eoere Combination Lock Medicine Cabinet

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eoere Combination Lock Medicine Cabinet with Separate Compartments,Locking Prescription Pill Case,Child Proof Storage Box.pdf

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Household Essential Box
fcr-,wmm;ikji, mimmm mum, ff ■£immirmif )i), mmmf, umimmmu,.
This product looks simple and elegant, easy to carry, can be used to
keep all kinds of small items, and with coded lock, there is a certain
extent of privacy and security. It is very suitable for carrying
belongings during traveling or on business trips.
fljM’ft’Zft Function
1- £fi’ni&jvLlK 1- Comprehensive area
2- ( ) ifcME 2- ( Bottled )area
3- Code lock
1. Avoid damaging the product by falling from a height.
2. The initial password is “0000”, please well keep the
password after setting it.
3. For safety considerations, try not to store too
valuable items.
4. Keep the product indoor.
Steps to set the code of the cipher lock
i. mrwwiate&sjjioooo,
The initial code is 0000, and please check pictures below
iitiu “m&nmmmifmAi:,- vi, wd
Switch the lever from Point B to Point A, after confirm about the initial code
s-waaswissmsiss, iousw
Set your own code
4. iaav’ciA’sf WBitl MSlBii Yi
Switch the lever from Point A to Point B, after the code is set
s.ioias-s&^sig, iSieT^mraaKiffiis, xnmrMmm#, vmsmm
/ A
1 3 1 4
Please memorize the code that you set and follow step 2, step 3 and step 4 to set a new code
iasittW: mm failing rmm’m, i-tn’iWMmm
m, A-mm, mmmm wsKfraisiBia
Kind reminder : For the safety purpose, this box does not reserve any position for outer unlock device in its structural design
and is not easy to dismantle after assembly, please pay full attention to each steps of code setting. Especially make sure the
4 digits lock codes set is exactly in parallel line, then put the code set lever back to “B” position, do not forget your set codes
to avoid any inconvenience.
ftWImiffi^Miff:/l iJ;/ Repairing guidelines of Household Essential Box
As below Images, take apart of top cover and body from the joint with your hands.
Hold the box with hands
Screw out the 2 screws of cipher lock, then spUt the cipher lock and frame , and take off the top cover.
m mnmmjimi’m ansi i-mn.
Screw out 2 screws of cipher lock Take apart cipher lock from frame Take off top cover
Decipher, method: make sure 4 grooves be in line, then take off the cover and cipher lock.
Make sure 4
grooves be in line.
Replace a new cipher lock , mount cover and screw in 2 screws.
Take off the cover
and cipher lock.
Check whether joint catch is deformed or not, if deformed, fix deformation , in final, mount top cover.
lErSl„’:24’tif,5iWHl’l’flrat Itfi hi.
Insert joint catches into groove of body precisely.
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This is a good product:
1. The initial code is 0000
2. Set code: Switch lever on the
back of lock from B to A, then
set your new code horizontally,
and then switch the lever from
A to B, done!

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