Cleveland May 31, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

I got over that her daughter lives up there and I want no money little for OK I’ve been

Recovered so I’ve been there for

The rowing and all that her place but nothing I was struck in here

As you search of every forty that he very point when you feel

Right you seven just just a minute and one had or what is it of have the remember her and you have eight five five five five six

Troubling I mean I’m kind of just made out that I’m successful with one of

Them are kind of so but they’re waiting for any three for one thing are hundreds of here you’re having your one cleaner I disappear your I will mail them in our mother doors

Brought us something there in her our number one our fourth of eight or in our fourth and in I also have a loud music in the frame building

You can think of this in your

You know if you get me through the mail maybe you are as you said in a radio we’re going to receive care for or will hold a white order Georgists Genesis that six seven if they’re from us

Here at eight five six six eight five six seven six five

Three zero four and bring your over our country thank you didn’t just reiterated

Yes we did you know also for

The so you know cat is eight five five three fifty three

Seventy thirty seven think you know why I just have an area where he’s out and did anything I can for them they get five more ever are just a few off from the air assist her

Forty S in San Diego that

Officials and service radios were given as the report

They’re too far already

Cracked her date doesn’t do it all that it is a go ahead and honk and they’ll open it up but I’ll just got it for you for everyone involved the great American

Wars license plate of George fam Charlie two for seven A work with seventy thirty Charlie if you generate a zero zero to play for in Georgia Union Barney six six zero zero zero you know

That the seven hundred thirty nine mega I have not been able to get hold one item to five if you will after that there might be no other fourteen

In those of you who just did it just burns down sounds interesting

Thought radio and I’m to six if you’re not seeing anything how many to break you for Could one of them I think they’re just going down

The river area on Julie remailed around

Seven hundred forty think it’s going to be three six seven zero East one point zero thirty six seventy one hundred forty and Chantelle constant is calling states around that her name is David Dinkins He’s about seventy two years old black male wearing a white T. shirt blue shorts

There even as refused to hold one HAD A three eighty three something for one

Vehicle a crazy it all involved and I’m gay they are pulled off in the right

Clothes to get a five six eighty five sixty eight

The UN will call back

When they were up yeah it was a high

Passer by and so she’s not going to have announced their version of

Cat me but if you’re going to

Treat her with a sense of reveal an alliance rather smell anger of her of us have these antibodies you three to one for avoidable that is refusing is older for me or one for a you’ve got Stevens there were the seven twenty six sixty six having seen my

Letter and then they’re coming I think they’re coming

From we make contact visa let you do have the in the car already the fire on the information the car got to thank us


And I’m sure when I got one for you

There was a yes or kind of a five eight zero seven bomb a fifty eight zero seven

In a call from us because there is a black male in a wheelchair to serve in yelling and swearing like male misson a lady in a wheelchair nothing for there are three it is a five eighty five you need to know

Things are seven hundred forty four that is the caller’s apartment forty five of them the problem is gone in the basement singer to eventual Hispanic female takes your daughter rocks in the basement and beach or up her assaults or in the basement fourteen year old daughter of enough is the daughter of a nun whose mom is

Near them in the basement right now go one

Seven zero eight five seven zero

Seventeen forty four corners you drive radio

Rookies are equipped who are severe so I was really slow put a zero to one of them to provoke I have recorded him journey Kathy and well I just fell for one for three but a medical holding her jersey gave

That Mail asked me I was the vice president player can be five and

Seven forty five years of ago and it was a Mercury Mariner that you were doing a report for for the stuff for a vehicle that’s from the vehicle yes the slower person of the Mariner GEORGE So what are some are OK

Sure you do it I have six zero seven three six

Why one five eight three five seven hundred sixty eight nobody Ference I


Where it is they have two three three

Six of was a fourth on six of you know just what you know the game of moldings American no evidence still isn’t

Fun here or more like the hospital the motives of them really to learn oh we’ve got

The really going to go for it you’ve already

Ready to five every want to do three years in the place if I don’t think there is a point there that’s

Thirty to seventy three Wesley third place

Only one hundred percent

But you car accident one vehicle is flat and there are a bunch of people standing around that another caller said that it appeared that fifteen people were getting ready to fight

But you can’t think id zero eight ID for your last three ninety two isa one four seven three nine twenty two hundred forty seven to the Johnson residence mining in showing a graduation three Kennedy seventy three eighty five seventy three

You know we’re going there or it is now six seven from four hundred seventy

Four ID They need a name and an approximate age first name is Michael what name is we meant

To be we can add words Mike Mike Robert Mike had a date of birth on twenty four of ninety one

While I was gone

He has and I think he’s taking three tags off the merchandise like now I know right he shirt blue jeans star Kat Arkansas action tolerance then

To get is a high sixty or sixty that’s your

Thank you seven hundred fifty one or it’s a nude was once more nerves are OK

I didn’t fall for

That and he said to various that he said that the traffic is thanks


You well I mean isn’t it unfair over there are disappearing he’s there so that you couldn’t he said and then they give superior and public square to make sense that any is down there’s a lightness a lot of traffic or not too long ago

Drive if not our

Yeah I have yeah

That’s right this was really confused why there’s a Simons on here do you want me there or

We can reach out to the traffic folks down there and they get assistance without us not yet Wilson a car to take a look at

How they have the I’m right of that traffic cars

And he saw a seventy two thirteen eight I think three eighty five eighty three and I said and he got a member up after the third you can close up carry three fifty don’t multiple searches you’d ice out and use as you very having to three of them

I bought a radio then phantom traffic Union handles that stuff and then we have a downtown services unit there is on cars no one going over there right now I think it’ll traffic

If you end drastic nominating of all those routes and I got it as well can I this or are these as I’m a

Yes let’s continue to try to get old as

I say that you think you are right I sound yonder wrong for my family very well the whole world never

But I do Florida surfers and B.S. one five seven one one that the one fifty seven eleven that yes the the green residents Time Warner reporting a living room motion of the size of a mystery and point out the key hole there are in black Chrysler because to get is a size nine one eighty five ninety one and very less reject the area he’s under eighty seven Harlan’s use light five in Harlan not a stroller question I’m now that’s looking at cars and possibly casing houses some black males are complection partially five foot ten with Dr

Wearing a white shirt How is he north from one and five for over three jazz eight five nine four eighty five ninety four

Seven hundred fifty five and Adam two for you want to

Yes right Marty Gray’s mother in law is therefore to not be a right out right now

It goes until nineteen hundred hours so one thousand nine hundred when you call this if anyone in the unit you know wants they want their Before night when other hours I want them go ahead OK it’s time for you to Fortuna OK but I

Call it seventeen twenty seven one three want to break arms and I’m a forward question for three males are doing drugs when you’re not what you know I got the descriptions Well three of three had a size ninety five eighty five ninety five

With the use of the fifty six Charlie juju radio you can just complete on sixty six right sixty’s was X one painted

Their own food at somebody else’s car yeah we’re right here OK sings as I was severe in public square we gotta see me on a black Nissan and sorrowing Sudha at the collars vehicle because he was how many COs the street at the crosswalk it’s a go to that he had as a five nine am looking at it right now there’s no more around here right now if you make those joyous

Things as I was investigated

And you go back to picking up the oyster you were heading to constraining his people cared for at last from

Grief and

Then he said I have

A couple of different times and seventy three progress

Before only one thanks to see if you know

That your IP

Height is seven the suspect last and he is still in the lot now behind Apple east towards Home Depot and Mark and you know arrive at seven hundred fifty nine or ninety seven so you no longer enjoy them no longer the SO are bus security still want you to check them out behind Applebee’s on the

Insecurities with them to hear you says an eye on him if there’s a front brake just for if you’re a lot See I think a round or anything for that for


The seven of fourteen

On the way Radio one only

Please have I number who have their back back from LA what airs on Sirius given our We’re at the end but with

You isn’t it interesting

How for thing it’s kind of just about her off the mail your maybe just church or do you know the status of a trial of the aged I have been caught in the income working on every part you can bring I back over here I guess

Charlie do Ford radio

If you for one side as you can I get gas you have to jet that shit in there was going to be a five eight one eighty five anyone

You force very

Detailed actual had within your knowledge able to check out our violator before intervention now if the one he was going to be in front of when a three zero eight can are very one of the three only can vary and from that we can live here of attrition marks and following requests and check and the possibly might be someone

Right olds bravado the license plate of and regarding Henry two six zero five and regarding Henry twenty six zero five a check screen invalid and two two thousand rattles on the station wagon if you

Go for a five three secs a five thirty six so that we have

Some Room fifteen

Suited for your senses are yeah could you notify ID They want to respond to this

When they’re used to use a few of those an archaeologist four milligrams guys name is clear samples for her also advise Emmy’s going to be

A player fro V.I.I.I.

Think thank you and I thought or he said

We’re going to keep her the same kid but I don’t need

That as I have you tonight by forty six seven and I have the other the other United seven seven if they get on more half of a five years you’re also me additional cat for

The six of them and her clothes sample whole this

Was like you have your cat is eight or sixty four it’s four six four the majority of

Them was complete from our spot on

The TONIGHT seven seven seven am just not right that she duped into the same one so it’s going to be can’t eat five to three I’m going to make you a new one now you’re working off eight to three I make a new one out OK She gave me a five to zero happy that’s why it was view so I want to let’s say you and you get me eighty six twelve eight six one two

But well eighty five when the one who do this it does what happens if she just does the wrong calls so that she gave it to add but it was a mix around but just so that everything’s right on the report is what it is OK so the care for East six is going to be a factor three and then Rick ever uses seventy is explore a permanent part I know from eating a seven that is I haven’t yet if I want have all the credit highs on Monday have that same effect of the year story and I’m Nagin being in Santa Fe

And I’m really no I’ve got a size are

Going to make an ass and there’s a few that are fair enough but he found

If I said in there oh you need a very different party whenever you know I’m bored or anything or very interesting

Mother is going to be following going about playing it

There are two for you if you are

Complete yo yo move if

You know I know

You know nine but from under not from the code so

You didn’t check few houses from two eight six hundred fiftieth Street three hundred six use one five zero you have to run almost reckon from that address and I’m a follower her crazy jeopardy group of people that are out here threaten each other

In connection with the rhythm now of driving or at revenue history on him or five or someone yelling about this at driving and half argue with them so there are no street more instruction as the male morphic with a white shirt and a white info go to

It six zero five a circle five

If you know what I’m now going to do for a series of letters the owners

Were great cover on the free will an area of three eight seven he’s won six horns three notify streets come pick up that sewer

Street your water whoever come get there’s two or three were missing for

That if you want to radio

One from Vonna that gentleman if you were fourteen and say it’s going to be two I could do you not as well but you’ve been to the union and Broadway Union in Broadway from East fifty fifth I’m sorry you know in Broadway Annie and again there is a black male the solving a female inside of a black fort at T.V. license plate is King David I seventy three fifty seven eighty three there’s nothing for there is a coat tail that is eight six one six eighty six six feet in wireless

To sweeten he said

He cites hero check for to your bike racing in the area because three get a seat six one for the eighty six fourteen for Jay thank you both throw if you do radio

Shows complete

Make thousand kinsmen requesting us are you out for photographs tomorrow morning are you ready for contact info what the hell they’re apart every day be anything left and this is the per hour from forcing them to pick the head of their contact info and thank them be Richard Price is phone numbers four four zero four five three six they say they

Can’t be on as I say you eight hundred thirteen and I have another one for you guys

Thank you three four seven zero one three thirty four seventy east ninety third that the Family Dollar is the car lease that an employee to me does that report the facts and seen cause for the disease that he thinks that the six

Think you either

Re firm warm place in Florida when a hospital got

Out of the war

It is forcing models on the model

Thank you if you want it one thing in one thousand nine hundred three was for five one ninety three for use the street just is calling the gas a helpful mental information for a report earlier today as a cause for cat is a four to eight for twenty eight points that are part of mission now for you and then for your list to see to to Franklin’s downstairs six to zero for example of our downstairs

I think they’re calling our windows broken out these are a part code for eighty five eighty five one zero

Eight four two eight is one ninety three US four five thousand nine hundred twenty three US forty cents

Thank you eight hundred fifteen and just be advised that one came down as a residential alarm and something had broken and preferred

Return Franklin the last for this information present OK thank you eight hundred fifteen

Anything about the call

What more you

Think Walter already left much or just sort of radio

And sorry just your call number and the had four shows or you simply cannot also some Robert force that was part of the well one of these you objected before the eight seventy eight and seventy eight Your time is eight hundred sixteen

If you want a radio that from date is going to be enforced before court thinking that it’s going to be a few minutes off a seven cars or or two out of seventy two hundred or call me if I want to bring my boys night OK I need you for us to ease our intent for YOU WANT was full of art and Clinton was full of art and quiet and do care and be a fire is out there is the car and he’s a toe in the intersection so three get eighty five zero three eight five zero three and the other one is near the C.V.S. one hundred seventeen like thirty one hundred West one hundred seventeen three star N.B.A. Rachel is our caller she

Her vehicle ground rivals you the green SUV or a

C.V.S. code three G.

Eight five nine six eight five nine six and last one real quick nine seven and Henley last night seven Hendley project for a gray van right van and a black car so if they’ve been here for months things they may have been so on her own for yet eight six one eight eight six white crammer first is going to turn jersey of elegant really good

OK first one was for watchful of our in question came down sixteen thirty seven and the other one came down at seventeen fifty three we’ll call it eight hundred eighteen now you know

The fellow I think that don’t think very

Well sinking say oh he’s a player and it doesn’t thirty two eleven West one eleven anything about let me know


Well and so Hobbit as our unknown you know Jill I would I don’t mark are you going to rise in the festering very big head if you think your break they’re going to cross off are you saying James what you got

Numbers Union John G. to church and six more three

John of there and

I don’t think you know he’s funny and David just said I was a couple I mean assignments must be as well but I didn’t do that he did that yes you complete with anything innocent it would be wonderful he’s funny think you know him if you aren’t perfect he can tell you on what he what he got out of him so white working with him and windows you more comes across the coast one

Eighty six to nine eighty six twenty nine

If you point No six for a short you know I think there would

Have been eighteen point one thank you all you’re robbing people I mean years are

If you aren’t happy it eighteen twenty one so for me no description of the male is a dimension it is just face the influence of it further of acres along with an unknown what she was but it was less seen restaurants for Martin you know as it was from a Sinclair robbery charges the money for you to even things out

You have you are going to mail you know over forty seven hundred

Who have ruined was a

Lady who

Only two six zero by Jean and some calling Vice

Jelly was a desolate thirty to eighteen only the very thirty one ninety eight less eighty three people on Mars that have multiple

Their bikes were in that they were either thirty one eighty eight

Thirty one ninety eight was a gate OK so you will check that out thanks every day of our cast got a cough or a appears to be a five year old riding a motorcycle their bike in the area of West one hundred and unity

Concern for the child there were houses safety broadcast unity West one hundred eighteen twenty three more bases after work then a lottery and for the last very hour half an hour ago Frederick in Riyadh war

That island there at three that is eight six three eight think fairy tales are good for thank you making point

Varies though Bangham markets are more you came back walking and probably within like five ten minutes or so trying to park trying to sell more

Three seven of

The question Original for us G.C. Horridge

J.D. zener and let me hear another thing

Thirty minutes or so when you thought it was you to determine if it was hard having just vising you guys or you know you know when you’re

Feeling who knows are those units wrong

Before your eyes for one already

And I’m two for a round of phrasing play for me are Georgia yesterday Victor twenty four eighty three if you give me a year of a vehicle or you know any Belgian terminal for a toe

Region we didn’t call it is a code still can’t it’s eight sixty one eighty six twenty one obvious you out on that and he thinks me sex got a call from mail box with a gun trying to rob people had every atom robber seven one two one in a van in there for a while so for get eight five one eight eight five one eight of those vehicles are checked clean and the last one

To go is one twenty seven zero two one twenty seven to

Get a call for the green Chevy Malibu parked the wrong way on the street so for get a four for five a four for five

For you or who are on our board we are holding a total of thirteen to Marco to suppose I are a liar the rest are held in threes and fours pseudocode they’re either hand out of

This kind of file and you know and they didn’t say anything so we turn around things if you gave it once you

Have a thing for me and

So we are there for those who support this a

Fancy for a moment

Where we just received a call and they all want to fire station Forty Tales he states he overdosed on

Heroin and he wants to show City where he is profit from it wasn’t was a council is that he did down graces at this point of raising for crime rather than anything currently happening

Thank you eighteen thirty first’s for young bodies out on white short hair and everything else

The are now doing what a market week and we did in Fort Worth Star in Jersey got the eighteen thirty

Two for

They do for stand by one moment very determined I have for you and fortunately have not occurred to you for E L forty five seventy one sack four five I don’t sack Monica and your eyes resident eighties calling a hold of alarm tell tale

Eighteen thousand seven hundred ninety seven

A free lesson on a few different us thank you eight in there you and David just are going to have to see that the code for the

Close to eighty six so far her warm drama

Is you know you want furniture or every right to one doesn’t win for an earlier


Usual simply you both are of marginal Rovers Rivero amazing thirty two

Year old who regards like who and how they fire three nine two thousand eight hundred Jasmine Weber miracles a clear twenty two year old female to her about

Her performance of self and place

One of June dove

Under Toyota where a

Well hopefully Henry voyage on it’s an injury ninety

Five X. on her system

You know

That every day day thirty two one day three to

Four The Genesis unknown if they are living together or enjoy them together that was imagined why it’s sort of the message for property crime but so that you’re not going off and green Alero and we’re not going to it’s a cold one it’s six three eight thirty six thirty eight

If you voted for

Us and our lives of ordinary dishes before I went over the Simons and was under thirty four but one cherry juice for he’s going to be something else we’re waiting to parents arrival in a Coroner’s Office happy pretty The Fugitive radioing Well I think it is you know if your computer profession or think very very Chief Eric are interviewing are

Starting Roger

Or care for the last one was as if he is very pleased with Ohio who want proof

If you’re

Going to serve

Also for that Melvin HARO or John C. has a high point it’s black color two thousand very high on they then I say register but I have

Had a sixty seven eighty six twenty seven

Eight hundred thirty four zero two health crisis three four zero to help press very dark like an Indian male and a young white male any are any area trying to sell eighty protocol or eighty states they don’t send people out like this they’re lasting going down hill crest towards a cemetery three babies explained three sick history you just heard Jerry ask just eat eat eat and eat Gigi What time did you get up where is he that I want to

Eighteen thirty six so you did for that area I closed out with

George obvious route of munching thank you it was a sixty at seven hundred forty four OK this is very

Good eighty seven there are three zero and I do

Yoga you didn’t order til they deserve the

Plate information and say it was or

What he said he should have a very visible security vision issues there’s always a warm across our face

Six And then there’s the sixteen and then we have Bonnie hauling seven seven issues of her tenants here it’s a girl three the cat is eight four six one eighty four sixty one and then fearless for eighty four for one zero forty eight forty four when they’re feeding on he’s having some issues of his lamb Martha he’s rather that Usenet is uses them in the fantasy was a male being armed and Iraq said but he’s not armed today go three

Five six seven eight hundred sixty seven

Things they do variate

Yes it us professional are affirmative again for example

You got it thank you eighteen thirty nine and he was

His socialist three zero two eight one three one

He’s getting clean local needs and is also showing a protection order

For a good proportion

And very fortunate for me that was presented from your next OKUPE who is driving on Harlem one

It’s life and the go ahead with

These are getting forty the phones on the street at White zero one one Harley and one hundred one thousand are lines

Drawn to Gordon’s current question check it’s over for a few of them a driveway actually bought music disserving Jeev a bit plate of Robert Edward Victor zero three one nine zero three jet is it six four four eighty six forty four

Inches of and you know it was conveyed to the district and turned over to fortune built for the firm and joint ownership or from the hospital

Simply since you know that you know that I will have to fire you then

I want to three

Hours or twenty

I am just really are ninety five hundred late getting any info right now if

You are inviting their offshore section one free

Agency that he had overdosed on heroin and he wants Josie where he bought it from Oh dearie Kent is eighty six degrees have an eighty six thirty seven

Right back here


Ready to think you


I got no information on the ARAA all I know is

We are with his cousin I mean are over them all off

Her arm around her and where they can go through a couple of

The year any female screaming remark from pre recorded

All throw our heart her will be ungentlemanly nine

Hundred forty three same to three unseen photos just like jury

Reports Marcia

Eight hundred forty three Avenue for a good one domestic adjusting down in the mirror

Is for searchers the adviser

Earlier there was no shot from any of the a hole

If I said

He was going in and no one hundred seventy five hundred area

But he had to pull and I honor the juvenile no longer I was with and I want his six or seven eighty six forty seven

Thank you you can forty five

Three hundred eighty units are far from out looking for him you have no age over thirteen mom just wrote me one hundred forty Iraq you were ever trying to get a

Run from or you have all of the right amid Rice was a name it’s going to be ruthless

Television or she

Reviewed here over in the mid right to carry on the be secure with one male one hundred

Forty six when she

Wanted you want just like the rest and I think it’s a just get out of and you part of it I didn’t see it on union Broadway Joe A.J.

Even if I think you study Kingsbury kinsmen very well of art and been any fine stage as a black male wearing a red shirt it’s laying in the grass and none of these tangents you know has advised supposed to hit eighty six

Eighty six fifty one yeah

Yeah I consider

That you eight hundred forty six Celsius for me out it’s going strange isn’t it

Anybody said to me Robert William one four nine zero two zero Robert WM one four nine zero zero zero tourney and then on thirty five more he says where as a forty six

And there you can be as you want he means a very very weak and warm it won’t continue very happily

Just east of one hundred seventy S. OK

You have been away eight hundred forty five and don’t have David geezer shortened three Peron was very kind of

Your very own not all three

Versions of Are you sure I want to true every character

Thinking for you the one to two is a five you know nine eighty five and

You know what you are just on the radio the other vehicle was towed we need to take a personal B.S. first eight hundred forty eight is there anything to report or anything for that for that overdose are you doing it or tacit seven

Six seven of them that he DOES ONE OF US THAT I’M JEALOUS what I do is mostly private tolls one time to be a city tell how they have a I mean a thing for doing it rigidly G three radio tell you very yes ramp river with for example revive problems and we’ve been approved for a good project as a you for Mr Arkwright draw and that is

In connection with his aggravated burglary that occurred they did the report this past Sunday so you still have that original report over

And I’ll give you his cell phone number you can go there Mr Crenshaw and

Let him know when I say you you know Fresno you can contact him for them to sit with the common it’s two one six three three one two four three

Oh I got it all of them now and then say you want me to get on that original had not this one right

Has only to know he read your report was in fact exurbs that that’s what you told us there

Then you also said to us just a few minutes ago that that’s why you never responded That’s what Mr Price shock said as well I just wanted to verify if that was true so now we’re going to get them out here or is impress me I have these Yeah doesn’t hear that they

They didn’t have I say you because it was an act they and they and the seamers contaminated probably just over the victim and he said that to credit heard still there it is like there are no question

Thank you and I call it without the need this request or this phone number and other call from a neighbor that has their mail threatening each other one of the vehicles is one of the males in a red Chevy and there’s also a bird in the fort for tourists they’re threatening each other with cherries and bread

Getting connection with the same wine can’t eat six one hundred sixty one are for sure across three thank you even if you want Sam two three we are going to need you know I’m not sure

If this is your is a Jersey where about a bracelet it’s going to be green but he’s very disorientated to worry about

I think a model can even practice at age fifty five

You can put in many thing name first book report folders Rufus who was twelve years old but they think that you two are you hadn’t done for them as a result or you have do nothing surely do for I would have done the for that’s OK good

For the five but it’s not three the cat is a high of eighty four eighty five eighty four

The will to go for things eating is the very conservative and thirty it’s sort of a it was indeed of the out using five to zero for recall and

I’m just going

For a couple

Other words if we’re going to we’re just going to go in on your life because you

And I when I called my cell phone

Also got a call for some drug activity on air and it was thirty second area

Songs and drugs going to buy water governing to say how do you like

That area almost every throw three dead is eight six five five eight six five five

The thing fifty four both of the genes of the four Barney just have unreal

You were there that there is now there daylight Well they complete month one of our next

Of that eight hundred fifty four

Prefix one second seventy six completed warm eight hundred fifty five to forty one and was a realist

Right person going to be one one zero one two one ten twelve for us because it has several calling in she was assaulted by a black female named Leona she’s wearing a gray takes up losing a bow came and I’ll pray Ford or Chrysler is a plate of George Wallace as Charlie six one zero three says they want seen the till and explain one eighty six thirty one trail S. eighty one one Detroit eighty eight eleven Detroit and eighty seven all seven that’s right in the rear check for a group of males hanging out selling drugs ones that Dr Black is black male black he’s a ponytail Now there’s a black male wearing a gray and he’s hat black or blue state it’s hands on that one are in or three six four two eighty six forty two

Thank you seem to be eighty six sixty five eighty six sixty five

Well I was there yeah ninety three four

But you’re welcome

For the of them or some person Hartnell that I’m going to return for here of course the police having

The city hall it’s all been in that one till

The one I do have for you know it’s thirty six zero six as he’ll yeah three six zero six zero

Zero estates as they are king are all they are is on scene that had a stroke and can response the door for the collar the code for cat is sixty seven eighty six fifty seven and No I have mentioned to score a question if the owners are thinking of the dog and fry and what do they want to do with it that’s all the information that we haven’t seen that wanted to remain anonymous just that barking dog all day and the owner is on scene but can’t find a dog

You want to get out of here no need to

Just do what the owner Kathy to the V.A. I need you going to radio able to summon in your own general Ernie Henry five six seven zero and then semi once again

OK simply ready you can put me on route you want to stick their hands up you think three teams that it

Would all drill if you Dr Murray Jim think color handa more or less a plate of George yesterday stand I sixty five to occupy three to four males there hitting all the curves striving wreckless to the following code kill can eat six I’m nine eighty six fifty nine

Out of illyria it was technically perfect thank you and right you do

Just force and I don’t moment right you still have that all in there for if you fire


Seven forty five very far for Robert Watson how it was that magic twenty five that I weighed ninety nine hundred fifty seven out of the way down to thank God I’m not but if I can I’ll head over Terry data quality heart of hearts on top of a far off land yourself in place of powerful they’re

Going to says do it if

It’s for a full Noureddine but more intense training and we release custody over to juveniles to David to to

Having that same degree tells us

That Mitchell sure was use of

Who drives from issue for a

Regular want to have a first order to sell forty one and over a roast or have a nice you know war where they are the ones we wanted to use except for one

Thing that evening I saw no one where the other three were five a

Who says four of them forty one

Have nice you know war radio for the way they will answer in a university who are

Having one just a direct effect right

Chevy’s at that demonstrating feel that they can share o’clock or so a thirty

Happy that

We have a vision for the camera for a T.V. color viewing of a things has nineteen zero three going to be easy seven five in you Glenn he’s not any seven year Glenn

Black male wearing a white Sherm black jeans even waving and I think it evil he’s walking he’s found a new cool and color also advise they use a known drug dealer Oh and one

Yeah days like sound and sex eighty six seventy six twenty five

OK so you arrive and I see no three original report is sixteen to eight to one sixteen to it to a

Regular thank you Party seven or eight you

Know your in check OK Just like at least

They had a whole lot of one thousand nine hundred of your cat is eight six seven one eighty six seventy one

Gemini gives us Gettelfinger goes that goes as one of our to do on the radio but OK we’re going to remain should receive your resume Well I mean right in E.M.’s through article you are going to Thank You know I think they’re going to put a one four seven zero three lakes or one forty seven all to Lake Shore as a last call Saunders calling there is an elderly female who’s lost like the male sixty’s he and collection had a billboard all black with a five year old male I guess is a connection with your run to get a five zero five device that she purposely told the family dollars curity that she had a brain surgery how did to get a six six eight eight six six eight

Just get eight six six eight apartment of

Things are nineteen zero six critically two three percent of

Three seven or


Thank you and coaches are and he said and he is handling I had an accident with the goals that were flipped and Barney he won his and that’s the hospital OK Who’s that on a coach on the longest break and if he won and then

And if you want have your I don’t I haven’t yet yes we’re going to run five minutes her for her caddie and use it for your wires over here for

The record I wasn’t trying to break it I was just trying to see if you were right yet and if you sixes then I and there’s For the longest and that’s only been fourteen minutes we have U.N. route for photos of it and you know them and it’s a complete B.S. If you’re

Five Radio three musicians name you’re prepared

We’re going to

Disregard to you Anderson Anderson comic song

Three seven forty I’m out here

Through five writing including nine thousand to thank you and I’m sure if you have your very David she said thank you ten presses every day do five

And zero reward to write Karen cope with the cat is it six X. three hundred sixty three you called out at eight hundred fifty six and I will have a cousin who for years and to feel less progress if you can check thirty two eleven Clark three two one one Clark at McDonald’s to call for juveniles citing just that male starts with all the thirteen years old you know up and well in the white shirt ones and orange shirt was cut off please post to Kat is six seven eight eighty six seventy eight Vera lists forty two nineteen Carlisle forty two one I cried aisle that Tropi wants us to check for in a coal hole just as I.V. access in her right arm they want to make sure everything’s OK three I three one hundred thirty one then the final one thirty three of five last for one reason or easier five less forty first Street and he gets installing setting shadow three year old son he

And Carol they were involved five of ninety eight you know for their formation three six five six six

When I wrote

Some parts of yes or whatever twenty three or four that aren’t everything going to place but

A car still was

A very very good report for there be not

Helping at all is robbery

On its own you know find out what’s going on over the history

Cutting like yourself going to going to radio never I use it on

This vehicle for them to do well they can be there and you can tell her I don’t think me having anything

But check it out

She said and I told you accent he didn’t training or he wanted out to the clinic to three is that you H. they’re going to have an arrest

Party you for is treating Barney’s right as training and then the one man’s strategy for is the missing person Charlie six is an accident David he wanted to go to the to do is not an accident you let him do on

Radio and if you want her status it’s one of those clinics but he

Wants to wait thirty eight zero three less one twenty her link does Shepard’s calling in yes or is there ten year old daughter was trying to leave to try to stop or thirteen year old grab and I grabbed a knife and ran out of the house thirteen year old her so Juana Riyad that’s in the old black female wearing a black pants white T. shirt black tennis shoes seven hours ago you know what I’m still kid a sixty eight

Six eighty


I see technologies showing a living room sensor alarm you know it’s six one nine

They say thank you so already a full on one thousand four thing

Is where the this is where the cell phone list back to the First District or second address and Frances is on her ID I’m still looking at the priors now probably

As I have shell or a copy got a lot of

In the middle of the street oh nice phone from turning

On David one quarter

David the king reports right now that I’m sort of there

Are going to

And I think they can see I haven’t seen a Wendy’s calling Caesar twenty four year old says there is Harry in tax and threatening and assaulting family on scene two black female pony Renzi wearing a black tank top and I think liking her social is two seven zero nine eight six seven seven eighty six seventy seven thank you nine hundred sixteen

Men even though both you completely know if you know real hospital since ninety four thirty one Marine unit two one one as a for me and I asked fifty four year old female status of a suicide attempt another forty stories on being told one had a six eighty four eighty six eighty four OK thank you nine hundred seventy the return of the third and for wasn’t twenty three and complete a for one in a military D.H. he report her name complete with F. no


Several arrived here without air

They’re looking for at first that the residents pulling out of our residence in the residence nor do I think our office about the Ramallah abroad has a rightful seventeen the arrival having our promotion our rules everywhere just accept that there are three and five fishes in route

From the first vision the smell to me G O U T O will be complete from here and we’re going to enter the to look for the reversal after that and I think in Chile twenty five Radio done it and I’m warning of color qualms having actually go through which at the very joy



Thanks and sorry John did you have to get As or

Because they have to do with offering for photo ops with you thank you thinking three radio show units


Orange ones are about Francis nineteen and you were George she’s already George’s haven’t

I’m going to have misdemeanors regime

Waters or not I mean we’re not sure about Rochester shearers a car I think having then nine hundred twenty two if you think it over for me by having that that’s

Very close to seven Adams radio

You need to wait a minute second I know because I’m John Roberts and you know those two nine zero eight zero nine zero eight who

Are there he was playing the original hall for the singer very for him and

Again of the for us you used to think surfing over one zero three zero six Columbia one of three zero six Columbia Cecelia when mournfully

Wesson assistance to get her granddaughter from this location did you valid and I am a writer and date of birth and seven thirty one zero two so we wait now

He’ll four

Hundred two it is eight six eight seven six eight seven dollars I just she’s a missing juvenile and I have the original report number if you want to let us send in the lobby thank you thank you I just haven’t toured the area jail you feel are complete if that anxiously or not was nurse

I mean

He affable are very vehicle versus vehicle

So I could start

Over being female it was involved because you’re a got a very good job you’re ready to go in and she

Was there was no way of getting to the police department and going for report was I own into less now Horton getting updates thanks so much as area right

Here I’m sure that’s when I want to report a story that they’re appropriate you said about her being a regular or

High as I have found somebody less Saddam’s affair music or for David A not for Hoffman No I didn’t

Have a radio that challenges are fully employed

When he’s twenty four nineteen twenty point

Two five is requesting their forty five I have three coaches on the board recalls receive calls for I have a male that was robbed and how one would suffer if

I have a missing juvenile on comes in and they sell and I will one just rope or would you take some for a new pair of their fancy for you can probably

Go to a robbery suspect

Who are

The house of our

Guardian along in alarm here were some of those then go to an eight six seven to eighty six seventy


For anyone cruiser sort of do a search a short address ago I think things as twenty three forty three severe ear two three four three severe ear am writing things as one hundred twenty five and three hundred you cannot be that as or

In the last show if you radio early two three it will recede for report as are you as a proof you can simply have a ninety day sex life of twenty five

To ninety days that

General pro-American everywhere you have provided you sexual or not I can tell you and David you want to open

To him I would want to go file and I don’t want and what would go on a missing juvenile mom of requests as they go to do it now I worry that I want to be ninety two times and


A check for

Her Go figure out where he the other mail is transported Kathy I think I want to tell you that I have it right there you know prevent her driver very very lives rather large remember me personally last me for the post office

And has a license plate for two seven yesterday Walter King is a go for that yet as they say I feel eighty six fifties you

Are just things and then seems to me

They should shrink

Yes or no or while we’re going to counsel them warm

So I was manic a lot it was a lot to bake a Marymount Matic For you want to be that nails and that

Her reader remarked her nine hundred twenty nine is you seventy four I guested one hundred twenty nine Male more in a black hoodie like jeans or joggers with facial hair if you have called Make Me Tell me if I don’t get a book or maybe strike on there too I should rethink

That well but then that is when I have to wonder if it were me in a minute I didn’t one hundred to three of these resigned sure go after creep under Promotion worker for when I want female armed or storm out for a thrill that is nine hundred twenty five twenty forty three watts when off I saw the obvious calling in states you think threatened by our neighbor’s daughter that females a black female out there who want to thirty two years old wearing a white T. shirt blue shorts

From a green minivan Yes she’s in fact a gated made threats that the caller still had a seven zero eighty seven

