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LianDa NK1-R Manual

Made by: LianDa
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Zhejiang Lianda Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. 


                                  NK1-R series 

**Warning: Read the safety instructions before you start installation.If these instructions are not 
followed, the LianDa's liability and warranty are forfeited. LianDa is not liable for any change in the 
regulations and standards introduced after the publication of this manual.


I. Introduction


These products are used as electric drives and auto controls for shutters, rolling doors, awnings or allied mechanisms. 
Complete motor has features of compact structure, easy operation, convenient installation and reliable performance, and widely 
applies to residences, shops, hotels, garages, and so on.



II. Warnings:


1.    Motor installation and adjustment should be operated by professional staff, using the appliance only in the described   


2.      Don't use or stop the use if the appliance is damaged, especially the electrical wire and sleeve.If the cable is damaged,it   

must be replaced by the manufacturer,its service agent or similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. 

3.      Children can’t recognize the risks of electrical appliances. Therefore use or keep the appliance only under supervision of   

adults or out of the reach of children.             


Important safety instructions. It is important to follow and keep these instructions for the sake of safety.


4.      Don't operate the awning when maintenance, such as cleaning window, is being carried out in the vicinity. 
5.      Don't allow children to play with remote control. Keep remote control away from children. 
6.      Before installation, please check whether drive parts have good mechanical performance, balance and the action of open 

and close. 

7.      Motor installation should be correct and reliable. Shutter should move along its rail smoothly, without any hindrances. 
8.      Electrical outlet should collocate earth jack and be reliably connected to the earth. 
9.      For installation for awnings, a horizontal distance of at least 0,4m is to be maintained between the fully unrolled driven part 

and any fixed part.   

10.    The rated torque and operating time required must be calculated when selecting a motor for a blind, awning or shutter.   
11.    PVC type H05-WF cables must be installed inside the room unless they are protected by conduit or trunking which is sun   


12.    When operating the motor, ensure there is no person within the area before the door or shutter closes completely.


13.    All wire can’t touch the roller shutter during the installation and use of motor. Keep the receiving antenna in good 

conditions. (Don’t cut the antenna short or wrap metal material around it, otherwise, it will affect the control.) 

14.    It will be better to install the motor in the ventilation and desiccation environment. 

          15.    The motor should be conserved in desiccation; the battery of emitter should be replaced after the old one is used out, or    
                    else it will affect the control distance. Change the battery as soon as the distance under the control decreases. 
          16.    When the motor is “Up”, it is prohibited to press the “Down” directly; When the motor is “Down” , it is prohibited to press   
                    the “Up” directly. Meanwhile the correct operation is letting motor reach limit stop to stop or pressing the “stop key”, then 
          the motor will make reverse turning after pressing reverse turning key.   

17.    Before carrying out any form of maintenance, isolate the power to the motor and controls.   
18.    In case you have any questions regarding the installation and the operation of the Lianda motor, or the accesories,   

please call +86-572-3787832 for the consultation. 

19.    Lianda,declares that this product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of   
     directive 1999/5/EC.   



III. Product Type Instruction:



 1.Type instruction: 










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Zhejiang Lianda Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. 

2.Label instruction: 
   Example: NR1/50-12-R 
   Rated Voltage:AC230V         Frequency: 50Hz                    

     Conformity European 

      Rated Power: 270W                      Rated Torque: 50N.m                                                       
   Rated Speed: 12rpm           Rated Current: 1.2A                  

   China Compulsory Certification 

   Rated operate time: 4min 
      Protection class: H                           

Only interior decoration                                 

Don't throw in the life rubbish   

   Moisture protection: IP44         

Read instruction before installation   

3. Radio frequency:    433.92MHz; 
4. Temperature working range: 
  Normal use:-10

 to +40

    Exceptional use(20% of the life time not simultaneous):-20

to +70





IV. Feature:


1.  It is tubular, and installed into tube directly. It transfers the torque to tube by the wheel, running information outside be 

transferred to motor’s control system inside by the crown, so that it can drive rolling gate or other similar device’s “up” 
and “down”, and control its move position.                

2.  Operator can control the roller shutter’s height optionally through electrical control system inside. 
3.  Below is the illustration: 






IIV. Installation:



  Ensure the supplied power is in accordance with the specification. 

2.    Check the dimensions and the shapes of the limit adaptor and the drive adaptor if they are both in accordance with the 

roller, before the installation, be sure that all the accesories are fixed and will not cause any mechanical obstruction to 
the motor. 

3.    While defining the position of installation, the customer can choose to install the motor on the right or the left of the 

shutter according to the real condition. 

4.    If it is a round roller, make a slot at the end of the roller to allow the Limit switch unit work properly; if it is the other 

shape, then inset the motor directly into the roller. 

5.    After inserting the motor into the roller, use the screw to fix the limit adopter to the roller to ensure the normal 

functioning of the motor. 

