one North by West on Thea three they just change location I guess it’s going to be and what’s one of the busiest and near the entrance of I seventy one the caller gave I seventy one in terminal

Hi Nicky state he’s disabled here at the intersection in a red Dodge Caravan and have already three and one five two sizes one five

Zero four felt he was just about done with your forty five yes

I’m so sorry thirteen eighty he’s thirteen point three eight zero one three on the ninth floor in the apartment nine thirteen had offered

That order coming from that apartment it’s cold to catus that things only for one five

Hundred Year the calving his or her life securities are scholar and then somebody on the run for office or part


PARKER And Dave I think they’re trying to Afghan and Oregon are probably around

Thirty four C. I think I offer as

You know three fourths strikes OK

Why don’t I know one jail why don’t I know one shell there ex calling five kids from the damaged property town Yes those are the oyster she’s on scene black female wearing a black jacket and jeans she’s currently holding an umbrella threatening to break as D.V. So do you have one five to seven one five to seven deport for fifteen the Bernie thirty three your nephew I think if you could check the alarm one for three cans of and say two or arriving or sixteen or every five or do

You know for certain whether our monitor has a marco one on radio no activity you complete the wall or

Three for real so I hears us nuclear is

Very personal or a charity and now you must

Be right

To reason with your number you can just hundred eighteen one five when I heard one of our very hyper calls go on Chestnut you’re going to

Have pointers if you haven’t has not had two to five seven hasn’t it was dry all of alarm the Jerry Murphy resident are my residential security as opposed to has one five to nine fifteen saying are you

You should treat your Charlie Henry our neck and heels he’ll

Never give on for twenty three is worth much

For five

Four hundred Barney three are you

OK for me is one for three and more toward area judging of me

Four hundred

Thirty six ready

For the follow US House though and fuck for me so that those male figure my magic thirty

Minutes or twenty four so jolly is really thirty five radio

There from over your enemies running for the same clear show we were out of luck to following up

On his trousers no idea for funny that I had three from a very early if I were to see for

A report that thirty one of us a treasure is enough to pay you well for even now wondering to thanks for the other car for us that’s just simply horse and reserve radio

From class that ever receive is really a medical emergency make for you to play the field to measure the usual from flea bite you on to free on Central but if it isn’t just

For thirty to thirty

Three thank you six zero five one time troll sixty thirty one central It’s estimated that none of the travel announcing off talking of Acronis backoff back it’s a call to have a six hundred twenty one five to eight

Years of

Further detail parties are very new go on at one forty three zero one camp and one forty three zero one can save a lot

During a call for a general far from I verify go to

Fourteen seventy one one four seven one seven

Four thirty five or the other best six one very far between you a color coding P.T. and she was arrested Roy Bell for OK that’s all it is our Lord and I don’t

Think that’s what I’m going for a

Call one eight hundred out of he’ll for a while I’m

Healthy for thirty four having that incident now whether

Well that’s right for me

Well if you like that incident now or would you like a lighter players I’m talking where there is or an area for heart attack or criminal trespassing therefore as you reveal he was arrested for criminal trespassing the average of

Thirty seven or even received


For that effect he did anybody join in a credit card between twelve thirty and the now

Negative that’s true that does vary hour

I will be out of the district for

Talking for three and I have three four five full report

After I just spoke with chronic P.T. They said they’re going to have a back to sit on their ass thank God you’re in rooms of

Ask for an interesting trip I will have a secure forcibly in effect for forty

Charlie three five you can show me a right to be allowed to for forty three and surely thirty five greedy Oh you mean favoring you right to alt

Are you ready are running

For a way get a chance can you see if you can fern something for a nor’easter you know only for the fact of Oh they’d have a better fit of that seven hundred fifty eight

Bus that are seven fifteen thousand nine hundred sixteen

So think these photos and

Is that really a female who I’m assuming here and oh who are I think you know Reese or an O.R.


It’s in association with that one three take the rustic health

OK it just after I’m again

I’m a family here too

In the NE and we’re in a blink and yes in a

Shot of the varieties you just don’t want to get those in authority you even deserve

Three four one two zero seven zero eight zero four forty six and he just

But no

Previous ninety eight zero two Yoko ninety eight zero two Yoko the Charles Brown residence section one call in a residential living than your emotion go three fifteen thirty one one five three one four four forty seven running over name is Nick Adam Robert Edward Adams Charlie Edward and Hilary Edward

Lincoln and or yesterday Arthur thank you

You’re welcome surely three Jews don’t like you for forty nine

Parties research Radio three six for seven fifteen twelve so this will call him fellow Ferguson My call for them twenty five for Tikrit short of their unethical to service OK for forty nine

And if you don’t have a lot of exactly what their credit card you

There are mice we haven’t a cat is for the call taker I guess listened in as he was talking C.M.’s because the first acts were fire and then even then the other said on the line and gave everything he gave you no matter what did he give me a mouth that is assaultive us several people and they use the weapons and say that he was bleeding from his years room and then he also has a call to get him back on the line and advise him to I guess leave the usual zeal that he say’s as where the happened that he refused to sell the twenty three forty five history before for fifty one thank you you know his numbers confirm what little place you have George Charlie King a day for seven

Years was just first yes I’ve heard so far as research radio and human flesh we’ve come up after most of our area near by the N.S.A. some of and you click into Taufa copy Thank you you know will feel right out of body thirty three for Call want to killing party three wants to buy one to ship plane was sixty five full of kids playing up stairs Sakia just got a chance a dishonest how one is in the basement this looks like some of the awful hamper with the ceiling of a role she’s in the house or refuse the Moules uses for a cold one care one five three three fifteen thirty three do so and I’ll show you how to play

A comment or whatever she said OK just complete I would love for a forty five this or Jay can say that for Vicki during your gut and I present already got the photos from the corner of

Fulton Bush the films you’re most cheery for fifty five or fifty four things are very but OK hopeful number three first those records show simply how differently

Canada’s fifteen thirty four one five three four I shakily it for fifty seven

I think us down how to how many years who Carson handle but at fourteen thirty a thing Claire one four three a tinkler the Crazy Horse it’s a property crime report if for status fourteen ninety seven was organized program for fifty five I think Richard

You’re right it’s just been fleet Sanjay three was out there was Sam delusion OK this time I copy that thank you for he said it


One eight zero zero Brady of am very very far on right through on the radio twenty five sixty West six two five six zero on Sex in the parking lot even jacked for a suspicious vehicle because days there’s a Jeep with its doors wide open and out if anyone is in that I played it is out of our sector at one eight one five ever Victor at eight hundred fifty and it was checking clean actually back to that address both very caddis hundred thirty five one five three five

And seven there and

Over forty third of the radio

Forms are going now think for more clear

Not sure that just as fourteen sixty one ether every third yes you get a legitimate star you can hit out here there’s just north


There we

Have on your in for one already and for me which information I received for a lot of mail is being treated and we really need staples on the report really when everything going to those numbers that I’m here for at five o two I get on five five near zero right near over a white male knows your shorts right up no street screamin Melissa where is my wife Melissa

Like he was in tax code three cats fifteen sixteen one five one day there still is I heard her mother and her grandmother

Were really having murdered near a lake view I think when I went home

One Different few minutes away was very frightful I was usually happens very far too for very short and I mean real professional progress

When I’m not around from the rain

I got to try it with what were in Detroit West too far actually right by the bridge judging from under one stall far there is no police this whole process or twenty fifth or visitor

I mean all right there’s really no current or I might

Be a rare Oh very


Subtle grab

Her mother’s If I open up the front door

Thank you you’re welcome and three states

Running thirty eight for

Well Bill

These are confirmed three three and I would hope want to

Know what the


You’re get five or five Enjoy by for seven to six use one seven five of the Harvey Lewis residence very strong a general interior motion your company is called J.M. Avenue creations J.M. Avi creations so do

