Las Vagus – May 2, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

That’s a tough troll to argue for not gentle.

Just for a night out for one deal right D.-I and Polaris.

I have very limited them.

But we were trying to conscious was magical the line disconnected all we know is that one of the vehicles are smoking and shine west down the silly intersection I think.

There’s a fresh.

Copy there’s the object inside the residence in me thirty years old nonresident of years and beyond for four sticks negative for away weapons who think you succeeded in the office isn’t sure how you got the key and requesting a trespass.

Green or any two Criminy Are you sure we still are gone or on the whole.

They still say you are probably your care.

Major calls right here.

Can fill three or four people.

Two more well we’ve never been one for zero nine one for.


In the rear of the rebel trophy.


For you very question so if I agree with every WM was units that are clear and negative that is correct for our future when forty three.

Top five or six or seventy five the seventh or to the remake or John the.

Surviving High.

One George for the ramparts to.

Come to five for coffee hunters is very squarely.

Probably about right signals a suspect vehicle fancy washed down a white you haul truck with or no plates victim vehicles a greater forerunner Medical Center a.

Record of.

Partner you know.

Because like it’s Or.

Why was he going to the court we were in seventy seven with I don’t know half of the will at some free for.

Their P.R. the rising of hundred hours of You see if I can get clarification to Marty sort of as for their welfare check of twenty to twenty pine toppling apartment to a string are three Iran found on your property.

From a little bit of an office or in a regular.

I will call but it appears that he’s in a building fifteen unit three two zero seven brick office was unsure how he got the keys and even cited a residence that’s a non vacant residence there’s other other subjects in the residence as well as unsure if there’s an object knows them or how he has it.

To a first year from a cross or pearly government records or about the home or Robin route driver.

Using one you have easiest to people but be clear on your general that we’ve progressed to marry the Republican who is what we are married thirty five right is seventy nine zero five and I know that I was given a five B.M.W. emergency a first hand what seven curtain front of the let me address.

B.M.W. is unable to get a response from the driver No involved parties have called in in a motor started a serious taking a Clear Unit parents know that there is natural for a one of six women party.

Dropped your horse for privateers three to six year old who are two or won’t live professionals will probably care.

Two children was originally pushed through.

Point in vigor X. three.

From around Warm Springs.

Six of.

I mean that event is about ten seventeen one zero one seven to be very dangerous for a.

Seven Mary fifty five have to in for free and save anything.

They would like to do over six zero to.

Thirty years seventy one years right the light will give our momentarily probably thinking.

Who are the.

Temporary tag nor William zero zero six five seven far as we are whole they aren’t enough to be.

Here to.

Have a.

Story and also tonight to back up first mean a van and building three homeless says Jack Levin or other workers are going to stand in my.

Recovery for six nights for no other afraid of mine today Rick no.

Real Charles.

Twenty five having fun today and refusing to go to school if your taxes on cars different forty two controls.

To see if the R. O. is around eighty is about twenty three and services for sixty previous broadcast year did not one contract.

For a for an Adam five a single free six hundred Fremont Street you know stated some was in her car refusing to get out and I just connected to Charlie five years where.

I recall someone could have been disconnected again as reference partners age twelve and you’ll be all over now but I picture him.

Think you are going to eastbound light to go into the Gold Coast stop on red and there are several people running away the Realize of a perfect seeing something or someone Jackson five.

Rosa they’re going to protect our.

Rights are who forfeited.

Frank who controls her income for the firm corporate make you.

Different coffee five thirty motherhood the high three five remain units probably the blond haired male with the police.

To tell you I’m listening to voicemail and we call from Johnny to do something don’t talk thirty five or so some high three five two seven zero or even if we were in or another perfectly normal.

Five three five.

Or four corner I don’t want to go far for our.

True feelings you know about a person as Frank went into Frank Ocean Union Robert and Joey around insurance.

They were fitted for heavy hitting Tom.

His record in the.

T.V. twice a day for nine.

Different and a mobile search on it I can see from a freeway of a fifteen it’s going to be westbound just the fortress to find.

Your plate.

You can buy three no matter three hundred franc one to remind occupied by male and female I mean the alleyway to the rear of the.

Tractor in a volatile part of the game are and are going to tell a security that was a female for twenty.

Becoming that of average of Afghans I mean it was.

Very easy eighty six if you’re going to side with.



When they’re there when she isn’t all.

Looking out over from think happened.

Still comes to me five clear successor down to a.

Six am to Al Gore succumbed to the machine found.

Out of first life and that a young union nor even why the war I’m sure in some.

Senses how.

Having some seriously making less of this was the better and I don’t want to David’s right research here unless we’re.

Having a property.

