Cleveland May 14, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

Kitchen Sink six was going quite a while was no response at the door short concrete and rocks kid six

One of them

Three five

From which were of oil foresee for a report seen through the scene the medic forty two took her

Victim to hospital but if you go to get more of

This report her why don’t

I Or are you not OK when they are saying that I want to wait here as I’m a fan of theirs if radio

Shows I won’t for the Rain rain for other work then I think there is not one of my

Physicals OK And we should hear it they will enjoy I want to meet you permit party for

Half of their revenue for

Real if we give a thirty minute but you don’t need an address point for the

Whole forest one of

You has too much background what is it because

We’re just really the Rolls Royce horns like a hot high for her

Own playing for her who am I just completed class as great Andrea re the partner fourteen for any safe with proper ID reborn for deregulation


We could hear you her number three warning through through the radio you are not answer

To the reporter

Three hundred thirty three one time one and one radio show for arriving pending mileage you’re going to be three one thirty one percent below normal for you you can use CAD sixty seventy five

It’s not a lot of an abacus it’s real people

Twenty five twenty five market you five to five markets we pay Adam while City there are development corporation that security is showing an entry exit motion it’s supposed to have a sixty seven one sixty eight seventy one

Initially he was thirty nine in the

Thirty one of the first ones going the roses for them since he wrote this



For their medical coverage a really

Regular one there who are

Very real soon thirty three

Surgeries medic forty one to the female U.-H. Matic seven you can be a milf U.-H. both in serious condition

As the rain thousands a thousand Chevy Ford or white collar Georgetown thirty three ninety four the collar says he has cousins writing and tax in it and you know that he has an F. three and a four and a five felony warrant I think for their practice one fourteen they should chill Florida musical for

Hostility one more

For somebody


Number one

Six eight five eight six eight buy me

Three want I want the very one fifteen

One fifteen I have one for you Marty three for Radio three for review show simply don’t worry

It was just in your must

You report is that he’s one of the five in Lake Shore

Cullen’s across the

Cross the road where you are we know where he’s really are sirens you go

At once but if you go right

To it’s going to be once united Ireland and went in and I went and there was a vehicle to serving with me that the black

Berry can take seven seven one six seven seven one two ball shorts so if you somehow use incentives that were dispersed

Who’s been with you people must go

Very well and fall on the loaded firearm in a spectrum but so you zero on the way her prefer Cisco OK hold that radio traffic for you body thirty three the security guard following them of the

Burden if you want to keep

Going to security lead on I’m

Seven hundred hopeful for this for you to keep

Calling these next of the shots fired go to hit six if you use a code one could succeed zero six eight eight zero

Forty thirty three that’s going to one side and

I’m trying her back houses and I try to three radio unable

For the area you know

You have a hall that one thousand


M. floor of the truck

And I have the one thing there were a lot more than three is probably probably fifteen so I like that under nineteen it’s one hundred nineteen run that he gave out

That having to go and I doubt that other than that I have two brothers that one six you know and I tried biting perforate collar there in the street one male had a glass bottle but they’re both Any other with

Two black males one all the black male

And this

Second black male is younger with a

Half hour

Now we have asked a question that this is her a passer by

Farther out fight outside body and I’m going to chapel one part of a number out of six eight three six hundred eighty three for example just as in OK but the joy of having one thousand four hundred thirty six or me writing there pressure you and I’m thirty two is going to be following our process so I have to write funny are if you stick to them three for good is very strong for you as completely we are many are being or that those are we going to read

We’re going to report OK The family then we know who’s for


Critics are

Just going to be

OK with the same thirty three fruitful for us well plus once you’ve got going for you directly if they haven’t called you already very jittery to

Get the

Sixty three week well owner Oh joy back to first on a quick personal thanks I won five on Euros I’m a fan of

Want to

Undercut sixty five sixty five eight degrees and seventy five hundred seater presented years after


Body very serious are

Born three three

Three three three yes and no one for me to call back to where is it now seventy nine Alexis now Marty thirty three I’m just saying thirty three to radio just confirmed if there was one funny you mention of professors

We could

Fun I’m assured just

After it yeah I’ll confirm with you and I are

No problem particularly three docked in summer where you see the security guard Necker Republic former friend of anything that can think

Of this earth

I think Tell him


Yeah you got him Buddy into none of diamonds or to mail threatening

Oh yeah I’m not

Threat report now to get you guys in favor of you know leave threatening sat

There in front of Atlanta

Be written in six hundred

Twenty five

One six two eight fall three fifteen twenty false reasons to get you guys refused to leave one white male blue ray gray sweatshirt jeans so they go white no wax white shirt jeans Indian say they’ve been asked several times leave

The recording videos for at least being in really

Do get the face of an exit seventy three for you are were over us so I thought you wanted one twenty five nations of already of music so far

Besides thirty two and thirty one Charlie here

Twenty four

In America

Being high end of the car

For all one Frank that play for real here but I am glad the northbound traffic directing the traffic we’re taking over

Right now I didn’t hear you we’re away no rain oh OK when you get down here

When you get here

Ninety six zero three also I know you sixty one charges

In the music thirty three of us thirty one girl in thirty two



Thank you for a five bedroom one hundred

Eighty three to call back suspects are still in

There at one twenty seven over the calls and they’re as I’ve been there these are various gave the sex of the voters even thought more than they were members of having sex or is that one point seven zero seven Haskell zero three yes the seven Fourth you think these other forty feel that the other was once the one who won less you

Think he won twenty one less eleven L. That’s the mills rather than alarm Porthcawl than four runs or most and zero three has the the five nine there is a fifty nine

Fifty three right there in Rushmore probably one twenty eight for both for survivors all that was funny

There was a white Chevy pickup shot that ran through the gate there and then still another right

It was last seen and once I see two or think Claire nothing further not a call than it is supposed to get six seven five zero sixty seven fifty and then I feel less than one fifty four seventeen love now one five four one seven LA now speaks in a TS Erna said that her ex-boyfriend Julius meth was a fuse in the leaves of a trying to call him back I’m not going to respond to calls three and six seven six zero six seven six zero and then also feel a six to eight point five

From a three six to eight East one eight size unit three speak to Robert keener he has a no half as order

Of dances a family and daughter and they get on him and they suppress over the phone to watch the Make a report there not as being quoted a three X. six seven seventy six seven seventy and lastly eighty five Hoover a twenty five Hoover there was a male a female arguing a foreigner the supposed three

Hundred seventy two six seven eight in all description given

Her eight to five Hoover eighty five Hoover

One off for a male and female are going by the corner house no descriptions given a cicle three

Six seven eight two six seven eight two seven now we’re going to pull out maybe if you try to think you are

Our current program in the third

He was right to Charlie thirty one verse on the highway one thirty one

I have a cold one for you and then once realize I just got a call for shots fired at nine seven three mouths are moth nine seven three mos downstairs all are says are houses just shut up they’re not in any descriptions that’s a whole one

Six eight eight eight six eight eight eight

Sport belly and they

All goes as little as numbers

And nine seven three laws nine seven three MA down goes one at six eight eight eight eight eight a program was ready to

Berry or this one will go right before and they’ll both cell phones

We grow

So here’s the for progress OK three for you happy their location are no are going to they’re actually on the southbound side and it’s just before Brooklyn cell and two zone you want to handle as well as one street east of your zone they want to call Charlie thirty three for one

To try and watch for five Chris as well as his yes he’s there is greyhound Odyssey the whole three had a six eight nine zero sixty eight ninety

Five room

Over the

Avenue this deal madly calling this an unknown male just walk in a vacuum essentially a mental male twenty years old crying and saying he’s afraid of an elf a black male blue hoodie or a short and ample issues the caller is out with him trying to calm him down as opposed to sixty nine one six eight nine one

Thank you when they’re

Ready out of money very five if you’re complete I have a cousin for you and if you feel it

Six zero six

Three forty three percent of those it mostly swans are going to want to every free zone for forty three percent of

The Rose Royce

Is you

Live in the war nor

Do you have a right

To Grow Up There I’m going to

Do six Alexei possible training start from one or four train

We have some homeless people walking on the track Norfork column I mean a car for Jews or

Somebody struck while

And I would assume right now radio

Me is very other offices copy is name is read no weapons no violence is right the whole three point six eight eight nine hundred eighty nine and it for you for one thirty seven Think ill forty three it’s on he’s one two for one thirty seven Hertz

In a bigger money get one of the

Almost people check first Anybody injured in that area code one

Six eight nine two six eight nine You must be notified

One thirty eight

Sure your missile Yes sir you must be notified their silver age of thirty you must know what there’s a right now

Thirty one radio

Seven seventy third inverse You know and

No problem any drug use Jeffard are a problem

Thank you one thirty sec The area was a five hour rain was the system a rain Avenue for a

Possible impacts driver have a plane to Georgetown Tom three three nine for George downtown three three nine for the driver of the Michael mill blackmail and actually have felony warrants haulers this cousin to go to yes I think seven sixty eight seventy six and I were good for that

The fifteen


Fifty five year old white and



Yeah that’s what I got too and I had to look after my own will that there is no right to cry


He he he wasn’t giving and the information it was dark

Nor near future so

Happy that at one forty and I have a cold too for you and you for your list

Thank you who will be at the nine one two war early sixty nine will Warley down stairs we have anonymous call for us wire in this they can call I think there’s a female who’s here was evicted last summer they’re hearing voices is a female and several male they can hear the windows are covered up there the silver car in the driveway is a cold still can’t see eight seven three sixty eight seventy three and four you list at Royal Classic thirty eight twenty five and if and then three eight to five in the pin in that hall for that people and cards last and in music the code three to six seven four sixty six seventy four

East six five and Abbey East six the fifth in Abbey the car from Margaret says there is a female in that article it’s a man is this sitting here for a while the whole three and sixpence and one one sixty seven eleven

For you list six eight zero nine Foreman sixty eight zero nine foreman have a call from the Sasha to say her is if you want to give her money and clothing she’s out right lane and put someone in the background was yelling that is all and that’s how I feel with high she did say that she was a recovering addict the whole three six eight one four six eight fourteen as if realist

If you more for

One forty do

You think you then thirty five the radio

Over here and very

There’s no ball or anything with the ball we’re going one under Iraq to save you one forty three I don’t looking is that going to check and see if we have any cause for a hospital

OK there’s no blood or any other evidence up there just all of ominous or fall for an hour in the coma for now if anybody’s on the phone or

Happy thank you for two sixty eight the West and one thirty seven forty two sixty eight West one three seven you see Peggy Alexander she’s doing a report for her eventual fifteen year old foster son can dress and then the black male last seen wearing a black looking great jogging pants the cold one has sixty eight ninety seven sixty ninety seven before our one forty four happy man and one forty four one five two two five self a lot of the business

World auto both three to six feet and I have a sixty eight ninety eight and that one forty five that’s worth one to one for the first issue jewelry

From clear from Cedar

From far from

Everyone’s favorite one forty six

Former all of zero one A warmer than normal two for the more

Our home a fairly radical We were there are

Some partially completed the arrest report

I made a lot of places


Close to seventy three L. for half that and three zero for Haas Charles Williams as the caller Well that’s something that when the call came in there was an open line with a female out of breath and the call that a male answered it was very vague and I’m cooperate as they also received another call for an estimated location of eight hundred fifty seven the third from a different number it was open I was arguing in the background the response on the call that says it’s two and six eight four zero six eight four zero and for your last six six one five

Sixty six I think that I’m the Blanche resident money security issue and fado our motion is a three six seven five to sixty seven

One forty eight for order to


Watered or

Happiness in the coast four six seven five six sixty seven fifty six

Chair and seventy one four

Seven four

The zone or don’t know

What I can find

Very brief

Members of us do we need to go to Parker doing what the guy who did the surgery at the clinic

And if

There’s a female victim of pleasure and she saw

Images as the reason we need to go for her

OK I’ll buy the clinic for all yes I was just that if you have a cell here on arrest


When you complete I have a cold is real and realist credo I do know


Radio the same thirty three of every four for four

Days before they have eyes on my board I’m holding three holes to one of them is about the time out shortly for it one is for female socket on East fifty fifth Street now we have a hit yet where the people were fighting on the a good thing since then and then we have a vehicle into a factory on eighty second invest them or

Seven zero three five of my times out of one kill for that kind of awful fire OK I wasn’t hurt

Yet fair because they feel good about that you think you won fifty one right here right on right


You know it’s going to be an actual address

Where you read it was thirty nine to you result of your use of the crimson

Three hundred this one fifty two bills arguing about money and thirty five we’re up to few of us thank you very much one fifty zero

One zero three four five one of your free for once in

Person retro report from Warner who are

You part of that if I

Live right any path is the one thing I always you know in my words the anybody but Bush I don’t have a bunch of stuff and wanted to say that things over Norm go OK’s in the fall in three eight three one easy fish three thirty eight thirty one East I think that Imus is there her daughter Cecil Williams is that this location with her boyfriend Ryan who is the following her they don’t mean yes or no children the MIL is out so I see he’s in so I ran as a fifty seven

Roll Hall back now no other description is supposed to get sixty nine right sixty eight ninety five

One fifty four

Three one don’t really want to see for radio just HA HA sixty four what

Is the four hundred

Now I don’t care if you’re straightforward for him for one I will stand by and if anything

Radio here in Georgia you know the word nine seven three one second red just got bougie

Yeah for the truck one color yeah can you give me all that this boy is noisy social two nine zero four two one nine zero he’ll be a six twenty seven eighty six thirty male I have a lot of and one seventy five black over blue had a valid driver’s license Sam Leong then eight four six six eight two And that address was one thirty four eighty three Berlin Station Road and her lend her Ohio four four four zero one zero that was more time than the C.E.O. the over the era of the weight I’m looking to see for the over was is there a lot of beating right Allison fall victim of a giant America and if this happens I blackmailed being her he ended up leaving in a black eye for the females if you see a mess she’s in I think you’re supposed to have sixty nine hundred sixty nine zero zero fifty and their first trailer for

Her ever a friend of ours from Europe are coming from the southwest and

You’re welcome any any zone parts of right for a cold one vehicle in two if the ailing forty three zero

You are among the four so it’s OK but enjoy yours or

Your dogs know the door

To a don’t want to be seven if you can respond is three three six one the fusing eat A.D.’s thirty three sixty one easy eighty S. extreme call we have a vehicle once a factory is a four Taurus female since they were us all fit in any preference at a factory they may have possibly crafted a large gas tank we have higher ed by yes I’ll fill you in by OK it’s a cold one day at six nines the rosary sixty nine o three is people I’m in trapped in the vehicle also they can’t get out and Barney thirty three don’t have it there this seven I don’t know


We tore for the mill

One fifty eight

C.M. thirty three fifty nine

People to measure

Forty very three fourths there

Is a code six of twenty four that’s why fields of use are all of

The same day three or four I

Have believe they have a Sunday Robinson and a three nine one three six one number is it just sitting in a habitation for the phone number used to one hundred eighty four six six before police and the title sitting in a habitation correct

Three Shari’a where you and George are extremely thin three zero five four doors after eleven one

Three zero five four or eight dogs journey the colt to get the eight nine nine sixty eight ninety nine for us three five one

I hear one three nine thirty five I think saying he’s got a very nice street across the street for that music the poll of three Cat six eight two three sixty eight twenty three and that’s for us and three three ninety four East one one seven thirty three ninety four even to seventeenth Street this one is for that music from a party just starting and I’m going to probably

Three can be eight eight one sixty eight one I think for us

Still one three five here we go battle here happy

It’s six seven three zero six seven three zero the next one’s going to be two three six six thirty nine two three six six least thirty nine you

See Leroy Carter once report is the one

Go for it sixty four three sixty four three businesses two thousand and sixty three don’t have the number of the color on it so for America to fix it for three sixty four three

Before they do it is just simply the router

OK And while you were checking the for a matter I have an alarm for that

And I have it if that was you since you said you were exact and Martha Fielding is there you are you’re are

Like they’re all who’s building

Rip Rip Robin try to prevent illness and yours will persist and that everyone’s on arson OK to all three for you both and unfortunately three for abacus is going to

Be two or three three hundred forty three OK with a minority theory that can probably go to the castle

So under sixty five sixty five

He did not have his I.D. because they asked him and they just said they were going up anyway

You know and I wasn’t scientists but there’s also you know just complete now and complete will probably still four cents for every computer model so far


May have a little

Homing her former profile who will or will follow her on the Hill and in

Her hole who will fill the hole Jeff Brady that to Charlie three seven you ready to take us three and

Four three for a thoughtful seventy two eleven Dearborn up stairs is going to side entrance Brandon Washington used to make a place entered report he’s already been inside deposed three can six eight nine four six eight nine four cop it think it just thinks


Color is inside the building

Joining arrow nine nine zero three two three you need at zero nine zero there is your very heavy vehicle is clear that will happen

From here for this year and all bets are off thirty

Three and thirty two got

The person

And the two thousand something wrong forces this one for six hours and cover that we’re able to have three and I would be our id number of Ranger was in her driveway sort of like in Sammy five hundred four and the whole story and number six hundred thirty eight because of all the shores off record Julie save us

Well one third area

Where we are to give a good girl a feeling by for after in any way you want to hear oh three four seven zero

That’s right forty three you have a color come out OK

Forty three three different peoples EDITION from us and three for so on and we’re coaching for religious one zero two zero Bolivar since when you’ve all over if you go screw for a burger learn that Ontario Koenig

Near her and eat just trouble on the phone call for a

B.M.W. as you view the windows busted

For the overdrive repairs he gives him is one joy he sure

Ma’am you get your summer out of the C.P.U. with Ranger around three starting mileage one one seven one one one seven three one

Pretty long response time he’s probably

Trickle in selling and kicking and you’re having I think that eleven hours

Thanks to ten hours we’re going to get word of honor acts that are OK if they’re played on the eve of an event and the honor there for you to be George fall fall short of your having given the

Operator a vision that they are over for tourists

Their view of North

Face already

Know it well enough when I was the rival for us from going on a Russian folk

Yeah right OK THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and even though you had a very good view of Radio Free Thanks for info

And anybody thanks for anyone

Very Thank you wonderful irrelevant getting multiple calls from third party callers but James is calling off the same thing as a male on scene threatening him with using the leave you know weapon suspect is a white male Michael Williams that they

Had wearing a gray sure posts you can’t fix and I thank you six nineteen and Ari

Around here in Pearl

River then he is more or damned

If you are trying to figure out right now

Not for a fourth or struck


Before the what was really

Hurtful yet that made sense of the callers that he was a member of the motorcycle club

So he was not involved which you were never on dollars worth of

Tax having one of those female that drive in the fourth floor of the over on a deer with both that is

Is hard to think about that time to party if

We were going to be making merry Christmas intervention

That’s correct


Yes to me and everyone Marty three seven month journey three one Jennifer Schatz or NEARY out West and I know most of the Freddy

And I beam out collars on those that are called I want one but she says from three to five for West ninety nine Street thirty to fifty Far West and I’m doing another thing and I’m Ira she took out running without any further and without any further information but we’re also getting a call for three cars and mails out from blocking the street still no further I’m

Who’s doing the shooting one’s a dark colored minivan the one the wife order and the skull that we got a call back I don’t

For the same

Number of six trying to seven sixty nine twenty seven Second because there were seven job survivors but thanks very best to sixteen Dr if you want it is this thirty one for us is that the sixty three that Papias is this thing to do since she did there recently I think further on the eve of the Jefferson of course that

Dark colored minivan white Fargo are from another light colored four door sedan but no license Givens or no further on the suspects no further on the shooter OK Just use of a date does not live here to code for can’t fix ninety to one hundred ninety one and for damages surely three then Dearborn and two eighty fifth begin your

Very twenty one fifty West thirty S. Joshua anything to get property crime report for his vehicle and the name thank you does not live there because four cats six nine to one six nine to one in the a black sedan and great for them

Both look for racing in the area again black than grey for them both intend to race in the area very informational broadcast only as a silly thing think that thirty two’s arriving on Rosa having

Blackguarding with the other pairs and if you wanted your device to nineteen hours through sorts of cars on in that accident on the freeway you have you done a very trying you know your wants out

Or get on a third so

They Greer is it occurred there were two of them the aren’t you


Three Do all have their way to Case three one you think back in

The butt of the verb traffic a little better way to for any

Difference we’ve got in mind for all the well

We’re more on

The want to

Watch the office

Try to Charlie there will be switching to the tele channel to get out of Robert’s

Union my one four five three nine four

Are Now you know area

That you are having fun size to health information nothing for their back if you try to run

If you do seven speed ways because you both know a month Ramirez social

Socials to eat but this isn’t Paul Stevens aggression

You know Mike one for

The reason for me here’s three seventy

Seven saying and three not four

One Sam three four I’m sure as manager you know telex down here but you’re not our shooter George X. ray John sat on a part of how

Happy and you thank you John if you want to continue events like that

And you’ve got that before you whatever it is huge and no this may help them both now just simply

You know thanks very much to twenty three so that those days are going one fourteen if it’s right for

Stock market are going to read it but I’ve advice parking lot of apartment building for one part you know the trite

Three males arguing about money event number out of six nine zero four six down a far for a good three but half hour of

Thank you twenty three the radio just from the seven got

It a little difficult information on these guys but they’re saying there was a big party here

Shot some rounds off an air horn taken off from so far as they train or go or they’re all kind of yeah I’m hard of hearing so it’s hard to from information from OK that was the alleged judge our Jeffrey Johnson eighty three rats one of the people at this party are saying are equal that digit off around with a

Ford or flight northbound from this location having lunch on the video and having that charge their own company I found out two twenty five and there are a couple key things

Differently in that heart matching that description the driver okapi arm can

Go for it if you carry Jack Gray badge to twenty four hours no license given when serious surgery or order Charlie certain or other heading out to west and I’m not going just one Marty three far with the price of my money through some of the just rights or less than I had to do nothing on my IRA David three six we’re going to see you remembered for fans who for our important things going on you know we had occur there

What do they do with it because right now I guess all this in your district probably that is running

Right or what they’re just a correspondent up there that three I’m thirty two

Years but we got a call for

One there have been underwriting they haven’t it all

Happened when he testified for the house OK provides him three three and would

You just completed things you

Haven’t I’m greatly Avenue right by the word church this vehicle that’s in it in the building you know motorcycle in your district

She took off it was a step right and that’s how she hit this our interest building here

Three I’m thirty two there’s your favorite is the I was there any cough or anything like

Grand Avenue really are you know cause for motorcycle version of the car

Checked area for this your car I’m going to go through so many you got him up right over here yeah you know that that they’re going to be in around her they

OK he’s been pretty good now have been for the rest to get a jump on morrow even ninety three by a group of guys I haven’t that this money was really Radio Simak was and three seven when trying to find yourself short of a possible suspect your

First name brand in the last thing hackers and Henry I don’t Charlie King Edward Robert hammer ocean so coldly around a twenty five year old black man on the

High that

Is very sad granted

Four four zero four two nine zero zero one

We’re going to offer it is a classroom full

And three we had a call for you correction in a couple hours ago it was a vehicle versus a vehicle it was

Really green the description is but a bigger version of the where you have a gator call it was a pleasure thank you no actually the score was involved you know there was up there and it was you know a David three seven zero of our and that’s probably around twenty three hundred of them

There’s no one there we checked all the different streets five chic each way

The North spot and call back rather than the other caller where they want to party involved

Before seven

We don’t so I can’t use any one to run I now use three hundred sixty for three

Part of

The report running east thirty nine sixty four three cancel disregard copy you know here are very seven

Were no longer needed you can join us on prospects just the right are you going through me to hold up on the

East in front of the

Thirty year old you know

It’s six six nine two eight medics forty

Six thirty you will think that it’s just complete over here and heater you can

Enter that run ninety three Jim going to call for mail salted liquid OK connection

Housing going to liquid

Have a tax refund like what

They are claiming they’re going to toss it back mails a big pile of just like with drug did you

Know you come up

I don’t cause you know them joy same very good radio

Version very free check from Souter we got a lot of photos out of court

And I think oh I’m expected this remark I’m going to notice

Or if you

Just replied Frank

Oh I’m sorry that I felt so it’s OK to sue if I was going home to a twenty five zero apartment center and

I’m here

Barney thirty three year olds those

Six thirty you were already arriving here and I think they’re have never heard of warfare

OK I got all kinds of stuff on the board for giving us some real

Before he gives them an explicit us there are

So much more you very Remember go to for you need to go to this is very probably given a number

On sixty thousand one hundred sixty he’s got a driver’s license real information for there are

Let me back out I’ve got

Eight hundred thirty six Hartman’s and Dr Arden one nine hundred ninety one I believe that’s been

You know one twenty one hundred Oakfield that’s an adult born in one thousand nine hundred two than I am as a juvenile he’s sixty one is the six foot tall on a sixty pound male for me sixty one and here’s another is the big guy out one too far and many

Of us to be the father group there that’s the big brand in the person sixty two forty five

Hundred twenty four fourth area that I am

I once used for to You Tube and am about one thirty ninety that would be the big guy if you want anything I know yes social he got it though

That plays really well

But what you for a fairly significant force will be a rougher

Thank you to thirty six actually three than we need to say you for a recess Jeff around how she should be hard but just don’t work on projects

Charlie thirty seven Well you know I present photos that is current and I have the name of

The victim with a contact number please first name link and Edward ocean Naik Edward Lincoln last name and I’m Charlie ocean

On the phone number is two one six eight five eight six and eight one

Of Us Anthony’s river before

You go to visit here after an OK

To thirty seven

I don’t

Know I think through your way well if you want to play for me well yes there’s

Just too much useless me piece of shit computer Charlie thirty three of our thirty two thirty eight radio Charlie there is I haven’t we haven’t gotten all of us are you there was there’s been told me she said I haven’t you say I have but to tell you a thirty day shift at least so well as one able copy Thank you

Very very do their very

Very nice

Heartfelt or try out her were church ready all are all the oysters come about are now just going to give you the information I guess the driver of the pike or through a hospital they’re going to have to get that information from there we often have the person who fall the beer coal is over YOUR idea what those guys know that for sure the fruit sure there’s an off duty here

And the females on her

Are you know if you don’t have any yes

You have

Time is running and

Suppose this cat is six nine or is thinking nine forty this

I mean because it’s thirty two to forty one

For an area of the mail that you just simply

Put in my Nikon challenge that looking for

B.M.W.’s U.V. was the bus driver say when no possibly somebody Sloan’s there was a vehicle yes there were that were here already there was a male who was

Carried by security or even as regards this one copy called no one up to forty one

Because no two forty one all right next one one zero two zero Bolivar one zero two zero fall over the frame goes group for a

Security alarm fellow grudged doors go to this is impending one scene at six fifty five six eight

Next one Ruth’s Chris Steak zero two hundred public square root Christian two hundred public square going to be for an alarm in the Huntington building

On a troll security zone bar door

To the few minutes to twenty five it’s six thirty three million six nine three nine next one we thought OK we monitored yeah quality of the bar went well and we conferred with security who on a Grand Prix over here will divide not park any money move it out of our driveway so we’re going to complain if you don’t have any priority for the strike and confer with them our party three three about there or

He was just simply

OK there was Turner would Officer Smith There is nothing three

Homes in the house

Thank you I say you can think of two forty four thirty three six three

He’s one five two

Two three six three hundred fifty second unit two ranking Cotton says that unknown male author Caldwell thank and honor Wendell and hit her Volkswagen full of color now the alarms going off

On foot in the area somewhere I think oh to get six nine three five six one three five

Two forty four twenty thirty six you’re going to go on for the sense that they were going to have a visit for with pretty well marriage if you know

Having two forty five hundred zero zero six is not a six forty four but you

But I love you

So we

Heard earlier doesn’t appear

To have a budget and a thirty want to see this ethical and honest that there is a we have a six eight seven

To forty term His name is Derek he’s a black male dark complected with braids and a white T. shirt light blue jeans for anyone can six nine five six six things I say so they go for just what he said they will provide a real plan and even work as the result for her or two for them for a future that is rich two four seven three six radiophone of a thirty one of the numbers will develop what dollars assault says cut on the arm we don’t have results but they’re from a she’s actually in a lobby at Riverview towers that occurred off of their property so the N.S.A. is going to there were two from the one man girl there so the government

Says forty seven to forty eight or

Forty eight

If you want to check with

The office this robbery news got out of the J.C. but I just want to try to radio

You know what I mean

I mean the of our phone

Six thirty two the radio is the lance actual game versus secure three sixty just around do publish where things are you can’t be if you for a minute or two or three not fatal and I crash agree boy I get someone who’s very well there’s a fellow I don’t know what half a

R.C.C. is of are another core a lot of service I think thirty one we’re going


We are humans are all tied up so if you’re a preacher

No problem you can go to

Traffic R.C.C. and to be a priory for the first time sequence and to be for Christ

For a nice or nice well for unit who were ninety three families harder Harmer Willian the advice he has no that he was the way now for I was a narrative and I was was sentenced to five nine one senses times this is the it’s to set a

Time for it right is because yes you guys are Charles do you want to thank there too just the hours I was like our losses last week and I’ve been on history way for one to arrange to have why the mail without directing is back at my door trying to get into the building for each area I might

You know we got information received or we got some evidence on board where we know our mess but they’re for family three for example three very we can put it where they felt pressured or share or in all that report part Al that’s just the one zero two now I’m spending all right you know I mean or for him back to one

It is Mark every night or we’re going to do reports

OK When I ask over parts of us to be like I don’t think you are everybody else hospitals OK we’re finished you can go off well then ask you if you want

Water one second to fix trees or all throughout our church with off the camera the booking sheet then the voluntary on your desk I did have a radio there C.C.H. on that females were already given wonderful things you should watch

Thank you sir our going to forty two

For copyright one would go for Florida so far from what

And the entire three fourths of this is icily for a while before they were to a you for evidence while for they were a you right out of the president of ISIS’s us

Possibly a camera any hard

Possibly gray or brown or Ford or says

I think private I want to say that the leave her with us in their years and this one officer who is the area high numbers for sentences for sentences sincere of scissors to cut was greater than ours as well with her on the law for us to a youth group while for we were to use rules OK trying to

Retrieve them with a profit so her power I think wait to see for part of backspace I got one three three and coolly to check and write one column from estimate area if I can use it on the planet

HAPPY JUST AS YOU FOR REAL three hundred thirty one percent of

The way for that’s what I’m now forty five requests I never OK hold a cold one we’re both Jews for Jesus you think

We’ve been here for about fifteen minutes

I got a lot going on I’m sorry

You are stuffy

OK I think last you did you got actual apparently very

Involved with a cycle earlier in the night fifty nine our friend sent me a note of half of that

For just a few nine hundred

Thirty to one forever and then for you to marry am I holding for the property or should I tease you to the marriage when you said

That than a warning for I really think

That having the A right in a while one carries a few minutes her that’s where our victims are simply through their group for someone to pick up the property card can or should I put that on the management Jeff as well poverty

Know you gotta wait until somebody gets there


Yes or no and I’m going to be out here one horny merge what

I think must be fifty seven I’ll buy that it’s hotter for you

Try thirty one driving

That you could be seven to five seven hours rehydrated be fast

With our system the union or finish up handle now to fifty seven furniture each radio running

Fifteen lead to another kit for idiots and kinsmen you do in a little over four years expired C.C.W. permit expired three

Speired April and

She’s refusing to leave after a taxi driver one high

Well for Highway ninety East hassle and that’s

Not for a short run they can just go over and run Thank you radio over a thirty five for code

Just yourself and there are rows love you go with love music you’re pushing that way you are this vehicle assault report really only you age for the having that is that when I

Was thirty nine thirty thirty three got you don’t you three hundred

Now blue jeans

You sure you got to green is Beard was six feet tall boy ave no

Sense calling he said anything else Francaise car you drive blue Malibu that says Friday and you Rivera is running refusing to leave he said they were physically fighting a little the earlier he needs her out it’s a cold chill to six nine six seven sixty nine sixty seven they still probably were going to

Check on me I guess that’s thirty seven sixteen is

A firm three seven one six well over the A three thirty run is place how to rebar the friend who for

Everybody Frank you for two a second OK end of two thousand mark three out of Warren’s lights twenty two year old female coming back till I have a happy if only here and out there you can use the real issue

Seven for six months of Unfortunately for real to throw but if I were caught

Fifty five real do you know

Party thirty one when you are ready

Let me know one center one one zero one hundred

People make you so the security guard you must notify

Photo one could find something to six millions of these

We’re going for that

Report on how you made one for that Western Frankfurt around the office if you have a chance of that it was sixty five three

J Montreal for winders in a radio

One just

To score

Seventy never

Hear his name is Michael James

I’m sorry Heikal

Zebra were

I don’t mix Sam I know or

Thank you

Very much there’s I have the image metaphor to have on the right but apparently the female figure on the property

We would I mean this regard

For pool for home or who want more room for more people who want from and who are probably more important who from or from here we have a parcel of over well which one has Give be conferred with for this ripostes remember how much OK actually this or for Barney thirty eight so that he handled that rock down even better for

The bear hug and pretty rowdy

I get somebody else up there to replace you didn’t really want you for three or in thirty three Yeah forget about the others part was just a marathon effort that we can America

All Think in for one point until fall or one of them will probably

Point on Iran or

Have its millions of missed the war but I think it

Should be out if you free time mention

Who are real names are going to

Look like Michael for once he should have a whole show up to seven to eight four eight seven seven two seven two before

I mean there are three that’s correct he just remembers because seven through four you’re going to work there if you’re going to reaffirm or nineteen thirty or more if no more or

Three for you

You know run a full storm using your information

I like that

Fiction are not agree or zero zero nine nine seven

Eyes a Circle K. at the brain L. like practically on a party of interest get Ari and he L.L. missing some beer less than ah gold van Coast Guard and suspect that license plate George John times three five eight three hundred on direction of barf a far better number a six nine four and I think you know I’m pretty average because

There’s everyone I’m Andrea when I have three five one and seventeen’s on if I needa seven five in brings me on cooperate and call nine uncooperative email that I want to

Complete if I feel like I know name on if I’m out seventy five ten Brinsmade ave now some five one zero friends maybe that was the address that she gave us and then hung up after saying there was a lot of commotion going on and cooperate of the amount on responses well further on the nature of the code to subject the non-drug about the number six nine eight three six united even if it is going to be just that

There is African hours thirty seven to meet a woman and I think there are a committee of eighty seven

Your decisions are after ten hours to five got to be three seven am so we go over there and they can do a report I think an after hours

Action and in our print have her for now back out to them at three am and then I have a hose to the US before you go you know Parker thank you he’s one for three in ten thousand one hundred thirty and men have a female caller thing that have a black male so money out of her car through the window and then their US feel

Towards one forty fourth from here no weapons are mentioned and suspect was wearing a gray shirt and black

Or possibly a Reds or and black pants so I don’t really cooperate over the info to get a six nine THINK THERE OH I think you know and think the and

The she hung up when asked for her vehicle description on a car she then harbors the problem

Thank you very eleven everyone over and morally stuck Schickel Jerry went down a row when I asked to fill

The check OK also but at fifty seven eleven three when I thought the death rate fell

Through TROY GORDON already a tally thirty one joint of a second Trevor floaters or suing but merely walked into the hospital

Wards were four and this is in connection with having five hundred feet or cracking right now we have a family first

I’ve had tallies Everyone stand by for that can anybody thank you name and date of birth initially a social place

Samuel my criminal My Charlie child

Robert Mike ocean IT workers one thirty or seventy five white male one seventy five Kathy thema

