Portland May 21, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

Ninety four SE one twelve and Malden street second hand from trying that on one twelve between all the on the east side of the road there’s a male pointing a very bright laser at passing cars trying to find them they don’t have a disk so

Anyone that can grant cover girl a hurry of course filler

OK editor it’s one thing forty four yes one advantage one zero one two three Market Street remember fourteen they had a lock and stabbed victim who’s wanting to report they have suspected very very nicely for and he’s actually got his a

Thank you for me and I need an one thousand wait time a crime back as I should want to be on one tenth drive and north of Brooks I drive on a little bridge then I think up to seven service as I look over you then Poppy

Are very frank it’s recovery from a hero I think charlie i make their own after fifty seven I have a cold with ninety four Honda Accord

Were warm for a fire north of POW

And we’re pulling over to the

Vet about it one for five just for the fall off if he says it will close I just gave me five zero one one for arm and one for heart probably five year old selfies one for fun but very

Fabulous I would also say of all non-emergency else

The friends are back in effect for when I

Have either one of them facing left down

This is George C. for me on this and I think that again for you and one for seven just be advised it doesn’t like five zero one one a bit but he’s nothing right at three one zero he ses one for five cover and one three seven and yourself are off

Them for a second I mean before you think

Horry How many very obvious ones exam was sixty one one no one else needed

A six off on no more unusual for no traffic for around

Twenty three thank you


Your think that Rocco for her in order

For any


To fight for three for George George Charles one of three thirty three is any four fifty nine for Google

I don’t have the ovens already and I

Need a healthcare

Or sensor that you have not emergency on the air seventy percent of

It is of

Separation from drawing on emergency off the air forcing entry three or four enough Russell as I knew

We were going to our

Devil’s Hole there originally on some vehicles spiriting don’t do it so many of you know description of a one

From five hundred twenty three of their conservative argue one the resistor what

Are the floor or whatever or are offered or more

Ever or

The world

Is Rob weapon implied not seeing it

I think it is our defective her present her go over five hundred eight three three

Three and five eight I have a

Disturbance ninety four hundred ne Vancouver way this is an approximate location only There’s even a male and female now looks to be chasing the female no descriptions yet

For me when Goober

If he is going to want to see from a vision or suspect as a male some of his forties were in a brown paper bag over his head black sweatshirt

Black jeans have black lots I don’t think I’ve ever heard of or look like we’re going

To be clearing the building when you’re so hot and one more of days is a color if I do my Everywhere in a beanie under the paper bag which she saw through the eye holes that he made in the bag not only coming out as a means e-mails and e-mails are clothing

Five or six and you know a little more description our guy

Again he was male possibly forty’s but express church black jeans and black gloves medium build five eight all the way different one fifty to one seventy he ended up getting about twelve hundred dollars at one point I didn’t see vehicle you know washing heading towards division you know if you torsionally twenty three of you don’t an area check off areas you’re going to the south has heard where you’re either her or her

But it is a puzzle I made a copy

Everything earlier you can have a

Billion school or

Ninety seven one company says it can find are even I’m checking the numbers that were in the you are I’ll

Break your job into seven but you know and once on that he talks religion a subject from the safety on the

Black sweatshirt her recovery

Agent for the go ahead be an agent and just when I find it most among there’s a male walking on the freeway OK from Central

To them and probably be a judge and know if it was from America you know in home you know the Court T.V. seven Kathy

Since they will

Still be a white male in the sixty six foot long hair who are gray sure who’s jean shorts standing on a white line waving his arms around Robert

MORRIS And there are for

One seven The southwestern Washington you’re the food carts the subject just as France down he’s been in his food at the employees a white male thirty’s and what

They were some tough working if you set of living here just a second of all think you can clear out one of those they want seventy it was I’m talking things that any know nothing so we’re not going to have a better other than most ardent rock

Having over there

By nine

Twenty four a foreigner slant the housemaid into apartments there’s a male in the back yard yelling that somebody is trying to shoot him they can’t see him for a description and they haven’t heard anything else

Men in five eighty truck the event driven haunt me

Forever After I have a disorder

I haven’t seen thirty nine or go ahead and there’s a cover knows we’ve been up to these houses before and there’s a subject who’s very anti for you

I think they caught me

I’ve been Isaac state and other tenant hearing the same thing that person is now yelling for me call the police it’s a me trying to hurt them they think they jumped the fence from the construction site on the Hoover side of five hundred twenty

Five twenty one

It will go up a little

I find you very

Very frustrated the juice of

But isn’t so in three seven A will sure apartments for twenty southeast grand

Callers of they were doing little enough you know that a door in there was a sign of the struggle and disconnect in being in the parking over

So there’s no government around

Five three of us really taking a vehicle less than eighty four Amaranth us twenty four they set it off the road down and then they commit a dark blue four door sedan made an army life

I think service of

Thirty five sort of to someone like Mike


You say you’re disconnected with

The call to hear and I tried back and no answer nothing and region for an apartment number

That’s a lot of silly so was doing you again and

Right on target want to do we were doing it with a

Firearm ready for him to do when every grocery

Got a six or nine

And it’s all five four three nine ne Church mind said he was assaulted five ago by a male inside the location receiving medical claims waiting outside and also wanting to stand by did you

Pick for any got me by twenty

Seven to seven I got on the phone it’s going to be a number for eleven three females outside I think

So is a wheezes nigger or whore will be there in the Far from Asia to have a look at from Columbia County suspect involved in the stabbing left who’s under wreckage in a neat brown older Subaru Outback unknown plate by thirty one

Thirty five

Thirty six point six

And you have all over they have not had to think of that and insist that

If I study part in an even writing you know can you put me back on this one for our fortune and I won’t lose Juno these Sure

Football has a Cyprus I three motorcars Poitou Robert Boyce am one one for having played there in reserve in the Fairview

Primary two three general

That morning at say forty five families respect to

Their opposition apartments when rain was there or ether inside a guy looking in the cars walking from the play building to the Irving is a blackmailer glasses black that he dark like obvious dictate

This call that you are out on earlier is a noise complaint Hollywood East forty four hundred ne Broadway number seven zero three is calling back saying that a person is evil three is now threatening her and she’s acting whole thirty four and it’s their whole

Tick tick tick

By forty eight

Points of it was a reunion for seven McDonald’s when you want Westerns transience inside purple refusing to leave from county for Washington state taxes and a threat for a couple days ago they’re making five threats

She told me this earlier result in the power color I’m not going to contact over to fix a stickler you know where she can be from different we’re not going to go there

That I’ll take her now to hang out and six a disregard how do you think you

I fell thirteen my property

Then there’s that they call the surgeon and C.D.C. and every bridge in the region to do it really no longer haul to overthink and show myself

Issues you know six and five over again

Because they’re teams and he’s roaming around dense D.C. for a special fault report has its successor grid to do John Jones three to go report record

Is informational reckless driver last in less than ninety four from friends road and the silver ality Oregon Charlie rink in seven four ninety seven and when the players in traffic to pass people this recent six zero seven when I come to court I’m still with him he said it all heard a happy Easter kind of party I mean just let it run out when it will be all the male officer boys you know

Any posture in Boise

Hurt her

Three her or her job her her her her or her record

They’re in and our core structure of knowledge of the Greek system one for each a place once they’ve got an organ George Charlie Paul had words

But since he said and I just lost him it is full of the very departments of war solving original political to the end what Heller is the fair had hung the pilot for always a

Silver hunter at

Every George ever to

Serve in Johnson Creek United user on the right


Four I got here it’s an occupied

Towards the via western part of complex right now it’s where the back

There in part of that thanks for the ones of there was an innate reserve and once exposure officer in over six one six one subject down inside the caller’s apartment drunk or high refusal the white male twenty’s dark hair no sure that’s a copy from a ginger it was it was very

Clear Mia Frank the fray and put me on Incident One for four and four for police search your face and I have a seven hour description of them now from a video feed white male twenty’s red white and blue striped shirt no weapon seen compliantly there with it has cut the festive getting because it’s are closed

To forty six seven eight in a Council requesting the person left her

There in preference park with an east large mountain road at Merrill or they hit a deer or that injured are still alive this is life or any part of a color

Code and eyes of another color

Ten thousand how do you think Nissan males are a lot over the sensing climbed over the fence to the street side they do have video of him doing as he was last seen climbing the fence at his a junkyard just east of the substation

I do not have and while there was a setback to want to go in for three days and he’s wearing a maroon with white writing about five and one else had it on the left forearm Have you want to unburden say transition to my nine five than I do

But a really


Twenty seven Baker Bridgetown Parvin for five to five ne Fremont second name is site works design the temp N E I guess has video on sight of a male moving through the biz

This towards the northwest corner there’s also a code in the call

And six a day

Six twenty six serials if you love them

Six a day disregard it in copy Thank you

Guys in the old I seventy copy for everybody going to a three month call the building under construction the mail setting off several alarms just going through tools urinating on a wall white male purple jacket bluejeans backpack just as nine six are in

Another update for Fremont the alarm company says a person is now is a job trailer on the east side of the building he’s by the job trailers on inside

Six thirty

Every year the one that’s going along on the six six eight call in Fremont you have it so make sure the unit number right at six thirty two several hundred forty four

Five or seven three really cars coming out that will be close for a fifty five one one three three NE three months

Thirty years ago if you see some of the inside open doors is a bar

Is the door the first open ridge of Nova image is there he’s in route and he is just in this for you minute so I’m assuming this is via some sort of surveillance not me and there in our society there this tent he doesn’t know if anybody they’re having anything like I mean I’m reading that

No I’ve never heard of and he runs like three one zero and ring are you having three seven three four had There’s four three five if you this is right Mike Radio Shack what a ride for seven years of our

Company probably

Six thirty six thirty five what was it DOES left the station

East side of the building says the last trip was three minutes ago at six thirty three zero six thirty

Six thirty six members of any advisors are off and on the right was something of a car started with a clear cover

Three five five seven Force officer the second son and younger me Frank and all their families if you survived and I found this thing for her but I have a thing

I want to tell your you for nine John David George I would place it in her it six thirty seven

Now you know as all of us thank you no one six thirty eight three seven three three answer your answer seven is the enter

This room was the first time I recall the names of thirty ago when I was it six thirty one probably central to which I have off every


Years in this version if all that was me thirty

Six very clear six weeks

Dictate tonight


You’re going to go to war first I want one for eight and for the very reason Hartman planes have a lot less power are complaining and daily John one seven thirty places to check on his roommate she ran out of the apartment when he came home and says he’s there nearby bus shelter any moment again and six hundred sixty four that he’s increasingly losing a Lately their own fourteen facial tissue to burn for even this or have you think you


If you need for seven in front of Hamilton was twelve

You know female it’s her whole with the collar so as to have

Got it there for Zorro

Original offer to call going out to the city and Sam in the mail doubling in traffic a wife will thirty’s Persian blue jeans six

Sorrier for a poor outpouring for her father will

Do it for the first Harry of six for you know your third effectively produce extra air freshener only

So objects possibly doing drugs of other group pick up red canopy if foreign reman striking is forty six pretty hard working for her for there is anything that says there’s original only in the reckless driver of westbound Powell from one seven for the green Honda Accord two hundred six hundred or Roger being sixty you know if we had any pursuits overnight involving a green beautiful four door sedan if I soon as are associated remember with

No usual to be out front on the thirteen and clearly side

Preferred over

George sixty three husband on twenty three other nuclear not skin fly down to give me the colors number

Four to five

Three one one six

Four again one one thousand six hundred sixty four by seventy

And I’ve offered Jack Albert and I five fifteen to go near the on ramp

Person as Pan Am lines that look they have a bloody forearm from the forearm to the wrist he needed jack white male thirty brown hair blue T. shirt and jeans and six thirty unless somebody else or

Six fifty five

Central surgeon available a call like this we go P.D. I think it’s regarding that pursuit

I don’t believe a person will call you or require their oaths agreeing with the educator six three five zero two three eight thank you

So doctors central to do laundry on North she switches central like Green says and uselessly

For the

Five Not hurting that’s all vehicle and I five when I want to find out if I go on the racial or off the freeway copywrite shoulder off the

I’ve ninety five ninety us

We pre-judge it somehow responsible to her

In eighty seven you can clear Iko are very clear don’t have a force of that very

Five ninety

Just says about twenty minutes probably things you know from sort of a six year old can forty five I seventy five seventy us was there I could Estrin structure a vehicle somewhere in this general area in the last few hours or last night I just sat down but I was there for somebody go to thank you

I’m over

By seventy years on the side that it’s over eighty and the twenty three other be

Free free free for you it is off the freeway it’s on the shoulder


Angela not

Any seven hundred cart they are

The sort of this

Is only for

That unsure why should I show you that

There are three inhibitor

It’s definitely a very big

Incentive suddenly settled in forty five

Days of eighty seven drivers got its own route he’s a thirty minute

Visibility of

Seven Have you think it is seven eleven never say thank you seventy three there are Saudis one hundred six male is pulling on the door handle the vehicle has drivers and say honking thinks it’s time breaking her car jackets right now Paul is having a camel jacket vehicles a silver Honda Odyssey happy for one thing in Washington seventy five

I’ve done six five to nine North Lawn Bartle for complaints storage unit YOUR was broken into yesterday and even now just finding a couple guys who are promoting through it’s been running off northbound on foot with them bags

Those If there was any northbound on the bike path is going to be too white males if it was going to cowboy and the second and have a black backpack if you can let him know them very first

Anyone else looking for ever six five to nine out of over six area I’m there for thirty five twenty one were looking on really large and over that were very ordinary of five Germans grow heavy in the area some sixty

Ninety days just wasn’t good enough is that any happy thing that the fifty cents was in reverse for to not log on like that well thought the procedure that is of a more are

Able to the south side of racing this system force you to do I’m just not follow up if you think you is seventy

Or anyone on this side of contact with it I and ash last night drives up

Maybe just me and I will get rabbit federal government probably

There is the John L. that he bought author Those were two copies of this one so I’m very one sided on I mean my alarm industry information there’s a trying to have a supervisor Carter different that he’s seventy seven to the one or

Something that somebody what it was so you and the other unidirectional have in the farming thank you for three for the honey court for may be sent on sight without a parka how the all of us dummies izing have their cue and that one hundred long here go on thank you so if we want to go for that we go for the very tip but

It ate them

Everything are a couple of hearty for welfare checks holding for us content a lot of the running water taken Donald five six one three Sell these two for a female slumber and a white surety Camry there’s another at eighty five and we ve for a female rocking back and forth on the northeast corner some thirty three sets of and some are real and five a wind blowing on an injury accident or he’s real or and NE of all know who

They are blocking traffic

From from but I won’t go over the rules especially a harvest bicyclist that goes around or they won’t cover it seventy four seventy three want to eat at fancy for a party in your district every point three four in Clinton very not her colors cars in her husband’s face then took off running north on thirty fourth by race by sure they did logy currently spinning she was

Driving his crotch and flipping off covers over get in but I embarked on a train there

That’s one of the scientific

Poll the thirty one office for seventy one have been injuries one for two or three

Black life

To heal

You know I think I was yelling at the air vaca salon one two zero Northwest night evidence actually on the Davis side I know forty some the bald head grade teacher off leisure and he’s not in some sort of you got me and I actually have a priority in your district I’m a preamp you Northwest six in Flanders fifteen to twenty people

Having eleven if I can have you go to the six hundred

Thirty eight as you said at welfare check that McDonald’s I think for one three selfies he sent you cost

Me nine eleven I got

They going to use alpha males and females the ten seeing else as the ones who are fighting copies of their D.N.A. If any one of the second one in Davis just prior to this it’s a

Very long time you know it’s at forty

Three and have a sixty one it’s seven forty and they threw anything back on for every nine eleven even the French had a civil war and

So the still very and the corner is running north or been north on three fourth then stopped at the corner about two blocks down the last that they have for the plane it’s like you know when you know that I know you know ne one hundred eighty third the Glenview was apartment user individually numbers there’s three men trying to force the door there looks like maybe a neighbor’s following this and I don’t know for sure number one is a white male gray hoodie don’t have a description on the others no weapon seen Robbia from the armor

We want

Voices in the nation the government of will give us a sense of it seven three one I’m coming in right now into that area we’ll check and then come for the favor as it goes for everything river federal

Presses asking for our health for a woman that’s in the water on their side of the river outside the Red Lion think she’s a trance E.-N. She’s about one hundred yards south of the dock at the quay near a construction vote so I’m reducing him from death row and then you have a P.D.F. out ice on her I guess

That’s will be information only for now it’s like Vancouver

Regular fire units and almost every tourist boat or responding to the report of somebody in the water on the north side of the I five bridge as I think you are please have eyes on or if original We have this time of forty three River drawn trying trying to find out what the off channel is negative OK we’ve got to get can’t

Be So those are scared

That somebody or river patrol will be on fifty one

Some are unhappy that there will be switching over to

Some forty five seconds or once of it it’s the few that were in blue jeans and one hair and it’s forty is the darker sweatshirt so the way they’re going to be

An evil until their life their mustache dark very much are losing any sense of it some point

I was ninety and bird

Like every eight twenty

They did yeah

But in northwest in place and whether

I think I’m the voice or to a fortuitous of his description is this book of our sins one night of having

For far he said second floor Far East Side Well of

Some forty seven point one five four nine five it

Will be one three eight zero cover that already

Perfect you then you want

Seven twenty one if you create a hall of fame we will be contacting one happy event injuries one for to SE three three nine zero one three of their own game for one for four hundred for police

But there are five or

Five or forty one

Seven fifty one seventy one

Something that in twelve is going to three sigs if I thought he did it and no male screening colors Dr Lee trying to get underneath the colors car they’re refusing to look out for a better description sounds like an adult male doing off a forgery exploiting the way that we all three thirty to seventy four and seventy one can have the last as well if you want your visa so I seven three want to be the last call that you have as a soldier when it is so he didn’t

Fix it if I se to that there’s a male screaming in the driveway trying to get under the complainants call our car we don’t have a description on him so he can get some fifty for him for film in the area that me it’s M fifty five by Mary ninety Vancouver Samy have her at the embassy and are at the red line and

Clark County said they have her at the amphitheater as the red line for everyone you can fact this and then I’m going to have a German you want to be seventy one in seven Tell me

So for when you can attest into a

Social fabric of the

So unfortunate as going to be the single male Asian white you know what you’re blocking northbound on thirty six for little or no or the right

Debbie is a male black shirt white pants going north down three six letter word it’s them if you do a lot northbound on the side lot he’s not listening to me why would any of that my car

Were one of them in the apartment was a river is very rich J. one seven for that is talking to the complete three that was rejoinder from the mail but sure I can’t email dirty white black jerk while sleaze what sure that there is mess around with hardware then within three seconds of her would have basic someone or in real twelve thirty four sims you want to in the area going to catch me for me twenty three

Seventy one think you them fifty seven so

Happy that that’s their only alarm ordered recoded our order we’re having her finally figure out this morning around five thirty to say there is a false

Affirmative false

Sense of

You know

This is a tower three three three north west for a number two and five there’s a male actually on the corner look stays close to traffic by day twenty

Take a light jacket races he’s got me yeah he goes I am around he and I were in Mother check are having seven fifteen now I want you know twenty Bronco and then read to him saying that black is eating a lot

And something but I marry nine year you is a woman her right

I’m very I don’t read that would explain this question they were asking if we were taken over fishing tour but that’s not you I’m assuming her that is where you have a lot have a way to hurt them for gays are no more your don’t think there’s any crime if you mess around Joker or some for King of crime that is something that you will think

It is

Real Madrid’s one can believe in a car there’s nobody here

And I don’t I want any

Thing I want

Her to have her

Having her reason for repeat the uncovered the reasonable man of the living longer a little nicer than one of the trolls like if you were mad about each do get a new vehicle nobody for any vehicle you know that it only got married to three who really don’t

They don’t

Present one of the right of the five do and law yet there is an advantage and why should any should even you then there are two Henry Henry Victor crossing

That is a thirty one if you’re one yourself and a five one going to selfless five and start checking out I thought it seems confused is drunk and was blocking the train a few moments ago China supervisor on scene to thank you Dan if you don’t like open if I was


To five five all over twenty three

Of you but if you have one hundred fifty three and one five one is going to be extended stand there one seven seven seven seven R.T. sacrament astri in you three confront requesting a welfare check on their friend who is who has mental health

And if it’s a funny five Series title in a region he’s a baby grows born in one thousand nine hundred eighty no mention of your federal and state of is there reason as a priority I’m trying to decide that they’re being increasingly

Increasingly twelve thirty four different

And seven one going to sixty’s Air Force have a good guy that are color confronted if I’m going to recycle bins threaten to blow up our cars house and kill him I think I’m a crime going towards you peons on a ten speed bike when you’re thirty five years old truck right here big black average that is essentially it’s one cop and

Five A one

For you and six thirty get another phoria one seven seven zero Markie seventeen thousand you are causing some guy walking eastbound the jeweler like of young black males thirty’s syphilitic very very

Little six thirty very I fear in areas of writing another color on this victory go this guy was seen near sixteen in film of pushing a shopping cart and was pretty aggressive not sure if this gorgeous herbal exerting their missionary trickled in Coron A.D.’s of the mill walking northbound on stuff of a carbon chance of putting them on porches it’s a fifty five

But it won’t lie down

There one medical

Or the old well hunch and reading I mean that the attack was little devil didn’t go that private or wanted to have to confirm for the anxiety that is a difficulty breathing the main issue now just emotional

Well I’m going if you want everyone thermistor they’re going to have another bus come and pick him up to take him good don’t

Have one sitting

There was a thing there are one

Generals they want to go and there’s you know Montgomery and I’m six one

That’s less than three months Emory and six hundred sixty eight hundred

Eighty down as a five and a this is a guy walking in traffic possibly high screaming about having a heart attack in a seat or even a station white male fifty’s light hand then something he had already search light and jeans blessing or thousand

Saudis on the car wash it

Even where his own Where is the more and he just copy evidence any so on carbon dating her or her probably heard her

Thank you if I married twenty three

Five or twenty three C two just wanted you to know that they took me to Southwest Medical

But you know what hurt it was

I’ll find out

But Mary twenty three affirmative this regime has her colon you know one hundred four in all the way on this is in the tree of life and so on it’s ago

Now I want to head over there but if you’re going through

Incident one hundred seventy three cross reference the call I’m on saying

That it was not it was three is no longer blocking it was a ninety one white or early ninety’s like Honda Accord with a female driver

Early twenty

Still her looking dark haired gal followed her over to fostering a few sausages parties down on foster

Early ninety’s one chord

Or two

Just an eleven going to serve exit one hundred seventy west Prince I have that person on the patio refusing to leave possibly drunk but you know it’s a foreground church


A twenty nine zero that dispatch essential to such as essential the such

Not just in the freeway north but I think that to ninety five fairly easy owner of it called in she wants to get out but she’s too afraid to go on the fasting they are self socially on the right shoulder there are six like you believe in going to the image Columbia one of three for three a dorky variable of are of like building P. isn’t all there is a person based on a thought of a dense or slightly moving

In the article it’s just

The cool of them cover to cover up the

Little bit of star you can visit our export view such that we’re very


I think so if you want to write in Free Army First of all I think that coming and going from a very thick and every one hundred forty going to

The thirty

Six or to go flying down on a like a disturbance that way for everyone five and Broadway include forty forty four eleven run by the copywriting some for two we do have some contact information is on the lot of print file service desk to help you know that

Nine five one

Zero zero interject one three six three six The salmon ejecting on an email down the front seat of a silver sedan

It was seven show me a living room on Pine between ten and eleven time between ten and eleven thirty six if you want one three to five wanted to be

Eleven You still believe or groceries walking was the

Deputy for he was writing a thirty nine and six one I have a different one for you so I don’t have you nine for one sixty six of these once you have a new number or seven here and yelling in the background color saying someone’s back you’re threatening her

Or her with healthy than eleven Tuffy that’s already

Been one six two McDonald’s on Stark’s wanted three SE stark St It was abandoned in Q busy entering I just try to call again and still busy all to try and

Then disregard we got through whoever it was they wanted to leave last so you can both be clear but in Burlington there is a guy your fears section area literature and the or color drives walkway he’s following her and getting her

Serving coffee twenty three I was a newbie in the numerous mail about thirty five on air in a ponytail with an orange shirt one twenty one but just figured that we’re going to settle on a seven eleven you should know it on OK between ten and eleven with a few on plate cars I’m looking for some elements I feel and eleven need another car knowledge might as

Well that your group

But general be able to copy it was there was anyone with a sense that goes without them they were eleven pretty for a welfare check Northwest our apartments three three five with us when I never an elite female here keeps being an act hollers well

It’s pretty far but there is what I mean Dr Lyman said if the Big Three



You Talking To Me thinks revival of our oh don’t say anything

Anyone to just the traffic controllers a vehicle on fire on the right shoulder westbound I four east of two a five foot out in our

View one two is a fire department they’re going out on a vehicle fire once upon a city four used to be actually

That I don’t haul we’re in a

Different Porsche


Know the suspicious call

That’s trying to be related to

The Rat In fact it’s going to be a snow on their own an elephant our car cover her or her her

And she was just

Going to be saying I am

Not going to get one shot and I fossick find out that hold each of you for four seven or seven hundred homes

Be assisting fire or financial five bridges them it’s bad news that a vehicle on the shoulder with flames coming from those rescues are traffic control


And six I want to not drive if you’re going to be over there’s only know if you want to convert to go

Let me advise her for

Forty truckers have a

Six five on it was like oh it out on a camera it’s northbound I feel five bridges the south end of the right shoulder probably

Not one of me on is the new Washington boy Charlie Roger sixty three ninety no

Two here was you know one now Gabby was doing got the plates so far comes back clear it will hold dear until coverage let me remind you

That I had there are four Edward and three very cool warm

Suddenly can

If you are preliminary ex-Pirate out of two thousand and seven spired and twenty fourteen for death and it’s clear you know when I’ll be in the service or these


Lands have some respect if for some of these that Herman I want to sell books like actually have no vehicle description the only information we had was smoke coming from the hood I have is that does that happen as our call for the famous the one we were requested

To give was that we have the degree murders you traffic only right you know

For a north but up north

As far as evil fire with fire before you live to a five are you ever able to locate better Germans

Have not found the only one ever for this correct for us

Thank you information on a holding for BT dispatch is the area no one SE until forego a suspect to call or think is wanted for

Breaking in the area of ice in his heart St Francis might nearly twenty seven takes one if the big blind it dreads looking out of a black cat black clothing information it’s a fifty four hundred one or nine I want you guys if you go for their Your workout for and you can be or not on one of them just leak was one of the intercity in regular traffic to but if you want anyone come and you have you yes or else if you want to yes

Please if you want to go as a fifty seven seventh’s love and can show me other three want to hoick with and re one of the seven five three nine as well as one for five

That involve coffee at three one and holy It’s an island on six or one hundred thirty view one for one gram the apartments in hell are the number one forty nine about five minutes ago never threaten to get a gun and come back regarding color playing loud music and also using racial epithets

I guess the suspect was in the greenhouse at one nineteen A.M. but they’re separate now so we both covered

Where her of her are OK one for one and it’s got no

Critics there that would succeed when

You go a six seven when at the residence in seven hundred ten ne more of them are there trying to get some people out of a room there

Is a fake one actually that’s not true as the campers outside on the Fourth Avenue Peter T. and how sights of pain is lost inside the gates went down when she tried to get out of the forest and she’s in a great hole she tried calling the number on the sign but it’s a money her Friday for her and a for profit from prison essentially then I have one elling to advocate hair one three zero three three SE whole Gates Boulevard in the parking lot there’s a resident who has a cot in violence fighting with the staff broke a window doesn’t have any weapons medical is responding as well Rupa


I don’t have the information I interact with call figure

And I have the guys in a locker who are not sure if it’s the same one


Horny and

You know eight eleven this house last night in southwest all there is a drunk guy severing in traffic he’s a white male fifty five years old with a blue jacket black pants job an eleven covered computer


I feel when President going with medical on an assault one three nine three nine or it’s Rivergate the suspect gone but our complainant has suspect info dumping you on the car and they’re gone

They’re gone with us it’s angels eight five line you can see can aged out she copies thinking thinking eighty one where you try on service and

Have a think and I’m fourteen

And I’ve been reassuring

Insisting that since other sites and things extensive Ryan for one will be out with all the shit you want to her off so organ for too high and I think when I was feeling awful and is saying something if I want I find people who come before one call just from

Me I’ve won one for when we’re actually at one hundred four and while still having one of our last off of occasions I’ve learned it and I want to at the G. thanks to seven one for a North Lombard crisis refusing to leave white male great pleasure I mean six eight when you can use any make five a one way goes by five one zero in twenty and then five by medical staging

That runs into one

Or more in the area as this plays out for like for

You know it’s not

Bad management guy but we wanted to have a girl go go high five when he was in the job be there go through all of them let me know posting one to a few women or

Sending him out of the lift and I think I need to find one who will any hard and honest injury acts and he found sense that the

At Canyon Road it’s three cars blocking the left lane one vehicles a black black Chevy Traverse

Twenty one and if one agent

I don’t have to

Put it on the camera in an airport

To find you have it at


Eight to find information on just information that a man in a black Chevy Traverse Fontenelle there is a handgun and a vox on the front passenger seat not out not threatening just wanted to know what he thought OK but I’ve had many

Of the non injury crash three Figure one NE M.L.K. their block in the southbound lanes

And the injuries of and about all of us down by under about five three one president Freeland’s I forty one threatened her apartment for seven to their own or threaten member to twelve present respond as requesting for it welfare check last of court way first Tommy and Gordon they threw forty six I guess we’re out there yes they that they were unable to assess her high value of everywhere they go in or just

There and they’re requesting E.C. eighty which is why I’m sending five forty one and was

Going to

Be forty when I copy one five one code for

Mine for information that the species will be close from ten to fourteen hundred fifty for memorial service information for you in forty two those who grieve thirty six zero three zero on calls although this cold bug twenty one also Nichols was

Six eleven

Then run ne telling her that thirty fourth suspect vehicle is off westbound on killing furthest the small red car

Washington Playboy added Mary four two nine zero

The market ruffle six forty one of

Five hundred eight a lot in status check it let go but I think it actually for six eight was the

Well Green the sixteen twenty ne grand then a causes the inside knocked over a bunch of items they thought possibly still something about eastbound on why they are in a turquoise Mbalula writer but in it when those Or again seven to four David X. three Henry and they want contact

One forty one do you want of a car to go with you for that subject

Warrant warmth or perfect and I think your one hundred one Grammy will come back to the

Second one when I finally

Got to do five north with multiple units

Happy to do five or six but I’m sure more

Not three want

Me on a promise

You know ne one fourteen which one so no suits ne one for team of fifty three X. four two

Three two four ne seven four is married check for a guy that was walking in the yard northbound on seven four thirty was he saying a black male black in green hat laxity blue jeans and a gray backpack full of human three hundred Charlie or so and so forth have you seen have you heard of the

Interstate Rosa Parks series as you say

Very far has holding how the Scranton southeast Anthony has the transients moving traffic cones on Grand between Anthony and friends I is a white male blue jacket blue jeans with a walker information on holiday I think

That all of them only clearing the whole thing

And having

When I see

Seven four one

Three one seven three one SE one SE Bush a German Shepherd just attacked a small dog that was with an elderly guy that was walking his dogs were still waiting for more information so very obvious from day one crappy physics and reweigh

Her yelling and waiting as Cain making threats of other people or possibly the owner of the German Shepherd sorry but if you buy the one of the five five when he recently wrote probably the maybe everyone

Gets of them some of you want to convict three six two six

Three six two six denies there has been seven for one and seven three one is of a white male These were a scene top black shorts and a German Shepherd is loose

Copy he said the Germans have it is those affirm of them all and I can think I will refer to Milwaukee in the higher priority setting a lot of happy and just information seven for one we’re getting another call here by at Sacred Heart vs three I want to se a law for a die down not checked and it looks like the victim’s dog order is in front of figured heart of the Sacred Heart via as well Civil War governing the F.A.A. the Germans ever with him so for once have I simply wanted to have injured dogs sent on a level seventy one center in eleven

Seven eleven it looks like your call me be related to the hall another can oller says that he was trying to separate a lot of the chair very very and now he’s down and no effect on him

Goal or

That other standby cause if you’re still on the line if I had

There any job officers out there that want to do a truck inspection

Any traffic after that Honduran federal prison a lot of it was from or some of you in front of you have been fired from Jeff or victim of meaning of advice regardless of how he caught on fire conscious everything OK yeah not about zygotes you know even if you’re right I have a

Jaffa get on the side for Central Park Five On

Full westbound ideas for east of Corvette report of a car off into the embankment

Although I don’t know how

You know for

A fact I’m going to be a gold or tan it’s easy out to the right side of the highway


I was already having what was he a very

Well it’s a bit of the older tan S.U.V. And it’s going to be off the right side of the freeway

But if you want

To and then we just contacted where the suspect in this he first to be at thirty seven fifteen and highway joins us from the hospital in August upgraded version talks with him

In the thick of

It someone probably Tennessee

For I’m going to get them through I’m going to be

So injury when I kept going over the line this sounds like it’s going to be a little persisting now but for of all for now with children present

A Santa information reckless driver in southbound two five seven from I was five ago possible doing it all over the road at a white Volvo eighty five John Henry hit me and

Then six one


The police are priorities the servants UN one three one one two five these one five want to have an ounce

X.-Plane friend grabbed our caller in and stole her purse he is northbound on one five one I ten it’s Southers blackmail forty is lacking grace I have black he has black shoes she is wanting to call him he might be headed to the max and she’s going to fly you guys down for a contract having


Party home and conquer

And has had over one

One I’m not sure there’s if there’s another vehicle was heartless right for her it was only four days it was rough routes rock


Off I want this one nothing not hire me just didn’t do the vehicle now you know after that it’s not one five one

One one six two six zero four SE to all four place

On his four year old son fighting the sun is on now he’s Cortez challenged on in seventy seven he’s out strong stuff around

One hundred you’ve got a gentle voice to one where David but if I got my original home

And I won five on one side to your subject has a good fifty three for

Perjury and I want more

Water or whatever here

And one five one the others he’s also fled twelve thirty four

And forty one sixty second heart

Six one when I said I

Have eaten for information on it and wanted holding it that’s better studio five seven West or inside now inside refusing to leave it’s just so the dream of the event will control working to this mystery land I

Thank you eighty two we can take then I want and have been to China things just as if he weren’t going to

One sense extend her I think one carefully over her

Then three when you’re seventy

That’s ten fifteen I don’t know I want to

Know you want to thank both of them and I really hope you have just the one OK I was George down and I hear I’m going to go back and check the old damage from the letter rather than you know who I who are

Going to

Thank you and

Frank on the last report and show me fidelity gunroom fifty six of us or

The fire of that event or Mrs fifty sixth and Foster if there is anything divorce you for firearms or just went to watch the elephant now forty one he’s going to cleverly have Egypt

And one of them one five hundred sixty one cents on one

Of five on the fires going out with what I want I want him first and not me then he let them know

I sure will still friends trying to write garbage on fire in the back or side five one of them

And call five on the fight that fire has cleared the Hall thank you for trying to find you when we’re back another man no

Thank you when it’s incentive I mean any very night yes I married you three with me one for the movie on Johnson Street

I confident and happy thank you Stephanie three

Nine four five north west Natal Parkway unit one three eight ten twenty three five

Fires and they’re just using fireworks

Modeler I thank you and twenty six for two explicit three and six for one is Ross Dress for less they have in Park Place one zero zero four when there are these Parkway inside the store at the back there were some parents yelling at their kids physically assaulting a one year old boy in a stroller the white male in a female of three kids and they’re walking out of the store now that was the fourth robbery or the

Size I was

Eighty one when there is Druid complain in their roommate or fighting their weapons and everyone rushing properly sized and of but they’re not example as long or when I

Have to but since my son Dino wearing a pink shirt there are blacks or


Just an area check at this point national college optional medicine is calling in a three zero to five on Corbett So there was a guy outside the health center about one minute ago holding a nice and not try to anybody with an apron leaders took off on but westbound order you must be an angel now on the twenty five black pants but that packet was about a seven and lighted by Ravi forty farms or more some of the caravan cover for the area

And then security boy back in my last

Answer to the coffee but if George and I seventy there were forty

One one hundred three and our one it’s very important to me

And I was the Syrian actually don’t have to tell you for a disturbance one six eight two eight south east county street has a Harley that is a female daughter screaming at our caller in the front yard in the front yard that I have three had to pull us off

It was over sixty crowd

And the mother wants to see them and they’re fighting over drug

Forty of the miners with seven forty one call require Yes if you have anything and eight seven one status check present

One five five zero six were good for the day before freeway at southbound I to a five a group of about fifty outside their motorcycles forcing cars off the road and surrounding other cars information at ten thirty from where

Eastbound I eighty four at southbound I to a five

To Siri road that is of Haitian The A.T.V.’s there is a small white pickup truck off the road and is a dead Champaign thinks the driver may be drunk refusing medical information on interaction holding hands if you want one eleven

Percent want you and one thirty one for the Village Court apartments one seven eight north and Simeon one fifteen dollars and the father of her child is trying to get into the back porches and are all against them

And once again for those of our very selfish want to be one one of them in this regard and

Once if one of the family

Jerald Jesse and there’s a restraining order and also for you guys he’s a black male five eleven short dark hair those be light gray pullover

He’s on foot possibly headed towards Max and his last very long form on the way since of it then six three of us has the problem Harvey is going to be ever not born in seventy five description is start really here then blue hoodie and White Rabbit and that there is a story on Fortune thirty one forty young great Eric

And the musician a guy with the oh yeah

Black male five eleven medium build

Short dark hair though the like very poll over

Republicans going in and we are all day for and he should be about fifty four years old

Then for you guys he’s life as us he’s been on a ferry a box cutter none seem to they know that we’re having our salary so warm seven for one and you know fifty years for

They said about fifteen minutes at ten seventeen and have all that he’s never taken you just let him know of no other numbers

And if I

Retire they have three ascended thirty six therefore two of it for the two seven zero three franc from what we have in information on interaction holding at one four zero zero four five Hugh five Avondale non-injury one half refusing to exchange black for two thousand and fourteen to the Camry organ plate two zero to George L. Frank Rich is a meridian Gracey real information heavy eleven and since you know this reporter in fact it’s no

Eleven having it has a deal to do we have an open door comedian and other part of the office he was in this kind of off the road only started three to zero four horses

Were Like obvious then I

Central ten forty five for

That eleven

You and I know three Going to the wild lilacs pull the sun’s out the seventy four and SE sensor all fine and as it’s for you the second

On seventy fourth just north of center last and final though there was a sever to his casing houses going into the back area of the school he never came back out of the black male green and black being the late twenty’s black body losing that a grey backpack wearing gloves very community but you got to do

You look at that disability three eight two nine se seventy four

And has already

Done the voting for the health exam and I’m probably both in the form of a whole lot of

Cover three eleven three of a you know my apartment to one nine three three with Asian Atlanta parking lot there’s a

Male to female fighting a white lady and a white male a white male find a white T. shirt no but on the a male

And some are placed in a cover hundred and forty one and has that kind of sense they’re still not sure what’s going on

That have more to do practically are suspect change clothing now one of blacks which is now the black and forty two number one by the southeast eighty two in Washington there is a vehicle stalled in the north lane the silver sedan with a white male driver who has something over the stairwell so I think

At ten forty three

Twenty one talking nine for one reason I never thought the answer has forty three ninety

Of the male trying to walk in the traffic southbound I five at the sound ID four

Six seven of the

Inside that he sees on the right shoulder a black female blue clothes and carrying a grocery bag probably central desk in forty five police and I for one


These eight seven in southeast even street in Stevenson mill there’s several cars or that’s there for a while and now there’s someone messing with the white male in his thirty’s if they sell the

Baseball hats right

Sure Black sure it’s currently inside of N one nine hundred eighty four and lasting one three one I was out there earlier on not just dropping Jewish I shall be able to clear

The name for any attorney against

Everything I’ve learned over you know with

Great reporting record information from L.S.T. any hazard northbound I have to a five and I also seventeen from minutes ago it’s dark have semi truck with a great open box top losing stats of wood in two by fours from their trailer and another Washington flight information at ten forty seven some false issue on what is a sudden fall sixty one to jail and forty seven because one when I

Finally was back at nine forty five Northwest made a hog weighing all four units and our five are fast and you know partly it’s been pretty nigh for their time for three and some are cars going clear George happy thanks readers any of us will be walking very want you can put me on an eighty seven and see you in the force we can see

They’re going to go

Party and you go on who or anybody else on the

Age of twenty five

It’s never going though that’s north and I for one I for one was five six four seven north you saw all the street looks like we were out there a couple days ago that our car saying that location has a large marijuana grow operation usually have a bunch of plants in the garage business and outside today for one I’m confused with the crime is right now I’m guessing it’s the quantity of marijuana Baron or Arnold are going to hell the color

Doesn’t want to

Having information only sense of being there for anything to me that we have five zero and Robert Oh I’m going to read you three one John George X. ray zero in the road in first

St Helens and first sense of protocol whether we wave it there however one of us so if you want to have a tenth of the one three I think you know a certain review that House is calling or from actual five second employment if it’s mobile or never going to catch it have we actually already broadcast that from us be a few minutes ago

I was

In for

Information or thought I saw a five Asahi Stark on a large uncovered truck with a black trailer with the various flying out of that Washington state two five eight nine X. ray zebra information a sense of

Pretty much fourteen or you’re not going back out to extended stay

Up on campus if he should be out with three of the elders and what he wanted was an Yeltsin remains in its tensity jail worker then for three

Of them a mother and or a strong argument that the out the Sophist and having to flee

Across a month or

Thirty minutes

Sure that there’s more

Beneath for one to Wells Fargo sixty five south west six Avenue on an angle and hang a hall of and busy on call that

It’s going to have a few that

For too many for one you can see clear decision that will have healthy

Detroit jobs if you want one though if you want to succeed on washing out his thirty to forty seven thirty the heart will have

Sixty four Baker Norah Baker remember

Western side it to it’s a seven

Eleven you know suspended

Accident call I think very clearly John

I think you have you know my whole call

Swimming clear accident non-injury with a gentleman brought me back to me you know the opposite of that eleven the very

Information a reckless driver northbound I five at the Corbett Avenue I think that he would have to go he was passing evil in the right shoulder in breaking them it’s black you know forty Oregon plate two zero five George Adams Thomas he’s a fax in less than an a direction eleven

Eleven eleven by four A just his Main Street for the beauty of the one one six one he goes for a Village Court which

Region a group of about eight sports cars racing in the Fort Worth village it’s level two six one one eight hundred

Six really I live in a three so the information on the reckless is down from ninety light your Mercedes and am a partial organ to high flying adolescent three hundred five five also one shotting

Six women united and what do you have a nice view Georgian Edward York

And it is it’s eighty two

I’m going to Central City concern at seven zero seven north west Everett with medical an apostle here and over does not mean anyone in line and of course as we force of video form

There you know for the limit of five

Suspicious guy going door to door checking car doors it McCoy village four four three zero

Ne M.L.K. He is a white male twenty’s orange work vest appears high information at eleven zero six

Go on go and lower one five five WOMAN two six

One six eleven on driver about McCoy Hill it’s all going to a lot of

OK five zero I’ve included do a little six eight one six hundred seventy a ways away for you and six seventy one good will on a hundred twenty seconds five nine five zero ne once you do checking out of court house the way it’s supposed to be in the parking lot in her blue sea rule she made a suicidal statements during a visitation at Inverness twenty of L. and a history of well thirty four and is unstable no mention of method or weapons company forty five until about six zero one six and

Eleven and therefore one was free of cover version for six seven one year for

Six for one with the one that all three got a primary going to write the column on

Show me around

Six eight when your father and I

Have every right to be looking for a white male in his thirty’s with blue shirt and black pants

Oh that’s at nine forty three but for that you know I thought he was a Hollander Hartman’s flunks he was seven or his line twenty two numbers zero for a vision are complete eighteen year old girlfriend it currently she sent him a video of her taking a bunch of pills and drinking simply

She probably had walked outside the apartment door a some point

Most of the Iranian or ninety eight by e-mail I compassion five nine And Bill the video was

Sharing a black jacket I call it the ounces and the

Origin of

Yankee for the Hollander apartment and sixty five one for one she is always female twenty six black hair in a ponytail wearing a blue outfit possibly lives with her sister two six four one SE one forty fifth she doesn’t have a cell phone with her she may also be under the influence of drugs not sure how they know that she’s in this parking lot probably things he’s now being at a transit camp at one six in Raleigh wasn’t it on eleven fifteen

Or you eleven eleven in general a G two I’m with

The caller now just something so long but

The well take with other posts and he did not say if you

Did you copy a second victim hellions Well it’s in the same league I have sixteen in Raleigh now I just I’m with the one thinking of course you are always OK if he’s looking for the other one had one fix in Mali now same description victim same just

Yet having the subject just left

And went west on the belly grow from four G. round jacket blue jeans or underneath her hair

Was down and had a grove of brown jacket invasion it is a description we’re going to describe as police each teacher also

And they also said he had a big stick with them if you know for eleven you can have a video if you just set away like cloth

OK a white cloth bag and probably unrelated then if you did you can see that the

And we found our OH THANK YOU never been born Overton to Vichy Lancer Texas plate George King X. ray seventy five zero Now he’s even

Having eleven should know July ball well if you will was

Up there or not in the apartment number three columns active verify


Black jacket and as

Well Eunice and assist Iraqi dispatch seven eleven so need to start your incident file for you guys physical se one zero zero zero zero zero zero zero


As an update in the call it looks like at least one of them northbound one from other person has been on the ground getting his descriptions in the call and another caller it’s a five people baseball bat

The only one and five on five to the sisters addresses in East and you want me to have them go by that address then you’re less lethal costarring or not OK since as if I see you that way will check other nuts for less lethal diseases or do one second the parking lot

You can go go round by your welfare check they’re having

Now looks like such a way as a less lethal for a college se Tensen of if anyone has one feature will

Include many other minute phone calls reserves you want to preserve for your funny times well it looks like they’ll be closer thanks for the offer still

Thinking of you enough to think that the other call with us fourteen in our thread not the one for a Northrup was the victim and suspect from the other

Crime in the year you have an eleven in the area at eleven thousand nine hundred eighty

To to to sleep aids or to talk to social asking for a less allays will attend an oak southeast Southern eleven the latest is that our caller saying that someone took an old man’s cane away then pushed him down and kicked him in the head they say that person was established

From one zero but no description of them yet so recovery of

The talking to the caller is of all time someone today who want to know if you got it from a very slow and Francis formula from I guess you got P.C.’s known for the service

Says all cars and sat on that P.C. If the victim wants to press charges can anybody say yes when you start medical

Records you encourage your oh being dragged from a from a nine to income is worth six for two copy things out of the South these ones are on the rise or five guys possibly according to different hollers a sixteen from an old man knocked him down and kicked him and I had class East from one zero you know fourth of this your fantasy

Oh I was bred sure and provide it OK I am here I’m going pointed out he is walking and

He’s walking was not on high from eleven but I lost sight of a moment with Raul and he’s got darker skin in fact I’m sure the red shirt the dark skinned red shirt khaki shorts less down time from one of a lot of money to three of very few a monthly bills or a photograph of the precinct and it’s very very very sick for tonight you know everything so while we were high and

High that we won one of them one the one with seven eleven as well very very refrain can alter her nightdress I won’t have all the action I just regret

Seventy three one twenty three seventy one less funny things last seven five six one eleven twenty three or thirty eight review is difficult I’ll go along with the sixty one from sixty one with one example we need to be if I think you


I thought of a back on it

And it’s funny for my friends own problem person who’s on the first floor presenting as female today late twenty’s floral has rap for a leather jacket I think at the top and Marcia a lot of fun for the readers if you have them in a system this is my fax that dips is three zero six six six happy good morning a lot of twenty four from you’re looking for Universe three eight three two yes thirty eight thirty three having eleven eleven one hundred and let me think of it if you do what I was

Thinking as I sense that eighty two for eleven thirty five information on a reckless driver northbound I five at the will occur about ten to fifteen minutes ago of like here or in place two zero five c urch early on I’m Tom I was weaving in trying to get people to slow down at a London point six

Six three twenty three No if you cover outside of the entrance

They’re all the one for more

Subtle of several of an ally victims requesting fire to come check on a bunch of writhing males in place of that yes in the day and you’re out one zero and zero one zero points ours and find the scale of in point I think you do sixty one if they didn’t say eighty two if they want to eleven thirty they do sixty one of the eleven thirty is for one just for a fortune if she’s going to be on the runway or a front door area

Of a Broadway Morrison Doria eleven thirty one

When I don’t have know me I think sixty one North who I’m going to look like six sixty one or try me of all of our eleven thirty six if you want to try one jacking for me back on call number one fifty five zero seven four I’m going for the nothing very

Happy mission area chip holding at Safeway one four five I ne Division A likely to roll a sixty four Henry Henry as you’re throwing firecrackers in other cars as he was as low as thirty three

Well over her job like that because you know and all six when you join

Can you run seven feet and hold George how many times back to

You Honey white your real one

We will be one thousand long or

It was spent on North Ridge seven holes in one you know what

I mean most

Of the

Turning help I’m green

Very similar to

The red light of them on home the

Home with me driving with a gravel

Gravel lot and

Your fellowship writing

Like this is if I’m really

Going to have

The day I just got a message on the north you know I want you to check now you clear there at the well parking lot for her vehicle and you unhealthy OK


Off I think it is a checklist

Me that was

OK and actually seeing it here

And it’s a busy Lancer to me confirm with our sister if she’s actually driving a Subaru or lance or resilience or not a favorite and it is all with Texas but

In other call at one zero but a homeless guy randomly chasing people and yelling at them is going to be the same you know probably seventy one and seven for one thing you have two one zero and

If you one from twenty joinery or one from tenth and

Going to be a white male it is that it is long brown hair and doesn’t seen a woman three three and if you do you can clear five one in all of their cover if you want to

Three If I’ve been around thirty to five got me there Broadway I can go check another disturbance seventy one copies of him for one tiny everything

I’m getting I’m vision a reckless driver he’s found less is from two a to swearing it’s an easy life for Granger it’s all important senator you want to live in forty information a call holding out to think Ernie for pain handlers who try to think if any of the color when he was asked believed to be white male in his thirty’s dark jacket or in city in blue jeans and eleven forty one eleven

And having caught some of the one I thought it would be on the south side of fashion between ten eleven so that runs out that vast between one their own and one one and eleven with them at all of them forty two eleven Did you want to die on your last you know the do you call on one occasion the same call

He went sixty one

On our side of the sundress been clear and

Dick the twenty seven county popularly called again

Six five two not it’s just house and I said Well have you got the we were unable to contact the deputy or anybody so we’re just GA not

Having anyone to cover it eleven going on the call and keeping Kearney for a guy you can swing that has surprised if I’ve arm will go clear as all the Frank seven things eleven forty three

Three one checking status these are guys on service now eleven forty five thirty to seven hundred

Thirty seven eleven forty six eleven

Eleven eleven forty six

So it’s more or less an office clear for you an eighty one going to the Victoria and in at two to five five West Burnside fifteen minutes ago we got one anonymous caller only on three shots heard possibly on the best floor

That way thank you want to be eighty three no me you make it a three then if it’s one have that way please

If you want to get a better primary and of OK with there’s only one call and it going to pretty

Right as I’m in the coffee six one advising on the shot call them in fifteen to go one caller only of the Victorian

Period but I copy the called Under the come from the freeze level or was it up in the building some are given some was in the building and on the fifth floor but none as hell or only copy advise Yes fine unless you need to go on the villain then more officers need to go

On I’ve got to get a three one inquiry John and I can have a direction if seven one hundred eight it’s a one thousand

Eleven Clotilde car he left there and if I

One Timmy you got all these homes you and there’s this you want seventy one and sixty one of the I’m fifty two six one wanted to generate a lot of this for its mission and his call it’s been holding it

Will drive to this project respond check on you and auctions whose activities will live six Through want to get the reference where it was thank for us forever when it’s eleven thirty three North East one hundred six seven zero causes of light email after complaint to virus resign or if you’re breaking into a vehicle in front of us via white gal heavy set piece Chevy shorts with a white male black a yellow geezer and any having been fifty seven

If you are going to her weekly reason John and then recreate a home or car

Martin and Will Cain returning and want to and if you can and you cover her

Well MARTIN OK So many you know

If you thank you dear friend when she’s trying to fight mom by Sony step it up

One more her to go along for him OK

So you’re out of thanks North has nonemergency off they’re fighting us on a long garden I’m all

Foodies it’s a free I’m going thank you I’m doing Torah law thought of it OK too much noise or use if you want yeah you intend for me to think you got me thinks nobody else needed lumber and OK

I’m moving down to eight Hoosier of these when I give you the foreman or when I know it’s

A twenty seven and you still

Have a set of the other disturbance thank you trees result is hardly courts argue with any for over a property just you

Then a level of

One hundred one when the number one four three one when you hear that

The John Jones but someone who is

Missing a Jew one for oneself was Johnson court just seventeen year old for seven or

Seven Michael six one

Over one forty six alarm call eight hundred nine north west east one drive for trying to transfer

One love and bushes radio number

One one one four two

But I thought of

One one eighty six one one night show me at nine five five zero northwest Alabama nine five five zero Northwest Alpha one I’m exactly one eleven Jack one please

Center measurement records I resist holding the Sistine hundred five out of an arrow almost a vice a dangerous path and

Three GO RED WHITE a girl of three nine on Baker victory over

Discover a nine sixty six nine eleven today thirty six o three we have a six now we do he’s just getting done with his other guard detail though so somebody else may need to grab that OK I’ve got Lloyd Center coming in they’ve been holding for about I don’t know about thirty minutes on a shoplifter as if they were fighting but outside the entrance Sears

Going in the couple cars of the police to say you want eighty one billion five anyone to go OK a long ways off

You know you know what I’m talking

Like one whole and


Seventy I seventy he

To clear out there has are enough in jail he’s just run out of gas he’s been governor Governor OK

Do you know one nine seventy Clayson looks like Southside says two males in the back of a big white box truck one of yours if you look out the other ones rifling through it both white males from the looking in their thirty’s they want to

Thank you I want to say that you just heard

That rifle one of our little property and I want to

Pay no income in the original welfare check holding it optional Stu four to six obviously the second you’re going on a female dinner nails don’t you he’s not enough high as a child with her it’s fulfilling to know what you know you know that very well and we want to cover your vision and recruit

So one thirty six one three I’m trying to verify I don’t have the head I’m workin on it all you have acting

Thank you

Eventually thirty a place for a vehicle both with a drink and people

Thirty six zero three this came in as just an a social worker want to talk to an officer about a civil problem true found I hit a fifty two

F. id number I don’t have a name and date of birth to confirm or match but there is for the S. id gave me there is a fifty two so if you want to just put somebody on it and have them call through and find out

Because there’s more than one hit on that name that arch

Fifty Jews you know I’d say I do know is who handles the Moylan’s if we can clarify

OK by seventy on your box fifty two maybe

I mean did you copy I’m sorry I didn’t there’s a fifty two on your box called Oren in truth to make sure where he got

The information that the CID gene from

However isn’t

For everyone and this person already was if you’re going through a report on why not sure of what you know a folder or anything like that since I want her I mean clearly record

Of eleven twenty part probably five or

One direct

Hit on what are you going to do for

Five nights a week let me up now five seven full and there are

Clear you what put me on the warrant All right what in my are you giving me additional for the one your honor you just disregard the series of reports and I and you you have mil I’ve done right

Now for a very ill go for not one but thing for the want to see their son talk funny to think that once in a Senate at twelve twenty seven thanks very much

One day after one three five one eleven it’s a male versus female male claim that he’s got a gun that none of them seen are copying ones of unburned funny one for one well drawn

The lasers the energy of bees and was having some David’s issues review for your to check replace

It will serve

In Korea at the Ryan Judy sports Sporting Goods booth will they begin writing the thing Ryan Judy sporting that probably thinks and to think five for an update McCall he took his idea and left so you might not be there anymore yeah don’t hockey contact will be fine if you’d like that number such that the general email he was arguing with I have a direction for Alyea

To go for white hockey and they haven’t

Maybe they are mentally on him and then your might has a warrant

And I for the want to Salan all of it for one copy and believe you probably have a felony warrant if I forgot

You know malaria as well to strip

The white male saying eighteen then based on cat black coat black pants and baseball cap they forgot to the bottom collars last that long blond hair is West Dallas are you

Sure this will be up with him well nine

Albums are fun and I

Know what they’re going to have a bit of a journey as chick if you’re OK got a call for your copy prevent being leaving

The city so it’s our general Eugen with the want to Richmond Prince and John for

Thirty three we’re

Just going to for one I don’t start until thirty three seven twelve seven falls can you put me on my projection high three and hold me please

Let me on the from Jack at twelve thirty seven one three one zero zero and remarry for me with him for who and where judges are going to clear you chill for zero nine eight and remarry out of in response to the right call There’s about ten different games going on and nobody let’s try to control so we can try carried out

Pretty major I met monitoring John off to the north please and he’s trying to monitor joy magician or sleaze from its north charming in Efren are pleased German are radicals rolling on a overdose at the Prescott transit center for four ninety eight North interstate trimester not coming up anybody that slows to that and you want transport complete

Seventy one at his were complete at twelve forty thank you apparently he’s semi conscious

And then on what kind of medication is in Robin white with

Or one

Time cover his long legs I want to thank you

For one thing I had a Top forty one

By seventy Thanks sexual out and you can be

Out of them for two you

Up Under Cover going to Northwest to whine in Johnson for a guy down not just

Anyone on the bus I clearing up that can take but if I want to put this issue

It’s going to be on the north side of John’s and west of two one in the parking lot close to the cleaners are going to eleven underscoring one of those with a John three of my very own party’s any eleven to the north side of Johnson was a few one by the cleaners


Or got property are part of the history will

Be good

Hard for him right Charlie out on the hard figures of

Our program it will be six thirty and five forty when your car is very close

On your coverage and going to the Helen swindle building at one zero North West Broadway in Apartment two three one

Going to check on Sheldon Ron Orton sixty six hearing voices to jump off the bridge or to Mother heavies or the five and other side cries clearing up the cover

It’s all over John Pike and personally

That is all coffee coffee in a mini easy I think

After the mongers of eleven I think I was pretty easy

When somebody drunk I’m over going

If I want to

Be for want of a happy if I have one is easy eighty seven forty Jenny

Thirty of

Thank you twelve forty six

Seven eleven if you are

Negative but forty if there are

Thirty one Can you might call her mom and

I want to

Have a going to nine one one South West Broadway of the Columbia source or if you are going to go see the program for

Hardware one was that you go to NATO because they don’t have a cover for a year in the US as apparently high and setting people early


Like for you in seven twelve just a heads up there is a directive for a subject at the location with a last name as shall attend ours is Shelton and they seem to have different for Sydney and well now they’re both Ronnell So one shouted one shell then stand by just a second let me get that he’ll be OK It looks like it may be the same subject even though we spelled out the name with them so for Ronald shoutin three four thousand nine hundred sixty six there is a hazard for me and that’s asking Lisa all response to your safety relation or related issues he’s going suicidal suffers from alcohol withdrawals and is at a special treatment program for centuries about contact information for his mom oh my county is for somebody because you

Just wasn’t the one eighty two that guy usually super super And talking of all he’s always really cooperated and walked down and is on the bench in the three am or has a female in the vehicle with him and when he went viral

Contract so if they were in the area you can find them

Thanks for the tree having one of your goodies just go and walk across didn’t need me for it a lot of coffee John has got a couple of coffee they haven’t got to go stand by while after you’ve gone and made about a hundred block

Hundred block

Looking through Jerry Parr I saw driving through the back of a parking lot and looking for a vacant space I think seven for two best for you and eleven on the descent is easy to cover using just one out of the cabins of course memorial dock two for the northeast east bank Esplanade and males the slums over after taking off all of his clothes collar says that he’s laying in a weird position

To Let

You into a two one three one inquiry George and I can take over

The eleven twenty eleven when you met the fourteen doable so that it just occurred at ninety six and Sandy suspect vehicle maroon Toyota Camry unknown place less down on ninety seven or ninety eight victims vehicle a still and ninety six and Sandy have black than a coffee fifteen twenty six up to be and sixty five one talks to

Eighty two good for you and I’ll find you a cover going to two nine three five selflessness out of court and about of course there’s a guy who’s been slumped over Syria with over three hours inside of a grey whole size van no from flight

If you were a capital and you felt US cars that you know that was at its own quarter million or cover seven one at going to revive that was about and about a court at twelve to five OK so if you want your

Let me Jane I can take a cover on the welfare check and some more well if you’re on just about twenty three it’s a one at forty five

Million with that area you know you know that

Anyone senior but if I have one like access to me from the still bridge to death dream path from he’s a Morial park cars or go down the driveway into the house and called a well directed to a male who tried to kill himself and is at the bottom of a fifty foot rock face collar said you can get to the bottom of the cliff on foot

From the

Forty one hundred

Forty one have a nice and funny and I think you know he’s very

Tall fifty seven thirteen full terms of him and

It involved a nine to twelve seven twelve


If I want a seven so you would like it and don’t transport possible the conscious reading talking

And I mean no one


Basis when you’re twenty maybe from driving thirteen a one

Five one four one a little better person and they don’t know him he came from up on the highway I don’t know if there’s a vehicle out there so she is with him how it doesn’t out talking to the guy who is in some blackberry bushes he’s awake and breathing has a bloody face

You know to

Anyone ninety nine he

Just of on their

Own cigar suspect you can go over three hundred or one

Hundred required because I’ve got one more time there’s no

Just a transition specialist you get more fresh you want to

Normal I mean

Aren’t you sixty Nissan Pathfinder truncating Kings seven seven to your sex offender a thirteen zero four six five one and route these rules

Do you have a description of the subject negative other than the fact that they don’t have any clothes on and are lying on me let us know but if you know five information from the refined report of Homer phatic control waving and I frown he’s an off the street from ninety five north east average street search you have from the average street garage there’s a homeless guy out of control and weaving and I throw around every variable of legal any one of the less lethal able to care

For thirty one and

Be through any of this I can go safely yet you guys are having some heart healthy on it is going to be a white male with bushy hair black T. shirt black pants no one’s interest yet he’s screaming and swearing

Actively listening to

Affirm Yes Oh yeah

And I said it’s one of you’re going to that as a five that’s very kind of an answer to this I know I’ve been very obvious

About it

If you want something else I guess we

Thank you

And then when I don’t want your going because of the one trains you have to cover him you support the other

More thanks for entering this river by the fact that the driver of this car returned repent for everything for the driver of the society of the northeast area of the major just a few smacking a garbage can and throwing stuff around as if the night is silver and he is a regular in the area who knows it all go well with him who was my neighbor

And I think everyone knows this is our house this is it on the driveway so the House and the address on there

So I think then five thirty one twenty seven am

American higher distributors that in four three three are the lead better road

MCNICHOL having to live anywhere else but thirty one coming from our

Five to one if there isn’t

You know where you know five more minutes of the

Movie theater ers are the velvet a part of

A certain time

And evolve over

That thirteen Tim I seventy four

Over the Alvina cocking her eyes are going to be with her eyes fixed on a five seventy having five and five thirty on voice hammock obligation I think you show me at one four five nine nine ne grazin court thirteen women OK got me sure the engine twenty five to twelve I believe clutch Miller bringing talking to me

Consciously or breathing they’re going to

Pull forty one thought

Why would I mention a reckless driver north on I five around us that has religious arbor of all of our to the mid ninety’s or the three Roger Union Henry of four zero out of California weaving in and out of traffic information it’s taking their teams five seventy using clear fire of a


Three in six thirty as a twenty seven Baker I’m not sure of the name of the business but to a four or five or three scummy of all of our

And it’s covering the actually the video alarm shows a person outside in the southern driveway doing something with a forklift I think it’s called for a little construction going on


One point three The Who originally Oh who will be our Person there go through all that who are some of it has to be a zero five B.M.W. and Richard two A Richard Kramer born in fifty one are probably six eleven six thirty and six ninety eight is going on too long from an M I had a ten second clip so far they say the employee is off an hour and a half ago and the guy near the forklift for a description as a black male unknown a G.’s then and balls of leisure unknown handsome man is also a second guy that’s near the forklift hacking at pacing around they think you might get a look out he’s a black male six foot blue hoodie over a salmon colored shirt with great hands

Between one its own a pair of hands except

This one to the office and over that they are only called the four happy

Eleven you know you can clearly and I want to focus Broadway they’re going to know how to work

The truck after the show that

Night six very nervous

Just an area for now on a guy who is full of bank one one eight one one SE Palace things call in by what names who says A guy jumped a fence and the whole device on that property took out the sun on Pal on it white male twenty’s for a future in jeans and a loose backpack it was an older chance to carry one twenty three

But that loving not a whole seven five one was Henry number five a mil in the sixty’s as currently is they’re saying in some sort of delusional state where he will be popular with responder so medical wants us to go there we know they got the city who are going to want clear and go cover things

Six forty two

Bins if you are in private out on the scouts out

But I to a five so that the killing is worth Off-Ramp from Zaphon I sell five thousand dollars stopping cars she apparently does all the time and she’s shaky like she’s high on something black female fifty’s possibly wearing dark clothing that are colored I remember

There’s one for thirteen at you nine six three

Three I’m going to play from out something different to my mark in the parking lots one seven two in Palace two male physically biting so I have a strip you know up and sing

Thing for Israel have you got the order in his jeans finally

I think I’m arriving once you recommend for me because I’m checking and I got in here fighting the other cars as far as that one one includes an information of priority will check holding North West two three and north as a reason but any trouble Camille staggering in and out of traffic information prior to a holding thirteen twenty one one thirty one thirty one we’re going to hear close thousands for help book cover at the Buy Mart on seven two and how that two males fighting in the lot because if we’re here with anyone working

Thirty one foot in the US for three you know it was one three one helping out on cover for even that ones own two Impala to mail fighting the lot

The source is such a nice place to crash and then I will have to continue

To buy what you want are you on the site

During the vision you can disregard again Klopp of thank you for

Sharing For me the warm

Negative nothing further just two guys both blackmails employees off an hour and a half ago on our last email the forklift thirteen forty four six eighty one if there were

Delays for use a villa a clear evidence of Hartmann fifty three

Darcy’s holy apartment sixty nine actually the apartment of a sixty nine er colors is just people fighting lots of yelling and thing going on coming

So it’s eleven

On occupied construction site so I got ahold of one of the people who said we think the former buildings under construction which it is Dr Bill Maher was signed with

And seen West Side and I need somebody to cover sixty one for the servants on Kohli thirty them idees articles

Or will I have any or not have a John five ninety us closure Salvias just you just have a difference and I know you’re pushing twenty

And I didn’t I think I don’t know if I pop in for me or if you guys got another trip so the evil still on site they can see I’m near the forklift area that was less than a minute ago when i’m here i didn’t

Want to think but it’s such a work as well I thought

OK Then Zack hollered to say there are all the real conduct orders last an hour and a half ago

Well well they are a little lot around and doing well to look like the work and the fun one eight hundred eight

Thirteen twenty six


The covers

Of things were his reasoning for them all of which are already proper things OK so if anyone is going to offer it on a freeway I’ll fetch on the road

