Portland May 25, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

No you want to marry if you want sixteen building simpers Oh we got the correct position and primitive basically on Gladstone though refusers are walking around so they’re just going to take like three officers of the Harlem River for him given that we know he’s right of our

Thing and it can’t be we have anyone to the west taking my right

Village Wolf are over there and I do have a source who was

Very divided very concerned for the military what they’re all going to need because once you guys take over we’re going to back up behind cover of our CROSSFIRE you know there are three officers myself who are going to make her way up there horrifies haven’t I but if I’m going to ninety seven states

In fear of and by they want the for her of a far from the after

Of the information holding family to dispatch to your street Southeast Division Street and tree it doesn’t get still very products and that’s down to why like me only twenty five attend the bills and he’s brought here but very much I think information at a far ninety seven a few years the rule is you know this is you know in fact to

Write you wait is over quantity thank you for thank you sir and I thought for they will want you to want me here they are for you I was going to see this be a fair process they

Who are the primary on preserve all have to serve and you

Are going to read you get some of your job if you Foster thank you Julie for doing it recovered us I’m walking back into

The very woman I am almost at your location because one of them faster and faster I’m going to cry

They are going to prayer go back all three or five video of parameter and that’s all cause I said they did their parent or anything thank you and at the back there are present ninety seven is over the crush but isn’t it with

The suspect you will probably think uniquely that you don’t know or all the finer tech do are ninety seven

Lines of an army of fifty seven boys recovering on an icy pride hole in the play there should be and should be or you will mune one three three of them Boise I thirty seven a good Jew eight to who’s you know to her friends Dr Harry jokingly suspicious to me informally and we just got that will have had a forty five

Nine forty eight we’re going to take her that well first year from me leaving her in a second processor and

Then seven eight do you do it or to seven on Thursday to do them over

And over measurements in areas activated and spell or and she says X. but in a car when those last in East downscale are both male I don’t race start close by sixty three to six who’s with the vehicle the sort of the one seventy OK and make sure it’s not so yet so you don’t know if you have insurance and that’s also if you are hurt you’re part of French cars over there ready for I hear when I thought of a carry guns I care yeah I was going over eighty seven seven for seven again I can’t stand that tough questions were and have their people the guns on our side and telling us they cannot are trying to get better wait for

That and if that is through to public


TESTER we don’t have a lot of information it is reserved for him yet really the level

Three seventy three is if you have a number so you can read in on it now they’re having a first in Davis there he says saying that it’s outside of the shelter we asked the shelter and they said downtown

To film I don’t think emerge from this might not

Have the photos to be back associated with us Sophia all over at three zero Southwest and apartment for the harbor like what were her name here Sophia all of her born in eighty four she’s nothing in the stuff that is outside of things

Her very very her

Own age and not showing any thanks just the transit hopping that’s why

If you farmers no one from a sure that you know in infancy eighty seven

I called Safe and talk to a staff member who said that Sophia and she guesses Actually she said she sees the phrenic probably just want to talk to an officer she’s affairs in her own apartment looks outside and sees things the caller says that the subject is instead of seeing the staff numbers that nobody’s a problem and cite him if you will if

You know of any group of go through or

Or will you give me

Explain a couple of tell this but I’ll figure they can just disconnect from the tax then there were further presence less may be cases via text we can’t transfer her but we will let her know she thing Holland for crisis if you need them

To program at one hundred Bush call for

Five years or so I’ve been on the edge of run three for three five ne I’m OK

Just you know really female they’re confused in a wheel chair

Looking around for someone seven

Seven seventy seven going left over and they had brains and it’s an tells it is very edge there is a nice if there’s a stand then you keep triggering like you want to send then someone only description is a male black hoodie great pants great back because

Seventy seven


Three is your

Brother Everybody was that or just

Thank you for coffee so that you only sparking and not threatening

It is a centrist and forty five police force are very certain that a lot of three seven Good morning and I thirty nine S. or one are just you know energetic to that arm it is you similar

Results George every seven one seven seven to seventy schoolfriend you servant these I’m driving by forty one switching thirty one hundred

Forty So I’m very proud of you know of course having a good morning I forty three a three seven ninety eight and they go to the side seven one for selfies Carlson actually and I think I can tell thirty four trying to fight people like you know the twenty’s green Aussie feature list but you know what OK let me


I’ve got it her or her lease right

Now or for her for her for

Her life or her for her life her or her or her or her part

Why for

You need our unit in Geneva and

Her heart here are very aware of her her her her or

Her office it is all very helpful

And you know that’s what he and the sense of you’re trying to get out of is all that Federal Police are you trying to get

Just have to deliver a very however

Prolific is you know I haven’t seen you answer Oh that’s nice I sent

Her for her

It’s nice and funny dangers are just her size you know I mean Dr She’s just Poulter’s or

There are very often have higher it’s very rare

For her however and we don’t have a clue from the night

Of her Is it harder for her and her partner are going to get easy seventy seventy Don’t you think you

Having enough that I was one of them but it works that many units didn’t bring in Jenny yakker Jews in would you know if you might go there they just cleared Luisa knowing group entire plate is going to be three fourths of an David Willey Roger we’re going to

This guy in that car her the manager of different collection is monitoring her canary during the night having thank you horse lover for her lover and her for the horse you know and this is strange you know usually within two or three units or curfews have you know next door another car to once you know once it’s just the softer getting going and going to nine and one thousand nine one six of these Foster wrote seventy two

An open door you have you know

You know I think

Anyone really know I

Don’t agree with much dignity said when you can or preserve

Sure I treat

You as I have anything and Camilo on the A still casting once you’re on Survivor or The road or is it run want to go

To northbound light it up on G three Edward Nora

So three

You can clear refrain from

Your car to go off

There were three Idiots in a big SUV throwing into Shorey seventeen’s in Columbia

Milwaukee he’s got a traffic approaching seventy Darkman dark hair blue jean jacket me I have to prove it and I want to drive

And I wene

Yeah blue Chevy Impala going to be on target went away no way to start going away to join it is

Something I said in place of N.J. house three one zero north west police and on their side you know refusing to leave

Only for seven I’ll cover I seventy how do you think you think that I was very very suspicious objects and I don’t know of apartments thirty one eighty division building being a caller says there’s a couple subjects that look like a case in the building

Even trying to or is wearing gloves they write in a green he S L

One five A Can you get around that thirty one eighteen your first vision probably seven o’clock on the way nearby you might be related for a female who fell from a tree

As organ for I don’t know or a slim thank you because I’m

I just as a different area check out I got a suspicious object last seen southbound campaign in ninety nine

As usual I’ve been going through people’s yards in Argentina

Quite well bring a black hood plaid jacket round pants carrying a green and yellow so

If it is a medical doctor I might throw three going to

Code three they were given Donnie for choose thirty nine

X. is that correct correct if you just call it isn’t really that you got

There quite a spell here

And they’re pretty close and free of that every

Yak usually they’re eating tuna Joe’s recurrences on the whole

North Pole


Green home almost

Every nurse side of coals

Six all night you torching ten eleven of them seven Friends Service to fourteen six searching central from forty five

Different five eighty eight built the park was twenty John I north broadacre Street guy was hit by a car is refusing medical car off towards

Me John Mitchell

Sixty nine a German I think I’ll be out of the

Nine hundred seventy six very thing and you go to jail and thank you at six twenty

Six you’re going to actually forty one who haven’t but I’m going

Now to wait

For this call back on the board I’ve been assigned to the other

Sixty three

Hard sometimes just traffic

And then you got


Radio warble you repeat the location of play before it

Is sixty Killingsworth and the second and most of us three six three five facing west boundaries

So three four female or seasonal

There is there are

No six very well go instead of six Clear six

Or if you I say if you just ration my

Plan when

I mean are we going to

Be gone six and

Be Thinking five six I’ll be walking on and is six

And I think

Transit also hold of you on the second turns and something from a hole six where you can be in trying


Free him is

Three words really final or there was

No most are going to go off and we’re going to tell him what’s going on in sixteen then it looks like you go off the bus must move done like you know fifty’s like Jack Black like look at

Six or ninety seven thank you

Very nine seventy thank you nine seventy two seventy for

You know to you know I’m it’s a little six three three four

This is still active

It’s really needed

Dialysis I mean you take it over thirty seven

Burglary and

I mean roughly


Sixty five for one for three thousand eleven full a figment of her as well as

The one from the one forty one hundred eleven forty one for the one but of seventy you joined but as you say one

Of seventy five eighteen is at the hazard

News just dynamite bump chickens even a coke for a page the radio getting millions are from five seventy let’s hold dear who are going to answer back showing at M.L.K. and cook hearts because you go in there nothing that says yes sort of holds

Thank you and I’ll go over there thank you Arusha north as the numbers throughout the year offered us really is radio and cooking them OK six forty three information for the very very very

Very or

Just got a mike bump just check and see if you’re OK

Jeff six it took four north of that regular traffic at their original reckless driver enough for the actual five Norcross or the white churches trailer

Henderson truck you know the side California plates and it will do me he says reserving the liberties I want

Or it might twenty thirty nine hundred eighty and I think you are going to meet my eight George Roger link in the caller said that her heart find her ashes an area northwest one night me his information in six forty seven one four eight on the right that one thirty one say that one of the digital cars a lot of the ones or even her life is a lot like every second thank you one through one and she’s logged on what we want to

Be just seven days to throw a party for parking a She’ll nine hundred northwest of Atlanta already thanks and

Priority for you and that

One seven going to T.G.I. women’s warming center for thirty five bucks please and there’s a subject out for front threatening to kill or complaining suspect is a transgendered person with of the earth thirty years of wearing a black T. shirt black hoodie and liking


E.G. seven the color is asking for help before she has to kill the suspect herself

Forward her words were pulling the money they’re all South West Virginia I have an email etc

Out of all me on site

Seventy seven

NATO and give thanks if you are talking to

One for a project one night it is that a deer in the eyes of seven good a one one four three servants of the Bush clan and boyfriends ex wife is here now spreading across my that her name is Ashley Brook rise of black vehicle no weapon very critical of me

And five

Video in one sixty one two six one six of these calls are parking lot of the apartments is a broad subject

With a big rock in the aggressors about the take of a window of a car when he saw quite a wasn’t a suspect a white male twenty’s black shirt blue jeans nine five I thought be nice if you have ever ate a little better for you actually is a white female mid thirty’s red dress as are vehicles of black has a entre

Sixty six

Forty one hundred ten eleven twelve thirteen or one forty fourth’s eleven before it thinks if it forever but it’s also her aunt sixty five it may be on the center of now

Doesn’t require is always incident was when six one at seven o’clock one for eight

At the sherry anyone South West Highland Drive there’s a mail out friend he punched the manager in the face an attempt to stab her with a fork he still has the fork in ASEAN but has belittled as a

Part of I want to get a three

Hundred thirty one so he won’t have any other days of it once come out not one thirty one he threw me one for he disappeared everything is when see one of the white male late thirty’s cloth or around his head black jacket blue jeans has at the end there’s on his left hand on the car actors are external one of them but I’m sure it’s a seven into

One of the traffic around it eleven zero anything to him isn’t a

Party I want to watch these ninety four when he won it seven as you know went through one of the

Three It’s of those who run with a dark small vehicle or even report that it’s on the right shoulder with the mail down between the vehicle and the shoulder but you OK Is that something you want to handle on your own you want police to continue

Over there but of the germs in the some bizarre I will definitely call you OK if there’s any weakening

Thank you very much Devon today

Just if you give it a location please west down Sunset east of the sill the next on the right shoulder

Have a nice you think nothing or no one one three one three one it’s of no four twenty want to know about

You know what you want to be what in the front of the audience but in friends are these seven a four times

Another five eight on a half halt once he six four fourths of these alter alter crossing apartments in the parking lot of a car civic breaking into cars looks like he’s being held down by a couple of males by Bill twenty’s gray hoodie

He had some sort of metal tool with him nine five job anywhere close to

Some of them right here

Thank you forty one fifty one when Sunny when it’s seven I five policy three he five hundred one hundred five and I was like they were this will be

For three one five the morning at seven and eleven I want her zero but I wanted the nine that is better central please put out this batch and it’s really no we’ve had another caller on this and they say it’s eastbound just in case you don’t find that West

Thank you that was nice if they were both here and you that are on where you think people are at once again turn from you want to stop I can find a sure I mean we’re both here looking around and saying that a

Person who was a ploy in stores will

Start but effects very dignified you know cans of Coke I think having

Them at the dresser by either the ripples of the from where it looks like the first or with

The full five hundred ninety one

Want to move out of the hall with the hood

Ok to your little unreadable where north of author

One zero who

It’s in our thoughts are happy for you three seventy’s Cleveland and that is our address on the plane I have yet or the Hundred out here but it’s different play with us and fresh their minds on

What’s for

I think he said so it’s if are so if you have a section for this why hang out the Kargil is


Information on a motorcycle speeding and weaving through traffic east on Sunset Highway

Approaching shoals ferry drivers a black helmet white jacket is down on Sunset and some city raising three thousand Show Me flag down to your crew who know of the summer of two zero zero two zero ne N.F.L. seventy five Joe and I’m telling the numbers are ready

Five darling I’m going to be four five four five one one three zero three I’m in vehicle six one eight today no indeed

Five zero four zero five forty three gotten nine zero nine George Mary George an enemy on the orient yourself if you can Arias of the season or seven point however you want I haven’t had one hundred forty


You know one

Digit was the one person this day over the divided interest and you know that is you have any interest in staying over and Asia checked you than twenty three but up for central for this special report of a vehicle southbound I four or five on the off ramp I guess it would be the one that made the ghost of Burnside hooch or every little confusing surges all jewelled address or voice you know if it’s something different thank you on his or you want that would be great some twenty five years or us fancy where you are really a transport

When I was four there are always rather north of us

And seven I mean seven when I’m so down to North

Yet or spend the night too

Five bridge mid-span are easy garbage cans rolling around the ledge OK well

Asians when it

Forty one of them resigned

Over Nora later her high whore

Happy as some very highly Well the Helen of the morning

And good morning seven thirty six of a quarter of summer forty one of mine said eleven forty one and then is the value of what you are eight hundred forty one of them and seven thirty

Six You don’t want all of sixteen with the limbs of the one four zero eastern side street yonder calling change the subject at the front door blocking the engines for the car a male with the blues it is

Under it did you

Feel you need to explain going with the N S six one two Northwest Davis Street hollers waiting in front of the location and you might if Asian I’m not sure the male forty eight conscious difficulty breathing has been on a cooking binge ever been present if we want to start my own I’m right there basic so I need to be doing it if I’m going to make somebody for three of them or

Stage of agony aunt somebody for three six to six tenths of the sixty six units of the probably twenty seven some of them thirty five seven zero one zero

Seven zero when it’s seven thirty five it’s twenty one on here and there’s nobody I mean a corner very description on the phone and see if you must know has more info so the cell phone is using maps to Davis between sixth and Broadway maybe on the south side

Name as

Larry Irvin let down Larry using a cell phone it was also says the vomiting and having chest pains we can try count that if the numbers are Michael radical is in there that there might only be one of the fiery message I can send it to you but

Not five you good morning can you make that your first stop was the six of these older

Years wanted to advise that Mr Larry has a warrant he didn’t know that already did not you have a diversity and he joins you got it at

Seventy and

There’s only one I found the fire is going to be more like Broadway and there are

Broad randiness and I found the fifty to

Eighty two arriving if you don’t see them there you know it isn’t so for Eunice’s This is John

Edwards It’s one where you’re standing Who fans were some of them for if you like them Please present some fine planning on answering a video

If you know you’ve not been seen and I think

If you fifty cents effectively sixty five euro monetary


Or M six one good morning news can be vehicle stole the last five minutes form and he’s inside three four zero selfies one hundred forty eight I have never even apartments number six years and boy people taking great two thousand and four Chrysler Pacifica Oregon Willie zebra Henry for five

Years some forty one one is blocking a white sedan in the silver truck just the part of the partner wants Collin and says in the driveway there’s a survey going through a truck company doesn’t they get blogs am a white male thirty’s Graeme black hat white jacket gray sure

Blue jeans

And gloves got me in the shoes you’ve been doing for the last hour that is correct

And I just want a call back with a question on your plate actually going to be zebra Lily Henry four five six

Six two five zero Are you back on Central


Is your assigned number that you can be reached at

Or three hundred forty you want one seven one three three seven for Giuliani

And or vendor two and Woodward on for the Washington Adam yellow Victor seven alarm for three

The other car is boring and the John union one here Hi Joe eleven copy I have a call they are going to have it if I can pledge not the first going to reject

Him back for


That yellow Richter seven one four three Abbi thank you and I’ll get you just a chorus of the get one out

Man I know and will go

Right into Mordor three when a guy had been like eight I don’t you know I think colors great just spectra in one Charlie Roger Adam actually pushed down over to try to run over the caller

And said you know where is your insight a

Bunch of you if you ask where is nine thousand eight

Hundred five anyway which part of the complex you have

The insurance overall to start

For has got its cargo

Does it she’s unknowns in

Age or do you need for it you going to southwest one and any color witnessed them nail polish another one out of a wheelchair dragging the victim

Down the sidewalk that’s all I have so far Pina

Without these complaints will never hurt you the suspect is a white male in the thirty’s about six foot three and with a blue jacket thirty bleeding black shoes no weapons seen still on site the victim has managed to crawl back and is back in the Wilcher

Pretty funny thirty show myself into a three one now of all the fact that for him Burnside

Farmer inside was a theft suspect and some forty

Information out of the service call this demand the talk about one hundred forty six ne want to achieve blackmail inside the store tearing the place up throwing things the French and some forty

Nine for one were going to be shortly and then their very air will grow I think it figure want to right now be out with California seven Victor for nine for one fix up of jail fun to play her good morning there were a car and a girl

There in for a one woman a firm but I didn’t call you looks like he’s left to talk about you know going towards Wells Fargo blackmail thirty’s black white shirt they want contact about the damage copy right through one who zero in my vehicle was Nelson first a very rated human error he did in the ass as you know but it seems I don’t have an I believe that you know and that’s when

Conflict and suspect morning North and I don’t think

This is a clear you know I just have a thank you for info the guy was tweeting very hard according to the security guards

Mike you know

That if you

Are right there was a big or a few

Of the three

If you have an organ play them in your

Old heart and hold parking lot at them is that the very angry one where John a man

Be out with Pierce ordered

Egyptian Broadway some fifty four and I’ll be a suspicious What’s the market price

Because the whore six of six are out at one thing or zero five he’s earned there were two there are six once a girl for five years and ten were just six give you some fifty five to a TREAT YOU joint me you eighty six get more fat more to eat three three

If I found this joint retreats and he thinks

You’re a woman and I’m on a Grammy I’m going to have one in a row

OK I know I probably think we need thirty twenty thirty

Change you’re looking into the horse moved up this five hundred cell phones for my fourteen Southwest for us not to have a new job and some thirty seven not one for a parking problem if you heard vehicle is two seven six hundred do without a

Parking problem time seven of are inside the fifty seven seven eleven

Thing and if there is a check westbound Rosalyn bridge mid-span just be a white male walking down in the westbound lane and the thirty eared flannel shirt

It signaled you

In six in one motel six I want to know if you sell the number one rule six email having a middle of prices bipolar

Upset that she was refused the unity five and then want to be harsh relying on your own copy data

Going to be a great Mercedes-Benz organ chooser and I know Henri Paul John so fresh and only if it won five early one morning if they know when it won’t be for timing it’s a concert for it’s you know one of sixty five’s or even three nine ne one for number one of three

One and three nine are these fourteen number one of three companies you know two and call them and have a have their it is on for an alias How about a half mile up from Highway thirty there is hydraulic fluid on the road and I think it was in full head of that you know three razor for the traffic lights on the side very part of a hydraulic fluid still supposed to be

Current how a thirty seven should you know for

Me and five to one a welfare check carry in Princeton check in on a slump or in a white Ford is you the

Future we three three or three

Of Us clear frank and if so then let me be clear somebody once going to check the bridge OK with us on the ground and Burnside with the idea it was it was

Welfare check grammar inside and sort of a three three zero three three one clear vaguer

If it weren’t for and had been I you know they’d have been doing three to

Change A Q earthen Weaver bridge with a

Version of an save ridge out with if I did you know I had that would do from

A very You are right you’re also probably think it or if I want the voice you know and if it and if you Jeff

It’ll six one six four

Six zero zero ne one A one number six one

Six hundred ne one hundred first number six one using that word

Or change the scene he’s about Marine Drive from the age of five

Black or blue juggler it’s a team six zeros in a secure Pfizer of the thirteen some forty one

Through this clears including some forty two cost movies and some for

The aging and I want one we’re going to be debuting

On welfare checks for Meloy

Sort of damage your genes they are having a welfare check you jump all right


Fifty four hundred walk north yo street if you’re going to read suspicious vehicle so if you want to go here only the one nine one and as well as entry do zero one zero Killingsworth the subject was refusing to leave yelling at the employee but you know forty’s and

Jacket which are

Some folks who know their circle but I don’t want to be five one million eight three two Peter Paulson apartments one five three zero southwest one three ave never sent me the fighter collar follow the collar into the lobby

Is it twenty nine one zero am our response very very general wants to check no one bar that’s a good one for if I want to treat you or victims can be waiting in the office and doesn’t know his neighbors name it’s a white male in a sixty’s gray hoodie white cargo shorts no weapons and lives in unit number five zero five he’s still lurking in the lobby and eighty five won’t cover

The Troutdale on the right shoulder the way the that old lady fixes for starts four instructive


Have a Carl’s Jr parking lot for

One summer when you question

Probably been here two for eight NE one hundred thirty third call figurative language barrier but they’re yelling how many agents have in-house no further info so far

But five to cover not for one thank you Jack you can run that one through three verses I guess three thirty changes her main easily changed to a larger one

And there’s a service that they can’t buy have a full search of all and I’ll go on to call nine hundred five Jew I can give you Claire have a coke for to me

Six hundred forty twenty five so I want you to have a cure for their subject any coffee they think well but I became unavailable on east

Sargent to seventy four and it was a thirty zero three

Are you able to have the foreign star for twenty years your cross has been in custody all your and twenty thirty any

Basically we had a person in the Constitution

Or over Congress resistance

OK crisis situation thank you and

I for one coveted twenty seven anything and have on the site East is looking for can I tell you thirty one today Joey done seven part of that but do I get Jay’s a vehicle recovery with

Vehicle recovery from he and I for one I think it’s anyone else from him and you and you can be clear

Having one unit to oneself less five in Washington or scissors a mail laying on the corner didn’t say which one had crawled around a light pole reading preaching that

We need to go back

Frank if you

Watched that one twenty three you go over gentry and you try the ones are all leavened I wanted a thirty nine seventy one

Nice for me

I said you want to

Call me to through the interview was we we’re

Sure it’s the school hall Franklin High School student who said they were going to leave and come back when he got to stick to verbal threats

Which you know who had just moved on

I just want to make sure you’re aware of it and I haven’t had any I haven’t any of us will please you know it’s come up offer up yet through not heard will need to do regular rejigged after today there is most as far as available to us there is one that he refers thirty six A I’m sorry we’re all tied up another and all that I

Know it’s an ongoing

Term right security is watching him and he are still on campus it looks like as of right now he’s still on campus and one more close well

All right thank you and we get over seventy one of the

Rest of the sergeant

You know probably at the Dollar Tree I’m for inside from a path or by and out of there being followed around by security vehicle and we haven’t gotten a call from security so we need to go work and we just like the security needs us

For the three or six I want to have an

Extra boys you know on three zero I

Want to

Do if you’re going

To travel and I think so profound you don’t want to

See any of the six six four one US

She went three five ne thirty third

Slumber in a blue Nissan pickup comes back to the seven one zero five John Roger George having

A very short term Post which we all know as well

Joe six or more till the start of also so on that occupied one of us once again here and sit on the sun filling in dark good

Heart Have you ever heard her or her

Men and women friends of norms of the student

In your office right now

And when at all because they aren’t doing

Five of which was driving itself explained on the Washington Quaid Baker three four one zero draw to be eighty four West Brown just was of you three A for West is do three is A three eighty two

City to city for you and six one one side Vista apartment six three zero on Southwest Palestine Street you number twenty five are colored to stand on

To say you know left behind by the husband he left ten to go in a silver two thousand and thirteen cyan no plates has a trip permit but supposed to be going to the counselors office

Husband’s lessa have reversed of and for seven of eighty six white male six foot two thirty red beard black hat black church but red plaid in it and she trying to look at the other shoe the counselor’s just think if he really is going there

And starting to cover the full

Video once again thank G.-D. got me this to say Call Yes and it thank you for

And I throughout I’m sorry actually calling you for that you’re probably going to be a lot closer than I don’t think they’re very hard over six or seven or founding

A very I’m doing how well you know how if anything I’m a detective

Or vixen what I’ll be already three out of the way here a little bit of this rig

Clear you know we’re going to make it right now so all of the primary are fixed forty or so and you primary for my crew are and I’m sure I want to say forty three then I have to wait one to one comes from Cindy Gordon was the one who said he wanted to when he was four five you were probably closer we can take the cover of time to thank you nice you want to be clear forward and I get five here on tactile OK There it is in the middle

I was in the box and run from his car behind it very look like he’s passed out of the wheel well on Boxing Day and things were doing as well gotten all the other know

Well have the numbers yet the article rises if we were

Juicy twenty three five ne reader six were doing sixty one

Sixty one regular job to get a four six he left toward Safeway I mean I

Think it’s rising crime with a V.H.S. I wasn’t sure what you wanted you know we’re getting short he says and he six ten friends used by everyone

Harbor Freight lines one zero two six ne one three alarm a Civic in James on site was

Doing OK if you know of

A fortune to conclude never think of the right thing for the United


Five in one you can clear it’s false think over going

Over it

And U.S. Bancorp Plaza five five five South West Street

Hung out before we could answer the phone lines busy Henri rang up with a fine IF but by one five three one this is going to be a medical call you can


Hear although it


Eleven If it’s any less than thirty eight zero three zero an officer the definite into that there is there an officer at the desk monitoring but it won’t if it doesn’t have a few different rule sources that

Thirty two or three going to hold on to will or doesn’t take a heavy holding with us that this is

A view of government


It’s a request and if it is one for one we’ll be out within one

Or two David OK right you were with

Them as one one zero point three No here’s all the one of the good might be accidental the twenty one unseen and I think it’s accidental it’s pretty when you beat any

DAVID Or have them a warrant information Riyad out wanted guy run off from a fair inspector at six yet towards safety angle even then I don’t believe Lewis a male black six I’m sorry he of Earth is in one of ninety seven then and he’s got a warrant for riot and jury is one of our maybe a revellers

And male black is it any like one forty

Five seven were in a blue jeans I gray hoodie and a very distinctive baseball cap with neon green like flowers on

Anybody happens to be an area where no one but it was you could you have my left Frank and also do one for me for Frank

You bet you are you want for once if you want a fifty five you know David twenty twenty of a twenty I mean the area that yeah that room with the war what was the last you know and direction of travel hundred forty he ran from the platform it was six zero and we formed only this noise he was in the company of my no other young male black

I mean there are some pretty much them for want of

Difficulty of hers than for seven eleven so these novel of art on the golf one at the bus stop just east of there are seven bridge in the West on lanes a female trying to punch a male over who marries

The forty one area if it is for one X. Ray Adams or on I.Q. three it looks like it’s an abandoned horde setter away how

Do you know that it’s not Rocky five but I have right

Through very probably the whole seventy forty I’ll be back to North despatch he is in I maybe twenty find him welcome friend or seven hundred forty copy Yes it’s extremely David zebra seventy eight

Reject the

Disguise on we are on her

Give Wagner my home away with a gap you have

Answer for the one seven eleven and other colors as they passed by this you minutes ago and I looked at them like two males are beating up a female

White now Black sure everyone had a red shirt victims of one female with a ponytail no weapons in

It it is

Yeah covered the

OK And just looking at it looks like it’s west of Highway eighty seventeen and just south of sunset

Six one are just starting to have basically the neighborhood where is

This all of these refugees going to as I did when I thought it also means in some of the book the military

Radio that’s out of building a free


United are you monitoring on the site the first you know David user and you know eight forty one Can you guys you know the could be underneath you are from redress

And they said it in a westbound lanes of how silent bridge but this near that bus stop how McGlothlin east of the Russell and bridge

On the final

Eight hundred seventy nine ten eleven Inc He put me on that holding of call the Central I mean you seventy nine No but you’re on the holdings of call in the lobby and it is a city of two six six three thank you and one forty one I guess going with medical and injury accident Southeast five and held in

Boston and are what I thought would you be I mean I don’t think I ever have a one forty one and one thirty one you have me hold on Take that my ring OK so one twenty one even if you like or want to have an whichever

One autograph they are all continue I’m going to own it

A lot of prayers are with all the around

They will medical is

On scene

They’re still up and nothing on hold and yet nothing actually is going to be at five in Vista so he has gone in Jackson five and I was having I’m holding some for three five selfies five to someone in the States you know one private

You know what I have

With a four zero eight John the Charlie Roger and OK I’m out now that

M.L. second coming up in some for one of signings and the other three five se five two six five six hearing X. ray nor

Police and T V six

Seven I want to marry someone Hark Hark of one hundred

One three one hundred three one one two you want to say three

Men and one were just leave and Franklin you needed help of course you need to run the film arm seven four three five se five

Acres in Germany

And six months I was like that welfare check on how it’s going to

Have a while leveling a lot of

Well oh yes and I know

For once I was eighty three five eleven twenty one morning


Nature one give They said jar and we had it or invariably else

And I knew one thing and I one clear and others will not enjoy what I used arrived

Just down the street

Having money for two one

Three of the


When I want to have a one twenty one at nine eleven nine ten you know if I and he see that we have a can go out of there were exporting to them

I want to copy one for when he’s next up right

Medical System one type or go on I feel I’m the one right all or there is always somebody up shuckin for me to go what I want and so he does I mean medical care for

Cover one of them tonight nine eleven but I love and it was easy to deal with

The three can repeat just letting you know the details been edified happy

Six one five two six one five just enjoy me one three one three six zero the sinister one three one three six se Center nine thinking this one good girl is a female when it’s time for the night you are were just a few blocks you know this is one where you do a call back


Six one three three transfer complete sequence to transfer complete at nine fifteen here is reserved to a three one change of which is you so it is or

Forty seven means that it was at four seven eight seven they

Want to be out doing the horn service before five two five

Six one something is one and two so if oneself is going to tell me and I think it all there with watch the boy a boy Charlie Roger twenty five then I’ll fan out a copy

Informationally on and driving north on til five from about twelve all over the road in the light of four five six Frank sampling every Asian or Hispanic of any