To six there’s more to

Nine hundred thirty one if I don’t than I have another for you then OK go ahead thank you thanks right just as one zero one two six unity one on one twenty six unity on bar and so on just last year the minutes ago this is a five year old that rises hoverboard going downhill running with a stroller at the end it was parked U.C.L. our caller wants police to return and because house mother to Sue had a seven zero one eighty seven I won the OK I think he’s eighty two now and or so I think thirty two of them to sit for seven I’m sure they’re going to get a new cast her daughter Democrats just haven’t

No I think they’re getting there one for a chief report fuels your report who

Have a number for our four hundred

Rate as usual such a figure

Nine hundred thirty three cruiser stories are over ninety is there anything they did anything to do through radio show because we don’t hear it I mean it would probably

Mean I think ready for

Air George we were yesterday sixty two don’t record that out

Of your very for twenty three of sixty five which is not about the fact

The I didn’t go into

Radio and up to five

I think I think I called to back and give you a cold one but thank you I want to unlike West I want to Unlike Aaron’s calling in he that was you know the assault I guess was assaulted by her husband he’s about as I thought of lack of direction the spark partial play that I thrive he’s right and no further as well it’s a one get eight seven one six eighty seven sixty OK

Thank you nine hundred thirty five

Roubles a clear twenty four year old male who are about

At risk or think so they were a lot of deal as you know

We’re for one of them there if you want a real look for a fourth

Of this and I once actually Groucho’s you for good Joe and that’s why you know the play the last two will be eight nine not my nine and we can reach our overhead M sixteen zero date night here reach our arms think on who is seeing her on day one in her prior Who eight who are eighteen this year

Marnell was a clear thirty four year old male folks who are our own who are was the address for the year for court review Road apartment who we were in Ohio for four one four four charges you go

And read it I thought if you forgot to count the till and exciting eighty six fifty

Thank you that he won six three zero zero Lakeshore the count rec center of U.C. Christopher Scott says I’ve Ridgeview not someone had any of his i Phone

He G.’s Mary of zero one five six and lake shore he seventy four is out front as suspect X. and make report for the defense on SCO to

Get the six nine one eighty six ninety one there with the OK I got to having a particular you having that here throughout scene and phrase receive one ack Rob Florida felt times to report hell the jets of the force Well actually thirty if I where there were requests for any three for war hero prisoner of war mouthing the unit who are unarmed war hero three hero who are

Who are all in my lovey Clark whether in the parking lot and I think gardener I remember going on for an hour of our wonder for our desert Carlson calling conference focus Cleveland’s request to check your fridge and all that was reported missing from her mom mom here Juliet Jackson the missing jet is a John Fleming a fifteen year old male

Giving high cost need to be returned in focus result report going to be seventeen that’s one six seven nine three six and something that’s one six seven one three six it’s a very

You hit is it six nine five a six ninety five you can go and give them the stone as they gave us was going to be David Adam John Union Adam next six three two one which I would play ice cold one job numbers eight seven one that I ate seven one that seventy one zero or a studio always done frankly us in forming with one I am trying to fish read over the phone or three forty five Anything you forty one there was an important one

And if you’re a mom of a be so important and

You are of

The dimension forty one BARNES You forgot yes address that you know that it was you because that is the recall you repeated if they haven’t heard it is for results zero two seven eight six six three one five to approach read by five is so much for it makes

You think it’s a thing of Asian a different person so if this works it’s

Got nothing over

Coming up

Right away

Thank you forty three I have a positive for you

All right it’s going to be not as if any of us have one three four zero one West one silly thirty four A one West one twenty and I think transferring in it is about sixty of the house playing that’s less writing that’s the other day to tear either she that thirty four or five plus one to eight she watched second for getting an update and thirty four or five less went to a

Theory that ski is just kids in front of a house about fourteen eighteen years old dropping their pants down the female performs that sexual act and then it’s now called one K eight six and

It’s more eighty six thank you for

Getting nine hundred forty four before that’s going to be a negative for Reza stillest is this

The one of them quote it says nothing about fights or threats am I OK to send that missing person car that you know

That I something that you and then rid of burns you for any resources you know the address of the phone her license

So that he and I recall are called and said that her daughter was trying to run away

The daughter’s information

Her name and her description and then she ran away and hung up the phone but it came down to the old ones and I think very few men the male fetus and of the one innocent person part of the

Real numbers ending White came down the end of the mystics call to earn this anymore as one of and something no one else herself

I understand I’m trying to confer with her again I was pretty confused as I don’t like this as well as you asked her where

They’re going where he is on we were going to

Say the medals Radio nine hundred forty six and ninety six funny that I got one male on there on awards show me another C.P.U. and

I don’t fault them


It he can’t is a six seven seven eighty six seventy thousand provisional Monroe thank you thank you very sick joy to share your for a rainy day in a circle but if you could have had other parts of it as well as a source

Thank you very chilly twenty five near him you’re

Right before you

Have a lot of are going to urge everyone

You know for their color earlier from are free to import

Visual reasons to want her with it so that it ninety get is eight six nine zero eighty six ninety your time now again is one hundred forty nine

To forge or

It was the mastic two suspicious vehicle posted there at C.N.N. and has very

Well have an as I eighty five meetings I thought OK

I’m going to

The one nine hundred forty nine program I’ve given myself because of a that

I think part of

I remember her will be one for them and one of their importance if I remember just wrong or right were forgotten worn for too far

Or are very unsure how awful

You know it’s one of five terminal to a Dr

Phil we had and I was the sergeant Santo CARNEY And he’s with their views they are supposed they see the vehicles in a traffic stop they believe it’s stolen they want to check with the owner

Two thousand one hundred forty four Herman color has a plate of Georgia zebra John two two three three listed owners a stake of caravel code three and a five one zero eighty five ten is not wish for

If it is your previous book and learn just wait

Until the one hundred fifty one regular price


Four or five you advise very early or

Join ready to in front of us all into four

Tails out and tell me like you guys know you need a prophecy for safekeeping go

Get going


There are hero who are known from your

Every area

From an opportunity if you see it you just simply do you take care of them please and seven hundred fifty two ends on the good and bad as it is over a year because you’re in this place dress up this George Nick Barney eighty nine seven Dresses are political seven one three seven

Very important and it does you’re going to have from your property whenever your money

I got I got five more I should be our

Fault and Bush called John Roberts

I fear over meow

And I think before

It cuts I would have bought to see if I could transport the female from thirty first Jew the female judge originally twenty seven

Years using M.S. when she doesn’t believe she’s able to walk back to the judges because it’s totally So so they’re not going to do was Joy’s a year old male reason

A lot of trouble recently there’s one lung cancer and emphysema

That is a funny Kathy that you got a call back numbering from for


By the marrow of

The Maillard through a bottle cap to her and she only for you mother complete color is you know a

Thank you fifty five

If you for a

Bunch of fermentation for you but right now there they were getting ready to enter her messenger walk with me house for her OK We just found or house driving home it was actually two zero

All four three three she has a lot of numbers mixed up so

She’s back home safely ending not all four seven three that’s two zero four three three Lakeshore the cure takers here which both her he’s in the fire you put you back home safely or to fully

Grasp the fact that radio while lobby one hundred seven hundred or one of you know

One three five nine eight one four nine all the three coaches three threes all my coaches are timed out there are a lot of about a half hour runs on priorities OK if it yeah I get mad when you can I think if somebody’s going to tim standing up or thing like that in my back it was really funny just for what he’s backing out of one

Maybe just jam him to three isn’t it

Ready for it seventy three way part seventy three way Park apartment for that and surely to that address is going to be one zero four six one six nine and for six years I was in eighty six that he hadn’t I nine at Robert George VI five or seven reform out and very vocational and I’m pleased and I’m very proud and I’m right in the ninety’s of the Charlotte you tube radio we kept that you know if I’m out yard work or they’re just cleaning up in one yard or pushes out and or rattling it off of the and something on this tour stop down of the we’re just wondering if you do for a lot of or you will give us thirty nine then Meriel great op of kind of like in the area of Broadview and hurl to the left talking Elson we know we’re broadcasting to anyone in the area

The writing was full of art and ran it was full of Arriba see the US the scene now driving a red money Carlo and a party George or to kill Henry Barney George and I for to kill two year old in the front seat without a car see broadcast it when you have a right has any higher in the area for in cedar people and the city guard and destroying property and pulling out copper and iron the area able to handle

Through ornery

Easier to hold

On hold of because he seems so you don’t among them cool stuff when I should already have when I say show me I don’t know if you knew it was a human over you we who are unarmed who are in there waiting in the parking

Lot sure sure for sure one action flicks voices

Favor or your growing Merom are all this group or a parking lot I mean how many empty space who are healthy that the Treasurer has are

A troll or effects of three or three right there you should be in there

For credit I had two three for seven

Years or

Yes So on one to it kind of

You know whatever your sources are out of the

Surgery plus

I have like two sausages it is on OK I have that thing

People emails right here and gravy and and I mail is gravy and and black and white and a huge

That rose for one seven for valley was two thousand seven hundred horrid white they call it out he’s like Henry Barney’s EVA three five seven for him a very easy route thirty five seventy four

Between five hundred ninety in and out

And today at noon

Has at Swansea three hundred

But me it is two Adams who once wrote code to

Do that for you unless it’s five three I for one last sixty this street scenes once in a white top black shorts ones in red hat black shorts and out of blue top white shorts are breaking windows out of a vacant house

Till it’s seventy seven eighty seven twenty seven different tell you for I think

It’s OK You call that in one thousand forty nine your cat is eighty seven to eighty seven twenty

Four forty five or so to do what Joe did you eighty seven thirty four eight seven three four and you guys hauled out and nine hundred fifty four Mr of the

Second number three one three seven three one zero seven first

One I want to write out a female for the least seventy three following heart

They usually have mellowed beige and a vowel so he the only thing he offer as her heart out of the three star or

As you see it and I’m two three

I don’t think that go to

Report three a complete

If you have more

Than that it’s one of those six previous answers a sample


Show me out sixty forty strolled in

The north of

One hundred ninety and one of the heights he actually called in with us for a loose great ball no howler

Possibly lives at the address given just right around the area has been for three eighty seven forty three

Thank you twentieth seven lake in waking cork having its own as I would enjoy

For three six feet

I got this one else of and I got a cozy alarm in your pants and two more just so you’re aware

He had me ninety six twenty three of them are

Sure you called out at nine hundred fifty four and the cat is a have been very for eighty seven very far

Still fifty

One secs

Are two separate incidents there were

Her other male

Student Of The Same want to try to fix Surely if you’re Thank you both it’s going to be forty three hundred He’s a hundred twenty four three zero zero East want to wait Tiana Grant is calling to take her fourteen year old her and her fourteen year old dad to a physical altercation and then the fourteen year old ran away again is he a

Black Female Brain black jacket blue jeans carrying a white person had braids that every direction of travel was refused code one

Seven two zero eighty seven twenty yards off is tied up on the rocks at this location and marking all they go to for a seven four four seven four for

This girl coming because we responded to her already for work and go literally three minutes ago

Think think that formula head into surgery or

Both I know I have to go get food from the air or my car you have your car

Collars it’s a female threaten

And that she stated you’re going to the house you know a casino Order one thousand years old white you know I talk in jeans she looks black female that’s Paul and black shirt both suspects but on foot towards Carlos if only one cat is eight seven five zero eighty seven fifty How is not sure if she actually saw it on or not

Just for one thing you think you know and zero zero three zero C O

Two will

You please i Report

And quiz Purdy three that is the sixty five the six a five for us if you can check in front of one eight three zero eight Canterbury one eighty three zero eight you never in front of a did not hear

Versus going in for a future

Read also will provide a poison plate of and river he Henry two six zero five she loses zones as fodder for weeks ago I jumped off a tow truck from the office there

Should be clean valid to a few thousand old station wagon Have you been so very four to five three six eight five thirty six


It is one of the treatment your ears are all thankfully for Adams’s going to be one hundred fifty eight

The Height who is the sister and seen that see this e-mail who is writing her hit her vehicle and her best

Back to the light skinned black female with orange hair Susan it can explore the two candidates that in zero seven eighty seven zero seven hundred twelve thousand thank you thank

You from the neighbor here you know cause in any other dimension of time

If you Case Western Reserve University garden you know not everything plastic

No metal since the storm so no cause of this time if you can get in all the other numbers released

OK how do things are handling that

The cat is it’s have been very safe eighty seven very safe as opposed to

And elevation was twenty two and a four and we got it at nine hundred fifty nine OK thank you and the juvenile is your your youth you know what I think you know twenty thirteen through the radio

And through out of prison if you are in a city

I confer with Heidi and I’m saying they release the mail or they started while I was here I work on that over each one in our most important connection with a funny fourteen to sixteen or twenty fifteen Why did you seven or eight you

Write that no cause really any threats over the years just as a lot of them not just info received from all of the parties year I’m going to be champ settled for now and then the other car was just those shows the play places seen have the coaches for you

See that hospital of all the arena

Well it is going to go out or basic unit in one body to want to hear Mark E.T.L. this is a five year old that writes I have a board out of three of his her and I get by a car that also will cause the sun as another kid hitting as I was handles and not all that has a white male right erect Scooter you know is also provision juveniles those that address it would like you to speak with their mother still had a seven zero one eighty seven a one

Twenty in very few for radio

Because P.T. is one for for just a little robbery suspect

I have not heard anything about that the biggies and one for four engine


For sure they drove the side of that is a sign of that happening that at times I haven’t seen I thought John on

Things hundred times he might as well as you that he does are not

Fully warmed B. of A who will be on a thing by the corner when you come out if you are

Very rational for

More you are a long ways off that way if you want to have another post to

Be three where you all be on here twenty thousand have been there and he’s a black man on tall thin they’ll the right of black teens Well those eons and of right to rant is currently walking around out front that we got a call from the neighbor over here eighty seventy Tina who’s out there the not that assaulting someone black man all wearing black shirts jeans and as you add another victim satellite here you get eight seven five nine eighty seven fifteen I

Think signing in three of Florida and you for

The full regime and what several people you’re OK with the foreigners family members are going to complete and

Even further us lots of choice

Process obvious I mean number two Georgia United

Player Unit nine zero

One zero six zero zero sink clear unit no no wait see why we Williams is Mr G. Jimmy coffee for

The seven Chevy original reports of the seventeen

One six seven three one three young one six seven three one three it was entered yesterday that you G.M.T. and suspect is a very three G. It is eight seventy five to eighty seven fifty two and for us one zero eight three eight S. very one zero a three has very few Marjorie’s forward she’s imagery missing persons will cough report for sons or terms of a James Ford original report and be from this year port number one six eight zero four two one six zero four two that was honored today of her before it is eight seven four one eighty seven forty one

The major third address and first call that I got life now I’ll have again for you have

Four doors again while that alter

Was right you White House

Not turn signal and I ran a red light

You know of it was hard

Because silver white very

Had a hard play on


Enough for him the moment

Unless you’re sure that she feels as if him from a previous domestic things just in both and white male threatening her take the house and I guess the boyfriend is Joshua volts and his brother Justin is also on scene Josh was wearing a black he was Jersey less tours less was forty if the cold one have eight seven six eight eighty seven sixty eight projects where

Patterson thirty three year old former tech

We’re so out of our

Governor of our time and you know

He really is up to twenty thousand three hundred AM to do for a few companies radio but last six and we’re feeding off of private info on all

Her mom so we can clean I have ever hear of you but this annoying Oh and I get that

Eighty five euro area there where he threw them all up her to

Me happy as a given and so when you’re down twenty twenty five and not call says that he’s here with her section of the county has custody of them

Julia Jackson missing persons report number for this is going to be one seven

One six seven one three six and if you have the address and focus on Nottingham and you know and it is actually your answer to correct errors assigned because you get eight seven five eight eighty seven fifty eight one of these went on for just six

Hundred twenty four

Three three two are recharging three never heard

If you recall is fifty five a lot of

Josue Frater radio shows on

Twenty twenty five negatives was a year and now the kids are just playing she said she’s watching over them and they’ll be OK

Unfortunately don’t have one on right try to Allison Hollaback with her own on national T.V. Day Will there be a supervisor to adulterate here putting mom sitting around is that sorry no scooter the stuff she talking about there is nowhere boy there from the bush scooters with your foot and you’re free

But given that me over the life of me completely

Lattitude remarks do forty one twenty seven forty two zero

Negative eighty one thirty six fifty sixty six and

You’re welcome David to underprice in their forty five I am holding one hundred one and three code two unfortunately all of our one mans are to man

Are what are called One is a Dell threatening suicide over learning cranky bridge I know we have to see the two men over there but just as I said you

Were about to get out you think that you are going

To be very easy six or

Seven I think you know learning Carnegie learning how to get closer to downtown white female Hispanic female white shirt sitting on the latch hide code one jet is a seven seven four eight seven seventy four sure if your for if you not a fart a third Also if as long

As that is

To say

Place me think you and we are friends for that whatever that is funny funny it is you threatening suicide or just that

This is possible but its author protocol or thank you when driving a bus system that melts at a place where an entrance thinks to charge you three times I think you have twenty three if you search of

So anything

If you want

To go the route over a long


One hundred of

Them cross I doubt that So did you will they think their forty five or US in them up for cars to clear crosses we have

Well I

Don’t know for she hadn’t seen her neighbor in a couple days now nails honest that we had a male and by thirty three that was go back to Lutheran he states he’s violent and depressed and not acting suicidal though and then we had as juveniles under ice in the area Tarleton and

Sometimes arriving twenty three

Who already

Do one from six with very of interest the


Or one of the go through Adam to one thing and play very easy response ill three seven three five thirty three thirty seven thirty and West eighty third Street we would see this call from you and that’s just a year old now is having a sight of the so he states he’s violent he’s not suicidal but he is pricier He’s mobile crisis and I will not be going I call that nail is Michael’s last

State he lives in a boarding home here no weapons he does not want their sirens but he does want to go back to Lutheran and he’ll be sitting on the front porch supposed to candidate seven six zero eight seven sixty he did not mention weapons or anything he just stated that he is known to be violent

Thank you twenty thirty one were just there for on his or

Reject what the traffic use the if they have their well motorcycle the water goes up shift their work a

Check well gee why don’t they tell mother to man up and up and say that

Yeah I did that David to one then you are there for your forty five pick your


Fourteen Auburn that he enjoys and he so they feel like are

You wondering

If Mitch received shit that OK we’re here Ruby data

Personally if I can

Be twenty thirty to fifty seven dollars an apartment to unity to my IS THE ANNUAL for a place that i Report has a clear

Three Get Is that an eyes that is there

For our journey

The twenty three sixty five we just

Completed you are you OK wait a meeting of the restaurant OK OK now it is a sign if i don’t we just got a call about a robbery in progress over there to come for and eighteen hundred years but we had a female they came and you first and then

Said OK there is a female they came and was just knocked out

She got our money our phones were taken by a black male mentally strong a black shirt and jeans

Trying to be a cold one and as he went under this he kept as we call her defense of US OK you can show us an area that the candidates seven seven are you know

Me having to get right to my next six point five moment of rage that they are twenty thirty four twenty that to put me on a bridge before I told Jill through was not for me

And I believe that you know very well regional jury is full there was no

Seventy three

You know really just yet was there a certain zero or more I know I’m taking it off your list right now that Barney to seven very close and nice six point five F. like our leverage had enough right

Three and a Deva two one for for

He just didn’t want radio

So I thought it was too sexy about that kind of writing you wonder you know

Yeah I just said on his and mine who over here

We have no response so it’s complete I’m going

To do that and

Twenty thirty six I got another Cosi for you but thanks if you can check seven one one two Alice seventy one twelve Alice get a call from a female that said that she can talk C.S. or police on the phone call that doesn’t exist incoming calls coded to it’s eight seven seven nine eight seven seven I’m busy cultures is not our fault just quite obvious neither is it chilly twenty one or just one elected even forty five it’s because you’re always right there is an earlier vote for George one or complete their her spec and if those are two seven I have it twenty three seven can you have to go to and six is there some hold on some of frequencies there’s a lot thanks or if you can check one four five one zero kinsmen one forty five sent in by the Liberty gas same as calling states that is that if you feel against a George Smith who is on scene threatening because of blackmail out of like one of like a certain blue jeans no weapons mention how did you see it is a seven four six eight seven forces

Six or twenty thirty eight

G.’s are or from twenty thirty I have heard of her needle right bridge here right path and

If you believe all of the on the investor for voter stop in or out as having called for the creditor it is

Great in my controller checks

For people where you are

J. twenty thirty nine

Eighty six ninety three think anyone is already three two on stage or her parking or in front of her miracles her two to one row No I haven’t heard anything about concerts you know what kind of heart of a poet

Well Gilmour platy their whole road Toyota

Seven zero zero thing to a

More sporty one euro male that to her seventeen other aggressor and nine year old nine year old

Some of that’s seventh and eighth here on early to go either direction I got him over here you know he just let me know when you want me to set it down then to theory you

Know or comment two three eight seven four then come back to Dominic and he

Does M P three your

Drugs when there were a couple reports we’ve

Got to have your Charlie twenty seven thank you at twenty forty three see how they’re all each one of the other view that was involved in the accident at Princeton and West will of are arranged in it not oh she’s being admitted I guess she has broken ribs she still many are there waiting around for her

Taking her condition to get there thanks for the I mean if you know me right I’m right here for

Twenty forty three forty one or twenty forty four seen stoking let’s remind is the park here for two weeks license George the great Henry nine one five eight checks back to a ninety seven Honda checking clean just their capsule at forty one seventy one west of the sixth Street is a code for Kennedy six three six eighty six thirty six

If you do from a reported San Paul ocean King and I were perilous for the first

Thirty six fifty or terminus or three for things

But Josue thirty to go to

Can you have a file you contact

If you want six five seven one six seven eight nine

Homeowner before they come in five thirty that if you know at

The intersection three thousand and Carnegie the cars involved in the mail in Tramp car smoking Hollywood there are no further the one yet eight zero one eight zero one David you for those three seconds are not you Berman is twenty forty five get eighty zero one eighty year one David you do have a twenty forty five because we all have a misrepresentation as you yourself injury there when we show

You it’s funny when you say ninety six error on that shot that runs kept

Down the seventy twenty four percent of the twenty or cans of for some I also

Went to a radio

Memphis we have that males are posted here three numbers while this model year that here who knows the three for three The whole Usually you know the going to be a pickup truck that’s just

You know on the sidewalk in the middle of the choice of a bridge never a view or just some lights on the bridge every other call

Of a

Very very very Jordan Davis one late for that she wasn’t sure she had her for a while so that you presumably have a sense of so are going to get involved house she

Talks go back to her and have you know what is all that

Rafi thank you very much

Magic artistry

And even others I have a

Right to twenty four tonight but I assure you it is one our five year old one year as five year olds are

Were over here I got a female point of phone from an over nineteen and a nine and I want to know I want and can’t have it in twenty four nine zero two six we have very few female fitting gray vehicle I’m no make and model her

C.V. showed up around nine one can fire about three shots in and took off

Towards her

I have needed you whoring around the whole war well

He fell



For it and sorry you had a lot of background are you requesting you mustn’t fire there in or out what else did you tell just now you have just one of any of us there

And then if you could anybody has any better or if

I would really appreciate two of them up here so I could not the South Park

Pretty we’re going to have

This record

OK happy that I know I appreciate them and readers temperatures Edwin ready

To be a zero seven idiot of seven just your info the others there is five five five north marginal road other hollers also like you and I’ll give ya think that you know I just got a call very one getting your only eighty

Sister the phrase and she just checked herself out of rehab and she’s you know have used drugs OK are all part

In find out if your cell


Thank you signs if you do and since you so are negative on E.M.’s or Oh no

Do one for almost thirty thirty for easy for a report

When we come when there’s no religion

Have it and if you three he’s out of runway for Fortune’s you prefer street patrol obvious a classic first Street How is it three cars and six nails blocking traffic in drinking in the street with a lot of music blocking all of traffic as a cause to seven one three eighty seven ninety three Chris say that he thinks

That it is there to have a seven fifty safe from university for a for her very you know the you know a crisis mills and round to every US medic funny reading

We have separate evidence points that are not related to the V.A. because of you have a twenty fifty four I might surprise a meeting Heidi

We had a threat Miss Lally going in for her I think she’s a vice and they have family come from my to town to

Meet her that Alexis her Ms Riley have also bangle in knocking on her door her to come out that

She was my son’s unit number you get yours complete nonsingular information received all new reports later

On fifty five Marianne’s you five if you for a sales deteriorated

For a good eight six a fuzz therefore she for or for you contacted advised to just arrive in for kids at age five

OK the records you said you had all the savings I’m going to hear from all of us


Twenty five is a


Canales I have

One calling in to one hundred three lessons I lost at husky that’s right in white with blue eyes blue collar is made of microchip off as a rabies tag I don’t want if you located on you know we haven’t but if you do with all that ever Rachel thank them but it always has if you go they come from a kind of for

But have found that as I said mail the claims of the fleas so his book bag and her views in a get back to C.S. you both back with number twenty one I’m a he’s a black male wearing a life

And early twenties showers it is secure you are with a male in a HAPPEN FOR get eight zero six eight else as well

As original as you want to give us all together you’re good always numbers rest of them will take it all at once sort of

So successful that I think it was also straight or do we know if anything he had contact with is now

Now you know we don’t have a name

Three situated who knows you surely for a few for years and was nice and the wasn’t there for launch wish

I was right as being much extra seven hundred ninety six to put me at point you for you I think if you know I’m able to run Ohio places but I don’t think I mean there and think really that this

Sort of money

We have is own currency that suits you to fight row no twenty to twenty I don’t know they have a good deal way and their say that she has animals on scene if you respond because to Canada is it six thousand three hundred sixty three type of animal fancy for you stated there were cats over there cracked

Very early just several

It’s very family you know we have to check we might get out be able to take it

But I will check in effect with you

I don’t know

How many are we talking on

And two three mils been treated and released because they

Form drawers or tell you how did you see John of any name you know as an I guess after war is a color for the get is eighty seven seventy eighty seven seventy eight OK thanks one other because it’s ones who are with us male who are both where if you go there’s no wrestlers who are injured who are in this particular

Outfit but I get eight seven five one was or as the saw an out of Army uses for one just sort of you can see in the rear of one six four six evel arm sixteen for his it’s every color of course for much of his there’s and here in the rear vacant house for his servants It’s a fairly three that is eight seven one two eighty seven ninety two but if you want to kill you for your radio What are you

Like north of them

But they think the fun of lots of anyway it’s all over there Bill it will receive advised e-mail I mean of the debris

You covered with hand twenty four and five were complete and they’re much your next to tell us three twenty five married you saw three or one they were to war

Thank you nine one one four way that you know fourteen way you see going in a very she’s an acre report for somebody yelling at you get off her back porch

For Tennessee zero zero zero

I would go for thank you Sunny want to

Twenty four as a call out time

Twenty want to

Tell you six is looking for forty five I have a cold one that just seems too close to

This three

Hurries romance or


Twenty one I did I


Before anyone else


I’m sorry make that if you

Want three and a couple

Is going to be three to four four one three nine thirty to forty four one hundred thirty nine the sick room

Is there’s a resident that

Setting things on fire fire has been advised the black female twenty one years old called WANT

To sue for twenty four point

Three eight nine six one eight six

Thirty six one hundred eighty six you’re going to see that very Johnson seven some trouble with her neighbors

Twelve months will have access on a voicemail three

Two three four

Thirty four

Four six six eight one hundred seventy four

Six six one seven for this

When tears residents simply simply say is showing interior motion


Zero nine

Six zero nine and last going to the one seven four one five RACKLEY

One seventy four fifteenth Rackley and chose this calling certain that we talked about his mother Kerry shows he hasn’t heard from her

Since five thirty was is very unusual because three to eight seven three five seven three five to four thank you so I went to seven point two five

For twenty one I mean I’m going to have Israel

And four six one three one four E four six one three one one four E.

Mails that say the serving the writing up and down the street right around the allows those three eighty one to eighty once you know

When I eighty seven I was for


And I didn’t have an arm chair report of a with a forty four

Year old I want to know if

We’re doing reports or not is this or call for you want to respond over because he has a line on a call there’s been in the corner of every thank

Her for them to order a little wrote on

What Robert Laughlin her

And and I mean your sound OK

Thank you does do is going to be four to seven for each one six and in place forty two seventy four East one hundred sixty seventh place when I was calling requesting that jacket for red Hyundai plate of Frank George clean the eight three one that

She believes there’s a connection when shots were fired early this morning

But I guess from early this morning no report was made and this and no vehicle was mentioned but she believes it was an accident so it still can if he’s accepted five eighty six seventy five for your last one three eight zero zero zero miles thirty thousand eight hundred miles and miles alloy miles Eloise office the Guardian is showing North

Dakota three that in one three eighty seven thirteen

Over do you think you know I own a lot and

For whatever is appropriate for what you shopping for a very

Rare one member who I don’t really remember there’s a list the that in the

Current I don’t want

To have mailed information

When you give back the cure for all I care make sure before email



Sorry your own avert wreck for property and graphical terms of for me your back

Twenty one twelve

Two to five Roanoke put it to sleep five row No it’s a code two cat is eight six nine three eighty six ninety three we have to six on scene since he’s four unseen feral daughter is trying to fight or her name is McHale Oh well then he’s going away T. shirt blue jeans she just one hundred thirty first and

I’m not want VNS now E.M.’s hold one kid is eight three four eight thirty four

Thank you twenty one fourteen he is also blind he doesn’t often

If I saw an area so close to the others eighty eight nineteen eighty eight one ninety

Seven one eight hundred S. recovery room things turn fourteen point two six that’s us will think that yes you’re forgive me according to the jury

All right there are just as assessors mail

Out Front one sixteen I can see Martha one six nine one one Martha you know serving they also blew up in fire where the three get seventy seventy

Twenty one thinking and we’re out with one hundred seventy

Three very happy no other place or we’re going to figure forty five the district your proposed go or we want to go in the east but I Here are her

Search for her out

As you have ever


It was not an argument

On arrival the fridge receiving advice

For forty five

To high on the

Search result of this guy in the book yes you

Got to meet up with the engine informer

Not over of

The assisting that it’s a Dell a male in a gold Mercedes wait to that or they don’t have vehicle and Henry Adams are six five seven five Henry Adams Paul six five seven five but I think southbound

Is along in the area doesn’t want to confer right hand so that’s why he won seventeen she was right Henry and saw six five seven five

Back so a ninety nine gold Mercedes four door to go it over if you’re a Ford or you know it said all of these minute

If you go to guys as their

Graduates all of their colors of

Formal to equality

They think they’re Brothers of St OK So I say one thing to one oneself

You know for the for the holding

The six

Twenty one thing that you’re actually holding Iraq was a seven story book if you go to remember there were over twenty one theme can you take another cause we have had out on one series of us

For him

And he chooses them for their forty five and I five so it is on the board

Because the reason echoes for how many curses by

Her of her the whale

Everybody’s on priorities or C.P.U. or at the age

Of answer him and he does it I’ll

Go ahead sir we might have one now

And sixty one started then

He amassed medical evidence and route for an unknown age male that high and he brings us here security is on scene because till it is eighty three six eighty eight thirty six every thank you twenty one twenty one is

That I have any priorities can I give out one says yeah you get think if two five or even more you know that the one twenty one twenty one enjoy Geoff resort had no or to second guess those specs

Or twenty one point one

Radio fairly easy to get information received missing June our term home enjoys complete and then how do we look for a forty five

It’s a total of nineteen us three of which are coaches of those gotos to our times out OK I’m thirty three is a crime curve right away from the mention that you will be getting for two cars and a one man car of label

If that’s what he wants you to think you don’t have any time for which ones are thinking last night

What do you need their names and even Obama even mentioned they would instantly when

And if for just three years the amount of the voter goes well the vehicle may still be over there but even to be till OK I’ll check I know Janet Meadows her son was calling in with updates he thought that her view that if you have a party to the leader permanently there any letter from her privately filled

The stop by without a return car

If you know what

We are complete how we work for forty five we are going to end for a

Privilege training

You are gifted at twenty one thirty forty going back to district

Attorney seventy five the Lair one wealthy


Received several halls two different by

Six females and one male inside of two females want another it’s probably best

To leave both parties all clear you know it’s close

To seven eight zero two three six seven one

And I want to say something

Is going to rush her you

Know where your vies are and

You know

That for Lance a two a one night a five seven seven four two eight one ninety six that he says

So me for you know I mean

What I want to one time you want this regard yeah just vising those verbal

Both groups as the standard unless prior to our arrival real calls were and as for the parking lots required to measure

And write one radio for that doctor I think we have the car is legally parked now they were waiting for a wife and driver we wrote to go to Whitehall but how we completed what they were advised why

Should your radio if you can just if I squeeze one regarding the fight dispersed and make sure

She got to the boss and lead

Authors on able to get anything further Oh no one can eighty

Five who

Thinks has one I sent

To one

Hundred ninety nine

Twenty one point six The nice Anita for thought

She was right

But only two for the usual four eight one one point seven

OK yeah that’s going to be in connection with CAD seventy eight three and visually Memphis vacuum a route that was part

Of having things to me about as he said he when there are four from Alice ahead of her received your

Advise from elders are not our theme this is all her goal her are here and there are no reports you know show is complete with that we were told by

All that the cat is it fourteen the first our money they were all you

Are going to

Think how do I know I think forty five I got a report from her where

Really it is easy


The three guys aren’t the ones looking for their forty five I do still have to go to use one of these was one is an alarm and the second of an estimated address I did just get my seat for him car that he’ll pay for his forty five barrier that are your Mars you theory of earth or for anyone you know they’re all over Mapleton Thanks guys Rachelle for that twenty one twenty eight think you are need one running on no problem we have the night

CHARLIE to do the area that

They ask her bosses commission for us tell you to come out for Prince and photograph the connection of the bird

Fancy through

Who got me that owner’s name to me Daniel many

Phone numbers to one six seven two seven six four four and I’m happy to say yes

Show is complete

We got him for receiver Bert the Freeport one we look for forty five with Mr file by forecourts I have no one man to finance so you are that twenty one thirty is right

On the radio from

Verizon but the four of us will have a very thorough review that ye muscles of us with a wall built in a little there yeah many of Mohan’s even to these Yeah so those are like I’m sure thank you Tim three three radio for that bridge one sixty nine zero for Stockbridge and the president then showing silent your ass from he had a motion the coattail has to say eighty eight twenty six

When we are now Mr Cummings Can you advise if you’ve ever had a driver’s license number to Aria

Of house for with your part of course I want a form for followed by three or four not rich

Mans if you need to give

A roll call who have a couple more commands come up

To me enjoy my other you when I was that I once already and be on channel

Twenty or thirty

If you want to

There was drawn to a good year for Henry out of Korean for four want to

Get into on the same two three years into four to four girls so I don’t measure if you are in our car was our era Lutheran or you it’s about time we get the Cinco de He said he says are you good for that because you want bushes gone or revoke booked it thank you and all fourteen of two and I’m twenty seven and she’s on about a ten year commie a fifty to fifty two thousand or forty eight back here at the

US or in from visuals as of right there is a

Three zero eight two three Ruggieri Israel’s going to jail we

Twenty one thirty four Good evening Anthony sex is going to be three zero two zero S. one zero four thirty twenty West when all four had a group home cinema was calling in to do and I was returned home from an Audi from an outing was highly intoxicated Yeah no one is saying she was sexually assaulted and taxing all the time in hunter seventeen year old female Yeah the female thing how many as fifteen year old female enough has it as right as the Cold War and had eighty six X. eighty six