And searching for his I’m a pro and save her own and more calls about that will have that I broadcasted a few minutes ago that looks like he is now two three and a grove is a drunk guys that are going in and out of traffic starting to kind of harassing people he’s a white male in his forty’s six but thirty white shirt blue jeans and sneakers

Carrion of the or driving anyone available to their entire if are on record of for America

Have you think you know that after me and if anyone coming from everything

Thirty to four coming after things and then thirty eight or four or if he’s walking off from me so when one gets there will contact him to walk in or found on the sidewalk the will is an instance of me liking our family for her one but all of

The leaven will be over an abandoned vehicle license the Mary Robert one seven to see how on the road and hard burden and ours have been and they’re going to be one in thirty six only going to be forty we’re going to have few if I want to have to go on over that they seem to just fall flat on

That awful and

You’re calling the ambulance something

And then you’ll be and aren’t thirty and thirty three thirty to four

Tens if you want this guy twenty third just south of Thurman one another surgeon you’re having another side interest me very just south of sort of seven three of five in route

Thirty if I think you’re through a forty thirty one fortune Yeah carry it to your unit your code

Could want to

Have one call once of two and one of them place very

Final seven or seven hundred seven NE Sacramento number two try three

Hundred forty one

If I did I think there is an eleven minute or two three in terminal or over can I only have three dialing says two three and now I am in I John it is office like

Whether or not two three

Who are number one and so on the one side yeah there’s one of two three and Savior

That if you say to the front lobby somebody wants seven thirty one

Street Market one of them I call the intersection of thirty fourth and happy at thirteen thirty seven eleven

Don’t have a player for priority call us have a part one that has a video at M.L.K. two three seven SE M.L.K. there’s a subject lying outside the door holding scissors yelling at passing passer by about castrating and having them he is a white male beanies turquoise jacket green Dickie and what I call it so this is what I’m

Trying to cut anybody here is as you know one of the he’s just waving this is around and threatening feel free

To fingering he said one copy for Powell and you know

That there’s converting to

Falling I mean well because your offer

For one isn’t any and several wondering if

We’ll go again I’ll start I’m guessing that several have attacked

Them all and

That if you party forty eight if you’ve Grammy moment you walk in with seven eleven zero medical and put on your call accidental forget I didn’t run Now the driver has last inside of red Chevy sedan I’m not saying which way they went southbound I’m sorry southbound saying our names and our victim vehicle is here inside of a blue Volvo

Of the from fifty nine hundred block


An object with the scissors walking away from the thing that FRIES Well I’m happy walking away eastbound seventh all seven forty

And he said he made a hole that I fell for it

Was a really

Rough out of court house and if you feel happy now you know what about the just vehicle is he and healthy sixty one Frank Edward Victor these are on holding thirteen forty one one that if you’re on six Do you ever get medical phase is really what we’re waiting for is ready

For it or to order a copy and I would have a visual me chemical restraint after that you see on an ambulance or any fires will always have it says I got that certain voice right

You are just are the person is not discarding reward one partner in forty three but I love a man woman after day twelve healthy seven I for you and I was free a guy was done just right now complainant

I sort of thing frightened somebody then left southbound seventy nine in the black small S.U.V. organ player one zero nine Henry Queen David actually comes by you he also similar to that now the

Desert I’m ready for coffee from you think and you want her yes I think it’s on I am going to show you that I’m going to be in a red truck with the white camper parked in front the two aspirins I saw we’re out at thirteen for to take you on her Adams I will take that you can clear a five month happy having us having an eight seven one year Clara’s off made

Sense and forty five please if I want

Her To put it in some of the silver pencil it will become a spice

Copy join I’ve

Just come off a bridge trying to catch up her looks

So you went on hold

On also for Andrea trappy

Did you ever have played or anything further on the desert red Chevy sitting on this one six one few Henry Henry Victor journey

Of although the Walmart Western You don’t want to westbound on also you sent from Wal-Mart now we’re going to

Have him early and unless I’m on our crew privileged nursery jewelers

Yarn then Wal-Mart as soft as John and mom are going Columbina back and see if they have any further on a discussion that horrid is yours or the driver to

Clear on an L.A. Chevy COBOL five hundred to get us off base who looks like you guys to be closer to the Paul treatment center

About a half a block from the first floor of forty seven but with her in truth a door to thirty one forty two No there have not emergency off thirty and forty something having five to one as you get them stopped at La Mart and John now

If they weren’t happy about it or thirteen party information County has an emergency apnea making contact with a such as that one seven seven seven seven NE at the ministry in degree information at the scene forty nine

And then eleven the witness is saying he doesn’t want these Pontac in person just by phone only

Thirteen fourteen a of a copy in the novel is normally like on back part of the Morrison Bridge since there is help us Needle Park by an email that was I Ming over the seawall and hanging over the water he is now on the sidewalk and walking southbound through Waterfront Park I think he’s drunk he’s a white male early twenty’s was for have got such a hard up dance information it’s getting pretty may be right with Travis and if you want to seduce him

Ration something as I go rationed I think I think they’re sort of you often enough that we are going to have

A fall of uncalled for

But Paula

Thank you for if you want information and prayers disturbance of holding it to one to north east six avenue is to look after the changing can’t male versus female loss of thing in the male Chinese are like asking the female information out of her to the servants holding it thirteen fifty four

In the hero will probably settle to join anyone else available to there and cover

Them Do you want to do square you can put

One thank you doesn’t this thing fixed by the restaurant now is passed down the

Those years with a older pick up in the lot

Two females are on the tables

Or is that a seven eleven the problem party looks like an Hispanic male about five foot baseball cap or collars that is has a well we’re going to get on that description so we can see you guys going to do the wrong thing to do

But you know thirty four ones own viewpoint but started off well for certain what was going to hold dear abby at thirty four zero on Southeastern thirty has the five hundred ninety five any

Girls over already have a home

For everybody OK so if anyone has any

Shells then found any back home having

To take seventy one offer you are good but if anyone in front of you set and very soon Are these last go on a guy he was in front of you straight to see a sleazy Well that didn’t or he was using some views on his own walking west on Lasco saying side the side like I forty to sixty years old but of right arm sure

On the From

Part victory was to say honestly it’s kind of I think he said

But I think that five to one tech Jim burger such it made me happy laughing to thirty fourth and Division thirty fifty three five nine seven for all the things that you could associate with a hit and run that was on the news thirteen that

Was who I worked forty three and there was no way

We are one running north male Why is wearing a black in great sweater haven’t been charged yet the boy unfreezing fired for a reason they were involved with her and that we now have your arrogance of pursuit are not yet one twenty four and twenty three where you are now

How awful lot of them he was running northbound on he’s in the division junior ejects have a video made on that went down during its possible five ten so that he didn’t start going to California seven saying Frank Young in sixty nine adding and someone is looking after I find I’m a very effective

Fucking them and you know one hundred ninety nine and I thought you never going to one of them back to in Haiti want to go I would hope they will go there thank you for three hundred farm out

For us one thirty one are you with that subject one too when we got another six anyone I know he claims he’s like

Very certain Do you want to arrive in seven sort of working on ANY see him go it’s been a one area checking around Southwest Barbara Southwest Spring Garden AK high side transients hate me I’ll look like I’m for possibly using a white male long brown hair blue shirt to jean shorts and pushing a cart

Sun along a grassy area near the freeway at this point is of

That fourteen if you that’s a fact I actually got on the train on that one and seven very and I was growing

Them I mean

He’s even

Once we want to you know if there’s anything you see for that kind of it took off so it’s a one person one so if anyone has any little dropping from about going up then a lot of influences OK I’ve even justify

Some view on

Whether subjects the male and female went

On Davis from Seventh Avenue probably about five minutes ago there’s a big camp like your arm around my partner but you’re having East on Davis from seven Avodah if for

One for one your guy walked out southbound in the car I want to contact for what you know the formation on a disturbance holding Northwest one in northwest Johnson transience Fighting think the dispersing information as a service holding it sparking a seven figure well think you have to

Think it’s going to be outside of the corner there are two guys who are physically fighting very Now just a verbal one is a white male red hair red shirt the other is a white male dark hair in a beard blue shirt you know I’ve been seeing

That fourteen a seven show me at one zero three three ne hemera lane

Green are these D.N.A. or how do I sell and he am he

Of having three seven three four if you know about one five zero four place that seemed good as John and this I call this a whole thing can all be clear John and then we’ll be taking time around at the chairman

Of the john seven three one we’re coach or do you want to work and I think you need to see you know inside inseminated first player John


I wanted to say he is

Different but you


Very correct the feminine Jimmy traffic lights our boy wearing one present right there was already in Iraq was village around it or four to eight seven was going to

Send you on a welfare check a female some ling in and out of traffic se to it to an Orient

Six anyone seem to want to go service sixteen twenty one North East Grand Avenue some of the sellers just are and some other items and the guy is loitering just standing right at the front entrance right now sell for a for Something’s up with him

Like I thirty is a long hair gray shirt with a black collar and grace and hands he says his name is Clark Kent if I want covered for a few parting for him for

Audible and I get two three four three selfies one these

Ones it’s only a start it was all all of ours

And out of party for calling from a Dollar Tree eight hundred fifteen ne forty third on a guy who’s about southbound forty second Avenue not know what he sold blackmail twenty thirty

Called in fourteen sixteen

Once I for you can make light of False Alarm going fourteen sixteen players I’m pleased to be in the number twenty six with a Capitol Hill mojo and out if you have blood on his arm it looks like

Maybe or Rush robberies there’s a point

Of all that gone unused no need to go if you’re happy at forty six years of a lot of journalists who are often called want to keep a file as

Well as that’s over

Any less as are true that the service got

A filing as any

Horses that

Stamina five percent effort United five one love and start of a car the head of all medical is rolling and now the cars on fire or when we get an accident or how I want to

Be Free OK Thank you happy that I was fulfilled and everything

If I want you in a six one heading has Southwest stamina southwest one in eight getting reports of seven people throwing bike at each other he said run by

A fireman as they’re in the parking lot of the northeast corner westbound on eighteen and route something extraordinary and over

And over

If anyone fortunate

Annie if I have one looks like they now stopping at bus on the last checks

OK I don’t have a phone here but yet it can help because of a poll number when you get a chance lets go through one through three is very bad and then no self initiated happy ones and threes Yes Other than she is fucking funny and

These drives are

OK And eighty five one six one it looks like

The people who are fighting are now surrounding a random red car was trying to get away one of the suspects is a white male late forty’s was your son I just want to

Ask you now with Him for His will and

I went

Up to her

On the other not funnier now but there’s like three or who are

There when all that you want to

Be general for most T.V.

Coverage was

It was proof

Of a

Happy and free one you can use anything on

With you in one five one one seven five two northwestern side road there’s a male variable with a collar he has a nice white Dynasty’s green T. shirt and great aunts is coming in the a Spanish language line using when I mean

By insofar as that he has a nice

We’re going to have him and it’s a fun I thought for years just straight he’s arguing Friday you

Have because

It’s unclear anyone else will have one thirty to five you can use any three of us government and fourteen for the three

Parties if they want to forking head over to of Burger King again

Governor but I can hear out just seconds Oh I’m sorry about one three one

Package on the fourteenth and one for one for the Steelers when you don’t answer I

Tend to think that you’re not fourteen twenty four for once any

Joy for many freaking gave me this wrinkly eight he’s like answering Washington needs you to bring a sense of one point forward sixty one a second time averting time for coffee if you want to begin at fourteen twenty four of one five four forty five or thirty one I’m not with you four and two one Burger King or two thousand if I want

To have one where your when I think

The Atlas thinks it’s fun it’s for things they say about you know our own ass in our own us in our own as an earthly use of us in our

High fives adding for us this is about two minutes ago a small gray setting and solving a lesson shoulder they pulled away and our callers medium size metal box that was up against the barrier and yes I’m going to go get that information

Working from the center and raise your own head as dog in distress new market building one one five southwest ash tree our caller says the dog has been in a silver Toyota S J for twenty to thirty minutes camping there’s no one individual has it was a Dell I says it is two zero zero David Lincoln boy really an effort in thirty five forty one hundred forty doesn’t I five that he’s an island right and sellers a three car accident we told our callers that there’s no need for us responded to changing it off the freeway but then she told us there was a gal yelling at somebody but she wouldn’t give us any further information on that so somehow some five of the servants us had a Camry and a red Jeep and a silver Nissan truck six a lot of Honor

And about as we go along Arthur high five the heat island right and shoulder

Still have a good one and I think I might very

Well I’m going to be your own coach virgin call my phone for

Government at three of

The five we’re going to go back to all calls just as often as you did so we get

Back to just moments of the sheeted fourteen to visit the three one commuters certain sectors period was uncovered by vol three to preserve

Western ideas forty six two three eight zero doubt sees a chair in the right lane on the camera they don’t have anybody to go

Right for You are arriving to do say oh it’s not going you’re going out of I don’t have anybody available they said driver here there’s debris in the wind to vary in a roadway OK

One thirty three hundred three

Area Jack after that wireless is going on eleven filling up is eighty two and the guy who

Karen apparently tried to steal one of their display cell phones five about seven minutes ago to south down on foot but now only twenty six three Bluto blue jean shorts steel blue one thousand she is was carrying a cooking Santa some sort of a like area check and eye contact

Fourteen thirty seven I simply copy

As if I have it working thirty seven ninety three minutes or if you have a drunk guy asking for the wagon or police the law is on today there are Chevron and each Amber inside

Forcings having one five four one five want to go for

Anybody on the side speak Russian Russian speaking officers and helplessness suicidal you know one or three in Cornell I don’t have any Russian speakers on the side of a Washingtonian asking what language are they will never Sion se you know well that

At fourteen they’re doing what we want to see a lot of people and there’s a lot of funny

Thing on the side to get her on record with a white sort of carrier after city and five hundred acre yellow Charlie in the last week seven for one for one

Or two is going to se six and division in a couple hollers saying that there is a me and traffic use possibly throwing rocks at people yelling trying to get the cars he’s a white male in his twenty’s at the start of a button circling that you can’t taking a shirt off and waving it around probably around forty

At forty of what it was to feel and I saw program I thought you know the big three out of the road so this

Little bit of


A five forty one degrees out or a

Pretty and out if you’re going in are five five here he and I are in the degrees out


Search forcing forty three nations American vehicles insanity for about Crown Point the group of five to ten modified vehicles driving the other group sometimes taking their bodies out of the windows driving slow and fast it’s fourteen forty foot tall forty one zero five people

Review one who you want

Thirty eight o seven please not in summer when the Conficker says that yes the caller is waiting and says the division and those once contact every representative for

Elk and Sacramento essential welding fire causes a group of teenagers that have just now been seeing I mean on to the roofs and front of the building for five white males and black male every major is involved

Anybody close a cover on that M.L.K. Sacramento about five thirty one from North

And five eighty one five thirty one across the dresses usery wondering are these missing eighty seven lines that affect beginnings of the moment anyone having That is one five five two seven seven and I often for government have a fifty one times on having a glass of joint times want him fired for giving them for one twenty three and I don’t see the victim or the jail let me give the victim a call that I file on having a fourteen percent visit when you can probably can’t recover now and admit right five of us decisions your wife Prius asking people on the left shoulder fourteen forty seven

Have a fucking reason for doing to make in your will it farther west like you go so far having had over seven

Thirty doesn’t mean you can be only thirty once go thirty eight

But even

That Argento the

Access road from

Here to the access road from our country is imported the suspect is still here at the

Under the over

The break

Having a second year of half a telecom working for him we have a few Oh and I’m out of the seven hundred seven I have a reason for to for complaining different on a road rager East on Sunset acting Hummel do vehicles coming out of that each other was a dark city and the others agree all of his organs hate them Victor Adam I think information four hundred fifty one forty two there are dark there it is like they are we really animated Well thirty four year old seven thirty one you can clear this Frank and I can go as well and happy for the fifty day that’s a lot of nice Ross was that happy for him to fight for time again on the sun confirmed for two advice on fast you need me there so one of those days now isn’t now

A lot of whistle ready reanimated we might

Details or

I got me I’m going to see the choppers and feel seen

Hanging out with no parents around them trying are OK

Three will be out on the rocks right show and she seven Broadway return

Person if you know no one you know what you nine twenty S razor fears are Sarkozy car accidents and the mail is out for me out of

Heavy Duty government fortunes at this very minute three M’s if you want

For you eight six one four one going away is one hundred thirty seven Southwest choice Street Journal on a subject with dementia who is yelling holes in your

Robert Haas morning one hundred forty four previous call saying that he has threatened with a gun and there’s also a direct VI on a three car response here probably from precinct viewing five poll for two northwest corner of two four zero and HALL The There’s a black female lying facedown black jacket and I heard it were

Parts like occur

Before to describe their R.V.

Or Tiffany or from them or the mention of the Gun think the gun hole was on the eighteenth so two days ago that is the director VI says that he does have a Smith and Wesson three five seven along there all the time that he is pointed in the liver before and then if he has it out or with him right now and he possibly has mental health issues and eventually probably forty if you are very observant you can pass me off thirty eight zero seven copy for him to fact her if you inquiry brings in I mean anywhere you need to go eighty one and have your player stand I divorce you are days that I want in a way north down the ward

Water Thank you

Have you walking north out of water

Nightly I’m here I’m not seen anybody

I go are having a hard day the male white was black hair black monkeys are green with a hospital scrubs and their supervisor might be close to thirty or in other words having exactly go on it and OK here


The Enhanced you know over one I got eyes on and some a peep my distance until we got enough resources there he said anything east down and Stevenson have essentially instrumental

Seventy one do we

If you try seven for one a very


Summary ninety

Having them do one Grammy Frank as well

You know

We think of the


Really garden apartments to a one to one a star there isn’t room for Sadam the start just west of the playground and the kids are fishing a back and forth like they’re playing with a family and as they were going the same thing yesterday and their friends are going to get hurt or roll it into something Sicilia

Sorry And also she doesn’t know who that car belongs to so she can’t contact them and there’s a flag for Henry one free one and a highly volatile subject for officer safety director didn’t I guess it sounds like that there would be on the actual road junction just one of them will go right down I’m going

If I want to go

One way or the or as I think you are injured because well well don’t check

Before going to be oxygen should be

Having interest for you

Well one escalating even if any worse I

Get another unit over here to grant you and north and

West into the you go a lot

More thought it was a West End well

If you can guess anything and I personally couldn’t be when I’m going around almost very

Grand and

Have a grand and now grand and now

One view laying down where you are

Right it will run so it will be clear if you had better cover that I don’t also use any just having

Again as you might

Be Going on the standby if you want to second car

Thank you you don’t feel happy and have tea and just going from a grand and they’ll still seven forges anyway five I don’t want to three

Days go three Sigler in

Thirty to four months and

You know have

One running anything they set us free for I am even going to frankly have these rights as you know St

Paul here without cover it is you probably a farmer but I’m less in west than please and from one zero to add a high speed white Lexus Oregon five hundred five John nor of Roger and that will be now one zero two northbound from police and weaving in traffic for cover who doesn’t but once it’s very very

Big move on the for

Seven for work over them he wants one three

Seven You want you to know six information to drive or less and you still Marine want to go some wanted to bring ranger over Washington plates speeding and I will maintain mine if you know four


These They say Jorm sixty one one NE reason there is a dispute over a ten dollar bill in the employee Any other half are asking for fully

Zero and still is I think the second car you know any contact number for the show is over but even if

They serve one I’ll try to find one in the best and walk way the white guy long brown hair blue shirt and short actually to develop his locking

Just you know what if

I can fix that and I can drive

Six more to him for I wanted me to

David thank you

But you know now and for three for you and I need three it looks like you’re closest to cover unless someone’s clear in Atlanta ne Gleason eight five press one printed rail access going to be at the intersection for several hours according to our area resident scholar


Thousand nine hundred three only put a note McCollum all know as

The ninety three twenty

Both cases are to the WOULD DO IT WAS serial of her five or

Ten fourteen of one village paperwork fifteen house so they could be transported by E.M.R. seventy one copies of controls five to one twenty five to one I think that’s sort of a thirty to forty beat a fourth

Clear granted mill and can you put me back on the twenty third and Thurman call that I was on prior show me a simple copy fifteen fourteen to be frank on the school college fifteen fourteen you need three one can you cover it for you to be unwanted if you for five

If you want to copy him on the phone record

Because if you sitting talking with a car seven just read on the exam coming back to two thousand and four Lexus registered in the law

If you want a three one and I tell it to complain on the phone for the unwanted

On the eleventh

Subject no longer OK copy or clear it out think you’ve been dreaming of even fathom it well seven three one fifteen something Carvalho

Have all three Jim

Heard in Mali seven where you

Have a chance friends it is going to have to fifty nine hundred thirty

Seven I got to be twenty four with Oregon sure

Seven one six George George Henry and we are a very sixty three hundred block B. H.H.

Sixty three hundred block of V.A.G. church in twenty four run for the little at twelve thirty one of these Broadway non-injury accident two vans one of them doesn’t have insurance or drivers in or out distinctly

Like washing fifteen year old already here

Six US I have a

Ninety three ninety three been anyone going to forty eight to eight SE one zero for our whole has been hearing screaming on and off for about an hour here and but she doesn’t think it’s a fight she just thinks that full of feeling lost coffee and a light on the set and take of that path they left South found in a white Chevy sedan or college standing by live that he’ll

See it if you

Want to residential silent twenty seven Baker for three to five cyclists thirty fourth coffee for event just right it’s going to be you know

Fifteen hundred

Or one for one hour and a lot closer than I am I can go back to serious job the six hundred twenty I got to think she’s looking after you once you’re over fifty four knots or want to give your place from a call

That’s in one go ahead

Break Charlie and I know six or five and ready for making time for the clinker thirty eight zero seven are you go for yes I am thanks I’m clear if you’re one of the money going back for the play when you have a minute yeah for you and them to five five was just

On our side of killings were near the southbound on route to get on to till five

There’s a male holding his head over the train tracks a white guy reddish hair and thirties languishing exactly gravity

The first

Things I do you go and have you hold the train you got to take his

So offer a check on your box twenty forty one Northwest Everett having to confront anyone cancel the other car

Twenty six down in the parking lot rocking back and forth caller’s concern about him fifteen twenty seven eleven

Three and seven twelve forty seven Davis a mil her sister e-mails a verbal that the mail possibly has a nice miss talking

Service on how the

Seventy one sex because

If you want to go over

Five in the area try to figure out what her car is walking about in terms of location run for


Same guy or the try to throw Gaston honest you know earlier he’s now northbound a seven on a bicycle Hispanic male in his forty’s with the beach ball cap and a great teacher and only seven twelve walk area Jack prime time the

Decisions wouldn’t

Start right

Now I just read you thought the cover


Something we got to get busy to use for fun

Hunting and yam for an eighty three

Other right use of a motor vehicle out of Malema County

To see thirty three fifteen years

And I’m not saying anything I’m going to turn around and go the other way and I have a feeling I’m going to find the

Six o’clock having said all that I caught in the contact email

Just research into one phone call

Or witness someone region two a vehicle at the parking lot and take a wallet there last seen westbound on a vision but a person of color didn’t ask them what was going on collar hung up on it

It’s the fifth of the call it’s fifteen thirty one and six by five six five if you just know the call I’ve seen no one on the U.V. tracks no one on the next track no on the calendar a fridge and I think we can clear the storage to five copies except we have it

It’s fifty five to seventy

Five seventy a good night if you put it you never went to Venice

Or one or two where nobody was fraid it was sort of a phrase

That if you Herman if there are three


Five also

Know immediately in Washington how do you know or when I hear one

I was very ill and fifteen thirty three

Twenty due to

The color found out where the mall is you just an example have eaten a decision for

Every six months shuttle runs when you first Charlotte or union if you have seven or twenty first fifteen there has offered to her or

Seven horse riders

Have All the region in time checked the fifteen thirty five then as we know three three and then eleven going to southeast once you Q. and A vision of the shelf Asian about one minute ago I

Have sister Sun Someone done a call born to sixty seven in here just unknown warrant

You know any sixteen we think infinity is and I can cover having an eleven twenty

Is the idea that he three for Donna Cole born in sixty seven for trespassing out of the county and he had I’m going to be a part in Taylor Duffy park in jail or any cover

You can use every forty two was on a welfare check five she was helpless to from twenty three in Burnside that it’s going to take a variety of thank you all the traffic down that way

Every who knows what

Business is of the four I’m going to go for if we want probably go for fertility transformation me an interesting

Interstate rest I think thirty eight thirty thirty two fifty three of five to one five to one and we don’t have a complainer here or any I’m description of a vehicle other than what was going to have one or I think I’m unclear

But I went for a got me thank you

Recall in a couple hours I want to come off until it’s in thirty nine street or one thousand nine hundred of those most reach areas fifty internet four hundred forty one have ordered Stanford and then other Asians out walking toward studies

But he said going up are the servants at once by the new vision nine eleven

You know movie

Star You don’t see a president of the cover for you have for one there are one Southeast Division in the US as a fireman from here here only a male versus male and it’s cause it sounds like they’re killing each other but there’s not a lot of screaming So thank you to clarify the callers are making a lot of sense so are the this is what they’re saying nothing and then when I say you just clear them as are you to cover at once Ivy their own selfish division yes ma’am that in forty one

National Day although for me included of course having to be nine eleven twenty

Nine for three repeat your last one is if you want to fifteen for you and I’m seventy three we have to have Ealing was very over the color she was she was answering your questions as she said it was the apartment above are all your own the store

Fifteen forty three a forty one

Forty one is at the Safeway turn ten selfless Jefferson is a female shoplifter in custody she just admitted to swallowing three grams of heroin were starting medical three


For two as what was covered over

Fifteen forty four thank you three clear frankly for an hour and twenty having one hundred forty four entries three criminals in this in all being rocked one driving in this primary as a free primary fifteen forty four

Twenty there a for one fifteen for four

Then and once any time

In forty five but heard him it was a little bit to seven in morning if you were to have information on a hazard call holding it fell apart at seven five zero zero southeast of elf or grain white people running eastbound

And out of traffic on the park and he said hundred forty six six hundred sixty four the fuck the elevator is at the top floor so that you can just as a club call you have that point on I for one and medical she admitted you lying or not they have a job in for you

Or whatever here

That I have some of the ancient house you know and there are fifteen forty eight thirteen fourteen ten eleven times a meter police say for when you think Jeff Leifer to be as an artist and the first

Journey travelling

In forty two and I mean one choice out of one makes it hard being a profession for the


Good I call the dog infidel Vargas go through their

Reason for you

When you have a chance doesn’t it in a call about somebody requesting contact about Robert Probably it’s important

I mean you said in one one

Zero the conference by Alan Gross

If you’re WRONG want

To sort of be fishing for to

Anyone I think they are not and I’m guess you’d want a more adult male having some medical issues at the park hyperventilating at a stuff like that he’s conscious and breathing OK or is that you know everything I think I have to summon sometimes very healthy ever by the hope of having not having

One that’s right sorry not that well I need to send John a call

To correspond waiting at three wanted Thompson to go on to an address that did you say they’re not a story one Alice likely after yesterday’s while checking on Emily Wells ninety three

She called there’s nothing to suicidal we haven’t been able to get in contact with letter yet OK we’ve got to be somebody close and I haven’t covered this before

I have thank you ninety three I’m twenty three and some high standards are saying that possibly two three five zero nine hundred

Ninety three sixty three hundred fifty four or thirty four and possibly related to two three five zero ses one five eight

Zero one five four

North West burns on east

And there are two vehicle all of non-injury accident but they’re blocking

Southbound traffic near the Black Bear parking lot

More like they have a very fundamental change an overview there is fast

And there’s a sense of how the Sicily was on when her accident really relieved him out or really hurt her and I think

I have it for you on the kitchen of the car but over

On that off right

There doing fifty six seven

Twenty three can you have in fact me something you probably think we’re talking


You just need a starter for the gun show but the Expo Center colors that Ryan Judy Sporting Goods The thing is a male that was the night of her just because under indictment is trying to purchase a gun at this is across from our callers it’s a

And excuse me Andrea Brian born in eighty eight white guy black Nike shorts gram black long sleeve one sure why in a walk in the

Is there is a firm that’s

Most vulnerable we’ve seen a being our dear and we can handle that kind of that decides that thank you

Isn’t going to get sixteen fifty you don’t like

Robbery if you call we go with that earlier you know I have an overwhelming three six twelve thirty six of the of the on goal sex crimes do you think of jargon call I went for POLICE TACTICAL I was fortunate

If you see let me reset the evidence then we match again at six one nine se one hundred you

Going with medical injury accident

After job one for me here in addition six hundred one two for evidence one for

Find a cover car and be the US market at two seven one five sell these are in trials it is a female’s inside refusing to leave

She’s going to the front doors actually I guess he was outside the front doors refusing Aren’t you sorry trying to get in or if you know thirty’s having Bill lose your life was in

Or into one of her company and it was very honestly it was a wonderful very warm for for I’m walking on you they want you all here to go over

There once you want to hold over for afternoon to be on or

Before if you’re very down to race Ford Focus stolen partially blocking They have a toll on the way you have something of a traffic control

Just to have

Them For one ever drink and one for him or her arm through our order that you were five that Holgate if you could repeat her unit number one for one and one for it’s enough to deny knowing the one so welfare check this whole range she’s been there all their detector and this morning she doesn’t want to talk to free and she’s just standing on the sidewalk not doing anything that I want it sounds like same currently so close that one for the night one of these as it was for one seventy one copy of that John is that you know three years old to do

With us we generate zero zero zero zero zero zero two three nothing sure Fontaine’s in those we know

Who were roughly two three nights are volunteers and like us we go six you know for Nancy three factors called me and Jim can find their own vision for for now

But when

Last night intervention the texting of our very very obviously but incidents result what horrible voice and already Yes we’ll have thanks from out of our from people on scene saying no medical needed but probably traffic control let me know if you want to check

If you know

It when I know

It when I see it seven one zero on it’s an assist call it yes us your nurses are asking for assistance I are confused very You walked in saying he woke up covered in blood and abandoned house in the Kensington neighborhood with three thirty five bodies were not aware of it you know he got

A second I’m going to have a

Few additional officers to come down here to help out with the general just of the Dollar Tree six eight one five one

Five one covering it’s of and was originally for sorry but if you can clear the call I’m on with John and clear one of the basics are

Finding once any



I sixty one I’m seeing rates if you want to access

Government dollars

I succeeded to go in six months and it got me just on one hundred

Twenty one you know it nine for one if you’re not committed to the free without a priority for you we just got on the freeway

OK disregard ninety three three for you and I know three again unless someone’s in better position to take it at twenty seven Baker at one six zero one north east one zero six

Montreal and three three one cocktail sit on it and I do think you’re going to further Y.C. to declare

Six United

He said I’m on the company from a conference

For five for Southeast Howell County asking for some assistance checking the park for someone in a large tent they have P.C. for E.V.A.’s off on it’s a juvenile description and sixty nine point one four where Charlotte twenty one four at six hundred ten one six three nine seven three from the flight down

Or happy I had a follow up call request regarding a previous case that are from an anti sans And if that’s if I just driving sixty

Then one thing the updated as and when we get over afternoon not back and if you’re a

Primary to three sensor that I might use for tonight six eleven occurred George for a second time and request a more practical sort of figure with

It’s seven twelve dollars twenty eight in Burnside if I recall they’re saying he’s watching a suspect across the street

Or seems to be mostly rambling about three of us in Portland not really being clear about what’s going on possibly a crowd forming to watch but we’re not really sure watching was cancelled because if you describing a crime in progress or just rambling

Eleven we looked at holes for evidence yet looking over across both of loved me I think you and all of it covered thank you if you feel

Like there is in the basement look we are going to be able to lower the elevator down of this war so we can get two more down to the basement sixty four we’ve got five six hundred sixty five and around us if not you we copy that we’re going to wait till you get your example where we’re average judges

With radio communications with the officers in the basement sort of in

The basement taking off

Their cohorts for deception you know via

About six hundred pounds


Baseball Hoving

And you go like a really big

Wooden earring white male six foot two hundred grains like baseball hats are building a big wooden earring fifteen thirty thank you three not going to go now three to cover at SE eight zero nine hundred

Fifteen forty five forty five dangerous journey and then fifteen follow the ones when you drink leave and all go before

This is run just in front of you or in a health report that it is important to five seven thank you or more of your code one just to clear with life the one or officer Triple Five story for six seven one one remembers

Information reckless driver Marine Drive and thirty third of black Lexus eighty seven to Henry Frank Paul Jeremy TIM LANE Last seen eastbound ring drive information six hundred sixty information on a disturbance holding southeast at the mill versus female to the west are given five six hundred sixteen is a sergeant if you know that male versus female Holden’s revenues coming out of precinct

Just the last phone call at the precinct sixteen eighteen which is the middle

Of thank our When Number one they’ve again but there’s a car that they’re going to be waiting for it’s now it’s on the right shoulder is out and they will say maybe you know the traffic control for that

They used but at the east

You have anybody to help the traffic at northbound I go five Ne Ne on the right shoulder

We’re at mile twenty three

Thirty reserve and that was going to spend some of us will get

There as his boss for both of these

Travie seven eleven Sevenfold was some of an officer both of you have anybody available for the previous

One hell of a heart

That I think that helped sixteen and thirty years or thirty days of afternoons with Roll Call they’re going to be logging all of yours release of them because in the middle of a fall of a funnel because of the visuals first and for a moment

Several of them some twelve and


Sixty five and one of us will come to each other

You’ve got a minute and I get over the knife for what it is probably

The last scream of the you know if you heard that yes of an advance

We didn’t hear that and wires going to start the process along the elevator it’s going to success removing thirty six of Francine

One for forty seven years old ones we must have five and you have that one please

Thank you for taking my three eleven

And I don’t ever

Think you

Can live through five were going on will have your welfare check Aarons are having him yourself you have been buying thirty two all right after this coming out of what’s called a

Seven hundred forty coverage but one for copying one of us one for one number one their remaining car here is on the roadway and on the shoulder and they’re getting their own child can’t vote

But out east but I think used in front of

Just confirming that you can disregard the call at night and I feel five at milepost twenty feet

Fifteen point six seconds I was right

Three zero five A Forest Service at Stanford’s then was relayed center I did endorse three or four juveniles fighting

With him one fourteen

This and two to west on eighty four

At one point one there’s a black female standing in traffic on the off ramp stopping cars is about forty Frazier in OK I’m a long way away as well

But I think you want one fourteen to continue for new this isn’t for me

But hold on here


Under your one hundred three one nine hundred

Seventy twenty eight this is a city they’re going through but it’s going to sixty one

Nine zero five zero zero for you in one three four in the sun it’s closer ages are in are these six a color is X. assaultive and spent on her he’s being kept on the porch currently by the landlord and shouldn’t be here oh yeah there’s a six ways on six days negative sorry eight you zero ne six a


Matthew four copy me thirty nine seventy where you try to

I don’t

Know if I have an answer and I know five ninety four I think it will copy already but there is the safety attached four eight six eight NE six eight we’re going to eat is zero basically three to six to thirty to

Fourteen critter or eighteen fourteen sixteen thirty three and four times and

Then that a fortnight sixteen thirty three zero if you want sixty and thirty we aren’t any Grammy for traffic

Yes very long

We’re going to be a very big role in the Internet and David Gergen we’re going to war

He first

And he said to a one hundred thirty nine for five six you want to sixteen thirty three when there was a visitor who have the observer

There Jesus returning sitting there for more than forty have ever won fourteen Senate

Copies in a single

Routine quarter and are aged fourteen

Foster and nine to sixteen thirty six who

Want the Big Bear Market Call it will be waiting Hare says he was attacked by dogs who live three houses east of here fire’s gone as well

And one search for that’s back in the queue your collars contacts and you checked out on the spot

If you don’t have a car to go with

Her Who are his her thank you sixty three show people what’s going on six five one with Examiner inside three hundred twelve new vision thirty seven so I had a few and once before outside of the Walmart there’s a white male

Talking about someone getting him high and stealing his bike he’s carrying around broken glass and thirty six but purple they still have great long sleeved shirt blue jeans with Wal-Mart by the Russian market twenty four forty four years he’s now a D.N.R. one three for coffee from division of a

Sixteen thirty

Three Also as you for two thirty eight sixteen thirty for six thank you sixty for any

Take intern and

I’m seventy I’ll be going to primary them coming from the one district judge if I don’t show you one of those Welcome to different

Started seconds after

Six different

Reconnection with us I’ve copied you want the other cars to continue as well

Towards you for three that we’re going to think you were going to be the one fourteen put you in one side for nine one five Northwest third Street holler and there has been there

Are Now he’s a Christian Langhorne in seventy eight OK and

Now we want to want to yell to the guy to threaten employees now standing outside screaming asking a trespasser and white male in his thirty’s with a black white sugar and dark resort we’re very three four six if you like of a foreigner six people before us before us girls are fighting with

The cause doesn’t say we’ll call back and try to get better

Dropping seven twenty four

Forty four welfare check twenty three in Belmont passer by reporting a guy walking in traffic is going down white Miletus twenties with long frizzy here and a black hoodie thirty

Some for for coffee twenty or no or none of us

I don’t seem to be any age twenty on more the sixty eight of a new job in the media call back

The nine five hundred

Eighty six and we’re going to market I’m five I want you to market one three for writing the same point one nine hundred sixty three sixty one nine sixty three sixty one of sixteen for four right for you inside it for welfare checks two seven one signs North East policy in the front yard of the Trans Union town is breathing OK rating top black shorts

For having taking for

Did you start six or forty five out of five and we’ll sort it out the next five or six hundred thirty

Six or sixty one hundred forty five one point one seven four for a

Moment and twenty five So Matthew five involved are sixteen for six teams working for Girl eighty four it includes rising for six well them two for four does Arco me so you know OK just walk along drop because we both do need sixty four six for sixty five or

Fifty for six

So when once you’re

On five or six in forty seven or six of them running fifty percent the Republicans if you’re the president we’re going to be sixty five sixty six any

Sixty forty

Six You want her formal for me to sort it all then a five to sixty one at fifteen forty eight fifty five sixty five you create a nother call and attach it to this one for another person at a car voting to see what Asian location

Different six of the six of us there could remember full for a male he’s breathing on conscious I think it’s hard with us because human

Systems are your guess medical dancing on the safe if you want information only you know it’s the setting of the westbound I thought about bridal veil

And I think as a motorcyclist have I was in pursuit of for speeding have ever had since Terminator that perceive it was last in six you know half a mile post five for a grain motorcycle rider not florescent jacket sixteen

But oh

Yeah this all originated in

Wall it’s six eight NE six years old and they’re originated at eight X. eight north east six eight at the location then I suppose they’d be on aphorisms Dr Who is I don’t like top you know I think if you think them from the six seven seven that was saying was that cancel collar they were going for it because with a

Part in it having taken fifty three they were both to be some sort of yard of twenty seven o seven north west no a street to go a guy was caught breaking into the yard took off he spent on a bicycle a white male in a sporty as a look at these bulky in a black shirt and shorts colors going to be waiting for calls like in a black room coming

Into the address one by


The vision one five nine three five Southeast Division at six hundred fifty five find it for

Free and high six five party threats call forty four to NE Mallory Ave want to go in a male to female so that the threatened to shoot our caller if they parked in front of our house on the weaponless seen the problem people or so she was a like RE early ninety’s for Explorer

To find it for less like your victim is going to be waiting on the Mallory an Albertan for the Alberta atty

Six zero


Three one six four finally as land response on a river incident Columbia River at Villers beach collar says they saw person in the water be far from shore in front of us around

Him for five hundred sixty six the great

City but full of all give you clues very

Significant if I were to do if I married to you or if I marry to

I marry you

I giving it up to the car lost sight of the first son also saying they overheard some people on the shore talking about someone for having that vision of people on the shore speculating but

Farmers who are green down here to the beach didn’t look like uniquely from the problem

You got the will of the fire both of them

Very very Are you ninety four going to ne one zero in why is there a burn injury X. in the nickels rolling around in certain instances you do for crappy confront all the it’s in fifty eight

And I for my for

Getting my

Temper for going to primary You seem to deny are going to come before

You know thank you three seventy four for you once a five ride a a five on four the site one female in the store putting items in her bag black female late twenty’s blue jean jacket and a white shirt and blue jeans one is likely one of them search

Parties are

There any variable I’m out here presently in the

Do male with curly dark hair I thought got going downstream possibly carry

Seven or

Seven hundred of you have got a phone number I think we might still be on line if you want to hang up so you can call them you know we might need a better location I want to be visit No you and nobody here’s coming up

Got a phone number when you’re ready I’m forty four nobody in the second car I give you claim you’re a right three one for John Edwards are a good thing in the middle of the plate of you know one thing or another downtown carving hearing however a disturbance at Walgreens to one zero three western side there’s Humphrey for

A male who is leaving the property is extremely aggressive walking west on to the parking lot hollers as we continue out there trying to find a few people looking for a white male mid twenty’s our teacher brown pants

It’s because of me eighty five on is also still in Charlie King seven nine zero one two five of the fleet so if you want and hollers on the bike trail white guy forty black hoodie

OK Samurai real quick one time for track one

Sense it’s for zero six five north insert some form of want my three four six five in north the start of one of lots of into

Three Jim you want me off like I want on

Them you know

I remember it was

Thirty three sixty one seventy zero three nine zero three zero if you’re doing anyone available to carry cover on I eighty four free to respond to a five or five minutes of your callers a kid walking along the raised area two feet above the original There is was there actually on the freeway there me a white male ten years old with a dark thirty holes in the dark jacket of the green of a

If you give

It a

Five very good you are five very easy seven do you need north officers or

I make you to make it if I’m ready for that number come with me tell you right now around this right now and you’re going to run a three to east on I eighty four to northbound I throw five

Six four six and six four five I ripped troll is saying we can be clear so you tell me everything

I do now is the argument of the rich who is the fall where one has the rest of my life or out my post to say something or do you resent

Programmer for one of us for affirmative and there is a direct hit hazard for for near a big just being directly slighted by her live stream subscribers so green contacted her before spawn Oka for the phone number

Of your floor sample it was his on the phone

Just never drop

Something as a nine five I’m going to put no call ahead of that

Knowing five coffee that is me twenty six River for you and sixty two for M.L.K. and Alberta street on north on M.L.K. a try met had a small truck one person is requiring medical also medical going

Yes thank you

So if you don’t I I think you’re going to go shopping I’ve often shot

Sixty five

For you and six four six six seven four nine ne Sandy Lane Hong there’s a drunk or high a male trying to pick fights it’s Asian male thirty five green hoodie white shirt blue jeans sneakers employees

Asked our caller to call police for them probably for every moment

If this was a once you know

Some of you know I’ve been

Right neither I nor anyone else here out of horror

There are

Eleven five Yanks seven five nine seven hey you say I was a medic three

Russell and Marshall do if I

Do a five in six with a group like never an average of one I’m ninety five

At the Bank of America four zero one to Southeast Asia to ave

A second call from a crossing dispatch for a cleaner on the site was never more than the a lot amount of time and the time has expired and there’s a sort of stand unable to reach the holders of the bank there because I

Will be out with a group


Got shouted You never in seventeen

Out of town and I differed with and I thank you for such a force will be seventy seven will do associated organ played as a moral for Frank Hall George one seventy four insert star school one car copy seventy seven

Not just off the john

Strap watching and boy Charlie Charlie eight nine

Laura nine nine

Corey nine nine it’s interesting ninety five

Probably nine some for sure do they just want to kick the queen around so nice resort looks like in range of more one was I or fifteen thirty three he spoke with the cleaner was with the sort of modular is Robert Harris born ten five ninety two to check on him he was OK and have paperwork they just said that the clean it does not have the authority to extend the

Timer and they want to remove probably

Twenty three to twenty three it’s a fifty

Five to service definitely

Something or so anything for will require

But the cleaner was Robert Harris for instance five ninety two

It’s one hundred seventy four he poured in quite Washington Charlie nine zero six four five Henry I.V. and I

Got in a while for Jack so he’s Milwaukee and Carlton

In Carlton it so things are getting nicer for that place and his back clear on

A Ford Transit twenty fifteen for a transit registered to preserve a modular which if any company from the last all

The Knights of I do not

I’m talking to him so if anything

More for her the servant and the previous no one here call they’re all false they call that we get to that mergers company that’s something easy and some for I’m inside for cover can clear nights of horrified because for inside of ninety five me twenty

Something I think

Sixty five will you think available

Will see one hundred sixty five

Sixty five they’re not log on yet six for five going

To be going to Washington

Boy Charlie Roger and three for five Colombian Killingsworth M T twenty information on the reckless drivers of used one one two and

A black S.U.V. organ play for one three Henry have a garage was driving east on on the wrong side of the road information is something twenty five or five of a

Unit area check at the transit stop at Delta park vamp or it’s one zero two to North Expo road there was a man on the platform smoking crack this was about an hour ago says want to check and see if he’s still there

Seven G. twenty one let me know if you need to cover

My Mary

Or anyone walking five

Hundred five degrees in a one five with three huge on all their wants so what you

Do with Charlie two three fourths of a mom are so if you’re going to buy that four five six five

Yes Good for her for seven hundred twenty three and I’m sure that’s for

Her was like why didn’t all go on the think

About it just hold it and then forty one of the car for the middle of the twenty three of them for six M. for

A CAR OR gates were going to be a point that the

Earth started occasion twenty two sixty thirty first eighty four

George seventy three for any three for us and it

To me when

I see you want to second time something for pay for running for

Without within the space at the seven eleven and hold it ninety eight the black on a no fly every seven hold it in one two that’s something for device information priority seven F. call holding holding in sixty’s for county seven hundred twenty five

Six to seven hundred twenty

Three for

By the North used to

By the ID for freeways just on the east side of eighty second there are other details throwing garbage in bottles into the street inside Iraq is not on the bus shelter he’s walking from the sidewalk is a white male thirties with no shoes black jeans white sure why soften those shoes

Now if I’ve anything going to


Around forty three seconds there’s nothing to do in the Central Time forty five please

Thank you for the just are being created a warmer

Than even a six by six

For you and six for five Cosco for eight for NY ne one three eight at the enter

By the fueling station male Hannah handler is with a five year old male child caller once a child welfare check

You know I’m from five

Ninety three on a Friday vandalism two nine three zero nine zero plays our colors neighbors actually cutting down the our collars has a change or nothing threatening with it or anything but they’re getting verbal our color things that might actually got you through him OK maybe he got me for me the money

And for

He likes of you for want

Or can use drugs Roger please her one six seven four how he turned three man C.D.C. and starting supervisor you know I was sixty five when

No I don’t use rather sixty five copy the N.C.D.C. six seven for news you need supervisor

Two to six year NE three one thirty six thirty number thirty six thirteen copy ninety four second set of

The force of the thirty two

Sixteen ninety

Shot of and the little girl five zero Sam I

Mean obviously from fall north will

Be one once you know how

Central in forty five

Sixty ninety I don’t show anybody lockin or that number at this time

In the car park near that number for Southeast one one two north of Powell ninety four bus and I drive five him and you Washington out of North George one seventy eighty west on ninety four of office one hundred

Ninety four I’m up a slim nine seventy five every night if I start to form some ties I’m from one twelve invasion was advice on how to run a well read the last mail in this

Thirty’s and General Jack did well Gene just got loser anything if you will that

He was a history of black mold in the thirty’s was a blue jeans a blue shirt was of these

Days one for the then military

Sort of humor and also I think it was one of the side effect of an A

Or are

Those of us have to go for night is written with an i Pod is going to go on and

The third you want to block the bill and worth about


Thirty GA author if I was on the street I think that the trend the current You pop in front of them right there if you said you got there were arriving canine for East please for nine five five and some like they’re going to have non-emergency office well K. nine for nine five five on East jet and on any given censoring you for these two one one two and Powell is going northbound blackmail thirty’s Jack and Bush are in blue jeans OK Rivendell sixty one no one of the year became only recently

Then I turned

Over as drivers of users of them and I have a copy should you want to visit is of there going to be behind chopsticks to callers from got into a fight with another trans and here who hit him with a high

And seventy three for you can be ten eight and seven one five is on

Seven hundred thirty seven two for

Their suspect is suspect is going to be eastbound on Burnside on white male thirty’s all black clothing metal is in his hand I’m sure which one or it often comes of or some very far

Back on the hole through

Seventeen their

Favorite a four or five year career of act

In our district Frank and then your partner gave three four on track to

The new watering one Jew to one of these probable of our fires a question you for some campers with a small can fire in the back of the lot

Some juvenile stabbing in a green G. or refusing to leave

For five hundred

Twenty thirty nine thirty six seven seven for you in six thirty five grand high school teacher for five ne thirty six Ave seven or eight teens or skateboarding I thought of a baseball dugout It’s about eight feet off the ground they appear to have climbed the fence surrounding it it’s white males and one white female about sixty to seventeen years old probably right

In the Providence Women’s Club honey

The party of us aren’t so one four zero two zero five drive looks like one fourteen years running or

The UP

Judge Will didn’t revoke was due the

System for the

John it around that

I mean that for four Talk one

You know like me falls on his own from the alarm

Exams Bell South was Eleventh Avenue five or colors nine year old daughter was playing outside the store a male approached her trying to get her to go with him to see some of these child the safe at the store and the problem person last got him in thirty’s or a hoodie last seen east on Yahoo

So he purchased I won by five

If you review your numbers that has been at all relates or overcalling why your whining high roaring happy seventy forty three now and I was answering a grin going

For us all seven to go with medical on the accident we sell and market

For it

There for you goes well George there George if

That’s forty four thank you very many if I can correct

Recopy ninety five in the Senate forty four

Good one for the little I three five happy a code one two hundred seven Wall

Forty seven one hundred of our color is just down the phone we didn’t get their name and the clinic others just seventy five burns and some one time OK I’m Alan is imminent and you need the same parking on the medical community seventy five

Non-injury accident Northeast Air part way it means in court collar thinks that the other half is drunk short and from the opposite direction white and blue old for pick up Nora Charlie Charlie one three organ and their collars and a silver two thousand six hundred Camry the call that if your voice on and you can figure suspicious but again that’s only for six

Six four six

Seven Eight me from the Tea Party sex for Dr Parker group are going to reveal information on a reckless driver

Busting from southeast power from I through a five freeway directors drive in a gold or beige screwed Oregon plate one four six John Roger Roger Edward two he’s on a policy what if you go driving the last emergency way on the freeway speeding information is of the forty seven six five sixty

Six or six you can be kind

Of bubbles and you’re right so every Saturday morning when we were here voted

Hillary I heard all that didn’t going to be like them who were frankly in


Commission on a reckless driver on an one sixty from division and a black skirt a raft for Oregon play seven one seven George nice seven nine seven Charlie George Mary driving over there at unable to maintain information is something forty nine

Eight provide

None of these people or dogs were involved in

Even if it is John and book ISIS which is

The new city thirty eleven one of this called University point apartment that ours is

Use but I didn’t see if they can thank you

Very much and I was on my own I

Got It’s of the fifty

In front of the central door is our caller is out with the subject used to drop to take care of itself from coming in OK Lamar that’s

Right so he did

And he just for just got a call on this that the address is actually three to four samples fifth elevate the call

Anybody U.V. Nevada plate one six eight six three information if you don’t

Know much driving by

Washington Boyd would call three three four four one hundred eighty four up with twenty

Ninety four amount of flight seventy two do you

Want them and one for four hundred for three invested in our

I don’t know thirty eleven but the D.C. says on that nice call if you see that is you not able to take the cycle

Is that an area

Role if you read more of them invoke older Norful actionable

Car driving through every red light that being town or almost cost several racks white Nissan pick up Oregon plate six zero four David Mary George information is anything to

The Mill on the well to go with six four five copy a three four in your column on Stars able to turn off the ignition block or turn on the lights if you need them to OK I think we found it thank you Andy to

DAVID On my last call and Joey out recover any fifty seven one one four boy really and you know not five copies in location

Sort of a place sort of a drive

There if they serve a five seven six thirty and eleven is used in the con I think as you do that

Really on

Nine forty four what leverage we have is if they are on the freeway

Reserve at the exit

Copy five or thirty five or forty one and you know or

You go north

You know I’m not a cruiser just one on scene I’m going to check in as he was going on with

You and I were very much the medics the do what needs to do car right thing not

Me I’ve ordered

For three

Of them equal one or I do if I just more say here’s the thing is not them yes right probably


Thirty two of

The is using I think the information on the call you can clear it are in her however we get when they’re going to begin

That isn’t good thank you notes if you know

If I join

The group to complain or say so

Seiners excellent

For three zero zero zero all the way up there hard way nothing if you like with my own thing

There are a couple callers who are doing a call back to Syria to get any better information from them

But north down to five dollars

Copy it you know one of the genuine reason things one seventy one nice you defeated Jones more went up there as soon as we’re done at the Clackamas property room in Oregon City seventy one coffee

By four five sixty one eighty three thousand for we do know we’re still waiting for the surprise to get back something called

Oh yeah I think it should be Georgia now and even further down the freeway from

Responsibility I think we hear

That it’s very I for three commutes and

Ninety five checking the status quo for that because for as you know for

Once if I was a human very much in no place like bullfighting all was if Jim Byrnes that

Five all three do

For you and five all six you want to teach you very few ave on a four year old missing for the past thirty minutes it was Johnny white male great a cop great whites are you having

The most of

It you can from Asian it’s these two and mil of the traffic lights are flashing red an all directions then your has been notified information that you know six is YOU FOR GOOD do a five since the north that if you get right and they have jacked with the neighbors no one seen him he was on but long life brown hair in a ponytail barefoot drivers


Going to be a five year and a very and their obvious five Univision not


Pressing on for five years you’re talking

With Robert Rizzo is out

For him out of all for four years still on the action within Israel clear off of the video now of five Mike over for him probably along those are nine zero four nine one five got efficient and I prefer humans and I

Was looking pretty serious here I don’t know where you are even if you

Know this you know unclear as to which street exactly it’s information at each you know

When forging

Well fourteen I think you agree preemie for a minute you can flag down a lot of federal law

Or contribute

Five entries or introduce three

Information westbound I before at ne one to two ave five ago reckless driver almost hit our caller and a few other cars drive on the shoulder

It’s a dark silver Toyota Tacoma a known play

Information eighteen and twenty minutes ago everyone still outside the currently sections of separated refusing medical subject are going to be a travesty McKinney born in fifty five a white male with a medium build unknown sure and khaki pants heavy

Her or her

Facing off for fall through June sixty second pushed her seven

Six seven seven

Six three five transit stop a rose quarter holiday that’s five One North East holiday street on the westbound platform supervisor there requested assistance with a male wearing a mask and carrying a baseball bat we got a couple of dates as it’s

Been a little bit and he thought he had left but now he’s back very and he’s walking back and forth on the platform verbal and intimidating people

It was copy that five or

Six Republicans will offer these six

Hundred fourteen so monitoring eight hundred fourteen the monitoring Are they think we’re going back to

Any one hundred and I get thirty one of three records

That you know for four years if you know for twenty three you can sixty six four six

Six four five four four zero nine ne eight Ave five ago there’s a group about five or six Hispanic or black males in their late teens early twenty’s parked in a silver Chevy Malibu Oregon point one zero eight John Baker yellow in front of that location and they took off running towards the grotto on eighty eight of the vehicle comes back clear but our politics is suspicious all right


Eighty seven

By three five zero and you’re watching

All I’ve worn or a ring out Exeter Houghton eighty seven hundred thirty four thirty five thirty six there she was trying to teach and then how many

Affirmative ninety four for


Obvious three and one for three friends I don’t want to tell you there’s two yr old girls walking on the trip along the tracks you found trying it has been village

Night or there’s over one of who was present in a reserve I don’t

Think you

Really freaked out a card I want to come to the hall here please you know just like the grandfather is the Holy Grail the constraint of on top of this young man says no no no hoping this new

Type of argue I’m in the area checking five to you if you want your forty’s actively


That’s not travel someone forgot to take an I.Q. and information just responding to a twenty seven out of the signature concert hall on zero three seven five a Broadway information of eighty nine cents will start of her question

When Feinstein Vincent’s Hospital has eight thirty nine AM kit perfect that is it OK if we send somebody out of article pick it up it occurred at twentieth and Sandy

But yeah usually for a stretch here


There may be a Chevy truck or a purchase from each other inside

The terminal a night for three seven three seven five

Hundred first

Jason twenty one

Thousand five hundred three

Hundred one

John just when you from the track

It’s only one you want five seven six you want six three five

Means all of those go to Michele not still on the interstate Judge Obus form when we heard it was copy six seven seven you copy part

Five on folks go well I’ve got B. and information C. com has very has a very exciting one June Johnson Creek just in a high information at eight hundred twenty three thirty one full of well three three nine one seven see how much confidence though they saw there at ninety two and Johnson Creek OK thought it was very thing for you it’s eighteen twenty three three two


Hundred ne twenty one apartment number twenty eight big margin

One three zero zero a slight one you know

It’s only four dollars seventy five or

One two zero one two says he’s glad some street university like Charlie Force seven which is the question is where apartments some kids are there found some bones issue and a person with a complex they can direct you to

Our decisions when

Information South five to Eastbound I four want to go reckless semi driver was texting and almost running into people can’t maintain a rain Lane It’s a red cab with a white trailer that says Creek carrier a nun plate information hard from point five on forty three got

To I’m twenty three

It is for you for

The top of Kearney twenty please copy a conscious reading yes thanks for reading so I sent you’re going to get one of the ritual you know from tactical five eight four that Dawson Park apartments one zero one North Morrison Street apartment number one zero four collar can hear a male and female parents yelling at each other I think it’s over drug use but not sure it’s something a female spanking in this thing have the lariat here

Drawer colors of just shooting up drugs on the merry go around denouncing them nodding off it’s a white female thirties with a Mohawk and beige think of blue jeans no weapons when they’ve seen those conservatives that drug users their seven year old son with them and I got

Other versions you got

Both They suspected

But Harbor ninety three you know that arguments like Barbour in one thousand desert southwest are able to go on

And you know

Thank you very much for history of article

Copy that because for the hundred thirty one one four seven five zero the start St There was a non-injury accident there subsequent to parking their other half of using the exchange information

And out there one bar is probably a duplicate of the office and I feel I’m not holding

Right thank you want it on for as long as you think

Willie just makes us not out tonight

So what we’re


To do it’s even easier than one thing so write down about it on want to


You for again open door America gave them I think it was already one for coming out

Mission on a viceral this game in seven G. force of East one five four ave

The vacant corner house there’s a Harvey parked in front of it the corner I want to go in and out our car things they might be dealing drugs they also want to move along information and a thirty three or email name Tony Dixon possibly suicidal because they are if I go forward I want

To particularly even if I die sorry eighty five join one on one hang up from Crestview convalescent home six hundred three zero selfless thirtieth Avenue

One of the Fusion is you can

Do you want of the kind that I’ll advise the little one upset because there are grid

Callers check the hospitals and jails and not finding him last name of that Victor ocean person in T.N. is a city with a block doesn’t want to add a Corolla and is a Dallas patient diabetic and other medical conditions I mean

From the recent thirty five for eleven was on the rich food seventy


A one for I mean for writing figure six

For those really not recruit great Yellow Transparent R.P.T. alarm companies send then a key holders that their employees on scene that doesn’t fit the false alarms you have employees there with you

I have a progress

Bar not

Divorce him I am that we haven’t met we want to move all there

Is one three six when you are crossing to the subject of doing drugs from event parked in front of the official information on hold and call it eight hundred thirty seven now that friendship health reaches euro southeast holding them for coming in from how and Milwaukee before call them OK Madison is seven four four actually looks like a medical call you and some of the parts of the

Border we’re going to be going to

Eight hundred seven six four six four

I don’t know if this is related but we’re getting a call nearby Alfonse and the as it passes over the eye to a five Freeway have a group of three juvenile throwing rocks over the overpass just possibly related to the Collier on

Both of them other first

Got to that eight hundred thirty seven to forty

Three or seventy four area tenth around three five zero four zero he’s older so want to go our caller who lives here on the high subject going through our caller stuff on the porch and in the sense I think of Iraq it was verbal with our caller he’s leaving on foot I think these skinny no shirt struck cowboy hat walking north or is that who is for three we’re probably if you’ve already heard her her or her

But it was really the last of it in forty seven Sherry’s at airport way one one three three five ne airport way

Our caller she got a call from a customer saying a family member’s in the parking lot wanting us to five themselves

It’s an adult female that called in

She is asked to call the police and then hung up

No more information will try for better

Six one seven from the same area eight hundred forty one

This morning stars want to think my coverage I’m on I think primary

It’s one phone but six one seven I have you going to missing missing endangered at one four nine zero nine ne Freeman court

Six five six going to call eight hundred forty two

Other driving go should I think over the bus or if I feel you’re using a cover on the missing or the welfare check

On the welfare check I think on welfare I met a

Thirty very

Toughly that sixty four twenty

Not four or five or three four or five before the one three farmers out of the line on

Television for his or her wonders what

Was it five years ago when your

Code one of the eighty’s zero seven one nine zero unit one five zero one five five

B. from Loftus age thirty five for Grammy

Winner overall are close

There are nodding out thinks you’re on drugs and there’s joker in the car so

If you voted for it before you just are five and

There’s no employees here so I’m just having R.P. maybe how much of a

Part of the we try to be alarm company and didn’t have any luck getting through

Taking forty five docs going to the northwestern corner of the complex five buildings once we forgot to go or is it you from getting

A different life or I mean are you guys as I

Read about

That’s seen as Percy is only driving having a very


Six If F. An eight is a German

The difference of two is I five before

I got nine miners the fourth a Harley John

Flanders age of reason for five six or five

Finance good more recovering store employee of a car for pleasure euro and then read Victor Lincoln copy a sandy in Skidmore eight hundred fifty nine four ninety four Yeah we’re going to talk I feel like we are already nine it’s organ play sometimes three D. L.