Six twenty four out of a from going to take literally fall vehicle vehicle number one farmer truck driving farmer recall I’m about a seven for David seven for seven regular joe call number two review the views of addicts three one three great third vehicle.

Why do construction about it three one Henry seven four four so far we have one hundred humming truck driver rolling on you didn’t.

Copy if you think it is driver information for the motor.

Copy not one for a seven year old Charlie six we’re going to hound you I don’t perceive you are now black.


Gone through part three of the aquarium if you will hold or if I think have a profit thanks.

A five seven hundred thirty S. dark here we sure are leaving pushing a black cart.

Northbound on health center and I want to clarify whether the P.R. is before twenty one a subject or or if that suspect is for the money and.

Two of a girl in.

Seminary fifteen where the four forty zero eight Adam copy another or sixth day of the four forty their location was for when you know a chance.

Intro to you can turn for T.V. twenty seven go to clear sunny on to the F..

Well you won’t call reference reform of any that’s affront to John is it in every way almost not.


In civics if I do show you’re serious.

December fourth region obviously eighty.

One Christian in the area.

It was for the joke usually form at the front end of the building.

You know Haven’t you heard a closer.

Look oh some more and they were apart in circles here I for show to join a company on this program one day just because you say for me to condemn Hamas for praise her for joining us.

Now from all the fanfare and of.


Her spying on France private property rights property for triggering a freak out before she experience that is very real where terminal mail message is the same location and user.

Review because for.

Control the whole thing is five thousand you didn’t want to hold her here are all over here I asked her but as I think she was struck home from a different location that her workers were going to be unseen our county sheriff thirteen can you find it even harder to listen for a.

Cup of coffee a very moving.

Castle for mighty if you know the first thirty five year old male unconscious not breathing or there’s fortunately one service well known to be around as well.

As his arriving over land I have no further there’s a fiar as well but working parties or wriggles who remembers who they were.

Maybe one fifteen that were close.

For a regular fourth time secretary city or county just one of that number zero nine eight five ninety five year old Paul Forte’s County very.

Prominent hall each twenty high.

And ruin a twenty seven you have got to arrive at four five.

His MC here is are VERY to video we call for assistance in having it be twenty six and it’s our I think it was confirmation Jaros an E.T.S. and thirty’s not sure what is very driving in.

The prison area of the scene where it’s deep and it’s annoying.

That you think you are taking three one three was that a commemorative plate.

For the veteran rancher he really.


Very ignorant troll to recover arriving hero for if you know in.

The last it was eastbound hope point health center but didn’t buy it and prayed at him for a very free six.

Eastern East Ground Zero to see if I.

Can improve over a parking lot where the fence dispensary is.

Should be for seven six five.

Seven thousand five hundred forty seven.

Five and by eight AM three three seven about a project of.

Some factories I mean with hills and their stuff in the middle of the road you know in a vehicle.

Full to litter twelve army of mine were killed right now there’s nobody in the intersection or just.

Do the answers aren’t.

Easy murdered walk or go yeah there’s war not now.

So where would you go to get me or what would.

Control preview from Iraq to me is that anyone trying to get its owner to my location westbound smoke ranch west Jones or.

Trucker who are due to leave the truck possibly near heavy duty co.

How large is it.

Ninety five Chevy do what we have a large photo of the water from Terrio look pretty heavy.

I grabbed my white or Hispanic male no further than I was far away for four six or weapons he was driving back and forth possibly looking at juveniles vehicles no longer an area in the parable of recall is a vehicle return stronger call came in through the crisis hotline two senses in fact for from a very off topic your voice sounds are seven guys we want to know that all eight eight eight yo using the we’re going to move out of personal nor are the king easy stamping its refusal all for being Enjoy your number slows down to zero seven last four to zero nine five eight time a call is eight eight team eradicate thirty nine and ride a fifty three ocean to him County they say some of his or three letters Urban Search preserve her breaker have heard of a story of and start with poison for two to three one for the digger some five for one.

Of your very noisy walks they have all got coffee.

From August second a few thousand take.

The last four for four or five for the recovery of a fifty six eighty North Dakota way Star protocol is a subject in that.

There is dollars in the back yard threatening the four or five of the four thirteen she does have a fourth thirteen A A two X. ray fifty six two X. three four struck that way that.

Unfortunately having a part for uncovering sign me privately for a copy calls for three.

Hours from reversion.


Church or greater don’t have emailed to see that she’s been using for for sex the for their genes going to be a kitchen if there’s a growing field.

Have been frozen for through this ritual of the arriving unit has a little recall of their universal evil spring.

Or something of worth it for me for a while and will be enough to go over or what will fall on the line.

In the awful way down so far from here about if there isn’t one hundred twenty four or.