So you’re thirty five about

Twenty one thirty five


Of course not with something for just

The enemy like that if I was to quote Mr fine with a six



If you quote who are

Not of the five even

If they get in quickly for the jet is it eight three two It is thirty two or it is June fourteenth

To the color want to convert or do they say what the they know want to go

On hundred years those

Who are thirty six

Weeks or months are going to Joey Gio shorten up you know one Red Cross Street

But that is of a

Hall and he’s going to ride Tesla on his vehicle as in John I will use that hazard that time he did already call private well that uses lots of us a sense as he said

As opposed to the get is eighty four to eighty forty kill

Us those that tell wreck commanders office action complaint

Will be here for a while but when I was a

Pretty I don’t think

I there’s just operated a a code one but got a medic and seen enough me although I had

Spoken to our thanks and read us and thirty three just friends are

Going to

Have a think so I’ve got a call on I ninety East by Ontario and fifteen minutes all of the first sixty there by that were doing tricks on a highway and then they were passing that Nancy for this is fifteen minutes all of these I mean found out her there for her yeah just market because we did try to keep track of all the calls were her

So I mean a friend here says that he will form a driveway a few yards in our footage being out shortly if you can check it out because that eighty five zero eighty eight fifty OK thank you twenty one thirty nine

Million our preference I got her a lot of things I was an owner of

The movies you’ve made this are various of a one one five you lose would be track focus and so my Vos fifty five year old male with muscle and funny awfully broken arm

Felt him somewhere and kept going I don’t suspect you must as an advise to go to jet is eight six seven eight sixty seven thank you twenty one forty

Four out of curiosity what about over here for a very back to the house or

More for I don’t really do much in foam assuming they wanted the funeral truck and everything just going out of my boss thought I had it with me for a few minutes with you OK got me the city a message responded and they responded with how through the desert they’re in from the district

Has been hanging in the area for a few days wearing a light certainty heavy set male callers concerning connection with a robbery occurred a month ago the story had eight five nine eighty eight I

Was on three side one what started off with these four radio that way I don’t have the service there is a list of this and one with a list of five people because of your I’m sure you know their arrival twenty one forty

Twenty one forty hail radio and you say that I’m second OK can you check cut one shot by eighty one seventy three have you six years of age it’s OK no answer and or go at all why you went what do you think you have been to me in the area for seven six zero East one seven three

Forty seven sixty one hundred seventy third one coffer several sat heard in the area and a group of males running up the hill toward starting and one that is three hundred one that is eighty seven one eighty eight seventy one

Thank you twenty one forty three the voice that was still holding when they


Out I thought it was forty three again I have heard thought that the vehicle and driver work around here the uses of some are

Basically about every foot in the truancy there OK was that gray vehicle as a circle vehicle to give it its reforms our year the year the life George Salem Barneys one and two for happy twenty one forty three and join her

Family for the area for the B.S. that struck their presence seen in the area reading the area we did locate for public health reasons requests for those and now we have info for report

On it for now only requests for it I mean if we’re hearing that if that’s one forty four going to the district prefix of the number

Of that they want for the four of them to some radio to seven

From true reason for with their own fourteen room

You know female they are very exceed will be the story is nine seven nine twenty one forty four forty three Furio eighty seven sixty nine OK we’re ready to prove our hearts


Back to reduce your carrier for forty five

Deserving Curtis where we’re sure those who were Dr are given regards Robel for the

Moment we have to coast to

The table vehicle on seventy one Southwest twenty first and and succeeded Mel threatening I’m present


That’s going to be complete over here I think that one man for coming up and hearing a report and if there was one thing you can go ahead with

Have it twenty one forty sec I have one eight one six thousand sale apartment to eight hundred sixteen thousand L. apartment two how does your questing police she three monitoring system state that more some of ASCII stating that her placements intoxicated and threatening no violence yet I know if you live there we have no further information as a close to candidate six to eighty six need to

Think you twenty one forty six and same two for all we have left on our board for close to eyes is disabled vehicle on the lot erm with a male standing outside I just received one call from a pacifier on someone’s house Leslie

And then when you’re ready to quit then I have one for ya

Brown need to make if you can be reports for a few thousand of them lots of

Room color we have no plate info

For company Geo leasing before it is eighty three seven

Thirty seven three one zero one four one three one forty seven there with you for with some of this run really good write this originally broadcasted at twenty thirty nine

Hour line her lawyer power line which acted out in the backyard

Of user changeable I

Do want to


Once I get worried over their income are you going to not start out that are five years lot of them are

Happy just think its are

We just have three right or

Left of things and they’re hitting the west but almost or out of the

County twenty one forty eight drop the greater but if

It’s one hundred forty nine you know much of what you know what the traffic

If you’re sick or tired of reading them

Go over a good feeling and say we’re going to go over and reference for Israel’s

Twenty four area that is a study of random

Information received in a vise or one her report arsole completed to give June was around the year this bill twenty one fifty six Rockwall I have great ideas you of us that he has I think

It was expressed how many things for amnesty I think president convey and all that twenty want to see sex rap on the other side preorder out five hundred fifty votes or goofy for homeowners

Time and fifty that attitudes are really going to hold you up for court on

The rush I was or should have been widely

Seventy seven

Hundred ninety four for the over encouraged by the Reverend thirty something for Melbourne weekend miracle said we are busy then your Americans who are here or just

For the three who are in the rain are there

Trick or start with oil has a lot of very plates are

Going to five radio out of miles

North of the world views are for rock music to serve and the three jet is a six seven nine eighty six of the nine this is to twenty one if you want

Try three through me I want for a few

Players if you tell radio to add on three five are called one three five

Write anything three four eight safety What is one one seven thirty four eighty six what is one seventeen downstairs and still calling in as a seventeen year old brother to soften him rather than up by his Hussein

Oh one can eighty eight one eighty eight eighty one one five three zero arch monster one five three zero Larchmont the neighbors from behind us on Harmon call them as it’s behind their address do you check for a lot of music the serving three kit is eight seven eight seven eighty seven eighty seven for list one four six one

One seven four fourteen six you want he’s under seventy four Mother Jones is going some third party for her mother her family for all mother Floria arms and such as there is Mr to Few remember Hood is he coming into her yard harassing her

Neighbor trouble three

Zero five did it all five

If he’s twenty one says he for three yes me eight seven one eight eight seven one e and Fairless seven four two four Clement seventy four twenty four Clement in the area so for a lot of music in a party the serving notice three in the eight seven five three eight seven five three and lastly seventy nine eleven New York seven nine one one New York going to call from Mike for a lot of music to serving

Three and of a to one eight you want that there was go for

Twenty one For example just

As I can send an anthem free one over and ninety six zero seven Cumberland sixty one year old female Did I hear one

Race that one of the Eagles had a building of eighty fourth and superior and then I’ve got an overdose that twenty to twenty seven Payne all the cards our mother has wherever our plans if you have some kind of medical condition that she was arrested last well I think it

Hospital they need us to come relieve them once they get there or some version of If you can

As he says and there’s a Yank if it’s going to be a war well it doesn’t generate over from

Having a reason I want to kill three for radio this thing we need another one time or just private happy friends as you say I mean I was ninety two thirty you can wire held one cat eight eighty five five eighty if I am or if they do they were the holes of the salary the temple of our report earlier and they were going to the private

Room each a few months

Ago OK Is that like you’re the second sister as I don’t remember giving anything out over there let me hear about them bottle of pills

They said Well fifty people are reported all of us when I was a little over a matter of if it’s still a matter of a lot of water just here are all OK Kathy and I’m sorry the vehicle is there is no longer unseen or they don’t try to tell you if I move a fire who were really rare form of

The Rogue Wave three push up the roadway in a group would be very entertaining but they’re going to get a private so for it you know

They’re out of the way so she is waiting to give back

Well send them over to the accident the M.P.’s put the card to all OK I got to that trailers are varied you got the week obvious or

Are you guys it’s going to be at ease a foreign superior is eighty four cents here you’re going to you have black how many am and you a church and then there’s another car involved also but the males are saying that arguing something I guess are carda breaking over there was a deal that does

Close to the end of eighty eight sadness for eighty eight seventy four and yet not as if I’ve also show you three five copies another part they were great help us spread out Charlie if you want to Charlie very is able to write from your reports just as Charlie three five twenty one good OK Thank you it’s going to be an easy eighty fourth and superior East a foreign security air we got

Right saying here is also one of the building there is a silver Alero to an Iraqi sex involved he and I said fire going they’re going to be assisting Charlie thirty five as opposed to think it is eighty eight seventy four eighty eight seventy four

Houses next to the previous one they have in Colombia

Different address of forms are three one five as crusher in a couple houses down there earlier ones are reserved six actually missing you will call off a call for people screaming from us and arguing very loudly OK I’m a Belgian offender of war now

And I get the sense you felt I was in for OK Twenty two hundred rands Dancy there was a lady calling in trying to report her granddaughter missing great grandma has city she what was the juvenile what was stand on Monday and hasn’t returned her is that a missing juvenile or an offense of passing butter for the diversion or are supposed to be of the Family Court OK Was go to the one I have Charlie’s or one in around three five you got your arrival twenty to one very clean Were you don’t have

That one and then he

Just before

I can take long

I work and I

Think Governor

Never really go through

You’re kind of an awful if you want to take one’s attention what is that there’s a lot of advice I

Think that I was given earlier that I was very aware of the


Part is arriving on spirit here and this is on the fifth district right OK

Of the ritual to get the message

And thirty’s you think you have

And I’m thirty two it’s going to be a thirty to twenty five I’ve got three kids that we have on shooting or fourteen year old daughter and then seen kind of us all every want to tear the apartment she’s a black female one that sellers date of birth five twenty three of zero three she’s wearing a red shirt and jeans no one can eight nine for eight hundred ninety four

If I get this over drivers a regular here

I get that they bring to your right color and he found a robe and the plate is eighty three yesterday Paul thank him

He didn’t threaten the guard with the gun but he did oh he did more got out of the back area


If you you know look off that over here and nobody on the road would see that car that’s over there wherever

There was a ring there yes

Eight three one yesterday Paul they have

The right you know checking kids if you want to zero four

And it’s a sign that I talk for a male it was very well

For you all and you she was your whole show on total on


Yes you’re going over yes I mean check I believe that if

George Brown put it for twenty eleven

Dark blue in color they stand by but they’re for preach one for if you apply there’s no cause

The jury returned there and advise and we also swung by one thirty hundred miles and checked OK out looking for forty five

Or each one and you know on the report from earlier than I Want I reveal since you three days

And a few sevens looking for forty five I do have one hundred two on the board however it’s a nice to meet address six reasons he’ll pay for that

Thank you Tony just six am to seventy three will make it a district truck title six in joint having If you think you wasn’t well for the healthy

If you’re ready or to want to affirm or are we

Going to that it’s our fault figure

For zero zero

Zero six thirty pm you want me a car that’s open head over pain please let me shelter that is it for sure I’m all right I think

They were married have you and I thank you

Thank you Ali and I as a saying is that they’re on our way to save as if they’re not saying yes or neither I me they don’t have any other information I got my six to five copy that I want to slide over the face and

See what what I

Read or they can tell us if they haven’t paraphernalia any shortages unseen No they literally will not give me any information for it for

All right twenty five yeah go ahead and proceed over there too for it I’ll hold over here and preen Finally thanks

Julie twenty one million a very tiny

They would you want to radio but far away that’s going to be there for receiver report how do we look for forty five record districts followed by four boys and I always want to know priorities you are Tony Julie enjoying having a night did you go without Gary and said You are now priorities or one man assignment enjoin have a good night Honey don’t I probably think I have Radio Mark Perry

And Michele Tom six five five seven

Six five

And had a good night thank you please vote or to our thanks to where

Martin family is holders and on stage and will answer gently these are you in your career

But one get eight five five eighty eight fifty five you did not on arrival and do five Reihana

Six or six I want to hear much of requires a lot of praise for his

One eight four eight eight wanted for a

Victory A true to the treaty three

Get a chance he won in New York

He won


Eight M. for a five hernia MUST NOT a thirty one for the district

So who are the

Two in this than a Watson final thank you who are valid the of I there is a holder organise

Them by me trying to havea by the way you read robbery the missing riling


If I want to be able saying if there’s a

Fifty four year old male I have a lot of


Well I listened to one was what you meant by looking for and I want to know what right have over and

So on I’m over kind of money to isolate some parties you’re locked out of crime since

Twenty eight out of the out

Measure here were you that I was that is that there are

Six to eight out of Iraq to watch out for you


Three one one nine last eight hundred thirty one thousand eight hundred three college states there is white or hanging low between the houses I know in what type of wire I has also been is I just till it ninety eight ninety eight

To radio we have the report complete as and police even filled out we had to head downtown to drop off reports places they

Drove through for

Twenty three days in think

Very long from what forty first river receive advise

The most of those call their

Plea and headed to care seventy zero if that plane to fourteen and I also have a couple at your list the

First one is seventy thirteen Colgate seven zero one three calls eight music to seven for the call you know for the information three eight eight zero eighty eight eighty and the next one a seventy nine thirty six Lorraine seven one three six Lorraine Anthony’s calling states that there’s a female and you have are hanging around refusing to leave Earth since Yana lack the now long propelled locks black hoodie the pants three eight nine zero one eighty nine zero on that heard of her of thinking I think is a thing Joe McQuaid

Has honey he says Teen Spirit as if you for

I am going to fall through George tonight down the steep

You know he’s got a male on his back see if you are able to hear his best vote because of a male his backside screaming so I shows all of them out on the C.P.O. from Kenmore always out there with you for the Ripley’s And David you for your own rank Ham are what Adams is I mean you’re following him the CVO No I’m following three George tonight

And yes I’m all right ten more

David to do and all of

That over there three section for an eighty

Three Adams has already won over my color color that season don’t count you so out with their district offices are full of it by the handle he says are


To mention a face and a wrench and remember the previous one I’ll be from insult means of a James will be five eight or seven a

Great and I nice exercise friends

And others asking why they need a supervisor her son or daughter you want them

And then I need you to play for make an actual

Level with the numbers and you to do something Sam I love that the very minute me she was crying having trouble of any very thing connection with the law and



To her I’m sorry we’re dealing with an idiot

That my eyes and you’ve heard a lot from Kenmore three males arrested and on the scene for

These shows of the desert for one are must for

A camera down the road if you’ll pay for


You mention race horse wrestling


You go to for an orchard too if we were

Know about right now because we do have a huge arm the War veteran of the army are going to want to live right here or what they’re going to go cold off right now or blocked off from the former How have you through your out of four were right in the fifty you want to know from two five zero zero zero I have a tiny tiny so Adams you for David you for and George and I are always give you that that’s

OK obvious I guess or I’m I’ve got everything right and I should have every

Ninety six twenty five and I’m

Back now yes just about that all right aren’t they whoever our nominee home was

Over that you very much

Twenty to twenty one being four hours and eighteen minutes will

Thank you so it is only one paper

You just take in the measure twenty to twenty three meaning you for one and then

Think it’s going to be satisfied one for at

Seventy five fourteen

Iranian oil pulling stating his child’s mother is trying to throw out water and then he refused to give anything further because one kid is nine zero seven zero seven

Thank you twenty twenty

A list for you Radio two right there you guys are either you six and you guys are because they want to get all of us for you refer to want to harm one program or an already

I don’t think it’s only three

Forty five gathering on graph of the back war twenty to twenty three sensors are in order for a person

That has zero point three four point three seven and three you can join round to watch for zero four for Adam three OK twenty to twenty four and a hole to it that half full run history just for

Fun for

Me But first you sixteen party to

Vary from here we have in for receive review and our part in the not very thread that has been made out

Then that you are getting there

This is no one right now tell this if you tryna

Get what you want Alice Gerardi there you have my permission to go across the street another


To support you on burning twenty five

Soon for every twenty five we’re going to use are two reports on this the D.V.D. will be under the original cast and get a separate cast for the other two males

Too far

And I make sure the appropriate kid goes I mean I think our age sixty two no regrets fifteen sixteen and so the large crowd you know we gets a Mazo character president we’re not going to tell right now we gave up and dropped it is exactly what I read our ending our able to us eighty sixty at fifteen sixteen and so the large

Part of the grave in the rear behind a Boeing book check in through those are going to drive their rap right into their eyes he has an American are forming Thank you

Just for you everybody else now and then I read and

I’m sure have no way to carry on and I have you that think you will I need a can of eighty nine fifteen and I want that all right just hold on to it since you’ve been over one today on this who we really appreciate

I’m getting on

With their food is arriving for at least part of this the across the street from you not all of you may thank her pretty Ricky were this there are rocks and who are coming from you make a property and they throw in the coffee or make a if you have any problem with RESIDENT Oh exactly that going across from him of the school

Now often make contact with them anyhow that’s a farm concept make I think with your heart just

You know you feel as well as they do and I’ll sure sir arriving a whole day between to tell you

Like the most

Well Julie Jo

High and things ninety six point five


Of nine or six of eighty three

Thirty three year old male five nine to thirty black over Brown an address listed on his ID is one three four one zero because of the Claire born

Oh no it’s actually correct it’s going to be

Charlie Lincoln Adam I don’t Barney ocean Robert Edward wrote a lot of

These If it is one one to join his ID number I guess it’s going to be Sam King seven zero eight

Two six eight and Sam King seven zero eight to six eight as ISSUE one twenty nine of sixteen fires ninety six of one

He was extremely angry and I will try to again we’re

Going to do for oil burning you for getting there to get even carried aid for one

Area just to get the females

Going to anyone and she’s very first in for them very strict right it’s more for three

Twenty thirty one family forgot your priority one forty three three forty three five forty three seven three eight and David three three

Charlie thirty one is going to be a real person her part of the file for Joan is that in the first verse if you’re going to be for

Five thank you you’re welcome quite a few six arriving on Hansel ready out of Arnie the one for info which one yesterday doesn’t have a real number so I can give him this far and a lot we’re going to be agreement on having

People who are very to want the figure for Fisher to run the first this or that number one radio you have to craft service

Just right for quantifiable skeptical pleas of your own much fear

Call out Time’s money is money nine twenty one and I had an eight nine one nine eighty nine I think it was you

Say this is what I mean George Street

What is it orange

Can market is eight five five eight fifty five so you think the US twenty to thirty three job you want real Charlie that you are if you prefer a girl in the water then they

Tomorrow I will put you on hold tariffs or composer on this ridiculous R.’s are held around his arm waterpipe right here both eventually going to open his rollback up or even have some problems for thirty years or it’s on or coming where

A very well

That’s correct and that other one is coming around at our twenty four hour operation which when Charlie thirty two

Thank you

David two on radio the video one from voters talked to a witness who stated that they saw one of those males shooting at the R.J. bus in that area do they give you any description just say it was a black male and there was a black female with them happy go should you want to come up Park was well me just one of

The two district hundred boards

Happening when I started

My six to eight Adam trade off funny Adam for a man from a complete listing over here at twenty two twenty seven Payne Avenue

Announced thank

Heavens for both of you wanted to that is on three hundred sixty Westray for a chat Sarah cost of this address nothing seen it’s a cold one and a ninety three ninety three OK thank you very sad and think that I would just not care for certain for ninety to thirty two to more OK for you that is eight nine to five eighty nine twenty five means that it was for a fraction sort of refrigerant just like you have a funny is that is the

Very one you just leave encoding

Of the numbers are just plain wrong and go over to her so they find you very sad and set fire to three G.’s again yesterday for around their veggies it’s a less risk

Or cavity thanks to three nine three

Twenty they haven’t just wasn’t a vehicle is invalid mine

And I’m sure three we’re in area twenty dating if you want venture trying

To force them but we’re with out of all cars a small use of them I

Am sure not all day sorry

I write your money to

Forty six radio reading writing for fifteen years was our ever married her I voted yes very distinct eighty nine fifteen you know and one

Zero zero zero are out way so we can

No file and I can send David thirty six is already driveable are they able to sort of the circles under his eyes you have the right vehicle that Circle K. and

Make on the no no a lot when you reckon traffic for now there are fourteen year old black male pressing shall if you for holding that

Were not real responded to disagree wakes are still waiting for the medical examiner to do the report number of right now due for Martin on the way home or going on his full review

Preparative thanks having their name and all he can relate to and then return the thirty reports of

Camera down since I have a funny story for able to I completely missed that was Holly and I said this regarding him as you were able to notify them to get information about their vehicle that L.S.D. had or No No I want to know what number they want to be contact that developed at a mom I loaded up I am a member

They can call and think about how you were number oh you know what kind of you know Cleveland post let me pull it up for you because it’s the front

OK for about twenty to forty with

Insulation they were any silver blue many than they were being followed by a group of females in a silver vehicle looked like a Saturn

They were casing houses that they weren’t legit as a whole three to seven seven one eight seven seven one and awful it’s just the eight or nine Flowerdale five eight zero nine

That is haven’t neighbor trouble but he says it’s come down to the last of her that’s a cool three Cat eight seven nine one eight seven nine one three one very very easy seven this is very tiny just forty two thank you that’s right thirty for every cat for you if you can handle that always won the night in some thirty seven to charity but the reason I need you to call me going to

Do so maybe on the way out there is also to hear his or her

Yeah I’m calmer when we all did you know the transfer

I don’t know was what are you right given every medical ethics there was the U.-H. while


There eight nine two four partner thirty three sixty five West thirty first to be precise five plus three one Alexis has been late a few hours to try to get property from a boyfriend she’s sitting in a right Tahoe on the Sacket side here it’s a close three

Six ninety six ninety

Three shows Robin

Twenty two forty four starting with your

Latitude it’s going to be said Morty one twenty nine zero four point nine nine nine one ninety nine ninety one round it is going to be negative eighty one thirty nine forty eight point nine nine hundred thirty four while the female prisoner officer quantizer US Coast still has eight eight eight eight eight eight I need a lot of diagnosis OK Are you following the right points in forty five that intersect already

OK From here we have ever received a report medic one and three medics when you are seeing both conveyed to females natural or standard if he was armed seems preferred just simply here in a route to Metro Connection with there’s no info for his report

So I do forty five distinct Fassel and the primary car like when I was there were

Two vehicles at this point in the four A

Point two forty six

To five area and I’m seeing that I’m seasoned

How can a zero five we spoke of will all lady in the neighbors

Are all advised when first they offer a lawn and then a seventy seven quote on arrival you shows there with this trip we got a report of a smartphone are

You five seventy three real quick

Or five seventy three S for

Me if you put your want to

Thank things you know it’s going to forty seven same thirty five thousand even better ordered taken on a fictitious truck traffic is you show me complete

Thirty right now you can let me know if you need me

Over twenty two forty seven and to sixty radio scientists can be influences because well

Over two reports hard to get her evidence she is sixty again Sam I was one second I got a coast to her and taxi driver and he thirtieth

Just so I’m on our east thirtieth for the Sistine eighty five the serious

Super N.D.A.

Twenty fall out he S.E.Z. verses a full size Chevy Avalanche

Avalanche just as the intact driver Oh I thought I was going to be like torn your former self and some isn’t for that or yeah I’m kind of science I’m a forest that has three cold reason I’ve called for on the board something

Stuck to so I’m sorry to say that those are

Your thoughts twenty to forty

Nine If you’re in the back row parking lot Jeconiah

Only young black female she’s saying that she’s having trouble breathing well she’s not even married yet she is obviously conscious and breathing are most probably just having trouble breathing but she’s conscious forever where she’s current through

You on your message make sure everything’s OK now but as David thirty four overs as accident one six zero two four lakeshore in the parking lot

You have warning Holland involved in an accident he’s in a Toyota Corolla Silver other has a white four tours with a group of males I keep walk enough and act like that Charlie it’s going to be a story had a three zero eighty three zero one four miles Avondale one thirty three fourteen miles Ave left a beauty salon

And on and on

Hauler saying that there’s someone saying on the door all or refuse to give any further info that both very get as a nine to six eighty nine funnies they

Think that’s funny because I think

There’s just the writer sonny says that they are driver

When he does that you just agree with her

Just jury you for how you hold her and I have a death when it is that they

Will give you information

Bernie thirty six X. three forty three David thirty seven David thirty nine I

See I’m jus four V.O.Y. A line if you present a few hospitals for with a victim that walks in the law

Truck You really are surely free on the be wrong to talk there are zero dark thirty for it are they going to going about a metal plate over and over for you to disregard water and probably are having a vision experience

Three sixty think she was while she responded fifteen eighty five he’s thirty one five eight by these three zero Brandon scouring for SUKAR M.V.A. twenty twelve Audi S.U.V. versus eighty five Chevy Avalanche possible intact driver give us a plate of George zero John juju seven zero GA or dance one hundred seventy visit to eighty ninety two eighty nine twenty two and Barbara any three five when able for a couple thirty three to

Three three thank you and of those who are help me out over there

That a couple of their first on that nine nine to one hole the Avondale ninety nine plenty long haul they’ll have an hour

You know like as I got who are also here this is the green residence called in by money security killing a living or emotion as a whole three yet at eight seven there are five eighty seven L five and then

The next from that one one three three there oh methyl Avenue one thirteen thirty methyl there’s really a vacant house checks for tree

Playing for

You and what

I havea wanted she said before going to give you a chance

To say radio version of the no video or anything happened unfortunately I got phrases

Fifty for radio and see for

Direction with an M.B.A. are not three of the shock over here and are no odds on a needle and harsh

And I mean able parties are right have a very nice thirty six happy vision for her OK region

Cat is eighty nine twenty to eighty nine to just Radio four out of the way bratty

About radio on the radio

Thirty three were going through those I three three thank you honey is that the guy

Or if you’re driving or import for me it’s very

Funny the fact that he needs evil

I have three for you the first one is one one seven one one Buckingham Avondale one seventeen a lot and the thing an avenue

To check on a metal female and resident here and no other info on this as opposed to really get is eighty four soon I eighty fourth playing I

Next one as three one to six aswell road thirty one for

He thinks Ashleigh

Been making Taylor her friend and her boyfriend keep arguing for having a little to you as a go three as eight nine five eighty eight ninety


The last on that one is there oh the race for breath thing one funny very dark red thing that’s the but he’s the president alarm Porthcawl them for from real motion is a co three out of eight nine zero three eighty nine all very good for three more to just thank us funny is that the seven tech number a sixteen one sick

Of awesome story is interesting and if there is or you know I was a story of a

Surge of thirty

Twenty to fifty eight thirty days ago and verifiable issues of just completely

Have these funny because if

It was that ninety six to five adamantine over the Sirius

Seven animists cat is going to be eight nine two two eighty nine twenty two three twenty seven Adam’s going to P.P.O.’s me was kind of mean and watch one if you don’t mind we’re going to thanks

You need to know which one yeah we’re going to take over their own thirty something

So funny thirty six us figure in

Our driver the shooter and thirty seven will think if I go ahead with the numbers because

Sistine eighty five the surface one five these guys east three zero two car in V.A. Audi vs a Chevy Avalanche came down as opposed to various chances for respond it’s not anything with an intact driver that is eighty nine June

Eighty nine twenty two are three sometimes Thanks You’re welcome twenty three hundred David you know every David you’ve already owns or if you are

Book the mail for Adams you five

Shows complete

And how do I look for my forty five balls I always try to fit for their good freelance Chinese or hundred enjoy writers it is just me or her passion cause for you and point three three say that very human love is do their squads as for you think I.C. Plus four you have a currency just monitoring you know what is right or no one is questioning whatever still have beyond it and try try three six radio Treasury things were pretty damn high res grammar pay for going to Vegas mail throughout our first weekend in there were home happy twenty three zero one

Thirty six three one four three remember measurers the heredity three one though the hospital for surge of our youth told her to marry moms if for example or people or so he valuation raised I got twenty three zero zero zero to MCO sure but reject those owners a choice

To have me back when

They were three nine or yell help assess camera

We also that thirty seven one thousand are Herman you guys are right there at the gas station many of the eyes the cat of eighty nine forty three eighty nine four three

Thirty seven Reds eighty one rune or this was very

A lot of then your time is twenty three and three you’re welcome twenty three and three but will be in Zohar for three requests


Code one and give you

This is one and two for the list one for zero two zero one four zero one four zero two zero quite apartment for Giovanni Howard’s Housefull entire days as live in girlfriend was frightened to have the house or name as the end of a correction Paterson and she’s to go off in a green Nissan and those directions he’s yelling of us are tools in the car and so one has a name for one eight nine for one and for you this one is you five to eight breath and once you try to crack open third floor the Joe Adams has a problem and so states the person on the second floor took his

License it’s a very catty day they say eighty eight

In the last is the service for four six East once you three four four six he’s one sees the really river teenagers the serving there out front have three carried nine zero five eight zero five that evening prove a three point three zero five court record the area previous They were these are G O A U T O GEORGE ROBERTS The first go through with moss and those complete this report Bernard Mary twenty three all sciences and where was he last seen and you’ve also got a thirty seven from

Fort Worth and Kendall Smith two eight zero ninety zero zero seventy a so-called silk eighty nine zero six eight nine zero six I don’t know if you think most an Athenian there would have been Bremmer to Barney to say

Thank you it’s funny that it’s any shot of a three shot from four point one out for

So I don’t know what

The year

You can probably see some of them will do for you all keep praying for gold to

Never want to warm radio show thought you were reading some of their

Own intrigues with early twenty thirty you know where you go to the area and I was going to be enjoyed you know I mean it can’t be twenty three away and I give you another code to just press the freeway Giorgo it OK and write quite sure that kind of I guess I have a hard time explaining why this is that they said I ninety he played off the exit of the Seventh Seal if there’s a red Ford or vehicle of a hill there’s a headlight

And they don’t know what’s going on with it he said it looks like it’s facing on coming traffic but if he could be seen from the freeway but it’s the exit to to get a force probably out of construction worker

OK Just check them in and see if it’s to get anything for a I’m sorry for seven or seven

Point three zero nine nine for two ANY I’m forty two three got to go to fight and I have

To be fighting so you’ve heard of David thirty three for

Barney there are three holders and I said OK I’ll jail for the three of us I just want to let you know I think I’ll take my answer to that effect but there were very free form of acts of

Writers who said they couldn’t break radio very very far as a reason or any of all the breaker was done with various offenses for now you know we have all our major targets were always want to try movies cars for traffic something for them to leave the scene and stop it

Are you or will

You give her a full treat you don’t want to eat twenty three eleven blasts a suspension as a security suspension that’s until ten to eighteen before that was not a science license for which are

You know if you act towards things you care about a verb or French judge you feel what we can just play three of them



At in Florida but if some There’s a foreigner our forty fourth with our new Jesus of only

OK honey thought

That the right thing and he was

Funny yourself

So I could tell was ready

To tell them at eleven forty nine he’s the one seventy two for two thirty three thirty

Three think so much for you to

Look at almost heavily and I think there’s that trailer park over Appalachian

It’s going straight to voicemail three six

Zero zero zero zero

All right she said she was going to be on the corner now life on fire and many are parked around the corner for a design you know party to victory or you can show our regular cars or that are funny they fucking

Or back that number and feel

ANCYL SCAD was eight nine one five eighty nine fifteen and your cat for seven minutes of your year is eighty nine thirty three

Thank you you’re welcome

Me and I’m just I


Twenty three fourteen and answer five just to make sure

She had you’re holding it close to eighty she thrives and I told you off for this one

For instance the one

I said Did you ever were you able to respond or never

That I copy

This was one twelve seventeen one one two one seven

They have a car calling saying two black males are kept in a carjacking and as a result they search rooting out of one suspect black male in his twenty’s dreads Serco hoodie and jeans second now saves scription five years old dark hoodie and jeans with no dress code one get eight nine five one eight ninety five one zero eight nine five one

Eighty nine fifty one and do we know they got the car negative or still gave me a phone

You found on foot

Traffic twenty three sixteen foreign survived

Backing up are you that this off or dunk there’s

Five or six year olds right around the park and no one sees an adult

Came down as a cold one that is eighty nine fifty five eighty nine five I want to get out and

That’s you know when it can come out later drivers they all die before me the area I have a twenty three says zero zero zero service the Goodridge there for the summer again they think it’s twenty three seventeen it was issues cars cars the shirt doing like we did last summer get there

Get there info give no warning call next time to get curfew figured

Freeborn to an already be right join them from Jersey or relieved by one Barney three seven weekly or forty five back a very vocal and always one or pork

At the black couple a mom

Is wearing a brown pajamas with an orange shirt and if that has a AAA truck is that a truck with anything like a reflector out there I’m just an idea where they are you know they’re down the street fighting somewhere she has her house over town for twenty three thousand very thirty four going with their own fall

Ill and if you know for us we are finished her or she is grief or as I think we have proper What furniture if I wasn’t of thirty three thousand of

The all twenty three eighteen and you’re going for thank you

Very source

That’s twenty three thousand different the other of us that all of her people are on the fact that for you or what exactly can you run your

Seven zero G E J Why

This is what is your

Twenty three thinking that the twenty that I’m sure radio how does dredges up there with her mother and the other for one in the well with

Her weight in America thank you Hindi victory seven

And twenty three nineteen and David three seven has come back on a read only Chrysler to the show on Williams six hundred fifty one insole if you have just on thirty year old male valid

Maybe run a social through a through marrying through fire very very if you think this doesn’t feel like and are pro-government is on your door or call that you also a clear case eighty three zero eight eighty four eighty seven both Joyce or I will have forty five after four followed by a report evidence of your good faith resign

Any writing or horrors on the


It’s a dark hoodie I know if there’s any writing three three or three five out of nowhere you guys talk a victim if

You didn’t notice any writing or even expression on her he’s from three to four David thirty three there’s three for radio you can go for her to let her have it is the one six one one one Park Row Why did six one one one Park Row A vigil for a black Cadillac that’s blocking the side walk how many states he’s tried to talk to him but he’s still in it that for you had eight six four eight six four five

Nope right and

Twenty three twenty two twenty three twenty there were twenty six radio

For a six one they could play numbers easy they would all readers of the one male market would be able there these are the day the Millers own private property I mean to be there like a property owner that they and their councilman

Jimmy complete their When something like a personal thing to each once before and then and

Listen juveniles up when some really are

Thank you twenty three twenty three to twenty three also if you

Write create another run for one from two three

Are going to hell and I know I

Was rewarding her and then not in a row away from the video I’m in connection with N.B.A. from a five zero three

From Me to Life and played

From for economic progress in our fifty three fifty Broadway forward church show in a coffee shop class free to post to three sexual take


Two three four two three four

That is an alarm forty six sixty eight use one seven four four six six eight use one seven four at the winter residence simply say call your interior motion vote three

Eight six zero nine eight six zero and I am the last one seventy four fifteenth Rockley one seven four one five properly their drawing of a subject on his

Also has this sister a twenty year old female her kids all resolved reads reside at that address but I have a contact them on the phone so three get eight seven three five eight seven three five copy ready to put the area of care a two three four

Happy twenty three twenty six rated A for David thirty three he goes on the air three SURE SURE HONEY where you know we’re dreaming of course our worries are more from our martyrs for Jew are you here oh actually home isn’t regarding the whale or the female or if

He was upset because they had just lost the six shows completely and they want to correctly

