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Specialized Turbo Elite Instruction Manual

Made by: Specialized
Type: Instruction Manual
Category: Bicycle Accessories
Pages: 11
Size: 0.16 MB


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Congratulations on your purchase! You are now the
owner of one of the world’s most advanced cyclocomput-
ers. Your Specialized Turbo® Elite features a wireless
speed transmitter and a wired cadence sensor.
Additionally, it incorporates a revolutionary new backlit
three-line LCD screen. The large, easy to read, digits
allow you to view two functions simultaneously and the
alphanumeric dot matrix display provides a quick refer-
ence to the currently displayed function. The Turbo® Elite
has been designed to provide the best combination of
performance, features, durability and ease of use.

This illustration describes the screen display 
and buttons

MODE/SET rocker switch
TOP Button (Backlight & Start/stop)
Dot-matrix Display Area
Digital Display Area
Wheel Option Indicator
MPH or KM/H indicator











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CR2032, Specialized
P/N 481-3004) with the
positive pole (+) facing
upward. Carefully thread
the battery cap back onto
the case with a coin. (See
Figure 3) If, after battery
replacement, the LCD dis-
play is blank or shows
incomplete digits, turn the
computer over and press
the “AC” button on the
bottom of the case with
the tip of a pen or a
paper clip. This will clear
all the data and re-start
the computer. If you need
to replace the battery,
make a note of your
odometer reading and

wheel circumference set-
tings before removing it.
You can then re-enter the
data when you restart the

Replacing the Transmitter

The Wireless Transmitter
comes with the battery
installed at the factory. If
you need to replace this
battery, use a coin to
unthread the battery cap
from the transmitter hous-
ing. Install the battery
(model 23A) with the
positive pole (+) facing
upward. Carefully thread
the battery cap back onto

The following 13 functions
are available on your
Turbo® Elite:

• SPEED – Current Speed
• AVSPD – Average speed
• MXSPD – Maximum
• TRIP – Trip Distance
• ODO – Odometer (total
• ATM – Automatic
• TIMER – Stopwatch With
• CAD – Cadence
• AVCAD – Average
• MXCAD – Maximum
• INT – Interval Timer
• DISTÚ– Distance
• CLOCK – Digital 12/24
Hour Clock

This computer also 

Wireless speed sensing
Wired cadence sensing
Two function LCD Display
Second Wheel Option 
Easy Calibration Mode
Water resistant housing
2 Year Warranty
Backlit LCD display

The following items are
included in your Turbo®
Elite package:

Turbo® Computer
CR-2032 Lithium Battery
Battery Door (1)
26.0mm mounting bracket
31.8mm mounting bracket
Cadence sensor (1)
Magnet with screw (1)
Adhesive backed magnet
Cadence magnet (1)
Cable tie wraps (10)
Mounting bracket sizing
straps (3)
11. Speed Transmitter and
mount (1)

Before using your Turbo®
Elite Computer you will
need to install the battery.
Turn the computer over so
the display is facing down-
ward. Use a coin to
unthread the battery cap
from the computer. Install
the battery (model




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(See figure 5). 

For wheels with
bladed spokes:
Use some iso-
propyl (rub-
bing) alcohol or
a mild deter-
gent to thor-
oughly clean
the spoke that
you plan to attach the
magnet to. Remove the
backing from the adhesive
tape and firmly press the
magnet onto spoke. The
tape uses a special pres-
sure sensitive adhesive. To
ensure a strong bond,
please wait at least 12
hours for the adhesive to
cure before riding your

Attach the appropriate
mount (26.0mm and
31.8mm sizes are includ-
ed) to the handlebar using
the bracket screw provided.
Tighten so that the bracket
cannot rotate on the han-
dlebar. There are several
sizing straps provided to fit
different diameter bars.
(See figure 6). Slide the

computer forward onto the
mount until it ‘snaps’ into
place with an audible
click. To remove the com-
puter, remove the cadence

wire (if connected) then
push it backward until it
releases from the mount.

