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Kia Remote Starter Owner's Manual

Made by: Kia
Type: Owner's Guide
Category: Remote Starter
Pages: 11
Size: 1.34 MB


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Congratulations on your purchase of a Kia Remote Start System with Deluxe Vehicle Security featuring PowerCode 


.  This easy-to-use manual details the operating instructions and benefits of the Remote Start System 

with Deluxe Vehicle Security.  Should you have questions or concerns regarding this system that this manual does 
not address, please contact your local Kia dealer.

Remote staRt 


oWNeR’s guide

Table of ConTenTS:

Remote Control Quick guide 



Features and Benefits of  

the system 



Remote Control operation 



Your Remote Control transmitter 
arming the security system
disarming the security system


Progressive Car Find®


Personal Protection alarm with RPs®
illuminated entry

using the Remote start Function    


starting your vehicle


Remote start safety Features
enter the vehicle while it is running via Remote 



using the Remote start Function      


Pre-Heating or Pre-Cooling the vehicle interior
using the “Quick-stop” feature

using Valet/service mode  



security system Functions   



When the security system is armed
Pre-arm mode
attempted theft alert
trip id

emergency override Procedure      


Changing the Remote Control 







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STeeRing Wheel / STalK / Panel 



Press to DiSaRM the Security 

System and unloCK the driver’s 

door.  Press again within 5 

Seconds to unloCK all aoors and 

the tailgate.
Press and hold to open the trunk / 

hatch / tailgate glass, if equipped.

Press for Progressive Carfind



x1= 5 Soft Chirps 

x2= 5 louder Chirps 

x3= 5 full Volume Chirps

Press and hold for Personal 

Protection alarm.

Press to aRM the Security System 

and loCK the doors.

Press       then 

  to activate 

Remote Start.  Press again to turn 

on the rear defroster after remote 

started, if equipped.


Do  not  remote  start  vehicle  in  an  enclosed  environment  (i.e.  closed  garage).    Prolonged  operation  of  a  motor  vehicle  in 

an enclosed environment can cause a harmful build-up of Carbon Monoxide.  Carbon Monoxide is harmful to your health.  

exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide can cause headaches, dizziness or in extreme cases unconsciousness and/or 

death.  Do not leave children or animals unattended in a vehicle while using the remote start function.


This device complies with Part 15 of the fCC rules and with RSS-210 of industry Canada. operation is subject to the following 

two conditions:
  1.  This device may not cause harmful interference.
  2.  This device must accept any interference received, including any interference that may cause undesired operation.


Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate 

the equipment and void warranty.


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STeeRing Wheel / STalK / Panel 


feaTuReS anD benefiTS of The ReMoTe STaRT SySTeM WiTh Deluxe VehiCle SeCuRiTy

  Remote-Start -

 Start your vehicle with the press of a button. Preheat or precool the vehicle’s interior.

•  Remote Keyless Entry - 

lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors and tailgate.

•  All  Vehicle  Entrances  are  Protected  -

  opening  any  entrance  protected  by  the  security  system  immediately   

  sounds the vehicle’s horn and flashes the hazard or parking lights.  Protected entrances include all doors, 

  hood and trunk/tailgate.

•  Starter Kill -

 The vehicle starter is disabled whenever the system is armed.

•  Personal Protection Alarm -

 The red “panic” button on your remote control triggers the vehicle’s horn and hazard   

  or parking lights to scare away a potential attacker.

•  Progressive Car Find



 helps locate your vehicle in the parking lot.

•  Emergency Override -

 a hidden emergency override button disarms the security system in case your  


  remote control becomes lost or disabled.


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STeeRing Wheel / STalK / Panel 


ReMoTe ConTRol oPeRaTion

Your Remote Control Transmitter

The remote control keyless entry transmitter controls the arming and disarming functions of the security system, as well as remote 

start, car finder and panic. The system is armed when the doors are locked with the remote control transmitter. The system is 

disarmed when the doors are unlocked with the remote control transmitter.

Arming the Security System

Press the 

 button on the remote control transmitter. The system will lock the doors and flash the hazard or parking lights one 

time to indicate that the security system has armed. if the 

 button is pressed a second time within 5 seconds, the system will 

lock the doors again, flash the hazard or parking lights and chirp the horn one time confirming the system has armed.