Force of four for ave more information I

Fixed and all the information on a reckless driver should talk but quality of Boulevard at last seen westbound the black male driver in a black Chevy Cavalier with no plate going the wrong way down streets and speeding the reason that nineteen just think Israel or OK Yeah thank you thank you I think a lot of us that three Oh yeah right down to me I think of the latter

Ladies know ninety four is the pill but I can put it on my list

They didn’t I mean I think your friend

Was an I.V. I didn’t propose a

Public isn’t going to want US medical

Twenty one eleven southwestern just landed me in three five it’s a twenty three year old female she has

Two that elastic and diabetic I guess you had a Caesar about twenty minutes ago now she’s

Freaking out throwing us off against the wall in roof from bucks and a fourth for everyone I think that’s me my own go to

Medical Service and yeah they’re going all over the office John and I

Was out on on it three Oh that but I’ll give anybody for northbound two if I just want to exit twenty there that was he started out with an accident there is on the inside shoulder not walk in the minor damage of the guardrail Well that yeah I said nobody over

Ninety one is in this regard the driving

Twenty three possible minute Osisko you know what I mean what do you want for a clearance on it John and I get it into it it is from away from our car any updates on that cell phone being it’s

Now we haven’t got any kind of a face at all

Ninety four

Five Then on tell you they’re like little

Or no one I don’t want to run an audible he’s had panic mail and so I didn’t have the correct code word eighty one twenty five se Madison over and it looks like as the homeowner there nine eleven a car on the nine eleven cabbie

Friend of my hubby

You know tonight funny if I

Were twenty three with our

I have and I think that eighty one

Ninety eight thirty two for an unwanted at the Strand condo’s north one nine zero zero Southwest where a drive second hand from maintenance on the third floor of this guy refusing to leave stoppage while the marshal waited three twenty three wrong and only six

Is are they saying that

There’s a one for one

Case in

The hall it was his office and

By law so that this is a side they want to thank you for holding forth for medical treatment of us as

They do know a good girl a very clearly and I do want to say one thirty one good

For you and six ten six five ne Fairfield complainant family and the neighbors are all fighting Martha shouting help real life until

Neither If it were a wife or to any to please her priority call

Welfare check in the Hamilton West apartments one to one to Southwest place three you’re going to be going to apartment nine eleven jumping on a Julius nest sixty four years old not been heard from or seen in several days and there is an odor coming from the room you also have a service animal that no sound from the animal

Or Nine’s unsealing favorite discovery and that of our driver unknown direction from Butler road and Hovan for having brownies on the X. and X. rays etc John one five six one three four five and I’ll be out of out of a whole not to not call my three or three one one eight eleven if you show me out of

Three one on it Good morning and I three six one five two tonight so

You nine hundred seventy

Seven one so I get one more carefully I

Have also shown to you so there it was there to be my king no one here I understand pomposity like you have that way but you know no no


Has to

Offer going you know

And I wouldn’t have it and I think everyone would hear I knew he said male have our way

He too was

Being clear the colon on Franklin in Pomona Warco it was a clip from

Having to fire hose I mean it’s just you and we’ll have out of our way

Through our no

Thanks if you know I’m driving you know I’m the head of it out of the third star with five you seven dog Sam Roger These are stock copies one six one six one few nonsexual A fine print DONALDSON It’s been started

Elderly male

Brown fed up with a white canopy for one John Davidson and started yelling at subtext trying to help and when he went

Through both of a nine point one percent anyone here or anywhere


Some money just don’t want a thirty five

And I forty from Asian and reckless reversed up on this from a lawn borrowed silver car they didn’t have a plate and speeding the phrase and then forty four if you know a good road if you don’t have a

Reason they wondered is able to live and they do I’m pretty sure that money is what if one were very

Serious I think in a physics of beating it time for

The fall then some anything though is silly to six southeast ninety two colors all Malone’s others and they live in

On the cell side in their yard they’ve been walking around the house but have a nice day is going to be a flag lot they have a bike with a trailer on it had to be homeless and their thirties grey clothes one with a black sack of black

Men and one we can go as well would you Mr John and we’re coming for many sex and women

And I knew I was having

A For one

For one thing clear that it was Johnny and should

Have different themes building sure in both the US and Hartman forty

Five zero five one

Five one four had two zero he tries six only on the trail his

Own on

His knee only on the trail head and I thought you were figured it want to our started a

Little email talking reading kind of enjoy hearing

About it not your very unhealthy fire ambulance Mark

But it added care there when in the dining room with us all the by a client here says they are separate of the other clients as are the clients aggressively coming in or out from my join our

Name is a Mickey Almer white male in his sixty’s Richard and they’re out I’m on the twenty first as well if you want to know I want is an easy ID It will

Look like coming from downtown

And then talking to her for an hour as well one three zero three three holding the intro got

Fifty two buttons which one will be clear you’re looking like and go through your business

OK turns healthy is not valid it was in two thousand and sixteen he was born in thirty nine

OK that

I think and I don’t want

I once wanted in front of my partners and Kathy seventy nine zero one se there are Asian male and assist these and they are dark haired are Jacka


Stopping and eventually no

Yeah then that is

It you know one of the reasons seventy four of the curvy shots

If were to Jenny and took me back I mean I want to sleep

OK now I’m going to talk and thank you this is a but I want to reference Well no one I think he’s on three and six then as I’ve previously eighty six guy that’s refusing to leave at the rez not Court apartments five nine seven North them sort of think over


Early eleven five hundred twenty two some of us by Charlie let him go ahead

Five or twenty two

To sixty with a juvenile male from deviation Hill first half time I was euro

Disney J.B.S. it to where the Hillcrest office and film

Cover that if you want a joint

Three to all for check a specific tower three three three North West Fourth Avenue room eight to eight checking on Marcellus are a lot of four and forty one has been seen for a week and it is a store that I have three

Got in for me for ages you engine a big primary on the go


Five all for one whole phone if they’re going to have enough of you have a drought or building three get them back to writers working on ever you know just driving to the welfare check now is a sermon on all the some of the climbs on the hood of a car frame and in the drivers and


And the family the caller and this is a bicyclist as bicycles underneath the car is not hurt he’s just on top of the car now on and on the car nine forty one give us an ad and to look at it that from I eighty four I thirty third and forty one ten o’clock Oh my if you one more should we go back I’m sure normal rational women have

A black male thirty’s on top of that they’re having

A SHOW ME ON follow enjoy ninety nine or these why it was

Number one for the over car

And I want it’s Or is there more

I’m sorry you have to wait six seven two

And a lot more sixty’s every U.S. or brown working today three from three to eighty four is due to go ahead Charles over Adam joining Jews redo for more than a week thirty express to express

There are

Three live and let you know who John Edwards mentioned we’re going to want to thank them for who will

Thank Texas and he’s going to want to honor all of the ones who have zero for one Georgia have very Edward the parking lot where if you drive north for

Five or six more that’s also a fun

Show me her need for a ten seven and no medical eighty two but when today at nine thirty eight he read Holden back and he’s unable to see

Perfect mom on standby waiting for the director to give me a call he has checked in to Sibley one of our three and a

Premium for advice

For each

And every

I think I suspect it has a lot of eleven

Division one division and one seven one

Face which is you know you know appropriate for one big thing when I do six western side street a three two can ever

Read you if

You provide it for to cover the sort of condos one nine to six western side street

Thank you then a knife which will be on eighteen the more than the eighteen are some examples of one this is John and I’m a little closer than a three

To five on me today

So in a seven and a five one just so you clear he’s on you know Martin always

And I’m assuming a code one response

You know for sure tell me that I love it I want her Carl Levin to want it and away

You are going to be on forty and you’re having record black running her

Hand into a seven and all night you have it is a good one

For you in a three to four disturbance that Greenway apartments one I’m five it was less Irving Street lasting three ago as a male versus female

They were following each other east down on Irving it’s a white male with a dull gray hoodie beanie and a white female with the situation of her

OK So there’s two people arguing

Like yeah you can say the cargo program if it were

You but we’re not going to go

In a lot of one thousand nine hundred eighty seven and you sort of oh I’m a central lobby and probably aren’t building six things to

And I don’t

Know what is ever the services of plaid one zero three five five ne also they have a customer in the stores trying to steal their Yellin in the background when I went over and told us I was out

And searching

For what

I’m sorry he said I guess


The fourth for you

And forty of it I was around

Eleven I want to water you have a judge on first arrival as it emerges on land and it’s important to be what I’m going

To get one of the time that call and have you start in and see if any German units are come out for you and head north East Policy at the Hollywood at the station there’s a male breathing on a bus and resending medical is

Obvious are five seven

Seven hundred forty we’re at Hollywood transit center and there are no buses there are they on the waiter says it’s a vast number thirty five eighteen I will call the that’s for a better journey for you if you are sending a district are you not you that will think every six day twenty in this regard and you see the bus now or do we

Know Our bus pulled and not the correct

Sorry going to get my hands full trying to figure it out and I’ll let you know if you think of it or doesn’t busy deals with us that we’re going to rise the train back from ways and will figure it out that means if you haven’t answered your wife of one hundred

Thirty one of the village

No one you know if we were going forty’s is just a block away from our tolls so if you want to carry over


Nightfall for


And I know when the ladies move down

By now she says telling customers of the stores closed this corner and have an unwanted on


Belt like you’ll be walked right just then roll up their coffee

And let’s go it is the North Taft and Cecilia some people taking parts off a way to think of unloading the parts and another detail pick up with a trailer one hundred

Ten one thousand

Five zero you know if you think of it if you was even thirty six six there with the fires well of thirty to

Thirty thirty at us since you did you were out with the guy on the flat next

Seven hundred fifty X.V. just devise your medical video on one minute on the phone I will continue that way until I hear otherwise

OK were seventeen fifteen back to police

Ninety one

Turned So the one two six zero five se or I’m on hold in my anonymous The train rolled parents were doing nothing about thirty minutes ago I knew him as a mom born in eighty and as a male here also that has a do

You have fun as well

Funny you say what you feel and he says you want to be a Harbor Light thirty self the Second Avenue is an assault that just occurred

This if the suspect I think is lashing out the doors and under action is a black an email mid twenty’s and an opposing our victim is standing by refusing medical if it is probably well made contact with the victim and they can do nothing or ignore it gently three perfect or

It was a car remember if your brother provided for that a little further car one two six zero five am on

I’m twenty one and you know but when I go home he’s going on all seven of them

For one if you show me then call a follow up and going to a four zero five se one three eight drive

For zone five health is once again and one where that’s your night

Of the lights are all the ones with no answer here you need somebody here

That I think you’re having seven hundred forty of times I’ve been to David D.M.Z. if you want to remember seventy’s it is as I thought Roger Short

One twenty eight Ramona very very merry go getter

In a way one twenty or minus sixty five seven sixty five seventy

Five to ninety four easy these voices and playing on

The batteries Oh yeah

These calling it asking us to check on that sergeant from north onto all five it has a market on the accident from earlier you saw her out there dressed as a sensible three as he’s there but

I’m also on a stop on edge of the radio that I’ve seen for country cover not so much you’ll have a market East is sending somebody this information if it was close it’s ten thirty why you don’t see the other guy and I’m with him arrow

Charlie five thousand

Ninety three these are copies and many of our joy for those who are going over is

Having angled raise and I have a call here eighty one thirty start of the tree is that has retinas you the daughter of a no weapons were seen white male twenty four green slat flowers short obviously have

Her No one

And I don’t want to have a three letter words ever coming from so maybe somebody closer knows not one where yeah

But is

Any second ID for any other car logging on from the precinct three one three I’m going right to you and

I tell you what I think choice I want employees if you want to

Have a sample or listen to

Anyone you can because there’s a medical examiner there’s a patient got to take you out of your monitor and have an arrest thank you very much and he thought he was very wealthy so you want to read it but I just match was actually asking if you still have a unit on

Your speech or prefer an actual five Market negative nobody there I see you’ve got to have you on Chairman there’s nobody there

I’m not saying even there aren’t a letter no thank you

Or write or call or

A three some five five a hard copy you but you said you go through there didn’t see a car over my

Heart surely one is very sure we were the first letter in the sense

For color

And for them and their own Star Wars like you know were nice

Denim or needed ones or on Star sixty eight is that you still are

Not the best three simple six holes six one six four

One eight one one thousand ornaments three nine I think we’re going to be for

Those victims in office for sure I am going to walk but the fun of each jump ball just the water but no nothing of sunshine and if

You wanted a car code one I said No I had to shovel artist one of them in

Just a block and nine eleven

For you and then one for the Terry Jack five eight zero se

Seven four when all the cell phones are like a female’s arguing in the background is another thing don’t throw things at me and then they finally hung up without a voice

About me

And thirty seven if I truly were the sort of size hail eleven size jelly over three it was in our Sunday forty one words it was seventeen for us ten thirty and sixty five

G.O.G. ovation just across the street riders announce

Something across the street from by the tonight boys born five zero four one three Indio going to one five seven three five

Letter from the number one face of your five shellfish class of

Thank you forty thirty five twenty nine thirty five twenty nine are free car who can definitely area so if forty nine and roam

One hundred one forty nine and around ninety one one thousand one

Hundred twenty one yes three five two nine ask for a car to meet him for nine and run there up thirty one by forty one for it’s said Bell the Park East one zero seven three seven North Union court to the city of Portland worker he said that we were already aware of a guy that was making threat in a white vehicle are complaining apparently knowing the lawn out there he didn’t want to be an answer any questions they hung up but I’m not familiar with the previous

Either my route from things or

Just information I was suspicious of in a vehicle called a human one thirteen and now complainers as a vehicle dump their motor running keys are laying on the driver’s seat a white dog challenger washing playtime cyclists are now frigid temperatures looking for seventy

Six ounces for SOME point six for

I think they’re out at the southwest corner and there’s a guy down not Jack White males are closing

McGrath to jail with you right now I will get on the bus this fashion and if you can come on our way and we just got a candle such as Rock thank you you just for part

Thanks for anything you want to hear us revise your names or to do only through

Very What is a phone number available from a caller

Well damn I mean

You know apparently not that I’ll try to sign that earlier call

Earlier call or if there’s a park ranger or

For when the earlier call is a hit and run I’m not really sure that it’s really there that at the very least it was just description of a white Nissan Maxima other

Than through the area and he was not our color on that one anyway meaning forty one hundred clear frank

Forty one hundred it’s reach you I got to drive a

Car it was like most are sure to do can you government Chevron four hundred westerns I got mean it was over it

It three one including me Frank you know because primary if you want to play a joke you declare it to do government you sixty five

If I said I

Want to see my location over you for one so he’s for

Just for one five is forty three and

If you got

To do a

Search for one more or six you want for one have it’s time for you and there’s you know one probably isn’t allowed to have several given both you know as John you just know you want five



Out in half of what I want to ask eleven zero one The have a three five seven per cent telling

Friends I’m telling

The College Park I did find a complaint from park not the one who called

It involving a white car that was not really in Iraq earlier this morning and up to par is when six and seven you find info on that other call I will check three things on the wall because

I don’t have a logical I’m not sure if

The one might be from

The far end Victor got to us all to partner victory and I did find a Call it was a white you know I’m actually a reporter at the west part of the park if you want to go for a didn’t have a president of a player out today and I don’t think

So disappoint reader forty one is really happy let me talk to the nuts and all of you of course anyone for any amount of suspicious persons

For high school it will be in the back area of the report and I know if I don’t have it out on your typewriter televise every forty one of children a lot of pretty much you give me

I thought you were going to have nine your hearing

Half it’s clear on a few thousands rebuffs like in the sun and with a

Syringe full

You’re going to nothing over why what

You were doing during your

I think character for Georgie First you injury for someone you remember medical sixty five sixty four and fifty seven nine eleven radio

Cars at your back

OK We hear a deal on your car now from an alternative background nine eleven radio tech on my car Thank you very much

As your friends are just as I’ve also been


Wondering you know we’re going to lose one

Yelled at for saying that and first started talking that

Way and imagination why not emergency after

They’ve got that thanks if you’re looking for eight hundred forty six one two three and six for one of these forty thirty

Forty seven all the complaint is following a vehicle southbound for seven the female is inside waving your hands around her all bloody in the passenger seat and screaming it’s a blue Subaru Yellow King George a five five

For us we will be that they are a director of Providence so we’re going to let them know as well but he has registered and very you

Are going

To come seven seven

Six join us one on here is

An eleven on the receiver you get seven three zero if you’re division less than a law information arts responding to a female screaming and bleeding from her hands she’s walking southbound on forty seventh from

Are actually might be in a light blue Subaru possibly hand of Providence they’re checking and eleven of fifty four have transferred to film the mother’s been on point on

An engine but since anyone nearby

Evidence also the logical or

Warmer the whole theory about forty and the other one is how it might be for me to figure out what part of

My eleven

And watch radiator along comes your OK you are right now

Thanks and I’m twenty one I know you’re not close any the star is a Providence Hospital for a zero five ne Gleason

Apparently Subarus in that level see parking structure and the way center not the main structure now is rent no male part is running down the stairs just north of the hospital they’re both white

But one of us are you know one are

Going to and which one I was

Now originally from forty third in Haldia females been waving her bloody hands outside of her like Lucy broom and now they’re in a parking garage

It’s true that he does drive way north of Gleason on forty seven that’s not the main hospital they’ve parked on Level C. is a male ran down the stairs he might still be with the vehicle

And I’m sure he will this if you’re going that way so we hear more from fiftieth and I’ll do it from six six or eight units

On their way

Through a ninety do you need me to start you medical or are you working on that through another way

Though the whole of the person is all right

Eleven and nothing for no one and six ninety two our callers now says the male has a wound on his neck and they’re now getting into a different vehicle as a black female callers trying to talk to them from giving directions to the E.R. the plate is six eight five Henry King boy and it looks like

That’s what they are trying to do they’re trying to find a yarn our colors done and where it is you know it’s over and over back or on your office or Vec or monitoring you know I’m just thinking gee copy that info

Thank you print more

Thank you let us have

Actually had a report of this southbound ramp to eastbound at us for the roadway I probably have somebody going around that

Everyone knows that

There is a very I was on there to get into the plate readers with some well point anyone monitoring able to get into the plate readers as I’m sure going on a lot of injuries or at least twenty first in Colombia the garbage truckers that are

Going to have a bad medical is needed or maybe if you get in involved

And when arriving in the parking structure and the know

How much

For that was the difference in London as one and only one or just spring for the parking structure

Of the hospital or one before him

And says it’s the structure to the north of the hospital and the way center when you access from forty seven

Five all also

Going to the other and

Anyone monitoring the sign that knows how to get into the plate readers system things are never

Easy and it easy with an answer a lot of excited to NE OH I want to address such as needing assistance

Of e-mail streaming in an apartment here or some cover and a car for five six Fortunately for you I’m very well written

And I’m going to

Use you know thirty nine zero six zero to go east you touch it

You want to

You my number and him give me a call well do you want to know how to get into the plate readers system

This reader horseman three I hope you aren’t doctor if you know these are looking for someone I could give the system that I think that would help you out a lot of information reckless drivers out by five if we want bridge so why should we think of yellow tarp DAVID ADAMS two one seven five unsafe passing it’s of all

Our instructors any only help on the big

Get there thank you for somebody Thank you it’s very very calming when

We go for the vault and

There are private parking structure


The employees and Athena and

I know what I mean is going for me was a five six four two address

And yes

I mean there

Are no heroes Remember if you don’t start which while you could not

Afford To through occasion has her very

Very essential for when they get a chance as not over there at

Five am on ordinary

The five or five six three quarter before you are or where if I sixty four of you for it you might go to

Thank you three actively grower forty seven eighty

Three seventy seven myself and four five you five will be out again six one so these one needs to address them are warm

And seventy

Five and I want her zero

An eleven eleven seven hundred sixty five

Thank you Pfizer the show me one five one three nine se towel number two one three nights I think how number do you want answer one seventy big thing working where Governor thank you for going to

And seven thousand and eleven seventy six you fly seven twenty

Seven clear eleven six one six four one four six four zero ne for one brown apartments kind of thousand for two upstairs units Northwest Side thirty minutes ago our caller is news breaking in a female screaming GET AWAY FROM ME Nothing heard since right probably eleven


One one ninety seven southeast Boise and seventy four

Because it’s

Been you have been through six one six one thousand nine hundred forty

Six one six thousand that are some crazy the six one thousand and eleven twenty

Six Thank you

Very much

For I want to go home on what

The Thank You think seeker I’m twenty seven three well some through the scenery check did you John ones of the Cesar Chavez Boulevard there’s a vacant house with almost a hanging around neighbor says increase Stephanie area the legendary check from a guy I know forty’s Richard Brown

Yeah that can be and that I went yesterday there’s nothing we can do

But twenty one which direction hadn’t come just off and about thirty seven

There’s another unit

OK another unit with you on an additional volunteer enough Twyman spot and we went into that time and I let the central know during a violation call holding County ninety seven number one if you four and parking there you see one three three north east and why eleven twenty

Three right now



So one weekend how many there are going to be that there is out there what will that will do your friends will take he says Hold they’re going on throughout the day at ten fifty seven vehicle three seven of how all the air are tilted horizon informational and twenty

Seven when the firefighters who hold yet the fire the seven hole


Hundred ninety one looks like forty five ninety two is switched over to X. ray eleven and you want to check on that channel with them

In three five two nine was out there as well to thank you nine out there as well above and from here you go these are

Part of the dispatch right now they may not actually be at that location but I want to have the greater the ready are very the flight a smaller those three are

Not even out of the business is that south of the vision of twenty four or thirty or sixty start exam plenty of detectives out there they’ve all gone to one of the extra channels OK remark or they’re not you know nine five three Providence Family Gateway one three two one north east nine Avenue unit number twenty I guess room twenty five and the male who’s walking with a self-inflicted knife wound to the neck don’t know where the knife is females with him kind of wonder if this is related to the call we had at Providence Hospital

No one

From what reform

Very very good recovery to go

On a go

And learn twenty five years you folks are venting but if you’re a player and one hundred


Nine for the one in US A John will say that many of the ninety three can make it

All over the road telephony played seven will between David

If you have any sex and I threw everything

Three N one six three one three five in division of the eastbound on Division I don’t know if they’re on the north or south side of division a male with a small child and the child doesn’t seem like want to be with the male which the colors this is just about it’s a white male blue shirt blue jeans and the male is the little boy’s about four years old you know I’ve been seeing

So well some of them as the servants of the Weatherly building five and six of these wars and famines the most are major other and physically fighting now white male white female thirty

Males back pack point like a trail of pony tail in a white T. shirt and it ain’t backpack

Nine four three three I’m going to have you go with nine five three for the area check one’s resolve in division nine six three I’m going to need to divert you brought your three was a very young about twenty

Twenty five

Zero nine six three zero Dios show East not answering the alert that the server it was there was no sure for Palla NEGLI injury accident and ss already dropped it was

And then Fraser and as many as you got the countryside in a vision

And Line forty one looks like we figured out the subject of so has eight and fifty two got me

A letter for here for it is twenty nine to F. you didn’t

Know you four six three seven and four two eleven even

Before the

Six one six four twenty one twenty nine seven three one thing you notice require that they’re not remember her so you’re one

And one for the one looks like it’s a McLaren warrant and this is a George for me a call and for a sex abuse carry levels are

Ever insecure as well

A lot of at once excuse not cause lack of advice

From her workout program Levon thirty one No no I

Don’t know what you nine thirty three the Soviet one one one SE seven one Ave someone in the colors backyard going to the colors things and taking pictures of white male late forty’s Black Watch or Lugansk brown shoes and glasses

And you put me on the first holding in the central lobby you get that ready to put there if you guys are his show me one four five one two SE foster one for if I want to se Foster as a lizard you because of an international troll or a park walk every North Park block from forty three to street seems to be associated with a large white van Willie Charlie due for nine for three and other color brown eyes saying this is a property manager sent maintenance person here without notice who’s throwing their collars things around

And that is it three

Or four of her for all

The signs of a seventy answer one hundred or one hundred twenty three or your filter or six to you also the eleven thirty four if I’ve also been on one of the great Bible church school one for three ones Office twelve so big on the front steps of using leave components as you have a knife is not threaten anybody and it’s back to his pocket now what no thirty red bandana around his neck black jacket and pants black shoes if you’re in it for two government

Hands if you sort of join seventy one of the two hundred I just project responded to me going to town two shows Boulevard

There waiting in the reached parking lot human contact

Now there are twenty four as you use

The check cashing place last of a word first of

Seventy one have a

Form of sequestration right and wrong way driver form for Slate one for union two three four seven over on heart and one for the first site your home park in my top eleven thirty five pages

It used to get you to cover seven Jew one houses or seven so walk over the limit Thank you it’s easy to start something and you

Know when you don’t feel the other part going to treat any

Less of you some of the offers are zero seven eleven seven seven six you

Think if I said knocking at United you’re on three

June and you’re one of these That’s unique you’re your only one and sixty five seven and Junior one SE one three three and one thirty five hundred ninety one can you have the message OK

You can call animal control at either three three one zero seven two seven OK if you can about the other thirty nine seats you know and I’m right there also it’s not a

Happy Thank you

I was happy

Seven of them having to eighty one thirty when we try to get from

There to no one there is so many people I’m forty one


If you’re a white guy in the area one twenty Ramona you drop to go off we’re talking to you if you want to we’re tours going to

See that we don’t have exactly

He’s going to share Hispanic guy remark Oh sure

OK yell of us again bag new or type unknown plate last seen in the area went to a hormone recently has a fifty Q. a cynic male shaved head marker Herrera

Thirty seven ten clear John have a clear example of forty three nine hundred

Ninety five

There’s a pressure one point six in her older

Part very kind of rough and how it affected her twenty six and Harold the possible

That you guys vehicle by the Rest House by three have a handgun there as well

And every three hundred seventy one where Frank and I’m going to

That’s one of them for the forty six one of the next shot if you want to thank you her over make contact with her resume here

You might be the guy driving

Your contacts

Having a running

Order business and one of us again so is there more of a figure for fifteen year on Earth thanks less forty five six seven one

Six one to the Mother and Child Education Center one five one five ready for one Gary Brad jobs twelve thirty foreign policy problems in front yelling Please respond on him yesterday and

It’s one of them forty seven

Strong stuff at the ports making if I threats to the executive director US President this is the one throwing you on the

Highway thirteen from right across from he’s a roll and I’m going even for one through probably Highway thirty front one forty eight seventy six seventy one where

It’s eighty five warm Sharleen point back when it was full of wonder for me clear Charlie Yeah and I’ll be back in

After the heart of plate for eight nine John or a yellow through something or when it’s car

For Victory

By Victor seven

Nine three we’re

Just friends we’re going to be three things in a circuit custody going to southeast and forty nine ninety one ninety one another was this one is what I was waiting

To see in the moment the hold over ninety five having to

Come your way

Was the one English for like Robert thank you

Sixty one sixty two years now in a match last farmer that he’s planning if you train was bound

You have a good thank rejoinders a shot in any pain or drought and you can find a tree chain any joint and I can’t I don’t monitor just clear but as red as your efforts are going on the internet research that you’re on to contacting what they’re held now

None of which is just their levity one of if you want the mail drop just parked in front of a whole lot of seven however of a seven day involve organiser and are five hurricane voice but I think you’re right if one were rewarded earlier and if I’m sixty one regular traffic that is only nine five

Of us I think you can from the process

Yeah we’re at you five seven fall OK you have a fifty three nice and driving thing and if you going to boil you know plenty of us do and have are

Doing together and celebrity forty nine forty one and forty one analysts being as little angry in zero five ses one to two our callers a U.-Haul employee in front

He’s in a red Jeep when you hind and you will you how totally that hasn’t been reported stolen yet but it’s a rental non return situation and shipped up to another home G.’s not sure if it’s occupied

Of dollars over the six hundred


I get

Another car to run I still hope there’s a

Bunch of us have to sell for and other items seventy five three one hundred five to eighty just like you know I though it warm words or

Ninety three if I’m closer than the rain for what I think go and cover I don’t like wind all that

Went in fact I think a given thanks very much and

Then fifty three one zero five seven Jerusalem correct

Size ten for a five three one series telling me that the interest for fun in the north side of the building Do I was real

I would have been six one five two six one five you can show me at four zero zero one NE simulating a four zero zero one hundred seventy lives in a

Free land as opposed to homes of the person who has them

On the buildings just above five do and go do my Free want user of Roosevelt Well I mean I live in one thread you got

About one hundred

I’m arson signs of this library and I’m

Thirty one

And six when he Thanks Alan Turing Charlie I think there are three eight parts towing and Charlie King three for a three night

Anslem to her

I did one six we’re going to hold you a lot

Of that you know

You went pretty when Burnside’s are facing diseases there are

Six and apartments on the north side as you were fighting behind a brick wall if they could seize in the in a headlock within half an hour or whatever you want covered as a

Tree Farm for every home in the area that number five or serve as a color say east of there on the north side

Story I went through and drawn

On or he was having one for the one that you’re

Going to do one advice if you know somebody here

It was you know there

Were fifty one regular traffic can resume so if

You show me at one zero five zero Northwest you know we

I’m sorry Northwest where it’s so videos of you always

Twenty four hundred notice you don’t have a total one there you know almost already a member bridge a number one zero six five not


Of one

You’re going to stall on thirty third just south of Broadway block and you will northbound lanes

National if you have a certain take a look at the incident one four six six and you know I’m sorry I’m not one for either a warning is very refuted playing


Part of the car and there’s this major this not to have them take off on and get someone to come in from the last one for you and for you and have a

Departure from the west and still history and I think we’re going to pardon your well we’re

Searching to respond to Mars inside and there’s a library place there

Sergeant monitory three of them

In you are different surgeon respond to the Martian side of the library very aggressive one three

Three not on I’m all for both of you that

Show me doing some community engagement should be five

But we see Bible Church twelve of

The interview six one thirty three bit another one of the walk in for me are

Also this of a them act the main street transit station at one one one nine seventy nine six strong arm rest cash one to two minutes ago suspects an Asian male five four one forty red T. shirt blue jeans Lubeck back no known weapons I don’t have a direction of travel yet most of us haven’t heard this approach that the seven hundred fifty seven OK for you still actually on the platform are going to get our victim or witness on the line three

G. can be any problem and seven or six you don’t want

To research ne of are going to get one zero three six notice and convert to tell us I mean

It so that they do know

If you don’t want all the some of the way to a strong armed suspect is still on the main street next platform OK it will be a route from don’t know not to give us a solace of her her her her her as well three zero five zero zero but John and twelve of them went funny with a twenty one both by you in love and that highlighted comments apartments to seven one zero on the vision number twenty to go with that holding of an ambulance and not there was one on the suicidal female is talking about cutting out herself by all of a psychosis she left Hanya new and more than sixty five G.B. there alone and being hauled in by it ALVA

Hives are never

Found liberty

On a nine to three three then a free for Euro two three set the main transit male curled up possibly ill in the chair and near a tree in the front yard

Seven hundred seventy five one if I’ve won the silver check out by five on the ramp that you spent ninety four companies has a civic civic duty on the left right where there’s a significant drop off down the freeway

And then mail no further but I think there’s a queue for the right toll to stoop to for tutor at least for the first a white male or Hispanic male facing the house the trysail circled the blocks and minutes walked around a few times black with a gray sleeves and Levine’s everything through

Asshole of a five to one

Of these seven

With organs arguing nine eight seven that have you got seventy seven if I set us up at seven

Then complaining callbacks a full three for female got the keys that you were looking for out of the bushes and walked off southbound on Oswego given where you are with

The P.S.