Her through her


Ready to show and if you fell for her ears they’re OK We’re going to target final three three if I tell you right

We’re going to give you her number


Joins there for two nine zero two six six for noise boys mystery fifteen at night seven to the front

There’s already a minute three far from the premise no except for the spare for complete

I feel like there are three being got to do is just stand three three if you’re ready go to

The other side of a freeway from virtue in on a party at the they’re ready suspect let’s follow their fight another accident that he thought his other thoughts are not a party and Verge would code Well actually what I suppose one for a head on crash event number Essex science six four six United States Department of one thousand Coast to desist C M three three because one of the victim the speil of the suspect killed one four nine four zero Delaware on the Lakewood side of the freeway there one forty nine forty dollar police aren’t there but the victim is there waiting with the suspect the time tag and saying that this e-mail stumbling are out there and the plate comes back to the knowledge that they have the address Edward three one four two two nine

The red Dodge Dart Edwards three one Margie tonight and the smell of it waiting out front there

Because is that would it be waiting

That here this is the mail the follow the suspect the fellow very very Black Berry the bargain bar number for black the number four that think that the Iona Oh Steve will be waiting in a black bar white out address on Delaware where the suspect is great at this hire party virtually code wind event number a six nine six far if you guys if you park is Sam three on the lake with that there were the Red River and you were there

Were two very

Warm for there are two rows one point four three


But all that stuff about the end fax email or something of that Delaware and the Eastern map well OK Vandeleur Yeah OK at the seventeenth

The seventy three separate you might use a bag or three

I think they’re at the seventeen and thirty five The prevent the five arrival time at three eighteen once in thirty three

Just conferred with party thirty two one of the partners is a mother who are a family member only emergency and he’s going to be leaving

Rochelle she’s going to stay and continue on the residence just the one in car do they have any assignments going and in that you now have a serious errors that sending her to first enter wonderful I mean if you do it’s very very as a one man up your Jew heard for years and I was thinking that’s just the judgment so you know because it looks like with the overburden like was probably going to be another hit you up in action and they’re also OK Well give us one forty three to go

Fairview I’ll send him over your place compared to three two I guess they’ve already two are going to be a different call for a one man and David visit

There with three do works for me Jorja writing or was refused

But partner if he was right and we’re going to screw it very thing using two new reports just make you know the usual junior turnover

Six are able to vary and thirty one radio

I only arrived

Twenty fifth this email was G.O.I.A. even for four

Or whatever and the thirty five three twenty they said there are ninety one asked if their current going to seventy one as a cat is to one hundred sixty two eighteen and your arrival

Difficult for those as a

Problem I cooperate a female never survive on a resume

But you for you sure

Want six YOU WANT TO ONE WAY sure your callback risk your honor frequency shift your tremor I remarked

Three twenty one three six three zero her

Son there’s no use only the times No the female

No no I think of her even if ninety one has a seventy one thousand or seventy one North State Route one seventy six north entrance it three twenty two I have a couple more fearless there actually and likes or I don’t know if you want me to hold them and I just said John likes or gives you OK So at three point

One seven nine one one like you are I meant to Katherine says that her live in boyfriend Lothar out Callahan to

The three and number six nine seven zero six nine seven zero and fearless one forty three hundred Lake Shore one four three zero zero Lake Shore is for loud music service from a car three can’t fix ninety one hundred ninety one I’m going to call the lady that grow quick see if you still need this on a lockout Thank you Richard it well David de Gea

Well one very very true is really the fear you heard the whole report but we’re back to the district in

Part because on her own we confer with Joyce equal for a moment from her

Double every twenty four hours and I’m still using

That one twenty one B. Are you familiar with his Delaware it’s just north of I ninety north north of Lake what I Yeah looks like you’re on yeah looks like you’re on the lower OK at three twenty for a T.D. Ameritrade worth of more time but I think it’s going to be eight nineteen eighty eight ninety nine and then

They’re in for research road juror called back her heart or hard on her

And if I do

And I really want Marty three seven last track and I clearing it from us one degree

Behind the

The first

Post out right before that make her before you hit her how big

Part of your job Rush having just friends were fastened on a ten twenty seventy seventy nine

Thirty shot from like you did for eleven nothing for they’re saying three six you know we’re going to be complete a very happy thank you and front of ten twenty seven he seventy one one zero two seventy seven I just give them reasons

You ask Well I’m going for it in front of ten twenty seven East I mean I also have eighteen thousand psi and then again if there was five sign and I believe they went out over there earlier from awful Strattera I don’t I think seen it’s going to get called one at six and nine zero six and I know

They want to make it a primary think you can still go to fix up a very funny when we got going I think the final one you want to check that you

Were both on the shoulder the hard on the shoulder lane fine we just want people know that we’re here when they get the curve for the slow down

Over the other actions you know over one hundred forty it’s like they are ninety inches get

Well I didn’t have anything else to say except for one hundred forty of them virtually had holes on party within our lives we presumably of the same thing OK Was there another heart it was of all this well that’s a guy that followed her to Delaware

State and that this other her has been either her head

Oh yeah that’s where David three six and Sandy three year


Yeah that’s Steve should be waiting in the black for

A very good at three twenty not at him thirty three that’s Charlie thirty one has got the accident and that’s actually going to be going or was virtually exactly Thanks X. proof and that’s the collision exactly how they’re towing occur

And I was

Thirty two gets over there to assist them with that David three to confirm what you know I see coming your way three one every you know what they’re going over here six nine six nine and Radio one data three to go here

Well I see looking for a party emerge would win right through for radio radio television but it happened and

I would go back just like a report

Before you do that can you just drive around the area for sixteenth and that isn’t something or a loud explosion in the area also to have pending that we don’t know what it is or what it was


Six nine nine one and it’s three thirty two thirty what move up a little bit as to what business this room a OK does or does

That generally put out more fires up or

Watch for


You got thirty four and I think that could do that for you and send you a whole want to that car can Fulton some vision

Why are they shooting you know I said

Heart and Fulton park and Fulton in the area one call for one shot heard nothing seen as a cold one had a six nine nine five six and I five thirty

Three thirty four thank you for a code one one thirtieth and union member you’re six nine four five times three thirty four

There’s a hole for a few days in wearing an orange jacket and jeans

He gave the name of reading all Harry because one yes thank you nine nine three sixty nine ninety three

We’re going to read or I’m part of code one is you doing it or

We haven’t they got a good one with me and that’s the going then he then there are a number of the area he’s out there for thank you that three thirty

Three forever disappear in

Knowledge is three three

Three three general three three six four two one issue or do you

Want to do any serious she would if you were sure of for consumers

Three thirty six

You are more affirmative we call the northwest and

That’s why we got a call from him which I was very very not private

Sure America had ready have

Three six five happy as three thirty seven and the advice they just got cancellation for me and I think they’ve got enough saved and they also

Reassured her prove that happy think and three thirty seven

Radio two forty three five are you able to save us all to

Health care you have a Jeff is just part of our very life here a cat of six nine they say the United States being a real court case

You can head over so once they do one eight there one thing you say seems health care mobile crisis calls for a male Charles you know here he’s off of that and bringing I believe that and he’s got a history of be in the island suppose to have a six nine nine they think you know and I think as if you have the belief the President Obama will unveil this argumentative in general every day one radio there curry you are on go order


No Are Delaware and Alger

Thank you I sturdy a sixty two Y. sixty three three S. if you washed once a

Then he says college you’re a lot of small Jenny area to see things you just heard that they notified fire to go on for as well a call to have sex and I won six nine one one and I was there list five for one to arraign apartment over three fifty four fall or a new number three angel is calling for have a chill noise the servants to call three had a six nine eight nine hundred ninety nine zero zero on a coach again but thinking but yeah last one sec heavy it’s office Dennison three forty two center dramedy simply down here though her going to the very very


Edge of a boss

Transport a female to a team region on able to get to see in the

Whole she’s a little intoxicated long make sure gives as well as a safe thank you for having the free

Cash or Fox

Happy for the return of the suspect first name with no name or union but you know when going to have them

Last name branch with an E.M.T. and it was only a twenty six year old black female live somewhere Hoffman fleet of them OK for kwil we left from we obviously have basically a complete Yeah but I thought I could come with some folks who were never report from the Fairview hospital or they let me take a less than obvious point of our Thanks nine one eight

Fifty nine hundred eighteen Polonia ave no

Terry Lane for

Females you know that the warm is or even know you the

Oh it was down to the yes based on the make the call there’s no the call that Oh very well the thanks my one for thank you nine for thank

Thank you for a forty four percent says at three forty five I’m going to have a coast to for you guys

Thank you it’s going to be at one zero two for the seventy four and twenty four he said me for if there’s been a female request police gave the location then hung up call that you’re on straight to voice mail actually we just got a cold one for this address Catherine Smith on the line she found intact again in the her sons and being refusing to leave a cold one has six nine nine four six nine nine four

Thank you before you think prevent her and never read it once again three three you want David three six over there I’m not virtual When I get some of the F.B.I.’s horning area

So we can leave the oil and house party of reference for a special counsel is given freely give us happy at three forty seven your cat six nine eight six nine eating now have a close three for you as well never going to be using

This regards the same kids if Very have six nine five four six nine five four but the eventual problem before you can be to radio good but we are good for me to see for a robbery for males and by the nervous number she vacuum S. I’m a one thinking the Lutheran birds are suspects you a

Criteria of Uncle I think you’re a very high you know

THANK YOU ARE you know





I’ve already

Dropped off

Before Yang I think it’s kind of humid two P.M. and Sundays

Be the address classes or it’s a little bit longer

Free for dinner that’s required to run a Triscuit Real ID that goes anywhere on a party and there are two in our dressing

From the north also foresee only one thing we’ve done here

Or there most of them

Oh yes you can see so at the time so I guess the mail left part of our rival to help

You must seem we’re going to cook a well party for us please


One thinks you health care that cat is six nine nine hundred sixty nine anything or just thank you thank

You tio flu shots Julie cars and for almost each one to a woman no government P.V.T. here with information received

Email was not there Sam three four was on seem

Very close are there also three thirty one three fellows around here three of us Ronnie three three were complete Dunya three fifty one and I’ve asked you for your research we’re going to be there’s a lot for you feel free to do you think her for it was covered as I think thanks everyone David Tacey that you have got it but are a part of missing when I write I figured you guys have a large crowd over there you know

Where the after hours are and nobody outside there’s still and

Just loud music through

A lot of cars parked on the street

Radio with their pedals and count them heading six nine five five creep prisoner and forty are thinking

You know what I think that give us a minute Will Jordan thank you for any future made you think of about your age reading you know more for her report and her to come out of her horse or arm through something or just simply back Mr have a thank you very very fine radio voice I have partners with the male in the back of the amount of you have a charity David thirty cents and I’m

Very good very nice

Very much Gertie A three fifty four

Three five radio

Five Live

Even here would be about right in the back while the guy was arrested go to church partners follow David thirty nine of leave us about it so three sixty five for what I went through various thirty one and I will revisit our entry once you know the second this or those instructions or point us or

Maybe west from an interview or if you want to a deal

Show me architectures reveal

Things I think when I will get information receiver which will have to give her one vehicle folks just what we often thought around for that vehicle we were initially called out for and did not find it

Three thirty seven


We have ever received for a short go it was every I think class at three fifty eight and I got a one hour six hours X. Harker’s drive

Six zero six Parker’s C. April says most here have lacked the number of sixty nine ninety eight six nine nine I think of for check their social to get the plate of Henry Barney charge ninety eight three one I mean very very tiny thirty one for a far away Cadillac escalate missing the keys having their heart attack of bar of a number of six nine eight sixty nine I gave it a go far I just checked for typos I get a result

I think possibly get the morning for three Yeah the crowd over there go

There we think it’s right our guys are throw a party for three had a fight if I mean when one uses the five unwilling Linwood not whims like you five in the Lynwood thirties and seem it’s good to go to visit one thousand and seven there zero zero zero zero

Zero zero zero

Zero four hundred everything

Big and you know if you know

Four o’clock or three adults over


Or so as a radio your service record service

One morning before complete over joining

Us right after one forty three hundred which

Both my forty five followed by the mayor the tail it was three nine four zero three we’re going to

Be three the going to be one vehicle hope the rural and urban three five and you can put the

Twenty nine is where three five

Hundred twenty one you go for all three three trucks were you

Ever received there you were three hundred through four three for a for

A grocer

Roles you know put his back to him head back to the district from his eat our misreports revive the savings of both cars pro for

Free actually for the first initial something I will and patients that got me thinking a comparison

For a five by three already

It’s to my place

If you go urged her little

Girl Who says there’s a

Three year or is a key for the same prefers her to wife there’s a reason for

Her she said I’m certain like three or four times over Earth’s current but in the back we were a curse when we curse her they’re not in New York they’re out of the future

Chris because you know three of them Morgan for centuries or David thirty nine area can you Jack with gentle to see thing and a great need

May have been involved in that have you over here at five five and when would the guards summon channel from other player then answer one friend

Marty pre-treat on and we’re I for sure were war OK or what it is going to be forty one twenty eight twenty seven point six nine watches launches negative eighty one forty one forty eight point three one if you were not looking for grainy thought I should have given

You know our was a thin cry for

Three I have one for you that want me one John

Three three OK we’re considering are forty and the pins are as you can see for eleven

The very first that he saw when he wanted shot

The A black musta and an arrow

To hold free cat six nine six five six five

Four eleven sorry forty thirty eight

There’s no more no me thing on the merry not

Thank shows or

I have a

Well for one to forty for one party to the T.M.V. to corps they’re on their own rightful two for their own I’m from forever more units three to three to the to

Call the police that by the name the quantum and damaged her unit and so her vehicle on the Charlie thirty one radio that the two G. T.M.V. two for their own and Central two for their own and Central and the north in a three to a three two

From A to

C. Pretty of us amending image her unit ends with her vehicle mirror of the quants

Blue on the

Fourth anything at thirty seven already zero for one who got your reports partially completed we’re going to be out of love for their king

For what I write will have a

Trolley three thirty seven drew to a stop when three miles from George Smith Barney to foreigner were quote

That for four things in four receive a then report completed for fourteen

Thank you you’re welcome

And if you are a

Broadcaster and an immersion are

Very good at assignment or yoga while

Start with your dreams you have about five

Is it urgent because I do have a code to this game and for any thirty four

They can handle after you

Were to be received this report we received Dearborn and at one thirty six thank you there are thank Claire five five zero five thank players at the Shell Emily Park says that her husband assaulted her because her vehicle that a flat tire now is often down fifty cents no directions whether north or south difficult one can number seven zero one two seventy that is equal but it will be short of the area before when you are ready to copy a file ready to brew for go

Thank you with one forty nine fifteen LA Now one four nine one five luck now it was from downstairs a female called us that I wanted she wanted the police there was a male in the background telling her to hang out and all that we felt was different female she was utterly

She said As a female ended up walking down the street then give us the directions icicle to an old couple at seven thousand nine seven zero zero nine yelling that her boyfriend would not give her back her so we had an open line with him fighting that as that dance hall from a Frank Frank saying that his girlfriend on things running out and trying to fight him

To get a seven they’re all they’re all five seven the over

Forty I’m sorry for one hundred three hundred words sure I was wired on arrival we never were very

Happy for things been for a deal but they were very shocked

Hail their advice acquired also a few pins are issued things are if you’re three for sure if it was original or

RESEARCH Well you know or

Want to

Write and see if you want if you want one

You know it was collected they should thirty’s issues this relate resurrect vision it’s

Really thin air or

For knitting as it goes to get a seven they’re all they’re all seven seventy of that on the verge of a foreign

Three thousand I call these are zone

John of us for zone for the against over now I’m free to read a sign from a vehicle be temped settle she says you know what else they even Michael you have with you and

Tell me you know in a more complete what she is entitled thanks for funny and second the firearm then that India one eight seven one one garden full of our one eighty seven eleven garden full of our as I


For four harbor George paramedic for e zero you know

Very very happy and three five one eighty seven eleven garden a sense of security call that in or

Less like living or emotions they’re not really sure if they have a list of other business that

It’s telling other residents alarmed

The name that they have on the account of the land

As opposed to get a seven zero zero six seventy zero thinks

He has a horse when I was there and there’s always using viruses reported completed usually

Four twenty two we’re here already knows no means we confer with her mother three of our police no longer needed no harm was committed

Very soon or she observed so you can sure simply consider haulers golf

And it was just for you I know she was to throw to the her for were

Trying three three to raise your hand over your one hundred one year old male phrasing forty


Just the injury and that didn’t think out the what was wrong with it was muffled using the left side of his body is numb Cappy and before you’re going to say that at four twenty four and you’re still holding a thousand and five right it is a major

Flash war

For twenty four days that from here at once you wanted

For twenty four for twenty five I am for search from air for twenty four forty three

Probably thirty three who are both those women from work out of a

Half yes have him both of those things as seven zero on the seven eleven

A fourth anything and then I guess you guys second the Yanks and insane after

OK by again

The three think there are five that Cora thirty six zero five The Cora has to be the third time then I

Think we’re getting a call from the care center

The seventy seven year old client he’s hitting her emergency button that here that are there they have been over in line with her actually arguing with a male on thing in both of those two and the seven they’re all they’re all for that

The zero four thousand that they’d over money

And I would dispose

Of that he was going to hear again I’m fed up I get it

And thirty one is seven thousand or seven there oh they’re all for three jump on deck and four funny thing is you go to jail

They had a very want a crappy

Three three and this is for us

To show them their I want general like you for twenty

Real Kobe if

They were kind of part of a poem

Of are any I and S. and I

Are of that history Thanks radio of Arnie thirty three for

His forty three through

Yes I think you can talk one zero seven zero eight part you one else seven only part of us are now down there

How long and one of the for about a labor issue

I’ve had a couple call that that in a response the whole very had a six five five three sixty five fifty three and that and also nine three four two Pratt Avenue ninety three forty two right ave L. second front of here for drug activity involving a white van a very it is six eighty seven or sixty eight seventy four company for two things that for thirty one one and two are you


GIRL FROM with both leave two or three of what are the Smiths which when the vehicle

And she does not wish to go for will need to do more for me and

For the law to make only port to something completely you can still complain oh do you think friends Nora’s five door thank you for five our national convention and army for senior center in Cancun can

Actually forty three kids seven zero three seven zero two five four thirty three Rome four hundred six falafel

Gate still locked only between the ninth Circuit and you know something over

Which you are thank you for going to a few for a first want to be a harbor like this is becoming since midnight one seven one zero prospect one seven when there are prospects

Interest on the meat assistance to go for shelter they won’t stay there because you know their town on the way was very or forever like they didn’t know was going to

Go for sixty three zero six zero zero then we got a car all at two twenty seven hours from twenty one hundred likes

To one zero zero likes

It with a thick accent

Once assistants leave I’m sure what’s going on there is walking into twenty seven twenty one like psycho or three six nine four three

You get your L four thirty five let me think for you and her

Who are from what certain prospects are going to receive her warm report when you teach shooting well vehicles are able to

Help you for thirty six zero zero zero zero five are like reckon you’re here to go

Thirty more are

There my

Asked for their use seven code one at Western seventeenth and that last one one seven and thrash it has a back on a white female wearing a blue and white striped hoodie shaking and laying in the street possibly being D.M.S. in or out as well as cold one can seven zero two six seven zero to say OK we’ve got three more Jordan the blue and white striped hoodie though we thank us for thirty three so we know she’s still on the ground of the walker and had to call back it came in at four thirty four and she said she was laying in the series of

The Super Bowl going but you’re also still too so the three zero six seven eight five seven triple make you a voice you know the informant please be get them on the call back

If they were able to tell you their drug sure read on one from people

Yes she’s no longer in the area but if she was rash

Here and saw this cat it’s ninety five to ninety five and homicidal and you put yourself out there for twenty four sixteen male pride not one thirty eight black over Brown twenty one seventy six less thirty first three four four one three separate her Union Robert four four eight one to sue joy they were idea

I was for a watch Oprah with

Your case were forty one and three to copy and one more from our

Sofa to a Southern some four nine eight seven nine Mrs Lloyd write a letter for say wasn’t Sonia

Yeah and Tony Emery away at seven twenty four seventy seven thirty nine female four ten one fifteen our brown twenty one seventy six Les thirty first three her driver’s license number is Robert

Six six four three seven five

Joy three zero am

Hoeing for a forty five acre to sell by P.P.O. paperwork you’re OK it’s for forty two very good ordinances for

That we thank you for forty

Year long as negative eighty one thirty five thirty one point four zero but as you

Heard her for

Her measure

Of her mortgage she rolled her eyes of her providers

And sure

I don’t wish to rid of

All of it or it over

For her

Three four there are three easy one for thirty’s or a very equal one for check for three people outside of here yelling into the firm in the area

Very had a six nine one three sixty nine thirteen notice the other four thank you for voice for projects thank you what sixty seventh place in store was six seven place and store and was sixty seventh place and Star is singing a stolen Oh wait black Cadillac escalate in the area has a fleet of Henry Barney George ninety three one when it was taken there was a loaded three eighty Black in pink handgun and it

One David thirty six handle the report it’s not in my room yet to see the title or is it our report number was one four six nine nine eight again one seven dash one four six nine nine eight and when you get an area you can find it I can call on Star they can make the horn go off in the lights flash it’s a two seven zero two seven seven zero three seven

Thank you for forty six

With the refuse arriving if we were

Running pretty one I’m on with I’m certain I was going to put the hazard lights on no horn less you got it already or three ones for us yet you have you already thought I was on my level with them for now over foreign films immigration and on the advice

Yes they look Asian before you think it’s Court and then they never turn on me as of late yeah I know I know it’s unfair and sort of

You don’t want to as well you

Know the lawyers are fine there’s no noise Yeah I know I’m not doing a horn just because it’s in a residential area now I’m pretty confident thanks or is it should be archived in there for a farce

You can

Talk to she said in the crosshairs of might be too expensive if I were

Going to shape it

The price you

Complaining about are intoxicated son here in a parent’s refusing to leave twenty nine year old male fanatism named it devoted to Cat seven zero two three seventy twenty three

And then for your list nine one seven He says while five thousand and seventy one hundred and fifty and he was my atheist shelling front behind the counter motion the whole three as that

Zero zero one five seven zero one

Group or two or twenty eight

I’ll pursue as a dish for forty G.’s are no longer in the vehicles locked in arms for the market for a

Hundreds if you want to get it for hours

And thirty one radio and thirty one

From a district never seen a vice

Just complete it for forty five minutes

They’re going to die for forty nine so there’s no report connection with this one

As an eleven F. or fifty or if we take thirty one or two

You know they have boyfriends ready for pick up

Those are we go from zero to group then you go to anybody one for

But yet only that was right around a quarter to quarter

Twenty three hundred thirty nine for a date but if you go if you have it now

I missed all of that than antimissile or he’s trying to pull the girlfriend and children out of the house

Says that he was involved in a shooting and

He’s outside in the city right now

And I work out a health reading of a woman one of her growing for

Well for one of the

Parties to person refusing for three nine one four three nine one point ave you know that’s right very right there as you need to acquire a prize male by the name Eric Brown is refusing to leave her you know this bit of I warned him or are wearing any to the river where the current There are things that milk came into her year that with the unit

In the background they were the singer was intoxicated

Her from leisure we have additional foresee for which one is good

Will be

And you put us in route to the marginal fuel for fifty four thirty six thirty if you are ready to run it which were


For fifty four

To eight to nine zero thirty seven seventeen thank you valleys remembers how in the area after an argument

Is found very ends are and saying that there’s a black car that he’s going her he’s sitting on the ground trying here

That goes to have a seven there oh it was seventy twenty one right there Bill you know and

I think that’s four fifty five but if these are older just

Forty Thanks


Different when I Will can you write for The Master and serial one the thing there’s a very more red one one thirty

Seven S four fifty six seven one one six two eight and serial Avondale one sixteen twenty A.M. serial Avondale

Courtney Palmer

Thanks to the falls as by her live in boyfriend of Highland Lattimer twenty seven year old male here muscles are you

The male is still inside of here and the female is walking back to the focus and

The like the dickens that was the thing she is whatever and whoever any three sevens is that will that act for that so call as if you have one have a seven very very one seventy thirty one she says of the hour for a popular thank you for fifty seven forty three generations married for fifty true until sure your

Perfect Job harsher

And I

Warrant for her I’m going to tell you like oh perimeter hard yards around this intersection are for or smaller

As I got so I got to use one of these and upgraded parking my later I had forty five minutes go by Rocky River I’m sure it is very out her happiness tree lot happened I wrote the latest one the call for separate Do it goes you because it’s dark quiet cabin running hot for the House of thank you goes a coat for parking violators of a coach you on your own trouble your wishes will this make the being a part of our order or our words somebody threw

Them by rule who march your hurdle to march

Or ours could be one of those hooligans OK I think there and I just got a lot of threes out what I could use I guess I got three five come out of forty five you’re a couple that

But there’s five there recorder around the area

And we enjoyed

That we didn’t hear any additional

Banging beautifully with that with all the

Time was four seventeen right now five o’clock and era one for

Me thirty six the horns go on in the lights a freshman OK you get your where you are different from the saying I’m not along

The beach

Or somebody you’re rocking here anymore

You know you’re from I’M GONNA we’re all three eighty eight let me go ave S. made the location of male Aspen a place he tried several call back nobody picks up one three eight Flamingo asked me to write and I want my number seven zero two four seven eight

He far to go do about a half hour old nothing but fire you know

I think bonsai will get that real one Barney three four used a way not a tall order to lower the director here

OK you have other what I mean after I’ve got my will monkey whatever it only took an hour but we’re ready to go on a few minutes now looks like a seven hour


For fire proof were

From of his or or her fruit or her or her three thick

Yes those figures sixty five eight six seven six five and sixty one six you read existing and there are thirty one I have used I have three cats that you six eight five eight six seven six five and sixty one sixty years just analysts were sixty five it took for the thing I’m now going all the evidence for them

That I think the other two years who was six seven four we had of course before or let her have her to have her on carried out on the revised and broke or the CDROM Thanks have a yes file for your values and they then get this right happy and title for

A moment it was still going on my side of the car

They were traveling Why front door might be in there were going might be behind this big fence here if it was McKinney and wrecking our right I think one of them from us is in that one tree all right estimated as three seven one nine west one three three if we’ve been up there before thirty seven nineteen with one thirty three between Cooley and Wesley I think we did this earlier and I want to know exactly vacation about number of seven zero three four seventy thirty five or go through but seven missiles in the near

Just like possible five percent ready

To have different brush measures in your ear to me in fact you know we met through three radar humor through a native New Era which remember you know her handle We’re me completely over here I’ve been able yes time three five zero five and that’s fine and X. neighbor ninety three and sour if you’re right

Life is across the street from two one three eight West ninety third Street twenty one thirty eight West one three tween sour having a Vulcan cart see Harding a Jr D I N G Miss Hartings as available as a street is a black male is drunk and he’s been threatening her on a coach is no clothing description his name is Mike and suspect that number is seven zero three five seven hundred thirty five

Seven itself

Thanks very much five zero six zero four and the body part of us from Delaware urged every three on scene zero coalition zero zero zero zero


Zero zero zero zero


I think it might be for our time now five zero six while we can lower this back down all coast for about two and check out your IT S. A west of rock you’ve ever there’s a truck of half on the tree line happen the road they try to upgrade to a coach is always trying to fit on a coat for a party by that if you checked the license given the number seven zero one three seventy thirteen for to go far I’m furious west of Rocky River

Bill thanks Jeff I have zero seven zero is that it’s

Ok for it from your house for a rival


Important number or informed


Ready or warm or warm or warmer who

Want to know well who the owners are for

Or any of your

Everything For example for reform for free something for reference this thing for you know one

For more rugged know rather than things that are more remote for make

Friends with permanent

Here are really seeing a friend back from her home or prosecution off her War I remember her from cancer for a while since

Haven’t I

Seen Nottingham want to

Get more port shots from point

Three six one

Thank you forty three to radio

National Cancer seven zero two three we have information receivable Hardy’s one intact male is just we with a silver girlfriend

Themselves and complete two seven zero one five and if it’s not their take on him as any answer in the first one

One E three for each one zero one eagerly for each one I want to partner Number three Alberta is calling isn’t going to ever sister’s apartment so is yours all the by the sister’s boyfriend an hour ago that was at the four twenty one century still there she’s boss you waiting in anything else I’m wondering caller in the little park area in front of the building code three it’s seven zero one eight seven zero one E. and then if you can check on your way back down

Fifty seven o eight hot that Emanuel

Five seven zero eight nine Mean Old Van Church or no Morris Cohen wanted your report for

Damages for when a star no response on the call back

To survive it

Code for a minute good for men for one for going for one for defense of the good search five folks are Jack the would spring hotel over there on Emerald Parkway

Shannon says he’s being threatened not a code one

Actually works there this was bringing hotel two zero eight two nine Emerald Parkway collar as an employee twenty two twenty thousand eight hundred nine Emerald Parkway would spring hotel for Jan and she’s an employee says her live in boyfriend is running or a black male that has guns locked in his car

Actually to come around to the back because no one is there to let anybody in code one of the Shan Everett threats with guns locked in the boyfriend’s car the number seven zero three eight seven hundred thirty eight victims got one and there’s a male I think but he’s in his room Room three to six unknown how Shannon works there and those are that’s what we got was bring suite room three twenty six but you have to meet at the backyard if you were there OK thanks boss but I think that our summer on a very

Very long party very far parts now are getting of life very time he’ll be out front in the lobby she’ll be at the back

He’s wearing a Vegas future OK OK once a lot you know one of the back are at by picking

Holes you run folks who are poor Harbor run folks who are poor roll

Over her or her

Rear door or her where one of the very nine that recording I received diagonal how yeah the starting is a twenty one thirty eight was there ninety three and she’s talking about the mail cross a street you want her to come and see

Yeah you just arriving yes you get a call that there was a

Lovely morning I think it is you got that call back again I think the times are five fifty well you know already very formal

Suspect over several

More as you want for

Him and also last minute gray Nissan Altima

Yes it will be a small park here in front of the building a great event sarcoma

If you can what I’m hearing right now

It’s going straight to voicemail or as I can move you know

A parking backwards for

Both units are something for you

Or is urgent we

Have a king and thirty one seven zero zero four zero want to send out assaults all the wrong Friedman but she should be out for the night no more calls

For a deer Oh thank you Francesca OK and six nine one four is not circle camp long you know out of four five back and more well

This one little lights and siren her horn was going off and only lasted about ten seconds for your aunt you were you know general area has been very clear as though I

Read I have a

Sense of for Wessel if you will quiet Bill thanks thanks but nineteen hours zero so I was going to have her sex therapist around here and look at the locks if again there’s a hole through or just two around a little bit more shocking over the law suit three three year finally can’t find it you locked out none with Roy do about it for sure you know OK

We was in the area of the wrecking yard for thirty eight

We’re driving around a little bit more couples businesses if we get on

I twenty one and thirty five there are what I have

Is going to be a bad editor’s area checked OK just simply and you know thanks by twenty two zero I haven’t spent it or if you want parts you know maybe they can send call for us this on somebody to check them but so if you wanted to look you know I don’t know I mean often

I don’t either but

It’s the latitude longitude you gave me was there for estimated thirty four sixty five was sixty or so

Drive by there on the way that


Really come around very well with a thirty four retriever three four six five six very

Little rear

Five twenty three sure why aren’t I


Around here

Complaining about her alcohol alcohol abuse yet

OK with you she had an affair with you notice on the bellicose improper in reverse and used her she dark her

Shorts improve North Korea’s wind power for forty five minutes all right before she announces she’s come out of our view sounds OK to me Katie drive by twenty five in a hurry this able viewer vote for it with five same three for real and mine also says the male with the kitchen a flat tire they were there on their way going home temps are all you can shorten bring about a little for one second district although i Report that

You know

I know three three gone yes there are complete over on Park Hill united to the top of the third one finance reserve ready all right if you don’t if yer a non-emergency number for

That forty five forty five sixty three four five par five thirty seven that’s nine

Have for people in the house next door to the church being loud and serving Well the Fed

Well three had a seven thousand two thousand there oh but there are still and the call of DOES NOT WANT TO COME FOR tell if you are just words or certain a problem that’s three thousand one to eat five nine fifty nine Rogers for thank you and five Funny thing a very very one years it’s like you going out or if there’s really a cave you think you’re pushing notifications or read I think Fast Five twenty eight you clear eyes only a parking lot later Iraq a river in Paris and you know they’re good and I thought it was down zero zero four because he’s a fan and then however there at the truck I’m sure it is west of Rocky River and it’s a parking lot or far because of the white Chevy pickup truck half on the tree line half in the street far from the violator no license given the number a seven zero one three seventy thirteen forgot park

I think going on at five twenty nine when I want her

Right sure for free

Just one free report in order for any for director

Who are here for so many warranties aren’t points for this you drop us a proper radio permission from our same three he’s at twenty seven a line

Twenty seven twenty seven eighty one I think there’s over you

It was very

Hard for you even for see if it ever interest you for Jews ever cheering for a go downtown office they were going to go back and hold us before a game really was going to some a copy for everyone super good for the


You but pretty ones or go home to their various rooms

Herm’s it Bernie I’m sorry one surely thirty one call are for being on welfare and for years

By now I really want to spend three three always one that

Fourteen thirteen hours where Jeffords was to return to base I’m sorry zero four thirteen director for one three hours and twenty seven

Program thank you it wasn’t anything I was Nero’s I was no

Different that way in her version actually

At least

Be safe happy and I think it

Is just verify that marking her later that year it’s just that right there right after we have a few calls he just bought for his truck and half I’m in the tree line half on the street unless he moves as a viewer for a short time five thirty secs no license given free reign thirty six Can you break for a cold one hybrid car or two sure you know if you reject this address of the house there are only four cars my backyard after a slow march everywhere you go when you think you know OK think you have thirty seven different Fort

Zulu East Varian paid for by others special for

Well this

Broke up with them no neighbors noticed that I don’t even know what they noticed that these houses locked up and he was supposed to take a punch health intentionally not a twenty that are out it’s a cold one had a seven zero for three seventy forty three OK So third party COLA so far even going so well actually E.M.’s give it to us when you see if I can figure out who calls the

TIME A five thirty eight if I will that was it OK I’m looking at you and that says thing and they have a lot of unknowns unknown if it’s intentional or accidental I don’t know if he’s right on and on if he’s changing color

I think this is the third party call because that’s what the information they have that the girlfriend that that he told her

She didn’t want him to know very well have her

Or are

There going through five just that after four very Is it three six one seven Cecilia ave no reason every four years reserve three Yeah a change gave us his phone number and it’s going straight to voice now forty thirty seven radio

These are you know we got reports here no Courtney

This return federal judiciary we’re going to concrete

Thanks if I forty hours heroes I mean

There’s already a word for make your way back into her for lunch and dime a five forty hour zeroes I’ve been welcome back you’re

Going to back

Injured that’s all because he was there while there was over hurdles police ya know threatening suicide and last

Friend there who are looking for Ricardo maybe this is from a year ago but I mean similar sounds like kind of a similar thing

Oh all the Sam were teeth and so forth the radio

The fire and all the

Crap you guys OK have a lot of air

But I really wanted to remove the traffic for once and three for a side of the M.L. Parkway this is fine if you are this

Group or any group through the radio through one of thirty three

Or four hundred one kind of look so you can markedly

Three bodies or three seventy five forty four views they need advice on yes lower the number of has always B.M.I.

