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Mobi Technologies MOBICAM Digital Instruction Manual

Made by: Mobi Technologies
Type: Instruction Manual
Category: Security System
Pages: 16
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Table of Contents

  Package Contents    














  FCC Regulation  







  Monitor Features &  Controls  





  Camera Features & Controls  





  Important Safety Instructions  





  Battery Installation & Set-Up  





  Camera Operation & Installation    




  Monitor Operation & Installation    


















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Congratulations on the purchase of the MobiCam


 Digital Wireless Video Moni-

toring System, which incorporates the latest in wireless technology. We are sure 

that you will be pleased with the quality and features of this product. We recom-

mend that you read these instructions carefully before use.

The MobiCam


 Digital Wireless Video Monitor enables you to transmit picture 

and sound wirelessly, which is ideal for many situations such as monitoring 

babies, young children, pets, or the elderly.  It can also be used for household 

security or as an office or warehouse surveillance system.

Package Contents...

•  1 x Camera Unit (additional cameras, item # 70063, sold separately)   


•  1 x Monitor Unit 




•  2 x AC/DC adaptors 



•  1 x Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries

•  1 x Instruction Manual

•  1 x Troubleshooting guide

•  1 x AV cable

Note: If you find any of the above items are missing or need to order replace


ment parts, please contact the manufacturer or visit www.getmobi.com.  



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•  DigiLock

 Wireless with (FHSS) technology for private and secure, noise-free


•  No installation needed, ready to use out of the box

•  Compact design for easy portability

•  Transmission range up to 900 ft. outdoors and 450 ft. indoors

    Note: Actual range can vary depending on the environment.

•  Automatic Night Vision mode with 30 ft. range for viewing in total darkness

•  Extra-wide camera viewing angle lets you see more of the room

•  Expandable up to 3 cameras with automatic camera scanning option

•  Voice-activated picture & sound (VOX) with Auto Mute allowing better sleep

•  Audio-only mode

•  Audio/Video output for connection to TV, recorder, or optional Internet Kit

•  8 hr built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery in monitor

•  Ideal for nursery, home, or office.

•  Built-in Night Light on camera unit with automatic or manual modes

•  2.4 inch high resolution color TFT LCD display

•  LCD screen tilts for versatile viewing



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FCC Regulation

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the requirements of 

the FCC. These requirements are designed to provide reasonable protection 

against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment gener-

ates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy, and if not installed and used 

in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio 

communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur 

in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to 

radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment 

off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or 

more of the following measures:

•  Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.

•  Increase the separation between the affected equipment and the Colour Wire-

    less Monitor.

•  Connect the equipment into an outlet on a main circuit different from that to

    which the receiver is connected.

•   Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

In order to maintain compliance with FCC, special shielded cables are used 

within this equipment. Operation with non-approved equipment or unshielded 

cables is likely to result in interference to radio or TV reception. You are advised 

that changes and modifications made to the equipment without the approval of 

manufacturer could void your authority to operate this equipment.



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Monitor Features &  Controls




Monitor Unit Front


1 - 2.4” Color LCD Screen 

2 - Volume Control

3 - Brightness Control

4 - Power ON LED Indicator

5 - LCD and Power ON/OFF

6 - AV Output 

7 - DC Power input 

Monitor Unit Rear


8  -  Speaker  

9  -  Tilt Screen Release

10 - Antenna

11 - Channel Selector/Scan Mode

12 - Battery Door















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Camera Features & Controls













Camera Unit Bottom

19 - Link/Code Key

20 - DC Power Input

21 - Night Light Mode Switch

22 - Voice Activation (VOX)


Camera Unit Front



13 - Night Light 

14 - IR Night Vision LED’s 

15 - Lens 

16 - Microphone 

17 - Light Sensor 

18 - Power ON/OFF with LED



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Important Safety Instructions

Please read this instruction manual before using your MobiCam


 Digital Wire-

less Monitor. When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should 

always be followed. Please keep this information for future reference.

• Periodically examine this product for damage to the cord, housing or other

   parts that may result in the risk of fire, electric shock or injury.  Do not operate

   any product with a damaged cord or plug. If your MobiCam


 Digital System

   malfunctions or is damaged in any manner return it to an authorized service

   facility for examination and repair to avoid a hazard.

•  Never use transmitter and receiver near water (i.e. bathtub, sink, etc.).

•  The AC adaptors are not toys. Please keep units out of reach of children. 

•  Always use transmitter and receiver where there is adequate ventilation. To

   prevent overheating, keep away from heat sources such as radiators, heat reg-

   isters, stoves, or other appliances that produce heat.

•  Use only a dry cotton cloth to keep the Camera and Monitor units free of dust.

   Do no use a dampened cloth, water, or liquid cleaner of any kind.



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•  Remove the battery from the Monitor during long periods of non-use.

•  Unplug the AC adaptors from the Monitor and Camera during periods of non

   use. To disconnect from the power supply, grip the transformer and pull from

   the power socket. Never pull by the cord.