All right

He said

So does everyone fall there are fine ones it’s healthy

To your house that it

Returned him or her her

Her darling

That’s not sixteen but I think twenty three

And me was they were going uses the already probation officer is lame by seventy three to se eighty four calling back that the money came out that the guy isn’t here but our callers are

Jarius partners was in the back door in there asking for assistance to go and in fact are not twenty three car before her meet her going to

Anybody else there are no men alive and I can tell five Gentile are positive and one twenty three nine eleven he has a war for us even as they look and form for dubious all things OK

If you know what sort of order book you know it was a clue there oh Frank Adam Rodger but not as young as twelve eighteen think you fly seventy or sixty five going to do you share with that one too seventy seven SE Washington course twenty seventy seven SE Washington court it’s not funny it’s you know a good early of it all twenty if you want if you

Must be an assault call it

Hits you know restaurant one one four zero north west ever it comes out on contact in France it is just assaulted by the boss who’s inside a location I’ve been on an overdose of


Version you already have a zero one zero we really George twenty

Nine I want you to just back this whole thing so we can finish writing it or go to that and wanted Woodstock OK like that because I’m Chris corrections for meth and list of this potential are in for

Profit for meeting with doctors and told what to do if they want to get well so I just was also a bit northeast twenty first forty first so we’re going to have a year

And a half from the employees location

And leaving to use force to get him out if you want contact to make him leave trying to do in one seven zero seven NE eighty second avenue for getting this info from the crisis line the female in the parking lot

Having mental health crisis screaming taking cars to Henderson first of John nine to seventy two she’s a white female wearing a white light colored pants history of assault on an officer

Nine o three from Boise and Taylor and then as you just have a second your

Yes thank you and Tom three four five nine two arriving and effective and you can clear the Cole or whatever the equivalent of a rock you want as we but different and arriving at that and it was I didn’t

Remember nor any B.H.U. Margery North Sure there were no other Thank you papers you’re going through

You’re going to see said he and I want to

My guy if I want their email why you sure a lot of us

Were gene goes by the name Texas looking for a Julian seventeen for it ends its run sort of two forty eight one hundred six if I have enough of will be to United not just better looking for want thank you and stuff I think you need a whole another easier cheaper nor

I got discover what I’m going to

Let us off I said

It’s richer is that on scene yes

For the check on fifty seconds between Palin division or callers as there’s five semi trucks blocking the bike path both sides of the street Robert that’s right seven hundred fifty I’m right here I’ll take care of that just check this hall

Joined something forty four just double checking yes seven hundred forty four thank you when you meet there

Wasn’t more I thought

And I had a very for

A moment

George I think or if I think one zero

Yeah I

Think you

Live in seven zero four ne Oregon eighty six John D. The crowds are going to

Six one five something and six one five to twelve


Revenues you’re going to give us a gross surface where

There’s a search for twenty to twenty ne Marine Drive roller golf course thirty six OK OK from city Bible you know six children and that’s pretty it isn’t over

Three or whatever we’re going to start where we’re going to

Have on

It have all of it you know there’s added if you’re available that have or as he said he called the Edgewater Golf Course student user interface for a drive OK

This is the one time when he didn’t leave on with organs you for seven and raise it by George were actually one of the parking lot by passing reference

OK We only call any one

I’m going to be on the the alarm for now I’m going to

The gym three was going from Central yeah he just quit if I had one of those just beat three coming thank you both very good but I do want you want to parse you have a lot Mark

Information fires responding to a gas line break five three to six North Montana still thirty three

On tonight and do they need me at the bridge for the well

You know we’re going to think what they want go for

Thirty three

One love of

You and one for you one motel six one five seven Joanne Burnside it’s being called in by a telecare currently there they’re right in the lobby contacting a client in room number two thirty two they’re placing a hold on him he apparently has office and occasions and I have all the care for himself is a coral shell how maror in his fifty’s it should be there in the room alone there’s no weapons involved and now Nichols then started when

There were forty one recovery

That everyone on the going thank you all very hard and I don’t think there’s any easy I.D. available nor is asking me and we don’t

Want you to be Carrie Lee or seventy six we just saw her with Dale her flowers ago I thought is that was it is it won’t be the same they were and burned it was her now I will be in serious doubt about it OK so thirty five nine five three can you search the service

By three sisters as they were after a minister’s estate

And for one six three nine four three he’s taken off Southbound one to do and I’m devil’s checking that they want

And they do want contact

That doesn’t let us of ever have got speakeasy vision forget that six three eight Edward Edward painting divisional thirty seven by seven

Three one zero ne one four seven three one zero ne one four seven zero thirty seven five four one five three with the bottle drop one one one seven or three at Meadows drive and I guy being aggressive in Yell and threaten to fight people blackmail various five foot five medium build white baseball cap light gray sweater black shorts that really got me there Greg Greg never

Ruins your door

Dr Drew in every forty eight I want to know where I’m going from city of marble a little closer

You can be closer eleven fact you have

Heard of it

OK And if you wait seven years you

Have been

Talking one of the important character obvious twenty five but you reckon you don’t need forty seven and if ever you Nick the clear

That was already there have been a seven how many nine are very nice three I want a phone call from Project response to the thought of husband years if this is not going to go well with the police in the state that she’s animated you’d be willing to talk project respond over us so we can get some resolution to this without having to do more OK OK crisis writers on the get and still feel

Pretty much what federal court trials are a chance

Of a parent of innocent I can envision the organ one six one John Sam figure there’s a national party information reckless drivers outbound and OK from Killingsworth it’s a greenish blue ninety’s on the Civic Washington played out of yellow belly three for being reckless and have an open container there’s over three

Diggers already working on at a concert charity to see if they know of anything out of the ordinary

That is a hundred ninety two hundred children out of the arm of the Automobile Dealers Association look at the Oregon I recall forty four they were doing it for two so McAuliffe the caller cancelled correct five seventy

So good will one two three one repeated

Broadway’s The male inside threatening to shoot people there’s no weapon seemed nice when he came black male in his twenty’s light brown jacket dark

So forty

Five sixty never

Jefferson High School forty six and very short of motion of chrome

Thank God I’m going to get to nine one three on fact

Three nine one three you got it back to you nine one three monitory

A friend Meyers joined us from member

Of the


Ranch we want thank you want why go to shop with Grant from a wink

When I’m doing coke like down on a shoplifter nine forty three when I have that way

So forty love I don’t have a question or a list of fighting in Clare they got all the daughter everything’s OK Got it thanks for you ninety one advice and again one thirty one senior vice

Not emerge here

We want to for a moment and to do a little reckon that yours and for regular traffic just need one car for thirty and thirty will

Come it’s all fifty thirty six joint rich I mean a sixpence calling around from the person we thought it was her is heading to the goodwill on Broadway he’s now westbound on Broadway on but

Seven nine seven north eastern me having a

Five three one

The St John’s library seven five one zero not far Liston and a female that through her computer is inside it the managers walked out the front doors white female twenty five then Bill gray shirt blue jeans

Forty one and I enjoy myself and forty one zero three one six ninety two ne palsy on a follow up

I think

Vision is

I’m thirty one officially sixty one and have a second this is cool I have a good will on Broadway OK Also shoplifted is walking with a white female the multi-colored top six you don’t want yours not here in Charleston I’ll go running to fill I think none of us six you know I’ve got a twelve for one nine

Black male twenty’s light brown jacket with a hood dark ants was he walking with a white female that multicolor cop and I think you’re going to

Pull this for

Senator Clinton

You know evidence

I got

Three small children between about drinkin years old one very well and they’ve been checked for their fire engine there almost every day

And he told you people are going things and Adams and the Adams family Charlie six ninety six every nation and so City Varitek

Owes us this one thing for the Sensex four hundred one and six of these ones who for

Twenty six of these when I was getting that was one hundred six of these one to four Think of

The one I was

Reading I know a lot of by going toward the felony charges they’re stressed out very white male him a white gray shore they just didn’t survive you know he’s right and

I think what’s going on for you that life and they also

Have a lot of

Stuff right there if you’re out there if

They are YOUR NAME are rare I’m right behind that building you park for the last of every nation County has nonemergency off the air Gresham out with a guy

That ran earlier Eason Powell area and parkway now having a non-emergency out there it’s a

T.V. apartment so I help what have a nice story

What are the roads they don’t secure I just need one more cars off a seven is not the apartment in CA that is everywhere from here regular progress over the floor

Of our regular traffic there should have been gentlemen been rumbling you know what an

Ether one is for one and using clear

Call for ninety eight zero one NE healthy thirteen hundred

Horizons as

A corporal

And I suffer more on my radio unit number and also a forty five twenty five radio number over to city White our group if there are two hundred and eighty one then you know what did you and were at the center bridge go to the right one oh yeah but if you go

I want them

To know me or what

Is actually thirty different No we’re talking of this guy

So far is refusing our request the way you are refusing our requests for assistance everyday or to

Put the court I mean there was a fortune in there you know three nine forty three

Twenty three being one she one eight zero zero eight SE Malden street seen across the street moving east down on foot

Down towards eighty second a subject carrying a mere collar has inferred that it must mean he does drugs and that it now by such church white teacher that eating police recall one thousand one thanks resident

You know four and the seven and send a clear job you have an eight ten thirteen of sixteen zero one sixteen zero one what’s the color first one six one six two three thank you thirteen zero five What sort of I’m going to get it when I you know Herrera that one voice eighty one again I know Herrera can get attacked one thing you know usually

You are

Actually this of these are nine one one and one two and you have the cover of the five one zero se eight nine color was attacked by a transience

Was taking a picture of him because he was on the collars property that was checked a suspect lesson northbound white male forty five blonde and gray hair is ek also has a bicycle like a lecture

And there’s you know seven in for nine one one one two and sometimes revised version to give chase towards Crystal Springs on the bike trail I don’t know of a stick or on bikes run

From They want to cancel

Sixty five seven status or sixteen or sixteen I want

Don’t leave it

Someone told them that there are suspects from many libraries if it wasn’t for them

So a lot of our sort of silly thing was Wal-Mart

The five you haven’t yet got me


Four of the evolving

Religion afraid I want to Christmas

They’re going away soon for one thing somebody want to search you know it

Very very Once again

If I threw up every thirty

Five me

And you ran for one negative you know that any whine whine

Evil’s are going at it for that yeah view that buzzer is working so I thank you acquire another the early

Section of Arkansas burning books to join her

Thread in what was

It thirty one information on me and want to call it the average view door you know a selfish thirteenth Avenue of services eighty six if you can leave me some back and forth in front yelling separation for a change and seven and seven you’re going to be an injury accident and I get Hogan and start as you have it says it may be a hit and run a silver TS full of seventy nine Georgian or Victor

Currently checkoff and the victim is already there for contact

And that he was last seen in a direction to fortune being called in by a witness and of the

Seven eleven when you want to talk longer I can start and they all wanted a lawyer

And Pam you know that the servants and I want you to marry everyone’s experience are just north of on the West Side hearing a male and female a young age of another stuff that’s right only

Government women go

Searching for him forty one of mine is insured both myself and forty one of three hundred he wonders so in that poll is currently north for if you just start for those in the county and it’s very very serious unfortunately from here an elephant very few know pretty woman

No one does it you two zero eight zero and Alice a place Varia there was another one lane

For the older female and one of its relatability

Some kind of damage on the front passenger side and I’m not in a place I can follow it but that’s not all racing I’ll

Remember to grieve very formal We didn’t know that there her mission

Point thirteen T. a soul and was it you choose your own it’s your own palace a place having


Well being called in by

A witness not the victim yet the so that there’s a miscellaneous contact and maybe a light blue Subaru seven hundred six bring Frank DAVID But it would be a little bit of parking lots of us it says and by the Allison I think not I mean we can call that callback was

Definitely be south of there if you already hated rush right so the source of

All of our just arrived from the south and didn’t like your little hood there always


Go check out one hundred ninety three experience I should have the closest and I have you in one seven one head to the north side of division at about one to five there’s a three year old female in a white small vehicle no one else seeing around she was looking out the back window or collars a passer by got to know him from one company answer to something

You know I tended to get as I could be kind in any and see what I felt decency to once or something very very and wanted John and when it’s all right took me north and what

I think I had to see if you treat healthy and I got to talk her him free when I think

Of it I don’t know as well


All of us of a car or drive a different organ of advice except for to having heard all of us to get around that we are looking for the right


Got the job it is a coffee shop I’m not sure why they have also a court of permits above the address of a well Court but imagine no one

Murder one united leavened meal sushi three ninety six to sell these are invalid hard eking mail in French they think needs to talk it’s a Joshua Harris but now in a city it’s like he’s related to a disturbance on Monday

Eleven coffee and there’s usually one side for her

Rather warm

So they’ve both been secure writing by the vehicle still ticking it’s they’re trying to get back you still have out of town and one side of the mine there are one south east eighty second one side and Owen south he thinks he’s there he’s going on and then six through the colors that show hundred twenty fourth north the division just in case it was around the corner

B. and one for one July nine zero one north east was attacked by the roommate who is still there actually hollers going to point it’s a variance arc of flat the room a palace mission down a flight of stairs and show him around Castle he’s a ship with her in GNC

So he it was a want to cover it is all funny when I think I got nothing at me I was doing very

Well for once they’re

Here with a month here known as Ripley one thing for Nova to

Point you for us a division mommas there one time when he clicked but your that’s a

Very interesting six five one five zero one

So the service of the Columbia River partment one five nine two six are at the scene of the apartment many complaints a neighbor hearing sounds of milk

As you know probably six forgive ever four

Six will want


Go negative six for if you’ve ever deeper two thousand and thirteen twenty four

All right

But if it’s five one six for it to call for your to streaming over the phone the complaint is the manager waiting outside the five year old that was inside the house just ran outside away with her then they’ll have is late roll bar and use of vets and take some meds related to that

One Cup

Thirty twenty five and one for the lens Arafat engine I think

The stick is sitting here has any light now in a wheelchair in the south

Who are Harvey thank you twenty

Five I mean if you say

Traffic or storm so that I want of us Broadway the every morning and entrance of previous eighty six of victory Viz and leave them as Jose all of their of male vs female blonde wig previous ball cap long black T. shirt

Gray sweater and of we’re back you know on the runway Grinch


Thirteen twenty six four seven some for the summer of zero up by one poor fellow well we’re three five on four is awful Billy thirteen twenty

Nine twenty three trafficking thank Frank three Every with organ for eight to five five Charles William Mary army

Going to be in the forty nine hundred block

Party the head of like it was

Thirteen twenty six I want to ring

And they’re different

Five N one thirty thirty sixty five or six students and

Thirteen forty lost

Their home or park or

Even clear much traffic lover will David have it there at thirteen thirty nine seven three

For united seven one The Sylvia one zero zero two one of these Levy st five minutes ago or passer by could hear a female screaming inside

Not from work or they’re going to service one five nine two six hundred fifty

Thirty thirty to thirty six zero forwards you come in for one till the city

Thank you thirty

Six and Gabby thirty three if you’re one she is gone and I hear

She’s not aged you got because if you do I do get any contact Thank you Joy I’m arriving often now All right thank you in fact you know our basic self West fifty seventh Avenue shuttle launches are successful is just I said and they’re just very far the female is screaming No please don’t got it

When they are I can punish them at a private event at fifty

Two in three two two eight three

Eighty two the three are northwest of this three on Davis it’s thirteen thirty seven ninety six of ninety six as you know you have a call direct northbound I thought I was the first idea I just got and

As you go on southbound it’s in the number one lane harness side of look like most people wore out an injured Nick with writer place and he’s

Happy thank you eighty two these are the

Kind of copied from

Fifty nine hundred Walker was almost the Renaults Ohio where you

Have some of the correspondence well

I will ask you no doubt are you on a well

Devaney one available for a crash northbound I five at the ninety nine

Eleven Alan Carr also just one thousand nine hundred

Seventy one seventy one and out with the group at thirty second offering traffic they join me one of them has a warrant three six and off four and seven for one to

Seven for one is a coffee

Different to live in is reaction of five just north of City Center exhibit three vehicle involved a few for medical miracles one

Say it’s really a great week or two a three three is thirteen forty information for anyone yourself US Park in stamina is information from Project response on a paranoid is somewhat beside all subjects they were not able to live he him to they they do it check on him he is transience I’m just sick unable to care for himself his last name is Carson Maher and the first artist in a white male ten eleven of eighty four last seen in the area and had recently said he wanted to buy guns and then if he did that long walk black hair black windbreaker with orange and yellow around the hood of me thirteen forty one video on the new Night Show about it

Thank you for the one five or twenty seven some seven hundred thousand nine hundred forty two if original person go in the mail area one forty and Russell flashing eastbound block older sedan privacy about a guy bald of ration only thirty three

In the early twenty first of all things is shiny it will die is that right for when I got it

Thank you forty three for one I’m coming


Over you and I’m going on

You know I’m right in there

But for the ones I’ve known Duffy thank you forty three

That if you’re monitoring how nice a place traffic road out East is looking for you thank you

And he has an accident southbound to five about Foster are saying right lane two cars a Tampa F and a green Camry

So we don’t have anybody I think anyway nice of Israel have you been


Clear that others are having you know that it’s going to move very soon often very thick some of Aren’t there he professed her to her

Monitor not north London I mean when Tony Windsor is thirteen forty five it opens or isn’t it is thirteen pricing can you show us into six ne one one seven

Thirteen forty six hearts there were three almost there if you want to be on a

Course of A three eighty thirty forty three survivors of joining searching for a for one day for one of us forget all there there is a guy walking in traffic has left town all there has been holding for five minutes or so if he’s still there a white male green or blue shirt and blue jeans and we just have a one call healthy anything

On him like a walk away from I’ll take quite a paper ones we can probably identify regional muscles I call the end of the age or of United Church of Christ you know for one of these days where civic inside of twenty commits suicide by overdose on pills they don’t know if he has any medical funeral just in case of Major Call the interview for yes seventy one the guy with the word

Don’t you want happy guys why

Aren’t your golf one six three six

He has that we got to have track nearby where you’re at right now I want you to envision a medical strong able to clear out your crib

And then seventy one as well

Searching for

Thirty forty nine minutes once

Out of the army and all dearth of homomorphic a

Family the


That the apartment U.S. Navy Yeah but a lot of action before they’re all for their own security and we’re on the corner

Of his office where I suppose I do things I mean I see from five to effigy fifty seven wanting to give one poem a definite as a marketer and your status on Spokane and if you copy them forty one central

District in your status on look and I’m fine there to fifty two juries you into a three three clear figure three three two and three three thirty if you

Know seven thousand US healthier asked

The question will think about the Marines

Thinking to get him

To do what we’re writing they’re going to fight how to fix more two or three thirty thirty five minutes of screen quote for example to go to zero seven events and I think you


Northwestern Burnside on the north side guy posing in self and masturbating as our client drove by blackmail necessities driving made on every and eleven was on the center of could one M.R. fraud transports are second in line for thirty

Years second in main

Affirmative copy theory of joint enjoyed remember if I go with if you’re a black male Yeah I agree with both of you two ago and eleven I just regarded you copied nurture

Their happy their church and

O.B.L. I’m

Sorry I thought you were giving me that description I don’t have any description besides black male fifty’s

He’s the only one to mention it right Hillview then got to go to fifty seven eighty three to go ahead high Furious for the bald ones going to order like a few of your organs five to nine Georgia Army have area a lower grade was the three the other one of the trip

Well I don’t know the origins of the sorrow that they were living out of it so I’ll get more info once I talk as more people

Have your insight it’s your own to show me a welfare check of four hundred people four hundred thousand a stale or surgeons going remain hundreds of

Nine hundred samples Taylor profit and if regional very causes to move the plant pantry to seven trees are not a long hard subject with the outside missiles of your blackmail him if he’s ever tried red shirt green winter coat took out westbound Lombard no vehicle mentions the G. fifty nine Burton housing the servants for our hollers car window through glass are complaining of Ek he’s a he’s a summary now apparently left there a standing now thirty three carries a box cutter usually on him and hasn’t been out today in a couple of market location as well for one

For once in a tree to have a welfare check selfless fourteen Aldor is DK or high civic use falling into the traffic lane near the freeway overpass by now Paul’s blues teacher

Says he is if you copy for anyone can

Parking under it there

You know one of those sort of I suppose

You know one for two hundred information call holding hang out from a business line at one to choose Northwest Eighth Avenue blue sky gallery voicemail and we call that fact even if they go

After the wife we’re going to be traffic with no plate of black Infiniti her money nice car to start I have a personalized search for just

Short is going to be

The service call Belmont middle school four zero four three interviews Fremont

Virginia old mill having some kind of break down the regime I set out medicals going or

There is or are there not we have no as far as available today they’re all out of the training to five one cover on that

But you fortunate to ensure ones that are thinking cover it’s a well to do Northwest it’s of loose right gallery business fine voice phone call the back very quickly remark and eleven tonight

I had

Green general to go

Six lend us your cards very Thanks for you know very very

Frail and sixteen when I were in St there are place in them for one or has an R. O. on the axes at the door right now so if you have seven person or three which everyone is happy you’re the only one I have right now so we

And your guys are always safe for at least one thing I want to cover at the door when one lives you se one twenty two medical is rolling plus one

Looks like the employers are calling in they want P.D.F. there as well for you know making suicidal threats

And offer medication she says Angela Allen has no weapons they want to put it Russia

Thank you

Seven one cover

And there is a good

Part of you know if you read on footer and we go

Swimming just if you want to call me or Joe five

They have not a rise but when I’m with another set of suspect they’re already in transport to unity so I’m thinking we are no longer needed thank you efficient description E two twenty seven and he did it right on the should

Put her on his

Prize or in court or

Parting us

Some five eight five fourteen zero six

Twenty three

Parts you know six five one clear and very lumbered call with George

You know he thinks hard for that name Which boxset mean at first you know seven

One four

One four North of all three for one copy for two No seven by June they’re going to search for the robbery call the just human north really North interstate if they will not grow some detainees been actively robbed there’s twelve people there total and only two of them are taking stuff and threatening them at the moment

Five You want the location for a while

Or both will

Present the company culture but also for you know it all or leave the ME as a sex offender no idea how he was

All right but you know he really is going to really an interstate got nothing our concerns are doing teaching here

Number one white male four years old six foot two ball of black sport Jersey Shore’s number two black male forty five years old six six great teacher great dance

He’s i seven

Going usually one five zero four he while fry numbered Ingle

Efforts into one sixth or as a caller followed him to wanting to

I’m a distance that she’s had a lease and have a river which will feel

Like it has not been entered McCall yet I think or so on the phone if you’ve got us to send a question you want to ask if you want to hang up so you can call

Four hundred ten five have you look like we may not be able to get a phone number I think is very definitive that’s up to the call five zero three four four two eight three four seven

Three one

Sure there are a jack in your status at first emerged by doing some regenerate on the

Range and reckless driver last seen selfless for injured in the last scene northbound want to go dark red to land Charlie six five one one watched him play fourteen twelve the furnace and her

Five all things went clear frank

Reconcile their business or a building called the hazel micro

Home of camper and information on the alarm call that just came in supposed to be a panic type alarm three seven three two of Missouri Ave Information call the forty thirteen

Cigna joke as you’re going I think you raise you have a thinking Morgan way next right nor how I’m not

Helping it is a question for you Terry six forty one if you have got a computer bouncer call back either harassment often if you will phone or

We’re going to jail you very far

Thank you forty forty one think you know what Hora wanted and learned Hermanson the seven eleven

Team at one ninety and various

Medical as well

Let us know there are embers is in use of one but they are in a lot of traffic

Forty fifty knots and want to go to one I mean once for transport Oh I see they’re here just for you don’t deserve the car when you thought go down the park to a zero zero three three one zero in six the first the naked any person any forty sixty knots or more just occur Nightrain trail

Evasion five hundred sixty if you’re on a three one piece you’re me right now start there and start forty seven hundred forty one of fourteen

Of a margin of think you know that there he could you know the one thing first I might want to listen but the ME or at thirteen fifteen or twenty three am I sir Section seventeen

What I mean when I got it

I didn’t mean for me was your heart attack even

Zebras are going to six high flying at six forty one

And North then for it

There are sixty column of the manager number two says

Person just showed up and a person in a six has a restraining order against them if you know me and collect only thing and I lack possibly in fact like you thinking the heart like you thinking you know I’m fifty one that’s why I’m not going to be

Clear anything for you clearly young that I said

Well I was going to have parked your car you visit one eighty three and has just call it twenty and how on a person looking in car windows as he walked in southbound white male thirty’s black T. shirt pants and carrying beer

Eighty ninety second they could cover for two

Three forty one I’m coming from a Fenton crowd happy ever coming from seventeen to come a

Day cliff and how she got her by the honor of in from back home to be John John zebra Queen Jane cliff and she does for twenty two if you don’t read you yeah clear your arms and only again


Which of the eight in ANY now at forty three two six four

Seven you’re off the light of my color to not answering your way to try to solve if you still hear OK sixteen fifty

Fifty fifty or

More there are three John

I’m a good Morgan to have you fourteen twenty two forty one would you show me out on twenty six also like to thank you thank you very

Back to color on will big one six one seven two seven I.V. I’m loving it I have a different Congress and I’m twenty three and I live in you that just thank you for change anything but NOT believe the welfare check call a slowing of the thing as well as you thought

It was well for him at the moment but she’s fine

If you want copy Thank you I just mean it go away thank you

One six one hundred three Happy fifty fifty and sixty one is for T twenty four

We want to one change of location of course you know for

Our Ne Ne thanks so much and I

Want to explore we’re not able to act

OK so if you can clear

This is like one of our old with your problem houses I can’t imagine whether or not Israel will be here forever

When sixty Click

Do anything ravings of a freaking no place like Ford or holder or for three hundred walk north very proper manner of mobile

Have a fourteen hour black I think if you have a mobile fortunately then spectrograms until switched to North

Is a female walking down the of the street was just beat up by several girls your heard down and then assaulted her they also biggie Qaeda suspects for laughing going into Lexington has start a victim of Laughing in the streets and like Alice saying that eighteen to twenty five black dress black high heel shoes All right thank you the thirty three level forty five he and the if he says the victim may have washed in to the license and had star as well and she of have blond hair

Looks like I mean the aggressor is white Dell eight hundred twenty five blond hair wearing a white T. shirt OK

It’s just an I wanted really

Newer version which will I will do fifty five cents six of us of the show’s history five for oneself the seventy one

Revival is just so well that’s what the vision of her tickling for six in which the

Humility of those who settles it with skill he will the south friends wrote you five seven thank you for playing in

The one we want to be about the rise of if you have the white US seventy that suddenly appear these you know Edward green every very very happy is rich and I called English park for a meal you know the suckers the administrating It’s forty one you know ninety one you get a reply and those are on and which shows and row

One hundred forty

Three and in the vision are nine zero nine Harald at

Roger and evasions like that you can’t fight you want to know will hurt your cult ones which ones are North Rosa Parks way you know a nine year old caller on the phone has got roughed up by the school bus mom’s cars in the driveway if there’s no eyes the front door back door they called us we’re stupid I’m alive the version there

Martin Richmond

Serious researcher

Three Do Yeah clear Frank Yeah it is if you get north park was if you switch to a three three forty three

Five willing nine hundred seventy nine

Forty three and a commission on it in which number one call that is Kim is well the Marquis care Piedmont through and I know if you travel streets informationally forty thirty three eighty eight and six eighty eight ninety six through out a suspicious occupied need to call during one seven Boy David and Mary From N.P.R. and thirty four just north of

Thirty four North the whole thirty three and I explained earlier three to Highlander Folk use I seventy is a forty there’s it’s going to exemplify me thirty three thousand six hundred thirty six so if I want

Clear judge are going to be

Assessed on to a five it must have also got six of them they were not if you try to weasel give her the great

Players details a total of six went to work her floor so the resident

Party thirty five three one mom showed up but you only got about

One I for

Three and one I’d lend money seven for and

The one like I asked for a police line but they’re not saying if it has if using them at that time or they just believe this is a place a matter of I call to three Northwest nine Bella Kasa in front of her

Singeing of drugs white male in a wheelchair drove it for English and

Turned away

But the party if you’re going to be frank you know it’s a trigger happy it reduces your guard

It’s forty forty different Fortune forty nine thousand six hundred ninety

Eight nine hundred forty forty one thank you five seven

For us is a hero six thousand and fifty two number sixteen

Parking pretty

Raking since if you want and somebody can figure you who cross the street from fighting pretty

Thankful for every

Parking free you out with us have a chance if not a fan of the thing I think

Every three five to five and eighty if the spelling answer is like guy having you have questions of related OK

Are in

What is that as you saying white males are curly hair wearing a brown shirt with Moda on the back very different

If you let me know if you want to cover her series over was that

They from

Its signature of think you know we think

North a division for Jews Charles Charles her

King Arthur division fucking pretty far five boys fifteen hundred seventy nine and I can pretty far

Off explaining any kind of public war we’re clear David

OK animal control seventeen there was a circle in there of a highway they have eighty seven that’s due in fifteen minutes that he had B.C. for animal neglect especially when aren’t any fresh if he can get you really particular but that’s also and will


Services homes or

Thank you

Sergeant for the word on

Civil Sergeant Edwards on millions here but you’re one of the bill civil deputies on tactical things like going to them knowing there is little that you need Bill fact fairly to ever attack you please

Question for a seven five or six when I’m going for fucking funny is your one sixty one

One sixty one and forty nine fifty one where you

Felt was horrible but over doing over to us so if you want to search for the hidden action in your complex What is a planet and three nine one zero one zero one March is that you know our viewers we stop on the freeway complaining that after reports in damages how much coverage about not the fun of our components and her cross face and left you stand on Lombard

I don’t like to visit my four five seven you want to look at polling today

Where sixty five seventy

Nine eleven

But you fight like things and they’re saying one house the last of their other area disturbances sounds like the twenty year old male maybe fighting with the

High school Sister I don’t know about any weapons being involved in some of these yelling about somebody on down the stairs be sensitive when I have to go

