Portland – May 2, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

Then he will have to say it was once it still feels good to have the young ones it’s wonderfully by Albertsons four five one of these one eight one on the sidewalk on her mini first side there is a female approaching people in the parking lot and talking to herself a white female in her forty’s black shirt and likings very probably most of it was a fun twenty seven.

Twenty six Dirty Sexy Money there.


Only two three six were to me sixty three sixty five five one they’re now going back into the Wal-Mart female trying to get away from the male.

It’s one of the five only one of these eleven the morning.

Finally when the morning i Phone six months doing well enough and for a phone call I hadn’t run that occurred Friday at love.

Eight thirty three six two three six six It is six shows that one for six to seven easy for Incident one for sixty seven eastern side if there are doubt it is worth five try for nice.

Fresh out of our I mean rock to this address just got a flag for three hundred response can I get a cold one however I should be that are violent and fifteen the next.

Sure thing that if you search for three four one zero one four three ave number seven.

And also Sergeant copy that as well it says it’s like the car response to location and I sergeant the subject resides at this address aggressive towards police and cooperate and as believe the carry a firearm or if you know of their lives there that’s because we play them that they have that as a five choice for all we have all moved out regime a regime where we just got of verified by you know along the leisure so we’ll try one more time.

Maybe moved out in a moment ago I sure was part of that and I visited.

The set sounds like a burglary.

Get a couple calls on the one addresses two one one a cell these one seventy four we have an open line here male and female screaming in front and then we have another call says I’m a male broke into a house at this intersection of one seventy four division and now assaulting the homeowner.

One of those that live from one zero to Sacramento County and I don’t want to cover I don’t want to hold in seventy want to second car to go with us.

OK And I want to show that if you can afford to.

Get in for it if they didn’t so we have someone on the line there actually given an address of two one two zero some of these one some four plants hiding in the back room and says her sister her little sister is in the house somewhere I don’t know how her complaint it is the said a male and two three males barged in the door and is sitting in the homeowner so I don’t know if that’s a parent or one of a little bit better I mean.


Have a one five one form one three one one six one each is asking for a little bit help of a disturbance two one one eight SE one seven for our Carlos as you heard a male and a female screaming I guess they were out in front of a looks like somebody broke into the house and was assaulting possibly assaulting the homeowner he says and Rob was there a long way off one cover.

When the water.

Was if you have any and once when he’s in the clear covered.

And for what is known once I’ve won.

The rest of the story is that a male and female barged into the door hitting the homeowner are colors hiding in the back or.

Room and there is another sister in the house I’m over not sure of anybody’s ages but we’re trying to find out.

What’s already OK one hundred three one hundred twenty six everything you and five wins will once have I think you in for the easiness en route trying to find out from the health of her how old her complaint is that she’s hiding under the bed in the back room no longer answer in questions and hung up.

Just got an update saying that she sounded young maybe in her teens visiting the homeowner when three people came in the house and started beating on the male homeowner she ran to the bedroom for no better another where her little sister is in the house as well and once again for the Gresham units and route the address that was given to us is two one two zero se one seven four.

Night for one unclear if you’ve been in that call several in about one hundred.

One sixty five Iraq you could target.

Her who are going to.

Do that to callers and never called anyone give us that address that I don’t see if you want to get on the block the little girl or the child teenager gave us two one two zero which looks to be good by them good morning you.

Down for units around the advise and sixty was five down on counting at once if you suspect easily.

You know for a.


Going in for a safe investment if someone has ever known come through this in a broom closet haulers as a virtual troll.


You want it they want it what you need to service it or sells it for eight to seven thousand lives because industry twenty five year olds you know writing things as they are over four days is out of sync for zero one Eastburn site.

ST The tri Max apartment apartment to seventeen checking on and he was born or maybe even were born in eighty three years it was his mom and sister and the sister called our caller who is grandma the grandson this is a from Ickes and not taking as many as a lot of screaming going on OK.