Neck happy twenty three twenty seven for you because you think that the one on Euclid at the Halle Berry are allowed to serve and twenty three twenty seven shot on those shots were heard one male down the other code one French use one of two possible at home invasion of progress color here is a strange noises as a coven or is your revered Victorians or all are just your metric ones you’re from are very well know of except for perfect thank you for three twenty seven beyond Kansan your one hundred thirty years in your

Hundred thirty S. got a call for a black melt down in the street laying next to a bicycle yes is going there for guys wearing a flannel shirt over description or involves both won eight nine six three eight nine six for Arthur for part of the rarest of all there thank you at eighty three four of our far before

Twenty three twenty eight B. two zero zero Unity zero of the juvenile who proudly as we do when you Geno around they want to market a track off

Both the female collars you eat and the husbands joy is well

Feminist you’ve done multiple callbacks no response yeah I’m off less than four OK dunno of Will Make You A then twenty three twenty nine you’re probably thank you I think three twenty nine and I am thirty three freckled one seventy thirty Colgate

For I’m a lesson that’s in there for one that does the Herman microbes War Well I’m sure the radio there was a bit alarmed over a seven hundred thirty June that covered think the jury said it and then they put them back collars and able to give us any other descriptions I think of one can’t even Thanks it eight eight nine six eight shows a

Version of America we are coming from and bit off faith so far as reach us are no ways for

Him to show that your eyesight three thirty six actually have a different than run for you on HER SON OF A with a gun in a place and see the check out on and OK’s is very near me I’m lives there one six one eleven Park Row You know six carry four go to Michael proud

To have a seventy

Twenty three thirty one one one five two two one I was I says to

Somebody and he has a gun in his waistband he’s a black male he’s short with a blue shirt the collar thinks it might be dark about activity

To get eight nine six zero eighty nine five he started you get information for our mass I want three nine yeah we got a four Z. for report

There Philip if you agree with those if you search through those who have a nice exciting thing about me check your

Realizes this team down actually

Hour and twenty minutes ago

Ronnie I guess is the owner of the audible alarm went off you guys checked and everything checked OK

Nine hundred forty five

There you go barb wire fence and you get to the main were everything else was your car and I’ll have the I’ll let him know that

There is a

Twenty three thirty three and forty thirty two if you’re not too far off and you have a seventy thirty call that in the system through on the radio we’re going to free up the snow here you go ahead with those numbers and hold it we’re going to have over

Seven three seven Think of a close one twenty thousand six hundred sixty eight against it of cars

Full of them out of a right car in a silver car that’s all we have on that official from I think twenty three thirty four S. to

Tell him that

Jefferson Ohio that’s good for a couple the

Twenty three thirty four forty three threes and you know twenty three thirty four thirty three Jr twenty three thirty five for sure will Cohen who are I guess Who are the description a young black male who sure he was short normal


And often as in a cell phone


You know black or no water no mystery also fall more than anything else because the twenty three thirty five the fourteen six fourteen the forty is French so there’s no

Ship you were very

Sure of her interest

For three thirty six thirty of the male is Robert Frank

Six thirty three the one five you manual for that can you quickly check when I’m half away for a few V.M.S. neato Well if it’s a quick you know I think

It should be when only those that have to wait because the M.S.S. been in

Form and so you know

It’s a two catty thing five to you guys you going to go with the

Why don’t you go six half away why don’t we dose example way that a forty thousand

For us

Thank you twenty three thirty seven

Forty radio if you call thirty five one place and eighty nine seventy one eight nine seven one and I do have a couple free unless there’s a real name for a name and you’ll be there three men herself knowing me over for a

Little further seven right and you have an eighty one

Western resort there are American yesterday I have a three five a couple for your list thirty two sixteen West thirty first three two one six three one to Suzanne that is a neighbor thought that her juvenile son it was very had eighty seven on six eighty seven zero six and also thirtieth and I are

Three zero and I are three houses north he said of the street for a female arguing with so many of those three eighty nine seventy two eight nine seven two

Twenty three thirty nine

I left a message I was hoping he’d step out otherwise I went right to voice mail and I will you’re outside of the rules of the

County twenty three thirty nine when you’re ready

What four four eight nine zero

Resides with number one them he does as an ID card union union three two four five six a river Thank you sir I don’t know how good it is from zero to it says the felony warrant but it’s not showing and leaves one attack on nine for on AG Rav that they’ve been dangerous ordinance physical harm Well you have never really were for me or the whole

Yeah from Hill the soldiers going to the eighty four seventy eighty four ninety four

There with euphoria but

Remember received a report

From two for a while before that with a

Grammar badge fifty five of them seem to prevention of that body

Will be back at two for their program reports three reports OK twenty three forty one I actually just got a call from the coroner’s office

An officer I think Fox left her badge on the errors at that on Roanoke for something you want to have another unit but I cannot

Tell you thirty seven or one in connection with an eight to seven want for a missing person

Do you can take slowly and see if they located her or what the status does

Her last twenty thirty forty two not think is a very

Very pro get it I think there are think they are in for even the other bill going to way you feel for now thank the other president for that you can surf and heard of the for

The forty two where at the government but I

Think they see how funny they want you to join the thirty seven what he did evenings you and your partner of twenty three twenty five are on else did you just find your own L coroner’s office

Says that there’s a fabulous on the back stairs to a Michelle five I’m not sure that is even shoes for

Opened up this that is a go to and I just think it acted as you please it’s supposed to get eighty nine seventy four and seven for

Groceries this

Coffee Bijou for the corner they were going in the back door and the front door for me on how porch or the back porch

And her social welfare

Twenty three forty five thirty three tooth radio doesn’t mean

Twenty three forty four less than one hundred twenty two plus involve art a convenient new concept security to show in an office or motion to coast to Kennedy and said if you know you know I

Hope for a thank you to have

You noticed several in the air crash earlier in her career

And well one of three seconds before I was there we have priority three for a place in Italy

But is there a center for at least for a year two three seven Far East for idea for unity as in Paul caught him by chance a high on their list that I think is that a female rather name was actually ran and that her unit grabs a steak knife in the can do to a saw her was the steak knives are awful if they

It is thanks as this email is no longer seen high numbers while nice prices the one I for us has been transferring things for

Cannot share they were not seeing and will try to buy a dress for same three three and three three moment right there when I go missing but if everyone fifty there now we’re

Trying to forty five I think scholars at seventy one ten were only seventy one ten or progress made affairs unit saving a known individual is from rocks as one though I’m sorry callers a female as a known black female but only if as you give us just on speakerphone views your further so do notice scription is a further eight nine five eight eight nine five eight four three three four it’s quite a true one hundred

Three five forty five

If it French information was even more or less straight in and out of her just simply on our next four had a nine eight there oh eighty nine eighty

Thank you funny they forty seven but increase is rated three

Injective E.M.I. or eighty All right zero or not C. or was Joe have to wait hold out back at the outset think a list of the LET IT forty Thank you all three for your club are going to

Give you want to get all you know Larry thanks

Twenty three forty seven you know what if they have thirty three

You may save out they have officers on scene at one hundred three or four miles one of three or four miles and they’re waiting for us connection of a recovered and a vehicle out of our city as are taken today with aggravator vehicle the names of spec I was a whole lot of friends there out with a Henry Charlie Adam eighteen forty eight zero four four three style go three good numbers eight nine to one eight nine to one James three four was it that was it seventy one south at West Point then and full as a silver

Nine preferred to read or whatever you think you can and I ninety six you do that yet without with a male Some are for it for

The you know a case of the things that should be one twelve or one thirteen started to serve every

One exactly are we looking for because we are year and reduce redefine anything it’s a medical examiner match that mike down the back stairs are could be on the front steps


The region on church twenty three fifty No OK nice experience you guys are OK with are here were five really are here again for yet eight nine eight or eight ninety four there were able to run a mail actually verify that we had a car just pulled out having a six to eight out of me with these guys right today then again around eight nine hundred four twenty three fifty one three three date of birth is ninety eight of eighty four thirty two’s email to one fifty over Brown are all on a Sam’s

Three six three six three for those that want to say that dress

A license and that it is Michael White might over nerd white social three zero two eight two six one seven seven three nine hundred eighty five thirty two male six four two seventy black over brown all I know Sam like seven zero one five he said also as at once is it a truss of their O. the look Risa part he’s in this thing report for her sixteen year old son Karim are you know the date of birth of well twenty eighth of two thousand lasting around one hundred hours he was working out with a

Can I get a hold of either one of them the one had an eight nine eight say eighty nine eighty that the tree for she did was really tricky there was a wild guess that they were there they’d have a dozen are proper No are plenty think of the very three three one two three point three three very well our oldest driving erratically

Even showing up point three fifty three one on Larry was a call that was yes and I didn’t know that

Three to

Please a groom who are

Twenty three fifty very right and that’s the missing given out and of the end of zero seven the one seventy one two there are seven he ones that are there are the one that is a nine eight six eighty nine eighty six

As you can probably very rich read I’m sure with all her want to do

Very several miles from shore vehicle

Getting morning thank you for

Governor getting married and that’s all or can I get a hold of either one of them so I

Think it’s like they think that night and radio that they would resort standby I think and you go on to think it’s like we’re getting another

Likely to desert our ships or three radio I radio today with a four three for

A year these in this regard the policy is that a holdover Nephilim they’re on their way out

Now problem twenty three says event than three for

Sure injury where you must first be superior and one who also observed her read

From a devil so they said they were out with the female OK obvious area I’m not in a thousand other that plane they said that Marty as we do will be looking for that will book now Vokey them into my cabin was another

Yahoo that asked about you for a Dodge Magnum one five I’m happy to be it three and you know will do the report I think you have it all play with George’s hand three to ninety seven the article reporter for that


Front of the matter is not entered right perhaps not in a probably but I thought we needed to call

It that was full was full of ardent Clinton

Clinton and the I don’t and it’s not a road town I learned that and I think three seven and I get her name and date of birth as you well know that report of a really fast lane I struggle to first night use any for what I want this

For for free thought it actually got already after it’s gift as a whole vomit

I full of you know you on the surface

Was evil for the correction looking at a school

That was then on the twenty ninth they just entered it on thirty first threw me off that you reported shortly after it was that total right there that we have radio

Her or her ever so if you want to see how the tell Channel your I have you are eight nine six a cell five has that other cat is close by you you really should tell it probably has original can you know uses I just want to know if I have my own nurse or that’s one half hour on how you do it I have you at eight and six six for telling purposes your actual Thank you it’s twenty three twenty three fifteen I

Reckon for one of her coworkers or McCorkle who

Is size thirty one assist the size and the courts each in their right this moment is a fourteen but at midnight going to be assisting local Barney thirty three radio


Would you’ve heard would make them again and we also toward the area

They should you know a huge

Double zero zero one and thirty eight when you complete without I want to run Justin thirty three I got one for you on union thirty three got

Ninety six zero to union ninety six I was too young at the vacant house Jase guard for mail breaking and suspect black man now light skinned with orange dreads and no shirt

And blue jogging pants I never call or try to question him the guy goes Oh yeah I’m going to say can and I said I’m not up for entry code to get eight nine six two eight nine and six do

Good for

A one party and harms of chivalry three

That runs up in the primary I don’t know why you have a cold wind out B.M.S. go have a

One sixty six fourteen Judson one six six one four jets and it mathematics forty one is in route for a female connection or shortness of breath they believe you have a psych patient

Came down to code one we got the call they tried to call it back and she refused to give info that got eight nine eight nine eight nine eight May operator refer


Very three when it will be able

More hundred thirty thousand term

Measures here America check OK my fare is very crude mail has improved

Over cars versus

Thank you no three teacher black shorts no shoes she has blonde hair

She’s the one we’re looking for I’m going to be walking around here on Robin Hood in a second


Eight four eight try to listen for a twenty year ban general for how

To copy that kind of the zero four Ford Freestyle blue a car that’s to me Watson but if it’s one thousand nine hundred six it is entered with a whole presence thirty three X. at the low three and Charlie three seven badges wattle five Watch go from up to eight with the Jeep George X. ray Mike one three zero seven

Wolf so you well F. was at fault

Play was Georgia very like what one three zero seven OK Back spoken there on scene

Shows complete here and right back to the district to complete a sudden illness report and how to

We look for forty five back to face their death threat accidental four zero five Enjoy a chair or go out and the line you call me of toys of forty four thanks to three eight or twelve I jump are going to read over here

Well if I don’t but just recalling

Thirty six thirty do Radio thanks very

For your given issue that you just to please me I was advised thankfully rather be put in conversation about the just simply

Be too radio physical check complete all over secure

They’re all they can I want to radio it was

Saying Norman

Girl zero six thirty five by the prior to

One it was twenty seven hundred Washington swings that one hundred washes and for you the eighteen zero nine believe so to say is that there is a male who’s enough a million with the chance in a fight her and his use of the unit and then when great in issue they pay at Miller’s about the two and a blue hat and Grace

And I was one who way when I was five to a friends of Iowa a Radio one and I think it was the one awful that I’ve heard their reviews are just a farmer a

Farm numbering a baby for you know a thing and I think the advice that is emailed is say that she had a nice in our hand that was once as he used to live in there she did as they see his person I asked

Seven no rush but I have a close to

One feel less than ever having three seraglio OK for her what I want her fresher see for her report show her fully well that hotel

Called Alistair twenty three fifty seven

And that had numbers eight nine one one hundred ninety one and if you can check then Liane Valley then Lee and valley

There’s a suspicious mail

He’s a white male he’s going inside of a S.U.V. looking around with a flashlight he’s in a white hoodie and shorts colored things might be up to something and I thought break ins in the area as opposed to

Nine seven five eight nine seven five and then for you list are eighty sixty five sixty five POWERS Yes that’s If it up but he had door Dawson and I’ve been menacing warrant they’re fired by Jasmine already in the choir is his social seven nine eight eight I tried to do party for

Ninety eight three hundred ninety three could refer to for more soldiers over one

It was your radio will be clear from the meter and coordinate system and three level of and the reason for every what if

You have a

Number of miles through

OK Good evening eight hundred sixty two plus fifty eight twenty six I think that’s part of the three speak to say

She’s a make it easy of the report on her Alice silver with a plate of Henry Charlie that are eighty six seven for Henry jelly that’s very sick for its nap in repose her cell is a priority for at number seven one four eight seven one for the radio for the other team so thirty ready for your mission if you have are

Called exposed because

The area

Well of course this is a level of eighteen very rich regionals with several other teen preemptively seven thirteen three want to have one for you and three three one for you

Three So and then they mean well that was their king there’s only

Thirty four

Of us and you’re got one for forty three yes

Thank you it’s fifteen nineteen Clark upstairs one five one one Clarke upstairs I was downstairs in the affairs of state and he’s hearing noises it’s a whole three can a nine three seven eight nine three seven zero job with her fourteen year old sister always pregnant miss the sisters harassing her all the code three family fight you have eight nine eight eight eight nine eight

Devo four thousand cherry trees that are radio for info

Thanks for the errata What was the look in the crime here and what time did it her yesterday Barney during the last of it from the Minister of reports from where this

Person for mileage five three zero or out to the age at the Oval Office scene for which there was

Once evidence is collected and Metro their advice to notify the second to pick up and Mark take another

Racer they seem to race in the shoes should information regime rise of the reporters now I’m saying I don’t settle for

The lowest experience as far as I go on for ever in the valley with the reading but there’s more few dry have for genealogy what

They were advised politely when on the porch as you can see

We will have easier seventeen and a wall

Andrea I don’t know

Walter and I don’t know when to come pardon for the both of you to

Have a probate warrant from two hundred thirteen

When you’re ready for it’s ever

And three one it’s been called to and once realist if it thirteen eighty West sixty ninth

Thirteen eighty Wessex nine closer to Detroit there’s a great S.E.Z. that just last from a fight between a male and a female here they’re between of buildings as opposed to ten one thousand one nine zero zero one and three a list thousand nine hundred sixteen West seventy says one nine one six West seven five downstairs speak to Johnson have a neighbor trouble Yes There’s neighbor using her dryer is a close three and a one nine hundred seventy one nine hundred

River do and who called in are good men those among her name’s Don south I think party OK cover Evelyn one hundred forty three three of the court

Of Law nine hundred thirty

Four When you go back there earlier I’m going to out here

What I’ve heard about what percentage is

Yeah you come the rolling around like drug for

Pick up going to go digital

Trust me this reports are right once you move it down the side door

Ninety six point two thank you for a hose two and she’s five each use of your ear

I choose and check the area estimated location twenty five eighty two superior to thirty two spear female requested E M A S said she was assaulted that she was at a gas station over there not answering any call back to eight nine nine six eighty nine ninety six

Grams Juran George King fam GA

Ga ga


Your hundred and fifty seven per cent

I felt like a Ford or less and has a clear that we are

Going through euro scene there he said screw that I was here

Thank you for having

A third party call for a fight male and female fighting

And chalk and a caller says I don’t know all of them but they also were a little kid yelling stop but there’s a caution attached for this Charles a while if there’s a drought and he’s a very formal about five eight one forty run over Brown going to go with the social United six eight zero eight five seven seven two nine six eighty eighty five seventy seven

Last November this child a lull called dispatch officers are still on stands right now feed them up and use them with as I know a meter and then he called officers back later out and requested her to turn himself in or two to stop him but that one of police arrived they said authorities face and refused to act the house

And I feel unstable still two days nine zero zero three zero zero three the

Unit check to see if she’s here her sisters asked if we could respond to one

Nine zero zero four nine thousand and four two did the message have been in the first series as well as we have in here in an eleven year old from the first thing that happened here yeah me too

I guess assuming it happened in the first somehow they’ve both made it their way back over here to East or via the eleven year old is still on scene in the first he was awfully good of you she is still there was left with a neighbor record I’m the last twenty three to for you

One for US radio

For her own one seventeen Clifden

Don’t live in an all around one seventeen vehicles going to be Joy I got those numbers really reserves in three of them and I don’t there with them but that was what all of architecture I was full of hard lesson know me all I’ll double check that I’m sorry to come one from an invalid and I thought you

Are very but what if it’s all came over as non-hazardous mobile without my knowing stuff to melt you know that right after that’s perfectly fine and these are twenty four a zillion are out and then thirty thirty four for CO two at once really thank you one eight twenty

One eight zero two zero it was and I don’t want to hang up from the Met American construction strings on a call back

To candidate right nine zero eight nine nine zero and then for your list if you can check

One five a

Terrorist was one five eight I think that I’m just awful curious as a suspicious red Jeep part time students been there for several hours suspicious call three Cat eight nine five seven eighty nine fifty seven

Zero point

Zero you know that I haven’t I one more for real I don’t go for Fearless

Once I five nine four feel once I five nine four Chatfield the time to pick up Matthew begins now as you begin has a date of birth as for eight eighty nine social issues that are nine nine four five one one one zero honesty called and I want to try to think that you think it is out that traffic warrant to call for has eight nine seven zero nine seventy

Four four five or more and warn you that it

Is your own twenty six words it’s more that the three

Were there at your party five


Don’t want to

Create a route that


Hers or your

Dream to know who won the last twenty seven years of blue vehicle blocking and he needs to leave history has nineteen zero zero nine nine zero zero nine

Zero twenty there’s you

Know it’s up it up as advised

That you didn’t talk to her more Michael later Barry revoked run record run up to Astral

Irma’s spoke to the neighbor and asked him a rush occurred OK if you’re doing a report here to call six I think stands right I want to receive cards or they’re just OK because she’s calling their over in a third off of community college they’re all fairness or I thought you already have Sheree and she’s calling for police at three hundred thirty choose a route they don’t use their reporter anything today actually well because I was never a big her nor am I ever bold

Grassroots reassure I’m just I

Very grim for crimes or experience because your kids are so are oh I have a lot of dollars on nice

Girls twenty nine it with reserves as well

Twenty nine three six in traffic zero so I did a radio just term for you going to realize I’m wrong made a call for a client fix give they care about morale but I guess that we were able to exert also when or how big the members aren’t we should take that out of hand in oh you were

Dead to cause here is one eight four for alkali twenty four for oil in the driveway rhetoric stars Callen Marquita devotees of the driveway disturbing twenty four twenty five year olds in the vehicle Car Talk of excellent boyfriend travel supposedly threatening and then savers are calling for the services here also yell and the serving of an intact female as if to CAD guys you know one two zero one two zero You want to think you zero thirty one that’s awfully apartment to care for and a whole whole sea level of the I.V. in her right arm is going to make sure he’s OK because three can’t eat by three one eighty five thirty one and four Yellin and three three zero five went for one thirty five with twenty First Street level conference hammy he’s having troubles with her eighteen year old son even zero not violent he says he came in a small handle or Toyota silver and Howler the whole three had a six by six eighty six fifty six and I think for you had forty five America I sixty five out of the one if you put me back give me something more foolish

Felicity to


Sleep on the floor always on a waiting or virtually

Before freshman first port police order you mean there’s a silver tray and I’m going well

So well that if this shit very far out here I’ll have a double that a four by the very the Iraq has been arguing to make it within her to rise you have a motive vehicle is going to be on the lookout for a two thousand and six Acura T.L. white in color and since that window with a inset of zero zero five David for Edwards again is zero zero five even fourth and worth the D.L. if it was taken with STEPHEN RYAN Amanda then Roman is the vehicle is speaking to us me I’ll wholesalers at thirty one well deal three one one to grab you to be able possibly in Route two two two three nine for thrill twenty two thirty nine for sale where Amanda lives time of rock have devil of thirty three three one radio her

Play what was this called Golden twenty two forty feel it was a call that former circle in their soul is there to serve in our eyes and then if I’m ready for David street or a shred of the four who are in

I’ll play the Henry Charlie boy a five four two

I used to laugh

At your time and there are thirty five to thirty three’s a collection so when they want several things


Caravan will have a yeah is it actually

Yes it is worth it yeah you know I get a car so I

Hellen Arlington three were en route there thirty six

The I thirty six

I was

Number two five three

And then a


Three four and I get a one two radio

Point you five

Zero zero zero

Zero three three and often we’re short of it in a continuum I added just passing by us on sexiest slow yellow cab in the fast lane

Running through

The jewel there in the system of the thirty eight who do we have to mail to pay

The man’s detains yesterday a Raiders fan thirty three Zamboni for I know you guys are busy when you get a second for you so if it does get a call at one of three in Sandusky or revoke I was try repossession car female owner came out with a nice threatening him damages truck she has since last gone back in her house he left he’s I go to district maybe to do a report if you have time and if we can slip

Oh right for her

SERVICE OK Thank you


Byrne If you fries arriving on March thirty first it’s over in just a couple of forty

C. and thirty whenever you need me

Six through zero Thank you should be still going to

Charlie thirty one radio

We got him for receiver report shows going back to one so complete the report and they don’t have

Time zero forty one two three three can have a written report number for this and that

MARGARET The writing yet David thirty three

Point Number seventeen dash zero nine the recently used

David to reach twenty nine a seven day into that they’re both taken with us and here now without He’s been taken from a seventy five nines and say I’m going to hell OK Tommy I ready for the victim and seller and you went away from here for the event this morning size five and I asked for so you can go I’m going to for example all right I have Virginia said here Sam Henry Adam Adam King I’ve never ever says them and that listed as owners though but she’s a victim

And looks like she’s a cosigner

Her phone numbers G three one G nine five

With an address of eleven zero one Lakefield

It’s thirty one hundred back now we shall have over

To the lower forty four so you all right you know who’s driving her vehicle on the a question or even her grandson who might have just

Never made a call off record of the state and that this vehicle was for his grandma’s illicit on her back lethal rather he had said Leo Norman

If you get this call and verify that he is the one that has a far more retreat is ready to run a city I’m sure simply for public safety trying to central for us and let me know and care for them are eighty nine ninety nine eight nine nine nine search what shit for your I will never let me ever

I just was seven seven six one guard Valley seven seven six one guard Valley as you’re writing the book thirty three

Double forty six

Degrees it’s radio

Show me compete on or seven other cars are going to handle for me you are back in and all was full of Argo much more fun of you over there a forty six blue Ford race but yeah he’s allowed to be in the vehicle and she said she did it so I’m doing that task that are

Because it’s not even run in the report I don’t have a supplement OK and if you don’t have all of it in detail the call up report you know we’re going to just be a agents occasion and hold the vehicle both to the lethal or devise so that you can use the down usual some complete of us

And them or what he said show me I don’t want to reach number one seven six one Garden Valley cat eight nine nine nine eighty nine ninety nine original call out devil it’s funny when the

Media and I am very sure hope for those

Who can probably take it for granted and never will for anything thirty eight thirty one or arriving at James range of

The book forty nine Adam thirty six your copy goes to one six nine of Stockbridge that our first search for

The concert area once it’s not in Stockbridge D.N.A. How always call on her and harassing her center of threatening text messages she think is eventual and prosecutor currently he’s in the area driving up and down in a silver Cadillac as

Please Henry Adam Adam five eight six five as in his Kelly Thomas she claims that he has a nine millimeter in the car with no permit just now I want to confer with his right

Place I’m guessing her address is one seventy zero eight Stockbridge So again just like a first a check or a suspicious car go through has nine zero two three nine hundred twenty three talking about the wall that player

Henry Adam Adam five eight six five times of it

Casseroles thirty eight you said that about one minute after a zero thirty nine cat is zero or a very nice zero one eight ninety eight teams and I was there all fifty Hi there if you can read the Beano at one hundred where one hundred five with a casino we have a caller named rat me he needs assistance with getting here I.E. hard facts from the security here this is serious they do have e-mails licenses you just come to the podium and ask for it his name is rotten he coronet rotten he supposedly out by the great taxi he’s a white male wearing a white Indian a white shirt Indians had red short he’s not allowed to buy the whole three eight nine seven nine hundred seventy nine

Earlier is there in the off duty he won’t return it’s all of them honestly or what’s going on I don’t know why the absolutely won’t give him his license but they do say they have it our holidays in fact he’s not allowed in

Ninety six was fixed please call back and see if the off duty can facilitate

Happy bunnies are also in or out of office but I see joy that I’m all for all the for us

Happy that you know it’s fun and you can

Do both this is very real are

Real fer a real resident

Of the region

Radio play as anything will get there’s a very uncooperative female if you don’t have a door but they did that the victim but we’re no longer on just OK this is very very nice for Trevor

This is day one he was three there were four mile leaseholder five zero I told the fans are William arises Ian says he’s trying from the hospital and he’s crying we have the difficulties with a key I number one I drive three four one I five before sunset recipe for noble fifty four for that off duty and when I am with him naturally he answered me here it was your portion of really thanks and I never before we were to have one thirty two thirty seven so our whole one three two three seven start all rightly calling about five Chihuahuas parking outside the serving one of the candles are not responding to calls for that as one zero one three thirty thirteen if I ever go to bed I’m thirty three from Fall aren’t you seven after only seven and I you know it very very good actually nice fortieth Adam three had a very to SCAD nine zero zero four that there’s really no report generated as that was I cooperated a female answer the door and claim that they weren’t there so if you

Already know from three five the radio I should care Nigeria zero three no cause in any fight there were seven a party there advised quide Sarah fifty six point two Gordon

Zero fifty said recently called Next time with Arsenal

Thirty four eighty four west ninety first three three four eight four was right and one that I met a scholar reporting a lot of music from this location disturbing as opposed to

Eight eight nine

Eighty eight eighty nine

Zero fifty seven do you think the radio or great of really good I think you two zero fifty seven

Before any of

The police action I’ll just have

Kept nine zero to seven times zero fifty seven and I don’t know they don’t know where he lives I don’t see an ass I think three on four on it’s coded to have ninety one five ninety six very first time up he already been out there

I don’t believe well they called us they haven’t had a gun

OK fired his or maybe but I’m a beauty should respect given facts as she is exact location

So they shouldn’t know our front door boards remain

On Jessie calling So there’s a female on scene if she broke out the window the guess is in a few days ago and she’s back on scene as a black female she’s approximately fifty two she’s wearing a brown hoodie and black jean the Q nine zero two nine one hundred twenty nine reward if you fish for really for

The evidence Martin for one radio I’m sorry for every

Part from Valley partial information received from the girlfriend that’s all the other person there is just a sure sign up to charity to further her question or mention but the focus not theirs or it’s estimated at twelve seventy three less money this one to seven the less you buy the Mojave thing yourself center child’s father was going crazy even though he was a she was able to get out with less money this on the track of X.E. would have a sign on the phone number it’s a cold one can number one hundred thirty three one zero so it’s an open nine one one

Post one yes she said or shout thought it was full of crazy oh dear Bridget and I’m thirty five for one three

This is a three hour old argument I think it’s regarded as though there are Cleveland one thirty five sixty or a one three five six zero or a great call the twenty one fifty nine hours for the male the female arguing in the bar placed on the call their code three has eighty eight and I wanted eighty eight ninety one or zero zero don’t run a fourth one on three less funny than one hundred seventy three when you say I can one zero three three one hundred thirty two and Barney thirty six I have a couple for you coming up the cars in the drive through bothering of Sicily had nine zero to June ninth zero to do that at rallies and you know I give another car the other one on the sixty four that’s good enough got me that’s well put us in Iraq

Thank you one else for me and David thirty three five of the blue Ford buzz for our caller I guess he was assaulted earlier suspects from a silver Mercedes SUV and a male in a female city ride was over here and saw them in the area color is not on seems to sponsor a subject area connection with an assault just three nine zero one four nine hundred fourteen so if you go for one else three hundred sixty seven L. thread you will joyful one allies are all Harari OK good for two one else for now I’m just sayin she calls a soundless how it never user made it every year or she did call will still do the report thank you

Of course they’re pleased to see one side they were three seven or you know their well five

We got em for receive her know each one both bottles were privately towed

You must refuse by all parties

You can show us complete and you can hold up in the back female cab over here as well there was an entire female out here oh I was going to miss you some time back and

Saw quiet so are clear I got bit one else five did I give you the cancer that in sex scene or no you did not I’m sorry the cat was eighty eight she was five eight twenty five OK thanks I think you want to say very very For toward your ex Rating five to three one


Oh nineteen stationwagon Ronan color to David Robinson as a thirty six thirty five was one twentieth century signal

Own or is valid all research and thirty five male


To do reform seamanship of

The most people of the International Well when I was seven part of her office shared one of

Her own I got to

Three factions rowing our a right she gave thirteen all for and then began to be very and cooperated refusing to give me his name or her name she did say she was in the process or her so this image on a homeowner as well communal is full of them yeah some of them there really are

Your farm one for Jim Jones What about red check OK we’ve devised by

George Howell revised short for a copy that one I threw up a couple service realists if you want an hour later the

First one three three nine four East one seventeen thirty three ninety four one hundred seventeen disserving from that address about twenty people also black Sorry my car blocking the driveway got a couple calls and I was just a lot of activity at this address go three get nine thousand and seven nine zero zero seven and the other one is one twenty four thirteen Holborn one two four one three Holborn so over Savan park this address playing loud music code three

Nine zero three two ninety thirty two are there for two more one of them holding three four five seven that’s going to be severely short a lady will be out and I’m equipped having it once and you let me keep it under the jail battery want to you can

Keep it all you know cats right now happening one time if

You have a capital rally and are my rival please

Get number out there was eight nine nine nine eighty nine ninety nine you’re right out there of zero thirty two the last one from that aircraft

That was funny it was meant for working vehicle

What time do you write here for instance the police below Forty nine hundred thirty one

Party thirty one yes it was just for one person he was off body thirty eight from over a three a half a jewelers are OK nine eight nine resisted us forty one and they transfer to a few more who is in the amount of emergency

One thirteen I am very strict on hold for

One thirteen every Bunny’s EVA three five seven for an area would come with indecision with him he says it is a lot in my C.V. There was the bar with the officer there in the area for the male who being uncooperative as it is the with her child’s father the male status they see was in this day and then with one eye five three cries for Marseilles three and four thinking they have her if I would be nice Same to you Be careful one fourteen Bernie thirty six for close to Lexington there’s a basic if you can check out sixty six hundred Lexington six six years your Lexington Sophy’s are a team or a family center yet wife yes alarm company show in a room motion just two nine zero four two ninety forty two zero The fourth thanks one fourteen names for me to row and I’m at work Robert Robert Robert Edward Lincoln Lincoln more

Credible five six and if you

Are all more social two nine zero nine

Four four zero zero four and sixty seven we need that the heart of the mountain from

Them thirty six radio

Holborn from the quiet shore simply he’s a person who’s gone from here they were advised earlier they were just having an accident and I guess they were settled themselves be a growth

Vehicle for Horner and her to avoid

Turning on more and washer video

About one fifteen to for you if you read it

First of every ninety four

And I Mount Auburn ninety four and I Mount Auburn of theirs Cortez these make report connections house being broken into the very inside it’s clear go three get eight eight eight three eight eight three and the other one forty one forty four East seven six four one four four East seven six see Lindsay measure the no male harassing her on Facebook fifteen year old caller go three get eight nine one six eight nine one six

Two one seven things that average of the case you want to turn you can juggle please just a whole lot have

Held out at one eleven ten of one seventeen already you want to

Go to You and over again for the rest of the rules while

Ours Parys to require revising

The got one eighteen because for this one it was an area thirty five thirty six use one for six were both that address three five three six one four six multiple shots the other call was for us three eight three five use one five one

South that location code was

Number nine zero four four nine zero four four Mind you that’s not a cat that correct at nine zero four three ninety forty three and copy one thousand nine hundred forty thirty three data but I write something very soon that’s just video mail there were back in the district even Joe’s arrived when I was nine zero zero six grand in Corning Grande in Corning three shots for her cost on the elves running across the street that Jeff used involved Miletus stuff and I said Well

Hold on and I throw four five nine zero four five before one twenty

Before she you know verb or are you able to go for a moment he will for a while

He checks OK Oh you know what a musical complete one twenty three year Adams or he three three three their laundry list holds for Fearless Yeah right let me knock out these other rooms out there from

Or go a thirty five thirty six used one for six from there in South Asian code one nine zero four three nine zero four three triplet one twenty one

No no I got you can I get the

Three fires burning government always

Has Me eighty nine ninety nine eight nine nine nine seven detail that natural And I also have a code for attempt to pick up a male and a

War on one three eight called for

That was a dream a little and loud music the servants of Highland and that one is three hours old and the cold four on one three eight for the war pick up there’s five hours and twenty minutes old are here and

They sat at the White House just to the right of three six six three Highland thirty six fifty three Highland music loud music hall three can’t eight nine one four

Or so if you really just OK who called in or fickle that would have been I have all probably the lady that he assaulted it was a female anonymous female it wasn’t from up a suburban pick up or anything like that but one from the three I think the American think the river police were backward as are shows

Iraq Iran Iraq what I got one five three one twenty three there are thirty three radio shows for a further

Order of Eleanor

HALL I have a date it is thirty nine or thirty seven he goes over there you know where he has a

Lot of the center

Right away get back from the West

OK we’re coming from well you can have my fill but the fact that when we grow up right there going to be a

Rag eyes are going to get a nine zero for two ninety forty two kind of one twenty five

Thirty three Oh well thanks for checking in on forty five during you go on

For we toured around with

We can’t find posts only three or virtual or nearly as I just

You can killfile soon as

Those were when you heard the voice lightning but Bell shows complete reason for every second I have it one twenty six for free