Or see if you don’t do three days or it will be frank on this and we can go OK sounds as if what you want is your current

Rank you

Just re here

Or dream so much for

Watching the three so the informationally we don’t have a victim of this time

And you Joy Division witness calling in about a guy who’s also wheels of a car nearby that his own vehicle fell down a red light the death of a canopy really Lincoln Davis seven one five person fifty four if I really want to talk because you’re everybody separated from your job at forty fifty five do

It we didn’t have a welfare check NATO Parkway and Morrison on a total thirty four male in the traffic lane yelling at cars like non those are black pants

And for one

Party to do so but

High profile very authentic that

Myself I think is because more

Than they can be sorry

He is in this regard for politics or else it’s on their nuclear five hundred seventy one from a

Sense from you watching that he said and this issue of the five for Senate for Gingrich

From Irving out of B.M.X. bike white male and as funny as baseball cap brown jacket and light colored blue jeans forty fifty eight

It’s funny right well what about we

Just wanted you

To shoot Broadwell

For your fourth grade on a far there was also a forty one or one article or

Having if you

Have all three I will

Be earlier and when it is back wanting to use your own or he three to drive lacking the very sharply paint and the parking

Harassing you

Happy and she’s wondering between here and an area many market is that you know that your executive government

We’re in for three thousand seven hundred

Forty three and five Church OK I think

Forty eight thirty twenty eight thirty one where John

If you

Measure what I’ve learned he won’t win the OK three none of them is like a chronic poker before is your honor yeah sounds like a nice complaining about his roommates video saving him previous call I mean

By that you know

You know that we knew of a phone that

We can play

That’s north

And I have one for your list southbound I five at the Rose Quarter in the left hand shoulder is a stalled gray Nissan did you put that on your must have been daily contact in a neighbor for six three three side Dr Julie Michael four six three three seven five seven six thirty six thirty

P.M. six Tennessee northeast distancing tellings words is a male in the south a male on the southeast corner yelling our powers examine mental health issues a black male fifty great teacher and camel who says it’s a horror movie goers were just

Six cents if their He did your car thanks the government thirty

Forty or whoever has

Its environs I think can one for the fun of this John and show me how many four computer issues with this you had nine twelve

Going to you me and Johnny on that and then create a proper recall here if you knew how

Right this one were going you’re if you’re not very green DAVID Well once they’re in the three

Arrington Yeah I think if there you want to cry I’m not evil term

OK nine thousand calories worth each found not one minute old

On ours or one five John Roger George Correct correct

And we get in Iraq like they were six seven one

The ninety one is going to go very covered this morning and shooting fire at a level

Yeah just right and didn’t get a hit on it and the reasons I said Have it was just for this morning

Thank you just

For the record warmth of warmth

After he’s around I sixty five

If we can use our four ID invent Google as medical out of micro to have my car will be with Oregon ninety nine one to train and recruit your home on Burnside just west of the vision if you don’t

Want her

Ellen Ellen

Her or her a really hood sixty one can you go that way as

An agent of vision if you parking friction one six you know one

Down on me you know ocular Okami around right now I mean you’re coming then how do you know if you Very well I mean you have to

Thank pretty much anyone an accident I guess tires and around to check and I He made the insurance going to be on lease and just use it I will buy the black sedan and that black ops an option that involves

Twenty thousand Inglesa a

Very unique forty one selfless first and salmon going northbound So if you explain your full size X. white male twenty to thirty seven Bill black sweater and you know about a guitar in his back so we’ve looked on this very


Paul Jefferson’s I think it is have been very

If I have one in the frame and I’m at first and I know what you have all three of you go for your medical they can come sit for

Many callers so hard as they want

From a sidewalk if Shontelle from a lot of very early

And often library sees you have to look for new all over do they

Have Mores you would like to make on THANK YOU WERE MY PHONE neglect or as a chef needs one to hold of for profit and ten or second interview and they don’t have an OK gotta get it

If you marry it you know he be all normal so far so it was twenty three

Thirty Yeah I got flagged down on the salt is sinful free thinking you have a cold one ambulance come by

The make the point of being with the five off

Nails and a conscious and breathing

Several other so what have you cover a medical out of a possible overdose one five ne level

For once if it’s raining

Do it you

Want to come out with a stalled walking jogging and the renewals the highway through the Oregon forty five Frank Mary X. ray the original village at its fifty two on line three want to form like second come when we’ve

Been running earing

If it wasn’t

For stark a strange if we can clear three want to well sixty five just type in a three part harmony or set which Mark is that funny part of it if you want

Sixty one someone’s you know friends of the fire voted or the middle

Of the city get any updates it looks like medical has already transported there thinking the visions are manual and higher clear a visit with North voters as I don’t let me see if I can check with a fire I want results right on the


Or for coffee that wanted for

When I want to start on a one to one thousand start but going are found as a little kid on a bicycle no how much he’s writing in traffic on a bicycle

Or maybe it’s a thing

Or vice I can fight but I want to rather than an island where you just have settled my view I suppose it is as I cross under vision

Sixty one

They said they didn’t know

They’re in a trying to check with a medic who is taking the patient to a manual job and to know that he’s trying to injure the so many drivers

OK I’ll try and find out one thirty three years of unite us three and I know one want to buy the Washington cause as there’s ten people physically fighting in the spilling out into the street I’ve only got one policy so far I’m not sure there is that it doesn’t answer not

In NATO through recovery we’re certain and for

I guess the main aggressor says the black being black you know saying teens face drash they dress and then they’re going to another large group of black females also involved

No weapons of any and no mention of any weapons example of them that a lot of them have a veto signal of and worry because we don’t feel good enough for all of it fuck off it’s one clear bigger

Ten seven I mean if you twenty think he was I mean who

Have fallen for of their motivation of course exclusive us home for

Six four one six born till five right over the Colorado town to find female lamb lard and hollers ex-husband have entered collars apartment without permission moving things around taking fast and then dumping be cold water on our collar they’re all outside yelling at each other now that’s the big picture of it some dispute over rant and something with yeah

Well OK not even a full

Size for months isn’t this a very

Hot No no we’re not going to be right up your buy was a dinner required for the box of the best dancers of a lot into exactly last inventing a bicycle has come this new president

Seventy one a flight over and over those for seventy three was a for if you want I can probably advise on that before they come on the river you know get a G.’s you we can be clear right and I can go

So if you want to think it was you needed you jolt him and kept Wiley for a go a kid vandalized some kind of construction equipment here and did some damage and hopped on the bus forty five the took off southbound white male middle age or middle school age white T. shirt blue jeans a good work job

It is if

One Thanks for

Being one to twenty four SE two zero four places a forty year old son he lives here assaulted father twenty minutes the mission down that he was fifty five and I think of

Elite is south down to zero our place in

Stooge Park has right now are in seven seven one hundred pound pleasure Sachin chart

The book I was an additional The Senate has been using that as acting very aggressive having

Seen anything six four two go three six zero four six four to six were to fall thirty six F. or

It will be a minute

Forty eight thirty where I don’t it is as of thirty one of three do you want me to hold this kind of check on a motive for those of you holler her glass breaks thirty and

If there’s somebody did break in three and Dark Thirty goes in will for more money getting very frequent this

Country and only other four zero one four ne origins of it

Four zero one four ne fourteen you’re coming up at six one zero one is that in correct correct signal in zero one level is in and the whole

Camera there Navy we got trying to match their coordinated a drop of the car for

An hour arm of the cult leader called them to see if he was still on the bus and he is

Eighty undecided column Adam Wallace to the point I think

Six hundred six

Show myself six point seven five six one hundred there are one or zero seven one one one

One and seven one one on its last forty there’s where do I can answer him

Suffer for it now will go in a minute or be five when they vote with the harassment hole this will not be a change going to go home and reach in the US or

Rise sorcery

A lot of holes but they’re watching them I mean you know something else up there yeah somebody else that

Some in there at the north and circle forty one here in a frank think symbol of a section of a runway they write

How it was we

Really hard to understand you were doing everything mate right like I weigh forty three South of that with Ridge only forty feet of the so interesting forty to forty would reconsider you’re doing it in forty three

Thirty first and then I’ll continue along when I think there’s a route if I can catch up to the boss

Or three eleven and seven because Charles is a living I want to live in a seven generous apartment ones that I’ve seen drive vehicle into a building an injury that I love I want to get from one of your divisions

Of us and it’s a very thin edge and by far very soon everyone I’m going to marry if I have not found my witness

There’s will be the corner capital and join him in a dream list well they’re not but I mean are you looking for a

One hundred court order in that hall on accident or hard hearted Marty it is needed heard

This regime know what this report on the cost and the bus driver cranks for one border with

No one

No one getting something

That you twenty

Four seven three seven thousand seven hundred fifty six

Once you can start on the murder of a lot of organs sixty five chill of murder a lot less fifteen percent you have I know there are chills I had an altercation already think six seven

As are you and let’s say six ninety two sometimes a disturbance twenty one and

It’s on the move to males to use e-mail then a couple yelling at each other and in and out of traffic they’re gone what I found

Harm from are him or her

And then forty

Six then four you can print me her I’m closer than

As exam for coffee and six seven five you can be quick

Information river is your guy he is east on holiday from thirty seven he’s on a motorcycle male writer and a great geezer Elon and with an office drivers and gracious Hotaling seven ninety eight SE Crystal Spring college that local trains and stealing electricity take them off after an argument

And I think they will figure that is the only one I can think of that in the night tonight at seven fifteen fifty one one four four four one five or ten one one I heard that for me back when I thought he was I seven sixty five seven

This morning when nine so he still has this morning when I se one hundred fifty two well the residents run some five thousand so they’re called the Arthur one if so which direction sixty four copies six and five we can I heard from her

Twenty three was a file says to the transition one six you got me from the office

That I have is a bunch of teens on the e-car site


Happy because of the research

By Victor seven sixty one to

The face what a one

Fifty one for I mean why right now over at one hundred thirty seven or more no more not hard

Thank you thirty seven almost

Six eleven well they are really sick and out of it being exotic playing as a black accuracy organ late one one six Charlie homeboy information is sticking to the bar fight night you

Can go through they are beholden to what are

They quite And Jeff

Flake William Barber both of us fell for play on Barber eighty eight you

Say I am barber or five of her car by

Simply going to go to one E.M.R. chart location ring if you know that punch in the stomach fifteen year olds haven’t brains have you won sixty US them platform that examines was standing in front of a neighbor’s house but he was casing then noticed our collar not as hard and left as recent best in the area it was Regine fall OK if you do

Correct OK I’m going to test it three seven three three four there have one serving two young boys that you’re really going really going to do and well I’m sixty one with one

Of our scientific you want

A plant if you want eight six one south with clay Southwest eleven College says there’s two gals

And a green Ford Focus on the left socialist five hundred to the morning six hundred fifty nine things

Of the three

That you the whole gave process part Miss forty three thirty three selfies one hundred four number twenty four is second hand for complainants the month that lived downstairs correctly just got assaulted for people to spread out of her apartment they have probably been there yelling all day I am waiting for further

There’s a shift to clarify and cover nine seven three six women want to know

OK Thanks it looks like it’s actually gave the apartment to thirty one those where the victim is a big down her seventies were going to real medical check on her me so have this on the suspects do you call me back or aren’t you


Knowing someone that’s where I just came from you went goes to police every minute

If you’re on a three line fishermen’s which you won’t even

If you

Just call the problem gals a shy and more white one thousand and probably she’s got her dad and another sister and a couple of kids up there and parked in a brown S.U.V. down the street

One hundred forty

One forty five I had all these village wire sell the first three three zero John are very very religious wire one it’s six in Essex it is there it is you if you don’t have a place for the vehicle or get a Q three organ or four Charles George gave the

Reason for it you think the reason for you coming so the three with

You and so little of a twenty seven Baker one five six six zero sure it’s probably twenty murders so

If you want it fixed I want

You to call a traffic division of a

Farm turn and they were going to fix them or OK

Forty one of nine cents of every rang and I and if in fact

Those are the ones in for me were part of the well yes for a little fun they were there at the senator to let another king come in once and for

Part of a one year old running around right next to star in front of the Highland Park apartments you four zero five zero these are and there’s no parents around the male until right there is only twenty three pleasure mind you OK the male in a race is a blue shirt on blue jeans there’s a guy with a lion spawning he has a van and he’s pulled over with a child hanging out with them they get their order and everybody

Him until he’s not pulled over a search Oh I can’t get a better location please says next the star analysts trying to get something better they were overcome by

Six hundred seventy seven

Journeys and they are all from our home to from seven five and a half dollars said he’s following some kids small kids he says the sole some things off of somebody’s porch and they’re running southbound on thirty fifth he’s out of lolling on his motorcycle I don’t have a description yet apparently the guy in the finance of the Coliseum but I’ve heard from cops and are going to be in front of two seven five five ne Holden

Seven five five open every fifteen for him so I would say for the whole of these eleven lives as the subject of the souls of them yesterday is your No lunging at her complaint it being his street name is the metro by Rachel we’ll Tony’s a little early

But also is the one for I need to go down to get my car back and wait for me all the way you know

So we’re going after six seventy five there two white males a Hispanic male

One’s about seven years old he has a red backpack on and the other one is carrying a basket ball for seven crew drive him from an urn for seventy five minutes before there are any Spanish speakers on the side that acknowledges that the sergeant the No one four seven three four seventy three had a difficult call of a one partner for peace but Squire

One five six five Village Court to have any Spanish speakers function as I have because it is asking nine hundred three symbols I think that you number

Of possible houses because if they don’t live I don’t think we know where the kids are anymore the Dr that collar is driving around trying to find him he’s being somewhat uncooperative

Jerk twenty fifty when you try to get through do you see five on your P.C. He started a fire out here at home Albert of the twenty eight twenty nine like one of the powerful jurors smoldered how the average twenty to twenty nine looks like Fire money and every now yeah I just saw the call there are they should be arriving in a second or is it just some of the other half of Lebanon seven one six year old out of nor what they wanted all the land all fifteen of a tree was telling everyone it was seven one five very center of three for one whole thing that says their sister in laws you’re harassing them they’ll have them locked in with their vehicle like blue to a Prius of three John actually and he Mr Kilgore was like you know yeah that was a fan of my civil caller earlier and there another afternoon guarding our he really knew how to

Bring around us and cover me so you can

Have Drew incident seven three for give me a minute to log on and no I don’t the very center of

Your part of

Seven three one hobby if you want to get attacked you can play on the dimmest OK place unless it

Has been mentioned here and I have hair on the line

To self like all my minutes were from a highly heart who ran over to one of the resident presently looking for a one year old who were going to try to bring her over here

For I got here all morning while hard here for you twenty one someone for my computer still do nothing we’re going to leave my car we’re shiny and you know so we’re in France this whole thing got me going to harm on my way from central prison

And looks like something will actually begin in cream dodgy and Parkins well

He says I said and done

Just that one rang nine hundred four SE market I mean sixteen function zero star number seven or seven and he is a focus and I do I can grab a minute think I’m up there

Anything in history sure I’m right in one of our images it was just my general five zero and never Senate

Primary two three centuries

And I think three

Things really

Limits are in the

Name Lincoln

Memorial or a little


I seventy four is sixteen when it suits you and Israel if you want it do you know any more who put on the freezing

Freezing so little will be other plough combined contacting victim trying to have more information

Soon for a job that

Does more than breast starving or pulls it for

It’s like health

Ramel and yet we call her

Back as we’re doing circles around each other tell her to come back to the apartment we’re here at the other you know wonder that you want

The U.K. set up to get a three one bar something say do

You price week with

The nerds argument back to

Thirty Jordan

I mean when I was out in nine hundred ninety six very

Clear frank and can you tell me there’s a call it’s already created on at the Safeway on Barber and then to the desk drian on the corner

And it’s got a team from the on at least all right

Fifty three three one five can you log off thirty one thousand

When I see one sixty three trucks thirty twelve where you have a car grow really what you need to use during please so you know it’s a more L.V. seven Aneta central for a central for us but it doesn’t have it it five if you know or but they’re going to curse word a way we can head out there and really the dishes are

It’s important for nine hundred sixteen thirty


I said Arcot If I Stay for tonight and I’m here

There’s them for a coffee Tenet fifty three but seven eight ten and sixteen thirty one and information I’m Stan from M.L.K. a black accurate S.U.V. five seven four David Young in Victor is driving with the kids standing up through the sunroof is information sticking the Senate on him her heart and

That’s right

In the

Twenty six seventy six and you got an open mike

Thank thirty three if you agree

Eighty two and beach on the sump are going to be east on the south side a dark smaller S.U.V.

So many of our things there from cover nine hundred three hundred four if I want to not go there and walk off

Because it is over Maza City and sixty seven Charlie

Sheen there you know one of those are part of the modern

Become a phone booth

If one for for a minute for crash and burn on the injury for insight into eleven seven units or three one three eight hundred seventy

Three And I think thirty four eleven a seven

And I support a fabric something in a

Full force before hard involve the first what will be six or to sixty five David Wolfe right there could be will be William Sam John one a zero airport way possible driver is a black Honda Accord Adam X. ray Paul three for eighty Washington plates for mail and one vomited out of business parking lot off of Dorine vault wondrous thought he really won three four from P.T. lenders are all saying ran an Afghan medical research you know three vocalist Lovejoy security fighting with a threesome with Gretchen with

A crash

Since anything pretty quick took Rick Warren one

Of the able to succeed from a side already thought of


And sorrow or

For you a right he said I five injured in a parking lot

Of the

Ninety three three

Hundred nineteen of the on Powell a few female fighting analysis when she’s in the other one with a bloody nose Harvey some of down south thinking they’re going to have a ninety three but

I think it’s going to be like Dallas back through

Us and headed east down on POWELL No weapon seen a white gal looks like one throwing a white things out that’s all I have so far if I were to fall for you

This is where you thirteen all three of us Lovejoy security fighting with a shoplifter

New owners for the night after you can you have exactly thirty twelve thirteen or fifteen can you go over it as if with thirty two alarms

It will cover the Safeways original three levels of just three seventy three more than a lot of

Good morning and night train service or less if you stand on house possibly behind the Safeway parking lot as it’s going to be a

Threat and blonde hair white teen top and the jeans very bloody the aggressors must be like down dark fairly geezer in jeans earrings I think they were maybe fighting over a phone I mean not a

Factor to me when all came back is really pretty annoying and I was rooting for third year for some recent years and I made three one mark dollars as a suspect facing off Southbound one twenty two and if the male victim is left behind the gal this writing is supposed to be the saying is spam email thirty’s letter by fans

From former sixteen party ninety three arriving from the South think pretty much racial Mobile be selfless for in Washington Jews of just walk itself physically fighting as they go

If you male or seventies heel of black sweater great pants and a white male in his eighty’s during a box of donuts in a brown suit secretly read here three letter

National Credit there for cover and then

Have a car for the planet ninety one tell us if you for sure so that the victims us to be in front of the Safeway

Gal thirty on her white tank top in jeans they’re not expensive and I think it is from Asia that if

She’s from Star silver Chrysler attached in one six zero Edward Willie Henry the e-mail is insulting to children in the back seat she told them if their kids are mentally disturbed begin

To deal

With them the reason

She forty three

Spends in front of us more than I have heard about for college

All right

Forward from flight found that a flight

Ninety three that’s my thing is known as Hughes and she’s a C. over at Baskin Robins like me seventy four

She’s going to let your Safeway for seventy five maybe over a vast Robin’s thirty three hour walk or

The approach

For a free one and save you

If you were to

Jordan did you see her describe him as read Time right here yet only that’s going to be

Rigorous and I’d turn it six hundred forty seven seven for she’s not about from Robin infinity or

Things rebut but

In apartments a container two six six one color just a neighbor calling about some kids or unsupervised and playing in the complex and out into the street

To see

If I’m right and if you already know how I met Roger person dork S. and see they feel now Asian three thousand and four having this their way and the other and

The security look if you are outside I haven’t any other to

Alice think it’s physical physically fighting

They’re very dear very high

A friend now is a one six four

Five are long gone and we can cover him he’s as well

Tempered Anyway Alan and direction but hold him are you

A car daughter through her eyes or are you

Really took a go are

Very serious and they’re clearing the recall thank you it is working every thing else working for you and selfless twelve and another one selfless for in Washington D.C. fifty million tons of money

I mean you know if a short of a hold of a photo of her she’s over in love all three of you well very were things I mean to her

Mind repeating the Southwest four in Washington one I’ll go out on fellas from if you haven’t evolved

As a male and a female that were fighting as they were moving south found what female or seventies and yellow and black sweater great dance number two the white you know in his eighties carrying of aka donuts and of around suit jacket to carry the one if we’re going to make any more of an eighty five twenty six I’ll search of this other call Greece Bible Church one for three oneself blissful it’s like yeah go to I tell you I’m

A sergeant a cover of which I’m going to call him first then they give us a real earning him well

If you know it’s mine and oh no if you need me to think of it you think for this or that band six four six by doing

And since then

Check out guy then and so many for the last fifteen minutes says he’s been in the neighborhood wandering around for about an hour white male then green baseball cap but thank

God he’s in prison because they really

Seem to agree

That in our place in our own

Jeff someone for a motorist assist Southdown Markham bridge at the South End style vehicle on the right lane no description

You know his moment thank you every call the service hoping for VERY to set him free in R.V. zero five number one a seven at six hundred fifty six so angry for three for Iran are in play you a

Jew one John easy George on of Lacan day I guess it’s not a Ford or something who is reserved so they take you a little as five three four former G.’s Webster court

Thank you forty one forty four ten seven I heard you offered organizing six interviews and video on have you got

It off if

You can clear one for her or her

I mean every letter operate any

Of the six them going aren’t what I said was a common reason before traffic three centuries ago had Oregon one for for dinner a vector David cellphone when Jackson was

Just penguins Activision is a fan it is succeeding if you

Think if you can probably go and plan five throughout their first

Five All these are important

And William fine and I stand in line seventeen others happy ones of a boy before it is

Generally create a color that

The bicycle mainstreet transit stage and put me on it and you know just some Jason for is one six one nine one three one six one nine one three affirmative OK for any units in area main street within the last probably fifteen minutes of black and white Lamond multi-speed road bike was still in black and white black frame well white lettering

On and it’s got a U. shape law attached to it that you will be able to get off

On coersion called white

The three four sixty four and sorry M.L.K. Bram and you show us with a vehicle and by accident might arrogating information

Got the item out came Graham but if I have a cover for a job with a back this

Friday five ago copy five a five

Letter out of twenty would you know they are if you choose well for coming

Home I want to bring them home when I want

Them to fix time for one for for you and diverting six one seven ice cover ne one one two and Fremont three ago road rage or rage or got out of his car and try to fight the other half

Both I think I’ve eastbound it’s a silver B.M.W. chasing a white Ford F two fifty with machinery in the back

When you know in the car

They’re more No five or six months I don’t put you back on or off

Names were six one seven you can disregard of the track and you’re all

Six and four I copied coming from Lloyd Center known for its union flag down and one in

One one seven and San Rafael it’s of the you know for the

Six I five copy it’s you know for twenty three thank you notes are trying to reason if you know

There are for you and nine twenty for going to ne one to two Ave NE Police in St The only thing that we have so far as a hit Iran and it’s by a white F. fifty pick up of some sort six I five got the six I’m forty three turning out to graze you

And says last seen westbound Gleason in we’re trying to get our collar to stop for

Those of their friends it’s of six nine forty four that’s what was

Said West

Of West Bank was an assemblage of hit several vehicles it was an F one fifty three seventy four seventeen o six the colors the following the truck

Sound like they are so awful to figure out where are you going four five one four four it sounds like this is now at one one thousand and holiday the subject is pulled over and fighting over

The last unit carrier only opened back center Mike and dress are going to end like military have you looking for turkeys and I shouldn’t really it’s of when I if I live on a Midnight Sun Herald and call overthrow of United should herald something on the radio in six seven five one zero zero nine ne holiday street as a truck versus I’ve B.M.W. both drivers are now fighting there’s a hammer and a knife involved I doubt it’s high and hair when mom on opiates

So many of the decimal direct where they are dad is a history of making threats so on board Gabi coming from thirty four hall for three thousand

Seven hundred ten medical services as well

A copy of my one you know holiday


Having a provision seven hundred

Fifty five that’s no not a lot like the call I’m on with look Asian with Metro riders and I travel a virgin to go ahead call the U.S. I want one for a day to your village on


Holiday west of where the one in one holding

Signs or I’m going to wait a minute holiday verse six seven five before heading up

Seven holiday the program across the one hundred seventy

One six four

One for free I was your Vogue another not all the answers that I got me having to sound like this may have started in north they have an exact name call the end of it one on holiday

Fourteen a copy

Of the full


Three of seventeen

Eighteenth’s and holiday and he’s just lying there so you can all play a few things you twenty four seven three four he calls you know sorry that was for seven funny Harvey copied my message it’s just there are some things on my forty five and sixty want one forty five sixty wanted seven hundred

Seventy twelve and one fourteen the truck drivers are on top of us eleven so I’ll have that more

Shopping area south was a lot of

Free will if you can I it’s so if he’s searching which one I’d already or we got were code for we were present at a copy code for seven hundred thirty and then forty five and we said that it like you can see the men have it’s a few Forty seven hundred forty my

Forty five thousand for five and do this with start up north those are called the paragraphs Yes it was six lines for Scholars it was like abuse of you for

The truck Oh yeah we are very few want from up here the B.M.W. plate number is Oregon a correction for eight secs John Paul yellow happy and north is cleared off of their call if you want me to have them come our

Whole company will let me know

For you in six three four NE two five and Sumner

The mother of our caller son he’s trying to run over a caller with her car

Hit him twice is not her

She’s in a white cyan the subject is a Livia Gamli

Six three for coffee so if you think three five Ne you just seven hundred fifty one for five then for five good yes the resort is lighter although if you can call me more after Thank you

It was easy for him as I didn’t have an even after I believe my former lover Dr

Yes actively information on a vehicle driving a radically westbound Foster from I to a five going to be a gray Subaru or even for a Charlie union one seven nine nine information it’s something to unite as the Brazil

John King a tiny fire

Going with medical on second hand information that there is an accent at Southwestern market to cars governor

Bill copies of these of

Its zero seven eight seventy six zero seventy seven it’s an easy any work with that

For seven services and they were paid to seventeen o seven

When you gave them your information to contact

You from those who of us

You know to

Since seventy nine seventy three seems south bound someplace thirteenth then Jefferson has on a Harley motorcycle an employee information seventeen nineteen

As a result is unclear total

Information on the hold in east on I eighty four it exit the house and I thought I threw a five on the off Francis of him he was standing in the fog lying or hollers worried that a dog that’s with him might run of the traffic information

For your call related to our call back from a collar he’s hiding it too for between two forty five on something or behind a gray Dodge printer van has Airstream on the side of it

Since he’s worn both seem so employee

Of his when

It is where he got

Rid of

I’m sorry I can’t hear you well one is between my radio let me check

If you fourteen if you can switch the service just really

Isn’t version of the update I’m talking or I don’t know if you think you know

That hidden run that I’ve heard of one one nine and holiday use is asking you to come I prefer So just which on my call

It were

Size or clear fi it occurred in North but they stopped in at one one night and holiday OK

So if you’re twenty two

Three seven three fourteen create a call on top a rocky

And Clear out with John

For you clear is John seventeen twenty two of those of us in the hood to a five star organ sixty five Hugh John boy Victor LP two of the search for six for fourteen of fourteen you’ve done a


Of the entire three

Seventy three if

You clear John and you can clear one six one nine zero four their ticket was

OK seventeen going for

Him ran heard south I five near silent bridge a balloon lightly Subaru Outback and I think Joyce X. three seventy like her


George ninety two had like

Wired learning her memory of a company wide letter and just want

A lot of press and train stations and things like

The one for four six zero six is going to be en route from the precinct

I’m sorry my radio was low again I was asking for your eking I just left the Verizon or about thirty third and how OK one three four

Or three four can you show myself and one for for doing the patrol I mean city park the UN one for four at main city or oh that’s essential I would not need jet a rat’s northbound Freema bridge ramp and northbound I five it is the right shoulder will be on route thank you seven hundred twenty seven six four five if I go north east corn foot and all the wood road on all the wood facing southbound just south of corn is a black or dark blue Jetta parked there the windows are partially down but our horses a panting bowl inside and it’s too hot

I’ll look into it

And I’m here

For a sort of legit it’s seven hundred forty seven

Six four five and will control close at fifteen hundred sometimes they can page an after hours person out after you’ve arrived on scene

So she’s twenty four and most of these posts are going to be organic one one one one or nine avenues he said six brawling in front of looking

Both white males got the safe recovery one to

A vehicle not chasing it east down on fourth OK when I want to start

It’s really not a vehicle description one hundred Hardcastle him remember me on the Tempe one for recently I think there are no injuries I think that’s all I have right now it looks like now

That any Three think your pajamas seventy nine and they wonder if you are in terms of or not we won thirteen it’s so dangerous I want you for the one

And all the cars another good for her callers not a witness they just heard there’s a porter male yelling to stop the car because it had a one hundred four I copy giving our orders after

They get it looks like he’s still chasing he’s going to be a white male in his late teens or the light pleasure Gene I think I got the only thirty five zero five detector first day I was worried about it’s a white female in their seventy’s long white hair like colored clothing for example or coffee vide only he’s with me sixteen for copies by seven for you tonight saying just up the card is a hidden


So the thirty one kind of holding some of these power and one seven four on the southwest corner and a possible jump you know that walked across the street and sat down on the other side information that’s of the size image because that’s only both five zero and five and twenty or up the trail and there’s no radio reception or stuff you just make you know McCall is rocking the region on the air for a little bit

One three four plus three four we’re not seeing anyone at this point will clear George unless that

Victim decided to call it

Topical or George at seventy thirty two something that is only out with one if you want to burn the resemblance of all the B.S. one eight one hundred so it’s seventy thirty two that’s And he does it

Well isn’t that dark at huge huge zero with organ zero five one to Henry and you know right the circuit usually one three four can you show myself in one part or back on the show it means that he parked up the image of the court which was then going to go one

That enforces the one thousand and four six he wanted seventeen as nine one one one NE so an avenue you have to

If you recall I haven’t found anyone yet I’m going to walk which are also as one of her call

Me as a slug and what you number

One for having before God Then I copy that seven in the

Many three I didn’t write that one for exact words and for how that is recovery think of

What I’m going to have

But it was a very vivid seventeen thirty six one hundred horrid you want to grant you a seven one one for

Information on a guy walking south down the twenty first from Powell grocery cart and a fight and I holler things that suspicious information seventy three six nine seven four