Thanks one of a kind of please recover fully or to of if you think I married twenty four farmers you’ve already become a river at going or creek both of boat works are colors and employee.

West along the bank there is salable the site of some trees that varies with Sale foot still it was one mass this place is usually Rocky that because the water is so high the vote is floating our collars worried that when the water recedes the vote will be left on the rocks he said he tried not to and there are no one answered anything to transients lives on the boat very few of our economy and I’m aware of the situation the caller John version of.

Kevin Flanagan.

Where you can see the Senate vote OK sixty forty six more to me sixty six got his it’s even nicer or nine zero and there was you wrote you and your old and we very good we really Victor is Ramiro as well as OK coming out of central.

And the Hazaras or south and I.

At five axes right lanes there’s a militia.

To Door its current register to their in Strawn he comes back later suspend the you need any of that information and not find in region.

And that’s good news and that’s the whole thing just as if it.

I mean that as any of us have a free one in seven eleven a disservice southeast London Clinton just five ago as a subject actually rode up on a bike but they said it really it leaves and I thought our caller from a distance but he waved his night from his vehicle and he got that on by the transience he rode off north on the back bike trail right now thirty is green in days jacket wearing a helmet.

I think.

That a lot of.

These are mission ne the the seven about five of the collars Luckily will take place from the corner and put him in a two door greeter blacks waited.

Zero three zero Henry gave it out I thought maybe they were silly of It wasn’t sure if formation I know from a strictly favor not that I have often the cattle.

Spreading reckless and for having a great part Ranger record or give to buy or fragrant Victor and I want is there are thirty one seventeen can elicit incidents three nine five two is another and some players from those over what apartment full.

Of it’s no longer Euless one forty one heavy object and no.

Informational myself these are Robin landfall Valley Road in South Downs or go beat of your car they reversed or Adams or other nine speeding and passing out information for six two three six degrees X..

Eighty forty three copies.

Is zero for six se Agger of A And cent of are done and of and some of your on some of the.

Color required contact by phone who are not there anymore.

That have taken her seven out of her will be doing that if I was essentially the same.

Deliver hard.

Enough of a cause are not going to.

Hurt her there are one.

Of her hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry.

Hurry that’s half or quarter.

The numbers on that addresses that.

There are her or her or her or her.

OK I’m not funny one cabin one two one or your similar I think using will.

Basically when I want an ID or yes thank you for the welter and update one six one one six two can you guys go that way Donald and check transit camp.

And also call holding an East freezing have a suspicious object better humans I need to talk to police I mean at the salon that’s going to corner to location is threatening or accusing him of making a thirty three Baker or make another if you break your threat towards them satellite is if you were.

Ever to give me money for one I just cleared Is there some reason for me being that I just got a call at one sixty two and a vision college that he or she was hit by her boyfriend who is leaving now north and once it’s two in a red and black bicycle the name of Dahmer in the line disconnected we’re trying to Colorado right now you know they have just down the street have it at nine forty actually never just here and then four to one fifty in Brazil.

But it is a mercy.

And I want one I want to have a common.

Teller of the same time then.

We’re closer if you want to.


And then forty do you think it’s right that.

The incentives.

Are worn and their one I’m right you’re the reason for fucking with doctor the fact in the lobby.

That you think you five six one.

Just as you that once if June division gave that reason from Asia and then hung up on which I carved the lot of the whole making.

A lot of it probably that at one years was a friend off northbound a static male Brown sure blue jeans long hair heard the off duty got someplace else or jobbies or about on ninety so.


They were going to go with him to nine one one way north Newman for the first.

I don’t want to force me.

To be the star you know complained of an employee there say there’s a female in the lobby at the desk yelling demanding her money that.

You’re from eighty five and says he’s happy and somebody close that might be able to cover.

Ninety if you can so that was covered that the Pfizer for raising a core sample of her.

Own if I wanted it so ago.

It was written are represent what you know about Williams from Russell.