One five three six one five three five zero six he also shown an address a one sixty six hundred chance row of five six zero zero hands while apartment eight one one on the same as well Harris and I have it still wrong

For one wants to use of as an apartment yeah apartment eight eleven through which obviously if you

You know well

You know we’re headed back to distribute a friendship there for a question or you may trashing

Take videos having that I have a seven now here where

We’re not in front of holes or far OK how many bridges twenty seven are watching where you need me

Your program and see what happens from here and right out of running three six Rafa

Says you’re right back to so the utility of the advisor is another call for the limo sale so when you’re done I guess getting a feel for this car here they have a job so this way and if they see you have an issue with a manager come out with their full

Again to call originals as they seem to have an issue with a manager who he’s refusing to give the Hollaback to follow up

If all three hit is one five three two one five three says you know Madras regal motto yes one eight three two seven Euclid one eighty three twenty seven you would prefer the one OK thanks five eleven chose Richard history five will Charlie thirty seven radio

How do you look for forty five for the sex followed by seven if you threaten a lot because

That’s got to thank you


But if you’re a voter area try to just completed a million

So I thought thirteen right of buying that the second record so I’m sure viewing

Five hundred thirty seventy was twenty

Three eight seven your last is I think as Ingo C.Z. as alarms following front entry door there’s a salutary unseen lesson and proper past

Coatesville can assess seen thirty seven one five three seven

Five fourteen if your idea but for what their vehicle is F.O. damage

Were probably thought of before if I was the yeah that by fourteen and I have already got

To get a report including thanks in video

For forty five years that I think you know so it’s we thought that if we were trying to get a hold of us

How we’re working on our video training right now

Was because there’s already a time

For me

To develop fully of the vision there was a moment physics moment by fixing your call back from a gentleman who

Yes that is now our software project for some high cowpie there’s no response here just simply fact I think

He will be in the air for a bit to the five show off OK

And if you know we’re going to not have

Got closer to the very very safe he spent thirty forty radio

Can you give me to kids for dancing at sixty fifty Centro that thirty three went to bed but for thirty

Six hundred twenty one five to eight thank you you know them three for radio

Is just simply as if you were the male the next up

Had I think three four shows right and you will get one five three one five five one hundred thirty two one party for each of them part of the three already or three but there’s more here are the women haven’t force the thing for with the mother and the daughter this was in the upstairs unit in the daughter’s house let me know cause of any mail or break in or tampering with the ceiling the drive on the ceiling fell off and it scared her so this was going to trickle


Syria and he sent a stereo you just

Have me five twenty four times if it’s the Radio four thousand fix if you have a calf or a giraffe you just

Go ahead and use cat one five three nine one five three night court date is the ninety six ninety first or a succinct copy thank you so into his order Sonny

There’s no video in the area of Broadway between thirty and forty one apartment because I mean the character gets to sleep

Well hackneys and you have to seem forty one by far I covered a fifty four with a camera

Thirty six radio everything from Euclid moto we’re going to be complete but this Letter from Asia received for ten fifteen seventy two and caused him to be geo a U.C.L. for test fifteen thirty two with a copy thank you five hundred seventy them

Something they have three four radio

Chris vehicle large trucks look at me outside the fence and rear just completed helper forty five thank you for

Your good five point harness three want to go

Through it by five males you know it toward you jail but it is futile and very hard

I’ve got eyes are complete at five twenty eight and there where you can check what area of roadway answer

They’re going

To just check around the area of Broadway near sixty fifth Broadway near six five So that’s what I call the medium sized light brown dark box or pink collar running around her eyes and having cattle trucks on air you see anything out there like a pass on them goes for Cat one five three eight one five three eight good four five point four zero

Actory Barney three one’s on Broadway five there are three more three who

Will not have been on the

Panel high five now have five thirty two and Jeff you’re half right women are

Happy and since they’re really

Pushing for fish national French and construction area are

One minute radio I’ll be on your evening one thousand and one regime control oh you poor and I’m thirty three waiting but I have the cavalry here fifteen forty one five four zero barring three want to radio toward you Joe Pa thirty if they were going to be ready they were thirty three

Years back open you could argue you know they confessed without actually going to stop that five thirty nine

They have a thirty two

M.B.A. And OK so born in physics or into

The furnace dreams in the largest deflection I think you know I think I look for it here that I have a

High forty and I part of the three code and all that because they say so for research one zero seven still isa one six and I certainly Chili’s was six and I B.M.’s Varney my sales security is falling in a basement motion for the throne evil arrow resident to call Sue J. Once I asked for three fifty forty three top you want thank you fast forty one fifty seven for I’ve got three thousand roughly five

Point artists Africa too that I want to trust her but if I

Prefer I think if you offset the area of the seventy first in Chester E seven want to Chester for a white male a white male wearing ankle weights and he has exactly wrapped around his place why sure Milegi is actually high he’s stumbling around our normal for an hour but it’s supposed to and fifteen forty seven one five for

The for one preference

Crop and Pay Pal was the model on that car chase policy model on that car the Chevy Brothers thank you intially three five radio deuce for info can you run a fleet for me one three three four one hundred

Five forty seven please join should be George thanks retaining three four six one does need to listen on or at least it all there is a diesel Williams forty fifty three one three three anything there was George X. ray King George Explorer is a George X. ray King three four six four that’s correct by me thanks for reading our neighbor we were there by OK Was yours X. ray Kings three four six four the owners Kelly’s

At once for six years

Before January of zero sure

Here locally

They were out to five seven seven for shit I met her my Jones

Ever five ninety eight my if you know I have a social two ninety eight zero two four one five one offer thanking

Me for a recent dream as a structure if one fish right one zero seven to the source it’s not

Coffee but three thousand there I think you are there are thirty two in real one report complete in fact that a fourth District through and requests forty five

And six very

Very Mondays by reheard yank your gross margin

OK Her

Top is being they hacked off from male walking on a highway in Alaska

White male right off black shirt green pants because one yet is fifteen fifty one I had

I think three quarters recruited to have a callback for the should it help in the final if I go bad after a fifth of age or whatever three I’m off seven is bigger than seventy Yeah I have them by

The zero three four nine one science four and I

Thank you faculty for six think right now Commissioner aka South Korea I think you are for his rich radio overfull but he said for ninety was the last fourteen I knew last the last fourteen Well the nine year old of all

Kathy there is are you serious

Who is his reason for us to rise to our most recourse

For her

Yet I think it is

Ninety was it worth working if you go to ground zero and there are

Four three T.V. shows somehow or five if you think they are there you will hear

That if the second guy but it is better it

Was or more look like

No spending room at all


I had to say I don’t probably learn from any problems they verify several times as the correct address identify them as a vacant lot they were unable to get in as I was the key holder but Avi Well we checked ten seventeen him fifty eight and him seventy six also a secure

Look for

Both could be a bad address will be complete over exactly thank you seventy seven and ready if you have anything else for of how we look for forty five followed by one report your deal for five fifty seven enjoy have a good night places you’ll

See even one of them social system one one zero one four hundred thirty five Radio five Live

For forty five days or Call of you for journalists to get five fifty eight for your party thirty eight for one they were just watching everything that just checked this was a horrendous record

One five one or it’s one one nine one four frightened of the three thanks to make your way over to forty one twenty five East one six forty one twenty five years One Six Right there you know mathematics there on scene they would respond to for an eighty year old female an accidental overdose on her prescription medication they however haven’t seen for a while and as the requests were respond so do you have one five four two one five four to because for one

Sex crime there’s over for sex one

Of only three of other drugs in six thousand and one well them if you thank for their ready to get special attention special attention you couldn’t finish it but you have fifteen fifty five or five

Copies that they can afford that others are right three that height weight off I would probably have a former think nice six I zero says seven eight thirty

Three is I want to find six or six hundred thirty seven the first or one six zero one