To zero eight to nine the Emerald Parkway

Joy twenty nine Emerald Parkway before I don’t have a massacre pressing our supervisor event number

Seven zero three eight seventy thirty years ago but

Thanks I guess five twenty five that way yes great novels out of the city hall

Will tell us of the fact that he would spring hotel

I forty five it was the safest Mortimer I was you know save the six thank yous are at five forty five protocol ready to their devices at five forty five forty three to radio

OK from

We have enforced the for always warning to vehicles were privately towed he shows complete thanks to the car and O.E.M. there from thirty without seeming to be one they’ll tell us

We’re going to have because you can get this report from earlier signed I think thirty fourth has

Thanks When you think somebody can go oh you know what if I’m a male walking thirty years and hate and they’re going to match or oh

Girl for a robber or somebody over the girlfriend found out she called back to cancel your mask because she says you’re going to take on a Metro

That you want to from your zone where fall on her Well you know I got a call that because none of that information is in my incident

Her wallet over the state I guess your birthday service they were in office for

The for the visa for a health issues you still get all melty actually very fill

That right now very well for fall of six there and a great yes around so and they are just passing that as and I was twenty straight they’re going to natural

Very very sick it is that Ricardo Feliciano

We’re sort of in the holes right now do they give them a call or a plea

Or one nine three seven any I’m sorry or one nine three seven six eight two one two one nine three seven eight to one who has named me

All while Bernie thirty six when you’re done I have just a little info for you about this guy OK radio we’re just sort of like you’re for a girl become our lives next door not his girlfriend or he lives here with

A wife and two little room and sure they’re not here to hurt them will hurt our school OK other to their idea because he’s got a prior for carrying concealed weapons and


Right there you’re OK they’re

Get on with here

Elevator now

I guess I five if you want a pretty elevator and I’m free of the radio play for you CAN YOU room and I mean Barney Henry one five four for just me to assume is in full he said the listed owner’s address listed owners bad Christian names

They haven’t changed on Edward J. Bennett time Robert Edward apostrophe Victor ocean neck showing address of nine one seven Parkway road please run for four want to

Thank you you’re welcome and also in commercial was to receive for all three can you tell me what you Miss Universe farm it over there are free ones and what one for that was he said can size for zero three that’s correct I don’t show you as an assignment matching that what was well the address that was yesterday who wasn’t saying clear that he meant it for any

Thank you very frustrated

Five days before you get a cold one than a thank you it’s on the bridge at five the real rain was fifty there in rain evidence

And I sniped thirty three that seemed without a possible deal way on no age male possible for rats but the color that gave this was just said it is the MacOS he was breathing at all he’s got his head completely took and between his legs there’s no drug paraphernalia around or anything toad still carries that in zero four five seventy forty five seventy five fifty five sales or three was the period I’m one of the oil seven zero four five ten five fifty five

Green hoodie losing is a black male tickle one seven zero four said

Seventy four he said

I said he said it’s five fifty six and that neighbors name is teach our men and

She was advised that you guys would probably stop there and speak with them but

I think

Regular for anything

Disregarding he said he was sleeping and he’s actually just walking away right now

That you share these thank you very much you’re welcome and I’m sure you want to have a closer for you

But the film OK

That’s an isolated location for now I don’t want to hang out for me that cell phone three four seven I was force not on thirty four seventy nine West forty seventh Street cycle two to seven zero four seven seventy forty seven happy and I’m not doing a lot of the other one activity seven AM Radio one and three five all the code once he’s calm and I yes guardian will of art for a suicide by fills us thirty nine around for thirty five year old male cell phone well it’s not yet a very one brain

Only Kurdish

You know Master had a conference thirty five year old male and actually overdosed that fills in a suicide I got forty three seven seventeen minutes and forty five out of three fives open but what about over time

For three radio

To forty five read so I guess very simply were to be dropping off one of the passengers of the one of the vehicles at the address of three four zero five East one trade starting milder

They said and I thought the I think in our

Very theory

That the class

And thirty five the radio after you’ve got for over thirty still a year from Sanford Florida once every

OK OK Well thanks after the five you’re a one two three and Guardian pill overdose stuff that is as a good one if you’re right but as of last one twenty three hundred guardian you know mass thirty five E.M.’s three nine and route medics thirty nine to thirty five year old male overdose died attentional bills suicide attempts one event number seven zero four eight seven hundred forty eight percent three for thirty years as excel at

I’m thirty five I’m very proud that I’m sick of it thank you so I’m driving anymore I’m doing three

Something both him and our females a couple of them all just put out a forty five back in the fourth report you know it’s one am and I’m a writer for that

Or are there one really good complete

Circle for

Three been pretty one crappy six zero four we’re going third if a three six zero force are brought to the radio plus picture get six seventy three but which one it’s give whatever you can cause a reaction around twenty three thirty three three words another server or seven saying he’s one point three forward if you want to

Forty three five percent were right or wrong because he’s very good employee of the G.C. or banker dish or if you bought measure for a late lunch or know on friction reports and evidence now him thirty four Yorkers who wants

Six o nine and thirty one radio

Shorter hours oh if there is joy

OK Thank you Mr we cave or you’re OK at six AM I think it’s one sixty two o eight think Claire that Alan with village food mart has for thank you

Ready to find a thirty four year of us having a cold one M.S.N. Money five and we’ll sell there you a little ways off

Just past due a service should not

Be very good

Thank you so our caller that one of the five analysts at the foot hills store sees the phone from there to Alice says that her boyfriend thought that her and her kids and he ran here for safety he’s at one eighty two twenty I mean sorry one eighty two twenty three Sal of the she should be here at this beverage she didn’t give anything further suppose one has seven zero five zero seventy Sissie there’s more

Than fourteen the sales don’t have a two for real lamers shows only one digit for the part time six fourteen hours X. Charlie thirty seven review

It’s rational kids Egyptian one what I’m very clear that clearly all twenty three other things thank you oh I’m forty four radio going their introduction with this genre for you up for boss of the large

Radio two of us thirty four and if I need thirty four cold ones a message there a question and a lines I wonder do you look sure you are OK I have a six seventeen in the one to go for the one rule for person to person they sing her for and thirteen her for you know there is his three two

You know the

Coroner not

Making a noise the service guys are that in the which

I have a

Violent it’s a frantic male attacking his mother on Spring Road and forty three sixes are you have much you’re doing a crisis intervention I think but then and I’m thirty four is the others yes you trained Eunice

For radio but I’m thirty four for a cold one for her from her heart

Three years ago and we’re very happy for for thank you two zero zero two six Spring Road twenty twenty six spring D.M.S. it was a slow and they’re not responding they said as they got out of the fray you know all these things I don’t want her to his mom he is Ukrainian You don’t need an interpreter he actually attempted or was writing to attempt suicide last year he is fogged in and this social tonight nine eight eight nine one zero six

Has a license to use that as well license Anissa that he’s for six hundred twenty two pounds yes OK I want to address that in zero five one seventy fifty one area is one course like the Harvard one for six and Harvard and those of us out there heard nothing else seen or heard one of our has seven there are five to seventy fifth you still owe

Three five

Percent after I rejoice thirty five I think they wanted to write in three three and three five of the of I think another call for a one for three in mile one for three in my

Saying that he heard

And can hear who the four people fighting you know see them there somewhere in the area she’ll do to radio that

Call of Duty forces down into how many times have we gotten calls there in the past couple months well so let me pull this back up but the one that I got all the info from when he was thirty says I was from August of sixteen so let me see I want to say there was only like

Parking violators something

To be sick they were out in a hurry him up reverting some property picture of all those

One of us now than before is about every part of the advisory with the basic


That’s before their day and they get it back as he him being a month from the oil there was no twelve thousand dollars taken from the house built it was one of you was a frequent flyer business and what you really is yeah well he doesn’t really has a history of I used

To frequent

I have a death that one of your regular fans a very a very for gesture for

Running three a lesson OK for the any rulings that they’re going to

Thank you think like I

Watch for folks

I thought it

Was like that twenty five for sure she was no longer her door knob over to dress at me again it’s one eight hundred twenty three Lasalle three you for advice over here shuffle this or Feliciano stirred up to this is if you want to hurt himself is really nasty B.V. horrible argument I’ve heard over far on

Well there’s

Baby Mama rocked her cheating on him and want to marry off their five year away from ship

He who them or her her or himself or anybody else he described really drunk pretty either and they are all over your

Corporate house because

He was going to the one who put him in jail so you have you ARE we talk to the wife she foreign She sure accost wrong


Rafa Launchbury to that and you know I know


Should be

First were you ever able to check on Michael O’Dell

Any kind of you know that are very good directions that will well I thought that

Looks like he got back into the black

And he does not have a direction of travel but he’s not sure where he went when he came the Rev A

Very well we’re checking on the struggle about what what her

Well for you already on that is all that cold three I’m not even worried about that I just took it as a U.C.H. they just going all the probably better that way anyways at this point I got a cold Fortman Jonathan Kinsey calling because his girlfriend at that scene threatening how many he’s a bigger guy sixty and he had her and taxi it in and he’s screwing around in a lie on the ground outside her arm you know voice yeah we all watched for Bernie thirty six there was an argument the

Usual square old we assisted

But no regrets property how do you wish for forty five at the district you’re six women


Running he is a white male that

And that no sure having it on and I or if you did a radio where you go on George and Walter nine hundred eighty three

North on one for you Jim

Left to go BOOM I guess would be a bit of a scene around trap black and hell as the family avoids he does have a you have you from Lake County Other than that second OK that

You handle that reporter earlier some of our calls out that natural run sounds good

And one of the piers there’s a great poet in a Camry with time to get an A K up here and it often took off but yes happy is a great play out of camera and then ready to fan very seriously for rental purchasers yet this devise and I that we got the bill and I just got another have one thousand amount Overleigh

We got the call from the end that you know heard the south of US for medical or another and

Well his are various other that

I can pull an early car of that and I like our men who are in one force that harbors you know by the young model you’re much every older

You know we just watched people want to acquire

A partner much clearer not right now on the security guards taking people out of an after hours

But of us now they are putting How many Herschel are

Very ready for anything having three thousand Jeffrey for the first and only goes for government and other shots where the whole charade isn’t there everyone has made it up to her

Or is Richard really rich he was three times we can break it and it was you got rid of all you don’t request in your forty five Yeah I figure a little girl if this report you know after forty five I have to be six thirty three and just seen as a just or no place like home

I know but it was again for a while it was all out

There funny him and the cattle that are there all five to seventy thousand and three five radios with them did you get a call for the for all three

Brief I want I want to hand over fifty four zero three and then from our table forty one didn’t think later dear it had over


Hours then one last past I want everyone

Around to how it all

Separate for the first just out of curiosity my cars aren’t

Completely packed there’s cars parking across the street and on the streets from the not

All night hundred regional

Yet it was very rural of our own product twenty go cylinder

OK I have a that’s made a what is it isn’t it off of it just the time they call it twenty two zero five three six right six thirty seven

Thirty six there are three seconds go long yeah he’s right about Sir you know we call for lunch you can run to one

That’s right six three by three fourths a C.P.O. sister

Such a pretty across I foresee

Have you think the war in one form and says we’ve already oh

No I’m already going to have for him no one hospital he wants to talk to a doctor and just enjoy and have a six thirty nine three thousand of all

The RAM but I know remember when I



Brothers very sceptical Zaxxon are standing right next door right across from

The heart of a convention garden frankly some of the numbers fresh out of our home of about seven of that progress from now three for your new rhyme George Jr environ he

Was on a Cell Phones for a social well disregard I’ve been mourning period written

There were many radio guys are there for the mayors the Hale County six forty seven four zero five the radio from

Thirty nine then Service Good morning and I think one thing

Before there were

Forty eight forty now six mornings old six of them are bigger much LOT of grief already how

Those are all back to the district in just completed or voice

Which or finish the Mozy only G O U G O

Three on the response of the doors will just employ

Ten hours of Senate a radio there’s a dam the thirty four and thirty seven of us

Every four Yeah vehicles hoeing their requests and then assess nine U.S. cities one size said they’re out with a disabled vehicle


Most of them are ones burned thirty four just Claire says code one thirty six we’re going to help you out in a second the reason

I do you

Answer is three three four

Three You’re good except OK I know I know U.S. cities wants us there and I knew our city’s one size

Assessed you got pretty slim

Of the civil act hides the of all the thousand and ten will his wagon a plate of George yesterday Frank success

Code two seven zero six one seven zero six one three four zero four watch George

Sophistry one yeah we can we give them a call and leave her call that the Right now no E.T.A. that was

A phone number seven zero five seven zero five

Trampy thank you you’re welcome I’m clear from your part where he’s still Wells returned or her father

Having that take a few beers or general goods or

Your boss of a mission from now on her silken armor free of regime forty four

Sixty four assess his her charge they want to write he’ll still have them for releasing the night you ma’am says I thank you for a success

There we located a vehicle where you could not hear her OK The fifty five maybe they had to leave on a

Journey three thirty seven Charlie three thirty seven

Proportion of duty how wonderful

Used to sit

There really if we didn’t is over ten thousand I think if he six tries there once and we have again I think if you haven’t used any car it’s still an area of one or three and five or ten miles that a guy dancing with a gun was in return for the choreo one from that lot for six and whoever was at the nails that was being with Dan was going to

Break down all the living area Jeffery foursomes are

Now second years on the streets

Of the French

And as a black

Male camels being in love and walking around the house what a good time as a second male and rid of those Jack thinking like that if that’s what they’re in a really

Great quarter

For they go No six a few houses from what he once Wales plus and

He did it very well and if you go back to trying for her for progress like that it’s so

Very one seventy three hundred or so good that’s right through on Sunday three hundred on a Delta connection with this one for six and hybrid from the SAT I are

Going to suddenly creating a new if I’m a first one for free my


It’s just that you get a seven zero five zero zero response from the district

And the washing radios answered for you when you get

The other guy for of excess take seventy three forty five to Radio seventy three from a row Well you know how are you happy or if you’re it was no

I said I’m very much better thirty thirty five from Iowa I mean my female

You know that’s what I think she took OK I walked around so that I’m sure everything was all right complete there are you know for I know I’m special people have been shot fired I think it goes right up to our Miles

That goes right

Through some future thank you because I know I must kiss the descriptions or vehicle of their cars or anything change or the guy that he’s on the line but is that they

Sack going to get a great pass against the male in a written blue shirt

They’re the grey car or the

And it was that thing from one recollects West Nile


Twenty one point three

Zero at Russian time on a Turk every

Mile from one point three

For all of your on the freeway on

This male or female This is because nobody disabled

And they want you to be able to know that this moment so we’re going to go off of was a rule to transport this male or female which if you want to make sure both of our men and you could


Some funds come back into the vehicle told whether

She had lost religion or we got one male one female in the back he said his ring is for you OK the car is in a hazardous position that it starts off without a row of on the right

Any of that is we nine one five likes or

One like sure that now it’s having me get in my house

Three So there’s this

Number to check for I’ll be going to Jordan or river there are no

More units on a long run

You know for me done

Same as

Sam Henry Adams make either Union King her first name is


Oh is your DAVID five five seven eight zero five they’ll be nine five not recover

Six Huzoor four

Oh if you like

Just so I know she chuckled

She technically no means I was happy but the radio You’re welcome have a lot of

The regrets are going for seven well having three already or


Been great over there and you have turned over to your medical staff were completely back to diffuse before seven thirteen

Here if you know it right

Away or number two

From hearing your baggage claim it’s not working

For you know it is for the North


Then by United

That’s lawyer I mean the research yeah OK

Sam thirds you know radio still has

A morning run across completed you know that I’m a woman and I’m her team and I’m fourteen who has me beat three I’m bridging from two week to four eighth and Adam seventeen they’ll be your crime car everything wow you know team and Jeremy seven thing

I can think is I am holding so are wanted to close to residential I’m dressed as reason for is one is almost eight hours on what is it checking on a male is trying to have her on for a couple of days I did prior There’s no you Nasser anything I’m going to try to get a phone number and track on myself right

Then something like If I don’t seventeen I don’t


If there are three shooters

So they don’t all have

Her early thirty’s

Early forty’s

There is going to be a lesser who wants a boy

Or more

Copies of

Old Rico three thousand a coat for our seventeen you said you’re going to think there’s a lot for me

You know we had a crime for and I normally work second shift they won’t take anything unless it has a gun so some you know when you’re ready to write yeah good yeah pretty much all arms and what he said gun violence OK thank you to the twelve eighty two was seventy six want to eat us seventy say ethical legal resident eight T.N.T. is calling any living room glass break it to you can’t a seven zero six four seven zero six four OK Good morning Happy Mother’s Day Thank you sir good morning to you and your partner seven one thousand projects radio

Fifty section Frasier received mail Geo Iraq short all around

Here information for a T.V. French report we rocketed

Hard and even a little bit over

Buffy for coming to my radio to stand three three

Other good for the fourth time that’s one of the Drudge Report Brian for a D.V. friend

He’s still married to

Your time seven twenty the same thirteen where you got him talking

There are going to have random thirteen or no I don’t want to complain we also have a terribly forthcoming looking or

Very real downturn then he’s going to be our Europe for her well for most part and we have a

Coffee at seven twenty one shows while we are

Well I have one for you

OK For she expected to her

Seven twenty four were just really was very known for a full year basis or

So you know or every year for well

Let me get

Her in a minute

Three hundred

Years you relieve business

Work for you go there’s a one or a good number for thirty nine or thirty in addition

If the

Forty nine zero six zero six

Something around seven twenty seven radios and I’m fourteen for a cold one male with a gun unless you know I don’t want to give me a minute and that I’ll make it so that

Thank you

And thirteen I have a right

This is a car that radio to Adam sixteen I record one for you when you write a copy

Or think think you intervene thirty three fifty West five nine place thirty three fifty West fifty ninth place the N. is Colleen check for a male outside with a gun he’s black males as a green Saturn truck he hit the collar was a bottle suspect as are all Jackson then we got another call black now walking around with a steel pole it’s going to be a one Kennedy seven zero seven three seven zero seven three

So early in the morning just as I’m seven thirty that’s exactly what I think

It’s going to be at thirty Q sixty four west ninety ninth that’s three two five four west ninety ninth it’s going to be in the middle of the street there we have a male and a female fighting

That’s e-mails us all you know they all wear the board they always wearing a culture blue jeans and the female is wearing a white being top in great hands and being Hughes can you hold the line your cat is someone here else that until seven year olds have until

Three seven car oh the advice I go very young in our shots fired

Her helping her

Freedom one player for good one fifteen Eastern you can just are each three zero and just are the most thrown over her

Silver Chevy and all Muslims played black male driver black female victim like female rejected jeans but now worn all black and red

Female is now up towards the gas station

Was a can only come across the signal not going to corner to meet Sylvia but Purdy one get seven zero seven six seven zero seven six

You must infer go on while

OK We have a

Morning search I mean very first who are just arriving right well is that right so for arriving at the party seven thirty three

Seven thirty three B.P. gas stations over vehicle no front plate you know the inside

Job twelve a radio you know mess rolling this way

Jeremy No he’s unable to part of the year which is a very very probably one hundred five years are

I happy for the ways reverses and if we go from a very very small ones or is where your marriage to your ways of what you want to want to

Have a good morning from going for three in fifteen seven thirty five so I would have been there

Thirty dollars yeah I’ll wait in a row

OK about

Seven thirty said that he’s receiving threatening phone calls from the family and daughter because three get sick seven seventy six seven seventy three six hundred we assisted on never calling for her to have me

Seven thirty seven twenty three sex

Heavy narry anything for the man with a gun radio then I’m farting no suspects on

No call going to go to

The only thing here that we got but the Seems to be pretty

Well here right now

We’re hopeful Murphy fire trucks are the morning think you have a thirty eight

Photos but a little

Earlier Than I’m slowly agreeing

To go to the heart of


Damage approximate age for them now I’ve done a couple of Jacksons over there fucking Can you have E.M.’s that often gets the price kind of passing out you don’t have several That’s right into his head and I hate it big lump on it I happy and fourteen that explores and route I should be tall enough for the freezer maybe

Three for the area up there one for three in harbor now

So if you’re me going to this time show can tell you that those tricks from the source on a report came when I was in

I’m forty four Charlie fifteen radio we have arrived at your age of forty two we were in Iraq you know

I well radio I don’t make me think that we have to thank you some forty three

Partition whatever that final shot fired around the crime problem down there six five thinking down a seven of sixty seven

At forty three ninety three when it’s in a four part column is now good morning ninety three never the tunnel for some of the other thirty seven eleven he finished there St John a concert located a victim to your dinner in a carefully

Carnival ninety three you have been very happy with ninety three you have been very popular that you were going

And had to relive in a decade seven zero two seven zero eight two OK

And forty Vol one for her or her supporters fourteen fourteen were on the once or fourteen fourteen with for no one for any case

Any darn things from the Air Force Base and the

Right answer and for instance American or in them are

Not cowardly from ballroom so it will be


Problem building permit of

Saturn you jail them forty eight oh OK thank you he’s gone well I was resisting Was it

Seven zero seven three seven zero seven three in your town the same system on and thirteen in of one of the complete if you know where I’m fifty one I’m sixty four called you

And I’m alive and I’m going to have one Faria

Well I’m going to be sixty five eighteen to try apartment three one five six I want a Detroit apartment three one so I and then I’m a scholar want you to check for Johnny Lewis Jr a black male he is wanted on warrants

Date of Birth is going to be eleven want to forty seven the socialist two eighty seven four zero zero two four one that is going on and you go over the data centers where in the reprise a lot

Of that I thought was just it was here it is with just an example robbery but reported having it on the things are

Still at four seven zero four I’m sorry that been zero seven for two year one seven Charlie Robert Varney seven for three and it’s good for her case he was the color face the male was sitting out front and then only nine high and aim for Gore but the fate of George Jiang due to one one this male dancer does listen to this I’m sorry I was like and listen to this address it’s a two headed seven zero six seven seventy sixty seven

Tim is a

Judge of Jordan

If you don’t have it I think for me how the numbers for showing growth but out of seven since he’s not

Part of the

Information on it

And never did you get it with anyone they definitely have seen it wanted to go for an authentic R.V. I think that

There we are familiar informers you for being the reason for the flea requests that were with this group initiative were paid and I give them a thank you than fifty from a district where we have one which one has given freely the joys of really very good day every well as a thank you to seven if you

Can Tell me why this number two one six one two five one two three do more of

The high

And sure the for her or interview her

Or do your thing school for Michael

Or for him or gorg the red neck or Grover roll in the fall or winter Murphy’s two term writings of the for


Getting there thing that opened up to us is a follow on that he put up and that

Is that it

Was a

Very sever I’ve been really the US factor for

Both their junior

To eight to eight four zero five one they defer to ten or seventy seven six three two or five black over brown anything else any are the number it is going to be Robert Sam eight three seven eight one

To pull you out of seventeen Ayers to ten of twenty twenty

You’re welcome sorry for him but

We were are those were some fifteen and I’m going to have and for you at least right now

Only after that holding up with you on Wednesday night and it is right

For be you landed I’m in employee need a

Report report for her vehicle being keyed it’s a four day seven zero five three seven zero five three

Thank you it’s going to be at West eighty eighty nine and iterate at the very worst that’s West eighty nine and it trades at the very Mart he’s even promised

Me that she was assaulted by someone in a great car with and when those

No further evolution he was on come Iraq or it is it’s going to be a cold to you you’re going to seven zero eight four seven zero eight four zero six and over here

We don’t think you know what did you get the numbers taking

Over the elephant in


Mail C.E.O. are you

Happy that you know what I don’t there it is OK for disregard

And oh I don’t want you know right there going from over you know I’m going to have information for a phone on us the full report for this caller and the mail on the mail us you know you feel Thanks for the other car E.M.F. was on scene in transporting the mail no Metro a don’t to the phone on a cell phone he’s going to need something that is

OK but then again thank you you know

There was reason the fruition

Cereal for

Jones the Internet or you know for those who still sitting in the


He was sitting in



I was fourteen never went for you started your veins arriving or right in fixing

That you know five

Really really went for

Fourteen when able to have a coach who for you

Surely they’re going to write you

Can I think that if you are on duty how are they asking for and calling and make sure yesterday forty one thirty four thirty eight twenty two negative eighty one thirty four twenty seventy seven

I can’t we can’t be having you you’re welcome

I know what you know right you know what time did you get a call one second area just or hour fifteen I know you said yes I’m going for a talk up it’s a complete it you know nine if you go to six six three zero big then six six three zero over and she misses has a little there she has a female and she refused to leave it’s front of her brother’s female or no richer refinish is redeemers and Angelica

Because three get some and they’re all six two seven zero six two and then you know just that one for you go in there every woman runs their prison or at least at most of it I guess I got to see what I get out of

It you know they’ve been fined a hundred times

Going to be sixty four hundred sixty four zero zero That plus side metal bill is hauling think there’s a male pushing a shopping cart white male white jersey with blue writing threatening goes all the hole with a shovel and all her damage a car he last seen walking north bound and sick he

Has been out everything in his waistband but no other weapons were seen as a wind had a seven zero eight

Seven zero eight

Happy Mother’s Day Tell me I know I have then

I don’t have already three I want to

Enjoy robbing

You know the chorus of three I want unity thirteen you know for the cover three I’m focused on the voice you know Have you thanked him for playing Radio three on one five go yes or we’re going to be great at chess or

Employers Eve actually is going to be no

Well parties were in fact

And they were if they were seen by fire any amount of refrigerator out of twelve or fifteen or three on one five hundred fifty I don’t for one hundred to receive

A fucking

Under me and that’s not responsible to run


Dreams will be closing out it if you

Complete was one on one hope most isn’t checked OK reset the alarm handle

I want twenty six who are no different you know I let her for the better term there are


Credit for having a thank you but I didn’t want to have thirteen for a cold one of us thirteen searching and I needed a response asserting thirty was full of R one three three zero west of our apartment one of the two we have far brought me bills and calling and I was her missiles son his name was Haven’t assaulted her daughter they said he just literally he was a BT and he went out of the House he’s going all black and black

States he has a bad polar disorder it’s going to be a cold one can a seventy ninety seven zero nine zero and even though I’ve been there and they were fourteen they’re fourteen credit properly eating you know since they’re always definite That’s when you know that

They need and say I have a close to and a close race and and I think we will deal with everything that we are able to deal with proteins that I haven’t and I’m Stan Grant and I’m thirteen for sale for him for the right since they’re going forward curves are going to be Army for King running of insane and people are going to be with thirteen for never met

Some person probably walked me through because I have a feeling I’m holding one of those three most innocent from Canton and Hernandez Sierra who has Iran the name and our standing in the US in person or for so maybe I don’t have the names all right I don’t know but she doesn’t have a call there so I can’t verify

The code two seven zero eight seven zero eight

Do you think when five think the West


Take half an acre for thank you eight hundred one

For more than call fifty two or four


And of dinner area as it’s going to be easy oh I missed most of the sample are these levels to thirteen radio or doing traffic stuff of really know what things are civil Riyad last three and one but wasn’t so different union Michael nine zero three seven basically

He went there to radio

We were all members completed already Paul Harvey thirteen

Barney fourteen David fifteen David sixteen

David fifteen and David six zero probationary officers were there a few Oh and you know one person for face and you also have an Adam fifteen now in service I got a funny thing for radio

And for received caller was you know a victim you know

Musically that way because a lot of actual degree once a contradiction in this can be attributed to chronic existed yesterday two seven two one zero

So it’s going to be a third just barbershop seventeen Central Are you ready for the numbers so

They’ve always go well the numbers you know difficult one they got yesterday to some two one zero Central

Two one zero Central so they’re just the barber shop for A.T.C. You are key holders are spammy twenty minutes from one for your to me grip early one eight seven zero three seven zero nine three your program to yesterday to get very serious if we could

Be for you for seven more users on her for three quota of overtime for what is going to you go down that I have you for you want to go on go or I present no I don’t want three want to be two one three one and be

At a car letter calling me and them she was passive I guess you know to have Lex email in a and have black but the Radio City black short she’s of Lady and there’s a baby with there and they did that as a baby had a father her he still is that the house in the area so one can’t do that and there are nine steps that in four we are going to have another report and the males of the course you know you feel so many are also the second for to report now that it will Turkomans this A.T.L. or the current residents a great deal of the liberal motion the rain had seven zero nine two seven hundred ninety two and then the last one that in your own isn’t a citizen from one thousand nine hundred one miles one one nine to one miles puti of the war if the lender here she’s going to be out front building for a city she needs to

Fill some place nearby to take of the property

For seven zero

There are eight more incidents in go over very well know if any sort of very hardcore

They’re ready to know that the most that one record

Protocol like she was out here focused so far on this is a very very serious they’re going to short of an issue for some G.I. Joe you know usually they have either anyone

Or anyone there’s what radio

Were arriving at one O G seventeen know for sure a detail community did that ever going to Nelson

You something of a that and number six seven seven six you really are a tale of a thirty two that is seeing a recovery

There is not haven’t seen one for three miles one hundred three and I’ll take here for billings feel

I guess we’re going to see everything about you so then I think you want to recover her available you know just realize I have no view of insulin here never I

Never seem to forget that animating residential I’m caught him

Doing a morning

Thank you for finding a size four five a side that was seven four holes that residents had in vessel and homes back door to have seven zero nine cans of disregarded

The law thankfully a thirty four around eleven eleven you have a variance for a lot of hard labor and I want to know it’s a ninety one in hope and just for a guy

Cutting the grass here on a vacant lot

Three seven zero seven nine

Summers working or you know like you know part of the color I know for other colleagues the city lot and he said because the grass that is

Of her for that eight thirty

Two questions

Because three get six sixty three six six eight three you know just the one for you OK you said this call came down yesterday

Yes or just route at twenty thirty six going around shift change I mean twenty to twenty eight hours left

So you’re out at eight thirty six or

One two for a couple

Or something or other the short we want to work hard eight thirty seven thirteen and

Thirteen eight thirty seven three am for

Grant three I’m full of the first one is going to be a purty warning morning East seventy seven split morning east by the seventy seven but look for a Deep South in the middle of a freeway you know than five front for ever sites many Purdey one you must notify at seven one zero one seven one zero one one one for your list it free one seven for you sixty six free one seven forty sixty six seat tree I’m think Davis for me were trouble once make arrest report said she called last night the go free at seven zero nine five seven zero nine five never to

Be thirty nine

Eleven there have been a whole a very nice

Game of thirteen I have one for you when you’re ready to copy

But it’s going to be one of those think Oh thanks Parker That’s one zero six zero six part Hearst you’re going to check with the female there he wants to

Hit it

Cadillac has a way that you reported so and it was recovered her ex-husband brought it back in and it had a hand got in there and he just wants you think reports say that he got the vehicle back it’s like oh three Your cat is four seven hero seven five seven zero seven five All right do we know if she tried to turn the heating on or if she just and that was in there or what of the oh if

You’re saying that it was recurring whether the it all began with a vehicle or is he saying she felt he was taking with the vehicle through their cars I’m going to

Want to make sure you know the process right prefer

To eat the I’m actually zero to eight

Then the next one sixty joy Perkins or six to zero eight Kirchner replace hundred

M. M R code for good seven zero six eight seven zero six eight What’s one for you one hundred five in Quebec one hundred five in Quebec going to be a burnout This is from second shift to a should be good to go to tow now the newer model that I did ventured no claim people

Actually have a place for me Frank Frank we were nine nine seven zero

Zero zero zero four six six three six

Nine nine seven zero zero four just six six six six six six eight six

Program her

Retrieve her

Coat on the first one in half was called three you know put on curvature it a forty three birdie fifteen going and the West sixty second Barber ten Well I think the second Barber ten they’re giving a address of thirty I think he was sixty second on Iraq

Tracks say there is a red vehicle on the train track it’s not at the crossing it down further it’s a one had a seven one zero three seven one zero three eight forty three who called the shooting was just rows from Pearson which

Passer by they’re notifying right now OK

To eradicate Mitchell of total repose our driver early forty four

Can’t began the black intersection I don’t have a call back and the sound of a still there

Is that it’s a visual So three seventy seventy seven zero seven zero two Mary when he felt he Hoover Anath Nick Edward Frank Frank how he

Already twelve to radio to and I’m seventeen for a coast to alarm Anthony dim party can’t any West forty for

Thirty one E. five West forty first three one eight five West forty first at Lincoln Park again to me Heber security is calling in at least Jim ocean it’s to Canada seven zero nine eight seven zero nine eight

Eight forty five

For three or four

Then forgeries if you have to move block and come your way I think

It’s not a priority for those going to find them now how they have to refresh your or if it goes do you want me to send a one man over there or the vehicle fled but the call just came in a couple minutes ago

For three hundred one men over for port leave their clothes do

OK ready to Turley well for you

Go has one zero seven fourteen have away one of seven fourteen Hathaway

Imma see this she’s ninety six she said of blackmail that has a heavy Bill Gray closing so her vehicle female fell on the ground she was trying to hang on to the car we’re going to have E.M.’s go over and check her out it’s an Acura silver collar she gave us late of Adam zebra X. ray eleven o four which comes actually not found and they were X. ray eleven o four and it went down half away made a right to one only five minutes ago just to get seventy one zero four seven one zero four OK we’re going to say that a forty seven in his

Pocket of his own hoodie what it’s supposed to be a pellet gun so anybody runs across we’re going to tour around here if you pre-compiler No Have you got a forty eight

Thirteen If you have even if I’m in

Jail in thirteen

Simers or in a one man yeah that’s the firm it is as a call figure was updating the assignment it looks like there’s possibly a robbery the female is trying to hang on to the car in the mail was driving with her dance to it but all that I mean she’s made sure to maps or fire we’re going to check her doing her


Know which are going to

If I truly twelve in route and medic thirty is en route

Caracappa the two occasions when all seven fourteen Hathaway’s one hundred seventy one or half away are they radio we will need that information on the truck coming up one hundred in the computer

Copy that I have asked is one four six nine nine eight that’s one four six nine nine eight and the woman’s name is April June at recess no six seven zero four

Colby court sixty seven zero for Colby court colors thinks that there’s two black males breaking into a vacant colors out front he’s a Hispanic male wearing a gray jacket forty seven years old no description of the male inside it’s a two headed seven one zero six seven one zero six

Eight fifty seven eighteen for a phone call and I think it generated Jad

There’s a butt naked lady walking off Roach and what

We’re going to she was


I gave

Her the mother there right you know what has he

Was telling

The Glendale Glendale progeny therefore to order everything here of the United the mail very

One for as a member of

Any other kind if you areally in Glendale to give me and that I’m facing a lot of our I think that the image has been out of sight before we get it right we’re just security

And you have what you’re saying

Earning one voter if you don’t have

To notify the railroad there’s a vehicle here and it’s not on the tracks but it’s close enough I don’t think they could pass something or felt southern has been notified they are stabbing train traffic you know that vehicle that you

Force the walking or it was OK

Who pre-board off on a given

You know radio is even reburn is George ninety four and was right here still has a more than an eleven actually your alarm as opposed to fourteen zero one eight five five seven for being in country that’s the name of the business fourteen zero one five five fever security zone if it’s in the three seven one one one seven one one one was ever received then you know all the way in

Traffic that plywood all I was unable to get injury we’re you know we’re pulling forty sixty can’t be any fifty seven if you can it’s very eight thousand you could be zero zero zero you could see pharmacy well just dog grab a bunch of high detergent pods took off running it pushed some people out of the way in the process

Before you know it was great and bluejeans of the stock

Go up and

No one’s injured is last seen eastbound on Kearney

Because seven one one zero seven one one zero therefore show you right fifty seven it’s well I talked to the firm in Zurich Homer and right roughly we see four compact don’t


That one zero seven two so they want a high fix on it right yeah that’s an estimate of Loki’s And he also said one hundred five of your ear All right we’ve got a fifty eight and that’s an

I confess you know yesterday that’s what we’re going to be right in our current record

Incident number I’ll do a call back to find out it just gave you as if you have enough for your cult like this Ronald Reagan who are hurting under your ear

From apartment one to Mr Lincoln who the right men are Been there are characters

And I remember and I’m Victor X. ray eleven zero four and the directory eleven for Joe It’s all there for you Evelyn Davis Evelyn Davis there was

For a while

Once a very well by how hoarse

I see if you do I fell for Kathy Morris of generative when I would stand by for a month and it was that was very easy then three fifteen I tell you that question or not it was received at three fifty there’s that said three fifty nine

And I don’t want their forty Grammys animal album arriving and I also love the skull figures of well yeah Thankee said he was coming out

Early here

For a question for her before you know just a burger you know

That we take the interface where your photos are to voicemail if you face the floor and face the floor but there’s one if you don’t call them you know it’s crossover

Of a horse eleven

You are at seven zero for Colgate Court correct he says he’s it’s the alley he’s out there you know just the mentally I walk over there

Take it easy standing out front and back and I know for you

Know you have results already broken as if a thirty five

I don’t foresee here she was the vision is

All going on issue with y’all going well right here now

Palmyra I will you know address better with geo

Harry for only to return my position for a few minutes


Face the floor as

Checkpoint for clerk only

Our hearts are here her

Already our price our first of all the radio

Cars I praise it for are they trying to harm me yeah very young for the make of her go to oh yes or no are no more oh no or about for us a week later yeah place thanks you

OK free Davidson’s you

Visited me

Baby does you guys know that employees all around here Ses notified twenty seconds just for you ninety six eleven

From the world and actually probably not going to be here

I gave ninety five thirty four seventy six is from the first

That is actually

Basically what I’m going to be an alarmist alibi in two two three two Rockwell twenty two thirty two Rockwell A.T.G. alarm for the elevator and Jonah front door and kitchen motion heard it seven one one three seven one one three

And I don’t I don’t want I don’t know

I copy and thirteen where

Yes I mean I have near proper spelling

Missing you are now yeah i think i haven’t you that was a warning as I think I mean here who

Are on Charlie and Edward Robert and I’m well thanks

Meaning ocean ocean night

They were going to have a deal below two twenty two two thousand and he doesn’t know or social in a he was there

Totally a place of faith how on a young

In a home and he’s been away from there and you were a twenty fifth

Can you see that I guess I can be I think you know he just made it up February twenty


Just so we’ve already heard

Are there for much of true on display for me George three for a job or six for one

But if a friend didn’t

Do your turn don’t warrant or know where

Edward is suspended or I’ll let you know out for

Those of us all just as her last name is even

Just the Ph D. in this that is in the radio they visiting they tour the area legal going to be a deal later now and I think then free to know where to go ahead and who toured Yukio we are part of the mother are OK Robert Court

Fourteen court

Will be conveying the writing in the back our thanks to that of sixteen

That he had shot a virus or

A night forty different from when I was very first team yet we got a train coming that’s not stopping

Yeah let me call they said they stopped that train the train told them you know sort of a game over

I’m sorry must switch over to Paris you know where you were complete over here we’ve got to this

From other citizens but you just mark it as the G O H L three zero one five

Zero Report Are they very much more interesting

As a fellow

For one of them for all his or her heart is through their service and for a price go

Eighty five

Twenty one ninety seven if ever the we have peace but rag better says one thing

Thing on her door

That the well had on the ground

Nothing further on this in that we work with someone with a red jacket not sure

Of the mouse rather than her right has as nine seventeen incident number one seven his eyes one seven two seven burn what happened

Nine three eleven the joy we’re hearing from them over

On the forum of they can sue us they miss it was we take in also insisted and I joined ten number seventy one though not an assistant or I may think you could show me complete and anything well as if you were there for an hour and Charley seventeen year old Terry Richard and all the coverage of

Any one second

And any

Sane years in indefinite suspension is that telling me why it’s wrong eight of twenty sixteen indefinite OK

And you do see that he is G G seven for traffic right you need another car is a life of his own me of the fall

But the other fellow like I don’t even

Offer it well Bob must well respond in a far

And the lead holder of the eleven will be the recipient of the N.C.P.