Five or twenty four out of Iraq or three.

Five twenty four out of cutlery Mr Vice innocent honest that horrifies me it looks like a female to the bone from the P.R. said Who is this we don’t need your help and disconnect this.

One with once more that will having.

Been Ralph and Russell and.

The seventy pounds.

Sixteenth Century that I sixty five.

How to say if I see one time there will be any mine in something or.

Have a.

Heart problem at.

Sixty four of them fifty four out of my copies are in on that.

No member is a very.

Very wealthy four way roomy rack for twelve.

Jokey copies if it wanted Travis rigorous.

Program to cobble something five or.

So days with your vehicle rival going to get one of the best going to create all.

DANIEL For me Vanocur have thought very well you don’t have the vote My problem is you.

Control three three four if we can rely on line that are on the four or five whatever try to lock the door of the house and keep that four or five the suspect isolated the senator says Yeah get back inside.

We were in that line again we have a crying female who uses a phone that we don’t need your help and refused to use the phone silly original P.R.N. just going to the against well not track on again.

To see if there’s be a ferry we’re going to be if you are just one trial or five.

Or two thousand six.

Hundred three now if you want coal turn in drive.

Close to where you thirty six A.M. are ninety if you’ll be taking a female to Mountain View Cathy so for have a for when the same few at For me know in Rainbow.

North and Rainbow north the Flamingo silver so you have been in a white vehicle that covered up fifty four of them got me from going for me George was happy.

Twenty or.

Discover the channel for a fiver before Adam arrived and for a five piece if he didn’t say that.

Our son had rags over to our study results he thought I was a son really now that eight days early in our era just our very.

Down five to five acknowledge us progress only for eleven and the rest when he fell Chevy Cruze eventually five zero Lincoln or even.

Have ideas have been a very model Prior’s for domestic battery for us to have and rest a graduate use of a deadly weapon break.

Of accidents and glares of a good night out of.

Control down to fifteen.

Therefore won’t be claimed only the easy.

Stuff if we think.

We have it big in the north Joan great.

Sixty thirty five north drawing them up like they are still in power from the room here that is the marionette they are looking at everything and actually I guess the.

Scene works.

That even if not every powerful figure of retired markdown are in it for you know our vehicle in our terms of how to hold the office during.

The robbery very definitely our three hundred.

Thanks at st century Eagle Springs court where he was playing race so in terms of a seventeen two four six three one four two Henry driver personally seen many simmering or even entering the last four plus four one one four seven through a certain sort of one bellicose or.

A little after moving around corners provides even discontinue Coast nowadays medical care for.

The ninety one control surface for.

Four to five.

Hundred to three cover horses or something.

From licensed Herbert hundred over an hour for occupied five hundred twenty five star or the current for.

Five for one for a very popular first of rowing her.

Three Baker six ninety seven vs Aaron Ellis yourself a five or one who.

Hasn’t even made a run for car seven zero two three five three forty five or ten years has a corner.

On all of natural original.

Having to give the first one to please fifty six Mt how horse.

Terminal seven hundred nine three Charlie one nine zero on a rather warm spring summer and.

So the first.

Time by sixteen than a one zero nine yellow X. ray Union Warm Springs was a well known high sixteen missing person at a California operator my friends are going to be back on available probably I think in from North Fortunately for the three horses ranch is where they probably have already for a quarter hermit never missed.

For obvious private apartments very.

Very over pressuring.

Pretty three or four measuring I ran downtown for his rally wonder I don’t have our seventy Invader Force Landry’s or after.

Driving record right in downtown for a four seventeen twenty nine hundred list or office as a night for males in cars these is easy for if I stand around the whole one for nine three six in the rider cos of all brakes he put me on nine hundred twenty one North pretty please and I need another unit.

I think the engine from your governor for.

Our system is in town.

Just into patient one thousand nine hundred seventy prefer her period.

As you see one poor old woman is refusing to come out there’s also a big boy inside you have animal control or Also please F.M.’s half of our prayers that there are very hungry cause thing I found so also or along the query we went to a seven thousand one hundred call from one of our twelve and I was.

Your number again sure seven zero two parts.

Zero three zero zero zero three.

Two zero zero.

Thank you Roku sense three fifteen three.

Very usable meters in the north side of.

The House or was a voice now.

Out over us if I see anything particular you know like her and her family have M.

B M N B R E A vision here.


Every you know one probably thinks.

From five thirty five percent of the time I think five.

Five or six talking went in the rustle of the pivot in.

Her coffee.

Far far away to remember some five for one who served for our government of Lake Mead and Alice north down south where a van with white chalk.

Represented hero and visitor.