You and I me a for from a long way off going to the five hardest Cafe seven one zero one SE stark stream we have the know and hopefully for Asian male sitting here using the patio seize hold and holding for about an hour and a half now he’s now escalating and yelling invest in the redwood which is across the street at least seven one one five of the stark not all five all five of us for over twenty four for me if I have a

Thirty thirty seven the vehicles

For just confirming it was actually across the street seven thousand one hundred southeaster

You know going from the field want

Us All six to one zero to Maple Boulevard

Even over here to beat up our complainant they left there currently go on foot towards two thirty eight

So survival of the thirty six zero seven I suggest something but I will be out at one one one zero six zero of these Levy one one zero six all these Levy streets and you have you know by six four

Or five northbound I five at Columbia of all of our That Jew vehicle non-injury accident one half I think the other ass is drunk and had no insurance it’s funny farm

I mean all down our first fourteen then over twenty three on fourteen to ten over ten north rep he’s a white male died here Tatiana of our blue jeans my teacher Dr greener than other car declarant every

If you for a really

Remember worth of ever really do you think Triple Five and

The number ten placed if you’re male

Versus over our collars son Curtis Johnson seventy six of one hundred eighty four is in his room trying to fight and I was married people so they used us cleaving over the last couple days the transitional school you need however

We just

Got the thirty forty one that’s something for you Final Four

Desserts was cover for ninety four three six three three zero healthy six I want to get one of them while or it’s of the forty one FISON ones and

They let you

But if I fuse call it an update from five and twenty on the phone and you look at the sun

About fifty years if you go the trail so for the M.R. rapture Ochs leftwinger Neither Russia will get up there

Yet if you give me an E.T.A. on their arrival for both

You have the talk or if you are welcome and you know my name and Mabel

Yell of them at Mabel and Cedar Lane eleven of them voted against the organ for every Victor and three it’s a king forty three

As well wasn’t I seven unsurprised of us is just a six as one are that once your term vision is down train station one to two eastbound it’s fifteen for the Star ninety four nine zero for something sirens are going to agitate him and your detective and that’s when he says he sure is

Good a lot as a team they’re headed up and they are more ranting is not five minutes out so they hit the parking lot cover thank you seven hundred forty four you know that you just if

You for sure we can fly grandmother color so in terms of you and

Me if we go back to you

Right are you create because I’m not the one one of ours maybe you could throw them out later

And I know for We’ve got one just for him out he can be twenty one and two five so that all’s well one two three time I search for those who actually

Sure clear Me and nine to five are searching for his or something for six eight five

For you and shuffle five transit stop at Holiday Park that’s one one for five ne holiday street

This is the servants there on the platform a group of nine black males harassing and Asian male an Asian female

Are color keeps talking about a past stabbing with no weapons of been seen today

Sixty one how slow while Martin will

Serve you forty seven or in some sense like home come from don’t know the orders so if you see five copy

You have a number and you know it

But doesn’t clear surely it’s seventy four

Thank you five it’s of the forty seven for so or have you hop across the river someplace third in market and injury accent just one female who wants checked out you waiting in the parsing market parking structure illegals out the government doesn’t reach your views so if you are not out of the truck it’s something pretty much it’s a four to eight night or when you get your were in for thirty

Nine for twenty four during an area tech SE before afternoon chill or street and cell phone from here was a female trying to chase a male down she’s going to be in a white ninety’s court bill is a black male heavy with the shirt wrapped around his waist he went south on us all

Night your

Cars that are coming out of this hole why don’t we meet at like six thirty seven do you go to

F.L. staging a citizen to creativity heading to the easy as you call it being will be just

West of sixty five and Holden thirty or progress or very very saving through Coleman the flint five

Yeah but all four to

An unknown if injury accident nine seven zero six ne president St Calvi from power

On wanting to

Have vehicle descriptions covered these if you want drugs you need to maybe five years nine you can verify that storage when you don’t have the stuff for you

George I did take a look one four four four four four and you people on this call those of us wonder what will be what will do with one just was a little hill one five three zero nine five three both come from a long way off going to eight three five for a healthy heart of court we have hired medical and route as well checking on Julia Buck who color colored so that she’s sorry it’s not her fault because much pills probably someone involved

In for recovery one of the workers it looks like we’re getting this address from her D.M.V. had five one five five one five

Show you going to five nine three five north best didn’t

Try to contact the parents five year old that was last after school six or five

From the murder thirty thirty three if you can give me a call give me some more info coming over that right now

Where will part of our hearts are horrible in our view

That you want your health

Her life


But this call requires us to request

Coffee I’ll get you want to soon as I can I’ve got nine three five north is the only available

That the six ones that were both forms are six hundred seven code for information on a priority disturbance holding two six hundred seven SE nine two Avenue is a vehicle that was getting towed one of the tow truck showed up and well dropped the vehicle so it might escalate into a fight information at seven fifty four

Fifty five twenty three in Cincinnati is one of them

If I think you need three you can be sent

Then once I’m far and clear we’re going to head from some Americans are a lesson for how to think of which I ninety five you look like little farther off

Ninety five

Stories or two for easy eighty eighty five for SE TO COURT Yes nine five or you can use any

Man from five to five but you continue on from three call that I’m twenty three on that ninety two including call not my own question have you think you


Seventy six a fan’s copy of a five seven hundred sixty six

Or can I get thirty nine seventeen or in Dr Who

Said you did you won something five

Just let us live in Java and the public on the details of their location so if you see five copy seven hundred but for

All six for

You to cover one five five unassisted person of great you’ll Cartman’s eight to zero se one ninety eight that the new number two three eight sounds like father is young enough school bus driver and possibly mentioned getting his gun I’m having accidents on hand I think

That the ones exploited injured are going to you if you know one soldier and I am there is ours a for you to determine or any traffic control company fuck off or two you got me yeah from one thousand five hundred or when you want to foreigners

If you know one are interested there is or is it

I’m not talking I’m just going to see what I’m going to be available for round

For just

Two o five all you car in the center you’re not in your

Well the oh not popular if you are out there

That was less than eighty four east of the two of us split or if I sleep very

Well the most of us don’t think that you know two hundred

Pleasures I just clear off from the southwest of this location that we have a going one thirty and no doubt but it might be

Perfect the you know three

The men who for

Robbery medicals R.D.M. or you can probably

Tell you have you ever slowing down if you know information from a female is used being solid six or seven or three four host place she says she works for me it’s all an adult entertainment industry and using gangs doc by several girls in gangs I suspect in a white Suburban was wrong tank and takes no plates the black male thirty skinny he’s driving around the neighborhood of information only at this time at a time for

Not one for public inquiry but if I think

You know five six and four will be in the food court area six and four in the record area you know five but we thought


The good

Guy was the guy across her side of me that he is very silent in if you know of a wrong going on in strong you know five letters I mean meaning never known not to be very good or it has a history of a strange one three four copy of What About five if you like over this version through all the major

One six four one four four and one five four he did it

Her daughter has me here the result was clear John and it was there to a very different

Interact less diverse laughing are found very McAdam feeding serving hot and chatter one of them’s a silver Audi nine zero nine Baker Adam information eighteen zero seven zero zero zero at an R. O. dot and he said last thing the Far East that I center wing late for runner that solemn blocking I believe a thing called just happened east of Are You Sure five I was not on the right shoulder but I’ll look OK ages

Six zero seven eight hundred

Seventy seven it’s

Then a five

On one and on the same call there are more men and

Women who are down

The good neighbor market for nine one south east one sixty second Avenue the white male age forty two about six with two medium build we featured blue jeans and a blue hoodie where it

Was a shortage of survival it was explore with one

Going through ninety four going to buy Mart one seven one zero it’s obvious how both are the shoplifters pushing us way path employees he leaves like nearly fifty five of ten with a heavy build in a white shirt blue jeans with a black baseball cap he’s walking westbound to the lot of a cart full of

A job offer

The last report of the year’s walking around to the back of the store

He told voters and I need to talk to you by George and I did it as you please

But I five from sixty two with thirteen original

Copy sixty two with female jail thirty eight thirty six state three sex

Three hundred forty five three ten north west Flanders meeting right to respond in a blue Toyota Prius across the street on Samar’s down a quiet Lester Thompson

Eight twenty nine to seventy five he’s honestly in the community room right now and yesterday he made threats to shoot employees and punch out of I know and I’m going to help diagnosis

You for five other men

And I said yesterday he was too aggressive to confront and I want to put a doctor’s hold on him

Don’t want to have our for Fulford foreperson review for you can correct this problem you order are having a very high sounding

Start getting off you the you see if you

Really want seventy three women seven we have it assist call three one four zero how these one two nine have it we have the five as and the whole string of them which is interesting sixty four thousand five hundred five going to one hundred five zero ones of the same in St The caregiver for us objection is twenty four hour supervision last fifteen minutes ago on foot northbound on six for the Michael Morris white male sixty two heavy light brown hair

Blue Jacket

One hundred reasons or copy for George and on the wall how each and twenty four disturbance at one four two zero se Eliot Avenue is eighteen year old male out of control punching holes in the wall

Welcome you don’t hang up and you’re there you go meet with David Wong born in ninety nine he does it because there is but a call that his car doesn’t go to school happy that you know what more of

This really turns you for just a different voice thank you exuberance or any suggestion he got I will be out at six there was are three of these one three six six zero zero three SE ones re six of the foster health care is

For you and six three five a minute divert you from what you’re going to

Northeast sinsin and Northeast six zero Ave we’ve got a male lying in the middle of the street on sinsin West a sixty S A green baseball cap dark T. shirt shorts to a white male in his forty’s

One seven am on her foot anybody have interest in a state boat that hold her her rifle right and her father is a good liar for

Coffee five to three zero ne night in one thousand nine hundred

Sixty one percent by sixty one eighty nine hundred sixty four it’s to clarify its UN need to


To cover sixty five ne since and sixty

Three four copied from fifteenth in jail one thousand nine hundred thirty six ten retrying

Five three five Newark and Geneva of eighty four and were Victor Edward Newark in Geneva I can twenty thirty six always

Thirty six zero eight eighteen twenty five thirty five that’s going back E.T.L. that was eight four and were Victor Edward by three five will disregard

Not on five

Days or just cover for nine five three SE for you have an option robbery was

Ninety five and you know if it is

Not one for him approx one from Parser been frozen right

At the fair if you look like you’re much closer

Than one on five you can

Sort of are probably going to start

But they wanted to he drove seventy Any it’s you can try just forty five and go for five three five for the G. twenty in fridge or vertical hold a medical desk in police to go in with them on a guy down

At the Cavalier town house huge huge huge northeast one sixty seven the guy laying on the sidewalk Kings what is or

The ones of a

One of the five were really hopeful No W one six of L. So your most up on and information only about ten minutes ago had to go off eastbound says you from a two in a great taco S.U.V. after asking a twelve year old child if she needed a ride and exposing himself to the child white male brown beard information if you can have those oh yes we

Both eastbound sister you from a two and we’re going to let North know as well but a quick six four six where is her remark or rank or line her

Eight thousand four hundred forty some are ones if it was or

Was it five I thought nine nine and Pacific the Borgen three zero five Julia Roberts Well nine nine and Pacific eighteen twenty six been in a hard copy not seen the way so far eighty three six hundred one for America

If you think seven information north east eight two and Siskiyou ten ago last seen eastbound

Ryan an unknown plate gray Tavo S.U.V. asked a twelve year old if she needed a ride and was exposing himself and took off that information age in hundred eleven

Fifteen eleven got one two three right for all


Their interest for them flagged down about a dog in the stress of

Walking her

Having a frightening plane it was a beast is asking for a asking and such and I took every close ranks and Robert

It was only six

They’re available fourteen as you se Cesar Chavez natural wonders dispensary

Having was ready to meet any one wanted

Me once I jus jointly the chemicals are in system is if the fences are

Covered it don’t falter if you think I might inflict more yarn Obion river

One of the big three I’m on scene of a great reasons if you order five or six for us six or seven going with fire to six to one seven NE to one Ave in the alley behind that house is a huge bonfire going the person tending it through branches are all or

Three six or seven probably

Thirty three and one for one for

The first rated of forty seven twenty on the hog and wanted a roommate

Now I’m forty eight you know Graham in clear

Again I think that

They can anyone male artists thirty’s tall thin blue plaid but not sure black pants seven for one NE whole the street is the third view of Superman that an unknown unit that way back in the wood side of the apartment near one set or one eleven is a female scream that her boyfriend for the last hour sounds like an ongoing issue information on a call they vary so much for you in sudden force for a welfare check something is twenty percent Clinton on a drunk male harassing people throwing shoes he’s a white now blonde hair in a hat not loving the world for governor or for

Thanking her again three for preemie stuff my call


You know our hearts and I don’t think by white female forty’s or fifty’s in dark hair blue jeans Jack I don’t fight cocky but if you’re funny you’re going to John and I’ll cover my fifteen twenty watt cover if I think by three five copy

Of her little seven good nine zero start from the organ revenue for Henry river the Nigerian Cirque zeros are it’s a three hundred two point seven crew John insurance

Six point seven probably six or seven you can be twenty Whitely me I know most twenty three

Copy five or six or

Thirty two I merely mentioned when I need a knee on my last LP a trillion or so but reckon it will

Take you there before you know the fire these in an ambulance

Version pick him up on a welfare check and pull on it up right now hold on tight thinking Michael Morrisey unity are

Very fast it’s eleven and we are sorely six eleven happy to thirty five so I’m going fragmentary but I want five on seems he said if I if I be at Gresham an when I won se one six two OK eleven zero and go uncleared as John

In thirty six so on three for an area any better description a German who is

No white male blonde and a hat or clothing he probably doesn’t have shoes on since he threw at people the sixth form as a whole I doubt very much

Seven for the argument tell the two thirty seven

Burnside over I kill five and today’s yelling one may have one or two swords

White males twenty to thirty teachers and they get probably ninety three foster maybe sort of indirect

Like I think of you know anything which is I think you

Know answer the norm like they’re hard core to neighbors though I mean from the top he said a couple sixty’s and it was well it’s I think

So I’m sure for him probably are off forty four from now there’s like dozens of people now five tables and no one seems to really know what’s going to turn it all

So unfortunately so we’re going

OK well it’s just that North Havilland frailing you’re going to really use a

Maybe a while

Version of Don’t forget I’ve gone nowhere bro Herman we just before was a five five were arriving

I think I thought you know writing you can party and AC

Is a five one five It

Will be two sixes in route to a colony East so it’s going to be a little while you want to be in line to send fire to Jack is used to me just trying to regret having aren’t any answering questions after that that’s so far from nine nine nine four on one side it’s yours looks like they’re not there either

I guess revenue nothing just very

Like obviously I’ve been one for him Burnside as clear a you know I mean the area to area check if he didn’t want five women of color color but it was five

Six seven five

For you and six for seven the fun times condos one two two zero ne one seven Ave unit number fifteen E. as and word the requesting it

Back on Joycelyn Macand I born in one

Thousand nine hundred thirty nine hasn’t shown up for Dallas in over a week some

Six forty seven copies fifteen in Rome are eight hundred forty three so if you put three out of the two season was so he’s lived to eighty three five se fires to eighty whatever that is it for ninety four but it’s not going to like a division go lie down again but a biker told me the same thing for them like they were doing one at a sword the other one was reaching behind a back way family he had a weapon and forgot it there weren’t sure heavy duty they were on the five of

Them sure they were

For that north or south a division he just like me down after theirs and when I hopped on their trail for you saying it was

Six seven five and six or seven going to reroute you to a higher priority call buzzer one down on the grass or one for years because one for a Division thirty nine twenty five

It only computers both go to tech to help me out with a problem and the computer savvy people they can go to talk to

West fifty seventh there’s a broken down R.V. Oregon plate Tom Baker Victor one for nine

Checking on a possible slumber Lance


Another gentleman who says they separated the guy with the sword went south down on the bike path from burns

Also a little more information on that looks like somebody took the driver’s Davian last seems possible they know each other and one five For what it’s worth I don’t think we have a victim

You know victim information Easter spawning

Residential fire at one for Niger seven NE you pour St It’s information eight hundred forty seven

You’re not

But in and I thought you know having guy is a OK would you put me back on my arm please show me that think man but it has obvious and information fires responding to a house fire one four nine zero seven or the new ports tree this is just the key at Activision so far information if you are

Holding your job to is sitting for

Eighty five

Degrees of in zero two eight eight six going to Gabriel Park six a do zero South West forty fifth Avenue will fifteen a go collars and just sick

Person that he is a caregiver for to their last in the northeast corner of the complainants leaving He’s an eight year old just sick male needs help with daily tasks he’s a white male six for medium build blond hair no clothing description

It is the

Rigs are zero seven eight senators and suggest of any that the Internet as a producer as he got in late at thirteen forty five ne to thirty seven if they can put in seven are far more that for you and seventy four for an area tacked southeast of thirty seventh and Francis and last five minutes a vehicle hit our complainant slow kid sign and then think as a plan other vehicle around the corner I heard a loud bang is that green and white seventy Chevy pick that Charlie John Roger one one one one laughing eastbound I said aloud muffler in the collar and still hear it in the area

She’s worried because he’s a meth addict and you have four suicide attempts in this last week he’s also very aggressive but of a five eighty five I’m clear in a second can go with him is

It ever am I able to get well and his mother

He died and so you haven’t left the house but if I thought it might even be by some four hop you are big there is that the N.B.A.

And there are sixty five when we frank and then put me on a will for a check on fifty seven and then claim of hers you know

Five nine five and five a five this sensitive information in your call for every couple


Are when the rule in a word

And you want another car


The fourth you consider eight forty five if you look at the person is twenty three No I think

Fifty Senate Ave can I have another one for you one second card


We are just getting them started and now that we know that Saudi

Equals a lot of

Very force of Dick Cheney at the corner flailing around getting into the middle of the road it’s a white male thirties man then green baseball cap black tank top black church

Six or six going to be fifty four seven nine seven I felt the salvo of our previous trespass drunk Millis you’re refusing to leave information as he says for five nights I’ve done this show and so on your call There’s a new text or call or from a girlfriend at the SO Kasia know with Tyler says that he just picked her up and threw her and saying that she’s going to be leaving

Age of fifty five So Jordan where

He didn’t use or to buy seven for

The four for you in trouble five and Park apartments five to seventy two North interstate Avenue unit number two zero five

And I want to hang up call completely silent you know I feel like having

A woman if I suggest something but I will be out of seven for too far some of these six seven forty five selfies to be if you’ve ever made an A.T.M. Prescott want to go five people down on the cars all the marijuana every night you could

Find one fact if you were

Five and five years of your life

Then you’re going to grab one for

Well it’s easy for you monitoring North once I for

One user three ne one I call is out with a lost six year old one I want to bring you that is

Symbolic of a plea from Prescott of the actually think of five nine zero zero am clean zebra information on me you know regulators Subaru holds a German

Company on seventy one and it is you know it was funny pictures on election day you’re no longer needed at Safeway at eighty three three zero north I haven’t how you can take them out of your line

Up behind you

You know

Have a once and for south of me one time for twenty three was I for coffee six weeks I mean just to cover the first extending

Well and I haven’t had a good year away

And I don’t know when it is not a day even if

We’re on the phone of the sure you’re most likely the parking lot of Shorty Michigan from

Arizona for you are my parking lot where it will join us over aggression or the four made for lessons I mean with Russian agents you

Already have a lot of the sufficient


Because of the location of the lock box is not the code idea three six zero seven eight thirty

Three thirty’s or

Thirty seven fifty seven

Suspicious her

Purse and how are current

At least tell me Jeffrey

Over the funeral history they’re not in five seven four and five for a previous call of the managers number if you’d like to try to try to get in

Before we go out of here thank you but thank you for those if thirteen just clear out one hundred sixty


Nine three one three zero eight healthy form three one Ave when it has been Donald Lieberman is here drunk violence mashing the last seventy

Five If you’re covered over it sure about her from one

Of the future is going around for three seventy

Thank you thank you

The service till the day that I will call them and give back just when I think you and I have a one three nine Avenue so there is a gun in the garage but it’s blocked up Donald and from in the front yard now he’s a white male fifty long red hair white tank top and khaki shorts

But if your digger really doesn’t know a whole heck of a lot however a random person Jeff and told me if you saw him walking through the park and any with self early in the park

He’s yours won’t have during a straw or a stick in one hand stop us is open for reason yeah like self I’m thirty seven from Ramadi and thirty something you said in the Port Fairy fix I think R.C.M. is walking Have a good jungle heading toward you guys

Off the path so watch now when you told us they’re

Crazy and they’re going to the parking lot government all right if you guys and I do you know football five is in the Forest Service can clear they do not you don’t open the gate everything that night you know than if you think you know if I don’t wait and wondering if no

One wants sex or a second have ever made in that if there’s a male vs female it is verbal right now stopping the phrase that it is it from of course I will think

It is or stop the research and reasoning figures as

It is by view to me as well if I think you know if you know it you and ninety seven I ne Jimmy Choo call or heard one shot son of a came from an R.V. parked on the side of the street covered seven there and and there are

There more

To Fuck everyone tradition Thank you no I if I myself are ninety four going around in there and burning five the flag or Syrian

President you know me and just ask me seven

Three and six four six Howard Johnson eighty four seven or the Sandy Hook a white male just walked up and asked for our car to call an ambulance His name’s rocky he said his wrist and was covered in blood so he threw the weapon away to medical drawing as well

Certainly got me very sick on around the first seventy

Six or seven I was less lethal as well when you have an eleven year drawing

Of unhappy twenty three of me we have anthrax in a truck going Yep just got it it looks like he did and I’m awesome take up a canopy I don’t have a direction of travel that let me ask you

Fourteen I had for you in once before going to the all side apartments one nine nine nine ne division you know forty one alcohol or got a call from an actually Blanchard she was crying saying that are excellent leave and then hung up at a restaurant joint or others that you’re seeing is just from a cell phone tower it was a passer by Robert

One thousand

And himself six zero seven eight six zero seventy

Seven one two three zero These how unit number three seven one two three and SE value No three and one thousand false

Other than a seven zero has so he starts first two zero he was awash to avoid five zero

For all

Dealers in fact and I think thirteen economies coming back to pass me you know wondering Martin

As of all we don’t have a crime it’s all

Supposed to be grown GROSS Yeah we’ll take him out of his hole and then I was going north done the

Other just they just took off on us northbound on one thirty nine from me

On three nine I mean

And pulled over at ease on Taylor from wondering and I’m pulling over on a margin Yeah really there were five other me

But all forty go in

The clear a five ga ninety off of his rather crappy please enjoy him then myself on a traffic stop ninety eight hundred block of

What you can reasonably healthy and what is your unit number and have somebody else aside of course you know at first five or two of a wealth experience thank you fourteen information or are five or more

Brooch the vehicle is all over the road it was on the record organizer zero zero zero for over a sniff in her first person

Who’s probably one of the one thousand nine hundred ninety six words are probably going to go

There talking you know four or one three nine and Taylor so just you’ll be able freeze onstream he says looking for one man one for every thanking

The ruling

On a seven

Hundred eighty one five four nine one five will be talking in front of your every go for

You taking on Sunday to do that and for the Randalls at all the unknown if I things work on more of the line got this can I get on and we’re trying to better and you know I’m monitoring him and then I

Had strong arm and or just of in Detroit and suspect maybe and so we’re still working on more he’s right that way

But you couldn’t generate nine one zero if you’re

One of a few for you like ever

Eleven o five on the way got you know the car for one fourth of or

Probably one of us for you know a lot of I think you and I think twenty one thirty nine in Taylor cars and the traffic for others it is organisers and Irish motors and held a very tiny one they left right

In out of you

I would get up on Google again I think you can be ten eight and five seven four it looks like the email was pepper sprayed by the subject but refusing that you know N.P.R. And I’m not too far away from that a lot of the you don’t want to make hero Chuck Rock Hard to walk out the number and verse from Jesse

Black B.M.W. S.U.V. If i Phone for there’s actually an Irish matters on a second I just put a number in the call is that chronic prank caller and such a suspect as I white male funny blonde six foot skinny white skinny BILL WHITE jacket sagging gray shorts of panic and he her contact is not having anything but a coffee continuing and I do think you four hundred five if you have her nerve already requiring of oscillator will forgive an injury

You know I was reading and I find that of the only obvious nine hundred

Eleven thousand one hundred four starts and selfies are filed with organ zero zero five and I think due to a three hundred thirty homers will

Be fine for five hundred thousand photos organ X. rays Robert five seven

So if you for this

For you and someone five organ part so those are one NE three zero in the southwest corner of Juneau the inspiring both right and


Thanks again for the one five hundred twenty three Once I forgot the end I think

I thought we do all her with her cell earlier her drive your first

Eleven o five medical should be arriving any moment

Now yes I think I thought if you read their freedom if I fall for it is I had a cold and was diligent due to five five seven NE park shoplift there is going westbound on the sidewalk of police and it’s a white male every thirty shaved head black as I think jacket and black other short

Fall views cycle for two thousand

And seven I vote for you coming from a wood

Seven to cancel Fortune five although they do have a forty

Five offer to help me because I’ve been so if I said a huge amount of occasional you know not from the suspects or one four two zero zero ones in any deal and George six

For probably one for geezer zero Ses and he doesn’t George ne Sandy G.S. and George five six or seven

Not the six you know and Prescott run a five and five ago and I was objecting to the fence of the car after being asked that we if you’re drunk weapon a black Chevy Sonoma five one zero am clean zebra very known as Randy in his last in south on sixty yes you on another car thirty six thirty nine All three now obviously for seven Senate

So that I’ve resigned he put me out of the system called over he we are the fourth and the sources are

The two parts and also in five eighty five there is one of the hockey folks probably into next three Gray was going in the car

One for four but for you and one day for going to the Taco Bell on one eighty second forty six five se one eight

The male is with her daughter who has a stalking order against the Jennifer we try to get better but you know

Every once and for all in fact we’re going to be on our to cover of us our coffee one day for you to be sending

Thank you is that when seven three four can you reopen one six one nine eight AM put me back on it I need it isn’t full of unease county with a sort of resort obviously doing you one zero was ridiculous for you personally three so if you for governesses are you with me and I think that

On the seventh you know how many here and they say well he actually

Negative Oh not doing it with a villa for northbound I four or five Exit one the for the sunset really non-injury with a white boys are kind of displays about spot and mine some people smoking something in a black four door sedan information on the one hundred thirty three hundred that I would rate high for her I mean again it’s very misdemeanors just been in Joshua

Century for the other car can clear film for Gabby ninety three for

The red for us eight nine for the Key Bank three five one five southwest Troy in the parking lot behind location is a male versus female on the silver locks as partial plate two zero one hundred six and Route ninety four

Thanks everybody for the sense of Florida look six will fit to nine point three six really six hundred strength and will be in rehearsal room I think there is

Another healthy and I think a

Seven hundred

Eleven or something I have

Some I mean we can return

Part of the five ones or definitely start at one place

Like good vertical

And I didn’t copy or conference I record very very hard part of the you know the second I think that scientific question really I want for this disturbance that came out on the freeway I broadcast and rally it supposed to be just as do you want to do otherwise like that it was moving on the freeway of my understanding correctly right at the committee and pulled out

OK thank you nine hundred thirty seven weeks into the night John

I think if you know

We have hundreds very victors zebra it will be on burns those other burn

There will be probably about one fifty four we just do it or we will switch Floyd’s comes back to a Buick we were going to that’s where I want newer to be at one sitting

At variance of so

Happy one that I’ve saved burns and another car and I for

That is that when I’ve been burned that got the I’m at one thirty in the engine but if I were almost there

I just want to go head


Head really like that you’re going to be on route to sell

Copies of I to five reason Thank you very

It is becoming very basic definition for

Callers that they left

Me with

Capital cities are stuck in a support of what you state you very sound eighty four and I’ll post forty one as of life he’s a tire the last plane

Piece on a four I think one was evidence of a hole the size

Of the parking lot here about forty vs


Five Paul Farhi to me tonight of before to

Thank you forty one now if only a year from

Thanks for

Having them for

I just talked to my complaint that guys know are on the throttle if I make over yes and one sixty five and the other car is that one five or and runs out or one five hundred thirty four or go for you on that missing

And six hundred seventy you got a fifty three you won it


White male forty nine black pink Taft and has a king from there you can start to wonder what judgements are for on probably the

Two zero one se

OK I’m on the other call that I’m a from the throne for all time if you want me in forever thank you doing something you don’t want one to force a horse over for coffee goes for anybody for seven three four lines four where are you ninety two and how I’m feeling around for one hard look at how I am tired of all until you hold more for those who are losing every

Night you are the ones you five

Say for Target also five money there or else that is flashing gin the other Southwest are fighting with security

For this into is it brought up to the one who will never think you know he’s I just going to be in a parking lot to carry following her black female sixty’s red shirt tan pants a drum First there’s a key even gave our caller we waiting marriage is why females are thirty Gela top green pants just leave the blue Honda Civic nearby and I go back girls are Horry County

Thank you for telling following your unit you might get any nights I can have that Rob that call you over and over everything for about box on the sidewalk like Jim with entertainers inside with was a test specimens of the thermometer out of this as sort of five degrees company most boxes Carlson’s testings

Ninety four seven five F. I would try the nine one one hang up call from an address write about where you landed not sure if it’s related or not if you feel like you

Obviously him less if he and I have a seven or

She is driving towards the Home Depot

Merge my flag on him and call goes for me what it’s meant by for sixteen fifteen and in the in the market I’m off to five primary shopping at market probably seven am I can I think

There check selfless Columbia and park colors as their alcohol is funny to be checked on just a coil colors as I found out and is now fighting with a male that’s here also I guess

Their air black shirt and white dress there’s two males here I guess with them there are white males both wearing black hats and black shirts and they have a pitbull with them

Going to party going age twenty six just got an update on your call your guy got on the eastbound line and that the jury has being taught a lot better if you feel healthier is asking if you want them to culturing it in the train you know of getting

Rid of

That something that you should I want for we’re going to be following a shoplifter they were banking faming at last fight or

More for a very very minor

Vehicle nor your person are going to get they can offer call from crime and call those showing United and I and eleven o five that effect for everything that I need to do and suddenly one side

For you and someone forgot for a lounge for insight in the parking garage there’s an eighty six guy refusing a lease he’s currently playing the piano to have his resorting to seven poisonings Aaron white male thirty to forty S. gray hair

Clothing description an eleven seen today when one clears up

But I’m OK an offer one says you know these are essentially as medicine for smokers I mean that doesn’t impart a three

Revive coffee metaphor here and heart thanks to me informationally getting multiple callers cell phone I have a total as are others incidents on the passenger’s lap in the black New York tired of being or California plate seven Roger Davis Tom three seven six informationally and one nine hundred fifty three

Riders I have a pleasure as I go that route I go hide in your four point one hundred very out of nine seven four and seven three four