White New York City and Co are you like Charlie Adam seven seven nine eight zero informationally five working at a little four.

In Asia two hundred twenty north west Kearney in the common area in Iraq areas Well Columbus pull the other says it has a fifty two Johns home all four of them and his are now the.

Five hundred ninety military.

Options the CIA or the.

Jihad have before working at patterns you want to answer for now.

And it’s regional or observer watching for.

Hi Fi from Columbia it’s a black eye the one Mercedes plates yellow John yellow ninety two from originally I fifteen while.

It will project so those are three zone or service but if there’s a white van I’m at the corner it was and you’re accused there’s a propane tank with a tube going into the van service or must be some for.

The mincing drums or that I’m able to go that way for cover for the living know advise I think is history and the is just using that drawer gas.

Number and information that looks like Gresham responding to robbery two seven zero five se Orient drive east Delhi you know weapons are actually scenes as a white male the Leon County dispatch for additional East Delhi to seven or five of these are in drive to though no known weapon the white male said give me the money anyone else that they don’t like older ones are doing something thirty four seventh’s and also John if you can see us for more recalls or if it will do for now you can give your researchers one here OK there’s a.

Plane’s hands if they’re refusing not at all under action on us there was a vehicle at one of the white male twenty’s Smallville black clothing with a hood sunglasses no mention of weapons or not a lot of stuff on the counter I’m assuming one twenty one J. John an en route sixty six the same hundred player when the cards from far off now property of thirty one seventy would have been evidence that way I’d be very.

Sure got first last time this happened he fled to the south and even to get a car we’ve got the same guy.

At last and fuzzed out is not a car waiting wondering to his brother as well we want to thank you that in mind that you’re flying.

So they go into a house rigged I think it’s.

Thirty so you start OK eighteen thirty six.

South the ninety two happy.

To have a car they can start their way one hundred twenty one country around again unity coming from fifty three Mitchell.

For fifty two mental sanity but a lot of nine eleven when is the nickel on a possible overdose you five to one SE six far out in a twenty three year old male are having problems waking up thank you Don then.

If I can reject her and then for chicken to cover nine eleven they are a long ways away but it looks like a the closest of our property essentially a nine to one would she be or forty to be closer to my sis not less she doesn’t want to Jim Burns.

Is in male factor in all times I think one of us.

And I have little.

And if you sense and.

Run into are actually going to be a one hundred twenty four OK a twenty four SE ninety two for one for two.

Point one five one.

Five three one I threw a good bit in one three three six.

Set it off as a priority missing two six four five se want to use either individually number townhomes planet sister who has a mental age of about a nine or twelve year old has been missing since Sunday.

Hold for our friends with today’s own series Arjun’s on Internet and they answer the door you know.

They’re calling it for their twenty year old sister missing she’s been missing since Sunday that has a mental capacity of a.

Not a nine to twelve year old he was tall number one three three four or.


And then it went.

Out at five for one and something for every soul for every five minutes that is when I was going out if I was worth that your pretty or.

Not a lemon or temp or empathy or that a lot of heavy.

And specific information on a suspicious girl holding seven or nane or just north of there there’s a vehicle there’s the new laughs and the neighborhood is now there is a black GNC S.U.V. Henry Queen JOHN one thousand four white male and life in the occupant the mail says of the changing clothing and the female got into the driver’s seat they did four laps and were in and out of different driveways and then about ten minutes while I read baseball hat black Sure and losing and now been.

Running one and anyone is very limited to meet with a victim down the street and if so to me from a person.

I think cover was coming to you Do you want them to go do that.

Just for you OK nine for two and I’m just arriving at the Shell.

Three for self is twelve thousand in their front porch there they have a male has landed in a blue sleep in they then that is a like a little coffee from rather annoyed.

Someone in all kinds of.

Two three six.

Three show us out at one to two nine se and three to place one to one SE three is place and very much one but.

If you call my victim back here and if you walk up to one one three or one under didn’t foresee as are going to well everyone will think.