What is

OK you know are wrong

Sanjay was right I don’t hear from the right gate

There were not

What are you reading here

So I am free to choose a channel seven

Channel three go and

Tell me

The time that you gave out five I’m I’m and yes get out at five thirty OK Thank you Joel

David three seven I’m going to handle

That I thought I particularly want to radio

The Federal a forty five to cover term of work and play our part from about your good except one who already

Have you two twenty three

One hundred


Seven one zero nine radioactivity be complete the task is safe for my members once you are for us well if there’s ever ready

To get a court date please

Yes just I think they’re going to be Radio three yes project OK we here we come from if you mess six

Is an accidental

Orders of prescription medication police for not me and just complete and that that alarm we had and connection can one five three six checked OK three sixty how you look for forty five seconds for you’re good at six six and read up on a thirty three if you can take one I offered those two alarm of the shakes

And are part of that as we go to thirty three Thank you everyone thirty one sixteen Jaker one three one one six shaker of the shaker seven I was there call from from a diverse collection and the garment concession stand number one go do good one five five one five five seven

Six nineteen and really the same three for just revel

A request for a for a time of last

If with injuries so command OK it’s code three o three alarm Judson one five five fires going out working house fire just came down Want to three and kinsmen knew the street blocked and one for three encampment for as the servants are coteries the of us really

Be able to vote for them OK

They did it was medic then they find out what happened with them

General Council

Because of forty five or one you’re going to enjoy sixteen one

Yet you did enjoy six twenty and it was like they transported the U.-H.

Third this

Really I’m not sure it is that medical building on M.L.K. that helps and that sure crema clinical and yeah all depends which building it is

A bunch of right there on the West is going to be us and east there’s a couple and a third of that around

Forty three drag you right yeah we got the mill off the job while Home Rich were complete requested forty five that gets you Jamie thinks twenty five and you’re going to

Cover the

Lake jointly in CO for chukar damage the injury rate auto versions of that model D.M.’s about one

All right

Twenty six zero one

Go so far so how many are Fraser or what’s gone

Before her well for her to run program for a

Five body or five day with thirty three K. you had overlaid short lived

Thirty four Of the thirty four Gone with the hope that they’re all not

Broke or they can now call for lunch or

Vehicle checks who are thirty I think you know where that was

You know action of his when

You’re forty five and then he’s very close to alive and they are real five Bonnie thirty four for one

Brewing Company US security is calling for over half Moshe hotel Yes fifteen fifty four one five five four

Six twenty

Percent three forty to brighten your lunch for

Them with injuries because of the numbers

They shore and list call

List call avenue that is forty the route to car damage but did you

Read all of those as of last

Cold three one five six zero last one twelve three two five zero last one one two in front of the sad dress there’s a silver sedan and there’s a male laying civil left side of the vehicle he doesn’t appear to be moving critical or they don’t know if he’s intoxicated or what’s wrong with an unknown race wearing a gray jacket in blue pants with no shoes and well said my thirty three is en route as a party to and number one six

One once I think one

And six thirty three thirty three Radio Farda dirty dishes and shaker sister did say to await you ninety

Nine and

We’re praying hard for are we OK six thirty

One very

Digits on six thirty Q Just running thirty for


Show myself

And service

Car and I don’t want the morning


Six thirty seven while some turns right oh well the first

One of seven for

Me for one of them want to

Hold a morning

Or two or a just


Car all three

Of them all for

Forty one

Forty zero zero

Visited on me

Program me thirty one I want them three for

Once every three or one party to do what I want them to

Be that worries them three three which you need

Both male and consolatory are at the

Heart of all they all know what’s really wrong with the B.S. drop what all but we all read all these Narconon but

With no thought

To what you want to do there

Are folks aren’t happy we’re able to revive him

Though he may call or

One Bernie thirty to one you can fast one very thirty to one fast read you just a minute thirty five only one third of

The morning to you and your partners are and you just on a commercial alarm at eleven seventy six one one seven six one ave this is that the forward day and I

Would have to be calling he’s a man or a person he said all the alarm he needs us to go and a sister she’s outside wearing a yellow apron a gray shirt and blue pants and I was go through the insistence of security one five six three River one thank you sir forty nine thirty six twenty was one three three hours name is Rebecca Clark States that there’s a light pickup truck going to silver car in front of that location she can hear them on the phone talking about waiting to jump on a female she heard them screaming and yelling about waiting on this e-mail they’re both in front of that location the pick up in the silver via she hasn’t seen any weapons so there are three females in one car and two males and another that is is a coach’s cat one by six nine one six and she has no information on who the victim is

Six This is thirty forty ready

Yes go ahead what time did

Six twenty five

Zero nine radio

OK this should be a criminal damage name

We have three vehicles there damaged

Them by far be sure yes the sporty one thirty four thirty eight point two two six zero then they could

Does eighty one thirty four twenty eight twenty seven seven six zero


Have it is a sixty five tricky for three zero and very good morning thank you also this is us


Of the Sam three three three four their very first

Three four for alcohol not a one the message one three three a one Marson things turn of the house and a whole two one seven eight The Force Six

So I have to sell him a sourcing one assistant

For the Lakers own thirty words with

The D.V.D.’s on March the one thirty three A one more or three exhibit thirty and three has a few minutes repeat

Three finishing with

Three as a feel and

I’m a high three

Or high usually will do you have an

I want thirty three a one Marson one three three a one

Color and boyfriend on scene kind of the house trying to think in a deal and we’re

Black male fifty four year old

Seventy one fisting seventy one

Suggesting a Sam thirty

Disregarded Do you really ready or no actually

I have another call for thirty to fifty one with one swell and I’m going there

Thirty four has a fifty one year old male were getting another call same address three to

Five zero west one twelve thirty three year old male and I’m going to check because you’re stating that E.M.’s just left their views I’m going to check to make sure it’s not about thirty nine

Yes when able can you from A to relieve me get a list like you maybe have to roll

Them thirty three is a good look at the sign

From the three five radio informally one voice on it we’ve been nothing but an eye seven zero two zero three three of

Them is surely if we’re fortunate we have video stage

After the onset of those is the more the voice they left a voicemail message with Heidi

There were three four of us for him and for us all to run well I think while bricklaying one for not I know I don’t want to play the social seven I’ll force them that comes back to Jose Antonio and those zero eight rainy eyes erode one for one

And actually shows the male sixty six zero zero

They’d be a black female approximately twenty years of age first names Taylor and they far

Yesterday late in ocean robbers left named David garnished I want

To thank them arson some in the rain and a one on one well it

Will now answer for that thing there

If a negative

Possibilities Jager

Well known in a radio

Show this address will be

Fifty to fifty four years old


Unit Three details

Will leave

One create

Thank you very much there good morning to you and all

The more oil for thereto put me on the air just go for people

Here to Charlie thirty seven

Can you call that Tiffany Smith from a view so sorry I have sort of I’m not totally

OK seven or nine there is referring to data thirty seven five five and Craig one of them for a few for know which one the A must refuse lot of code and to fight for vision just right I think there’s a torque on there I’ve been through a very great radio ride were where you don’t know are where I can’t point five six seven at seven a lot and so from a whole one you see this as a They’re made of face to haul the fourteen if you do one for the thirty nine

It’s out on a phone staying at a crazy man with a cell phone your mother you have nothing further to call one but rather nine hours fourteen days he’s thirty nights going you know March mismeasure of the herbal very well a friend who is a reply to her needs you are going to drop her off her mom’s out hundred forty thousand

And would be Mellish for it for a generation is there a seven thirty three

There is really is responsive forcing you to one for six East three nine The few I mean is the estimated location for trouble I’m not on Earth econ the child out on the phone stated that a crazy man was assaulting their mother and there was a call one no further information even number fifteen one five eight zero advisory three B. as I see Condi a surprise with the office

