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ORATOR PA81 User Manual

Made by: ORATOR
Type: User Manual
Category: Portable Speakers
Pages: 2
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Simple troubleshooting

If you have a problem when using this speaker, please consult the
suggestions mentioned below. If the problem persists after you have followed
the instructions, please contact your local Dealer or our company for further
advice. For safety reasons and to prevent further damage, do not open the
amplifier or attempt any repair by yourself. If you open the speaker at any
time, you will void your warranty.




Portable Speaker


Possible Problem


No function

1. Plug is not well connected

Check the plug

light or sound

2. Speaker power button is off

Turn on the button

Function light

1. Audio cable misconnected

on but no sound

2.Speaker are not connected

Power off, then check

or misconnected

and confirm the cable

3. Audio signal is not

Check whether there is

transmitted to speaker

audio signal output

If the problem exists after checking related procedures above, please refer to
the appointed service agent or professional technician to fix it. Do not attempt
to open the cover. otherwise we assume no responsibility.

Attention please:

Please power off your speaker when not in use, or the built-in battery will
keep on releasing current that will shorten the life time of battery. Please use
or charge the speaker at least every two months to maximise the battery’s life.

Carry Handle:

Your speaker has a folding carry handle that can be lifted when you want to
carry the speaker.


If you require additional help or advice, please contact Orator Audio at

Turn off the power. Check
the Input jack to ensure audio
is connected to correct jack.


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Dear Customer


You are now a proud owner of an 


product. We welcome you to




customer family. We hope you will be happy using it as our

existing satisfied customers already are. Our products continue to be
favourites on account of their superior quality, reliability, features and
In order to provide you the ultimate satisfaction, the minutest part of
each product is thoroughly tested and examined under stringent quality
conditions . The objective of 


 is to bring cutting edge technology

and the maximum of features to our family of customers.


Do not open this speaker in order to avoid electric shock. Your warranty
will also be voided if the speaker has been opened. Repairs must only
be carried out by qualified and authorised service personnel.
To prevent fire or electric shock,do not expose this speaker to rain or
moisture. The speaker should be 

connected to power at least every 2

months to avoid deterioration of the battery.

Features & Specifications




8” (200mm) woofer & 2” (50mm) tweeter per speaker


Bluetooth receiver built in


USB and SD card MP3 player built in


MP3 player controls


2 x Microphone input socket & volume control


Optional 2.4 Ghz wireless microphone


External audio (DVD, PC, etc) input sockets


Rechargeable battery



Colour: Black body with black mesh face


Output Power: 50W RMS


Drive Units:  8" Woofer x 1 + 2" Tweeter x1 


Impedance: 8



Frequency response: 20Hz - 20 kHz 


Separation: >35 dB 


Signal/noise Ratio: >92d B 


Distortion THD:  <0.2% 


Sound Pressure Level at 6 metres: >75 dBA 


Dimensions: 30H x 150W x 250D mm


Power Supply: 240 Volt/12V 2.6Ah rechargeable battery

Left Panel Controls & Function:

DC 12V In:

Connections for external 12V power supply.

Attention! When you connect it to an external battery. Positive to positive,

negative to negative. Please do not make mistake or you will damage some

electronic components and 12V fuse panel inside of the system.


Master Volume ; Turn clockwise to increase


Turn clockwise to increase treble audio component


Turn clockwise to increase bass audio component


Turn clockwise to increase echo audio

M. Vol:

Turn clockwise to increase microphone input volume

Gt. Vol:

Turn clockwise to increase guitar input volume

Mic 1:

Socket to attach cable microphone

Gt. 1:

Socket to attach guitar

How to use Bluetooth Function

1. Turn the speaker on .
2. Press “Mode” to “bluetooth”.
3. Search for the bluetooth device named “BT Speaker” on your
    smartphone, e-tablet or laptop.
4. The speaker will make a “beep” sound when bluetooth is connected.
5. Enjoy your music.

How to use Optional 2.4 GHz Wireless Microphone

Your speaker has the receiver built inside. Refer to the Manual supplied with the
microphone kit for instructions on its operation and use.

Speaker Controls & Operation:

Right Panel Controls and Function:

R/L Sockets:

Input sockets for stereo auxilliary audio


Audio in MP3 format can be played from a USB stick. Must be
USB 2.0 or newer.


Audio in MP3 format can be played from a SD card.


Alternates between Play and Pause for current track.


Goes back to the previous track


Goes to the next track


Sets the Aux in, MP3 or Bluetooth inputs to be repeated.


Goes back to the previous track

Power Off/On:

The power switch to DC means you are using DC (12V) power
now. ln the middle means power off. Switch to AC/CH means
you are using AC power (power adapter supplied) and also
charging now.

Power Cord:

Australian power cord, 240V 50Hz AC