If a teen sat for a while in the was in a drive on scene at Rainbow and twenty where the driver’s been friends for his grocery rolls point that’s affirmative.

To five three.

To four so for.

Rainbow of forming over the fire for water so what Harry Carry on that one.

Part of the other next one off a point that’s how one of the.

Cialis I get to fifteen if you want to go just around the.

Governor I think the data.

From five four one.

Five five David zero five one of the arts or.

Savvy cafe feel frightened to the idea thank you.

Vehicles age going on here is if this were.

OK on one of the Never one for four six six be remember for four eight zero Right or two three five five four four three.

I think there might well have a student media Frank want to transform Bridgewater for always using our marijuana Frank and looks like he’s got several for forty days or twenty thousand total I your female half is going to be in a purple.

Thing at the close of the appropriate.

From same location having.

Different results if there’s an order.

Among the ARI or curio Westboro you have to go down a paranoid to make the user and dropping the pill count to prison over half a minute so if you know you want ninety one cover your drive traffic and race here to a four.

Part O. horror show for Christine a thirteen fifty three some barrel possibly three to four subjects east towards male parking brake all the Emmy’s only further we have at this time is possibly a blue vehicle involved.

And there are a Toyota that may still be parked there it will be in for a route code.


Yours when protected by our regional final call on this time a call is eight sixteen vehicles returning for eleven on a two thousand five receive easier right in the road.

West just west of one war or falls convience Caruthersville occupies Robinson or want to read them or you know who or what will these and go for it from being where is our right for us to have a shelter for us.

To kill or the idea of medics who or what is refuse a worldwide war and world problem.

You can get to it I’ll show you around.

As that covered on south east think that time unit has a forum I haven’t the Sahara and or a winter was.

Still looking for some additional units if we have anyone in the area so what I want is I just thirty want to.

Ride in pajamas.

And Mary will be enroute from in order to just having a friend I guess working our South East hand I’m not sure if it’s rolling or not you’re sort of want to reach over having your three dinners I’m an icon one Colorado and I like an affirmation of thirteen one two one three.

Think you will thank you for any given of the time he was born even over one zero zero seven times call it thirty two control points who are.

Eight forty three eight fifty two these are five.

I twenty four and I’m going have.

Requested medical leave the two thousand year.

After going.

Through or through or with all the end of.

The night have me say here want to what I hear that stock believe all the drivers complain at this time.

There are quite a few reviews or worse.

Far worse for the car for four or five or.

Thirty and fifty three Sambora.

Or over the roof of our.

Reviewer for the rifle sure sure where reviving her for every.


There were very very good for her.

Floor Show her for her Safari groceries running with.

Her fourteen one hundred merely for his shop the way he talk and go over to her to be OK you can run services seventy three thousand transferring.

If you.

Were fortunate Herman.

If it was very far from a month.

From now oh and.

Seven seven three.

If you contact Ernest wreckers Jr High and see if there’s a person for maintenance they can send out here to me I’m very kind to have too little school or a record middle school and to see somebody like that personally a story about where they’re from after the.

Fall recruitment out of.

Three zero zero zero to three members who have event in resign I was in nineteen one one one nine.

TIME The car was eight forty three in real time nine o’clock in arrival nine thirteen.

Thirty seven twelve Royal Cross OK we’re going to be on thirty eight sixty one royal rhyme or.



Country Hall who require people for forty three more days after Turkey for General.

Resisting Israel was more than on the for want of.

Turkey sounds good right Catherine suffering of an avian flu in custody.

We know is.

Twenty’s richer short dread got into it but we were unknown then and when the.

Rest some or all went down forty I don’t know from where.

The NE In addition Larry and I have a description of the F.A. with a gray shirt and flowers shorts that was supposed to last in running east on transparent.

Morning where we were really resident description thirty one happened.

In victims on property division one affirmed.

How he covers her seventh grade you already.

I don’t even very well for a year and I found a good word of warrant of court and clear.

OK Copy channels that are broadcast and some five or ones were in the for eleven a off or on NE every other clear is one show to which one to T.V. series are going or.

Why the normal were because drugs or or when.

That worked in the summer those were.

The comparable for Rick shopping cart full of the one we hear from of the school more copies of her broadcast E.G. in about an hour and one zero victory and they are now only one D.V.D. So there was a victory of Baker for the these two big very yellow very for.

Theirs right after a four three are for sex empowerment Lantana told hundreds of three pints apartment T A one six nine that’s something someone had been doing or.

Dressed in a white teens her out friends tease you and uses one time it says have a tool to get into the residence but.

Again one having the phrase the.

Issue of unity for G.O.P. important day three hundred thirty forty rewarmed of us for interview and they were there for me through our heard a very dear friend who.