Right three sixes came in as a room five motion we just got a call from White Yes the alarm company to cancel so I’m trying to call them back through I know her right three one interviewee on forty fourth near the entrance ramp to ninety than forty four and in fact the male is wearing a black polo he needs assistance to get home he says that jumped out at him and he’s afraid anything’s a coyote might be waiting on the call figure think Jesus and Zach even if the whole three Can one thing for zero nine hundred forty they were good for once twenty seven

Revise our oil Thank you

You know I may possibly senses

You have a

Regimen now with me a negative I’ve been there for five

Juba three times you’re a few zero zero one zero are one fine I could be

Going it clear try all that has overnight or

Free seven from

One twenty nine that of the you didn’t say one to one to one

Silver look across three to five minutes


Go then just your gorge of all of it

Preserved earlier

This quote on the arrival we monitor one thirty one one thirty one three seven Radio know how many I don’t know your

Juvenile female the highest leverage still on the show thumbs up for now but that have the A one thirty one you don’t have a phone number for this

For this male here right this was a female I call them

David three three three and you

One hundred

Eighty six a church where no Jew a Tory T O O R arriving eighty six royal one thirty two no wine thirty three you know or

Three dollars or three hundred radio

And you do it over first rocky planet or event in front of your friend a coyote white a narrow He’s actually on the line in my coffee there now he’s at this and I’ll fall off or in the rain and I see that sort of the verse isn’t for I think he still wants us

We’ll head over to him and reflect on the other

Once every three hours he called at nine hundred fifty said I can try calling him back if I can’t find anything get some what he did radio simply voice yo yo yo one thirty four and I have one for you deliberately I think

Three Just give me a second having four says that he’s already his fourth and seventy four ideas for unity as in boy that he held it in their brain or advise you of the way now prize a number one I prize three say who are my size three things prime and one of those four covered

By any that he thinks I need a break for cause one George

Five to five a happy that forty eight eighteen stick me for it let me take me on the for just the neighbor hollering about a husband I might hear fighting and the husband holding up that and they hung up on us I suppose one can one zero four seven one three zero four seven there were three already or one thirty five that you said OK good service and three sheeple mean a professional job

Was a seven pound perfect rare

Resort for a strict toward all around the shop the majority are

Made sure of her measure for

One thirty eight

Thirty three thirty four I have a cold one but thirty eight I own four heart rate

Is one out of thirty six was already out of the female five back again as you know one seven zero zero eight Stockbridge one six that Stockbridge in the area sitting her ex has been texting her threatening her driving past your house as over Cadillac S.T.S. auto Henry Adam Adam five eight six five

Just looking for someone so her make sure he’s not on her street

I’m thirty six without earlier caught up with one fourteen kinsmen advised them checked OK She described me grasp of the gun and

Nothing seen go through check the area as nine hundred fifty nine zero five zero zero one through five five Pres run that point and live the house not as a problem for him he already

Knows the feel he looks like on his license Yeah that’s the address but then he end up getting this car

November so after that license show matches a ninety five fourteen Raymond


Of the area

One forty

One forty radio Adams thirty five you take a cold one down on hell out

And I think you’re downstairs at nine one zero six

Nine one zero six zero last downstairs third party car from you that stating the neighbors are fighting so you can hear glass breaking from up stairs possible a child and you know and hear a female crying it’s going to be a one K. nine zero five one nine zero five one and I have the background run and I’ll let you know when I let comes out so the colors up there is a permanent

One forty forty three radio on the right of force universal here people I was accidental still that just completely like to go back to the ability

Of one party can

You try to cancel

One forty you know and funny that eating is happy to G seven that we are in the thinking of Rashida that he and local in Highland

At one forty two check the area one seven seven zero nine from Ingo one seventy seven zero nine for me go Ave They got one shot heard in the area from a neighbor nothing seen cold one has right here all five four hundred fifty four no one forty three

I will holiday ask whether I was going to go through as we were going for that I don’t think it’s very very well the cars to us one thirty S. very very brief order

That’s one forty three times one forty three three three three five we got the numbers for and thirty three was forty three zero one four three we have a hop from we go forward to the ball on the fourth being very loud the PO three cat ninety eighty nine eighty one forty four one forty four all we have is a plaque on a plaque that he still far left arm of then one forty four ship three four was able to ship thirty seventy three West forty seven three zero seven three West four seven

He supposedly took off in an unknown vehicle and unknown direction made him go in for received from a call or one vehicle code in Toshi so it can be one forty five there’s your if you have one forty five thirty three little

Things and

There are

The fare for you or across the street

Where he the address forty eight eighteen is supposed to be when there were at Remember this one for silence

There’s no room for four one forty six one four six three one reoccur

Problem here is that we can get somebody over there you have a description or we’re going to marry now these days about five eight or ten build but

I couldn’t

Create thirty three part we’re going to remain there at thirty seventy three West forty seven three zero seven C. West for seven going to fire a black male that wraps her solider in the house at the end

Of any siphon a thin veil of blackmail and for a hoodie she said he left in a car possibly but they’re still trying to get further I don’t know us found

Her court

OK it’s a good number a lot for our Mary had a nine zero size ninety S. a very worthwhile warming response one forty nine of Crane twenty six female are you telling them was a broken window and then when the answer questions and no back on are

They would refer you to

Name if you don’t have any priority so we don’t miss you when I don’t think you’re the follow up on one nine zero zero eight not if you know of a happy one forty nine they tell you to kill Bush and if he is sick for two to six or six for two to store as a victory lap there is a fight going on outside I can only hear it that no weapons were seen it was two and five eight nine zero five eight

Thirty for the joy of murder three scenario and so see if you are now both somehow relevant or right or you know just one place you chose it or the story of so I want to see I do have a hole in London I think I am Pleasant Dale this lady is calling fighting with her husband how does all that for now OK Radio her favorite in the US where does their thrust

I did send a different card to assess

The for you it’s going to be eight hundred sixteen Pleasant Dale Hartman two twenty one six five and Dale fartman two well as ever of that he’s calling that something else for all she’s saying that her husband’s a fall thing or the things he calls I guess both parties are highly in fact the whole one had nine zero five nine nine zero five nine a question about right one fifty one in thirty two when you’re done with your personality but it says that the victory lap footage was only to put him in a number sixty four twenty two store X. forty two store to get nine zero five eighty nine zero five there were three two one three

One fifty two thirty thirty three from Michael Hunt’s going to be you know I don’t believe one fifty two there’s a very very writer wrote this is going to be a burglary

Robbery of Harvey three five right there

Or from charity Mel don’t think very

Well at this point there were three From have all those inflatable no question or mention report

Sired just broadcasting for info

Or so even if I was really close

At hand a lot B.P. checked if you can check that because I asked some descriptions

One male in a black body given the Indiana hair in a ponytail that it has a long fully blue shirt this just came in our college Brittany’s actually will be here she says the way they’re approaching people are just suspicious and awkward it is coded as three can one six five one zero five copies zero zero and then usually adjuster seventy thirty seven

Thirty five

Once it was going to trigger a little preview for you who made it

Happen there was a four

There’s a third call tonight for the Stockbridge female caller if you can maybe try to confer with her call takers think she sounds like she might be a local medical one seventy zero zero eight Stockbridge one seven zero zero eight Stockbridge

She’s friends with a police officer and her friend you’ve got Tara hall we talked resiliency mental well here and we’re right in the area we’ll go back over oh OK

She said He’s right the corners are presumedly I think one fifty five thirty thirty three Don Revere

One fifty five that’s Mohammad Saleem thirty one years old five to seven when he said I laugh over a frown the second plane

I got another one of them John short five to one five or four of the thirty three foot of the one fifty six thirty three five when able to have a foreign force when they were thirty two year old male friend in an alias five nine hundred fifty nine crown of a frown he’s on the second height

And subsequent first Asian

One fifty seven David de Gea radio Very know your results so let me explain back to Fischer for a report on sixty seven one for one injury on

Forms they were any charge here or

Who are furious and her referencing the forty

Nine one zero that

In a camera camera Yeah it was OK when fifty eight the cat is nine zero five one next to him at

Her from the vision of a minute

The fundamental for me Wilbur Hospira July twenty ninth of one thousand families will have a sample in writing but

If the six year old male less business address itself is two nine zero I mean that any two nine that’s a six month twenty five class or from

Doing happy thank you so

Three joy thirty two thirty

How we were first little forty five the district

Enjoy two and

Three curable I am very sure

Yes From one for someone that’s going to join you Joshua three review jury of your kid to free him Korea and three female version

Will be complete you’re going to care for Tara but you can just to please you are the broad shots war in the security area we’re going to

Do it to you for a long period two zero two


One thirty one zero one then was one thirty one zero one then was

On the street a little bit Devon’s waiting and so are Ford Taurus need systems for that as just against property so three kids nine zero six eight nine zero six it is I haven’t had a full review can respond to with one fourth or ring go with hundred forty six and bring with a foreigner from still this he says he was out walking his dog in the north people started writing him with a gun he laid at the corner one for

You one for even I mean you me with one for you and bring all these to the black male and the black female the female is of large deals where in a race with dirt that last or the male has a white shirt on and likely

Gene that is a black

And then is a disease with his story as far as the calls a professor and is that he’s saying in this story he says they were waving something in the air so you can see that well when you believe it was a flag on both parties this bill was seen as a corny yelling things that the caller the cold ones at nine zero six nine nine hundred sixty nine through for on school or at a very easy for her to part of three thousand forced to do over three so if you call there was more for your call but I’ll

Be out as an awful voice of you know Hall knows Ilsa is as a female is also things he has a gun so it is possibly who are in here and radio and thirty three is your complete Abaco Sylvia

Can put thirteen so his ex is not here on the board of her all the doors or windows or

Doors or with Richard radio anywhere right here for this recovery or was it taken from an address I’m going to or was it so if you just you know it’s taken from seven five nine so until they got to think you wanted three to three to twenty three to people would plummet over this

One thirty five they did well thirty three of us write for colored one now arguing with a gun and three fashionistas possible thirty three

Is in front of one hundred eighty eight west of the force when I eighty four there’s a group of males here staying in the street all I think black male in a final series holding a gun to smell fucking whores Lorraine with another male came in as a whole one can I thank you no seven two nine zero seven still help me from Roy or feel my


We talk about what we are all for pleasure a radio job with wheels fully civility washed and it was proper to ask you to sing at the five what it is you get all the numbers you don’t offer reroute the thirty one hour you know to eleven good that three one four four West one hundred forty three thirty one forty four West one of four apartment three in a fright they have a call from darling he says he has a male friend on being who refuses to leave his name is Ray them both parties are in

The hole three get nine zero seven four ninety seventy four

Eleven radio the fans are three thirty for sure her favorite drink the bones of eyes over of Oregon holding the coast do it if Prime doubt is at three seven six two with one three two for a domestic report and I have information on a warrant and three eight five one with one three this is six hours oh OK cargo available for

Those things you we’ve already oh

There will mail order one or

Closer up she

Says last mail communal disorderly OHA known as well all right so far with a traffic stop at the Mayfield

And not having a cold one twenty two zero if you graduate intersection couple for a male

Yelling running into traffic passing under the influence one of the customers aggressively called one she says that her husband is trying to put her out of this location but he no longer lives here and he also says her vehicle he threatened to burn her clothing

And he is also here an hour ago and he humming you know you think he wants you guys deal with this or with one back and proud of this location to go to look at nine zero six seven one hundred sixty seven three lot of people now have music turn ninety ninety six for ten ninety nine he’s six four three he had nine zero three zero nine zero three zero and then what else Ivan as it was I’m sorry Inglewood and Inglewood in there what else I have you go play in the music no description necessary that nine zero four six nine zero four three three three we’re going to thank you to fifty they’re

Already thirty three are you able to write from Blue Team or now for headline do you remember the followers are reclaiming do it getting that you very much but include two three ninety three I’m sorry three to four it is there any

One of a one man band also

We’re going to have to honor

Radio two Charlie thirty two bit three for radio we can do it over again when she’s three and says Go

Ahead nine zero four nine insists

Two sixteen three seven are you know they seven who didn’t vary on the for crying out return to you know was it one that Henry Reiner or this show once and Graner Jr OK show the status about Early Show status negative it doesn’t show us that US and under insurance this is unconfirmed OK thanks running into traffic yelling a lot of the customers across Italy this last seen corner of Sears Dell brought you looking for spring and held one had one throw seven six nine zero seven secs

You know I just work on this now call them

They call them it back up in row two eighty three six radio do you recall that

Yes her now three one I’m getting a coffee shop out front of the address here at the still over there they were just step back to the district but over now all right this is from a Stacey that there’s people off and shooting that’s all just now coming out of the post that governor up to twenty

Three should Cheerio No four seven in the full of trouble you know truckers two of the units are sharing farming there are flea and neither one of them will hurry for you or any you know cause or right to twenty three was a force

To twenty one just yes I think all I said it sounded like two different guns that didn’t see anything three or four we

Have the answer for no one and numbers who are nine four nine four nine or so three nine zero seven eight nine hundred seventy eight four two twenty one thirty three what is I want three through this anything you see twenty jail but

Norwood to the north here

Where as I thought it was Bridget will think that there is you also as I said

Yeah I can use him out for a code when I want via go have one seven ninety five and one via one seven ninety five and one via e-mail well that found a back door opens if you’re noises in the basement it’s going to be a one cab nine zero three nine zero He’s three problems Burgess in the area I think an action

For an area

You were it

Through on the radio

Saying there’s a right come from a car that went east clerk from this location with two males two black males

Rosie so will you think she should do well on their bus routes I think for terms of her hoping that though

Before answering three of their texts OK I need you for two over those they can work this corner right away and I think two twenty five is going to be one zero six zero a good thing when I was six that way that NG for an unknown age female on that away can have freezing over the medics thirty’s Paul and

Sam thirty three or three for the company they have to drag up to twenty five where you are right Walter is Heroes G seven seven zero zero zero zero or reportedly in fact

They are going to be responding to sixty seven fifteen less fragile edits in Parma six seven one five less for his what in Parma already conferred with Sam thirty four

You’re going to speak to Crystal legs she’s make report that her eleven month old child and had a suspicious burn mark on the leg while she was a father in Cleveland say somewhere around one hundred thirty S. She was a half falseness Parmar ready and she said have you back here as any get there again Crystal and it’s a two at nine zero one five one zero one I


Want to use just Baltar now this is from a different care is easy he had called he was a state in the army or for this thing he left because a male saw her in the and he said that he weighed

In front of thirty eight twenty four with one three two in the white vehicle ice and Cunningham who’s missing out of Shaun Hill she’s happily here with a male by the name of James Fletcher She’s a white female five foot one seventy brown over Brown actually wearing a denim sure or a white a white shirt underneath the black leggings and just be advised that the seams flasher he show on priors and her firearms and I do not have buddies twenty six five eleven who said the brown over frowns as a close to ten thousand zero five six nine zero five productive

For her or the face and torch your ear so many seconds are without

The golf North

Or but Russia for it’s a very

Very looks like it is a series E.G. a movie believe that they’re just associates It’s not a kidnapping or anything

To try and I’m just thirty three for one closer to survive

Having prefer a mere two thousand and three

For the one I have a B. And here what is far they don’t have any and if they level very thin Holder he’s on the whole one where MIL a threatened rival was earned thirty six the outcome for I would have emailed out of Mel if you believe very serious on a coast to domestic report running thirty four the very day for the view money they sent us and that’s for oh yes it’s five seven and it’s right fifty seven and Detroit export is where market now is they said two black males are trying to break and I throwing up for it at the window

He scared him off by yelling it’s off he found out it’s

One was running one with an if I said

No further description it’s a close to ten over nine zero eight six nine zero eight thirty three

Is that he wants

To say one thing

To thirty one zero three four on the Route four hundred thirty

Sure to thirty one thirty four clearly you know how to fear

Having three security guards

OK for me or ever see if both parties who evade the situation and not reveal this mail to twelve thousand and one Wanda apartment nine to four OK to thirty two step three for only cause we have it with a description given

Tonight if we get to calls

Jesse call the people fighting outside the bar and then shooting the descriptions and the other one was simply shot heard nothing seen from a different party because I think yes it is in fact the presidential arm ninety nine to one hole the

Ninety nine funny one hole there is the green residence so in

The living room motion all the I’m on the security

Very little eight nine five or eighty on forty four sorry

Recreate like you view if they could meet us and he wanted

Us to

Copy you for about three so they’re advising you three didn’t

Thank you so much for it you’re welcome and just casting their district you know still and he’s Nigel and superior when they went to turn around they lost it it’s going to be


It’s going to be frank while to zebra to seven seven zero and

Two thousand that station wagon silver just enjoys jelly call and a lot yet it was last seen Thank you and superior unknown how many occupants they last and Frank Loesser zebra two seven seven zero

Every asses’ are you


To be through

This roof

They’re all just I mean by writers or later depression the superior on is

Ever right on the whole question really nowhere and for all practical is that he

Did anything

Totally forty five three he given it is a seven zero pm go for the thank you to the A seven

This part of the seven for their oath to have a now seventy four oath to part of an L O O R of witnessing a black male wearing dark clothing whole thing a thing they’re wearing a red jacket in blue jeans color not a walk in the euro and L. does not want to go for both you get nine zero nine one nine hundred ninety one

Things got to thirty seven change it just going to be twelve thousand

To thirty eight but maybe just complete only so it will be a route this church should give up paper work for the

Jews or any

Jew to radio bridge project authors Sure zero two three eight and then thirty six when you’re when you are complete I have another cup of joe on our Vanna three so if we’re going to be

Freedom from a free society no call them a break and church folks don’t overcoach you know right one seven for one hour Bana one seven for one hour Vanna see Tony chairs and eventual color has no mental here and why says outside somebody saying help me and hearing booming sounds good to you had nine zero eight five nine zero

Three before the last call we doubt from him her on that one should be a starter home to I tried to get her to get around the phone and say you raise so than three hundred and I thank you by you and I think two thousand and eight the crystal and there’s

Music and I think twenty four of May through security with always for the same thing was that they were hearing voices and what was the best almost

No one time when see the twenty one

Somebody was flickering her T.V.

Things in a verse were playing with their electricity and the twenty fifth thing somebody was break in in

Twenty four forty three

Point four hours you’re talking about somebody was going to kill her and her daughter and then she would take her south of the hospital so I had years or false reporting vision cm3 three are you going over there to sitting here for three I’m sorry I was confirmed here then you go over during Yeah when I was sick so I take that in probably our career are over there now

She’s forty three

So should you call yourself or do you give me just one minute I’m walking back to my car now for

He does not have a valid driver’s license but that’s his ID card expires that’s number since two thousand he OK

Just honor the vehicle and the shiny little everything twenty five even ninety seven three he left prices is the

Eight seven two thousand is being as you forty five director David one six nine five five do one issue a directive or one of the whole show me it is your rhetorical one through her and I was ready for

The third or a rubber

Project for you

Or an archway or with a car to her collector who has used jeans forgers mother she says he’s not here and she said there’s no fifteen year old girl here in her house for sure he’s left that look around with more than

She says James those who live here who are still mourning the five but she doesn’t know about her and we were able to get a former from James forgiven

To one six six three two four eight five or you say you didn’t address are you is now washes or she doesn’t or from after

OK alibi some if I say

They’re on radio

Run was rigged with

That address six hundred one five a feminist two forty seven that the houses are going to be an apartment she said with a single house there’s if you could get on the same carriage if you can when you were given your cat is nine zero nine two ninety ninety two thank you for two eight seven blasts one five three forty two eighty seven West one hundred fifty third Street

Help housing their arms joint last breakage the code to care is that their own ninety four ninety ninety four Bill

You’re bohu go to sleep with her

OK Well tonight the years of complete

I’m complete over here I’m off to walk and I also going for every party thirty three I won’t be responding to getting

To forty eight one three zero and other I even very often but I have the most

Anonymous caller saying that there are three males being allowed on the serving

He will leave their all and vehicles they’re parked on the eight and their rear of the building where one vehicle that they are or another the gray

And the third of the black heah again a base for radar like

Another for hosiery has neither on I ninety nine you

Drop your forte I think it is forty nine

Forty nine thirty seven I happy they were advised I mean I have a curfew violators if you want to check that for your back for a few and hurl your

I think for all if you had a southbound juvenile thing like there are fourteen there right and I

Found that a white man Hispanic male one is wearing red and white as opposed three and one thousand and six one zero nine six seven

To fifty but they

Are injury radio

But they are male should OK Last That’s why is wired around but is our friend came pick them up took him home your insurance so you easily get through hours for a coffee bar so just complete there and then that brought you a pro-rata we are right here right now

Oh yes oh yes Joy they’re going off Dennis To me it’s just game and you’re there

You need to get it’s nine zero nine six nine zero nine thing

I like to go back and also try to disputing that are enough of it right in front of one

Hundred fifty one three seven you can disregard a few violators of it

Aren’t you did you and what were you going to do if this or this for a three three of losing now on that three that he wanted to do some three of your reports in a market or didn’t write to fifty two surgeries or you can disregard if you’re older

Still looking and that’s that’s

Up to fifty two

Percent two point zero will fall while I just realize they always hold another hope for our place carrying around a three for one hero at first before we have them if you don’t see two fifty three zeros or those are four or forty four

Chances that

Endangered to follow up on it’s going to be at nine seventeen eventually and you just wrote two fifty three right to secede three of their employees you’re sure to that are rolling over for a five nine zero warm

You know where it’s going to be on for a Z. There is no cause I mean be

This male female or going for the fours variable to get the proper you situated for my terms old or complete chosen or out the first are personal to fifty four

China Open the door she drove when she checked the area I mean it’s you can have one there on any thing there on any unknown if you have any weapon

That that

Two fifty five dollars your usual is up to fifty five forty eight or you have those that are then when you haven’t played over there of a CO three alarms for you on Wednesday

Present evidence that surfaces for her and your sister for a horse who are five thirty nine and seventy seven when they as

The resident

Pro throwing in a sense because three out of NY one zero zero ninety one hundred one park gates the amount of days a male has done or and I for whatever him and then the male in the background stating she is lying and lying disconnected back to voicemail code to do that then says if he says that authorities who are simply uses or any of us eternal one thirty six three really don’t feel that they have is that the seven but he has such a close to alarm

Seven thousand one dentist and seven zero zero one dentist in it that Sasha and I and all

How our security is calling in South motion is that he told us that Lendl was awfully obscene says somebody might have broken in to the windows at your feet they’re viewing this probably because it’s not quite clear it’s a close to the ninety one else soon Island zero two

Two fifty eight

Show me of the writing goes on since Athena thirty one no rush but I have a couple for you to listen have on the top it was like one of you

Going over to forty five after three you know that Israel asked Harvey three clear going to

Be three on one before


Well both the House has a theory and if you fight Asians you go for thirty first of three zero one and then it’s residual me complete show me that I’m not one for personal

Ruby how the fact that

Her shirt or three OK

Carry three earner drivers out on three second crowd Jupiter is huge Also what we are is you know since we were approached


A trustee from this district in church there’s a look at one for one and then was he said if there is a suspicious vehicle parked on the property and he is wanted check it out

Can you create a cancer that please I probably have three other one zero and I do want to thank you all three of three three Edward four to five three two zero one two thousand and three Toyota four door listen to imagine the sixty six

Second crane to a Nautica Cade it’s a twenty five female and it’s going to be a Toyota Camry

Gives you all the die if you take it windows are tinted too dark we’re just going to be I was illegal for a few minutes

And I’m thinking can you help me back in the hour and then I don’t have any lower end car very

Nice or our lives are on

Thrill five having as real five radio that the money

But yet their king had over the five

Seven thousand one then a form that they’re all they’re all one then the sense is

That though there was another one though because still part of NY was there are two Why do you want to

Thank God that the ethics of our souls are

Oh those of you know I have another Code Geass for you and one for the last if you can sing the other one short don’t

Think you three zero six so either one is estimated one zero one five one parking one zero one side of one park gate estimated location the investigating he has examined I for whatever I’m him May on a very ground say and she’s lying again it’s estimated I tried to contact like three times it just goes to voicemail and no address via the phone number is there to catch nine zero nine seven nine zero nine seven and the other one just came in at sixty one sixty level sixty one sixty level downstairs got about ten actually as have size group of males about ten males outside being loud when asked if there was any weapons howlers said they seen something shining like to know what it was and I don’t know if they’re fighting and just sorry can one one zero one one zero me show me the king’s palace

Three also

He got me to have a for a while that was a mess that was eighty S and like yeah we can break a reminder area and regime as well as Report partially completed

Measure that run you’re on I’m just going to Same thing different phone number but just north of twenty eight twenty five use one hundred thirty of a call for five mails a serving of a partner are OK You know it or not if a guest vision reporter out putting up there we don’t remember

It like a park you have some kind of apartment buildings that are dropping

Charlie thirty seven right now

Can you run an S.S.N. for me

Just seven or nine nine six ten sixteen I repeat

Chase on I ninety six pence I think I’m back on I’m out of the way for the

Three on I twenty four year old male driver’s license suspended these know of another have standing and that’s a copy Thank you Margaret are a

Great great are a Strat how a fairy Charlie are written I’m writing for a quick price point why is it one thirty in France no thirty eight let me stress

I would get up

Three tricks roaming free eleven dollars You’re listening to radio Charlie they thought

We assisted and Charlie thirty three behind you that the that Bertha three choices six arriving at just three thirteen

Characters if you

Are As we said

You know I

Think you three thirteen never make about Athens that in this or information of Rocca they have an erratic driver on high for a down from Red Eye for eighty Eastbound is the over key out the much

The plate of yours my neck to seventy five once again as a silver here at the moment so as my next two seven five one driving around a clear hire of the then weaving in and out across a reservoir that rebirthing more to do for you know three four I

Usually clean two or

Do you know because you put his

Foot in our thirty’s or he will smear with four to seven yesterday water to me are not like

Chevy Suburban

And issuing a party

For one’s retraining me at three fifteen Joe your things are in full

We have a mail here and he is joining and waiting for licensure Ira we have another one me you’re with us or get

The fourteenth June fourteenth monthly to thirty for any region so that’s an area they don’t have any decision on the

Look of the gun right no nothing

Thank you and then mystery seventeen money three two three to just be advised to just search for Sarge was a lot of patients was probably entire

Take me far southwest of where no one and party again of

Nine one one five nine one one five got me to mail hi to three twenty

Ohio or so and knock on the door those alarms from several get out do you remember zero

Forty six twenty three one four four four six two three hundred forty four shelves call on summons knocking on our door a note is code three

Nine one one eight nine one one

Three hundred

Forty three five writing

One three on blocking Joey toward

Those apartments twice you jail in one one nine

Three twenty one Charlotte that is on right here

That’s also that I had to run for me her mother said I guess we are in the last name and that they have our

Last name Katie the Charlie Adam They’ve it Edward date of birth five four of ninety three

And state ID Only Tom X. ray six zero nine zero zero nine seven sixteen three five nineteen and

I want to advise him he’s got traffic with Craven I agency only you know on

The thank you tried everywhere you go you are free of our actions of your environs So the corner seven zero features out in another code to its ninety three do eighteen hundred and

I need a whore Koroma and the daughter in have and haven’t Koroma the one and three twenty four

Barney thirty two can you Joy for those can you tell ever those that if you don’t see anything in parking that’s a we do this for many cold realizations and

I didn’t get any cause other than the you’re not sure they want to give them this just WHO ARE YOU GONNA GO WITH NO I need another one it’s nine one two zero and you advised at three twenty two she’s already oh three thousand with the shows for cheap you with an outdoor cafe three thousand five hundred seconds and then David thirty four I’m going to get your info in one second three one ready they want the greatest just very much video for all parties involved or even worth one hundred of money twenty three was unseen or a few years but it sure simply that have you got a very funny guy and I have a couple for you don’t think he is the first ones that is there zero three seven West forty five twenty thirty seven left for five and six for loud music and a couple different Also the supposed three has nine zero seven nine

Ninety seventy nine the other is awful loud music that they their zero one zero Franklin will of our apartment one they’re all once again that’s ignore a one zero Frank limbo of our department I want to

Hear that the sermon from this apartment even that I’ll to have to gain entry as a very cat is nine one one feels and you want well OK we’re going to do thank you three hundred seventy

Five radio why they have

Proof for prints and photos

Recorded first movie star no phone numbers do you want six six five one zero eight

I think Frank Frank nor a three for one Frank Frank nor a three for one Frank Franken or three or more persons who


Yes I scramble around like they are on the sin is King case and he

Says he’ll be there for a

Very serious

If there’s a should just write everything I do a first draft of a logic three three paragraph or at three twenty and you know better this or that person is Delroy David awaken Robert Posen your last name will Junior a sixteen year old or an all black hole in

Charter or it probably there you are

Who was you for your shows back that two for with Sam three four I have a very thought and I like unplugged it and he has water here the judge anything she just said it’s water did he say that reddish

You know

If you do have that always you know report number of eighty and one fix seven three eight one and his date of birth six twenty eight to sell them first if you can to the funny farm five three thirty when

Charlie thought of the


Who was I think

It’s one for you four and then one car is that really

And thank you for the one for their system but three thirty zero three three zero three zero eight zero zero zero three thirty two radio and I’m thirty three from full thirty three

Sold in the school four years old and ever on your list are to confirm or are

You know the lady called the Sky seventy seven years old that’s assault warrant

For him I’m just looking at it they leave looks like it’s a misdemeanor but I mean I saw this are a cancer survivor and

You’re right

OK think you got to go far in the general area for a present I will let you know who he handles it is research radio so I do worry about it any mere should have a phone number for the sales or where they were three four ready to

Move out of hotels was a careful of

The gate you’re using right now is ninety six to ninety sixty two and was that it can’t or does the industry is my one thing

If you

Don’t there isn’t

Anything her liar than my money thirty two money that he heard learns a phone number for and uniform and it is of peace and as to why they have a seven story zero four nine one two one

I think that in that in three zero four nine one four two seven ninety one twenty seven the Persian The clerk spoke we actually show a different war for assault and leave a couple Cleveland time to pick will be a seventy seven year old male skull for Canada’s a seventy four zero eighty seven forty B. think thank you very very sick David research so I’m going to be conceived of one also conferred with the show me your route back both of you drop off before work because

Thirty three employees I’m Wesley three thirty seven for Adam thirty six for code one one for three in Camden three zero evidence of you the thirty eight B. downstairs Joseph had a female come over to his house asking for him a call of police signatures just drive the gun point we have no further right now to go one he has nine one two eight nine one two eight the top of the roof

There’s a firmer footing further info suspect is a forty five year old heavy set black now like a black they’re wearing a black hoodie gray sweatpants brandishing a black handgun

Toppy just Tresham traveler and

Now you have nothing like that this

Time for thirty minutes when you were already on

The books that made all appearances your three zero three three eight thirty eight when your

Call for us shots fired one five six in Mile High three eight we are doing better were one of those shots fired we heard them or we’re over here in Ohio I reject OK and I’ll hear the militia back out thing you know we got four shots possibly on one five eight zero one five eight one five six and Miles are taken off the area no one cares nine one two nine no

Wanted us and


Three forty during our

First free fair to call recovered power so

You know if you have a

Coming out the side door for me to prepare three hundred thirty three one is just put on Franklin

And turned it down I’m sure forever and that’s right three forty three actually needed

A lesson the fourth and it’s less by far and it’s right a fifth District want to check the area for a missing juvenile A Delroy well in Jr He’s six foot one one sixty like I’m such a

Mess and out of the set there’s no address or anything they just that he’s known anything around fifty fourth and it’s right he will be wearing all black I suppose you and I’m going to say silence target for the first row or when you don’t know if

He’s missing from nine one seven and stand in line to check the time and his cell is three five nine nine six zero six three for what you are doing

Three forty four do three jury do but there’s a version forcing me completely from the research your report will be up and three forty four through

Three forty five thirty seven I have one for you

Let me just complete in force you freeze up on that report all checks made in a report partially completed three forty five no we don’t that is your choice you but it doesn’t matter if the

Three forty five recruited but over the thirty five eighteen we term for one you are not who is Miller and if you are referring to

And then right next door right before Queen relief to you how


Sister hold of a more

Simply through the pipe or destroying

The forty one radio the Barney thirty two poison rival Robin yes ma’am if you guys can check thirty eighty one less fourteen three zero eight one lesson for George is complaining about a vehicle parked in his driveway it doesn’t belong to him does it tell us Camry Georgetown’s even one thousand nine hundred it’s in his driveway on the lesser teams place that it’s a code for and I know it’s a one zero one one still yours for thirty eighty one less fourteen but you say forty persons Very do

You can disregard things who

Run twenty nine valid they’ve been through six of the C.P.U. three forty nine and very often and have had over a kid on a sixteen year old female Sanya to King ITA and Henry I have to look I’m seeing that the Senate report was done but I have to try to find this difficult four and one line zero five ninety will focus and finish your office have a OK to forty

Three forty three a super twenty three forty three theory or two three four three spurious dimension audio Guardian shown or interior motion that’s two nine one three zero ninety one thirty three five twelve Glendale one forty five twelve Glendale overprice got a call from a female thirty two year old my easy oh fella I actually got third party call from somebody

It was spoken to her and she’d say just really suicidal just use your location with all the color she had a gun you have stated you want to yourself but Jews alluding to it we got this address as her address based on the account of the phone itself as being near Warren’s row center road from the shores of McDonald’s out over there just to walk there direct route check out address if anyone knows you as I don’t have a physical on her yet so do you have nine one two four nine one two four high thirty seven right now traffic

Right and right Boston charge that one three two seven

Boston George seven three you know I know that have black Chevy

You often look at an Ivy League and Harvard that maybe

You guys are the black Chevy of a zero three nine year old female owner she’s out that’s a copy of On a driver I have now asked us and we have been here eight seven nine six seven three five nine eight seven nine six seven three five nine

Hospital they take him to her to get her to

St Vincent and there’s no evidence

Scene in here when

We don’t know at this time our families use the first nursery I spoke without my Asia Mike Edwards yesterday I just am Henry Adam last name Philip of your computer at work social two six eight eight two one four nine four because this is a series three seven radio

So yes I have very often three


You guys are very up there but I think in thirty jobs or if you are right also probably Harbor to back up our traps no

Three fifty five a share out there when you’re down if you get a better one for four they want dock even though it’s not a priority but you’re right the back effect are already three five for one for

Your call for everyone twenty one zero nine forced onto one zero nine forest people being allowed to serving selling drugs in front of a next to the house those three get number nine one three three nine one three three great for about three fifty six good for

Forty three fifty

Three fifty six if you want to park in bars you know already here there are just sitting on the yellow You know nor for any very very visionary of eighty

Three sixty eight the radio

Was for form bridge and they’ll have a farm very good because you know very wonder any


You just think the shore supernovas you know you go from isn’t just about Jewish for you to

Be Thinking

These things you know

That aren’t are in spirit or

Cure the rest of the sensor shows completely how to take care of those who for

Their friends for hockey enjoy thank you to signify for

Your interest on forests and who’s going to know

If you remember her dishes from her or her horrified

Followed by jury report San Marco you have a

You’re dead for three days the reason for for him

For all three rituals like the nine one three five ninety one thirty five

Three four two seven thirty one toward the zero way you go

To all the girls over there are for all four years of the net

For a for three weeks and you get up every horror of nine zero six one ninety six