Number I made a call back in a just ranking of the I just about seven forty

But if I read it by thirty five those so I’m going to check OK

We can go slide over at this very very very and give it a you know the numbers it’s my own thinking and I have seen this and they’re going to have a whole wanted to rebut

Yes Call to let you know earlier almost complete but you don’t have Adam a lot of an Adam fifteen or Charlie twelve Charlie thirteen and Charlie fourteen Charlie twelve will be the property car today and

I’m fifteen one of the partners is a holdover from my just

You know when I

Can’t be said a six thing and I let a lot of out I have a whole Once a you know it just sort of we’re just both very overfull OK that is seventy good nick the second was George David to

Rachel and

The last one is it were five three three six one one they’ve all come back to Raymone or

I was very very sick from was from that this Who thousand five four four who were the question their balance right for us and they this is they think there are two thousand very nice and the

Who are going to be a project where will the right and offer for your thanks for making the last four I think so far from other Dealey right and the episodes where rather great

With Tyra Banks who a camera was down zero female size there are India

Who will have the park walk and talk enjoy the seventy’s

Something I have a property charge of the morning I’m great how are you on that

DRAM seventy

Cents or think I want to

Start to twelve


Years until early forty’s with a P.P.O. that was as well charted thirteen or fourteen her thank you for two tills three three now we have a not fail and he said

She three through two tills Varick alarm authentic alarm at the residence and there’s alarm for he says if you’re OK It’s eight

Thirty four to spoil us in zero eight that four door had that crowd there really pawn for one six seven zero zero

Radials three items Well That Ends Well when you raise the server have a code to how much alarm

Work to answer overusing you got your you’re ready three I don’t want to go it now there’s a more junior partner this is B.S. forty five fifteen zero Ave four five one five if you’re as a Lutheran metropolitan ministry this is Sievers alarm going off we see the motion from a general common area there will be still attempting to notify skull still even fifteen seventy seven one five seven seven they say the on the thousands and the current hamster from one i never has more than one in the room something thank you says and twenty one

Erm great perspective this report is there in a report for your

Sons and the advisor just says another close to it’s coming down it’s estimated location fifty six

Skoal area all back numbers no

Just about yes or very still short of monitor over her going to be

The one for nowhere and I won’t call it from the horse’s business activity called in but it really colder thirty nine he was to a three thirty one thousand with two a three unit six though one is not with the her officer and one officer to say the building for any decisions males as eyes and all males are massing at the unit door knows the description given the and thirty nine T. was when he says this is a crime now seventy seven twenty three your incident number one hundred eighty one to one eight one two hundred two twenty three radio seventy two seventy three Good morning

Good morning I will remember


Event number fifty ninety five one five nine five

Welcome but we fifteen whenever you’re ready as you have opposed to for you

In the morning I ask you for you but the first is going to be Dreijer E eight zero by two five three three eight zero wife’s two five Jane Pauley she thinks there’s a friend hanging over the side and someone can get her immediate coat to get is one five eight nine and then I have thirty one fifty west four one up stairs it’s three one five zero US four one upstairs Jackson is calling the morning pretty T.M.T. report George David Charlie six six three three and he has invented

It the four that is one five two six

Seven twenty where

Grabbing washing but that won’t

Seven twenty nine

Morning And time now seven thirty

Six thousand and seventeen or under the Oh I see will be six two four zero zero six now which radio channel to three forty one row for those who want to age


Seven thirty radio those who once

More and he that will force in forty was

Their morning isn’t very ready or the real war

Very good morning

Seven thirty one good morning hopefully the news which really affect the war radials them thirteen fourteen

Can you be there with her you never came out of six

Charlie twelve and Charlie

Some of you think you’re all yes

I mean really to children services

And see what a couple of calls for forty seventy three each one forty one four seven three hundred fourteen that a Watson initially called Family Travel code three was upgraded sister also

Threatening to curb a car just as they disappear in Washington they say two to seven was accosted violent tendencies with a hike Here’s one a white T. shirt so that a line of green jobs you think you know that it’s cold Why can’t one six one five seven I get the seven I haven’t had in a row thank you seven thirty three that it thirty nine is all same as a seventy year old male that’s dealing natural but the call to Canada’s was five ninety

One five nights to in the morning

Seven thirty four and radio that amazing

Forty one misses I miss an adult handicapped

To I’m sorry any time yet

But seven is just

One five seven two jets and President A.T.T. motion oh three one five one one five five one and also three nine four nine zero thirty nine forty nine

That this church Guardian front door


Eighty five eighty Charlie forty if you were here we were notified of her or like sure I’m after my

Normal storm vehicles in here or there were going to her we’re going to be near a

Synchronet area OK Larry Craig

Sure enough one six one six zero one

To sixteen zero one

Enjoy existing one way Radio One Ring that is out of thirty nine he was

From there and

It is right Adam Robert ocean it well Robinson for if they fail to report it’s a cold three and number fifteen eighty one one five eight one And your last is that that is seven zero eight

Seven seven zero eight

The reason is calling it believes are still the audio is here this is zero eight four tours gray in color plates very Sam three six one three

To the vehicle said

The point was made against Now that I can’t find anything in the system for oh so four and fifty nine one one five nine one sixty four reports today one five nine four went to the champ he said the thirty eight literally go forever

Or think if you do these three Not if you there’s any prior

Working think it’s east three nine that’s for you and I to close to the crosswalk it’s a four Katter’s one five six six

One example really

They said a forty but thirty four calls and radio one out of thirty

One I don’t think the morning you don’t oversell one for three five five Luray Well forty three fifty five Lorraine as estimated location for silence I will one call go to Candace one of the Once again there are zero sixteen and you are calling Radio seven forty one one zero he says that you know that two of the forty one from one

Hundred forty one radio shack that’s just

Radiohead sounds

Like a concert of three

Shows from

Hollywood where

They’re from forty to

Four ready for the want of an interesting person I don’t want to for I have if you really are

Born into the

Ninety six fifteen and I’m ninety six sixteen and a

Seven twenty three twelve going to get go to five five and that’s

Going to give me what you already know

That to cop at the

Same guess I five and Beth America I’ve in the Rye and it’s a there together they were there they gravy of all I sit in there at the intersection the light is around it how I don’t now oh three one five seven six they measure a plate no plate mentioned four from

Ave it well them four hundred

Forty four

Seven forty four

Thirty four forty three four OK Heidi is a lot of Fairview to some for with I mailed out all the OK we’re back at war and there was over doing that a legacy

OK seven forty five

To one hundred meters and drive by me thirty four to radio before

Her pretty dubious will be privately they are now in the hazardous decisions or with her pretty record their vision said the forty six happy

Mrs Jewell now that returned home this is juvenile as Nigeria’s tally it’s failed

And I

Previous incident isn’t one five one eight one five one eight as a whole four and is one five eight hundred eighty seven

And they can’t is one five eight seven one five eight seven happy and starting with sixty seven thinking it was them as I was forty six

They were

Employed assisting running thirty three two three four Exactly that is

Seven point eight three three a primitive priority the

Yeah a record number of

Them by

The most recent all of them

Different jackets and then some I have a couple of


Robert what we thought was a question for Jordan seven forty eight OK I will yes the third

OK When you get address that in charge OK predating

I don’t know the address of a medical than a woman of the middle of us all you get an address I can see it as a start and OK it is our lawful duty for

Some of our our time

Then thirty four year OK for them that when the night it is on the radio for info search for just fifty forty

Three times we received

The five years we got it and that

One I for there will thank you a rare and I for the ever

Thank you

From seven fifteen thirty seven thirteen the toll free

One of their king there was a ring control one solution was on the air with four personnel board

The seven fifty one I’m sitting between

The aval for

Once only five all six in Syria one to five or six in Syria down the American States is girlfriend father

And he needs report on going to be trouble so if that is your own Henderson circle three one five not five not