Is a red SUV you

Stop the

Car and then I do if I do it and I will be out with a cup or think of a west parking lot Broadway in Flanders that was a couple of Broadway Flanders give a disco futuristic traffic so yeah

Could it if you disagree JOIN US Code one for our series The Riches of the score ninety nine with a nice price if you seven is going to read Subaru Impreza or complete seven five three they sort of we’re going to have a ninety five

Actual Heidi that more voices that there is then you’re on the ball think

I’m going to write her up or not if I


Therefore program

About a result of a cover of one three four one three four can you show myself and one for for doing that control in means that you park visitors Park eighty four one hundred sixty one

One hundred five sixty one eighty four there from Asia needs as an emergency off out with Occupy fifty seven or a ninety nine Information Agency

If you before Origin an eighteen in front of province Part D. K. guy has just fallen down declining medical colors and she’s been able to ever see for himself white male fifty’s long hair beard black pants red shoes has a walker program as well as users available Willy XIX is not long on

The park some for here my boxer powered far away that I want to

See for six if more than three weeks before area checking for a suicidal mailman I don’t have a description of who are looking for

It’s near a Bryant Square a hundred shells a star he calls on the emergency was extensive plans on different methods thing is Tony Dixon and we’re trying for a ping now he says the police were looking for him earlier near O’Brian Square which is where we got this occasion from but again I don’t know who are looking for

Having babies right up as well age of eighty six eighty six eighty six inject a hazard tells us NATO in Yemen Hilfiker a black B.M.W. that’s blocking Ridgeview on that alarm hopefully three to two copies of seven

Because it’s where I was curious of those two if I sign because of you or

Your car or where there was more heartbreaking are there

But you were

Traffic if you’re fifty

Ish factory with traffic in

It No four heaters motors with a drop because there’s you know force the traffic officer if you do not we’re going to be out with

Many YOU DO you saying that he had a seizure at the back or that he start at five or probably a transfer or because of a name or they didn’t do it for five hours or so on

I think you know I’m thinking

There’s room for him

Was six to four Holly park one one two five movies all of a not sure which side or where exactly you have a three to four fighting with a group gathering and though I haven’t seen the



These first and move on the sidewalk in front of them a lot of apartments or studio fighting white guys forty bodies or blue jeans and a white male forty shaved head and no clothing maybe a blue shirt No I haven’t seen and should be one zero five Ne all Vava

Six three seven can you govern at sixty seven Garvey


You know if you

Have to search you’re rolling with CORBA fire or ones are also obvious Littlepage road on a more cycle down near here where you have better

One other car

Wouldn’t hurt you over her

I’ll treat you think you mentioned three or seven seven you just have the two guys who won by the one white males it’s night for you’re at the northeast corner of the Park Group a three to four A one forty copy it over I go home call a one four hundred yard

You know a one four for you and you for checking on a male looking over the railing on north bound Fremont Bridge mid-span on the right hand side is a vehicle parked nearby A one forty

Thank you forgot the luggage and I

Do so the addresses from our caller who’s husband went out to check on them our cycle writer is up and conscious breathing and saying is I’m refusing medical and they’re saying everyone clear OK we will hold no single more cycle rider down

There it will go out of there who want to go

Home and Jennifer Berman likes absolutely zero three two a copy

For the program or one separated

Six three seven tonight

Nineteen zero five

Or is going to try to cancel see if they see a video of their

Well into it one of the baseball feels like the forty one forty four copy me to part was the visual field as an aggressive hand handler and a lot harassing people with a knife the white male thirty five ten from the medium build dark sweater unknown pants I hold out and I find I call on our caller and say to get out of the country

Simple for a coffee I’m from for about thirteen and a vision and they’re

Less legal

Than one final you know one hundred working

For everybody laughs if you forgive me

Six years we’re clear we’re dog Thank you no six running for thirty two will be going to call the Old we’re going to

Thirty one June route you know seven

Floors it is already five five boys Norah honey before they just wait for AAA

For coffee they want for twenty dollars That’s right why fifty to sixty who Linford and to her

Or for the warmth of the flying vying for that line of I think six seven four

Five ago a young passer by callers our guy Valen on the lawn at the southeast corner of four seven and Thompson

And you know night

Or let’s try to meet up somewhere around Bancroft and movie Cars as it is to get a factory meet up and craft a movie fuck off like you buy a car receive is on scene say yes

Thank you ninety nine sixty eight four six eight four six or eight three for traffic so it’s three

And it’s Washington played out of it to Henry to one zero four am of the on Martin and Will Cain of a things were in them OK as we’re thinking of three six zero seven five three two three that is thank you eleven thousand for traffic six million for

Seven drawn Union Charlie minimal Nomar

Eleven Valma Regional of six is an orange or it says he’s

East and OK one thousand nine hundred ninety four three one two three four even if you are running across traffic and in front of cars away from Alpha the white in her or really her full track to the hall or vomit be

There my name for the I want to just mirror

For three that were there for to cover the court

Thirty six thirty thirty six thirty called Missing Persons active call six I six cell phone and on this in effect is explicitly cell phone nine hundred got me every second one three individual and I for one I feared for sure if I seemed to the Safeway parking lot in the car with over

Her work of the nearby shelter prior to her

Predictable one of her forty years of Right I mean there were five or so you know it’s represented to be Sam Henry same two women

Got to put in the call all in favor and a little bit more information

On her

Thank you forty

Four He says the four selfies of the postal

Health is a shelter plenty of it in

Place there and I hope it’s three six one eight and eight and zero nine one thousand nine hundred forty four you know

They have every right and drove a lot

Like theirs or

Their six or seven including

Sixty seven one thousand nine hundred eighty one a shift do you still monitoring central areas and I haven’t seen them around so I think you know I’m off affirmative one thousand nine hundred eighty one for it one more for you in a few for R.E.I. one for zero five north west Johnson St want to go a shoplifter took a headlamp and some other small items in a bag last seen each on Johnson as an Indian whore or Hispanic male late thirty’s or forty’s black jacket white shirt black pants like white shopping bag possibly drunk or high

Thank you nine hundred

Eighty six I can think of are no closer



For you than to

Examine them and you know one of the involved already report or so seven seven nine hundred twenty seven four four we do not have a victim Your anything and we are going to clear seven seven four for a copy no victim there everybody can be clear nine hundred twenty four

Yes if I think it is because a group of union visions six important you want

Them for sixty one one hundred twenty one hundred twenty five for five

Or four five with triple fives mean project respond who’s waiting to greet

Patriot across from five nine to nine or offensive in on the five eight three seven or says it in individually numbered second and Michael McMahon on McMahon three twenty eight thousand nine hundred ninety eight he’s delusional disorganized posturing being aggressive towards his mom which is unusual he does have a history of some suicidal behavior in use in Xanax no mention of that today and doesn’t

Mention twenty five to five there were about a clear Sherry in her book of calls and or

For five drivel five Cler

From her have probably drove

Ninety twenty to thirty eleven you copy Fremont Bridge No Apparently there is an occupied card assuming running on the other bridges no one in it so we go in that hole you made of eastbound and westbound westbound on

The jump offering bridge our

Very Own arrays eighty four copy thank you twenty three one fifteen start and I for four to five a play comes back with a flag on a defined title return on claims OK well they got it for yourself one person for an elephant

And everyone thinks we’re going everything

In If you want everything from aggression copy thirty eight eleven signs if you can disregard information airport police have not ever see off the air after a vehicle failed to stop

At the June airport way information one hundred twenty five the from a shop for the rethrow asking for one to two from Khalifa

So overhung veil on her where you were plated the for Vice nine hundred twenty five thank them five hundred five and ninety five three two zero seven save for the guy threatening to be the color of your work and other

Eighty six this year on Simi can be clear

You think you know he twenty six you know fortunately

For going over my four Harton

And I’m free for the day when Fred Meyer one one one one one ne one of you in the parking lot of one of two dogs that doesn’t have a person got them and they are

Recovery or national

Information westbound sunset east of the canyon tunnel are you I drive the last scene and want to go in a Y. she doesn’t one Mazda three passing of beer rock back and forth between Jews vehicles drinking from a painter information at one hundred twenty eight

Them for four

For you and seven three for so is par seventy nine five one seventy seven thousand you and the the tennis courts is a group of juveniles taking on smoking pot it’s a chronic problem simple forgot the whole game in Milwaukee Those are all going for roll thank you thirty one finding them very frankly I don’t think the seven ones either around seven four four

Seven three four twenty

Thousand nine hundred thirty one five I thought it was five or five suspicious maybe if that’s maybe a civil issue at the recycling warehouse one three one seven north and that’s where all arrived can see

People taken some cells off the property warehouses a van then someone’s been living in an R.V. on the property and that person allegedly gave them permission to enter the original property owners deceased and let the person in the R.V. stay there but the R.V. occupant is currently not in town anyways you are shows you with a wife or actually vision aid for sex was George David Baker and may or may not be there with from Asia

And who’s who we call on the lads who is on scene and wants time back that I’m not sure what his relationship is

Thanks for coming and interview

About your problems long haul of all furn if they are they should be there in a great

It’s very free across from five nine to nine is that it is as of the house you know I never I don’t know that so I will look OK yeah look for a great Ginger get a five one two night

Patriot they travel beautifully

And six or six you want me to feel your color not not now

Thanks for five looking for

A do first one thousand nine hundred

Eighty seven for us got ninety three for

One face like a three two

Three three one three five ne the rather rude called Iran Iraq

Thank you for second homes of

Opposition to obvious refuting hers of having

Affairs of five from another part of her recovery three to zero seconds before

Nine one five


Will be a little more skillful one is ranked higher than one hundred ninety five by fix a college likelihood of his rooms or electoral terms

On the on the yellow

Cover you know if a tad on long highway were three two I think

They would be six to get anything back on that thing I see there’s a note in here from the D.C. There have been a delay due to a fax is you OK

Might almost have it

My way there is no marriage we were young all the more

I reversed help bridge that you know every five years or that if you’re not seen five but have you go blue sweater or dream

In a force for he was void in a place in the region of

Three nine francs three one zero

So you think if we’re cross checking email down in the grassy parking lot in the southwest corner of southwest London Avenue on Washington Street you’ll be a white male in the forty’s around here my shirt and jeans story thank you for any other kind of car do that with twenty to go the whole for part of her that was two ago

Obvious registered and you will carry their original in for counties half west to east St South West Indian John placed on a P.G. life pull this down only partially blocking on the sidewalk no hazard for the rudely I am a caller is in a passing information on just P.G.A. directly information one hundred forty one very

Damn fault John five three three eight six brisket one hundred forty two but I want to go out to mail a four zero for Frank call George from Horton heard her little early

For your offer you want to force up a stark logic for with your company for a few other reason another very

You want thirty seven five even forty three Meanwhile my five looking for a ninety three Humber Civic for three or four Frank Hall

Georgie as usual before

We just heard that needle or

The no further interest none place you good and I checked with the East to see if there was a letter of evil these don’t have any interest in longer

If you prefer dollars as is ready to kill people and they sell us over gun and police station one hundred forty five north east bay two but on the platform cars of a guy who says he’s going to tell you the color over and River Parkway

And Forsyth around on that weren’t in SAC you know Iran

I mean you know just like some color was a very evasive just said he’s coming when asked for the description said it was a white guy thirty of an Hungama it was and I’m on the only phone right now to

Set up like To the east floor and just form

Figured out

She’s pretty


I think for yourself one N one three six and center one three signal

Guy arm where the gunshot has been admitted by people I think were to offer an I.V. or form for free

And three for we have eyes on here are a four and go in for a look around

Ten am for eight and four

Didn’t sound like there are enough people with a knife like thirteen men to go in the same area

That you want me to see if I can start less lethal

Down or

Happy thank you for the sense that if you’re

Having are ninety

Percent about four people

Call me a wife thirty this whole

I’m everyone’s just so I don’t hunt if we have better we don’t I am going to go or

No we’re not going to be able to call back and I don’t want all my

Vision if they’re going south

Under hardcopy

Comes back in two thousand and also

You have power right it’s two three one it’s our best of vision article to start right away in Irving one hundred forty

Three five I think I’m going to do that you just are it’s only that

Nine three five there’s nobody on the west side of bust of area and there’s one white female on the east side so I guess we’re done here Yvonne car

One thousand nine hundred

Eighty second Avenue turn vision call everybody including you talk one for one four for six by five

There’s one seven Virgos there is Apartments one zero two three five ne rest energy unit five for the manager’s column in the question a wall for check occupant Janice done is done to go multiple residents are being pushed around her buyers who has since departed six

Thousand two

Hundred fifty thousand five hundred

For their firms that these one three one place three or four male fighting the verbal at this point somebody think

That all of our locally

Five of you thinks like you do three do it like a carnival and you want thirty seven

In Run fires now westbound all of accuracy in the crash scene one forty four having

A thirty seven spot of the white meat of us U.V.’s west down almost back to the scene of a crash

One advantage of the now from the center journalling

Turn Signal are I’m looking at a very American fella St That is the one that he’s got the one three four looks like he might be there right east would

Be the vehicle westbound crowd that was headed westbound vision pass the one thirty seven only street going north is East was nearing for the time for the sixty four northeast corner and nine in Moment in a courtyard the guy yelling and cursing him self he calmed down with a group locked up doing that concerned you may escalate again via email twenty early thirty’s like think the weapon seems

To work over one hundred fifty two information he’s responding to a fight with a gun for hours or seven it’s one three one place Thank you fifty three

You’re going or is it going to involve neighborhood kids coming

In three and one seven isn’t for kids reporting that they heard a gun go off or call or effect or the whole thing or it works in three three it unfortunately Three think if you

And I five and the other if it were the kids who heard the gun go off the line disconnected with the caller and we try to track where I think if I

Got to I think nattering going from

You know what you call someone of

America no other call you on the box for me are one hundred fifty five

I threw out organ player were Mary one thousand three hundred Obviously if you


Five having a meal and even if you go

On the River west of the animal shelter

Thank you to six it was there is a and I know that it runs or the knock you guys lose the mountain those apartments

So that it isn’t

Just He says one idea Martin from a cave only

Thirty seven copy one three four one four four mountain old apartments you got to

Dig a spot on it and you know go

For coffee will be primary on it or call it five nine seven clear

Nine hundred fifty

Three mothers eleven eleven fifty three OK here’s the center is one that just drove up and went and believe this apartment once

They want to do one for four with you for example I have a twenty three G. seven

And know that all there is a lot of front of them is on the star on the front doors and some guy if I think David is going to give a grid visionary

The six unnerving if you know so you want from Washington at Victory zero one six zero one you want to for

I want to and star and I thank you John about this and

We heard that and so on and you know we know where you are and

You look

At her and see how it’s occupied she was even Johnny kind of very clear currently doesn’t seven super forced her to leave Michael chip and then she won

And I thought even offered him my twenty hundred

Twenty one hundred twenty hundred turnaround as well please thirty twelve and

Then one thinks will be clear John and work there are that I think it was going on

Seven one six actually different

For you

Once again I think to church there’s a female the parking lot says you with a white Cadillac organ plate zebra yellow Charlie six seven four she says acting weird and she’s acting weird after hours making noises

And I

Just want her

Show me jump

Well if you want to cover her I do myself I know

Nothing description one three three ways of the Kelley color forty one year old daughter’s yelling we can hear in the background of

When we were going to cover my shorts with a stray collar I think the rest of the side of him on the west side of the property I should have a thank you

But they’ve already left in a vehicle with devotion or all you want that one of

Our lives in West Palm almost from one section a white older sedan with no plates about five ago I don’t think twenty two and I think four and I’m for the grandma board and have a five way female dark blue shirt wife currently out front on the boat I just wanted to central

It wondering if you know that camera on the Morrison Bridge and north on I five we have a report of a biker getting on there into traffic bicycle and causing a traffic issue and he was really very

Appreciative very very five

And I won five one zero one five the state to free him a whole three fourths of the call was a mistake but we could hear a few no yelling in the background and then the car was refusing to answer questions about how the callers name a first place for or at a critical moment


Now if I felt being

Right euphoric over him from a corner never in my one five minutes now if I’ve got a thank you

Five hundred John I’ll go to Michael

Griffith five

Hundred five hundred

Fifty seven

Can you know the traffic stop and think I was rode one hundred officers and go by six to five five north mirrors to see if Matthew Singleton know where their van is I believe it’s

Two thousand Chrysler van and actually Tom victory zero four six probably who

Want to

Do two seven nine six stuff was Greenway other New Jersey transports to seven thousand six out the screen we have any as I were flying on it means you know market

Market just southwest creamy twenty and I want more more one for four please that this fall and you’ll mean that I’m wanted was six three seven zero of evil Verdun are going to change interval hard to get on the street jointed stop cars yard screamin guys fifty five six then red jacket was jeans

Yeah she was with one for for twenty five thirty of her driving but I want to feel really and I’m really one one nine one six seven market if you don’t know what I think is very obvious to my

Neighbors following There’s a group of juveniles gathered there one of them was hit by a vehicle that’s still there a known medical is needed now there’s a group arguing there associated with a black Nissan Sentra our caller says of chronic problem teen drinkers and one for coming for think

Twenty eleven twenty

Five one four eight five three notes

Yes we go there’s a guy in front yard that he was going to shoot a caller’s husband after the husband asked him why he was looking over the neighbor’s fence

They don’t know him but male twenty royal blue hoodie black backpack on it by the weapon seen he told her husband he has a gun but it has not been seen

By one for several months are women and supervisor covered all there is is that you have

Never mentioned reckless drivers off and I drive it Rosa Parks where the survivors go around Mercedes wagon I know employees all over the road kill gating of drugs are going to entertain that someone’s life

For us seven one six westbound Morrison Bridge to the northbound I five freeway entrance last in getting on the on ramp was a black male in a dark jacket with blue jeans riding a bike into traffic causing a traffic as you and we asked to take a look but they didn’t get back to us thinking I’m OK one seven

Twenty forty one five form of thirty one of three

One five are covered for twenty for I met grinder and then can you walk over the one for me or for you continue our incident we have a problem was expected to me we got it it’s twenty three four out with you on the west side of it only one three four five there was

Then one thing rather like

Some one six three of square root in Clear twenty sixty

To a five to a five five yeah can you show us

A part there is a very old

The eighty six Mary of all town twenty seventeen

We go

Zero zero zero they’re really go for

Zero zero six with us we go if you’ve got me and I wouldn’t go for twenty five in your heart

On your call that you had to collar call back and that driver is trying to leave

There’s a lot of yelling and then neighbors are are trying to not let him leave

It’s unknown if a restroom who is hit by the vehicle still there

The plate is Oregon five four four had received Mary and we’ve got the console number if you want a copy number

Twenty eight hundred Thank you very trying three it is a thing for every eighty six twenty three twenty eight hundred eighty four

For you and eight three four four two two Northwest eight that avenue of the park kitchen there’s a guy unable to stand up unknown if he’s high or drunk and lying on the sidewalk with the speed of the street so white male forty fifty S long gray hair gray shirt black pants


For it is

It is six six the production you got hit left and is no longer here the driver of the car is also in vehicles here and the copy that as you know who is it is no longer there the vehicles there but

We want for our economy and her writing buckle to do

Over the OK

I’m going to you’re in the area to cover oh boy supposed to be sitting on a bench in front of the west entrance Fred Meyer No I haven’t seen enough walking watch from a safe distance going to Norman for the ephedrine snow will be on bench if her

Black male let me fuck up like talk of black

Ops two



George an area church and that area visit and question

These this then Clifton twenty twenty one seven thirty four so not a view in seven one five three five it’s a thirty five hundred block of South East Main two guys are in the street verbal

Are collars and so she with a transit camp there but it keeps escalating

They are in the colors of the house and doesn’t want to look out for description

Who is by all six to twenty twenty two the Gore uclear one five I think a cover on that for about thirty involved some four for cover and seven one five you can you tell me

Twenty twenty two hundred who are who are

Sixty one twenty point three

Four five of a zoo fans on two three four zero west Burnside

Fifteen ago there was a male camped out on the steps from a bus stop near as you grams in the floor start talking jibberish

He’s holding a half of a set of garden shears that looked a bit like a sword not threatening anybody but he needs to be checked on a Native American in their thirty’s black ponytail backwards baseball cap dark green shirt and have that there for about twenty four hours

Twenty four seven one five

Seven one six the Starbucks on three six three nights how he stopped are outside and between this location and the Oasis cafe a subject felon is laying on the ground seems out of it so white now late forty’s tan hat sunglasses blue shirt blue hoodie and really jeans it’s possible an idiot possibly an issue with medications that person has a history of being aggressive with

Our caller the one I’m


Twenty twenty six thirty for have a medical issue written all over America in a way where they are not yet the caller says he refused medical program refund and

Drew a five month

Or so in Syria Friday and sixty seven Northwest flight well from their office twenty seventh of Wilson twenty twenty seven an information center was going to a tenth of June having an adult says they vehicle is a black on the Civic four door unknown place in was down Davis from shop the seven three occupants was there was a gun on the vaccine they all it’s in the vaccine twenty two point seven one six

Ne seventh and Everett five ago

A female caller to call nine one four that someone had pulled a gun on her and told her to get out of the car now to get in the car now sorry the female victim was last seen eastbound on Everett on foot it’s a white female or thirty’s dark brown hair ponytail black jacket black pants There’s also a black on the Civic unknown plates associated with a

Southbound on seventh and nine second one yes the victim is eastbound on foot and the suspect vehicle is westbound on Davis I want I don’t like having two thousand and twenty

Seven one force if you want twenty thirty six one seven six ones of the vehicle make also here Occupy times to also control before twenty thirty one seven one five additional information or call

It seems like our caller that the female victim using guys who tried to a doctor and that she might live in a tent somewhere nearby so in time OK

Twenty thirty one

Are you going to be a while on the half there’s a runner or inside from our

Get it was

Having information in southeast thirty third and Madison loud music being played in that area all day our caller doesn’t want contact information a twenty thirty two and a very twenty


Thank you that was five to seven we were arms of permits sixty three zero north go on the way Unit five callers old daughters banging on the door refusing to leave doesn’t live here chronic problems use Vernetta rush nine hundred eighty seven but Vino five eight medium build black leggings and weapons and


Very Merry


Five on forty very very well is it easy for the Sultan minutely

Five one four isn’t out primary busy for us all messing you up all the other cars you go

Thank you twenty thirty three if we’re friends and he joined out Urban Outfitters two three two zero northwest west over Route two of those very tempted shop lest

Possible drunk subject said he had a gun and was going to come back if there was no gun seen he was last seen South twenty third on

One side of the street so white now honest fifties long blond hair black hat backwards black shirt black pants

Are in the area the area twenty thirty four by three five

And I think for a four three three seven five the then direct drive female

Male Friend of the focus was out of control refusing to leave

Only for an even Let’s explore

Eight three four

For you in a two for Baghdad theater three seven zero two seven four and we had this whole thing as a

As a welfare check on a guy I think ironically the now we have an update that he’s walking back and forth in the traffic

Running in front of cars is black male late thirty’s to forty’s blue camel but not sure blue jeans red sneakers there obviously a lot of

That one time or the person I don’t know I enjoy anything else I will think that as a primary you are going and I thank

You that seven to five and around a three four and you very becoming

Thank with it

And sentiment thankful the governor probably seven one six around seven seven three four guys center for seventy four thirty six in Maine we don’t have a good service year so we can take worthless

Obvious for several welfare check but

I mean directly or for a very simple

Thank you so whenever it can be hired with George

Twenty thirty the formation of a suspicious holding of Billy our two zero five zero zero ne Marine Drive every shot all the professor here at twenty thirty three sixty of you know three to two years I’m very much more to go for a suspicious white officer than lights are on and they have to be sleeping you know the White House

WOMAN three twenty three that is harmful of our group that aren’t part of the cell playing on the grounds they also have a collar and a full exchange thing that he’s in front of there or the Starbucks two different descriptions it could be two people white male late forty’s and hats and glasses was your ability and the other college says it’s the rest of the jacket or blanket and pretty soon before we talk be an

Usually three thank you thanking me five for five more

And I for four Milpark one one five zero one one seven person for a chair at the collar he’s still here callers are a few things that we’re working about are

Savvy forty four have a ninety nine mil drive simpler floors we just do a Google medical check the government in our colleges all male reading

What is any job done is a fact that says fire to Jack or a large check for transport twenty forty

Five a four five

One five five seven zero zero

And seven four four if you want fire Jack or M.R. to transport simple for thing for you to check for now and then we can evaluate from there that the my for for me others of

Ours trial foller em through Griggs point eighty four black five seven five trailblazers have black laser sure if you like shoe polish have a middle school near the baffle court back leaving on foot toward the back

I got me

For having them for four funny

Ones or five if I want to live twenty seven and with talk of ill any five ones or something structural in the Treasury

I want to go any drugs united we’re going to drop in Unfortunately I’ll check with one I mean drug monitoring thought I like the one

With the subject

But about going out subject brand spanking twenty four four five one zero and I was five six five six two one six North Boston’s daughter found a guy in his car you believe he’s passed out drunk vomited Straight out to cam

Rian got all his weight next to it


Twenty four before

Any narcotic canines monitoring available for county are approaching

Buffalo on the approach and want to do but firing on the other male like the ones like this

Canine they can assist

Gresham because as usual copper looks as business as usual

You know it will be a chip removed before six for that view in a three four years where seven zero one south to six two ago there’s two white males lying black masks and black skin tight clothing blue markings on it turning some sort of sticks possibly with some kind of edge on it

Last in south on a six seventy five Amber

For Broadway Jefferson and those the I didn’t

Know to copy that twenty forty seven I think everybody’s events have been running twenty four to him before that they’re doing over

Sixty degrees from thing twenty four seven three hundred twenty four

B. So haven’t been stark

Stark doesn’t fourteen Kiya saw an American Chrysler severing

Other half has no driver’s license that one can probably drive us to if I find he’s just me if I think anything was once the family you know foster

Six three three zero seven if they were OK like mine then you are


Nine three five for me for

Their emergency the day

He got that from not responding when you think OK they’re probably going to come go through without you so you are in all sort of now twenty four one hundred five point one per day thank you I got it I found out I’m going to come back you are going to want information northbound I five it southwest Taylor’s very road we’ve got a white G.M.C. Sierra all over the road Washington plate Charlie one six five one nine Frank that’s information twenty fifty six and I have a matter Tom one five four seven so he came by to start this morning now there are two guys year that we’re trying to pry the trunk open with a crowbar and then they saw a caller on the phone and took off running and jumped into an unknown description car with some are about this stuff I’ll get you directions travel in this direction when I get going

And six days I six seven seven they’re leaving was down to almost in a blue Buick after ramming the golden brown or green bottles of the old with the washing of but I say four and I’m I’m four we’re getting a call from a location our daughter was struck by her father he’s outside a coven when born in seventy three there’s a male and I’m quoting she’s waiting until I have a three not one so also one simple for you for me of this fall and show me I’m the one who

Was back I will search out with the gentleman from earlier the fact that

They got and we’re going to be out with him in front of three six or six out the fall for coffee three six four six seven is how far we took me to do

Twenty three of you and I have

Going to act is number

Four of one five five five of your of a

Dozen there are what

I’m talking

Six seven for the good or

For just vision Syria check on your beauty looking of if you car windows

Live eastbound on foot OK cigar will twenty five cents a ten forty five five eighty six

For you and seven G. for the hour and thirty one Ave There is a march came across an accident there no additional information

From special twenty fifty five

Now and five on one three

By one five hundred thirty

Engines Engine three is on scene of an alarm there and they’re wondering if there’s a mounted patrol still using the other half of the building

Thank you thank the people here are holding her mother down and hitting her in the face with evolve from D.V.D. My

Eye for

A location

You Meet in

A show mill park or in front of one two or three thousand normal

Computers A previous assault on this person Avenue address back in January ex-boyfriend was here punching her collar Louis and stealing some money

Doesn’t look like there’s a name in the previous call because of those women here six seven seven area twenty fifty seven people doing this are aunts Cassady and Kathy

Kathy Kathy and Shawna very Cassady

They don’t drink or use drugs are just crazy about me will be we will we wean you know


Hey for a very well you know this is just car on a six thousand journey for

Charlie Lincoln ninety two for Norm if

You want to leave you on that from a jackaroo severed you and you another car

Take one coat on two for six Yeah for every one if you

Are not

An Occupy twenty two if you get a license over three

That are going to be for the office place organize five zero one was a short time to play with twenty one zero one one six five six

We split the people up there were ten for here so if you will of course for the both of you

But also been to going out of park twenty one I want

To be the missing and we just got a call back that says they found the girls out of a psych you’re with


Not you I got the point you remember this was the fifth of last mail thirty to twenty thirty years old last seen wearing a blue shirt with brown pants

Six months on in row twenty want to represent court where Frank will have their primary you can clear one of the other cars

Chick sign for how to differentiate from seven you can and if you come from where it’s twenty one to three sixty four sixty four can just do an area check will make contact J five five times like John he was only forty five on five to twenty one to three central dash ten forty five minute


I am yours and down and that was that’s what you folks back out and if you go

But I didn’t have You want to detail for where you want to be held to be

Void or her

Thank you for that he deals with you for thirty two I’m going I mean

Very different for some of the five maybe call

By the for coffee please point them in fly down because of those they fear him OK Highland over you know if I’m sick when something tells me I’m OK I’m Hieland with the suspect but before you copy and you hear more from for

GALLAGHER wired right and we’re now we’ve got six of the

Before therefore you need for six more from Target ash tree

To the group of six males or another guy the victim last the main aggressor also threatened our compliance I don’t plan as a concealed carry in is threatening to quote handle the situation any more I mean aggressors backgrounds early twenty’s light skin Afro short leisure

For both coffee from twenty three Myrna just still a color do you walk away and not just as rough as OK and that if you buy this guy like you leaving the area and that thing that this group should be checked if Jack and that group nobody

Has mentioned I just drive or walk on Sunset do I go with no lights on all of the road at dark are enjoying the zero Henry John Frank

Sent in forty five plea three energies which nights over time slot there of them or tell them that to reject you for a night’s work as if

I’ve included Mitchell about something that’s more than just hopeless

For learning

Cindy was that you three age twenty one and I’m five years old and

But here in five three five on a produce all of the joint St John’s grocery and deli seven thousand users are North Lawn large street cars are hurting from the delegation has been assaulted a few minutes ago in the parking lot of a nearby seven eleven vine on subject refusing medical a suspect in the garden of Anthony a white male twenty five to thirty years old she wearing a black shirt and blue jeans who was walking on Lombard towards St Louis

One hundred or merely her one year age or rather I recovered twenty one

Traffic for trauma injury officer from coming up with traffic off that we can jump for think that in Florida at the bottom of the Lotus one seven one three ne one five Avenue about three minutes ago a milk him up grabbed the how to plant the other and threw it out if you know it was sitting at an outdoor table no one was injured but the mill is currently across the street he’s a white male forty to fifty years who with a black sweater and blue jeans having them around is twenty one eleven twenty four

Their nine forty four two zero one one NE eight zero it is a male of the sons ring the doorbell is in European G.’s by a female they walked up towards eighty second there was a male black in his twenty’s short hair any change a turtle hoodie and the riches of ale black forty five years old shorter are

More for how each of them

Five to seven copying five three five can be sent it

By one for him been to the address before for the uniter and that is through the experience of even our missing where if you before

They are nothing but that for me

I call that a draft authority and all the parents trying to think it in the home

Walking up from

Behind with station one six four zero zero Eastern third Street unit four to raise unknown subject sitting at the top of the stairs in front of the complaints door white male or female late teens early twenty’s or unsure where I’ve been there

For the owners I have

For you in five three five eight six eight zero seven Republican ave

Caller is a faster by hearing making sounds from that location not seeing anything but your out of view calls the Marea off in the passing that there was an autistic child who was there and I was working from that yeah I mean

It’s twenty one fourteen but in checking your service economy I death after the night is twenty one fifteen twenty one pork your primary objective reason since you were going over there on Friday but were known by for seven so used to three and more mileage and for the

Conscious reading pregnancies as you we and busy traffic zero three of our son was seventeen and some four we’re going to be three six four nine three six four ninety


Or so when you mock them but when it’s sort of something like they’re going to drive her husband you go we’ve been to New Hampshire Mary Queen Edward seven thousand four hundred forty situate West ninety four East to thirty eight to twenty one E.G.

Similar to ours way off in Carolina Carolina twenty

Seven for we have a is using the subject Skyler and one five right now I mean here seventeen were due for a request to cancel you can be day twenty

Six hundred twenty four and with

Fifty four with an SE one the sixth Avenue

If the next they are in cover at six hundred eleven well and I’m not a player here in five hundred seventy five nights I haven’t come from a ways off ne M.L.K. and Columbia as old exotica are colors of watching from the possibly high male waiting around a couple of times during the move building and then running to them after they fall into the street politicians and he has he do you have a vehicle he’s a white male twenty’s or thirty’s with multiple insurers have you at the park and then they’re adding that

This idea to being very sick from the knocking clear of the Nokia six one seven which on a six hours and probably thirty three robber barrons one

Hundred nine

One four and orient twenty one twenty two you see Susan on the incidence of two garnering

Plate boy Charlie Roger five three two zero it till I’m twenty three you know I don’t

Know if I was with her in front of you when I was when you

Were five and a

Very frightening but you said you were killed or can you change your little seven o’clock news once

At seven o’clock missing for Force twenty one twenty six five five

Six five

Four six on a mission in danger about ten minutes ago our callers eight year old daughter ran off

And this was difficult for twenty one twenty four and six five six four six it looks like they found the twenty six twenty four their family it’s twenty one twenty four

Zero three and Marquise de Mayo about the year they

Probably reading every government

That other medical examiner writing I’ll be on the other not to go on one show six one seven Coffee arriving with her sort of knock on which will you know were you know you just you are just the every

Three to three can reasonably reduce three

Great huge reaction a lot done and although if you

Ask I mean it is OK

If you

Don’t think it’s worth the number seeing or hearing anything at the moment so we’ve gone from talking about singer hearing anything a family and

It’s true in Florida as you are complaining is maybe forcing if you like somebody is trying to buy the I’m asking for an officer to come and sit with this four year old child until his brother gets here to get the child record for it we’re going to give a transmission not of me something twenty three Not if I were going to give you

Their eleven that’s how it’s thank you or you heard over

Thirty one of the three go Harold in forty three for what I think we heard we send a twenty one twenty S address on the map based on what our callers tell us coming out of the house yelling and screaming at someone inside the house of

Forty five

Twenty one point

For every cockiness six contact three six zero there as of these one hundred five

And one six for a no name apartment six one three SE two one to second hand from the father in law the location that someone is breaking in and stealing stuff

Broke the fence

Of you

Like you talk plates we’re going to try to call the father and offer better G.P.D. we’re going to when he was twenty one point

Seven five there are three to the ratio one five for the father in law is some room large trucks which you talk played soccer one male but it’s really dark

You know one hundred five words of info coming from the second unit it’s from him and the the original R.P. was the property owner who’s not there

Twenty one thirty one night time with a

Sword you know the groping in the back of her over you it is all assholes people were so online six seven fortune your status therefore your story with thirty two you do for if you’ve worked for you in a three four selfless three in a row got a group of transience about ten of them for the Portman outdoors for their starting a small campfire lighting acres on fire nothing really burning right now

You are having

Any For sixteen is your divine

One of the very

Morning wasn’t for coffee and it’s unknown we’re off line now having twenty one thirty three one five five and you I’ve also read to her as

For you if I call seventy two fires on scene requesting you would Village Fred Meyer two two eight five five are these Park Lane in front of the Home and Garden side it was something on fire in a metal cage and they want you just this was some sort of investigation carried

Over to Maria

Twenty one forty four hundred

Forty four the place where you were

Eighty three covetously for twenty

I think if there you know I mean clear that disturbance John Jules walking around


It’s funny there’s a but also excuse

For you in five hundred five to make minimums two one to six selfless hauls the street unit eight nine to go up boyfriend punch the color in the head this just still be and this room

Morgan Monte zero five twenty six ninety

Five are probably going for auction it looks like it’s Monte Morgan and everyone let’s call them was a little over it was a couple for Malcolm in the mill Eric at

The collar refused to give their name got that this is not something we can declare John

I’ve been Sheridan’s like other sedan or chorus facing the wrong way on the west I’m sure in the field really driver just turn the wrong way on the street and frozen are there nothing in

Front of it are you on a search

Of a jury or code for we should go in there for fourteen children

Thank you twenty one for you to

Revive driving through five go ahead but nope waited

For our

System to be present in sixty two it’s one of the nine to come forward our running

Running down Broadway toward Fifth a black male

Who had many men to be one running black male six for Pesach minimums for an East on non-emergency off what does not make minimum lot this building down right now does it they were out


By six I ship for five starts moving McMillan’s three one zero six and four more units

For they are your corners and then two more units tackler the filling needs of you are needed your unit is going down on out right then two more units do I help you going search having a unit of one six from either

Want to one five in Broadway one that

One six and

You want one section Broadway in one one five Broadway and then the other other you know in just me at the corner of

One one five Broadway drop out units of one five right there on the side right now and I can’t

Begin I


You for

The six to four he take one six and write one five in Broadway but for some things there is a difference for where you’re ending it because I was sort of the building for him and

If you want

It we’re up

For it Mayor gateway of regular traffic of two thousand and forty two CAN I TAKE ME TONIGHT everyone else in routes in the communities once you’ve been broken in clear forty three forty first job eastbound were behind the storms

A robber gave in a six large white Subaru he slammed for entering the cell phone forty for him is well over

Forty third and over but

For many

From without

Six I don’t have seven hundred seventeen that my infirm right

I’m forty third from or even to from Asian twenty one forty four Yeah reason five DUIs imply the balloon stops right on the corner right

Now from


Five to Easynews uner reproach me is one corporate one

Ever seeing covering it and information at least as the vehicle stop or on them Raymond doesn’t see things out it’s going to

Push him into you

Going for

Answers and so if you are right on forty third just south of remnants of young forty three

One six

And one hundred five Mr is no mean market was issuing halls the language barrier is someone’s very something in a store you have difficulty breathing in

Someone was cursing in the background

And medical stage one of the five

Twenty one forty six

For running

One to eight

And one two for grading community sports Part two three zero three SE pompous road a full year old color and a GO her friend yelling from the park heard some shots and Hispanic males yelling and then the male started following the caller unknown if they’re related to the callers waiting in front of the agent and rebuilding at the park side apartment for contact D.V.D.

And hail and no other caller primitive nor the callers whining for

Reporters somebody had done here with your

Football for three

Seventy zero Henry George nor are you a joy

To eat too and well it’s

Twenty one forty nine fifty if I tried to

Say anything

No plated Makoto Highlander

Six hundred seventy It’s twenty one forty nine in one five five we’re thirty on both of us one hundred five pretty much been tuning five six five ten it’s two thousand and fifty

But for instance they’re from Asia and Gresham fire is responding to a residential fire eight to six Southwest Livingston place ever measured twenty one fifty version once you’ve established back over to the service desk probably then five to one

Five to sixty one twenty one fifty and forty four usually six many John their journals ones and

Seventeen and nine it’s a political sixty five rushing to five five on a Friday for a while for a check at ONE NINE ONE ONE ne Runyan ave to the north of that I just by the motel there’s a female constantly yelling for the last hour she an unknown ratio of the twenty’s to thirty’s with one closing Jim The other strange by the present tense you know me which is one and I know the center of all street running Fortune very much

Torque twenty or fifty or the five because

I mean I got me full of medical No twenty one fifty three some forty six

Were Very run a bunch of those are saying and gravel four three one five

And has a vehicle it’s over to carry on George seventy three and I think southbound six

Probably mean an emotion

For the force which is rough you got to try for one point where there is nobody in the parking lot and we now are not set the park said apartments in front of a

Building H. I’ve been to the entire lot now and nobody we will call back to try to see where the complainant well for information and unit are having me there nobody in the fort are here either not a full

Twenty one and if I was twenty and

Yeah I think you could want to fire check out their custody or

Adult male conscious breathing complaining of us or Although in the open the

Six June and by where yet from where in the O.P.O. office

And one twenty four I got a feeling that you just called him a talking to me out on Cochran graph where there are good ones you for your were calling now and you said you think you have found the plane Yes And everybody going where there were twenty

Five is really an occupied stolen in the Safeway parking lot of Fremont Xeni it will be Washington I’m Queen Jong for knowing for Euro governing that reminded Sandy it’s going to fix my five to five and you can clear the car tell the Sixers I

Recall how he thinks

One of them you know

One five

One seven seven and mill three subjects who are jumping fences of houses the color yelled at them on here isn’t Street follow them to this intersection

Last saw them hiding between houses here on Mill three white males sixteen or seventeen all short here a dark teacher it’s long pants

Oh yeah governor

If I was twenty five even if you twenty two I was it

Was iffy

Information call holding street or getting the earlier party to resist vicious call six one of the reasons these two went to a region R.V. Judy Lewis is now at the location of once contact regarding a possible burglary that’s holding twenty two zero three zero one five five all they got by phone

John if i Phone are twenty two or three they’re

Growing at you Charlie wars and there are more some to Washington to change or

They are all there and all they want for human form they’re the Washington

Antics or very sick sort

They’re from Asian on our reckless driver info from Oystein a to go in the east on ninety four east of now close to nine a small older white Dodge Neon a different genre he joins us next every night

One for five hundred million with Washington Adam Victor yellow during your one hundred twenty one point four out with one at McDonald’s of Burnside division

Don’t know if Burnside into vision with one twenty joy

For driving but it’s worth it for you one thing you and now

Zero four zero

S. were doing nor was it just twenty Juli one hundred seventy five dollars Mormon twelve to NE when he won with one five seven John you know

You know as to ten or twenty one twelve and

Twelve ten twenty seven twenty one hundred heart he gave her one twenty four Coffee Party seven

Individually number of permits one zero two eight on Mohawk Avenue going back out on Randy Jackson if you’re drunk trying to start a fight

Has he any point you to all

Three zero seven seventy seven

Just pains and again going through this I don’t know I mean represent him for some kind of group or once you for all put you on it Jan one forty of euthanasia

And we are going to do what you somehow


I survive go for

Us who are or aren’t there were more there

Are to your cross and how’s one one three

One three two and how those terms of importance and

That are now running


Like a real threat to the apartments dreadlock Well after losing

Shirt blue jeans dreadlocks direction from

Punching a female when I came up direction of travel and you can’t

Really plan with

To go with the parts there came in on

Some guys going to vote the cow is going to close their


One three six to the


Maybe one thirtieth the last an eye opener for them around here and no good cross streets there

Jockey one Bush Center back of the Bush then but I know it’s what you fourteen

Starting to feel this is all you know what it is thank you Kate

You go right to one tree two of our chickens you’ve been critical of the like and like you know like you think Air Jordan white you’re the walking away with all the


Omens medical and a possible overdose of adults by six one three

One hundred

I don’t work and you would only use government


For me was

Horrible to know


Now if I sized this apartment right by where he ran I think he maybe a year so he was that or they didn’t really and that

I mean why they got into an apartment or the

Washing place haven’t Hawking’s five and zero want to do is driver twenty five and seventy five and I

Just want to leave everything childrens cost back to you but then I’m actually thinking of well I wonder if it’s Evan was changed into our streets who asked me to

Apartment in case he tried to come back around the back of an eye on the back you know that when you’re going to run from foreign I want restriction Bush I must remember

Current want to go east on R.T. four east of once you two so be it was a maroon van or organ partial plate nine to seven I

Possibly slightly front and damage just from a show me twenty two nineteen and if I was your old exactly are you on the left I don’t want thirty seconds there we were to go all the way to one thirty

Yeah probably we’re

The ones that were I think needing to shrink it from one hundred incoming or from the next choice is one treat you

Thank you status one twenty four

Walk away medical thing quickly for myself we’re back on the perimeter of the help our spot Thank you

And we’re going to Matt I think one three things are going to be your best option

Right now only for one three zero and

Forty four where you

Know it’s put you and I if we get one free kick the bus Yeah one thousand forces are

Right around it and one tree here and

Four for the forty fourth though it’s nine nine fourteen Julian to there that locks down the bigger perimeter against me I don’t know if there’s no good cross to do there at all not I thought of them at one thirty in Bush

And arriving A That was yeah just the way

One three one one six

Reno wanted to wherever possible that

Night and six like that in here or that you know the negative

One to a

Sixty five so it is written Avenue and from the location a second three male juveniles in older police cruiser for the past twenty minutes generally just didn’t want to just

If we were twenty or twenty three going through a got on

If we’re both for you and you six going to suffer one more than a woman who goes home for the night and I complain and now the FESTAC going northbound one line is male black in his late twenty’s in the deal was that he in blue jeans if I have so far it was longer


A sergeant have a

Thirty eight and I got it

Thirty eight twelve we’re not sure where we’re going to go

Bushy hair almost on his shoulders

We’re black that you certain would you write about

That like Bill of light skinned black male or Hispanic male Bush a year ago the shoulders black major blue jeans with a build something I thought no no for the

Horn and I was about where we are going there are the lot of George out and Paul Hogan one the ideas twenty twenty

Four public service they can be tied up for of it

Or for I you can clear this whole ranking and I started in a way from from a from Broadway and I’m OK with being as Washington I got Ocean Edwards three three and six so it’s like so if you’re going to if I’m going to have a now that the complainant says it was a pocket knife and number of you can please contact just threatening the suspect was no longer there or over again I’m still

Doing order when it is I would go off and hung up on a


The only person there now

If you’re in this office on in Washington me

In a four minute

Area checking for a guy with seen walking in middle of the on ramp from chapel Highway to Hell found I five black male in his forty’s green T. shirt is a

Seven four for any traffic United song or anybody in modern times for any traffic you know as far as track at the Lothian Ramona I’ve found

Three seven three four really have to work and I think they’re both on a crash right now that it doesn’t fall for every Yeah I got you think you’ve thirty three Reasons records over the pedestrian that ran out of traffic that life threatening injuries have made contact with the patient you were in route that one time

You know

Thirty a lot of

The callers on the street are forking moderately or was

Six shots nothing I very much want to go

Twenty twenty one

By one

Were under lot of money for

That hundred block ne Harlow plays tight usually

If I have

To do

It for five we’re not far from there more the work of him was having the thing

I thought

He was a friend you can show me around him I will check clear enough for

Before you start so dream out a whole for me just reading

You have any problem it is on heroin there’s a stranger and it’s on the cover it’s like they crave we’re

Just north of Washington on thirteenth

OK we’re not far from that was you’re over there

And I’m four we’ve got the movie going up

Every hundred thirty to the last night someplace in the west of me probably right and one to die after a complaint for money he pointed to find a guy that had a national bag with Jhelum if I didn’t want to be a victim I think this guy should be checked out like I was or came up after the fact back

And I’m going to

Be involved if you do something

It’s got the things

To do three know if it’s dark with organ seven nine zero the boy Henry Union juju three nurses star twenty three two

Zero five zero six two years sixty two one location Gresham temporary holding thank you twenty two so you

Do a fire on Iran or Colombian are going to stick places to my first callers dacha than some I took office now Colombia we don’t have any description on a plate

Thank you and good

That we might take care of the three seventh report having

Are going to be about the walk on Bush right one thirty four it was Bush with the birds do you know if that you can tavern Malaki three call the fires asking that o’clock on the lot you rather because both directions are for having that

Correct went to a good


So the six is a focus on the right one six five Go to your converted on page

Six a short

Circuit variance I don’t Pedro’s twenty thirty four

Got to be three hundred four runtime or back and

Go from one three thousand one hundred you get under black heart no

Vision two vehicles do you want a car

Do thirty five simpler for traffic one of there is going to be a strong

Three seven three four I copy of the drama is it life threatening


OK thank you I believe eight hundred fourteen and if you know four tied up on another drama crash I don’t know whether or not they’ll be available to help out you may have to take it on your own I’m on thirty minutes ago simpler for you have things that you want it will be a problem figurative

Six one one zero and Sandy want to go mill was better off

Before people took off in a Black Forest and I for nine hundred eleven are also still a small and

How is waiting I want to know why you have suspect vehicle turned on the sandy on a direction from one zero from one thousand nine hundred going

And number three make sure a female with a lever sure I’ve been sick for success he would have to as well

So far it’s going to one zero and see how he played this one for ninety if you know Nora’s register to ninety six Honda Accord it expires like thirty and forty nine last address was in Eugene

And you give that vehicle description nice we all do but you know your number

One create traffic would use it for John very common one of them not going to like

Twenty to thirty

Rock then one five hundred gantry one eight zero one four SE starch for the location possible transition holding a paper bag full of mail things are just vicious white male forty year gray sweater blue pants so stay with us over a bicycle on the court in the color ninety four ninety

Six five apparently the victim of high school with these guys had medical rolling east bleeding from the HAVEN’T elsewhere Melanie or even

Update now says he’s out of house for seven zero five ne ones are all the calls

To the north Louise and

King of which you do know about

The waited he’s on Central there talk until noon but there is a missionary driving up I five bridge itself and the right experience if I meet in a lane like soup on the washing plate of he said twenty three men

From fourteen for me on a whole week suspension that’s of course

A one hundred

I went to

Twenty third Northrup Washington boy ever linking four five six twenty three North of find you forty one free

And one sixty nine to this year easy eighty one selfless Highland Drive a pseudo random location asking to call nine one one and saying a male infernal occasion

Was fighting with her and kick your cat

This Banneker blackmail it’s light skinned forty eight balls glass it is like a blue or green Seahawks hoodie

Still standing outside looking at her through the window

When I want to

Thank you for the last thirty two haven’t even opened thirty thinking for me on seven for Fortunately thirty attention from you

Also in Juba


Honors a swagger twenty forty three fix for a copy if you hear me explain much as I like I write here fifty years old dark jacket blue jeans black Nike gym bag he was running in a jury in our staggering place

If you forgot it was a big

Willie sample you’re really simply even who who we form boring Hornung whore who her or her legend

Will be reunited John you know Robert buggers react that’s

For sure as if we saw it coming so there’s going to probably be a shooting now we’ve got a victim laying in the street three six hundred

Will Never

Grew Johnson if you forty five year medical care is a firm now be revived

Regime that affect North Korea’s Viju shooting at three five and some of

It I mean it’s really just like something you know

Nothing yet impulse Well let’s have a couple more cars stuck for three to have him cough after harvesting attached but we’re going by for seven thanks to her Asia North is responding to a shooting with a victor

Ne Hancock three two to three three twenty forty six and over the suspect description is just your victim’s going to be down on Hancock three two three three six four seven probably I’m going to marry him

Because our

Budget for sex what is it and I did it was six weeks

It’s already running

Thirty to thirty three anybody

Who thinks we’re going to be checking around the school year I was your own school

You in ninety five problems hospital for three weeks in the parking structure off of police and just physically from the forty nine and access from which route was a guy in a

Honda Civic that’s coming back ninety seven

Degrees from just him why three

Whether it why you should be on a man you all and he often ends up at them Crick revive him talking to

Her for

Her name her anything like

Never walk away from her for rehab and

Send out a North us where you’re trying to for a

While something frightful something in the park and you put one hundred I just have a couple computer problems but I’ll head over to that problem call OK I have it here the caller who says that they saw someone down was able Parlow and I got the phone number when anybody’s ready to actually talk to us but in


Box OK it’s an area that up to twenty two forty seven on one foot great

Kelly earlier

Helen a twenty fifty walk

And no evidence of gunfire

Six to eight

For you and five and six eight for now for three to five ne one to five place you believe the target apartment is over to find a four Either way it’s the one below two five six is a female screaming or you not oh he’s only seventeen a Broadway


Six four five you’re probably going to be closer than I six seven to put you on that these once you five please call


Remark from second

Harvest pleasure to do well

For mom once you’ve

A neighbor calling in about a disturbance a female in a room is yelling about thirty nine I don’t have it you don’t think

John area check and then where would you like us

If you cover three eighty six seven weeks of me not to fly

Yeah you know if

You have a fix and they are staff twice used thank God that they could have a driver and their enough riding that they’re going to have a greater purpose thank you for ninety five

I’m a fair off you go OK for you three I know you’re not like nothing I wanted my way I think I’m in life and

Those are either just two people I hang out talking I don’t see a thirty nine or progress that I’m around when I’m bustin and second you want to hear you know how hate when my to

Have also been three second in Buxton been around twenty

If you’re ninety three and I want to eat any three night let’s be offering you

We’re going there we have a mix of white males in my females all in their mid thirties out is one tough economy on the ground one guy was last seen wearing a rainbow T. shirt yelling it is going to kill the guys on the ground so they say have you know three one zero trying to be for

Problem government

Of office three sixty one seventy three twenty

Martyrs call I don’t know

Just in Grant Park there was fireworks twenty five

Twenty three fifty five thirty eleven and I asked them survival of the woman in Washington of all of our sex if I think

So and

Everybody area check around for a few

But a filing jointly with the reasons we’ve organized the census organized for use of blacks in one life you know fighting

For it and that in any woman in every

Hiring I think I live I’m not going to

Go I think that one thing I think will push out is what information people smoking under unless it is a red line parking lot and I don’t unearth a known drug black Beemer California seven Mary Mary victory three five informationally fighters I’m

Right here for I.V. fifty six he thinks

We only have one guy left very as the sign is that one slightly more no one else coming can sort of having your need out there you know Johnson none of

And if I

Were the flea is Charlie over union four five one four six one six Who would you if you six receiver over one very on my fucking fuck if there were talking to

His riders short little done if you walked off a few minutes

Oh so

Well was the cars always down on the lowest level when you come in the garage twenty a very short of

Them that is working twenty five that they are not

Free to drive them to her through government if they see her at a merry eighty seven on all the road

Yeah on a few night the for

The first only contact that is related to who can forget this radio and recruit we have it’s related and I copy the plates it’s clear on the two thousand and seven Dodge Magnum Magnum E.G. when you in one three one eight one one SE one I haven’t used one of the location as the high naked guy screaming and walking up and down the street he’s secretly angry he’s a white male thirty six but then with brown hair

The thing wouldn’t break it didn’t ask twenty one it one time so short

We did a medical revelation of

Yeah well do it so here I don’t want to hurt another client at the location you know

Before I’m almost there although I’m right in why you start medical the stage therefore if you haven’t you want to

Risk it ones are

Going to do if it is reset or covered thank you if there is a definite sixty seven and it’s really the recurring organ point

About foreigners in six

Weeks and slanderers twenty three there

Were thirty eight north for it was over sixty one

Visit the having sixty one three six north about going to be zero with organs us seven for ten we see Mary

So you are in your forty’s to clarify we just need a martyr state we don’t need fire party I’m sorry Kyra thank you

Thank you for that exactly record New York Harbor

The workers from other

Sources that you had

For easy road David Speaker John Good’s across of Vermont because I was issued very much I realize now I finally did I want to find a guy thing where medical on mold just hold us a little orange around till we get them off on it but he finally does he think there is if there Jim

There is is there to go for science on it I have my traffic

We are with you seventy

Eighty second hand were you gentlemen it’s

Been rewarding seven

Isn’t it isn’t

Ninety five

You know officials here are the whole agent of it trying to

Run to if you have one tiny

Little driving class of money for one term in our union so long

That not great I’m pretty close a forty first the mill haunch will be on it might be our new guy and something for it one shows a very calm and to be

Food chain

Fourteen thousand acute it’s twenty thirty five new five traffic

Jam halting twenty

Walk or

Parking lot of our lives you can haul the stories of if I saw the very driver laughing northbound few five seven from Huntley a great Toyota Corolla washing up play out of militarily my information I figured

Volver he’ll be


So he didn’t have it when you signed your working over now thanks anything that ability forty one five

One five eight

One five five first street crossing apartment three zero four three three stark number three or four for the last hour hearing two people screaming sounds like either an apartment door or possibly in a parking lot some male thing kill me over and over saying that he doesn’t want to fight I am a female officer

Roy of the North resigning to a possible threat involving a

Laundry one on one Mark


If you invited sixty and I’ll find laundry a two three one was Lamar can find was there thirty minutes ago and said there was two males there who threaten to shoot an employee in plain solid gun at a complete left walk home then call them they think they’re still there though they have


Charging five is that one

If you know who it will morph are buncoed want to go three field one hundred sixty two for your map and your variable to go to marbles going in house is when he’s

Out of the highways are now piecing back and forth in the roadway liking all cities green shirt and shorts

Just got sick but I stand by I want to give them a call real quick six seven eight though if you go you smoke them or their night and if you go

North later be at Ramsey way four minutes ago someone pulled a gun in your complainant then ran west down over the Broadway Bridge we’ve advised Central just like to be a white male early twenty’s about five in the old black lady with a blue veined and over his face and black shorts threaten to kill you complain of and steal anything probably around

What would help bring from his own there is if one is

In another deal in five hundred number yes twenty five

We’re going to be trying to understand things in an interview I did D.V. menacing in apartment

I mean I’m just as President is trying to be seventy three seventy looks like the other half left most

Thank I didn’t realize I saw these wanted to Inmarsat on Morrison by the stop sign or collars on the overseas female there says she was that Pontiac Grand Am or pretty either going in and out of the vehicle looks physical blackmail late twenties in a lighting or he set president obviously records everyone very very isolating and or a guy and there are times when we’re reading

One five eight George X. ray Well you know from this location one to two and the other cars are south of us so often for him

Riding him there’s even the suspect had a black pistol still and he has been and when he took off and there’s a Lake Oswego officer on scene was a complainer

The first or you know we are very though

They are

Coming you know under the wrong leverage their nominee for governor for their five were brought over for

Eighty six if you want to get any Don’t probably

Broadway voice

I want her

To be away from and want to empower yourself said I want to pound on SCIENCE FRIDAY and I face that and we know how this you know half an hour winds saying that he was assaulted she’s going to be other why Barry is refusing medical saying that the black male fighters all dressed when all black is now on foot headed towards the back of the library turns in her country

And even

The one eyed whore of a horse the one

Gordon first lies the emotion play a more adult who read it over him up over and have the feeling hold her heard him and

Brought out the dummy

Is not who I am before I was twenty one I think because for about thirty minutes well how competent

As a general asking South the height you’ll find that Powell just over Lexus of an unemployed


At three five

Or five

Yeah we checked with Ben Burnside right right Regine it was clear North is saying that he went over or under the bridge you’re not sure you have even a phantom driveway for just clear direction over or under the bridge it’s twenty years for you

And the other guys like in a way west now Powell which are stopped before the

Ninety’s Iraq

To door

In a spoiler on the back

Make we know when you’re out there on Friday thought and even if you go from my one point to an All three now one driver just not having to thank you can switch plates are

Five hundred twenty five eighty one red lines any and any idea the radio tells me is going on and on Angie’s ecology of building two if I get asked any arrowing Southeast Division

It’s a

Very safe we’re going to

Give every one or two a quick sheriff of any region it’s

Thirty one think every origin is stacked to scoff another might have two hundred twenty three on the

Disturbance you know they are selfless corner

Which one very clever why do you think you know it when I think every

Oh for this is just the guy that had to go to the R.V. and it was security that was you on them

Or just parked on Ninth and notes of your sleeping in that black Mazda three one moves along

Which I’m driving

In La Mar with in the

Roll but more of the Funeral March I think I want to drive it twenty three out from the amount of hospital of organs family we won seven years of you know be cynical one cover for a guy things want to

Thank you seven December governance you and your group size and I just wrote a number John to let us know the lines open please let me out of it Donny

Thank you seventy didn’t

But I think honestly the next attorney

Was not only for an office he was open I got

More information honestly griefers apparently if your partner gave it to you three Fairview break way up of the start of the affair for three hundred thirty Any seven for seven eleven three thousand US Our server you know up front with a nice waiting around and scaring people

Who get what the return on the over the long ago wait nearly twenty is red haired Archer blue jeans as a bicycle with


Recovery Well Martin Chase now down about

Thirty for a guy really and well marred what you know doctors and just told me for I would be indigent dispatching you one

Thing as you

Do for every cent for that distract

I think an eight and seven come from one thousand string guard

Is saying as a last act our callers are pressing to cancel now description of this guy’s a Hispanic male twenty five black jacket black pants using a smaller pocket a copy was there a direction of travel

No direction copy guess for all between events and everybody on a seven call Thank

Heaven for one for that from trees or anything oh that’s north please of the North

You have anyone with a high five and Hayden island for trash in the middle and

Think you joins or three before and wants an

Excellent reason for five years of unfair and second all that secure the house or do you think you strangers are vote for if you have got a bunch of R.’s on the back

Vergers then or on top of that where they say I’m sixty five dollars now going that I think is not actually going to leave and is still screaming at another male thing she’s Hi I’m not sure what’s going on with a


Way when we were

On there right now not here I can get over right but

For nine George him doing

Well with the first plane of unreadable out another all day there’s a bunch of cars taken out on a particle I have not found the White House I’m going to be with the birdsong zero five four two six four one George or fall I’ll get more

Of your drivers

Own one here way to Syria the organs resort on George and when

We’re George will effect I’m going to be Powell out of our forty seven How is our seven that’s why he was Henry Roger David and I went in

A fit of form to fury suffered

Through through further hurt by features just two forty Let’s talk one Frank George thought a place in a racially safe doing Antony and the now once you know are yelling at her calling

Her Harvey Grammy I’ll go anywhere it’s a fairly safe

Eighty five

You know five

Hundred forty dollars

And Broad link you just

Told Cornell place twenty three

And he’s a forest I think they’re

Getting his tires here he were right here he heard anything when he got scared for a viral capital there were chemical thank you twenty three thirty well for three talk you and yes I can figure now involves light now fifty to sixty black teens have black pants and you know if I was writing else if I could say see black in top and black and as well I think they went to the house on a corner here or color can point out which one is there

You can see here I’m sorry if you do and he was you know beginning mileage of six nine five point four

And I’m freezing twenty three thirty nine forty five on pick five braze this one of her that I want one for in five one alarm system is zero for a point five right so this is a you didn’t

See him there are home actually you know every actually ever says there’s a new breed


Three zero four two NE three zero ave a suspicious male parked and from your employer as a last half an hour a dark truck an employee

Six one seven you cover on that

One seven affirm around the corner and

It’s one thing for them

To a five nines and seven injured mark and be as injury far as trying to find a way through all of it and six hundred Jones are thirty four I seriously have yet done for thirty three plus he won six eight twenty four as you

Know just like when I go

Seven for POW three for sure Georgiev are going to have a farmhouse and I have a few that was exactly I’ll try to

Me like

One one one five ne want to say fabulous and I five minutes our callers on the overseas female verbal only that we’re able Astley possibly another Brit person in office well you know asking are down on foot also looking into vehicles

And so on holiday and I’m so if I have to cover me

For traffic thank you for everyone there are no way to


Something someone

Wanting to track time you or someone takes talk to the one half you don’t need to call them back

You still north


Yet affirm that trust and I was honest and I thought it had an eye when the officer moved it out of the road but there’s still some garbage out there if you can put it on your list for someone to check tomorrow Geez it doesn’t get scattered and I

Don’t think that you two it was it

Made me go

To no one for a warning yarn you’re

Just trying to do for information allow compressor running in the area of one to five three zero Ses like in street information pushing that form if you want to encrypt I think that’s one thing I think and you know I think if it’s early if you don’t have a to say thirty five you’re

Donna I want to thank you but I just want to say she and I were thinking tavern that we could see to get a farm and a fourth one through the Point three of a fleet of three seven all pearls

If you attribute

Anything that wasn’t with us as was once a basic sixty one hundred fifty in a fortune of it you know for

North Pole you’re with the union Tom Tom out of Nora

And I have a lawyer it’s twenty fifty one three

One for you and one three five one eight two for Southeast ninety two ave looking at previous calls it looks like dislocation is a drug house policy is it three or four subjects loitering in the driveway it looks like he’s still in a red eye from here so at least two white males if years old one lighting all one has a red shirt on honey David

Learns from twenty six

I’m about

Your mother

But I have a healthier to specify that I guess

And if I didn’t then I think this should be I wouldn’t invoke all under the drug I’ll

Check Let’s explore those out with four in front of one for three to four SE I’m sorry your street asked one for three to four and what start

One three sixty one two one three seven

Charlie Jane one five six six nine

You right now three and fifty seven on a real Honda

Walk to trim around

Five five it’s a white female driver

And a male passenger

On a chick

I think I know he tried that weed out very attractive very very great a few Chinese tea fire and there in front of the luncheon apartment

It is clear George anyways you know I think that you know I needed the ninety’s I think

Eight one one zero ne Fremont interviewer and one minute ago just I took off was not Fremont to longboard white males a few years old with red fluffy hair and your black hoodie and their jeans going to look like it’s Charlie King one five six six nine

Twenty six so for sex I’m thinking out of her that I’m good for and are happy for six if you get stuck for four for two a SE one five twenty seven for a female of them right or maybe another male and they’re all laughing Mark part of the pool area about thirty feet well formal

Before you know when you’re going for

Something I want three four for a cover of growth on three four companies in the office for five if you know they’re calling your subject was presided eighteen and he’s like in white on the south side of the street inscription

It is a very calm and

Twenty years ago sixty fourth and it says twenty four joins if it’s you know one of the probably was the


Of seventy two sides when I think of it and I want it I’ll be able to want to go I don’t recall a lot

All the like only it went to Eton

If I think you

Know he’s I think once a group across bridges reader

And I and one three negative it and then they

Get there but the

So that occurred very

Heavy out of testing it’s nothing but I wasn’t on nine hundred sixty one and three hundred eight were there John said Jonathan I poisoned four or

Anybody on this I have contact with the Brianna red brown seven point four of ninety five

Zero zero zero zero zero zero you know all three he just sits in jail forever and after him aside have contact or arrest every On have wrapped around seven twenty fourth’s ninety five tonight there want to be a medical favor I’m acting like I’m am sure North is of public of the view that one of the new shows that was one of the modern thirty has on that one third of a chapel is one fix my house for it and one hundred three or four I don’t

Want her recovery one to climb this road coming to her forty’s and then

Nine seven five serves as a living Bria nice as I

Have Yes I was just looking various horrible

Nowadays it’s all here London a job of thousands of England so I Washington I’m Victor yellow flies if I want to be seventy nine he could release the lines I think that’s affirmative we’re wondering hundreds of going in and out of my last five

Three one thousand one hundred online or a half year nines I think I got that way but

You have

To do with Wells you haven’t you know UNKNOWN FEMALE Not that you can planners do or as are some of these There’s a live there national center inside for thirty minutes and I want to check in moved along she knows of complaints only or for some reason I do mentally for used there’s nearly forty five black cap black jacket jogging there’s


And I will there be joining here and going anywhere whoever becomes the next who they book will

Have the next kind you know which is seventy five an average but that you know I didn’t arrange it Monte Carlo Let’s just listen for the

Seven Germans and if that got more central station apartment seven seven seven NE eight

Forty seven five that’s probably around and I ever have and loitering five miles away and laughing like loving laughing me on

The street jockey one Florence or Jenny full of holding a chicken vehicles five minutes ago last seen each time a shave of me was from me would place like male thirties Facebook app white teacher dark dance information

Thirty eleven myself in the office a little

Back around here they’re facing North Korea traffic entering got

George Wallace joining NATO and



Surely will only very strict sense if a three zero pm of the hopper will be under the house are going to refer to these but there’s many more cops going to workers for

Heavy fighting have any July

Three five three for you inside two five zero to nine or threaten street and go hunting in the bushes near complainants House and the kids are reporting a day that it looks like yet again what a lot of foster

Children nine six five

People filming are there and that we need extra resources to take care of them either if they’re interfering right now if anyone thinks that any for one zero link internet always great but directed to go

RIDGE speeds are in the forty mile an hour speeds are the result of a raid and if we have any of ego has been made sure no plate is over hundreds of units they need for a strong double zero zero zero one zero how the wing and help with the people that are filming definitely that level headed even the one thirty in the middle from north of thirty so you forgot

That’s why it’s a vote

For the government so if you’re doing what you want the liberty thing is urgency to have it is possible that we can call Intron three sixty five a couple thank you to have a drink and five thirty eight suspects or the subject took off last seen walking towards Adriatic after easily had a bicycle and are they doing their confirming not a national gun scene just possibly something that looks like one I mean

They’re looking for a future now is an Asiatic in New York Adriana to know if you want their health

The fortune I’ve been soliciting

The evil

One from the rich if you will the driver of the system with a generous bill fifty one hundred one picked by one and one whole day of mind your own one John King family

Two if

They have five we’ll go out with one five to six on Earth on everything from five to six and that really did your old town well how do you know just I’m

Going to respect your own interest after

You know the first passenger levels and if you don’t think

It is I’m sixty one and settling I think I’ll get a life like cars place and you see she’s not here as fully seven I very much less for an affair

Mr Perry there’s a trucker who on Fifth Avenue that’s right think of Arthur wife L five fifty five him wearing a blue sure black

Point very significant

He filed this report thank you five it was broken up that sixty one yes if you want to have it on it in twenty five

Days I’ve done it Stephanie great if there are other contact number they

Know I’m on the show one for security and again subs are faster than the last time I want but I try to call that made an answer and I don’t know that’s why if we saw more chatrooms or thousands or more ago


Our stolen vehicle nine seven five three only ever Lincoln from

Trying to reach out and you know like a lot of other hero that


So you did you

Got good odds wrong number

They call back

If your details are what they need for us to do it

Otherwise we’re not going to go down that often and I think you are unhappy with the force and the clicker

That you just like standing by when a fair division in country club would organize Willy Charles three flights to the region and country club

Four coming through I five coffee

For you and six eighty five across the street from for a junior if he’s cheaters shiver circle

And yelling profanities and threats seemingly no one is complaining and you see the one person an unreasonable is for he’s too dark for

Better description that is associated with a visual interface will

Then over

The listener and information he says we’re going to have

To get active go through

Every six years I’ve been having thank the lizard So one forty five for

Each other like you said that was my dream I have over everything covering stories five days in a civilization for nine for

You nothing pretty close for you and I know it’s obvious one thousand how via text and I won there’s a fight at the seven eleven

For eternity to measure

And so forth and now there was a

Hard Call it was her earlier work for her car her horror her perfectly

I have a good night but we try to

Bring us back I think I probably Iraq will go over some for joining very nice as we’re trying to change what I ninety five put out it was the horse a horror horror fairy that is just as happy when I think of

And we should version of thirty seven and a vision some one seven three seven division and devote myself to

A fine I brought there for minutes before an

All clear from the next level twenty seven but there’s no fight here the civil entering but this

Is just learning he was having a fight he’s only talking nine forty nine point

Making hand so you’re saying that men are separate finances and no fight OK and I know it and I know for a guy on every show on mill shut down one three zero because we’re like you

I think that was ninety

Nine two eight three one one three seven five eight two nine se Boise Street says it’s a conic problem houses two males associated with a house outside shooting fireworks at people’s cars traveling seventy two and for good use haven’t covered

It right or don’t need

The last one are confirmed by a few women from

The last eighty thirty let me Jim you know if I sticks out with a suspicious vehicle or

Thirty eleven fourth in Hoyt and who’s with you there were thirty one holes are all very very so with a friend he was going to die from the true or he

NE and six to seven in a small sedan similar to a civic and no place to subsection a vehicle the doors open one after the messing with the door if I was suspicious on descriptions one of them has a zebra Fance or a five six eight any Corona

I think they actually disregard sixty five you’re not a little closer to go NE and toxics is a fifty five you have on the way that you delivered it for eighty four are you any thanks for joining station apartment and supporting our Western davening at three twenty five Lafitte we’re out here yesterday for the same ever sighting thanks never seen out that way but if it

Got to thirty three

Cents for a

Bargain you don’t five John will be right or be granted author and have part of problems thirty three seventy eight arriving six seven eight of us before six revive I thought three three and

Probably for example your game three three seven David thanks three Roger doubles you for thirty two frames and thirty eight

Still if I buy a Ford Focus registers and chill them up to an ignoble origin Yuri Foreman twenty six sixty four information reckless driver last seen two of those north downside two from the silver Honda Odyssey rushing play at a million six nine six one seven dollars place and almost ran to read but if rationed us the five bottles we thank you it will fit into our hearts everyone for if any of you do you have a jolly roger you got to give the for it if I get it for you for that region Shaniqua Horgan sent you a Georgian John Paul Well thirty six

Seven not me when I mean if I think that having one to eat I know you and I just have and seen something as kind back against as a subject on our part to find a location in a camel colored pickup cover information with everlasting north and one for Star seventy retelling radical revenue and an array China

That’s really really slow farmers and also if you can call them between

Ninety but one franc and remember I’m going to be hundred Univision after No I want you to back off every five or six three one point five five to two second have a caller from a female friend who fighting with her boyfriend physically her name a friend of her feel a female thirty two other half of them back are you right now that you want

Recovery if you’re a jerk and you’re a guy have

The you’re on your mom every two a whole other level if

You have to go to do that you only got three

That arrive or nobody has any proper you know her

I like you and I know I

Know it but then

Two zero five north east eight four Ave west on Davis three to four people screaming and chasing each other looks like it possibly off e-mails thank you how very brave do very very very sever very clear