Disarming the Security System

Press the 

 button on the remote control transmitter. The system will unlock the driver’s door and flash the hazard or parking 

lights two times to indicate that the security system has disarmed. if the 

 button is pressed a second time within 5 seconds, 

the system will unlock all remaining doors and the tailgate and flash the hazard or parking lights two times confirming the system 

has disarmed.

Opening the Trunk / Hatch / Tailgate Glass

Press and hold the 

 button to open the trunk / hatch / tailgate glass, if equipped.

Progressive Car Find


The remote control car find function can help locate your vehicle in a dark or crowded parking lot. Pressing the 

 button on your 

remote control transmitter will chirp the horn 5 times. Subsequent presses of the 

 button within 5 seconds of the first press will 

activate the car find function again; sounding the horn slightly louder on the second and third activations and then at a constant 

sound level (equal to the third activation).  

Personal Protection Alarm with RPS


 (Real Panic Sound)

The remote control panic function helps draw attention to your vehicle and yourself in a threatening situation. Press and hold the 


 button on your remote control transmitter for 3 seconds to activate the panic function. The horn and hazard or parking lights will  

sound/flash in random pulses for 30 seconds. Pressing the 

 button a second time will turn off the panic feature.

Illuminated Entry (Not Available on all Models)

When the security system is disarmed / unlocked with the remote control transmitter, the vehicle’s courtesy lights will turn on for 

one minute, or until the ignition key is turned on or the system is re-armed / re-locked with the remote control transmitter.


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STeeRing Wheel / STalK / Panel 


uSing The ReMoTe STaRT funCTion

Starting Your Vehicle

The remote start function is activated by pressing the 

 button followed by pressing the 

 button within 3 seconds on your 

remote control transmitter. The system will check the vehicle to ensure that it is safe to start, and if all safety parameters are 

correct, the engine will start within 5 seconds and run for up to 15 minutes.  Press and hold the 

 button again for 2 seconds 

to turn off the vehicle.

Remote Start Safety Features

for safety and security reasons, the system will shut down the engine during remote start operation if any of the following occur:
  •   The brake pedal is pressed before the vehicle ignition key is turned on
  •   The vehicle hood or trunk/tailgate is opened
  •   The security system is triggered 
as a safety precaution, the vehicle will shut off if left unattended after 15 minutes.

Entering the Vehicle While it is Running via Remote Start

  1.  Press the 

 button on the remote control transmitter to unlock the doors and disarm the security system.

  2.   enter the vehicle. Do not press the brake pedal.
  3.   insert the key into the ignition and turn to the on position.
  4.   Press the brake pedal. The remote start system disengages and the vehicle will operate normally.


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uSing The ReMoTe STaRT funCTion

Pre-Heating or Pre-cooling the Interior

before exiting the vehicle, set the temperature controls to the desired setting and operation.  after the system starts the vehicle, 

the heater or air-conditioning will activate and heat or cool the interior to your setting.

Using the “Quick-Stop” Feature

if you want to make a short stop and leave your vehicle running (to keep the interior warm or cool), the quick-stop feature allows 

you to do this while keeping your vehicle secure and your keys with you.

To engage quick-stop:

  1.   Stop the vehicle and place the transmission in PaRK.
  2.   With your foot off the brake pedal, press the        button on the remote control transmitter. The hazard or parking lights  


will turn on and the driver’s door will unlock (if locked), indicating the vehicle is now running via remote start.

  3.   Remove the keys from the ignition and exit the vehicle. Press the 

 button on the remote control transmitter to arm the  


 security system and lock the vehicle doors, if desired.


 Do not leave children or animals unattended in the vehicle when using the quick-stop feature.


 if the vehicle’s windshield wipers are left on when the vehicle was last driven, then the wipers will turn on if the remote start 

function is activated. To avoid damage to the wiper blades (i.e. due to heavy ice or snow accumulated on the windshield), it is a 

good idea to get in the habit of turning the vehicle’s windshield wipers off when parking the vehicle.


background image

STeeRing Wheel / STalK / Panel 


uSing ValeT/SeRViCe MoDe

Using Valet/Service Mode

Service mode is used when servicing the vehicle to prevent the system from unexpectedly starting the engine while being serviced. 