Seven sixty

Three three that’s a yes transitive you know from recent but

They have one in fourteen the number is three thousand and fourteen

Zero zero zero zero

Oh one nine one

Seven fifty three just leaving and security


Thirty water

Fifty three Adam seventeen I’m going to have one for you

And of course you know what I mean a was to be one place

At ten fifty four one hundred forty three the sixteen year old female she’s a

Flight Risk needed to grow up and to go back to applewood Her name is Sally Whitman it’s a code for Cat one six zero three zero zero

Seven fifty five

Thirteen something where

You can visit your lovely parties the three there’s a relief of a good used to sell a city say there’s a run of risk and I say

That if it really is any ideas you car

Ready any ideas you care to check the double jury your every letter makes for a mail which isn’t really

A secure radio team up to the one man before he went over there and attacked the ninety six but I’m fifteen and I’m falling and there’s taking I think the Doubletree eleven eleven rakes they got a homeless man out refusing to leave or he’s like reply to a random black and her Blackshear you variances from the restaurant code really that one I think or nine twenty

We I think

We are any that have her well for ever you photos and

Pranks that burglary randomly from half size bird vandalism of the other foot

That’s robbery vandalism fester idiom

That is your that’s all cats are right as a sense thirty

I’ll deliver mail in the middle of the street they say he appears to be about seventy years old I say that he’s

Pointed his finger at cars I feel like he’s shooting at them he’s wearing a dark windbreaker jacket a black tank he is on a walker it’s cold too and as once exult to once it’s also

Have you arrived at seven twenty two and you’re on Route sixty you at this time correct

We were on Iraq one of our last half measures are

Now going to have you arriving in a seventy nine always right

But with time eight o’clock we have a license like a black male

Five eight wearing black pants and like tennis shoes is by the entrance of the restaurant

By Charlie thirty S Are you notify just short medium a call to action I’m not sure anybody out here that I am jealous of seen rather

Than her actually an employee they are the old self everything is and think you’re over the males in the long run things Joy ails me fifty I’m not going to log it I don’t even make a very

Thank you very much there

You go ahead you know what

The meaning truck with it should be better if they’re doing a bunch of work of Franklin there is just a perk over vehicles and that’s true for people who do have other drivers which are OK

I was also for when you’re ready to go with a twosome four four zero to four for a break

What information are you just for if you’re unemployed simply for a

And hi under the it all for that social please never

Marry a pony no one central control


Choice will radio

Address once we’re all three still

In a row for

Parking garage


Pretty high on days four door

Adam Adam nine nine my all

For me the missing out on a vehicle that he’s enjoying

They can market

And I have two for

Ninety thirty and nine three and union two car N.B.A. owners ago that same one not drivable zero three one six one one one six one one and also three to seven each one of the right response to seventy three suspects are still in the seal of light the end of the willfully zero four one six zero four sixteen zero four run on the plates you’ll be able to

Play resident accidental

Or not action should not for my memory

Of the

Who Try throw a copy to

Tony Matthews

And they’ll bring the welcome there in how our war three Joey hurt the writer


Forty three we’ve got a bunch of call who make

Joyce forty nine

Charlie for saying why have you on the lines I just made a call that the number that was given to us by his wife he answers the phone he said he’s got to talk about Vietnam and all the convoys that he drove he says he’s on the border of Ohio going to South Carolina he refuses all anymore and he says he’s not going to stop and he’s not all call her and she’ll get to someone’s home

Every employer didn’t through but didn’t mention anything about the

Order of Ohio yesterday giving me

Every chance we got a finger on your house the wreckage is so huge you know anyone Six think

It works I am up for one ten twenty three all right to security

Because number four four zero

Four zero nine nine one six seven less Inform seven percent over the result

Cartier within five minutes of firemen time for having her a copy



St Augustine fourteen thousand Starkweather change here is calling he states he thinks threatened by people inside it C.R.T.C. answer to care is one six two one two four there was a British sixteen

And what is the name of the Korean Janes last name is John uni and there are union rather yesterday covered

Sixteen somebody calling again to one Caesar manager is not the woman for twenty to twenty seventh and ave to do seven thing we have them is not called as what you see males riding in as has also

Oh the notify is suspect as are saying and we have three people injured this is old to even number sixteen zero six one six zero

Thank you a seven saying well then moustache jeans and a light colored shirt in our crowd it was using racial slurs when describing him

Is he in

The building or he just so in a corner I’m going to say he’s in sight St Augustine and they have a purpose you’re something over there today or in the morning yeah they do have a good sense and I will stream

But I will have

I copy your writing again censors he is on the phone with right now with the mail

For Varney sixteen and I just coming up with a whole nickel one for you fire Yes ma’am

If I receive far one report or else complete and on our way to seven seven o eight don’t know they ninety but when you’re right there are five zero

Has the mail inside the end of the house and that males now will in a way sound like an altercation caller They said the suspect is usenet I’m now notices the vehicle

Sounds just fire call one even number sixteen twenty two once extensive

Security Council fifty three was a yes fifty three for you couldn’t seventy first see to mark this but no violators observed how he’s a place you know he can also use a for a feature

Or thank you very much a twenty

Five or a who’re fifty or a sixteen or six the residual effects are for a couple special pensive A for more connection


Thin as your car number against of mine is

What you were there is a number sixty twenty two months to do

It once you are

A twenty one so you’re going to you’re not going to thank you going to this is a loss you see we’ve got plenty we want to go there as well rodeo aka


Mystery that seven tink you call the Oh I say Don’t you ever figure they are always worth three hours if I’m going to write

Seventeen zero zero zero zero zero and zero you know who forever something Charlie seventeen or seventeen radio Yes So I hit

The roll call simply have Barney twelve or thirteen party fourteen they were a lot and they were sixteen

Running thirteen will be here at the district trail with Sam twal and I believe that on his jeans and service

If you have anything that the A twenty four and a fifty four want to hear of you sorry for day shall I say seem chose a writing a twenty four and out of these people one is that you are

Living noisy your partner as a woman shelter twenty two twenty seven Payne Avenue just two to seven thanks we have V.M.S. arsing connection with the fight and injured party parties there asking for assistance they asked if we step it up as I had been assigned two of the jewels is this another sign this is no one even number sixteen twenty six wanted to say OK one sixty one we are in for a part of our

Six days welcome that for war eight

So answer where did you see the full thing there to


It’s coming back to us a regional Hisle and my supervisor has been in touch with them now near the Cambridge metropolitan analysing economy right surgeon

Electronics hold of a lock zero two zero over the radio

One for

All the endorphine for reports you know that shows like a twenty seven you have to hold up a law

Once one and three fifty curvy one two three one five Kirby Avenue didn’t missing George Edwards big time machine

Electronics of honest officeholder zero zero two was six two eight six hundred twenty eight

Thank you a twenty seven

Day Alondra deflated Adam Adam nine nine my Paul correct Edward two zero one three three nine and an expired ten I want

To add number is sixty thirty one sixty three zero

Eight twenty eight

I just couldn’t this was a

Joke or


That got me thinking OK when you get this poor poor through the crowd over here by

Night he will be home for you we should be we were pressured really right now are

Arriving or not are you home for the party

A third

Some of us are animating armchairs OK It’s eight thirty and I have one but this will be one six eight one five Telford one six a one five solvers that they give they can property have an open door and notice anyone’s inside it’s a side door that’s open to

Have one six two four one two four Charlie one five

Eight thirty one how do you want

Because you deleted address to the cleanest

That’s what I was about to give you eleven hundred superior

Good morning eleven hundred severe years of main building one one zero zero zero year from zero point zero

Zero to three thousand even want to serve I think you all I ninety East at the just your ex’s we have a tractor trailer involved and he’s going to be a connection with a school bus transportation van I know if there’s any ID on on me and in the van get out of the cold one even number OK Thank you