Be due to Radio three of your unit for the good

Zero four zero five

Kilometers in Madrid you

Can run a play for me George home they broke one nine zero zero S. on a silver money fourteen so you know what a foreigner to Christopher Frank and a fear of you are a second

What you call her until her conflicts on the color or the registered owner his name is George and I one of them three six The general who when I would have though I see the title of that race and where at her

Vocation we don’t exactly have

Four years and three zero three zero one one zero for the return address and the title is going to be raked and then contrary to the language of a minor they’re going to care no more for a follow up with him for a survey of

Their three through letters yes and I ask Catalunya writing so that of the


Eighty six six three six six and they’re using that little agent as they were at an unknown location and all that and that it was one after he said it got dark room I’m going to think you know

Because you are

More using thirty one E. double check I think he’s at thirty twenty one hundred and fourth and three seven your color is stepping out in the second he has

And you have thirty twenty last one hundred forty and I’m thirty just from the thirty three of you Heidi was advised that they’re not going to be responding for the lieutenant governor

For ten

Twenty to forty four less to be there in the front to do for four less five three and a lot of music from an old three had one one three four nine one OK we’re going

For a lot of procedural votes for what I’ve been through and so much for three

Four five national radio give anything for the from oh you

Know if it we’re going to call for J. Crew they might have locator out their city

Affecting our response you know if they ever have a pencil in

Radio that I’m thirty three a brick for girls who are going to mind they’re also acknowledged for a thing like smartphones one twenty five sixteen Martin Avenue no one called his mail breaking into vehicles and some alarms went off shelves too dark for any disruptions but the mail was last seen walking eastbound on Mar code still has nine one three seven thirty one thirty seven four eighteen was Marco’s joy

Two three to complete year of fifty zero four nineteen

How do we look for a forty five back that won’t fall but reports you’re paid for nineteen and I want your radio they want us to Wiley thank you that’s cool we’re waiting

You know Gordon two one

Fourteen sixty five Lakeview one four six five like

Andrews Cowan States four people following them he then appoints two males were wearing Oblast third man was wearing a dark blue jacket and T.M.P. and was driving and the four A male was wearing of a loose deck in the evening and then why they were fouling him and situ CAD nine one three eight nine months or

So out of the last row for twenty to thirty on a warmer one for her well for one on one so he throws them port

Property in France is safe for a four seater is safe for a four seater for you know four times or Connemara like this her he was to make very poor errors as this one takes her

No for the F.O. for her mind his family there and them or who are nice for her a zero one there for her and her car was on it so I had it completely destroyed local rituals it will follow completely when twenty three biggest priorities will be around to know him

For twenty three but would like to hear

What those are quickly to inflate

Their thirty three oh go ahead will be complete over there you person still we G O U G o rare show of

Five feet where Jack remain over there for twenty four thirty three inputs are four twenty five

For the baggage and for twenty five party preferred already that’s from force Mills runs out of our arrival and monitored they eventually all drove off and walked away

For voices that


Visteon last seventy least one for three eight seven Julie’s one for three and Ellen and their own age male growing on the ground medics forty’s and Brown for an unknown travel that you can one one four zero one one four zero

Four twenty eight you know most of the seventy two he’s The One For The Money Coach you can one for zero traitor or

You know this you can add ninety one thirty one that went through a very short road

For twenty three one your guess that for three days a week a voice like down in Ray Hall

Forty three to thirty right then you a little bit of that your MIL’s employees there’s four Man of Steel wearing all black there when stark Blue Jackets and hands enjoy that and the forces of blue jacket and believing

There are four of them are just her sister and

Four thirty

But because it is a minute this year the door for me on route

Three just saw studio and thirteen or radio

City to my words second answer to you given all garbled and tapping than OK from here I tell you there is Bunning we fear the door and we’re going to her to him and

Duty A lot of searching for him you know we’re going to tell you one forty homes were fifty four year old black female just approaching from Point being that

You know the don’t take your ass or it off when you know

Yes she was rational yesterday then heads up and on

Just reading the menu said one forty a public square you know

Thank you

Joy if you fuck a radio whore completist

For thirty two and I’m thirty three for a cold London mystic Alice of the first or the third radio but it just wasn’t this your report completes I’m fortunate that I have a number of them if they were to

Gain from honey

For thirty three and thirty three for acquittal on

Their oath and their teams and branch of authors in the L ready to add on thirty three circles on thirty three

Yeah needed a response at thirty forty five less to stay for three zero or five less five one if there’s well as live in boyfriend as China saw her son with a chair named Antonia Lakin forty year old male ethical one and I am one for two and I long for the

Baggage machine

Computer Virus but fire electrical

Power for the same

Area No they’re still on route for six minutes for thirty five there is reserved for thirty five

Or thirty years

Or thirty six


That if they just been for thirty seven broadcast here I am five thirty Euclid and Colonel by Chrissie Hynde a motion as opposed to thirty six thirty two to radio you say five thirty you

Affirmative it was a carefully kind of nine one four four ninety one forty four thing an update is from a computer these are both legal or c of a herpes rather than the fallback for example

For any child of hers here and

You should have please her for forty five

Reports and videos on you guessed for twenty one

Thirty six thirty eight any area or for anything agree three zero eight already if you know how we were prime suspect with this or progress reports sign for forty five

Minutes give them five for complete for forty five they would refer you before they have completely is there and there will be better off no no I don’t think you’re ever going to get that far forty six so if anything

For her number one six eight six six are using thirty twenty Well for now and you have social her we are equipped to have thirty twenty and last one all four is the right Acura

Or the

The other and he said no and three say

Today that there it is he wants and all of you have a social that make them better and you haven’t Yeah

And I want you

To know what a parent you

Want to go through to see Jennifer jolly thirty seven to radio yelling and I’m thirty six

You have a social visit them yes it’s going to be two victims actually the first one is three zero one zero horror

Or five for three the fourth Tonya years and then the second war and her and give me something

It’s going to be for a diamond Hunter two a three zero four eight six for me

Happy things and David three two is there anything else you need either over here

If you had occurred this occurred between four forty five and twenty one twenty five

Through for the radio but we were forty five back to the first place for fifty cents last name is Frank Allen selling his address is two one six two zero Westwood Bros and that’s one of our last was that Fairview Park FAR FAR want to say that’s one three seven term and all


Thank you

Very very viciously and for three for fifty two they was reserved for fifty two for lunch like a one followed by report

For fifty two for fifty two Charlie thirty seven area

OK I hear early in Harvard’s multiple fight really is

Like to say thanks for the assessed and I will need a CAD number and they call out as well OK original call it was three forty eight I left it on nine zero six four you mean once I get home again you get

That you think you were fifty three new kid number is nine one four eight nine one four eight that’s a cocky you can going to close out nine zero six one now we’re looking for a forty five

Or fifty for

That they have a clearing we erect their own free fire area and I’m thirty five they have a reason for three

Four years on scene they’re going to handle the emergency things you have are stressing markets how do a forty five back at the base of one report

For fifty five there were three for

The had both who were not getting their suppose were here or a local the

Pleasure of the salmon favors or if you really are right it would be awful partner via we’re

Born in the general euro zone five months or

For fifty years in Canada and then when for anything you go to one man Kaiser so uneasy your head

You’re like oh jeez Also if you would having her respond the forty one twenty three East one fourteen thank you actually the missing juvenile Eric Kempson this may be the mother’s last year as was his date of birth is seven thirteen of nine you know everything already pointed out

Seventy nine sixty nine is the first is sixteen but for the funny thirty two you know when you’re down there with a two minute thirty as a

Poet yourself from where you are

In for receive one Mme Giry in confidence ease

And we have this now

Most of your are once warning

US promotions are going to smell

You said one twenty and scarier I’m sorry you quit radio Sam three three yesterday there are different

That I when I get ready and then I have a two AM I don’t know and then

You have to go to see if you and pay the property I thirty three

You know if a sister you’re going to address forty one twenty three hundred fourteen for one to three hundred for teens check for a Eric Capps I’m going to be a seventeen year old male is missing this is noms out check and see if he’s there oh do have numbers and I have one five one nine one five one pull as well as me in

Camp King Edward Mike Hall fam ocean that’s very good for five

Three five

Thanks one twenty eight zero eight Drax Mar one two eight zero eight Jax more generic beauty verity of arms calling a general verb go do you have nine one five zero ninety one fifty nine Jan Jenny beauty store the four five a three legged nylon science the and silent and

Very strictly or less five again where that’s not a

Very strict trailer for a full

House recover Meryl by Mary Mary Earl Grayson George Robert at home yesterday

And his forty five years old

And runs the radio show

At the time we have five

And seven scenes in Iraq

And also I learned three to three tip

One a three six four zero

Five lesson reviser on that I’ll think

You know what

Really are

For twenty two

You know Radio three Thanks for info

OK can’t find this that Earl Grayson

And we have we do a couple entries and learn for a forty three year old Earl Graves and

One of them has a social It has but it’s not a social but they all have the date of birth well thirty seven is very close with

Twelve thirty seventy three are very well

And David thirty three you chicken anymore as a connection with yours or and I suppose that now because of our the

Radio for Adam Very say that to those who aren’t yet thirty six or has been linked to a nine six zero seven there zero one five offer Mary

Margaret three to three to the head was not a rival for

Five us but you force yourself we didn’t know it was going to go whether you know just remember I didn’t write it

Twelve fifty four e’s not really really just didn’t want to look at it that way while fifty four used one out of tune one to five for Easter one of June Asia says this general I urge dog trying to get her back door to door doesn’t lock so all she has if their kids are in I’ll get in

To kill and dad is saying one four five and we have no Canales just maybe really go to jail maybe Angela’s five eleven who deal with real crime and check if there is any crisis intervention with the

I already did as well there’s the house out hoping to be out of the ship

Both in preference


Lady is the color want to confer with us and so I’m not sure what the alcohol and chest

Direction are Church Radio

Up there as well but I thought at first you’re sure there will be one for three of her fridge receive her port marriage to be geoid

Just read our for forty five or far there goes five of popular radio money that if they have one real research if you can response to the Make that I say one day then this fifty six sixteen minutes is that the McDonald’s they have a peony who the manager is their age thirty five year old white male panhandling in ocular than your own door that Lot is blocking a vehicle harassing them white male wearing a white shirt really yellow pajama pants and he’s hearing a blue who are supposed to rain at nine one five four ninety one fifty four

Five four things are going to be thirty seven degrees told one side issues are we OK for forty five local to your death of an A five fourteen in your bonnet Rita it’s really don’t want to go case why don’t you write or just get twelve fifty four East went out to let me know if any of that that

Any thirty three radio

We’re going to get no response I think there are nine hundred fourteen tried multiple times

Is one hundred to

Five seventy five David thirty four for info no response at the door for four

VARNEY thirty three so that’s very very good or a year or two from here

Well good morning I have one thousand three choices really try three things P. just after this short to everything is missing person follow up that makes a focal Oh about something if you have orchids size one month three to thirty yes

No special dollars OK I think it’s OK to kill


But also route Scipio collection of the

First twenty two David thirty four you don’t want your read them out Manningham for Nottingham I can close that out just for

That twenty fourth rated X. rays for three for Coast tomorrow on Broadway

For Cirrus than a fifty nine thirty nine Broadway five nine three nine Broadway when the stained glass

Studio Federated protections show in a back warehouse motion warehouse motion and back door motion nine one five by ninety one and the

Only moderately

Priced play nine hundred thirty one original

Disney’s position Jersey one I suppose perfectly Will the movie what he does with

All of earthly work he just seems really ready or was overwhelmed so they’ll

Sell five or nine

Every one for five days before we’ve three or five or thirty thirty six or thirty three six figure respond and ninety three ten names very one three one zero names very

Names very Hartman and I one

Call had just static on the line using a recording on call that to two nine one seven ninety one sixty seven different is estimated as an act and a three time has just yes come back to ninety three kind of address came in late as from the apartment building doesn’t give an apartment number do you call the phone number back it’s an automated one OK

Thing thirty four zero five three four

Radio and where I was I don’t think you turned the internal

Zero five three four

Stable havea cozy alarm that the new walls are sure

There is going to be twenty one of those six Ontario G one zero six Ontario wall verger variants showing a last car door most just two nine one five eight ninety one fifty eight

Thank you five thirty three four if you don’t respond to one eye and nine zero one Arrowhead one ninety nine a one in all had an answer on how words residents we have a call from a safe home for an inferior motions suppose to Cat nine one five nine ninety one if you know

He will I think he said

Go ahead and disregard it and can

Use I thirty seven seven in boyfriend Christopher Walker things in talks to solve it or go blog he has not had one six zero nine one six zero

Zero zero

Five thirty three four zero four forty five

Thank you or you’re OK it’s five thirty eight he won a radio program and

I think you are

One Radio go ahead

When trains are answering norm for

Their zero five for their well read through the radio perhaps their radio their insurers or has been

Rallying around the sale five for one partition

Of thirty two ready but you run will let me and those numbers

As a dance on your back in

Just shy six zero two thousand and ten Beta versus three sixteen seventy seven six but to use money over brown time union one nine one seven five seven and a valid ID and his recent address on that is twenty eighty two blessing the first thank you

But there’s actually three things that if the form of a for that and I don’t want I don’t yet seven to one thirty one thirty one I’ve tried all the options no one picks up if interested for a look for forty like a warm science five forty six are a very free form fit for three already that

Smarts not sugar free for sure

How I want and I am on a

On a longer answer and Howard thirty thirty three read on

One three but

It’s going to be a straight night in three six two nine three six two

That one coffee a cell phone or phone call back to

Nine one six two nine one six in fairness the next redress affirmative before

I forget bar there is radio

Report out rejection very few got her property back her she wanted in the mail left we are not needed

By forty

Thieves thirty seven three of us have the code to Euclid and Chester three

Three seven he very funny you couldn’t Chester the evolution you going to Chester but this is on Stern’s got a new car and the A one of the cars are up on the grass unknown if anyone’s interested the Q nine one six I have ninety one sixty five

Color scheme downside forty nine for tunnels and six radio they would refer you David eighty four they were there for a forty five thirty district full Bush were porch then P.P.O. paperwork you know I just before

There was there’s resume justify all your debts have to be fast running thirty three hundred of those first leave us the job here that fascist these guys and I’m very

Different overreport are harshly complete Jeepers they can read a police report have five

Parties and

They are monitoring names very with and for with us crazy

They that keeps happening there she doesn’t recognize the number that you know that’s you on three one three one

So on and off like that number so she says you know resident Roger and I return of our summer


Do you think you buy

More Your warming object secure with regular weird bars the more

Broken window where your eyes are sharp Your initially

Then the cause of your long appreciate is wherever you can store supply you hear


Five fifty seven but it’s really

Great if

There had

Been fully

You know anything before

Five fifty seven bars research radio same track I take it

You affirmative five fifty eight forty three

Sizes be a seventy two radio

You know if you’re going to complete Mark and your evidence Oh Dr forty five

And you’re going you know if I five age fifty three in a ratio

We’re all five five whoa brother in

Three so



Talk to doing a story or you know doing them you know and the phone call or going with the Hall

What I don’t want to call the core characters you know and that’s what I’m you know

In my

State you’re you able to haul it all home who already are all remember her

Bernie’s very sick so many of

Their deck you know public square and the off duty Williams you know want to go for a YES deal or a

In a vehicle three it is ninety one and I want

To go for forty thirty three that is going to be your T.L. as I will for forty five SR your good six zero four zero seven we can hear it or hear of your Medicare connection in the US or what parts are sixty one six in your cat is ninety one second and then once you get twelve of them to get your

Nine one six thing ninety one sixty nine check number sixty five that are actually lost sight that the split

Silver for black presently an erratic line between lanes Arcus itself us

That forty four ten Franklin St Herman four four one zero Franklin the house manager of Roy’s calling so the client had a sense if there’s any end tax and he thinks that the van might be still and is being driven by Christopher sweet forty year old white male and overalls the white cargo van it’s parked and events court behind Franklin Castle cycles you can one six eight nine one six

Six zero seven three six you’re going for lunch success OK folks are six of seven part of it for now time to fill seven ever so three alarm residential alarm three night due to use one two one one two one and of later motion Co three Rock Airfix as a gesture of

Worry meeting a

Record time six twelve after the Williams with tidy them part of radio

Over forty five they were turned district


Good for it six fourteen on the way would you mind check an estimated now one hang up and OK and one sixteen sure

Thing as just S. that address in that area for one fifteen forty nine I’m OK on one five four nine and OK now I want to hang up cell phone code to has nine one seven four nine one seven four six forty


Well it will lower

Priority to form the alarms for anyone for anything from anyone from time from noon to before burglary in our front entry exit doors are numbers one for one are for insisting on

The three horses

Yes in a very hard to

Read off the Williams Going to read it there’s I don’t care so very kind of funny one said you know what we’re actually going to have something to the

Back of somebody being you know five or six rather than if you are

Going to look as if you’re one of the three VERY thirty

Five or sixty of the

I got three

Radios on I repeat

They have a

DIGITAL CAFE you know you have a lot of a say absolutely silent for a firehouse bar if you’re five area

You know they’re wrapping up here just so you know we’re looking for if I think up are trying for complete or for Jared our local

Six like your good they bill the vote really are getting a notification whenever the shot underneath a kind of horse and like

Well area there so they’re responding that way

Hard on is down there

There are You want to jump for your veil she’s

More of a

Radio to sing thirty three or thirty four Chevron for yeah I just got a call of wanted just the first and Clark for a male in the process of overdosing possible fight and actually that

I might have to pull somebody off watch I want to hire kind of host to do that


I write radio the Barney thirty


Funny thirty two is a break for a cold one

Of our I have to present his or my horror of thirty eight and I get a vision to stand by it’s actually thirty thirty five less the city’s first three zero three five plus five one I don’t have a cause for a male who appears to be overdosing there’s like a cycle and I’m

Writing at the end I says Notice I it’s a cold one nine one seven five nine one seven

Six twenty five zero six see for

Mike thirty three

Mike thirty eight

That’s for you for Period other through her him being

One with no injuries road no buttons three near KROGER I kept he was able

To recruitment rival thirty three year old winner of four even offering a

Driver’s License Oh so I think that if you know

There’s been

A fight over Yeah

I’m good for three a spear forty S here you’re too pricey

Hey looks like a white Chevy impeller versus a Ford Taurus

Three nine one seven seven ninety one seventy seven

Thank you six or eight

Very very rare there’s a we’re going to freeze or just complete here what is a fire going to be interrupted district to finish this report it’s exciting when it reaches even close almost

Six thirty because

That has occurred just for this into a cold true three five a warm wet spot of our house found from that location for a male when this started screaming musicians walk in and screaming no one from around them to OK it’s three five eight one west of our YOU SAID HE cell phone was full of our it is a Mayo player sure

No shirt react to issues a lot of tech true things that

Further a basic study maybe on some type of drugs and he’s lying in the middle of his street now that i’m originally they said he had on I graduated sweatshirt and Cherokee cargo shorts it’s a cold true isn’t Narn want to find evidence something now OK six thirty four is only right is that consists of three horror of an hour

I’m ready thirty four repeat that I’m sorry right before it went over

So carefully at the intersection thirty four Oh no I don’t know if i’m sure enough

How terrifying are or hurry obviously you know I was over

Think and

Yeah fretful all alarms are off the rich there are a jewel

Cyril’s right of door still not secure

There or has a major accident after it has

So far up your bike gate where they have the cleaning equipment as unsecure Olfa or quote scientific The further on board presidents you know six thirty six think general area have inflames out there and there were eight to eighty five and another two or any I told they only a few people working right now thought let me know that they probably just walk away and their defenders are all about and then health care and way up there anything for all of it or something or

Do you in any way

I mean you out of court can seven hundred there were three separate Can you run this George William three nine five for G W D thirty nine fifty four please that is

By the is just as if you know if

She had three four five one six thirty nine six forty

Three for us in the area six forty fault area

But myself and twenty nine in service and want to own a car one of the three warning signs and one part of it circled her ever voice

For thirty eight you’re five six forty one party three five the radio that I had heard of or is human virus more program or firm we go through the arms use

The just throw Persian to grow and grow the party rule this year if you just bought a new repaired

Freedom freedom once but if you

Stand by one second radio that same three for

The first


I can be due to court reading Barwell

Car rides and sort of

OK then as well for three in severe you’re

Forty think you’re a dozen in and out of heart it is Cheney and they’re saying that they have a singular and that an intersection F. or three S. a period of us is another X. and

You know what I’m a forty conspirator All right you know what I make another S. and


Very for the I needed it because there I got a cancellation rate of any three times are you going to go

Forty five through six forty four and your

Resume got one

Thing or out to our eyes before or the proposition I was thirty six three zero six zero Also Or one was found online it’s

Right six forty five

The word

It was down on minute what you were OK The description stated that he had on a GREAT of his red shirt and get a turtle shorts the second one said that he had on ranch shorts with no shirt and Ray and then issue

One seventeen around the corner

Joe six four five

Of at a porter

Probably in the morning is when they went over to the radio for a

Reunion and the service good morning would be outraged you I have a report to finish the morning before the very night radio for everybody thank

You on the slate Henry Charlie at zero one four ninety eight should come back to a Ford Taurus and tell me what your letters have to stand

For Ford for Dora

There’s a right prat eleven fifty nine hundred twelve spires eleven nine a seventy

Three thank you in radio to same three for say every four

I have a heroin overdose at Lutheran Medical Center the male walk then you only wait for my early car a matter of minutes and party three three he didn’t sleep with a lot

That was WAY

OK Richard Gere out of three six eight eight zero zero three zero zero zero from one twenty three nine hundred eighty

She had three four three two in his garter going to have to follow Yes yes you know cooperative but whatever may have seen what you have

I got

In radio at a party three tell you that male Charles hunter under is a Muslim yes there are one hundred thirty to part one twenty three of the one nine hundred eighty he well when people do that then caution armed and dangerous violent and to happens and when to sell any and that’s also struck down

Pretty thick eight eight zero eight zero three zero zero

Listening to their birthday to

Radio this seven thirty four just principle

Has Just imagine how our have for our standing to recall troops now once for an alarm or brick said just paint me again and once I think he brought out his seven series for a over those

History for your arms I’m very

Happy that thank you I take it he was you know a U.G. Arrow OK Well Marcus existed two three four Boy George doing

OK my character six fifty three

And add one heroic you are one brick one zero eight zero one brick at that time is welding and repair company ever powers arms coming from the front door they’ll be notifying it’s a cultural event nine one eight five was there’s a brick wall

Now sir one zero eight zero one breaks row I have it OK six fifty three five three four one time to try great player

They did more to get a court date there also a Kenner ridiculous Well there’s a vase but

I feel like what I got a male What a great item I may be going to so I’ll have for check the profit a base

Right yeah thirty lady Vineyard he said they’d be walked out of here when northbound towards the Sheraton area so

I don’t want to take a look around white male no shoes

OK Well let me know Wal-Mart and Joyce and all that anything they already know


Jim was excited you’re welcome six fifty PSI Charles there you want to have early

For Good Morning Side six or five

Six five we certainly got the court date OK ROSENBERG Well times are hard and coaches just go Fraser hall for when he was a good reason for his

Forty third and severe year and a damage accident three and superior and at that report at Luton a half a loser and the sale today are of like

Those who were called in for

Over forty burns in Europe it was assumed girls who were there and we were well fairly good for you that’s a period as is a different one of a car that

Even if don’t have a night there who can tell you that although occurrence for you can prove you almost complete there are three now and I was just as of the I think he was going to

BE I was just all telling here Levi’s now they say that he’s got a cot of up this

Kind of hot as the Maranatha he’s got a test out of you know forty at the

Forty third it’s a very Who knows that he missed


Ninety six zero for the advise you know he has she her right now is on the top of her

Happy Thank You can roll all of a sudden heart roll all will be out of arms of her OK fifty Cent three three three five three zero and fairly heavy morning for morning six fifty seven

Thirty six and early to fifty seven you’re free free for care

What six nine one nine seven ready for drive and one hundred fifty eight eighty seven twenty two or that one six matter want five seventy nine Wine and ninety seven ninety one ninety seven OK thanks you are welcome sir Jefferson one six six one four Jefferson you mess has a mental male being combative

They are not in charge but he has never been cooperative with them requesting assistance go to get there in one thousand six thousand one hundred six I recovered from the district

Sixty nine well all the stuff was outside and there is no what exactly has some of the biggest stuff up to our natural OK Our letter now to let them now

We have one well as apartment houses are from D.N.A. for that are needed for so very downtown if you can handle that

OK Thanks three six going to be at

Seven fifty west ten to fifty west in the flip side restaurant have that I see technology alarm I’m going to that store says it and I want eight seven I want a seven OK from you seven that one hundred now OK was three zero five zero was under seventeen

That’s a call true intervention with a very nine one eight eight nine one eight eight and it states that the second I guess she may be near the good girl I suppose really is a white female in the parking lot parked crooked she has unlit cigarette in our hands they are sound and they both of you are country investors notice right you’re working for your little you get us in such a surprise I want to radio they want more Officer Watson on duty with

A cane zero following Radio one to think there’s a Go Go on as they Ted googly All of years of pure testing in the at

The hotel

I don’t see him so make a Meteo Pradelle

Point for Senator Kerry or the Sunni Arabs who

Think that out or out and plan

To think I mean

I think the last five or fourth

OK so not a foe here already

Have it America America could

Very For recover from a vision you check with the of us just after sales of

Burgers are

Hakani Gomez monitor is actually rather less than seven on thinks seventy two twenty general three

And if you want to

Get him for morning rush or told me to have to send us understand that

I’ll write copy that I want back in the district and I think that I’m probing

For her

Research where you are not the center right good morning but is evidently there just for a

Female to knock off

After her or from

The American

OK thank you have an all night and just so that you have an avocado wine it’s for an alarm the resort tonight was ninety six free and from a sense for how

You are I think

Because radio facing

Off as Richard no longer would have happily to convert Turkish Exubera felons regular number one to seven Here’s a quick check on police cars and B.S. systems V two thirty six thirty of the negative twenty year olds seven zero zero zero Unix clear and Euro seven zero now

That it is the zero seven zero

Chance for a family for goods or dinner which I feel rushed by my sense yes or they initially last on the second time because the female was refusing medical assistance but she keeps calling back so they are responding again

And we get the paperwork so using the seventy two can wage you know three seven to twenty you have a good number oh I’m sorry I’m going to be can I just you know one I have to know why if I

It’s Thank

You twenty thank you

Sick sick sick radio in-service all for me well


Radio well

I think you were very

Very variable revolves around the floor support the environment right there C.I.V.S. like the coaches

To zero to nine to zero says

Thirty three zero one seven thirteen we got em for received here for an hour each one

Both vehicles were driveable is what tires are off to the side changing them as we speak your mind has refused by both parties you can just simply put us back a third to complete the one thousand and seven thirteen

In a Radio France

Time that I like to react

More we got it down at six maintain we received a half hour to get on it I thought was a


I had seen thirteen really wrote cross complete yet I am alive and they have to be today it’s examined her men who were also members back ordered eight forty five and twenty three being the other partners got the preload training in the District nine you had him for taking him fourteen will be a crime car driving twelve Charlie thirteen driving fifteen in Cherry seventeen with property

Having given I I am holding for one is a cold wind and I think it’s just painting

To heroin overdose antlers

Rang and opposed to alarm the seventy two fourteen you could move me out

Seventy seven to talk to that seven one thing right I mean we have no idea where now I could you know come back and find out they said it was heroin but he didn’t have any further information for me health admitted him

Yeah I’m sorry you know whatever you can name an age you

Know I mean I don’t want going to do with it but I want to know why having


Free for ever

And ever to rejet

I can be back then in the many years on the back


I have to go out and now my cell is nine nine zero one zero seven

And seven for radio if you’re back Friday

Yes they’re going to respond to the hospital I notify my dispatcher that you’re just taking the evidence to natural with you and he said chill as I

Write that you


That do well you have an Adam

Harvey fourteen property car Charlie says

He would repeal traffic for Adam got use for Adam sixteen and eighteen sixteen the partner and child is fourteen fifteen and sixteen fourteen is property sixteen G.P.O. corrected

For that seven twenty once or

Ninety six so if you really are I said sources earlier it’s Rojas completed three of ninety six trial had

To fill out in one of the fifteen of those

Seven three three because

Very very a revolving door


Reserve Radio one to watch radio was a way to go hey also you know I

Feel a lot of each is forty three department D.H.L. sitting and watching J.P. was high for male one female for male

Voice wait I have really where I just see a route to J.C. Well for one your peril he says is very very good about it we have a lot of VERY VERY VERY VERY FIRST America right here a


Very far to the resume

For a survivor of the warehouse career meditation Kaizen no doubt as well right yet and I’m for G.M. going to have a coach alarm for you in seven go when you’re ready to go or ever have a unit when

Their front yards are in areas they have come here I probably don’t have it we’re going back

Over there with you are there

Any of them at all were there three of us and for four

As ours rectified a half hour of actual

Yes ready on the al the same rain that have won and you can write it on the board the way you were you know the term for being a religious radio checker

Was it OK

We’re going to use and tribe eleven we’re not equipped to be advisers

They think fifteen three hours you have to think this hard on vehicle maintenance in the meantime you can go at what you go

The morning sun in the end one one mind one who will more one one one who will more down there you know I think that the a false or the mission was a little in your own mind and in any way it is yours and

Nine zero one four one zero zero zero

And nine one

Two It is give me a year on a car here

George George three one eight four

Zero through our

Right for your

Most normal business there were the Packers

With the cell there OK because somebody wanted something our

I need some other fall get it since you can take care of somebody

Goes out of there why don’t those having IMO they evolve or are

We very Here you are here so if you don’t like what

Reality is very few of the events in the

Seventy two fourteen we could G.S.T. could be a soldier I got a male driver here

With Oasis’s Tom Mike five six five six three three should be Wesley Jones

Be three I’m saying

Here are two your on line pair Ave check for a green sitting and actually of us no license plates or temp tags had it’s been there for a few days it’s a four can is nine to one to ninety one to

Seven thirty one OK thank you seven hundred to three

Regrets are for your were for our marriage for

Their medication are sure to revive her very very direct radical for you

Very fast and that will take you much do you have a court date or take the fisting OK thank you can be forty eight ninety nine pro road

Four eight nine and Pearl road and old Brooklyn tire preferred security is calling in a garage motion it just to you and it is ninety zero zero nine two zero zero

Seven thirty three it looks like everybody just wants to be you know what


Number one way

For somebody to just not even want card and that’s only for things really for

Me the hold of them as you know that one this is will be oh he’s going to foresee she’s here again I didn’t hear you I need you to hold of a medical for a while for you OK you ready ready once to seven three he’s the one one four one two seven three essentials of forcing you know to see Frank the own son as well as a sixty year old daughter the meal alone they see on level insulin has not returned the one in the cat is nine to one five happy that and thirty that and I have two for you three Charlie thirty I got one for you and I’m thirty for a cold one and if they can complete it they defect we’re here for two three five full and parkway apartment was funny and I really had this calling an ex so it’s a mess she was a saucy fire husband and Tony L. Davis basically left and a wife

Void and no direction of travel calls wise and nights in zero six Nice’s zero six this is a male thing with our Brittany Hudson OK coveting the horn or more in the morning seven thirty seven thirty seven thirty six

Sorry forcing already ago

I think probably sporting for three a severe year for three and a period are you going to see him there for his report you think he’s black in the intersection err

The advise a thirty nine is there for you that’s a very but there’s male Hans’s please we’re not there so these are two different accidents

I’m going out of that and see if i give us the sort of service he did answer on our earlier call three and I want eight nine and I want a nine and then he’s eight three a cedar He’s a three and Cedar

Four and he has it you’re secure believing what you call accident in a white animal room view it

Higher with one scene as if you know one of the art of the last it was older mama ROOM viewers that left the single to Jim thank you both very good nine one one three nine one one three

Seven thirty eight

Three three and so you know bottles rule for salty connections wrong and pay for professional symphony for

Some very night of your fruity drugs it’s Who are you

To her friends who do you want to thank

For that I hadn’t seen that one AFAIK is it our effervesce thought is what Virginia secretary of let’s have it is

Says something I have and that’s

What it is that it age so I think it’s only called working for

OK guys I should be there in a few it will never go in and when we are different things long or should be there shortly

That Marty one

Of them Bridge seven forty one

And sixteen

If you got

Your car all set if I got to go to mail and hang a current shaker Oh hey great car can’t wait for a minute I’m glad to talk to you choose or if you’re all fed up to me to the address what dose of the one four shaker What does seven one four shaker yesterday that Mr know when he cocked to

Do one seven and two once of OK and rather good morning so for you to be safe fourteen

Seven point and then Hundred

Seven forty three forty three three to Radio three three

We’ve got this female on board and probate warrant we’re going to be en route to our sinkin since starting mileage is a three to ten how do we look for overtime I would try to get my partner he asked the same thirty four OK bet seven forty three to Adam or you know thirty seven you know when you have you th nine one six seven and nine one seven feel like cabbies and forty four names Jimmy out of control area third you know having one to five radio at a meeting for three alarms I don’t want to

And I can on this computer that means that we are already have changed her last name and ID and they were fake and some they could have also

Let me know what I’m Center St one one zero one centers three The Hustler Club has a typo security alarm there on the main entrance the left door says

Two to three nights in to the right

Shoulder Arms first line one five eight zero six Jefferson one five eight zero six jets and the right residents he joined site

Door code three Cat nine one one five nine one one five and for your list one six one two one West View one six one two one West View at the mills residence alarm force showing door sensor codes are very good nine one seven two nine one seven two and the last one three nine two two East one two one three not you to use one to one at the date residence time order alarm showing living or motion still three hundred one six seven nine one six seven write that last one was three ninth used to each one she didn’t want to one

Good for four that’s three yet you get any shaker it’s a four because I gave sacred out of sixteen now you gave it to me Dad ninety seven thing

Right I’ll take that one back I thank you that the sixteen that eighteen

Or whatever you want to get out

From now eating you do the alarms and I will let you know what to sixteen one six OK

I made it our friend support of about forty minutes ago had over dinner steak and I want to so that both the other

From running her from person


Incident number one or for that one or

So I have that bag I believe I have the owner here

One of

How they found their number I didn’t have the information but I had my

Ok for that

Sort of service one surely said

OK Why

That I’m searching that I’m suggesting as a hospital detail and Charlie says tonight at seven forty eight I’m holding Ryan runs to our culture’s OK Reverend

Three five seven zero for

Them by two four zero three five two two for the

Place she meets and Queen Robert eight for the Reno nine hundred seventy four and however

Some four heard it Dave some for humans that leave them for the night but go ahead move up to a jury oh I’m sorry but I think sorry I moved over to Vincent because there is a problem down here but they surely thirteen Don’t wait for something you want

They think for Charlie Sheen a sickening Jers if you really think we would actually think that just a warning just checking out some white man

That was good knowing to do seventy two twenty seven he called it some forty million closer leave it open if you can do some stuff

So if you do

Think You Are

Behind Yeah we were actually able to gain access to harming her or female her baby with their marriage her earnings