That we were out we may.

One one three four one says he’s a vision in the back with every.

Other hole have a suspicious call it kind of sounds like an end of one five five five zero Northwest Dillon arose as an eighty though there was a male the south of the or middle of the road to go through a cycle then and created a traffic hazard went northbound on a gold Subaru station wagon for there are two hundred Henry Roger Oregon plates back career driver was white male sixty’s white hair and there’s officer safety one five seven o four north west Dillon Arizona.

And I’m an R.V. That’s right to have a fire fight with officers you are right that simple things are different and if you she says if you can come to the back parking lot work customer spark off of one hundred thirteen sixty one now that is easier than sixty one whew.

We only have your radio program just you know.

And can foresee someone say OK as signs and I think that it’s not the adventure just for one who.

For one two three good morning under this a little of it was a little longer.

And then seven one three one one zero one you just made an overhaul that there is video of a US market for yes or no it was that it went something like computers refreshing that were at five for I think one is the address I gave you recover a stolen property was the case number on earth.

Is one three three four to five so that the.

Truck thank you is it not related to yourself and initiated follow up call I am veto No Actually can you create a new call if they’re kind of tied in the.

We need a new venue Case Number of a you know not a problem not one of the one three three five zero zero you.

Know Me I’m just I’m a coffee shop at five nine four one one six zero five nine four one SE six zero.

One twenty two thousand and.

Thirty one have been Marine One for one nine seventy seven collieries allow and seven seven one four one one these are for the high Lou Safeway and there’s only three on the scene they’re going to stand by they say there’s a kid locked in a car and there’s no evidence of any parents anywhere around we’re going to is only going to.

Force in time for ninety seven twenty six and a lot of eyes of users if I can bowl we have a third grader that ran off campus for.

It one forty five it’ll be heartless will have been a one or this one if I place third grade around off campus Josh Turner Bill mom’s on his way teacher has him in line of sight but he is a runner last seen in Kirke park white male brown hair possibly a green shirt.

And you want anyone to help out with.

Him for six five hole of a.

Poem or let me know if I’m wrong and someone else an animal this but just the center inside there in sweet three to eight there’s a guy with us is due to out of Washington for kidnapping he’s Rahway Ethan eleven hundred ninety there and yet if you’re through twenty three a movie.

Is director twenty three monitoring this I.

Have a unit down at the Justice Center monitoring the.

Moment will have all of them thank you and I mean when we’re sixty one and I went back to Sanford.

And eleven have a somebody close to help out nine eleven and she’s going to be at the coffee shop.

Five nine four one six zero one three one.

Two morsel one one place only two to three and raining Lincolns her answers in a very obvious there’s a.

Hole of a leather jacket.

Is your.

Health I think you need a lot of the property called the eleven been there that property called everything the you know.

That’s very.

Much Rovers if you want.

It until nine fifty to eighty one forty five the student parent and principal are all at one three zero there are these one A one now then for court apartments and they would like contact there.

That very.

Question that Harry only.

Forty one of us he had it one thing to.


One to do six to salvage your motor and then just the seventh one eleven in terms of the one term governor thank you and tonight.

But I’ve some of them so all of these entities I ne Sandy they have advancing in sizes mean erratic refusing to leave white male twenty’s their clothing so it seems as.

If information about five minutes ago had a vehicle crashed into the curb at E.D.S. and Taylor and take off on a direction.

Black Ford Ranger extend Capek F. one hundred six Henry zebra zebra has a now a blown out tires driver a white male with a beanie about six to long blonde hair.

And once again the information on a possible drunk driver reckless driver crashed in the curb it is in Taylor take off in a direction of law for Granger extended chaffed pick up one hundred six and it is the busy.

Couple blown out tires comes back to resurrect a fair view and.

An M one five on one.

Is a priority missing that is going to be phone contact as a mom is not here ninety days of the funding Avenue their first on the West that location it has a founder he has a long history of mental illness paralyzed friend of depression hears voices Stephen CERN survive haven’t seen that you need one mixer Ismail six but they test you on as a business he would be on foot and it looks like he is.