Animated if you could add another alarm

Please eight thirty here raising a call and yes if you have a residential alarm

It’s one six one two one Lotus one six one two one Lotus the well was Jordan resident didn’t alarm shows handle tamper signals so the rain had one six one five

Eight thirty three five out of my level and or

A thirty four very very easy going east



Right you know and I think well

So you want me to weigh on if I have it all now agree if they’re going to go but what

Does worry regret we’re probably going to erode a little but what I mean what about Wes and to look at

Our coverage

Well that it’s in the early OK All right it’s eight thirty four OK

OK they just recently added that up

OK Are you on Good Morning Dr Lloyd

The morning eight thirty five I have to for you number one the seven to five five Garden Valley seventy five Garden Valley College name is G.H. one Watson he’s claiming he was assaulted by security while he was trying to pick up this take this five year old the day care have this is a code to have one six one three one six one three Number two is one three one

Five six zero four Lenten five six zero four Linton upstairs college name is Shayla calling for a neighbor trouble as you call yesterday no one showed up and she was too late harassment report connection with the neighbors who live next door it’s a go three have one six three four for deer eight thirty six Adams if they already know Adam six to come forward

You know call back was girlfriend gets to thirty three o’clock for with her about to report and I have a can number her garden that we will assess are OK semis and i Tunes right it’s a thirty foot can never forget

Our values one six one three and it’s the thirty seven credit work and radio were shifted on the six rickshaws route

Thank you would be a vice or that up a was a very typical one and our new limits on same was now OK we’re in orbit a thirty seven

Point zero one one very

Very very famous as seventy three twenty

Seven hundred twenty that that five very prominent area

That well then the M P found four just for or the weapon Voyager of I ninety East to Chester every season is another call station as a transportation van

Does have children on the bus

Have you near age thirty eight or

Eleven just for from Asia in the mill citizen has scarlet fever about two weeks ago but has it no to return to school then he started arguing with someone possibly security they were one off for

Fourteen or are

We have Chanel callers they say that I think well enough of grey for the plate of George yesterday my three five five seven just tried to run over another female you know why female she’s actually in the parking lot is into the actual row range it’s a call one that is going to be one six three six six think thirty six until

At forty seven hundred star Ave four seven zero zero’s are ave we have the a mess on saying but the seventy six year old female deal way made it easy that it isn’t route family members are starting to gather this it goes to event number sixteen twenty nine one six two nine

Those are they for unity of course the point of the radio not to call for


Bounces thirty just you got thirteen as you go right there in the morning also I think if your current cut you off yes man says You got a good morning before anything you tell me I don’t fall for his you

Just because I’m a respond in a forty seven hundred desire Ave thank you you’re welcome

Sergeant Murphy

Practical we have I think it is real real life I think my friend handle this

Because well she was there also and I asked

For your

Tractor trailers or any other small vehicle you go

Yes I was down by

Force you are OK Mr

High for SEE JUSTIN IS spectrum cable van

And was broken into we need to report to us for it is more untidy I’ve tried over forty nine find the gas station just north of Perth


Fifty anything others work you version still on the line I was in

With which one James

Has a reservation is called your pick of the phone yes he’s an ally would eighty is enough

If I think

You know

Where it ended up they will mark outside as that is just a lot sorry try thirteen will be I didn’t think clear and will be out with an occupied

Edward for nine seven eight five zero a forty four you say though that all the female correct OK A forty four so the generations

Were quickly years for the first one and I think I just

At eight forty five they need a call back for which assignment


Their mission from of our IT and surely one thread you have a listing on that where not quick to also you know the zero four seventy four door seven the seventy the cabin he’ll out of you that Ohio had his addresses two four four three four gardens rise and you couldn’t buy that the one of the police

On day one what Jake won what

Sample of birdies

Do it

Radio lodges of a

Very simple thank you thank you he phones well

Residential hold up reading resident eighty zero two one six three

One six three

And also one three one two seven

One thirty one twenty seven seconds or at the bank

MILF we’ve been in the vestibule like now one already three one six one four one six one four


Forty favorite in a radio interview No I’m just never

My supervisors that’s a call you know call you were my last

Shiny thing to rant

On here there was that I said she was in or out in advance for one report

For that was a haze forty one six four zero and a fifty and I copy the rule over the composing fifty four

I think


Thirty four one


Thirty members the residents of the large majority to sixty seven do sous vide seven just not

The marquee resident residential security there is seen as authentic distress alarm a call to even fifteen seventy four one five seven four how could you say that your chest not your diary just them the screwing up you were going for THANK YOU days if you want anyone to ever

Distancing very refugees you were broke more

I thought the days if you go on


Where you are where you are and where you are right

There OK headed toward



Or Big ninety nine forty one plenty think that the nine thirty

One is regional I think if you

Want for boring thirty three wells or call it on a or

Disease thirty nine


Just that you are seven fourteen

You’re welcome and I wasn’t here when it was just as Jesus was just a crazy man that is using gold on

Thank you very much three point three Sam fourteen I wasn’t quite sure about destructions or fries but I do I think after Asia OK thanks for tonight three one side you know three one three five thirty one thirty five three two if the for a further four we are

OK any contact

Party eleven

Will tour around for some friends from now we’re getting a full and well actually join for an event now she’s not there enough Ok head over to NOT growth center we have one of the staff members call it stating that she’s there Marsha Paige wearing a burgundy K. after losing that and why Jordan the lot here worn in a ponytail she says I have a meal center in the back of the building yes if you have loser and he says he’s a size a meal center in the rear of the building but the

Seventy’s there is experience shorter but doesn’t say

Fifteen year old ona a green one twenty three zero one zero

One one six four seven one six four seven right we’re given a just a sheet of visual radio some of her words I say greeting for receiver report

This will have been about just completed and will be up to our personal he said he sat on I thought what was it him or anyone five it’s going to be he’s a thirty one thirty five Lorraine at the Web site Katz at the Center for E.

Forty six when he was on his own horse the seven year coming from J.C. have a page and forces you to rest they should have just same results as Asa land of ours available the ones I have by a thirteen and route did I just know that exist and will and which

Is to see if there’s e-mails here and if he’s not there then we’ll say the hospital Simon is going to be big and small an instrument or in the hospitals and I’ve got to roll it up to your ear now you see a male parent

There of all things

OK live after that thank you so


It came down as a risk call

And it was a risk call from that address

Her response

OK She still are out thank you so if I were having a radio but I knew that isn’t right because of all stars seven hundred thirty six area we don’t see this you may also on our market joy and

It was just

It is obvious justice in a thirteen hundred Ontario Sonders calling OK the prisoners that’s names are just H O U Y H O U I have it just saying C.M.S. is calling that when the T.A.A. against sickle one even sixty forty eight one six four

Female we’re going to

Thank you nine o’clock live on one engine or in the No one

Area going from it already out in force you from security

And I was unfair it’s been resolved in Georgia where you think you haven’t thought of

And for TOM NIGHTINGALE What do you think simply nine eleven center here has a bunch of that both if you go inside what are grown and

I don’t you run through your head if you’re having a thing horses like to go to who are the grass green or Harvard I have to get a horrible quote carrier who are here your portable and I know it’s conspiracy in thirty

You know Erica college thinks that there’s a black will there any

The female he’s about five a purple shirt baseball cap carrying graduation the little the female was the industry that he was threatening in the mail possibly in the mail possibly walk to a school in an area you can check the area out it’s a cold chill and is once exploring once exploring are OK with the prefix morning three six six sixteen zero six interest to Good Morning your thoughts you know that all three hundred Robert



It was a lot

To not fall out too once we get through it all go back

Well there aboard not

For the rich Well you just arriving on us from people you know

I think they owe us traffic more

Or less the dollar a week you

Know we were drove on the furnace and

I’ll be right moving this one

So I can you do a swing by twelve and a few years or so you see if there’s a male line on the ground he says he has the it covered in a city and doesn’t go three have nothing further he’s in number sixteen always one six zero