To test for proper installa-
tion of the magnet, trans-
mitter and computer, acti-
vate the computer by push-
ing the ‘MODE’ (right side)
button. Pick up the front of
the bicycle and spin the
front wheel. The “wheel
option” indicator will flash.
If it does not flash, check
the sensor and magnet
alignment. Realign as nec-
essary until the “wheel
option” indicator flashes
while spinning the wheel

FIGURES 4,5 & 6  
Mounting Cadence hard-
ware- In order to use the


the case with a coin.


The Turbo® Elite wireless

transmitter can mount on
the right or the left side of
the fork blade. The right
side should be used on
large frames or when a
suspension fork is installed.
The optimal distance
between the computer and
the transmitter is 24 inches
(610mm). The distance
may need to be less than
24 inches (610mm) if

ambient temperatures are
below 40 °F (4 °C). To
reduce signal loss in colder
temperatures, the transmit-
ter should be mounted as
close to the computer as
possible. (Maximum
mounting distance is 28
inches). Use the transmit-
ter-mounting shim and tie-
wraps provided to position
the sensor. Do not tighten
the tie-wraps until final
placement of the magnet is
correct. (See figure 4).
Wheel magnets have been
provided for both tradition-
al round spokes
and bladed
(flat) aerody-
namic spokes.
For wheels with
round spokes:
Attach the
magnet to a
spoke across
from the transmitter with
the magnet screw. The
clearance between the
magnet and the transmitter
should be approximately
1/32”-1/16” (1-2mm).
Tighten the magnet and
transmitter. Do not over-
tighten the magnet screw.


Rubber O-ring

CR2032 battery

4 screws

23A battery





20-28 in.



1/32-1/16 in.




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modes available: 1) Clock
Mode, 2) Distance Mode,
3) Speed Mode, 4) Timer
Mode, 5) Cadence Mode
and 6) Countdown Mode,
Within each mode there is
a side-mode that will allow
you to access additional
information such as aver-
age and maximum speeds.
Use the “SET” button, locat-
ed on the left-hand side the
MODE/SET rocker switch,
to cycle through the side-
modes. Once you familiar-
ize yourself with the
mode/side-mode operation
you will find it very easy to
navigate. The following
flowchart outlines the
sequence. Once a particu-
lar mode has been entered,
its values can be reset or
adjusted by pressing and
holding the “SET ” button
for three seconds.

1. Setting the Display

Your Turbo® can display
information on the dot-
matrix display area in six
different languages: English
(ENGL), German (GER),

French (FR), Italian (ITA),
Dutch (NED), and Spanish
(ESP).  To select your lan-
guage push the mode but-
ton repeatedly until
CLOCK is displayed in the
Dot-matrix Display Area.
Then, depress hold the
“MODE” button for three
seconds. The selected lan-
guage will be displayed.
Use the “MODE” button to
scroll through the lan-
guages. When the selected
language is displayed
(default language is
English), press the “SET”
button once to confirm
your selection and exit dis-
play language mode. 


cadence option you must
install the cadence wire
provided with your Turbo®

Elite.  Plug the wire into the
socket on the bottom of
your computer. Run the
cadence sensor wire along
the head tube, down tube
and along one of the chain
stays of your bicycle.
Secure it into place using
the provided tie-wraps.
(See figure 7). Next, attach
the cadence magnet to the
inside of your crank arm
directly across from the
sensor.  Use a tie-wrap to
fasten the magnet to the

crank arm. (See figure 8).
Do not tighten the tie-wrap
until final placement of the
magnet is correct. The
clearance between the
magnet and the sensor
should be approximately
1/32”-1/16” (1-2mm).
(See figure 9). Tighten the
magnet and sensor.