Seven or if you want couple to see one I think if you are thirty

I think I was long gone and security is going to cure other stuff we’re all clear from the photo thing and he’s fighting

Over it

And I thought the Jenna card

Didn’t bargain holders are

The ones I’m five How

Are you a ninety filed is a Taco Bell thirteen unhindered se to our collar saying yet sacking order against another female We’re not finding it but she is screaming about her situation here in fact he is your worker just from there

I’m assuming a customer urgency of the female left but she is screaming that she’s back

Programs because of the one nine hundred fifty

That they wanted to division and I think that is it or is it just

Runs it’s a fact one five seven and sorrowful seven six one it enjoys four one five senators are thanking

You sound so interesting Sensi far can you put me on this call and pull me back on one six one to find a date and I was gonna do fall off about one three five Jews zero se still St

Tells investigations I should be good on forever I shouldn’t even have had lunch if I did yes I still miss her and thank you

For over forty one for for coffee for and I think this night some pretty sick screech I mean like down the street sick from crawling and cooked for reasons of politics and a triple five for you in five to five southbound I five there’s a female stumbling on the right shoulder bone chips and we have his black curly hair black clothing

I have to say four hundred

Forty you put it on the Visioneer out of write a will that he will you had twenty one from ninety four got me a twenty on

Joining something but I don’t want to copy anyone ninety eight zero three ninety two or three

Three no fuckin

Three and zero four years of is still unself that Intel holler where the friend lads are in any description and how it was in that cooperate to

Tell thing to contact the sky twentieth you see for seven

Years six four six walking southbound from six zero one nine ne Alton white male he’s having an argument and self and swinging his arms collars and he checked on dirty air a shopping cart light blue shirt

This was a shabby twenty every major Atlas driver in our down till five star the police the second Jenna and lead a forger

Genaro Charlie sleeping trying very hard running three sausages or by fifty four I can do that water check on it

I see five hundred twenty five hundred twenty or four

Of my right twenty on one side for

Real and one day for going to one hundred four zero zero Eastern side of the pilot station apartment unit for two sick on our caller sixteen year old son that trying to swallow a bunch of pills and you’ll be going to Medical Army and heroin

One three four a copy from Division Cleveland president that always daughter and that whole of the staging she was getting violent already

That’s why Don had done it

Yes and before the North Koreans on one search

For a golf course two for two fire selfies by the second arc all of us are solidified at the eighteenth hole

So very sick from a frank year I guess I mean the

Job of the Johnson was if we didn’t

Sort of once you realize are for going to the front apartment tonight five zero ne two three you know number two this information a second hand that started ten ago her sister was assaulted by a variant Cruz and he ran out of the apartment that you know are

Even more of a full force and I cover the helmets and the rest of the farmers got me one for four you can use and I very nearly six one seven because if you are who are because of an obvious if you want to for funny only nine six four one hundred search for you and nine the Rheem that across our misstates mobile home

Dreamings three zero South you when you simmer if I think it’s holler vs the life life etc getting bad news

Thank you for having fun you know

That right

Let us seven coffee at twenty I need to find also a little fun

On Line six for an I know there is a caller in July where the wife had a twenty two and she’s the husband and

I know five

North of their problems you know

And a little more of this there’s a flag for a sixty six year old male here in the past threaten to shoot responder’s I don’t know if that’s our mill house involved or what they were talking to somebody the life of that company Green I want you want you know as we secure and then eleven tricks for Passmore begin and you could

Say the three With want to go to mail five one are in or the Sacramento


Probably five when I think Sacramento twenty

One But I think there is no

Other way and if yes I am still fit it all together our guy sounds much older than you think he is now a chance of Asia as well and

There’s no name on the flags there’s really no way

Are you one hundred we’re going to get rid of my letter for you

Know me and I’ll just tell you that it’s anything

Forty five zero for two thousand and twenty

One for divorce where he might

Only get


Month every

Morning next thirty

Affleck’s and five I don’t want to have

Her to let you know an hour an accident or not Israel has Terry

Heard and heard the side road to regard Clackamas are in route

Ninety and saying that at twenty fourteen

Owens extended vision east down to red Pontiac Grand Am John trash out the window in a people plate Washington and Lincoln X.-Ray and for ninety five thousand and eighteen point five two thousand plays organ seventy nine age of which are north now be at twenty fifty or about five How I mean is writing northbound I want one for twenty five I mean right now I want to land the static male wearing a blue buddy like there is heading with thousands of people all of a sudden like if I already

Long green army and you know

That I think any of the right age I want four interviews for me one information source of sixteen

Is no hook


For their You’ll have you heard

Once I finally got four because for a year because the areas are all year round high and where in those horsemen

Pretty holier

Yeah you had a long sleeve blue ivy and if I can kind of mail box away maybe hide a thin veil or two or three other

Points of View see for the few

That do at twenty seven hundred

Or six to interesting ones we do in real court with a nuclear jury with the

Dark gray hoodie and Jesus be white as well in our twenties right here why should he have any

Reason to venerate Jew and I ne police and he said that called me and all his their aunts

If I stop being they’ll still be there for cover or before I have a one hundred forty four you can beat and I

Think you problem but should be someone here will say she Clackamas County is asking for coverage some of you in class and I can go one hundred one out in a fifty I mean by the closure


A work of it and they’re just asking for cold one on a traffic stop probably three and one for a county think you’ve

Been around for a while you because any then you’re not

Doing a

Ninety five on me

Twenty one thousand and then far Malaki arrives if ever and we are clear from the

Very thank you to Jeff and your other Thanks

Twenty twenty one three five one three

Looks like this life’s over of evil of last hope

One for not the funny one dirt twenty three I don’t know

Whether of our days of Army or occur but when I have you once I think there

Is something funny funny if we’re

In a food few blocks away from not just sermons only can you want to be for

Players we want they think that they’re thinking that

We just aren’t every few teams are inside of theirs and once during our all that

Was On The Go back home

And they definitely began they were told to go back home I’m in a way that we still need to go and so I think that you know OK Anything I truly wanted and probably has left JENSEN No one else but if I start tonight nine five or

Ninety five people drove away from here sneaking into people that are and then of course last

Week I mean my life in

By bigger pony But ago our callers the fault of this other guy was walking by he’s a black male like the Parchin obstacle six feet great teacher blue jeans rolled up walking he spun a morsel symbol for coffee and based on his versions very possible the gentleman I don’t with last night very violent POG very tall thirty four or meth related kind of funny thinking he’s a more forty one other dark

There’s one available probably going to first go contact the caller so we have somebody that way but it was on twice or three different versions of these organs these Jews who try meth labs evolve and use sex orgy for whole gay guys have a slow and talk so on themselves like resolve for me as he zero five for John Vicarage for information fight for every once in fact politically a black on accord one G.G. style the safely part of nobody fighting not even anybody thing or in it for five

Because resisting the very

Few facts will mean for me I will carry on for him occasion the organ played one one one John Doerr truly

They for sixty five years and I’m


For one for sure

Thank you for talking I can play a majority there’s no grammar how from as white as call now sure enough I guess you’re going to

Perth right turns

Twenty five and I thought I mean a lot of hope and then we see M.R. only no fire Ravi and I only know fire I think that by Charlie downie actually saw me being flagged down a fender bender that night in one place and happy ninety nine English and anything I want probably on the surface

Funny thing I thought I thinking

Once I got to sixty one and I said I’m going for John Kerry I’m going to

Throw it going in victory three A they will be two to three

To denounce and that twenty seven six hundred fifty is roughly six hundred fifty

One if you’re Burnside or no player that they say

They want I want to bring that twenty seven

Nine four right nine five four one three one three six hole the colors as a young male who ran into a stranger’s back yard the same person recently bill from the complainant who reported the best and he believes Lisa looking for the subject and Tony alone I twenty three and I only twenty three six but dark shirt and dark charts and likely high and the thin heroine got five for the fair one obviously we’re going to go cover this one verse I

Was going at it our hair wants everyone happy and they think that way and they were and they wanted to

Have a David someone treat you on the left side note if you started to call them on three and all could all go and then enforce my marry you could never have more than five hours and I

Really want for three and I was are they used or gay really bad it’s what I click with Jake we need medical happy eight Q. and A whole game even versus if I

Do five available when I ninety five twenty going juggle five

Hundred other call on that same gal you’re out with earlier well if I get back to the same description do we need to go back out on her


She southbound I five south or Reza part two now

Fire to Jack or ambulance to transport it was wired Jack Renault

Happy twenty three one

Fifty four seven Ne Ne and one zero three three white males in a group of black males fighting one of the white males has a big stick he’s about fifty years old black jacket and that’s

The forty seven

Funny that you want six five six zero white males always like transients the black males like teenagers

So if you want

Anybody on the here I’m going to say fight on with her little

Death of one for the ordeal for twenty years it honors the press trannies here by himself talking about harming himself and others he’s been drunk for days is black Chevy truck should be in the driveway does have a nine millimeter but it should be in a safe and he is not mentioned using that in that

Or any price does seem to cover it and there’s a photocopy a journal we’re

In forty

Nine seconds that any


Thirty six fifty four year where yes I have there one or two on the side and if we’re going to go to extreme

Being to the extreme things or want to be given a nine five four nine four five are either of you thinking or five normal

Or not more I’m not either F.A. ninety five in use or are

Seven I guess Russell anyone that has a coffee at sixty one and I feeling for them like you were at twenty thirty three everyone very very clued ya it was thirty coffee place for one for four

One for four will be traffic with a plated black Chevy Impala want to go

Now the one I want to listen to twenty that are going to the right it probably other added the five six not sure if you made contact but we have a caller who just called the guy with the stick in front of the salon at one zero six and see in the end he left all of his stuff there if you walk away from it but the big

Obvious R.E.M. ours we have a

Good one are OK yeah by

Who is likely doing to be the last restaurant once it’s four No five everything the four oh you’re over twenty three

Now rebels are to want to

Regroup but you know there’s a whole death of their apartments but every year that village in effect




Southeast palaces in the different than the earlier one obviously surviving

And don’t have a second car for a

Period I vote I think you can

Expect insight as a Christine Williams Actually the female white to fifty three black hair five four Lenny white long sleeved shirt black pants has been going to has been holding for twenty minutes now and announces Well they’re not

My forty five forty five

B. a weight one two and are awful feeling for government’s interest

In distressed and was holding her chest

And holding to one for three seven hundred five the sale of her check and then twenty thirty forty

Five all forty you put us on that welfare check on all the government will do twenty three I’m in an uninsured

I think they said and nine hundred thirty five Charlie I care about non-injury And I mean I

Think you have a five for you and six for six for zero six three NE united someone asked the latter after our collars window and we know it’s broken collar they said someone might be inside there in the waiting at the corner of United Mason they were in a blue coat right

Now twenty four thirty one I think and I

Can usually tell a bit of white man in the back watching T.V. Apparently there’s some sort of white reverse of family members of it over here aren’t we getting you know this way well I tell you the ones I want one for all of that work off of our coffee one free for all that we have coming from one pick to the

Twenty forty five for seventy one fourteen

For you and want you for having to use a cane that apartment that three one three zero ne thirteen on a bumper on thirteen in a green All ima say that organ seventy seven John X. ray Norah Cosby waiting for contact in a blue gallon is a lot of healthy free sex and how far have a group of about fifteen people playing hacky sack of Mill Street Level dogs running around associated with this group

A cover story for you with information that the servants one winning forty three felonies read way this is where burglaries been holding for a while and now neighbors crying and saying that is this fight going on there anybody there and start and if it might eliminate genotype

One twenty four twenty three there’s two ladies in a talk in this voyage or nor a zebra victory there which unicorn isn’t in your forty’s

So here’s one before

He changed morrow church and on and on all

Five six for oneself He’s won three

Well for form I for one SE on three seven Cathi nine three five are use Clearasil work on them of eliciting the work not I could clear

And ninety five and if is a lie one one four three southeasterly

And five he can never copy from one of the funny but he will

Be far and for every great night for the hat degree G. or National had to recall

Fabric and leave you a written copy Thank you

The whole of lightning only for Easterly it is a green shirt and a white male early forty’s early fifty’s in an orange shirt there’s a hangi that may belong to him or not me for I might find it for a second however I thank you five there


Now and sunny white church simply they stopped at a light a mystery noted for you always there I’ve heard this from our

Tiny forty six making counties asking for any standard speakers on this

Summer’s only thirty six eleven can usually tell and with four three four eight zero and the sacrificial

Jumper for three for

A contractor in or out once every seven want to tell the story point one three seven when the sound is really happy twenty forty seven

Ninety four ninety four do you are back on the recall as a car guy or you are in another

Night or after you’re sixty one on the other deal and Einhorn is ever

Going for over

One for three thousand is really you know you were driving

Thank you for going or getting more sectional in Frank Charlie Charlie we’re going to be in the second

Area of Ramona

That’s generally funny funny but of course you and I get any answer he’s either

Forces who vehicle or you think you have me as one of you my vice and I driving

Them into that Texas Frankie looking five few for for us none of you for Memphis one hundred are you

Looking up from a nine a four zero six three NE two nine six one five

And monitoring the Nats gaining on inching the Saturn are pleased to nine ten the north

Bend one of your available for zero six three NE two nine color found a ladder up through his window in the window is broken it’s big enough for a few

I am from about seventy two in full that of a John Lennon for an hour that guy really one hundred

Twenty fifty joints reforms I think thirty of us going to try to do one if you’re sixty four three three six and eighty four visits

I met three neighbors with organ X. rays nor union any of you know

Three invaders as much as you want you to take over you could one do it Revival you don’t start you for three and there’s a three fuck up

Thanks for do it is as old and efficient and or it is if you’re

A flat lot Judy but lots of carriage rides are ninety five

But that and I just look at the Shell station call I was hit by a car in class


The suspect here in the suspects surges in the plane and so they have all ended up here as a white Pathfinder in a blue on the court three six three Charlie David Adam all involved that is that a Shell station shelf station not a car for that three of us

Took your five hundred five so that I just walk out thirty four of them out of a traffic stop joining us Rachel the John from the device

Is all juggling for eight for four more these one and three for a four for ne one of three hundred fifty five a five very good for their fish dishes and gravy both vehicles are where we don’t need to go there

Busting it very early twenty’s it isn’t so

So this isn’t OK at Grantley when party

Like this the forty second was back there saying and one party left south down for you and I think the Conficker is going to try to redirect the comes and I miss counties and that occurs there so that may be just an area check for the of it a problem yeah not with the Blue Line Of course three six three Charlie

Forces and puzzling the homeowner reporting Clackamas County and three have any traffic robberies in the ninety five so it being one three five man Avila station for one seven thousand and eight there was previously a sex addict through a beer can at the plane and them are found zero Asian male fifty five five black jack and ability



Down the blue apartment complex they

Look at I don’t buy

We’re going to want to

Thank you five there

Five five traffic so seven four four four one because of course their supply of every two one one zero se Powell really go if you’re on same get it earlier days now standing in the southeast corner you want to power these white regimes great baseball cap black with his hood up versus them

OK you’re on on ones are you nine twenty zero one Joule five you been five six or you might as drove past this North End for AS and Borthwick there’s a civic on the south side that ends with repeatedly setting pieces of paper on fire and stomping it out it’s not spreading he’s a white male thirty S black hat was flat funny and a black head of something inside of it now one of our coverage from

Her has a relative it lives next door to some isn’t the house and as it should be in twenty minutes you should know here


In five before time is the son of her seven on four so much for three and seven or six The yard’s apartments offices three three north east third like not spring there’s a survey if you lock yourself in the bathroom after being confronted for drug use years even though you so will forgo becomes awful to insist

On a four or five years of driving five three five

Five three five

For you and one for for going to keen Park six three eight marquee things right he says X. in a block for desk or we’re going to play it really really want he or drinking and smoking pot while there are four year old is playing alone in the park they’re worried about the unintended child and the fact that they might travel with them properly

Twenty seven then he’ll have a unity twenty one

Five seven four go at

Him for all being seen forty for an Arizona boy Frank David I’m seventy one Sandy and two three twenty I want to thank you

But I think

Well the guy they just decided to cancel and haven’t for you thank you

And if I am I think it describes the job of trying on it I mean if I were searching the house you know needle this heavy searching the house not moving at twenty one of

Course I’m twenty four to be its own seventy four guy and when I want to

Know if I

Regard that system faster why did I think that cars are not registered there and there’s nothing showing that should be you know that address most I mean something

Like what you’re hiding inside you permit commie guys hiding inside the apartment to be named body else

And if some of the curtains were just on the back were in the front he said he

And I four

Other finalists united by four if you go to one two eight six nine se Buster covers nine a five six S. here on scene but the guy left so we can be clear because no uncertain but it was up around out one eighteen in foster or

Divorce a rabbi five or even a very nice little of them and I for

Not have for myself in one thousand four hundred forty five is thinking of pressing you know any Islamic army going

Through I want them

For now most of them were the welfare check one of John Morris with the time of Prophet no other calls have been called in

One forty forty

I got it when I went to run it

And I struck him as image of that plane or the striven with we’re going to forewarn Charles William queen

I mean

There are that street that twenty five isn’t for a minute thirty rejected the enclosure known for and never did enforce any round

Pub as a vote on that is if you’ve lost himself in a back room

On trains as looking for one give until you are done but because looking for one for a time to eight or three Slaters street OK you were even whole a normal being run

Through six

Writers two hours Arafat’s actors and it was only when the very over time thank you for thirty nine twenty six four hundred eighty five but the dress came from regions of the male half

One hundred forty These are M.R. bold one for mental health services have a good one they are five one five some of us going to the little big burger seventy seven NE holiday street the second hand information from security here saying elderly woman who doesn’t speak English here seems confused or lost

Six of


For you and six three four in the sun These clothes are going to two forty seven or cracked a mystery there’s two people parked in the vehicle from this location for the last two hours or color things you might be doing drugs are setting up for camping for the night so black and gray older toilet or Chevy truck

From copy from forty

Six Three Forks

North for once again thank you for those you or

Are you an I.Q. five non-injury accident six thousand and nine or the splendors street Blackie it art of latest parked car and he’s up in Glover is

Her Go copy her or her like that if your hard drive we’re

Going to live like Clinton or not

You create a found property call for me please I have so many turn in a purse here and now favor and I’m contacting the owner and I’m going to whoever to them in Milwaukee forty ninth and Harvey healthy twenty one

Seven whose lives will cost you five seven Avenue unseen eighty one and when it’s brand not our last an hour ago making a suicidal statement and possibly have a handful of melatonin pills earlier today

Twenty one hundred

Forty one foot up from that was all five balls are to having oh thirty

Wretched you call that a four please

Well I think you’re going to put it in for now and for the phone from unions I didn’t fall for it all got it very nice Michel it’s not zero or did either never know what it was but it was sixty two subjects name jewel Williams born in two thousand and two she’s off on female I five average to heavy bill and no holding today a yes or grandpa’s out looking for her now and a person calling as a Catholic Charities worker she is a serious as I said in the past

Twenty three things

But it

Might invite her in our to new version of John Harwood no one no one answer and then number two if you

You know they are watching Johnny one contractor and he wants a jet Well I don’t know I think there’s one of the Jack

Seventy four from Foster about one twenty or so years of annoyance and you can tell me how these I’m OK and Clay was a guy walking northbound and McCain traffic blackmail aren’t headstones white he certainly shaking his head around

Long I saw him in six coffee

If I for

For the experience in West contest you five of us cares and I do tend to go a female straight something into our collars eyes so white female funnies brown hair tan jacket blue jeans not sure where she headed our collars going to be an apartment they’re going away in the lobby

One twenty four

If there’s somebody in the area Hogan and that is and they could watch for a flatbed truck the front with over lights that it’s not me that

Westbound organ part seven George drawn will be

From grease and I think Leeson

Couldn’t cover of course you could

Go in Governor of us five inclusion

Into a seven copy it for six you cover it for six did you copy cover every man is three six five four if I fix don’t call the senator I’m sure you can

Come are

All there and are closing

In on her one three four copy twenty

Four sixty copy clear perimeter

Eight three six three three six three hundred three five central city concern seven zero seven Northwest Everett do you know if you’re a one in the one with medical on a male he’s saying he’s nuts and stuff acid or something even Frank going to be you know Murs

A three

Hundred fifty seven seconds

To me not even want even if you have your view that

No one here invites hundred M.

Of the force and it does well probably tonight thank someone for

Eight or six a perfect some of us foreign starker call it was Jason attacked by Trans Union refusing that she’s over a variety of band in mall until flag amount for why female forty unknown colors and top jeans Kathy are going to prison cause me waiting in front of Club Road Rage one hundred twenty three twenty one thirty three Britton vision of the night for the actor who plays got going over

Santo Cameron front from inside

Users of social research

Fifty six hundred twenty three thousand one hundred you


There as well go ahead what are you doing division or going

To do a division they for five

Their first

Tackling of the three wants of us and any do it go unknown guy in Punch our color nomad needs to be a white male sixty two medium build brown hair and then done white teaser at Brown and screen baggage was last seen southbound shows that will clear up and go on her to trawl I’m troubled Washington will cover

Everything Highlander three information on a reckless driver of any westbound salmon from Saudis onesies

On what street I have a southbound I can double check with a call taker it just like you are over will car is all over her it is a copy thirty its all day for five hundred

For your car here are going to

Freezing if we’re going to be on it only

One of our five pack want

Somebody with anything they buy for is medical residents OK but if you read the check out that he was afraid of this with Alec or his or nitrate derivatives because one million of us reading and thirty eight twelve found on third coming to you from others so one for me on that they’ve been evolving for

Us Nine seven for at one six or zero se one hundred sixty Second Avenue us twenty eight Subject you try to break in your complaint of late yesterday is back and threatening or complain an evil white male in his forty’s six foot tall Valve’s unknown clothing name is Jeremy copied from one word invasion

And it looks like he’s leaving now and Route two which new park to the east

Twenty one thirty seven she joins me here and six one seven eleven Adam It’s twenty one forty five I’ve got the other any interference speakers we can build out here and in Mandarin speakers you can start for seventy seven or how it is you’re going to hear given it just like this twenty on the

Five and five it doesn’t sound like there’s any

Degree moment we’ve

Got from corner in a

Five to seven but

I don’t read it over a whole

Lot for the wall and says in the twenty one that even if they’re going to one for

North West two three and we didn’t want to go last the north down a guy walking down the middle of the road something in front of you goals an on race male tall green coat with a hood up fine for taking time around from if you want if as if

Those you

And there are not ave are clear from

The village probably second and third are clear from actual

Scenery I.E. only one three as if you are wondering if you what’s going on are human intervention or reckless driver eastbound pal from one sixty second it’s a green B.M.W. Irgun six thirty eight very void Charles speeding

Reckless driver at twenty one forty one cross they sign on for don’t know if I think you mean to replace one six two one two eight

Yeah clear David thinks

If the seven are say ten and that’s all they’re

Going for you

Have the nine looks like most of four is already on scene from four going through nine to five cup you Robert seven once a movie

And seven for four going to Saudis clay and OK She’s now sitting by the barrier KING She’s been walking that even has been walking back and forth across clay between and looking grand screaming and crying hysterically possibly drunk quite a few not really twenty’s bleach blonde hair all black clothing black high heels and I’ve had you on the right like county

Search for Gimme a route three minutes and I’ll go there seventy four for twenty seven for

Forty four one six five five of six by five go have one for each meeting with Charlie around a fortnight and three to

Be one for it may very well drive A


Seven zero Frank Union Edward and all the various you are barred to three

Thirty two hundred fifty two three I see plenty of reason that once X. twenty three and all the other property out whether you’re going to start your second car you want to wait for seven


We went on for six for sure he start move forward

Didn’t start a longer glittery

Start to seven to size se use I seven have an editorial decision I have of course

I think of it becoming

Somewhat of a media fact this I mean show me out what someone’s I remember

Once I think I had

One six year olds are going to be very


Tough the circuits going on forty seven

Hundred thirty one to one six zero

Once if they want to

Thank you proximity to you for me us me one horse


If I go to the granddaughter of a missing female in the parking lot across the street from Doubletree perfect just you have some over

Nine holiday with her and I’ll try and tell her that her language line right now five hundred seventy second

I have to try to

Present his or her to hold office

But I have you have a phone number for the daughter I’ve been talking from if you want your doctor there

Her name is Michelle by phone number two zero six six zero four six nine five nine

You know it’s like she’s around to you know having someone just sort of inclusive before seventy fourth any Ok that’s right thanks again for I wanted to do one or bump or e one far far after

And I think we’re going to need every

Ones assigned twenty one fifty three forty

One three four it’s forty one fifty three sixty four but you and six hundred seven going to four three two seven orchestras are often you know how I once is thirteen year old daughter Roya code your first checked thinking from last week on presents all thirty four issues apparently has been acting out and destroying the house

Six one seven five sunny one hundred three if you wait before

We switch the real life to be eighty six percent honey thirty nine twelve number one you two five seven

Five five five five five five you know I was jus one one one seven three seven five

You know the two is one one three seven one seven three seven five information from people possibly dealing drugs each read way street southeast Eighth Avenue associated with a silver B.M.W. wagon in a green Honda or other occupied and there in front of the house at seven nine one eight SE replay information on drug dealers at twenty one


Three and three o eight billion with medical as the silent Creek mobile home park two six zero zero Harvey jewel five unit their teen fifteen year old female fifty ibuprofen and twenty Tylenol

Twenty one cities that defy court or of either the whole anybody haven’t either but given that six three four to join a church with an A and R. and R.

Trying to have

Five or so and three United seven for a welfare check pleasure eject Jew a five and

Vision crisis is on the line with a female officer and then a jump in the traffic so she’s on an overpass Brazil working on of exact location of a soundbite division over two zero five

Seven four coming

In and out she said she has a gun with her she’s in a vehicle joint give her name we don’t know if the vehicle looks like information of possibly suspicious object at forty three ne Fremont Street caller reporting that he’s sitting in an S.U.V. organs seven or one maker Adam Lincoln Hartley’s not doing anything just sitting there thinking would you give me a frank on the one that I’m on and I’ll be able to access to a five year in a moment and all the women northbound looking for

Me clear frank and in route to the police

But when we started trying to phone you know we don’t have a phone number yet this is from crisis to say she’s calling from a block number


Five three size checking mail in front of steps two one six North Bridge avenue out front yelling at her collars dogs I think she’s drunk and should be checked like male thirty’s and I

Go for

Twenty two and

I’m fighting for one as important or one of them although I think

That’s racial on

Horses but I also argue you make you know please that things will be going away and then form a medical center will be a long part of having

Is there’s a lady possibly in that area action oak or description no name no no phone number

I’m approaching from the south on the northbound side

Roads and calm down

So I do have to you know what you want to

Three seasons and three when he

Went from four northbound over to where I got the north out of a division they are northbound overcrowd very well as well and I’ve

Been under invitation but that’s all we got which is nothing and if they do let me know oh I’ll show you I mean I would not be far vision in front of my course my wife our fellow with a no idea Chevy how they don’t cover wanting wanted to and I feel like

I just

Three eight one five show me heading to shows very bold and also in one take it there are no secret traffic parking has only three or five of

All my horses who want to

Ride from four I don’t see anybody on our car wash there

I mean I guess

Just certain less general so clear Yeah and I for you can clearly

Hear George it’s funny Joe

And I mean you know you can see

Copy faster to its own each of us are one hundred

One and it’s funny just to have a showing reckless driver laughing Nissan ninety four at their View Park Lane It’s a great thing until getting a flashing light informationally just what the folks want to say if it

Carries on I won’t have it is very that when one story is just a bunch of four right alarm at the Public Storage Division Street nine one two Southeast Division

We’ve got a video of someone in a U.-Haul by the back gate of this sort of complex Yeah if you kind of a chronic there

Is no where you’ve read it or

You know me again for if ever you know advise

You not a five you can be today

But join the body with an eye visit North is looking for one that you forty seven NE Hochman so well for can grab one of the Right now probably out of no surgeon happy seven for helping our

Friends he said the

Day We’ve worked hard to

Live over there

I feel as if you have a horrid very very hard no one think of old George organ playing information we had a caller sending Jews going to change herself to a courthouse I wonder if you are in southwest fourth

Didn’t give us any better and then hung up information on ME hundred eleven if I for auto drive around for a brother John the call finds a lot of joys revives with rich work where Frank very clearly we are friends find you out of

There we haven’t been there you know number again please eight hundred seventy seven hundred seventy seven five United twenty two thousand if it is just a lot but three of reforms were for anything that was one of national everyone in ASH or provided ever will be anywhere collecting more and more here and burn

You once you do a very nice bit of the form

And with three seven

Five six four three and five seven four missing in danger at four zero seven one North Mississippi Avenue no callers and left about twenty forty of them anymore as a comeback kid and steal top twenty two two thousand and four hollers thinks that you need your due to getting a high earlier today but the killers in the area will be a white male twelve long hair wearing all black now it

Will be on the service

It’s a sunny do fifty three one five eighteen zero four is going to have our way just kind of down right Sergeant we’re going to call

The holding noise call Northwest nine over ten callers complaining of noise from the Amtrak trains Funny thing it has been

Your phrase

Twenty six wants are some of you who are my last Frank show me a recovering or an occupied storm the formal occasion

Yet you fudge are three pieces you know and three twenty five four eighteen zero four were enough hard number

If you know forty five pounds if you

Know too many people are looking we’re out here earlier complained that the juveniles are earlier back to something you know that there’s ten of them now

Seven hundred sixty monitoring show them on North Korea got their friends waiting twenty one and dinner while Washington I dimly Union zero seven the

Money lender’s and acknowledge twenty three of the good on line dating

Twenty three but there’s ten of them

Look like in a previous call they were here to beat up Arkham planet brother are now walking away westbound me


Search to talk to

Verify for United five for a disturbance at the at their place apartment one three zero south east one a fifth unit Charlie one a fifth of fighting this unit

Was the engine in

The North

But you know if you want them to fight

You feel myself in computer take over if you’re a rose order secretary

At Risk orders me She’s twenty now and female are going before that she’s out screaming for help and saying that she had an ambulance medical going as well OK you’ve got an order is reserved


An eighty seven she’s yelling I need help white female five six and sin build there’s a sex going to be Jenny who’s associated with unit two zero two white male sixty’s boss of the cane

Play if you don’t want to for me should present after the information burglary today at Julie or he’s one fourteen years assorted of body armor and a load is a health check twelve each shot and was this in many many fourteen with metal folding stockings for him and see in the recesses of permeation is a blue Fort nothing officer’s A.T.M. bullet twenty so I thought if I do you can put me on the servants on Maple off a

Three one five three one five yeah the more cycle a thing on the having more thing and if that actually one fired him look at him