In the Senate

Bill forty three Timothy Fortune’s worth of those words are doing so we want to walk through the barrier on our way from Jerry’s honor for what it’s all a forgery do if I find any forward motion plates to factory boys really surely want to one three during dataset listen to their governor and I’m coming from one of you to resist that off of all four three we’ve got so over the same

Just black out and took off from the residence good three hundred sixty eight for an exegesis four for three security failing about four minutes ago if you’re a female yelling help and get off me I thought possibly from the South Beach no description covered and sixty just enough oil

In that area three sixty five north east for five subject with a large quantity of weapons and also thirty three out of

The horses because I think much of

The north for

The fact inscribed in the call so you will be a single people of Iran are probably the first I think the Warco Arkan lost an employee or Charlie Paul Ryan a

DRIVER That’s double for six one three eight another color is a fifteen year old who says they’re inside of the trailer and mom broke out a window not sure mom is now she’s Angela Fredrickson pointy part of the

Thing and part of the five we have on

The car is arriving on a force

It’s going to be a white T. shirt blue jeans she might be inside the house now of a fourth reason we run

The war

And we’ve

Been through many details are going to each of us as a couple seven three thank you so we realize one five zero are north of their old

One five zero and he’s very heavy snowfall for three and just you feel for her with a specific universe of Elena laughing

Just as this point we can hear people talking five and I was going to

Nine succeeding to be set up for long yesterday calling have a coffee maker and obvious question and

Still she was thirty nine twenty I feel a lot a car going at left on one hundred fresh aggression anything

Ninety five and ninety four five going to stay for white For six se one seven four there’s an L. outside with an arrow is easy and we all have our collar has our elegant is of a silly death again he’s thirty seven years old white male black church blue jeans earlier he was attacking his mom who’s now inside if I were worn seventy four and a vision


That was to record her because her short of

Between research are in CALL shows eighty four or five North Road heart

Surgery just are

There are photos of the visit if it’s only going to be associated with a great B.M.W. X five not sure what the latest

I’m looking


And I need to

Review those and I know if I’ve offended there’s a good R O for him the protected person is a mom he’s also flying over

You know any information only for exhibit

Six eight three one zero four ninety four eight Avenue one minute ago you complained heard four shots that possibly from the southwest nothing else was there’s a scene or

Sixty five years are

Not great he quit regarding showing times I’m

Going to

Have seventy follow up can go and try calling the phone you know where she falls back much more than you have even given I think anyone on the same having M.T.F. she’s right having And the thing is you have one for so for one family earlier tonight on this record I also hear

That lottery December is two three zero eight nine everything even thirty’s right he sure regains nine to seven topic and then drink I need to learn

More that learn earth very few


This or if you’re going


Check into some prison because of this one eight market having a threesome with although you’re all going to get on with IMO I will go OK it’s Region three right Central Time pretty

Wants are

Starting to give me a call in reference just for my partner

Or if I think if I say he just started his business

In the fourth and Hall or digital in a second or hall only

Copy attorneys one hundred record when I’m

Five When he going to

Kill her

Her of her hood her whole

Sorry radio is kind of broken here before me

About one you know a queen Edward

Having a life or not I don’t mean outward three seventy five we waited at seven for

Copies of inborn power and then well now when when and if as if I think every organ it’s and junking

Done out of Nora Colombian arrives at once and it’s a nine to five

Plate on the court is going to be zero one for John David

Probably the P.C. for our oh listen and you owe me

One of those that are on the other the six Central time forty five

John Victor Moyer Mary I’m going to be on that little structure of between Star and Gleason or found

By Kathy and I just five minutes wrong

And I don’t I know many think that are holding a service call if you want to apply to most I mean about one hundred for

That business do it so now you want to earn enough and it’s doing Jerseyans and you wonder if you think four years or six for you it’s well to forty if I stick with John and Jeff and with one

Difficult you know one forty seven five for a very good one because when the start and I took five on the Senate race between stark increase and they’re in a train wreck that and I think many times I think is there it runs in the seven

White organ plates

You know Nancy nine one two eighty second and

The Second there’s the second

Anderson at one fifteen central control

Nine money

Theanine zero Lee said four zero five forty seven zero I mean your car versus the former from Poland we don’t have a vehicle description

That runs other teams and I want you to be very tall if I for that and we’ve done that overall in a dozen injured parties are putting us in pain

There’s no way you can ship a little of that here

For the very wealthy think includes us and Frank John and myself

One on one who’s here on obviously for over buying one so we do have three six six three six two six

To do a whole holding of there is are going

To take any number once you know shouldn’t we trust twenty boys in their UN one twenty three zero twenty five North Eastern A and the camel part apartments want to go heard four shots into the four MORE saw a flash

Of a team from the parking lot area and say shooter and easy vision or vision twenty three and we’re getting multiple callers on this and other callers think that from the basketball court we


Five six

But six one seven Alpine and Deacon for a guy running in circles in the middle of the intersection blackmail late twenty’s black red white sorry black red and white jacket

Were drawn

Because one of the row once was for if you for a job for myself or six and I thought an hour and even now in the lot for a huge fortune

In five years I’m going to come around if you can go for seven hundred

One seventeen before voting thank you once if I’m not doing

Nothing what’s up with forgery Joe and Georgia boy they’re going here in Woodstock one hundred thousand five hundred or reality and just you well why don’t you go thousand degrees develop an A one hundred seventy five or seventy jeans that are very

High six eight ten a child I hear about once any

Reverse for her now until Thanksgiving and I find it

Very easy to center it ended in one for seventy five parties Division Street is actually going to be at the shelter just in front of the full kitchen there’s a group of people possibly then relating the shelter thinking they might have broken out the last drop information probably still there not sure the complainer or the passer by

Yet are thinking hard to have around this great I know these are one thirty and I’m certain for you can clear this jawn he switched me to nine hundred three show me around he even has an eleven call ninety seven I had

With a green no play they joined Harnish doing Herning OK three not at one thirty one one three he can be twenty four not the sixty eighth and he gets

Seventy two seventy seven two hundred seventy seven three seven victory our guy standing up front with a large training anybody at this point getting a veto over whether there is or there are bag on there or is over for seventy two if you have you me we both have

Five six eight as you just grab the suspicious calls you want six and seven a cover qualifies as the filler haven’t wanted you a sicko

Talked earlier in refusing to leave white military by right here

Or against the teacher and if you

Reject removal of Asia

Victory or three six hundred six seven twenty three thirty five or so if I don’t

Have a very far if I go through these exam Heights also they were waiting so likely

Think using information on T.V. or reservoir or to the decks might have interns in crowd but those white males thirty in the at one thirty six

To nine hundred a convenience going back to the subject rest you can go on and on and it was after me a fireman if you

Learned the reason but also three of them for you for you in six three two zero three two Southwest and sleaze road as a go or color heard a loud thing like if someone hits and lived together and saw person on his back and walked towards the park perhaps for sunrise bar that they are wearing a white you know that

My going

To sausage and he is if they are but I don’t have anything like the scription and the tickles around

Want to start sucking hard to have around the sleaze that is ending me Frank and I

Thank him

There Frank I had a few

Having lengthy We can if you like three hundred or three ninety four

Vicious funny one to me information ninety three it will be making contact my phone tapping is there and ninety eight in five seven it looks like it’s really going to get one one zero and it is in the vehicle took off at the old US easy they’re getting as late as

I determine he he would call you

So union that one thirty nine you know which direction to go from there now I need to

Find out University and there has been a copy and one forty

Six seventy

You inside eighty Crown Plaza Hotel one four four one north east two employees hauling about previously trespassed I at the front entrance of these and only black male fifty ripped a green Polish or polo shirt and sweat pants I’m happy to cover one forty five hours out of

Our seven of us

Me I want to as marking one and then who are

Who are

Part of a cure as are going for one

Things if they

Meet a fifth of one market and want to

Once again in market at one fifty one six seven what was a wizened foot and vehicle description yes on it then run it was it

Tom Hall union hall and it was the gold S.E.Z. property there’s a gold there for his wife and for you to hire Nora boy I don’t nor And the I was one in a park and I think

He’d Taco Bell division of one twenty a third or fourth

Possible for for their whole build Explorer talk about it in one two three hundred sixty four when we have a good one to one sixteen in market and her first five or seven goes for long articular one forty three probably I can just be in for a fifty five cargo thank you at one forty three private

Fireworks that was just

About one one zero in Division

There then I’ll have em for now

Trying to get

One for the hand you know as if you are

Happy but I think that I’m fifty one probably for

Copies of the winnings of seventy beginning coverage turning before that for some of the words of take it could one M.R. for transfer or mail I just re going to have

It so

That car possible matching up when he dreamed of doing that the Taco Bell there if you want to roll the train I think thanks acceptance making his way back now

Visiting me twenty five by three

Three and five all for three going to judge us Asians you five seventy seven SE Arch Street in one thousand you know female and side step into the hand yelling about that she may have possibly that’s someone that’s only half of our medical school and

The first image I caught me in will be enough to want to try them

And for the governor you have you know

The face of it was us who are right across the street one of the five hundred seventy talking to mother Shiloh and pretty one Purcel few came in with white male never meeting on a possible you drive at the grotto eight eight four zero ne Skidmore street it’s just easier than being engines of black Hunter Mazda parked dissing the bushes here in the trees and then they’ll got out and started walking away looking at one pretty six classes sure and

It was a very it was and were clear in a second we can take this remember it was all right if you’re going to

Say for one hundred


Three things got me thinking though that one forty seven night Shorey we’re just not happy to have eight victims over here saying she was only got a good car

Just you know probably

Just as Harvey’s one producer and the fact it’s not because I think he won forty seven bucks right outside so the five and ten friends now them and so on whether that’ll think of

Anything or not run

The show of an injury rather than to get it right

For them and you want to hard on and talk to Dillon or whatever and you play the northern third thing just on the one hand force of one Northwest she does address via commute County did Lee is getting text messages from me Dallas Anderson sixty five ninety five begins with the associate with a white old after site for his work on it right now he’s

If he’s ever going to you know just be in your rejected cards like right if you forward because it’s not like you’ve sold half of your site for an image you back because maybe invisible damage if you don’t

Forget Charles and George were thinking about me at the apartments of one of the four and you tell me it was a mortgage

Was a nice they were good for I think I just have a half a dozen for

The car and then they go out employ you for this under an injury action Eastburn fight in ninety nine on a vehicle into a post you serve with and thank you it’s only a white sedan and I don’t know many that are one hundred ninety five example

Very few or over

In here

And I said and when does anything that you have a car stop her seven the who are going to be car

Having her female but you’re just there

At one thirty right what I think are you talking

About here right

Thanks created a three and you heard it all the only goes over the cable was very close on the no self and she was covered no way and no not if you think of her that way you

Better that we had was it’s like you’re the one you know he’s president

And he might have had a fire hydrant for a whole family to rank him in from one to few from around

The island city for a gin on a hen run no victim in the grid or slick in jail or suspect vehicles or cops southbound Borthwick it’s dark Subaru Legacy or forest or if it’s lights off it’s information once it’s for

Free so is a store as well six three six

Nine nine an engineer but it was a five horse that I’m going to show me how the motors is

Mir and what he or she marries is what a girl wants six

Seven is a really high standard

Shut down both ways have a gain of the car other there is some you can sit on the west side on smear just the director of a side six that you haven’t talked to the communities or anything right for probably six seventy the Providence ones etc But if you’re a pro

It’s really clear when

You go

To jail and it’s going through like a purse and first


They give you this audible car alarms seven and holiday it’s about ten minutes old the alarm sounding possibly from a silver Audi with its lights flashing the color also saw them light as seen someone full of bikes from the back but they weren’t sure and he sat strew the persons or

West on holiday in a baseball cap possibly dark jacket dark and handsome Unix like yoga most of all not a funny fairy thank you once again to

Three hundred seventy four five months Rick or three G. for

My marriage isn’t going to

Buy me if you don’t have good light for that if you but really us it won’t for George too little Saturday to caucus late two o’clock

Morgan point nine four two jar and Charlie Roger

Going to

Be a reminder these are going around the

Names of any retiring most of them of being Get your run as I said engine that he and I are that two three or five wanted to do there are five of these one one zero two zero two and then hopefully I the union hall this will be a two as you got me and that lead is clear on the judges and I’m

Going to

Have a one to three hundred block of

Probably won’t be doing under block of the show does it say serious to what occurs to a sick level for three point three

Six with who you know I mean I’m against it all to go but also in terms of for basically once Joy ex-boyfriend’s are trying to break the windows is a gym are her first somewhere in the range of thirty two to thirty six years old program five three zero zero

Join I’d say for each other situation and one to do in March of four zero seven and

Then as if your

It’s sixty one to live now they said it worked out for him because for it’s eleven five a

Year and six one seven The Delta parks and port transit station for a guy wanting to turn himself in on a fifty three is a dale Nichols fifty three o’clock Mr driving while suspended their ongoing joke because of the route she told me she

Was very difficult just self-assured

Six one seven seventy six

She tells his original He ought of all holding Motion Industries nine one zero ne five seven Ave to mention holding a few horses raising so your guy on the north wrote

That he thinks I suppressed that do their thing and all the variables are on service to eighty

Six or get my six for you know looks like you went sixty one at one thirty five

Hundred so I thirty five

Bridge to sixty five over who is the one that was a three sixty wants to seventy five so eager to go in or

To their

Own N.C.D.C. doing things you cover with them for zero three six of these ones even for ave your number one on the patient jazz history of becoming violent having one or don’t start

It if you know voice

Thank you for that he’s somebody who I just thought was a disservice by

Now I’ve got your

Three sixty five hundred

Sixty five and five it Johnny mentioning names of any

During the finish ration if ever go where the business were I went to George

In the issue of the year and usually that means he isn’t doing both I’m sure if you thought of the game I was here earlier

But everybody talks to when I

Wear the break in Germany rather than

Go when I want

And yes I think that you are too thin to do it all male any other four or do thousands working like Twitter previous four and zero every boy Sri Russell person hugely want to admit there was no recovery from growing cures and his resume

But in an abject west down Fremont Bridge central chicken he’s found the suicidal subject the friend to jump off decision with a few dozen fourteen white Toyota Prius Morgan for nine zero and rethink the X. ray go before she’s twenty three a force of

Them do any three twelve and market construction site your lances or a couple out into this panic meals come running out of their

Loved ones and a light colored jacket bluejeans Lessing was no market for the ones in a tall thin white baseball cap jean jacket even though I’m twelve

Oh that the North

The North

Have officers around both directions can you check the cameras on the Fremont Bridge and see if you see a white Toyota Prius somewhere

And you have to see

The phenomenon start

On what’s up Woodstock that it Q twenty five is for everyone checking the Fremont Bridge the information came from Washington County and they’ve located the subject so everyone can clear and

Use anything

Dream where you think a date of zero six seven arrive in Rome and once it’s

Probably us Rico Ron Medical’s just getting here

But written it

To a clear vision was a five three five one a this is the one where five hundred sixty one is usually

For you and once explained going to New Haven apartments when I fours or if he saw the star you know to the rear as that

Complex or colors child Mom the hell that hand and she’s running around refusing a leash on account of the twenty nine year old obviously it’s teasing me to choose to choose out the circuitry the military didn’t alter in the bar was waiting outside for the other half not me that is now in a black infinity threatening to come back injured at the place

You’re out and I got me but none to follow

And you know my free will come

Sunday we want your last card

And they’re mine they’re still on it

And so one any even any airports that they were to forget their thing over it of course and Dave as the other guys like on the street over here dangers of

Years ago it wasn’t his will it is yours Raftery what about when I read you three I mean there was a

Tuesday and then I read and for it it looks like the complainant threatened to come back and get that done as previously mentioned the female driver and the passenger Stanek male so I don’t mean that red sure looks like it occupied three planes that left east out on the Suppose a victim that might have gotten me left the well in the plane and security on contact

I back up

To thirty early like twenty


I would have a check and leave of absence

Three I mean speech telling one four three three zero ne would her way Second research and information we were talking there just that there was someone at that location there’s someone else in that location who shouldn’t be there information

That by the way I’m on the scene for cover if I go into the parking lot

Or if we’re just

Having sex for it isn’t

A firm and it should be as a solo

Thirty just for him we were going to maybe get a hold of one of the show drivers

The men even think you know what if and this is if you’re one of us who I think I don’t have any idea who’s ready to turn for fire when you’re greater than our

Being inferior to the muscle the only additional person you have a control

Start one whole think at least the southbound lanes the one thing clearly going to have a lot of our bearing the second the third one star no advisor going into nine I was already headed our way I think

Who thinks his job might have been broken as a result of an assault but he’s not getting much information

From before seven

Thirty three can you take the

Southbound lanes

But take the lane find the cause for her all three are now truck all out there in the back and the kind of thing there and then I think one think they will want the three hundred eleven point they’re going to need room to work so

Hard to describe didn’t think about maybe crying things they didn’t see the looking without office so no

Found one for E. and then west on Whitaker to reach the church an office should be in the same building as a church we profess

Or molding this Am I the only other

People I want think they’re going to do for let’s walk from the market

To see them

Then do it

On film and even when no one on the phone is across that total and eight zero


Five eight on Twitter with John or play

In this you want to have the fires just this system that has protection there the market in one to two thousand


Thirty nine point zero what the occupants of number twenty eight they thought nobody else would be in the air their apartment and their apartment where the fire was

The All that fire now you still care a fourteen eighty seven here you have transportation strike and author of that stuff even or doing you know their success story of three six to eight that’s old Europe driver just showed up currently in the office with the employee seasonal needed

For six weeks it’s users of insecurity of medical want to stage on a how to

Be of the North Storm walking north down and when they get their trucks on one twenty second what is blocking all often has two streets copies of the ninety if you don’t mind taking that south and Lincoln really don’t want to see you

Thank you much

And you please let me back on it is the whole

System is an easy going to have awful burglary in progress for president and the Legion still think I am that

Of the John geezer innit

There’s anyone just a medical detail sent in and giving us

Three ninety seven from a fire at four five three nine Lincoln Street by the tail and then subjects came out of the complainants basement he’s not sure how he got in and the second class being unknown direction on Lincoln on first and they have no suspect description if you wait or

You know if you’ve already you know if you’re reacting gov You can find for T.V. that ninety seventy me twenty ninety is an engine it’s full of of course when I think of a cure for it’s usually never mention that if that occurs from the plant the entry one one one of the Division St About five that are now left in the vehicle East on a car Health going to agree on ninety three The address is going to be joint to zero ne a first year and we have an over nor and car parked in front Washington there were three Sam John X. rays to engineering or these they went on an open door and you’re only getting started Reagan because all there was

Otherwise what we’ve done

Ever since Will are made from cover so I go to preschool you forty to

Forty five

Units by six minute mark building the new ones of us Washington Out Front transit messing with cars drove newspaper around waving his arms around him white male fightin like color coding

They visit varies from several different age you go over your back your view that you need to for the filth of division communal order of

Things or when it’s really just us Riveter



Five percent are going to

Jimmy for with Washington and

I did William fuse you for one of the safe weightings in the sense of each IF which you forty three certain shorts that

Around just common area you’re eject before making contact happy that it is open at or about and that

You know I called the

City three way with no one it black

Thing occur

Convertible on a one hundred

Eighty when I was really right for an accident last welfare check more than I Joe five and Foster if I had anybody with good access a few vehicles and talks is being held now blocking all of the traffic with her body

And she took me to profess you know

There’s any can and on the side monitoring is just looking for want to start to want to zero eight one I don’t really know you sick surely going to

Let her


I don’t have anyone close to you as you more cars over there

They way they still face you forty six

For you in a second car you might be able to say north but I still five south of foster T.V. in the other half my intoxicated walking in the roadway

Lawful Authority

In court for thinking I forgot she was on for so many five six days to be a nice tween start in Washington

You know where I can break where you’re in over night in and think you three need to do three for you familiar the wrong hairs Easter for seven maybe on a bicycle

I know any one via mail was a player sure why I had a lot

More seven years of prison and I have

Different Rivers only one for they for seventy six if for some cause or

Forty forty six for a purpose Yeah just a heads up there’s an article now going off across the street for five three zero ne one for a trailer manufacturing

Fifty nine treating one either York for

Tuesday this is a place where the California six they are where are you want three want

Nothing to say

So this can you put us on a call with a nine hundred eighty that way with

Me thirty nine thirty four you can be twenty

Two notion we’re all continue to look at their having to choose doing

Push like there’s seven cars pulled over of a drive and going north now there are also

Just probably few more hearts of involving


You not just for me

But what’s the best

Just coming in or giving it says access to Johnson from Johnson pre

Cum I think you are now twenty three and you have taken thirteen and twenty three have to you it doesn’t even want to code one E.M.R. start for now he’s not really responding just means braving fine if I think your duty for a village has

Six very happy buildings clear is used for a reason or disturbance a holding up twenty first century towing and run one through four and five how hard you don’t have anybody close to having been offered before I think

Vehicle dollars from four or five of them

Green sedan three three three John very See I’m surprised by the service going from there told car the problem person is going to be the three male trainees Red Hat

And we are told that he didn’t start Thank you he said the five thousand acres the atom they were going down forever if Robert Osborne is not here

I do think

That he knew any team from a little ways off interest only fifteen are these twenty one have language barrier there’s two people fist fighting

Very very hard for an inquiry to get covered

What are you thinking of anything

Fifty six point six when we’re clearing out again from my things I got the one for eight

Days if it is five six April seventh if it was an issue and

We do have another seven

Due to

Its ends I mean can’t blame our

Once experiment have stated that this is having outside players I think if you know it on the ground and possibly got robbed very thoughtful nation managing director

Dizzy sick for an R.V. for that second building’s going to be there in a twenty minutes in a black Let’s do that you isn’t as if you want to give it

Three percent if you’re going to

Deliver to you what is that I think somebody involved just doesn’t have great ninety seven or ninety eight Hondas Westone Burnside’s you know obviously



For it


Really hard it is you’re

Going to clear far fewer like the first four of us it was here Israel didn’t

I think I’d like to know

There are making others fun to read through the night that Johnny Vegas one two zero three ne Albert three OK You let

Me as you can exude dunny biggest one zero three ne Alberta is a male three a color with the one outside don’t scription have me and I thirty one and Alberta the make up

Black males resign a camel jacket Lee jeans like back back pocket knife stones hands or both collar always inside the

Location he wanted yours three of your organs or the other of them are called a warm seven

Or six one seven I’ll be out with them just west of bunny Vegas just

Who offered

Possible to the driver of the northbound skyline from an injury like the EMS units which are your Roger sure which will be on eighty four easy ground at thirty third he said I had a four hour thirty’s or seven and seven privilege on every other day

For you and went to eight to one for SE Elliott our cars daughter team and pushing well enough i thousand three hundred was around six hundred S. use a City Hall at fifteen hundred a day till our college she took off with a six year old man is seeing out there how

I got to be sick of it there’s a union paper away from him for three nights for an hour or for a driver for a guy

Or green car Mary Richter three an hour and Washington’s I mean fifty seven seventy three I

Can get my Prius calling out of ten it was a

Five figure warm verify

One five six thirteen zero five one five six one zero

Thank you six seven eight

Nine nine six four one zero ne four one Ave They have an open line and zones of numbers you know

By the nine sevens the numbers in and medical done a way that to us was initially a call for a unit with an exact copy of that information as calling Columbia food was forty three ne would have her way back of the property to have you know of a guy

And year the building entrance you want to move along as a whole and in

Like I

There are some four hundred King Mary going to be on the

Northbound I drove five from Dominion


Central in forty five I think that we six seventy there doing C.P.R. They’re not really sure what’s going on copy we are medical code three I guess if they’re not sure the

Address looks like his address is in the right there’s their word Sure I may drive

And I start coming for the fire engines drove around me through the five in July of last I

Got the picture I manage

Behind sixty four fifty or sixty four twenty they all of us in the driveway

Friends are

Happy even ones you see for twenty and there’s only one or in the yard

I don’t know

Well there were another five five five or hey why are

You on the south

Shore on the on ramp to a forty second


We’re not anywhere near disasters that we’re through I think if you give a message of a problem for as well any you have and go home to the Beverly Rose apartments I guess which is just north of that so if there was that or a reason is nineteen twenty nine I devise a major part of your walk down and if you guys would let a METHERELL three sixty five with all the patients you know

Your heart’s with it right

There’s a medical If you’re in a hole

Of your mother who is in

Sorting and you are playing it over or for what age

Stuff about once a

Second one hundred there are three seventy three and twenty three can you accept you for a friend if you tell them to go around the incident and come in from the south it looks like their apartments are probably the out of the that’s

OK for you north of you that markets and them around and come up on the self correct yeah and you probably even drive then the seventy with the author on a thousand of the well you know you’re driving from wagers when you’re just watching wanting to insult the park out when you’re walking OK Also I’m not

Even with you so the drinking

Girl’s consciousness resists anyone else is

Divisive including

Recently nationals and very

Central Time for me I think is expect there or do you think seven What do you need for something you’re both not rehearsed Greyhound bus depot I throw north rustics I have an ear for if I think of fighting in front of this location safety zone or who are generally

A personality to any job we can

It’s reasonable and clear all those well you clear if I

Have even so many as

Some recent presence at parks of history question

Seven for Simon

Crean seven three seven threats at original hockey California zero to southeast pub over near zero is outside throwing trash at the opposing point confronted and he threatens to you see me blackmail thirty’s black T. shirt and pants having out of his uncovered thank you both at three twenty he’s evidence reason y’all can be clear the subjects last

Very very few days or so we

Actually see all of the mind sitting on it I think we’re getting additional color making some sort of comment about shootings in here I’m on the phone and they’re saying something awful that is still out

After hitting a scene now for a minute at a Greyhound in front of

The serves

The whole thinkers working on it it’s hard to get into OK we’re in the area and I have a plan for every

Doctor didn’t the apartment here they have a phone call from the fire and guess the fire investigator

Said you reckon

You’re in one point going to send them back to their apartment and have them just walk back down there OK going

Off in that way

In this e-mail that was on the calendar as a cult figure might be fighting you down we don’t have any description on the guy that the gun is

Blackmail or elsewhere but if he is of

No merit he said the judge overage to three hundred twenty seven one to three three to them once again I’m hearing from computer if you can you show me temper and i’m them tonight at three thirty you

Thirty nine twenty eight and whatever is on the cell phone of the device that the whole

They’re on the street that’s why they get me and yes there are three

I don’t attack with there then they go now

Heavy at three thirty three the right one for a very very nice of the small but a call on the line for a predator to arrive from someone who took office money for one of the four Haitian a call getting mixed reports we don’t really know who is involved

We think you know three thirty three twenty three seven that we’re getting and original complainer back on the line is stating that the problem blackmail and all that probing might have gone northbound on say there would have been as probably like twenty people mention it here and that was wonderful three thirty four was very regional

Thing or

Three sixty wait a minute was a suspicious parking lot of Maddie’s on and overtake a cover of one nearby

It’s right over

My story

For a period or when services like Origins you’ll see yours

One three three Franklin seven four seven enforcing scenes of injuries that in it just isn’t it just occurred to three six Ses call to drive a complaint was in two seventy five report cited a summons for their vehicle last seen southbound a sickly twenty told Infiniti G. that he said it



Thank you both at three thirty five if I three hundred and I want to I want person of our seven figure and I’m the only from a parking garage somebody moaning over her from his job

And I haven’t made it with five or drove a time of the halls of have a go at the story of the

Like that are not five hundred four five

Seven zero and I’m

OK I make them

Up they think that I’ve got one of the clue to the wind isn’t it three thirty

We also from afar are cutting down the firearm three thirty six for it didn’t want you since you’re one of these Prescott driver was five six color found the door kicked in not sure if anyone’s inside

Was or six figure large or he got her story if you can be very vocal there and talk back that would reflect

Sixty three point five three the lives of four year olds sleeping on the city’s drunken complaint was moved along scription

Five threes you just heard the three for so very great a price

Break clear by three seventy eight three thousand but if

These guys are having an additional color calling in requesting that a call somehow related to this call that they absolutely do not want to talk to you Steph I haven’t seen that or a lot where is that

They’re given the same occasion of the greyhounds they don’t have any better he’s going to be a fifty two year old male and think is John broken a few still in the

Water and I just saw him near they do seven words you were really going to be he gave a greyhound location I don’t have a better

World than the government but not the reward for my work

And he said he would be correct if any water is requesting ambulance and he says he’s just waiting in front of the greyhound no matter reviews over the reason I’m just going to go around the other side before

I think her whole area is hurting her

Because one of the letters of Paul

Van I’m

Driven to find for a driver

Or Boy George Willie How about twenty six

Ne hundred eighty first the on ramp eastbound that he comes all over and he will have the sort of around I’m not sure if it’s a very

And I want to I need five three for an R.V. holiday in my garage or the guy who’s been staying here breaking things from threatening to shoot the caller that’s Rob Rios thirty three Ohio no weapons being part of a

Back easy to find him but he did and

I got happy eighty seven eighty seven you have a unique and we’re calling Professor we’re going to

Pull six three

Six three verbs along but he definitely doesn’t like really heavy subject moves along the police family history three A They found him a Robert Paul Rio plenty of wine and he too

Mean or probation or restraining order violation and a protective order against them well the think

They’re worried juries were

Driving once and for just less than six its size gave it even X. ray knowingly drive one thumb for just less six doing another caller on the line with the guy screaming it was car drunk so

You cover please tell me when are

All of them clogging we’ve got a girlfriend I’m aggressive and I mean these are all more I think this is a gang House thank you if I go Corona extreme I know I see a clear by now if only

When our five year

Nights worrying us they will stop you know the long nag lane arrow Jenny Nowhere Journey of joy

Joining the Taco Bell wants you to see seven or change in a minute drive through screaming thirty people there three companies and

Three one three eight Act you want it all evolve into a different one yeah I’m on the phone just

Kept plans on the file sure we’ve seen already progress

Or the dentist office the behind the track him of our sport our just heard some class very things

For people maybe trying to very


And I high five on

Them for me day five it will be on the sevens off the trees

Stripping forty five please I’m sorry we’re clear

And I wanted to not only you can call or of course not OK honey you know if you drink

Five or seven I have every reason I know what’s in that coffee thinking five is what six to eight looks like a

Map in just north of forty second I mean sorry north of where the when was your presence there you will be out of your sight of boozers percent rumors or were they thinking you mean attrition like I again look like

Male eighteen to twenty five Sam and Cat high as long sleeved flannel shirt blue jeans Yeah I take them over here

That represent things here then feelings are these angles if you go back to six to eight Jack you please six to eight

The sort of tricks work you do sixty’s and

I always was pleased Yeah two hundred sixty eight yeah I like you cause for there there are looking for you and thank you

There’s been a set of reasons and seven nights in a lawful

Happy security on the way there now and I may well have been your ass fired from so many random walk south from traffic was going to trucks out of history

Dusty I mean you know if I’m up Saturday you know there are one for you if a town in three of Schiller a house with a large dumpster of crime color contravenes they can put it on the process of cleaning it out you think seventy five with a flashlight he’s a mildly talking on the phone of being something of a in the house or in the dumpster in the house

By five seven for cover and hasn’t happened since and I’m closer out to cover

I have a feeling when I thought anything serious I will also just James Oh I’ll be clearing shortly

One for a few more intriguing Division I don’t know anyone else oh look closer now I’ve been eating talking

This is tainted you just felt that they’re

Having budget but just

Me and five six eight are out of form but grammar civilization just for a little knife or am I

For a bump left the area that I fall

Down one section on Gleason one six doing them and boy Charlie Rogers seven two seven six the good run that’s for sure which

Sounds like

It’s two thousand more mouth the three who are

But now we’re going to offer down on Earth access or if you’re I think you’re about to be hurt or help and should be helping out on the trail


These are that these are going to

Be sixty six twenty


Where they came in and they’re once

Again on Sunday evening to north into North

For every any king or the one royal You know after he jumped or did he go and tell where he went through that fence so he had to go east down I’m going to take southeast corner and I need

I don’t know how big they used hot and high fences I haven’t even Seth

And if we have another officer go to Kohli and killings are taking figure out how this place is that of


On the other would need to get

Dion e re Shon hind OK Well cars associated good dish are on hold for ninety five who’s been arrested out of the Gulf Times for a warrant OK

Just like he said they were they can enter now jokingly on a call and he still running its engines he said and triggered it up to fifty five hundred block Oh well I don’t

Think the only way he could go on in that lot is to the north and to the

North of one of Korea

Or he’s a sleigh and sixty fifth for that

You have done a sixty

There’s got more than highway to the north going for to the south and Portland I Oriental intersect there are Euro eastbound boundary

Rebroadcast that description

Me of blackmail twenty Sammy cap farmer shirt blue jeans

How far west we want to go oh we don’t go further north of the North

Where I was

I think

The drop drama back I walk into can prep right sorry I’m on the phone with the wrong people

And you can see all we don’t have on our way yeah I got the corner so I can see partial self self area over here by kill and then all the way it’s been for a highway on to

Argue as the one from the fifty six twenty ne had one guy run yeah


When the holy important

Six where was last as you saw oh he was on the

Fifties It’s twenty

Six or eight if we can have a me are not like sixty three and killing horses where I’m crying when a that he had the sensitivity six twenty and it looks like there are several buildings there and he can only get locked down between now holy war on Highway sixty seven kill

Now me another officer over here on the sixty five and kill the fifty six twenty other

I think that I’m here or a downer and now I try to go on from across but I’m always here for your advice if ever there are be just around and chill out about the first


Five engine and away

I’d use of destroyer if I go river and I want to thank everyone always I mean they just haven’t got

Bunch of

Being a nine seven that less privilege apartments rang eight six three Southwest three five dry there’s two males fighting no deceptions

And I was if you have four twenty three


Seven and then you’re left for three three three six to eight on that seems an important highway just in for needs and sudden for you in a force that inner and I don’t want to hang about for one nine zero Southwest temple crest Dr

Thank you for since I isn’t any president I was able to get through and it was in the south


Chicks diving Killingsworth

Even come from Portland highways there are rows of those behind the trailer park right at least since then

And eighty seven and there’s an alcohol or reporting forty five intoxicated males testing at each other and sounds like it’s escalating something maybe in the park

For Kinsey to refuse if you want to know as for its enjoying the minute can you have your car where

It isn’t written that’s the problem there isn’t a small to pick up but the hood a white hood in the first driver to the right

Or three to the resources track with life with a as a fifty six twenty

Six When you see this it’s

Or go any cell behind that fifty six twenty on the north right he’s around the north side six

He tells another way to get into that

That yard over there on Kohli on the west side of Corey right there

Some of the I would guess would be the southeast corner the car lot of that you’re talking about no it’s a C.R. They were trying to figure out how to get in is a big huge lot the school bus

Yeah we’re going to go that axis right there OK I’ll have to walk around and see what if advised all the observation of partial opening underneath the fence off a Killingsworth right be able to if it’s all go under there OK can I think we want access to fifty six can that ad just yes I know this I’m just going to be off of telling for it must be talk of a few different locations

That we’re going on with this number one five six one two seven zero S. updates so that he saw shadows somebody trying to get something out of the backyard he can only hear I wasn’t seeing or hearing anything

When he was out there looking

If I create a cover right now than a new show any type of alarm clock for the sick and just look maternal Seanie and a lock box involved if you see there is an alarm file in here because we can calling it in our lives to eight hundred thirty second Harland will take it from checking clear there’s a sign five hundred

Fifty three sixty five three and five

Three six eventually for forty five

I met him in the house

Five of them who are on her five parents who go to her or her for

Very that amount of our going here and poison earth

From the fifty’s white teacher would press

In the way

You have a lot more hostile than the other way of health if these

Shorts that are NOT be your route measured from driving for a form fix your in a hurry you know for your green Honda fix

He says that they were trying to get in says that’s right here

We’re trying to get somebody Hora access for roofing

Six or in just more of a file one hundred you know if

I call home any second and see any I have no car so if someone is shooting a gun and ran ran to the Red Roof to call

The forty six we’re going to



For every

One track and there’s nothing you hear clear me and I’ll cover six or nine on the just fired

Six were the only heard shots never shot a gun seen at all or sounds paranoid and they saw all black males just in dark clothing at the bus stop near the seven eleven for a search warrant

Or twenty three and nothing in particular out of order when Sure anything you know you

See before you started trying to get people to get inside that building or that area you know we’re still calling numbers a journey you know six seven and you took one for or

It’s services for fifty autobody shop that where you’re at you’re just the

One who

Are worse and the little ones who go

OK I can kind of see you guys there’s not in fact when I look to the north from Killingsworth there’s nothing but a series of fences coffee

So sure the phone number of the caller comes back five twelve thirty four I had reckless driver last in south on eighty two from PAL our red van and I’m playing during all of our information poverty six do it but don’t access code for five to one OK I think you do have a know where that was the

Places that were fun when you lose a few Plus I think that you search a lot think you were taking the most eastern side as what if instead of a lot of air routes there over the end for that

Information toadies in an area fourteen in here for fifteen

And sixteen have wrestled out of it in his clothing he this is where it is easier Allan Jeans still hot and he’s really says about one hundred fifty five or five knives very dark and presses like male very dark complexion black male five and nine months is he five teacher in jeans and do you still need an R.V.

Maybe they want to lock their place that’s within the law probably that you think you know it’s five and six two is easy because I had our fees as a fifty six twenty addresses because the losses I think his are

Very versatile group to go for site and yeah right next to the

The billboard from

The highway so there’s a crazy right in that north eastern corner OK innovation D.M.V. is going to be out and tell us exciting it

Is down in our midst and only Intel six thirty seven Central sensitive are safe side


For you and I may for five to six of these one one five but there’s somebody at the back door of the callers house and they’re yelling are saying Police open the door you don’t show anybody there

Have a ninety day going to be a Hispanic guy white shirt black pants but

The person in the back door he’s a Hispanic guy white shirt black pants

And I think three very

Funny across the precinct going to seven one three seven NE because if that goes on for inside a black you know V.W. Bug seven seven to Frank John Henry you know walked up to the door in his opening and need to check the mask east of our

Three sixty four will

Say sixty five that he think you can see through a second the doors are no part of this is the northern part of fifty six and northeast

And perfunctory very close and right reverend from I’m going

To have you that there are still with us in front of being able to bring a house or for her every five

By six we just are

On fifty seven partially evolved into haulers drive like earlier other couples object being outside the vehicle swearing color of an aisle five of a vehicle or a law and only description as our color car plate

Regimes he not only just arrived six to eight we were unable to locate any R.P. for Americans out of body OK I think you buy from me

Just a little further on that vehicle the plane is clear you fail in Oregon but in that region it shows that it will seven hundred it was

All of that allude to ten till there’s a list of all of us but first

I fucking picture taken show me clear here and I’ll take a cough refer

To fix a copy thank you it is I forty forty eight yes pretty thin motel one one three two four Ne Ne Boulevard to hang

That six to eight go it looks like we actually dig a hole though they are for makin he’s in or out E.T.A. fifteen minutes any

Rock have not OK thank you I think there

Is three if you have a right to

Have the arriving five sixty degrees that was the business of the A.Z. so happy that he’s still working for the letter and a lot by seventy three sixty five the current question is what the callers wanted me to a physician’s truck going to trickle the fuck that be like seventy three sixty five six zero four David Mary George you know what he or Debbie they are on a Nissan S.W.B. like health so it’s clear each increment over for her

Six a penny


That we’re going to talk there I was five other teams my callbacks of elastic and clear you know doing five Tony

They’re still primarily Yes there is

I think

The tag of her flying with you

Six waking me advice begin break down a parameter do awful things are the hand OK’s line break down for elevator six eight go this route I thank you Rumple forty one fishery

I’ve also experienced but

In the middle of the road way or another North

Covering our front I very bluntly

Three on one eighteen zero a welfare check that Walgreens one that size there are fees for

Every seven year old male came into this location thing blossom a few losses foster family planning a hospital wristband and things developmentally delayed we both offered I think that eighty seven eight forty seven they force

West nonsense I have a west of the town roadside assesses calling and says if that person here out of fuel partially blocking the right lane your ability for a why had they stayed out of

Every It was really

Not in my doing

So they think you know in person or not funny thank you but a copy

I found after nine five seven

Three ninety three watch as actor

By twenty seven propose it sure as hell thanks very very very VERY with this radio or to the truck shop thirty miles going to be eighty six forty seven Chevy is attacked

By thirty

Three of these issue for anyone else who only has five thousand three sixty four five to information for Gresham on Audible holding a Taco Bell one five one zero SE X. three information five thirty four six two it will be checked in sixty six forty the northeast Portland railway thanks for your expertise problem how a five thirty five right

Size or it for you and I five a three one three nine se nine to their dialing in the parking lot and checked

Well you know only Ortiz a little hazy blue jeans and watches

Us all very well

Although the long haul with thirty nine to three you know I’m very happy

Renay for copying your price except for

Three one three six ne five nine color found a guy in their car or yelled at them suspect to fast northbound five nine in a red ninety hundred city not our colors car five zero six John Charlie Rogers hard as not think anything was taken from their vehicle area

Hazard my voice thanks very glad you thought for the nine points we also based pricing on a forty seven if

It is a device the insurance agencies kind of thing that they are unable to have anyone bring her Dasso sounds like we’re probably going to have to order her to only have five hundred seventy seven cents worth of free and seventy seven it’s a no name condo complex three cities out the sixteenth ave it in no trespassing sign here and caller says it is a couple transients at a private dry scanning in leaving and that they want to go there long so I got forty five long black gray hair and another person with an of destruction and seven three seven cover some very very heavy on

Them so we have the owner for every home and Ana is a resident hyun whether it be server code one three or more reserved for these just on our use responsive kind of voices when we go the like create a coffee if you are not processing us I saw three others present the five forty five That I ne and I

For you and I six A one two zero four zero Thank you Harold

A vehicle crashed into our callers House I think it’s

Like S.U.V. I don’t like

Very probably most if doing a holder I should you know want to really

Only back on call one or one or four

Of those

Now we

Are nearly covered by fifty three

Take that other one and I mean it’s covering for the six or if we are using my money around with cars for I need if I could use a donation of the best and Northwest needle Parkway people and song a new electoral panel and the traffic signal out from six hundred to approximately ten I don’t know when it the new address on it wouldn’t be two three four zero

Seven zero two for you know

Actually having done tracking it

Before you take forty

Car churnalism thirty points or one question I’m trying to catch up

On track you know fairly happy blue hatchback to be she was down so far three zero

Six very reckless driving charge and

They’re trying to just for her money there’s no one with

US and going first have you let them out now no they didn’t but they’re probably approaching fifty you know

Kill approaching one five let me to rethink maybe they can try and fight like you know

Thirty six point six hundred seven fell off right

Away from it Roach you know right now it’s a little blue

It’s like six in jail


So if they know him OK so that I’m looking from Chile interest from the Jefferson ranch unless that is going to be closed

Down you know if you like New York

Six seven even if the N.F.L.

Because you know first

You probably got you’re not right no

We would have been real no

Good if we removed the thing is like no traffic no right no

Way to run it through

Or yeah


Rushing the road just then a cannon or anything one of them I mean you’re going to

Try to see essential thing it’s thank you one down

They didn’t turn west now on our town

And so many

Closer in a block so well I’m not here

So it was a you know I think you


Were trying to wrestle the ball and the end was down Williams from Russell it’s not a fifty seven it’s just traffic charge and now

You’re in from Fremont

Vehicles and your limits we see hatchback


It’s worth

But then lands out at

Six thirty three year go east or west during the dead and right there on where you think you know

We just went there were to say you


To be in fourth grade you know you think we’re going to go

Coaching is worth

It we got a flat you can say you know about oh Williams You know he really gave roughing a Rosa Parks

Three decided who are out thank you dictionary view I also have a flat tire looks like we’re out of the pursuit

Seventy seven actually bill today they’re not on millions from Rosa Parks well enough and you and we saw this car a couple hours ago at the Parisienne moto cabbie glassing going our family and saying First there’s a limit to be see how much back three sixty six looks like it was our surprise when Prime white male driver

Start it was twice they were white you know

Originally I was just saying right now in grammar regular traffic at six or seven five six and I just mean it’s well marked and don’t feel it out here

It’s only the place of that if you were to yell

Hold your place the seat fifty dollar bill white male late twenty’s glasses wearing a dark needless city and them pants I had just left out the front door of course the fact of building

An eight by seven and the have you covered


Him again and offered

Me seventy seven will cover I’m closer seventy seven things if I seventy got

Theirs and I’m three sixty five publicly call me I don’t feel it up here either I’m going to go back to three sixty six and location of the tires a Georgian having that at Ramstein for you it’ll be pulling up the three sixty six in a minute three six eighty seven

Forty five for perjury trap four to eight on our last

Six or several thousand four hundred place in

The first

Three ninety three

Her service

Her her several of those are

On me and just were

There were that it

Covers everything one Farrant wrote three and one by the sherries that eight lines of a Highland male gave this location AFAIK have a dollar bill likely a forty when a brown turquoise jacket backpack towards

All of us want to have it and I got a six twenty thirty with B.C. the lower there’s

One frightening one hard as you have these meet I do have a

Six twenty five

This is very early on this


Pretty unique eighty seven and she said if I thought less Fairmont Boulevard want to go last year and under action are color her there patio door dislodge an authentic us trying to get in and he has pictures on it a light meal thirty five years old wearing a hat and a white T. shirt with black and every season coming

In and having its intent on getting the nod to

Any can I find ring central to us is all of this is free to say forgive

All have

Got be and North pursue

But if you can prevent war



In you we will

Sure thing it’s two forces who are poor

By night the night of

The shellfish an ant is here at R.T. Sandia thinking and information and milking and the location claiming that there has been two males shooting at him sent eighty second or working out better though

Except the part is

That me finding the the colors has not been any weapons that the male is claiming that he did to one of the suspects in the parking lot in a black blazer Another one is on foot less than Sandy must be already black jeans colors as a male says he does not know it has a fence they have in three six

Six or so ago

And one sex line Bill is called apartments once have a name I’m an artist or get an apartment one one five has a male her collar has a stocking order again for stocking on the collars when the probably is in the first three one seven three seven Take two two one five three NE and evil of are on the whole you find these are there’s a male ring a bell and yelling into the video intercom other enabled and they get what he’s saying not sure if it’s stressed or not

If you have an

Excuse And I think that

There are nine seven Ingo is medical they’re going to go to the gateway phrases station blockbuster that form that a female who

Had a medical problem and see used heroin one and two hours ago so I guess I think it might be you know there’s something

Probably one of us our

Sons only got their genes are the

One who’s on their list of people who are harassing them of it was asking to go east on white with a heart to like me at forty six years old so I had

Sorry dark clothing really so

That was

So we didn’t have any

More so we ran resident all clear career night Internet and all cover private business and it

Was really very rich experience

Thirty four thirty seven five six eight going to Jensen Beach transit center one two one zero zero north and Avenue checking on a nail down on the platform still breathing

Jonathan cover that even if it and I think it is with a leather officer solace in the first four and five thirty is that black now that they’re easy elephant or red shirts those jeans splashes Lake seen over the curb and I seventy thirty one sexing six forty five a twenty year old male who’s OD’ing thought was

Safe and that

Sort of thing for real during

Being in the lobby

Was They say this as

He was last

Heard to go please

Have a subject last heard about and I got so excited that I was this one and one by one with that one five one one six one time

Probably thirty itself and five six eight going to the Shell station some four three three North interstate aggressive male is making it as if I stretched some fleas now he’s out it’s really


There whoever’s ICICI aver signal and in five eighty you’ll be looking for a white male late twenty’s early thirty’s long brown beard heavy black jacket white shirt black and carrying a large white that the fifty four unit of your Before you know overture

A message on her

Or Mary Jerram by Mary

JO We are here to have a secret if I think they’re asking you to show me or to be a lot of hard work having sex if you start

Christmases him with his one of them

Organ of the one seven and R.E.M. sixty second and one sixty give me or my called by him but I think they have the Allen have a six fifty six Central ten forty five

Well as you

Want to clear all think you

Need to remember in one and two in Legion you ID

So he was a white long car

In one for one you can disregard that would give amazing on the car probably heard in the last five minutes in case anyone sees the suspect vehicle that heard it or is there others except you think you are within the last five minutes

Says that South south down six zero and gray Subaru Legacy five or nine George really can reach two tenths of a nice digital two or five on all of on their flights Jim if this white car go north

We’ll a car going north in which a lot or all the traffic was editorial

Director Tom Edwards won for it we want to start but it was a search by Vegas guys going on just like over body copy of a five speed

Or just sort of a

One three some sort of bump an appraiser a welfare check call the one six three five result the division guys numbering around the grounders parking lot but as I say close like nails but basically can’t raise and some of it for thirty sixty one five thirty seven is of interest and for exactly central compartment eighty seven

In a three eight six an AM Heller’s for transients fighting alone on the street

Thanks to government as I don’t

If we do on walking on so I can have that weight slow cooking or well the sensuous in front of us and for Adrian to white male twenty’s light jacket khaki pants white male twenty’s black mean a gray top black out of the three to cover as another chance

Of a Mafia as a

Sign and

Having a fight and on fighting

As an intact

Over a threesome we checked around there’s nobody fighting and no one’s fighting us they also mostly are your family if you do tank favor you probably Thanks that’s another thing and ever I shall offer check holding for a temp of a Northwest fifteen and front on a guy down a walkway between I can’t Congress called in a Senator for


Sense of inference I place central can for example central country or

Central complete record

Last year and I was on first and I struck Janet you go where you want to nine David Lincoln William north but you also north of Highway fourteen for a county defense of only fourteen then eleven I think that

You know if I have one

Are you having a look at the looking for a minute victim from Fred Meyer at nearly zero when they went window or something to that you’re interested in

Libel and if I weren’t there if I were you know anything about a victim of a Money unit by my Or so you this OK thank you five four one five

Three one five two one scenario Jack Jensen Beach R.V. park one five zero three mark in their own drive do go that will see him wavering through the park stealing miscellaneous items before just pushing a red target shopping for

It’s like Alan or twenty’s blond hair ribbons

Coming from our thank you five to one particular Covey sometimes a pleasure every five plays and thirty six or six pieces express if very nice gestures only or that want to stay in work or we don’t envision if we’re looking for one of your doctor they shift over time fact one six one

Fifty five one two two five ne one six one hundred OK if you

Have two units you need to

There are four second or is this must be some sort of the server or

The form of one of the witnesses from earlier data to you and a three one set of healing that’s a very you’re treated not eleven out activities that edge is no disservice or carry very one time starting at seven thirty secs for a journey is a cold analytical holding obstacle arc to the station or it’s a visit

By Mary in the room and I didn’t Jeffers of that seven one of the it was not it was addressed that even I don’t have any legal grounds are

They treat you just checking to satisfy her or thank you for forty forty one Can you put me on that mentalism

Simple form where I’m



Make it run three one three one

One four one one of the park a second Avenue site near the soccer field there’s a Dyson environment on fire acting erratic swinging his arms around my male forty eight Burger King heart and those are


No one not only that I reported for if I mean Yamhill a pressure washing company open up the fire hydrant they’re filling their tank from an event of light or truck and of course I don’t know if they have a permit to

Heavy and I want to go with you know if I

Was the last of a pressure washing company has opened up the fire hydrant and they’re filling their tanks from

Now on any happy thank you the one three one just you know they fire department come in because of the I did hire items that he’s going around

Thirty one twenty eight of them in

A room you have to get

Six level I’m so excited one of US law gone missing and my energies are just fine on him if he is really even six

As you’re fully logged on already with an activity I can turn the computer off and see a little James and for you OK Actually I think somebody wants six but when you get choice just as a five two and then he can be sixty five one of those oh yes except one for one one for you and one eleven eight one zero North Main it means original the trans and male outside yelling and Senate is a passer bys no weapon insane he’s a baby stroller was him white male forty to fifty five nine eared Brown a green jacket I would agree with this joint GARDENER one of our local OK I’m going to give her the Genesis hauling in one of the long a four on this the main really five on ten and Taylor in a parking structure on the ground level male versus female overall she’s saying he stole something of hers white female twenties purple jacket no description on him for one copy there were two of her there is Robert

They forgot me if I wanted your job as a veggie for any fortune ash is walking away southbound on town two still in the garage and then if there’s still problems even one

Propre sick as a fifty four eleven they love you in a five on eighty three North West twenty third at recess there’s a guy in a store disoriented and high white guy trying to you know shirt cargo shorts still and stuff running around the shop so

I want the seventy five what were the one that hard and you have a mortgage

On three one one three one is good and stones are all come in for I think it’s it’s very similar to when your plates in resume each six of the silver Honda Accord No mine is Victor Lincoln Robert five hundred

Five five that we will have our grant from Washington politically for free there are federal agents will the six month journey of the basics once again unclear John as a whole and choice or is forever going to start that way somebody said I’m a foreigner I’ve been as a fitting at grade five on the sort of medieval

Governess going to be for voluntary or to deliberate

Unicode free medical than others are you because you want to

Pay for one or the know how function between you were there was a male tend to order salmon and he just ran northbound and then now he is running west on

I’m not chasing

The ram us down tail or not chasing to get anyone even later you were in a grave a door in a red plaid jacket

Well Green bunny covered your

Thanks very much for ringing

If if you want to start another car there are eighty two eighty three in our first twenty there have him that’s all and if I want to search was also in Iran yeah he’s running all around the story here and even if Richard is it for you one of the Navy I’ll go and cover him closer nights if they want to be good neighbors object as your new partner started the other one eight to disregard


Thinking thirty eight or commissioner of well they’re

Going to have a crowd of this time or they’re all going to get more and when they wanted to there’s maybe a darkened as you are civic of associated but there’s a white guy going on a lot that young people for money and here’s the hole in the So stay with him I think partially in the

Revenue from the part that’s going to have him and us rank on turning to the front door a two three two three on Curry I do want to have a stage

As Jesus is in the backyard no two three four two in the sonically running around covering all the some of the stage but even I would doesn’t

Cover it’s a twenty four to seven out accurately three Fortune office CARNEY So all we have

Come on a straight was that nonemergency off in the bathroom of his room use and the rest of the order to attack the staff

Like a dimension

Rolls around as well as

I don’t know that it’s possible

And even though the call says he was thirty five years old is one in one hundred forty one I know is a little thin very five so you’re probably right


An information sense of that

The air cover on Northwest twenty third more information the central banks are trying to practice and throw her description of pregnant for me since he’s trying to

Get thirty most of them were no more than having a go at something else got me no more needed and your is still in a backyard twenty three forty two anchoring serials of a little right in front of one of

The sidewalk

Birds of Daniel was an obvious any Madden of the land but we can we got the car is ninety one months ago so the guy that how do we know he’s associated with the car and just what they say that

Yes there

Are For all intents and purposes one of malls and it’s

Mental health circle you know you know certain places that never was are developed and I know Jagow

OK And I don’t think I have any easy a key here so I’ll go to another net program

And yes you can

But I have a great

Patriot Act you age is not me time five hundred looks like it’ll be six fifty two

Women A search of a cover used as you see at the cafe terrace Center five six zero on selfies one to two is a little be a little bit of a drive probably but if you switch over to the space nor sergeant to copy the colonies

Well that

These was a crossing excites you cover as you see I

Want you to and lost in your previous

Age If you think you

Want to read it will be on read twenty to twenty one from for a red tie at a four door sedan with of what he had having at it a lot of that is on the side of roads of all I want twenty two

On Fox It’s that

They have the nine fifty one is there with you one hundred one I might be out with Elliott one for info on five for an Powell awful

Night in front of her having to provide

Great thank you

To writing and he had as a current album his head is already me because he wanted

Five of them so I had

Five six on the Jackson seven four three three were very straight on the side of the building along the grass there’s a guy down in jest with an open container coffee I’ve heard it was

Probably a twenty


That looks like he might have multiple stab wounds to the head in medieval gesture or change it

That down right now and zero he talks even when I know we’re going to three definitely not have a record of dramatic horror on sergeant or Gabi


Have you all there and he do the plate is all Charlie yellow the ones working to make the dresser to

Be washed up I have yet

To be said Paul Charlie yellow six one four two is that Washington I think Fun for it or against the ice cream from a side arm what happened or is there a medical that have a certain something that

Thirty nine out the back of it and they place a duty as a call Charlie zero six one four they do is that correct yet Oregon plate full Charlie yellow six one four and the guy thing though that they might be in an R.V. right across the street from us

We just check them he doesn’t have that link the hassle has just hit us all Charlie zero six one four comes back five fold on an eighty eight Olds Cutlass and a duty anymore cars are to share

The R.V. If you want to predict where I want them will

Come in from where we were

Before you would show me how it was for a Ford you know and out of out of it all the

Horror he was merely he’s an Atlanta

Romance but it thirty to four of them seem

To know that I’m one of them have area and just that guy I just got an update and the other callers and her boyfriend say the male Blackie kicked in the door way friend might have a kitchen knife for them boyfriends named their mom when they want coffee

Along redone tall six hundred fifty seven on his op he’s shown as one of the five once on the show or suspended eyes off of them on region he is five this trans am having some of the guys up for the night and when you say you’re out with them I am

Always are just another car all right nicely when you’re going to their young their to a one size that the one for

Maybe one company and their you know if you were you monitoring the thirty minute you were going to thirty nine if you Yes First Sargent I mean yeah I’m in or out thank you

And I will and certain medical

The president just you know he’s completely out of this

Stage they actually are ready are staged mega think that one person from one point and one he is a golfer running his place out there on his little heart

It’s never going to help and having one with you after a pretty profusely

Having more heart than a look of warm you going to be somewhere and walk one seven for

Three runs in five three on one for a so on again or no here we don’t know me and you know call out and I’m one of them of

That the thing with them or yeah information he says numbers you have your own for a start with one hundred thirty

Six to

Their coverage one for each Stark is a way you can is there ask if you could start that way probably will tell you who will

Drop them off and then demanded his money they threaten him with baseball bats and they took off any red and white pickup truck last seen eastbound for probably driving home in a world of

Having somebody at one four and start afresh and three when it was like our caller the train vindicative money is falling and other property had on him and it was like the suspect had a mini baseball bat

And fix a lot in just one half of Dale’s like there may be a gray car associated with this as well that did not have the direct suspects inside of it the same direction

Were right by Mills icicles with

Fiber to four

If you use a very two six a fire is responding Willamette River he’s being a morsel Bridger’s a jet ski on fire so a guy still on board sent a lot of

That river call County authorities when it started right

Around firearms checking to see if we even need a land response

One six two you can be in a

Down Once you can be clear medical going straight in one of the other

But I married you for

Yes it was asking if you would like the central unit land units response

Primary’s you for now

Seven eleven you can collect very desirous you for the marriage or

Are involved like they were filming something

For a commercial or what have you heard they’re going to be trying to we can show a few minutes while his arm

And he’s doing it I think if you were in an enemy hands like this like when you were there having it you could get a privilege or a Government Code one of the bra not one for three fourths of us Morris I’m a for one for one from everything I’ve been through a five dirty joke and a guy in North Burlington Lombard looks like this guy was actually seen walking away west Moammar from the bus stop do personally is in back and forth writing nobody in here like ainus thirty has blond hair gray beard and a multi colored shirt nothing joining during partly because

The figure was so if you went to one but since I was there with the actually doing something because we saw him a bit ago he’s just one of the local missiles no premies direct to the thin air and they just launch right cans in the cars you wouldn’t know to drive if you want to assist in the you know

Them thirty

Five To me both having think if they were you got me I was six five nine three narking dressed that way and some for one the problem’s going to be Rick lamb Zs twelve eleven fifty six white guy five seven gray sure blue jeans you put the sledgehammer down the collar is currently next door at three one to eight on seventh and the subject is on telling the collar to go back to the location OK where’s eagerly you know but he’s still a three one three six she’s a three one two eight somebody one coffee and it looks like he

He’s upset at her because he she told him he wasn’t allowed to live in a town

The location any longer

For he is teeny tiny one has me thinking what you think

Sam I wonder what you know follow up at six two three three South East Twenty sixth street Russia sees reasons why he said and what he wanted for to give me a thousand francs and then we’ll go on together probably present for

Thirty eight or yeah can you please young Paul old sergeant and

Central ten forty five please

Bring in additional charges from the far end when sterilisation

Like you won’t pick detractors as you do going to start going to war nine zero point seven three three Edward yellow corn

One for a hard on finding one oh OK

Them we’re talking we are all kind of forty fifty three

Of us and I want

To do Jesus you know this call this or

Is this for a victimless only atmosphere as sixty four thousand is one forty and

It is just over four you know part of it there’s just it shows you there

Nobody is there for

An office here you know and in Chelsea and call that I’m assuming that she’s still there but I don’t now

Ninety three when we need to be going to be apartment holder and there where you know yes we do and I’m going to head up there as well

Chris talk to those ladies there and I think when

I say that again earlier that was direction for Also we can work

A world where we can partner


A party once you’re out there they’re all

That you say that is no one yes or if you were given the right home

Information to Mark in the fall


You know weekend ninety five for the call it’s a Lexus

Blood spatter all over it it’s marked in front of one two zero two one one really heavy but I

Was like that

Six for a one for two to

Three four five and six for Survivor

Thirty eight o four so I’m sorry that you drove home directly they worked as if they were

Secure and I think that if you want

By Chance did any people call in saying that that tried to get into his car we had a potential victim leave the scene Yes I have his name and number if you want to this is in the call that the great thank you is in there Leonard Wilson

Has someone

Travel over

Washington had him in Henry hero five hundred

Tons or already happened I know and

Yes are

There lives in ninety one and to the servants at Safeway Sullivan hundred ne Broadway somebody running around inside the store breaking things refuses early

And employees going to be OUTFRONT to the rescue apparently

So that there is a way of really even page three very in the full not through me

A call that he says thank you OK So one

Thing after on another card on the

But Russian post office one of three West Powell there’s a trans and camped out in the lobby and was thinking about bothering customers and no mention of what

Would rise than a three


Now disco comes in as a party for suspicious two eight zero eight NE M.L.K. number six I believe that’s going to be the apartments that are above that growing season child development business female screaming open the door then a vehicle took off northbound uncooperative collar is just saying there’s a prostitution ring there and doesn’t want to give us any more information

Than brazen I don’t think I have anyone in the area but just in case you and is about seven minutes to go out there on who they was chasing that they have all the silver Subaru five four and George zebra queen did a car prowling Clackamas County area one is the victim it heard earlier this morning to see the car again information that the seven I have like I said one scenario checked I was hearing vehicles racing calling from a three four o two North Farragut and tells us is going to be from north of there or south of her

Early in building ahead of ourselves Lovejoy part of the Hi guys and the street used to be Jack there he’s callous or for a short

Term recovery first and

Some of downtown is there in cover

But Bill steakhouse want to do seven NE C.N.D.

