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Q-See QT548-841-5 Product Overview

Made by: Q-See
Type: Product Overview
Category: Security System
Pages: 10
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8-QSM6006B Cameras

1- QT548 DVR w/ 500GB HD


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Product Overview

Q-See does it again with its new 8 Channel DVR with 8 high-resolution cameras

This Costco-exclusive system has everything you need to watch over your loved ones 

and protect your property. The 8 weatherproof bullet cameras give you flexibility for 

placement almost anywhere. Connect the DVR to a 19” or larger HDMI or VGA ready 

monitor or a television to view all the video feeds simultaneously, individually or a few 

at a time. 

The pre-installed AV Rated SATA 500GB hard drive can retain hours or days of video. 

The DVR will support a drive up to 2 terabytes to expand your storage, and depending 

on your preferences, the system can be set to record only when motion is detected, 

eliminating the need to sift through hours of footage to find a specific event. You can 

also easily save any important video to a removable USB drive for storage or playback 

on a computer.

In addition to being able to control and monitor your system on-site, the QT548 DVR 

can be accessed remotely, whether over the Internet or on any of the supported mobile 

devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone 7 and BlackBerry devices. 

You can also receive e-mail alerts notifying you of detected events. Log into your system 

via Q-See mobile apps on your WiFi, 3 or 4G network or computer to check in on your 

family or employees. 

You can also save critical events onto your computer for added security. 

Our online knowledge base is ready to help you 24/7 and our tech support staff is 

available to help you online or over the phone Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5pm 

Pacific Coast time. 


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Main Features

8 Channel H.264 D1/CIF DVR

8 cameras with 600TVL resolution

Weatherproof cameras for indoor or outdoor use 

120 feet of night vision

Remote internet monitoring (up to 10 users at the same time)

Mobile Phone Surveillance

Compatible with MAC and PC 

Free Q-See Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android remote viewing!

Free Apps for Blackberry , Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 


Receive instant email alerts and snapshot images when motion is 


Zoom in on live or playback footage with 2X digital zoom!


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Product Set-up

Designed for Do It Yourself setup.

Comes with everything needed to setup 

except router for remote access.

Connect cameras to power supply with splitter 

and DVR, connect DVR to power supply, 

connect both power supplies to surge 

protector and power outlet.

Uses UPnP for easier IP address and port 

forwarding setup


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Product ease of use

Easy DIY setup of cameras and DVR

Easy to use menu interface

Mouse and remote included for easy menu 


UPnP enabled for easier IP address and port 

forwarding setup


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Where product should be used

Product can be used anywhere security is 

needed, homes, offices, factories, banks, retail 

stores, parks, playgrounds, etc.


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Product spec-DVR1.

Compression – H.264
Operating System - Linux
Video Inputs – 8 BNC
Video Outputs – 2 BNC, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI
Audio Inputs/Outputs – 4/1
VGA Resolution - 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1020, HDMI
Playback Resolution – CIF 352x240, D1 702x480
CIF Playback Frame Rate – 30
D1 Playback Frame Rate – 30
Record Bit Rate – 128kbps– 2Mbps
Storage - 1 SATA AV Rated Hard Drive up to 2TB (comes with 500GB HD)
OS support – WinXP,  Vista, Win7, Mac OS 10.6/10.7
Browser Support – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Smart Phone - iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows 7, Blackberry
Simultaneous Remote User’s - 10


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Product spec-DVR2.

Power Supply - 110-220 Volt input, 12 Volt 3A output
Power Consumption – 20 Watt
Alarm – 8 Inputs, 1 Output
Alarm Mode – Motion Detection, Sensor
USB ports – 2 USB 2.0, 1 for mouse, 1 for USB backup (Flash, Hard  Drive)
Network Interface – RJ45, 10/100 mbsp
PTZ Interface - RS485, supports 128 presets, 8 cruises, 
Multiplex – view live or playback video, record, backup, and view and backup 

video over the network or Internet at the same time


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Product spec-QM6006B Camera

Weather proof Indoor/Outdoor  IP66 rating.
Mounting Bracket - 3 axis
Resolution – 600TVL
Sensor – 1/3 in CMOS color with IR cut filter
Lens: 5mm (50° to 55° Field of View)
Night Vision - 42 LEDs up to  120 feet
AGC/BLC - Auto
S/N Ratio - >48dB
Power Consumption - <6 Watts (LEDs on)
Power Supply – 12v/600mA
Operating Temperature - 14 to 122°F 95% Humidity
Cable – 60feet Video/Power


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Question: I am not getting any audio from my cameras, Why?
Answer: The cameras that come with the package do not have built in microphones. If 

you want to hear audio from the camera you would need to run a powered 

microphone from the camera location and connect it to an audio in port on the 

back of the DVR. You will also need to connect an amplified speak to the audio out 

port on the DVR to hear the audio on the DVR.

Question: I can see the video on my screen but the mouse, remote, and buttons on 

the front of the DVR do not work, how can I access the menu?

Answer: Hold down the stop/escape button on the front of the DVR for around 10 

seconds until you hear a beep and see if this gets the mouse, remote and buttons 

to work.

Question: The video on my QM6006B camera is very dark, how can I correct this?
Answer: Put your hand over the front of the camera for around 10 seconds, then 

remove your hand, you should hear a click and the filter on the camera should