The complaint is not making as an offensive are.

Having one twenty one and I have him on pack one.

Henri black jacket with jeans OK Can you clear that holding area.

For the four of loving them you know Joe and for all of his acts is respect but tell us that private one three SE to eight and three SE to eight and zero two one zero there’s actually under a.

Minute that number.

And if you are forty one forty five where you asked me to call it he’s I’m sorry what’s call it robbery are you having one two and call centers three disregard a zero on the phone on messenger ninety two ninety two going with the M.S. one one seven Ave and Lincoln Street just B.S. female in and out of consciousness she took Hill unclear she did this to harm herself or accidental she was on the street that’s all I have so far.

And a sergeant having a nine eleven reason to have just a bomb OK and I needed to look like they’re in a vehicle they haven’t described it yet they’ve just pulled over here probably And Sergeant Eric I’ll be the hell that one seven and we can.

Information from Waka starker Miller wrote a vehicle over the road swerving place it was a driver was nodding off right here in the Fairview yelling too eager to for one information to us a bit of a five minute computer just fine we decided or.

Good at CERN esearch it monitoring.

This thinking is that possible suicide attempt with bills one one seven Lincoln.

And then a six nines or want to you find me at her place find twenty one twenty one from the.

Center for natural medicine one three three zero So he says are seven and ten and.

They are white females white and build maybe five four or five five wearing gloves have a very horny one kind of woman five after twenty one good morning to night if you can put me on a juvenile transport from your age to know her.

Male juvenile knowledge is seven five four and transporting a male juvenile dating age it will crest at an early in thirty se by the in the back how to area there’s a male down there is not jacked stuff lying around.

On a.

Job and on and on it is there to one degree on.

Three one three one five selflessness all in and so there’s a subject is currently five an old moving northbound his run in traffic throw in stuff blackmailer Hispanic like of these both have green jacket green and Ravi you know and you know the sentence even when you say northbound five for most of them were insisting we just rolled through there means you need for if there.

Isn’t one for how do you think you are in that eight hundred forty nine Go ahead for ninety eight for you show him a place called the Safeway why.

And point to empower police say when you jump on a bicycle and sent me eight at night in a.

While in jail I probably want to want someone who isn’t one of us running world but yes or.

Any plans of building the number three hundred shelters and also list you right and justice for the things you promised Yeah committed such attack on police for surgeon having won a lot of the heat comes back clear no fly zone region from.

There to to zero for.


Vision of a scroll and the same for an involved thirty one seventeen thirty one seventeen.

For transport project I don’t think I have anyone in clear but is there anyone that can clear for transport for a detective who wants everyone becomes available you know that I’m OK I rate as transport all Americans to get out.

There can one twenty one but I want to.

Have a grand jury at about eleven o’clock if they can hold on to that personal transport him down in just a minute for.

Having I think I could on the factional there and hold on to him kill one to get the.

Very ones of you at work and they’re in if you’re sixty five ninety.

Nine You Can we read we have.

All right and we’re ninety if you.

Gave a description of a black car.

Running into something earlier or.

Yeah you can tailor it was the lack Ford Ranger extend chap pick up one six six in receivers the rest.

This isn’t this this is you know what we’re both after exams on seven seven two before us first damage on the X. ray sometimes seven times you got me as a history of taking office and he.

Replaces asking for a female officer project response I think clearing currents registered at two three four zero se one one three one from for example usually Jenkins I agree on her want to have.

To figure it out and they do need some real oh by.

Six five or so Wolf or jacks up oh and I saw five just south of Exit twenty three of white pickup on the left shoulder of flashers on driver’s head up against the window with like the front door.

Isn’t was a fairly good clearing of it ever ever.

So offensively I want to think a lot.

Of those objects are out on foot by the mailbox who might be out with him right now on if it was them by the mill office.