I’m fifteen for one thing if you can get that hour across a number of participants in a regular series they just stop the train when they’re talking to her guys are more

Than forty five zero nine Garley one four five zero nine Garley you marry an Abercrombie Cohen she was yellin for the fleet to come out they called her back she hung up and there’s a male on scene that assaulted her in the face with a blow dryer

How in Langham’s you not answering a question there’s no description then and we were out in March for the half and I feel it in the thick ready one can’t have any one night scene seven one one one OK go home or nine twenty one you know forms there are always the old fire damage

You get some I want some I want you want to be the curtain are so

Sure at night when you do anything for me if you prefer you’re still up I mean that’s your right

And follow me

That her made for when are meant for rise

And for your love in the fleet of vehicles six six one yes really going to six six when you actually can come back when all five of the Hmong virally ever knew that their out was

Sure of this I mean if you can get down here

Because they’re either going to have to lift theirs or flip it and drag it over the tracks I mean it’s in a ditch on the other side but sometimes you have to get your quick because you know they need to get out of here

I think Marty fifteen yes just I had to tell because she’s going to have to wait for somebody to come pick her up and I thought her don’t have time for that OK

They’re in heaven

Sorry repeat that again

Was seven through seven three one seven through that one through there never pray for that rehearsal why fragments who have been three Why seven to seven three

And fourteen I’m sorry your cat is

Seven one one five seven one one five nine twenty five out of a thing on barley nice twenty five

Thirty to radio so I think they’re

In for C. for report read back to the first but this became the end Thanks for anything

She’s not in the system

OK Thank you

Judge and order

For the court that May thirtieth and thank you REAL think you are yes company and they fell

Yeah OK thank you I am from Florida nine hundred six will give the government more rights so I am checks OK with them forty nine twenty seven I have a you were OK from over here I met up with a collar We then walked to the owner of this leaking house we conferred with him went back to the house

And we all are one of the reports we recovered from copper the pump what will just drown twenty and ran away tortuous now he’s gone but I know are part of the so

Thanks honey anyway difficult to just check on her he’s mental that anyone seeing that I want for OK Shall I think your idea but you can just complete from that

Nine twenty

Six in radio but give the woman a famine for only one pending for an

And one pill suspects No I think that’s like not on scene occurred last night so we can head down there I think you’re OK Thank you thank you you’re a one Edna and the up there six two zero one and not in the US there we receive a call from Yuma Actually I’m a check and see if the and that can be manic twenty he was in route for an assault that occurred yesterday the CO three get seven one zero five seven one zero five zero I talk radio and I

Missing radio and I David sixty needed is a good nine thirty

You can join him play a half away we are going to have to the district in connection with that report one thirty M. fifteen that

They’re happy through six when you get back around once the last release is seven


Yeah this is my seventh bubble and more double I get a toaster from the city and fifteen zero percent OK coffee just going back to George Z. to twenty eight year old me on fire really status is valid no two to seven but none of it’s just friends yes he just doesn’t get a local check after dinner I

Also have never read anything about how the backdrop for a partner or how I haven’t

Got her heart were part of why are you suppose reference a fair question to her I wonder if it’s for the park or do I think that and I’ll say anytime any of that if I think it’s ever been that it is a check and I don’t hang it searching writing or

Thank you they’re going to get in the Navy

And it was in your closet it was when you close it’s illegal to look east europe print

I’m in the middle of you almost minimal

Sound that OK So there he was if I can OK thank you added that in one line

And I have five nine seven present

Thank you that is that in one one seven

One thirty three one thirty three read a C.M. fourteen Therefore Jim thanks we’re going to sell five even sixteen going on to the main campus clean clinic I’m sorry where there’s not going to service for four and a felt that occurred in the fifth District they were going over to an address you met with these unready


Yes we made Save Your Marriage been aware of any issue with a man who are having to determine whether or not they want to do what I want you

Think I have all the information in the can for the dispatcher over there OK Kathy

Thank you for Radio me if I have but I don’t read it well what therapist that show there’s already I have three for yes he did me a favor and check there was a member of the pine tree to you Jim A white man last night can you check to see his own number



Zero catfish or give me a minute to take photos or notify the supervisor to for his results shooting out here nor was it for security alarms our motion been able


Write or one of our members right information reified fairly well for info one thirty seven where is the generator of

Their fleet of regular but they are seven zero and there are seven whenever we receive from Him out of his very young men’s hearts want to have a

Little success seven zero not until then I don’t

OK You know she’s your we were next door if there was are a

Huge if

And when Yasser turning Sierra with their gait of birth to twenty two US two thousand and

Seventeen dash ten twenty second

Who are

Going around existing only entrance I have heard a variant on the door

That’s affirm the other things through before her eyes

And you are banking that the macro X.X. people are so directed in for our neighbor to get into the building or form their reporter door force a door open yes some of them are assuming that they’re not working you have to put on it so that someone comes up and used

It immediately while over half an asshole but he’s not you know somebody’s

Going to find radio havoc and suspect information when running

Them privately all

Right yes you do action with a seven year old female skirt it was taken she was dragged but is

Taken from the fifth District has just occurred eight forty four this morning

And if you’re a silver color

You know heavy set for a clothing place in Vietnam Victor X. ray one one zero four and bigger X. ray one one zero for your I think that the management eggs are ready to give you your car and your valve phone in a moment if you have athletically one and we’re looking for a

Ninety ninety seven so far Acura for your place and a directory one one zero four

Strong arm robbery from an eighty seven year old victim that was dragged out of her secret was the way this morning at eight forty four

Forty three

When one of


Sourcing enjoy more beers information my name and the OK I got was this moment warm first moment Christopher Harmer from common theory of March seventh of eighty eight OK just six to eight twenty six twenty one once I get it

Because three four things can that unwanted and the last known address

That I don’t have

To be of I will be optional someone who does a number for other civil OK may have might receive or report medic the tailors us a drink as well and his daughter

For what he called

Also confer with the the other vendor across the street very

Terrible she didn’t have a dinner permit for today so she’s been clothed

Just simply for now for want of was a little bit late to get a proper title for this happy what was she telling they were all so unlike mother they’d best OK nine forty five we’re going to use the following for service that if we spoke with

Nothing her whole cleaning there was accidental icicle I’m campaigning for the sixty to go one too far in

Six very sixty’s and I was like This is for ninety six eleven six one one it used to be for an

East to form third party car none of us are well known but you know funny Well you know ornery sweet very

I’m twenty fourth older me to go one and seven one three two seven one three two

And forty six are you sixteen

Your receiver for the mayo during you know how I don’t want to

Be at nine forty seven do you go to forty nine twenty five games for ninety five games Hartman two zero five

Zero use the backdoor entrance Heber’s Cohen check for off callers a lot of Bay you yell a milf you know three kids and then apartment I already do

Seven one two eight seven one two way before and I’m forty seven seven seven seven seven seven

OK and I forty seven they’ve already been her nine foreign editor if you know her but at thirteen males you know you you know thanks

For you know

Every thirteen the same for King Center Roger B.C.C. to radio but the shows at the Cleveland Clinic here are nine forty nine one hundred five radio if I have one additional suspect when you’re reading that right I’m very proud of our thirty shorts an aerial of the left mall director of the male culture sex for rape you know I have one thing going now what do you have or blackmail jogging you have lacking and I will be off your radio to Charlie fifteen for to when you’re ready

Listen to that call the act and then the number that he gave us for George I don’t have any further for you who is a Jew and if I were correct

OK what if that got halfway

In fact you know one thing you provided for Gene and one fifty three

You are second alarm for five years if you five

One four zero four you sixty five one four zero four you sixty five strolls country house for super secure you aren’t shown by our motion scheme unit nine thirty six zero two and some one to four seven one two four

And I’m fifty three and so

For any reason you haven’t or at least one of the ever heard from nothing or a few here and there is arson for mission I’m sorry information we think for a partial always we’re going to think

Three am false likely one fifty four it’s going to get east or you can have you can use for invasion there’s two females one and I gold colors stationwagon E.M.’s is responding

To it’s of a one four two seven one or two give me that location in place sort of a then this one from

Writing is going to be the first name of NASA last name Mark how Mendenhall it what a deal be December twenty first you’re not sure of what he or she was mourning but as you know about twenty two to twenty three years old

Nick won’t know I believe you pulled it off of Facebook or one of the accounts are fallen

Progress at

The farm he would also place leaseholder for this call we were in a twenty one one hundred seven in the hall they said Rania seventeen Sweeney offer to one hundred

For a bit of a

Lead in they just go on

Eleven to

Radios to two animal eleven

Jam thirteen radio and thirteen

But this is the citizen forty first Marine to have a cat please book a series but I’m a fifty seven from you let me know and we got information or see one car with a

Number of heights all over with

Me forms or whatever the actual flesh wrapping it was rich terms of the moral side of the row and place further off the roadway you thought it was a very bad and we got information

Will be that what he’s been advised and will be complete

Sorry you’re going to have to go all the way over to seven going to be at fifty three L. two Gifford I have three zero to Giffords E.M.’s is requesting assistance they have a thirty four year old female acting as normal Been up all night has a history of drug use is

Seen as basis

Yes I just call it they says we’re still needed she’s saying it’s a panic attack she doesn’t want E.M.’s E.M.’s is requesting us to

Assist them OK they know that we’re not going to force you to go and ask them why she needs it right now exactly I don’t know irony that is why I called and they said we’re still needed over there just as Jason was for animal Levon it is going to be able to get is seven one two nine seven one two nine

Fifty five in the choice now I think the nine probably fifteen years and is nine fifty nine

Who are they’ve been lucky to be there so the vehicle must muzzle up and

I think

I don’t have anything for you you want to drive around there image or not from home or in the streets where we sure are well I don’t leave universal of it there in fifteen radio you should read our service three and one five a complete that one hundred Are you telling fourteen percent of

Our report

Tiger to know that you and Ole You got a couple posts or if you are forty and I’m old but also have

Fourteen I got two for a full spectrum soul and when you’re ready to copy

Or if you will you will

Give each one then hike thirteen years will be changed you still have it just are sure I don’t see you as one of these if you Second them one four to eighty five to one or two eighties if you do check for a new band in white S.U.V.s the street there for them smashed in no plate information on it already or at seven one four three seven one four three one four two eighty he says

Fourteen twenty eight East fifty two one four to ease if you do exams on a one no one has

Five fourteen again a can of seven zero seven seven seven zero seven seven for your report from

East eighty after he’s been doing just for suspected stolen Ford Explorer green in color and a plate of George queen two five zero

Two in Chester George queen king two five zero green Ford Explorer suspect and so on place come in fact checker no code for it seven one two six seven one two six



Four If you from a neighbor the caller left so

Just as well as knowing well he comes back still to

Be Thank you


And he did not actually see this guy he just fits a description

That happy where you are you

Can you run out part hire for info

Oh hi our license plate George David town seven drive thru four

Or one hour

And I post here for you when you’re ready to hop a there has to be a thirty one seventy one was full of art that’s three want seven one was full of art at the C.V.S. you check there we have young black males all under the age of eighteen and refusing to leave the store doesn’t say how many there are just that they’re refusing to leave the store and are threatening an employee going to be a cold to your cat is that one one four eight seven one four eight bars so that you know if there is our government or have a

Case of You actually other computers as a as six zero but if you want it whoever wants it

The same thing

You tell sex

Drive is working

As you are leaving the owner arriving for discounts or to actually have better well be at that address it’s in also spoke to mail on the vehicle as for the moment and save your deal

In the ME for a new problem or can you please any number for this seventy one thirty nine seven one three nine three choice for G.S. arrive in final seventy five even fifteen I have a cold one and I court for missing misleading and again

Actually the five are


But can probably write

Just fishing or a different still has so many letters just as a street is just for one bridge changer kids a seventy one forty nine seven one four nine I’m sorry radio you broke off change your can ember two seven one three nine OK we’re going to for that thank you you’re welcome and you know one man they can copy disco one I have a missing female it’s a Mensa problem at the of it’s Union thank you eighty one four to one side I six three they’re welcome

Now you said rest to Gregory Griffin

Now Guy one thing and he hear you and meeting hell is complete and you can go hit with that a friend and I

Think having one ninety four zero one Nyack it’s a court one ninety four a one yesterday and I’m Charlie King Nick yesterday and I’m fairly King James Cole is seventy nine year old mother of missing she has a Mensa Her name is ethylene both Frank Ocean and Lincoln King Sam He’ll be six one six one thousand nine hundred thirty seven six nineteen thousand nine hundred thirty seven thirty one CAN seven one four seven seven one four seven female have no cell phone out or shall I think you can tell is in route times ten eleven three out of South Korea but can’t find a way for show you can go you know where you are we current

Had eleven and negative female Eagles general area is really believe voter of the mail it’s really cold neither party the meritocratic


There for Gore

O’Grady you got a copy of the traffic you know pregnant female one of the FOP it will be a twenty four fifty two forty third or a high rise building on out way MALE FIGURE OUT of the apartment and

The fill and

Here’s her formal use of long and neither party the apartment

OK Do we know actually Foley of a Mormon that the negative at this time radio critical of LIFO to

Her To morrow I’m going on last night and watch Lakeside West Nile and watch for his side across the street from their home

There’s an older white now walking down the street street yelling and screaming and throwing things he was wearing a black the hoodie and you struggle to settle once I saw someone five more eleven

Were in your time now some fourteen were under her surgery sex matched to all four to examine her and you watch until you nail and line four through six seven eight and zero three

The company and as Alliance central state alarm store while five laugh emotion and receiving those who will suddenly want force a subtle one force of your for and time sustained and easy to dos not a vision

And you can say that that was seven four five seven one forty five

All right probably well to some of you

That’s it’s as if for every hour or mass M. seven was a very sudden

Radiated even eleven for one in four is only sixty first street they were on form human moment

OK there were eleven disregard

Very generator but here’s what your point look what I am holding to one is it called three dollars thinks one of two of his kids dollars laptop and a suspect is BOWLEN But I called and located the vehicle owner those involved in an accident last night he’s coming back to pick it up but the person who called it in said it’s leaking something and he still wants police to come check it out

And now unfortunately it’s leaking something with fire check it out and now what the owner picked it up OK on that if I think thank you and also be

Careful and don’t hold anything just give it out as you get it so we can

You know we don’t get a backlog I kept me thank you for the hope one sun on one side of a one size but

We took this vacant partially

Along safe conditions on inside and in the five or to well front there were

Happy and I think very thirteen purpose to an eighty five I mean you would know better than I were you have a harness of stand

Like United important reform in the river now Sam thirteen San after her address is ninety ninety four Dr they say there is the second floor but they don’t know what apartment number workers who are


You want to cuz

They always or there of that you may be there before or

Possibly selling drugs it’s going to be a cold three Your cat is seven one six zero seven one six zero radio if I knew something was

He switched back to Channel seven

That was seven one four eight seven one for a

Sense anyone want to reveal

As you prepare

For the very

Poor us of a war

Horse of

Chicago’s Oamaru

Sam thirteen and I want to start up here I just got off the phone with universes are all viruses fans going to be apartment

Two times and they ask that you continue

Right at your san part seen as

Thank you ninety four Dr apartment to send what I’m advising you of is that University Circle is out of the full case

Was announced the they had to now with an eye so the mail has that Hayes they’re requesting that we still have our zone car respond so I wanted of others of us very important a matter of

TIME When I for one insisted as you happy they also that Robert is very somebody’s wife but if we go three thank you and me seventy seven fifteen Colgate seven seven one five Colgate or Sean Parker Ernie the report for stolen laptop and other items that’s correct is possibly one of you have it still going that are not there it’s a three headed seven one five four seven once I for the eleven copy ten and twenty four All right time Alice Temperley five six

Times my first rodeo Barney thirteen I’m getting another

Or a couple other drops as as door number

I now do you want but other areas for the drops are now

One twenty two and one sixty six are the door numbers as they gave us


Right and the Laffy and receiving notice were always go off we object mowers

OK Great between the tree in Clifton right seven hundred twenty six


Dollars for two ready

This is going to check OK it’s not parked illegally and some old timer told me he thinks of the long

Haul of the day from the word spark Holywood from a

Well then turn twenty seven and I have one Iraqi boat

That’s three three nine sir East Side two three three nine six East Side two I have a

Two thousand and two that caravan still on color that was taken

Or is the Cooper she didn’t have the plate number on her social now to get a plate number I’ll let you know the code for that on one side of his I don’t want to


Time Alice suffering in radio and I’m fourteen I’m going to have to do for you in Seven’s own less fifty seven and when I was fifty women

I had eleven which confirmed zooms only for own

District for distribution and they kept it in twenty nine

And now thirteen and fourteen is revel their forties

If it’s well and David seven seventeen two hundred if you define a

Problem in figuring of the first

One at the base I’ll prepare her


The Radio four David said I think forty or something going to have one or yeah you get that and of what he had a sister to Simon take it

Easy lad needs to make a place and report it in A B S three and a seven one six three seven one six three eleven he can put a from dream and thirty it war from

Ten thirty seven one five zero so that he either removed or not right

Things right your object your record

To no flavor

Period done seconds urns Albany’s we completed ninety three and they were on that area nine OK There you go thinking

That thirty one radio to Frank that he was right that C.B.S. director of the rail very often over

Having that temper you want review and searching for you work today

I want you to check for loud music it’s just three candidates seven one five nine seven one five nine

Ten thirty two

My ninth Street south I’m between Euclid and prospect I need to be done or sometimes I mean

OK for

The WHO WHERE ARE YOU by thirteen on or superior just a check check on the door and also I’m at personal rather than away for a side away job is very well five right you are going

Former vice use of her

Back and

Kept it there one for an


Which if you don’t interrupt and who may well from a white or medium mercury

I have a child twelve radio you don’t have

The flu does your clue before

Also because property for office definitely and thirty for sham thirteen radio

You know what your address I was hiring for five three four forty five thirty four

Five A don’t check it out OK OK So we’re going to vote for this president over here with a good interview

OK I want to

Thank you ten thirty five yeah when we got here there was nobody out here you know not screaming

Over our usual almost male

Was sitting on the sidewalk and you fit that description he got up and he moved on so we’re me as a saver generator What do you

Think from a guy with that time thirty cents short on were you five three three seven eight and where you at Lisette are you on for it also


Our part of our go through or the right figure richer or

The apartment daytimes or if that helps

Right down thirteen or two thousand that’s for four or five there you want to seventeen

Warner Wagner one one two zero yes that’s that’s the the down apostrophe Robert ocean

That George and Lincoln and on and I didn’t hear you where did you say you were every bit of where did you say you were out

Just for Dr

I have I have I thought so but I just want to make sure I’m

Is not valid

Right temporary permit only if you want a social

Two eight one ninety

Seven and I want that you Jeremy cared for was working for their child or exactly that it was going to matter bombs were going to chronic and there was a

Female standing under the bridge and confer with your her dad was like off in a different I guess working and disposed to be waiting for that round so you make it through that


Is what I received he was asked


I got that it has only

Been two thirteen favorites are you order not location near the dogs marking like this

We are over more like as much and shall have you

Have anything to do with our current location knowledge knowledge is power mates of the dog

Cool thanks them for the cards you guys have a car all replied where you’re at now

You know Sarge one in front for me having


Feel like you be of such

Importance for three of the incident number for this forty third point seven two seven seven one seven seven seven Eric having

Already overheard the oh there’s an R.V. press reports if you go looking for example that expired in April right

One of should really have warning folk least ready to have a level for a coach to enjoy who back in seventy four twenty two thousand and seventeen her consort

Florence was probably what number two thousand and seventeen SALLY ROBERTS And there are there are seven seven four three Sorry Robert there are seven seven or three and it’s her K.C. That’s J.C. want to while I like the one I have to

Show me in Route one

Just the standard will be on Roxy be used on Mom’s will be two three one two six two three one six

If you look over

Her phone and occasion I advised her that you know certainly photo I can’t make her believe her to give up anything so

Where you find out all

That just talking with you have earned their a bit loud but they’re not fighting at all but I’ll check with them if you know if I need another one I’ll call

You ten for you to have eleven

You know we’re going to still have that life but OK it’s not easy anything

Up to take some for the want her to feel right if we want to go through want yes we want and we have to raise you know her mission of off the shelf in a veterinary Nations zone going to generate and also

That way any

Present of pleasure

That’s like a copy happy direct thank you for having that yes indeed

That’s it was towed back and now I’m forty four

At the base

Is there are many there is no no

That’s no no there was this car in a garbage can across from Southwest


Really there’s a very camera saved if you don’t have to report when we drove around for that view and I’ll be going to be you go shortly after that one forty five All right

Was there or

If you were government if there was any kind of call for service over here sometime this morning the point form for example they have video shows or vehicle been taking and now long after that there’s a policeman in our front yard in our driveway I had him from you know right and it’s just we’re just now I don’t see anything there if anything already

Gone but the airport and it’s through surgery and you know what if you look at him

From the front corner this is for the burnt out right but this is for from you know like it’s good for having a for that he gave you something else that was while having pulled back for a burnout is that on your list are now official or are this without order over here

Make sure

We have a call as to eighteen to eighteen and who are not for one three zero three three five one and that eight one three two zero zero zero

Seven ten forty nine this man is going to be alive and well and you know I told them to call the lady

That’s important breeders to draw the sentencing for judges to new studies if and foresee for his

Mail then via a partially completed how they want to knock that sense that black and underwear six six four can I get the reporter for the M.V.A. animal of an ether Ixia six zero and gonna search for a male that face down on the sidewalk enough to be notified he’s wearing now he says he’s wearing jeans and blue underwear very one seven one seven seven seven one seven seven thank you you’re welcome ten think you want on out of love train went on for several of them have a sense if you want to charge their generator but have a supervisor respond for a while or not missing personnel hear

Them their king for info

Got a call for the signal that’s flashing on red all the way around just off of call six accidents for the vehicle three Qantas seventy one seventy five seven one seven five and assignment has been made up for this of the civil service well then at four to seven one West twenty thirty four two seven one West later we have John Lovejoy calling as I said with a silver Chevy with a plate of George Sam Carney three zero four eight they say that it is part of your for over three months the code for Qantas seventy one is seventy six seven one seven six you’re fourteen please go ahead with the market are going to seventy one sixty six they don’t want the obvious Think you can fifty three you called out at that location at ten forty four A.M. A lot of couples are going to be Charlie’s

Deanery destruction as if he’s a sham for generating

Yeah I missed two parties and left for whatever amount of money more than address for two that the one Wesley’s are OK thank you you’re welcome I’m something is checking OK with employees

I have to do that before he was here before radio

Eighty one seventy four can give me a call at five one two punch for

Charlie fourteen arriving on scene and fifty so far as it stands to figure out a matter if you hear these are generally you but I think if you’re keen interest see for the ANYTHING report all partially complete

Having that on that you

Wrote supervisor Yes or radio they have their crew here with us I think I just called her sister for a very

Thoughtful or do you have personal rock on to a want to

Know thank you thank you for

The fun someone said on

An hour or so of an advisor for you want to age is close enough to high rise and she should be there by now says you know a lot about ten thirty

And forty four X. that we have a disabled vehicle so if I want something off it then

I think there’s a server and as it stands or I mean thinking Can’t seven one six zero taught me that some things haven’t

And that having

Them to join or in some I don’t want to know I’m not sure if you already know about this superior at ease roadway the traffic signals are flush on

All four ways road

Trip machine no motor movement through opinion no

Apartment A lot of N one a lot and I’m sorry that’s one four one three zero Paris apartment one I want to wander it’s a retirement the cell any They’re going to see a Mary and SLED meaning and connection and what I’ve reported she wants to make about a transit matter that was here yesterday it’s going to be an oath three Your cat is seven one seven to seven one seven tail or you go over that thinking I he’s a female’s laugh a little boy at this location has spent a female wearing black thing and and his jacket thinks he is near the members of office the child is about forty five years old sitting at a red Radio Flyer wagon the informed by this scene and also they say he has three other kids with her and he this is the coaches had a seventy one seventy seven seven

Hundred workers recall I want to review I know I think he’s They got upset because people are laughing you know for calling the police on this e-mail

But you can give

They can talk to him or do whatever we don’t need to go there

That it’s as if you know I think you

And I want to go there kill Joe

You guys the response I ninety West at the West forty first and forty fourth exit as I do west of the West forty first and forty fourth exit we have a very calling she’s in a disabled a blue twenty auto Highlander is on the right side of the firm is a two had seventy one seventy seven one seventy

Thanks for the eleven o’clock for those measures are after I’m sorry go

Do you know she’s before those groups are any of us like it’s hard for you to film

Listed addresses one four two one one ninety eight forty twenty one one thousand eight months four four want to do this interview terminal two a

Warning to radio of course you never were

Covered in vehicle

There’s no color listed on the registration right situated on a service member


I think you

Know what we completed if you’re going to report complete or

If you’re not on any primary horse show us out of one text concurring from

Heaven right thank you

Caseworker to see me and then we can from what information that you and I are


To let you know not to get a lemon and call that you know it’s just for the well for us or for you for forty or an exit OK

To twenty feet if you know three so we just want to be real eleven for you know if anybody notified your signal at our

Night that your to

Operate incorrectly flashing right

Now because it’s full signal flashing or is it only good three three fast flashes there and I’m ready as a sub E.G. twenty three help us to get in three I don’t want to drive a three out of the way as a receiver you know that if I simply threw himself

He was thirteen arriving up here to hit a level

Or two

But it’s a yes it’s the last you know read

Nor confound down and off

If you can create an account of her in the inventor I’m going to have a connection with this malfunction Why did well OK it was also a Malaysian newspaper there were about one thousand think where but yeah that’s

Our government secularism a good place to go if you’re quick to nominate him you can replace going to be frank Robert Linked In ninety six five

OK Like this question is if doing three quick flashes or just a single flaw

Flashes you know only one on one three flashing red

OK I don’t but if they did and I don’t think there’s a truck out there you know

Copyright on your plate Frank Robert Lincoln one six six five second clean on a two thousand and eleven Jeep to stir expires and a two thousand and seventeen

Blend Shire Ave out of Cleveland if you have missed more it’s a drive

She is valid forty three year old female she has nine entries has anything since two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and thirteen traffic control lights OK negative I have all Mr Howard’s if I can get a Social offer Robert See I’m there all three for one

Mr Hodges valid with a motorcycle endorsement

To close its pensions

Not too bad one thousand entries and looks like he’s going to need a court date as is less than three was from January thirtieth two thousand and seventeen for speed your I can seven one one three seven one one three the court date today will be named five thirty May thirtieth

And I have a social

Yes or his social will be two six nine

Seven two eight six zero eight two six nine seven two eight six zero eight

Zero nine

Seven one one three eleven zero nine

And that’s going to be the Indian chant as well or

The same values of our reporter given

That it’s fifteen radio

OK I’m trying to do these has little call so if you guys have been out of that and for the great number of very unusual morning and eleven for

The on foreign robot

Think Yes or call you connection with us

Being the

Sure three data seven scenario three day everyone

Who has a right to retrieve her report or she thinks me already have been in one hundred

Animals and I thought that you are a fourteen I copied you gave us a single have

You seen shows complete at the Cleveland Clinic emergency room and route

Fifty two I want to know

If your receiver report we confer with multiple parties five fourteen was on scene for photos at seven hundred five seven one five

At eleven twelve


Going to

Go look at the Google map to get a better read on this looks like

We often

See their King and I think one thing and I think when we parked the delay the next justice

Yes that the boy ran the line

For that one and if we gather get any one thing that


That in

All five radio if you would show me out of H.Q. generally report the vice three there’s a non-working no signal I ninth insecurity are OK

For those you just weren’t black shirt black pants but Mayo

Showing three there’s nobody there but

I think you went back in or out of doors for

Them for those cars or oh now in

The snow or what have they can get up to the house there are on the back garden prints looking through the house

Greet you participate or be appreciating care of

Our Oh no now he

Should be at home surely just know whatever hours and try to just pull up some bands and get to the door for

Their talk

So if you are in New York play for me Georgie Brook law one four eight seven zero eight even offered the jury on motor vehicle crash will and I’m thirteen for two and insisting for

The the sixteen it’s really there you know we’re going to residence re-interview But you know if we

Had a missing elderly female function I left that the house maybe a couple hours ago I’m just trying to get made for the area where I interview and the family and neighbors over here and

You know we were for a bit where he was for us to get all up and down Nottingham Short’s twenty five and then I think Claire as well is also a partner

And of the senior when you done it

And then me when you were no turned over anything and then you know actually completed one or Mr Perth or

For that for with a start

Reconsidering here you have the four very nice

White tennis shoes kind of blue jeans

With a purple flowery to file

For eleven nine one sounds right here

We have a number of them at that war that’s going to do have a seventy three

Q seven ninety three think there’s a think

There’s going to radio and it will at the hospital

I really haven’t had a chance I mean I called Cleveland Clinic and I was and I have priorities I have to this that I don’t have a second I’m by myself I’m sorry all right there are more than two hundred

Ninety nine nine years six seven nine I ninety six out on seven the search requests they’re going to respond to this location and check for a PM two thousand so you either PM or a Ford or George the airlines and a three three one suspects Mahler’s how they said it’s going to show us your number seven one three one

That up an aside for you as opposed to the one nine four seven want ninety four and it was in action was the phone bill will the boyfriend was the first

To Charlie once I was doing a report from was forty seventh and I current one of the radio I’m out and her partner and I

Like what fifty second sound there’s thirty three forty six was a fifty second sound stairs while no heritage then need to report for you if it is any of those been keyed it’s a four headed seven one nine five seven one nineteen

Seven hundred seventy four check that hundred

Eleven twenty three for CO two

Eight three four so on Hell eight three fourths are in hell and I don’t want to hang out as I made a location and able to receive calls is the message that we get why when we tried to call them

To send a one thousand nine hundred seventy one night

And I was alone and when I won and radio to earning fourteen for a coach to say that they’re sitting in for receiving advice your own pureness reviewing no special tension court at eleven twenty one but I guess the involved in covering really are

Innocent I just believed as you go for them or for me you’ve hurt me

Very very


Paul thank you I mean you know I’ve already as I have it made all right so I have a funny that you think

There is one hive is a male of

Anything now

And I was eleven point two three holes always with

Purple that’s a long purple jockey am

Blue Jean hat with a purple flower on a gray hair

When a female can have my female program about a gene baseball gathers that type of

Thing in my mind one thing I bookish from here or in a vehicle code one to Michoud inferred was our Norfolk supervisors are

Just complete you know when using due for personal

Eleven twenty three and size thirteen or eight I know you’re busy but do we have any past perfect recall

As a service to this address going on I don’t care

If I found her there for her you’re walking I have a car me one for six for nothing prayer I think this is her animal I’ve been arriving

I mean I want four section faint clear of the female OK eleven twenty four and its name I’m in the room I attend now is our love and twenty four Charlie thirteen did you copy that yes a copy I gave are you available it over there Chris or they must only if it