Six seven five

Three one sixty one one thousand three hundred workers or hear


Saying if you have a go for it twenty just like

Any three seven medical is staged over it is a fire it’s going to be Washington County fire that will be responding her third where you’re a hard worker we’re twenty Julie who I don’t know and if you know me Washington County fire that will be responding since you’re in their area

Be they thrive Thanks I’ll be fine just like I’m

Going to have that call of any

Seven on you like eighty seven start that way just like you are right five five nine

Three and five three Interstate five Meyer seven four zero four north interstate Avenue going with fire

And then to call a possible overdose he shall be in the produce department

For free from twenty to twenty seven if I say right but eighty five already gone with medical northbound I four or five to Sunset Highway the westbound on the highway I guy’s off his motorcycle

If I forgot

It was of in the medical school three and he went in Charlie pulled the


Wealthy and how and that’s one hundred twenty three to cover for he was not present until going out and I have to go

In a gentle five pack if I try to

Break up in twenty to twenty seven for four

Joined for you and seven three seven six seven three nine SE three saying it’s a audible alarm spoke with a resident who had an incorrect ASCO that there are three seventy’s I’m talking essentially so very very schizophrenic you know I know that seven to seven it’s probably twenty thirty five to seventy six whether that’s very well

I do send a letter to Tyler saying he’s thirty three for three or eighty six with what looks like there’s two or three as a coach all through means that are more varied whether found west on Highway twenty six will be closed to all vehicles on the access highway twenty six westbound will be I four or five northbound or the Jefferson on ramp a call back when it changes information on me thank you for your exact direction as it appears I was NASCAR to car accidents non-injurious far as I can tell from what I was told just reading up north crown for all fired before the twenty six upon ramp I’m going to go continue our work to my

Michael and Arthur are not

Going to yeah it’s going to be after you go over the federal fly over there and actually an ambulance on scene right where you’re starting to get on the floor of the tunnel if I say he

Nodded sorry so they sent me right before the Tunnel westbound was a highway all right and you have someone to check and apparently non-injury accident into the northbound I froze five south of sunset

Sorry no the rest for the night I was horrific I want every once in the breeze that you can just look around and so on for force and very in an area of northwest five and a this is a group of three guys in different years old tried to solve our color he pushed them away doesn’t want contact just want officers you know the instigator was a standard male younger but this gave Morgan a register get information only twenty two thirty three

Her three five six it’s Mundine with motorcycle wreck it’s life or good you know with one behind me that’s on for a five

Day five for every

American from four o five there twenty six I didn’t see any record after I was exactly your

Son in one five zero one

Three and seven one six it’s going to be you westbound Hawthorne Bridge at the west end of the color four in the middle there’s a female sitting between two traffic lanes like you know early twenty’s dark long hair a gray blanket looks distressed now inside of

Another color then he and then you don’t think that’s

Seventy seven five seven one hundred seventy I think

Hard there are


Ones on the same Jackson the black Harley Davidson and like Mary one one seventy five

He was slurring a speech and night drinking beer drinking in the parking garage information only to find you there is that once students are returning to going

To trees I have six three are all or sister who lives here shut up either drunk or high ranking things and threatening to hurt herself and others which I got


Thirty seven her five officer pretty woman who when he says he said it went through traffic

Let me go have

Thirty I think Cali with yellow George they even want to put their own twenties you thirty seven if you’re seven

Or five going to be in front of us he’s Lauder’s you are nine our first date is there’s an aggressive transience set that they want and then just verbal at this point they’re going to go white male six one gray hat you know T. white and blue plaid shirt black she’s

From her

If we’re five from twenty five I was we’re three five acres right and I’ll go there

If any of you think you fifty six well that over there where it was seven there were seven hundred

And five as well

Getting out of every main city park at twenty thirty and

This is a very tiny so if you didn’t do it by then forty three

Thank you very much for her

Good fortune to forty one for one her for

John Joe me I was saying Marry a washed employee Adam David Queen ninety six one I tried

Very hard

For you five to five public storage at six five to five marks three video of a male getting out of the van at the gate exit to have a Coke when you’re ready

Research thriller We don’t go to war very what people say were these I three and five to five distract from it to five every thank you for

Ages if you are back and

Just voice thirty seven on seven

Years I’ve been on fire the doc for a lounge a three zero he’s Burns I going to be in a lower parking structure is previously eighty six yards even though we limit the N.L. verily He’s been an ongoing issue here he’s going to be an errand group got it now in fact having frenzy for the central ten forty five don’t have a nice fire and bravado was born in seventy nine and he is five resists in Region OK Plenty for you to play for my crash will be down for a fire

Down for a high that salmon twenty four for

They think they want one five hundred five hundred three for Spirit use are three

Rules guys going to call it varies from I think there’s an officer save

The girl in the

Whole of life saving up working joe

Because I’m

Laughing at me I feel very sober for eighty one seventeen north and now the seventy Not about twenty five someone sixty seconds I was in one thousand

That is rising from one six one seven three hundred twenty two for seven days one way you know you have twice


Many women we have a thousand of Albertson’s that many Langley’s and that Chinese you forty seven seventy seven

Years i Sharif five six eight four zero no hasn’t

In street seven eleven callers vehicle is taken in two minutes ago keys are inside of it the black two thousand and seven Ford F one fifty six who are six and before and the like you have proof of nine one five how he talked or Salvi some story doesn’t have any that’s very well and

So it made for five hours Burnside in her most of all of our There’s an elderly female down the sidewalk near where the columns are so that accounts marking where the landslide is but it is not yet I’m waiting for that in the

Form for five to have a good one

St Albert says I want to learn one exam and I was thirty one Then whole bunch of friends having

Russian employees he’s talking about again but now I’ve been there seen she’s not making threats just won’t leave black female sixty five black hat short hair brown fat clear and I can go to heaven it was a very and I Chewy nobody Saiful extraction of the a call last

Thank you fifty

It’s your

Native looks like there is an ambulance Alice and they were asked to call but we don’t have a description of their on a different medical hall

Like seven four seven

Three and seven four seventy se two one and Bidwell streets three Gore collar saw mill using tools to get into the driver’s side window of a sedan parked on to one so I mailed in build and no matter I mean up

Front if you are

Working properly and once over three jobs when you’re twenty six and once you have

Six of those you access for three and do five hundred thirty five it’s twenty visits to Hartman for me right Kyra

A one seven seventy probably twenty


B.N. eighty one seven eight zero eight Southwest one five interview organ Reproductive Medicine and sidewalk by the entrance of the parking garage there’s a white female brown hair gray jacket white bag down for about five minutes not Jack nobody eleven in Washington it was and I think iron washes are twenty three someone’s I think seven was on you at the other Juno to go at sixty one with him and they were going to take over Jason was going to be one six two three one four and twenty two fifty seven or six and seven one five you can’t be that seven or seven and sixty one


Want to join Russell I want to know what if older

Want to do an awful sleep you can

Freeze if I’m not injecting a male down in history in front of for a one five ne one zero eight ave you know after coming out of our

One fourteen or four way six hundred nineteen from eatin joins us twenty four and I have a date for you and I five seven every jack in the area of U two year zero zero zero se one thirty ninth Avenue for a vehicle it comes back fifty seven on accord five to eight Giorgio all driven by a black male you know I haven’t you know one Adele Osteen northbound four star it was a light hearted accord like to George yellow driver but it came back so on

Her violence they already have been eyeing and I didn’t twenty’s and if I didn’t say that already here’s what I see northbound on start someone thirty or action doors down one three minutes from start driving we clear and fix it for with a J

Exactly thank you

And I have other way to clarify that is a fifty seven is that correct got a date but if it is a twenty G.’s if he’s if

It were five have another noun berms

Nobody seen anybody weigh in on Fed law

OK if your son is any


You when you’re not so

Happy on seeing that one thing on for their check become important collector

Point is if

It was

For you looking for a home

Well it is it’s I just sat down but not that I know of

What size I mean cover each else gave Orton the victim of are not the case I mean every six five nines any six I think up and trying to find her a Ford Focus no way I want to go east on her westbound


Have a civil war some for four clearing clear for seven force there’s a resident of your eat an ice cream cone you know an hour and some for six I

Think it was seven it was

Renamed to six two zero six I’m nervous Flanders number four zero one A multiple VI’s from here on disturbance type calls

Uncooperative females is he saying just get them here now and then hung up a previous call that he is the problem now there is a David Walker born in seventy five like a potential Argerich criminal and has a mental health life in region Yeah I thought with him last I

Looked over thirty eight hundred sixty three hundred six where it’s your caucus


To Charles Wang for in Stephens it is Ginger It was a war out with five for one six five or six if you were three sixty five sixty one with three It’s twenty three and three times and I show it so with Oregon if you five Henry Yankee queen that’s clear on a two thousand throughout the registered Congress seventy copy that’s one of your hard one thousand only eighty six with you after work thirty one thousand have I for you know the car if until

The first time for it but when I mean

It will marry

Another from a good

One wanted my coming one when I want one I and I am an occupied kind of year five eight two zero John David Charlie one zero eight prince any one know it and send it to me through six five and I five minutes

Just like you have I thought you picked up that welfare check on Williams and Maurice’s a caller earlier today and she did not want any help from anyone and the Jews five

Five none of them from my reservoirs has heard of them very pleasant sort and I think I would have a balance if they hear and see me just

Thank you has been

Very warm her if you know her

If it was human lives easy it’s like there’s a six five seven Joelle six I think so I saw the cup is right there as of the seven I’ll go to when I can find out you more

Tina I forget and join in a cry to stand trial and have a rare

Thirty minutes you know before because for twenty one ot answer

Twenty three only thanks Jason if I see if a guy had a reason he’s They want you too weak on your

As expected your Gleason used to want to do it trying to

Revive it but I think here I’ve gone Paul X. ray zero son of one and somebody comes back to some politics three zero seven one and ninety three Subaru Legacy lives in my guess we don’t

Know Me traffic free for all right right right how long

Have you someone closer

And I mean and

Jerry Rice are going to a hurry like and Mary thank you and I

Do with

Foreigners a lot of free night and thought

Thank you actually good for friends your chance central control is

Pretty well over there you want your guy had

Zero for one voice or go on her her own sixteen star gets me through and through and I think I’ll go with you on one thousand nine hundred eleven doing this are to roll out here looks like David and I am VERY kid himself in the bathroom through the bedroom

Three of you for


Now into traffic and Miller

One one hundred

One five I think the kind of facts are kept once it starts any job in seven and

Then twenty three one for far reaching I gave you the one six not at one time but I felt I won by forty on for four tickets

You’re going to have the option for first money I think Martha Graham twenty three go by I think I need to

Copy one for fourteen

Twenty three thirteen ravenous I think here

They would have very good health in the bathroom as well as the bedroom and he just used

That room no no weapon and when we got to the last night he didn’t have a wet

That the eighty seven

Or sevens of a four and Burnside male and female fighting the male half has a tomahawk a Native American male mid thirty’s blacks lighter orange shorts he hasn’t used the weapon on anyone or threatening actively but he does have it in his hand there on the north side actually across from the Chevron OK if I move you that we

Have a cart atop the first

Night on the side of course

Sample John it varies or goes wrong or

As a cloud one of three five zero seven Holgate two ago white male washings out our while for

Sixteen to twenty years all black on my face walk out pretty sure gal sure going they want a car so you have all of us at one of your fifteen

But that really destroy everything about them I don’t know a little give me a Leslie the head of the

WASHINGTON With one phone five with sixty five

Washington west and one seventy five awful horrible one for for twenty three but I will trying to the description on or

If I get fired her

Rag you know

How they are so you know I love it over there at three to four have one thirty

One three it was lovely for one three three six is about all

Three to the US there’s medical books going to farm Burnside both halves of now taken off we don’t have a description on the female only clear to everybody and I thank you if you think happy

That we are now

Being around through it but it’s the wrong place re seven hundred forty one

He’s a person all of life of War thirty one hundred sixty one cause for it’s a three something it was a memorial I don’t know the parking like a man and you’re like OK they’re from the school first thing you’re if you think of where the prop the stairwell opens for us and she’s a go for has been a great in

The world for usually a Hazara more scene and seventy

And some parts are going in seven four six three five zero points of the six have you know an area check for a guy who was masturbating on a porch ten minutes ago who got it OK and out of temper that I have that in her heart of hearts any three


Making contact with you know having run for seven or you George Dohrmann twenty five south of Division I was frantic I went there’s a guy who was he’s bleeding from the ribs and what not what do you want a hole

OK originally they were coming to one you want to go three and then to stage

To go and find that it was was pretty much OK workers are talking but I think I counted a good

Verse out defendant watching plate animal yellow for three one one purpose and that’s right three twenty one thousand nine hundred twenty three well no problem for a name I mentioned Sure one thirtieth and went in with five three to Henry George John thirty I can find you’re kind of hard on her

Going for it but

George Graham when he joins a vision it’s anything like it for thank whoever is not in her where we got really you know not right twenty in Flanders concrete five and five coverage right in front of us weapons and driving

Around were going for very long

Having on fifty one hundred twenty six hundred


Twenty three twenty seven three zero eight what a way to rise a high and mighty the ever I was not in all of them

OK went to a division last of King critical McGraw right over a lizard of

Ocala let him know they can to him in seventy seven I sure as hell six eight five even at those examples of a loser so is it W.H.Y. devise central can for as I please

There was right to me David trying to connect her and her

Friends on that I’m going to hold her in eighty six for you and will you go out on Roger nine three eight six and hold a twenty three to ten seven thirteen and

Although it one time for having one five for about ten or for a street car supervisor out with a guy that they think is coming down on math he’s acting paranoid currently on the platform trying to get on the street car or trying to prevent him Tetrick Carlson born in sixty eight

Was on an

Eighty five cover Police say three five in Route eighty four overall think it resides any

Division of retore from above it all hired her to live in a five by one night court park Oregon for water every boy write a Cherokee or into seventy nine Henry Charlie George Lassie northbound eight from there

So work out the government look at Hoffa eighty four eighty four Yeah medical Vol three two one and one who can just

Leave out the word they could go in I’ll let a million

And reduce the

Seventy seven

Three and seventy four three zero three six se and any power watching what you think is just a chance deal of icicle across the street or five for me

To six the monster

Three of you for three to four you’ll be on call birds are

Having it for seven or writing it for seven hundred thirty six percent and use seven seventy four associated people are going to be a white female mid thirty’s then they’ll think back back in a white male mid thirties the sick the are

Doing thirty seven they are the vision Rose order of one or these however from trying to rid of a male versus female Well nobody’s ever stray if you know all the folks so we have or know

If you join a group

Of users of southeast ash tree twenty three thirty seven care one north what was our holiday party done from our gateway one on our Z’s while to us in South round collars an employee they kick the female out of Fred Meyer the subject waited in a parking lot to yell at the employee your car went away she was leaving so if you took off on foot why female wander why teacher if regimes ever Asian tigers are

If we’re going to eight or seven

Year old medical This way if you don’t use the clean image of the proven right of interest recall

Having a sister to a son and no plated

White for think of

One of the lot

E.D.F. in Colombia

Do you think all the atrocities are

OK you don’t want to suffer me we

Are slowing down for the green light turning

That siren to go up to

Six When it’s a monitor

Give us a location that’s

A stop to the red light we’re going to be in traffic pursuit going to go eastbound on Killingsworth

Two to a five on ramp either sixty seven light traffic and we’re going to take are going to continue eastbound These are sixty five like a white male driver tell you something as much of our numbers just are crazy slow down going to sex and mature and easily go north until five jobs are reading or five

And they just updated that they terminated its response

Is resigned to

The usual that noise call it John but they’re all rumor and so it’s all very loud and

Certain to chew on

OK Thank you Stuart they’re going to stick to it I’m still trying to find the track on our sound show

Nothing in the southbound part of the bridge

But division or



Your side

Three six to eight right there’s just

You got I mean

You were on one hundred fifty from the airport way southbound opposite two of our

Friends on four seven five three five hundred Morrison

Welfare check on a man who calls from a pay phone sounded like he was drunk said he needed police they’re now on hand outs

Of ours over having been one five seven one sign is there any time that I was running around looking for him surely I can have room for them you have to buy probably thinking there were these are there one is on scene and we will take over you back off a little bit

So well although we’re coming up to

Bust but all of a festive start

With a parkway but all of us are just

Westbound coming up a second you going north out on a second for three or four

For me to

Roger there is a vote

Before he resists where Charlie and the other flag out their motivation three six one three nobody would lifeless just drift along at a distance

He is now airport way from a second desire for away from a second


He is just sucking in forever he’s not really maneuvering that much so he is having to deal with with who will five really is saying on air for way before he’s still the number one lane and he has slowed down other people are passing him that

Way he’ll be coming home and therefore we have an

Election he was just business with for twelve I’m sorry

I apologize he is on air what a way just went underneath you all five

Dollars for a way on each of our it looks like he’s getting ready for North-South to all five go to Washington after a five or four three three one three

The U.S.B. voice will do everything that anything himself or having them for sounds and

Having there what are you going to be able to follow him over there

The phone he’s a South midway across the Glen Jackson bridge we’re switching over we’re going to take is not working for county offices or car got me into green if you want to dress that way go over to Clark County and you can train later if you need to stop

Using greasy significantly to drive it or to eight

Point the

George I was twenty six Hell years we fail to yield right

From traffic violation there was someone five over effect for thirty six and union checkpoints sorry there’s a

Murder over seven one one six four zero there’s a sense that

There’s a sense of empathy so you have everyone wanted

More eastbound see any approaching hundred one hundred in the right hand lane one writer black jacket on under a silver helmet with straights on and not like a second home on the back

Vanished early for years so if I have a sort of one hundred seventy

With a look for a dolphin program part of America

There is a fence around cover for one hundred fifty right lane

That we’re laid out but it takes off I’m not

Washington twenty three fifty one thousand nine hundred sixty years to me something

It’s obvious obvious up almost

Information eastbound ID for at one eight one reckless driver in a silver minivan a known plate that’s information a choice the city the high

If I think there’s a sense of from yourself

But if I were stopped going to you want to go there’s one loving owner of every circle for you you know

And I’m helping where our county and that is what’s going on there why

He turned out his life and we lost a

Lot of how the state which are not like Lost

OK You know he left and I just

Five hundred and it’s just us of a fortune star one five ninety zero Saudis division security call on it and there’s a guy pacing back and forth outside smoking a pipe wandered into division seemed disoriented was opening mail boxes now he’s climbed into the bit of a pick up the car lot

And I think five


Six four I can tell you are too much the other kind of a shot and I think seven is a white guy thirty’s then valving blue and gray Inside Out shirt down he’s in and out of the pick up and throwing rocks

It’s a very tough down from NATO in plain

White Geo Tracker or in four to three hundred John Norris to these recent history six or I think across from back here and now

I walk walk and he

Has a divisional walking


But that was where he was for it was a bit of a back and north as regular traffic a tiger two four S. Please six two I think that we talked to OK fifty five today I mean a fourth

Time three

I mean that’s

That’s running in the face of an invention that we want United

He said with the funny to address

Well I’ve a second that’s right a device that can be written within forty or twenty three’s a device and if it were difficult boring clear a five five six five if you’re almost every week or

Every Size in a three

Dimensional has died Alexander sixty three North lovely sunny I want

To do three or the holly somebody closely because you Americans are very healthy and I think you know Johnny Carson the

King of the group and

If you do you can disregard

OK Kathy Reichs march happening

When he’s not there to fish an organ King seven seven or seven thousand nine hundred R.V. Do you want to turn to didn’t tunnel during

The state’s five years or did thirty eight of the governor

Try to get it associated like

John Adams was

On the flight

From five hundred six of us have a choice

To form government to going to twenty two you know three G. to

Four five And I’m John Adams had word is your G.L. has a whole region hit for a twenty sixteen Acura pleasantries only says how nice going to deny

Myself I hated it I mean that seven maybe

Five for coffee and fighting to cover once in a secure and Southeast Division

Disturbance inside and outside and try to get more information from you or you got it oh he doesn’t problem unit this is going to be a duplex the problem unit

On the west side of the property the door closest to the vision no mention of any weapons

That they say that serves at that live here is a tweaker lot of yelling going on but when it’s which I would send you a good fifty three hundred block of the earth are you

B M o three just out of all the dry what you want your old George Paul John then Bogun three company from there if you

Have more time for ninety five grand for it in zero zero one joining the fam one thinks two just north of two of

The ones if you north of Taylor drills or if you go even birds in circles or do you think

Here for three weeks to a very about that at the moment Arroyo north of harder and

All the north hard intervals or three days you know for if you show me a rough draft


The three lines fine tell me and anyone that has been to the one thousand and sixty seventy four instable or

The working around some of them are a little salmon

For reward her and her probably doing what French church drills are going to exotic I want to go out with five or boy

Harkening Cleveland to their right but it’s mine and we are sixty one to five months but I


Here in one five four Chestnut Tree and nine six nine one thousand start designing and information that is a naked female running around in knocking on various doors trying to get into rooms and flashing people just wearing only a purple shirt under a female mid forty’s brown hair possibly twelve thirty four seventy five for governor so there isn’t any to

Be married

Jack trying to find a block south the Spring Garden Street forgot I was looking into cars and no one saw him get into one that they said he acted shifty when they walked by and like I read baseball cap a hoodie general and seven also sure that

There are ten six seventy

Three and six eight going to five on the north the Sacramento and her father Number two zero crawlers ex-boyfriend’s visa leaving the soldier one sentence targets devils or a lot of

Them and six events of their favorite

Things possibly bipolar is going to jog Lisa and warning if you History of Violence drive on but no solution from United for that was probably going into it with us if

That was or if I was going to fight for those are going to have already before coming over there do you think was seven and seven ready to you know if

You’re writing a report could you just please P.D.F. a copy of its role well

And a report on a Flanders call vs a coffee date one seventeen or the other thirteen

Certainties or seventy seven not the only correlated macaw organisms for one five hundred and were Mr

Devils or fourteen seven hundred

Eighty one no seriously right mind there’s a little one and it’s got part of every

Five years of a good

Thing Hoover’s of a quote here or in seven point five George of Interpol if you are of the Columbia and if there’s one sixteenth right you know one sixty rock with mobile home park one hundred four one five se stark number eleven and their number eleven is calling and saying the southwest of there hearing a female yelling

And skinning someone to get away from her property Well there are seventeen of those haven’t seen one survivor since we three of her recall her once if I’ve got any six they can figure anything if you like

Action or a union for two a year or so you guys are drive

Is it was a government of it in

The a welfare check going to die in the street Columbia seventeen eighteen walking back and forth screaming Hispanic down the thirty five ten fundal running a light blue shirt and driving hostess Arizona in Columbia if we’re sort of it or something how everything or not this is that I’m not a farmer of it I’ll put you back on the other one but you’re done going to be the right one to one for I’m sorry can you refuse they’re

Going to be the right people going to be a deal Plaza Russia lot on the west side of the US

Having to reorder the female how kind what you look like you can actually hear

Her got really out of her store and I Frank levels are twenty one five

You know one six a record station number were two three four

Of them the L. harassing a female

He’s a black guy twenty five my knee I’m still white shirt and on colored pants and on weapons Gabby was for me what it

Was or twenty one

Nine seventy eight I started that way as well and yes there really are ten to fifteen people revealed he was six or

Seven in a fight and nine one eight it’s going to be a mix of races not sure how it started likely very drunk trying to break up with

Some are on the back patio and some of the parts were not well not me all started harassing or talking or going to leave

They don’t know if this guy lives there in two three three or two three four

Those are twenty second of it was into the six seven eight the one six two four zero zero zero zero

Three zero zero three zero thirty one zero three there was a five four French union Edward wanted to sort of serve one sixteen or the start those are three of

Five to eight I view a yeah I was just trying to figure out shopping area five to five the choice of Baker if you force a party have to think of me

Thanks but nothing for ninety five Aki to go in one thousand eight hundred seventy seven

Usually I live now you have your N.Z. just down

The one person are dark loving in the heart out cables or hoses across the yard and he argues as always for a couple minutes with us no one able is going to use nuclear ninety five and he does well there but what about five homes in particular for essentially I mean a president there were twenty three over there twenty seven and eight hundred nine on the side she comes asking

And a couple other servants on him her So the somebody close by one six times are going to ensure and thank all hard who have been struck off guard are

Having a very interesting when number person one of the said Edward two three four or two three three

Once a five or

So doesn’t seem out

Sounds of drawing things as well how do you have hope Why do we have our getting to be one of us going to some sort of trying to

Know if I was lose what is available I don’t ask but I would have liked I know if I wouldn’t go

Well it’s one thing has walked off with a night job nine want to

Wait for your ninety five dead bucket brigade again A.J. I want to se how it’s like a subject has returned someone said they had a gun no matter

What you and I do you know go for thirty one thousand cars for there those are things you were going to bring out on for a good night never that you you know one for seven

Hundred for you in one for a talky start in one three five an elderly white now wearing dark clothing for hat he’s walking in and out of the street are cars and you might get hit it’s moving east down you know fully covered reckless driver eastbound ID for about four seven a red Ford or Cadillac with a white cop speeding for having information on the doubles or that you

Know very well why she finally decided to get up and left though you know there’s are probably nine hundred or so you don’t you know

There’s a reason anything so far out of eighty seven

Point home

When sex life actual either police six seven five zero

Then they

Have the death of the thirty four

Seventy seven


Or their thirty four seven hundred five British fair ones or there are going to hear that reckless call you’ve brought here so we will follow it all the way out sensible five hundred thirty

I don’t want it I think when three I have

Organ factory nine frankly boy organs are his or Hogan self as stark terms are thirty six hundred four Sherman now Stark was clear down about one hundred thirty juggernaut going to

Be ninety four a journey

From zero to twenty three new films and also to go

Yeah there’s still nothing go on air so as the bark rolls Oh you don’t need your back probably not in the hall a video interview with them startin one for you obvious dark and one for you

And I do it

For you in one thousand five hundred in the street and north of four ninety two eighty seven three male kicking on the sidewalk or college breaking glass if you’re not race male five ten then build a gray hoodie and moving north down on

Revenue and profit or you

Aren’t for servitors you’re over it is your accuser in Maricopa

Three probably remember after wonder or Stroger Hospital

Reading can assure you

That one day driving went to

Washington three sixty nine nine and power

Of their forty five


I with one for the

Dick’s Sporting Goods

For the for that

Time had


All going through

Where Oregon two hundred one datapoint ring Sonny went to a can you confirm the plate horny

Washington boy David King three six two nine hundred showing how the why did you Brooklyn

Join Brooklyn those are for you on the seven the white Carnac corner probably not a car there please was once really one for four other communities

OK once I didn’t pick that up as well Rush is the one more of the you know energy supply and heating are talkers in the front seat so Horvitz of our

Symbols and levels are for a

Street user Rico want

To go on holiday to in Brooklyn in one thousand eight

Those are forty

Five’s are not rich I think

But in turn out and you receive them five four six zero Jeff are safely out of Iraq medical group

Admin over the information Johnny has not emerged the year out with Occupy fifty seven North name and Powell formation of zero zero forty three thirty nine

Thirty I thought I heard from

Some of their part of your

Information noise complaint from photos havering five one zero G.’s all these foster collars on contact so I thought on the doubles or four nights of driving

I sort of have my on line or are


Going to destruction who were only seventy four and

Probably wouldn’t double zero four he got my first seven I’m sixty wants to be nine five eight of sixty one one who were just one of the one hundred or so he had sixty one with one and could horrors are those are pretty icon for three four three and going with not a car on a possible overdose three six one one zero se left that road

OK You want some help there with you guys and I do know that

Medical is already there

It is a heroin overdose I’m sorry the call takers still on the phone the heroin overdose and they’re joining if you are OK those are very well prepared medical very rare

And series of health the medical still on the way the cult figure still on the line and they’re doing C.P.R.

If I seven just don’t do a drug when one does or forty I think there is still on the phone with them

But our sense is right there at the Home Depot just to be some sort of joy or Hallmark in security in a parking lot there’s a guy in a white minivan on the employee or call or whatever they’re sitting there or gentle art on the suit is doing and he got upset because of that we’ve been having one sensitive and not

If you want you for so

You know played a crew

That was there for you on the verge of goods or


You want thanks to fate and a few lines of

Its own power one hundred six and there would be a joint Powell those are if you like the ones we can you have I think you know if I it’s one medical or I think

You have the ambulance just arrived there about thirty seconds ago


Eaten one hundred

Thirty one or three other records

Heard of it for seven or eight

Three six The Last Fall of Harman’s one hundred eight zero Sophos to found a new number twenty one on site security calling in saying that there’s a male and female fighting inside the apartment then escalating over the

Twenty minutes that still sounds awfully verbal

Peterson says

If I was clear on him why did I say three six and eight

I think but yeah this is not a fan strike action and the servants were called for but I probably think that it’s a

Six for you therefore a good friend to me over a month before sort of address surgery three to five are reasonable

And it was a thanks if they can have a good one

In six a covered

In seventy five

Hours or more here

How it’s really so much of the evidence of course of a

Couple of min of hours of but it’s worth it


Rejoice in the face of a god and you show me how it was on you know on the shallow end

Of Israel as I will

Want to Live By having you

Will you want to seventy seven Sen

For you in seven twenty seven one two three zero Saudis I have on history there’s I think they were in front screaming and harassing or complete it

Haven’t you

Been seven three seven zero it’s like this even is the upsurge in the very name Rochelle you know light skin female under forty black here has a history of this whole thing Archigram in the past and there’s the fat because our complaint it asked her to stop harassing


Once and they thought and rejection trying to supervisor out what someone who appears to be acting out of the

They’re asking for you guys by for a welfare check they don’t seem to think he needs medical

Was obvious once again also when it was a joke John Kerry from one scene out of some thirty sums all resulting from his address for the thanks of one some sort of united six seven Kent and Grill two six one zero so easy to both medical and not like

Me once and for how

Many for me

Let’s just say I’m going to go with X.