Ninety one ninety one that I can take the holding hold of coal.

But if you got stuck you.

Again side tars that looks like it’s a mental health issue white the military is white shirt.

No weapon.

But if you attach me to sixteen eighty call.

Me and one for far from our friends if you want.

To swim when six seven six different than six devise I got a call set up on a Messina just left Franklin High School I haven’t changed it to send up the pages but a suicidal son left Franklin High School POS a million rounds of the power how transit stations this is not thirty minutes ago that’s a big project in a Stefano advise anyone ever OK thank you but we’re actually going to be Nora you for three having Nora to four three turns right but heavy set we’re going.

To win over that.

Then twenty three five four one if I won there are now westbound under I five on foot of carrying bags.

Three hundred.

Six hundred.

Buses from Washington they heard early Vol zero four six three.


These And I for my office they seem to sort of are the hell had a lot of thought here doing any checks for me so I got ninety I have.

This on I got to go there anyhow thank you very much a six thirty six or.

Zero for Auckland greenery or sixty three six tell us how that one two to five se of Elmont three apartment to a nine plunged into five healthy Belmont zero nine and twenty five eight.

If Mr Atlas everlasting southbound I five from mile post real one it’s a white Ford washing the bully boy.

Or seven I answer originally.

From ational And I’ve ever self a five from that that’s real one that you ain’t right checking in a white for Washington Playboy or not I’m for seven thousand there are thirty six a horrifying accident ridden bird and kill dreams of.

Its employees if that effects of other thing is injuries we have fire us as that way I was five runner you’d have a five when that using your out with them is that right.

Her horse different race so one.

Copy was a mix of the first rather I.


Fifteen any.

Show me today call it North thirty five.

He will the nine thirty three.

Nine thirty three.

Morning in front of our on Unit shows he says that there are nine thirty eight are still long gone I believe he’s going home can you remember systems are the most least.

OK yeah sure them at a meeting for some reason or other this is a six and.

Seven six.

Nothing to be suicidal I am trying to get a hold of it was miscommunication from our side so we will see where the problems and.

You know what.

Happened thank you very much incident I mean when you think so many of Russia do one hundred four Jarrett duplex when it’s a high or forty four guys and water on the roadway and trucking up properties last fifteen minutes who’s laughing on the balcony there I guess and a knock on the door sitting on the porch.

Good luck will fourteen short stocky black and white baseball cap with a.

Senator it’s just one of.

My warm very very I want to give you some of the UN I saw on the call from Clinton out of.

Six two three six words any thanks if you take sensitive.

Ninety one there were major.

Ethics park across from an average of seven seven zero to southeast center we have a text nine in one color tech scene and again to us he’s the same or has the same number as earlier when we went to act as a spark for somebody locked in a bathroom and no one was there now texting us gave the center address and there is a possible hostage situation and they are no longer responding to the tat.

Map being on the nine and one tack was over near Franklin High School Marshall Field Marshall High School says there is one.

One six zero six Hold on one second I’ll explain and I threw in the one who were her her trip approached and I said something that just somebody that and that over to one seven two three three SE will the Father’s will although just him and first the best.

Don Fisher Well yes ma’am show me the other women.

Who want to have a.

Very very earthy.

Yet just seven seven out of town center and as sixteen seventy six we’ve been somebody as a Texan as on nine in the one given us a couple different addresses one with us a park now the center address and if there’s a hostage situation or somebody was talking about them earlier the mapping on our text machine is showing them calling from the area of Franklin High School.

He’s like he’s a let’s listen to that.

If I want to actually.

See what it’s like on the thousand to five in the Elmont.

The monsoon more sense all think of in the right line there.

WILL HAVE BEEN THERE IS A nine and three and then the three rather go for US thirty one seven seven zero two SE hundred three will the president and I have you on or off lawyer are going to get more information.

We’re not going to get any more they’re taxing us so we can tax them back and make them successful.



Simon and center waiting for cover.

As a result over.