When your Turbo® Elite
has not detected any speed
input for 30 minutes, it will
enter sleep-mode in order
to conserve battery power.
During sleep mode only
the digital clock is dis-
played. You will need to
wake it up by pushing the
“Mode” or “Set” button
once. In order to operate
your computer it must be
placed in various “modes”
(i.e. odometer mode, dis-
tance mode). The computer
can be cycled through
these modes by pressing
the “MODE” button located
on the right-hand side the
MODE/SET rocker switch.
There are six cycling


FIGURE 7, 8 & 9












INT – Dist


background image

into the odometer, press the
“MODE” button until the
flashing digit is correct.
(Note: The “MODE” button
may be held to quickly
scroll to the correct digit.)
Press the “SET” button to
select the next digit to the
right. Repeat this process
until all five digits are
entered as your existing

mileage. (See figure 10)

4. Wheel Circumference

To set the circumference for
the type of tires you are
using, you can use
Specialized’s “Easy
Calibration Mode” or
measure your actual tire
circumference by the rollout

method. Two different tire
diameters may be entered
by using the computer’s
“Second Wheel Option.”

Easy Calibration Mode:

Your Turbo® Elite has
been preprogrammed with
the following 14
Specialized tire sizes:
26 X 1.0
26 X 2.2
26 X 1.25 
650c X 20
26 X 1.5
700c X 20
26 X 1.9
700c X 23
26 X 1.95
700c X 26
26 X 2.0
700c X 32
26 X 2.1
700c X 38
When using Easy
Calibration Mode, the
Turbo® Elite will display
the tire size on its LCD dis-
play screen. (See figure
11) The Easy Calibration
Mode is accessed by
entering the Odometer
(ODO) mode and holding
down the “MODE” button


2. Miles or Kilometers
selection (English only):

Your Turbo® Elite will
record distance and speed
in either miles (m & m/h)
or kilometers (K & Km/h).
Please note that miles can
only be selected when the
language setting is English.
All other languages dis-
play only kilometers. (See
“Setting the Display
Language” above). To
enter your selection of
miles or kilometers, push
the “MODE” button until
ODO appears in the Dot-
matrix Display Area (This
is called the odometer
mode). Note: if your dis-
play says TRIP, press the
“SET” button once to
change to ODO. Next,
hold down the “SET” but-
ton for three seconds. The
“Km” or “m” indicator will
begin blinking. You may
now alternate between
miles and kilometers by
pressing the “MODE” but-
ton. When the correct
choice is flashing, select it
by pressing the “SET” but-
ton. You will now enter the

Odometer” mode. If the
odometer setting is correct
push the “SET” button five
times to exit odometer
mode. (Otherwise, see
“Setting the programmable
odometer” below).

3. Setting the
Programmable Odometer:

This mode is useful if you
have replaced the battery
and would like to retain
the mileage you have
already ridden. To access
the Programmable odome-
ter mode, first advance to
the Odometer Mode by
pressing “MODE” button
until ODO appears in the
Dot-matrix Display Area.
Note: if your display says
TRIP, press the “SET” button
once to change to ODO.
Hold down the “SET” but-
ton for three seconds (If
you have selected English
language, the Km/h indi-
cator will flash. If the Km/h
setting is correct press the
“SET” button once) and a
five-digit number will
appear. You are now in the
programmable odometer
mode. To enter a mileage




background image


computer calibration and
can take into account vari-
ables such as inflation
pressure, rim width and
rider weight.

1. Extend a tape measure
out to 3000mm (120 inch-
es) and lock it in place. 
2. With your tire inflated
to its proper pressure,
place the valve at the 6:00
position (at the bottom)
directly over the start of
the measuring tape. 
3. Roll the wheel one com-
plete revolution until the
valve stem is again at the
6:00 position. Read the
tape directly under the
valve and note the dis-
tance in millimeters. (To
convert inches to millime-
ters, multiply inches by
25.4). Use this number to
replace the default (default
values are 2073 for wheel
one, and 2134 for wheel

two) when programming
your computer.  (See figure

You may also use 
the following 
quick-reference chart:

Generic Tire Size Chart
This chart is for non-
Specialized tires
26 X 1.75
26 X 2.0
26 X 2.1
650C X 20
700C X 26
700C X 38

Programming the 

To enter the tire circumfer-
ence number, select the
Odometer (ODO) mode
and then hold down the
“MODE” button for three
seconds.  The display will
now show the currently
selected tire size for wheel


for three seconds.  The
display will now show the
currently selected tire size
for wheel option #1. To
scroll through the prepro-
grammed tire sizes press
the  “MODE” button.
When you reach the
desired tire size press the
“SET” button once to
select it and enter Easy
Calibration Mode for
wheel option #2. Follow
the same procedure to
program the wheel #2 tire
size and tap the “SET”
button to exit Easy
Calibration Mode. 