Warned of us being there when the viewer is of twenty three or five going to yes twenty two or five paradise.

Coffee we can get their papers six seven joined about a given recall the walk appears.

And I’m sorry I missed the place how they got again but earlier traffic goes up and the fights are they can break their papers six seven John got a new one having.

Rover thirty just that he was having hopefully for a coach where you get this reply from me three thank you twenty four off my face for six empowered of twenty three.

Probably happy for you both the right other for every nine to five years or.

Project before we have from the scene and show Christians in the alley behind the building thirteen aviate and but was still in history.

Thing else for me to have an impact on building thirteen eight thousand.

People for five hundred seventy three euro from a thirteen fifty seven for a number while you have an impact.

Injury or circumstance of thing Also you aren’t.


Priscilla for sex for it to.

Pull over to Mr and will go with.

The Additionally we’re going to serve a search warrant however non-church.

Having ignorance of the.

Controlled City forty six requests for City forty six seven I there who some reports think because you are from a Hollywood.

Movie Forever twenty one I can you wrong medical television going to one of the Ontario regions or far from is it for legal any negative for the medical She had a miscarriage on Saturday or no weeks along and then she’s going L F I can’t have him start with.

Eight fifty zero point five zero two I want to be disarmed of all five years of all of our generals and bring from Washington an aria for the fame of it was there no one in the vehicle or is the only real.

Board Member way very.

Obvious here’s my very muscular twenty two thirty last night Major me am a night fifty five years old very year six but to forty last year of black polo shirt in khaki shorts Frank looks like peers receiving several fraud alerts on his credit card and his vehicle still parked in the driver’s seven seven hundred R.V..

OK five semis as you guys are probably on a.


Of other nine thousand two.


Feet three terminal three drive up in front of your forty three police.

Forty one of everything for having come to a five or a center if I go back to the Route sixty ninety three seven seven three control.

Of I when you have a chance Sergeant Martinez the sergeant is requesting a call is I’m sure you are done but I have a number if you already sent your.

Son your message I have a number of difficulty for members of the gentleman who was.


Probably go over to you.

First were.

We don’t you know it was one that two four nine are right that he out of the other one that he could see it so I know which will occur first.

Blackberry again apparently nothing of it is that they went into a residence at one one three three over an apple your P.R. still standing by in a black tie on if yours at one hundred seven will not hurt reception Strawson a strong.

Or do you not revise your thirty four core to our vision coverage.


Are P.R. is the mother says that her daughters were to read how.

You asked her mom out with her of interest to be our director who are whores are.

Going to.


I got the seven hundred one of the but we’re not going to.

Try forty five acre The five thirty five year old not a whole for a fifty seven year old with a problem of rigor though what’s really important to the forty five usually for her interview recall March you are and find out where your ovaries were going to be or.

Not because.

Minerals and nine sixteen horizon one thirty you know how many others are selling how fast they’re gone north from south of.

The Frontier County to George three four six three six go either your prejudices do or she’s seen them all drop her off what we’re very sick required if this were for you I guess we’ll confirm this morning she’s a negative for fifteen now she’s over you’re pretty strong probably have an agenda for the mother you have been a huge issue grow more than.

Happy twenty four years and possibly have for me in custody before grieve properly was happy to Jordan when we were recording with her Margo we know one other thing that’s written WE’VE GOT A through F. Even at least if they did anything with him.

Even Number eleven he said kind of call nine sixteen thousand nine hundred ninety five X. ray three.

In one of.

Our offices.

High City Central City twenty six i Phones on a voice now and I want to have a.

So that’s how I mean off the shelves are OK again I’m I’m all right of building fears and Paul next to circle fests how to copy copy and from a lot of other X. ray William Adams but if you do.

Have a time when you can disregard for a few They transport it in house back down to.

Ninety five to zero in very.

Fifty seven hundred whatever river robbery bigger out of.

Previous ones you have to.

Have a.

Control group you have some you want to sell us if we do five you’ve got numbers zero six eight.

Happy doing.

To one hundred.

Seventy seven control six figures of you are.

Six Victor.

Three one equal nine very very poor writer David one was right.

If you feel you know.

I’m sorry show you where the services.

There were imported her for doing forty three having.

Two and one Treasury through four zero.


They were used.

To Have and Have a.

President of one Q zero four thinking you know I’m licensed full tried and go occupied one time practice and my own truck went.

Down too long.

This isn’t for now by the years in terms of the thing it only through a searing through Germany one zero six that their Aryan race adventurous has further for them to come to the scene.

Probably the OK coffee services are entering.

Right for Sarah Reza me to give my dad.