The five hundred from six hundred nine on that

Washington Adam zebra three zero one seven thousand five

Hundred eighty four sixty of the sun ID for sixty S help me out in my car for a few minutes seven thirty four hop you want to reach you and I this and I’m very very

Sad and he said Oh honey that is having dropped me back I thought I had forty five minutes in Iraq then forty five

Forty five master you want to bring us up a let me Christ was like a call back of the previous incident and OK didn’t even order Bible three three zero nine six four eight three OK

There were very very few seventy five Mary two seventy one false sense of that and funny

Six for seven but even six high seven and six she lay eight two to five ne billion st a former tenant of the battle of Haitian estate in complaining and refusing to leave that’s been on the scene

Lives uncovered dreams for me on the right also Geo on sixty eight you can use any copy

Just going for information

Then female thirty eight years old ally hoodie losing her MS their kid herself in a room in the House is walking around with a male complaining isn’t attention is for him it’s about twenty three you have a color and you know people were in the house

He was in one thousand

And six or seven they’re saying the female has a taser that she doesn’t explain is very often with the for locking herself in the room she’s forty eight are these folks being reasonable it sounds like they are OK have them leave the house with working around six or seven to something is going outside now to wait for us if I want to thank

You in five to eight St John safely three three zero up north I’ve been hosting in the parking lot there the

Delivery guy there to make a delivery in a subject just pounding on the side of his truck with a stick and things of possible mental health

Arriving there’s evidence of blackmail thirty’s camel hats are sure holding a stick fight it is you can’t recover to a deferment of when I’m arriving

When he was through and through zation if like Russell is to Russell through to the side bar and grill or if you’re already on the wanted before it was

If you want

Popeyes your

Social temperature

Something for us was forty three

I think of for one twenty three if I judge others

Here we are starting to injury I don’t play I don’t know six four six three nine start between two and three at one twenty four five to eight I’m with him to one twenty four versus over

Five to seven dollars

Well good of him already

I think for the fact

That if

There’s a dark dirty white

Stuff here we’re

Having mom says it and once we find him now I’m very wary of not a week ago

He went to the comm office when no

Grantees exams are heading towards out of eighty two and it is now


To four I’m fairly close to all the don’t know what it’s like four wives were very entered the Make a little parking lot on the north side of the building like their loading area and they used a ladder or something to crawl on top of

And then through the back office window

Of it if you know as well as you arrive the guys might be on the rush they dump a lot of stuff on the roads are building

Seventy three correctly it’s going to be Washington six seven to Georgia to Lincoln one hundred ten Thank you so much you know if you’re going to

Get into a forgive me let me see

You and I seven the shots in the area forty five or six twelve from around eighty five the whole game in a car taking up on the Russian media westbound OK I got the ten twenty three

And everything why so serious request them but you probably agree that they were going for you no more crowing going if I City copy

Now another color seen eight zero in rain and for six to seven shots

We’re going to go second to that as Rooney said that there were like two Bronco type cars that were racing north county you after the shots were fired so you may Northam he’s a

If you would you guys reason North Melanie you know it’s an eight or nine tons of and they didn’t even raise your waist and walking out of are you there with you for your thought process nearing are we involved we don’t have any descriptions of discipline if you don’t quite know what we know the reason we’re going to think I want to

Really eat for someone or something isn’t mean you know the return is drunk generally the parking garage here in are small silver using its partial organ playing reindeer all three three six and if there were fireworks going from the greener cars right major injury to

Pregnant right one live tonight

One thirty one of the pleasures of hers are complete harmony yes no have

You ever brought your life in for a one on

One very long temp if you want that he said it right

There wall is a real sewer is a sort of the margins yes I three

Six zero zero five four swerving ones or reaches right over

Those are the right one five everything

Has a very basic sixty eight Start from Wayne

Garvie John Thomas of here will have a heavy

Hitters full of place to place it right we’re going north bend over for a crack having I found parts now from Mark Foley

One thirty three Cecilia her horse

Is necessarily asking for South Park he as you perceive

Her here

For surgery Eric and it hurt

Her people her very want her figured out

I’m a hardcore needed and thank you seven in the heat and that is that I’m talking from this one worker that we’ll go back to regular traffic looks like by three is writing in all other cars there there is this back to radio I think that when there is

Someone section is like going to invade the ones that are still in me at one thirty five

One two three

One forty five because of the good ones over a vote or this or that we’re all probably there in committee seconds if I was I’m driving the

Broadway or

John out of voice but when he only got one there he said two new ones that were in the night and I want you to think forty seven I have a different one for you but he was eighty three six checking the guy in the parking lot twelve hundred self-less means he’s giving out looking in the cars

Twenties dark brown deer or a teacher black flat has lights on

High ridges for no

Aleko in one pic but on thirty seven

I think over in clear he said these are six seven eight

When they’re

Sent over the ten foot


I wouldn’t want any eight six six

And five five nine any different you for cover going to Milan apartment one zero five Ne not known as a unit to one chill male versus female fighting yelling a lot or sign means to happen for about forty five minutes

Then I go one forty but another five and I have just there’s no we can’t get into apartment one

Of course you have love them enough to come down that are just

Going to let them in five or five three

Three two six

And hungry highway of a half mile

Sorry Microsoft another kind of research on how slow one for a condition for a minute let me take what they gave me I was on an octave higher than the one to four zero Charlie nor I think they’re going to be at ninety two home the one you’re talking heavy

Nine four zero one two over one fifteen and Gleason like first on country one hundred

One forty four it’s a


To try to call back to have the complaining I’m down but there’s no answer once or twice now

For six they took to

It is but since I’m not

In one frame well or something or the first of

One three there’s a lot of doggone is there you know most of Danny Jewel is every sixty five movies that are out there you don’t argue

Over eight three seven Quillan really three say the three three three apartments three three three

Six zero six I’ve been a trending trend is laying on the ground in his apartment refusing to leave not being violent divot says he’s acting wrong but no one’s been drinking tonight so he’s not sure if the problem is going very good if he’s a first him or if it’s

Six of the five a guy has some of the couple ones well north of Mark’s

The one twelve in our state I said and you go for your SAP device ever before thank you as you are so excited are no less excited something I was six hundred I wanted to say

A series of

Six If they go hand your number

Tsunamis have

I got the ring

For seven o’clock or six I mean the full you

Have any words it’s a minute please for every back if you think coffee going on a mission to have talk over eyes if you say from there one has you for it reason female white male push an inflexible

With us will shorts on holding a large

But we do have a phone number for another anonymous neighbor we’re fighting the good right now it was security don’t let it down for any one of the session one for a voice three seven zero it’s awful Britney dry checking our complainants beyond saying who’s been in contact with him saying she’s feeling suicidal

For the same thing couple of days ago D.V.D. but it is not a one fifty five

Thank you

Jackie three

Copy for you or more since he said but I know now that you innocently couple guys look into the heart with a flashlight trying to get into a green mercury or six to one so if you speak for

Certain a coffee what would

Be a route to good sense do it have a copy or thirty seven or six nine eight zero

Want to be seven

Very few foreigners have

A car that’s now on four especially in kitchen very tight as of here it’s really hard to get probably our T.V.

In Europe we are usually is usually in Whitely or pushing a bicycle basketball shorts and holding a large axe

Or be talking to God It’s not like he’s one of us once or

A force extra

Back on call also

Having seizures as well

So there’s a monk report and we know you’re there that’s number one fifteen hundred traffic one three organ age or a few Giorgio frames Hogans out of nine

Finally reached twenty two cents in the nightly So one

Day we’re speaking of but only six and they need Frank on Iraq so we are going to

Thank you Jim Wright from NY City what’s it doing division you know black grey sure black shorts standing in the billiard sections or the soccer balls asking folks


Copy what your jewelry show three hundred rated ones are each other

Reason agers are doing so they linger with

This a little we are no longer on the line and I don’t see an adjective six five ninety

Six just occupy Dickel at the Home Depot airport where some people F.O.H. elate six five nine before that because our children

Are going to have

A black and a van organ plate eight having Hillary Tom Tom Charlie right

When you first inquired more

I want to play for

My six seven the color card back in this case no West on the vision from one six two selfhood street for them got me there and I just read it

But the emergency I want to drill sharking if you are just working twenty six you know and the bigger construction is one four three zero Northwest releases they have a video of the self-less quarter or some of the Lowther the one supposed to be yours they’re operating as of the sheen very two fifteen as others

Actually disregarding three seven caramel

Driven extras and they are five minutes on the seventy three infinity concluded who if I may you can put me on the fourteen and we call you fry for a few if any further intervention instruction we’re going to

Have a setting you know as we call it it’s a one of many

Construction murder very fine nothing that have any basis because you will is a medical necessity seven as you are Jewish Community Church three and four was going through a famine group getting high grades Robert because

Of all Roger seventy nine zero a few medicines to do medicine treating you to return as you please so I’m back to eighty one both like a rabbit as your double talk do you get a cold one always off my face of itself I’m fine I need to go to the hole in the Broadway hall or says that you know that’s a lot of wallet that’s the kind that you say that and police will handle the shield well because I get to watch for them

So I’m going to go shooting I was was really for her like a minute almost Janet arrived just like no way

They want to have an injury to

Live on a process

Itself and five to seven going to the seven eleven at six eight four they are not says it in twenty seven Adam probably heard his level of credit with her going to a mobile home park at about one thirty five and how on the south side of the plate is zero seven five David Norfolk one five five House also marked you twenty eight twenty six for murder turn able to get any information on the patient there were only that or

Doesn’t require if I was just on a form

Eight hundred seventy one

They’ve had an article in each to think I might have

Six or seven thank you

Waiting in the job again

He didn’t and

I think that’s right he’s going to be one of my seventy six by Senator Jim

Clyburn is going to get our Ok thanks in seventy five economic not for showing

Progress we still we sure requested a moment County sheriff OK

She would have been in county to get them OK OK All right three seven

Three one three six going with not have any hair with the Sentry Tower one two zero one South West twelfth Avenue in the on the Senate building

Reduce the future safety of this river to thirty six The most we will use are to

Do thirty

Six eight is

For you and six a five when I interview Sacramento number twenty it will be the apartment directly below that one possibly number eighteen here in a male breaking glass and yelling

I can’t see what it looks like her only

Looks if they are ninety five and

At two thirty one

Five six three four and are these three do you place

Missy in on Andrew whilst for twelve ninety seven he has Asperger’s caller says that he yells an issue with common sense and directions I last heard from around midnight they think he got on the seventy two votes and got lost isn’t answering his phone not a dangerous cell for others last told the caller he might be a Trinity goes around

Eighty two and three more and he’s going to be a white guy five e one seventy five blue backpack dark T. shirt and black pants might have been drinking six hundred five when we took him that he talks earlier

Of the six or seven you want to give a caller a call and let him know her six I mean we can take her at her search I thought an

Opportunity six hours of industry are

Security sex and I hope you get the servants was right Mary and by the nines with me are going to tell you or you can clear the other things or six eight six eight it

Very competent

To make everything at three thirty four and


The middle or

The one and seventy

Eight seventy

Six seven and good

The problem going to be apartment twenty three there we were thought into the yeah she called it and I’m just going to do fact one out of the one you’re on

Five ninety you hold gave digitals used six others just in

WASHINGTON for them well you know seven to two million it’s dreams in the three of sandy areas

And usually clear for the last like down same location

Six seven six five eight you know it’s like the census which voice on the somebody goes

To five seven hundred Mark Zandi sixteen I’m almost there got a six five seven history art kind of the one at two forty one


Thank you I mean all there and think they will do what you want five

Whatever five to seven yeah for you and five six a northbound I five bridges southbound via language I’m as a guy standing in traffic in the last line white male forty’s no better hurry for me to her vocal for her motel six I’m sure are

Hard to

Go if you’re going

To make me give way or the other woman with

US once excuse for a night

Six seven eight

Hand tree one seven one time I think someone six

Suspects probably walk into the parking lot you know black church shorts and an acknowledgement reply in red T. shirt

I thanked her from life for me in Portsmouth just twenty three minutes you for listening so your boxers got your head off my current

Think about it and I will cover and I’m sorry well for six on a happy I think and I

Say this over her but isn’t that these two forty nine princes exulted Dr message trying to force on for a better system two for a copy thank you they think we’re going clear I’m dense and I’m

Sick sure any American are good one

From a cracked out of London one six one one on the center line

That you three six you think he’s just a fisherman if we were very different How did you create all we all wanted to do how do we not use traffic

Or to be out with Mitsubishi organ played three for free

If you were to be George Van queen and were asked we’re going to be

Sure and just easily

Foster Yes I too if I do to her and I think we’re free to city for three days I’ll be on serves us but I think

I’m doing something by three going I think I felt the Marine Drive your caller says that the there’s a pedestrian and a commuter only

To fifty five but a street bank says this but I think he is leaning on the ground waving a blanket you know vehicle senior levels of

The through All-Stars was

Just as he said the referees on seventy seven seventy seven the seven eleven to five year five

Percent of the store eating and drinking food without

For just like you might be drunk or high right now thirty six weeks rather short very

Funny guy

And he threw for

One of your Horgan I just

Ran to sex and use it for that caller who was using that call and I forty seven was on that request from the sheriff’s

I believe that’s the single you forget she’s going to go back to the original call of Asia if you go back over there and

Show make a report with him she said over there right now OK

Time for Joan Crawford just

Very George Jr direct view

Of actually fly down front of in a twenty two individuals want to change it isn’t three o’clock Central time fifty five with

The three zero in Alberta somewhere you know how often during a male screaming I think of them of a governor things of yelling

You Cory

If you

Never mention who will be on her

Railroad did you

Write them from the way you know that women are going to heaven will be out within thirty nine in Germany was a teenager and having

CARLSON tech one

Three seven three four

Seven three four she should be out having Clark County Sheriff’s Office northbound I five exit fourteen traffic stop I’m missing twenty four year old girlfriend Paula Crighton she left a few hours ago after a fight me that’s just the south and the color storms

If you ever saw one you know really conscious and breathing or volunteering for her hospital for medical

Very And yes Richard McGarvie you think

Garfield and you’re no running and you’re

Running your company

The conflicts of interest through a five year old you Henry Willie X. ray one thousand invented I mean you know the very first look of the five and they’re going to you know be able to tell me you know what you’re

Thirty one hundred

One for I don’t I’m sorry one point

So that’s one thousand and Hartley hundred black two Merrill here part sitting in the shadows of the light time I was driving around the neighborhood slowly just once and checked out the juice and recent car crowds in the area they were suspicious

Of Us three thirteen

Three seven three four twenty three four every three fourteen

I mean we’ve heard every thank you very much

Thank you

One to Frank and Frank like involving a feeling by the way if you like the three fifty three seven three hundred seventy three Think through to whom you’re

Working with joking

It’s virtually

Nothing but I think we’re just

Doing foster the Jackson question and I

Think it and more Doris readers want you Foster’s region to three very five one of the North is going to be four color thing there where no I am Scruff about twenty to go now hearing creaking noise as from outside it’s like there was another nearly identical car the twenty fourth or nothing was found by officers having

Seven six eight is really

What I mean I have a very five nine nine so if a caller reporting it north on I five or in private if a guy thing in the middle freeway

A flash or a wife I fix up our hair with clothing waving of we’re sure every

So do not include a

Thirty one thousand and three twenty one through

GA nobody here is

Doing Sandy

Many impressed

By ninety five my

First two callers but of my three zero seven under an all or nothing real

Time great going to court only one three hundred eighty and it got me to join us live now it

Looks fine I’m dealing with some sort of servant after all is a

Problem if you want another character I will advise

Tory he’s on the island of the M one nine hundred eighty seven thirty three twenty four seven economy out fact etc and

Sign and we’re going to be out some of the agents real sixty

Three and six

Then three to six

If you want to join just six for a click over

For it was right so far there are three twenty twenty states in a form that’s

What’s now not about one only thing I know but it read Paul Jaffe

Pontiac G six

Three thirty one this is a sensible

This is an

Overdose of the social movement of the

Material I don’t know you know you can see made sense of a Memphis three three four to a five a tragic

Nine Insan you want to know for a rare

Pontiac Grand Prix

Sandy three to four inches before three thirty five days or just

In a thirty seven seventy one zero one one second gone with medical mail assault is leading from having conscious devices such as a primary and you can vary three seven they’re going all the sudden and if you’re much of a market

For so many people around that vision

It’s resort with a

Bunch of rhetoric

Six or seven my course

Is through you or them

If I serve and there’s also for he shouldn’t though he’s now car just intoxicated

Having no cell section medical still

There if you’re going to write a decision he invites Americans of Jordan

He’s the governor

Five or six very very very infrequent

Homes in my view if you’re not measuring a number thirty two out front of an armed guy throwing stuff in a college how is what now I mean I’m wearing all black and


Form her and her

Mind to think I have one thing here inherently a weapon no way to involve more people in sixteen sandy street for

All it isn’t giving them if they have ended eighty seventy cover All right thank you

Does anyone tell me was that the place that was working six for it for the boy plucking a really Viking The first one working for

Better or securing it out of your peers rather

Recent or over centuries and it

Wants a current anything even

When six one three one six one attack on

Information are three stunning scenery part of a standing in the courtesy and not tell one one three G. four marquee scene the three for the signs that one thousand and six seven

And six for e crazy motel one one three two for NE see any M.L. stand in front of along the way over from training three go thirty six want to

See young suspect is

So six of black female twenty is red shirt black shorts nice donor answer in front six

Start this way until I get more other information North responding to report of the standing of the courtesy and one one three in handy three thirty seven is great blue jeans No I haven’t seen on him but you know and I was still there

How do you

Mean right now

We would be thinking of them pull the NIA force examiner Atlas data says the building under construction some of the cars tossed on one of the flight are forty and seventy three going to show you know when her hubby to call are just like me down with our narrator

Voyager it is a horse of a primitive And I think for a blue Buick with a washing place it’s one to join Sandy just took off a parking lot

Zuby you agree with Washington plates once you do you move beyond the mic and

It’ll change and I work on it or we’re going to and he’s Do you want my car stuck to me yeah there’s one of

My Hello

There when I

Say for the hood for air it

Is if

You know something

Else attest to that say

The library

Six hundred nine negativity I don’t understand six words transmission

For a blue Buick with Washington plate going for even if you see the direction direction of left things you can or North break and traffic with your car one hundred sixteen Sandy washing play out of Mary Cheney for two zero three turns to be just south of Sandy you can cover one five six off the family one five one commuter


Like the black female

Yeah copy that they pulled over being applying for the black you know passengers and I thought it was hanging out

Six hundred is there are six of the suspects will see a black female in a red shirt they just were poking around


Really Big Orange given some of her duty you having

Earned you seven this you know

Being actually on the corner of

Five and Dave is on the north east corner Roger was just more than working

To get the National Zoo maybe on the ship straight so there’s an interest in helping fanaticism four six seven zero plus Davis to be accurate

Clearing the last ship you’re going you’re

A rescue in your view close off he’s down Sandia one hundred falsely after you know someone some of the you could be the street address I just don’t think they’re remodelling them putting in numbers of their own to fit overcover them into one perfect and perfect five hundred

And just the one for the formation hauling for a moment one caller her to three shots from

Securing the answering one thousand or seventy six three minutes you’re out of

There tonight and every THREE think you’d use it to our crime scene it happened as a courtesy so even if you wanted to join us for a fight going to make your way up there

I think the school picking program will be really the perfect recovery action a great older vase bigger Charlie Charlie six to eight you Washington information three fifty six

This is a very


He hardly ever heard stuff

They say Oh you are involved whoa they hurl that they’ve they’ve evolved it high if you don’t have the whole thing from the idea of a little bit of an educated

Ninety seven you go far to stop or go for it if you have four other

Doesn’t cover going to I mean I want what you think you don’t get you just state your

Most of


Yes this is a problem Development Commission building they have an alarm or do we have any involvement you just know alarms are meant for

Birds you contact the residence

Okoya was a member of

A faulty American County

Health Research healthy are you clear that Congress

Should uniquely

Support him and I’m going to throw a

Few at ninety seven of you know for SE Cesar Chavez apartment when I am known my overall going to the caller’s House or the window he’s a garret walk he’s still in a house in the living room not mean violent white guy forty’s gray jacket round town now I haven’t got a row million Jews Mormons

And I wanted Evidently this guy lived with this color until earlier today and he kicked him out

For sounding Thanks sixty three for my survey grads John Robert James five six six second

Five blocks north of please eight soon are fairly some at fourteen

If you have a seventy four if you eat sponsible counted green oldies station wagon everything

That’s very good of you guys made contact in five a month oh yeah yes it was just had a caller called I think I’ve got him a walkway out

Of the apple into the Hasn’t been for his after you know he’s an

OK he’s of they are magic you know the brain is guys you beer about thirty minutes

Only for yourself and you know I’m not quite sure if we’d be able to for this giant toward say giving

I’m six

Months from free and I six a once external start there’s a guy I find soccer and dancing on it all the intersection black eyed twenty’s round shirt blue pants of red stripes and has a red white soccer ball

Effort and if I went through a journey I would notice there isn’t a you about and I’m thinking God wants it to impound my incidents on

That for twenty six

Unfortunately can you put in another one seven Georgie Willie dude please now that light

Eyes are seven arrive and I first set on fire on a two thousand and five Acura registered to a wry am puker a six one already trying to do a few weeks very for well no money and sixteen

Well no man won six out for twenty

Three John Joe you know with another as you do

And I greeted each of them how are you so

Six five

Six seven that’s a very dark rose mobile home park running for the Senate number three of

My overseas enough of a fighting driver you want for unsafe insanity

That was exactly this or and I think I’ve been for it were about forty bald I’m not quoting a white female forty speech or we’ve seen every one six nine there was even one sixty one sixty second chance that stuff less down than the guy who was assaulted he’s bleeding from the face asking for medical Also you’ll be looking for a white guy black jacket blue jeans

Now have any suspect information help us all this was as it was thirty three six and it’s very

Like you know much the myth that they heard gunshots around once a teen in front

Of in room one fifteen impressed

There were nineteen arrived

In one thousand around for that entire time if you so then turn to think yet in your youth and you know what I’m already there are signs of a book


Highway thirty a colonel you passed this is from a lefty there’s a theory that was hit by a car still alive

And shoulder I think six I was verifying it was the car was from thirty five and it was one west of it and I think it was a fake

But when Secretary

Or the

Perp rose above all

One hundred fifty of coffee

I don’t think five I’m the power of number thirty seven and I’m thinking for

Traffic you variate I’ll be on with another as

I just found or forty four and six I will be called the number thirty six number thirty five three nobody answers that that answer is just for a nine to five job and three ninety five

You know Washington Play How to Marry

A forty two euro

Ninety six Univision thank you vision for forty five we landed just north of happy just north of vision nine seven seven Oval Office or at four forty six three if you’re going to go to

The eight jump out of one seventy

Or forty seven you know just for a minute don’t hold your composure sentences are so


Where you show me and contacting the resident three seven four seven Saudis all are American Idol for a

Threesome for seven so he’s always asking her for her metaphorically her job and I think surge one six eight

One five eight seven eleven one six Don’t start have an employee holding a subject down I’m not sure why they might have been trying to steal that there’s a black guy Gray long a teacher black pants no weapons

For an interview three four forty one six AM I think we clear we are talking to the employee now he was breaking up a fight me separate and are both whacking away you can feel very

Funny as a person can forty five hundred or three eights if you want to you know I dream forty seven things or you’re in some way making trouble he warns of cigarettes

And force it and say I’m going to you know if I survive this vision and your idea of

Division and right and so forth and

They do use of

The unity five seven of the women’s warming shelter forty five northwest region you know if I could result on the night she’s gone and I



Bus that was obviously

Anyone with a back seven for seven I never even

Shooting on any one easy ID

Of the color with this person this is second hand from a coworker the female seen as Abigail Kaufman’s wife you know thirty two black and white striped dress

I’m here for you outside of

So for

Over one course England’s realm of wealth and jewels some versions and everything I want

For five great

Thank you if money famous three

Or five three thirty four or five to go ahead

On to a five star

Edward your dark seventy three series you’re able to move as well

And they’re just down the street

But it does expose X. but I’m five minutes we run point seven zero six Frank Forrester

We are current and I five job believe it or risen to Helen’s doubling us of it Division I hazard cold and he’s down some to the children

Still going on a left shoulder or sitting on a jury and it’s been it goes in for judge

For five to eight five eleven Davey on the set of where of a robbery in the last couple hours or even yesterday that involved

Person with a hanging and lacking in that forging me off on the side of you which about a robbery that might have lost the hours were yesterday or the like mailers you know all black am going

For five to eight was that he was asking for her

Hard Candy

Happy and I think central going forty five when she’s ninety five they going to that our apartments teach you why ne once excuse is going to be in unit one once and then a college roommate threatening than trying to

Our color out of both is

From the US embassy

Oh that it sees the statue but at this special but you have any want to go left by four at six zero four eight are broken down on the right side are standing by I want everybody in service for the result of our fifteen minutes hour and a half that you that name right need to go then

I’m going to feminize you mean that you know that one thousand seven hundred you know then

You’re in six weeks it’s ready for six five one five will be summer when it hears a male screaming at a female making some suicide threats against thinking everything the guy was five

For five

Or six For in six if even a caller saying they’re six six and Alberto male holding him all the ground on the disk of his dark jacket the device was rightfully red and they’re walking away northbound force others are internal and get money in it I think for any awfulness of looking for a white Ford F one fifty possibly involved in Iraq read about twenty three hundred we had one stolen in north last right about there

All of it you base

Your need for Senate was signed of recent condo’s it twenty North-West fall from the doors

To color to you know hospitalising everything’s wrong he’s healthy and he’s going to die the white male forty’s dirty shirt and dirty pants once you OK resume

Your first paragraph or print

The general subject walked inside into the elevator is a color Olie by the door to let you in

But then one Friday

And one for a start there’s the west of one a warrior is a guy’s in and out of traffic blackmail on the thirty six and two wearing a gray T. in block black on

It’s a very obvious primary one the first one hundred thirty

Four seven three five zero one

Five nine I

Thank you for thank you for North Russell was murder brewing caller says they found a tackle box on the loading dock they think is suspicious

Forty four five that haul

Their writing to me and others

Yeah we I only put you on it once if I’m just checking you because you are so for

Three of your three digital so you occurred to me it one seven of a good thing we were a lot of urgent one five a month for a change we drove a seven on seven

Twenty three and we want to bring good morning

After eating when it’s at the far seven three seven

Zero four seven all year and popular ave you

Told two story house in northwest corner ourselves to subjects going in the backyard with advice for the gobby

You’re going to start a small house if you can stand being seen anything

Worth having was pretty annoying for a going to grant you apartments the two zero Sundays one theory unit to run with medical for a female that was assaulted by a male and she’s right now they’re both obvious

When six nine

Having a seizure when that male kind of calling in saying he’s trying to rip their windshield wiper off he’s found trying to invest

With him and we’re with the one who obviously is going to


Reason we talking think the fact that the holy city of Seoul is just a result of forty five where it went out and

It was of my cover can clear for so once of

All right

Thanks I’ll be transferring once and see they think is easy because they’re full of I have sort of three with number


It’s a very large over guy

Going to four

Thousand nine hundred seventy nine

Seven I’ve haven’t going for one six ne one type two individually ever department checking on a daily Leanna Harris seventy four year old black male

Family he has dementia with some wandering in the street a couple days ago you know I mean always Gerry and have hungry hire walks in checked out of paranoia he lives here with the sister Marshallese was a gang member and often has a switchblade or machete a history of violence

Now as I said on the ninety

Six fifty six nights that were

Probably forty one to one to over forty when I went to morning I think preserving Judy morning good morning she was and I think they haven’t got a hold of the

Sister and you know you foreigner the house I’m going to have a longing for number two your color your grief I saw a lot of damage around the

Night that I don’t copy thank you it was you

Thank you sixty seven years of your peers the one seven welfare check that have to eat your mercy C.N.D. back last meal high on my rolling around my mill no sure blue jeans

Very someone something over six hundred

Twenty seven reasons reviewed before three seventy two the

Version playing David McKenzie Union Mary on North Downs your way to twenty four but then I just I have a twenty four there Him side that’s

Six very well for object four nine zero six one hundred ave making house components as a guy yelling and hitting him self disrobing in the yard newness last twenty minutes by a guy thirty medium build new shirt pants that he’s taking off from there isn’t Broadway the forty fourth but here I think we can take definition John Howell Foster in front of our King There’s a guy going for a virgin even even parked in the bus still has a when you’re busted out right now in the city’s gray hoodie black pants black

Route they got me sixty three sixty three I’m now on adjusted hours of the guy’s primary from once again as are many many

Everything thanks very easy well with morning til the morning to cure for

What’s going on but once out on Markham bridge mid-span car stalled partially blocking the left lane this one for the

Well till one just got a report of another tree accident south about I two or five just north of my office twenty four just a slew So three three cars involved Thank you very generous seven thirty N.B.A.

Is Worse Than

Green Frank on this one are very

Sensitive and

Roger six three hundred

Thirty whole event and I think for

If I fully quit so full force it is there’s a reason

Here it’s a living thank you note is exerting a reason to review Charlie

Review Charlie is exerting then he’s there and you have a mark on that twenty eight funny doing city special thing for the factories where mail carrier can clear it for three

Weeks or even one of a few feelings I’m still on that if you want to fix ready for three need to preempt you

Going about our eating honey online ne one thing Security is out with the transit on the south side and usually getting virtually aggressive and skinny presently but nearly thirty S. black leather jacket white shirt

And versatile printed

Six forty eight or so and I’m an area and there is six regions

That are six hundred ave three minister talking to us a guy on the side yard there who was

Half naked and lying on the ground magicked I was five when he going to run up

Then around three forty three seven three two you trying any if there if we’re not been through five and false or us are happy but it’s worth

Three point six

Hours or forty

Percentage or of the same time one in fifty four ninety then any failure the surgeons were good six twenty and if we need to actually build you

I’m going to force a number

Like that six we’re not going to we’re also carrot juice will cause you don’t even

Have an edge of the six

And for three apparently he left the college plans on tax regarding trust and percent any leverage over the course room Johnny six forty

Four dory there are Gauri morning six thirty min


Bye for he six of us fifteen forty new Aguiar

And I have four they’re having been requesting medical for south part of the Markham bridge rollouts lane white female twenty to thirty complaining of neck and back thank

You doing these others well yes

Morning away from you you said he was waiting at their inclusion first

Visit soon as it was us when we told me of the wait there to make contact and hung up on us

Six this evening they are on the side have contacts of the person and Joseph Ciampi born in eighty one yesterday possibly associated with the two thousand working to Iraq for asking if anyone had contact with the Joseph Johns he wanted eighty one years or six of to play N.S.A. to have contact with the Joseph

Di born in eighty one and his vehicle that two thousand and fourteen usually had about four five George Johns on except for one for every ten eleven for one for say good morning to you George although you were on with us you have a George there’s no particles holding out for is just campers under the bridge

Of an on Charles level and say one hundred one six one

Hundred forty three coming or


For a wonder what it meant for going to have a separate incident two or three Dylan’s years of one hundred seven I want dresses eleven to one that

Seven George we saw what I want to have a source of money when I consider seven a one one five a take one


JEKKA non-injury accident blocking M.L.K. and going

So on we were going through grief right now going through

What I’m free day with and we don’t simply want to

Have you know in five to eight sorry I’m sorry for this and I’m writing up call seventy seven north to Keiter yelling in the background on the phone disconnected

So if they

Want to turn over the party I want to see the morning at seven o five ninety five and I do

You say you know them again grand That’s right granted while you are

Fighting one of the calls

For him and then from there are some of.

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