Three times six three radio Oh yeah he’s a regular Some of the very

Appreciated thank you

So I’m sixty three

For T.V. to fire me an hour for that with their meal that’s wells and

Beer Yeah just chilled by their office thank you very much

And I disregard them yes there when needed Yes thank you

Part of our friends I’ll try to answer Hank and there are companies

There’s enough going to do two five seven twenty two fifty seven and as residential security

You’re welcome they sixteen radio go ahead

Can you check these two plates for me to make sure the fog ready first plate number is going to be

Eight six six nine a city charter Varney three Charlie Carney a six six

And let me know when you’re ready for the second one you know when it you’ll hear Henry Barney King five three three four then that on the freeway

Says well

Just for disabled although partially blocking the high speed lines of the hill is a dark colored Chevy possible and then Palla unknown as it’s occupied Sandaza one even a sixteen fifty six

Or seven hundred twenty OK thank you very much not only Mr Pease I rate it right in the center

Of that e-mail losing shorts in a ledger

Who won six funny sixteen fifty

Nine on our There’s a theory I made a mistake in effect employed as a Henry Barney King thirty three fifty four three three five four the problem hold on two thousand and four is a sad been black and white collar the mason off Park world every thank you that I did George you know Robert for one zero three George Jr Robert four one zero three zero It also states of the vehicles going across all the lanes

Welcome of your

These are YOU CAN mean we didn’t reduce that with all our where we want you guys that order if we know we’re through it would meet up going to

Where you are right now

Everywhere to read about destroyed if

It’s just a chorus of it’s been a star for ninety days man her erratic driver right is a lot of cab driving is a white Nissan Pathfinder George

For what they’re all three so I’ve been all over the role to be a male driver but all of their role in the drive is really slow the process is hard and I well

I don’t have a lot of

Nine for and I have another go for

One five nine a one just

The nine a one just

Alarmist Monday resident

Sunday Diller zero two one six six two one six six to the injury was a fourth in force report going to be executed completed Thanks

To take forty one funny each one for four four one two one four four see appalling neighbor trouble three one six zero nine seen on a

Nine thirty on sixteen I’m

Going to go to court date because number three

And there

Are things going extrinsic for safe

Your sales force to revive all that


OK I don’t have enough margin Frank Rob one three three nine zero that Frank Robb three three nine zero zero three was there Rob

Seven Mercury four doesn’t really

Thread that very hoochie thirty six a red one one six

I know that as well have Maupin’s you and I fourteen

Nicknames here as well


The state yes exceed if you can head over Salaam one zero zero one seven Madison one zero zero one seven Madison at the Odyssey jury hold on second and

One hundred twenty nine

People would

Want to shift in what do you

Mean Victor

Frank Victor

When he read

Read to you and her whole

Horror in connection with a lot of different Curry and he’s also showing violence and if he’s also to just have a with us or is even still a property that’s cold too and as one six six four one six six four

It To Me is name and description one more time his name is save on HALL It’s felt S A Y Z O E N he’s a black male or in dark clothes and he’s in the lobby OK

When Charlie you please call me after the I think I could you know OK And I’m seventy and Charlie fitting

Your feet is numbers we’re back in the we’re going to

Say that’s going to be at one zero zero one seven Madison one zero zero one seven Madison I’ll save on Hall in the lobby Oh to Canada six hundred sixty one sixteen sixty one he put them on your list but the first one is going to be

Less like you first and innocent was when you first and then it’s a four two car in the

A white force you need and a great cold

As a cold three cat is going to be sixteen seven sing sixteen seventeen and also for your list also for your list was one of four like was one for like another two car in the NE but two thousand six hundred and it he’ll Forte the airbag deployed in his Q four say and one of the cars is not drivable

Actually are sure her


Or her on another idea like streets of other just below



Any district traffic cars I think

I said and I was all of four like on a corner for two car accident both not drivable

I will call one for you Do you think this will first if you can go to the one I was well for like this is not drivable both of them as a cult three has one six two zero one six two they are and that’s it have you or

Thank you thank you and I only want

You to go

Good morning geezer and he’s taking it as a clear he’s the same clear I did you check for a new crime

You know message responding cicle three event number six hundred sixty one six six zero

Thank you nice twenty you are right it’s a one sixty seventy one one six seven one

Night this jewel subscription radio


Let me

Take you to see if they give me a black male five nine Hi

In warning of blue cold including forty year over the summer nights when he is twenty one now

Ready on the one day when eleven

Seventy let me go morning I have two for you the first was that’s going to be

Four for one three was while forcing four four one three was four for six in front of the salvation check for possible stole a silver Pontiac they set the one dollar down they do have a plate they give us a plate of

Georgetown Barney six three four one

George Sam Barney six three four one it’s cold of the four and a son of the one six one one six one two

That’s a juror Sam Barney six three four one

OK Just make sure

That plate is not showing Stella it’s coming back to

An eighth in the Lega at six zero eight three was five for St out of Parma on the two thousand I’m funny and second on your list second on your list that was forty third and sprinkle one hundred forty there to sprinkle a sail while for three miles north of Springle for a possible stolen black Mercury Grand Marquis say that the air bags are the pull it into the pier to be an accident no one is allowed in and it has a plate of George Edward five three two three George Edward Davis five three two three that’s a call for the sixteen forty nine sixteen forty nine and that’s it

At nine twenty four as it does just over to say seven want to Broadway a

Charge for


If it’s going to check security three sixty You can just simply hear thank you nice and if it’s free my

Lost her previous one

OK And Charlie sitting on the is it is your fella purse

If you have high or she’s of right OK try to go it was you know they’re going to force easier for an oil well citations issued

That don’t want to Broadway so I don’t want to brawl I am probably not the seventy five

That mustang disable I haven’t seen a whole three one six seven three one six seven radio how they feel less charge of

Night funny thing but I’m not into anything I want them as I am sixty or so that’s only six Josephine or I think ninety six OK

I think Jeff OK go through under

Nine hundred

Thirty three

Already And then are talking he took off on crank wife

Go through there pick a point over and just wait but

You know if I tried it once for George and was just that it

Would just move the way short of

A nice twenty eight but still have it ready to drop off at the district district I’m sorry I don’t think it’s probably a minute you know if you know anything that will take up right after that you don’t have a

Porsche so this is just telling you no it was just

Ice when you die OK

Yes or

You will allow


Thanking Selena

In a radio

General for warmth a little for

OK three Charlie fourteen radio dramas fourteen does a missing person report completed all of his will be completed OK and I thought

OK I can’t be another

Dinner and suddenly focusing only fifteen of us under control real leader and go to horrify wife OK Kathy thank you and I’m thirty one

Six one eight hundred seventy six one eighty one seventy chalet Johnson states or towns father just took her auto

To Ford Taurus Kala they’ll say was that O’Neill Alexander black male wearing a voice T. shirt gray hoodie assessing that going for the marathon destination to say it is Edward Ford nine seven six his two C. does a day or it’s a cold two

Six one six eight one sixty eighty one sock really being remodeled no one lives there it’s to get as one six six four one six six four and then I have one for you thirty fifty four three thirty fifty two West forty three see Lynn Marshall she desisted think connection landlord trouble being a dark gray Chevy Tahoe it’s a three that is one six six seven

Building Manager

Not an hundred

Nine thirty nine amazing three good are possible for your her approach

Am for

Them or you but if you check if you go on a run if and if you know her story

Number one Charlie says you know I think that thirty four are going to drive

Nine thirty four to your number two four two six two zero seven two four two six two zero zero seven voices police or taxi fired four thirty five point zero nine Edward Moore thirty

Four ninety five where he is you know and how he

Turns are you when a who’s who weren’t able to

Fly five four three The Fan the

Three six right fix what’s wrong forward please if you know I’m a jolly zebra and I’m Robert


Here radio Let’s go Off Broadway by the forty nine fire station air broker but we don’t we just have to trust

