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Acer LZ20400161 Quick Installation Manual

Made by: Acer
Type: Quick Installation Guide
Category: Mouse
Pages: 1
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1. Hiding/Removing the Receiver:

To hide the receiver, slide it into the rear door of the mouse.

To release the receiver, press the rear button.

2. Battery Installation:

Step 1: Push and lift to open the battery cover.

Step 2: Install the batteries in the battery compartments. Make sure that the polarities of 

            the batteries match those indicated in the battery compartments when you install.

Step 3: Install the battery cover back on the mouse.

Note: After replacing batteries, please refer to Section 2 - Installing and Activating the Mouse to re-establish 

the wireless connection


3. Installing and Activating the Mouse

Step 1: To ensure correct operation, please make sure that the wireless USB mini receiver

            is properly installed at least 20 cm (8 inches) away from electromagnetic devices

            such as monitors or speakers. Also please make sure that the wireless USB mini 

            receiver is installed at least no more than 10 meters away from the mouse.

Step 2: Push the Power Switch on the mouse to the ON position.

Step 3: Have a paper clip, pen, toothpick or other pointed object ready.

Step 4: To begin activation, first press the Connect button on the receiver. Use a pointed 

            object to press the Connect button located on the bottom of the mouse within 10



- The receiver may not function properly if placed on or near a metal surface.

- If the mouse does not turn-on, please repeat Step 4.

- It is necessary to repeat Step 4 after any loss of power from battery replacement.

4. Power-saving Modes for Mouse:

- If not manually powered OFF, the mouse will go into automatic sleep mode when not 

  used for 6-10 minutes.

- Push the Power switch on the mouse to the OFF position.

5. Trouble Shooting:

If you experience problems setting up your Wireless Optical Mouse, please check the following:

1. Check that the batteries are loaded correctly and are fully charged.

2. Check that the battery cover is properly secured.

3. Check that the wireless receiver is connected to your computer correctly.

4. Please make sure the wireless mouse and receiver have been activated as described in Section 2-Installing and Activating the


5. Be sure that the optical mouse is not being used on metallic or glass surfaces as the optical sensor may not function correctly.

6. Please make sure that the receiver is installed at least 20 cm (8 inches) away from other electronic devices (such as monitors 

or speakers) and no more than 100 cm (3.3 feet) away from where he mouse will be used.

Important Health Information 

Certain repetitive strain injuries, including pain, numbness, and weakness to hands, wrists, arm, neck and/or back have been 

identified by some experts as being associated with the prolonged use of t house. If you are experience injury symptoms, consult a 

medical professional. A person’s susceptibility to these injuries may be affected by many factors including body posture, repetitive 

physical activities and general physical heath.

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