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Jasmine LP-1.0 MM/MC Owner's Manual

Made by: Jasmine
Type: Owner's Manual
Category: Amplifier
Pages: 11
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Jasmine LP-1.0 MM/MC Phono Pre-Amplifier 





Owner’s Manual 


























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Safety Precautions _______________ 

To get the best performance from your Jasmine LP 1.0 
MM/MC Phono Stage, and for your own safety, please 
read and follow these important safety instructions: 
Never place the Jasmine LP 1.0 Phono Stage near heat 
sources such as radiators, fireplaces, stoves, or other 
appliances that produce heat. Avoid placing the 
Jasmine LP 1.0 Phono Stage where it will be subject to 
direct sunlight or low temperatures. 


AC extension cords are not recommended for use with 
this  product. If an extension cord must be used, be 
sure it is an approved type and has sufficient current 
carrying capacity for this product. 


Before cleaning the Jasmine LP 1.0 Phono Stage, always 
disconnect the power supply cord. Use a soft cloth and, 
if necessary, dampen with clean water or mild cleaning 
agent. Never apply water, or any other cleaner, directly 
to the chassis. 


If you smell smoke or an abnormal smell, immediately 
unplug the Jasmine LP 1.0 Phono Stage from the power 
supply and contact your Jasmine dealer. 


Never attempt to service the Jasmine LP 1.0 Phono 
Stage beyond what is described in this Owner’s Manual. 
Qualified service personnel should perform all repairs. 


Unplug unit if it becomes wet. 


Do not open unit when attached to AC outlet; 
dangerous voltages may be encountered. 


Replace fuse only with the exact type originally 





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Contents _______________________   


A Brief of Jasmine 
The Design Philosophy of jasmine 


The Accessory Kit 
Choosing a Location for the Jasmine Phono Pre-Amplifier 
Connecting to AC Power 
Connecting to the Turntable 
Connecting to the Amplifiers 


Choosing MM or MC Mode 
Choosing a Suitable Gain Mode 
Power On & Off Sequence 


Safety Precautions                                                                                  2


Introduction                                                                                            4


Installation                                                                                              5


Connections                                              6


Operation                                                                                                8


Warranty                                                                                                10


Specifications                                                                                          11


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Introduction _______________________   

All of us at Jasmine would like to offer thanks and 
congratulations to you for purchasing the Jasmine LP1.0 Phono 
Pre-Amplifier. We sincerely believe that your Jasmine LP1.0 
Phono Pre-Amplifier is an intelligent purchase decision that 
will bring you many years of musical pleasure and satisfaction. 
While every new owner is anxious to begin listening, we 
encourage you to take a few minutes to read this manual and 
familiarize yourself with the full capabilities of the Jasmine 
LP1.0 Phono Pre-Amplifier.     


To  reduce  the  risk  of  injury  or  damage  to  your 

Jasmine LP1.0 

Phono Pre-Amplifier

, please read the safety instructions on the 

first page of this manual. In addition, please pay particular 
attention to the sections of this manual where the symbol at left 
is shown. 


Jasmine Audio was established by a group of professional 
audiophile with the pure passion for the perfection of sound in 
2001. The result of this passion is products with marvellous and 
smooth dynamic sound combined with innovative design. No 
detail on a Jasmine product is left unattended, and all 
components are handpicked by experienced and qualified 
engineers. Owning a Jasmine product should be seen as being 
part of a very special “club”, created by enthusiasts for 


Pure,  Simply,  Natural ! 

A Brief History of Jasmine 

The Design Philosophy of Jasmine 


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Installation _______________________   

This section includes information on how to unpack and 
position your Jasmine LP1.0 Phono Pre-Amplifier. 


After carefully unpacking your Jasmine LP1.0 Phono 
Pre-Amplifier, inspect for any shipping damage and call your 
dealer immediately if any is found. Do not plug your Jasmine 
LP1.0 Phono Pre-Amplifier into any outlet if you find shipping 


Please save all packing materials so the unit can be easily and 
safely shipped if the need arises. 


Included in the carton, you will find an accessory kit that 
contains the following:   


AC power cord 


One RCA–to-RCA Signal Cable



For best performance, place the Jasmine LP1.0 Phono 
Pre-Amplifier on a solid, non-resonant shelf. 



The Accessory Kit 

Choosing a Location for the Jasmine Phono Pre-Amplifier 


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Connections _______________________   


This section provides instructions to connect the Jasmine LP1.0 
Phono Pre-Amplifier to the rest of your music system. Below is 
an illustration of the Jasmine Phono Pre-Amplifier rear panel, 
showing all inputs and outputs.   

Input      Output          Power Switch        AC Inlet 


Ground              MC/MM Mode Selector        Gain Selector 


Avoid allowing static shocks to be applied to the inputs or 
outputs. To prevent static shocks, touch any grounded surface, 
such as the chassis of a component that is plugged into an AC 
socket, before connecting or removing a cable.   


Inputs and outputs can be safely connected to the Jasmine LP1.0 
Phono Pre-Amplifier when the AC power is switched off. 