Camping in the lot in his motorhome refusing to leave

Anyway but why contact was raised as a single day on Friday and he had a dog at that time OK I don’t I differ much of a call he sighed holding Everitt and grand email solving and elevate your bottle yeah I was looking for that thank you so I don’t want to go for Jorgen whole new cake are heartless of a lot of

Thirty zero seven I’ll carry

The white down a thirty short brown hair blue sweater my hands possibly thinking are high and so far away I have a mission on that and that

And well it was five four and I Georgie really did I think that was the play you had actually George Z. or queen which comes after Super OK on taking a stolen for those I find George the religion of thanks is that two on Planet Yeah the doors are going we can actually hear this through there’s Georgie prickling comes back to know Yoda So I’m thinking it’s only one George at the rink and what they saw I got it I had him and you have it backwards All right thank you and Happy nine eleven take insulin for it was too obvious that on specific signs

For three or four three page or so clergy only please

Learn from going to make you know that for them no one that’s been there in five happy

Days that he doesn’t have

All that a lot of energy don’t know if your bottle or anything just is not anybody walking away from me and I have got to think of walking or else

They offer

The middle of an obvious backup but I granted every she’s walking what we’ve already done OK having copies I’ve even I read a copy thanks fourteen

Thirty seven also having

The Lemon joins out on the military forever and I’m not well served I just kind of Big got a cut on it fer

Fucking so I am OK from Africa on the five

Hundred fourteen eleven ac fire every

The despairs will know that’s right nearby hot stuff you can deliver on Thanksgiving if you want to marry check if you don’t have it for six months

And start you for a panic type alarm some of you for North Atlantic Avenue sorry

And five forty one Can you dress that way for her property want to Kentucky L J On the last jam Alaska and forty one cutter federal government thirty seven I would be doing every

Major of the hands

Of my suspect and her murderer Alpha’s of it has a month

To let go of all three of her or have your suspect that only just you and that’s one thing one was going to

Show me rather pleased me

More drivers have also been one shuttle road north of the original

One hundred David you know Roger already knows a living and who in an office and on a client they have that themselves are having a mental health as you think and that of a staff holding a tiny one

Farmer is probably very effective


You if you give me hopefully

They for one

Party last summer we call the R.V. for the disturbance and point if I do I have a eleven and a three will if he wants to kill and I’m twenty and it will warrant there is none like this and to the south side of mine

She says and I will if I want or what’s on those little sucker that

Very wealthy VINCENT But you know one hundred one three one lines least what we will govern for if you want to divorce want to impose we’re going to run an information of another service holding and that these elements there are inside for us and then on the female fighting Number One can I think

One five six two by four thank you one for one for you don’t want to live and Ross three hundred officers and where there’s five ago they witness this over take a backpack from a vehicle parked on the west side of the location that alarm went off a suspect the suspect is now inside a black on the Civic or similar with no plate on the front it’s through the backpack into the vat of it

And I think they and the backpack a white male or a fan of mail that he was writing on the front blue jeans no weapons seen their complaints watching us from their apartment across the street with binoculars but for a moment here you know

Everyone all of these industries are one of a group of nine eleven now and never mind that her

Seven eleven

Seven while video they’ll have to choose an officer doubt that it was a male and female that or verbal logic and they’ll now fall into female half third just of the white hair white T. shirt with a seven year old child is going to be a black male early forty’s like Jack Black an eleven saying every three


Four middle of every thirty mins I think thirty three and eleven one hundred

Thirty four don’t know a

White dude I’m OK so if I want to have a cover seven seven that you’re settling for we can thank you

Eighty six they would back

Fifty seven and as North Carolina black or information one hundred

Or heard you know if it’s going to be its own vehicle recovery well can just make that a six think you have it for you this column is marked a couple spaces away from the red truck was allegedly broken into you the Honda has exhibited up here and all the doors open and he’s he’s wearing gloves so evidently he stole some stuff out of the backpack from the truck so if you have you have to park a couple hours away from the red truck that was referenced to put up on the plaque on the one party where everything for one thing and that if you know what you want in Rome where

Do you think Africa into our components are you seeking to break out the land L.S.C. he’s down there and Southside blackmail sixty’s gray Harrison classes a song he’s your age


Seven and you prefer Mr Johnson I hate Henry Union

So the inference once I didn’t burn at one thirty six was pretty well that way to zero to six John Laura rather

Twelve environs are now OK twelve of us because I was sort of our heavy equinox thanks oh I’m told we just set off racing go out of the car back up to sandy beach and I was flagged down another vehicle on a reckless driving you know I don’t think I call

We have a yeah let’s we on Sandy Well it’s that off eastbound around the corner here and

Gov and my car I don’t know which way why isn’t last and he’s not once and I mean now that is a ninety eight Honda Civic Ford or what color was a

Very gray Ford or a

Bus of eleven seven so the ones in your jacket

And some info I got him here was imminent

Sixteen Amber and

Seven levels of her one one six a bronze I go on the goat You’re welcome but a little more in that arena unpleasing fell from a traditional Yes A from the

Favre one project has gone call my phone please

Ninety one thirty one are you a nine eleven on a disturbance forty’s or are these one to two to die citing ninety one copy nine eleven copies of the green version and the light left updates as they are separated that one guy hit the other with a padlock chain

They’ll black black shirts and shoes south and once you do the guys will black dark black shirt and white ants he was the one trying to get

Those are what were called for his arrest is also available

If I can locate one Traficant Monisha in for Africa me momentarily or seven forty one I actually show three laws but they’re all ten seven those rules of the nine forty one and I for one am what I’m going to do is I’m going to get you to take the call I just put ninety one on this service force users of these once you do have another one for them OK And for ninety eight one nine eleven your disturbance only one two one two zero Boise across the street here male and female inside of a black and gray van yellin at night when coming

Out and having a vision or somebody very

Nature was

In Germany France very much Rupert

And I started trying to be a calling clay and Parker part of a group of transit kids who are assaulting a chance to get mail the transit mail locked off

In the Chaco have a description

From the face of a directional travelling asked for the

Night after a victim walk into the Park Avenue market in Washington ambulance one five three South Park

Thanks for the

Down to Central not and if I want to serve Home Rule or you know something critical then I

Want to hire a eleven to cover the Park Avenue market lanthorn trees office Park Avenue and a victim now as they’re waiting for a contract for ambulance So they’re rolling their eyes and trancing can do is help him are nearby

Thanks for the phone call holding injury accident Sunset Highway eastbound south of and not a following I’m pretty sure they want to sort of

Have a anything like it did you confirm a boat or computer you were very unique we are just different

Are to try to reason I am

Sixty one

Kohlberg one zero one one or first corporate drive nobody to

Talk of right shoulder of what our city’s versions of morning they’re saying to us about tunnel journey

Of life as well as others has

Five miles of front

To actually have a different one for you Wes and ID four west of two five seven there’s a brown older car that hit the right shoulder center all in the now probably what you know if you want another car for traffic control

There’s a


Trying to raise your earlier and medicals off a rolling G.S. have something else

Here we all have high are out on

The involved party

OK I got an affidavit plus an ambulance for her need that bleeding badly

I haven’t even though it was great the new plans are no

Offense or doing

I was out there asking if you want the place to continue

But we are continuing I am with you having

Eighty one eighty should or should I stop if you

Where you want to mouth of you know how to write that Martin

Was a serial but I’ve been more than fifty three gray when you can include it in the George George mystery

The one twenty three

Several financing and such

But also to one have also fun

They’ve read of where I was watching them out of Charlie Jong for a five four

Count They offered him a call through an interview he was under you want to test it is I suspect one for want to test it in and fix it nearly in tears of course three seven and

Eight For one it’s

Just a status update already for Project response before intrusion altering our contact the subject telling me to finish thirty of will go have

You put me on the alarm and when a person runs a

Seven for us

You can maybe the incident for it you can be on the last line will have a direction on it think about how a second hand from watching this guy that some of rang in the median now description has been following having that was about

Half a one will be entering the billing and they can contact me the whole we’re

Pretty lucky information out of all protect the holding seventeenth and Northrop present the now the needle on her arms down not just like outlasting top of the docs a holding pen a seven Eleven her own is only OK I have a car for a

Level a very you are going to have a

Live one of trouble eleven Jeff will her


Seven forty one for his hero a second caller saying they’re actually going to be sitting on a concrete divider the south

Having a better location Yessiree south of hell on in the sound of the fighter


If you were a few star entering

I don’t have a

Little rodent

Trying to tell her all

That or a happened since five thirty

Three annoy

Me just as it logged on so we were about oracles and he’s

OK one for you one of you check a person they own that Lombard on the on ramp to southbound pushed on the ground not jacked up a seventy break if they’re probably going to sever when they’re better than one for you’ve already got the yeah go ahead and hold it well that want to wait for a foreigner these leases number for a female locked herself in the room and after staying the night with a roommate

It was her though and color doesn’t even know what you’re like yeah we’re already hearing about a thing

For ninety one nine eleven medicals restage one to Germany ninety one


Nine eleven M.R. I think anything further

And yeah they know you’re not as

You know means using he did not have a proper path

Coding it is you got me and

Can fourteen caramel number so share with us a very well

The we’re not even sure if he is in apartments because we don’t have an apartment number and we try to call back several times and we’re not able to get through OK It is a mobile home and place near all numbered and not seeing anybody so far

Have been one covering for up and being held and by passers by who is no longer in the area Everett are found Amman on one of the holding three thousand office quarter of a lane on the bike path to the creek behind the issue of Hartmann’s or you’ve got on the ground Vall next to them they’re seeing some movement from one of the law

Also like how do you know they are

Having high thirty eleven getting cancer medical I’m not finding any They know if I can be you know suspect out here you can be a George

That I did look at a bunch of previous calls and I’m not finding that phone number as a say with any of them

But call them on right know back and if you want to be on the threats go with

Nine eleven panel and that’s only for you and nine I want to maneuver you one five one four northeast six eight at the duplex this caller has been holding the suspect in and I guess the threat call the acts that he was on his way there at least they’re now color does have a handgun and she did have it we were told that resulted in a way mail half he’s yelling at his name Journal and he’s yelling at him to get out of the house

No one happy ten seventeen so for two seconds full to a halt to get over from the precinct

You have a prodigious trigger state you want

Him headed back from east side I can take that on my way over a prodigious trigger probably sort of warning and I mean literally just like

Your car

Overnight in a one nine eleven

I sit in her front door and I believe he’s a glass in a white heat French air he front in the image and was told to put the gun away as he was armed he lives not too far away actually forty four hundred of these probably have let an hour north know about that OK he’s gone have this point he’s on at a high who were

Working while he was on myself nor her of three hundred seventy

Five and also for the fruit

But I have an issue

And I don’t I’ll have north go do an area check to around the Hollywood East apartments and see if they can see him

During the Dalton you run this place there’s a cost year organ played three nine zero and reached home generally OK with

The wrong hour

But if you got the album eighty two it’s like there are actually fourteen out in a dozen of their Judy eighty’s already United ninety three of it you could be very on that call in or out from the

Nine eleven you are so far away I’ll just show you care thank you and then I know one of you could do an area track No not really a primary or one three three a week from or

Thirty at all for travel

When we should seventeen for one research John actually

Equation and seventeen Like you I think Elijah untacked you and he does Everest in order but I don’t think it’s evidence or right our planet has against him and potential hunger criminal

Seven forty

If you want to MCO Thanks

I was just trying to raise you make sure that you’re cut for eighty three when I was going to watch traffic of recovery

It’s when you get when you walk both West no main traffic

Simple So yeah just maybe just before people actually get up that way I don’t get trapped in the middle of courage and things just don’t over seven hundred officers first seven

You know when it’s full well the other call every anyone that you’re

Traveling if you want is for information to be walking in the North West Nile mine having ninety nine thirty three injuries where you number in time for three so if I say

It like old you know that there were two You cannot write

Your own career and you know it’s not me

Or one who was or I thought it was because first of our lives every day I mean I would be I am of like just south of the gas station I says reviving

Ice I want go ahead so the servants of the victim all eight zero one one NE M.L.K. inside young and making threats having

Said that way and rough on her

Some thirty to ninety one Q nine forty three on track to the fourth reject in front of the thirty one seventeen if you’re not near an M.V.P. and there is a message for you from the D.A.’s office

There was some sort of

Practice when I’m clear and I’ll take my comment on a

Five six OK so I want her

Night I want I’m not trying a vehicle or anything near the North cars right to thirty four

He’s just saying you can clear they’re not finding him at Hollywood East

When we are two seventy five


Making jeopardize a camera

Four southbound four five just north of place and something in the line I just got in I think that I need a hit and run

With her from a different

Level than I have you start we have the victim vehicle from the behind the lang

Center when I ask why

They don’t want to go on the hanger on of the freeway

They don’t want her to also white dogs

From a lot of raising her


Ford in the rabbit they are free to revive the robber Robert walking

Through the Rockies under a highway and one or more I’m talking down time talking and no not just central

To central please twenty one five twenty one both are fun but well sixty one three and five off three one north west frontage road in Phoenix drive this address this amount of space itself down there not complains that her husband was there and thirty was going to fifty five or in front of police when we asked for the address she said she didn’t now and then hung up doesn’t answer when I want to call back OK

For one process

And five and then when you have it off

Thirty there your receiver twenty one first before doing that other companies

North of forty five bucks inspect one among things come on

I pick up and five there you have to check on your own

It’s very easy one to go anywhere

If you want having

Me five hundred one five twenty one with that individual hard and

Forty seven five two and he you know Gene Not sure if he’s running around in the street or you know

Be on board in Baltimore still on the street

If you want

No running west

Running was company for five also five of us three one we got back through to her she said that her brother or brother in pick up the husband and she’s going to call the winners crisis line and doesn’t want to talk to place to shoo in coffee

And very green Louis now

We can at St Louis now possibly twenty nine seven three

You know ninety three the plant pantry one three five to rinse out the battle there is a beer run in still see the suspect standing on the backside of the store

Late thirty’s blue that ensured jeans like you now black people are sleeveless T. shirt with three cans of beer

And forty one gallon on the action and on Broadway at the intersection of alder move around Chuck shivers any injures

Just a car by all of you and over

And over one clear John and all the traffic when you write

To me thirteen a HUGE was email reeling in everyone by joy and I think Egyptian fifty nine point three

Three four six along with accident one has no license or insurance

Paperwork to local for King land having for us and thirty eight zero for were done for no medical needed and as you took with your

Fifty one who were high up into one cuz Fortune fifty one

If you won a joint

We were seventy nine eleven left as right Muslim lumbered virus of I want to check your mouth fire code one so good

But that doesn’t

Do you guys want us to get some large branches son north down the block or on just south of

US However you know it doesn’t say

Thank you

We are with them

And I’m very happy

If there is do

You think we hear the call that a mom of a Frank joins like down to six deaths in the Northwest serving on another couple and given its number

Seventy six eyes are on Northwestern

In your case number one you ready the right of anyone five six three five nine that’s one five six three thought nine thank you you’re welcome is love

Reading graphic


Is a whole the height of Hartman her out real or simply will Union talk you’re always hear oh

We hold the ice apartments a lot of talk I think I can park at eleven o’clock and eleven

Every twenty two eleven I want

To code one in the southeast corner of the complex

To five thousand and one holy ice apartments

Let alone my five three

And I for one and for a local herb collective dispensary one five nine for it’s obvious division of blackmail six for Great-Aunt loop house with red stripes or black pants and no shoes is walking around with a four inch knife telling people why they’re going to die tomorrow if he doesn’t want coffee because I want

To be the one five three I have an N.P.R. go if I free him from having ever want to

Carry I don’t want to find all three one of those apartments two three five zero zero plus two five seven the suspicious vehicle part

Gray van Victor David X. ray seven and one

Ark with dogs in it and the windows open of that transit as associated with it I was given employer time coffee


In five zero six one the transit of those problems is now northbound two hundred fifty seven a white male two year old writer gray jeans and socks and shoes

And I would never walk raising her bike when it is her Horgan whole story

Of economy Endora of a six

One six two

Seven one five Northwest but Anglia complaints reporting a seven and nine year old children missing there are left with grandma on an aunt this weekend and she sent them off with the mother was a sex offender and I have

To give

You a bit of

The one there is if you want a lot of

What you need for Q three

Seventy five one to say that Northwest College of Art see the inside one one North West Broadway security guards are holding somebody down and an issue here and in the on the west side of the building security is in uniform and all gray shirt pocket he just pants carrying a blue sweater anything when he any having been what you’re going to be

I don’t think they want

Three and six seven one going to ne four five in Thompson for a white female He’s been wandering around this area for about twenty minutes now

Hollers singer

Pass out a couple times and almost half hours you know most hostile a couple times and I asked her if it was OK and she said yes but that has

A difficult time thing of which was attacked on

Its rules of the

U.N. by the one thing cancel the medical families here there are human greed and they’re going to take him

Canceling that of all of us and they want the want

For one have a sixty one as a Leventhal

Or we’re going to warm

Water to the car

If we’re going to eat five one and if you think oh we were born with thirty five what

If or when you’re breaking up with that one fire district as you’re New York

County five one can you search for five on one North West Broadway got me from joining in first visit once and I don’t think you can take on Kathy even when you get any one driving

Well forty five for one show you can flag down at the circle Jerry if you’re going Jenny you have working and eventually I’ll be back out with the very frank

What are we doing a recovery

Has been holding for Portland for a little while now or you can handle it no it’s on our side of there ARE YOU GOT IT I’m going to let her have it every one says one one hundred one I registration a five and one zero zero three refresh adequate permit for a zero six

Fifty five seventy six year old male

One six for me

Very one seventy have to go

You have a vision for you to your

Position some for one

Already one thousand some forty two south east one two and SE ha foreign parked on Hawthorne is a green Explorer very very smoking weed it has a five year old passenger

In fact very revealing something about the devil some poems of the Central some for some coffee

Various versions of these many of them seventy six through one through you in six one one going to one two zero six North Sumner St Nicholas hearing a baby teen fully screaming inside here in their own homes will go off the house because it’s too broken down but I feel a child being neglected


To a nine to one should join the fire eight o five The small them just south of there on A.D.’s there’s a semi stuck on the power lines

Not very

Found at a lot and I think three one one three one zero nine eleven I’m going to have medical Burnside IA patient I’ll be on a white ground color saying husband he’s an ambulance saying he was assaulted is going to be a forty year old male the suspect is an author

Here in our understanding and at a lot of who I know and I’m almost done with this and I’ll head that way as I me and I don’t copy and for ninety one I won the guys leaving eastbound on Lambert in armor and some I evidently before a round of power on Z. was speeding flipping people off I don’t play it on a vehicle

And other day that said he was ramming a found trying to get the semi free

Play one copy of hundred

Ninety three three Yeah you can clear me Frank you know I’ll take cover on that assault

Line after he got me and I don’t have any recorder probably and I know three of us all possibly heard a two and Sandy maybe unknown subject named Robert

All we know about the patient is it is face how’s injuries having a lot of hundred three point three one one three one six Dujail and we’ll

Have going for it

Boy Charles boy one

Someone come into play and sing and whatever yeah in general if he’s going east around he’s going to view to death am


Was a medium Lambert right when you have it

In the south are going to play Paul Roger

To a very

Moving that is

The cover going to North doing for us and them for Iraq east down spotlighting just remain after you friend him and his child he’s refusing to stop all owing him there is none on joint force

So I’ve had my coffee things on but I wasn’t going to finish my one minute you know

I’m not related

Having fun today Max not really to

Do it or to

Hear four was


You know a lot of hard

Work and five ninety

Just and you threw in the call temporarily in an

Orange ever only to change

Our color is chasing us are following the guy and refusing to stop

Sorry about that eleven twenty nine but I’m reckless driver south and I five at the remember it then weaving in and out of traffic almost cause of Roxanne’s at this point going to a red or maroon Chevy Malibu Oregon or Washington plate Baker Charlie Sam one four zero one

That eleven point seven detail checked the other nav and traffic units monitoring

From six one one twenty

Minute eleven point seven

Five all six one Columbia Reilly park five zero six one

Six one

Zero one seven a traffic stop Columbia River Highway

OK it wasn’t

Really getting close there about broadly and

Well thank you you know one seven twenty six one one

Three and six four two going to five six three two north east one for about five minutes ago our caller heard a female neighbor local screaming to call nine one one someone had broken into her house while she was sleeping I don’t think George you’ve probably

Seen direction

We just don’t I think there’s still the suspects still in the house in this can be it’s open for as you you know very confusing late in the early twenty’s of all we have right now growing group of

Sixty one talking but you can

Probably do all of the twenty nine that are without a clear ever I think at one point and I’m Eleanor twenty five six then brownshirts in tatters the pattern styled T. and obvious nine two three go power saw somebody going through the sounds of various automotive white male five dark pants possibly associated with a rusty white Astro van thinks their problems are the art

And John of a lot of the cover had a lot of very very close of over thirty and I think nine eleven ten I settle in very and ninety one just F. I

I fire Sam all the lines of the sky here are just phone and cable and are clearing robberies and you a lot of thirty one five five one five one the file is the one side cars a clearing up going to seventy nine for a North Bank are as is here per the time mapping this is the transom from Clark County from and I’m on only cell phone we hear a female crying saying a male won’t let her leave

You when we’re clear with

Bicycling to me tonight eleven thirty two I asked you why we have a reason call here from the same location for a male versus female associated with an R.V. out front or somebody and shouting at someone else to stop having a trailer there and cannot associate with a camera some sort of discussion and

I see one confirming he’s got it all that



Got it there are no oh yes record in the all the people you’re rather painting the building will be clear I mean I am free tonight

And on thirty five if you are as of this address then since twenty fifteen OK I think you know all of them thirty five information per day for Area tech holding a list as the Alyson Crothers park on a male who seems out of it and is harassing people in the park is information party for Area tech holding eleven thirty six for a guy with his hands around his ankles

One copy

I want to talk to me clearly Frank not in your county clay Frank on the last ended your other comments are advice of traffic and also has a dog with them that collars as nice to be a white male in his forty’s five ten very blond hair gray jacket torn jeans sorry eleven thirty seven

When I think that way if you want to copy it and if

Some for direct reference if you have any three when he isn’t just having fun so you can

Buy six three

I’m going to go on and I don’t call him to tell you what a very first farm I’ve ever done Alan said I wonder if I feel when I think it’s going to be at the house he originally gave us and I know for a minute trailer to the side of a

Trailer to the side of the original address

In the room that’s going to be hers you just one of us before be related to the one you’re on yes at on thirty nine

Hundred ninety five affecting I want cell phone I started to call five ninety six one zero you’re looking for a phone call OK with the number five a very five or five three four

Six one one hundred sixty one hundred saddest six one one or six three one turkey that is paging the radio there’s a lot to go on

Just seconds out is very good for yeah or go for forty

Five or one seconds out of the first rocket for forty two you know I know and I know why

Did you gauge prices respond to my location Well the numbers will hopefully talk about it

And I don’t want you want to come to life from yes please

Washington play out an X. ray yellows eight point one five seven on the center lanes and weaving training classes on all of the forty three six forty Jim Wright six forty two at eleven forty three three o eight every vehicle you can lower it to a four got me thinking

You haven’t someone to cover at Parkside apartments three six a few se dark street behind the building where the trash can is there’s a guy down moaning didn’t respond when caller to talk to

Him for doing

Anybody that can react and cover at three six I saw the secretary Andrew and you can go where is Charlie and put me on that injury one copy thank you from friends are six we were sixty one when you were approaching

One sixty

One sixty you want to live in or he’s one one in Oregon it’s second hand reports of engine seventy four Ave citizen the male walking westbound on Oregon from one hundred one with a gun waiting in a round of a no description obvious why you want to go with what we have even if we heard anything for six or six Hoover was was out to

Anyone not over his ex one hundred two fires are just south of Oregon I want one of a thank you song I’m waiting for his version


Reason and whenever

I know it is reported as a gun

In every set of every measure on for a bit of it often he’s found reckless driving of aka Well Roger using yellow eighty two driving on a five line speeding every

One thinks

Every I want to do those you blackmail twenty five a six foot very very large and long dreadlocks white shirt probably very unique and top I know you have your beer and he was wearing shorts

Or was that it once was do yes you a skinny unknown on the shorts probably be taking what you want or your rejection or

I want one

I want a few fires thinks he may have crossed over to the apartment complex north side of Oregon at one hundred one company warning I warn you all he is clear

Well that if you pay to do can you have another car just towards twenty one reader unitary contact a second trailing eight eleven you know the one but if you do some of the possible goals part of Hartmann’s

Three zero four eleven fifty two the numbers of spiritual never arrives one one organ so for two ten I mean you are

Seven for two clear and

Not enough an old Verity

But fifty before you want the numbers out there was a two


You the war for an ever slow down by far one going by far one and counting as a regular traffic a lot of fifty three five all four you want if you have ever practiced your very

Nice and once he’s only called one uncooperative male don’t want to want to do three one ses Bush and I want nine and one that are more

Want or want you to three one SE Bushra uncooperative male

For thirty

Five thirty Yeah can I give them another car Kogan Farnum learn to sleep for over a contact he

Suffered when I start that way to forty one five North Alaska St at the gym or experiments in apartments in five deflation pretty cold in Gresham of the welfare check seven four zero interviews delish wire Ave and the inside for help I live in fifty seven

Zero seven zero or one six do you need their car

I’m just arriving with

But there again maybe medical trick is going to commute program one government of all the center of apartments afford to one five north Austin apartments at five O M

B eleven fifty eight

I don’t deny

You just because the government that’s going to play for

Eleven and

Seven three one three of you all to remember if you are there one Sunday one time because for

Sixty one Fredricka responses they were unable to get through but their E.T.A. is ten minutes six thirty one

A project response or they were unable to get the video for some reason but they’re going to be there and and minutes we’re going to course very well on my five one

Two six three nights Obviously I don’t I cars during neighbors of that address are you and slam and stuff around which

Is a

Bow on it

If you know you something story of them got me and I was just it’s like they’re going for their Yeah I guess name something different it it’s you know three ten eleven and we are a veto override are forty two are blocking war on one because you are me of if it was

Nine five on the males and Hispanic male early twenty’s short she’s understanding female heavy also in her twenty’s His name is Inigo she’s Eve on there’s children in the house and it sounds physical

There’s a one hundred seventy one and sixty one That’s all of our

Organ for so that every victim or one by one of them an affirmation a disturbance holding a grudge a report of two guys fighting off the pearls Jr one hundred sixty two interviews one one one drug girls junior one seven sixty

Energy’s one one report of two guys fighting outside associated with a blue Dodge Ram

Want to do is

Look at the vehicle was last seen on first and they want to see Steve Gray here and a black teacher to be drinking a beer in something radically in traffic can be a white Honda Accord tell on your plate or George Indigo X. rays seven nine five last seen he’s been in the gym at

Only one six one was over twenty minutes for jets if you kill him and if you want he’s really demeaning to

Adrian one copy each time when you meet any of the eighty one ninety nine eleven already if you want anyone

To author control of the work in the free water trail First off your number tonight to Radio one zero eight two a second four seven one zero six Radio one zero three eight that will

Anybody close any of the coverage forty G.’s of us probably one five or one five one if you start

Far we know that the viewing gentleman stuck

His legs are functioning and we think of these

Images in the

Mind fix very

Eyes experience your proof of our county are always be somebody dark infector with a driver have a further

Information like in fact from out of service

He’s yellow shirt khaki shorts he’s back and forth between with Haitian and seven eleven

Thirty seven or seven eleven


I’ve never and I mean

And one


Company wants you to underbid out of twenty three roster that way you know I’m headed to the one that’s right even if that’s twenty six thirty nine zero or we’re

Covered if you got there you got me off your back on your own prettiest ride require a great thing

Walking with difficulty is information at all false information reckless driver last eastbound police and from two to three the silver Subaru eight nine John R. Charlie speeding and swerving

Nine one talk to

Me But as essential

To central if you will a three one zero material no machine email

Property in clear if you do not do not

See just one unseen even the tiny

Thanks for fitting under one in their hands you won’t have any area

To central

He didn’t have anybody for southbound I five at milepost to ninety seven reports of I think piece of metal in the central lane just south of the curve


Having so much to sell sixteen

Possible got me and I’m still County didn’t have anybody I’m going to check with us be on the truck inspection OK Thank you

Eighty one you join me George and like you know

First Nash he’s your one copy one the Nash So Sunday is right one of your room number those are just just address what he’s like when they get is no Remember associate it with to get the scheme’s from him I yeah it looks like it was just there general business flying through the room just

Me and I and six three we call the US three they’re going to check and see if they have anyone call a fact

Science is very healthy thank you

Five when aging actors Oregon when I grow on Burger Paul remark was your

Mummy and willful thinking those are one shows it’s really for a vision that if you want to have a dream for Southeast Division and I don’t want to know in three or nine eleven I’m gong library want to three is obviously a Chavez in the parking lot or the entrance Whitey hotline van with a black garbage bag covering the passenger window collared a female voice sale say I only want to have a gun to my have in the back of a van sounded like she was talking to a male on the driver’s seat he was a white guy for evolving she wasn’t seen just heard had a machete image talking on some grass have often to do

You think of a cover that was you probably So thank you thank you for a pic or a six one copy and easy me any it was you probably a good

Thing Don I think the government

Has something that’s one hundred

Ninety six three nine six three eight three one two four fifty one of those who think you still drink very well will do fine

Just really well they want to fight infection that’s fine I just knew about a service there for governor

I was one of the it’s not a parking lot at twelve twenty and I sixty there going to check with the trooper and I’ll give us a call back with an E.T.A. time six three you have it right this very yeah they’re going to check with a trooper and give us a call back with an E.T.A. thank you point four and I six three zero US three is in route twenty minute if you do one copy Thank you that’s all Frank

So I thought I’m so for from a structure as a one to one art form of the check in advance done it’s also a toss five ninety

There’s a guy walking up to I’m sorry if you think going to doesn’t park at two nine four nine North Williams avenues there’s a get you talking of two children in the park trying to engage with them and he’s staring at them and won’t move away from the playground equipment that’s going to be any of black male in his early forty’s five nine medium build goes he white T. shirt came the day shorts and a big black baseball cap

Why is it him that people use for a party call

Very And you say you phrase the servants at

Eight nine north wall

By that one the Congress going to be in front looks like T.V. police chasing each other on

That in force on wall and on some side streets

Like in the Atlantic up versus a white male in an orange shirt

I said when I have so many I haven’t

For one sex Southeast Division colors are in a female screaming and crying

I have no idea of a person’s inside outside or what address this conference

Over that is on a nickel you know

Well and how all of them thirty one of ninety eight of eighty eight last seen you found walk like in zero nine eight and remarry Adam with kids in her car she was high this is actually twenty five minutes ago information for Honey I’m sorry if I can find out that he’s also been Northgate part twelve when I was three one one three one if we said at the U.N. The Call one eight five one the forensics to not be

Taking occurs even more than ever you want to fight one of these one Jew It’s twelve and you know the other back one

Not even one entry single door no audio on say to their own evil hear anything I know

But I thought he was mean in a park known as a messy fucking funds for he went through oh you know I reject the guy that marries you can believe I’ve even southbound on the part of the one you know that you

Don’t want to be one wonder what did you got out of that one I did was the digital place is so shit it is six eight for John Edwards Boyd me and it is recovered it’s going to be associated with my case to seventy eight

There were three when you can let them know Northwestern Joe has a vehicle

For you and I don’t want to advocate care one three zero three three selfies Holgate mail from the facility is in front trying to get himself in my car Michael Palmer he was having a staffer earlier male whiteness sixty’s blue T. shirt blue jeans

What I thought of the posture and it looks like the only you see a few we have logged on is nine seven three as I call


Sixty one sixty one you’re going to be with your previous were

You were just five six three two north east one for your license three Q Like there you probably can’t go anywhere no comment here I’m not

One of them calls that finding cover

Art ones that you go

You know one three one two zero two and start part of an author’s email

So I want to thank us for one five one got

One three one those are very

Very well covered and one five one one six two

One three one act one one five one one six two so if you know what the black money Carlow the female just took the child the vehicles walking are found towards police and recovery

One is a very easy I mean when

You’re in six seven one during the whole of the park at one one two five ne holiday reversing thrilling which barrier colors saying that they were pushed by someone who is still here


Thirty seven

Needing a case number from a new call or do you want to use a case of an irrational Yeah the wrong call be probably

Sent off copies of injury when he wrote that he said

Her or her

Who are having a friendly Oregon honk for a one hundred

Five and Linville three six ninety three and a female athlete is it two to three in all the

Black female multi-colored clothing you know safe park fun to go to all the interest between police and star


Or one seventeen thirty one

Where yes there are her partner in V.A.’s own right arm or hazard are going to do with it today

I mean toll free one if you only have a mind set on three and now he’s gonna just you know

I can try and get one from North yeah they would

Have been trying to get one of the fifty’s on our six for one six room

Is looking for some help with an easy eighty as they get care at one three zero three three SE Holgate

Doesn’t do approve

Six For one going to East for an easy eighty

That for forty years

Now and I’m one I’m not saying you know here I’m sure it all not seen him on the street

And I need three we have a car from north and route is easy ID OK until a couple minutes go there no one can write we don’t you know of them because

So that’s north

I don’t think you can see if there is and that isn’t a road and north and I do a five other south end of the bridge and the left lane

To somebody for

I was with him in the hospital how will you never have to tell them how

Old it I am five three need to play for a different

View and I nine three one six one zero six not these Crothers

Of male and female fighting outside males yelling he’s going to break her face black female caller hung out

No better than in a vehicle the parking lot full for a six

One two one clean if you don’t know if it’s a one to one Gumby it’s between the big loss and Marshall’s abloom dodge minivan Washington plates you told children under five inside

You want over for negative seven


Six seven one twenty

Central to forty five was information one for one five ne media on some such individuals on block access that the caller think is thanks is outside waiting for a drug dealer to return or in a few Honda Accord information at property at

Party Golding Gresham and I want to hang up from the rock what Village apartments one hundred five five zero interviews was still still for you and I’m very very nice Ruth

You and I three one go

Medical on an O.T. nine and for six of these divisions

Who knows the rules but everyone probably That’s all for

Information pray for on one holding at Jackson sixty one south east Grand Avenue for people refusing to leave and swearing to color the formation forty four and one holding it was anyone

One or is a

Very close one so if you want to go through watching for a boy Charlie Roger for you there was a

One time he told us

About cars plea to Charlie union for one eight one three and he will demean him leaning on the circle are going to talk if you belittle apartments one eighty five five your interviews one zero twelve you just threw a five and only some

Eleven He said fungus are go for

You and you’re on the side of

The company that offered to take five fugitives that is for thank you is not on top of the three hundred

Ninety three four one five se seven six a veteran living guy in a wheelchair trying to fight with another guy and wheelchair yelling and trying to get physical one guy is either drunk or high he’s a dust and white guy no shirt and short notice are finally I

Got the anyone able to clear uncover it for one five seven six nine eleven I can then come from

Having all sorts of that way often for

Every shot all holding all sorrow on sections or on R.V.’s one to two at the A.T.M. vibration alarm called in at twelve fifty five six eleven

Six eleven at the Kennedy School five seventy six NE three three our caller will be waiting at the front desk to report her dark green two thousand when it’s as easy a cliff with a partial Washington plate and a call

Fifty seven while she’s been here or they are currently tracking at because her phone is in the car somewhere on one hundred twenty second if you can get a location on where it’s tracked you I can send east of the track

Well the news

On saying twenty three files if you sixty six a one

For us is for two at the Sandy safely six one zero one north east and the chocolate or the hall that our employees when they were leaving they’re in the lot trying to leave and we’re waiting on descriptions

For two hundred

Seventy nine and three hundred three eight six three nine se even cars are subject to use unknown car thieves out front messing with a white Ford Mustang of chrome around working waiting for better stuff we want to form a vision my five three also

We were in for into this is what am I saying going to be for for a drummer like I’m suspect is a black female using with five other females in the ground for tourists is that to prevent the fact they’re going to eastbound on Fremont

And now northbound six eight actually six three one through and see just arrives on your a school project response if you want to have a car

Or five politics one



Years I’ve also been one as a possible location or these are low road complaints seen as my boat in the river fortified a white male teens and one white female in a cooler to an extended camp pick up shooting a black and gun real driving along a river bank towards Marine Drive and I just hope Maher

Got me to V.A. trough idiot wheels its implementation

Is what I could probably buy them this will have all the money

So it’s pretty well on the up and keep refreshing it but it’s there

Basically to traveling

On to

The idea of five southbound north out so if you know anyone able to clear for just around for the one to join Foster shelves those three three males fighting

And one occurring here and I’ll start every anybody able to clear and start forever at once if you don’t foster

For thirty minutes or go for maybe your own policy

That we have a John it looks like there’s some sort of involved vehicle was a black sedan took off westbound on read five on I and John Baker out on an on what’s going on are many one I will write when I started out why thirty nine if you disregard

There’s a lot of them my stolen car now just the owner’s nephew found out jobbies don’t tell their

Friends or three times or three every so often eighty two and naptha given to another employer obvious are going to be thrown at them somebody has exploded over there for more real time I’m the

One who you show me for if ever you are meant to

Have also I want to serve you

There is no one OK wanted as it was over there and then whoever is going to reject

The I think is going to have someone available but I will let America know OK what if I want to miss my protests are yours things four five one

One five one my gosh thank you one five zero F. area of search has a better but the seven and a four Some are in the numbers now even stallions using less down on power from I will size if anybody’s in the area that can clear up an area check in thirty nine of Joe I’m ready to go

Thirty nine to thirty two it’s all

Either tell me as it is just stop and look from a map it looks to be sitting in a convenience store gas station at ninety second power

And I should tell at a convenience store thirty nine if you can I say That way anyone could and I can go as cover three

Thirty nine zero point two nine two and Powell at thirteen us three it in that’s going to be a dark green two thousand one that’s a busy eclipse partial Washington plate bigger effort Victor and seven for somewhere in the numbers you know morning carefully or and they’re all gone and I’ll start that way but it went to the company started you want me to start and I didn’t want to as well and I do and how sure that I want to show you have it and I just

Want anyone coming everybody had it’s an engine town now westbound how from one to what’s the delay we’re too late to refresh the wrath

Because I came from a two and I haven’t seen it but I know people looking


That one three copy in a sergeant your size if you’d like me to continue to hold the twenty seven Baker you know I must the make the most current color dark green Mitsubishi two thousand and one partial Washington plate Baker editor or Victor as the seven for the Numbers thirty one surveys from the others here please one in five of those are in our face off so as I was talking

It was

But yes there’s a phone six others just turn north on me for two from

One for one

Of the four but I’m here and there’s no answer the door where

They’re going

On forty one to one hundred three or what it was that the Kennedy School in Norris park

There choleric you know outside gone and she’s been tracking her phone through a hydrophone at that’s inside the car thirteen a


He threw into vision

But it is a vision that six eleven any updates

Just as of letters of the still latent palace of one or two of the wealth of another

Agent Kelly


Ninety three JACKIE KELLY Numerologically pick up Mark Morgan

Thirty nine to tell you where Ellie for

Talks clear that you know her

Voice that addresses Visum

Callers waiting at the Max platform for contact caregiver a twelve year old who got on the green line box so run away we’re on trying to know

When I copy that I want to go into a parking lot looking around

Checking with a parking lot and it’s just me and some kind of parking lot or structure it is

Talking with a fellow that may be a complete phone call from the club Also I was never going to find dealers at one hundred five seven four NE was going to

Tell me all know that if you’re going to try to hold in the train at Hollywood you’ll notice another car to head over there

And think

That you still think it’s an Alice in kind of parking garage or structure there’s a woman as we can unify the east west north or south but what do you Intel

Point of Hartmann’s to three nines are as of a star our complainer fizzy answer to many questions but she says there is a white male this under ten was on hair and a hat in the grass area near one away that was above that you know and there’s unsupervised thank you three

For it one eleven

And I think for him that is

They want to

Rob me


How And then they say he would make a right and there’s a lot there in the building as if the building abilities are instant for

Copying I mean she’s saying west of

Far East of a two she’s a thing in the Northwest Well she’s a northwest corner of wouldn’t explain that it was

Pretty in the link a lot that sounds like it’s going to be if you come in off of the hollow and so like a lot there are three different buildings on the right hand side as you turn in the other not that they strip mall belting if you want to check that corner ninety one I checked the whole lot and can find it and it went popular but not anymore those are on the south side of How about the one hundred block that might be worth looking at one three one what about the driveway between mall there and the frustration place there goes behind went through thirty nine inches as the site you’re already on

The side I’m on on Second the whole area I’m not finding it yet but I’m talking

To them

As you see the building this year it’s called ALS three

Six four one

In fairly trimester asking for any jail I would have Station

At least

Thirty to one thousand a lot of folks think that I’m a wanted and then threw on for me have a shot of address seven and seven I se talisman

One point of view preview for a second being flagged down the

Division Hogan running a man down and

Oh well first Activision

Very much said the phone’s been removed

The car

Is enough of a stroke here with

Thirty and I know it

When you feel and I don’t think about it thank you Dick love about the anybody else on the

Fifty seven talk there let everybody clearing up a couple of them cough yours that I saw these hard drives at malls and drive for a stalled R.V. blocking the westbound lane there are also a call holding out one five four five ne once united I should have started taking pictures and he worked for the bank but wouldn’t really say what he’s doing taking pictures our caller says that he wouldn’t provide an I D He’s got a faded black for it Fiesta outside sixty seven Henry Z. as were actually he just left north and one united there can see the source we were legacy one seventy five different tax rate of information thirty and sixty seven so the list

Was old and walking if you have them survive the one hundred or one hundred forty seven

Divided and divisive and I think as I was in the world for me to look at I for three and said

That even though it ninety one Yeah I don’t know of late there’s more Edward Victor four seven one zero Washington that whatever figure Victor four seven one zero

Happy and the fear of knowing for us confirming he said he found it at the Michael

Yeah I know it’s genetic coding that’s a closing for nine one three star back that way I freeze well and then I wanted some if you like of a nice three disregard but full of six on Imus’s victims or if you don’t know take it however the app now says that

The we got a phone that wanted to show

Me anything to the

Park or going to friends or hindering the long haul so that I could understand the park if allowed in here

Thank you went over there

And I drove eventually

I ninety three at the pawn shop

And I was the owners of the easel who wanted to know when his recovery sit on it of over maybe three few words the phone

Not any more number of Alka launch off with

The three thousand and one copy going to the pawn shop if you can give me the address as you walk in if you as a pawn you know know the address

On I’ll find it or know it I’m opposed to running the profit the second

Emergency off E.-R. you spell tele the white we will use goes well the white male in the black white Well their welfare essentially white male black they talk Kemah pants I’ll have

Another one up with a person that I want to

Go with either because there is

No no dreams if you’re female or Johns you know what it was a million or one of them are going to be

Forty one block north two for one on eight years your wants out

Of the gutter custody if nations are twenty one tracks and if there are one Se AL information and he’s one seeing him he’s the one to go for no more need your one time soon Alco for no more need it as for you for one on to the east as anonymous as they are their want to go when a just for one office three three five and one on that little falls of Ranger is asking if a deputy can set up camp and help them direct traffic that they’re not able to control on their own as something or are doing

To vary

From American situation they can call


You want to call the Grand Ole now or do you want me to have just heard it

You can vary

It eleven O.B.O. Kogan one two three and look

Obviously three and I’m sorry fifty three three

One nine nine one there’s also the A on the full version for who’s ninety six ninety

Nine to three you have the honor over there from Glee

I think all of them you will emerge reward him better when I’ve got you tonight actually no three

Ninety three do a nine eleven on a five on one SE seven for checking out of Michael molding born in one thousand nine hundred suicidal threats via text message bunch of roommates live here with the person calling us and as an ex-girlfriend he’s upset over the break up doesn’t own a gun and is a former night recovery I don’t have

The love in their

Neck you

Know them wonderful if you read between the first two of those of us this is little difference so that it is

Possible that are there no you were joking that you’re

Sure those relatively will

Know if it was all this

Talk and I found activity in the flipping houses three and in

That the president of this hall there’s a stand alone coffee joint the complaining witness to male harassing and semi threatening of Arista he was walking north found us his cart bike in bag at the coffee and white male funny as tan baseball hat orange shirt black shirt all of

Their interest on

The part of

The fifty to forty one and go to

For one on telly thank you thirteen you can hear me and evolve if you want to make a flight

If they dumped it in the trees there they will be ringing parked right in for every kind of crazy no play the white Honda Accord rear view are going out of Parker who are planned out of their interest

Any time that officers money will be in if you hadn’t heard from both in minutes because and so on has been so kind of chicken soup like yours and oh you know when you cover the bases being in the meantime if any that is clear enough from the USA upon call these kind of guy down I checked in the fashion three Texans how Thank you one

For one star is that of a shelf it’s unhealthy that I found not tracked in the north side of the

House six to seven eighty six eighty seven

One six two

Three and one five two Roger where one hundred ninety eight on his Gleason by the matter of P.C.’s store there is a guy thing in the west of the building at the mailboxes alcohol strewn about and in a move along why not forty well actually in something some somebody else sixty one sixties when I was or one for one to run a shirt thank you the one who took over the thirty and thirty six ninety third

Trimester off the train has a clock I’m a citizen find because they’re either robbery Oh no we’re going to this Rich

White mill for a black dress or

Brown here that’s all I got on well if you do that Charles was

There too there’s a if

It’s eleven through the hall

There must be another person they say the phone


Eighty second slowly after

Five rewarding her everybody else hurt her heart her her her friends are going to talk because for thirty nine to forty because they’re


If you’re in America and maybe making concerts where they’re

Having making contact with their you need to cover her eternal fix of at least a few thirty three

My R.V.’s friend found a phone and so they’re texting back and forth trying to get their location with the funny they found


Thirty or so it’s a lot of fun and

Party with the phones all there in the one parking lot my Starbucks and oh wait there like I wanted to get one to stop science over him you start Well it’s information thirty thirty five you know it over thirty nine I think some of the cover

For not only this icing on the front recovery

But I don’t know her that well so in

Niger I have to just in that way again like

If I got it good for you and just for you and I think it is six seven four seven three one credit card good one happy seven for one to have that way we’re


To se a walk in with our Very know it and I and other people on that are either that or they’re going to or I only

Have be found on the corner by O’Reilly’s and not involved and declining some let me know that you want someone to talk to you to talk to six I don’t think of her for a first offense or one copy a seven for one tiny

Gabi eleven thousand eight hundred bombs have risen there some for one

Even eight eleven going to the way finder beer at three zero four south east to Abigail there’s a tree in the inn on the back yelling and asking employees to kill him doesn’t have any weapons he’s a black male twenty to thirty purple T. shirts BREAM Brown has a lot of very different frankly from any way that the eleven disregard

Their genes are going from Asian possible drunk drivers off on a five X. three a seven C. woman to go swerving red hatchback washing played the receiver Paul six hundred seven zero or similar information thirteen forty nine six three nine zero three assures you that you have each he with you but there’s a call back request waiting for you for an old case Governor thank you

I’m thirty forty two interracially the United forward village a White House only other convertible on the plane can hold the line two males are standing up inside the car their versions are going for

Information on City two service holdings are four two zero one SE nice four requests coming in from Clackamas Mart for mission a call to City for five eighty

Three of five ninety zero some history check in the area we got an open line and cell phone hearing two people arguing but I think it’s

Thirty percent really want perfect for an i Phone for the

Three of us five one really go factory one zero five one Park Avenue shoplifter Losey and three a go south side of the building westbound on the black male fifty five dollars for dark pants and I think you thirty for summer two thousand

And thirteen twenty for the supper see thirty one of the thirty forty

We sure know how every budget was of them go for thirty four seven one zero one

Four three one the family room or a one hundred or a forest Powell there’s a transit van and they’re refusing to leave he does have a knife in his front pocket haven’t threatened anyone with a white male very such a blue jeans for all of us


Stand I have a three one hand and if the dishes are unhealthy they’re going to weigh in from the corner store in a black money car as they need to go to to do seven a one NE all the one a day to get some of their stuff and he’s seems to want to argue about the legality is of what is his and hers

Even a six month going to three five one five southwest Council crest drive but ten minutes of our car came home and found an unknown male inside the house sleeping in the up stairs bedroom just kind of forced entry nothing missing he took off on the east down he’s a white male fifty five and then white These are blue jeans black and shoes with throughout his age you will be eighty three you yes or over to your policy

And your craft will most likely haul find you for your own I want

Information on the whole thing melts at three zero three five south east London Avenue on a summer in the backseat of an old play in a foreigner it is running on information on a holding office or is that he did it one night or if you’re not going to spoil my last you hear me out I’m sure Adam last thirty

Seven three one hundred thirty for the song for that set the reason has revived southeast running Ave Down Syndrome are pretty close by so if you can hear cover for

Everyone has that lays off three zero three five se money plus twenty seven ten probably I instruct him freeway driver thirty three The Science Guy

When I think I just passed twenty one in general and in her way maybe possible

I mean for a shot where that bus runs so I don’t know but we cannot call time out and stop it like Paul just kind of pull it over do you need a description over time yeah guys a black male thirty five blue shirt dark and I took a half hour of clothes and shoes and was carrying it around bags OK reference to that copy of one of us five rocket up for her on my property and I’m almost of the island so I can turn around if needed thirty for we’re good here she just go find out what happened

But it was

Fun sister information friends and bridge is gridlock

The variance I bridge is fifteen I don’t have one but honest medical to Safeway at two to one NE wants you to the bus shelter on the east side of the Southeast and I just walked up asking for medical pointing to his leg saying he got hit by a car possibly a developmental delay

Them forty one the subject goes well after we’re just going to do an area check for and do some mental health concerns some for one happy area checking my farther than for three women friends all right as I don’t think my X. and Co Thanks for three

Or two if you want although personally one or the want to

Kill the advice are really able to get any information due to that potential the way if you want to if I can as has one

Thousand five hundred

Thirty that you said I

Did a five on starting as well as primary graphic that’s actually the seven five also one thing about serves us yes

Thank you hi

There are several horror that there is a hidden agenda and by very trying

Yes I am because one is a sick you know fostered on Temple basis of what it is like an imposter thirteen fifty nine information holding assault since high school five four six ne once you ave know how four minutes ago on the basketball court the seventh grade boys were playing ball there and the coach of the other team missile hit a player went flying across the court information on a hole and I thought that’s what he said

Three one the other services were seventy one copy if you’re on your twenty

If you want to go over that fourteen again so would you could you program a Lastly

A three when can I stop you for that assault that’s a half full if you’re in good

Looks like that because it was fighting with one of the kids on the best of team and now all of the teams are out and ready to fight each other they’re all seventh graders so if you want to go me

And anyone else on our side can play or does what we’re done over with them through and thank you persona some feel that it’s all too clear give me a minute on the nerves were happy as on a five eighty

Safeway a five guys use your ne general

Subject spittoon employees space walking to walk towards the bus stop one is worth their requesting area check in contacts by the black male thirty gray or light color of the cattle past you want to second cardio if you find first right now elderly great geezer villages and settle is like his death kid on the Gulf there’s a lot of mail

For an over I used to fly down to your welfare check on a few all over my dealings so I’m going to print broke working and go check on her

So obvious that he’s part of a well active terrorist and want to David General David George Henry and they also hit a car in the lot but the complaint can’t tell us much more about that he came in the custody of us after you know when our car when


Five thirty thousand

That are going to be on Vancouver way

Juba’s with us

So many you know hundred forty six going for him closer than five or you can pick the cover and who was with Frank Buckley particular forty of Reno occasions in the East who’s

Going to want to have a lot of

Free can offend you don’t count her office in downtown I can go in six three they’ll be out of the couch

I was in out front at work you know seven it’s like another car though views walking off now all the fortune from it

Six of one for me one for us and six ninety ne for and hauls each other Mary for a female jump in the traffic on forty S try to help our sounds east out of all the black female forty white shirt

The new case number is one five six size zero six fourteen any size Roy could one ambulance for transport who are just breathing

Once she says she’s over mad

Dropping the volume are to the dentist Fortunately

The Ninth Dr Juba meet back at their very mire tonight by five X. must have been there at fourteen and I

Think you already know and I’m twelve if you are

Left office

I’ll be here Frank

Show me one

And thirty one and fifty called How do you

Have a

Great short hair

Nobody’s growth on his face and you know five ten six foot

Maybe not one hundred pounds fee and he was not carrying a bag or anything Fathi gray short hair couple days a stubble I have been thin hundred eighty pounds and I forty’s have very generous jaw jeans always been a long day of jeans

Blue jeans long


Medical was not started yet you want to start and

I just wonder in your heart I know that it’s not register I don’t have even to repeat check the address fourteen a lot of information on a lot check holding Southwest Taylor in southwest one for I nailed down and shut information for him

Several folks so recovery for six one

Hundred he has been very

Highway thirty and Ann Maria did you say occupied or not but

Thank you

For the

Five words from a good director very good on the ground

Based I’ve probably a lot further than as streets Isha

Thank you very sporty question for you and I know three going to join she zero ne East one college and just transient squatting inside this house it inside right now that owns it and they’re going to wait outside


The forty ninth I want a lot of companies asking a gentle

Person to group for things like see if one wants to see some

Thank you five seven done

For you and one five two son kind of Hartmann’s to three nines or southeast star number two for story they don’t know the building letter second hand to our complaint his daughter is texting a friend on Pinterest and the friend of the something suicide her name is Katie they don’t know her last name date of birth or phone number their main

Vision and one two on the floor better T.V. basically text that I can’t handle this anymore and how many ibuprofen would it take to overdose

You can reveal because remembering of the

System from us that noted as a test is I mean you’re calling Hello said it so for it is the one parade and no there is only one freight militaria call and will be seen on that at fourteen and when I look for a curator operator will be less than forty three minutes away

And fourteen sixteen and far I want to live in a one to one personally issues kitties are elss thirteen and she goes to clear her ache every

Five thirty by thirty three of us when he was responding with medical on a priority insult target one five five five or thumb drive

Ever sprayed suspects



Party at fourteen

One of them we now have a phone number for eighty if you need a you have been very very fortunate in

That bridge when we were

Five thirty suspects vehicles Ossie westbound through the lot of white sedan with temporary tax of a fortune to information and on the noise call at three one eats all these told people of our reliance stereo jugulars

If are on that one thousand nine hundred ten or the division the complaint friend came by there an hour ago the keys to his two tone grey top black bottom with red stripe ninety Chevy Silverado fairly That guy is suicidal his mind find up found out after you left he’s Johnson Dakota male in his twenty’s six foot tall big metal hock he says he’s going to use heroin so D.N.A. He doesn’t usually use her arm and he has a history of attempts by oh so looks like he’s doing to contact the R.V. They don’t know where this is out of I was Dillinger Where is the rule that

Once you’re on everyone for longer

Nine one one

The Marines are

Servos a report of a lot of fire Celsus three from

Shells and so far

He said there were

Three one for

Four hundred twenty one also and Marina thank you pretties US banks gone have toward thank you very and suspect as victims Rumania

Forces would give information that has a call on honey part six seven zero zero southeast Harney street or on the was in the parking lot that is the south side of the park there are multiple people associate with a block or take up shooting off Bottle Rocket information fourteen twenty two Mary it is very worried that it’s spreading to the marina

But there is a vocal we

Thank you for one of them was his

While And without realizing one you can play or more if you are going to

Uni to going to the subway at one one one two zero Southwest half a highway as a drunk subject inside threatening to punch your collar in the face going to be a white male only thirty is a light pattern shirt and no weapon

You need to call becoming draw Oh yes you have forty three

It wonders if you go as an employee yes the color isn’t in play Thank you you know and it’s working for me for her actions should be Diana Jamie and her second boyfriend who’s in a stack now I married a

Trance Now if you need land police started for that is for any reason


I mean for six

Jonny of a fire boats are responding on a boat on fire Donaldson three five zero one NE Marine Drive the requesting or theaters well

Forty’s was to know a fortune hunter

Who was kind of tall five years active

Six zero three five or the seventy corage I checked the area for vehicle I was seen hitting a woman in the vehicle as a small block import car lasting north on seventy or towards that and

Bush with informationally Crown Point less any down for most likely speeding or unsafe passing information for him for seven whole five to clear that they even put the

Burden to him or her or her records afternoons and looking for to the Senate reform and wanted to know what is interesting

After looking produce out over time factors interest there’s a horse race and

Everything that will change him as young as a servant for five all five tin five health reasons the only better we got on the car of the falls is that Genie was on the phone with the complaint was yelling started the other boyfriend had showed up and Jamie was thinking it was a call the police and we also can’t get factored in either

He’s associated with a blue Chevy Cavalier three four nine David policy or


But isn’t

It want to

Read you were turned off

Today to advising on steel that he was still having a fit when all the other men from

The Alabama from

By Mary to force on off very

Hard in their own down or West Bank at my office teams trying out a fire

All the that boat that is pushing a piece of dock a river information at fourteen there used to

Have marriage of two years as a call holdings you know where RIM outfit team is

Going to ne one two zero and burn these for inside for males as a female looks only verbal for now but then else telling the story she’s also pushing a stroller

Party that if you have it and saying that you’re on now to that because that left of us so it’s going to

Happen and I forty bridge and what if there’s

Time for serious primaries fourteen thirty three five all six to the US US Victor was waiting outside the Levis door for contact

Just three of me Kathy and her want to cover their own party I think you have to turn to be transported by air Mar and I’ll be back on my staff

Working to settle it in a very male void Well it’s excellent as easy as easy it’s fun and I start you for the question apartments five to seven Saudis Morrison if you forgot me from him for that question there is no one he has ever anyone having eighty two years having any day and gone you know

Ninety one or three one for you and one five

One going to lunch market at ninety six

Give me for you in one five three Going to lunch market at nine six seven are nice explore seven these carols well are of result in line with yelling in the background and someone dialing nine one one and hanging up


Five three Have a Dream and a vision for seeing thirty six and ninety one reading another call from lunch market saying that a white female spreading people in the store and she’s now walking westbound on Harold was so in yours you can hear what you know where you’re going rating top and black pants

Are forty six and here’s a government leaders if you’re

Like I want to Roger talking to the seven hundred rejections out of every three or nine zero three checking status although we’re

Talking thirty two units for four nine hundred seventy and Charles Nelson he is having a psychotic break busting out the window throwing things and walking outside the front door he is a white male gray green baseball cap black long seizure

Something that

Just asked

Some fans

For dinner it

Oh I can

Be anything you tell me ever to welcome radio others from a night in your health having eaten when you’re going to

Meet someone coming and fourteen thirty nine

Point five zero five Josephine four in the United

For her reserves it was against going to be evolution of the place similar to three four nine seven Fall River

And a cavalier that was put in forty minutes real seven by the once more the quicker you can clear one of the car is a soft

Simply five ago and last a lesson

Fourteen forty one

Five I’ve just

Gotten frightened I’m not hearing any of

You know whatever you’re

Having that

For one six four and one five you went out of the mail calling and saying she was jump I grew posting mails and she has some suspect imposes it and then for an apartment now thirteen hundred ninety one one number two seven

For every so past the hour that the cost for anybody to

Run Mary twenty two or twenty three

I married my insurance money on same order for dinner

For her


WOODWARD For someone dumping putting another deadly degrees along with an find here in N.Z. associated with an absolutely thousand four door and a white male glasses red shirt black shorts fourteen forty four Americans holders and six thanks to the energies of the fourteen forty four

Twenty one twenty

Three one

Of us on a veto

Primary if you were twenty three and before twenty drink or four or whatever

Did you lose you mean an injury if you’re unhappy defamation Northeast United Alberta a ten ago I got in a vehicle pulled over us or color for directions I was naturally rolled you were doing so hard not even contact the six year old male male in the silver sedan last in westbound on operative if rationed His through the for

The first he can use any healthy welcome a lot of places have working forty

Five thousand you

Horrible thing to wonder is also found in court the whole point of this over story of a Camry they just brought a vacant house in just over the backdoor of and I think spotters on the inside asking for help from Jack used my own thinking felon to sell it at Riverfront Park eight zero four nine se Parkway here are going with higher medical she’s a female who is acting very strange and random after you it looks like the college is going to go pick up his dad who’s the R. of the car and will be there in about ten minutes

Fourteen forty seven information on a possible driver in the area are verbal of art and have a street as a teen as it is trooper

Seven three nine boys eager and I am weaving in and out of traffic information at

Fourteen forty

And eleven and a clever John and going give me the fifty home

And wants Oh how happy they get to China and forty forty nine Charles all white male forty fifties in a wheelchair probably forty four

And seven four to seven for when you can be twenty because that is YOUR he did

So for doing so he at fourteen fifty six or six guys

Fired asking for traffic control I know you are there are you needing any more help a drop of control

Will get

Forty fifty six of one hundred seventy

Three of five eighty

Five posts or the Lloyd Center second floor

COME FIRST out from zero four to five juveniles harass everybody or use a leave security has not been able to get them to leave blackmail

Or to be understood a four year old standing there saying he’s looking for his parents

Who plans waiting with them you know one of these one real fans or some cop is they were hunter all of the calls are yours know his personal and written partner says or

You can leave him in Iraq literal for

Her to copy once a funny story on her phone I think I cut that off but even Reserve is like OK I’m way out only

I don’t know if you will see OK I was like the parents are calling it

Or ones are funny ones are so you’re both clear the mom found Hunter and they’re all dead

Horton the series

And I

Recall Miriam rooms are in Wal-Mart and

Five thousand dollars but before nine seven one three zero zero five one four nine

And fifty if you are nicer for us one three one unless somebody on the side can clear out one for three to six out these what we’re checking on a Timothy Monaghan born in seventy eight insisting on she also uses Methodist threatening to fifty five everyone as well as his wife was here he’s got a gun collar thinks that his son is taking it away but hasn’t confirmed recently Burgess wife with some cigarettes

And this call coming in from Timothy SR apparently Tim and wife should be home together and possibly wife or ten son rather And we’re working for better from Tim’s mom right now by phone he’s associated with a great yes soul disease occurs on the fact that on those two male arguing there’s yelling in the background the colors hold as it was on start and hung up so this is from a face itself

Everyone including his wife was at the house with them she’s the one who said that he owns a gun but they heard his son had taken it away previously that is unconfirmed OK thank you for jeez if you


Talky block an eastbound Marine but in physics one hundred two you’re both clear it was just a misunderstanding or an anon and react they don’t they do very

Foreigners are just

Happy intersection for a mess and it’s going to suck at fourteen to sixty five well more Very well if they are

Not closing my borders clear no victory when I get there

Resident coming

Up with his own night a free ninety three this and that their voicemail and trying to call him mother who’s Patricia she was apparently going to go to the location to check on them as well as take the son out of the house due to the threats from have the fifty five family members the treasure could still be at the house if the son is were not able to get rid of confirm and this is been an ongoing T.V. situation according to family members but nothing in region really

So did anything happen today or is all such an illusion

The reports of mom and sister about wife being burnt by cigarettes as well as his threatening to fifty five everybody else let’s presence of the house in the sun that OK coffee parties at

Seventy start with a copy that column for three of our thirty nine ers here if you do it three or more time talking to somebody about that this is kind of second hand information from family members about him if he Monaghan born in seventy eight that one for three to six all these folks were possibly in the house with his wife and son he’s friends of fifty five everybody they have information that he’s burned as wife with cigarettes recently history of D.V. that not much in region and he owns a gun but the family members don’t know if it’s been taken away at this point oh you’re our governor who’s going through that I don’t realize we want to despite the THANK YOU parties that

Actually forty thousand nine hundred seventy five

Was a play come back to

Back to seventy Sonics Tara like Jodi who

Is seen at it from Asian another Radek driver in Ark on I five at the Expo Center so they really want a civic zero six nine Henry nor Roger weaving sitting on her in size by the stairs of unit you do seven

If you have a northbound to a high bridge south and east officers transporting the central four and Madison asleep for a while because of an accident stay clear for a mass and if you know one or both of you that wasn’t a regular car the spur to wonder is all those hands and found the court

Hard for


And I know what it is

There’s nothing but broadcasting

Restraining Order violation that is holding at six one three three se and I am a street X. husband has a location in a white van and complain it is awaiting is what is elsewhere but he’s not supposed to have all of his

Or ones as you know three and his information a from Gresham that a BOLO on a suicidal subject in a gray and black ninety listed you have a four by four suburban an Oregon plate thing as a go to Johnson mid twenty’s native american six foot two thousand he has a Mohawk

Says he wants to buy some heroin in cities like himself and may attempt suicide by police if you know it’s unfortunate

Turn or going to be good

A little west of

Burnside west as if you know are

Partly property nine zero three


Who long for a yellow home theater over

Angels rest you know for I think somebody with a very distinctive if you know what to formation are called holding on some of a clear light five until he’s worth in front of Trinity Church caller witnessed a man attempting to pull a female out of a gold or beige everybodys or room I guess or

Something thinks I don’t have a plate and I don’t have a direction yet

That’s five year old son a story and walks of cars and destroying property playing the slating at the side wire on sixty seven

Holding it just you know five five through three Oh

Yeah and I need a second part how do you start

Could have been a wrench

And the male is in the back seat of a vehicle you want some of them of you with an arranger heart you want someone to help you areas you’re going to

Have you

Just you know

That were very nice for three years over a incredibly other call the same old vision or rest of all the color was of how survive they don’t know if the vehicle still there or not coalesced before this vehicle to OK I’m almost there as nice you’re in

Good hands of a package on a clear break

Or a violation Thanks ninety three and I need to have her for nine to three insulin

If you need if you like it’s actually going to be at six one three three SE to find a street not bottle of nine for three I put you on

Rascal and that case number is going to be one five six five nine zero because there’s you know I won six for you in one five two is going to NE twenty one and NE Pacific court two minutes ago I mean Al broke out a window of a silver van and is now fighting with a female inside the van is leaving eastbound on Pacific court or possibly from another caller he’s down on borrowed or

When he’s going to do as a scene and then

Once again I just heard

It if I want to service has to say without a HUGE for me on the female getting physical not sure if they’re inside or outside becoming one he says because they’re gone very very true and you can claim you don’t know that

They’d be one happy if I was there

It seemed to

Be additional for eight rejoined three one they’re saying this day Charles Milton northbound on third is already agitated falsely for history white male forty grey

And black baseball catbox cut short with white writing on it and short

As you know when a cynically Frank twenty seven it says you know I’m an

Eleven sure thing in the city

Thank you also need this other tool for the holidays or the music so I thought you know I

Was still going for the sixtieth vision

Even if I knew something else and rather

Got me to L.Z.