Right I doubt or she says she’s trying to go to church my daughter for your own words expressing clear that’s what I think you’re And thank you I appreciate there is sixty it will be there shortly I’m sorry that my my with it off to you I got five thank you for cable was a pretty don’t Please Mr Postman often say yes to a war of terror well

Equipped now we are hoping for from a dream fall copies of the next twenty four cable show you have eleven twenty five radio reporting eleven in ninety six eleven for one

Party eleven

Yet both cars you know over West third and spare Western spare looks like you could be now by

The old John Hughes restaurant the black no corner of Blues what church green featured underneath on one screaming harassing people on the screen of people leaving the church

To mental male at seven to zero five seven two zero five this is information coming in from off of you over there

You can actually catch someone fire for

Info receiver report or headed back to to do the report

Levinson he said I don’t know but they go some calls

You know the location they

Go Free I’m twelve yes there you go running around for some Robert twenty five here where I

Can or want whatever Please what’s the name comes back to Sarah right who are all right Larry

Larry no Lauren OK their vehicle is coming back with a valid historical plate doesn’t expire until two thousand and fifty nine hundred sixty five for two door of like blue in color two for in seat France’s Laureano seventy thirty often evident if you were going for the information just as your arm delivered please Raphael if you want your old mail valid with a motorcycle endorsement with that cough an address is laugh entry was from two thousand and sixteen for

Beep ninety four in a sixty mile an hour zone

For will be our

Twenty three day visit of a Radio three day one seven they want to be Frank Frank they were

Rationed older

Certiorari are

You have any yes that’s caliber correct

Our vehicle was taken with keys that was left running I mean anybody probably numbers

I Reporters going to be one four five two three nine one four five two three nine it was five twelve two thousand and seventeen

Two thousand and eleven Dodge four door so one caller was a donor’s one the one Hampton last name is Henry and I’m Mike Hall

Ocean version is one the one George was

Edward MC David ocean we did yesterday Mick showing interest of one three two one two Christine ave one thirty two twelve Christine Ave at the ticker feel like zero zero four four one hundred five spires eight sixteen few thousands of it seem less from of in zero nine seven three and give me a couple minutes of full of performance of the victim’s phone number

That we were so different

Or worn through or just as

Though it’s art we don’t want to hear on by the

And the normal stuff

If you can do that then move your preamp through

More and total monitors walking the ground

OK I’ll get over to you me a second

And I’m thirteen and you think and if you haven’t already won the eleven a radio I have to give me info or

Female I have the name and date of birth and look of her social The have for the Internet

The name is McKay were a first name Mary ita King King Edward Lincoln Adam West same rate Robin and I’m Tom Edwards saying

They’d of birth zero nine twenty four thousand nine hundred eighty eight Radio Free choice for gene for

Barney eleven arrived in the body of an eleven thirty six Yeah well he wants to report her purse nothing she lost it she believes that Wendy’s this morning he said to her credit cards may have been used if they call for your cab number seven he won one seven he won one and three years back it’s an

Heavy one zero eight zero one one ave no one in zero eight zero one one Nat let it you’re going to see if any Taylor

Her tires were slashed on our car she does have info on a male who’s not on scene heavy It calls for your cat a seven to one to seven he wanted

One seven who and there are probably that a lot of very three

Of these ratio artists are Judge I came running out Cameron there was a Toyota Camry right there agree one


The other one you use one of those are always there blocked in right for right now here I’m not all the signs are open night so what

Are we going to move forward from all right I was just confirming it profit off their way but I question

What has your career not heard

Yet choice for G.M. I have one Freetown Sierra Club you ready for anything personal when I lived over there

But once out of eleven thirty

Five to one vehicle towing cabs or a woman thirty five

Regime thirteen you are already less of interest free or voted think free

Yeah I thought radio

We’re complete with one report at District and we are heading it down to the Justice Center for property and well I think

That this occurs you guys are running on a freeway I ninety two hundred twenty five and a you know


I think Radio three forty one six right there for her for three very thirty or forty

Words there competing for her and oh

Transport one that one male does if you follow her on that her or her brain or so on our environment our

Permanent record are

Going to find actually a check you know

I have

From a part of you this is normal only Both parties are

Seven thirty I have a cause for you and I think they’re probably

Three to four thirty eight twenty four fifty they’re

Going to see a race of our C.F.O. a friend of her house or any of the house and have those Ford didn’t have the plate ample that is like mail in a white female and also the color code to have seven lines

Well I haven’t there you know me well and the facts are her

Thank you you’re welcome thanks to radio would be really farther should already have everybody there

Are a large I’m sure he’ll have a core so simply oh my gosh we’re pretty sure I don’t know her going for profit before

It can be used on that want to go


Sure you wrote your property eleven forty some of your members were very chary very very ready for three choices or Jane Doe four eight five one North marginal forty eight fifty one North marginals if the lakes like Yacht Club

Mean a juror’s coing public school Larry well while ski Friday if it is a member of the yacht club once was bought around zero one hundred this morning

McGurk The fifty year old white male six foot

Two hundred eighty pounds if he were in a polo shirt jeans may also be a girl or if one fifty white and colors still in the parking lot a male never made it to his boat

To say

Early to hit seven to zero six seven two zero six bottles advice re-edit Charlie Sheen

They didn’t arrive fifteen minutes this thank you said she hasn’t heard anything yet but she will keep me updated I mean you you’re welcome hundred here for sure correction Mr her oh oh yes

His Social Security number

Is four three six or five eleven ninety three

We think you have a point that you are importing the channel for

It is me and we Sister thank you for all the War If you something else I believe you already have a credit for it if so can you give me that seven line seven for seventy one seventy four first

And fourteen one for

You thirteen zero eleven forty two

The same thirty five thirty for additional

To cry for

Thirteen arriving on the first A lot of forty three minutes so you want to see if you don’t get it if they were always you know just make sure you

Have your well I was working late I worked last night just this guy never going across the reader must the reader to grab him I mean who are you know now a lawyer just come and go I can’t hear

That was the musical for economy you start getting you number

Eighteen when you’re

Simply you know our person I’m going to have to fly OK give me one second for

The engineer three I don’t want five as an area I’m forty six so he twenty three guys are

Nine Convention if I get a fresh off a rubber tree I’m

Happy So my son now Felix Roseman you have


Right he’s got ten closest bunch and the status is valid

Enough to battle me even trees is socialist to eight zero five four nine eight five eight S. to eat cereal by four now I meet my very last century for unsafe vehicle from three to twelve and sixteen last move or what

You know or a few thousands of

I think you

Have to say I’ve been looking for some

Writing going job out here and wait for Mr Greenleaf order every inch of a home by himself

And I told the manager to call I have a truck in the parking lot you aren’t walking around trying to find him yet this matter of fact I just got another call and this one was between the thousand and five in the one five six he’s running he found that just passed some

Nice family I

Couldn’t believe it’s on the

Fortieth place and I

Probably won’t be able to do anything it was all dark

Trash and heavy OK when you get your car three fourteen I still have one for you he’s the kind of on a freeway working

OK I think you three are to have sixteen I have that info for you when you’re ready to copy to me for my one for two you know info for report

Of a petition photo of the organization just to please you can go over and over

I need

Clothes or even or forty if I knew the three hundred forty is running against traffic there’s that former high ceiling panels out there wait on his own car

Get seventy two three seven two two three where we had to go have several one night through and

Therefore we see four or so far from portable

Eleven The Daily twelve I am the president her alarm right down the street and one fifty second are you still over there can you just check if

Yes there were or were able to were nervous they said thirty four twenty five I think the second three four to five one five two and the well I O’s resident alarm forces going in a main floor motion it’s you had a seventy two five seven through two five seventeen and version are and was the fifty second Street Charlie tall is right there so

I actually have a use for you trying to avoid all the vacuum that’s one fifth forty copies of it in the air eleven fifty two Sally thirteen ready if I’m in that place

Thank you and then if you draw one

Three four thirty four she will find out the ones who are

Already just thank you were you not brainy find out from radio if you

Drive you

And there in another case

You got to give us an economically six zero five two free play

OK copy I got it from fifteen radio we were up there for

Part of our journey sure we were part of the

Source rocks so for me that and I and a castle church well I think there’s an intact male out front of the church shouting at the sanity he said manic male plant your jeans Campbell but to hand it three can a seventy one three seven two one three

We’re going to lend fifty five now we can for one of the over here

And a pair of the male one in our city

Her one over look form we’re going to be complete I know

You’re here at Miramar three women we love of the fact that actually Fuller will


They’re going to let me have one free fifteen and think we’re going to one five seven seven very clear one five seven five and clear for a location looking for a great Chevy middle treatment or to flee if it came yesterday one two six zero literally female disabled auto blocking traffic oh three seven two three zero seven two three zero

And eleven fifty six forty radio fourteen yes they don’t have a page and they

Can Oh he’s still in the dog for a bus was going from eighty seven on

The doctors still running

Standby radio Barney Adam Adam one six for being wary of a popular using

That I can understand you can repeat here morning or missing mail he’s coming back

So you’re more hills west address yet from two thousand and eleven he’s both have an unfit wife and he’s got a few of us that are safe Joe I mean you know I

Run the Kentucky stuff through Kentucky

I may have to call them I’m going to see what address you’ve got an invoice in there I know I’m seeing now threatening suicide she gave her name I guess before she

So they

Had to

Go to seventy once at seventy one dollars forty radio which I won for I did You can have your court completed its facts but me on the margin always say I’m thirteen and Joe are thirteen so I guess I’m over some of

Your there were fifty it’s a modern eleven year markets around we’re going to

Roll three but I want to get journalism fifty

Seventy two feet of channel three

So if you’re twenty three and twenty I don’t know nineteen you could Robert three AM nine eight now I need one I just need a male Faucheux

Everybody going to get seven when I three


I’m dyslexic up to join from you twenty three companies up just location where you’re at with that one thing you quit

They’re going to have a copy at one fifteen I

Think your brokerage business will not or that they’re her and then when burnt out


They were unable to make entry into the race except for the are

Off the highway

The last we have tried

Except right now so you can try to get that dog but no invader claws frogs in Goa but that practice Well we’re going to have further down for fell further now


Three entries left intrigue for speed from two thousand and twelve is pretty clean copy that I just before

Socialist two eight zero seven zero seven zero zero six S. to eight zero seven zero seven zero zero six

You want to trade them all very well if you do

This regard and insisting the American

Public on really really care

Well as you

Think page and the system back I feel like

This is the real

Story for you and I think we are

Very very fast with your photos and can refer to

Happy fellas in the last year mainly demand the dishes

We should be done very shortly here great thank you when you’re done I’m going to have occurred three for you

Tell the three Funny three four in front of you when you can think I think you can give them

In the whole hand if these are the her first pleasure his followers your instinct says and then she is six five zero eight happy and what’s his name is it Sunday disregard OK it wasn’t her that year but was that what we got here to Carney three five thank you your welcome to online Prince Harry while he one night

Nelson were

Want to go to you seventeen now from I want to seventeen now

And that was fine seventeen right yes right

Of a five

Speed lame almost

A Not a route

For a marker to

Revise or to negotiate arriving and also

You have your out of

The best thing I think we can do is maybe you seventy second after there something

Special about traffic sucks and their fish He just for you right that’s right

You know we’ve got a fifth district coming our way with a chase radio

So you’re going to break up over the marginal


And I’ve got a dog running in the high speed lane they’re shutting down he’s running was found no way fourteen I’m not even close to my car

All right for this male

Dog because dog running I see when they catch it he’s running washed down the East alleys and of blocking traffic they’re looking for us to see if we can not come their way

All right


To you know kind of that we do have traffic that at this time you know Windsor Jenner’s you are saying it was all really cold start

Thinking they want to meet all of the water

Never seen the



I’m fourteen if I got the park rangers with me right now how we have acted out restaurant


Votive in the water and if you’re at the restaurant right resurrects right

We like them a spot where you know they want the more than the better

For a little while

You are three

Four three Yeah quite willing to marry

You know if you go to OK right here in fourteen going

OK what are some person part of that I don’t know

There’s very few you know that’s right if you go after a building with no way over on a Friday

Or a hurried on the west side of the Lakeside Maria


OK Save your memory director if you’re going through Falco start already has a built in water going to be recommended for your location OK

Silent hand act because till seven two four one seven two four one four thank you

We are as red a part rather than responding to our folks thank you the second since I got

The three I right yeah that’s right and I and Nelson did anybody run a campaign

Word one eight one four one three

And I is that Joe Joe back there just a few cars from us trying to get through traffic will be there shortly I fourteen a seventeen

I am hell she’s five three Cortland

I think

It will also be home also we’ve heard another sort of complaint about scratch she he

Go here they don’t want to report anything and butter

Organs of a horse program

So complete go and who reports


Which is a way to do what is often ninety’s are when you get off it is not I think the rare privilege I think nothing

This is kind of like shoving the corner I got another party came up to me with parting and for an accident as a worker I’m seeing our parent just sounds

So I’m assuming but I probably just

That the vehicle hit the fan and he was repairing a sound as opposed to three seventy two a seventy two a car that was and seen as a blue Ford Taurus at work five three three five for some box

Should a basement be I went down there if there were a lot of the chief who has

Nothing to hide under

This young person on

The had to make sense of a one six three and four for a four can for example Gene if you request a report most a computer in fron twelve fourteen

My friends are

Going to run a geo for me and see if you find a phone number Robert sixty eight seven three four one to connect one Charles long and I’ll want the missing person’s return report and tire pressure

Oh OK And we also have the fuel of the

Window and then a whole two


Seventy two Well now we got fired on her I got a visitor got

Herself on scene joiners Emma are occurring

In the driver’s seat of aid

Purple Chevy four door says that they have three small kids in a fact seat without a car seat and in an instant it is last have a plate of Henry Adam Robert eight one eight three Henry Adam Robert eight one eight three dollars if they last I have and they’re over by market right now it’s a two headed seven two three three seven two three three

Seven zero with unity is and they there’s going to be conferred with a man there imagine that he was either car families code or a

Porsche boy you know by having that there’s a female who say that she was in

The children home

To go pick up her

Have no idea where this female lives

She went to the area once before but cannot remember she thinks it is two four seven seven when unity


For if not for release order their

Innocence and police forces the

Seven Things I numbered one seven eight one seven two eight three one seven two eight three regular six three six a graph

For pictures or talk your thirty

Three forty five

There is an awful person in the house that is serving the notice here that has a possible G. to seven and zero three there to seven to two nine seven to two nine

Five ninety three every question and why you for evidence collection and

I heard an awful shiny into and having

Gone through the archive your question OK for OK for now but for fourteen

Russian River money thirty tall fine that’s what last one for three and here it is that they got all these going to the meeting I thinking I might go there and a white Nissan it’s going to be CAN NEVER seven choose to nine seven two to nine

Twelve on it open up dress

The very night you know open it up

Really want to from like running we were going to go yeah got milk shake your pants he’d rate we are going to go three thirty one three it’s going to be two three eight three years for you two three eight three each for

On their own fifty announced in that one second

That means you where you save a drop was

An area

That was a silent Haneke no area OK you know all of them are eleven sorry was it

Seven was seven or seven one of them or so are you getting tied up you think or say give it another car yeah there’s a cost of one hundred spent around here that we’re still trying to

Gather and for that your information as well see it’s in our one man OK yeah this is something for the street the car can have a

Very you unable to give orders from a home they have a where

There are things for the city for years in a row why there are three of her running or five points well three I don’t want to get you going to twelve twenty three zero because you

I don’t

Do three for each for a zero two three three used for the harmony

Code one for two for ninety

Seven two for ninety seven if you are none of

Them suspect oh you know there’s

Any I want her back and he said

No I remember


May the location I want to five for

Open Line stuff one found her needing help

And not one but those are the causes and I want to have it that it give report

Sort of really awful or thank you thirty three L. for Sears Dale three three zero four Sears Dale well Eden needs a hit it report she said her neighbor who hit her via Well there’s no neighbor dispute or issues but I’m just need to report for her insurance I guess it’s the boyfriend of the neighbor who’s that there is a three headed seven two one zero seven two one zero

And eleven twenty nine I just do it all back to the Make sure it’s a one man run in she’s there waiting

Twelve twenty five I want ready to go to the what we’re watching for Malcolm X. or

Twenty’s I enjoy Barney one hundred

That are using clear Shamir we have Nova can you call the overworked and sinister

I Cathy twelve twenty six and I’m going to call Dan run back and proceed make sure that males

No there were no insect other organs driver a person with right around the corner

OK Thank you Tony also what’s your status quo for being here one moment I thought you said once OK

So I

Just knew there was


When you got everyone five at your location you know we’re going to check around if you’re still

OK you had we went to cellphones we always felt one number oh just photosphere result one if you’re on it well

It’s one of the

Four parts of it with just the four digits Well you can do with well all right and I suppose honey and

You’re probably closer ninety’s or don’t want one nine three one one one one three and one three zero


So Ambra Graner’s calling she says that her child’s father fall for her his name assess Trammell and she’s going to be waiting outside and he’s two thousand and two Marcus able full color is supposed to be in his green

Coat one seventy five five sons you five people that are fourth or ninety third and last of all is in our cars

And I’m thirteen

Size side honestly five five and flee and I say you know hope this call and

VERJEE go with your traffic

Or similar or

Three same four genes on the way

He’s lost their temple but

Did you have

You curse because I’m full of thirty three

Foot in the middle

Of all read

Your was about

Two A.M. our cars over here

A mission from the National you’re you know

You really think

I’m not always

Yes very right and when I was small thirty one

But it’s thirty eight forty Li road three a four zero euros and some haul fatal arm says hard wire holder so close to seventy four for seventy four for OK you said Park wire hold out that was where the drop was or they are going you know it’s hard Henry and I’m Robert Davis why are holed up OK You know that’s the opposite wire was OK that it urging diverse mix of

Reading and I thank you very much I am always eating them but I praise

Were complete inferring we got information received here

The female as you feel but right now as well thirty two and I’m going to respond to a cold one one three zero one seven Lauren’s zero zero one three zero one seven Lorenzo you are the ugliest calling

She fears for her life he’s lame and the outside of her car so she can’t move the car

Then as Michael pounds he’s a black male six one four hundred pounds black long sleeve shirt for a slut because one seven suicide nine seven two five nine no priors that address for us and I’m going to way to go if you could

That’s right you see if they want to respond to this

Twelve thirty three and thirteen for info

You know so I had were conferring with the

Landlord here is this address you give us a story about what occurred earlier this morning with our victim and the suspect may be inside the house even other car Thanks Erica society sixteen six to zero one and no parties are king and eleven we just need a card with that clear this residence to make sure he’s not in their animal in

Six to zero one and now here’s the two zero one and now here

Cat seventy one five seven one zero five

Charles Hall did you give me cause I’m

Going to be a hero

Or a neo

Of all over the

There were three three five or six presently when the slaves ate to investment

Don’t you know Robert Reich I know what the

Three three eight why

He for a second rate for that the

Two zero zero

Zero S. jurors

Are going to call

Bill they just all right

Charlie is all I have to haul yet still in the morning it looks like

That played

Holler as a member of a motorcycle club vehicle hit

Another member he caught up with the senile suspect as I’m seeing her as a location suspect platers the one he gave me that nothing else hold on


Southbound A.T.O.S. the collar was remaining and seen so they were for

That place and I saw that the front he had number on that I have to run out

Because four and I’m thirty seven last night and our phone was

So I think ninety nine and I just heard it was complete salami around L R On eighteen year old them I’m a richer Ginnell meaning his first name is David Edward and I my ocean

And I’m Edward he was Richard Robert Shirley had a Robert David and the next me must do now John Adams Mick and we’re going to like him next me lasting Manning Mike and I’m

Mick George each year old male Sean five nine one hundred sixty two pounds black hair brown


I’d be card was issued and twenty six coming back with a dress I don’t warns all I and again we have none of us color seen and he was last seen running through the parking lot of part of the gas station

Thinking he wrote a

Ninety six one five already got search full

In March

And I music for tomorrow

I have eighty called one hundred person handycam I didn’t have all that and this mail and all the billing missing I spoke with his brother who’s the twenty third he hasn’t heard from a friend April I get information on the mail and a phone number and I see that he recently called nine one one he owns a auto shop over in the fourth sister

I’m sorry thirty strict side is going to and Dan thirteen if he wants to do a missing person report on this or center go over to see if the males OK

Call before I call the third Nasscom

I mean it’s Sunday I got a phobia work but I sent somebody overseas user

OK thank you and other than that

I’m going to really cares if you have preferred to fall for the real We’ve already won six one six three forty one six seven one three two five and fall thirteen twenty five amps whole apartment one one three mobile crisis calling

Female verbal threatening suicide when it was the neighbors there with her she thinks Madge and I thank him we’re going to different you for Mobile Crisis hurry to seventy five six seventy five six for full three one

It’s number one for six nine o three one four six nine o three they made an L.H. one record it looks like but I don’t think they made it always one for the sun OK go for with they can do about this and she gave me take care and they were you gave me she said they made the oil torn and in our message port for the fans so he gave me his number

If not I seventy one guy how do I look for my thirty followed by three or four and I know each one is

Yours and your I think just right now I’m going to get a few that America well for you three and I’m far from phony

That any Alan there has the Julie Allen as a code one seventy four to seventy four

Thank you thank you for forty two

And hasn’t he can hit


Twenty fifth Think again

Flashing red off four ways I talked he’s a signal supervisor he said he was trying to call somebody and

Fix that

Charlie something

OK I don’t that way for your character

OK Thanks Joe you shouldn’t care they just showed up right and they said like if you get a minute and then they have if you’re going to be all right so after one minute I don’t think I’m pretty

Painless you’re complete they’re going to have you think you

Know you want to clear your gun they’re right

Negative the vehicle is still here and then the area

They came in his earlier and they have already repaired the vents the vehicle is doing that event

For forty four so I guess I’m going to

Tell those people out of here

They’re going to let me get you there it fell from the car

Fourteen radio version forty by bus


Yes sure

You know if I hear her say I can find out is she means you know their partner or your or we don’t

Know where they’re from

Her Home


We broke off

Her and hold her for a very serious

I don’t my my my now you know C O think you can now or not yes very very

Very sad affair

Your father very much a part of our growing you know your free body let me get you going in a thoughtful forty six seven zero

One four that for

A very very much for a while for we don’t want to spoil the ones just

Simply you know the number

Thank you one twenty one five six Herman six thirty six one twenty five he one five six apartment six thirty six

For the break until you get seven you think that you think thing fourteen

Well forty thousand Russian If you

Tell forty seven

Travel time you get a load of

This ones the next

Quarter OK

You know where your

Favorite carrier

Dobie I advise


To Come Over there I mean when you said no to make sure we got a currency with them right

Very soon one three

If you meet the

Complexity of your former you know it’s a mystery pronounce it in the mirror vicars I think that it’s spelling as

Ever and Robert ocean David

I think his first name is motion David fifty seven year old man

A report and we are requesting ranking

OK We’re going to have thanks jake and thank you for a


I mean twenty three that’s one zero one why nine to trade apartment number twenty three I find this hauling they have a seventy year old seventy year old female

That is calling for someone inside of her apartment it’s going to be a cold one a cat is seven two seven three seven two seven three seven

Tall fifty one

Thing going on for a fellow who will take thirty of those


And their king accountable for to go at three M. sixteen plants just to me and I know one thing I making sure they’re going to be there on your back who were given thirty

Three I don’t want to

Know about engines you give me a dollar and a repeat let me verify I gave you the right social

Should be running two eight zero zero four one two three three the focal them up a special I’m going to run away nothing

Obvious and I will meet all of those old women because permanent ID card number when you’re ready

It’s going to be

You can see them one thing result from that union C M one three zero three nine

And that was issued on ten twenty three sixteen so should be a pretty good picture of him for your resume forty proof

That forgery

Yeah can I have permission downgrade second District boss requests

To be fired for a male that’s been missing since April very difficult three Nobody is an immediate danger

As an adult

I think I’ve got it right that her isn’t ready

For her to

Be so fifty four and just for everybody sixteen engine area at the top of the four in fourteen for diffusion from Engine I’m told now if you cook two is

Nothing it’s an immediate danger to people laying down yes dispatch virtue of those one so much used very rare ones almost thirty eight I’m pretty sure it’s almost But you know this is not I don’t know and that disabled out on Current T.V. nobody in a meat eater that we’re going to worry about should use are going



Sort of


If you’re

Going to

Have Yeah something for somebody isn’t like she was vital for humans get her

Nonsense later ninety six zero three when he got nine hundred twelve

I got them downtown sir they’re open all right we’ll get on the downtown ranch next event the purge of the fair trial

To downtown runs or something where they’re probably going to collect from the amount someone I have those clear hopefully or in a couple minutes this is a clever foreigner knows but if I knew if I didn’t put him on a

Come back my location broken

Record OK I just I gave

Her some of her share we’re going to try to get her more off road

For three different seven seems a complete that twelve if you six when you come down here plays by the boat

They don’t have

Remember a few more

Times yes or no I mean


Calls in the downtown area enough where no false calls

That three Morning eleven and said that he called us and you have a last name for example

Green I got a call back for you will never come over so much right here with


Ninety six so if you show me it right Frank

Gehry if you could have

Run eleven the same for Verizon Horsa

Yes I’m not near my far American I mean George Secor

OK Mr Droughns Ricardi was it once

Having him

Inside the house one round penetrated an apartment I went through all on the street and nobody was very if you could also apartment I didn’t think yes

That suspect that we gave us going to be right now funny itself using name suspect times for you guys thank you bridge I’m sorry you’re you know I think your brakes night Ross would think you’re crazy don’t think you’re very

Funny letters and Garden Valley it’s thinking and well me

Down on the ground connection with the progress of extract your

Own life very literally


Thousand years which fact is you know nine planes

Land right there you know


I mean a

Willing to try to go

To my new seven

Seven six zero

Seven zero two zero four zero zero zero central security guys on the ground breaking an urgent one hundred seventy seven seven seventy seven seven she refused

You know

And found the following and you know

Didn’t want to offer the children

Repeat their


Year referring to that colleague I just regarded and I try things

From regret going to the shooting

Radio was ever all that number for her

I guess and everybody’s kind of

Not a fair and

Visor and not near and see if we can locate her where you have any additional information about our soldiers


Not having on us

As a group six twenty four seventy seven twenty four seventh’s and we’re going to be in that area yeah I’m going to

Take a cab

Right here with

Me You know you hear me OK

I think

He’s in fourteen you got a lot of when

You know something of life or after you know part of the forty three

Let me know it’s all we can do for what

I was going to take what I want to

Do you know the ransom rumors there’s you know

I’m going to have to still you are from a thirty

Thousand office

But one is open all night and

Craven that it would have been the first and when he took the house was used those are going out he needs it out for most of us and OK obvious for him but he won

Thirteen zero six


If I was him and I don’t know me

Well your


Has no power you more wires who smile when you

Run your coffee

There is you know getting information received a report or hold it notifies a prosecutor’s shocking place there you know

To see if this female that

Was even arrested unless an American are ready with

Tracking when he has chance if you request three I don’t fall for your saying yeah from over here in Union

They’re still looking but there doesn’t appear to be any evidence on scene and a year mess taking a smell they already

Are going to be where from here I don’t see any fresh eye you are sure at this point maybe general spot of the hospital or forest

And you

Florence’s are cheering her he responding to a craving

They had to get there you know a

Four year old black male last any green two thousand and five ality it’s the one and is seven to eight they haven’t you

Can’t be there for thirty you know I know right in front of a

Person fourteen

Yes I you are spot

November photos possibly Prince how to report right now is just going to be burglary and the contact person is going to be the caller Jeff and

You have when you can’t be the last thing I can see Cochran as

I’m sorry one more phone Paquin

Can’t be sure

This is her and he thinks

I’m not near her and observe the America hermit arm or say Avenue you’re here

Or we’ve had a very very

Regenerative aggressive qualify just

For the

One of the original let me know when you’re ready to have us to

Go ahead and is making

Pressure for you Bertha Krishan I’m sorry could you repeat that they were both permission of her essay you report to me

Burglaries there for her reference had me at bail tell Rose last what flotation of the facts it’s going to be at why not oh why not why not going to trade Avenue L. That one is zero one one nine Detroit Avenue apartment twenty three they can’t it’s seventy two seventy three haven’t you haven’t very

Very and they want to fire you for from force crack OK for Sam for having that thirteenth radio that is taking the thing pay your fare for that first game fourteen seven

Thirteen and sixteen need a victim even number the name

To be a family the numbers she was six nine three nine eight nine to five thank you

Yes I will be courtesy down here Charlie

Charlie thirteen Genevieve you know here you have you know of a missing person report

Going to be down here with the one who is

Already going to be

Here already in our century

Well here in the culture

The photo


Then it has a number

So it was

One done all three three seven five seven one size

And made us Rizana fourteen friends

Even the idea that those children were

Going to have a mother or hired for her I mean on thing after thing now that he talked to the police now I’m not going to judge and I know now I’ve got the last of

Not having read the three day was I’m thinking just thirteen already you know

Thirteen from here

If Major you see

This is all verbal or over with all parties honestly they’ve all been strong we have

To just completely with this and I went back to the decision after going to get that report from

Him seventy one all seven that I needed to for would have also start right there going seventeen yeah careful out there for you for the final referee for here for him A.J. I think if you get you’re going to work

For atmosphere for their support OK now you think well go ahead soon fourteen fruitful

For Harry Potter guard I say use not if it is just disregard for you ninety six

Six well

Yes C.V.S. H. zero zero you could H. zero zero you commuters calling it a black no less name Harper and possibly armed drugs used to color black male late forty’s and he said towards

The high rise apartments rebuilt towers no no thanks the store no weapons

In every home once again as a result hours Well I thought I was beginning at the wrong answers

From it just so we don’t know what track of options progeny like happy ninety six also counters

The lines busy and then again you’re going at it the people will be waiting I think right here who won and I want to

Cry too for president the eleven million you know

I was in for thirty four years yada

Because of that I go through thirteen file on three given ample Rara

Morning Friday morning through under one thing we are running through to render and open the door for me ever to me where in America and on your bags that are that you want to

Represent everyone access nothing private or thank people twenty one for my firing them for

Their two three Action Day ritual the radio

Were clearing for now friends were complete their care forty five followed by some paperwork before start machine for if you can look in


Twelve are Sam fourteen and thirteen Hampshire cafe three thirty three just radio to same something

That missing thirty handicap I found him he’s in jail so you know how I’m going to disregard this I can’t think

Where you know three David wants

Three day one of a Grammy

For the sympathy or


Trick the very Frederick’s OK

Thirteen right after seeing you know you can feel like they prefer to have a gesture that’s a hoot if thirteen twenty one which is when he first as a supervisor and so forth doing all the work we’re good one coal for him to be good at their feet enjoy if they’re going to want to thank you you can give out lines I have a close to nine one one hang up and also have a close to the violence report effect not on seeing it raining urban chicken from sure we’re heartbroken at the middle of five fairly well requesting lines I have opposed to nine one one hang up an expose to the massive violence report suspect not seen one else three thirty think player you have any personal animal leavens I’m lunch sorry twelve still going on the property sorry thirteen for Bernie fourteen as a C.M.’s Charlie thirteen then one Charlie fifteen in spring with a supervisor Davis is seen as honored for pursuing an array of place that are sorry and five David sixteen that were for real before when six OK by Charlie twelve this was thirty eight thirteen funny things go back to the face

For the rest of the report also thank you very much they’re talking funny six three and of are any Well for those you


What else are

Thirty think Player one hundred three thirty think player that urban second being coal Harris her child’s father threatening to come in assaulters He’s working here isn’t he will last in a power and drive a pull as you see right now is not I’ve seen it to get seven thousand nine hundred seventy nine OK

And thirteen twenty seven and just you know I have a nine one one hang up nearby that address from a cell phone the party do it seven to nine three seven to name three cards up in the area for

Yes you can actually just write your name D.O.B. think of a soldier or if

They are going to be Robert General Thomas or one of the O.B.O. six eight nine hundred fifty or is that thirty seven or so three

In unison with a G. and yet here pianists John

And me if I mean we’re in a nick named George fair generous you have

Any that and then either general or your thank you want is with the king for the yes him for three whole two code for three called three into coaches Coach I need her navy I mean action ramp to disable out often the shoulder blocking and then estimate location and then one with a call back it’s going straight to voicemail head of fifteen requests and once going to let him go yes right out of fifteen at the base or we’re right yes or who pick some up and are back free

Copy cafe three showing Route thirty twenty men

Women are OK The

Ronald Green

There is proof of a future letter from an allotment for two three thirty arriving on what yes if as if it was par for the winners on the earth

Although the series

Has as neighbors around the house as opposed to seven three zero one seven zero on August

Thirteenth thirty two and I’m seventeen for opposed to some day yes even check the area they gave me three four five to us four so but then I GAVE ME area of

Less force and Janet

In that

Same year old juvenile was that

Forty four fifty two S four six and then with the other name you’re sorry

For second dentist that I Jannat I don’t know how to say it

Now George Edwards neck and that Edwards have found it didn’t

Have says the sixty eight year old juveniles are pushing each other and they think gee they live and three four five to US forces

They’re pushing each other in a pinch G. in the middle of the story as opposed to seven three zero two seven three zero two

They supposedly they do it all day on the collars that at that point they don’t see them but they do it all they want serious check the area OK thirteen thirty four

If you know my

Numbers from A to two Russians two zero zero seven broad view of their game as a code one seven two eight six seven to excess

So two or

Three very dry right there can certify

This really true what this requires several hours later for her over to her

We’re going to go over the front of Congress for its thirteenth that is us thank you for a friend or well

You know other than that though I think

Saying the right wing gently to kids twenty year old male is in the coal mine to have seventy three zero

Should I get it yet again

And had every seventy three zero nine seven three zero nine i Report folks a leader I don’t know thank you they’re going there to say

Bernie seventeen a D.O.B. you said them they say to you one of our seventy six eight nine hundred sixty we’re trying to find a more and somebody to thank you

Great thank you thirty seven you know measures fallen just been fun that you guys have but there’s a lot to get as well and that’s a problem as well not so I copy their team thirty seven thirty twelve you’re thirteen thirty but you can call back and it’s popping to and saying we’re going to address the military I don’t think there’s anybody yet are you right go ahead be advisor she’ll be recovered from downtown

Right as there’s an intern and that’s not a mark on this

People are having a house for five eight five Admiral four or five admirals drive

So that

Brown rose on a path and

Those houses that cross a colonial and have a feeling and

Two white males and a black male went into the backyard and have not come out

To seven three one one seven three one one so they weren’t seen going into the vacancy into the yard right and the back yard but they never came back out

OK Or was awful

Thirty forty

Or forty

Five hundred thirteen cowpie thirteen forty

Going to be I ninety East turn to use the exit ramp and then east or not yet ramp looking for a white car will be on the shoulder to call too soon fundings was full forty one that’s open to six six seven two six six

Thirty forty one yet for Africa they were very

Very very

Happy for one forty one right where they were

Or was about

One of the marking their section is you don’t have video coordinates that

Three of them throughout the three Sam thirteen reasons for going for you exam or very reason for a team to not give you a car yourself on earth are you close to here he said he is I’m sorry fifty nine control

Your car

Or with your snow from Ripley’s So you need a number yes please

Try I think shows where you want to just leave also see far less Very

Well go back and do the course are also good at times that I would have won thirty before the

Damn parking you’re taking it there good

I got a fourteen you’re good to me but you know

You want them to go for produce they can complete

Their team forty three of

Her prizes for her and that’s

Where you need to study kinsmen some into so he can Mahatma three or seven I’m going to take years we wait in the lobby rack I’m sensing forty four and


Two is eight eight eight eight

Fifteen and thirteen

Editing you get my SO I believe

You can because thanks to

All who are the high point was thirty one of the

Thirteen for you

Now fourteen right there

Breaking out of Arnie fifteen yes ma’am did you hold up on that one all right and wrong take out hold one seventy one North West Point and a full ten male trying to jump over the bridge


Rehabs were after me I was on no rush hour for break

I want my help me to be transported to

Another male I have a I mean I have a graph I want

To have them I want it right there Jimmy Carter so we’re

Going to pay twenty people so you want to go through

This like their former star just

Hold on to that for seconds it mechanical three it’s not always

Right you know because

For whatever part right

Level retrograde they want to

Put out they’re

Going to go

OK Because you know

To make it current makes around three yes we’re just reporting one three but you’re going to Rogers surge if you were to traffic

Right if you were seven bells and central seven bells and central actually and twelve which are actual creation

For well

OK seven thousand central going to be assisting with some juice seven seven seven two seven seven

To the address of three five five nine last one thirty think that’s very high thinking I was one thirty thanks it’s an open line there has that it’s close to your cat is seven three one seven seven three one seven zero and Route one thirteen forty eight right there are separating himself from here I’m going to twenty five forty eight Parker Why do you fight for it park made right she knew you were OK you know contact


Other day for one of your number as you can program in progress the forty nine married woman for entering the

Resident with their progress or are expecting a door after that

To another human

For human

Rights reduced there for her

Thirteen you have to receive A three eighty three you know without

Sixty days he finishes lunch I went out for him then going to

Eleven The mystical line seventeen metro with a guy that was


Or as an appearance I have one for you when you’re ready to copy

It’s going to be a last ninety fans and well well it ave no that’s last night five and Wellard

There’s a

Twenty people fighting of all races on the corner there are no weapons for single for their empire

It’ll be a coast to your cat a seven three two four seven three two four

Four thirteen to kill

Anyone for robbing a one hundred

Thirteen fifty


Sure sure he’s

Requesting to go to the hospital he is a mental male and then I guess if an Asian showed up as one he said he’s going to try to climb over the fence did A and jump onto the highway

And then he refused the a mass of a clear right of I was pretty much because of the color forty nine or it was

I don’t know to bring you what you want or what

Fraction Yeah that is like male recap stick chasing a female in some of their clothing one for three one

Zero Hour on

Earth am I one of them

For you want to take

No priority for oh no priorities

Yes OK or no or the only way cardinals will be able to vote I’m going to get longer because I am going to bite you in lunch OK what do you want to go just to do I happy at thirteen cities orange I

Thank you

There raise the corner part of plate on the other bring S.U.V.s Henry Barney Henry the victim is alike in black male gray sweatpants black heater and the suspect has me and this is to the I’m ready one seventy three twenty one seven three two one four

Thirteen fifty

Three three


You know initials I know who you know I’m very

Sorry for armor and your

Radio Charlie one six is not a hospital the film we won’t be going anywhere

Should us a married man but what we are not can’t get a thank you note attached to assist you where did you have us on your detail after a few nights here of just there was some see what amount of detail shall you once think that was David seven teams in the area that I got you out there who were called who says Park Rangers

Or you know ninety six twelve thirteen fifty seven and disabled vehicle

And the bridge

Yeah go for park rangers

Stop there oh she has a D.V. war where you have or just a disabled vehicle I only have it is a disabled vehicle

To court

Right but yes as you which ones do you want


Five You know here for you if you want to choice you can take where you live book out figure only is no matter where you go or very very afraid I mean fast but you know what right yes is to now from there one who was a reference or anyone in the whole the face

Lit up over here which we’re going to take the one from

Before booking

Him over careful thank you and having to rewind nine

They’re going

To radiate it seems as

I call that with Metro low

Park rangers

They do have that female thinking your information they have are secured in there is own car right now

OK they’re going to co-director Yes all right if they call the car we could probably go to her I don’t really recall if you’ve all been to the Hall OK they will need a hall they told me that very thirteen I’m going to need you for a code one penny one hundred five can you come out are you sure you know where they are

Absent of that is or

Where you’re not prevent me or you know aren’t going this route for me or our office or seven from there if I take a visit you know and that ACOA one got a carjacking on the Overton heartache and again

It’s a civil

One What have you guys and still holding three coats to themselves we think Project we’re going to Boston for

Work her appropriately driving me off of him a second

Home or after my email for her

For six point eight mil or ten if there is a silver Buick that a plate of George playing four to nine to take an example

Yoko was last seen this sound of beers is a one to seven three three five where you can go there if you go

West for say twenty one forty six eighteen over it

Would take an exam place on the driveway silver

Plate George Clooney is

Four two nine two last seen westbound on the years

Thanks fifteen and sixteen year old male like great thirty to one you had seven three three five generous U.V.