•  Replace battery with the same equivalent type. Please dispose of old, defective

   batteries in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with the rel-

   evant legislation.

•  Only use the Monitoring System with the supplied power adaptors.

Battery Installation & Setup

The MobiCam


 Digital Wireless Monitor is designed to be powered by either 

batteries or the provided AC/DC adaptor. Reconnect the monitor to the adaptor 

whenever possible to maintain battery life. The LED power indicator (4) on the 

monitor will be illuminated when the monitor is turned on.

Note: We recommend that you charge the Monitor for at least 8 hours before 

operating your Color Wireless Monitor.

Using AC/DC Adaptor

•  Check that only the approved Li-ion rechargeable battery is installed in the


•  Plug the connector of the AC adaptor to the socket on the unit (7 & 20).

•  Plug the adaptor into a household electrical socket.

•  Switch on the power switch of the unit.

Battery Charge Remaining 

(when not connected to a charger)

•  GREEN = fully charged (4).


•  AMBER = low battery, recharge for continuous operation (4).

We recommend that you charge battery for 5-6 hours to fully charge. Battery 

will last approximately 4-4.5 hours when unit is constantly on. In VOX mode 

unit will last approximately 8-10 hours.

WARNING: The monitor of your MobiCam


 Digital Wireless System has a 

built-in recharging circuit. Before plugging in either AC adaptors, please make 

sure only the approved rechargeable Li-ion batteries (or no batteries) are inside 

the battery compartment.



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Camera Operation & Installation

Power ON/OFF

To turn ON the camera unit, press the ON/OFF button located at the front of the


camera (18) for about 1 second or until back lighting of the switch is turned on.


Voice Activation Mode (VOX)

Voice Activation (VOX) mode allows your camera to go to sleep when there is 

no sound in the room. The monitor will automatically turn on when the camera 

detects noise– subject to the preset sound level. This feature allows you to con


serve battery power. 

NOTE: The Monitor will automatically display “NoLink/VOX” on screen if no 

signal is received from the Camera.



 slide the VOX switch (22) to the “ON” position on the Camera. 

When the sound level reaches the preset level within the surrounding area, the 

Camera will begin transmitting the image and sound to the Monitor.



 slide the VOX switch (22) to the “OFF” position on the Camera. 

The camera will then transmit picture and sound continuously.   

Infrared Night Vision Mode


The infrared night vision mode will switch on automatically during darkness 

or periods of low light levels. In this mode only monochromatic images will be 

displayed on the monitor. 

Nightlight Mode

The camera features a handy glowing nightlight around the front edge. To chose 

the preferred nightlight setting slide the Nightlight Mode Switch (21) on the 

camera bottom to the desired indicator: 

ON – The Nightlight will be turned on and remain on continuously.

AUTO – The Nightlight will be set to turn on automatically whenever the 


era senses low levels of light. The Nightlight will automatically turn off when 

the camera again senses sufficient light in the area.

OFF – The Nightlight will always remain off.


Note: When the nightlight is set to AUTO, the automatic Night Vision light level 

feature determines when the nightlight switchs on and off.



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Monitor Operation & Installation

NOTE: For best performance it is recommended to keep units at least 7-8 feet 

away from other wireless devices.

Power ON/OFF

To turn on the monitor unit, slide the LCD Power On/Off switch (5), 

located on 

the right side of the monitor, to the “ON” position. 



When the LCD Power On/Off switch (5) is set to the center, LCD OFF position, 

the unit can be used as an audio-only monitor. This feature enables the monitor 

to use less power and remain operational, but without using the LCD screen. 

The monitor screen image will return with a clear picture whenever the switch is 

moved to the “ON” position.

Channel Selection Mode

The monitor allows you to monitor up to 3 cameras (additional cameras sold 

separately). Select the desired channel, either A, B, or C, (11). Both the Moni


tor and Camera will be initially set to channel A. Your monitor will display the 

selected channel at the top left corner of the screen.

NOTE: If the picture continues to switch between cameras, the Automatic Chan


nel Scan mode is activated. 

Automatic Channel Scan

This option allows the Monitor unit to scan through all 3 channels automatically 

and stops at each channel for about 5-7 seconds. Slide the Channel Selector 

switch (11) to the “SCAN” position to activate this feature. The receiver will 

automatically skip channels that are not linked to a camera.  

Channel Matching

 (Pairing & Un-pairing)

This product is designed to allow monitoring different areas with up to 3 cam-

eras (Channel A, B, or C). The Monitor and Camera will be initially set on chan


nel A. If you need to use another Camera for monitoring you need to “pair” the 

new camera with a new Channel on the monitor. You can disable this feature by 

selecting only the camera you want to use by using the Channel Selector (11).

To Pair A New Camera

•  Turn OFF both the Monitor and the NEW Camera. Place them not more than

   10 feet apart. 

•  Turn ON the NEW Camera. Press the hidden PAIRING button through the

   small hole at the bottom of the Camera by using a pin (19). The Night Light

   will start blinking rapidly to indicate pairing mode. 



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•  Slide the channel selection switch (11) to select the desired Channel (A, B, C). 