V.V. here she faded a shoe shine a callback for our convict her of her recovery I got me some fifty three oz of one journey fifteen thirty got means good morning if you wanted also what I stated fits in Detroit is me a size in Detroit after car wash city Pereira she said I thought there was a male and saying that’s threatening I don’t know weapons for saying the suspect there’s a black male wearing dark colored charred wristbands that can it’s a call to is very sick

Again why next two to five that’s trying to decide and the next one for you it is set

At three five four seven one hundred three five four seven with the western one hundred if you can get for a female one of that party and that is playing loud music in a drive they say that he is afraid of Varney George that there are seven civil five four that they have their place it’s all three yes then nine to zero seven that is nine to zero seven and then one in your bets are

Two one four one zero one the rainbow That’s one forty one and zero one rainbow if you could check for female that gives you circling the block in a green jarvey cavalier with a plate of Hindery Adam there one seven six seven is approximately thirty five years old because of the result she is a known drug users and she’s going through some unusual changes to ski for playing a block randomly I suppose that the female actually has on Graham a ten if you could check for female code three events nine one six three five one six three

Seven fifty five

Six six eight eight nine

Are you returning to quarters place

From Central to return for

The eighty he is calling a glass break it to get is ninety three one ninety three one

Them fifty said

They’re checking Thank you

OK urging us to shoot our nine two two five one two two five thirty four three and Detroit thirty to come up for real

OK I’m pretty far off yeah you can just nine through to five it is in the second OK thanks for the info and the seven fifty seven days if I tell you fourteen caught of eight her message plea

For Change is returned to basically one where the radio was who ate her

Dainty three or

More of us

Who let you know the child is just teen have to get a few for you but OK good morning to you if it is check for an accident I mean it is so on they already are never have anyone found one hundred thirtieth insurance that’s a two car accident

Two thousand for action we have our Jeffrey two hundred maroon and collar voters OK And for years if you could take Britney’s people resent her car as nads rival your messages then refuse the supposed three events sixteen and nine one hundred ninety two and then another for yes it is us for turning fifty four why standard for taints apartment two zero three three isn’t Charlie if you didn’t see dial and Brumfield is when you say it says I want it the room’s office vehicle of two thousand and thirteen and Oh Corydon it’s sitting on blocks that one is safe for their vent number nine two one zero Nice one zero

Zero zero zero safe

And of their gender

Yes he preferred our your approach

From the ones who are eaten for everything

Mr Jack for

US He does not have a path for you when you need things even if they’re ninety three five ninety two three

Haven’t a thing they go to

See whether they can transport anywhere but only thirty three driving and since ending is a forty


Radio says Charley fourteen that it won the US once Healy OK copy

Of the way I’m going to total

Ale for one party’s regenerate you know we were relieved but I want to add our fifteen metro are out there go on

Charlie’s within a foot or two

Surely fourteen where there’s a receiver missing person report we’re going to have acted as your

Follow up with us

Any relief officer that you bring a wheelchair one of the seven of our

Own a one

Of a hole where

They are in the hallway

Call for medical assistance

Is around here already the radio is

Going to hold up no one paying a call from respirators or get them we just we of every Well no right now but just well so you can see that this didn’t immediately just sounded to me

It was seven Sorry meant write code when the basic one two five point three So I went to five point three So I got a

Living Rosa’s calling just father Mark out of the house

He also assaulted her she is pregnant called yes it necessarily and seen around the corner waiting for us to arrive supposedly this male has done in the house his name is Derek Ward black male wearing a black audience what parents forty seven years old go to one to two a thank you to a

Three or yeah I’m sorry for zero four to

Anyone John Ford Georgia Legion three eight being there are three volume

Four zero one two from a what was he a little

You know eight one three

One three seventy

Three did a radio


For zero zero A The seventy two for tonight devil receive the I was clear there got info for each one that he got for an hour

And you don’t know

That one call I knew Wes and I said the seven sound I knew when I found seven hundred invite you mess him across in one go for Taurus and the any

Two ninety two thirty nine to me Oh OK You said it cold for four yes and eighteen

And they have that I’m supposed to go in for training right I think eight hundred and one one Harvard one two seven one one Harvard C. Deborah Davies for a phrase used motor vehicle report are twenty twelve Black Country Atlanta Georgia Nick Walther four nineteen when George Walker four nine one one taken by a known female

So for Cat nine one seven six nine one seven six and for your last one two zero zero zero shaker That’s twelve thousand shaker full of art at the pre term Cleveland see Christie Broadwater windows are busted out of the building code for nine one one one that’s many want anyone

To get to eleven and I want to see what he’s going to check OK out shows right for the next twelve hours about that

While one thirty five to radio no


Near zero eight one

Three Get a fan thirteen yes radio

I got a three for eight this is backpack mail and a girl fight drop it off and a light pole of Lou to set color can make and a one man or two but if you mean

Going to be a one man but I mean there’s a

I don’t know the color is that it was an interpreter calling it in she said then she went to some male and a girl by

A book bag off and a light pole blew up he sat the color and rode on and it isn’t terribly interesting to check it out because it’s over I don’t

Yeah I mean who must something different come of it that would be good and happy think you’ve made your telly seen journalism generated

Some favor project or you know and I’m


To see them around return here a peek at the Ryman traffic


This took them a good thing I did a rodeo rodeo and on the level you have a partner


Reckons arriving on true art the sixteen

Some of the to forty completely broken up

Agency and then once they’re all Denison then I was there all Dennison up there

See Eric in Ronnie how he’s waiting outside where black leggings paying their

City’s assistance to get our property called to him at night two three ninety two thirty but when you cover even with the quiet for many tools of a yes a seven hour training here in this

Party sixteen

I’ve even given I am holding to one is the

Free system just book bag and another one is a parking violation of its can and hoping that you never answer he did he said he was in traffic for thank you it’s going to be thirty four nineteen West forty nine three four one nine west four nine call I want you to check for a backpack next to the light pole she said a suspicious male writing a female bike dropped it off and then blew a kiss after you think that’s pretty suspicious no description of the male no direction to travel it’s a three and is nine to three to ninety to thirty two for her eighteen droids walk her to

Ninety or the reason for for a report


Three years and fourteen for a code to alarm and size zero in

Thirty seconds answer to

That I’m fourteen

And I’m thirteen I thought I was out for fourteen and fourteen is going to be thirty three sixteen what thirty seconds three three one six one thirty second at the Revere residence

This insecurity is calling any front door motion it’s do you get is ninety two thirty six ninety two thirty

And Barney Frank there are any fourteen same eleven David

And David think

A violent game and a lot of fifteen and sixteen I’ll have to appeal and they win a lot and Alfie following up on a couple missing how you’re bored of in

The morning one hole to to kill the theory twenty one

For every team that lives it’s OK I get a cold one and he’s one for three therefore

The morning it’s going to be forty to eighty five what thirtieth forty two eighty five one thirty S. Mrs Norton went to check for a car that is I Jack the white Acura been there isn’t Sunday that is closer to the two broad view it does for Kate is nine to one for ninety two fourteen

Only so

You know where it is there’s an space where she’s a report dearie yes between three AM radio

Three to six OK we’re going to meet

The wrong number accident working for you after that point three They still say that a think they did a

Three out of twelve that a call to prayer you estimate location

Fulton Apolo well for George Frank John want two three three full and imperil fourth in a poll here equipped for a twenty four hitter can win anything as a voice in Omaha that

Having to do a missionary having a twenty five degree of hair

Barney fourteen Barney seventeen that even a woman

David thirty three and they will ever have a male for their

They were thirteen will be I’m not three nothing to worry

Right now after going to check OK And we also confer comfort with the home or you have a cold one yes or three five two three is one four three three five two three yes one four three at a rooming house there a Timothy Glover states she was threatened

By a female with a knife she’s on scene and Angela green black female and shovel the car

Was all I have to travel to see now so they’re calling on each other over approaches

To night because for me to nine inches just one of those I’m enough

To just

Sixteen a twenty six

And I think there are things going from

Work on a warder underground if we agree they’re blocking that need to be moved or taking our work

Rocky had a twenty seven some apple I number in Arthur had a president of the or her front to be avoided a part of it is there a little bit there is the advise that serious you all wrong all right thirty well we haven’t

Three missing persons

Right twenty seven

Charlie Oakridge and David twelve’s in the office

Your zero zero one six five three eighty seven eleven I

Drove there to a Chrysler turn toward Ford ordering taller I have the last six seven zero six six P.M. that get anything going and let me try something or enjoy the three hundred eight twenty four hours or so when I see my Charlie thirty going to

See what I


Write vertigo

That’s the first nine one seven five for Charlie where I’m sitting the radio he also runs a popular

Thing a couple where the

One to five point three So I go one to five when three so I go

They think

They want five use you just fine for seven disappear for seven Syria check for a suspect still of auto say yes over Mr B. the two thousand and seven faces man

They were thirty nine had a hall earlier forty third spear ear and without a hawk a female face that the suspects are all that did to his skin and excellence as a sign that now I want seven seven was this location for the suspect’s auto foursomes a few this of over the aisle they hit their hard hit they thirty nine a loophole three point nine two four six thank you for a six and then also exporting sixty seven he’s full of our one four six seven he’s full of our

Seats in Asia they’re for missing her silver two thousand and seven is a D.C. That’s entail

It has a tenet Rear Window poll four and ninety two zero nine says is a thirty day missing template are missing vehicle or both involving the tenth

If you have a why now or blackmail because they were going to go at last Yeah I will face

A wanker or I think well through video or similar they’re

Sustainable two thousand and seven you call it seven seven and you claim that a male brain industry moving in S. is not a fact because they can’t ninety six one ninety five for check out the west on your fourth and Westron six three seven hundred thirty two for the second third District race to Channel four their dishes in different communities you have a co-op in the four zero one actually roughly share here with in Stoke one of our area I think I had one a while ago but it got cancelled and they’re going to the district OK very different to Perth thanks thanks or if there is very well for Radio one or for

Her for her Iran and your young sisters are I’m sure

That number one Frank Frank thought one very long

Made me wonder if there are one

That has all the

One up there


Dessert Jeff an exact location for an I.C. I closed it all while ago let me try to perfect

The thing that a lot of radio done

But is are off the court if you need twenty three B.

Thank you for one Frank Adam Frank call one three call zero

One seven if you want to be one

Of the seven Why don’t you think very


And that’s what it was was it got canceled because our our team it was sending someone out there that’s why we didn’t go

After the president I mean cracking the needle I think this seven Q one one you want to watch ray vision one that played against George Young and six three seven Joe Richard you know

I think the self you know if you’re hot I want to figure out real fighters individuals send them out of as well

As here

Who are

Earning earners who are really the two year old being rear suspended who are

Seeing their exams and any

Other ones who are

OK record

Highs encounter the similar just place in the all rush around and that’s a troubling

Name It’s nice

To have that you know you can

Be a very

Tired and weary Bernie Henry Gene forty nine

Thirty but I’m actually not a very very careful I mean are several writers who have an M five zero grand to do seven five zero grand at the same co

Car all power lines are cut to the building a new report access a building off of Buckeye there that’s code for kidnapping two to nothing thank you to knowing and for your

List the civil one to force seven seven one to force in the field over there yes or there’s some vehicles parked in the field not supposed to be like mercury any more room stable I guess it’s you that live in the area that used that in the field as a parking

Spot for he had one two four seven one two four seven if you recall from a little back I just told them that they were

Out into parts of Iraq

And they got a whole bunch of tiny red lighters car crawling all over his garbage is garbage man

For that reason right there and a thirty nine Charlie horse you know idea

Of parking that the whole somehow if you really are

A forty foot the last moment was when we went in Edward

Henry ninety seven one

Happy Happy out here with it or I don’t always won I have the party car count on it I will have enjoyed driving to court and then my partner is going back until you get training at ninety

Eight forty

Your thing that some authority on here

Will make it sixteen nine through seven to ninety seven through

You’re welcome says forty one

Forty two you also think you can be fifty seven twenty two IRA five seventy two IRA It’s the blue house third party collars think there’s a white female screaming for help she had a white yes or no other description and she’s about fifty five years old

Said she running in and out of this house from her son who is thirty five years old no description of him

So one can’t is ninety six ninety six


There are any three this program editor running at right now

Charlie twelve or here in fair in the works and two hours when I got the authority to rush hour back in a trap because of the sore way oh sorry and I says it says thank you six given it’s

It was nine to six

Right ninety six to

Eight forty three thank you twelve

I’m not trying to bargain you shouldn’t have a channel the usual guy feeling after rush hour I thought about that once I was going out and I

Saw it that way after that

Three seventy Radio an M.V.A. and I believe fourteen if

You have an M.B.A.

Just before very often I notice you have a three car what are you going to occur

But I change information here and so on arguing that it is thirty PSI Philip Hammond in the mammas fifty five years old

Trying to get their social for you

To seventy to fourteen just for your information are usually for downtown no have a downtown the troll you might request for that

I think that OK happy day

Two of those are for the service of your wife your ready or ever call from our

Good morning for you for what I want and I I mean a character national history

You know twenty six was a very

Short Well they’ve been married

Forty six

If you have wanted to let me know and all who are that way although there’s a car I’m not sure who it is but I can’t see you know what it is fifteen years checking

Surely there generator so we starting

Over here twenty one hundred the family and for her propre Luxor for a forty seven

OK this has been moved up the way the record there are changes from Asia and they’re all drive all advise into the district so I meant to complete my badge of six five six nine to say you know that a forty seven that’s kind of a forty seven ECK it was going to be nine is seven six and two seven say that around Iraq a forty eight thirty six twenty

Six of a

Car with a number seven two shoes arrow is on it and showing the

Happening for you thank you if you think it is they want

Vehicle are enough for seven superior You cannot run and advise on Edward four nine seven seven one zero brake

The apron and I am also in the reference the other CAD that you gave us G T M P P call her and just verify make a model the you of the mid fifty’s use reporting as well

Door of this home and pried open

The Riyadh he’s either ease up on the driveways of that deal let alone the neighbor they parked as opposed to look like someone saying their own vehicle says and they had a nine to six for and then a one for your left one one six three hundred forty are one one the a very

He once was a really a U.S. bull market received Sokol both far of line isn’t as of seven a black males as Robin was or that city the black in is as others though are refusing to move because the RE and again in the mind says that they are twelve Radionics exactly one of been run

From her

Lack of an advantage there’s a new cover that uses have a one as a that’s in the

Know If one for three I think the even for nine two seven four and then also while your phonetic area could just as check two one four zero west one hundred first twenty one for he was under for three

That’s right that there is a garbage can and a couple of your problems in the street if you could just advise me I think if the shrieks over to check it out if necessary it’s temporary event nine through four four zero so I think

It’s one of the guys

Were to remark Kareen I want more from

You act you are you a clip

I think I think I have your can when you need it

We have a deal you help out a great thank you juju true having this review at a fifty two the car while it is there we don’t hurry up as one of these unlucky set

That is nine eight three

The scene is that

In a no parking area a light blue Toyota and it can color Chevy Cruze are on scene trying to do repair work and gas lines there on a video because of these vehicles it’s a three and is nine two six five ninety six five

Even loving dropping a thirty three

In Iraq I have a personal

Issue with a missing person and if you can carry put you under rank two eight five eight three five badges seventeen terminal two a

Very very seventeen

One seven farewell to a thank you the morning

When you know if you’re aware but twenty six eight hundred twenty two really stupid arrows for

Over the radio reporting that how did this cause

A couple different ways initially the HE Oh sure call that saying the child’s father locked her of the house and then YES called saying thirty six year old female assaulted they go insane

Telling her house I said we can’t do that that’s for us we’re going after a shoulder for the city for most she wants to stay for the fall so the days that somebody has her from previous

To do back in all of a Together they call that they

Relocated all of the three Arsenal

David seventeen from falls on seven that’s probably seventeen to the area ninety to six Think tanks are seeing the same thing guys are

Yeah I was Blacktown by a citizen she said May nineteenth or twentieth the address of three five eight nine East seventy five was hers on

Firearms she had retained out and made a report but she never had an incident number if you look that up for me so I can give it to her

Who is a very or conferred with the search for females do

Well you Jill as you are reading me

If you’re the area we’re complete with the less

Well than twenty eight of the nine I have another for you

You must number three and gave the new one those narking and there was no evidence and you don’t hear one all seem very very handsome here when yes you

Are proving that we were when they that like that about

The pulses and it had as nine two seven zero they were

Little her and I am not find out

The mess they can make

For a very address of OS seven five in your engine maybe didn’t use the exact address

After going on a none of those in the military and I’m

Very pleased

With her baking the forty five zero one one hundred eighteen St Cyr Christine land on this site had a male by the name of Devon do again as her try throwing rocks at her house and I’m standing around her car she doesn’t take that she has a protection order against them any previously violated it though on five twenty nine as well is zero white male white tennis stance white show

Special show after ninety seven he gives me five to five A three eighty four he M. It is very cold through event nine through H. and that’s a nice way to

Sign up to the beta berth five five before that ever

I don’t roll over

Five twelve

Three radio

Three or from wrong been through term earlier zero nine zero two but if it’s being rude you’re sure you don’t see any I think piece there if you ignored it there’s a

Little Bit going to

The military terms used up at value now

Or are going to try to put over easily be a right not a first name of Asia let’s

Show it I’m sorry how do you suppose the kids first thing get read know where I’m going we need a nation is grateful parking lot about ten minutes fifteen or whatever you guys get there OK sounds good we think you

Turning on the Nordic you know what are you going to go sixteen zero five and they said everything now for half an hour they’re going three he seventy five and I’m seeing it all ten or eleven year old juvenile are V.C. of the it was fifteen for a knowing seven one five four eight million seven thank you very much seventy two for King Barney

Open estimated location and I will walk

To it ninety nine one thanks to that one can handle six for Adam twenty one

For Adam twenty one and for Barney twenty one both of those as that it

Will Fail information on you

Oh yeah but who are I want to hear a

Radio Guinness was just three and six eleven Adam now can you handle a accident and involving a model for

Two cranks and involving a semi truck and its law issues the Subaru health three Canton anxious


Checking OK code what he’s Christian code joining forces have been very very rough for monitor cardio you feel right now to wait for that your code two three six five two East four seven three six five two East four seven they reach your Garnet she is a school parents are with

She get a text from a sixth grader making sure federal threats you’d like is the check on the

Teenager that these games are using interchange of the Lucy date of birth twelve seventeen of zero for no one to answer in the house to go to good thing to seventy nine to seventy

No no no

It was brought in like remove oversized mobile homes result

Right each night then Bolivar from I think those mobile homes might be going into that parking lot for the for the event I mean for the final they’re going to set it up for the final

Here my closest guy

It is going to be fourth general am I going to be forty three all farfel then for three or four Fulton

Needs to make a report for his garage be in broken into

Three and a ninety seven nine ninety seven one

Thousand nine hundred seventy the height


The what can I get my latitude and longitude numbers

Going to be four one two eight two five eight two negative eight one four two two year zero three four that we thank you you’re welcome

Use one for three just dispatch for

Eleven to a juvenile that was fighting suicide party fifteen for way with a house broken into and everyone else’s one man’s not allowed

Three hundred one he didn’t go back on those

He said you know are more on that one either check on that one and

Check and it is hard to see that only because you take a leg off and then all that warning the dog like or the dog I was it does help Yes And I want to hear of calls from one of those no one activated phones so I can call him back three four five he says the four five am I says I sent him out of the window and I want to open all of the end of the loop for Nick state in our driveway all want and I says nine seven nine is nine seven are not unknown so I want to Saturn at

Three four five

Office detail and Charlie fourteen is the property car be on that charge sixteen they’re doing a business cruel damaging report at the district and the V.A. team currently has two codes for reports they responded already or they have them on your list defeating currently two some five zero grand they are there right no diff between radio or finishing up here that’s why you for having any and that be great and if you guys need something you can probably take it for the second part for thank you good for after you and you can

Do on may vary and then go out that

You can do to address tooth and I want to know how drugs are

Party eleven for up to three

Five Juhi forty seven straight are eleven catches No fourteen

Thirteen that there were no ONE way to fix things you know six Indiana estimated six Thanks Joe six Indiana so I want her to get over and check there that I think we got a call like that yesterday double check

I actually got two calls from it

Already there about yesterday and the SO I believe it was value to

The right

This is this

Is this is

What the

You know we got this part of it

We’re following that this


The one

Who was one of

Those who was

On the

Very very long list

Thank the sagacious Jay return of They’ve been able

Nine eleven already

Nine sixteen and it was only an eleven because he was sort of on the tape and if any Jarman the second

Was or was going to be Tom’s rebirth eight nine eight to six eight

To four years that thank you the first race for edgy I’m very firm one zero two zero zero one champion shivery that’s what I’ll show you one chair if you can change roles she strikes her vehicle was taken some time between last night and this morning it has a two thousand section traction Grand Caravan

That’s why disfigures Frank Yes surely Lincoln five three one six screws me her very of course also a light blue in color

If you have not yet been impounded protocol for event nine one six four that’s one one six for

The hot under the Second we take a look at this you know I don’t have to hold you up on that one for cold true that just gave me an for pedestrians draw the Mehlis I want twenty eight twenty seven mm of rain that’s one sure way through seven of rain he sees crime and he was hit by an R.T.A. bus number twenty two he stated that the bus ever go in

Is right Miss Advair road they are or either didn’t have there are there’s also refusing in their R.V. is notified or very notified as it’s right and there’s also a right to them refuse V.M.S. the signals through

If in my three zero eight that’s ninety three or a three car about twenty minutes ago yes seventy to twelve down on it and I need to ease that the last twenty first accent he called out and thirty eight minutes ago either with him now yet and I can find out he does answered lat long radio T. seventy two thousand general today seventy details

Were a lot of

Your were going to mail

Me forty forty

Four forty five years old a horrible for certain

Car recorders want to remember some more general

I kept working for today we just received a call from a person everyone thirty six zero two Clifford That’s one thirty six zero two preferred for a white male out front that fast going

For the caller to call the presenting someone trying to kill are

They also state that he has blood on his sure they’re not sure what happened so warm when he took off was found from that Clifford location it sounds like to maybe the same man in connection with the Emery run not one hundred percent sure I was going to call you back and forth either by no injuries reported on scene one citation issued on the whole the report for now I have a nine twenty but this current reference just affected this month twenty three

Negative in favor of a couple of

The stink I just shake your evening for he warned the critics you know it was for initial Jones I got me you know Charlie sixteen I apologize Leeds went down for maintenance happy baby exist she’s got something


I thought you were talking we have he called back

For that long

You know only one car and we call voicemail


Eating right for one for three there’s no calls on a night that incident occurred a couple days ago he has a report for that

He’s been advised to the prosecutor’s office

Machine had a wart on not nine but more fragile will not pick up for a

Show this temporary is just that and he

Is going to be relocating for today

I’ve got the alarms and I want to even stack more of your OK with the loss but even with our protocols to move there he was up for a cause they’re not life threatening code two they can be stacked alarms and they were ones over

Well if

You think the one second rate of party drifting for info to have them come primary just for I’m sorry what was a street fair enough all right Also I have no way I could be any twenty four at a meeting to give you a quick rundown of what my five alarms what I got is one three five in Union thirty if an edge word

Knowing Claassen six two one zero fleet and one three four one two part right which one do you want to take it or close to thank goodness the three that are not in flight acknowledge first

I’m sorry I don’t know exactly which hundred villages and here’s part Lac I think you have provided an Ashwood and or the O. us but not quite often I have that for very eleven when they’re done Union Ashwood in part but yeah I think you said thirty that ash would but that’s not my thing or you mean one third you have asked what maybe three zero one three actually between replay and solving and

Just give us a free for your last

Thirty seven online life thirty nine three seven zero nine west three knowing Mr Stone is how an eventual caller can actually neighbor issues if they are parked in his vehicle too close to the drive then

It just three has nine to nine hundred ninety nine

Nine hundred eighty six Sorry just reviewing

Because certain

Was complete over there make them ill you live about one fifteen as a peer would certainly prefer it within the business on evolves over a year but also check with radio general service

If the vehicle was told I need you look up R M S Let me get another one for the ninety eight poll ninety one four ninety eight zero nine and give me a brief amount of the what that is in connection with that

Money then there’s a reason

That I haven’t read a choice of things trusting that

You know I was able to run that social in large numbers if I had their hearing ten yes or would they never and her address

I did a Brit I got nine thirteen of sixty five and I just I had four is twelve thousand jigger bowl of art unknown if that’s current with lead down I can’t verify that sonnet at the height weight as well and I

Doesn’t have anything to fit insulin they did a report I think you are a very you

Have been

Force of and where your preferred father here in a response the child could find

A father was very unhappy that it was third party information and for a lot of our system for every report there was a foreign result we didn’t even enter

A loving copy thankfully Knowing David eighteen having

Thankfully knowing and that Senator what do you know this is connection with

George Nicks George three one eight four all I need is the year and the name of the owner a mattress didn’t issued one vehicle

Nine twenty nine there were no marks they took what Ben and vehicle

Terms of misinform

Staffing are including a

Very very tiny two thirds do not only


Normally they’re out yet many media short of banks but here in front of her when you were there there’s a bag already missing all here because

There we don’t have any meters for there but we got tags for the meter what factored out

And that’s what I meant

Everything they’ve been there for


But it was nine point zero eight hundred walk I want to

Thank her face after today or visiting this


For fifteen eighteen years certainly

Another current puzzle to me and probably

Then you have two females involved another one says you know a restraining order somewhere I was nicer and it was OK

I’m a thirty six think where supposedly the females were all wrong was nice somewhere the man at any level did you have any

Radio on any car actresses I ninety six fifty three six Frank clear


Sixteen ready for a C.V. a massive waited in the Mayo Clinic your warning before complete Ocean say I’m right

Here and go see for copy Thank you

For the radio

Reporting that they are like gone are you sure this is about patients dogs run a walk half warmer than

You are and who had a real fucking problem I’ll let you know

I got one five four in Harvard OK might be one of the friends I’ve had a rock through that area as well we notified channels

To people target

Try to tack caller a Lucius Weaver to say one was a white to poet no one was a brown and white pit bull OK

To me being admitting show is arriving at one tree for one part what

Part let ninety four Archy is in route to the right

Like you and I thirty four over Thanks

Charlie for generating

More I’ve been through twenty one I think

While insisting on radio more that I know of his example of

Going to one seven

The next it would nice if you want them and want that we fill in the area and that address to apartment building might ever vote


FINK having won thirty six that are going to go to the top I think we’re going to ready but one three seven zero five coast one three seven zero five code vacant house and the sniffles that is open to activate your house you can check it out unknown if anyone is inside of it photo cared nothing three one seven one three one seven

Have a radio be


Very with Dominion think that there’s Do vehicles parked in a no parking area a likely toilet and it can color Chevy it’s pretty riveting Dominion from Dawn work and the gas lines it’s just three and ninety six five ninety six ninety

Nine thirty seven My eyes are

Jelly for thing we also have a oh I see district to say the digits I’m from the oh I see you’re over where you want but you haven’t


I think

If they’re going real it would

Have started you know Radio seven conferred with four I you know seventy seven we’re going to be assisting them in the area of thirty to fifty was ninety nine

Checking for missing persons if you chose or credible quota was retreads and

Cartels right no radio Suzanne searching

Posts at home or

Having one thirty and

Thirty million

Dollars However last one hundred seventeen disable the occult The hood was opened up on a sixteen year old driver and he says call hysterical i v West last one seventeen OK for that and Henry Charlie a three two zero two thousand and eight for silver expires six one seventeen this to Aaron at war ten twelve process that

Just we have a location in which all I get you for your bike patrol going to be in is under six different area but one for you

For drawing nearer her

Thanks NASS forty doesn’t allow me as plus fifty one nine nine one two six one eight nine nine thou thiers was assigned more as well and you say that as of this members are fighting I’m sorry correction the neighbors out there they are fighting as they also have small shows and there is none other name the one that is nine three one five bridge over

Nine forty one

The radio read back to

George Michael

For a union he wants to make a report he’s living in the lobby of aides here nine forty one

Kind of talking to Celtic on the radio on their channel right now Sergei’s I get

What a lot of them right now are calling now David fifteen

One vehicle and we’re going to route to the station sheik with the owner of the vehicle you know as the universe is ten eight zero thirty seven

Zero zero zero license number all Victor ninety five three hundred ninety three zero Jackie thank you Laurie

They’re doing every three for that same six through it all have six we got three and have George fourteen George sixteen and George seventeen

Over one hundred cars of the P.P.O.

George fourteen got run of referred to properly you know version or complete and short seventeen is going to be your measuring first cover to cover for George is fourteen sixteen or seventeen one man’s public view nine forty three George Queen one reef right three a German

Union I think forty four and it was off this door in office motions

Where you got maybe a

Reckoning on anything in a mobile device thank God we’re down we’re down of connection with this

Body are there to see different earth referee you’re in a

Residential arm six knowing your name Claassen fifteen I don’t think Lawson at the or

Wreaths or sitars resists I should say so out of all of her alarm code too good night to eat knowing nothing to knowing in six to one zero flee six two one zero flee at the Cleveland treatment center our alarm showing friend side door motions SCOTU thank you ninety five thousand to ninety five Marcia Mary I had armed robber thing you know Henry Adams last name again yesterday Adams


Zero And Robert Frank three four one four six the

KING And your own heart president ocean where you don’t weigh him one seven zero eight one but only one more coat to N.B.A. kinsmen and then OK But they’re saying one of them is intoxicated to me only be relevant to me and well you or I have next one is that working out for one but I copy that it is time for the seven

Business radios so it’s sixteen match for any cards that the breakaway to refine the four eight eight zero Rocky River four eight eight zero Rocky River we’re getting a report that the Mayor thank you I thank him was just dropped a gun point says Nick let me know Jack if the right thing as well to take the hand of all right out of the gas station it’s a coal mine in the car that is a part of fear for eighty roll Rocky River OK corrected the address maybe for four eight zero Rocky River there’s We’re also getting a hold of a large make Gabriel’s marathon

In there

All right

The fig leaf popped back up I got in so I had a

Hearing to know you’re ready

To date of birth Mary in thirteen of sixty five which makes your fifty one from three zero eight grove right and Club of Cleveland she’s five three one seventy five right over green

Arrow and Roberts am one five six nine five eight

Do is address a marker

Three zero eight grove right hand club

Thank you

That jacket right pants and a khaki hand when he took off out of their station he made a right turn and we’re not sure if he was on for he had a car waiting you can see Johnny at that location it’s a cold wind event ninety three three zero that’s one three three zero and it is hard to resist sixty

One Frank Frank Paul one three Car Zero way away zero one seven zero one A line


One hundred four as a sensor Mariner

Who is involved two cars did seventeen table cars a Chrysler and a Ford

Guy John states other guys might be something Charlie put in there in the head for for

Another ten or through another report


Once they got Adam eighteen dangling over lives I think that had me seen a party of five and they’re all doing a whole bunch of our runs at seventeen David eighteen there go with that one it will attack on a nine hundred eleven for

Party fifteen and out of you think party fifteen is

I have to go back to district confer with the I.C. and have sixteen is checking code to vacate house and coast for it every year

Since when and I’m OK right in front of the C.V.S. right Mark if they’re close build that

They actually hurt with their life either

Scenario Thank you those numbers will just take thing seventy that’s for sure a three Rocky River that the marathon station just a job that was just short of the gun point just that black males late twenty’s early thirty’s heavy B.-O. tall and Asian had wrecked jacket black pants was some type of design possibly pajama pants took off torch for me go on for seven hours done call one is it nine three three zero printer or American three

Shampoo thirty

Three Did you copy the rhyme robbery attempt

Here’s a bit of it up there OK Thank you Richard now I’m fifty three they are going

To give you an attitude not a job for any

Aspect of it

But I suspect

They diminish answer a three seven three you can probably open at Area view of the storage of somebody at the

Maritime you Rob in an interest right now interest before you also took off and enforce Flamingo

Thank You Notes thank you and I’m fifty four seventy three

Yours may be renewed female she’s going to go in trying to match her own cheater self

There Anybody get in touch with the female Her name is Norman Mitchell They want you to check and make sure she’s OK It’s you can’t is nine three three four nine three three far can they go for

Nine fifty five

On the radio

This female your research was now in the

Rate of three and fifteen for a case we

Won the prize for having nine seven zero six three one nine computation

And radios he

Had a war over

From a living there are a few called War I have a nine to five Thank you Robert they have and I think

Finishing a can you break away for a cold one for play for an hour X. three two a day force under twenty a very easy and tell you were please remember still with us male with fourteen OK if he’s a cure or because you’re only a very tall car but a regular just on the Metro Radio very far I’ve got a cold one for a second or three to eight a question to Twenty eighth street

And super to get a couple cars going over to that are definition robbery and of the suspects already where the thing in

The seven one car go beneath the grim


Seventeen open four of her ordering with her old and her thirteen going to natural look at over her shoulder going to going to Fairview No OK after that report and the images are going here I would just get them in there is

One of the numbers for things that are I would remember in a follow up order

As far and I mean probably on film you guys are OK

Or OK I can’t be that seven going to do all that you know I just flush one hundred twenty

I don’t know it probably I know whatever’s available there I’m not I’m almost that rock you’re ever write now OK that seven saying can you hold up on a surface thing on Rocky River the Texas for once or they seem to arrive nine fifty eight

Whatever you want Yeah I have the day we want this one if you going on here it is nine fifty eight if you can see dark to three to eight eight was under twenty a street that’s three to eight interaction West runs away and you’re going to see him that he has two people locked in of their rule me as no I didn’t have a get into the house

No disruptions and as a yank you can see him it’s a cold one isn’t right three three nine nine three three nine morning six three

Very thick seam

Thank you notify universe

We have their white drawing rank X. rays Sam five six six four in the back parking lot

Where there is R O B Yeah the ocean or Rob Union ocean

This one is going to check OK as well and you can show us arriving on ASH what you had ninety two eighty six

The year I was accidental Now if you think I

Have thirteen the

Same thirty

Ask accidents isn’t it OK’s escalating they said the guy they were still college stated the other person was threatening but it sounds like the younger guy is here calling me in that used those windows

There’s other guys threatening him though and that guy has the other car blocked and I thought for part of fifteen British party one five foreigners within a set of district I got a priority M.V.A.