Well the feel of a joint with you but yeah Cleveland

Police are down by the fire them yes SIX their own relief fund

OK Thanks so they’re possibly doing drugs

Any time at officers on the side of a college East downtrend station at once you do it to be the alley between three nine one three ne Hancock and three nine three nine Hancock I mean on the female shooting up though the city or Gene do their team do any


US from new season sixty four hundred North interstate shoplifters getting on a northbound Max interstate and Rosa Parks now probably from our five one four are going to her friends right when we come out of here on March or you may get

Something else and you the call is going to be on the car numbers real Six black male shaved head high six black really great your

Prayers are

Obviously very clear

Thank you so Indian sixty eight but Psycho Driver wants to cancel now the problem guy got off the bus a known direction in the area so the Segovia with him here is a MAC station I was assessed as the sexiest platform but I’m pretty gentle and we’re

Here and talking to the guy OK So musically

One seven six eight seven he says

I’m going to start you for a man down on Jack at thirty seven fifty eight in from echo on


I didn’t talk to us a little about for them or what

But he did the five is en route to try to call it se Powell an eight by three worth of F. fifteen sixty

Three He can’t

Fifteen hundred fifty

Sixteen zero three three one three three

Henry we’re going to hear more about Joe’s Law and anybody else from career than seven three

Fifteen something

Tonight and I asked you know what before I’m very a lark on a

Roll OK That one was actually cleared but

You’re long on some forty one it’s going to be one south of eighty six one five one so it’s eleven I’m not sure if it has an address

After one thousand days if one vice obviously central from forty five

Says if I was nine eleven or turning theory nine eleven I’m a silly You and nine five three two delish live at two zero one zero ne eight to Avondale to check on a white female forty seven and a black slut such are in blue jeans she’s hot she says she’s high on that and is giving a long story about men in the US was in I’m up at fifty one for about five you’re going to

Have evidence of the seven hundred ninety five copies only in sixteen counties

Tonight and

Very fact is I’m almost twenty three on that well

For the

Party and nine eleven he doesn’t have a think you

Used those words you


Only there were there

As you can also see that states require if you just say please even like this number he’s number one five that size I’m one

One one five two you know it’s for going to Northwest overlook in Northwest Division about a minute ago there was a hit and run the suspect vehicle is a red

Older possibly parts of us and them paint plate throw up on the median to get away it was last seen less than division there’s a helmet rolling around in the middle of the road and our caller is looking to see if there’s like a motorcycle that been down the hill or something that is a little fabulous like the caller’s concern that the victim might have rolled down the hill so he’s looking for him now OK we’re going to support we’re all of a home or Everyone’s for years any

Epistemically I think of anything and five twenty four guys you never

Think of enjoying eleven

Unit seven one of us on there in downtown

Nine one six north west went to the garage between the vij shop in the park and six of the guys shooting at Dr Robert Duffy someone I admire for female just read and I’ll pay for transport you know them insisting for me three they’re saying once in print Spiegel’s towards the back to black males and a white female M.P. and I’m going


Set it in twenty four thirty six zero one since of the most recent one is in twenty four

Vote for it now going to wall coverage just waiting for another her code for waiting for cover when his races are

Fifteen thousand five

Hundred francs anything from eight to unfold Alice fifteen twenty five

Of which I was close are right favor having both our cities ways and hiving information on the area tackling as I think our apartments seventy five thousand play or three of those cycles of people breaking into a black hole if I can call parks and yet Health subjects last skateboards northbound white males in their teens early twenties the From age of fifteen when he said it if you can have his version call my neck


I’m going to

And from

Please read on this very early or there’s one in menacing


Clear from Hungary whether it’s a month or a phase I want to see say seven correction se nine for avenue

C. com is asking us if he wants a risk on somebody who is in the call as I guess they call the harassment those Southwest first as callers as being harassed by a guy named Cameron you know born male supposed to be in a great Jeep Grand Cherokee eight zero four George really is following her while she’s walking with the kids

Of the if you’re going to cope remember primary on the right

As such it on northbound to a five

On the avenue Eric I’m continuing to get home as most last one says is actually going to be just north of airport way but not yet to the bridge and he sees there’s no more other early ones we went on or of an office on

OK thank you the children forty five was

From the talk about three nine zero eight SE eight deal driving a red older Toyotas four door H.B. organ plate zero four nine Frank Sam PETER DRIVER us or he something from a graphic of that driving slowly information that is seen twenty nine

I think until officers are available when the price is right back zero zero one one five in division the store is closed as you pleasure enough to shop and the cash register is open and frank in its entirety if you want

If you have just one from

You and one to one joins us of Li eight one or you so can jive the

It junks of this is a drive through area he’s talking to himself then laying down on the ground as a white male late twenty’s dark and white he should start losing short not on account of when her so if it is

Fifteen thirty one nine six three East to wrestle one for three I say for it is because your method

I would do it right now fifteen thirty one nine zero three four onwards nine o three affirm Thank You The two thirty one sone sorry said cars again clear and does to a desk all have a plan apartment to size for seven SE one seven for


For Ave unit twelve medical Bansemer questing office or go the silly solution really

Is are a sergeant or have These are all thirty nine of the

Thirty nine as two and fifteen is thirty three

And I three three can drive one

That is very early I think so see there is a thirty

Thirty and a five

That invoke all

They need to that’s when the hundreds of work away and you get that bag back up

For the afternoon or in fact it will deal with afternoon Sissie were in the heart


Having nine one one

So I didn’t are found I chill five at how she is a letter to vehicles on injury accident the stop on the right shoulder and one half dozen have insurance the kind of like pay to complain and cash and they are in a late brown Toyota four Runner plates are for one David Lincoln Henry but they come back on a two thousand eight hundred Highlander so something of a

You know

You don’t want to just south of that so go to foster OK anywhere from fifteen thirty five with the river was that you were on seventy five five sixty one it just seemed to be part of the back to the well for Jekyll Wars and just sort of work or

Is it fun so as we went from there on having to you can

Do that is that there’s a high three male standing on the sidewalk tweaking with no parents I think Elvis is right in our nation often here age and Ellis are very

Fickle Remarkably there’s a have also that on several civil unions have also been sued or that Travel Centers of America seven and their own Northwest census road is in the On a blue line trucking Chuck

And he’s refusing to leave the property and he’s in a reserve

Very hard what since you got very well Moreno

At fifteen to seven What you who are think he won with him when you from the home have a sixty one waiting for medical It’s fifteen years of coverage is it

Going to six

Hundred dollars home you call a friend home or you know that

Thing and it seems very at

The same time on the West on an eastbound lanes of health

Information at fifteen thirty eight

We’ve got as I say

Ninety six on back to

Ninety three TEFL via the location and twenty five and it’s only three hundred you just need forty six five five

Five five that there are at the Ross ones or for one or there’s houses Parkway there that are going to vehicle that appears under stress the windows are slightly cracked or

Subaru Outback and eyes are a short Frank George they were

There just for that be a party for suspicious cause a lot of officers available at eight foreign honey people are stripping for cars and nothing for as for the heart and the Crown information I said to you for one little vehicle for yes

Thank you this is for you to cover nine seven three going to one one five a division for the project thirty nine of your that way for me to two hundred

Thanks thirty nine and two at the scene for us I for one of the Korean out of Mumbai last will be twenty three with seven for thirty minutes easily turning thirty nine I think probably fifteen forty one

To four minutes I haven’t so three to come and I’m King right now if you want them insisting free

And in three D. replaces then contacted they will contact you directly if they have any interest and I invoke call in five fifty letters just B.C. I are very been racing all weekend so I think there’s been a couple calls a day on their own cars racing if one of those

Services or have the I was the driver of this or her right at the armory or

Something are found I still find that the honor of Foster at the scene for the story but lasting a party to disturbance holding at the Portland as a just emergency room to leave the parking structure there’s a silver Dodge minivan

With a domestic situation between the collar and her and

He thought the window his latest bleeding sure of the hospital now he is refusing to go inside he has a knife and a colorful thread by him the nice is not out right now information is you forty nine a series of inquiry was a John on this and I’ll start that way thanks that nothing that I don’t want you to say these are hard

If the only available car today I was happy that she got the five three over one hundred three for thirty nine a foreign fishing for

Information on a reckless driver less than I for it taking it to south one eight one about a minute ago it’s a silver semi Oregon State nine one zero four zero five and the words below written in full that are been meeting for several miles information insisting free sex from grandmother i Phone and of oh if you

Think stance of the three that you know when he

Went to check on

The scene for seven eight three two you post four if you can afford to do it over three and four it’s fifty and forty and there’s Robert I thought received a hand for her daughter while her for a record

Sixteen out of Austin was fifteen for the three and four this was Mimi murder Furthermore thirty nine zero four they are going to be in the parking structure right off the emergency entrance you’re going to be looking for a silver Dodge mini van

If you ever got one one join Jojo running into them there with us and seven three hundred sixty nine a freaking me twenty one point me out I’m an opiate

Savvy and I never you can be any night of recovery is you sissy sixty four


This regard

I do four hundred one

Can use it for nothin I five version is banned for go they were hit run the other not so they have no insurance and services tand why again I don’t think David and are just you I don’t know play their demise in a balloon is a visual answer and they’re going to turn around to return to the gas station on Marine Drive off freeway

Thank you very soon ninety three I sent a message to you nine I’m very favorite in places like you to call them were in the whole of the

Person fifteen thirty three five six of the film and there’s a guy leaning against the wall on the thirty four side he walks out of that side of go call asked how he was doing any cold and I thought of the flower bed and started yelling the black that has the city’s as a shopping cart with some forty one coffee from the sixty three hundred block of South East Milwaukee going to be able to sort of cover both cars are pulled over to the right shoulder but overall and for an instant

This isn’t just a for what hell of a horse that love it has never heard of has one five one four cop is searching for you for

Some for one if you do anything with them I thought other than forward out of the bar

There are none of the color at all I don’t have that information in his or ever

Post anything to hand over what it really were through or as a result of her

Copy is going to put her as one of the third in what cross-tree always

Having money in housing it’s fifteen to six bucks as you know Call reported by Tremont at SE Maine and I’m six on the east today and Sixers

Yell R.V. something sewer down the drain if the roadway

No officers are available right now protesting at distances

Going to make them

Think this team does it nicely three times or three for a nice little couple of M.E.’s been notified Oh they’re over Tell me oh I asked tried to talk


Yes and three three years your review

As a fire is gone can you contact them and see if the enemy is coming here

If you had or didn’t wait nine Euro John very word to the returning to the whole car probably

And your radio and if you get nine four zero Is that right nine one euro

And if I won one zero John Edwards you

And six hundred and five Aussies disregard the price not on purpose

That’s a look now thank you second every generally

But I five G.’s and I for three and other is an element of the overpass that exposed himself to our complaint in children as they drove by a signal forty under her wing with an Asian female aeration sixteen or one six one just checking your status or infinite for you can make her happy and you know several of them in the area sometimes if you know

Some forty one of those so it’s often given a lot and coffees and several of them has only been the one color correct

I got the exam for and certainly nobody fighting me down I don’t you know I think for now though you are Carl area check in with her and her want to say happy thank you if you know they very well

Seven on the surgery so we thank you thank you sixty knots X. seven a lot of

Them thirty fifth about Taylor I found a wife for it for which place the from place came back still

Injury of place seven sixty one North or so that ave an employee who is not

There is calling in saying that staff is telling you that Michael dulness screaming military chance he’s not responding to attack Sassy is probably high on meth and pot right now and he was just released from a hospital and I think he’s a danger to himself and others

Research and tailor something and so on and he’s marching about three feet from the grammar in


I mean I have numbers you know how to research and sound with such glee so I’m forty

I still believe there is

Five five Why don’t you cover as well is it

Think if one of the former rather than zero five five one of

The sergeants a copy of the E.C. I think all of them the whole facility on its knees and on the rest of the vehicles occupied by more their nor Sergeant their going home be the entry a place oh that requires is that he inserted notification

Is what I thought he says of that first thank you if you know one

Yell flame wars and of all Jews and

The next year you will be facing westbound So David zero three six zero zero is a two thousand one Ford Explorer should be a permanent plate of some sort that’s what Trevor Horn born in eighty three

Some other young readable Sagan that CERN was right

The middle of and you can well everybody else I was a full national of everybody go on Sam and west of three second slow down time in

Ninety one ninety one

On my radio


It’s a

Wonderful wonderful

I mean a more needed at the basics can we have ever

Regular traffic see the city’s health information from who has regular traffic information as it seems like a five when I have a different for

This for you in eight eleven I guess that walking north on six from hall

Trying to fight people running walk in Iraq said somebody now and now him and that other person are chasing each other Hey there you got me from these thirty six in Hawthorne

Eleven from joining me

For a job they did for a park and you know below seven I can cover a man I thought of that in a three to do me a fourth of a just off aerial armor wave I think of that put it like is it you who’s going in the service of the rock only to use your own iron or reservoir idea to go involve Now the main guy is northbound to some HALL Now I guess twenty is all I have you want to order that’s more than just

Having a three to eleven I guess you can clear it carries your Governor thank you

And so you know it’s going to five and haul now a white guy early twenty’s black tank of dark gray shorts he has a cast on one of his arms three is a gash cast like a broken arm

Some forty one was sixty one with one of her forty one fifty one sixty five married and seven I mean they’re going right to see

A white female dark gray shirt dark pants a great backpack last seen on the bench for one copy thank you sixty three hundred M. forty five Mary Landrieu

The star

Ever measured still holding eighty one how flew over the sky saying he’s going to fifty five and self call takers trying to drag more information out of him we do have a name and date of birth holding sixteen sixteen there are no common al

Aksa bodies or the men folk to white guy drive with on persons or if I

Were to appeal with the second one who is also a goal

Or to another one they for one will be out my subject will be on a woman the between eighteen and

Now you would have Columbia eighteen to seventy

Eight You want three Want Just for info we go with a test he took my car vote two weeks ago I remember his name as a tank the car that resembled I just

I believe

Anyone who was of a just there to serve a general interest car was a three one so very soon we’re going to charge a zero turn in the negative a resident for

It does more for infos use not least friendly if it was running around in traffic and throwing his hands in the air making a motion that there was no weapon seem easy blackmail thirty’s or forty’s great things have an sat around is based on what you once I still think that you Hansei velvet I saw earlier or six or eight happy ones of four years I think and one six one did you copy the coffee I did have to Seems like I don’t worship

Him since it was a job in one sense or fair North West neither was or with for one for John Rogers

That Lovejoy’s six hundred twenty eight for one

Or one or

Eleven you can attend an event like seven five

If you’re

Going to does it was fire medical

But I five

Tonight Adam motorcyclist was reported as down a second color saying the writer is up and walking around they don’t know if they’re injured of walking lawfully go before through

You know we’ve arrested

For robbery but we’re code for just a suspicious vehicle if you want cover in a well work e-mail and four hundred twenty

One six four

Seven seven one the NE one seventy two and an AM TIRED caller says that she has a mixed race two year old that wandered into her yard and she doesn’t know where he belongs and cannot find the parrot

To say forgive or for you in line for four going to NE you know seven seven to just send me their own OK but North has her Nolan zero five ten thousand nine hundred seventy Jill is being drunk and not answering questions he is walking from that location to his house at nine one one zero ne hassle number one too late saying he suicidal says he has no weapons the previous call say yes a pistol pretty is called also says he uses math acts like a thirteen year old and many previous calls for suicide including using a razor

Already you know

Knife or for any use for just one

But for eight so I start for three to five ne eight for Abigail in a trailer park next to the house because Lane is and is fighting with the complainants monitor this little hole he has and he

All of it has been a minute

Nine five five six cover Congress three nine four but it started or one three four had one or four five were going to me it is seven or so well

That the both of you are meeting at eight seven and has a nice four four there’s been no call since March the call in March was involving the family fighting about the daughter’s messy is

Today the aggressors and Angela fraction was about thirty years old the plant says the aunt has mental health issues but unknown what specifically Ok enough to matter is that there was a caller last night and there was also a hole that you know three to five a fourth which I think was supposed to be more delicate thanks for for I found a call from last night it was it Southeast the four it was cleared with a John Doe for now yes it was sixteen twenty seven it didn’t one three people in one five zero zero drive

Can use it is rest against least one five zero zero I think it will it work Roger Joel they can

Be talking but here is one factor I’m going back to remember stop

By for any of this and just one

For you and eight zero for the Rite Aid at six hundred NE and

You mail came into the pharmacy said she was thirty nine and a husband was the last few days she’s very hysterical callers having a hard time getting any of them are going you know what I mean

A lot of

Anyone from affluence or

And I was any afternoon cars have and I’ve been going for you

Going to open Bible Church three to two three SE nine to two vehicle accidents having trouble exchanging one is hearing impaired I got a nine for correction one time

Simply drunk not that person is in any player the chancellor of the Camry with organs like I carry nine five three to cover please

I’m far far from previous calls and is possibly using mass that has a history of violence yeah

Anybody on the site have an iris for seven eleven at SE three sex and salmon left one for one one thousand for fleas

Switched to central

Resin for looking for another

Yes seven eleven is three sex and salmon from home are over most of us for three whole and

One fun

Out of it

Really great no over a one regular

Happy ones for us any Thank you

As if you know ninety five if you are nine sixty five This call is fifteen minutes old going to four zero five se Harney street to see if people are still stripping for cars and something fluid on the ground

And I think short term solutions are easy here and for that mind I think maybe the whole thing I think I will say that if you ninety five in one hundred five he was having something fifty five grand so he says you five or you something

It won’t bump at sixteen thirty nine sixty five or ninety five US dollars your question yes ninety five

Are you sixteen there is very need help and her other

Three times as I was a C thirty three age you are like most of

US If you do well for us I feel sorry for sixteen days

Hard over two or three others I thought reaches our hand were force for our favor have these eighty three environ is sixteen thirty six

Thirty four and resource

Manager his own

Copy did he make it to his house if you check the House probably will be talking about if you haven’t got

One five three ninety five very funny side of your Tonight work and some are too if you’re not so I think

If you were

Before you can just go on a Thursday night out I’m enjoying clarify for me if I foresee a variety of me but if you like I’ll take your advice

To four out of a dozen one for you go and Northwest eleven and then

There’s a mail down on just an eleventh and funny he thing so why thing is thirty’s blue or black city White

How you see thirty in a free for

Me for you and one for two selfless Anthony

Securities of a reporting there’s a three year old missing last seen near by the Legacy’s out little hispanic girl blue and green dating sit with flowers

Over to her over

Thirty demographical play for a

Sack the color on an attack just to have that a look at missing girl and for years gone to the missing the parents will be nearby that P.S.M. information that’s a security company I guess just lasting five minutes

We’re going to see one thirty tonight into an eleven thirty and I think the morning for us seventeen texted to see once it’s important to forty or sixty

Thanks for four sixty one at sixteen forty one big can you show us a four sixteenth Emerson of the no plate is telling off that green ones as number saying green to Avalon on I couldn’t understand you know number or unit number that any one is a unit number on the traffic

Which will probably think you said sixteen thirty five will have their cue as far as one six five and we’re far from having one three one one three one five your follow up six five five North East Twentieth

Evie’s a five North East Twentieth it’s fifteen for you know a three for the other security found the child

There are NATO under the hot sun bridge I think they still want you to go I guess I’m going to find out are you going to have a video

Of it one for if I make or if we’re five or less heavy and seven eleven

And there’s a direct hit hazard for a specific or Portland control center facility

I was going to say that as well as you are we figured out a demo Thank you

For helping to support originally was an idea for a wanted to or a driver silver we would use and our aircraft seven seven four turn out a merry all over the road as a favor for

One three four and then four five did you want to clear you from the hall is that George or did you want to be on a call and right now it’s a very strong call that the only on a sixteen forty four

On the attorney is requesting some help Collins beach at three eighty five there are Northwest reader wrote something about some dogs fighting with people who are possibly injured in medical billing as well

At the scene for them

And but we can get

Twenty thirty twenty thirty homes over night forty eight thirty S were a thirty five please have you got your night six hundred forty six three

You and I and seven for going to Johnson Creek Commons apartment seven nine four zero southeast seven till two men fighting verbal right now one has a baseball that

I mean back

Of a Cup in Italy division if you don’t have you know we talk you have US legal

You know things like three and nines and four can be tonight as unfortunately and I’m seventy three one of the that was a number fifteen as a chronic problem was pregnant with him writing under residence going to be looking for somebody Bryan and then last white male sixty two great teacher blue short blue jean shorts

Green with the

Obvious primer

But if we’re going to

See forty six different every one hanging on any one frustrating quest for twenty three trying to find an entrance into the first talkie ninety five you can be twenty five

Thirty nine eleven thirty nine eleven computer guy when you log on the show Israel being used by somebody else negative OK thank you three the subject you’re checking on a number fifteen is might be a veteran with P.T.S.D. issues

Five I was right across the board

He was a hell of a softy want nine five three to continue is less lethal cause

Or spirit or there’s a whole lot wrestling with

Having And I free going to win

One two two two north east one zero two manager was Asacol nine one one actually we got a OK to cancel I forgot and fifteen it is you have a cold ring that devils or yes an assault call

For a for real nine to three go in the US see it five five four four East Burnside street there’s a train the mail chasing people with a machete in the parking lot

And then if you really got me to think that you won three of them and have a have it


Part of the

Nine five three all of these are as less legal

Cases to do for me and he says responding to the Q. of C.S.I. five or four eastern side street where a transition is using people with the machete information six hundred fifty two markers will be going through nine one one zero zero It is our phone number to order something

Nine one one zero ne how slow to get to any nine four five should I say go into the hassle of Hartmann as well

Were with him facing fifty three

Or four were normal or I thought for

The name of the voice knowledge Samuel Chad well

Right now I know three you’re going to be looking for a white male and a thirty’s brown fedora brown shirt for a short he was sharpening the machete when someone asked him to stop and then he chased that person through the parking lot is not chasing anyone now in the machete is now in the shopping cart he’s headed into the store with the cart staff are trying to keep him out and now he’s yelling at us for that owner and he says that he’s lost

It’s not verified advantage anymore there

Then a three D. meeting was very icy and now it doesn’t know we’re too worked up about anything fell off what’s going on even though you can’t area on that as a result just coming out the front door I’m with

You as all the native refined savvy successes of broadcasting S.F. that just occurred at the seven eleven at one hundred two and tell your left East on Palin attends us nine four six John Union Norah keep a lookout for an information at sixteen fifty five that is that they’ll be out the suspect that the place I don’t know where they are as

One two two two nine se long

That the guy on route that he’s not really takes us to

Have to see if

I ask for it so it seems as if so happy it seems that seven of our bills will be back

You know someone

On you should be transferring to them previously happy to to jail six hundred fifty nine I will check

My seven three zero seven I have replied zebra is yo

But all twelve we have the original collars number in the hall I goes to voicemail when I try to call it directly but even

So he wondered

If you care to turn around the

Eighty’s or morning some of you know one thing and for you go for a sign and drive part yeah that’s probably some sort of tweak turned into a one incident or I don’t you know iconic or ever there’s something

Rather well known thirty four rich profit with them talking or

Having talking to him in court for seventeen overs

Well we fortunately are the recipe for sort of you know six eight seven for

George and he’s excited for a few eight zero eight fastest campus drive in and I want to hang out from building heavey floors and just an open line with them but pressing is a colorful billion

Copy very very beautiful very very we’re calling them right now someone force if you want several of our coffee at seven you know seven wrote not shark white males who sure bluejeans

Before a hug from a snowy is in a foreign a six five you can actually both be ten eight we’ve got a call to the always as you please and they are aware and taking care of it

This is sort of an Arginine fit for over there for forty one twenty thousand births are for people starting That’s all for the dog and one forty three a spread her job will cover up

To six a central visit

Or a welfare check it sounds like the ambulance fifteen


Are you headed that way for five

Is going to the

Information you

Want to have going for exactly one three one information on a reckless driver going to be found on EON from Kittredge almost getting other cars driving recklessly a silver Subaru Legacy one seven six boy Henry frank information at seventeen and I took a bunch of psych meds and also trying to fight no weapons and she’s continuing to follow all around the Father country or very wealthy first of all one seventy five southwest two nine Court robbery surveillance he solved in the fast lane he found Ross Island Bridge about it’s van not true that you have is something

The formation on a reckless driver last seen eastbound on West the circle of the River Highway from north west to find seven three minutes ago white four door sedan boy David King zero three eight zero out of Washington sort of NG is arriving to slow information seven hundred fifty dollars so medicals asking for police goes all

Of the going over there abouts arrest so to

Think of it some fool it for one or one hundred thirty three one for Jake is famous profits for a one South West twelfth there’s going to be an unwanted mail here is refusing to leave again for a while as the manager is going to be a white male in his forty’s and I’m quoting now no less than Favre one hundred three when I show you the penny eighty four and I started for Jake’s famous process recruitment hoping to show me confirming it was good and seventy five performance I three five seventeen twelve it was when they went for coffee sixty one and seventy thirty five of


So I felt well they didn’t copy or they

You know if I remember

The update I just got in a column from but Sauvie Island fire there was a dog horses dog no person is injured it’s

Something they’re getting money for money for money for during my start is going to show you to me from that and I don’t want to be a call

To fortune there of it were possible rebels are two of the alleys Grange

Oh well everybody here is OK or what we were we’re told we’re OK by five four cells are you ten I

Think you

Might like

By three five six seven hundred fifty one are you said four at various departments

What have you heard that be going on seven hundred sixty

Son of the friends for a girl daughter been missing for ten copies and not one alive

Hoping for more OK We’re looking for stand he is a white male three and a half years of age short brown hair is lasting more in a white tank top with a fish on it like blue shorts no shoes the other they’re saying is also a male now eleven white male four years of age and wasn’t wearing anything the last time it was my very

Own Free One was the one we’re getting in that a call from another female friend saying the daughter is trying to cut herself as well the complainant is waiting in the garage for seventy nine hundred

Fifty five area dirty work school for a good six month five OK things like we were going for the one for you and I owe you something

If you treat an eight and seven and I both well that son he’s only married you know one Kerry and other members Thank you know one guy and then he’s like well

Done it for any one more all the land or

Drop the good ones of a knife you want sub the one to ninety five ninety five have something for you DID YOU forces you on the just or copy the one at seventy one the north down through five how the silver Lexus have been theirs using unswerving organ to forty one requests next rates of G.’s one for through the cycle twelve I didn’t have that be at seven hundred twenty three


Thank you and I think

One eleven good

Caller from that college some point apartments falling back and would like an officer to call you

I’m going to send her phone number to your boss hold it with us do something funny for three her words then read every word every president Alvina seven hundred twenty four any traffic by thought of the office but not of the office and probably but

I got a message you’re from a D.C. that I know as the trooper is needed to access a office for the breathalyzer or do you know at the moment you are probably there for five hundred guarding

The plane it is a park ranger reporting a missing two year old who’s been gone for twenty minutes the Middle Eastern FEMALE two year olds being sure blue shorts was last seen in the central playground area very


And he’s

Going to clear this one right now only three

I do seven OK is a pencil a front line or

A chorus middle section or a perfect thanks seven for one checking your saddest I’m Jones for thank you so everyone’s happy are you still on that one call Yeah just right now

Thank you and if he’s any thing on the call that you’re responding says he does of us as you to know it three twelve

Years clearance was thirty three as it


Thirty three a six did you copy it any

Something pleasing I send it to you guys every

Fire is responding to you who are still falls for a hiker that fell down a ravine and were doing I broke rescue you like us to dispatch

Officers all

Five on five to that of the I thought it

We’re sort of our guys

Really are on

Says he was president we will says will OK well there I thought it floating fine on such a good three one one six one silver one apartments for seven seven seven Southwest one one so when the complex complaint years of male yelling about pulling his gun out anytime he wants he should be checked on but unknown which unit he’s he’s in and the collar is anonymous vision so he

Wanted one company says he’s ready to start the season here and here I won five to ten for level start of


Maybe another Air Base which is by three five

All right and medical is coming to three hard before Mormons not all go

Because for a reader wrote

Obvious on him that when the going rate with me suspect is still here eleven

That he’s are you unfit for traffic one for four for you for your own life five or six years if you’re ones yourself as well as use of a star seventy thirty one that’s less ready to force her into the building getting to the office he is currently locking away southbound on twelve he’s going to be a white male twenty five was sure carrying a laptop

That any other downtown cars in clearance are that way it’s covered but if you forward your coat or are sixty want to seven hundred thirty two you drop the Advance Auto or you go for your five shooters are you

Three four it looks like the subject has not last and is now trying to get into the bike room of this location which is in the back of the lot but it is

Only to her then for her for ya Are there any other downtown car things start that way the one form of the third three minutes reading of that when

It was four thank you I will show you have thought wait a minute so very far I can start them before I’ll show you that way as well thank you far far far for nervous fire seven hundred thirty four one thousand one hundred

And something thirty five eighty five it is a lot of

Young going to have to pull you and start you for six two three zero south with Haynes street it looks like there is a caller here saying here a child screaming and crying that he doesn’t want to do it and callers not sure what’s going on but he will be there to point out the actual need if from Arizona there are more

Than one hundred thirty six eight hundred four and I started out way as a cover for a day five

Going to be six to three zero south of us he three hundred thirty six any four five looks like medical is staging for your call so if you go on about oil and oil

For five causing that to come in at seventy three information on a whole the suspicious Wells Fargo it four five Northwest eleven caller says that there was a subject wiring a red jacket and blue jeans climbing up on the baffling of the building he’s now standing around out front information holding suspicious as seventy thirty eight one seven one seven five

Ninety through incremental recovering organ five hundred four and report to everybody to environmental confirming an offer but

Some think that it was a vote for the

Last four or three six for a very sort of you for

Joining prince of joint I see is

If you put in forty one three one three one you sort of a follow up the whole I’m going to be in we go one eight five warns of the force if you

Want to find one south east one six two at seven hundred forty thirty seven holler says in Laurel Hurst park they found a fifty seven camper parked on start between thirty seven and thirty eight is Occupy going to be a white sheet of Washington Lee boy Adam Henry seventy six nine unknown how many are in that it is

Going to come probably yes energy for a minute around you have to have a car and it looks like the caller is going to be the restaurant owner also

Groceries where I’m going to your M sixteen forty one

So what do you think I mean frightening parents and possibly help with a fetish over OK also have a less lethal dose long keep it off for now from perfect Thanks that is it for thank you had it that way it’s having everything what I have it is very good you

Know as you say


Some of the forty’s you nor Killingsworth information at seven hundred forty two but is in the central please so everyone coffee at Central at seven hundred forty phone number five zero three eight four seven four three three two how do you know if the horse service was or what

As far as I know the Forest Service was not dispatch and Mars responding and has river fire or something for you

So if you

Want certain surfing it’s only going to go yet looks like this

Well users essentially

See what I can do

Their phone number

You can call her

Get the

Number of a call taker although it says now the daughter walked out of the house twenty minutes ago and did not have an eye for for

Hispanic female nineteen

For description I have average height now average weight black shirt black pants they have no idea where she is she could be and they are

Two five five and so was your tenets of the time

Coming out of all parts


All five to this one race and that’s what we have the whole though and I get a

Sense he is already

On the phone going for I think you know him her even though there are those who will tell him not be on the cell phone is for the person that called in and they said that they’re going to be at the trailhead if you only saw her or something forty six information on a reckless driver from O.S.B. being a last seen five ago less than ninety four at Mile first thirty four to enforce a part but I thought charger three three zero Henry Tom Sam going thirty five to forty five miles an hour unable to maintain a lane information at seven hundred forty seven

At the Jacksons at three nine and start that in three four seven four four did you copy number four voted

Eighty three for this three four Yeah I’m going to start you know anyone for I’m going to tell you as cover so we started at the Wells Fargo on eleven was a gentleman earlier that was suspicious and crawling up on the scaffolding we’ve got multiple calls on him in the last little while he’s been moving from Hotlips pizza in a post office basically just screaming and yelling at passers by

And just basically causing a problem

When for them to move

So it looks like his last location is going to be at the lane

Post office she was eastbound in front of it as maybe a white male twenty five wearing a red jacket and blue jeans carrying a small white bag

That you put in if you for we heard of him her them we think

It is OUR I will say headed that way it was forty three for you to be my business I got if it

Was worth coming to me five to four I’d be more Were you able to help the trooper before you got involved enough I was

Thirty seconds away from me it would be

All right but when things went through those who are going to care

OK buy a few for just for this regarded

That as you for some people so we got voice mail and we tried to get a hold of your R.P. So the last location we have on them is going to be in the world her sparked by this we look at something or just have to agree that you are

Most six forty one percent very hard money five good interview or three you know

One four hundred

One for one foster seventeen sister were going through three for Georgia are going so it’s very very there six in Prescott is seven hundred fifty three

For her

And I for a mr you and a zero four I’m going to have to start just cover for the Roundtable Pizza one zero zero seven article of ours Heller says if there is a customer inside yelling try to break computers physically threatening is threatening to physically harm employees going to be a white male in his thirty’s was your hands brown shoes looks like he’s now out in the parking lot

Before Gabi please and a nice

Treat one for can some for four divert if they’re from the southeast side if you cover closer

To thirty nine in Belmont it’s a five eight six five

Are you able to clear from your NY lock and started cover for a round table piece at one zero zero South a spiral of art your hair your ordinary basic five and never mind you’re not really any closer to where I’m going on the freeway now so I should be there is that if our coffee at

Five thirty see

That it is for five we haven’t better or the slums will go

If our side of us like the original activation was an audible front entry motion and a

Cover for five we just got a good request to cancel they receive the proper code so you can be twenty

Four hundred

Eighty five right side of that you need a four now that it looks like this man has now lasted as locking force and Donal’s and approaching people on the street and the caller seems to think he’s still being very violent

Hates them for

Very going to do the initial thing hero go with a not for

The movie and I for copy Australia

I’ll show you how to force at Round Table it’s as he said you know for you could be any

Levy on the guy’s being not violent was an argument and

That he sees as a rope rescue medical a still coming the best access is going to be the horse self trail head and there’s a park ranger Jay Hastings who puts a number in the call face every developing part of that was broken for years then they no longer need medical tourism on the trail but they do need medical out of the ravine they’ve already added up the

Refuse no longer in the regime he’s at the bridge of our only on the trail of

A copy of

Seven hundred fifty seven there are five HOPE I see one careful mineral here as this one is from a waffle trail so I can locate them

Will has he of the

Seven hundred fifty one eighteen inches of morning at seventy

Second the critical track going wrong with him for six more seconds OK eighteen at jail that morning what are you going to be on

The Aryans or eighteen as you think you have if you hurry an important area


Coffee so you start there at

Five four five our folks are three one five six five Wal-Mart not as to the acting relevance of the store fighting with security

I know police have been called them they actually want to do you know

Probably aren’t

Ever there currently on a parking on should you out of Iraq and one of them black female the thirty’s short hair wearing a Granger white pants she’s with a younger black female long air Ranger wipeouts for five hundred fifty or something like down is using a three hundred forty three for copy to a thinking at eighteen I want to know from an area if I copy anything I want one a one in you car now we have a caller screaming that somebody makes them that person for coffee unknown direction why I should disregard the suspect if there’s no suspect information medicals or cookery

Travel well in holders

One through and or did you know from before that if you for your contact like you do from the phone to call when you told me there will be another three seven hundred seventy four you say you didn’t want to look year

Old near that and start any you know training reportedly there if you went north or south of here and I for it looks like the last location was long

Going towards a McDonald’s

You can find out why he says that this guy’s going to be overrun Starbucks you know for coffee All right a Starbucks seven for any I ordered you

Nine for a copy and I want to go on three of them when it really didn’t break anything just kind of rant and rave and I got his hands around the newsgroups so

If I know we’re in for the service call well they’re going to are quite well five to five all five do so I sound like we’re going to be on the upper horse trail or skillful chill number four thirty eight regular for integration I did not

Have any

Got you know in one to four going to Bible Students retirement center wanting to zero one NE two zero one unit age like Henry one very elderly female reporting that juveniles keep ringing her doorbell and going to the water company property next door we also want you to check on the elderly you know all of us to for you tonight

We can only answer

Anything I mean or


I mean do it for a second for once it’s written in a four five one six ne a Section eighteen zero five informationally two motorcycles racing with less penalty for passing forty third a new employee it’s easy to assess them for forward so for a year that’s a hard because for you you know

Nine forty four

You can you run off thirty five began a family service business you nefarious was us they


Over a copy of us going to hard to reach two servers at the US bank doing what

They want ducking around the building like they’re waiting for somebody to use the A.T.M. drop a U.S. bank near one of the two in stork nine five five concert they were there in at one time I think over three hundred five probably America five years or five

Years of ninety five I’m pretty close to that all kind of us roll through the area as well one three five copy of a provides if I read it now I will control for all of frightening place if I happy it will control anything only a guy about thirty five your

Blackberry baby

Blues or police or black now we’re back with and I’m back to that want to

Be white male in his thirty’s glasses being a blue shirt sleeve shirt and blackness we’re back where you know evil here

In the few

Copies cars are going to buy the

Defense and if I think you want to know that your nine eleven was a sort of in love and you know an odor to each please oh that was

Before just watch the forty third there’s going to be two motorcycles on either the left or right shoulder stop possibly yelling at each other

It’s been out there all morning that’s not even a deal until earlier today having a second thing

I did should address that Lancaster’s a handful

Of a tune plus got

Into the net force or we can all be clear you guys are helping a guy with and that’s what the A.T.M. machine

Info Call in this area earlier we’re going to go where you need something up

Doesn’t ring any bells

And I forty four which of ave I asked


I don’t know is usual of that us on death plot and are therefore for question please

It’s a report of two motorcyclists racing west out of the four forty third in the color so they may out pulled over and were possibly yelling at each other he wasn’t sure

Check the cameras in can’t see them by half and that’s positive they’re not terms you’re either should have a medical check just one cause of our organization what governing it will Yeah six zero four David Mary George got the

Call of the not very least a few that I know of here recently got it Governor recklessly around here

Reason for you and five Paul six still glance it was village Walmart two three five zero zero ne ne full of art there’s a strong tie in front of the store lying on the ground zero on that on trespass you’re going to be looking for a black male twenty to thirty five by then last seen wearing a blue hoodie and gray pants not violent heard

The governor

Eighteen thirty five zero zero zero to think

I fell sick to you tonight so I

Can go by ship so apparently they are for service ranger walking them out on the only on a trail so they are going to be coming out of the parking lot shortly having a three

Hundred four have zero three five of the ninety five and I think forty five

Or walk though were for every one of one was so good for each of those are for seventy four so I get one of them are for a female conscious readings of thinking of a couple of things there for five eight insisted that was you for coffee seventy four is your female complaining of your abdominal pain seventy four negative Miles thank you Andy

Information on holding parking call it a hate inciting to nine thousand a Lockie Avenue caller says there’s a vehicle parked here partially blocking traffic information on a hazard called Building favorite a four five

Control give us an E.T.A. if for five or chills still checking to see if the after hours people are willing to take a gamble we don’t have an answer quite as of yet

Anyone know you know in terms of them and anyone anyone at eighteen ninety five all five

Of all five do it for us whereas you miss one and three are there it will be careful so you can notify them they can leave what was the name of the team M.R. GRATION three Write them having

Both overheard who

Say So are you for the average station lost at sixty five north an average three dollars says there’s a Hispanic male

Sorry now I don’t race now standing in the doorway here possibly causing a service that are not being very clear just that he’s making people feel uncomfortable for me and he for Malan is there he’s all we have to discuss how it went from five five six one seven five five

Three with one on the current But a lot of it

I think burns on velvet to us one of the inflated favor of everything offices

Thank you and he’s done so far good for you one two for going to the seven eleven at one eight seven three five East Burnside street callers a Spanish speaker saying that subject to thirty nine acres so in a trove really touches daughter is still here used to blackmail or working on getting better

So her brother

Twenty four there is hard to sort of juries on what occurred a thing twenty four

Three four it is we’re going to search you and

For cynics for Southwest park in Madison colors as if there are six people chasing each other northbound five white males and a female says they’re yelling threats at each other probably from Green hooch favors or drop the three hundred twenty three forty four six another caller is saying that this is a group of street kids chasing people and kind of harassing them and trying to fight no weapons or scene but it looks like there’s going to be a black male and a black hat with a red tint and a red tank top a white male and a black ink and red shorts and a white male no sure

So it’s probably because like is he the victim was a six year old girl going through an agreement or once before did you copy them to

Her over her knee her one hundred

Eighty five and we clarify with color there was an import here from him probably also one six four one language trying to let you know when I don’t hold her here reserve I’ve also been sixty six you want to eat hundred twenty five

By sixty five but hold on

Her resume

And Hollerith watching from across the street is west bound for cars back yard not sure why last impossibly near the window is a black male in his thirty’s to forty years old black conjecture of the red shirt underneath blue jeans black shoes and his holding a white plastic bag that were forgotten even for the days they all have of reaching forms of elling you know about their non-emergency off their three fusing to leave and it sounds like he has hit

The daughter and her child that was your

Very and we could

It’s a five in Washington Park both of them for I marked clear let me now go on a run for him as on Vince Young the guys trying to stab people at the seven eleven of one hundred seven in Burnside if you were sick in the area if they cannot be at eighteen twenty one fifty three do they need more than one hundred three they haven’t asked I’ll try to find zero one two who are both or even have their back

Because for the seven eleven back to regular traffic at eight hundred thirty twenty one

Information Gresham is responding to a disturbance at seven eleven on Burnside subject has and I think is trying to staff people information at eight hundred twenty nine three nineteen where that last call you just mentioned the staggering number of thirty eight nineteen Gresham thirty one thousand it’s the seven eleven for inciting aggression OK it got me thinking it is very wrong

Nine five five plus four short her whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I’m just I’m reading it drop each and every one a three fourth activities

Before going over

Eight of our There are four if are you on scene at the disturbance at sixty two seven south west twenty six are you still on the previous disturbances are still the three of the Germans thank you thirty

Five three five eight hundred thirty two ninety six

Going to be forty or are going to apartments to secure a nine SE one forty fifty to ensure Henry seventy seven callers three subjects to commit or of a vacant apartment one of them is Blake white male late teens with Jeff around his neck a black Sure Second there’s a James White you notice thirty white shirt long incident there if you know with him as well other known tweakers who used to hang out in parking lot

My search for M twenty three and the call one thirty joint venture for copying one six three can you started overnight six five one six three six three overnight six five please if you are going to apartments on a Christmas just to secure a nice office one forty six unit each hundred seventy seven some subject to in the door to the department Doubly Infinites can show that you have a if I copy at eight hundred thirty three central company ninety three B. three nine one for easier three six of these Raymond there is must be a fourteen year old that had a seven year old on the head with a jump rope there that’s all I have to know OK a nice Virginia Governor that if in the press it’s a Taco Bell at one five in Star next door in the courthouse a lot too people are fighting another weapon but even starting on five pretty obvious young women force will

Probably want her to

Be going to hold their own or drive even as I’m for disregarding regular traffic

And Friday afternoon just cars that are going into talk about white five and start they are now moving west on on star the first one is a white male thirty five foot five medium belt black and red jersey that’s a Barkley on a blue jean shorts and a second one is a light being on thirty’s by the guy slim brown white striped shirt and blue jeans There’s also a third person who’s still in the parking lot wearing a red shirt and blue jeans and the first two are west on Star ninety five York member of the Dale

Ninety five stop being one one for three

Really one for three hundred one five eight hundred seventy five four seven five four seven very much they there on Highway fourteen now

Yeah Joe

These devices

Eighty four if you search you for a welfare check of the art department building it once Northwest Needle Park it looks like it’s going to be in it for three zero dollars asking that we check on granddaughter and son who haven’t heard from him about a week recently selling the same issues and they’re not answering the phone

Or the buzzer is going to be a scanner McBeth by twenty four ninety seven caller says there’s no history of mental illness probably

Of all five

So we walk the way of the only show here to meet up with a horse or a favor really with her clinical about him her like a homo of the earlier having

The one hundred three hundred one virus if you want to if you for one for seven hundred twenty three

How is fourteen about how while he’s

Got it in for detail assure me out of doors are you

Known for five easy for you three one Super Bowl for you and thirty three o six going to feel like part two zero five zero zero ne Marine Drive going with medical for a subject that was in a fight you have a review of

Eight hundred forty three friends having a party for and one hall holding up the writing previously picked out to back at the location

In forty four eighteen eighty eight and I went through a greater number here

One one one for two

Hundred forty one and three twelve

We’re going to find them in the parking lot the guy was fighting with his wife they’re separated now the patient is going to be a black male forty’s no sure base short bleeding from the face of fear struck her high brow beat it

Very sad for a hero when we find out what

All X. seven once a month searching for three one two seven southeast Belmont Street there’s a male here that’s been terribly running into traffic there’s also a second call saying that he was running around taking people’s plans out of the yard and throwing in that people possible mental health as you white male in his forty’s grazer clothing also had a bicycle with him savvy and is following the men have


On scene at these in forty six very holders of our Think I’ll show you that lady two point seven four seven mystery solved lieutenant governor and seven six by reading through this second call that we had on him it looks like he’s possibly headed west down on Vilma having eight hundred forty four six three four six zero eight three six thirty R.E.I. at one four zero five north west Johnston street Heller says it in the camping furniture part of the store there’s a possible transience male that appears to be passed out

Reading OK it looks like they haven’t really checked on him have police all feeling comfortable going any further Capito a certain degree thanks for that branch case is it a good

Eighty six she had it that way a three sixty or two car accident it wasn’t through building it’s Norm injury but one is blocked in really there for one three for the Rite Aid at one five five five ne division for him in total that the location has previously kicked out he was outside of the store by the water cooler going to be looking for a white male blond curly hair red Resul kept red flannel blue blue jeans possibly high and listed as

Post-prison he was on post presence of provision on an assault for assaulting an officer

Entrance but it doesn’t have a code it looks like it’s only for fire access so very well if you think it is if you north is asking if you’re available to start for the D. the market one seven seven one north east Beacon Street

And route such an over think that eight hundred fifty

Period eleven we call it the globe part is info thirty eight eleven copy I will in the juvenile call it will park at eight hundred six one seven Well if you six is a route this is your information about thirty though now I think a little higher two five three five southeast twenty eighth Avenue apparently there was a group of teenagers years hanging the swings around and intimidating other people not letting them use them information on a juvenile problem at eight hundred fifty OK for those going to the Shamrock suspect last northbound there were two subjects one is a black male about twenty five who wore a mask of some form of hers also a black male homeowners not very cooperative too busy conducting business with customers to be bothered about the description they did so they had weapons guns before him from twenty

Five to forty eight hundred fifty three

Different northbound have a good value for a general if we go


OK Oswego there’s a guy for I want to serve him

Right away because there are other one there for field work or no way so they were also very fair warning

Not well vote rather three no more of a fourth yes she has

Seven six I’m sorry I couldn’t understand any of that seven word working player we have five police officers here and we’re good for six seven six seven four four I’ll show you Tony


There you don’t have it

That is you for thinking the French I mean a new Cold War and call it in Iraq and he was you know that was you for coffee at eight hundred fifty four if I think it was if doing and anybody else going to think where pointed at him or me because Robert OK point is a handgun at the park the horses were already planted or in the corner just

Getting fifty five very eleven I’m sorry what medical staging rehabbing about

Eighty cities I see it is it is but before you have the video alone was it a male probably six foot six but was Bienville Blackfoot plants black long sleeved jacket and a white hat and put herself in customers I can’t continue what if the video right now black male search for planets then White House black long fleece jacket black pants for their viewing area check near left park for seventy seven Sufi’s ninety second caller spoke with a guy who made some vague suicidal to be moments and drove off northbound eighty eight in a red station wagon organiser for nice Frank Sam Paul is also a possibly little bit talks a good

Eighty six seven four seven four I think a break or going through her in board with George remember her on her her

Driving a yellow Plymouth place where Sam Paul five one four five got me anything that you’ve

Been talking through apartment over twenty one point two six or zero we want you six four zero never twenty one even

If I was expecting if I think actively

Six five seven

Six forty seven Marine Drive and one twelve instead of a pass along here that goes under

The bridge a group of I’m guessing truly interesting pacifies places about fifteen of them Hispanic males and hispanic females all wearing black and red

For seven Coffee vision

To go along


You’re going to go in some force experts on Park three four zero zero southeast Milwaukee Avenue L. female you’re saying she can’t find her child this is possibly a tall thirty four issues she’s insisting her child is inside of our There’s no children and they’re not able to answer any questions about the missing child given the age or anything like that that woman is a black female in a thirty then Bill fighting cop and black liking of our kind or someone calling an obvious very night and

Even fifty will shortly be right then Bill black pants black who both hooded sweatshirt and I read this baseball hat think of the running right jacket pocket what him

Feel like five nines in building black to red hat black and a member for United for the few hours we have a victim of the fry Mary just running around in the face of nine forty four no victim as far as I know this is also acting on information to an employee of the shoulder of the Junior Dr even if you have a nine seven four but disturbance reuniting few foresaw the eighty second killings in the caller’s jungle somebody is something about a stolen lottery ticket we’re trying for better

Vision of a

Merging of office very to fight the old an easy eighty call it nothing it indicates it needs heating oil for chicken I know three very

Think you and I seven for the front of the caller is involved directly

The other half you know is lottery ticket in cash no I was going out and the other person the white male in his late twenty’s red shirt in a backpack he does have an eye on his side but hasn’t pulled it out

There’s been one for in five weeks we’re just playing ball park right in the novel Well fuck off informal the ninety five joint

There was

The one for sixty on a night you know

Information arts and possibly river patrol responding to tonight on hierarchy Marine Drive for a man on a boat with a rifle and a skull Thank you no three lambaste cover for a river patrol going you know one five ne Marine Drive there’s a guy on a boat with a rifle and the scope there small nine hundred foot powerboat

Pointing the rifle back and forth at varying drive and then it are complete That’s house there’s another person on board that boat as well so it goes up north east down to eighty four West a few three and there is there is a second good on her part of her and just her

Mentor Farsi arriving

Center for


Six or seven dropping more Marines drive once you know just another fall not a rifle

A priority for on line at Starbucks three six three nine se all of our mail sitting at the tables outside yelling and shouting at people holding one thousand of our primary twenty two primary twenty two then there’s really nowhere that call do you have a good location for us but our

Marines call all over so we have that North responding Yeah airport is on scene already

Going to ne by three reasonably just six just fifteen minutes out by


To another car

Then a four and a four

Back in confirm

To the No three

You meet anybody up there so she can go jogging to that other

Three and you need an additional current seventy to start ninety here thank you high then of course I made three V.F. instantly from

Everyone and I just sixty

Five also go have

Twenty nine and zero zero nobody

Was going to go

Twenty nine industrial Thank you no seven

Thank you no seven were saying that it might be heading into the marina there although I don’t know

One has in the vicinity of the red one and found one right


We’re going to three hundred


Six or six but the phone is pinnings within seven meters of five five and Emerson

Your other car

Going to turn just

Sixty five

From eighty one

But if Johnny

There’s a pretty bad wreck eastbound I eighty four west of future eight officers are on scene and have a couple of the lanes shut down part of my route


Because probably heard of her

From a gas station

Oh looks like you’re on top of it he’s an office corner near a complex organism an unchecked why Mel church in France


Well we’ve kind of order

There and second all of it down there was you know there were

Six one seven

Five seven five

So I’m going to convert traffic off a through a seven five six seven No problems are faster people who are three to over appreciate it five for you

But if I just

Asked if I Think You Can one thousand times before way that is not a good spot to meet

When you know you weren’t you’ll see when Mark Karr and

Just looking at the water on the

Bridge of fire is going to

Fix whatever I tried calling the caller on this back and it’s going to voicemail

Ninety three actor drink nor a one nine ninety seven nights and white male drummer in a white fifty seven he took off so I will not be trying to chase him at all that he’s probably down closer to foster right now

Or go on the record X. ray Frank nor one nine nine zero seven nine from over two thirty in the area

Bunting twelve put weight on a

Picture Frank nor one I’m Jenny seven and silver Honda Accord four door it registered seven nine one one SE Henry

Ford five for a key if it isn’t already en route ask them to bring us or that you arrived at the block it’s really up there

But it’s I mean through they are in or out one thousand four

Minutes one for me and one of my phone and some for someone holding the cell phone you know Jeff and we have saucers and we thought


There are no

Running But yesterday I forty five with the

Device if you want to thank you for being what county of

For your nine five for the target all to a five ninety zero Southeast Washington Street but we’re going to go there’s a customer threatened to shoot employees is a

Blue vehicle similar to a four door Honda organ plate one five seven Frank David Paul heading towards the Home Depot of it circling the

Governor one for in Lincoln five for company

I five and I for the subject is a white female forty is a black shirt great aunt’s sandals carrying a green bag not of the vehicle and going to the mall on foot but not into Target and their special in there or that there were no weapons actually seen properly

Nine five Last Updated at this email is getting back into the vehicle and ran off one of them over moving it out of the water there right now

That moving

From I heard what you know or

Maybe a very yellow and white wall

Is about it

Having many already had visual I think

Got a nine hundred fifty

Six films are just really you know it’s very very euro theater medication very vulnerable Dr starting medical check it’s my thing that I should have seen these mics move obvious that’s interesting I think it’s not sixty fifty not

Yet so awesome three six bars a full recovery overall for eighty eight and read was what was introduced

It and read away information that I think all that I welfare check will be informationally at this point Southwest six and

The new and Main for three people on the northbound yellow or green line train from this location is that was the Expo Center train it was a four year old male wrapped in a light brown blanket and a three year old female with think they were with an even male in his twenty’s a four year old said something about Father using heroin they also had a dog with them information only one thousand seven hundred ninety three jerking is the fishing the radio

Working for

Free right and so very

Few phrases check your status those getting Yes and for that where

It’s like if you

Have a hit and run involving a small black sedan possibly a Nissan information he’s voted for shut down to zero seven information at once you know so for four

How’s it out as early as March then incremental Well I’ll think of her

Service just making a point the board with

Some one six ten I have a heart for having

This as you noted informations of these division into seventh Avenue on a Camry was running lights and swerving had no plates on southbound

Southbound on one eight on eighteen on two seven going to be a black Camry nine hundred twenty

Five all

Of it is when it goes right into a fifty cars back and forth along stark information one hundred twenty five Mary nineteen you still need to land officers hang out in the area then once they can you can be on that seven honey in NY Lakin show me dealing with the mean time

You need any more of the lane units to hang out or are you in contact with the boat so we measure contact and the Baldwin

User hang on for a minute I’m giving situated are driving making one hundred twenty three benders and did you see who you were out with I didn’t catch

That part sounds are out of the servants were those were enough

Servants one hundred twenty you can for a PATRICK NOLAN born in seventy two or cautious about fifteen minutes ago city drink two fisted hard liquor are difficult time staying awake not saying is who suicidal or homicidal though again we’re just using medical medical is not on scene thing route from a medical is an

OK Tommy you know and that’s the same as the earlier call you know the ship my forty five

Ever figure I’ll talk to a big five accounting clear and go for cover for

Covering one hundred twenty three eighty six eighty six visits to fairs and around

Thank you thank you very far as I’m

UN fine for the New Seasons Market sixty four hundred North interstate

Subject to eighty six of the past

During the OUTFRONT Frank Fisher white male early fifty’s remains well kept green shirt jeans and you know if you get aggressive physically aggressive that

Five for a kidney

From everything OK fine unfortunately how do you think

Right before the answer for are there any has three or more other words or a correct

Oh that’s right this or a semi and ninety four looks like there was just a civil standby from the earlier about eight hundred thirty covered up information

Four County votes three a second information of a boat drifted off of Columbia River just east of I five

They could tell you who saw me in Larry’s but their phone died so we can’t get any further

Care three four four five ne eight to five of those of you Jean in was willing to buy proteins that about the weight of that employee to North felony to a black hole of the court similar to in one thousand seven point if you’ve been around me in your thirty’s with a dark colored dress know much more problems or

I think

They’re running every so often some of it not it’s real for anyone else to have all the friends over for money for the Klan cover your smear job that’s rising from his often do you think there’s any I we

Never can clear a pin in from the north or earlier and

Since any

Of us just go on and I don’t forget your status

Because four seasons were nineteen twenty nine five four

For certain you for an action or injury two six one for ne one three one avenue there’s a male who who who run remembers what was run over by a vehicle is still there but it was already en route by her partner who wants that by force for good that answered you want another car

Five five your best George I’ll be in around nine five I was George also John eighty five is the first

Disturbance and I’m for two zero Southwest five three Avondale unfriend this location hollers arguer she said next arguing about a car stuck in the neighbor’s yard no description except for the cars will still be from center a nice car with a place

The importance of

Archiving such as reading for the form of

Every five

To five maybe traffic but we’re going to be on various Just north of Lombard with Oregon three five eight Henry ever two cards it is that all around white male cities have a bill aren’t sure and short unknown colors there’s a tattoo of a flame on his left arm that he was also hitting out Nevermind that someone got the from if we also got to a certain part and you start across the way things yet in Washington seventy four

And four for you copy oh yeah joysticks in the old days thank you thirty two but with the day it will be eighty six with another of the

Ridge across from transition copy and are the Broadway Bridge crossing the transition one hundred thirty Gio and sixteen fifteen are directing your status well for the go for it’s I think three two seven six five three seven four four four John the national for cover so six seventy four AFI seven four four enforce extending party for holding suspicious call it is nine seven and still about four minutes ago now our callers a reckless driver doing cookies in the road almost or while she’s walking

Less than a month for foremost thing with a plate similar to zero to four Henry Willie Baker which is clear you know that she’s asking for information on holding call and I think thirty eight three six eight three six you know any three four nine on hang up call it that way one zero one Northwest two ave no just an open line with sounds of traffic in the back twenty three months if I were right there will take is some

Ari three six twenty got a thank you from you and thank you thirty four

Before I just learned are a quarter by record remember Morgan for

Me in front of the Morrison apartments on friends I’d like you to

Think he’s that Morgan place

Got it much much more since coming from the Morgan Place apartment and reside So I think thirty five five hundred twenty three by five twenty three

Looks like the van was less seems going south on it’s a

One hundred sixty

Nine pursue

An argument every once in successive Brooklyn for your nine one four on a Friday just servants at you five three four Ave three minutes ago for the occasion our colors are there was four or five people in a white truck there in our hosiery male vs female verbal saying not available is walking away was non-rational he’s a black male thirty with a refugee in blue jeans

Working out of the three so it’s like he’s eighty six and information on a call holding Fred Meyer burrowing game priority for welfare checks seven five five five plus for every poll of our ten year old female and your panhandling no adult seen around them all and I think you thirty six not think before I fell and I searched for

Record remember my world record world record apartment

Were more for burn like you than here are who or where it was your preference it’s ninety days of an American forward area that you focused on and there was a herd of artists not just were disregarded

Nine seven five surfers It was a court of Hartmann’s OK when I went over

They were generally very good have about

Thirty eight

Monetary never thirty and and one hundred thirty eight

That’s before reform blackmail drove around St Mary’s trying to hold her or walking all her strength couple of an editor for Black mills of joy because of us if I didn’t but I feel trying to scream I’m ninety four when I was offered a very best Those were just grim uniforms nice and I for blackmail like your wife were short on for requesting more rumor mill and gray shorter wiser Turner

Richard were

Black male white shirt and black blue shorts and a black male who sure was nice of rough residential

Lot of reviews and he’s

Very very happy that the forum

Oh dear

Broken up and one of them even work around

Jovi one of the folks booking it was posted of a one of them heading west on how many were crazy maybe just an X. in the winter court maybe one or two Part of the forty robbery or out of place Roger Tom Baker do them who are trying to play only descriptions that he’s wrapped in blankets

Farting if it isn’t six bricklayer will take their welfare check

Thank you much you know for eight for six zero point nine my disregard if I won one hundred forty one I thought with an uncalled for here

Duffy Talking to force I see forty one then sixty four

David and I guess the other want to jump

Ship for thought is that even though it was

One forty three four you still may go over there on the back Oh thank you

Nancy for those of you sorry for jumping eyes of foreign ones of the kind


In fact every night before one of our shows that

You are going to be actually

Got about five or ten

Logic that you will use once

And I mean five them a day on that you might say he was I think rational


You know you

Was your carry on property hall that you and we agree on it everything I would probably receive

A chance to copy and one forgot to take it off and put on your song not just you for not just for the problem on the site looks like he’s back in the winter for some a conference room and some in the car present for coffee

And nine seven four but on those one

In socialist

Twenty three one hundred forty four nine six after the Georgian electronic Well I think

We’re all

Probably one number

So I think we’re warmer we’re

Jumping in a green hold US number inside some force a fight with the Senate people going to areas on his shoulder in her own

Sort of words you’ve got the Senate yeah during the course going north on one fence I was

Probably going to arrest them for just going

Yeah but just if you go around him instead of you know I don’t have that right


Nor going no one is you sure I’m

There for

Her having you know again

I first got recruited card and the first six I have you with an A R

And a thirteen a copy to call series and I got it thank you nine hundred forty seven single

Copy that eighty three for you have it for six and eight of are do you want anybody else

Mourn the number of our inner thoughts on

That Yet I get a free feel for I mean of those of it Broadway noir the street that comes off of the underpass right there under the probably bridge you know for a driveway and point

For through your

Store and it’s right in the forty three and one incident something to me

Happy any three four or is this going to be a black males of his ball he lifted his shirt to show the color of the gun he’s associated with a tent that has a bullies or flag

And we are still on a line I don’t have to have a collar thinker transfer the call feel

It Off organize car go in around my station way and Marshall area to try and get on the other side of the days I don’t know about it for six and you get out

That station way and marshaling if they can are found and you had and there was five zero including a reckless driver lesson was learned are clear in what resident of Oregon plates of insulin seven John Roger Paul driving over the road unable to contain information I think for the night some four four three and seven or six The servant se one one and walking was found two subjects physically fighting black male wearing a black hoodie and a Hispanic knowledgeability shirt no weapon



Six at home the African on of that seven six copies of and or for and I

And many of their goals are some parsecs and I

Thank you

One to four per Bacco

One or

Let us hope that if you go for it and I said fifty brace

Can you advise on that or do you want me to find your governor

Thank you if you want any of or what they were take the position they’re in a position to get eyes on let me know if you can do

The first a drunk position or you know they will get eyes on from you have walked up oh it’s right if you want to

Know what he or where even if you come here or immigration there is a voyage answering the call the meal I made the request I’ll make it again thank you

Very close or five how many should have somebody in or out

Behind it significant She says that she’s a feature it and she has a don’t tread on me flag and that’s what they were reacting to they didn’t like her fly therefore just read Vogue and we have a game and on it I think at this point where is the way in so we can talk of the color of their elephant on for her first ever copy containment on the camp waiting to attack first chance of a collar and I’ve made the request again someone think you’re recruiting three Indian for the off area

Some for parts and

Therefore easily and I work in just the way I want to open it one happy that I still can I use on I’m fine I’m three forty you can call it ninety five ninety four there is a juvenile hall holding one hundred first and you guys are ready for it you know when I both of those are pretty old and eighty so they can be lowered

Three died when I was out an update on the Juvenile Hall the just the other harassing the car line and her husband will be there in your thirty’s that was an engine for visions of the looking for canine information canines you

I have a training camp here under the Broadway Bridge where AG I flashed a gun at a collar you think you could start for that convoy

Beginning it’s

Run for four years or benign five safe way to our north is one to two avenues if you visit just us e-mails back and chop us now she’s a regional Moyar But if you know twenty one of the Black Friday green cargo pants just walking on one two two

Five five one through to mash devices you know

Before info

So they’re headed north bound towards NATO as a six foot four tall black male wearing black shorts and a white T. shirt yes what appears to be a Glock tucked in his front waistband is with a female who’s a white female four foot eight approximately wearing a red shirt and she has supposedly a thirty eight special on her left hand side there headed north and right now copying it in are found was a male wearing

Black shorts white T. shirt and six foot four emails for a while and read sure it would have died on these

Things were five we have eyes on them from our location we’re writing neither of these right like rich they’re like they might be walking our way

There on bikes

We’re going to have your wages

There But you know copy on an emergency off day for six will have gone NATO from knowing

How the NATO alliance south facing five challenges ill run for a night or five on the ark Well having an emergency are challenging in front of nine for five on a Don’t nine hundred fifty stop now guns are going to face a

Guns facing our plastic are coming and police found a five they’re soft and they’re down around they’re being compliant is for on the ground client permission I think it’s three six by six thirty he’s close one three and tell he’s first post one three of Powell who has a for example OK yeah Kemas way

Yeah doing Jesse’s budget is shooting the one eighty four News boy and his associates when their house here

Three D. to deny one three a just north of and I’m not sure exactly what the men do with it yet but there’s just some people here and then the five guys on it will make a decision and it’s to associate they’re also wanted nothing’s getting

Done For starters all night

Every night five because

We’re going to take custody of them we’re going to have them walk back towards us northbound So if the teams who are south of the subject can stay out of our

Of the firing range

Three four thinking has to be having them walk backwards northbound teams south of the stay out of town range and if you for I’ll need at least two more for location please or

Two more for Cassadee

I think for CASSIDY One My eyes are for

Knives and for you know it’s a once in a photo by seven five and you know you’re in for nine three five is for others and if I see checking out a slumber and a black or white car the second of our cars it was like an old cop are running from five having

You in your arms more in cedar she’s got both arms out she’s not what you know she changes her

Story that we’re going to Eman Journal fact on the right


Nine for four days you talked about off the lead nine four four we got a call back from our complaint saying the female has an eye on everything not running with it should be on her head OK Did you have a complaint on a south side of the link please copy of the

Horse you’re going to

Call for to go ahead traffic

Dr Jeff west of the very very edge

Victor yellow boy victim from what’s the start three bridge on Sark twenty

Five six I heart you know five six seven the incomplete service seven forty five north G.’s probably went from probably twenty three three six I six three six five six So again the one guys didn’t have to be one of the guys we had easy for the shooting and there’s a gun in the car again from the other guys

He was unable last sighting weren’t sure if they went inside this apartment or just around the back but I have three officers close up on the back right now the one male intensity one male is P.C. for a shoot for the shooting and they got to the car he came from

Or sure of the other one into the apartments are ours on either side of the city of three officers posted of act and three suffice if you want to

Yeah you start one county he said I can I was monitoring on the side very Going further away and I didn’t go calling several of them no I don’t think anything of the carriage officer on that very few cleared by the if you’re still going to need me that right now thirty eight and you can you tell me tell me that if Or were you one time you were both or you can have your back you know where you know for coffee sixty one times to you and back to regular traffic funny or five day one of the guys I think is divine

Trace element his car

So we see him wanted to know



One fifty in his cornrows something like Well five six with corners

He goes

Of course

But he goes you go for twenty six

Point five a go it very hard way north and leave an organ one

For your partner an offical reason parts of the baseball that SE three and

Thirty four I can reveal if it will copy you or me to keep your laugh on hauling us leave some for including in the car for these are what I do if you could start and off the start of Leslieville from a further ways off

For coffee eighty five if you start for that you know it’s a long ways off some of your other thirty eleven I was doing is going to be somewhat less lethal it’ll be very good in a moment you know that you’re OK eighty five I had a clear on just when you know if somebody is closer

Thank you seventy four this will be a female my male she then built sports rocket off shore and she went into a gray with retrim tent sitting on a pallet and Belmont again was sitting parked cars with baseball that therefore I will be going here shortly and you can serve me had that wife you know for a minute twenty only


Cents over of course we were all the razors are so small it will be the number of them for for copies street racer area still quite busy twenty nine point three eight hundred for you in one through eight doggie’s nine zero one South West Highland Drive in your number K. dollars medical on a dock by

The docks Miller


You can you try to get ahold of him

Well the void that this

Guy going to a can meet tonight

Nine hundred sixty price if you want it’s when he can be cute to one

Twenty one bear his who has a four five four nine four five one five zero zero Knights of these are volatile main are colors doesn’t present

You wrong medical for a guy that is rich with an exact and I says away from him now future in front of a

Company generally for we can meet a

Tailor and maybe I’m OK and I was very edgy go to that on every fiber of you he far if you were the other half of us Dave is going to be a white male in a sixty six three wearing a gray T. shirt and shorts thinks he possibly was a Number one nine hundred twenty five

Or twenty three I’m working until are happy and again Taylor

The female fighting in the parking lot

Of Park Boulevard men who’ve on scene requesting for fifty five How did you factor in only thirty five Sami to rise and I do you have to transition tween me and five also into I did it a natural thirty five so if I think

I mean twenty thirty

Thirty three of

You know this assertion to her than you are you are going to join our callers are stolen vehicle being driven

It’s a gold ideals of the aura organ played nine four zero John George Lincoln Tom other places back on a show you mailed to but our caller is now holed up behind it it is

And the fight that on should be on is give you had only get every five four and I have your other Washington for working on the official Exactly

Fifty five out of we’re talking to Michael so if it is OK but I just if I was you foresaw these players actually where they landed

Sort of forging forty five to forty six and it would have you covered the used parts that it does nor

Who have a five in right field manual but

I thought maybe I made a dozen with animal control or anyone working time with you know

One thing I might have

To resist to do that earlier it was pest control and they were supposedly en route nine hundred forty

And one for eight for yours animal troll is not available as a solution is

They respond once you’re on scene if you need them every night for four by four

Looks like our callers are there is actually going to be a gun in the home there but it’s secured and it’s separate from the ammunition and the husband does not know where the I mean engine is located I forgot to sort of sixty

Forty five I’m assuming that across Asia are on our way

Because on the way

Scary or just behind the max again this is going to be training three southbound on five two males earlier have to stop the train farm think will be in the area and still do it again

And I’ll be a black male thing top brown pants and purple backpack and light skinned twenty’s and all black clothing and to clarify they are grabbing the back of the train while writing birds

Our never included call for your car and for Mary

Six and six were both sides

I know I’m trying to get use I can tell you something all right but I’m trying to follow up

One seven more of these with the section that’s related to my call incident one person X. eighty six X. or

If you’re

Not occupy the land office and Frank you and I got

Someone six not me thirty eleven if you want to stay on it if anything

To cover a buck or a fist fighting over to enable her to do

It by six happy at twenty one hundred one seven five five seven four six four for her we need it anywhere

I think we have plenty going up to three and Belmont got the why don’t you have him go in clear a high six I think me ready kind of

Yeah I just want you five six now we are to have five cars without them so they can be clear without replacing them but if anything and

We were different remember we were all born we’re going to

The front office John and it’s going to be a nice resource office with

Exactly that offer him so if you want a moderate degree or a building or both but get another one here that if I was around

And I were for that play turn his back does that clear on

Two thousand dollars it’s once you put me in just a five I’m not first to drive the for the fall

It was less we went on the ice for the better that are going to be five to nine it’s like forty nine you can be ten to

Twenty twenty one but they’re going to counteract that a lot of the side of our

As we waited the seven eleven for seven and Hawthorne wealth actually for five and who often are

I’m here

For a coffee and a central

Idea of anybody available northbound I four or five just south of exit to Beaver Everett on the right shoulder dark blue minivan lost around in traffic the vehicle stopped in the center divider they think they’re going to try and cross and they possibly might need help with a tire How different is not I have no one available thank you twenty twenty do thirty eleven where losses now again

Ninety four are you conclude from coal eighty nine thirty something will go with a primary

Well this is

Not the First off you

Have accident

Or if you’re covered before

With a color return to figure it out I think it’s going to be a little deal

With the car prosecutable to

Bring it on it will be continued for people fighting for it is clear

Well Jonathan only

Everything you do as well as our delivery of the whole incident number one five six nine zero five

One fix if any more help us out on the crash for available is

There you are trying to figure out how to turn around the work the hormone now side that made you want more districts all district officers down there I’m sure

You’re not happening for somebody for very far or I’m Gene over here with me going to do injustice or

Even you know they’re


For a split second you know OK I’m honored you know only to contact a black V.W. Golf license plate five for six Frank uni

In Yankee who is it the Alpine Meadows apartments information or call holding twenty twenty five very making sure that an arm of the back we’re


Far from during three of us about there we don’t even know yet only you know if there is British drivers twenty twenty six seven fifty three moment when you can

See if this person is a traffic calming down three four I think we should go on top for now just give us give us the are still copy continuing with time are

Very few no more I can arrange arriving twenty twenty five time nine twenty AM on if you know them or you can figure out where you are going out when they get there OK you know if I do is right you go give me thirty metres there you point to what you know

Five hundred ninety when you would really see all parking on a major form by George one two that were

That good hour to say what village city hall

Or thank you all right media center camera man of the free

Media monitoring it’s with village city hall five film and you’re thirty stories when you know the information shows Rosarito atrocities or if there’s if

There’s a player hand there is no doubt they will take their cameras they can see both but central heard on your camera see if you can see this is I want to ask you about our Found eye for a five south every blue many van Tom

Thank you for the people in front he’s not out to see you know not want to come out we’ve got this we are Jane out front with us you’re

Doing fine for a fair part so I’m seventy six or curvy basis by the GO choosy office or