Semi at David Wells So if this forty No you

Started out a roll call and it wasn’t hard on the tell right now

Thank you you’re welcome on or if I am MARTIN What do you think eighteen wheelers and on

Burglary report when you look for a thirty three wanted to go watch

And you click going to do you know her fortieth and you could before you want to of the ones have you

Seen them fourteen go together with a if you know what an offense will electrify so they have to go right here I told it out connection with a united seven three two you know we’ve got four

Yeah that’s


Yeah Levin’s request and once I got the message to get wrong you could males inside the caller’s car exploit friend refused to get out but a call back a couple times no answer now

Yeah you know it would be just one thing real Barney sixteen percent of say dollar is needed unless they’re fighting the neighbors and are threatening to burn the house down if they tried setting fire to the house it’s a one they can add a seven three three six seven three three sick boy down some of them to shuffle away you could use for their own you could see if you see a black two thousand and eleven sonata a male female on site

Kill in rows columns exploit for instance that a car refuses to get out purty to get seven three two five seven three two five you can photo radio revenge well


You know

Five area just having high traffic runner back for


Or if you’re going to hear

From virgin right

Three Bernie one for a guy

From the recent

Show there are certain artists that are going to be writing or Recchi American or one

Partner’s I’m


We’ve already won three fourths you know if their house cracked you know they said they try

Copy of a description of the people that are innocent this season for

Now having it in so

I really thought up here and

I kept it private there’s been a very what is going on down there

Where you rank as if you control it down don’t come though and some of them are shuffling away

With anybody fighting or did they get all gathered around no fighting urges they were all gathering around and then they shuffled away

We got to

The part you know an animal aren’t powerset there’s it and a porch a couple houses down he’s going to come out and tell you who they are

Pulling up here

I have

Started on and I want the one close to

Three and one hundred four

Where is the Crow Drew it is a game exactly I’m sorry the N.B.A. I’m breaking and I was I forty west jet not a car to have all that I do not party for King got into my second

Part of what drives I’m great for easy it is on a great great entrance and I for eighty one there on the interest ran pulled over

There should be good for a few minutes till the cars get out for having I think you read at a party seven hundred you’re good for

Very were you take it

Back while there were reports of her

Having that working hand fifty three and also the program verified

Yet the reversal of ability of course Reno has

Three days of interim radio

But you really

Need is think

When he was feeling you feel for a with a fancy thing wanting to pull you know finagle the D.V.R. they have partially to see it was even a thought they were for

In a E.M.F. forty two responded I think that we can bring the

Them in her kids to Metro here

And you can put us in well thanks to the district to



And in part of it what our park our heading to the desert for a fork in downloads

Fourteen thirteen shows a majority

View of the place George

Barney three zero four eight

I get it checked clean but he can’t get spired July of two thousand and sixteen

Hattrick to Fitzgerald Jr one twenty thirty three four four seven six one two three

Eight nothing western model is as and Sandy and David forty

Eight serial number of Frank William William I seventy eight cover

Them by for that but I have a fourth one forty

Five ready or have all of our the number of Hartman white hallways

At Cherry five thirty four

Zero three Play Center report on line for

Are you ready to bet number two five three four that was an accident even before you got the real Everybody fifteen say they’re for seventeen you’re looking for a black two thousand and eleven I don’t think it’s a not

Knowings or multiple price building entry with the play of George King David six four six one blocking collars driveway you don’t even get out the architect pulling to an address out of your thumb that’s it the four had it seven three eight three seven three two three

Seconds of our

Eleven radio year for jazz Evan three three seven minute six ninety seven lawn he said play center Hugo Yes Hugo is the color and he needs to play kind of report to live in copy fourteen eighteen three that is the radio on roll of the wire important Yep it is one of the currently holding two cold ones in a code to domestic A

Someone not friendly with a shovel

Charlie twenty two Charlie twenty three Charlie twenty five Charlie twenty

Three and

Earlier meet her holdovers were there from an early age from

Adam’s place three one of those

Twenty two hundred

Charlie two seven there’s only on until twenty one hundred hours and then as usual in which real event and out of jail for only your hunger I can be advised and hold it one is that no one is a owes you

His own rack have hired and the rest are the servants come three

OK good like tourism minister should be ready or thank you Mark on that I think

We’re having your card come to

Me you know three one forty seven West were threw it away no car just three then got whacked in the head with our doctor and I am sure

I got jollies of Engine two S. of always

That weapon

I caveat manage the weight on and on and the

Creek think it was in terminal

One thirty boy terminal two eight nine and think you

Are cold one domestic at one hundred thirty S.

Eight seven and Clark for mail with a garden accident great name for eighty four hundred three Zoho for that I fit as a coach for the design on the highway taken preventions read by highway ish

For two OK

Radio three Bari

Sixty for info I think it is due to the reported C.V.S. pharmacy and he tells you could have two reports one from

The Wanted

And number you had seven hundred ninety three Yeah you think that I just need to know we like knowing the Coke machine was the shoplifting from last when you’re just not you need to go after him because you got there now you need to go after him when you go after him so if you know so I mean if you do is it necessary that you go chase him even when you’re right now I don’t know what kind of reported the simple fact or did he somebody but if you think that for forty years in

A row they had their kings who want what you can for the female river Boeing religio any place hole that we’re back of course reports a real life working funny

Three trails to stamp their key fourteen to sample therefore I just so you know what I mean mice yes dance for coaches they expose the reasons for cause for them to carry a gun and yet you forgot the in the sort where of the struggle over you also have David twenty four we’re making early car so you have them until midnight and her with her OK Perfect thank you

For seventy three then

If I just had the case

Then I can number one that in three to resign I

Have four hundred twenty four

Forty eight of her and

I are going to succeed you’re going to go no one should try to call back a couple of times with her own you could no nor sponsor let me know when you’re ready for the numbers we got by C.B.S. Nobody got a bit of information about yours or your meters going back

What I seen walking out of little gas he was north on you could then turn right for the little gas oh too it’s over three five zero seven three five zero

We’re ready I could have your beat there ready ordered a

Dummy one

More with

Yours so you may want to then I remember

That the shifting back to code is

Damn funny thing idea probably seventy

Something his kids nine five and Willard area were really doing just now we’re getting multiple calls that they’re threatening people in the area now they’re your bunch of girls they all know each other they’re just out or spy and after all they were mom and already were there because we got to say that we get multiple calls that he’s get you’re out now threatening

They’re fighting and videotaping it well it will go on hour there thank Ivy Yeah as soon as we get a car will send someone back out there

We’ve got to put fuel in our current fire in the tires one for but yeah information is users actually no cost of any paper Michelle kind of really and has turned into a landlord can attend a dispute not both parties have been right shows completely and how about thirty seven I think it raised to a boss Sam fourteen Sam fourteen already fourteen is requesting thirty

Now I’m holding to coach Jews and Christian to go to war and and for coach to use and I only have three two man units coming out of second shift Roll Call you have to I’m sure one man yours you compare I know David thirteen had a few of you know in Charlie fourteen was your property lobby car

Coming out roll call here

I have of evil to make one to make a car out of that what you call one

Hundred thirty a

Little Boy’s Room threatening a family with a shovel

Eighty seven o seven Clarke is a guy

Threatening with a gun

There which car is a party fourteen

Time you take thirty if you don’t you’re a for lunch we got the real go had one thirty probably already on if you want to

It’s like right there border with three three seven eight zero west one thirty S three seven zero west one thirty S. Miriam streets with a boyfriend is threatening the family with a shovel his name is Dennis Watson black male fifty two year

Oh the brochure and camouflage pain and cold war I mean just seven three four seven seven very four seven

Fourteen very well you’re going to myself for a sixteenth in the right thirty eight

Have been working there and if you vibrate it

As a five

Year coach before

Yeah it’s a five and one two three six one hundred eighty seven of us want to three six hundred eighty seven that’s the hat has been presidency was called as a residence alarm front door to go to that number seven three five five seven three

And as if I was also you know less if you know my knees or forty first a nail he’s under forty for the nail from one hundred forty first one hundred forty four Ruby don’t say that again you know military by going up and down the street you see Uncle

To give us a physical three and number seven three three zero seventy three thirty

And forty that he was going to call from E.M.’s than a six and I’m seeing four and here one I would be Americans and given how did you get a seventy three eighty seven three one and for your list rosewood and tourney pros one in tourney

Regard I want to get you a call back both for your listening for twenty staff or some four to zero Spafford Rose right calling she was assaulted something in the area I have no further info How does three going to seventy three thirty three seven three three three What’s her name Rose right to

Prevent her do nothing because seventy seven seven seventy two seventy

Seven to three

To four if you

Prefer the J.

As Charlie join you don’t work for droid

Contrary to trade for the

Press we’re going through a very juncture Asia there was no medicine or a burial just completely run by

The authorities as free and hell of a lax you lack pm and of around hat he was involved in southwest being male is walking north on us and then turned right by the Bell the arrow gas station the hotel had a seventy five zero seventy three Cessna in thirty four fighters

It is usually prominently in the area of one of six American or that all along that your truck eighty to seventy four I havea fourteen thirty five

Forty And I was an arse on one of all that radio and a few secs and here I did have and what I have on Faria this is a female as arresting and held in our heart and the retina male and they would look I say here is the black female in this is now sixteen Buick Lacrosse and all the city weather is a cold chill number seventy three sixty three seven three six or so I was using to form I do this ILS everyone is looking at thirty six forty and eighty five being all as a female telling on the all to get away from me with a sign collars an apartment one and that he has a female high if I already wind you have a seven for you for ninety seven free for nine

Zero years or more for both of you your head a seven to seven seven seventy two seventy seven words room are you guys as I can sense I want to relieve you

You know

I went out for an office or so are going on there

And is this really I think that I’m too sexy if you can head over to charity

Arnie thirteen’s they’re sitting on a criminal they’re in the room sixteen there so then a charity room sixteen and really starting thirteen and then the whole Want to the seven who is seven seven seventy two seventy seven he was wearing a light yellow Thrasher He said The manager said that this occurred I’m Laurean between loss and injured and when he asked What’s on Korea vehicle is last thing going on on our ng

Oh do this for their own war itself being now brought your heart river Thank you Canada seven forty five seven hundred sixty and if he will also say that this happened to the three weeks of Elvis femaleness a LEO call her figure in your messages every I don’t know I’ll watch for that address that and under her name but she didn’t manage

Fourteen Guardian I twenty three zero seven E’s nine three Is he crazy

So I boyfriends all of us are property and I was an seein they’re having a fight her son just like the woman well he’s a black male about six already or a red white and blue polo shirt no of and everything he says are trying to hide her son suppose he’ll have a seven three six seven seven very sexy

Fourteen forty

If you can just sleep if you want me out of the house you’re about to be sure it or come to report Martin and have him

Fourteen forty three zero three seven three zero three Therefore you list please three days are all six Mrs Green Eyes are all six misses for love music

Three I never seven to seventy seven to seventy nine Lesley’s at twenty six hundred knots is twenty six hundred Naches

And that was the place for loud banging sounds or an area year cold three I never seventy three hundred seventy three zero zero zero S. it was

A three zero zero for the Magic Marker holder for the US

Says the D.V. war was us so they can’t alter any I know we do all of that over them but they saw the


They did have to do forty one Israel when I didn’t have a dozen already oh yes if only that’s made as one three eight why East eighty second thirteen eighty one East a tail and then running up

Had a seventy two secs seventy two was twenty secs but first it was perfect for Super fourteen and the court has made thirty have forty and forty

There that was the four until today after having fourteen fourteen you know before that seven three four six

Shows I

Think they’re fourteen forty do you know to do something for

You know if you want to just meet me at all one of six and Western you know or with you about this prize that are effective enough that you know I spoke with the

Proposal victim part of it I haven’t a fourteen forty three stand by one moment and I’m just six if you can hold of on those for one point seven

Six or thirty for twelve yes one for seven three for one to use one for seven to me just calling she’s holding a sixty year old female that has

Special me that was running down the street naked enough as an advice go to one and a seven three seven six seven three seven six

Fourteen forty three probably once authorial


For choose seven one West twenty third force you seven one was twenty third to Charlie seven he was over a year he’s sitting on a silver Chevy played George Sam Barney three zero four eight

There’s been a bit too much of an an over year from about three months taking clear of an easy to tell he was not a fool for overtime call for I never seven one seven six seven one seven six effortlessly as four five four zero Perl four five four zero pearls have David dance calling

Want to do a missing we missing person for his forty two year old girlfriend Lana Sergio said he had seen years as Friday came down as a coach for I never seven two seven six seven two seven six and that’s it becoming a point of all more than I’m a true three sure that’s your Sam Barney

Three zero four eight

OK Thank you good afternoon forty forty six forty forty five OK Dema well

Over forty and forty six as you say driving on the right three parking various I

Probably think the parking for anything near Polk one I never three seven sorry seven three seven two seven three seven shill

OK Thank you good afternoon four hundred forty seven thirty shows really really really room for sexual over the three

Three of them two three three and

Two other

Boys short

For pushing forty seven that’s been working hard and I thank you very frankly him through three you are justified in it for it and you want over and same or an excellent thing or one overdose evidence was seen signal grams of marking was given and the experience for the Mary Mount

I spoke reactors a much lighter if your boss right now that’s an important point in an off I think that empties it does around two one four five and thanks and was a special needs six or eight year old that was running on the street if you didn’t have a death OK thank you nobody really safe yet you call

You know what I’m well my goal right now is mess or make or all we need are words your version I guess right there what a bunch of the Crimean general was really for the years and some lady liberty had years of rehearsal real bad in the know Sure go make a couple people walk right there with us in a wheelchair we are maybe to help her out

This is the Stockley residence eighty column in a panic alarm for the teeth and I resent to think some sense of three there will be those that are as opposed to that number seven three seven

Seven three seven

And forty four there are three in the car sure go mate it’s irrational

Report friendly we’re out here on the first for a bird or a cannery

Two three in the area four hundred fifty jelly to do for two fleas and challenges Rian to size and he seems he has a he’s for it both

Hey can you can you go to the limo lot

Then check to see if the

Project for purple for an elderly female measure she’s OK

They’re asking for her fourteen

Labels to break over and park and take a cold one and once it

Had an effect from here no thank you everyone for them in far west one hundred sixteen fourteen seventy four one one six hundred dollars a neighbor and steak you are now came out of the House saying that their father is trying to kill their mother said Dad is armed with a knife his name is Curt noblest blackmail no clothing description it’s a one and a seven three eight three seven three eight three



There are fourteen

In about fourteen thirty a color is Alexis Wilson’s he says he received a third party call herself a vehicle with an area and ninety nine

Green a color with a plate of two seven eight nine zero three if it was maybe you could be the

One seven zero three two seven six one five fourteen seventeen Vienna area one hundred three like that are only that area and any drivers will be a black male LART like of less and with dreads the colt three Number seven three seven one seven three seven one

Two three


And one black male long dress was a dark colored jeans second black male and I’m posing if you want to stay there and check no doubt

That is seven three five four seven three five four and for your list once and two for price one six two two four price Lawrence I will fall and there was I was a sister and singer of these elite hundred three that is seven three eight five seven three I prefer to think

And I

Do want

Yes I do been notified of using what is like the evidence and they’ll respond to Marymount very thank you

For talking before the way it is Charlie too far for the code to do in one’s own

Entrance ramp for us surely for

Thank you the going to be on the entrance ramp I have for you west of the great entrance I forty west grating entrance it’s a two are in V.A.

Vs a Ford truck with a trailer you both are on Tuesday that is the road

This came in at fourteen hundred hours I’ve tried calling back to Marie times there’s no answer it’s just to get a seven three three four seven three three four


Two five and fourteen fifteen

So if you’ve already oh can you show us arrived and can contact the caller and helmet on the affairs of the keys of our

Time is fifty six high enough joining the sing for him through

The former Either he’s clear in signing I’m not buying this thing and I didn’t either but with this email there’s no cause them to

Rush your radio Well there’s they were supposedly saying he would just write

Bring her to the security

She’s insisting that she wants to go to Syria mission do you find out if they are female prisoners I thought I was just now sure and I do for the same or you could for care program credit for it’s seven three five six seven three five six

You’re welcome a forty seven and for

Charlie to seven

You know that

Hand Of the four door the fired seven more you know sixteen listed owner is Patrick Fitzgerald

Joining us just before five zero three hundred servo out of the city with this code a four four one zero for

The employee having the

Presence of the circle that he knew his registration after he bought the entirety so in his actual address he joined four forty seven six West three four four seventh’s it was twenty thirty

This is called a four four one zero nine


Charity two for sure I’m sorry to say that one five four terminals to a four Yeah that’s rather than the hood rather than


Who are busy

Parking the horse race over the race that

Vehicle is forty fifty nine eighty seven very heavily

On the scene a lot more and I think you are present they just have a kind of a circle thing I think you

Have your relatives you know

There are three hundred head of Butler because of a friendship reveal and one he


You know it’s just one over

For me the name of the report so what do you need a for our church Colonel damaging

Friends and how to

Produce thank the nation would love to know we were

All right that vehicle can you want to play for me

George Walter Union six six two one good walk E.A. six six a lot of them are and before I don’t want eighty four answer your list if you contract each one for seven miles you phone for seven miles

Hauling and get you to Laura construction innings an accident report go to three to seven three five one seven three five one after that there are two peas or fifteen I want

To present their magazines are going neighbor for with their rather than I mean ever when

They say we were wrecked from Kerry

That residence door and resident were

In complete Rock Arkansas to go through that so yeah i number

That there were nine three three and I wanna



For sure

But the first thank you for not just for the first thank Larry Easter for the first and quite the rebel as the Stacy was just it’s great to be great actually it was real and it possible played on the Buick is Joyce Varney Paul for now I know I want to go

Party hall or not I know I wanted all of those who did this to make the report feel close to half price in damage the deal could have brought in damage if it makes them off it just because fifteen or three greatest dams that he has and more than

Forty Chinese or Diaz are talking ot a no on connection with that missing person

They say that

You know you deal

And they just pull cold one or any car closer

So that you know watch an hour

Because you’re going to call out rider

Seventy six well six years research

You have rated all year that number are Charlie thirty and

Charge thirty six through three or Quantico and how to thirteen you happy that you’re OK and I want to know is he at has you know

And yet the number that you need to haul on

Were those in radio twenty thirty an OK number one I was not about partners is one eighth of a church

Thanks writing again

For your

Choice results of

Our users

A force to do your thing but for do you imagine if you haven’t spoken to our friends who are they normally week once they’re very proud that he is

He never have a friend in the building he’s right in his number are

Not getting their man they go through with their friend requests and officers in Sacramento Remember Brother Rock Arkansas Athena thinks they’re my friend I remember so it’s good so I am going to have till I get

Errs on the hill she was I severe Avondale Harmon three zero five fifty two twenty five severe ave now I’ve been three zero

For nearly as howling she said in that her boyfriend’s heart was stolen by an Ellen suspect her boyfriends and route over to this address she doesn’t have his birthday last name herself

Hornish it was like inside information and as a writer two thousand eyes as Magnum phantasy and the hotel had as seven three seven four seventy three seventy four OK if you know Santa Marta haven’t already by now that we conferred with the store owner or here you also Portmeirion your muscles for work who as you know and I don’t have already oh I don’t think

He’s trying to haul there I’m not getting any answer was I don’t have and what is your price for that office but when I look out that has any message mentioned as a socio that Laura how much is a woman’s price on our movie


That whatever I have if you know it over seventeen I wanted seven three nine one

One of you should according to serve on a I don’t you want to make sure

Yeah great of I probably just three or five Adams if I’ve been five times before but I surely do three we can assist if I was always does yes it adds up to one so one for seven seventy for the night one for seven seven E.’s Well not quite a force of time they haven’t answered the therefore panic alarm thought invitee bottom truly is it’s very good for one

If you know that bargain feeder

Courier monitoring to drive in is very good in fact is you

Were surprised


There is going to be more use all the shooting names offering time


House Intelligence real bitch

Is I’m a writer or a plate OK trying to destroy you this is not as one as a

Choice you three got us thanks for helping out five Saturday surely through there is a radio

What Adam do three’s number we’re going to go system

As it is going to go six three six eight nine seven six three six Eastern Time seven just one for the master collars a lot of fire needs and you want to send out that cat is going to be seventy now one hundred seventy nine I want difficult one Charley two three thank you

And thank you if you didn’t

Actually see the javelin Allen that he just used it was a disregard by the owner it was a black driveway like

Perfect sound wonderful thank you thank you you know eleven

For info and the song Boy it’s over Buick Enclave and has a placard in the rearview mirror still in there and has the upgraded Tom wheels as well

With a tall thin black male sixteen years old new late teens part of what did and then were like an eye on Flickr a hoodie

Since drawn face are with a black something auto and it was accompanied by an older grey cavalier or Toyota two door and they fled

South I won for seven and was on spear

Got a little bit of damage all

Right got to get em for her

I can’t I have a can’t find it so and

If you really


Sixty seven year old mother who was born or driveway to salvage was the

Radios you see and do for me in the shoes fortune off they didn’t create a scene for you three great advantage of actions you and your partner when you read it have an ethical issue for you as

If thirty thirty one thirty fifty four thing they’re well it was only completed formal going to a barbecue for her morning to six minutes if you know two hours ago I would be able to get up to two hundred more work

To go kill the rest so then a very good thing yes it is working

As if we have as if it’s a voice in the one nine Glendale one seven zero one nine Glendale

Calling their joint a literary motion for the rights of all the McCombs residents hundred two and seven three seven seven seven three seven three three two seven three to do I don’t think obvious to me and fifteen I think you see one from

Just exactly dream it works for half an hour for the traffic that the visit the just right here about and still I have it fifteen fifteen these guys and Heidi is unable to read but

Their physics for able and I’m just simply reject OK hold order for Securitas or answer it or part of our care for them three three five just in forty of them Jean with that more available RAM same street ran through the area but I’m glad

That if it seems a trader day was anything to

Go it just if I didn’t have her Sprint the phone is either off or an advantage

Over it thanks for trying to help on fixing something that a majority of

We checked for an ID and I.D.’s The last become a case Joy

Fifteen seventeen

Seventeen large very

Very yes want to measure George ocean point nine one six a how to drive at Rice

F.B.I. You know I mean after all or what

I want to just write you know probably call out to self

Referencing and


Useful if you can way over here were torn for us I suspect

We can’t have it if they have a cause during your half hour wait for me my principal area that you ninety three

Is out there

With the base who are waiting I am

Sitting in one of these radios eleven twenty eight is the complainant method firm when you complain when

I haven’t

Helped you one last name of

Henry Adam Henry

Was a first name Sam Henry writer Lincoln Adam

LEVIN seventeen of eighty one thirty five year old female can you give me your social her physical and I have an idea if you haven’t thanked her academic or zero six seventy four a

Bit of you for it it

Just are all right you know juice one way or they don’t

But she doesn’t want to go to war and show her she thanked him for help

Rather often it was


Visits with the complete fifteen’s one on one from

He said I’m twenty it wrong call certain working

Because you’re walking for an hour and three

Times going by the dessert sign for something you know please

Him two three I

Think I called her a throw a curve

And I can procure their parting to one party through three forty two for carting to five I think every twenty to twenty seven

That benefit twenty three to be able to serve and do you

Do the missing

Missing person the same material we get with the other car he’s got a weapon in the House also just for your info pro to get it seven four zero seven seventy four zero seven part fifteen twenty four you know this in the one eight zero five one Lakeshore apparently one of two images is responding to a sixty seven year old female many thirty there’s only thing you know at any one of those who knows they have the night camera given the view of the million things difficult number medicine and seventy nine for us

Yes they’re in your court date is going to be there is one more for you party two for one seven three zero one seven three zero seven east part well seven three zero seven he’s part

I mean you don’t have the comic for the

There’s a female that calls for the center she would like to get as neat as all car this is Marlene Weiss Weinberger the No he’s a coach with a lot of her to see from others home and she

Yes be out of the house this in this day as this season’s name is Mary

And I was a

King really good at what Mary that would make I didn’t really as the first as they were going out of all that well you know what

Frankie Andreu

There’s also her just before security cards

Let me see if I don’t do this for now dear

OK Let me check to sort of them

OK I think you

Think if you can search for one seven for one a day for one seven for each one a day he’s calling their grads or alarm for the fortress of hollow residence or two and seven four zero one let me for a one have you think is missing place in a dance form for the ample charge and you are easy

Because of course I have a code to mail was assaulted by his neighbor you code three and you called for


Have a thank you

Very also something about to operate this thing twenty seven ready to Frank you for for a couple when your requests are any happy thank you five for one when your request for a coffee and I’m to settle for one when you’re running radios you Barney think I’m going to have a close to forty and three zone when you’re ready to go for it to secure your radio five houses to sign

In color I have a partial plate Henry and I’m feeling better for it as any three zero six seven three surface over and stuff like seeing twenty eight twenty nine zero four pepper there’s

A hearse is called

There’s an ongoing travel

With a fourteen year old atin euro and the seven year old that lives us there’s the male friend the shooter then you will know whatever saying you know to use one of their to get it is they would tell them junior sort of lose what shirt blue jogging pants and black shoes it’s the male or the make is right it’s all week it’s a call to get number seventeen out of five that have been identified who told her that this is a militant as a juvenile and he said I’m a juvenile the forty year old male and his ten year old and seven year olds this is that this before seven year old they were

Physically there thirty Rigid thirty five you know as a prisoner


Of measures the

Heavey all forty five forty there’s got to be fifty thirty I’m alive in July Frank Schaffner I for one very very happy that I didn’t want her you know and I said Now I am sorry you know I’m fine twenty one twenty three and David twenty her fiance this dispatcher tell you who we are coming to me is the film thank our warm hands are going to be responding over there

And world hitting every two hours yes I mean now we’re holding you close to one an alarm and then show they care at seven twenty seven area or another alarm at twenty one if you think they’re Avondale I have designed

And I pose for you I think anyone that you have as members when you’re ready I’ll just work well for

The warmest and there’s no uniform force yes if you have an alarm for you and there it is

OK And from our fair it’s a very for me there’s going to be accidental for the owner so we were there were

Real warning

Who it was out of and I have yet seen very few that traffic stop your cab was seven four one five seventy four fifty and that’s what you live with and it’s seven zero two zero severe Avondale seven hundred twenty severe Avondale that meant a stroll daycare for a business class alarm called in by Tyco join last entrance door because you have a seven four zero three seven four zero three that was before this in very detail there is this want to do is the one of the twenty first they clear where you are

So I have it and he said I think it’s going to be two one Sacre Evan Eleanor’s he’s twenty one just do you think I have a new ne matter and solutions us all you business have wired and I’ve had designs showing the ones you guys are motion was a go deal get a seven for one zero seven four one zero because then the right it is very three four point two four yet it was Euclid’s what you want if there’s this kind of B. If it is a three I’s you get out of it as three eight three nine Central Avenue L. thirty eight thirty nine Central Avenue L. anyone sixteen’s over their requests and has a sense that he’s resigning over that for an aggravated very early fall out because you have a seven for one sex seventy four sexy and then for your last twenty seven seventy three cents will have an L twenty seven seventy three cents will have an elf and I certainly this location they receive that van and haul from this location will be answering the call that a post for you in a seven three one two seventy three file that’s it for now or

If you and thirty four zero zero zero zero zero zero a mysterious scene thirty four very

New fifty three for Joseph I can disregard their will or do so and don’t their own retirement over the fifteen thirty five No they were called

Into their way of benefits evidently

If he were to have one thing they’ll think that is right

But I don’t have it serves as the thirty five I think he will do for me I’ve really different fleece for juveniles or rocks in a traffic Thank you Jennifer Lee Gifford probably different I have to say

We have five black males miserably teens during rock the passing cars no calling this there’s a give it

To I never seven three four four seven three four four

OK thank you is he there you see examples Very yes very important

For a twenty five forty forty six forty twenty seven or digital one main line if you’re sure we have a

Selection of those are short

Because the holding seven Razi just got a whole one

Fired complain on with seven OK then obviously I’m twenty four your car also I already told you going to a partner walk twenty fourth Marine serves if

I didn’t have to get as an assistant thirty seven

Fifty six sitting there you seven it was a tougher you for is going to be in areas twenty five fifteen less seven twenty five fifteen less seven Anthony is calling the shots fired near the rear of the conflict

People running but no one

Was firing I mean code one I never seventy four to zero the force is zero

I think you sitting there the seven Jordan has areas over and in the center which look at the shots or nah

That is the area twenty five fifteen West seventh grade I don’t use that so it doesn’t you know I know you grab them in there but we receive a cancellation for that I’m

Going to check OK if there are things locked up it was going off where there was just simply ready of all receive your you to was no answer to your children play here on a very low level

That’s been a very a thank you if you can over these under one thousand imperial one of my mind them cereal I’m very followers all I’m writing about half of our guests are car and I from the reckless driver he say and I think has to have a know how to eastbound and has there been I will take lessons driving recklessly cutting people off license plate of Frank yesterday at our seventy two for you one Frank Yes you have or haven’t you everyone has a thing there you know

Who did a song I missed missed a call from you if you get the three for you when you’re ready

I think you good afternoon first was going to be a four four zero three Frankly I’m forty four zero three Franklin apartment over one thing N.C. thalers any of the police reports Jews are going through the property oh three get is seven for one for so many for fourteen for your list six seven zero three bridge sixty seven zero three bridge three Howard he says he found

Hope and watch and I just

Think it was dumped there from a cheese from Friday night but eternity then folk for it’s seventy three to seventy two thirty two and last is going to be at one million three one six five one three one one six five you’re going to see Valerie she found some from a book break in

Their garbage here was nursing a criminal and I wasn’t sure what to do with a vote for it is seventy three million seventy two thirty nine thirty so Isaac saying because of it for us it’ll be Joe sixty two eight hundred sixty one eight

Hundred forty thank you River to you thanks to fifteen forty one running as you say for one hundred three zero fifteen for you and are going to be complete

Report and raid your government

Fifteen forty one to one senior partner and think ill of reforms going to be it seven ninety seven Connecticut I mean one twenty seven Connecticut Laura bells calling she sometimes of the neighbor it’s official

It is seven three nine two seven three nine two and fearless seventy four twelve Part seven four one two Park Avenue going to call for some something that there’s a lot of dislocation actually that a couple calls for it as is a very all over order for it is seven two three six seven two three six but you get her too much fifteen forty do you Well Joe you want to

Tell you I can say he says if you think you can record plea fifteen forty three I had a can for you know I have a very nice ring are timeless if you know sorry

You’re welcome and want your I didn’t have and when I have a I don’t have a high yeah people have a high three five seven zero two one what Avondale fifty seven zero to one whatever now she’ll gamble howling She’s a reporter House’s broken until has a player cycle three to seven three four three seventy three forty three

For White has the middle the street scream and holler and always exist the male is possibly high in what I guess it was it one one one zero nine

In Revere male mid forty’s but it has some forty five some forty five men hard to assist thank you very good we know who that is having it is important but how does a smear this larger scale around death benefits in forty four thinking

It’s males want to be seen

When fifteen forty four is still a live build is a call one and number seven for two straight set of forces are in

The group but we’ve got another caller just staying in this says a shita of hundreds and they were not wrong and I don’t feel Thanks a lot she locked in the apartment as security escorted the me off the property

That is a forty five Radio five I was just wonderful crazy for to this regard had number seven three four five seven three four five

Sitting forty five

To five ratio of the five going to you give me an OLE and her two nine four

Zero three to plea to now four seven eight zero eight three

There’s your door

Your prefer

To go from under her skirt around it is a journey for the second person

David you for coming out with the much like Dave just like to have you sitting for your seven and three hundred ninety eight fifty five eleven S The shining brightly once exhilarate morning star having a lot of Maple Heights that when I was straight five little ones was the six black and brown it of residence for fourteen or ninety six OK Did you run out of juvenile or give birth

Brax than the something terrible

And John has C.C.W.

