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HP Surestore DLT 80 Specifications

Made by: HP
Type: Specifications
Category: Storage
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Technical information in this document is subject to change without notice.
© Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 2001


DLT 80

data protection for

medium to large


The HP Surestore DLT 80 provides reliable data protection for midrange servers, with 80 GB

compressed capacity per tape and a transfer rate of 43.2 GB/hour, minimizing your backup time 

and maximizing server availability. This high-capacity solution is designed for a 100% duty cycle 

to meet the most demanding backup requirements. Based on DLT technology, the DLT 80 includes

additional reliability features such as advanced error detection and correction techniques, HP Library

and Tape Tools for installation and troubleshooting, and Tapealert for monitoring drive and media. 


DLT 80

•80 GB on a tape covers virtually any single backup operation.
•A transfer rate of 40 GB/hour keeps network downtime during backup to a minimum.
•Includes features that deliver extra reliability: advanced error detection and correction techniques, HP Library

and Tape Tools for troubleshooting, and Tapealert, which monitors drive and media for potential problems.

•HP has tested and proved the compatibility of the DLT 80 across the HP server range as well as with other

leading server brands, operating systems, and backup software (see 



•Includes cables, rails, DLTtape IV data cartridge, cleaning cartridge, and TapeWare backup software for

complete in-box solution.

•Comes in internal and external models, plus an offline hot-swappable model for use in a racked environment

with HP’s Tape Array family.

•Three-year Express Exchange warranty.
•Supportpack warranty upgrade available.

40 GB native, typically 80 GB with hardware data compression*
HP DLTtape IV data cartridge 
LVD/SE wide Ultra SCSI-2
6 MB/s (21.6 GB/h) native, typically 12 MB/s (43.2 GB/h) with hardware data compression* 
60 seconds average to locate a file in 80 GB of data
50,000 tape motion hours minimum (continuous operation)
1,000,000 passes
250,000 hours at 100% duty cycle

DLT 80i: 

3.38 x 5.83 x 9.60 in (86 x 148 x 244 mm) 

DLT 80e: 

6.3 x 6.9 x 12.8 in (160 x 175 x 325 mm)

DLT 80m: 

4.25 x 6.5 x 11.5 in (108 x 165 x 291 mm)

DLT 80i: 

6.4 Ib (2.9 kg) 

DLT 80e: 

14.56 Ib (6.63 kg)

DLT 80m: 

7.5 lb (3.4 kg)

DLT 80i/m: 

5V DC, 3.6A; 12V DC, 1.6A 

DLT 80e: 

100–240V, 0.7A, 50–60 Hz

Three-year Express Exchange

Installation guide, HP Surestore Tape CD-ROM (containing electronic user guide, drivers, HP Library and Tape Tools
utilities), Yosemite Technologies CD (containing TapeWare workstation and server backup software supporting


95/98, Windows NT


Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows NT Server, Windows 2000

Server, Novell NetWare 4.x and 5.x, and Red Hat Linux 5.2 and 6), warranty registration card, HP Netserver L-series
mounting tray, HP Brio/Vectra/Kayak and HP Netserver E-series rails, Compaq rails, screws, one HP DLTtape IV data
cartridge, and one HP DLTtape cleaning cartridge.

All internal models also include: 

mounting tray for HP Netservers, jumpers, Compaq rails, and screws. 

DLT 80e also includes: 

1.5m external SCSI cable (68-pin high-density), power cable, multi-mode terminator. 

C5725A          HP Surestore DLT 80i
C7456A         HP Surestore DLT 80m
H3157A/E      HP Supportpack 3-year, next-day response
H4617A/E      HP Supportpack 3-year, 4-hour response

* assumes a 2:1 compression ratio; this may vary since compression is data dependent

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technical specifications




transfer rate sustained

search speed

head life

cartridge life


dimensions (hxwxd)


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