Roll Out Method

The roll out method will
provide the most accurate


option #1. (See figure 13).
If necessary scroll through
the preprogrammed tire
sizes by tapping the
“MODE” button until the
display shows MM and
four-digit number. This
number represents your tire
circumference in millime-
ters.  Press the “MODE”
button until the flashing
digit is correct. (Note: The
“MODE” button may be
held to scroll to the correct
digit.) Press the “SET” but-
ton to select the next digit
to the right. Repeat the
process until all four digits
are entered as your tire cir-
cumference. Press the
“SET” button once to select
it and enter the circumfer-

Wheel Circumfrence

Roll Forward





background image

the “SET” button to confirm
your selection. The hour
digit will now begin flash-
ing. Press the “MODE” but-
ton to adjust the hour dig-
its. AM/PM is selected by
scrolling the hour digit.
Press the “SET” button to
accept the hour selection.
The minutes will flash and
can be adjusted by press-
ing the “MODE” button.
(Hold the “MODE” button
to scroll through the digits
quickly) Press the “SET”
button to set the minutes
and return to clock mode

6. Timer Selection

The Turbo® Elite has two
timers; Automatic Timer
Mode (ATM) and Timer
Mode (TIMER). The ATM
selection allows you to
keep track of your actual
riding time. The ATM timer
only operates when the
wheel is rotating and can-
not be turned on or off


The average speed

(AVSPD) calculation is
based upon the ATM time. 

The TIMER function is just
like a conventional stop-
watch. The timer is activat-
ed manually and records
the time whether the wheel
is rotating or not. Tapping
the “TOP” button starts
and stops the stopwatch
and when the timer is
stopped, holding the “SET”
button for three seconds
will reset to stopwatch. The
TIMER includes a 12-mem-
ory lap time feature. To
record a lap time, press
the “SET” button once
while the stopwatch is run-
ning. Each time the “SET”
button is depressed the
Turbo® Elite will record the
lap time. After the TIMER
has been stopped (by
pressing the “TOP” button)
the previous twelve lap
times can be reviewed by
pressing “SET” button.
Additionally, the computer
will display the total time
when LPTOT is shown.
The backlight function is
disabled when the timer is


ence for wheel option #2.
Follow the same procedure
to program the wheel #2
tire size and tap the “SET”
button to exit circumfer-
ence programming mode. 

5. Setting the Clock

Your Turbo® Elite features
a digital clock. To access
the “clock mode” press
and the “MODE” button
repeatedly until CLOCK
appears in the Dot-matrix
Display Area. To set the
clock, press the “SET” but-
ton for three seconds. The
display will flash either
twelve (12:) or twenty four
(24:). Select between 12:
or 24: mode by pressing
the “MODE” button. Press



7.  Interval Timer (INT)

Your Turbo® Elite is
equipped with an Interval
Timer.  This feature allows
you to customize your
training by integrating a
programmable repeating
countdown timer into your
workout.  To enter the inter-
val timer mode, press the
“MODE button” repeatedly
until “INT” appears Dot
Matrix Display Area of the
screen. You are now in
interval timer mode.  To set
the interval timer, hold the
“SET” button for three sec-
onds.   The hour digit will
begin flashing.  Press the
“MODE” Button until the
desired number appears.
(Hold down the “Mode”
button to scroll quickly)
Press the “SET” button once
to set this number and
advance to minutes. Repeat
this process until minutes
and seconds are set to the
desired settings.  Press the
“SET” button to exit pro-
gramming mode.  Once
the time interval timer is


background image

Dot-matrix Display Area.
Note: if your display says
“INT, press the “SET” but-
ton to change to “DISTÚ”
To set the Distance
Countdown, hold the “SET”
button for three seconds.
The hour digit will begin
flashing.  Press the
“MODE” Button until the
desired number appears.
(Hold down the “Mode”
button to scroll quickly)
Press the “SET” button once
to set this number and
advance to minutes. Repeat
this process until minutes
and seconds are set to the
desired settings.  Press the
“SET” button to exit pro-
gramming mode.  Once
the time interval timer is
programmed, press the
“TOP” button to stop and
start the Distance
Countdown. The backlight
function is disabled when
the Distance Countdown is


