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Raytheon V850 Product & Training Manual

Made by: Raytheon
Type: Product & Training Manual
Category: Fish Finder
Pages: 1
Size: 0.06 MB


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1 - 8

Product Support Training

1996/7 - 1.1

Raytheon Marine Europe

V850 Mode & Function Keys


Selects full or split-screeN Fisfinding displays, Tracking, Plotter

or Navigation screens

Sets Range scale values with the UP/DOWN direction keys.

Sets the depth of the starting point of the fishfinding display with

the UP/DOWN direction keys.

Selects the Alarm menu to set various alarms.

Sets Chart speed using the Up/DOWN direction keys.

Sets the brilliance level of the CRT with the UP/DOWN direction

turns the keypad lighting ON or OFF.

Sets the level of background noise suppression; turns

interference rejection ON or OFF.

Confirms data input entries.


Calls up the menu set-up pages; selects digit 1.

Turns the A-scope mode On or OFF; selects digit 2.

Selects digit 3.

Selects frequency of fishfinder; selects digit 4.

Selects digit 5.

Marks present position as waypoint; selects digit 6.

Selects digit 7.

Selects waypoint destinations; Selects digit 8.