Him thank nine twenty he’s one eighty fifth Street

For sure OK nine thirty seven and this is the final law and already twelve only a second party this female sure A.O.L. Johnson was ordered by the court to receive a mental health evaluation associate

Probation also just


That if he feels he has a probation also provides relief caution but again to rest on this is a defamation

Have a

Ninety eight and it’s

Yeah one five one two five Shore Acres dry

By one to five Shore Acres dry This is the evidence residence power alarm for the master bedroom door does it or notify code two one six eight three one six eight three

And think where we’ve got the vehicle involved than an M.P.’s or the

Vehicle that struck the city vehicle or preventing both and it works right they may be transporting


You are put in a request for you receive over

Or very

Rare are

Governator I’ve got the and Davis fifty would City I mean listen because this is on the street

Yes Very very nice thirty nine yes eighty four three and three to go OK

For these three vehicles

You can do at these check OK this one in jacks OK we were there Gemma Parkway Circle K. OK I’m headed back in

For a story

Thank you it’s two nine four six West forty two nine four six West fourteen the Richard Christopher RESIDENT It’s true eighteen thousand digital ICE showing front door it’s to get as one sick sick sang

Nine forty radio to Charlie fifteen I had one for you and give it out and I had one for you eleven

Yes eleven

The third district is no doubt the Metro the a mess with Earth or Fisher for the

And there haven’t just thing you know about the metro either thrill even the supposed to once it’s a four sixteen eighty four

Thanks nine forty one lesson with a real Gene Union either our tail is the first thing you know it’s just saying No forty will

Go away if I thought a fourth term OK remember

You key up another game across OK nine forty two we’re

In for receive news and even though we’re going to head over to one of these one hundred three muni area to see if we could look at or

Nine forty just early to already plan this most days will be V.O.U. CIO and the mayor up to one six zero four

Nine forty if you get

Seven to try to call back on this

Is the seven who are Muslim

Yeah it was I didn’t see anything under our leave that I was trying to live on alert see if he had anything or just take a minute sometimes for the sun so he only gave me a few more minutes I can try to

Go into the next one you need and let

Me read you right in the after a performance when it is going to be two three three zero zero one six

Funny or whatever arriving at Natural nine forty four you are going to shut it down now or later oh I don’t know what do you throw you over you want to reserve down now so we’re all going to follow or I go out I want to be hard for sure in a car oh you know right now you’re going to these are going to put up some charge or quick

They don’t want to run across there on the freeway given through all

There’s too much traffic but say thank you very much the way Ma’am I need you to sign a ninety two hundred way Park Avenue that’s at the M.L.K. Plaza ninety two hundred way part receives an alarm from that and a full smart security guard is not a security mostly comes from stores around

Bill three I’m sorry to make that call to you that number sixty forty three one six four three

Gov or nine forty five

Now he’s saying edges inside out

To Freedom or just all of corporate you know what

I copy forty

Sorry this is the one one zero one one eight four zero one zero one one eighty four it’s going to be of the porch colors Ace’s of black female on the front porch shooting heroin in our arm white washing brown jacket round

Blondish hair like I’m like this is coming in as

One cat is one six nine three

Nine forty seven

Rockefeller That’s forty seven thousand forty seven


A dairy King thinks the city workers are threatening him on the reason they’re in areas tearing down a house opposed to once it’s a sixty

Nine forty eight

Right OK it was exactly as they are you is not available there are services on the fight as the U.S. is not and was the exact address one eight one firefight where

Were you

Directional one or more not off OK you do

What information is our current temperature and One Direction

Pouring out of forty forty three was one area and some I want second and one one six nine one illness notified


OK An eighty eight is girlfriend’s house but nobody knows where that that it’s a three main gate is one six eight zero and the time is nine forty nine they have thirty and I got it out

And I

Don’t have all

The give me fan yesterday and I know thank you for each

Night they carry Kimmel thank us that is

Different and she joins


In the ten second of the

Ninety one tourney fourteen you can show us the original then there’s that one to make nine fifty one I have one for you in answer to that chasm or for that as well Jad never was one six seven one


Certain are now removed from your

Pretty far away at all call your first

Thirteen on a one so if you could start over two four eight three East one ten four eight three one one zero dollars and

This will be a hit skip on a two thousand and seven Pontiac grain color

Three Cat one six nine two trends were seen OK nine fifty three received nine

Forty five more to one for the

World to feed mill people about Luke


And nice fifty three now have a pope who for

One twenty seven thirty shaker one to seven the real shaker Well I guess sometimes the delivering they’ll say someone tried to kill the mistress

But also a black male wearing tanned hands and the doctor of all anything column was only for just the two or for the area oh through once it’s a six one six

By fifty four nine fifty four Dr if you know

Nine fifty four that anything you know and then you know her victim

Negative market is not filing on the

Screen you have to get a phone number see if you can come here we really can’t resist your joining the real no let’s not

Put up the

Social anything that you have if you don’t

Agree or not Burney twelve I’m showing up possible social two nine one six eight seven six three zero on and Antonio G. Alexander black male five ten three twenty five Brown and Brown who aren’t as left hand could that be your male yes of him though they have a date of birth date of birth join was this is for twenty three seventy five

Shows three of of as

I do

They show two to seven what I’m looking at now is Cleveland eyes out of the pick up or a years down the

Road Lessing going northbound what Boulevard does a silver Masa Harry Charlie Victor three seven seven six

I think one or find a was full of our that’s correct OK so here I thought he was dealing and I said you know burns only if you have never spent any time trying to get

You want to a Radio one room

One hundred three twenty one who are an avenue for a walking heart issues for Chan zero one expires for twenty three zero

Gravity I thank you for this jacket

You need somebody off the mark and said of are out there waving the office you’re in a matter

Of three weeks that we’re yet versus series in the office I said

Was you get a call on in the meantime you just don’t look like a forger

Yet going to the capital I want if you can hand over three one seven one of our thirty one Honeywell Westfall of our at the C.V.S. collars Mart he says that there’s three males who continuously shoplift at their store they’re in the store now one is wearing a blue lady that’s all he has they have no security now that’s cold to canvas once it’s ninety eight sixteen ninety eight for the apartment never to have it

In five bodies or to France only are you still in class or that’s ready just pressure obscene you want to have your complete I have a problem take the for you all right Stevie wonder now if you have

Nothing for complete and

One six six hundred ninety four sixty ninety four channel

Security for the marquee from permit you to you know children yeah we are we were the problem now

They’re putting up signs we’re actually on Capitol rant right out what he says so I think he’s going to drop their voice

But it’s still

A wait on top of the ramp or her ready

For you

Which one the other one hundred one

Hundred fifty two you know how YOU ON want to surf and you try to go for count how

Five You have you best dressed or if you want to

Write you want to lock off because you are there for everybody you want if you’re on the freeway going for sounds for me you have you can go to one for his research into a manual from their Conestoga two entrances you should have special a very

Very hard for a very different I’m waiting for your grandma but you want your shirt off his white wife

That’s a special event

To throw through a point of the house where we think he’s missing persons maybe or I’m Wolf but I think if you don’t run over there you know what I’m going to address for you well up there in mileage is going to be from starting well as before three one now that sent us an

Adams with the radio is we have an authorized years form completed and signed and you just thank us for your car and of they

Still say

They might want to

Hear is essential reading

To make sure it’s nothing medical in the car to start over two one one one three grossing a system sixteen to eighteen and over there is general

What’s the address one one eighty one one eight one three grassing happy this is going to be twenty three o five West forty two three zero five West

Forty years this is akin to the last Mary’s calling she said a male in a big yellow truck just broke into the fake it with a crowbar he’s in societies of blackmail where in a brown hoodie and a black hat there’s also a white male older wearing a white T. shirt and a son hand because if they were going to secure the house because they had a crowbar to break in she thinks it’s.

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