The shortest distance

that can be set is .01


Speedometer (SPEED)- 

Your current speed is
always displayed in large
digits on the top line of the
LCD screen. The speed is
displayed up to 99.9 M/h
(99.9 Km/h) with a resolu-
tion of 0.1 M/h  (0.1

Average Speed (AVSPD)- 

The Average Speed is
shown on the lower line
Digital Display Area up to
99.9 M/h (99.9 Km/h)
with a resolution of 0.1
M/h  (0.1 Km/h)
The average speed is
based upon the ATM time.
The resolution of the aver-
age speed data on the
Digital Display Area is
shown in 0.1M/h or Km/h
increments. (See figure 16) 

Maximum Speed (MXSPD)-

The Maximum Speed is
shown on the lower line of
the Digital Display Area up
to 99.9 M/h (99.9 Km/h)
with a resolution of 0.1


programmed, press the
“TOP” button to start/stop
the countdown.  (See fig-
ure 15). Note: The shortest
interval that can be set is 5
seconds. The backlight
function is disabled when
the interval timer is run-

10. Distance Countdown

Your Turbo® Elite is
equipped with Distance
Countdown feature. This
allows you to set an alarm

when the selected mileage
is reached. To enter the
Distance Countdown
mode, press the “MODE”
button repeatedly until
“DISTÚ” appears in the


M/h  (0.1 Km/h) The max-
imum speed is retained in
memory and updated
when a higher speed is
maintained for three sec-
onds. The maximum speed
can be reset by pressing
the “SET” button for three
seconds. (See figure 17) 

Auto Start/Stop Timer

In ATM mode the timer
function records the actual
time spent riding.  It oper-
ates only when there is
speed input and is dis-
played In the Digital
Display Area of the screen

Timer Mode (TIMER)- 

In TIMER mode the stop-
watch function will operate




background image

Cadence (CAD)- 

Cadence mode will display
your pedaling speed in
RPM’s (revolutions per
minute) on the lower line of
the screen. Monitoring how
fast you turn your pedals
can be used as a tool to
enhance the efficiency with
which you ride your bicy-
cle.  Simply put, the best
cadence is a balance
between leg speed and
pedal pressure.  Beginning
cyclists typically prefer to
pedal at a slower cadence,
around 60-rpm, while
advanced cyclists and rac-
ers are more efficient
between 90 and 100 rpm.
Your Turbo® Elite can also
display Average and
Maximum Cadence. 

Trip Distance (DST)- 

Trip distance mode will
record up to 999.99 miles
or kilometers and then roll
to zero. The trip distance
can be reset by pressing
the “SET” button for three
seconds. The resolution is
0.01 miles (0.01
Kilometers). The trip dis-
tance is shown on the
lower line if the screen.
(See figure19)

Odometer (ODO)- 

The odometer will record
the total distance traveled
up to 99,999 miles or kilo-
meters and then roll to
zero. The odometer can be
reset by pressing the “SET”

button for three seconds.


when the “TOP” button is
pressed. The stopwatch will
record the total time after

the button is pressed
regardless of whether there
is speed input or not. 

Interval Timer (INT)- 

The interval timer is dis-
played on the lower line of
the screen when (INT)
appears on the left.  The
timer indicates the end of
an interval with one short
beep per second for the last
4 seconds of the interval.
This is followed by a long
beep, indicating the begin-
ning of a new interval. 



The total distance is shown
on the lower line if the

Programmable Odometer- 

The odometer digits are
programmable. This is con-
venient for transferring
your hard-earned mileage
that is usually lost when
changing batteries or com-


Your Turbo® Elite is
equipped with a digital
clock. The clock can be set
to operate in either 12 or
24-hour mode.