Our resident Whiteman our fried one prime We have forty five or three harmony heavy bricks and forty five of these are happy to talk hockey control before.

The forty seven US sign myself and pretty thirty seven to the four fifty million chosen route from southeast that’s it for those that think three fourths Yes you’re supposed to be feeling sorry for the holder of oil for.

Going to very well and you are.

Ruins it for your five years during which in your retreat in property.

Where you.

Control freaks I want to be so I want to be one gentleman Spring Valley I’m not with bigger party for that very few of you know police firemen seven have a gun you never have a three one eight vehicle four six ten rider five zero three zero sixty four right.

Here on the yard about a dog you know him or any a couple garden whites or any part of the perimeter while we wait for I just see fired my armor cannot be John’s arriving to Johnny it hurts young too so that was our general vision of reason six are you with me.

A fifteen five eight and Bill uses four for six Malcolm possibly has a for thirteen X. for.

Your view of.

Unity her her for her that I asked her of us are twenty five and Mary his and ISIS in a mountain break and even running between three nuns has only any brown deer from her here for our first and for my right shoulder there handling camp last year and I only have one previous there for five the piers name is even a Mack or.

Maybe for you his information you have to time.

OK you are a fabulous number over one hundred eighty six three nine zero zero four some of these debates are one are you out with them.

So we really have four seventeen.

Just that one vote in for one to read both spoke ranch.

Horses who are presently which of your very.

First very for whom you are V.P. are great you can even if you have nine or two the rest of them for.

Happy I’m sorry small business for a long be at Rainbow and smoke ranch have been obvious which or what.

Have you know as will right or is your doing far right just reconfirming that the others are thirty seven twelve World Press that current for P.R..

Semi or go to our G.I.’s thirty seven twelve I’m out about the only way to go for all of you are probably miser.

I mean our very first.

And profound to all of them the baker times are alive and happy drawing boards are no growing apart from objections and.

Healing forty three time of year just results on the place inside for him I can fall and I arrived.

Here So am I think of their welfare check and they care for the better of apartments twenty nine or twenty of very sad.

News broadcasts of course seventeen knows him for eight nine or five Dean Martin could be between one has been thirty three year old son.

Or fifteen has been frozen he certainly having control of your two hundred feet if you jerk away from a.

High Yes I have one for the Charlie and for twelve very very very strong tar sands are toast but are.


Has a for.

Every five or five I shall.

Overcome in northern remove from our to do fifteen we have abilities version of the subject your story one six three six is just like four Laws of traffic so city or county general.

See one four zero.

Season one for me.

Your three one six three six is for thirty eight out of county related speak of everything on the album of punk rock OK.


To north are fleeing to north.

Korea in others any three of us.

There’s the night run three three one run three three months country for a nice.

Profit if you’re going to be a farmer not for long enough to pop effect.

Right now no I’m not going to give it the fluff reason return Valerie white code five hurry to do some back up and make her cry very epic and meet me after.

About a lick of Victor’s zebra jurors zero six cactus and very five happy to have since you I think you’re seeing candidates for seventeen seventy three for intro probably now it’s on the east side.

East of forty to sixty four terror.

But they’re on the salt sulfite happy.

Now acknowledge that I mean they’re in a merry some five projects I think having some force that for some.

Five or six to eight to Victor John Salmons director.

Having our I’m pretty sure is a theme.

Have been there lasting Washington arrange whole cloth her horse own apartment and had you bells also something by another job you know me and Jimmy with blond hair and cream colored shirts.

Do you have an.

Over to your old pals or team some factory you have a.

Big bowl just pick me up in the middle of the West hungry one current record of her.


From a time and.

Remember he’s the one you want.

A one or A and if he sees it well.

He did anyway.

Drove her.

To thirteen fifty.

Five fifty jewels and so for some folks we’ve got he’s great your.

Avi I just noticed that my not having their holidays.

Are over twenty one do we have any other callers on the.

Negative just that one male calling and saying the guys in the street is a white male fifty years old the reality game requests in the idea of hiding his insane wealth like the male lives at ninety seven thirteen redeem.

Runs ninety seven twenty three Mannheim male with a at.

Five hundred five three six theory called the P.R. war five super good although that’s a for.

Clark on the.

Show he went to five.

He won thirty five are usually.

Primary on a four sixteen a trough and Jones of a rat in correct can you make patrol units at running primary because we’ve never responded.

Happy I think they all cleared two in forty three hell do you have a decision for that early for sixteen I think there is the Northwest beige if you need to find you if you see that the hospital.

And no one else is assigned but you but I’ll go through and see if I can find out who it was.

Control heart surgery he may have created a new event of the northwest region of the hospital or find out who it is and if it’s a common process it’s one for even ones haven’t one’s very Robertson one myself pointing or I’d.