Check to make sure your Jasmine LP1.0 Phono Pre-Amplifier 
has been manufactured for operation at your AC line voltage. 
Attempting to use your Jasmine LP1.0 Phono Pre-Amplifier at 
any voltage other than that specified on the rear of the unit may 
cause damage that is not covered by Jasmine’s warranty. 

Jasmine AC Power Mode: 

The 220V mode is suitable for using in 220 ~ 240V voltage 
The 120V mode is suitable for using in 110 ~ 120V voltage 


Connecting to AC Power 


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Break-in and warm-up 

Careful listeners will notice that the sound of the Jasmine Phono 
Pre-Amplifier improves steadily after the unit is powered-up. A 
new unit will undergo more dramatic changes when power is 
applied for the first time. Depending on the resolution of the 
system and the attentiveness of the listener, you may find that 
the sound continues to improve over the first several weeks of 
operation. If the power is disconnected for a period of an hour 
or more, the unit will undergo similar but less dramatic 


When you connect the signal output cable of your turntable to 
the input connector of Jasmine LP1.0 Phono Pre-Amplifier, 
Please be sure that the ground spade of the signal cable also be 
connected on the G terminal of Jasmine LP1.0 Phono 
Pre-Amplifier at same time.  Otherwise, Maybe cause 
continuous noise coming with music. 
The output of Jasmine LP1.0 Phono Pre-Amplifier can be 
directly connected to other pre-amplifier and integrated 
amplifier. But it can’t be directly connected to any power 


Connecting to Turntable 

Connecting to Amplifiers 


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Operation _______________________   


This section describes how to operate the Jasmine LP1.0 Phono 


Please set the correct operation mode according to the phono 
cartridge which you are using by the mode selecting switch on 
the rear panel.   
MM Mode :    The LED color on the front panel will be green. 
MC Mode:    The LED color on the front panel will be red. 
Notice: Before setting the mode, must power off the Jasmine 
LP1.0 Phono Pre-Amplifier 

Please refer to the following table to set a suitable gain 
mode by the gain model selecting switch on the rear 


Gain @ 1KHz: 


MM / Low-Gain      =      36dB 
MM / High-Gain  =   42dB 
MC / Low-Gain      =      56dB 
MC / High-Gain   =   62dB


 Before setting the mode, must power off the Jasmine 
LP1.0 Phono Pre-Amplifier



The correct power-on and power-off sequence will lengthen the 
life of your Hi-Fi system. 

Power On Sequence 


Turntable --> Phono Pre-Amplifier --> Pre-Amplifier --> 
Power Amplifier. 


Turntable--> Phono Pre-Amplifier --> Integrated Amplifier.



Choosing MM or MC Mode 

Choosing a Suitable Gain Mode 

Powering On & Off Sequence  


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Power Off Sequence 


Power Amplifier --> Pre-Amplifier--> Phono 
Pre-Amplifier--> Terntable 


Integrated Amplifier--> Phono Pre-Amplifier--> Turntable




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Warranty _______________________   


Jasmine warrants that Jasmine products shall be free from 
defects in materials and workmanship for: 
One years for parts and labor



The  warranty  period  begins  at  the  date  of  retail  sale  by  an 
authorized Jasmine dealer and is subject to the following 
requirements and understandings: 


1.  This is a non-transferable warranty applicable to the 

original purchaser exclusively. 

2.  The product must not have been modified in any manner 

whatsoever, or the warranty is immediately voided. 

3.  The product must not have been stored in humid 

environment; nor subjected to weather, water, or salt spray. 

4.  During the warranty period Jasmine will repair the product 

to working order, or, at Jasmine’s option, replace the 
defective equipment with a similar available product, at no 
cost to the owner for the labor, materials, and return 
shipping from Jasmine. 


Jasmine shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for 
any incidental or consequential damages arising from the 
loss of property or other damage or losses due to the failure 
of a Jasmine product. Jasmine will not pay for loss of use or 
inconvenience caused by the failure of a Jasmine product. 
Jasmine will not pay for damage caused to other audio 
components because of the failure of a Jasmine product 
within the limits allowed by State Law.


6.  All repairs performed after the warranty period has 

expired will be billed to the owner and will carry a 90 day 
warranty on parts and labor. 

7.  The customer is responsible for shipping the unit to 


8.  Jasmine product is only warranted in the country of 

original sale. 



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Specifications _______________________   


Gain @1KHz: 


MM / Low-Gain = 36dB 
MM / High-Gain = 42dB 
MC / Low-Gain = 56dB 
MC / High-Gain = 62dB


RIAA EQ Distortion:


+/- 0.5dB ( 20Hz to 20KHz )




< 0.01 ( 20Hz to 20KHz )


Output Level : 






MM > 88dB , MC > 79dB


Input Impendence: 


MM = 47K ohm , MC = 100 ohm


Input Capacity:


MM = 100PF , MC = 1000PF


Power Consumption:


6 Watt ( MAX)




112(W) x 210(D) x 64(H) mm



@ 2004 Jasmine audio 
Block B1-5C, Digital Tech. Park, 
Southern Keji Rd., 
Shenzhen, GD, 
China 518057 
Subject to change without notice.