We have an exit of your Braxton date of birth

No no no no he’s no walking over here so sure we went

In and

I have a fifteen forty eight degree for us for our savvy and what do you need on a Xavier Braxton devotion for this for a real structure you know building from the fourth or fifth quarter that return if we were right there on her actually that response of your critter and I are OK I haven’t had sex for two four sixty four twenty four

Thirty the tutu you can just arriving at twenty twenty Kearney fifteen for you and I been to any of two thousand yes no ID with us though we have no social on a

Census recalls

You know they were just six miles away one man had a membership with me there I’m going to have a P.P.O. on board right I have yet Thank you fifty forty nine yeah we got a call from a list

Do so just like discouraged charities of thank you sissies if the well

That is if the Radio Factor noun you get out of an East ninety first person the Perrier he said I want to have your ear all I saw that there are Jews Havel’s are chasing a younger all sea of years yet eight or nine years old a crowd of light all and don’t holler The other one to hold one kind of seven for three to know seventy four thirty zero zero

To see and if you want radios choose one four zero for the introduction of the I copy this thing to do on video to empty six for a code two and so I felt fine so three the number seven four to one

Is that before you want

To sell that right they said actual diseases UN definite as it is it was physics

Going to be one three six nine West one hundred twelve apartment three zero three thirteen sixty nine one hundred twelve Hartman three zero three E.M.’s is in route for a fifty year old

And something there’s no further information is this you had a seven four two four seven four two four I think fifteen fifty to create thank you and what your call letters are your current prime numbers as you know zero zero seven had a couple before their friends

But I will give

Craig thank you it seems as if you didn’t use Victoria they were two six per can some for their own I What kind of the press they called out games was assisting twenty three was just that they have just seen thirty four thank you you’re welcome diseases usery Aren’t you sick for a whole one of days he’s taken at gunpoint Nicholas taken from one four six one eight millers and Rose the forest is again sitting with a few thousand a silver view of and plays with the license plate of George Wein a zebra for tail and I and two that’s George Wein a zero for two and I know

That the vehicle is taken with he is at gunpoint as I said a sixteen year old black male last seen wearing a gray hoodie and armed with a black semi out of magic weapon it all does have a handicap play fight hanging in the air the other vehicle involved the vehicle for that robbery with a smaller model silver to the Jews are Arkansas Missouri seen this before and after that area as you very well

For has been service for your

I seven two seven five OK five different who are the first one I need a furnace I’m been awful because

It’s an I.V. and call those three they at least reject the area here in Madison and check OK areas joy

Of these things is there’s a view of you but since you four to run the place and tell me I’m a Doors or other Adam Victor X. ray a level for

Them are these two none of us are OK and we are for the area John Micha Thanks for the part of the system that is if we’re to have it as is even if he’s OK as it is he just is next with the Jets vital as seven yet isn’t a four to zero seven four to zero choice two three on complete and when you’re out back to your Marvin and watched you five there was a push if you will up onto the current record of the first

Thing complete was Georgiev or yesterday for six knife you can check it for me at eight one zero zero Central have an L A one hundred Central Avenue in the parking lot of the senior voting so that they heard shots fired believe it was coming from email

And how does that bill he’s a blackmailer and dark baseball hat with a smile after underneath a bright bright loophole that well go on and are black pants high said he fired a shot when you look up and saw him raise his arm and shoot again the whole of one kind of seven four four zero seventy four forty six

Of an L A one hundred Central Avenue in the parking lot of the singer building that we that we have is that black male the short afro underneath our baseball cap rival blue polo is a logo on it and black pants that’s a vehicle one had a seven four four zero seventy four forty

This interview seven

And if they for having

Fifty fifty seven


Or horse or one hundred

Seven her Government her or her

Party seven as it is as

Surely to five radio you have a call back for the

Number seven three five one

These ik it’s been going on all day this is called human at fourteen twenty one I didn’t call back and he said they’re still playing the music it’s a three and a seven three five two seven three five two and for us thirty three fifty one two seven three three five zero one one two seven zero need to see this been to pick up property you’ll be waiting in a Chevy truck and one to seven invalid in

The four had a sim four three zero seven four three zero

Twenty five marker as evidence or her

Courage of confusion

Less fun fifteen excess

For a white male dark hoodie with the financed in for money on the exit ramp it’s a three headed seven four two two seven four two two and next is going to be one three three two five Wilton Avenue one thirty three twenty five well an Ave Maria is pollen

Even if it is and yesterday Bruce Fraser who’s a white male medium build a black one breaker in blue jeans she victim yesterday and now he is taking up residence on the lawn it’s a three

Canada seven four three nine seven four three nine and last is going to be one thirty eight fourteen else that avenue one thirty eight fourteen L. said

Johannah this colon they turn ninety two year old neighbor was taken to the hospital yesterday she knows that the front window was broken she was officers to

The house that boarded the window for the neighbor it’s a four headed seven three zero four seven three zero four zero

Sixteen zero one

Thinks they’re going to one ready to rank you five for coastal on the highway

Code two and one for your list and an abuse of a proposal to avail of that was we’ve already joined to fire the Marine There’s a reason for for a civil four for eight and one for forty fourth quarter Navy is the thirtieth line half of the vehicles I see in north on I want twentieth

To go to some for force a seven four four six and for your list one two two zero nine Ham one point two zero nine votes in ham of spears buzziest calling these requests isn’t good for her boyfriend Julius and he sent her to four to seven to fourteen seven to one for say four or if you’re over fishes are you sure there are

Happy and I’m too sick I am going to need that person’s information for Heidi David Q Thank you King in Charlie King there any thinking of that we have won seven of which we thought as

To his seventy four forty four four four four

One to six hundred

Tried to force on for a few secs you know three seven he wanted three on the radio

Three I will be on Saturday nothing Holdfast we have any other information because there’s no one out here and there’s no block out here we know I have more now for the white rush for six the four and five to force a

Five nine two thousand and seventy Jacqueline Butler vehicle to clear thirty one year old the north is where are we as a fourth ring on seven hundred fifty for sure and I’m going to

Rank there

Just where you got off of all these registry for port Well we can for the hospital staff also them for you must

See that everything is that six you know

The difficult feelings is that you know that OK at five for ninety five for ninety three hundred eighty dollars a minute was open I want coffee mail stated her son called the police are not needed they asked to speak to some of us leave us day you will come for the found as you said he was just thirty these causes and he is causing problems just saying that he didn’t call the police as they did their need it is a call to that number settle for three six seven for three

To four copies holders

I don’t see one

That’s good for signal five

That was your address

The one that’s you still think you have radio and survive the

Gemini and so if there’s a protection order or is he

Went low

In a way few shows patrol five three zero nine four of our music we

Have a signal things happen that if you know

You know my repeating your want for us YOUR we were going to forward I was going to what

He says is heels of a funny Milverton one forty six eighteen the Overton thinking of actually thirteen fifty eight today with a silver two thousand eight

Plate of storage clean zebra forty nine to George clean zebra four to ninety two in whiskey then point the seven year old female the fact is a sixteen year old black male crazy and as black so my automatic hands on the vehicle does have a hang him and if I ever

Was with a small older silver two door car information of rock to fall for this car and I saw with officer facing sixteen zero seven as he will of work overland and that is a please message isn’t he going to call the chief dispatcher back and let them know if he’s going to go through that’s how or he’s going to respond to the property for that they’re very short staffed

And he takes a cab age is rather pale from where he started that’s OK That’s what I told him

You feel safe you know and I think you as a feel nine ready to settle for just serviceable and all clever in front of you so thank you in the street as opposed to four three zero seven Cliburn for the result seven klavern in the streets of several given all the several of the portable that of a game in the street three I never seven four five one seven four five one

Thinks six you know one

Or foreman who are

Both the car radio

Is already three for their own eyes three women having no one of their own eyes who free one another million and your then they go by that he thinks her work oh from the funeral yes

Is the leaseholder the daughter of the leaseholder think

Or Ambassador I remember

You as well as these would

See anything under Tim and still there’s a warrant that he yes for but no protection order

Anything less than a family off Vance is there a protection order in I don’t County yes your show or

Have Well the county I had

Several for him this then you know that I was counting shift

To get those numbers when I don’t know if the stuff you put that short on the last of these a protection order number

If this family often

They does it is irrelevant thirty sixteen the O.C.A. a number is Charles Robert six zero nine two seven five

But it is or I is how the whole county sheriff’s office says its affairs is that we often stop the market

For Canada seven four two seven seven forty seven zero sixteen twelve

Thirty and Central or it

Again did just and I’m guessing that how it was direct so we can have someone check the area make sense and

Probably thank you there are two words or didn’t turn it was for words from a Syrian I think having every detail Thank you


Sexy and there is an

Address or think of a Tea Party and I think I can write you guys marry sixteen thirteen suitor

Divider area and says I’m going to go with that mail just positive for D.N.A. usable or not for now but I think that if you are completely sixteen fourteen and that Alan resident hundred two that isn’t four five eight seven four I have a

Surface important story to write what I’m going on

Very very rare for the neighbor of our or her pretty crappy very rare program for her you know when your shift is that

It is important think you radio prefix fourteen one four it was an hour ago it was

My usefulness are you was all for five for the I am equipped I mean there were five six on Park Row special coverage of what if and if you need

Six and Park Row

For every sixty nine twelve Warley six nine twelve orderly just calling this is a vacant house and she’s the owner I just think you have a the brother of the male who was even a month and a half ago inside refusing to come out oh yes you had a seven four three three seven four three three I got the message marry one two or own it you you know

The sixty six thing seems it seems every year or seven three zero here and I want them to want to read you and I’m so on if I mean well we have additional info for reporting for fortune if you three and the hospital staff that vice just simply Marshall reports are true of you

It is it seems that the system it was a record number that what our CAD was one for sixty five one six

And connection was adjacent to our city I don’t think we did the recovery that well


That ramp played a little vehicle here Secretary in the seventy six and seventy two sixty as you three Your shows are out to see if you want to assure you and to thank you for head over your old theater there was a time that you were out here had a seven four six zero seven four six zero and they had for the hot that was sixteen thirteen

Animal like that is it is sixteen eighteen then

I really wanted her to take in seventy four fifty F. sixteen eighteen they have an audible alarm going off there and they can station here EMS He was at sixteen thousand nine hundred seventy two is or will I think he answered that of the Memphis and sixty nine hundred radio to Adam to sex

Five hundred as about a hand over your information receipt for one for criminal damaging named suspects or are you notified personally am to three ensure

That the sixty one is of ago awfully she thought I need to do so

That’s seven zero he’s one for one that’s seven zero he’s one for one do Hall moving five slaughter this is moving I guess if they would have this this is a

Request that we take this property they say yes trucks on this property to haul building business though we should be on the lot saw four to five mill a little description he’s not only seeing and he’s not responders call three the number seven for six eight seven for six you post office sixty for the one

You want to call there are several important

Going to be shifting she said we waiting on

The most important of her with only her via the George I cover the N.S.A. area broadcast time I think I

Just reread that there are these ninety S and severe he sends arrows of your ear and I’m just very

Fond of the shorts that you say there were then not very very high just for a a what in this interview

Happy any three am to one I was unavailable on a call back have somebody have it or not I could

Say I’m two three radio

I don’t have this play with me of a can you see what information you have on Adam you actually won why Musial for supposedly how it was taken out of a fairly or gunpoint if you tell me what info you have on that

But he said I’m Victor X. ray eleven zero four

Victor actually having all four

I got me thinking planes are one I wonder who are them lack of a mouth and on the door knob revamp very you have a call back for a complaint

And I will shows that nine forty is far too five man or avenue connection with missing person think we have the missing person Cafferty they have that is fixing one for you and warn of again for you love and seven for one one and that evidence you and your partner you know as well so I’m sorry radio that comes back over to you as you actually leave but did you say you just was a fan from that second OK I’m trying to confer with a defector now she’s a real busy think that you all think you

Know how to

Research through eight eight five to Pretoria of the world seventy for mature she go over here for or

Marsh mission I would request for you there were some broken glass pieces that are Russian fingerprints on those glass priest

Having a sound as reassessing fleeces he says this is the Burke this reference there’s a murderer you have mistaken you have that I want him to free radio and you VERY if you don’t have any luck with that plate of F. You know if we could you technically even back from there reporting that that vehicle was taken that’s a ninety seven year old woman that was a victim of a carjacking Earlier today I have to for David to have only

All right so if we could let’s just get as much information as we can out

You know to the side district at least because it sounds like that maybe the other vehicle that was involved with are projecting over to her right or having that and to a friend why all these things have that they didn’t have a and then

To call for a fighter’s or

They were at thirty one thirty three was four years or in connection with the flight to animal Levon as you wonder just juveniles under listen to Sam fisting

Really whatever other juvenile there are with him but over here this story this on the front porch I want to read every you know you know what car I want it a legacy of she also had a handicap like running from the rear window well feel right origin

Or the name of the owner of this black car or the Jordan X. ray of a traitor that was running well those are just that you say what was the After all you know it was one stories that he said he had and have and yet

Being clear on his very last one David Horner

Barney three eight

Six four Frank two three seven one five three

Four Get

In the area and had it taken twenty nine were present it was left in watch found and wait Hark actually high three black male teenagers now weapons are saying thank you and the one eight six zero Alvan one eight zero Alvin’s seven Another Well we have a caller the female yelling and screaming that of A is missing

A lot of people or that ground delays because it is a they can use or for enjoy a human or a pet game sound as I’m an old rebel told once I number seven for seven series of four seven three

I think using their seven three nine five in for a few small parties or four wanted


Sixteen thirty three if I was doing and I’m can you run a No one for me two or four

Forty six about one hour and if all that is relative youth or is it going to have robbers

Too but any Balazs there’s always a lot like our little good so where’s your comment seventy six twelve and you have a happy answer for you had that plane George and Barney sex line one eye

In the family or the scenery you know So Radiolab the location it was but

From way far I have a secondary sale of the color Navajo it’s a great two thousand and sixteen Pia drawing class and people in the health juveniles who say to her dad’s house lied to Adams three one but was for six months you know in full to

Try to reproduce


Is it seems very new puzzle radio production but I earlier carjacking the one for Miller ten if you would do it also you price your ass on that

Because God knows when you know when that information might make its way through downtown and back out of the FS tricked into sixteen three three besides that all channels have process that Joe thanks from the Internet or you

Have something

For there for report when we order yours just run see if you have it seems very very wise you doing Frank

Yeah this gentleman is just high on life and that the oppose the US is right in line with the police that is being there for them to want to radio correction the fifty six seven two nine four thousand six seventy nine for thing after

You know even seventeen from

I’m sure somebody wrote it but please going to be Frankie but even if you three hundred nine hundred eighty complete with one thousand six hundred thirty five one way and some other grudge out over down to give you a bit of down there go down there are no prude up

Night you know me but you forget about that one ring that was requested I did now do you actually get to see Charlie do for you there working out a report you just want to keep him there for you I mean and David Peace expect

Welcome for would surely do for her I just figured you know I know all things go you probably forgot

OK They always there report number

Seventy one zero four seven one zero four of a thank you a current with Iraq is full of

Twelve does the report now have a hood

It is real and unfair for us but it will go on and it goes to as only two four eight five Chester ever now twenty four eighty five yesterday of a now that’s absent of occasion and I don’t hang up kowtow to seven four seven six seven four seven secs and answer your last one eight there are two least thirteen stories aren’t eight one five

You know Hillary starting in St Harmony says she and then a whole just falling into action

So that our house at our will is refusing to bring our son home here was a homebody thirty this morning so three had a seven four seven zero seventy four seventy nine last year less ice or is there a process Evan L five thirty graphic Avenue at the fifth Street arcade and arms and security is hauling back to the homeless male who’s on scene the serving as a reason fans of the property for blackmail about five sex with a medium build royal blue jacket vividly black sleeves the lace black shirt and black pants the whole story has seven for its seven seven forty seven boys will go over this in thirtieth and then as you can I read you from your sister code one male with a lot of people

Do In a sense I mean I’m sorry I just record thank you season out of response for not having Glendale You hundred forty one thing Glendale been a call for couples arouse them a garage here of his abandoned house is the White House on Glendale the grudges Pretoria looks like it’s all fallen because there’s their victims off the roof and thrown it in the area make them a hundred or two that is them for a three seventy four eighty three house on the corner of the car and we court color also said he was armed with a knife and the knife was thrown in the yard and now we can find out

Can be a cold one get a seven for an I won seventy four and I do on the

Second forty three I don’t have four

Clear weeks or so from Handle we got the number of I got it six in forty so if you want to

Charge you one is a receive to report partially anything just

Fifteen forty

Four Would you settle or get seven for seven seven seventy four seventy seven there are three words out of her ideas sixteen forty one just three and a seven four three eight seven four three eight in fearless didn’t once it’s nine and how hill one six nine and how you will get a call for a great vehicle partially blocking intersections than this a bit off this morning I go for George as a Sam nine seven nine one George Jesse Sam nine seven nine one hundred three it is seven four six seven four six five I don’t take up with it

Once again forty one on superior

Thank you ninety seven silver Acura license plate us and I want Victor affray one one zero for the four door car so that is hotly in this area is there a guardian from Asia the victim was robbed this morning of the vehicle ninety six year old female who was dragged by the vehicle heard that a strike for the hotel has seven four six seven seven four six seven zero to six hundred forty

Three exit just past the airport for a possible injured and on the left hand side and half of the hill and the thing allegedly says if

It’s to the Qantas him for nine three then four nine three

Right so it’s actually awful do thirty seven yes

Seventy one No I think well she’s three seven and I thought he just passed that better than top of the hill just past the airport accent I have no idea where is she talking about

You know full well

Thank you you know if you can have me

Back up and thank you you’re welcome I’m sixteen forty three Barney to Carol’s if you got some of you you are losing your time as we try to figure out where the things that was

Appreciated more likely as a deer I don’t see a dog you know over there and I wasn’t sure what they were talking about at all universal thank you very much jealous you know if we need just

This little Year seven three seven one at a party twenty four was a seven seven it went to a seven to seventy one to a seven to seven he’s wanted to lay out front and number seven four eight zero seven four eight zero

And says we’re going to send in our you know

Joe you know the fact

That the I thought I was in the market sixty forty for

You you know we’re going to think

That it’s a five that’s going to be cat number

Seven for a zero seven for Israel or particularly you know

Sort of regular double the life and there are

The cone and so on a little

Yeah we’ll give you all we got James are very good and stand

The river but everything about it

So we thought we were going to

Require to put the fire

They are directed at me but if you notice passed out through up and up or even triggered off or you say you don’t

Recall where you had better go

Or you’re at their own free I’m a well if you actually had a rocket motor vehicle from this address today was one thousand nine hundred ninety seven Acura Silvers collar or a plate of Adam the X. ray one one zero four there and one nine hundred ninety seven Acura silver collar with a plate of Adam Victor X. ray one one zero four thousand feet of dig there was right I did feel

For years there may this race will pass a sixty forty six here we advise them that already two dogs from this in the area on the ground and the other one round are the cause for has been for eight one seven for anyone who would have a physical address

Now we don’t but I did service the last forty eight

And rejected a pretty run on the freeway that’s going to be on a memorial surely you and I was very raw

When he said and here’s the other part R.C. for hire a firm for years and had words for a nine year old one three and also added to five give that information to radio to get all chain of protest out sooner rather than later OK I’ve never heard a lighter slate move example

Before reading sixteen for me and I don’t you have to have any for their information as I suspect

There’s a male stood up well before the job is or three of them got a vehicle started to solve the mail if she jumped in his car took off and

No you guys

Did all of that or later we’re going to

Have if I can live the way you say in private I don’t know how disregard your transfer

So to some readers you know if you truly are not on the you then the end of three know as you see it or see it was this the thought that’s a long letter I know they’re all serial thought oh I’m talking about if you do to be only

Oh OK cool thank you but in a five out of five if you can break or five forty six I need you for a cold one for ninety five one The reason I have one Divas isn’t for yelling a scream and

So I felt very grams of fat as if I have an easy job and I found one Stephenson ninety five one Stevenson the start of this house the mill color states that people are yelling as green as they say the Millers yelling at the time it was going to call the police on the females do not see them just says they he hurt them he thinks this is the correct address to hold one and number seven five zero six seven five zero six nothing further he’s been known to have several weapons hidden inside his house

Just came down from nine one five zero fires Wars came out of the coals for I never seven three nine four seven three nine four zero I want me finding that out that if we

We’re just put him away he will block traffic they were complaining

OK thank you six hundred fifty one and I’m seventy thank you very much

Said employers can you go to tech to yes

So over this if you’re sixteen fifty two

Thanks for the exact twenty one is one two eight zero one one two and he’s calling there’s enough front bedroom window for the Denise ROFF president hundred two it isn’t for NY No I mean for ninety three sixty two and you can join cooperate across the street graduate in a reserve and who thirty nine zero six for

Charities just after you succeed City three the original is inherently a to really have an at thirty five thirty seven is worth Camberley mark down the street that’s where she lives and she said in her vehicle door was open and then the other girl in a could always drive them by in the face that she hit her car door but it’s two different conflicting stories but they’re both they’re OK And you know it you know if I feel like it to me and I’ll let you know

OK so I’m just going to do but do Pullman the same and so it’s going to be three five three seven

Thirty five thirty seven vases or you’re going to see Kimberly

The owner of the


Is three candidates seven four eight seven four eight eight and then the other girl in the coal is waiting and one one one zero nine and net the driver of the van OK so she’s

All right so she’s not on scene there she’s at that women


The end she says but it’s like get a corner of the house and as we’re seated see the how she just you know pulled over to get away from that area

They’re really good I thought OK no that’s fine I’ll handle it and

Let them

We get this

We have a missing person they all suspected Ali I have a section fifty five and under the years you are

Going to Hell I have to think if I

Have already go from seven way before you complete over here for this road the West will follow the rush

I don’t know if he is as the five and just a father ever were there anything distinguishable on that victim’s car any bumper sticker that’s right thank you no but

The rejoinder when you write you on

The various me Joy It’s just a little bit of up to if you know

I haven’t I’ll just another arm thing yeah I thought thank you was going to be at two zero on severe Avondale to one of your Ave that’s involved courthouse federal protective a

Parcel as alarm here they’re showing ne overhead laws and that’s why I have officer and Inspector Paul Fraser responding and a marked vehicle on an easy day because he’ll get us seventy four and I’m still seventy four and I detail

The things I think

Of his radio and his X. diary from a

Basically you know really complete wonderfully told by Parma they should have the cars

I haven’t seen fifty seven and I have one more for you and heard it having

It even if you’ve heard his this he moved out of this unit knew the neighborhood the windows are broken are more classic think of the center I never worth remembering here over a war from three more Theran during your Over seventy nine

There’s always a lot of hard labor put them up very well were there

There is almost every much

Oh it’s very dry to hear you clear up or put her if you go ahead and thorough You Go Go ahead

Be ready to write a mark

Yeah I’ll meet ya know if you want to go I’m going to run my camera just third real quick

So it’ll just put what about full timers from

The sequel only hope we don’t more help me as

You go along with our Vasa

All over who we really are can’t you know if there was a part of the joy that all of us think

That our

Own was a location morally good help or

Hurt there’s a lot going on in your own right now

Folks I was ready

For it or a good one I’m a prophet

So I say Yeah right now I’ll be right about you know about humanity

Thank you ma’am one six six zero six Langley one six six zero six Langley Guardian going in there showing me sirens hold of alarm to this location I have nothing further to chew and seventy five thirteen seventy five thirteen and fearless thirty eight zero seven East one eight six three eight zero seven East one it’s a serious point she’s in front of her brother has all the brothers fifty nine years old I have nothing further under three and a seven five zero seven seven five zero seven I will give it to you again seven hundred as if it is four four zero six seven five nine one twenty round

Royle I haven’t expired all and Robert John that an eight X. eight one day that is I’m sorry what was my time for a ride in heaven I’m sorry sixteen thousand

Seven hundred Sorry about that alarm and Ramona here over your little league don’t really feel he rejoined

After that at seventeen No one if you count every ninety seven zero nine Ramona thank seven zero nine Ramona and he’s going there showing a kind of alarm for the northeast that residents voted to get a seven five one one seven five one one short Thank you my seventeen area they do we conferred with the mother of the missing person no new information show is complete and in Route two one zero seven one nine Marco Mt Carmel avenue for another follow up

There’s a you know you know if you do marry them you know there was you know

You can disagree right there yeah he does me he’s out there one seven five eight Lisa one of the five a ways that caller says we’ve all wanted oh as assisting does our city cars with love to read it color use of all the car every A was a all service Chevy Malibu This is called Three gentle birds seven five two three zero five two three

Subs eagle ray

Yeah that injured

Seventy six call

Number one seven three zero four three zero four he thinks very Our son had

An affair with a great family our African pray all answer question and after the

Seventeen o four that other idea of ago has been you funniest The goal for

For a door ring dance during spill David ocean Roberts I wouldn’t like that word dance is coming spelling her socialist to eight seven four zero zero seven five on one three nights in forty eight the physical

Or have it signed at Radio ninety it is a theory or

Is used January of this year scifi two hundred grand Hazel

You will have you know

Who that

Great Oh yeah are you on one moment are actually going to end

And I was action all day so they will not make entrance until they see a mark on her hands and so they’re waiting there on the north side of the street for the robot delivered Oh OK they get

To eat your radio How did you find Joe and I think I got it is very well said it’s in the it’s funny as Echo is robbery of a motor vehicle

You know

And I just I just when I see a carriage with bargain by zero years from working again in the evening OK So me seven five United seventy five twenty nine

Seventy S I don’t have that as a you know seven and the three of them to six

That are major received results all part of a show

Very few Jews in America

Seven you know a rebel and he’s expected to be free countries with the right

You know a period of three or


Three two seven four Vulcan road checking up on or

Being it in the eyes Sinai and what led her there to

Write and I saw that yes all that was taken from half a lie

The start they have that they’re going to process that deal they want to know what you want want to process for whatever the way that the


It was misbehaving or whatever this was about cruel thing which drew a car with a video or two three or how were you know our


Charlie twenty two regarding our one of his resurrection property

Seven seasons and what it is very district I have heard five Sam to three here who requests that presence out of order that the record was

Through arms but jacking up shaking a locally

And April

Thirteenth at twenty seven seeing he was a Sussex a violation of state

And they had narcotics and property seized

The seven eleven that was ice and his very thank you you know I’m going to be it three five three six one five one three five three six he’s one one didn’t call for an open door and a vacancy location is a side door that opened I don’t have anyone from size zero to three and a seventy four eighty two seven four eight two and three a list you can check each one three five and Melzer Islam three five in Melbourne or get a couple you know all four couples juveniles playing basketball in the street nothing further history it’s seven five three one seven five three one there tonight eight sugar zero zero zero

Zero I was our goal you know that today we should really do for you know we’re going to report next

Your honor your interviewer she there she is I did all that doesn’t make her look seventeen twelve it was wind chill six seven one hundred and five hundred and again one of you were there it appears to be very well this from a cell phone front

For herself that if you think you

And she falls Robin a West will probably

Have an interview and you can mark this deal you feel closer to harming a friend now and in a thirty to Monroe commission with a cool name as you nickel I’m going to get

Thirty’s I’m a real connection with a little vehicle criminal damage to a vehicle

And if he’s already ready you can seven five three six seven five three six heard of selling it into that one from far away we have info re themes are you know I report really don’t want to read or write or care or that I like then this how I hear about this earlier via the route has priority that think it’s a great

City thank you

To the radio for was sixty three they got information received connection with this property found also been for we who Charlie twenty three by form possibly related to a previous incident he handled

Through a mark there you know has proper insist we can mention the whole job if you just have your US District and seventy’s if

So you are the liar Wormley are my freedom to lie you well it’s obvious you won five if not the other car to handle a go of the

I have a seven hundred seventy six and did have a pair of Isa five and was on the six five and was when our fathers juvenile who were throwing eggs at cars that are passing by supposed to have a seventy five to one have an icy one hundred three

Seven hundred sixty something’s going to be or three zero three zero eight that races and full report

Happy seven hundred fifteen are you Clara from the south


Seven hundred sixty you know where to go to want to work on it if you don’t have anything you’re going for that

You want you don’t need cooking was just involved for your guy see I see friends still no recovery of this right

Seventeen seventeen and the nine hundred thirteen Barney and nine hundred fifteen Barney and nine hundred twelve volt out a harsh still available

Thousand nine hundred seventy two fifty three that’s Joe Average that will get the frame and he locked his elderly mother out of the house to another call from the wife that he is having an episode and he was just really something

He’s now pacing up and down the street just to get a seven five three four five three four Happy Hour yesterday your


Is that you need to produce so much hard horrifying for his son thirty four seven I thank him for even if you know him that already last we were needed just simply put if it wanted to present seven thousand nine hundred we have been something that was very near as large or

Something I think Berger

A radio

So he nine hundred seventy nine David to Joe encourage thieves simply and route to a first party to three on more of her ninety S I have a seven hundred twenty seven it is as the story I have that information on the right having

All right Henry Varney George two seven four two Texaco silver one thousand nine hundred four toilet a four door fire

January twentieth two thousand and eighty and and Friday thirty two and L.C. D.S.

Was at four til I five by one twenty for Cleveland that’s social that you gave me and that’s also what you gave me technically Harmon re-ask forty nine year old female date of birth of sex sixteen sixty seven registered address a three one four seven last eight eight and that’s in Cleveland she’s five one one thirty five black over Brown does not have a valid license they never give me your winner ID number three now we don’t have anything like that

And Radio ninety six zero three

Their wife inferred with the ship two or three in there they damage

For everyone performing we function report I also prefer to be a regime who cares in person with the flow of information and I got me fifteen twenty two


I’ve already was before the one fifty S. but there’s a whole lot of

Five preparing for zero one that is six of three you call yes i would you mind going up to the US of A rival handle

On the building of I think you already know you can tell me or we recall there is an improper and actually I’m being flagged down on quite a few even more six hundred

That’s a Fair enough another service request for proposal middle for two for three more easy for instinct who for three want forty six units who for the

Victim of the

Last name is McDermott Mary Charlie David Edward

Robert just referred to

Seven five four two seven five four two radio to Charlie do four could you think if those three Put on your little

Or you’re the guest worker you can you call me by phone or so where the district be there and come out of

Dr Roger right and Bernie jewels a lesson that report number one for six five three one four six five five eight

Have you think you just have a now forty and sixty five Chester Avenue now through Zacharias hoeing he said that his friend just being here should have been here yesterday around seven hundred hours he told them that he was going to buy people for money to buy a ticket to New York caller so haven’t heard from him he’s ever Brian Austin she maker is a twenty three year old white male wearing a T. shirt jeans and a blue hat I carry a red tell and two trash bags full of his property sale is known to have used drugs that is was it out of us yesterday night or early this morning and he still hasn’t arrived in New York the whole story had a seventy five use for seventy five twenty four Charles you and we arrested you maker last night for the last problem eighty is Russia so just be aware you have rest left right

Thanks I think of you so I say let’s record a radio May thirtieth and that and as a fellow ninety six if you and let me

Jump in I’ll give you the CD seller



I have a

Fabulous seven hundred twenty seven regular one the way up the radio your driver for I want to

Do five hundred different as these levels are do

Or yours huge

OK Joyce you wrote back a file or personal of one of them have you already has one of them one of whose on Jaker seventy one of the barn and one hundred fifteen ready to disregard that now still a lot of time now but a governor

Thank decision in running the company can you show me how they know P.S.U. for thirty plus I have a seven when it shows you three radio tell you three we were relieved but surely you can just check it out of the district for a quick personal seventy

One of you radio are before you already

There are six to one and I’m seventy seventy three twenty one ninety seven seventy Guardian time and a residential burglar alarm at the spring our resident are showing front door motions to help three and I thought one five three tail seventy five areas you know

That seventeen very happy I went down there for you know with your you know or a word what I wanted to five G. and A for wanting five

George or it were for one to five on the two thousand and six Chevy why didn’t they fire the lemon you haven’t got them think for me it was a clear fifty two year old female with regard to a six seven war in a row from the Ohio did you know any details on this carjacking so they know where the evidence is lately I’m going down for this process where you can you will pull the report we’re going to look at nervously best looking for the female attention

Was a seventeen virgin one A and when they told us this morning to one forty one of seventy five that number we have ever received and you know we are heading for the TRO OK guys I have your residency thirty two two three derogatory you Joe

And I think it’s a very to but if her think

Something very true I remember war for a very there are far more from a career over fifty point seventy nine in just

Seven five three eight seventy five thirty eight OK thanks you know I haven’t seen that he’s very proud on what the collar police was a dog was a coyote they look like something wrong with a flake but it looks like a Lego long time ago from an injury that’s not affected it’s walking around and stuff and I’m not walking up to it as of right now it looks OK and I’m not ready to buy channels and I need it right after that seventy three three but he wasn’t lying and oh yes he’s what I want to run just fine even stuff I can make sure

We get calling that is a white male well born in New York Jersey pushing a retard he just broke is a back door that they can’t

Get off the property and he’s out of the mine and this is

The part of his jersey as if to indicate he may have a gun but none was seen so too I never seventy five and seventy five one zero Sorry I think says some of these are you for that only you laurels name for the vehicle we gave you are three to three first is going to be a three six five nine plus one forty

Three situation even worse are forty years of stairs three serious smarts sure husband husbands friend is refusing to give her a property that was left there when they moved out so three It is seven five one seven seventy five seventeen and for us three three four zero west one twenty or thirty three forty West or twentieth down stairs

Burnett a Harris is calling her live in boyfriend well other remove items she’s trying to move his name is Jacob Jones so three hits of advice four five seventy five forty five

Thirty thirty five British Shelley if I ever been

In an evening shows you just use your badge in terminal or not as one thirty three someone else who ninety taken from me seventy nine in our valley Evan L. sixteen twenty today dark gray two thousand and sixteen P.S. all places that have Georgia neck Barney sixty nine and one nine your neck Barney six final one I’m

Glad my oil has Latinas are no weapons or seen as a bargain a trailblazer and or lessee and last I wait for me seven I am at the two thousand six hundred that gray hears all license plate of Georgia next Barney six nine one I

Have a seven hundred thirty

Three ready

To say there we toured the area the stairway G.O.I.A.