Second Wheel Option- 

For riders who own more
than one bicycle or who
frequently change tires, the
Turbo® Elite is capable of
storing two tire sizes. You
can change between the
two sizes by entering
Distance Mode and select-
ing TRIP. Then, press the
“MODE”  button for three
seconds. The second wheel
mode indicator will change




background image

Display is blank: 

Change the battery or
press the AC button on the
bottom of the case

Display shows 
partial digits: 

Press the AC button on the
bottom of the case.

not recording: 

Check sensor/magnet
alignment. Make sure that
the sensor is no more than
1/16” (2mm) from the
magnet. Replace transmit-
ter battery if necessary.
Recalibrate Computer and

Entire screen is dark: 

Did you leave the bike
parked in the hot direct sun
when it was parked? If so,
move the bike to the shade.
The data will be OK.

Computer moves 
on handlebar: 

Tighten mount or add siz-
ing straps to improve fit on

• Pay attention to traffic
and road conditions at all
times. Your first obligation

is to be attentive and to
ride safely.
• Do not expose it to
direct sunlight except
when you are riding.
• Do not disassemble you
Turbo®. There are no user
serviceable parts inside.
• Make sure the magnet
and the transmitter are
well aligned. Check them
• Keep the computer and
all of its components tight-
ly attached, and check
them regularly. If any of
the components come
loose, it could become tan-
gled in your spokes and
cause an accident.
• See your authorized
Specialized dealer if you
have any trouble installing
or maintaining your com-
• Clean the unit with a
mild detergent and a soft
dry cloth. Never use any
kind of solvent or alcohol.
• The Turbo® Elite com-
puter is intended for use
on bicycles only and
should not be used on any
motorized vehicle.


from 1 to 2. Mileage
recorded will be cumulative
between the two sizes. (An
accessory handlebar
mount is available from
your Specialized dealer.
P/N 4814-5040)


The backlight feature of
your Turbo® Elite is acti-
vated by pressing the
“TOP” button. The back-
light will remain on for 5
seconds after the top but-
ton is released. If you press
any button while the back-
light is on, the backlight
will remain on for 5 sec-
onds after the last button is
released. During the time
the backlight is on, the cur-
rent-speed display will be
frozen. Although the dis-
play is not updated, the
Turbo® Elite will continue
to monitor time and dis-
tance functions. If the com-
puter is in sleep-mode, you
can still activate the back-
light without waking-up the




Current Speed:
0.0 to 99.90 MPH
0.0 to 99.90 Km/H

Average Speed (AVS)
0.0 to 199.9 MPH
0.0 to 199.9 Km/H

Maximum Speed (MXS)
0.0 to 199.9 MPH
to 199.9 Km/H

Trip Distance (DST) 

0 to 999.99 miles or Km

Odometer (ODO)

0 to 99,999 miles or Km

Stopwatch (TM)
0 to 9hrs, 59min, 59sec.
recycling type

Automatic Timer (ATM)
0 to 9hrs, 59min, 59sec.
recycling type

Interval Timer (INT)

5 seconds to 9hrs, 59

min, 59 sec.



background image



Two Year Limited

Specialized Bicycle Components
Inc. warrants the Original
Purchaser of this Specialized®
Turbo® Elite cyclocomputer that
the product is free from defects of
material and workmanship under
normal use and service for a peri-
od of two (2) years from the date of
the original purchase. If within two
(2) year from the date of that orig-
inal purchase, this product is found
to be defective in material or work-
manship under normal use or serv-
ice, Specialized Bicycle
Components Inc. will, at its sole
option, repair or replace the prod-
uct without charge; provided that
the Original Purchaser returns the
product, securely packaged,
postage prepaid to: 

Specialized Bicycle

Components Inc.

, 1137 South,

3800 West Salt Lake City, UT
84104, USA.  Attn: Turbo® Elite
Warranty. Be sure to include a let-
ter indicating the specific reasons
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.01 to 999.99Miles

.01 to 999.99Kilometers

Operating Temperature 
40°F to 104°F (4°C to

The following replacement
parts are available from
your Specialized dealer or
by visiting the Specialized
S-store online at



CR-2032 TURBO® 






2ND BIKE KIT 4814-5040