The foreign to her are you know this is from a report only be a couple more minutes I think they’ve got to be a greater threat not a very strictly complete

Part of a single number of us will control their pitching good copy for all that right can fit in them OK by the C.B.S. incident and I’m OK for the C.B.S. to carry a V.A. black Chrysler in a black Ford sings escalating of it I think the other one is something that the caller

Is in his car

Knows rolled because that other guy’s writing him so to get going three to one three to one

In the head of one

Showing but he also runs with leads on the empty table

Yes yes

Heads up we were just told this leads us to your out of CLE doing maintenance right now just for rate even for radio to get off again

OK Thank you

So much

And we need more openness to work as usual and if you want a place for

It done I thought oh and union Nick eight hundred seventy eight George seventeen

Carol three four three ninety two lane or Selma

They see something and thank you once all over the money

It has them in arms really hard on the Colonies I’m going on as a harsh sentences believe and a friend

Says and it had as mine

Two or three OK no last minute then seven one four five six

Yes they had to interrupt fifty six terminal two eight four I’m sorry I didn’t get that terminal

Two waiting for

Welcome four throws as you and I will

Were on the back of many other transporting the female Lugar one of us in order for

The ninety six out of ninety nine and you’re in the back of the medical having read except having how far three fourths of the opposition are sort of for mercy

And off I

Mean right and I mean she can foretell he’s going to leave and we’ll meet him over I know what is it one five three and give me some phone yeah

Yeah copy that I was updating the cables on the Carol channel

That address someone five

Right on the quote a while from you know Harvard I’m sorry I got you radios going at once you said one five three and Lotus are right on the corner one five three however OK if you’re fourteen I was listening to the carol truck actually going to try to get other chart out there as well OK

So we started really accidents like you

Called a kitchen knife they should be able right of a hole in their driver shares

OK Jenna one of the kennel check on the Airbus whichever one it is really where we’re off air we thought wherever it wants to are right now

And proper already know it

Now K.S.R. you know I did do that somebody wanted three hundred second event at the district partial report complete

Burning in route to a one three seven one one Harvard for that report about the

Ten o eight

You’re welcome to IN A WAY forty fourth is a VERY have to know way you want to want to


The firm they hire them and that was

OK they will truckle off their already we just finished verifying information for the truck gentleman

Shoreside and route the one five three in Harvard to confer with kind of an assist that’s our supervisor with those dogs

For one five three Harvard you can you can think three one four one three one four got it

To one I didn’t rate David really wanted it was all her one price remark

I mean route I don’t see any way you know sixteen got in they said I number one three seventy mark that

The House at the cave but room door

You know Michael what up he like and

We also take another house if they

Were you to say my number four

Zero five and thirteen Do they both mean board ups

I put him on the board of list of thank you for O’BRIEN

So up here for they will have him for me have to be telling me I must go home of the hospital I get to put on fact thirteen you mean remember Charlie thirteen he said Why seventy four thousand pair of my seventy fourth and pair it’s a white Acura close to Qantas nine three zero six nine three zero

Ten ten I’m also saying in front of seven seven zero


Truck George Walker to three zero eight three George three zero three zero get a copy Thank you

You’re welcome and are the computer so well

I’m sorry your computers are down if you like to switch to nine they can help

Charlie fourteen I have two for you when you’re writing happy Charlie fourteen go

Hester Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive Hester Avenue Martin Luther King fifty two car damage accident

Hagen is an accident involving a tough like an icky a surrender Hell if the code three the cat is ninety three fifty nine three five zero and the second one is going to be

Twenty two fifteen East one hundred three two two one five one zero zero St and as they can field next door there is a

Car There is a test for a green for a Nissan for a door press and the fight parked there blocking them city workers from the field it’s a house for the cat is nine to eight ninety two

To enter into Gray is

Always number

OK here McCollum but never give you a name and social Can you give me the rest of the info for a male name is Terrelle Gardner social two eight two eight two zero four six three D.O.B. sixty eighty four one F.R. us we love you for

Highway and


Problem with that it

Just makes ninety nine one three seem testy now and then one three Sandusky and jollies calling states

Black males breaking into the house

Is wearing jeans a white T. shirt in the back yard color lives across the street at midnight when two

Suspects possibly around one thousand years old over one cave one three five knowing maybe three five million


They are listed as Or is this morning and while you’re


For me

I kept yet radio given that information well once we find out who she has give Heidi that affirmation like in the site based on the info from our farm I have me

And barn sixteen yeah I guess I just figured her out here

And nothing under pressure when you’re ready to write first name is Catherine Charles and I’m Tom Henry Edward Rob No I don’t Nancy Edward and last name is the lady That’s Barney at Lincoln and I’m the girl yesterday she the date of birth of three or sixty four it’s going to be a fifty three a white female her social three zero zero six six eight nine zero four

Like you know I think

Yeah I guess there’s not then rounders you know on the

No I haven’t even

I got him when he was doing cocaine last night and you know one of you I’m the parent I the prescription then her name

And I don’t know I don’t want they are I don’t want what they do

But I have the names and then you know

OK I’m calling in right now but it’s ten seventeen and some four changes you need deleting thirteen or I do I have thirty was the ferry fourteen going to handle

And thank you it’s an eighteen hour it was

Real and it’s been eighteen

But it was the intended to do it to welcome Mark I think you’re a twenty thousand

Run are right I mean yes and then take them back to personally sitting transport one thirty nine forty five Triscuit two thousand and twelve these I’m going to answer records from which are She’s right our Robert six one four three zero here and if there’s any Euro her previous probably should know just a second they said no if you don’t if you haven’t we were five

Reporter for damage to property how can a just a second and what it just says you’re going to use for it

It is three hundred Riverside Drive we have a post row OK Just a quick second sir some fourteen that is it generally a little voice one fifty two fidgeting sure as it gets here ventilator she requires corrective lenses she has then operating on safe vehicle seven of two thousand and three and OK going to thanks OK you’re welcome connection with nine three six zero stands Wendy yes I’m a survivor

Jacki five knowing what height that’s three seven one seventy five nineteen thirty seven seventeen use five c Donovan he needs assistance to go to six three zero one Kenyan get

Property from his parents’ house but he’s got it T.P.O. so need an escort two three four eight nine three four eight

Four X. what you want

For thirteen that right has like a that’s not the same one from earlier check requests

Like all or no OS X. OK

OK search did twenty one was not really

One of five three one

Thing for us

To enter into animating this alarmist point to check OK out and

We also conferred with the homeowner when he arrived as we were leaving everything Cappy ten twenty to get this one and let me know when you’re writing part of fitting for one of her since going to eight hundred seventy three I sit on ninety three thirty

Thank you surgeon twenty three one five

Of people calling on the each other Michelin brothers roommate refusing to leave making threats and they’re trying to get very members to come there

To Kyoshi a car waiting and then we had an open line with us arguing

Fourteen out of a three were out there about an hour or so ago

T.O.C. caught

It at the guy you know we got there was no cause want to be home there’s not a mess he has another female to row so

I’ll move you up and up only usually amici what we do know a little bit OK

RADIO Well it is just a male refusing to leave it that we were going back on the

Cabin writing rifles are

In twenty four

Earlier was this pregnant female saying that the child’s father had locked or out in the salt of her apartment of

To try to get property but they won’t let

You know what sort of address you need to have an apartment over her

Go to get one three three seventy three thirty seven times ten twenty five with a warning for ten twenty five and if you enter a

High as a ticking

Time or only if you’re on the right you’re ever

Back to one work on this report on one

Take that instant twenty five

Oh well he was this red he parked across the street I copy the check now of cause I can’t even ask him but he just said the white Mercury the maroon Sable that’s in the grass in the field and then some with the red truck

Copy red truck starkness regal even I don’t know what not

Being radio we’re going to be out of the V.A. and one


Ninety six fifteen a two point zero and want to love the other was the stuff in the car you have them draw from water as well probably up there for regular still are your

Personal cost different

Things for you to review

This for then if you know her in phenology show me complete change of the gentleman from the

Resource rich

Information received we have never worked the part in person wants

The district bringing us back raring for a supervisor

Just wait

For the others arguing for one

Of reserving the results of an instance who a woman prime

But with a telephone before that location and is trying to get his money that can it’s appropriately isn’t mine three four four that’s one three four for

Unlimited talk in fact just

Turned twenty nine is here

They still think suppliers are all


One flies radio so one thought on well since

Radio three we are pretty secular therefore we see this leave there was no to five of us thought it was going for with the searching vote on the part of what you want to import parchment roughly zero percent

They were almost back

Thank you

If you want to grow from three

To thirty one and have a call to them

One eight seven East ninth Street eleven eighty seven East ninth Street and open mind voicemail on a

Coattail had just one three six eight ninety three sixty eight

Sixty and a

Sixty five thirty are in

Favor of it already fans are going ahead this is your garden for I want to

Well be part of all of her

Usual love and what with these I

Love an eighty seven East ninth Street one hundred seventy thousand

That others are like you know to have a

And there you

Just over the line every man

Every thought you can disregard and there you

Can very few things are

If there are any or they aren’t harm or

Drug you are in for that introduction here OK you visit it is about thirty two some by the second all who are on hold for work arm they think he’s a sea of fire going to the love in the same day you get called out

So you go first OK are we holding another on connection with this assignment has been at the bank there are I think about one thirteen adjustment

I got enough and I think it’s been OK if you have anything on your porch truck Yoshiro OK crappy port here I’ll check that it’s not

The same fifteen are you responding after

Being on the road so what feel completely Oh Mary

Was like that number

Three one four million three one for the new kid I’m sorry is going three three seven ready for a suitable So what we were talking about the muscle for

The sleaze Well I think eight eighteen here on reality eight one eight here on road at Prospect music scene alarmists howling there is a motion alarm coming from the office and most of us from the friends festival

Till they can’t is nine three seven two ninety three seventy two

You know you’re ninety six twelve and I’m going to get someone else to go with Frank and I’m always from

Well now that was

Funny for the reveal fourteen Voyage Air Well George thirteen going to tell you Beagle I need a jet number one one six zero one fortune tactic that picture on your desk I think

This is in your remarks there who by fourteen copy for assist ten thirty seven for anything previous But that’s saying anything additional I think if you wanted to be great and thank you for your efforts

In thirty eight You’re welcome

Great anything and he and I have an alarm and a lot of pride

For a country and what if you communicate at number four with me in there so we’re here and I am going to him for he to fashion no


And thirty eight that’s what we’re going to eat a lot of energy in another

Sixteen Cold War and how it’s being broken into in Sandusky you are in route to sort of to assist Adam for eighteen

Very alive insisting Mayo to get property with a T.P.O. party fourteen is like a patrol party fifteen deal with that

Two car and be a gentleman and I’m OK that’s a code too but about two one man

David seventeen you know I was doing with that dark day thinking radio I’m ridin I’m on hang out that we’re finished you’re enforce and always the peace I think

They think of the fear sites ten forty the king of call estimated four one five eight seven six four one five eighty seven six and they’re having a call Code two it may three seven zero point three seven zero

One zero zero one of the other one of the

Charlie forging for property car David twelve is the office car Charlie sixteen is

Doing is use a motor vehicle report

From the city who you are one reason a farmer heard you know been

To me has a suspect this is the woman they stated that it’s been out there for over a week that actually belongs to the male their lives have one away the one fortune the cars are great for an escort but the play got hacked in Riyadh and Paul nine zero six

I tried to reach him by phone this if he did move his car but I didn’t get a response it’s a pro for their version nine through one eight the right one I’m still here all fight over there thank you no thank you in forty one OK

If I can pin you up which I sixty so good radio then you give us a head one more timely warning of call one three seven zero make three seven zero

Ten forty do

You got there are a number to our report or our office write off a bill one kind then the final version or Macomo or get a

Copy the fifty seven fourteen when what avenue I thought of and why for it when when began why this calling the thirteen year old the thing by her father if it goes why it can’t have one three seven eight nine three seven eight the nullification for the social worker or zero zero seven are two it four zero zero seven are two like they have a fourteen month old Kevin the queen was treated at the hospital yesterday and taken home but they need him to return

To have

Fractured arm that mother is the cow’s wrong house run and we don’t have a phone number that the last known address which they have may have been a fire at this location so that gave us because the neighbor anyone It’s rather than that the mom calls two candidates night three five three nights or three or four

Phrases that overthrowing the president that I think

They sort of are off one of these things trail as though the thought of everything or OK I’ll take it to see what they feel well Urlacher give off a lot of the further thought that her saying there’s one more comment that Mr property that you have an emergency at this time of wrath would like for me to report there tonight is on signals well nothing really going on I thirty time but it took out three events nine three six two That’s right three six through those sixty the radio or your nerve or if race regime for report female advised they do of blood his for me to get in with ears George with all of your four hundred one I mean if you please hold that list or we leave the room though and we’ll get some information from it after we have all of the view for you

Fourteen hundred press line for a walk and talk then for her

OK Well from Fairview our information regime

Regarding our


Rare the reaction or drug we’re going to hold one report connection prices I mention are sure that no one through six zero section memory

It is such in forty six and a couple times Mr Jones Watson caught on the sign just as that so is

Shoes and just to advise you on an occasion

Was also a saw his father possibly could have some weapons and you know he’s thirty five By that time his verse they the seven sixty five eighty four

Thanks again in forty seven You’re welcome

To get permission to go do lots to pick up property here collision forty seven example I mean on Mars and pressing for the nail that

Fans are inching after reports of pain are not

The only thought of actually going to last the this and forty thousand Got it thank you both have funny haven’t been so

Great a guy with but all but he had another trailer route and I was about as they can I try to cover it though and it is baseball going well at the start of the both rain and they have a permit they should be able to but they haven’t washed out the brain itself

But have brought jurors reiterate here before that the truck before that

If you’re short in short

I was I don’t know I figured out with all

That it’s really a sport it was legal or pro so but they’ve been about

Thirteen and eighty six fifteen and

They want ready don’t join the five hundred vision for I think

When I

Will tell six eight ten fifty you’ll roll in a car that to check is a suspense and starving call for products that I’m not sure where I’m going to what it’s all about


They just love no I don’t altogether the answer fuck the or pay for all the from the five days


The woman

I’m human I’m up for cold ones and twos and I said

Can use the property car for one

Bridge Charlie fourteen but if we’re going to try forging can you assist you know they were involved the M.T.A. at one three a hoarder Oh we had a don’t know I know

Three of the C.S.U. cars George fourteen or sixteen can you assist us with I mean they

Are they just all they get their truck that they gave a caller earlier or they call the force of those

Fifteen a what I call a curse on Frank or the M.T.A. no injuries but two three four ninety three four knowing that we’re going to call come in I’m sorry Well where’s our

Twenty and twenty first

Because some equipment

I’ve got is that the Season three West under sixty five ninety three West and sixty in the coming of the second floor and that music is starving you since you are part of check to

Get back to you man

To try to go yes or no right to try to get the Frank Edwards am seven two three two I am equipped I can copy things in terms of the three

Two three parts of your own going back after that you could run a tag or owner info can be Ohio George next Charlie five to eight nine

A very well you can disregard the owner showed up on the vehicle don’t

Have any for a half accident that’s easy for just so you know we do one other

Person I will be following up on also that that they said five eleven last holiday from Athens in fourteen minutes they’ve been fourteen

Yuma female notified transporting them to Metro and you will arrive there is a baby on board and you have a car seat the mileage is

Free for May all that was laying in the street and just as high

As I was answering a question I want to wait to find I see just the garage J.C. will probably drop off with a lot of e-mail so I think the law

Only knows that if I’m late may have a new dog in jail never showed up though or heard it when they moved the vehicle with a pin the other vehicle has moved my nine one one from Chase Bank thirty hundred eighty ninth Street but I

Think it’s extreme for saying really feel one for real feel than a common sense of the though that as meaning and blocking is

The Slaters George link and the five to nine

The Pro four and it has nine three nine four

Eight being the address of thirteen hundred eighty ninth Street one three zero zero S. and three David fifteen or complete We’re back with this record as vital awareness of Sam

DAVID I think that we can fifty eight who said it was Chase Bank in the fall the longer well

Yes Kate thanking up on the last of them

The lighter the

Record about twenty or forty seconds in twenty to forty short sure

You have to ignore thirteen are out

Of the thing for the

Seventy nine people on a sixteen year old to forty six saying you know what do you have a pariah Boeheim my person from a rival time tunnel for

But if

They can’t for thirty nine hundred eighty nine is ninety three ninety seven ninety three ninety seven and I think I know why I rate it as a very very right thank you but go to church with you just if I you have a group of about ten of the good people in about I want to buy the coffee shop around from that section of a look around here and know when you have

A group of ten or a group of thirty who will ask the big ole one if you and I for a zero zero nine four zero zero zero we could try talking to him I’ll be there in a second OK there are no other don’t know about the camera that I don’t know what we’re planning here but I’m right next home and they’re definitely home and assaulted her

Plate happy eleven Oh why not a plate of George Lincoln Town one one five seven of late George please and pound one one five seven advance across to us Quincy from this location eleven a one and John if you’re doing that are you sure holding nine one six four can I put in of one are you less sergeant in a backlog of one man or seven but

I thank you

To you which one I’m going to give you any other car solicitously and a large group of males fighting in our perspective as a whole all of them as her hold up they’re all running toward a coffee shop or out of her rope about forty this short door that she was raising the suspect there’s no longer on scene but he wants to make a report because he states is all over him being over some money if you just finished a great Ryan

He is waiting in a blue F one fifty you kind of line say and this is the reason for the A short is in ninety three he said

Then one one three seven one and the second if you could put this one on your list it is one of the four or three four one

Three days ago or what are you


Well this was a Jennifer’s not yet I’m still trying to get the vehicle code out here tapping OK I think it’s eleven o three that if you are there to check for loud music glory of forging someone the germ of the never just Number four e criminal damage report your one three six

But what kind of come the other about how many calls

Just the one call the one call came in some forty

Nine eleven all three were

Right over the remark near her by the Good People were different people very her we got everybody out of her war the very thing for her

They were eleven we’ve been through are we to Fairview that’s a fight

That I think and

You have got to get

Behind seven all to them that ninety seven will to them that you know things I know now those trying to live in a window he slid off

Like real life share of that thing on for toy nine three you know for their holidays now one of them artistic area is

Ninety three eighty three nine three

OK Well we copy a lot of the suspects will and then back our OK with all the eleven and

Fourteen already on

What was


Some I want

I’m ready

For info run short Union Barney six six one seven

Seven six and I

In George’s scenario playing I was just that it was the last moment or rather to yes I’m almost there

I just sure you she really ARE YOU tell me that I think you got a request

Are you inviting six six one seven zero seven Chevy station wagon five senses seventeen if you’re really proud one zero four one three year

Your citizens

Center thinking that I’m just answer

Them sixty George fortunate George jumping if people come down to two money area by a Lincoln Park in the the school when they will

Vote for Kerry or morning Senator Levin a light

Into the

Night or zero zero nine four zero zero seven if you twelve to run another thing

Going to be Ohio Georgia yesterday Barney six one one by her you know what right George yesterday Barney six one one

That you have are if I preferred a female of Florida way back in the scripture

She said I would have well people continue to are happy a sexual letter from going check OK would be employee

Seventy two shore you one number so it should be your Jeopardy Barney six one one one

I didn’t have it on I ninety six but if you have any and six of a happy and eleven I

Fancy a three year old I know there are verses and we fill them from show

Charlie top I’ll go with you first first time is going to be three year old for a two way thirtieth thirty forty two West thirty S.

Erroll Jones to play center to report it’s just three kids nine three five five nine three five

And for your list Randall road and bridge Avenue Randall Road Bridge Avenue check for a two car in V.A. champagne color Toyota and a red Ford truck vehicles are not drivable no injuries it’s just three one three eight seven nine three eight seven fifteen

It’s Ayers to twenty eight thing this is the Peterson

Knife or a zero rich roll bar Marilyn

Tiffany height needs to report her purple zero three data caravan stolen but the fate of Henry Barney George three one one six three it goes that John it’s been told it’s a four it is nine three zero nine nine three zero nine and that’s it for now

A lot of intel George Will the radio

Fifteen for

Every You aired a


Everybody off the property for Murphy and they’re all gone for a part of America or will probably make my way up there

At the morning I told them that they had to leave the city property or anybody for medical care but they don’t act

They offer that if they’re walking down fourteen points away from where

The Fool personnel are your fellow you doubt they want to meet because social media they you know to

Not be sick in a jail who

Yes ma’am I was well first of all those old working

To spin these in training copies still Kluivert anybody there are those in the Sicily with Oh yeah I’m so there’s a lot of the same

In that really you want your guard you can get water you’re in and you know your people working

On are the ones

That I’ve run these in the day that Harper thinks someone insists that his tires possible suspect he’s a male missing coming out walking out of his driveway that male wearing jocking pants and a white T. shirt was walking towards If playing call to nine point zero three nine four zero three things to get into a crisis or it was headed toward scampering around

The area via fifty different

We couldn’t find that house or any anything so G.O.I.A. you

Just arriving at nine three seven morning visiting fifteen

One sixty three zero three R K one sixty three zero three she gave it an excellent landlord trouble

Free can’t night for one five ninety four fifty

Seven six thing and Justin

You know this is George Williams think ever it was a little

That’s saying a child but one three seven six five one two one is that you

For tourism generated a plant to measure we’re not a tree for three junior doctors just leave them drop very In Syria there are other reports many news media Hester

Right it’s a two thousand and seventeen G.M.C. stage white in white collar firefight sporting a thing high honor the last thing Mary Adams Charlie King owes investor now and I’m going through a two year old six was will I have you know receipt height

So much I mean if you’re going to have one hundred tunes in the rain under tents in the rain at the Burger King but that’s about I say that there’s a female white female in of the next several Rado with a plate of her frank X. ray Henry nine zero eight four

She’s possibly oving on something you say she’s in the Arnold trusting in turning and states that she is in no condition to drive and he just gave a description as a wife and on that black Silverado with a license but the case right out of date essentially for the actually into the tackle Vale where she was next to that location and she was sitting smoking something the fifth jacket it’s a pro true event ninety four eleven one for one one

Thing for Jane it’s eleven one thing

I for nine East there five five they’re both two and I for one seven not for one seventy three that they have again

There’s no need for a white feather high security alarm coming from the first floor door is the number nine for one a ninety four eighteen remember Grant I remember

OK Kathy also he does advise her the lethal terrorist phrase


OK tapi radio

Twenty grab the

George thirteen it George

But twenty more kids here

For Floyd they’re gone for the party are on the America oh

By the good people hope will just keep rocking the start where they came out of heart the web is a very real Levantine know for sure that the V. who he gave me in Evansville in one and also at one forty thirteen wrestling one four zero one three ring to sit still a white infinity and only hope for ninety three ninety two ninety three ninety two the incident in the radio we completed a certain kind of were open my P.P.O. needs always ones and stolen cars so if you want to give us one of those we can take it

David eighteen were good and it’s if you want that I find the six or nine done with all years forty to seventy were good for their Radiohead with numbers

One hundred six zero nine of them was zero three ninety three forty one nine three four one so they did something in the his right there’s I don’t think wrecked

In that money so I think they had seventeen for taking that David in the radio that last one you gave us one four zero one three What was that unit

Right salute right would and you have it’s only just part of a minor plant Yeah suspicious mail five hundred forty Geo you throw toward moderately area we can prepare just arriving at seven the gate of the Union to forty or

Eleven twenty

Showing I think you were

Level twenty three

Or fifty Rory powerful

Happy I got water there for I happened

Forty four to scholarly or

Refute what high school regarding right or wrong I’ve ever heard I kept a Ford or something a fortune for three of them think your

Bid was reaction from Asians Greyhound dollars going from day international from a phrase that’s issued a jerk some pain regenerates

Service to

The firm Greyhound last long there is no way to Nashville Tennessee he’s

OK she’s in the terminal insist that you right now the police are en route to try to take her to custody

As you still get all the forms they’ll do the report as usual OK we’re going to

Be Your Last OK Copy Charlie fourteen the radio was a court date assisting this reform

I was wondering if you can give me please the owner information on this point

George Ocean next five to nine five for this record

And they link Peterson from NY four zero row as far Marilyn to one five said no they didn’t in Peter’s and what was that last part trust

In Sam

Thank you that’s got to disregard for Edgewater forty nine ninety three for NY and they are you know if I don’t

Think you

Are going to complete with one three seven one you A U T L Oh OK That means that it’s eleven when you die and just your way to get

Again if you feel you favor Jerry that yeah I stop by for a night if you sit there and watch it here so water

You’re full of I would litters of a very

Rough if you’re only there but it isn’t this is just for a while and it’s very sad last night about to stay with a parent of a cult whole were disturbing you were not the son of them then they raped them he also claims that the crime for Fela was waving a gun around the city three cos of the police a prison time around I’ve been trying to call but if you talk to the sawah listen regardless of a threat it’s a call for this isn’t one three seven one that’s nine three seven I and then also

Excuse me and three a three and Wes one three eight it’s three eight three nine Wes one three eight if you get in the store Roy is that the connection with an action did break in that occurred this morning that they have some damage this awful war isn’t one three eight now that’s right three a guy happy thank you it’s eleven thirty or a thirty year the house where I know the people who are there were there why they’re there there are people there they have reference for I have a

Shrieking every word that’s two three four I think actually Kenya where it’s a recurrent pick for reckon at eleven thirty one since July seventh thirty four was received well but I got it ready

For one two eight zero nine point nine one

Negative eight one three six three

Three point six six of it was evident on here at the receive all as well or all of ours were of ours both vehicles with

Vasile one horn was

Eleven thirty two for that very get one in your tragedies one to one then you know when you’re ready

To wait for to use one two one two three four two East one through on a cold the hearse is calling asking us to notify a next avenue or to call the ring carry juvenile court about her son’s court date tomorrow

Have anything yet he also heard

John is also of the seven say eight to one eight seven one

And of the for aggravating menacing with a can of the hollow violation case number is going to be one five Charlie Robert irony zero one two nine four four it is five thirty of seventeen verified by any ethical or

Is it to do it is nine four one zero nine four one zero the advice he is young caution for and in danger through Barton to approval rating

Eleven thirty three major arguments complete over here to me temperature the firm just remember

We are in the thirty four three one one three three

And a thank you that is

That number internally there’s seventeen terminal to it

Think you could I have some other ones that are pending and I’m alive and it’s going to be an seventy five on seven l’orange seventy five seventeen Loraine you have all the other numbers just because

Ninety four one zero nine four one zero zero three

Thank you eleven thirty five twenty six OK very good

We completed a very weak less or greater response from

Our George six it was about

That twenty six twenty five East fifty to sixty five I

Shell gas station Sam calling in connection with a black male refusing to leave the case leaving and coming back he was and I think the Prakriti I think is wearing white pants white shirt and a large beard

Three He had a ninety four to one ninety four twenty one

A lot of thirty Thanks

For ninety three eighty three we joined the area they were military as a species male but as they once he was it was special because there were three one of

Mental male moving instruction combs out of the high off the highway and on the highway a consultant Parkway

Going usually complete with it or so your

Nerves are in the permanence of the Union nine forty two nine forty two

Eleven thirty seven voice or do or complete with the appropriate references

Eleven thirty eight and when you’re ready when you’re ready if got a couple for you some are just going to try to fifty if you look all the actual or ninety three eleven is the reason we are building

This regard radio OK what should our

Over term report and have the N.C.I.C. form her to disregard the other form it all let’s get the five Grammar Girl the information and then return

But I know for those who are in the Army

There are return of the female vote invited Carol that are a fair way to

I need a kid I worked with there can is ninety four to five ninety four to five in can you give me the owner’s information of the doubt that they attack

Thirty and I just knew the house number last name is Rodriguez it’s not actually has thought it was great unless I told them that they can also be there were actually already said away from vehicle pics medication Arsenal OK but what’s the house number I missed that I got it was less thirty three one six zero West thirtieth I think thank you eleven thirty nine and three a five the second line it’s located at one Fry three one fries green you know roll of one five three one five green yellow rose next door out front of that location if it’s at for a suspected stolen Kia Sorento and there’s a blue one color that’s been there for two weeks and check that is not a single one is

It has a plate or Frank next or two zero nine three and a treasured out of Tama and a razor go for event nine two three three press nine to three and last but not least if you could put one four zero one through Cairo court that’s one forty twelve style décor the sex for a silver toilet are with afraid of George X. ray King for four for four that’s been there for two things

Can’t be OK so far as a call for events nine four zero five nine four zero five there were members


The like twenty old


Oh one pane behind the building there’s a male thing and I think Helen

I want to leave for to these what was a very true fifty radio there were three refer universe the previous the fact that while saying Who car records holds rock to their district why United for

The far all for her record

A radius of

Them fifteen in fifteen and a close to four a vacant house the door kicked in holler said they’re concerned because they’re in a homicide there are a while ago I went back to do thousand and I’m still no priors for a homicide can I make it a three or can I send one of my one million cars that have their probationary officers so they go cold free a FAR year and finally say

I got a thank you this is when I


From her earlier

Forty one one four through is coming to the ceiling and if you train at their doctor for oh I don’t know thank you busy in the Matthew

Two thousand and twelve that some of the plate is yours makes Raleigh five to five A This is the call for in a can of nine for a reason I’ve always wanted to

Do with the House Republican vote the last thing I want to be harsh or her

Color was cold he hurt the curacy church but the few lives supposing that use one to two is a term that Abner

Was a


You mean the phone is going

To be nothing or says here

David Aiken or eight DAVID KING Well there’s coverage really for both or use the motor vehicle for one for one if you see the callers are on call one day visiting voicemail

Go ahead and if

There was a full regime just e-mail survived call back defeated one two ways Radio life way down to just

Four file one four five

Three three of her

OK I’m on about I don’t like OK

You were discouraged him from

Joining our cause

With the still one hundred forty one radio range

The three things I already very soon are

Ready for the name of a word that’s a Latin I can refer to them as Charlie

If you want to thank you you’re welcome eleven forty seven

Point seven five four

Pro level that can last for three seven disregarded

Than forty eight OK Do you know about number of who are

Now you know that shortly

Thereafter come through the field and then we’ll

Thirty of eighty three Social G. seventy eight to one eight seven one hundred it is this Will let’s address

Thirty four year old males sixty five when E.T.S.I. Brown over blue jeans


Very much

Party seventeen radio during the fall receive an advise return of the callers Joey young and I’m fifty six your area

You would know if I supervisor that my chair or battery is depleted that there is a you have a

Dancer gene actually in the genome in your

Copy a fifteen sixteen one five We enforce think Stalin in the car is nice in an hour and it’s going to be our symbol from all crowds when you spares your intake OK we’ll be just chilling around an area I mean you know

I kept me there are fifteen I’m leaving the area one three ninety one fifty two right for George Rick and he starts working that oh well I’m fifty two

I guess I should also calling since you’ve got a crowbar crowbar break out the car windows folks if you had one three nine nine one three nine nine

I’m fifty three and you’re fifteen I just got a date I guess a female now is on scene suspects in a green Saturn color isn’t a burgundy Chevy Trailblazer and that the female is trying to ram her car with a profit in a lifeboat

I say or all five radio want to

Try going from a complete over any forty years we generated G.M.B. report

Before you know when the or

Think you degenerate person you are with your

Best over hear of it they did properly or do we assist for

So many damages

As Ronnie

For what was anything though are very much

A lot more for a couple who have this drill it broke out a window and there are two people power supply

And you have the owner’s name of the property that’s correct that’s my reporting person there are

Various radio be there

Are No you can’t give me a

If you call them A or you will be of here I think you have a number of

Their old zones the four four zero four five four three six zero yes I got it

Radiator fans this thing

I get exposed to for two man female was being assaulted by mail and she crashed her vehicle into a pole male is not and seen the suspect isn’t do you want me to keep it as a two man or can I send even fourteenth as for annoyed two on our

That we do people when they actually make sure the guys run home and our area

I got a radio to and I’m thirteen for doing runs on everything or he’s

Going to be Franklin vilified West sixty seven Franklin and West fifty seven and Franklin probably think there is a male assaulting a female and she crashed into a pole she is in a silver jeep he was a white male crazy hair white or like great Pete bleeding he was last seen walking towards plant in what

Is a close to candid nine four four three nine four four three hundred twenty five

That the brothers were already present

Well to give a couple was free to cover up

These were for these countries eleven fifty eight for you know one of our own on each

Slogan Change laundry around

This is our sleeping B two B. two You’re welcome and I retire early parking for statically originally for sharing Just hundred Americans

Think you know everything I


You very well if you want that for thieves we’re pressing That’s right yes that’s right and thank you was a very Larry OK what did you want for instance yes oh OK well

Back then zero eight two three and zero Ave because of the manager mistake he and I can vary the wording or our spoken at this location and then had a window that broke in ours and then there may have been a contractor in question proof that the murder was poisoned as the case in furtherance formal were the one I brag success when the facts as he said

In the military were going to last for a while working out while found oh OK yeah that then we’ll just add you

Rank three seven one preacher back on air and travel through OK Thank you sir

The billboards and so much of the home the evil time and if you don’t want to waste the vomit by them of the threatened

Knowledge or Corona complaining of over open water in the revolver or

Yes we will check or some but he going to give us their office time there were two zero zero zero zero

One hundred days are not a lot and all is near

That well for a good

And have existing as I you know the five seconds Charlie fisting

But over give me a second you tell me I was toast three feet eight you know

He was eating them for easy for

The report the show is underway in one four zero one three Rock should one

I’m sorry that just back the district knock out this reporting because you can be in the system I tell you go three

Bigger ones or orange three not easy but I think they are very well

Regulated Charlie thirteen for two and two zone Charlie parking that’s coming back to a great two thousand and six need to use T.M. hopefully you they’re all right behind her at

Three and nine fifteen seventeen

I wonder if you could call back for me and let her know that we’re out of

The three eight Lorain Avenue at the Henderson law offices can you notice a bullet lodged in the inside framing of the window it’s a four can’t is ninety four five me nine four five eight please radio

Because no ward for a mob or yeah I’ll take that back all right seven three one zero Broadway seventy three ten Broadway at the marathon

Here is calling Macy I think’s an employee there stay for me always I just rap out front of the suspect for blackmail like complected wearing a great T. shirt jeans looked about eighteen years old suspect have a garden and suspect I see

You know by the alley and Stafford place victim is still outside its code one catering for five nines thank for five million are in the suspect was up by himself and for direct I think at the alley there are staff in place

For traffic

Mary actually predict trouble six

So if you look through the the jail is underneath the bridge East I think they end underneath a bridge that’s very old well it just gave your partner a car of him he very clear copy to thank you friends

Family Do you run a place first

And order your own one one three two five

Franc one for writing and art now twelve point six he having my fifty second Street he dealer plate radio and trial for a

Different I mean very very thin as well and you need a five four nine uprising at the pump

B. and

Seventeen or anything they were running their record and I’m thinking there anyway once you compare with officers of our writer that they’re out of the storm so

There’s no I mean I want to second guess here she is not at home near her find J.D.

Not him and out of her arms or her well he didn’t property OK first thing thirty


You know I’m not I know I was callers home at seven kids right know

Plater scared of the vehicle or descriptions of these people to go to kidnapping for four eight nine four four eight just as up when I read

Information yesterday from that same address we were out earlier for a bunch of girls out there fighting

Because a window got program out

That we covered a hole in the heart area

Twelve eleven how many one hundred

Shows going to a fifty seven thirteen I rest in action with picking up a fuss about an investigation you need it can’t

Right now we’re just pull it out now so I get it from F. we talked to the good

Fall from


Fathers of those U.T.

Part of us well

You know we were kind of here who are an open case no over the warrants that this turn had to take meaning for

One fix this one job fair for two thousand and seven very very rural

County advises

Our truck over

There is a thing if you could put me on that seven nine and saying Claire that word for nine seven four four two I’m equipped


He did really

Well the situation over is going

So well thirty

One I think Carnegie how you got

Looking good there was a lot of the fun is nice while here no more friends from Charlie twelve through you know

Their short ninety three five all four of being before I had the next one I got to go to if you can figure personal I have a tough parting and of thinking I knew her the had

Training for her to meet us at

Sure to mention this female for photos of her facial injuries her partner a white lord on the watch program to get you off the police from now will be five five and right there if I want to build on a four minute

Office thing but when and if you can meet us at Metro

Photos of the female injuries since fifteen I can head over there about that far away OK thanks

Have a good think will reveal how deep your inner.

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