Never have a chance or two or three when writing a mass for thirteen again ninety seven fifteen reading.


Phaedra’s more great down here so we could go to private houses so they could stay back to their feet about arrived.

You know what we just heard this record going to heart should be right here to promote.

These wars are handy when he’s a loser King ravine in the well of well in a home where of course.

I stick a copy letter broadcast that this time ninety seven thirteen reveal how many in ten hours if I for one is read that now.

From Grand Teton T.V..

I think you’re over a David your oh six zero among hacienda Durango I.V. you brick and washing was sponsoring a black Mercedes with unknown plates so you threaten to come back and forth twenty of the few are with reporter friends from school or absent to night of weapons system that no.

Time for.

A good job.

Route to a male’s Hassam fifteen our current friends we know super huge after living control for thirty seven thirty and I know once you are number eighty so stand by for have probably take that there is if you want to practice on two French health care not I took over drizzle of French I’m sorry just see what radios are having a developer back of a united Ireland cert.

If you’re going to treat recruitment firm or a growing being too hurt your provoke already.

Hurt or.

Have a party to all the declare or.

Northwest corner of a narrow.

View of your new Mary.

Mary OK How effective is really the callers who called in to join her and no less than the no direction of travel civilian a blue white scarf over say six feet medium build black T. shirt blue jeans and nine smoker in plain talk and I assume you’re in a little while for.

Three four thank you but I think three or six seven sometimes sixteen about a suit I am four zero nine via cactus in forty five.

Personal for all seven of us thank you five Albertson’s twenty eight eighty five east desert in very first pic with me with the blue lights are for his face Bigfoot medium build with a black shirt blue jeans for thirteen and a no action or career I don’t want to channel for the for all seven the American invite director semi’s as you like I say to me there are three might enjoy are you asking right or you are right for happy to marry their easy fight in job growth to marry one kill cook for on the full forty three.

In their pools if you work your four six eight or two years are online purchases one for one that’s happy some five or six rolls for a record or you can free event is going to be thirteen eighteen one three one e calls nine sixty one and Route ten o five arrived ten twelve sector between one and the city if you search for the four twenty five and fifty four twenty caring place million eight break here on the fourth for.

Control it from the front doors of the residence wide open not hearing anything inside no vehicles outside not the center of the next available back drop to four sections from one but forty six copies us is rising She’s working a four A one at your high five southbound of the ticket or off ramp there may be some traffic delays short or anything when we think it is a good forty six when the king and America tour but I think happy when forty six wanted to serve are we making their way into the advisories how things are for free if they can residents are here Jeremy.

Drove five to eight South or are tied to a time control foundry seventy.

Cents around seventy just a good reason from the south it is going to be either beauty of You break going to derive from these effect being upset about loud warming care from P.R. The P.R. is going to be the victim Robert Turner or over twenty one just to confirm out here what is holding position and waiting not well warning what does it derive any or more is arrived there holding short on even to an end with the proper twenty one.

Thirty one.

Hundred words for a from Roberts We want to do get confirmation on the target address the target address I have a ninety seven one three ravine and that cracked if you know that it.

And I have made a previous There are not January actual Ma’am thank you for doing that your office over to your wallet.

And so those are the boards through there to force of arms over writing wants I’ve asked to of even is a virgin with their generosity to marry one control.

For or.

Give you nothing now that you’ve now is going to be and the breakroom never to do for six hundred.

Six hundred.

In French for fire for in a out of character story behind.

Think of the numbers the last three numbers four five three when I think you.

Saw five thirty five corridor one five three five the opposite thing the baker from five.

And twelve he was alone all the local To Go ahead of them and for we who are all happy.

Short term future versions are her courage and affirmative.

Probably save for six of them I think in Nevada four three three were yellow they kept the Satori behind.

Me even if you Robert twenty one parts right there on scene he’ll be taking over number twenty one you make a far call twice if you pick me up and hang up.

The Also these apartments are letters not numbers so when you recall we’ve been clear and ready to go on even if you’re covered I think since there are three of you for thirty nine seven zero eight one for service the street references for a feisty good show to defuse him or he was who do you need the forty one having people over check on a white male sixty years old six foot heavy bills with a loan and say you know major depression and paranoia is if you thought of younger for forty five minutes I’m in heaven if your rent free while you’re out for the residence and having a whole trail the Celera.

Or in the private route is easy your life for is twelve ninety one two nine zero he went in round at nine fifty five nine five a feast.


Chile I’m happy for him tomorrow.

Cuffy all disconnect.

And probably remember that in my quest for summarizing I own forces fired one for his eyes back as have a read on one perfect key ninety three out of possible for us are in first like the I AM history for over four hundred or four.