6.    During the installation, keep the motor and the roller horizontal, and the roller should be vertical to each side of the 

door or window. 

7.    Fix the mounting brackets on each side to the wall firmly with the screws. 
8.    Fix the mounting barcket above the window or the door. 
9.    Motor head should be exactly clipped on the bracket with spring clip. 
10. Mounting scheme, 




    1.Wallboard  2. Underprop board  3. Bolt   4. Driven Shaft Bushing  5. Drive Adaptor    6. Bolt    
    7. Tubular Motor   8. Limited Adaptor    9. Install Base     10. Big Bracket       11. Wallboard 
11. After finish the installation, input the power

Below is the motor wire connect sketch

, start the roller shutter in the spot   

way, and confirm whether it is ok to go “up” and “down”.







Page: 2 



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Zhejiang Lianda Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. 

IIIV. Limits setting and direction reversing


1. Record a Remote Control in a tubular motor (Normally this is done before Radio model motor leaves factory) 

  - Switch the power on.     

  - Press UP+DOWN buttons of a Radio model control together. 
  - A Feedback will confirm that remote control has been memorized inside the limit switch memory of a tubular motor. 




Feedback = jog: is a short up and down movement of the motor


2.Programming of the end limits and rotation direction modification


Remark: the programming should be done after the motor be installed completely.   


Check/Change the Direction 


        - Power up (AC) one motor at a time. 

        - Check the direction of operation (the motor will operate in momentary fashion   

      with the remote control inside the Radio model packing).       

        - Confirm that the UP button brings the application up or in. 


If the direction is good

 : please wait until the jog (12s). 


If the direction is not good


        - To change the direction, press the STOP button for more than 2 seconds until the       

      motor jogs, then release.  

    - Check the direction. 


In case of problems with Check/Change the Direction mode,power off to the   

     motor in order to reset the setting.        


In case of remote control was damaged, lost or don’t work. =>Refer to step 

     5"resetting the motor’s memory" section.   


3.Setting the Limits 

    a) Setting the down limit 

      - Press the DOWN button of the remote control. 

      - Stop the motor where you want to set the down limit . 

   - Adjust if necessary by pressing the UP or DOWN buttons. 

      - Press the STOP button for 2 seconds until the motor jogs.


    b)Setting the up limit


      - Press the UP button of the remote control. 

      - Stop the motor where you want to set the up limit. 

   - Adjust if necessary by pressing the UP or DOWN buttons. 

      - Press the STOP button for 2 seconds until the motor jogs.


    *If you had recorded a wrong down limit, power off to the   

      motor in order to reset the setting. 

    *If you had recorded a wrong up limit=> Refer to    step 6"



resetting the Motor’s completely RESET => Back to "factory 





be set 

at first





" section.   


4.Add/Delete a Transmitter/Channel





a transmitter or channel, press the programming button(N°1) with a thin head thing on the already recorded       

   remote control until the motor jogs.     

      Select the transmitter or channel to add and press its programming button    (N°2) until it jogs, then release. 




a transmitter/channel, press the programming button on an already recorded (N°1) one unitl the motor jogs.   

      Select the transmitter/channel to delete and press its programming button (N°2) until it jogs, then release. 

Page: 3 


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Zhejiang Lianda Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. 

      -To add the multiple control for the motors, use the SEL button of the remote control 5 to go     

        to channel 5 (the 4 LEDs are on) and repeat the “Add a transmitter” procedure for every   

    single motor previously programmed.   









: the motors must have been previously programmed using another single   

    transmitter or a single channel of the same transmitter. 


5.Resetting the Motor’s memory when a remote control is lost (you will keep end limits) 







  - Switch the power off    5sec. 

  - Switch the power on.     

  - Press briefly on UP +STOP + DOWN buttons 

of the new Radio model control

 until roller shutter jogs. 

  - Press briefly on programming button of the new Radio model control until roller shutter jogs. 

  After that you can use normally your shutter (end limits are OK you will go back to user mode). 

Only transmitters had     

  been removed

 from Limit switch memory and replaced by the new one.


6.Resetting the Motor’s completely RESET => Back to factory mode










  - Switch the power off    5sec. 

  - Switch the power on.   

  - Press briefly on UP +STOP + DOWN buttons 

of new or already recorded

 Radio model control until roller shutter jogs. 


 Press 7s on programming button of the Radio model control (after 2s roller shutter jogs you should continue to press     

  until 2


 jog(end of 7sec). 

  After that you will go back to factory mode (

end limits has been removed and all remote controls

) , so you need to   

  record a Radio model control inside memory (same as step 1). 


Economic Development Zone 

,NanXun, HuZhou, ZheJiang Province, China        P.C.: 313009 


+86-572-3787555                                            FAX


 E-MAIL: info-lianda@lianda.com        

http:// www.lianda.com                               


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