While in service mode, the system’s keyless entry functions will operate normally, but the security system will not arm and the 

remote start function is temporarily disabled. 

The system will honk the horn 2 times if an attempt is made to activate the 

remote start system.

To Engage Valet/Service Mode; 

turn the ignition key to the on or Run position and press and hold the 

 button for 2 seconds 

on the remote control transmitter.

To Exit Valet/Service Mode (Return the system to its normal operating mode); 

turn the ignition key to the on or Run position 

and press and hold the 

 button  for 2 seconds on the remote control transmitter.

Important Note: 

When taking your vehicle to the dealer for service, it is recommended that you inform the service personnel that 

your vehicle is equipped with a remote control start system.


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STeeRing Wheel / STalK / Panel 


SeCuRiTy SySTeM funCTionS

When the Security System is Armed

  •   All interior entry points (doors, hood & trunk/tailgate) are monitored for unauthorized entry.
  •   When the security system is triggered, the horn sounds and the hazard or parking lights flash in a random pattern. 
The alarm cycle lasts for 30 seconds. at the end of the 30 second cycle, the security system will pause for 10 seconds and then 

begin monitoring for any further alarm trigger conditions. if another alarm condition is detected, the system will begin another 

alarm cycle. The system will trigger up to 5 times for each different alarm condition (i.e. door open or tailgate open). after the 

5th trigger the system will consider any further trigger, on the same entry point, a faulty trigger and prevent it from triggering the 

security system.

Pre-Arm Mode

The  security  system  will  alert  you  to  an  open  entry  point  by  NOT  flashing  the  hazard  or  parking  lights  when  you  attempt  to 

arm  the  security  system  by  pressing  the  loCK  button  on  the  remote  control  transmitter.  if  an  entry  point  is  open  when 

the  system  attempts  to  arm,  the  system  will  wait  up  to  5  minutes  for  the  open  entry  point  to  be  closed.  if  the  entry  

point  is  still  open  after  5  minutes  the  system  will  go  ahead  and  arm  the  system,  ignoring  the  open  entry  point  until  

after it is closed. The entry point will be monitored after it has been closed.

Attempted Theft Alert

The security system will alert you that a trigger occurred while you were away from the vehicle by honking the horn four times 

when you disarm your security system.

Trip ID

The trip iD feature will let you know what entry point caused the security system to trigger 

while  you  were  away  from  your  vehicle.  after  disarming  the  system,  enter  the  vehicle 

and  press  the  override  /  programming  button  (located  on  the  driver’s  side,  secured  to 

the  remote  start  wire  harness)  before  turning  on  the  ignition  key.  The  horn  will  honk  a   

number of times to indicate which entry point, in the chart to the right, triggered the alarm.


entry Point




hood or brake




ignition was turned on



background image

STeeRing Wheel / STalK / Panel 


eMeRgenCy oVeRRiDe PRoCeDuRe

Emergency Override Procedure

use this procedure if your remote control transmitter is lost or fails to function to disarm the 

security system and start your vehicle.
  1.  use your key to enter the vehicle. The alarm will sound after the door is opened.
  2.  insert your key into the ignition and turn it to the on position.
  3.  Press the override/programming button secured to the remote start wire harness above  


the driver’s kick panel. The vehicle alarm will stop sounding and the vehicle will be able  


to be started with the key.

Changing the Remote Control Transmitter Batteries

The (2) 3-volt lithium batteries (Model CR2016) supplied in your remote control transmitter 

should last approximately three years, depending on usage. When the batteries begin to 

weaken, you will notice a decrease in range or the distance from the vehicle that your remote 

control will operate.

Follow the instructions below to change the remote control batteries.

  1.  insert the edge of a coin into the slot on the bottom of the remote control. Twist




coin to pry the remote control halves apart.

  2.  Remove the old batteries and replace with new ones. be sure to observe the (+) and  


(-) sign when inserting the new batteries.  The (+) sign must face upward on both  



  3.  Carefully snap the case halves back together, then test the remote control.


The (+) sign must 

face upward on 

both batteries.


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STeeRing Wheel / STalK / Panel