Hours or Gene.

Going through.


Negative it’s a one hundred.

Seventy first national poor for one of the female side awards and of course it’s of.

Course it’s a.


Six degrees of those great horsey cases where it’s her whole deal was where it was revised her cross training comes right having to wash down washed up doing or regular.


Turf or vehicle has and it when those an affair tire on the back with a silver vise a correspondent.

For the war.

Crimes of.

Affirmative asked for is thirteen seventy eight one three seventy break kind of coffee can I find it hard for our rights attorney seems.

George for in county probably very.

Conservative join your care or other and your time to evolve anyway pressure.

On sources say we’re here we’re going to be at the Safari one.

And you’re forty one of having regrets.

Probably utility for one.

Reason only one of the higher you quit of the last forty seven years this is our new one.

I want to fight when I want to marry that think you.

Want to make a one.

Hundred five fifteen or twenty first number to a one.

Seven seven three for game related sentence have a free coffee to join forces of some treating with you Richard preserving Jupiter for.

Having been Break years on his way back to the residence now.

Service coming from Bonanza and the easy should be very few minutes for the.


Samurai want to pass on him.

Home to a lot of.

Times you have a whore a one thousand euro ex or never be one of the three to get you marry me the numbers I hear will have years of at number one three six thirteen sixty six sector breaking one time a homeless tennis explained here in Atlanta seven are I’ve tensioning trainers County.

Happy two vs twenty one I prefer if you could go to the for all seven of Asian country but it’s meant to be for landscaping company seven one five X. three Baker easy.

Robert Turner Well blue eyes and brown hair one is right back to your tattoo on each of the shoulders great for your ground use more for sex and parents believe years unstable has been heard from since the twenty seventh of last month.

To the forty five.

To eight hundred we’re going to go in who are the sort of men along going to rob them have a.

Sense of having to marry their is revised its record highs you see her as a very easy rider a friend ironically.

One of the oh it in order to.

Your services are known for six users territories unstable last heard from him on the twenty seventh of last month videos in three months.

And this past winter out to San Francisco just last in finding very silver ninety hundred C.R.V. inevitably there are other Georges five nights or nine.

Murthy by her Baker Cup you know the force of them location was for an advance that my eyes are seeing that is going to be one four six seven one four six seven is really still ourselves I finally was.

Having with local playmaking sixty six.

To me a thirty two a one level on about a one nine in RI four for three to point B. in your view no surprise hundred percent or just an open primary waffle of any more from sixty six happy doing something address that’s what is written.

Chevy truck so important work that are.

Going very very poorly in your.

Rancho or a washing.

Point forty three copy sacrificed for you Victor Mary Mary two zero six zero Virginia every year US was right on several of our things.

For us or as a summer health town home for three four five families three Rivervale rolling on the ground screaming three and again only partial six or McGregor over you know Mojave and maple having.

To he’s only want to do what he wants a local horse having So America came by who are very basic probably last one for six eight their location was for five years he may have been going to be one for e to one for a few.

Friends or if we have either.

This might be S.T. only it being activated for a reference or for a human I don’t have the details yet for me when I get past the no Until take off her clothes and she’s concerned for kids in the area of a summer reading something on her doorstep and she was concerned she might take.

That person or write me down with actually from a deliberate friend who has gone there are worried that this lady was going to take the packages OK Richard thank you.

Two in fifty five control can you copy the four seventeen one thousand nine hundred seventy million more of the to not care to remain there as a front pain involved when seventy seven you ask.

Me primary even ready to.

I’m sorry when fifty five one Mr President that’s when seventy seven one hundred the next available.

Pro to a version clear mission rich record when forty second control doing a version of not richer he has gone for six seven and I just served as a person to a year to really I’m glad that they are under a court order of the only communities that you know.



Who still Dupasquier coffee if you fall nineteen hijackers are now on fourteen need you know for sixty measly seven from us I mean are you happy.

With their taxes and John having.

To carry on the extra coverage.

To him.

To England before he’s right this up right middle of the roadway a copy.

Of an update on those suspects three or four fifteen if you could walk us into all the areas around us soon to be able to Chrysler force a van newer model but no exact model.

Five forty five or six of I think.

About the first wives Mary Union Robert you will be right will just use the Durango happy where you are member want to be clear taking.


Duty grew bigger.

Are the things that are mentally day eastbound traffic is seen red northbound traffic distain green so.


Control sixty six George Charlie if you know the sergeant sound scene for the course if you need communicable hundreds of the reason I drove I don’t while they’re on my give up right now.

I’m so sick you know you refer to me and I get on the subject that we have all we’re clear six hundred eighty three.

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