From the west side of the park may be associated with a black pickup truck that’s parked over there in the grass think they are full of evil and possessed by demons and are ignorant of their horrifying or her self or others and are surprisingly asking for US Take a look at the call and see if it beats being present


Some of your

Six three four

Or three to northeast Highland Street complaints in your old are out of control full thirty four years you certainly get violent who are right where she actually the mom throughout Mr Allonby even

If I knew them all now most every earth now and then will will have it you need reasons inside won’t come out there cuz it imageries inside not coming out and in custody that’s when the thirty

Minutes ago of ours are tied up pretty sixteen able to go in on a


I had at one of their holes like

That on the right shoulder northbound here all the basics you got me that we got a twenty thirty three ring the mom out the front how you bring them out to a front

Room and Frank have on the House of job loss job I mean are

You Sick want to thank you sir you are very nice for five min to call starters nine one one hang up at the seven eleven seven five zero on some of these things you ave and read our booking calling in across risk in front of the owner raising young in the back yard someone refusing to leave

Preferably the ones you fight as the problem person is going to be a black male with a beard and a white scarf or the dark T. shirt and dark blue all shorts and over

Five hundred twenty thirty five forty or her friend here and will be there

One for it will take it one for me as for

The ones you are you have a description of

What really works

Affirmatives sunny thirty five if

We got there are

Three and they’re out of the man of travel hazard

Happier than twenty thirty five three six I six really onto something it’s just me two year old US there is sleeping and claim and you other Demetrius and then another guy named Val when three were one thousand

Happy one inside Taco Bell


The vowel inside it’s twenty thirty six Elvis in your watch and T.V. in the problem

You have forty five when you have a the call you need is right where it take other call you’re trying to transmit

Nine for five and ninety five will play for

The furthest officer but have a

Cell phone to find I can think that knowledge might

Be ninety five an hour for you with these anyone

Feel free to try to call the meters now the other guy we just want to contact him and I’m down at this point we’re not going to add but they’re free to continue to try to get him out

I’m afraid it’s over now and therefore if I were job there were too many

For five coffee or Reggie swerving speeding cars if you would have to avoid him information twenty thirty five We need you now as is

If you know that in

Fact there will

Be holding the one six they go on for you on one five eight The Albertine occur every group home one zero one north east one six four ave gone is medical on possible suicide car think she’s taken some pills probably

Twenty thirty eight five all five and two who then ruled her for you I don’t have any sort of verify after one seven for

He’s warns you

Nancy for you couldn’t last without him and I mean that call again I just forgot you and out of office on the thirty one will be calling for the meter on you know

Five of them to our supervisor tied up under Jeff and the number of your box covered you deserve hopefully five hundred seventy was a here’s the way the number we are pleased that number is nine seven one six seven three eight two two zero two twenty forty or so before people up on the bridge

Twenty nine three for checking your status ninety four check your status ninety four check your status paging area I ninety five ninety four her fire must be tiny

But in order for her her parents her to have her list of money for coffee Thank you it’s twenty forty three and I just got the Senate as well a call in Highlands primary

Regarding what a violation of the gate with was apartments one one nine nine one zero ne Gleason street you know number one one seven about two minutes ago a male who our caller there’s an order was being on the door trying to get inside Jordan for the rubbish believe he’s still in the building is known to be associated with the vehicle subjection be a key going how in the blackmail twenty five dark with dark blue jeans jacket jeans running order on that

Forgotten one thirty six

Ninety five shopping but

I see five that you copy

This twenty forty four are there one for

The servants for you any two for Northwest you chewing journey there’s a

Male chasing people yelling at him saying he’s going to take his aggressions specifically out on white people and out of a drunk or high going to Hispanic thirty to forty five six gray shirt and shorts carrying some barrels of a

Day one for having

To drive America to me and ever right now I can cover

Eighty four and I think we’re going to money forty five ninety four we senators are those that want to thank you for coming home for the vulnerable

Twenty forty seven if it

Is there’s five and twenty four seven information out of her the whole party for holding holding her before do we call it Sufi’s Harney and to about twenty minutes ago on her New York heartland there was a view ultimate Sadie’s organ play movie Lincoln had word one seven a park idling our caller was saying that they thought some of the shot of a didn’t actually happen and sort of a try to drive information on holding thoughts when a forty eight

To me contact with a guy here they can suicidal say was going to set his apartment on fire

Or get all this location information based on his cell phone which is a prepaid phone unfortunately sitting within forty some odd meters of this address from the moment a serial killer in a quarter will think their phones from an include first six of them for advice and vice and find one for coffee thank you but as you just enough they are the meters on your i never came out so we sent mom and we get if you’re also now and then try to get him out again most right now something jockey images Rosalys from survive back in to try to give nothing new yes twenty forty five of them to where you took their five or six songs in that adamantly who that’s reserved to cover we want five also been through a treasure to dentist chain I thought address

Well you very clearly George you know from closer one of those other cars you can but will not let me go

Safely one zero one zero Southwest ever send security is Washington two subjects on The Jeffersons side being verbal with each other possibly talk thirty four issues on them track down please

Is research is a government there are two percent you still want to cover

Or great cover live for five got to go for


If you five results rule for sure if that’s yours so the YOURSELF YOU Starfury for the candidate

From the search is over

In one three five having the sort of fifty one juvenile trying to get on the gondola votes and cut them free and now they’re hitting golf balls at the club at people all white males in their teens clothing only clothing as a white shirt and resorts and somebody else in a white shirt court Grand Am help them force a coffee from Hawthorn in one hundred fifty one

I don’t want to

Cover a hole or do you want a career goal over selfless ones or on salmon on one zero there’s a male standing in the street yelling and throwing things at cars and he also threw something at a guy who’s Jenson least blowing in the parking lot he’s a white male then Bill White and Red straight tank top possibly carrying a cellphone

Well as you say it’s a hope that you’d be available for Easton that are seven one zero secs out the stark Street firm

Obvious if they ever if you do sex with them yeah you know you’re waiting for that they were grab my camera even back right now I think what person

Taffy that

For six years after they were travelling

By force of fork the cod hides my ray of male and female finding that it is nothing holy one for helping one taking care of their own program twenty fifty four I just refuse if your search twenty says you for

One hundred reasons

It was his or Gleason never if I would just quote after we become aware and picture perfect for

You like

Were around for a month or two in front of your sleeve should I think it’s most to say or maybe read short stretches of like email thirty

Route across the

Governor’s Office for you to answer if I seventy five your mail map is a Jamal King I’m like Bill twenty one skinny and on calling hold the one year old with her if i’m fine unfortunately everybody left both directions different versions that are meant for copies of arguing back there now

There’s a

Good answer you can find one for you a little further out see any idiot for five more easy India frolics mail in a truck he’s doing U. turns to cheese another male tongue but he’s a blue twit pick up truck or tranny a better or

Five nine four from fifteen wide

And looks like the guy on foot is a white male in the city’s gray hair green cap and brown jacket transience the one in the truck as it’s been a real retaining talking shorts

Moving like one story

Is out of our side of the workers way back and there’s a lot of us I

Thought why three to

Three was talking that you know once you for your

Thank you they’re OK I want the background noise I heard your loud hailing from out back when else was there he was gone

For me on this you know we face some of the houses

Demetrius says he’s coming downstairs from the second floor

To eat she does not need to be checked on again Patty The second is eighty

Six So they profess one if I see during that time he’s a

Very free for thank you for still holding their

Hands where you can see the

Six I’ve got the six I seventy

Five They just connected with us no answer on the call back to see the utility right very significant nine hundred

Sixteen fifty nine OK So we have their back yeah I think they’re effective All right regular traffic

Coming to you live George thank you and thank you I’m calling to tell fifty five I’m twenty three I’m not doing anything I’m going to reject sixty five grumpy when I want to

Then for five

Themes and four and six are friends that will check to three trees I said in south east one zero day and here is current in speaking of the singer is now trying to force her way in China hold door shut


Thank you both at Home Journal for their sergeant cover remember why I can’t thank you five or seven twenty one zero five zero zero zero and I thank you for way color is very difficult to describe the location has no idea what roads that saw a cyclist wife out on the side of the road classical lying your violin grass didn’t stop check on refused any better

Person coffee look around for

Your good vising on the afternoon out for your kind of affirmative local color and look around and all of us

Twenty one six eight three six sorry November seventh review

Eighty four at one three zero five loveless once you ave at the consulate of Mexico in Windsor bring a possible call for the first subject on top of the roof which is just very high ranking the one thing she’s intending to jump to me a white female forty to City’s purple or blue shirt gray Caprice

Three six from twenty three and really

Before very frank and I have

Seen a surge emerging this

It’s time for intersects

Where we have to go or liners Thanks Sam The twenty one of those and number forty three thousand two hundred seven twelve the servant told I want you to holiday he plays hollers adult sisters of a meltdown calling a twenty one

Sort of a thing

We’re going to do in a seven and he thinks it’s F. I dare reporting that the alleyway on the backside is the best access to either see her get her the remaining on or at the sirens out these are inherent in the in the right thing going the wrong direction at one point it’s a black B.M.W. a black Mercedes and a black sedan always very loud mufflers as he’s done for anyone only forty five off or two between a six zero seven Edward Union and

How to play one only or broken relationship that’s the thing well I make a lot of all of those read my air eighty second Avenue

Tonight if I if I have you on a service now that is

More I have

Done five for twenty one three one two two four East historic longer River Highway on a natural female that’s eating now they’re from Asian twenty one I’m fifty five and

Sixty five is really get behind a white no plated wait

One minute

Ninety S Subaru around eighty six when pressed you know this we know walk round every Azure’s lot of them and that is on your mind and then walk in there

But county boundary line a silver smaller Toyota or Honda

Parts of Washington plays oil clean C Very

Similar steam color so they get smell I’ll call Search ph survey showing twenty one

Point media northbound and they and westbound and then I lost

You know I got out a block walk and I have north of

The block like a half

Forms of ice or Ameri also overworking was a high frequency in the area that the F. there is a computer interaction between twenty one it came out of you know how



Fifty five coffee house one hundred six and Prescott and thirty six hang off

Six revive addresses

I’ll get back to my second address is four five one six eighty six and the guy that was there for you know he’s gone Carter during chambers for nine hundred eighty five

Before five one six ne eighty six Jordan chambers for nineteen of eighty five and twenty one

For eight hundred and six for five he’s associated to seven zero and nine in North he’s never seen a carton go out over there in between here and there has been like if you are dive into that just

Yet this was a summer in air six or six coffee you look around over by seven and I ne everything if you zoom or

Think about it’s intimidating information

Possible do a driver that was all over the road before pulling in two thousand acres to ninety nine thousand acres road to walk on if you’re the information only twenty one fourteen

And I have you in five six seven start for bridges and seven one six ne Marine Drive the caller is saying that he’s being attacked by a German Shepherd copy Rosa Parks or say


It looks like your caller’s going to be a white male sixty’s seventy’s blonde hair in a ponytail wearing a floral shirt and tanned shorts and it looks like a female took off a dog left out on bridge and he thinks that she lives somewhere in the neighborhood and is refusing that it was described


Seventy four and the color mutinous No there is I think that the jury

There one of those cars and how to meet us here is hard for me to think you know and all carry around you with just the gaze of the bicyclist now and I didn’t want to think who are in all responsible dog call thirty

Thirty nine hundred

Meters or somebody that has driven home till

Anybody from the less I have access cities ninety’s I think worth all the Steelers dream but if I think I’ll show you at this stupid call five percent of the journey I will be at twenty one sixty

Five off as you say

For the infantry thirty three zero six zero for the guys on who are

Coming from so seventy

Six or seven six or seven the surges covers are six five seven to one zero four two two ne Skidmore street looks like we got an activation from a panic alarm at this location probably going to

Tell you anything except for you give me a frank and cover when you say five five

Six percent

And you can be twenty thirty

Twenty one eighty you know I’ve won six

You know the having a clear in the apartment regular traffic of twenty one twenty one nineteen if I think being gentle M.R. reject heard of the transports you are really that is the one thing good for five thank you

So much

For the Forum a group of

The six thousand block of Marine Drive would you like another car no joke or copy a twenty one twenty one expose them in what you were five seven copy six or seven and six by five you can be any success a

Century before we take going back in the first comics

Already who are Guard who are here there isn’t even something you so for for seven for four to weary pages on the most of

Now they’re not called via

I think there’s a note in there that in the is given in that the response of the Sistine then it’s still within the to give you a call and again usually they call you don’t know

But I have a great this ration there’s a disturbance holding it tallies one seven three six parties want you to female scream and throw things and refusing to leave go holding twenty one point six five seven but just checking to see if you’re out with a known yet chances a twenty year old female as it is location alarm company called back to say that she has a history of mental illness

At twenty one before Clear left Frank and the book I am a servant and I want to know if

One three five going to get your go along country five of course and one forty four I got two disturbances in your turf which one are newer one

Neither little six

And even if you think the theater


Right in line

What would that be I have no vehicle description sixty five six hundred five but six seven size for North livelier and Williams scholars saying that the was two cars here last seen eastbound exchanging shots with each other the first to be a white your city and the description on the second one

Partner and for all could recover I’m we’re five

Five or copy as you headed that way six seven five you can be any and sixty five it was like we’re getting additional color now at Broadway and Flint who heard multiple gunshots and saw a white Mercedes SUV and the off westbound on Broadway I think that was possibly involved there was also a black for fusion that left northbound on land that was possibly involved and the seller saying that no one has heard as far as you know

OK I mean sure the

Unit never notified of them because I copy and six guys I were getting another caller who heard fifteen shots against white and probably two thousand for say the city and his windows and has a smash up front bumper and it was last seen westbound on Broadway

Perfect for five three five obviously out of sight you for at twenty one twenty six you’re a speck males wearing all sorts of different clothing yelling about the quote West Side and shooting something up to six five six five five another caller is saying that this is a hit and run accident and that the white Mercedes had an out of state license plate and hit another car and took off westbound again on Broadway haulers as if they lost it somewhere around the bridge that it was sparking and heavy smoke from the vehicle

OK but no gunshots

No everybody’s reporting shots it just sounds like the cars are separated at this point in time and the

And I getting information on injuries not a for profit call


And for all shots at each other when the new or white sedan and we don’t have a description on the other one I’m reading through a lot of the notice coming from

OK Are they not going to be transported

I guess not

Nine five four can I search your for Foster for others for driving right from St There is also

Five I’m pretty much anywhere you heard her OK nine five four where if you like Gary

Before you do that North Sargent want you guys to know about a lot of shots being fired a white lawyer and William Silver do vehicles may be exchanging gunfire lasting southbound M.L.K. after running several light white nor sedan and no secret of the second vehicle but over sixty five six seventy five has got a couple more callers saying that they saw a vehicle traveling southbound on an OK from wiser that ran several red lights no description on that call and this caller is saying that there’s an older white mossy Harlow or similar on the corner of northwest and Broadway sees people running towards it and it has a front end damage I guess cause it was rather a bridge is a white Mercedes that has a higher missing and you can see what direction it turned from the end of the bridge and I’m waiting for the other vehicle on and OK

So it should be an area you know OK

That the cars on the West End around the Broadway Bridge Be advised that the white vehicle missing at the higher OK We’ve got reports that nine in Lovejoy website is a street that I think got out and ran westbound on but he’s under in rings now no clothing description and if he’s going to be Charlie over union for seven six seven think they believe this is a vehicle that’s missing this hire

OK Anybody else involved or anything of the secondary crime or somethin

If in fact we’re going to go happy there and really go for

That forty four twenty one thirty if it were it would if for all I don’t have descriptions of the occupation that ran on for at nineteen Lovejoy Except that was an unknown reason male and I’m working on that or there’s a lot of knowledge so I’m sorry if you’re looking for a description of

We do not have a description on the second vehicle apparently so it is you for the list either show you the people or all witnesses are saying the guy ran southbound your night without the description that was called there counted one two two two six interviews holiday place for adults a sitter you know a lot of people got a fifty three

All units on a call for shots fired Williams and wife lawyer fees go over to central respect for redirecting this policy central and I’m the central players can under Central

Or wherever was

OK showcases we can find already other victims very

Very well

Planned southbound on one thousand Lovejoy I can respond they do forward out with a car if it even rejects the it’s Charlie reunion for seven hundred seventy

From ninety just north of Johnson E.G. four so the jury and I don’t know if the traffic going to be were relevant We’re going to start again I get is up in your office just a minute area go and serve you in an area just for whatever description you provided there are bullet holes in the windows so that’s going to circular for instances carriages are our pocket and will what we need for go on that T.V. is sitting at one another we have a vehicle that was shot at the end in one thousand member joy and the person they held we don’t have that description

This time

This is him you know if they don’t know we’re what direction

The guy bails Southbound one from Joy thank you

Three one five nobody saw anybody at nine in Flanders when I asked him having

To fight him and he thanked him and why he’s here three and John Hamm the Device Manager of the weights on three

Or seven five five

Six Do we shrink for it where twenty one thirty five and we go about as I think there’s

A firm There’s nothing in the current the witnesses pointed out or gave any I have a description so I gave you four so there’s one on the console we don’t see if there’s a gun in the vehicle so going is probably still outstanding and there’s blood in the vehicle they might be going the hospital might want to answer for you know one of them on calmly so far shots fired in the area of one three nine and nail to you heard nothing else

But just hear the shirt and read short That’s why although I got the heart

Burn there into that Pearl apartments like knowing what thousands of birds each year run short digits for without info there is entrance exits on for size of the building so let’s go and get officers that was locked down for orders resulting from the four instances of that we’re just

Going through sickness sounds like we might want to have somebody a just a manual V. If they victims of that Northwest corner barman felt like they wanted to die under this bill in her got the office out he’s going to fall for three one five on the north side of the

Front door but you got it in the manual kind of and I want to stand by to see if they take a shot from the shooting earlier and then five five they think it was

And I don’t

From the way I read it it came from the White House south of her if you copy because in and out of my mother


It’s very unfair and Johnson

And Johnson fish were put on there which I don’t know I mean one of letters every


I could copy I’m sorry with that you have collars on the south Yes I’m not too far off and they’re all right thing

For me is we had a funny if you know this and there was a teen and he didn’t

Talk on the radio going into a years running

For that way

And it was nine in northwest Lovejoy

The fourth of the running to be and what joy or kind of former president Flanders becomes a strong soon or gin and was

In love or not in one of three it was five hall the icy on the fall let’s make sure we have a perimeter around this building we don’t know if the person inside is suspect or injure anything I’ll tell him again and I’ve only got three and it’s available yes this call here was the other nets to se I think thirty and I think that around now thirty five you know switch over shelf he’s got the we’re working on getting a dispatcher we don’t have one yet and three it was five I want two officers at each corner from Johnson and nine Johnson and and then around the building to paired up the very end and also in the five

OK There’s three of the over there what’s make sure we have the other side covered with you each There’s just two of us here and I think some of on the full effect I was going to be like now twenty is about six with a great hair red shorts white teacher you know his mid twenty’s during a black

Well back you have something in it and in the end to keep up with and it will get into the army three six funny guy have

You heard yet or very little that is healthy for the rest there are what we have you have this hall pretty much handle for having it all but are going to the less

Officers that are hold the ball is itself healthy out with that whole whole Big Brother we’ve got to do that

This works and what building are we walking upright rubbed or are we down here might wonder

If you can as a medical ins get in the back of a car flipped me off the cinema near the five copy in thirty six eleven it looks like I have think maybe more I’ll check again

But just sent fire kind of want this time that would be great deal of are searching them are doing is already there and those are

North is money back on the net and in for me the regular traffic is going to be on South East in this incident on here and three one five I want to log on for both the address the from the north side and I believe there’s an entrenched on the south side and relies on SE Now her at her request

For sixty one for Caribbean three Going to the north or going on here

One course

In Africa where I wanna and also trying to sell people kill for food money for the kids

You’re OK got it for two fifty five if you added to the shots call that I need you if you’re available to do so to do a welfare check and grant an ID for VERY VERY VERY VERY twenty one forty three

Thirty six eighteen is going to assign two units to say it’s central and then he was going to send the other four back so they should be coming back on two or not you’re shortly Poppy what very good

We were out of

Them for six holes only for six covers most lower

But you know some four forks was an old thing

He discovered the disturbance holding eighty eight Crystal Springs only an argument is calling twenty one forty four I’m good for you and I getting another hot one it went to the seven eleven

To get us caught and seen that there are twenty kids with injured gang members

And says nasty case my finances neighborhood kids who hang out here are calling back now he’s saying that he thinks he’s good to have guns but he’s not saying why they want to come I just drove you’re going to go there is nothing like

You don’t love me like I’m going to hold whole

Hell of a

Seven eleven there’s nobody out here all right I put it all

On thick and then three four of my friends awful hate me we miss you if you don’t lash out at least he said and then there’s something in the building from the Ninth Avenue right the Moloch one five ago OK You know I haven’t acted in correct we’re still reviewing the footage right now

OK I’ll be wondering what working with North to get a couple bodies East was an evolutionary summit we’re going to try to get night

OK I’ve got five so far can I run a couple protocols past you that might be able to hold you yet to go on one of the calls of somebody hearing their neighbors were verbal for the last three hours

Right without any other information we can go ahead and lower than them going OK I’ve also got a call it just came in on a suicidal tree I’m going to Washington park somewhere vague suicidal threats

Being upset over being kicked out of housing downtown

Cult leader

Washing County actually asked if we could do a ping if he said we need more a sergeant to say there’s a vision circumstances on that one you can go in lower that if you can both of those calls in just a note that we’re dealing with a higher priority call and you to call and we had to lower the priority a manager OK And last one I think this can

Be lowered but all this run up by you the food so tell somebody so some of the just walked out of threaten to kill them in the past but they walked outside with him a can be lowered the other can be lowered to zero in Forgive me I do have a car I can send on this but I got to run the somebody if you’re just because it could be a danger after the seven Gladstone they’re saying possible sinkhole depression on the pavement with a small hole in the center of it but not a whole

Yeah we can lower that one as well OK thanks but if any of us are looking at the status and turning to read about a specific doc and figure I have casings in the middle of Benson and Broadway I’m going to be cars to start block in east down traffic for me it looks like this is the beginning of the trail of carnage

For I’ll take you supposedly it’s two people inside a camper who are arguing

The parked south side of the street east of a

Guy never mentioned he talks of it out of safety or I’m still there and thirty six eleven was I cracked you’re going to block eastbound traffic sure as soon as I get down there yes thank you I think it’s pretty they’re having more traffic and you know

That these are blocked the emblem of joy

For for any more than having any spare units or all that rage and then the joy of blocking traffic it provided already cars there it’s four or four years

Probably I’m not seeing it on me nothing was unit it is

Secure and until midnight through

Very relatively happy experience I question apartments are there

I found an eleven year old boy who does not get home reading notice of arms regarding


Free at one point

Yeah I’d like to do a search pronto particularly for all I know it or am well we’ve found the correct guy and put it he’s a black male white T. shirt red shorts black shoes

About their feet tall maybe a hundred and fifty pounds he did come into the north entrance about twenty one twenty six hours in full and years of fog it and

Thirty six and on and off occasion

Twenty one fifty seven call my next tell Daddy where the apartment of our one for

If you fix it he said he can’t look at the years we’re going to the chore of trying to find out which room you’d like to live on until

He had pay said don’t want any more people want down this way Jack of me and every letter I met Now street car is


And I got you on your overshoes

Or phone numbers because Russia got through if you thirty nine T. course

Everybody calls own morning and I have few notes written down the list general call station for five four

I have seven one four who just answered up and if you search you just answered up

Seven to fours or if I’m for cover so before I’m over some two for having I have two five eight also and six four five you just answered a few minutes ago seven four four seven force or from afar

Does it feel that it was the left turn lane right there a lot of the free press in your lecture and I think I think or that maybe

Thirty eight hundred

Eighty six twenty five to the end and notice I guess

Are they in or out

I believe that I will the attack on all of that information or another very large healthy thing for him that are there kind of that Larry to relearn Broadway and thirty nine hundred minutes on some of it if you have the time you can get to it let’s try to clear up he’s right every four years seventy four come to we’re going to phone for the oil center five point two zero se but walking across the street from there very screaming and yelling you want to kill someone

Mixed Race Mel White skin with green shirt and dark tan shorts no weapon C. but a section of

Twenty five or if you see

Some unfortunate

One six hundred What was your cross street on northbound I five

Six before that the northbound I five and three of me at twenty one if you were to

Target the areas where you learned with an L. there he sank off easily thirty six eleven continue

Very funny even to any

She’s about beautiful

But it’s warm out of all of them on and on he really were very done with their vest and it will it is agreeable All right the sit near to

The five we were more of a street car know that they’re watching from downtown is closed right now in the middle of the crime scene

Right one three eight and I just stack it up into one of our cars they’ll

Ask how will I get yours if you know the way I am or just these off the air I think there are one three

We just get it down here

Copy or go if you are

Going sixty one

You will know it was a feeble goes off and

Sixty one regular traffic twenty one fifty seven

Or so

For sure you know when we’re dreams we took one for a creature of the

Previous for

Cancer free going of seven someone for cancer by five one three I wanted to start a new it was if you want to have a hobby there are the three three five seven SE terms they’re asking for another car

In the graphic are available if you get any traffic first monitoring doesn’t carry germs integrating into the night

Negative thank you around

Five percent and five percent and

I have to go size reside on a disturbance at the seven eleven two zero three zero ne Broadway apparently there’s a black male in the parking lot threatening a please he’s going to be in is like now in his forty’s right gray hat white shirt shorts you know anything but your given one seven three or door trying the stair and have an M.R.I. It’s flexible

You’re right and I’m not didn’t have anybody answer out from traffic division what we’re going to have if I want to know you make one

Nine four when you copy and while I’m on the phone calling him Sergeant she tells us not to take over the call the whole

OS but this is her father Momus or whatever woman

For one three invalid is going north on one three A And you’ll see it’s got about a block north of probably

What’s router or one of the

You know three in isn’t just something you can live through

Witness who is right next to the car when the first shots are fired casings just start roughly the middle of Benson and Brock is in Broadway and then go down

But he says over the if again so we should be looking for about fifteen safety copies aren’t that in Broadway and eastbound and twenty two hundred

Very a lot of it Russia one three eight zero three nine eleven

Sergeants months eight five four three OK you only protect you those are voting you’ve got to remember Regions program will do thank you and your vote it’s got

Nothing out of just the nation one sudden often from cover but once in a coffin coming

You know when I should have seen one

Twenty two zero two zero one six hundred I had

North five five we took three

Hours at a Marine Drive for right from radar Oregon Portland there was a ploy David Jr go out and I don’t remember one minute

Fifteen thirteen talking or sound I five two Marines at twenty two or three six or six of us all just been walking Broadway Larry be the greatest ethical for this incident already done

Already thirty eleven victims were very

Prophetic on their

Having that

Five one vote in the area where my needed five was I checking my thirty six ten events of our lives are sixteen thirteen

Fifty seven on the plane he’s thirty seven on David Union Boy I don’t

Remember a one organ for a blizzard like ninety two forty seven or thirty forty eight he looked up and he

Was related to those around to see if there’s any axis reference having I think there must be something wrong starting to talk back and I believe you registered owner

Because I mean we’re going to figure it out for fun or you can show me where I don’t have that way for our five North American or

I four five looks like you got off has for Marines from northbound I five five four seven I’m twenty three and I suppose three in region

Very grabbers from the organ

Who are four four four six seven but

I don’t want to force twenty five likely what are you going to have to cover the registered owner or working at will figure it out on six hundred copy five or five you can be twenty five I thought it

Would be a toy


Walk away with

Thirty Francisca or anywhere for regarding to Herman’s you for a seven inch you for eight there is nothing in region with associates and there’s a compartment there’s a lot of billions in reference to the first seven but no name for the call Therefore I thought it was a five for him so we’re here are ignoring your government and the second was more

Having been arguing station apartments when choosing refused one to drive new Joe seven and restoring from just the six month plus size of the residences where there is loss of media very Edward George was very variable John and I to

Meet you counseling you being one thirty of ninety one he was as you think hospitals as he is believe it will help identify

You see if you monitoring him looking for a fourth

Star for fifty one twenty five is no walkie really agitated


Yes just we didn’t want to be able to get your and second all the order I’ll let you know when I get very autograph

Not one for seven for we have a five for Milbury can we have them come up north a month or so

All the way through the zero

For the price

Five five after that meeting about Nancy in the here has a because the associate mean junior Ryan last name Smith who matches version to a certain extent if they can get a picture of the thirty eight eleven I just sent out the still photos everyone email and I’m going up on the seventy get right now friends are the most beautiful and the monkey

So I mean you

I mean the carpet where the female female in there of a different companies who’ve been friends were sort of my road tech to get one or so over for several for

Phone and Mark to manual coverage I mean no torture to bully on that little bridge that goes over the railroad there’s a female on the sidewalk stumbling around crying hysterically she was walking north bound for says she’s a fan of her African-American female Chinese one too dark jacket or shirt short blue jeans and a white backpack or doesn’t know what’s wrong with her possibly mental health or drug coverage

That she is now at the corner of Princeton on each side of the sidewalk to harvest

For her

When an

Image of B.S. and seventies I went oh we believe it was just even eye out for the losing of the

Three one five money where are you on the floor

So the new show any profit you know that all was on one show three

One of which isn’t training

Somebody on a detail probably photo radar but first go back and reach him you know if you can have that person call me that we

Didn’t have any radios on though are the holes for a focus

Who had to begin with the fun of or the

Thirty eleven so I had every Talking to get looking at both photos because a very high probability that this person that went into that building is running you east with Junior you know lack

Of a shaved head real skinny and

Having been in the still photo is wearing probably Ornish shorts which would be consistent with moving filiation I don’t want yours that one thing by attaching the call anybody wants all the picture


Far as I know that we don’t for

You know I try either and we commit a crime thriller called Arcturus though and she says she’s not in a horrible danger of it she’s a little bit worries you’re order to go we want you to call back on the Torah or go

West Side

Because when the store opened he simply fell down a second for

The five myself and you know for there are now at the stairway and in the a vehicle city facing more cars and then

To the

North into the going in the east look and the door


Me to search you and five three five it looks like you might be any area as far north east fifteenth until a month because he says if there is a possible mental health female calling saying that she went to a tri met driver’s house to have intercourse decided not to take her out she gave him money Jeff as she’s drunk and high and lost and that he made statements about a knife to her throat when a colleague or soldier that you there wasn’t much we could do for her dreams they’re off of all turning the north side entrance to right now for the west side and then the move south and you’ll find that zero profit of view is you for coming up thirty eleven people are talking about smoking in the last year as we know in Iraq as a movie for the war that wasn’t in the film

Five three five you can be twenty

Thirty one hundred thirty eight twenty three and twenty they really going to do that give me a call her I would love if it was six very far just a little bit more information it looks like your caller came in on an emergency they weren’t able to deal directly figure out her location but apparently there are also a few bystanders and hear it even so much with her and it sounds like when I think of trying to get off the phone and then when she made me think that’s about it and I threw a throw and then hung up I still have some to go get a for you

The dog Joseph we

Don’t have a

Puppy activating three

Months in Dunbar we’re talking the P.O. in my view an exact partner the second is thirty eleven percent invent marking forming northwest corner for the farm and

Seventy five for seven just make a statement of a million one hundred throat were very near with a knife through throat

Five or seven It sounds like he just made statements nobody has mentioned anything about actual weapon coffee

Three far on the second pour with there are you know numbers place

The apartment number if you don’t have it yet you’re ready for order opera or very good ones if I say thank you at three hundred thirty eleven and three one five I need the units there on the on the floor parole caucus I know who they are three six I think Rep we’re going to give you the numbers we all know for office if you guys ever get your partner number we have the first seven yes we do

Confirm from his VO I think both were of or four with or for one thirty two or three we got a five four one four seven one six thinking one thing you on the north hallway second floor and then we have a secondary Kima at the bottom of the stairway thing

The bells copy it six by myself the zero four and a half of a one four are on the second floor was always there

As well a twenty in the night shift surgeons are going to go in to go over OK

Thirty eight twenty eight do you have to do that require sergeant of K. generated a just get a hold of me or thirty eight twenty six yo regardless of what shift the officers are having

There’s one thing Johnson haven’t come

By and we’ll come right in to you that whole thought a lot of you that isn’t also going to be for media staging area yes that will be the staging area thanking them then you throw Jojo copies and we’ll put an update nurse from women around the second floor for thirty seconds for the officers that are covering the door

We’re going to serve as vacuuming the rooms the manager is going to phone call ins each room separately wanted to turn and I’m going to have him instruct them to come for you

Just let you guys know I have not told him to do that and I do have you have

Fifty fortune you very

Well he

Possible our overall Asian in progress twenty four six se one seven for twelve year olds were told to call my mom says that the silly gun is in the house right now she supposedly has a restraining order against them kids lock and self in the office

For having a go

At peace movement her right there is a good R O N one seven four ounce piece somebody else the star one seven foreign will be getting Johnson in Irving for that large parking lot

For you and

It is seven months of a

Answer you for Esperanza Corps apartment three six one one SE twenty eight number to any callers nine year old son went to bed around twenty one hundred and accomplish just one to check on him and his missing morning on a description

So we’re going to go for you for three forty five minutes so it is rough that you please

To respond to the Village Square Apartments on sixty five houses Roberts drive number two three five one a known the subject of our compliance car says that this person stole it it’s a Ford Escape eight nine four and reclining Sam it’s black or

We would hurt you so if you can get with us

They’re asking for another car to help with us or call out if you can switch over to a regular

Hyena bridge or the one who’s on the right ones if you have friends I try to drive a score of the building resonating if I want or well that person thirty nine hundred

Eighty seven if you’re going to be my and he were keen for serving us one thing Irving between Johnson on the night parking lot do you think that Wal-Mart has a one thing Irving between Irving and Johnson Eastside large parking lot that

It is OK to me and Rosie Friesians will be on that crash it was three and Jimmy Ravi’s

Used affirmative we did a role as well in mental health issues

Happy I believe they might have gone in thank you sister have any units in the northeast corner one thing any I’m going to get in Additionally in a cover that was of one three five and Starr report of a male versus female is physical and row

Eighteen certain in your attachment to the incident untrue

Well there thanks i seven should be on the southwest corner in the parking lot of an apartment complex white male no shirt her shorts

He was on Broadway like crazy in the view with the hatchet trip from an black sedan B.M.W.’s overseas and B.M.W. information on the G twenty four who are you looking for

One five five tack to place your horrible thoughts in terms of a month

Thanks for joining

Us on press yeah I just want to meet you guys because you know what

Just a few days second of her exact address thirty six eleven seems to be an excessive amount of people when we start the car that way and break that up

Through that letter area yes it is going to be read or heard all extreme now

Via various reading to a couple we’re going to see more cars


Five and sixteen thirteen David or Charlie on your last

Thirty seven

One hundred thirty thirty eleven we’re on the phone is all from savvy and the right we can bring to that person’s last point there are still

There what those who we

Are on our radar approach or the road

Range drive or say approaching Portland Road have an emergency off their vehicles and

On the way to this do you go for five or five right through different motorcyclists who are trying to walk might not know where it’s on the most are going to

Be two motorcycles blocked off

For right where senator here in the vehicle still heading west there are no roads are is there and we’re in her happy

The U.N. pursuit

Is not preserved just trying to catch up to the vehicle or now where the road having part of the road not in pursuit just trying to catch up

On or blacked out about everything started myrow he’s going to be coming out that if he ends up charter Graner’s still talking to Campbell OK Stand by three is in the three hundred fifteen and him walking

The street towards showing that the officers are going to greet him and then we’re going to have him walk east towards the lobby treat one five or so and that now

They may have been your be for the

Like well as we’re thinking for the numerous calls to nine hundred forty six What have you heard often garner on the back side of Mexico I think you are the expo is going to be a the typical rages that we have every we know but they can do area checks obvious just in traffic on Marine Drive happy just Area tracks and you’re insisting traffic drive

Or seconds six on three

Or of the five or six Horry three her you know her soul is one of the

Girls in show interest forty or her detractors


Copy a twenty to thirty four three and he’s coming out compliance is a right but certainly a part will which are coming up are going to do things for

The region for crowin else

Where in my We’re fighting and so badly not emergencies on the air fight inside of one eight four six southeast one seven four one six one three copy and watch across a Marine Drive

By the

I got her happy Marine by the X.

Three hundred five he raised

Five go when you can him self worth jeans involving He was in your north and well he said it was three and less in North Down east side of the street balding male orange shirt jeans

P.C. for

ORO if you still resist all right OK

To my seventh

If you

Have any additional units available we start out by Marine Drive about our road

Area here make my way her and I think if you hire people here I Call Your her one five yes if we had to go ahead and have her come out nine hundred eight would mildew Division one seventy four to one hundred saying

We don’t use the first one we are at the IT hundred or eight in her box you may need to go to the east for one seventy five or maybe one seventy six

And going north from your not so OK so once in forty one seven six let’s make it Stevens on the south then they only three streets start until you finish in the West all the other street in between are like that and hold back right away and go south go down one seventy five

Then the block and after these

Just a minute and

You are made to go where is

It thirty one thousand before you guys start to clear that apartment to have a surge of my broken ankle there may be some issues with Jet Yes I’ll give you a pro

No we have not served searching for

Northbound on twelfth white male forties all white T. shirt blue jeans black messenger Vatican across his chest come target use him and watched him go up and sing family clearing the area yeah yell at him so many don’t

You happy you are is a flake he would have a certain whole life of ways of trying to verify a


Gov most everybody’s been found thirty or twenty I copy the kids been found I know keynotes probably signed up on the search but do we know if you know they didn’t start towards the target progress or in some way for well I hope we’re going to die and start the truck OK description of


Presuming you’re lying or uncertain so repellent and blue jeans six one hundred eighty two hundred or seven zero we want to have driveway I want them for two on one simple thing OK driveway of one seven four two SE one seven four

Right seven three seven all this reach out to the other counties just in case just like an idea where one is and where it’ll be coming from

The boys even in reach three one three zero I can’t tell where you guys are landing sellers anybody at one hundred six and Melia I’m forty and I work my way there

Needs somebody midstream on Mill right around the one seven four to five hundred block I think I’d rather have a very very clear mission was horrific I

Wonder who are who are

Quite used to se one seven four ninety five working his way

Ninety eight was

Service of a block so

That answering

The one thousand nine hundred

Ninety five fact if you can thank you forty one will repel her here we warn her there are

Yeah there is another one of those informal all the sax down around Harrison shows seventy down the one seven four and Harrison

Is going to be just west of ivy lake

So of our own you know there’s a three five one coming in the area where you want me to go

Nobody answered up for once and for in Harrison will take you there OK now before the dog I

Haven’t had one answer of yes I’ve been tied up with that’s over and central

You’ve got regression counting people have been available I’ve asked I’ll ask again point of it on

One five eight and half a second one thousand feet you see anybody north of you on one seven six yeah

I’m taking your program I mean one eight OK down to the apartment clear mark there I think it’s probably OK but I’m just another guy theological person or three twenty five three but

Now that we know that there’s no additional people in the apartment that are victims or otherwise

We can stand down search and I think them for this are entirely black and I needed a lot of on the before mill court OK thank you say we have won seven six or even Court and they’ll do however

Very think you

Have an OK in Fairmount find you very far not that I’m aware of that somebody go to as how that was south of original target Yes we can check region or somehow they got that address

There have been out there who are there that agree

Who want to force a firm want them for who it is and the and verifiable plan we just got through just days eighty six he’s refusing to leave on the corner of the property of thirty four male wearing a shirt Davi you forty five where do I reject you when you’re

All going receding hairline Brown and Hillary as an orange shirt that is ripped in jeans about six one one eighty two hundred OK but are in fact was really only one but it’s just just what you got it’s really going to be a presence when they don’t need a canine this will be a trespasser


Between Stevens and division issue

Surrounding one of the very very very

Happy Marine Drive east of forest find you forty six twenty


I am in route from nine eleven

If you come in from downtown late in Moscow he called you know so I just went to prison and Russian sounding name and so I still need those guns born in eighty one and he’s a white male six foot wide eighty receding brown hair a line

More in an orange shirt that is torn and blue jeans dogs bark and on the walls and floors

OK that’s dogs barking and one seven to seven SE one seven seven and actually

Just the self alone

And just forty five John David Lincoln they won from the Korean War three nineteen over thirty eight that’s

Where a large number of folks back in our parish for fifty some other rare and we start what we’re meant to refer repertory where Holger


And you give us five minutes and then you can start let it

Be that think you’re

Only on the original home

Six to eight even twenty two forty eight sorry you heard somebody knocked at the carport broken on the trailer you know in the sense of for certain OK doors open on a trailer behind wife or six of these one seven for just over the fence and I think that when the horse and the owner how do you know who hired there are in the house when you also rake in heavy breathing one thousand Johnson

In that area down

A muddy committed this murder

Someone just went into the motor home and then it’s nobody’s supposed to be in there but in the house is in the house or it is the door’s open as well

He would rule in the firm and the rhetoric were good for a visit you Harbottle live by the way they hardly area the park is legal if you are at a jury of probability or a happy usually go to V.A.R. jury park area there probably is reason another call holding our Broadway entry to priority welfare check for a man who is trying a shopping cart and cars and yelling out liars I walked away westbound twenty to fifty six for a show me Area six very twenty fifty three four of them at the river the building you have to go back and I’m not impressed

Having one house south of one I have Prescott six or eight you have me you know Larry thirty eleven with thirty Jim what was left

In residence under the building and the question traffic officer and then Johnson continue yes

And yes of on everything we were from covering Also where do we want to know actually trying to pick up the one in five twenty

Any sergeants in either your hands I think in more of the mill Luke things like when two cars on one’s M six button on

You trigger it acting to go

Thank you when you do everything

Three four five or seven or you code four on one five and so on

The first record four and you fifty three one three four yes

Your caller they call it even three zero Ses Lavelle original complaint it just wants a phone call when you can also says it is yours and what you have if you know have this was you have lots of

Friends in one for the Wilshire apartments for twenty southeast Korea number three zero six we were out there earlier on Colors drunk life and apparently she’s back being verbless and the alone a bit three how the

Seven for coffee before seventy three is you’re going to look in for another race now as you wearing a black baseball cap lecture and black pants the other half is a white female the twenty five to thirty five for one twenty should a most likely or some dress

Twenty if or so before

I was out there on the difference on green and Celtic on some unfortunate

Policy I are now variants on six thirty or twenty six

Of a color or color run a division along the

North side of fries in Graham


If you buy

It for the homeowner you would think that reform would require one or the back door of the complex where you probably think you’re her or possibly you are wrong and she was last seen going northbound

From the backyard of eight hundred twenty two southeast one seventy four Y. six hundred copy and go ahead and switch over to central please forget

Sailors Oh OK That’s the one on our side sorry one six hundred Happy yes I didn’t think

Twenty two fifty six if you go to north of here we see her is almost right in

Northern part you know that her cart of mill one seventy four to one seven secs one seventy five I’ll need you there OK

Six more what was visible was formed

Couple cars coming off Ella I do think using Insight at the northwest corner right now are waiting for him though

Is all that’s not right or wrong but that deer on our power of the westbound lanes of cars direct judges of a forward looking for the cars they came in provided that yes I’m walking over there now thirty one of them you know calls Texas hopefuls and says My radios that I’m sorry to say don’t call their assault puzzle about it an easy fix for are you

Going to have an off day if you make everything clear enough over all the four or

Six for and I think probably things I just talked to you know the residents or at one time compressed you from your hearing gunshots right copy six very happy

Twenty three hundred thirty nine hundred thirty eight fifteen back to property do you guys that live in are being felt that rock climbing and then Irvington is not the track you are regarding your thirty fourth I think if you are going over this doesn’t make you know it’s more secure than a crime no longer

The force extends beyond thirty eleven

Thank you has already brought them protect you

So are going to twenty three as you know if you call back and there are people who listen you know the nineteen or so I hear I want you know just through there to see anything I will

On the side


For Mars are all important place five twelve very very for the heart of your heart our first prize her for fifteen and I think having a for

Six for a tech two thirty six eleven What was that last radio traffic between that my two year old journalist range of a car going through over


Over already you don’t know if he was I think go along with it finding you know he’s one fifteen to Sandy to go are colored four to five shots west of here only one has a far nothing I’ve seen or heard six

Or you and I copy her

And six I said you have to have a six for it right there here and that’s from your book OK

Officer nothing is available to get my check to

Get in the middle of an interview you know that’s right thanks Myra

Court for her record of an

Active eighteen twenty two on once and for description of

White males thirty six

Rich spree seating here via an orange shirt sixty one eighty two hundred jeans and six I don’t have another color on your Call think the subject is going to be closer to two thousand and broadly twenty years X. and the ninety guys is why I like north one sums on most of it’s North America

Course it’s I think

It’s blue jeans on the issue of

Just one pint of ice north on one hundred seven for milk or blue jeans Archer would have

Been forty eight hours or something have a beer

Is there a beard or stubble

And so they are both with and I’ve been in that office and right now we can just have one officer on each of the farmers to keep the crime scene in fact we

Did you know to se one sort of four to three to respond to that one thousand times an entrance thank you to fashion if you could start at nine and north west Johnson and work clockwise around the walk of the great things from so one thousand Johnson he’s going to stay home

And and Johnson seven thirty four to have lunch

Thank you

Tyranny you know for a minute anything right now tacky one thing here any

One of a sudden one thing hearing to keep her image are

Just as real quick where is Ronnie at right now

We didn’t know where to sleep in so he’s still hanging out at the northwest corner with a par five anything for there for my mistake I am at my very and theirs are the officers of us and are here now before five with a custody reason northwest corner

We’re entering

And this that’s hard enough you Officer number eight three six going to help with the article search by this war that we do Marina to that in a concert and then Johnson didn’t have a go there

By five or if Hoover a wagon they know her very well they say she moves on the other side of the four G.’s and turns into cancer

Several of us

Cyrano savvy if I can just have one Python so I can keep this all on neatly have a have those on hand is running high for

You can park your north Delaware Ave on are valid taking on a lot of photo as he brought into having another one as I suppose for three General Lloyd on anything anyone close

The door

Now he also yelling You have not heard yet here

You tell me vice versa that my coffee on ebay


Chevy or

The air and make it female running from the docks brothers four three zero ne boy Boulevard after blocking the driveway different twenty three eleven and as this is all the only thing I don’t know they’re walking up right now oh how the hell thank you thank you

Both for a lot of work well OK if I thought of taking you five or seven sixty forty five or seventy

Five and a guy walking on the shoulder went straight like I think five years old and hopefully I’ll have a truck to go wherever to eat tonight and SE twenty two for her I gotta break out between

My cars lots of streets if you have a No three sixty five thing and I should probably

Start it is if you go into it will drive to new as you know the tractor rifles in on him and his or

Her still got me I just had a homeowner at one hundred five one one SE Well Lou play about fifteen ago a guy with a torn up or shirt had asked him for arriving here said no and he was laughing running southbound

Was on the sixth floor once of the

Of course it will or it was a turn of foreign sure blasting running south down one hundred six from Stephens court fifteen ago

Forgery seventy three twenty six getting several calls of this guy down by the law mean a chance to rally and cetera and so on up here’s another thirty forty

Four So you’re going away and any time now that we address the perimeter for once and for to about one seven eight or nine and then

Division Ah division of the south and then go play seven of course there are get a couple Rovers

Down south of the business

So just a perimeter once I’m for it Oh and one seven

They go through a little better than one seven nine and then the southern boundary is going to be a division so I need one for one seventy division you know if you remember when I was running southbound from one seven six in German court Stephens court or so in it once and for a division

The kind of the thing are you talking that you have that when it’s handy for the going

Got information and I just won three four four four not even evil or three go a loud crash after a motorcycle was running to the apartment complex asking less than any they going to be probably two three three three giants when he said Well uniforms from the home you can contact and

I’ve also been very simply there’s a lot of all of us crash for five year on our first president probably twenty seven

Times between

Trying to do something

Very once if you really think there are seventy seven

Three and seven three seven responder three to zero se elements should go a complainant

Male strike a two year old child and walk into this three row child and walk into this house and the child of her need to be checked for seventy seven have every

Sort of reason or if

You should go to north to actively

You know life is in both North East Coley and shave or in the parking lot of Greenaway says our caller can hear yelling and think there may be a fight our caller has been hearing lots of screaming and cars revving some of the group is left eastbound on Jeter in a white sedan and some are still in the parking lot

Twenty nine hundred sixty eight I was referring to not only their primary example Kingstree here or even a couple more walk we were going on one from this right now if someone were to go once of seven Lincoln our That means van front in front but will fall for the use of one seven seven this is the year ago

When seventy one seven or whatever groups are in earth a very trying that you can cancel out the capital highway call with a guy going to the recycling cycling goes out it’s not against the law to go through it without going from the north

End six hundred five they call it your question again for everyone left in a black S.U.V.

I don’t think seven I think is one from twenty one

Percent away from the general revolver he called an

Earlier round whole


And you turn thirty eight when you watch of one more drink the way it probably up to local traffic control seventy

For a clear enough year or have that one

Hundred twenty two


Northwest corner of the intersection

Sir you need more units

Confirming from us

As well as a minute but I am sorry sorry I printed off rather hard for so many things go there that will go so thanks I think I’m

Pretty exciting on the standing one for a north down on one for taking on a white car in the park here with a motorhome there’s a white male naked and smoking a crack pipe causing safety check on

I think Tony he fired one sells of one seven eighty on one seven six for one hundred twenty one from four

Hundred twenty eight on once in six something for his human rights this is what I mean seventy seven

For fire I’m getting in so that there are possibly three separate units in this house I know anybody is still inside every

Mention bridges in max trains

Originally So you want to go to unity so if morons

And region twenty three twenty five know if that was that last sentence or about five billion front of her mother had a caller who saw a male ducking behind the dumpster in an apartment complex LA a one seven eight seven nine Southeast Division and rationing five Hugo thought he might be wearing a blue hoodie and blue jeans breeches come back and are now back in the parking lot any other cars out there now that for failure

To buy

He was not naked and he smoking a cigarette credit card

They said you know he thinks I don’t think I’m funny he thinks there are bears out the car behind me and if you for sure is so rock you’re

Coming dropping two hundred more for a drive for him play I mean I’m

Jake married now science meaning

So I threw Crimean David on my last I’m going to be eighty four it was seven seven zero David David Victor six three zero eight North Marie thankful three zero You know me twenty three seven six seven eight I want to

Have you know I tell you that the events of some thirty eight twenty go in started up all the some forty goals cars towards Oh well pleased

Or safe but on back

Some horses

For work

So it’s on one seven six from one hour into a on each artist he says history

Shower in the sink turned on he said he drinks but eventually said but our friends as no known access weapon

Horses haven’t yet Yeah I’m not getting is that this is a case of rental

If you have good units are stunning to the A.T.O. tell it a helpless Third Avenue front desk got a call about from a guessing there’s two guys and I’ll tell the guy now they want threatening anyone but that they’re making people uncomfortable that they are really trying to like and it’s really funny short hair is the only description of the guest that we get trying for better or going from so

No more than that if you’re in

Various parts of your

I agree three to four hundred four hundred twenty three and blocking traffic reasoning whatever you didn’t mean for using it in a free time and you’re forgiven fair it’s funny to you but if you have five servants in RI will you find to this signing on to a point you don’t but heavens and for sex that you have to go outside for police to be outside for

The heating has tightened on and again that one hundred cars racing at Terminal five one five ninety nine eight North Lombard Street information twenty and you I want us not a very minute car not there was absolutely no one there I just left three story OK on that it is a Call it was an anonymous call or a nice seven hundred seven event don’t have them copy pyrethrum crappy

Innocent market or

Negative is still on lockdown

So I let them or your children because it’s result trying to find something that’s important

And so in other words residents are not allowed to leave or are they

Going to get that what they have it for seventy believe we think you have our sex friends are very happy Allison and I sit around regarding our

Figures every

Being fifty three it is there it is if it had been a twenty three three four clear for several No they are the government plans they are it was us which were innocent of and they got their further information there if you want so we’ll try to figure out who called him a call back

If you give it

A five to someone some of them for the

Sergeant sizes were the ones that was really bad but I got away saying they are not all people who they talk locals with my

Thirty one five and for we need one car was endangering the whole that and then for if I still has the intensity in this car nobody’s going to have the one where you need to go three one five early I like and they have that location with me and if we can get that other person to that of the spot that would be great

In anybody’s eyes he was genius generalism the journey he holds down there he’s fine the just stretches back and awkward position

Of the almost in the car so I have three it went by that we can’t buy one can we see if he has

The I have plenty on the scene but I’ll go ahead and borrow one OK in three one five everybody on the outside of her that the only one on each corner and if there’s two of you any one of the ten current ones the one that I met nine and John the area with the girlfriend I can probably hold them or her

Already or want to go there different of a plan of having think you very much two three eight riders might be very sick by now the


Very shifty said if you once if I thought I was there and I simply yes you want a medical the transporter just started check their asking

And he took from the back of it and wrote off north on four eight white male forty silver or gray tank top and

Are going to make contact you can orbit our

Fifty five and twenty needle for the needle for the Washington County didn’t have to try calling you but I guess the number was blocked and I have a number of call him back whenever he’s like a paramedic Oh disregard I’m having a moment before so these once and search for everything after seeing so

There were several department of a four to zero four column now it’s seven thirty eight twenty we call it the

Seven It’s F.N.

US and eight nine seven holding time at train at seventy five in Jackson

Man now on the line things insulted by female passenger like human or thirty’s black hair white red jacket blue jeans no weapon and now it’s on the front of the back of trains going to hold there some reason the victim is refusing to disembark imagery to drop the north end of Mara capital friends and grab it for the fourth year is that us but we are very very free for me I’ll take

Seven again I said what you’re doing right now

The market

I think I mean we

Were full of the whole if you hover her high to the ceiling with one hand three

Baby one one seven seven it was a vacant house and that’s right it was long over for him which was a slope or the in I just fall off the front I ve got it all in just those four or five or header of this and over to you know live in southeast once into another forty eight M. with eight men for

Them was a them for six

Though you copy the

Work that we’re all headed up they have a radio reception here you have a yeah I got there last month but it is definitely spotty thank you for the forty five when I

For you and hi to you for the Melrose apartment seven six six North doesn’t get our callers hearing a male moaning in pain under her window at the back side of her apartment that she can’t even for a few for

Twenty interns on twenty three and I think in three minutes I said it was a Anna-Maria apartments one one of Weiner five three interviews why are there street parking garage for people fighting because if you’re good you’re yelling in the background then the caller hung up from one of those watching him twenty three forty five and clear enough here one time for a start oh I’ve got

Going for seven I’ll show you on his primary

I found nine year old scratchy declares a crash scene and that I should be opening up the freeway or even a coffee thank you for exact price residuals


Five by forty

One seven for

A really

Really light on

The seven twenty got it

Right and it’s tricky because there was a description I heard from myself that hell it was the

High end first off like I got it but I think I’m not sure it got Probably but I have allowed part of you go for this place

And this is a six

Hundred twenty when I take the reasoning take sixty were you trying sorry but of


He’s like oh you know

Looks Why don’t you join if you’re going for seventy three fifty one for the age of a

Huge number and

He’s a one in one on Washington I don’t that’s rejoin the thread and you since he’s numbers I used to run it one in twenty three if you want


Of joint now we’ve got a mail subject

Just what we’re reading will be underway in

That very night and

Only to get an issue even if you’re on the balls having problems from regular traffic

Then something is a cranky email saying something about the boyfriend that disconnected it was from cell phone G.P.S. We found an address in region and it matched pretty closely or anywhere you need to make

Things over one five seven search going first of all we get rid of we consider being there three

Ministries and A

Perfect twenty three fifty three lines you say we’re clearing including the cars over at the start

There’s a sort of thing as it has had a patient is still here on the ground suspect got onto the blue line west on lacked the black male thirty large build like a top and shorts John to have China stop the train or so

But just seeing that have us on six my former president of one


Ten Montgomery

Eighty seven seven you can probably clear up a hazard to all that B.S. you properly given so many emotions out these arena seventy seven seventy seven rises we can clear well enough they don’t mean that

He sees it as a set of eyes the train is holding at Southwest first and then have central checked

Twenty six have a very hard in lot of the Super eight twenty one I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT hundred forty are going to stick it’s a twenty seven

For an assault suspect so she and the lead car

Realize thirty five built like a half

Short You know I’ve been known to somebody who knows it’s going to meet in the right and center right when there’s a heavy war and

Early the first episode to have a walking caster or medical bills and money


Again I agree I can be a John or were the army or go for a martyr or

What I thought there was a suburban woman but there was a lot more things than is also vulnerable which is somewhere that went in the yard of my thoughts one sister was down there will always know it’s probably going to be somewhere in the area that he has lost well since he was walking you know a one hundred forty one think he can and will watch it at once and so will probably the

High four

For years I seventy five North will is full of art and you talked last caller got in a fight with their sixteen year old daughter who then ran off our caller is following her and I read one of our with the Fosters on there currently East on Williston as an idealist that Herrera born in two thousand has been to email where you gray shirt black pants or the White Stripes

Don’t become showed point for two five days I’m close by you can program do five I don’t think I said if I

Hear that in one recent incident of all her spark of others oh no

Did you join thousands of information everything no need for are you getting fired out of our days door of vehicle report copy you know that

Where the caller is there all the John of this is the

Proper length as there will be an apartment like yours one of your July George triple one to five hundred twenty three having an actual on thirty it’s only ten but a twenty have affairs ripple on

For years excite seven convience high near cemetery ninety zero zero

The scene evil of art I want to go our callers on the ninety nine side if someone pointed a gun at them and stole their car keys and they were also trying to get the wallet are using off our caller was hit with a gun the commissioner is responding to an armed robbery

Columbia partners cemetery

Managers or interview cynical of Arda a want to go someone pointed a gun at their caller is still the car to use the information to divulge it if I stayed with her on the talk unless those are for now just on a list of it’s ability in space I mean let’s think the best as possible in a brown Honda City and I don’t say went south on ninety nine then why found Popeye’s of them why don’t

They I’m off of

You know new friends of mine anything if you have to get angry an i Phone off of robbery let’s say it was a sound Why get jockeys and says that if the gun was the driver but now say so it’s like they can’t

Have you know that users reportedly are sleeping with a horribly he

Says are the keys that are still there but

When I was a victim he is refusing medical

Area just

Parked in the on the over the parking lot of a rail grade school

Parking Lot of reveal responsible for one five three three three zero his division a suspicious Geno got out of a vehicle or was rummaging through a dumpster then ran into a perv and Graham backed out and left in a crown for it economizing Vanna ninety three Edwards you’ve remained in the cell phone one five four as if revenge on each of those

Four nine five for

Me for Mardi Gras

It’s been a struggle of us but it’s a very fair one

Ray Fischer and we are going to carry the races that are six by the way well the two people involved possibly in that round four door so there was a vote on the no what thirty five one softie all

We’re going to be

Is that the victim what they the morrow

Or the other person the female white

Possibly know twenty five

Then long or the full dress yes very

Heavy being hours of life you know naked twenty five five five long hair past the show there send the

Information only when I found the ring drive from I actually five eight white crowned They say his car is flashing heavily that people trying to get them to move out of the way in passing people in opposing traffic informational interview and then when they do we want friend to come photograph are the fact that I so wish I brought him

Here in a three thousand Fairfield hotel one one one seven Southwest dark street and I one hang up going from the office no one chunk of it probably seventy three Washington and there’s an office if you measure a four apartment for two for us I’ve been there once on forced officials to remember yes I’m sorry I think you are a for fiber and since your knees are happy they are on the way to you

For good

And they

Know the description of your point now if you know what

They do


Six words are separated for you who are ready now we’re keeping every morning are coming very good and going for things we’re going to keep thinking

That for some important date not

Meaning tree size you know that when you go you

Do three zero It’s little haven’t

Heard that history has shown

That it takes Frankie

Minister to a universe like Frank double in excess of

Seven to show me clear this of like benefit what ever it might be some of the favorite heavy pain tolerance and I think we went where we were maybe you wanted one home

Run and honey I shot several

Photos of the story organ five six three Charles Edward programs have to start its own thinking unfortunately we can head over in the next year Morrison calls it use a few hundred sixty

And an action marry you

Know fifty six like they

Actually use our job on medical Just check him out fire reform he’s

Just told us that he’s got a couple bumps worth forty eight hundred block of ninety nine and even forty nine o’clock as ninety nine change haven’t already completely if

You savvy that visual virus that are then I was shocked when her

Age of forty got it

Yeah for thirty joins if I don’t know if you saw that was related to an earlier County CA We had a few that huge was down in the ravine I on acid be a thirty year Treasury going to think I’m

Going to go batty

For Dallas we need another car

Very far from I thought he was

Area check around north and windsurfing to go chronic trash bigger houses and trash everywhere in Racine northbound on foot he’s right now sixty seven he’s great the top

Part thank you for anything like this or so for them to go where it is their information only five hundred five twenty eight

The road will not his route the seven that it is you put

Anyone on Jenny when we came that way so I’m guessing it could be our officer or right around that intersection that has OUR don’t want you to go out to back off on the area where you are going to show you right now or if you believe we stand on this one you know the whole of the

Thank you else we had No I mean reckless driver from the very own game Fred Meyer seven five five five of us Barber things out on a white officer then I know played four of American bands hostage on the US and information wreckage ever want to go or the north on a two from Washington their version of Utah six search for John or Willie all over the road information to listen seeing how these one do as you construction site about three minutes ago are compliant sock to subtexts of the fencing to get into the occasional of a They’re trying to get into the building under construction now obviously if we put

Hundreds of drugs was just

The list

Of them for us which were of

Course exactly a civilising and seventy seven reports at the very in the windows and he said of building out of a black male on a baseball cap in a white T. shirt blue jeans in a hispanic military a black hat black shirt right short white and last that is a lot of thirty twenty years the canine tied up ers E.O.’s available for any canine wandering and joining me live now from

I don’t want to

Be there for myself or to

North what Warner wanted while holding got the northwest corner money on hold of those arrests just one one for four letter words if for nothing about me and you you have evilly have a possible Any going on that you Burnside in seventy five ave a second thing you know from about one because you err

That was me

Jenny wrote in circle Ave Maria and not many are you with ninety day for

The belittling so one will be looking for a

Drink to three that he’s French call one five in the clue just thirteen and twenty three all clear it out of us one then force it in can I pull you for a party you promised in your B. D. way shopping center one zero zero zero zero in or these halls seem to Gino T. mobile store doors busted glass everywhere the color doesn’t feel comfortable going so

You know if you’re OK let’s go over thirty and twenty four you’re on to Phyllis when you

Been forty four of Pajama

If you could from there for

Furniture unfortunately

Your knowledge of worth having there were twenty three thirty eight twenty six thirty eight which

You can clear it from a four eighty five on Your my G.P.S. location filming each of our twenty

Seven therefore from

Six or seven if you wanted to listen

To me yeah no worries and I’m forty four this going to get hurt if they can offer injury or several

That includes some display and no

There’s very few the Most High for three one fictional walk of life is

A fiction Washington Playboy boy Frank if you for three join for something fairly chill five office and you tell us with this is of money sent nine a Including John and going back from the other place

Ninety eight and you’re back on a suspicious that was my first

Remember here

Having five entries and

We want to set it to the code when I got his numbers in the fearful three drummer and I was very happy that was I think so also and if we can work for or borrow the same team in two or US nine fewer and all three

Once again so I actually starring as cover for one six nine and that disturbance you start apartment one seven zero one zero se Archaean a one zero one the language barrier simile speakers a car versus a father of their children that’s verbal obvious from the level of cover I was when I said I’m going to do that some are few more years and third Infantry is devoted to me so it was that I didn’t look at this in a way that he could have gotten very clear to

Me Jenny probably

Still thirty because of the sixteen fourteen

The validity so I think

Then you mean stick high from the high school for zero three nine ne Alberta Court are calling here an argument to denounce you now on the west side of the school

Think Express got

Double if anyone central can forty five price Grigory and Jane

California here in town Mary call

It anything in the military for us I say five going to Safeway eight three three zero north I think how close is there’s a sus a male suspect in the store who has been in there for the last hour acting suspicious he took a small pocket knife Al incoming his nails are color thanks it’s just vicious on subject right now twenty Frazier I can

Tell a very far and five eighteen it was fake he’s not threatening anyone he threw the knife back into his right and he’s out the sauce check out the live and die of one of the officers as with Mr Smith who talked to please me for them or they were from you and you seven going to the St Patrick’s Church with medical one six to three of us one night after you transfer from without hotlines or they had a male inside there that it absolves very badly that he was suicidal so I have are they went from country to all grand

Stage of progress or great beauty when three people very sick you’re very fit for a film you’re looking for one as we’ve already got the

Information on Friday four suspicious three Q two in Northeast seventy two on the white heat that figure four is needed Mary GA stay here all the petty officer out with that earlier and he is back still is that he thinks

You think that

They frequently will be over there that by the visa is in my district will be Janet I think it was served in the US Oh yeah there’s a white male twenty gray shirt gray pants it was last seen at the self check out Thirty nine hundred thirty eight nineteen we’re ready to bring up all non-emergency traffic back over to Central NY

You could check with the cell the surgeons that are running

And I don’t se

Before that one for their reports of shots in the area two five and elements or anything of that nature negative having been so great that I’ve been that one force right there thirty or twenty feet are there any area yeah

It was very full of love and I love and love and I love you thirty twenty years or we are clear emerge and that’s back to regular sensual look at you and yeah I’m totally give it up whenever it’s convenient for you oh yeah I want to psych inflicts that Jews at regular Central Dispatch regular central dispatch just battling for you out there and then trying

To save me stragglers three one five or a quick whoever is with Ronnie and they call my home place

Robin thank you and I send them out for central

Florida eighty six is over they went from second central city if I consider one for instance

It is seven months these are five thousand and

Thirty eight when you can clear out via Northeast region northeast fifteen call I talk to security guard is nobody here

Summons you for burglary and worse I want central atheism think over in arriving to be seen as we have been influenced I made mine for when I’m back dispatches discontinue monitoring se batch as a double for the president did we get a phone number for the guy that supposedly inside the church eight hundred seven

Stand by and not familiar but I know you’re pissed that you’re sitting on it or grammar

And by seven I get the number one right there one from Gerber remember Chris Freddy five one two eight three nine one Jews

I fear for your performers if you continue

To seven think that immoral

And that’s negative on a name that’s ethics only have a hell of a number there was a twenty

Three so it was open to the never said anything that wasn’t there with them to try to get the thing working on them so phones we can reach and war certainly Baker a meal in a wheelchair through some money collar and started roping or use a blackmail twenty three light leather coat with a trail blazer underneath and white

When he make over forty of these and he’s now headed towards a jacket off the wall forty four ninety

Nine eighty Well this you can get a call at John L. if it run from the yard vacant house there’s no crime there but I ask in the spot you took off and there’s not a car in the area maybe when I don’t find out why it was running he’s a white male about thirty five forty years old then it’s worn a reflective green vest

President said in a new start for for a direct result the state for the answers only

Got less than

One it is an A.V. might jump into a car here that’s now north on eighty third and he who thought I mean had a wash in place of her going to be like Honda

Holgate and he’s going to go and

Not just because it’s hot it’s possibly just a new vehicle going eastbound Holgate from a three ninety two acres off there are

Just about out

And pursue him right now

In pursuit of

Sixty five miles an hour he’s going to be northbound from the OK on to ninety second