•  Press and hold the “+” brightness button marked B (3) and turn the monitor

   ON (5) simultaneously.

•  The monitor will display the word “PAIRED”

•  Turn off both the Camera and Monitor, then turn both units back on and the

   pairing process is completed.

•  Repeat the same process to pair a new camera.

To Disconnect the Paired Camera

•  Turn the monitor OFF.

•  Select the Channel/Camera you want to de-link on the monitor (11).

•  Press and hold the “-” on the brightness control button (3) and ALSO the “+”

   on the volume control button (2) while simultaneously turning the unit ON.

•  The LCD will display the word “DONE” when the units are successfully


•  Turn OFF both the camera and the monitor to complete the process.

Audio/Video Output Link

The Audio/Video Output Link allows you to link the monitor to a TV, computer,


DVR or other video recording device, so you can capture video and sound from 

the camera transmission. The A/V Output Jack (6) is located on the right side 

of the monitor. Simply connect the supplied AV Connector Cord to the jack and 

connect the other ends (three RCA connectors) to the Audio and Video input 

jacks on your TV, VCR or other AV device and select the appropriate input on 

your device. The monitor screen will automatically turn off once you plug in the 

AV cord to the monitor. (Please refer to your device manual for input selection 

& operation.)

Tilt Screen

The monitor screen can be set at an angle for improved viewing. To angle 


monitor press the release button (9) located on the base of the monitor and gen


tly lift the screen forward to the desired angle. DO NOT force the screen as this 

may cause the screen to be damaged. The screen does not move beyond 90º.

NOTE: Do not press directly on the LCD screen. To close, gently push the 

framed edge of the screen until it latches. Only when latched will the release 

button pop the screen out in order to angle it further from there.



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Brightness Control & Volume Control

The brightness control of the LCD can be adjusted by pressing the Brightness 

Control Button (“B”) located on the front of the Monitor (3). Press the “


” to 

increase and “

” to decrease the brightness of the LCD.

The volume control of the LCD can be adjusted by pressing the Volume Control 

Button (“V”) located on the front of the Monitor (2). Press the “


” to increase 

and “

” to decrease the volume on your monitor.



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Screen turns on and off

No reception at Monitor


No picture display but can


hear sound 

Only Black & White picture 

Batteries cannot be recharged

Camera will not link

Channels Keep Switching 

Back and Forth


•  The “VOX” mode is selected on the camera,

   when there is no noise detected by the camera

   it stops transmitting to save power. To turn off

   select “OFF” under the “VOX” settings


•  Unit has not been switched on.

•  AC/DC adaptor has not been connected.

•  Adjust the position of the Camera or Monitor.

•  No Battery Power (check LED indicator)

•  The transmitter may not be transmitting.

   (either not powered on or in VOX mode)

•  Wrong Channel is selected on Monitor
•  Check if the LCD on/off switch.

•  Low Power (Check the LED indicator)

•  Check to make sure units are linked properly
•  Check if transmitter has switched to night

   vision mode.
•  AC/DC adaptor has not been connected.

•  Non-rechargeable battery has been used.

•  Only special designed rechargeable batteries

   can be recharged. Please contact the manufac-

   turer if you have any questions.
•  Unit has not been switched on.

•  AC/DC adaptor has not been connected.

•  Check to make sure you are making contact

   with the link button.

•  Check to make sure you are selecting the cor

   rect channel

•  Check to make sure you are not in scan mode


   To stop this feature use the channel selection

   switch on the monitor and select the desired



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Limited Warranty

     Mobi Technologies, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in

     material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of

     purchase. Should this product prove to be defective at any time during the

     warranty period, Mobi Technologies, Inc. will, at its option, either replace

     or repair it without charge. After the warranty period, a service charge will be

     applied for replacement of parts or labor for repair. To obtain warranty ser-

     vice, please return the product to Mobi


 along with a dated sales receipt

     from the place of purchase. Purchaser is responsible for shipping the product

     to Mobi Technologies, Inc. at the address indicated below and for all associ-

     ated freight and insurance cost. This warranty does not cover damage caused

     by accident, misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, or unauthorized modifica-

     tion. A charge will be made for repair of such damage. This warranty ex-

     cludes all incidental or consequential damages and any liability other than

     what is stated above. 


Mobi Technologies, Inc


     5913 Blackwelder St

     Culver City CA 90232



     © 2009 Mobi Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

     Mobi Technologies, Inc.

     Please register your product at: www.getmobi.com/registerproduct.php



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Expand Your Monitoring Possibilities...

The available MobiCam



Additional Camera (#70063, sold

separately) can be added to your

system (for a total of 2 or 3) so 

you can switch between them, 

either automatically, or at the 

touch of a button.

Look for these accessories at your favorite retailer or online at www.getmobi.com

And you can monitor picture and 

sound remotely on your computer 

or other Internet device from any


where in the world with the avail-

able MobiCam


 Internet Kit (item 

# 70168, sold separately) with such 

features as motion-triggered email 

or text alerts and time-stamped 

recording to your PC.