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Savasocket Savasocket User Instructions

Made by: Savasocket
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How long does Savasocket 

take to programme?

 About 30 

seconds and then you can connect 

all the required items.



Do I need a special remote 

control to use Savasocket?


you can use any home infra red 

remote to programme Savasocket.

3. I am having problems getting 

the Savasocket to learn my 

remote control button.


programming the Savasocket 

make sure you are away from 

bright lights and direct sunlight as 

they can emit infra red signals that 

may confuse the programming. 

If you are still having problems, 

try changing the batteries in your 

remote control unit.



How far away can I be from 

the Savasocket and still use my 

remote control?

  This depends 

on the model and how good the 

batteries are, but generally up to 

10m would be ok.



Can I add an extension lead 

to one of the four sockets 

controlled by my remote?


you can add an extension lead to 

give you more sockets.



Can I connect my audio 

system to Savasocket?

 Yes, you 

can save money by also turning off 

an audio system.



Can Savasocket be used to 

connect my children’s games 


 Yes, the more items 

you connect that can be left on 

standby, the more money you 

will save.

8. Does a Savasocket use 

much energy in standby?


unlike some other products in 

the market, Savasocket saves 

far more energy than it uses. The 

Energy Saving Trust’s standard is 

1 watt; Savasocket only uses 0.19 

of a watt.

9. What is Standby?

 Most TVs, 

videos, DVD/Blue ray, Freeview 

boxes and Audio systems have 

standby. It is the power used by 

electronic devices that are turned 

on, but not running.

10. When I turn off my 

connected appliances, does 

Savasocket perform a soft shut 

down to save wear and tear?


Yes, Savasocket has a soft shut 

down feature built-in to extend the 

life of all connected items. 

11. I’ve heard that leaving 

electrical appliances such as 

TVs, CD players, monitors etc on 

standby uses very little energy 

and means the warm up time 

is reduced - is this true?

 No, in 

general appliances such as TVs 

and CD players use more electricity 

in standby mode than their owners 

realise. A TVs standby generally 

uses 3-7W, compared with around 

140W when switched on, but over 

the course of the year, this can 

really add up. The average house 

can save £37* a year by turning 

things off rather than leaving 

them on standby. Most modern 

appliances do not need a warm 

up time. One exception to this is 

‘complex’ digital set-top boxes, 

which need to be left in standby to 

keep their settings. Nearly all other 

appliances can be turned off fully 

with no problems.


energy saving device


for more information visit www.savasocket.com

Savasocket products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a 
period of one year. Where the product is sold under a consumer transaction (as defined 
by the Sale of Goods Act 1979) the statutory rights of the purchaser are not affected by 
this warranty. Please register your Savasocket online at 



When registering warranty please have the serial number which is located on the back of 
the unit.

To help the environment, we recommend that discarded electrical equipment is
disposed of at a WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) collection site.

* Source: Energy Saving Trust

*Source: Energy Saving Trust

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Savasocket has 4 plug points that are controlled by your own remote 
control and 2 that are permanently connected to the mains. The infra 
red eye is supplied so that you can place the Savasocket behind your 
TV, DVD player etc and still control it via your remote control.

for more information
visit www.savasocket.com

Switches off TVs and connected appliances  
at the touch of a button

Saves Money Saves Energy

It is essential before programming 
your Savasocket that you ensure 
you are away from both bright 
lights and direct sunlight. They can 
emit infra red signals which could 
interfere with the programming.

Plug the Savasocket into any 
mains supply and an amber 
light appears on the Savasocket 
button to indicate the power  
is on.
Press the amber button on the 
front of the Savasocket once and 
the light glows Green to indicate 
Savasocket is active.

Press and hold this button for 
5 seconds and the Savasocket 
will bleep. At the same time a 
red light will appear, indicating 
Savasocket is now in learning 
mode and ready to receive a 
signal from your remote control. 


It is essential before 

programming your Savasocket 
that you ensure you are away 
from both bright lights and direct 
We suggest you use the 
TV standby button on your 
remote control to program the 

Now point the remote control at 
the infra red eye. Press and hold 
the standby button until you hear 
a confirmation beep and repeat 
this process 9 times.

When you have completed 
the above, the light on the 
Savasocket will change from red 
to amber and the Savasocket 
will beep three times to confirm it 
has been programmed.
You can now plug into your 
Savasocket any of the items you 
want to turn on and off with your 
remote control, such as your TV, 

DVD player etc.
The items plugged into the 
bank of four sockets will now 
be controlled by your remote 
control. It is therefore important 
to carefully choose which 
appliances are plugged into the 
four socket side.

You can plug your Sky+ / Sky 
HD / Freeview / Video Recorder 
into one of the ‘ALWAYS ON’ 
sockets. These sockets should 
be used only for appliances you 
require to be ‘always on’

Now put the Savasocket behind 
your TV etc, and place the infra 
red eye in front so that when you 
point your remote control at the 
infra red eye it can receive the 
signal. You can now switch on 
and off the Savasocket using 
your infra red remote.

From now on, your television and 
anything plugged into the bank 
of 4 sockets will automatically 
power down when you press the 
standby button you have chosen.

If you change your remote 
control unit, simply repeat 

the above procedure to re-
programme the Savasocket. 
Don’t worry about going away 
on holiday. Savasocket will 
remember your programmed 

If you’re having any difficulties with 
this product please contact our 
service helpline on  

0871 702 9007


International call 

0044871 702 


. Calls to this number from the 

UK are charged at 10p per minute 
from a BT landline. Other operators 
and mobiles may vary. Charge based 
on the BT rate at October 2010.


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