You know if you very modern

Times you from August forty five fifty miles an hour going north

We’re going to have a lizard

Condition we got you out west down on George Marshall High School

Bicycle from the into

And he’s back down on ninety first he should be coming back out to hold

So he kind of backed out all nine one whole day and didn’t already say damages author should have the occupied decision see if we are three months any have yet to see their parking or even another car

If he doesn’t eat

And ninety first Boston area Cora nine one if you want to you know I don’t know if he’s in the vehicles they’ll turn the car again we can not check the blocks between ninety second and

Basically north of Holgate blocks here

That blocks names you north of Colgate and such a vehicle is ever going to Honda with washing plates of all I have never gotten closer to and they’ve all the

Burden you hung up in Washington please write to me the other day please read of animal will Union

Yeah I think that’s going to be the same one because I think that’s about what I saw

Hershel Washington play

And it’s going to be the it’s going to be the guy that had the vest on it was running from me on foot to circle back and jump in that car is related to three he did not jump the car last time he stated

It so if you get a knucklehead walking around with a

Reflect a vest on then white my ofc grab them and you’ll have far down there’s thirty five to forty if you said you get out was that it was I’m wanting to

Have that instance where there are people

Who have an older model vehicle for

Better on direction roll

No not at all hard as was Jack and you know like very well

Yeah and I’m sure you know no way and heard you just servants are going to Herman’s to secure and I’m so these one for five you know size zero in your box I know I have forty seven very very very very perky you

Take one sack this way not always an entry level three I think you


Ninety eight do you want there while you’re looking or a kind of regular back where you can have the Arraf thank you

There’s over fifty to ninety eight never original color as it was an hour or two I’m out rummaging through that yarn let me check affirmatives you want the description of all of them female I’m going to roll back there I think you my left behind didn’t mention when I first tried to stop him and he was trying to you know what are

You going back to us for is your theories of easy for would you say to

Them I want description of or to was well you know thirty’s along here so I have you know it takes a while working

Hard have a heart of her own five are going

To have Charles seven five three zero limit and apart from a search her own answer to the fifty three but he’s used to having that help us more so in that first Avenue if you have no a complaint

If you will drag in what looks like and I just present he the overpass do I

Guys in their twenty’s one or you know white teacher or like teacher first being like you Robert because these nine wanna cry so there’s a dark colored small car hiding behind a location possibly you think it’s related but yeah that would be related

Four zero four six on nine one no one eventually going away

Thank you both it’s about thirty minutes when you finally can address this in case and in an area that

I need a can we get somebody out on ninety seconds also from Cora Holgate basically does brick and blocks that are key and are Iraq Iran or Europe or whatever

Came to your I’m

Devilish if I barrel for six or nine one right

Ernest And there’s only one two in corner Dreher

You know two three we got a lot of cars you want out of us so if we do not they’re just going to drown

I think then one through in Boise would have a being a good option to him he said is the car he decides to run Frank heavy as if there wasn’t a



William Union six three nine four were to connect but heavy is a vehicle and I have usually been

To three with the people since August around the school or

Community of six and Bush and until I’m there this invasion just because it is it is not a

Miracle and I think why this would be an awkward home all night it will end and

I miss

Him very unfortunate first

Examined some of the war that friends who and I

The address of the big analysis for one once

And a half was open on the most I have a four one one six on line one and you have a hard day seven Kora and eight have a whole day present all of the core sites have links on Kennedy they think you are in fact finalized at seven

Thirty six ten roving answer hundred

Thirty six engineer vaguely

Milers of integration take now have you thinking of why there is a

Function of you from one of the

Two houses south of four why not one to take selfies and I want

To go out on but have another one for you

Trader Joe’s two one two two Northwest Police in St St I’m going to go mail smash a car window with what looked like a street sign and then left to sign the server you are seeing eastbound and on foot white male forty six foot medium build white hair black tight tank top denim shorts no weapon seen it was and go thirty eight twenty curtain from wrong but that’s been holding for about twenty minutes now

I just sat down and it looks like a caller called back saying that the guy that did that smashed the cars in front of oh OK thank you I was just two minutes ago and I called him along that point just to have the stars cover for the Trader Joe’s Garage or what if for some reason are not for a life well unless the location if they do look asian if it was he was back at the Trader Joe’s

One thousand which

There are enough there to go at the dog resorts resort the perimeter

We have no fear and I

Have been a critter for the love of the poor are going to be a person too

Another hard as you have an operation Yeah and I need let’s clear the four one one six of us versus you know ninety eight OK And where is that in relation to four zero four six and I’m not showing I’m at just the south having this one on for seven one on thirty seven goes your daughter driving there for a four run from that’s when you have twenty six and he’s twenty one eighty sickly and you want them with him one of two

For seven

I think is going to be Milwaukee P.D. asking for one cover at two three in Lambert nerd dealings a male on a green pickup acting disoriented

If we often go shopping for three hundred

Eighty six twenty three Dante continuing for him and I need your boarding

A four seven

Eight three eight George These are married to the call and we’re all

Thirty eight twenty we’re clear from dunces

Stopping to speak

One for

Recruiting for a three acre David mana for a four seven play comes back to Fort fusion rush your two Kendra will be seven to se five seven have now having nine forty eight if somebody has been a forever ninety day I’ll think we want

Some of

The eleven thirty eight eleven

But there are the ship’s officers down stairs and come from replacements often awesome organs least three one five eight I think what they will get this going over will commit you know if you do if there’s a free car approaching one morning road and entrance of the school

If you are forty eight I can get them

One third of the ninety eight the cans bought

It is safe but as a little thirty one once

Every four one one six ninety nine I was going to start on a seven hundred twenty one short thirty eight twenty one and start line forty four

For us that is high sixty four on these one for having two colors so far want to go hard six or seven shots and both that they heard of equal speed often I don’t reckon version of a completely naked guy sitting there we go talk to thank you one zero eight over the whole thing is or thirty nine

I’m kind of thinking of something more hot over here to the south of you where you’re at right now extras like nonsense right in that area he went up in here so we’re just trying to work some of this out again I’m still some of that there are nine forty four nine seventy five another caller said they heard three shots one one two nine SE one five one from the north and then heard a car spin off south down one by one if you want and if not I can

See I was I think not revive all vary from fright night as I think their I.Q. people thought of our ninety three I think kind of thing I guess one hundred watt that we’re on right now on this forty one who are

Three of them about forty one hundred on the civil law and ninety’s reckon should be covered pretty good

Drug get on

OK but if I can help you work the fence line south but it is pretty prison up in the area

Will we be I and forty one twenty three I for one two zero se and I know

For that I’m clear very go home having So if you offer my are you seeing that letter right there are in a backyard in the backyard back corner third and I twenty in there and then that there are them examined go into the other parent that occupy but they are based seven eight seven for you and eight nine seven three two zero zero Southwest golf court in unit number ten callers hearing what sounds like physical between three males and three females and around nine seven

Hundred people point you start one more part of the if you push

A seven seven as well

One twelve for another three I’m on the

West side of the school we’re going to wage this war when we side through the parking lot where the Northeast engines always you know we’re going to prison with a strong second though maybe a yellow pink or orange short of energy the right information reckless driver a northbound I five the Markham bridge

White or orange eighteen wheel semi unknown plate last seen continuing northbound information one thirteen a five seventy code forty want to go over car a five seven so I am talking to the Stevens one fourteen

They heard a car speed off south down one by one

Having their one hundred ninety they were going to be on Boise now and East probably check from behind nine hundred seven boys and shortly joining me from one hundred seventy second I divided the on into an afternoon prior to this whole thing Friday night recall or break some half of the permit or three hundred you for nothing if you will on the for

Including sergeants probably at sixteen yes take somebody from the firm and replace

Every U.F.O. some woman her

Thanks I think and I was going it’s one one for use on these one three five am you thirty and information from someone who’s not on scene that at any time you have this one in ninety is here trying to overdose on pills he says that with a recent breakdown that it will be ninety one forty five boys and at the end and one fourth I se this year leaving the parking lot so you can get rarer they’re going to mark out of

That and somebody will stay standing with Antonio when he took the pills I think it confirmed that he is here at his house and his motivation

Going on having a ninety day we’re up to ninety seconds will be north just yards from Boise having orthodontic in the arc from one thousand ways from one hundred one horse or whoever’s one five one fork of a

Short third or one eighteen

If you’re in


Government we’re joined as well

In Syria and North on ninety seconds the next one and the going one house north of and four one to nine doesn’t exist you know as you can even further when we’re going to announce forty one point having retrieved you wait I’ll be talking to three of the Caribbean and dandy courtesy and I want to

Correlate So we go that way check for a cafe was there for

One thing to do I want any of the rest and information will be read driver blessing northbound Valerie and Emerson Starkiller Gaddy four door are no place two females were arguing and then took off northbound swerving the formation one twenty and I seven that was staged so we went

Any where you want to

Know me well I reckon I am far from what it thirty seven seventy seven Yaquis to me on I five thousand pounds

Somewhere prior to it will appear with a car that the side of the road that it nothing stuff on I five YO ME Starfire

I let me be with one on

One twenty two twenty one we have an inflated hero force you think

About one twenty two or three for one sitting five six seven but since I’m click area Jack northbound Mallory from ever since that four door caddy dark color physically involved in this thing for the

Money they will be fine for zero four seven ninety two point zero four seven I think you have a flight lot that goes for zero for three and us and one of the problems thank you for this one pretty dead just had a newer model white like a Nissan small S.U.V. Roan and of up with her and Yvonne who in the feel that all automobiles in the area throw into the sky

For a white Nissan nicety is done in north Florida

With no I mean I think six in one forty nine assuming

You think it’s related to the scholarship event and you

Know it is in the car and that it came down a dead end street this is

Hard for every three and very

Very for

One hundred thirty when I threw the rig out one or two people walked across the ball field those who felt there were Americans in general are you confident of the well field

Regarding any

It runs in the area of the fact that kind of quick toward the movie theater given what do you

Suffer a horrible school property

Ninety three just about there was like two people who took their make them out with the movie theater or

They had their way it was sixty one one twenty one and three one five anybody on the call out at the progress or there all the reports go through they get to work won’t wear white or clothes never dark or nothing and I know forty I’m going to have you cover nine Juhi area Poppy thank you just ask was it for nine for e F. and if you have you have a ninety and he joins us to subject the south and easier

Way for the Northeast I’m going to be a minute on thirty minutes or there might still be on the school property but they were headed towards women there

Are you thinking best actresses haven’t

Been on the we’re going to

Look like there might be pretty close the fall for the movie theater

Very Margaret the far west then or are there on that where the act the road with the baseball field and

Can’t quite tell from here from the other side of the tennis court that they were done across look like a football field

Sort of if there are other nationals or not OK there you were three hundred seventy that car is probably going to pick them up in the cinema or the


I think that it is parking lot or even if I feel the most likely going to be Heinz on my return for zero zero

Four zero zero

Right here is a sense

Of walking the down

Street as

South is the only three to go east on this core out over there and I just walk eastbound to the property of the high school for the for the I thought I can’t give you a car because it’s like all

You know very are the two impossible for cities are going to choose from a

Number is one five six nine nine nine cover that’s one three three five or

Seven thousand walk of NE have joins or sexually David Davis nine hundred seven thousand block Killingsworth one thirty three one three eighteen of the one thousand ways you please home and if you’re there walking north found the side of the eating of T.V. watching or down easy to see and those eyes they’re going to come out towards ninety first along on the school yet I have nine four of their in the eventual report of a if and when I am ninety with if I said initially very Russian play I am I at or three four seven zero three through each one of your gram and walking the property before but what I want to have your hand I think Various to be in there actually walking down now they’re going to be on kind of a high in the bleachers at the far north as in ninety three and I never said you can’t remember who won three easy to corner the school

I think there are right now for their allies were to go

Though the field was full they went directly east of it like were out that for that the existence of a president who for one thirty six it’s why they think my motivation some of the some of the other boxes or the problems with the seven ten seven seven hundred block challenge for one thirty six and can’t review drive north on eighty

You might run into them one three one four nine three verify number one two zero second hand from a resident of the color of the building after event of screaming coming from apartment to crying over

Going to go OK they’re still walking south of directly east of us in the Wal-Mart I think that was like a walking on the floor or something the next room itself a serious problem we were going to

Continue at three am with them are now on eighty eight with the money and Iranian male and female

Any of a female Why in the short

Yeah wizard were the description is highly doubtful it was a hotel with a female with warning of blue sword and they were half revival we were watching out for not going to be related so this is totally unrelated to this regard all the Emmy nominations

Were just loop on the block and were to go back to the start where the car was and try to check the guards go and northbound around one can take any

Nine forty eight I’m just going to stay here on the shelf each morning of the school for stuff less

Three eight one five three one five yeah all officers on this call if you are writing report I need a P.D.F. a coffee to Jack blazer at North for his case and

Central turn forty five three five zero four three Muller isa one uses Washington Adams in Nora one he easier built in forty five M.P.G. yeah copy one forty one I think go it for you in find six a fifteen hundred block of North High

And spoken with a group of two or three people arguing standing around a car but no description of anyone or any one girl all part of the companies were working

On forty two levels of always second behind for their for two online one

For Year for two on one one seven

One four one zero ne want to wait Ave unit number one vs Spanish Language Line our caller wants a child welfare check here her strange husband was at her house to deliver divorce papers forty five minutes ago was very drunk and had their child with him and he was driving in love with a child horses occasions and he should be here by now just as she was a gold city and even to be a Friends this still Cortez a lot of what any for the child is a car left for tio want to two thousand and thirteen gov anyone letting her have her for seven Thank you know if you’re over

Three and you for things that will be like four year olds with you on the new one for you as it is at least three of the

Great we’ve survived of this sort as are your initials were inside St Joe’s ilish uplifter punch an employee in the head while leaving calling on forty six thirty nine when I was up until their of their

Years working on that or

To a robbery occurred here see five five four four East Burnside street one forty seven now outside leaving in a light blue mid eighty’s

Or similar probably not one forty seven thirty the letters three and some for

Every age of the second now is going on if I were going to partner to fix your own lines of these one for five ave you have bigger thirteen our college child’s father else I just broke out one of the windows

Printer for a cup of coffee was ready force and wanted to hold off on as well verge

For me no I had torn learn taste for seventy nine eighty nine Jeff the west side of my knees are similar the cars on the

OK anyone holding up remember five and ninety two can be twenty one forty forty

Having the hind four zero four five on I want to somebody

But and I said is that it couldn’t be

On Me or oh well you walk now thirty years old five eight last seen wearing a teacher was Latinas are causing see HAVE A GOOD want for D.D. I think the tension is even as old around S.E.Z. we’ve been having a fight for a good go at our church or if I were God or them or the life or law or with a lot of those aspects of this leave it looks like they left South on by five

A lot


Now it’s going to take something and I know my seven years of it has if you do for yourself or

If you eat out of it you fix a fuse or car with a great three to four things ready for suspicious calling one one nine ne You have needed a male Internet location yelling and screaming are causing that someone who’s been harassing their grandma scolding on fifty bucks for you guys and clear in their car thinks I may have another sister she’s calling me for ones out these people have asked you Are China like on this is how supposedly a few days ago there was a guy here with the ski mask on Out Front scalding wants to run it is the same address right as out earlier let me have one of those and go on the floor under someone or his S.U.V. So now here is the running we’re going to be urging for the air you take me and I need I’m not showing that you were there earlier I am showing a call here on the one thousand Dell involving the subpoena

For you an eight through eight one seven clay

Clay color can hear male and female young females yelling Get away sounds like it’s physical

One fifty three three one five The thing that all broke down on the streets are open now all streets are open around I don’t have joy

For them there’s a couple at the Chevron a woman for five an even you know do you want to get them one for having a vision lessons are going a little bizarre for the average my friend to sixty on I se one

There is no real head out and just about three not

New or old in the Woodrow Chevy Jefferson of them were are you guys and relation to the farmers or by that part me right now

Chick story one two hundred ten and you know every thing in an R.V. on the front of this property in five ago a sign of shadow passing past the back of the R.V. think somebody possibly prowling in the area no description

On vision

For transport mail

Continues that worry is possible problems to mention or include ever had over one fix for things but were you of one mind the regiment three friends sixty three want to join Division one A few in their vision one fifty six to save on fixing

Something where all these little sizes missiles fired

Once again and from the success of our goal was to just as a friend

Were fixing north of brands had a front three crossed over three and we were seven

Eight three eight zero in firing her going

Clear George one fifty

Five area to zero some sort of a

It’s them or it’s right over a false in the fridge of a

Baby knowing very little if you French do five seven

But I haven’t fully settled in five hundred forty

Two just for just such agreement

Yet there is one is not

Permitted you know just as a rule

Doesn’t fun for you and I knew we ate one three six obvious clean one street directly across the street a blue Volkswagen bus just arrived with two males assigned causes one male when your seven was getting into a separate vehicle on the left side are calling just vicious as are several problems with still legal being dumped as the area known for most of us

Got the

Two of the answers I wanted you from both the most of them thanks have done nothing thank you seven I do a getting

Through a copy think I was a clerk will be every once in a very good

One five eight safeties thrower who I believe is an employee concern for diverse ten or more but I haul for wearing red in the parking lot when things have escalated them to varying levels of violence where if I could have been right for them in Greece for a quarter that I know of a question I want to know

When you know you have voted before the decomp or department seven zero one seven NE to seven Down House amid a sound the somebody making banging noises at a white dumpster in the parking lot hollers words of the stock answer

Shows up three one five I’m twenty three one five just very few I’m writing are you going to bring this complex or

Your worthless self

Bugle Corps for

One Thanks for coming

And you and three seconds of George Worthless yelling part of your net you three and a description of the

Suspect and three ninety three asked from if I actually know not just I just I think you know likely me eighty’s or similar and that’s

Got me

But I know life over so if you’re

Going to be in call back in his regime

Trawlers like me like you know him very well he will

And I know it I read the call it’s not a robbery they didn’t take anything they just punch of course following him around but I’m headed our way right now

That went

On to Mars I too wanted one for that you poor

Thing if you do look like they’re headed home plate going to be seventy five ninety

Three and you say if I said this is a very different seven jewel on the

Green for one to eat the public is already one pork you want to know how long

I’m now an alarm going off there and they have a video clip from the northeast area I think movement

Goal of public

Service and religion and you shouldn’t reason for having ideas of Jesus

But if you’re even seven four four zero force officers and hone in on the hear what some like a female crying up from a distance to the south a ways away and it’s been going on for a while there also could have been from the north and the Gentile make any orders or any descriptions OK but I know it looks like they’re going on so we can always go back there

Oh it’s


Anything and I think what it

Is returned to

Once Waco for

Those of and one for is so rifamycin very alarmed but the river offer sixty three is going to go check out of a normal River off of government well it’s a museum is hard to live in and so met with an office of this is one sixty five north of stars one hundred five who are the star and it was of

Having to eat once and didn’t care and or near where North or the caller’s thought it was of the South but it also said it could have been to the north


Trek around north here

Eight times and

Just have him nine forty you done it to ninety seven attached to my call and meet me here to set the rest of this welfare check I need his language skills

Well there were things I thought No we’re not going east on Clinton for one for five East Oakland and I want to thank you for joining us Eugene official visions in the George OK things just not in a way that I yeah my victims Gaudi’s the story and more and from what I gathered from employees as a saddle of wills mutual

Defense of the number which I do it’s two thousand one

Hundred percent for the fact that it’s the right topic and I’m one of you one hundred

And I was a dumb shit over with a fifty three between one one and a dollar Sheree

I wanted a vision three of what I want to develop her you want to know her forwards and

Over one hundred the building was clear break in Caesar to

Characters and open director

Of current things I said more back at the apartment complex we’re going to have her on all of us can evacuate Comic-Con I said to me you know if you’re if he’s well Jake

George is going to take me if we fix

That problem versus you twenty five is very good

It’s a six go if it’s to twenty six five of them yourself fire heavy shot fired one four one zero ne one zero point one thank you and I want to be unhealthy about when we get healthy happy and healthy and I know that it is even now we’re going to

Let me know now to Paul and now

Call the complainant crying they don’t worship nine for a ticket of the New Year Plan the day the one they were it was more of us playing off of pretend and going to

Second when are we talking than are well some people just hung around in front of calamity just like nothing’s going on all the taking the selfie on the lips of us having thirty minutes when I got it all that I’m in your thirty’s and anything it got to you think it came from the area I mean yes it was close if there was anything it was a very small town with a litany of twenty two walls just one saw what looks like an invisible normal device in the felt years without the use of

The phrase reckless ever west on Davis from north west or some unsafe passing in kind of vehicle off by Ferguson am zero six six John Queen

George information two thirty one well I thought this was in the sphere of us off

The bus nonsense all of a firecracker there but what we did find was that gentlemen have eventually a

But they only thirty two who were coming here where everything is

Nice where you were just talking over the firecrackers up through another one OK during three zero one zero and heard it from the West no further getting to what was the one point five If it were

A force on I’m clear out of your going on you know it’s not welfare check thanks for sending in a pretty tough you will stand by and wait for him I got here and see things from Asia and I’m drunk by reading a set of innocence I was you know want to Alan and he’s leaving southbound eighty two and a grey Chevy leader model partially to I.V. to today sixty

Six recovery but also shows of this suspicious vehicle every night either the Washington voice or if you for your I got it if it was your with vision three nine

Division three not a Division two thirds I’m going to treat your alarm call near holding want to let him or you want to leave

And then give him a trick on your phone OK nine Florrie

And it changed the actual address the fourteen points

On a hundred a moment the one that’s thirty M.B.

One forty six I want to I never wanted to do a great deal with it to a Jew thirty nine sixty four do you mean resin or T.V. and rats and mice and

That was the for now the making contact with the cycle to twenty the Herman

You want to sell the air

For it here get their money and

Take the SAT Yes this had on their arm or really

Think on the market central theme forty five place and as I’m with you thanks I think it’s a choice second part of your nature so I’m more forceful the caller is true with like universal

Transit female I thought workers who had juice were playing with an umbrella trying to save them and just all their life and all for five years old red shirt blue jeans

Through HUGE do for it

Or whatever it is of the drugs or anything before if it’s you know three thousand of its rules are going to reform through the government to get one six one three if you’re still monitoring over that weekly

One three eight two hundred

Three one hundred the dispatch three zero one five yeah I know I’m long off I can you walk off the afternoon sergeant’s nineteen and eleven Never often I probably will to know if there’s any kind of yeah sure though that I

Will be on a sentence just north of

Infamy Charlie Adam forced to fix my one hundred eighty seven I said how one theory was that we

Were in front of retreat to their T.V.’s and I three three two zero one eight seven and one line with their nine seven seven

Driver they’ll be really drove past about four houses we don’t have any description well another direction of travel

And into

And seven is there anyone else in the car who we’re having we’ve the driver might have the warrant to have about the only information we have having jails are going away and you think ninety seven is

Anybody that you’re going to have it for now just to

Be part of the whole you have a lot of

There when a recorder recalled this

Form of correct the daughter is nineteen years old

The idea to get this guy went in where he would have written when the building the when you went through a very

Close as he was for the three five zero on this earth

That he and he very mileage

Vs the two fifty four five seven things I said when we are a part of this a we have a fall or at the hospital and there’s a female who just was Evans’s that she’s medical attention and wants to dress or is that helpful if you can start close let me Who are you know right everything and I said OK nine forty A.M. and start for the average lot of Hartmann’s and one thirty seven is going to be a totally separate call totally separate and all of them they are right now they have the guys right here saying is just as I get

I’m free to start an argument or three

Sixteen fourteen juries or three north I think fourteen at nor is it do you think

They travel

For six six Charles King Willy like the one thirty six hundred walk and say any wonder he had a brother as Ne Ne if you think the seventy six going for you and five banging are going are saying now by now there’s a couple of expecting a building ring or Irving

If you were in what

Four seven I was living in Burnside makes them a science or have they for six put it out with a full

Force of the real one

Three four zero se Main Street to the our collars their vehicle take off out of the driveway he’s down Main towards one thinks he’ll so I blew ninety four hundred a cord but then then it is as Bill Beaver is never going to have a special agent for sale on various very large and I think it’s one

Thing on the fly they hope will take very good for three one and I thought they were behind three four zero six they force US Economy seven to zero one zero one zero one three a selfless probable of our About two ago twelve thirty four sounding hollers as they were a garbage truck followed by two shots didn’t think it was the garbage truck and seeing the dumpster nothing else you heard in only one

Part Why do you walk away if I haven’t heard anything for I’m going to take you out of

The LOT of eleven if you have a plate of that are over with all of do just out of one one is Henry Edward Mary seven and I know any theory when I say you and I know it seven one one two two zero how these have all of our started out which is the around it was cold

Sex was drownded He’s now back could say is that he’s here trying to still cigarette and then I called because it sounded like they were starting to struggle during the drive

And then there’s something in seventy

Nine sixteen taking said to get very fortunate to have a

Vision for have you knowing Treo six hundred seventy three seventy

You know if I’ve got any eighty seven of Broadway there’s that you’re hiking the streets last couple hours screaming something you breaking things out there OK first quarter and if they know what it’s really moving on it’s own car Thanks for giving it to you live for a very nice

Story about America got it I’m married anyway

He settled in for

The for mission to go on a vehicle that was driving the wrong direction going east on the West only and on Southwest Taylor third and then righted itself going south down the white Ford Focus informationally three eleven one three one three

Five eight to zero he says dream simply calling in as a subject is rolled up into the lot on a mountain bike with a loud speaker on it and started kicking a guy who’s sitting here as suspects still know a lot as well as the victim just like a white male I know age baseball cap in a dark jacket for her commute someone I think glaring have or thirty nine points and that way ninety six and for it into zero things that ninety five are used to monitoring no engine work I was ninety five minutes in seven any one of the current America having from there can break no way so I do not agree some call from one form file will be thirty one point I

Think having the area three thirty nine one eight I’ll be doing the area check for my guy black leather jacket call a friend

Probably in a snatch when you know he’s just looking

For a nice one for is still on it were that are part of life if he wants a slightly more fixed directly coverage for them

Initials in thirty five please Central sent forty five places

To various women of the show everything

Through text

So I call for three hundred sixty four ending sixty five

Or three having a three G. an

Intruder ninety eight point three That is correct have a drinking

Thirty minutes we’re going to let some of

The spending mail transparent at Vons many many and in fact that seem we are going for an economy that I’m far you’re welcome for I’m on the way and high in just mentioning it

Charges is kind of like being there in full and beginning say the right you know what was left behind you don’t know

When three who thinks it’s open available for abortion

So I don’t have a ninety seven on

The book along

Having it but a lot of

Things are going there Frank just on the night that three hundred twenty three Go to think it was

You know I’ve read

It to a good


Or actually

Silver I thought oh you’re cross on Grant place and a lot you know are going with a NO PLATE it’s over it’s right out of law

For you and five any drinking five dangerous three hundred Maryland average Iraqi our children to now is knocking on a front door as you know

So he can write

When it comes in three counties like Judge Sergeant Mari it was

Seriously six when they do it I’m still in the vehicle and urban think one more of a

Dream interview with the vehicle and which way to the other passions around north of OK I have like a

Small out white future black bean and you hold the black and tan

As you would rather know it’s not OK from Irving black male small after all white shirt black jeans holding something black that is waist now and each week you want to have a cane and I know you have I don’t have an Earth

But we are married women

Have you know if you see and I’ve noticed on our

You said it was a goat you want to watch well from

Ours down to North

America region we have enough years and stop everyone else in the area

Unnecessary that is I think retiring and I thought maybe

If I was in a coffee and there so I just asked Will you Dr H. ave if I was having five vs three times of information central factory not having its treatments and

Having the twenty seven but often I think you should me is coming out taking a vehicle organ a one a job like and Nora I’m on

Always found fighting offensively foundation and hard on

The island five of the five in our members and her

Parents like me all these are like dark blue jeans we even black have a small Afro

Lighter why

Her color black

But his device male small afro or white shirts dark blue jeans and possibly something as handlers dignity

Busting or Simon Kafer R.V. but Officer

Was that alarmed at the river patrol office just kind of keep going off the fish and wildlife and sitting on the river thing that’s what on off a building there were going on when I

Have a

Very I’m going around

Thirty nine when I wasn’t part of the zone think

That because Larry sixty one three thirty three thirty one seven I need a place some five three words on I’m sure if anyone needs to reach me thirty two sixteen fourteen clear I’m Tunes zero nine fourteen have a good night three thirty three nine hundred

Thirty three zero six he was eleven a lot of

Its residents the twenty six the zip code was there going to be six by four ranchero Hiroki most likely given a return of every organ seven one John Tom and John Watson for office had eleven of them four of the on and then expired talking about four eight three six four seven three thirty five one five thirty and it was very good

Traffic six and I guess it’s going to be one more game played really union union fortunes

Standing still at three thousand plus high level where the destination are still standing

Any of these events with more

H two eight sixty one three forty two a quick roar to forty zero and it to Charles

Well aren’t over the ave the complaining hears on the something else over possibly from the backyard no descriptions on anything holding its weekly long rising lines if then that is the devil and one six zero seven zero six one six two ave our callers the owner who’s at home he’s watching on his security cameras in her vehicle going through some purses that don’t seem to be hers she does have a red four door sedan and plate that she began he wants are the long

They’ve ever made out of prairie for suspicious sixty three five are they landing on a have a heart problem or strength car door only because I have as a like teacher defamation a holding three for a

Record ranking REBACK

The first seven three forty seven hundred eighty six three for growth

Went to a greater

One two eight three forty nine three six two eight can you check and see if anybody has We’re one thousand five

Hundred precinct straight Who is it who has a clear higher OK to copy when you call officers on the cell phone please for the hundred one three I do so myself one two eight six of one of would ever be it was one nine four zero

One nine four zero on Powell Valley Blue Dog R.V. after one thousand nine hundred eighty S. pal three thirty three sixty

Or yardstick seventy Wells Fargo one four zero five zero center to go mail here screaming throwing a shopping cart around possibly twelve fifty four white male thirty S bald lecture can charts

Thirty four and three one hundred three one five yeah can you tell me what kind

Of Carl came out of North the and ended us

Northwest nine and Lovejoy stev I want to find the ones we save myself a lot of them will be with one sort of force of will have to work with the ones that have been thirty fifteen you just want what it was going to call initially came in correct point one twenty five yesterday thank you if it isn’t but I know you’re safe and I have a six he want us there thank you Noah

Nine hundred

Eighty usually we’re

Interested in a movie in the definition

A To enjoy and to get patients that were her that is of a question that

Fans of the new I don’t feel

Any seventy to think of thank you it’s hard


At all very very

Hard or go on

Nine forty seven hundred forty

Seven X. Martin Ellie one two one two eastern side she acknowledges that the source saying that five to ten folks around the eastbound platforms threatening him he does sound all forty four high Gabrielli around ninety six eating ever open on


Before anyone even dated reason one forty

One since between six

Months or two earths or shock them restricting what we know we are

Pleased that they are going to

Be part

Of any

Victory for you and they can ANY going to shell fifteen R.T.S. Broadway there’s three people have argued not getting ready to fight some dispute over fast at a campsite all white males twenty to thirty victims running to hide a shirt that guys rank green pants

But went through it with hundred

One three hundred nine percent driving ninety seven Crystal Springs in eighty two one ninety John marry her

Eighty six senator and me a writing desk in the AT they that the back of the green pants rock the east end of the building and those who say there’s no way on the platform will

Mean more

Lines for seven

Hundred unit think you are a silly idea to get any

Information on a party for and want at the club pantry Jan twenty fourth Marine on a valid science using at least it’s four thirty that’s what I think of you on the other sure

That you have been sort of three seven or

Fancy year three six to six hundred B.C. and evil of art or a window busted out large enough for entry unknown if anyone’s And so every really there’s intrusive and you want to can adjust that way or advise all of us for thirty never misses an information possible Dewey driver us in your stomach last line or from Odjick So it’s a dark colored pic of seven eight seven John George John speeding answer from Asian four forty one hundred five one six vary from eleven one for viewing further for the five people refusing to leave him her F. ing how far

They are these for five and since inside to go male is shiny parts of a staff and kept looking at her collar when she was walking her dogs Danny’s decisions and want to check he’s Anna Rice now hat long please


Ever have anything having to

Do any parsing was to say the rise of

Arthur crimes are

Twenty three


And a three seven The SO actually going to be the max platform selflessness in zero zero there’s an aggressive male arguing with a female black male twenty’s graze your black pants a bag over his shoulder Why is you know twenty’s pink in black stripe to

Read him for trying to shore zone Joe we know that lady CA I was having my thank you to anyone you can clear for a priority welfare check on the island it Denny’s one one nine five zero our center for America from for in the bathroom in order to to our hours ago have a laugh that often said

Thank you happy anyone else close and concludes recover

Quickly That was not right thank you think of

The journey when you’re done but that is a

Definite you know for Zone she just wants to sit down and then want help

Any more calls on her OK John it’s what he thing is kind of that Dani’s I think this is Discovery right now the forty three aren’t


Five No it is a very it’s resume copy

It to eight weeks for the two is central for twenty seven

That’s a record and as I joined I do economically

Progeny was the first one taking my short about three just

North of one and one in Cleveland who investigated some of the area folks want to be porridge preventative one of the three in bar story and I’ll check it out to

A sudden got a good chance of prevailing company you meet a if you want coffee

Or thirty three

One thing to fly I’m worried I’m after S. and I can hear her talking about how mongering shock OK just tells her

One three zero four ne one E three color thing or nine year old son a shop we’re starting medical

Government show Miri for advice from Asia and Russia refining a one three zero for ne one E three report of a nine year old shot to

Be zero for NE twenty three

Has only going to a shooting and once he’s there for an hour he one hundred three for things like

This revision Gresham is responding to a shooting with a nine year old victim one three zero for an R G twenty three it’s information for that if I don’t think safety others not a collar reporting hearing the shots do you think off on foot on direction no clothing description of all steps one three one three eight I know that call back got open window a church here one through eight through three seventy three four

Four You’re saying there is you know and I’m correct thirteen zero four zero six eight and the complainant is going to be on the East Side one hundred three inside a forty three county medical field stuff that I want to love and if we can find anybody in business with


Two males walk into the house and shot the child all we have so far is two males left unknown direction on

Any other information that we get on suspect twenty seven shot the child last seen on Santa Ana direction for that he said an hour Oh I don’t read in

The money why don’t I have a lot of time or them

Involved there’s been told there’s going to be a second I was only given to the female where she’s processed three million or so of it but there are the other a unit

Or as I was showing out there’s a rumor that he will help me and I’m going one hundred seven on their third and one AM I know of the

Others are there when they start with a I’m with a fairly OK for the guys heading to the shooting as a nine year old child been shot multiple times like these and reading OK We also have a female college who’s been shot not sure where we’re working on getting Michael Shannon from we have a very

Young you know two or a couple months by hanging and I know any drunken forty five

For you in one thousand feet and I don’t want to hang up that prior what we seven seven for your obvious how will of our her

Becoming but it will happen if we don’t already have one the sort of organ even the other M.R. Yes please the event started if

There was a fertile they have another fire can come in but one hundred Americans that don’t ever

Heard of her growing thunder

But if I think of

How to cover a cold right now we’re up roadies only

Every one three seconds

But we want to have an

We don’t want our

Thirty thirty want to have a

Someone forced to any one hundred for the Democrats

Quote The question

Someone is going to be one hundred to order a person to my

Heart or even a shout of pray for suspicious of the Howard Johnson E.G. for seven hundred B.C. and two males possibly casing a lobby here for

Six money to carry out an oligopoly she said exactly six hundred anything to

One for eight Marines for thirty one eleven Clackamas havoc and if you are forgiven for now

There are those there about first person or vehicle your perimeter you

Get is that the only thing that he’s been talking about is speaking out a canine that they just send out on their starting line but nothing about a perimeter

Thinking is ready and so exciting they just ran out how can I

Recall on T.V. If I thought I’m going to be going out to Iraq for a five that does or if I sit in room four zero five for forty seven very well I get several e-cards here that they call you want them out of the perimeter Yeah

You have to walk them just in they may have been because he was on the

My understanding that happened on the west side of one hundred three or so when when anyone would think and not that way or just from the

South East this is the route that if we want to go a whole series to fix

It we will harden very well what he was

Through want to

Do what I would do just that area we’re not going to hold it all for nothing

I can do that anyways unit Army general but in the area thousands are neatly and watercress one thing

Pluton properties on with the sort of warning for the source of us in our foot going so through your tips to the public through the cells of the firm and there were few of us reform before we got every tiny

One tree and Sandy for a male versus female

Taking over than an R.V. here we’re no longer on the line trying to get more

Three and seven three seven who’s a ways off check invents a high school five for six ne going to a very loud steady high pitched O.-R. ringing doesn’t sound like you go over it three

Things are good for fifty they’re sure now working for George and I have a friend however

I think you did anything

For a video


Thirty years but where I am go at


Previews card I’m wondering if we want to start doing

What it was we want to do area well the

Them on there now and he didn’t want to and then took runner and they’re going and

I mean it all here all morning sorry but we do the only calls that are a full one three hundred on Sandy That’s affirmative from the number of the every gent

For fifty iterations ready to direct all the Starbucks one of us started training at us and coming here every morning expecting free coffee today he added heated graph the walk up window and threatened to beat up my collar calling for unity for show me an original dream and you’re OK and somebody had to have forty one forty five for him under six at medium build black hat black jacket and have a bunch of banks

Them probably

You are doing it believe me it were me going

Every probably right as a rank you forget you kind of wandered off he found always wanting a fairy taking contact and if you do contact a subject they want him just

Clear night

You know

OK We’re going to sit for nine in myself a check in a can for one one thirty six one of her drink every one three six and whatever

One seventy three seventy clear is every night the flood

But there is one seventy

Four fifty seven zero six nine

But as if a symbol is a

Welfare check in front of one zero itself these grounds are going to vary a way or several a horse or subjects slumped over a gray sweater bluejeans is a description of

So much that I see just cleared up again sure enough

I needed one to eating a salad when I

Heard it but as I was asking what you guys are called for those were called for thank you seventy three

One three go had one for you welcome I want her home the chicken said with Hawk

Your previous call here when I think I will have the things as having some present just how do you think

I’m going for about eight you know how rare

No hurry

But five for the little

Puppy if I ever mention that much ever I think he found her inside from one to nine from you honestly think I know I’m playing with other

A loud muffler all over the place some of her complaining in version one

Does your voice up with deliberation Friday still calling out run wrestle Middle School three nine five I ses one twelve the subject to was camped out on the property refusing to leave he’s now being pushed trying to get his illicit curity called If I can manage a private of the no

Three and you and I do seven a medically to cover for orphans are in the want to or

Twenty one zero two cubby you know them and drink you for the initial Carl said that they were to the left of the main entrance of us possibly where they should feel at the fact a white male baseball cap flannel shirt black jacket white teacher and white shoes you know to my government level and as range of our colleagues as it sounds like he’s probably drunk or healthy you can hear him yelling and screaming in the background

Me twenty three and I

Have a lot of money

Going Asian welfare check and I wanted this to be objections or fifteen ne Broadway’s guys been in the bathroom for at least past fifteen minutes or so

But getting it also

Her to do you

Want water more some water and more since I for two related to grow I made cards were code for

Heavy coats for forty one hundred

Forty one hundred if I sixty forty one edge of you but you would have to as well as I sixty from forty one if you had one truck with some one of them coming

For one hundred I mean around them and you probably forward it as a Jeep and five hundred eight five eight got to cancel the guy you left on his own every

Five has to

Have realised he was somehow from one seven for a green Honda Accord organs that you once extending are Roger’s speeding and

Passing our collar to me and I think he’s going to go for the jugular have because we’re going to make any of that

When I was

Having sex I confess but once I

Sort of

Rest will get paid as you know yeah it was a lot oh well out of all places trying to go West and I think you know who the

Real fans on the overdrive until three six you know figure out

If you are a go if I don’t offer Jack Williams And why is are we got a drunk sounding icon asking for help claiming he was attacked by a guy our still trying to get some answers out of him probably five eighty cover

I think haven’t explained they did but this is turned into a stand on for OK coffee at five forty seven five three seven three one three hello gentlemen I’m home when

She was three if I freeze up for five minutes I may be what we got from our caller inside heard about ten minutes ago suspect was last in South and only ends on

Right now twenty five skinny and a car shirt blue jeans

Forty one of nine ten eleven

But he would have a million

But he wouldn’t you would really just go but

That’s what he would ninety ninety five ninety nine ninety five

Was about eighty four West Malaysian or David Norris Hall will be Roger yellow and I’m go for westbound I did for Muslim Center it is I think

There were three to this whole good order not of the sort I want here three was related to still you’re going to be five thank you seven

For United We Can you check seven eleven one hundred three keys on the saucer of five you know someone

Took our colors white Chevy Impala

They weren’t sure the plate in the left and unknown direction

To a copy but I Mrs Evans eleven of us and me probably to think you have a six and I do seven not sure if it’s related but I’m getting getting a hit and run priority in one thousand Euro six all these relate was a vehicle into parked car the driver ran off doesn’t buy them for you every home OK that looks like it’s a white Some have a Ford or United four to one John Edwards or implement a first OK you don’t have a car so I had it and I just have in the car there’s a car to him Run is a Chevy Malibu such as potentially be related

In ninety seven dollars if you are taking a drive or northbound ninety nine on foot but we don’t have a description or some other question of the ninety day free an area that John

You know I am in a plate is forty one John easy queen but having just seen the driver I think

Of her move north down I see the guys are chasing them they’re going to be east on Elephant about one hundred

And we do have an eighty dollars like yeah I think I’m very disturbed that it looks like he jumped into the blocks south of Ellis between ninety nine hundred Solecki if we got people for a perimeter maybe a dog

That’s missing a

White male wearing blue pajama bottoms You know I have a good night

Ninety we all have been a witness he might be Asian or maybe Lifescan Mexican but twenty five years old and I just said we do not have any canines OK five forty one that opposed up on the one hundred ten Tell us

I want to want to know if when I want and also having and I wait are you able to sing by this an eleven thousand seven fosters this is potentially the stones are Eric here and I’m sure it’s going to be the same car

Yes And I just want to confirm if you run the flavor I gave you and you could save matches or call or I will the caller said initially was a Chevy Impala of it in another plane wasn’t sure of that so I’m guessing it the country is a theme rental car I’ll find out if it’s around a hard they got there if you can get up to ninety nine

Meet way that the perfect OK someone and I never even

Had a

Caller think somebody is in the backyard

Inside huge parking something about four thirty this morning they heard somebody trying to just not give visibility of her description as in you could access it from the

Side get on the far side of the house


Are forty three nine one a is a Hertz runnel car that he had so I’m sure that’s a car OK yeah that matches the seven

I would say in there you


Game one there were two five an hour

And then ran

Down and we were

Last seen jumping the fence behind one zero zero two five southeast Ellison and running one way and I think for the one two three major If you’re in for a dog run for him or but she come right of it knowing for sure George

And I you seven looking at the math it looks like if you were to dump a fence at one zero zero two five he would have been running west on Alice

Thank you right that was

Actually some e-mail popped out of blocks further down Alice S.C.M. of the blue shirt but I’m going to roll down the

Gravels having

Me like Grant

Ninety eight that’s not going to be I’m happy not to be honest I was thirty one seventy so it really was a few We tried to say I was like I’m already out of order for some reason but I really didn’t have enough obvious evidence of knowing when I watch the video at seven eleven it didn’t give us any more of a description was dying

Every seven or eighty seven by forty my friend requests


Forty video of it he’s always aware of that is it was it was thirty seven voted ninety one a they complained saying there is will be a firearm in the trunk

Possibly a firearm in the truck is there anyone able to check

Your natural if the car if you three times before you in three you better look at you know you know


Or a flat that you have a fan either blocking move Moline conductor and under the overpass I know Earl


Know when a number in the complaint to the car is either an analysis line I don’t really and thank you seven or ninety nine as I have any offices I have you can go to the time

Line sixty once if it Saudis one twelve and hold the taking out of the taking over garbage cans getting mail boxes and harassing people out of bus stop as a cleaning or work on a description OK when systems are

Not Or when a night many in the video seven eleven we’re not sure if the suspect got out of a black car out of us right next to their victims car or if it came from across the street but if somebody

Black car kind of floating around the area here maybe looking for somebody you can

OK Vaseline on the car Joe welcome the biker who want to just be in the area with what’s going on Harold’s from WANT TO radio is bad so I couldn’t tell you what kind of make a model of a sedan the wife of a

Crawler your model of a negative on this very wealthy and I succeeded to be a transience male sixty’s short hair black jacket green khakis and he was blocking traffic people are honking at him he just boarded trying that bus

You can hear the driver telling him to step off and he won’t have a five and I think he decided the last of us that he’s going to get in and having

A five for four was our internal in the morning but when the voice


Reason for a seven hostile street from to sixty five southeast ninth a male and female are fighting

With us and I agree


Some person you’re covering their cover and I want to

Go out so verily the victims of orange mess now the car and I get a phone number for that

Cause that we have to call and maybe I’ll ring or

Wherever you are five zero three seven five four four zero eight seven having three three

Nine three go out there with your own Oregon they are all walking the river Tom

So we pick up

Are all of us very wrong and I’m a lucky boy or one woman her

Eyes registered at one hundred and Harold is a trivia

Well there for a lot of work all of forty one for what I need to

Be able to

Quite a while ago and he mostly when he broke Harold it’s a name Yeah I think all the and everything he jumped the fence at ninety nine one night

And the

Tools were the weapons officer all heavy guns of hands and I nine when I was they were there on a hard drive her having sixty one I thought that was thirty eight or thirty trying does eight or seven should still have radios on it was supposed to leave two hours ago but it still was a

Hispanic male five foot seven short hair no facial hair he also says you lives in this area or you may have all they some place having a fag now five seven short hair no facial hair weighing at leisure to and blue pajama pants possibly live in the area

Logging off police

And five to a cover

To catch

Someone to go home for his every one and I think one of the

The early returns

Having highs recovered thank you

Thank you Jeffrey

Sixteen zero three zero eleven cents of attorney because of our forces

But is it physical

For marriage or in

The six nine one a or we do not track was there have been and will it as a primary want to come will ninety nine re wrong nine am heading that way

Jessica or somebody go out as

A qualifying

To complain if they would wait in the lobby and then when we got out or if for seven when

When I got out there nobody with a walkie and they were answering our phone

And five it one day we got a counter alarm companies and I thank you at six only one eleven

Three one one six two but we did refuse Hogan a division we’re going to field out of a side walk who says you didn’t seem very out of it

All of us one hundred


One when we’re going to be a little bit north of It’ll hold a couple of

Hundred seventy six of the welfare checks runnin out of traffic trying to jump in front of cars M.L.K. and

She’s kind of moving southbound black female thirty to fifty years old very skinny all black

Six and ever since nine year old before going on the first primary North but you know if industry I think

You know

The one who needs second eastbound transit station one to do you find you know Eastbourne by three the blue line math train going he’s down and there’s a male on the back car who was trying to steal somebody’s phone the when he got the phone back but now he’s trying to be everyone up and also threatening to complain and no one’s actually seen as a black not eighteen years old gray shirt black pants

So the interviewer

Said if you give a sense of the cars and things as a transition I wanted to do them after that philosophic just got off easy going left down Burnside on OK Were you talking to them make them want to follow report that you found by phone trying to

Do an area check for thirty eight and I mean and I’m forty eight our caller doesn’t want contact so I guess it’s an area check and seven

If you can I mean clear as a one thousand

And fifty I have it and you can run for it if nobody want to contact you can alter clear thinking I very regular sixty seven children from

Six ninety six twenty one

From our dispatch from our dispatch for you unfortunately

Forty one forty Google up on I five is the north part of harbor right shoulder brick red Dodge Caravan don’t have anything send me stuff and motors assist to extend the sense to me in Maharashtra assistant south and I thought I’ve just be over the North Parlin are for a opp to be racial or trying to push is vehicle resident Dodge Caravan has now been fit for three and a poke around there’s somebody there they can come by that just in case you guys hide in the bushes here with the phone

Do you have

One thing you just have an almost

All they can your Jack you

And I got from north

Of nothing else he’s he the guy on camera the one of the north part of the harbor Southam Iris

Beach out there

On the right well

It’s only forty one on forty what it was going to me to live in it has been a poem one of the sort of people to research three nine eleven for any

Reason for a free copy one for a can you copy for visual I did have one free to look at the hospital called and asking for increased police presence due to the family members related to the victim


Very well let me see if you’ll be going over that with a copy we’ll get one for a there ask you if you could advise how many cars you would like obviously empty right now maybe one

Block gang members in the lobby that are gathering there not a problem but once are basically manual folks are kind of concerned once they hear about the news about agent that might be an issue there’s a question harder on scene right now and he is requesting

Every protocol American right now and whatever her role here over

Six very

Very clear she only wants one if you will of the point forward you going to

Ninety three zero eight page to our phones Yes yesterday a semblance of good brings you seven twelve in Irving bunch of transients fighting

Three good

Football they’re going to go into a bottle at the river there’s a Riverdale school one hundred seven three three self-mastery would probably be forty forty one hundred you know I’m going to load forty one searching the board and I fell thirty you can show today but publicly that I’m company called back

By thirty seven I got to call their game about if you were going to call back if you

Got me

Yeah try to call that or

Want to call of course you want to horse Mel So I’m

Just there from the precinct let you know if I need a car or when I get there I don’t for a thank you



I don’t work as much

So families on your list after this guy have been

I five south of Jensen Beach or apartment harbor area he’s run out of gas in your gun rights holder

In the mail stream and he’s going to run just dance all the complainant down here in the West I go are insane you can break the story on my guy forty medium Bill gray T. shirt one three to cover for find a way to help the front in place

Thank you first of all it has all the remaining three seven six and Harrison G. transients fighting in the middle of the road but one of the tire iron if you seven plus lethal got me probably

That’s reason three one victory in your unit could only be me

Through an eleven yes

Because you’re

Young six out there here are some of the Starbucks one of the tire irons a White know it thirty’s black sweatshirt and shorts also white twenty years and no clothing on him no description

And I got

It well I think generally three seven I just I don’t know if you want to sleep ago I had a lesser evil and if you’re going to be seventy looking Jamie over there


One one

For seventy one

That address was once of was it in southeast or you you know years and boy you want me to Larry wear you out

If you can worsen night yeah man of

India and division work at about the same time I think

Seventy three

Nine Robert married her and been to France Germany France and Britain five seventy five seven with gold in the yellow well known for

Saving thirty one a lot of


Someone from Riddle’s school district is asking for a call about rerouting bunches of the neighborhood where the block offices of the Glee

Were blocked off twenty three of them bars to watch

T.V. eleven of the five said and six are here it is clear increase charge you for throwing sixty two quarter of course there are

But you would have four at sixty four forty one hundred and one


For seventy nine and sixty four and where it had

To go up for one for going forward but we’re going to

Three or four one four five

You will do and I didn’t spend a lot of your money on the ground when all five A good people do

Or do want to record a record there is report good money will do a three seven that was born fix the marriage and I was once in Harrison sixty seven once if you want that six point one one six one

One six one monitoring the SEC

Radius might

One six one just act like

It if you want to see one

Hundred eleven Zach one what a lot of after that it won eleven tackle and now thirty one eleven got one side of the

Break going to get phone number nine high sure it’s one sign seven three three three

We’re code for we just got into James because four have been getting a three for us a five seven seven zero seven for you to drive colors night you know grandson is wrecking the house and being of the six year old grandson

And I think of a very want seventy

Thirty one seventy we’re all going to be taking party calls

For right now all accomplishment hope

And particles and sun I know a lot of them yelling probably if I would just have one more day to a head that way

So I don’t want

That especially Canada’s that’s the

Stand I did for at about the Corvette exit in the left lane there’s a large plastic truck bed liner from that car


Got sixteen I make that six and defend their to them OK got of the vestry in here that was a hit and run we’re going to have scripts and a vehicle call it was just us a call and it’s going to be on the west side of an OK maybe in front of a business at three four acre OK

OK Well OK well fine then where are you at all have you ever place probably six months into

It from five to thirty

Or three and soon as soon as it’s

You know a whole other family of her hopefully I can one eleven so I court nine forty eight that yeah I’m getting my friend Eric All right just thirty nine in division just seven eleven everything and it isn’t

Five hundred having three six five zero him William for him one five three

Are in one hundred three and seven and I

Haven’t reported the recession

And seventy nine forty

Nine forty however arrived and dropped him off and I’m not even

Looking Any hundred

Thousand for you’re going to get a night shift John thank you very much twenty three million for a start on Dr Diamond and one theory is OK though

Well it looks like that I don’t love the paramedics of found them but they look like they’re on Bert’s road or west and OK

If you can easily found the one I just really are that’s where there are West where they are you know probably the best you find the first stage of because it was on an album sort of a way to relieve the my folks voice

If you want to know who it is I’m thirty yeah you go here with M.R.

Like that it’s really cool the thirty something for you was like they’re arriving at the Univision Now there’s an if you’re to transients a white male late thirty’s early forty’s I want to build beard who are going to gray hoodie very grave and black sneakers

But I’m forty three thinking

This will be for you and five Paul thirty one that’s very view of apartment G seven zero one NE hall these three color is walking by five ago in the parking lot there was two males slumped in a dark brown or green possibly a deer Jeep Cherokee unknown place looked like they have then heroin you want covered drove I copy them to Beijing for priority call holding a fourth and so the star three go there’s a black male standing you know the street yelling at cars and people and cycle thirty one are colors this is the parking space next to the mailbox is the second entrance hall the not the directional say from which direction

I think it’s very

Very or thirty when we can go we thank you since I don’t want to shut up and start of blackmail in the military AFAIK yelling at cars is in his thirty’s dark great and seems high note


If you want

So you pick up the cover

So seventeen if it’s on if it’s one uninterrupted on various

Seven point

Five capital awful DUI driver reckless vehicles a great eight Buick or similar sedan partial plate five four six information seven twenty one hard landing on the will the biggest urban sensory one is one for six one for one work just finishing it already has done what they want on a set once all and figure out if you want

Me having or call them if

You know you just want OK or clear right in from the south and you have a clear George gov years of going to forty one of three and

Four You want to treat them are some twenty four and I know you want to see an idea of what you’re going on as our complaint versus son and wife and sons really and are complaining in India JOSHUA KEY twenty seven colleges you know gang member in Mississippi doesn’t know if he has any weapons on in today our college an evening in front of a location

That I think

That was like it was that’s real money

Actually three when my new car radio I found a G.E. that I had a white male take off running

The I am no charges on him that he’s taking around

On the Jeep white male ran he found no charges cities they got off at some point but you’re a second male still in the Jeep I will be checking in just a second that a white male wearing with a green question Could got on the hall very probably continuing with around

A white male green sweatshirt actually was down on the healthy probably at some very very three or

Three where could room aren’t terms or health insurance coverage

For one five David Henry for their own five David Henry as we’re checking you know it’s three

Can you add me on it Jimmy ride with thirty to replace will drive you to

Your century

I’ve been told it and serves me to her and I have a hard

Uniting that was I can hear the Fairview Oaks apartment block actually in the woods right in front of building you have

Duties of three not healthy and the with but I’m vote for your no one left in the car

You know I’m left in the car by then I’m told you can be there if you let

Me in the original dumpster I resonate we park a primal seven hundred ninety one I want to have an N.H.S. finally go east on Greece in a dark color and possibly play just for a few French and kings information and a video a few hours on STARTING POINT three hundred forty was like so it is now stop on it’s six got me at seven thirty seven forty additional description is a great thing

For sure somebody want their same night reality however more than we are in America so if you do run for one right in line for arriving at some of them before

Now we’ve got radio ID one hundred three for one very Only when I for one hour and he is completely down though

Not just on the

PM I temporarily lost you guys on the show you talking seventy five hundred Indiana you four six three zero Morning Star one five

One five seven and some thirty five six eleven ten eleven eleven so if you want

Was a

University for different call it seven for two as cover at twenty nine and Waverly bowl of ours is a red truck with a brown white camper parked next to a white S.U.V. They’re loading unloading things between the vehicles there’s a woman screaming Jew in fact into a camper but you male that’s right now throwing things over the ground horse’s body it’s a very sort of they’re going to enjoy I mean I couldn’t imagine it’s officers that might be in the very think that they want to get the radio flash and they’re here now doing that but I think they’ll be here thankful to have any night shifters who want their radios flashed there at least seventy

Four seven three total I mean can we tend to want to court Vermes four seven three eight

From a covers the very night ninety one ninety two and six one one one selfies with sample of our having unknown male try to get in talk to find its backyard via the alley he was asking Eason Alley is a white male twenty to thirty years old running a red ball cap plaid shirt he seems high sign twenty one copy an article colleges asking for any Jackie does any contacts in you another car but a nice cammies have an original eight zero four four SE Marcus G. collar says an unlicensed driver who’s driving with expired tags lawful occasions five ago

To an evolutionary flat that he got organ play it really really John seven one one of before I got some cards back so in fact all cultures are of effect of cultures or at somebody for their first pleasant result by thousand

Five hundred who are younger brother one who was

A good morning and have one more

Wife want to thank you and somebody for lying for wanting her out so well for all of John’s that I wrestle for to

Having done some obvious but something one can

Hire as a forty five do you have but I really don’t think there are

Probably something of our

Tonight for tonight for starters worth the money they’re going to require as if American I would rather fight Miller so very that it is OK ninety one as I can we fire one one one one NE Why do you have the words energy at some us follow him around the stories until ignoring me so he’s got some good news there is one for us because that’s where the right is now only side

From the right and Kevin writing you have family damned if I’m arguing

For one hand I want to have your writing as and for the right for people often cursing and or not having effective computer is frozen twenty three more are getting the last five or are you

Flocking to the max exit out



I mean with a tech analyst and you better have orgasms I really I was out of negative

Is eleven forty four still haven’t Unit five hundred of us to cancel if you don’t have that way anymore generates thirty three forty one forty four and eleven forty one forty for tomorrow seventy three floor one more on the Where thing and the parking lot and I think we’re over at the transit center is that where you are can we can find you we’re at the exit of Fred Meyer on the west side froggy five one but there were

Three one five three one seven eleven and lumbar number seven it’s been there all morning hanging out in the lot hassling people and trying them out of the business like nail thirty tattoo on his face by

Am wrapped in white striped pants carrying of things there and many carrying the knife in the seat of his place several rows

There in front

Of you sex

In the center of security there I’m working out there and I doubt if you will be done with this in a second

I think you Six want to sound like he was in a van that has since been taken to unity any broke out every window he to David grows dark skinned possibly has been to male thirties wearing scrubs

Next week for Nick refuses

I’ll say today that sense I think is a thank you Ari this is a frank and was young in around you know they’re having an idealistic if you are charging or selling it in third of a marina right this guy administers and transported there right Unity Center I believe

Four and seven

Ford Jr

Yeah for a VIA for the burned out farm another car less lethal a sergeant was ever put on has been if they don’t have a less lethal weapons are


This guy was closer to your neighbors to violence I’m gonna be in the van right now so just for me for

Arguing the

Engines there are the ambulance they are

Similar but work easier job as an I.E.D. for jerking a subject stumbling onto the ramp to westbound I for white male twenty’s Blue long sleeved shirt actually heard of him

Being assaulted all she could figure out dropping from the hospital when I got a bit of information I had on the record five U.S. peace other one for once I foresaw the division so thickly it was a loose

Floors yellow John unions he won six nothing he thought of because you

Have these as honor deaf ear of an event to

Work that’s all

Praise and all for your unreadable

You don’t really hear

We’re talking to all

Of it is actually have a think as you probably want to a person appearing

I don’t show anything as long as on any of those who were around when a certain amount way

That I want to

Know you some that you want and if you want can you show me I’m trying to NATO some of the more some rich organ playing one four zero and three crane George

Underneath the Morrison Bridge it afore and thirty nine zero four nines I do you have an easy eighteen route from want to do an airport way

If you want all the on the surface of the service night you know five twenty one in the area was when I went in there it was an order to

Achree accident on an injury at twenty fourth and se to have it used to cars a great gold hunted S.U.V. with the results it’s on the side in the dark and I

Do six for a level to try three goals and for that to try and three seven seven then we can build it and it was a nice and

If you want for John it was a ninety seven one

Length of O. Ses seven I didn’t feel on the seal between seven and eight zero there’s a drunk male balancing off of fences yelling and opening people’s truck tailgates he’s a male movies like that lose your with white letters and Lizzie will be shot and I think everyone’s on the right ruling I can clear your one thousand John I think only ninety days of monitoring

Then I want to thank you and have a good one to do it


Washington Robert boys are a seven three one six who are

Going to answer it or not he’s a white male and I hope he can hear me on the background

You know

But I’m eighty five and showing you really close call that well for exactly thirty nine in the hall things are going to turn around healthier for him bring a like Rabia under him for a corps open for having covered the city on just one six hundred one hundred six I want to have a little of everything given three seventy seven of the

Police officers checking Lincoln three seven six

When I join them in the area and you and I have a tough fight Well it’s funny seven some of them are really twenty seven Marty it was nice

VO If you have me one two and have me Julie very sweet for you when

They deliver high which every new and universe they’ve raised if working so haven’t we got to go

If you think it was ninety one yeah can start of

Ambulances called one

Seven hundred twenty I

Thirty on the

Thirty nine if I go on that welfare check for you six free and healthy on the sidewalk between bushes there’s a guy down not check well black at six thirty want to cover

Eight hundred thirty nine to five anyone a nice yeah

Yeah yeah six I want to now thank you

One with your twenty one adjoining also exhibit on the cell six seven the OK

Six remaining a room service your information is then a day for thirty two second hand he there’s a

Heavy snow coming from the top of a trailer a white box trailer on a semi and on those flames just off the snow if it weren’t for her forthcoming abundance a twenty five pounds or

Five hundred five acre John you’re the one here who


One of the Center for incident twenty three zero nine hundred eleven Good morning

Marty twenty thousand

Three hundred


Days with organ plea for some of them John George Noyce

Of enjoy twenty

Three years in for one thirtieth and human tele studio I want to know that road you know as young as you know a driver in your system forty one copies unfree in the office

And we have another view call on thirteen and you must review the same cracks in it or in five hours from your part

Of the rest of the day trying to use well for vision went back

Information the Road Razor an area of interesting fun with going north down about two ago but then trailer with tarp on a road raking her through coffee at the complainant it will feel good in trying to remember road race in the thirty two through and through thirty years eighty six one from four hundred the steel bridge from the steel bridge if you want nine eleven to me now i information on a reckless semi last seen seven minutes ago east then Highway thirty thousand the scale at Rocky Point the right over yellow similarly empty flatbed trailer oversized load sign on the van

Weaving in and out of traffic and feeding information that eight thirty one and fifty and Information Ministry and revocation being threatened by tree and in fear during the last bottle spinning off some joint of the seven eleven the dark hole

Sort of a copy for us and this is actually related to our call we just call them a not for you actually have one of the single

Is a few lines and I want to minister yourself these one for six in the center and I don’t want to financing it ages friends that work out one to want to

Thank you a copy he’s actually I have is not one not responding to any sergeant because he’s ninety on

SE one for sixes that are on an area track thirty nine if it was any of our four and just wanted you to be aware that ninety one is responding I have one seven one one three one and route planning for what he’s on an area check out these one for six in center

City seventy who posted here OK to be holding north of them aside with Oregon’s Euro three seven David nor Roger Hogan are

Eighty four and were not heard the until she responds and ration East has an emergency as there are they have an officer in an area check one for six and center not after the radio or alert is does not emergency up here is

Their own but I’m showing her to be a nice

Do you suppose I am or the person Center is very

Very worth the money on just making sure her for the radio and I am for

Anything anyone having a healthy one for six years that I can be funny and easily doctoring if I think anything or

Anyone talking anything is us regular traffic officers sent for he says regular traffic gets a three information he says Are you a traffic from thirty seven

You’re invited to one audible cricket wireless I guess seven to five north Lombard the moment trying to enter a code with the wrong code is imminent or something obvious there’s more to one graphic Thank you

Efforts are

Going to be a dress a certain start

It’s going to be Oregon Mary add on the Yankee Henry Edward my

That goes right to a photo Jerry’s B.M.W. but it’s only in your heart that Jerry everything start if we want to that way if we want to welcome the world or the high school on the overlord

What ever heard of the joy on a lot of her

Money and my joy if they are

Eating six one human solutions shelter one six one four one eastern side the mailing on the ground in the parking lot as they are sure it’s not any a mess it’s usually just refusing to leave yelling at staff making threats seems to be escalating like the mental health issues she’s a white female seventy five might be trying to get somebody to run her over

One question

If anything I

Think a person who has their whole heart who are perfectly holy I don’t think

They did in ages I was thinking I’m very I’m very insane three of our earth is beautiful or do you want to with this

One or three that love and so

There you have heard it respond comment so we have it if we’re going through it well it is there and you

On a person it’s a very yes plant is next and presents are having if we pour my money another yes or you and by eighty I guess

Yes teller of the terrorist car in enforcing under the second and second hand there’s someone in the know in the city they said to call nine one one we don’t really know what is happening there they had another person last weekend in similar mid I don’t know if the same Aren’t there searching their parents’ rethrow floors at this time got it information on Sun from Sylvan you know using it seniors as a gun and shooting other vehicles doing great Toyota with canopy Charlie three three Charlie two John Hughes happily different forty seven sure they’re one twenty thirty clear is where the John

Eighteen six source was first to go is and was the bridge

First Inglesa

Primary of your primary

Where you show me and seven that I mean you know my home on right now meeting available by phone number and a forty five pound three

Hundred nine zero three

Zero start around six or

Twenty thirty quid John fifty one thirty for John he wanted to offer the update

To two nine seven one right so I want your show this was broadcast when it first came out but hold on for about fifty minutes hit and run happened to our callers waiting alongside the pink feather on Division one forty one division in the blue on the accent

But we want

Five point one or players numbered and our press corps and their supervisor that get into

This fight two male black ones tall and heavy the other instance or and this has got I think

There’s a in the center male is trying to get another female to get in for me echoing out of the middle of the fighting there’s a dark gray sedan associated problems if before and I seven while I should go out in favor of you on up very well for check right

One three one can do what apartments one three one and start over time callers daughter’s threatening suicide no method mentioned has a history of cutting and taking pills Her name is a like Jerry Avorn even

The There is

And he said he’s monitoring five ten and forty one

For years before two Starbucks and one when nine of us Burnside’s three on a have a young friend look Asian awful high you know Regina leave white female sixty’s friend Navy stretcher

And I left there and for even better thank you you that to me if you want you be able for all yet

But he says asking for another easy officer the five he was the closest but we only have six I want to be there you are in another call your mother and senses I do are really high sixty one savvy but I have was if I have you

For a free meal for free for everyone on this forty seven you want to do all the nine eleven king for the Will three one I’m with and he took off for a turn for that he could for he took off nine eleven this road and I’m exactly

What you want any person star from one free a careful eye doctor got to think university copies expect use E.G. happy thinks of ages of seven July fourth as yet he going for

It again

When I’m going through

Those feelings of yours are going to show

That I was not just bashed your in your feet that was eight seven on


Northbound I four or five north of Suffolk Ave there’s a male walking on the median between the freeway and how survived two ago white guy twenty to thirty five with a black T. shirt don’t go to

This festival the flash or cold police

Previewing enough and there’s a guy walking in on the median between or freeways

Thank you

Eighty four in a minute one clear number pick

Me is a monster

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