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Thermosafe 3208 Operating Instructions Manual

Made by: Thermosafe
Type: Operating Instructions
Category: Heater
Pages: 2
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Model 3208



Heat Control

Ensure the heater has power available by turning it on at the isolation switch.  Pull the pull-
cord to start the heater.  The neon indicator will come on showing the heater is in operation.
Pull the pull-cord again to turn the heater off.

Automatic Step-down Heat
When the room reaches a pre-set temperature, the heater will automatically step-down and
reduce the heat output and save power.  If the room cools down, the heater will automatically
step-up and increase the heat output.

Overheat protection
The heater will turn itself off automatically in the event of overheating. The most common
cause of overheating is deposits of dust or fluff entering the appliance.  Ensure these deposits
are removed regularly by cleaning the inlet and outlet grilles. The heater will re-set automatically
when it has cooled down enough.



The heater requires regular cleaning to ensure trouble free operation:

Turn the isolation switch off.  For added protection, also turn the mains supply off.

Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior of the heater. Do not use abrasive cleaning products
on this appliance.

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and fluff from the inlet and outlet grilles.

Ensure the heater is dry before turning the mains supply to the heater on.


Do not attempt to repair or adjust any electrical or mechanical functions on this unit. Doing
so will void the warranty.  Contact a qualified electrical person to service the heater.



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Congratulations on your choice of another quality PDL THERMOSAFE product.  Your PDL THERMOSAFE
Bathroom Fan Heater has been designed and manufactured to high standards of engineering. With
proper use and care, you can expect to receive many years of trouble free service.  Please read these
instructions carefully.

Read all instructions before using this appliance.  Keep them for future reference.

Use only the voltage specified on the rating plate of the appliance.

• Do not cover or restrict airflow as the appliance may overheat and become a fire risk.
• Do not cover grilles, block entry or exhaust of airflow by placing appliance against any 


• Do not place appliance close to a radiant heat source.
• Do not operate in areas where gasoline, paint or other flammable liquids are used or stored.
• Do not use the appliance to dry clothes.
• Keep all objects at least one metre from the front, sides and rear of the appliance.
• Do not insert or allow foreign objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust opening, as this 

may cause an electric shock, fire or damage to the appliance.

• Do not immerse in liquid or allow to run into the interior of the appliance, as this could 

create an electrical shock hazard.

• Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord, plug, or after the appliance malfunctions

or has been dropped or damaged in any manner.  Return to a qualified electrical person 
for examination, electrical or mechanical adjustment, service or repair.

• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified electrical person in order

to avoid a hazard.

• Do not operate appliance with wet hands
• Use this appliance only as described in this manual.  Any other use not recommended by

the manufacturer may cause fire, electric shock or injury to persons.

• Do not use this appliance in a window as rain may cause electric shock.
• Do not connect the appliance to the mains voltage until completely assembled and adjusted.
• This appliance is intended for household use only and not for commercial or industrial use.
• This appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision.
• Young children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
• The appliance must not be located immediately below a socket-outlet.

Cordset No 3108/40.


It is illegal for persons other than those authorised by legislation to work on the fixed wiring
of any electrical installation.

When mounted in damp situations as a bathroom or laundry, special precautions must be
followed. All installations must be in accordance with the local Electrical Wiring Regulations
and Code of Practice.

The appliance is to be installed so that switches and other controls cannot be touched by
a person in the bath or shower.

The appliance must be mounted in such a position that doors or other moving objects will
not obstruct the airflow.


Fixing to wall

Select a location for mounting of the heater in accordance with GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS.

The heater must be mounted on the wall with a minimum height from the floor of 1.8
metres, a minimum distance of 150mm from the ceiling and a minimum distance of 250mm
from an adjacent wall.  If this heater is mounted above a shelf then there must be 650mm
clearance between the shelf and the outlet grille of the heater.  (See 

figure 1.)

Remove the wallmount base from heater. (See 

figure 3.)

Securely fix the mounting plate to the wall surface at all 4 mounting holes, using screws 



The heater must be connected by permanent wiring within the wall cavity from an isolation

The heater has a short cordset, which should be connected to the main supply via the 
terminal block that is clipped to the mounting base. For ease of installation the heater can
be temporarily offset in the mounting base, i.e. fit the left hand heater rib in the right hand
mounting base recess.  (See 

figure 2.)

Connect the main supply through the terminal block, check the phase is connected to the 
A/P terminal and the neutral is connected to the N terminal.

Fit heater to mounting plate. Ensure clips on mounting base have locked into the heater.

Figure 2. Ease of wiring example.

Figure 1. Installation Location.

Figure 3. Releasing heater from wallmount base.

Twist with


(see exploded view).

Using a reasonably
large flat bladed
screwdriver, twist to
release clip.