I have it on and he’s on a

Radio and his eye is none but his back in the third district

Seventy thirtieth’s row with

George Nora Charles three two four seven will be issued at hand for parking on private property and he’s a tragic OK accidental all want to was home shows only seventeen very nice the first seventy two to see if they were complete at one

Hundred thirty eight you do if you to the radio saved

From a car we have information receiver shopwoman report at this time if you don’t have any priority for us we have permission to the first actual

Property there since you there are at it it doesn’t seem to know parties are going for it what what changes that are they would have already were you guys or

Should I say

Warrior One only

Going to talk OK If a moment you show them for a while and the mission loses

Forty is it off right for her M.B.A. valving well very hard on a motorcycle you know I did respond and they decided male overdose in one of the cars with you know his arm and driving the vehicle as well because he’ll get a seven five five one seventy five if you want your piece that is seven I’ve won seventy five fifty one and weapons because of that seven hundred thirty one there that he said straight there

Is no receipt from both parties over here no report warning at the stern they didn’t field info from a complete The seventy four you want them to have a for much a for some six for

An employer or any

Other For me a follow up thinking they are with the one seven to four runs then to eight or if you can follow up with a Christopher will form Christopher Werth then paint the following information this morning back there that is in current condition of the mail has everything for the through my number is one seven three zero nine for several very there are

In row

The guessers I mean

Is that for some of the forces if you were going to complete this thing out with a real time delivery seven five six zero seventy five the first Jewish fourteen

There are very that’s on the

Seventy thousand watt radios I had for Joe you to notice church and if we were going to get

You to D.N.A. Again heard a fingerprint commission with an arrest on a C.C.W. You toss a gun on his horn and

Double check your

Thirty three to visit well to see if you had zero but some or all boys were going to the dealer Yeah I don’t think there are

No I don’t think so I read them as was read things that from there were seventy first shooting was made in the house where we got a gun that was shot on today they are familiar with each other for I want to just see if we deal with just him

And if you need to treat them equally for three to five I need to seek the needy for CO two a five point two four if you can break or no arm at one three seven one forty

Alarcon and I

At one three seven one four

One three seven one four that I thought the McGinnis president just simply say called in for edgy at the location of the fire they said on the grounds of the first floor down there is a semi common on the account of the CO two and number seven five for the the five or six where you go into cars for alarm

Bells all invited because you could write

One of the radio that’s are don’t think any felt that it died in

The eye and he did this because I don’t want to handle all the money two cars are in or

Attacking her who are going to car for the hand of God It is easy to disregard to sexual assistance of the precisely the actual There are you sure

Brunches if you want to

Just Excel figure



As if I was the seventeen forty six six four seven five six full well that was a

Three five nine cyl Wes’s Yes

I think there’s some He’s forty seven the resume you

Have resolved the danger night for

Top of that it’s seven hundred forty seven thank you it’s going to be yesterday to eleven Scranton’s three two one one Scranton Eric let’s all of calling this a little Camry blocky as driveway code for I never settle for ninety five seven forty nine size

Isn’t the seventy’s where you and I got another

One of the open in the register to a car and at six zero one two and whatever now players united there are then that was as there’s plenty for then he gave me

Sign and that was easily for the difference to a lot of these reality radio because you still have an airport or you’re out a box truck until they were

Just in a holding of rain your patch argument harder more troops circling volunteer who remember who you were you know where you think it was seventeen or nine thirty thirty seven already or do you seven were comparing the you had me think hard about this seven hundred forty nine i do we have a three in five specialties and it’s Other reports are there for thank me in senior partner if you want over twenty thirty of any of them will of our twenty thirty then again I’m into a five Everything falling she would like a place in a report suspect

Not seeing sort of three to seven five three seven seven five three seven five seven THINK THAT THEY ARE YOU don’t worry about that

We’re doing it with my guy

Or if your horse What’s a different face or what are your trying on clothes from wrist to having that no worries seven things I think they don’t do seventy three oh there’s a

Seven hundred fifty and I’m just seven if you realize what the House ever that if they were a report precious Well you

Know one for three miles seven hundred zero six that is seven hundred fifty one Can you hold up on that for a code two and one fearless sure good thanks much the person from the one one seventy one Princeton one one seventy nine Princeton has an estimated location and I’m on call open line started to get a seven five six eight seven five six A and for your list one one seven zero four Princeton one one seven zero four Princeton Regina’s hoeing D.M.’s about four in a there’s hope for her and they transported her while the US was there she juveniles are all part of videoing them in the house but there’s a she’s out there possibly case in the house to blackmail juveniles fourteen fifteen years old when was running elbows or she would like to going for her to three to seven five one five seven five one

Zero different to thank you much seven hundred fifty two and an M G six for a couple of them short of these words of physics I thought there’s something that these two I do have a couple there’s a soft in your pants they have a glove that they say I walking with them there was a fight there earlier calls exhilarating for them to get F.L. but he does they him it did take them one hour Gulf and I salute a lot

While there is a cold chill and number seven five six one seven five six one Harvard the rear of the plaza vice and Ferguson in a call for a large spike people throwing bottles and sticks no description nothing further coda one seven five seven four seven five seven four thinker to assess

The current five going to all the way seventeen degrees

To seven

Hundred fifty three to be the last name on that doesn’t mean that it is OK if it’s as easy as fifty three but as always it was awful you the seven seem fifty three didn’t over the three eight seven one one four six three seven one one four six in the coffins and I was extend things that are husbands as all that or so

It are so if it is a Kyle Dixon like male or no white things have like being on the inside of the house and she’s now kind of lease or I got a date of birth nine point nine eighty six also tonight for eighty four eighty four eighty six he’s a fierce hearing of the house now of invention Oh no one it is seven five seven two seven five seven to

Think my seven hundred fifty four and I have it thousands if I thought of joining as a long

Time Ago mail order for Charlie to Jordan transporter for Bill if you’re out

Wreckers organ I had in the back area see if we can find anything having it once I for one you said science show we’re trying to B.S. Well you

Were just really try to wait him out however long it takes to happen it is evident that you have read your intro further in order to

Have if I’m going to

Charge you five community for a for info for so we sure thank you i’ll

Do for radio is going a lot

Yes And you know I mean as a liberal Huff we got a small I’m going to be formal No we’ve got to back

So far

Have sex I don’t have area you know we’re both presidents I think you seventeen

I’m one of three cars themselves as a form you check for us was one thirtieth for us first one thirtieth first be some first construction debris in the roadways the right July and oh not advised go to hit seventy five seventy seventy five seventy eight

Seven hundred fifty seven thank you for radio if you also want to make sure every chair where that is from out of the projects for auction route you know that project I cast as I think

That’s an easy eight to eight three zero van make of all of our apartments all five everything Kilmore Hauling Junk they place on a report for just three that is going to be seven five three seven seven five three seven will have a in the back of their own car to get numbers and I have five thousand I have a five thousand and I’m sure you

Have a hand that I get me to fill be here for them

For your show over here they put a few on the computer you give me a name Army Ranger and they drive or

I read that you know hurt him or you or me

Or something different you are in rights or you’re hanging if you’re a

Person a black female about thirty four years of

Broke park dress Navy or harder if you want rain area

As you try as I have a close your arm or on your path you want to have your last hour we thank you

There I saw that one I got a unique Thanks thirty four year old female address one three for tonight Gilmore

Write a phone number and the same number and that’s No two hundred six two five five zero zero hard three OK the evidence five three one thirty black and brown

First baseman twenty one thousand nine hundred eighty two so-so three zero two seven eight three five seven

Did you give out this will to the US from here I have a fantasy for ever you if you want the room was on your porch in fifteen you could

Have Parnell

He answered for you that’s your guy that line

For the role that was

Going on but I and Cindy Sorry emma I am ss those that are notified of responding to this obvious or afraid and collect graphic images assigning Michalis twenty eight for the juveniles or Iraq if you

Are like you already you know

Just one thing our I.R.T. the third thing I think there are you know from third

That check for this remailer

There or here I’ll be having to recall offering to get a return on

The exam for eighty there’s you know three jobs during early if you three

Yes if you think their tables are sixty three and their team both are

Three same two forces that there was a

Large fire and this is right the problem is it has been notified I mean as usual Ria goes right yeah number seven is that the bias is now


Two three go for that was as are three and six three one three Luther six three one three little

Thank you well they

Said to Freo go ahead and make sure it’s not well you’re in trouble

But they do them to have problems over there

Every thirty three point seven five trilogies really can go there

For you think you have anything else or are going to three three two seven six five S. seven five one priority fire and fire here that’s a very much of the rear of the house

Really don’t

Have to go inside there’s no one in there now who are going to be completely

OK tapi F. or sixty once in a long time now that you know radio I heard you want to read a

Book that we tried to sort of you just accept OK if you put it to fortune

If you know my sense is react have the A.T.L. six seven or

What one approach and thirty seven we can enter shock that or not


Them George if you

Think you know such drives over the blacks I think


Was not a nine to nineteen cast away on an infinity like it was assembled

Then by

Angela and you check on the stairwell to rob us from the a flea party do you know that

I wanted to

Give us the least they wrote to us when I was twenty eight they wrote to Lester I was twenty eight as any Him and

Received significant damage to his vehicle when shield and hood I think was given Elster Iraq to make is also the other side it was funny to check the property in that area

He wanted to go for the complaint it was for he’s going to Viet for three one five Clinton came down as opposed to I never seven five seven seven seven seven seven or just go over here and get a report

Again since in that we’re getting another complaint also for this is you can take the free will for these kids but also I know you made is taking your property for the one else just got another complaint are coming from we’re going to go to work for me a house all right at eighteen I

Want to do that I don’t want anything having to do radio but if you put it out the four version of us big you know and I know you want it after some scream you’ve been thirty two eleven three two one one

So I know you have to be assured of your

Eight hundred ten going in and out of traffic running for the red lights in the area but male or in a blue certain blue jeans with the white hands how did you get a seven five eight seven seven five eight seven and I’m not trying to push back on you but that’s all over the city this really doesn’t matter to the program and I fully understand it all on one second radio C M G three or C.N.C. for just for info for him to for you I’ll be a broadcast there all right now I know they are we just yes I know they’re just we were told that we had make assignment for them I forgot I had to verify with you what it is then are not so good in this regard broadcast only

To just

You people you love and

Have you thought of that lawfully

And I know you’re stuck on all there but we’re going to head and then proceed to Calgary that no worries that eighteen Well thank you thank you can put that many people find you five are you trying to find him he can feed a family you know the numbers

Have been eighteen twelve Park as a seven hundred fifty three hundred one and a seven five seven four seven five seven four average joe driving gets him for

Eighteen full surely to five radio but it’s a twenty eight thirty van even for

Their thing

You ain’t here have a thing for you know all over the schoolyard it’s a one to seven five nine one seven five nine or an

Eighteen thirty two we just love the ball the one three radio show me that I don’t know

A thing for projectile correctional so I don’t know what

Is it for those I’m missing given how you say from a first

For me I’m trying to get further information if there’s any reason it should be over here

Before cities off the meter by any south from I believe one five two from five to say where we’re not here right now well for one a five is not it we’ll say to

You five copy


Lazy else but fun for the soldiers they’re like they just don’t want you to try to fight but they’re still driving the other way

If you follow the lead or you know numbers that are five nine zero seven five nine zero Sure if you serial killers Kurdish minority your own officials this

Is my side from mostly inside out

Source email naming saying that

Human elves throwing rocks from behind a fence is there’s a sense from over west when the ace area against the amazing is taking their property yeah worry them it was for you to repair

Or we didn’t play think or you think later you know we want

Twenty five minutes later they just went through a red light on think we’re always a traffic driving erratic do we really normal again you’re just a very serious wrecker just that we’re a little we don’t trust you

Or anything short of ready

Yet from one thing as you have one vehicle so just rights are not eight hundred seventeen going to be

So how much gold you

On a Grand Am what a plate of yours Robert Lee gets six zero one six there’s a real deal here oh wait no I don’t want white male driver white shirt and hat on backwards they male has been as we different time also absorbs the deeper X. ray three one eight seven mercy Virginie they feel those left a will be right but they want the beauty to ride through this a cold rain and number forty seven five nine five seven five nine five to go that is rich and male that first point was the first one is a Pontiac Grand Am Well there’s leak plate of George Robert Lincoln big zero one think George Robert Lincoln six zero one six this is a red vehicle

A white male driver and hat on backwards

Is I don’t know if I that’s out of the eighty eighty did you want me to create another color just add information so that the rat race and the Nottingham Dili

Need radio we saw more of your of course thing clear the province same group so we can probably close them and zero it will do so eighty ninety percent just after a supposedly the female ran off with a male name and they didn’t attack Rand who was at this location nothing does a color so I think he says that it but I’m not funny it’s also yet about her all and

There is none shows you

Are going to be out of the car

Kids might be in this construction area or your Juhi in Detroit I think they’re talking about the French Very between a choice and the two I don’t have a hell of them part

Of have I could have evolved to a new trade taking a construction site here Bunny to seven

From air force have you know

Report We’re going to vector

I havea eight hundred twenty Be advised they’re having their car show at the Gordon part about halfway full of Meyer’s a bunch of bars coming up the drive no

Therefore I’m in and out and give me an one other car but I don’t there are any other horrible because they are permitted for us each

And for that is of the service exists to serve as the zero two

Meeting when one is the first one to Princeton better address you Joe Bruno second when I’m president you know fall from the collar juries are a joy

Preserve the district my partner if the cameras are working now that anything one wants to have leave obligated to say something I sent my face for Mariah Harding

It made the social to seven nine nine six zero nine one one with that same date of birth she’s joining us


When Harding a forty to twenty eight Hello again I’m serious also to seven nine nine six zero nine that on crack you think you are you welcome Barney just think it’s from me or those know is not

The only well known there is potential to photos on his property destroyed and OK happy to have your out to see us eight hundred twenty three the road

I don’t

Drink I don’t do five zero eight secret for all of the view sixteen zero nine zero say thank you

But asked if I had a flat

That G.R.R.L. big zero one six and on it ran out


Two thousand six hundred are such that five lobby people I get a call from a guy

Who’s on if I just

Chose you have a radio

Get up Vos is permission for you to come out her or her and

In relations of earlier in the same to trail

That anything’s going to public schools and that’s a

Fourteen when he does that or maybe the high

Fill the are valid and absences

I think that’s a key point

You also have a deal and then I think the

Lake County

So think they have the I report can you taking me

To him and

Seven down for me

Please by Mitchell’s I theme or in front of me as a lesbian I want to

Thank you to side of the range to fight in the rain and I don’t miss conflates for Bill mill

Blue jeans


He’s got a five or six year old child wearing blue jeans and a Steve

That’s a kid baking in front of missiles I feel was an orange bucket so to I never Service exam for seven six zero four

I think yes eighty seven

And one of the three out of radio

OK We’ve got another call for that one one zero zero three S. very They wanted the vibe of status and also states that almost came as an adult but he pointed out


Zero zero three that’s very good number seven not one third you know three zero one eleven zero three it’s one and zero three one an old three hundred twenty

Eight hundred twenty S. is rated

Highly for forty five of the

Twenty first

It was very well thought of go along with who was the white cons of this

And writing two three I just kind of falsified and mail them to me from right here Dave G. seven

To eight nine nine four four four six Juli nine nine four four four six eight I am so on the D.L. and a couple C.T. sevens armed and dangerous violent tendencies OK so I’m just

Seeing thirty seven

Her as

The hint from free time eight hundred thirty I got one for you already thinking if you don’t over a one for one one zero and then one four one one zero can print their rallies for you walk ins on a vehicle prince of their building and then pulled off she gave a green vehicle of Edward G. zero zero seven six nine there were two zero zero seven six nine hundred three and a seven five eight nine seven five eight nine and eighteen zero seven

Eighteen thirty one so if you’re going to look for a marvel you have nothing anime consuls want to win an eight hundred thirty one David T. to radio no response source in route to the district your Form ten eight these are you want them to do radio but they haven’t think it out for an employer received advise this

Do enough emails not from me or you just as easy and Hardy

Write it three

If you’re very

Kind of with radio but OK from here Parr rival that crowd is first there were a few people left we had one female with the believe and one met with by the owner of Ferguson who aren’t seen he was advised as well and when we monitored the area I think other car there that eight hundred thirty three

That is exhaust security or ninety six I think

Is a free for sure

Twenty four for let us

Pray and say that if I have anything very far better and doesn’t do nothing well those days you are


About earning it well all you need this is a

Well the smaller

The eighties the floor citizenry goes muttering the coach Oh yeah we’re up there were

You know I mean I I thought he said I fell for human being rather your rival lateness is still currently there pair the never happened before they will be able to favor with you perfect thank you

Thirty four forty six

I just laughed in the following so the girlfriend sister friend doesn’t stream the show and actually are and she threatened him saying it saying that she would get a gun from our vehicle you’re right there and agree truck the license plate of George Lincoln the Sam nine seven seven for the black female those other name of you know or tell me that you’re wearing a white T. shirt or woozy and I don’t have a ha that’s it for them from Asia and I’m not getting an answer because you have a seven five eight seventy five eighty

Three hundred thirty six and we have here is our old friend who was

Not he was being threatened but it was his

Car it’s his girlfriend’s sister friend who was threatening to holler OK very clear

Thank you if you thirty seven more for calls for four nine three Welsh one for all we’ve got over there personally

I Cathy I have a can for you

And me seven five nine nine seven five nine nine I put you there anything

Let anybody call about them yeah right when you called out I got you called that I dumped right in there and it was less fun for

Me you know they’re not happy so we aren’t able to say from so

Called back on their back their eyes


Hortatory fifteen Clinton connection with assignment with the rock throwers and I was reporting definitely can thirty seven trying to have already

Run Iraq just Plus a five meeting with Edward Gorey Nariman

Aged thirty eight

Because their war

On twenty three horrible

Making their little ante thirty eight was broadcasting to orange their bikers at Halloran park holiday keening through the only side of the park where a vector for personal use it in the United State of R.T.G. for that was for you you know for very few for

US money just for one zero one eight zero one I Harlan one eight zero one nine hundred eleven for loud music

For the both of us press a call three Yeah Number seven six zero six seven six six a lot of color

Choice for this role

Right there or for a winner and

I’m like you for each zero to three


Eight hundred forty

Three also have


Press Juhi we monitored yo

Red one for personal eight hundred forty

Zero zero G.P.A. zero even forty one and two the radio eighty seven

The myriad of the ever so these are

At eight hundred forty one well have end of the seven FOR THOSE WHO and brother view

Of these things is two thousand and seven

Broadview of Steere’s two thousand and seven brought us stairs filling in the Celina Lewis just calling herself dead assaulted her earlier Kirk Williams police were out here earlier he fled the scene and now he’s circling area in a silver Mercedes suspect is the door ruffle

To Eye number seven six one zero seven six one zero

Two zero to thank the Theodore or her who are users their movie or we want to meet

Say that his dad Theodore Russell is driving around in the silver Mercedes harassing are OK whoever went out there did they go report yet to Adam thirteen so to report

I think it eight hundred forty three henceforward you know they have police this in from I was frank our information received here are with his fancy three in a twenty I think second child he’s going to check OK well to confer with thanks kid and oh so don’t be following up with us we have a report and that’s that was released to the mother on the way we’re going to record

The thank you eight hundred forty three

And that her

Seven six one five seven six one five and eight hundred forty four and seventy seven two for this you got I’m sorry

To four and you take shots I completed a three and joyfully sorry

That people firings paintballs after destiny is another car is an area

Where you

Do four fleece

To four think that West a three and a Troy was a three in Detroit

Michael here is calling parties in a dark blue Ford or S.U.V. pop

Obviously you are a monster they are firing him balls after death three and there’s a black male hanging out of the passenger side window you know played you know full color does not want to confer it was less the north than a West that he’s or the suspect vehicle code one I NEVER seven six zero seven seven six zero seven

I think and I think or yes or no anybody ever played on that or are you going to check and verify reverses for O.-Port over here or her with somebody there in Detroit the vehicle

One is going to be as blue as S.U.V. possibly a Toyota or Mazda the suspect vehicle from yesterday was a dove envoy he was itself at work for nine one one two zero back I thought it was something they are their

Way With all over the old brick wall that they didn’t have one for well I left but another

I thought they were play on and you know I think they do a favor one for the you are jumping one

Hundred forty six thank you very few for if you got me there we’re going over to

Have you just call from West forty third So we waited for Major if you for report thank you for advancing through photos

He says eight hundred forty six that you’re out of the

Eight hundred forty seven pounds the whole roll over

You I’ve already West says I seventy one south they had it just before the split for eighty one seventy one South before the split to green vehicle flipped over there like there’s somebody trapped inside other vehicles have that trying to say oh yea he is in route it’s a one handed seven six two five seven six two five

Cars but it’s definitely forty was yeah I got

One at Story one seventy one south and then another one came in seventy one south four eighty west and seventy one south bridge over four eighty

We’re at one hundred fifty is going to jump out of seventy one so we’ll be able to notify you if you know

OK Happy eight hundred forty eight very good for I had over two inches for four thank you eight hundred forty eight surely someone else is there eight hundred forty eight zero zero zero if they get to those signs that we want about the class really ready they could help us direct traffic I will do so

Because for ever to

Be any

Part of the sense I’m a want to thank you sir

Very private


I cover that I have always found that

Info for a for Taj or A and you

Don’t see May I wonder want to have a shoot for things for the other cars and there’s just no word on that provision

Where you know that if you treat your

Bridge of course in traffic

For zero or for three miles even fifty

That I wasn’t in class for those old that road signs but if you are you talking about a man with them right now there’s a big message board just

North of us on seventy one south so you want self

Right at the split they should know where it is going to be mile marker like two thirty nine Some are on their

Go figure they send us your question are you going to finish if not get fined right

The order

The five eighty four twenty two and

One twenty isn’t free zone and once when using twenty eight Edmonton one twenty six Edmonton five Sorry but you just disregard down was on I’m a physical one I got a call WANT THIS regard to still going to the one he has ample On the one I ninety East and he’s one five two I ninety East and he’s one five to

One old school dark little vehicle with think Ram point that gun at passing cars or any twenty four until the cars on

Both of them are squeezed a little

Divided to four I ninety he’s that he’s on a fifty second I ninety he’s he’s not if he’s that and I was this is the old oh will start little vehicle with big ram when the done it fastens our driver pointed that out got off and he’s on a forty of us who blackmails Why strike down the back of the deal code one number seven six three one seven six three want

Charlie to seven I’d have to arrive on Bragiel I think if he killed the vehicle big blue light on the front of the vehicle and large blue ribbon possibly a Camaro or continuously and more

Than that they want or want it

As a wall and here

Storage of more copies are coming from and OK

Before I die there’s another vehicle it is a cool dark blue Vielka with big ram and has a white stripe down the back of the vehicle big blue light on the front of the vehicle and a large RAM hot

Merrill or

Hard done when the lady had a large point out the window deal that off and he thought of forty of actual which way they went after that there two three Show me your a little bit axel in the area and he said before they start


Charlie two four and a can

Party devoid of juice like those that are after him that’s going to be I know he’s that he’s on a forty hour

I was talking to Adam to find his own car

I felt like I’m here

For We’re good radio never much of it I tell you to support us none of the

Dark old school dark blue vehicle with the grand pointed out that comparison car they got off and on are forty S. there was a large none of the will point out the window as a white stripe down the back of the vehicle big blue light on the front of the vehicle and a large blue RAM after the Camaro or

Through four shows a one forty if that just

Just falls been there it’s your choice you forgot that I have a can for

Half of that is seventy three was seventy three one

Short of your right I’m a dad

I think

Joe if you follow me forty eight

To eighty

You do yeah just across you’re going to pass things and

You know there was a couple more but I think one thing and I don’t want to comment on the whole thirty three

Cents to three drivers do for me I don’t want to go on

But you

Need to

A great OK So already Defra comes back to a gray Saturn to Saturn and using it expires August twenty seventh teens who are Maria’s four is out of the rain Ohio

Birthday parties on haywire Ah parties are on seeing calling out from is a code two and number seven six is that of the


He didn’t

Beller just for cars and people the serving in the parking I go to cheer you up if your ass is seven six seven twenty six twenty five and he think that CA

Has it at eight hundred sixty eight going to an area of the focus you think well if you

Think of yes thank you if you see a shortage of trees and counties margin eighty eight three a five out of the five did you break Poco one and one forty one zero eight Lance that was what you want to

Mail callers days and then you just rates of leakage

Over and one for want

One for one zero eight Glenside male caller states it is one year old nephew this break from village there was a thirty yr mess hall is still to follow E.M.’s in as was last recall of the president’s role this just happened as a good number seven six three five seven three seven six three five if you put

The eighty six in there and if you for radio you report is on one hundred for us to four that’s

Eight hundred fifty nine and Radio five out of the two to one but I don’t see why you thought I was

Your most want over there are no transferred over to E.M.’s I’m not sure what’s going on as they’re gone or not have

It will call that I get this one out on the fall if you mess

Up they will use what I want to fight when just Westchester over holidays or a nice day when really it is hiding in the gate threatening I don’t take their children that faces the police so did I get there so she’ll be going to jail the specular black female wifey jacket black beak that man and give Brown Mohawk right where we go to jail anyway yeah they reversed a funny seven ninety two I think with

Me and I see no one


Seventy four

Can go that

My pharmacy

And were

No three in our seventy three for three nine seven three

If they were always right

Thank you no

If you are welcome aren’t you seven for the lama list twenty eight please those who are reading a lot of market use

This is that they would be ready three for one in division Avenue West twenty eight in the vision Ave human health vehicle on the highway only descriptions were given where he would now in a white T. shirt broadcast my thing also


Never wore them agree with


And three I needed to look so one let me see twenty eight Edmonton on twenty six twenty eight Edmonton as a five star review by callers state that they want to check on the car you know learn from there’s a private phone and automatically they pull a two way

The years I was talking in a vacuum the Melbourne Alyssa spotted the call it’s a cold to get number seven six two six seven six two six

Three three governors have the as a thank you note rid of yours right and the one and I suppose and

Or the number but that the vehicle was that there was a ninety nine black Grand Prix Pontiac Grand Prix How big is your gardening in the area of three four three two less four six three four three two was four six that was complaint several juveniles or riding a pink power will be left in the middle of the street

Juveniles live at the corner house it was for six engine it did A M two seventy two out of seventeen responded earlier about this same complaint but these juveniles in this Jeep or whatever it is

Came out of the call of the ring I never said a six when I seven six when I usually write a European


One of the many G.’s for children they were riding in the street and then they’d like to just get out and leave in a middle of the street OK we’re different you think you have and I think of us one of the rare you did advise you know it’s fourteen thirteen fourteen thirteen and

If a radio

But I think that in very different thing now they can have a couple given out a royal that

One thousand on the

Boat Race I mean looks like he drank

The full bottle of the disorder and he’s just creating the shortage of water now it’s hard to walk out of it you whether for Hollywood charcoal or soften but

With a medium they’ll

Jacket I’m losing in and out of a virgin he had a seven

He appeared to be really terrified and then walk in rear of that apartment complex where the license plate on that vehicle is Henry Charlie Walther

Four one three hundred Charlie author four one three

I have that checking that I still have two thousand to forty four and the whole story had a seven six three seventy six

We covered before

And you know seven there is

Fire to search day six any just go to Holland eight in Euclid colonnade in Euclid in the area Daryl Hall is calling to the to do a Pontiac G six like replay the now when he found on colony those driver dismisses yet he heard three shots fire is above deal Yes either way

Cold one that number seven six four six seven six four six OK this will color a car or don’t say what color the car is this is true though upon a

License plate given a


That you found it was laughing going to funnel

This or the shot came from the vehicle that he said that he heard three shots then saw the the door probably ID six license

With no license belief I don’t call and a nationalist is a vehicle shouldn’t

You know it

Is you want to use it out in the astral and you just showed us that cars are helpful as radio aren’t

You know we have

Those If you want poured you know what if you know that the heart just wheel where we short a vehicle your job your way how the numbers are holding you what were those of the four yet you know not

I don’t see three in the area yet I see one thousand on I

Generally do

For every hole where you patrol as well

The night you know that great of the seven are either of you see I see during the seven either of us or for you in her office in

Chicago if you need an hour hour is not here just when I think I’m pretty to theory or Davis you know that they’re going to be geo you to carry arrival time she arrives there at nineteen zero one and your hand out of one thousand and

It is it was you and I headed back to the ship just because I didn’t know much

About oh I’m sorry would you mind calling

Me one of you I think

Has a very I go Has it was easy Would you mind as well I mean you know what I needed it was you know I think nine hundred eleven

For you for the usual if you get a car and a car

Or your rival as that writing a letter colors vehicle they do not say

Things and so on but still you won’t call for his radio on that now so you’ll you won’t call for this yet one call

To six eight zero two five four nine two six eight zero two five five four nine OK thank you so far one thousand fall to specify eight hundred thirty nine

There were there were those who were coming on elk were really nobody

Their radio devices for a bunch of six for radio because the caller says that it possibly is a silver Pontiac G six he said it that is possibly is the car that was building he said he saw the car speed away after the shot it was lasting I don’t

Look right at the sick

Do forward check this with a motel record

OK let’s look at the most elegant ones of the use of new or rationale there

Nine hundred forty and I’m someone I have to thank Actually I just called Brook Park they have a few officers in route they are handling that act as they said it they’re

OK thank you nine hundred

And you can show me complete it’s going to be in full receive that lease holder was advised if he has any more questions to contact management Roku faithful I am her in for a warrant for the very one fry one for every one for a

Driver that we don’t have right now

Right here

On a Lexus and

Nine hundred sixteen and his race he just for a credit male sitting on the median wall once every six north by Studio sixty seventy to seventy

Thank you and them to full redress a lot and can travel through five to

Seven eight zero one months in him have a needle Imus in hand he’s a straddling the median wall post one and Over seven six five five seven six five five

One hundred seventeen it’s very up to six


But it is it and I think

The height for ninety five and have a now talk I think there are forty three from Cedar and enforce no cause for resiliency three is special pension or complete also confer with the off duty a work there just driving around central to do what I did I advise you on the highway

At eighteen thirty three

Year old has been taken over the

First two three battles region of this with a language barrier I believe oh what a toe it was back on the road we’re completing the first yeah but let me go back real quick Frank Ocean that there are five I want a second that has a silver two thousand two hundred

Four door fires every two thousand and eighteen and ejecting Cleon and Anthony Davis was at sixteen thirty two easy eighty four St and he’s Allen our section of Arc has offered you know what he

Is out with now as

He got the role Service play

To be three seven six two West one seventy eight thirty seven sixty two West one seventy eight Feeney Andrews wants to speak with UN actually eight two to three year old juvenile riding his bicycle in the middle of the street she thinks and used to make him move out of the street his parents I guess are Middle Eastern descent doesn’t speak much English English you know like you to advise them not to let the kids play in the street it’s two and seven six one one seven six one one

One seeing funny a sticker you that he had over there in the traffic that


Going to go work at the last second and his his are hot

As if there’s a male on T. in the south either now

Through four

Hundred twenty or over before some of her eager for her have and I can finally OK thank you you will have a ninety one one two three hardware and I think when he was there would you think

They would use it

Can seven six three six and quite on arrival with Christ

On to you what street now that there are huge potholes going down Clark Field

It’s on Clark from West eleventh to listen here’s another cross street car field road off of US West eleventh OK Copy death one hundred twenty two will notice icing on the

Rug with

Alarms in reserve

Then I said good luck with that I know it’s Sunday

But at least you know we just won a virus a bar out of Boston and my partners

Are that happy that

Three it was

An eleven All right same story the traffic just didn’t

Do short of

Warm your heart if you are still working

And I’m still running but other oldies mostly

Played out H. and M. and M. the flood nine one they are there they are for four for ninety one well I don’t like that blackmail way bulldogging plan but I think they are also Be advised that male he does have a war

They ever see the birds are going to check OK

So he thinks as one hundred twenty four Charlie two three two three

You might call you on your form

But if I read you just as badly but I’m used to be quiet or I will show truck try to let me thank you times nine hundred twenty four and any diligent up free for commercial a lot of and less twenty five OK growth and over me thank you

Location three till three two zero four West twenty five three two zero four Wesley five cycle integrate it has waist door motion this is that see a silver plasma hold to I never seven six five two seven six five two zero on radio Mitchell High Court well

It’s a wind can a seven six six three seven six six three

Nine hundred twenty


Port for a ball the hole the hole the first OK thank you nine hundred forty six and I have one more drug complain on the JOY But thank you so is seven nine one eighty Troy seven nine one a Detroit and that of his complaint from a resident says there’s a black male and a black female they don’t live here is there in the hallway on the first floor drinking openly and doing drugs females wearing a black jacket grazing as Red Hat black male is wearing black jacket black hat for a glass of cold three I never seven six three two seven six three two

I think you’ll one hundred twenty seven

From a distributor to reports made in America evidence Mark and that are for different

Times and I think Lee seven L. ed surely is going to be a two one seven zero west thirty S.

Two one seven zero S. 30s And yes years unit we have Brian calling Les names did a lot David I did David Edward Lincoln ocean Tom

His car was key he was report code for I never seven

Ninety six seven for one thing securely

I think in one nine hundred twenty eight

Whatever any priority or any of them and rather where you think yeah

If you’re and point

The field or in France though

In response to enemies



Fans and or

Trouble or your whole

Series or dancing finds a voice in question forty five I have absolutely nothing

He’s going to I’m going where you don’t when I need hundreds of water


If I need to for that I will go on to better that if you want me to

He said OK fine but I’m to ones on it but was just sure you got in first one image you want you know under your starting one night three one thousand nine hundred

Eighty four has been phone cards for if Acad number seven six zero six seven six zero six one eight zero one I don’t and it would take that allow me

Three for granted at the last maybe

One hundred thirty

Nine hundred thirty

Yeah I know that a well


Player now thank you

Nine hundred thirty six ready to think

VARNEY does a glance that a lot of the D.H. I V. and I think are you one ready

For a physics RADIO Well jobs are you a shill for

Well I think sure her

Body does exactly how do you copy me

There are a lot of clear out of ninety thirty one this is by hand I’m afraid about them

You know already

Short of color

One hundred thirty one Radio five out of the three hundred three Yeah you disregard it E.G. of the grandmother mother says that the number of the car but three news radio shows in Boise

One nine hundred thirty two

The radio you show me concrete you know on an internet it’s no wonder you know what your thank you

All or any way this mail is leaving is that as he drove off and out of the code one weapon run I NEVER seven six seven zero seven six seven zero no play devil OK having anything else on the vehicle license plate or anything

Negative it was just a risk for Dorney son black male driver that I think in one thousand nine hundred thirty three is a time thank you and it’s probably Samuel dinner from thirty six very few was for seven years not family yet he never called

You for I’m in the area I work sure for they would do for Kathy thank you Nick it is seven six seven zero

Well what are your sort of here from the outside I know you all are showed up and everything checked OK you chose complete and where to go by force of it no different to

Think says nine hundred thirty four having around five for Chanukah troll

And March

Sure seven six seven zero seven six seven zero

S. is a red Nissan four door black male driver with two children in the back seat lasting north on a west forty seven from Venice and one where the writer of

Harvey one prefers from his interview earlier

George Jr and Robert two zero nice to George Zimmerman Robert zero nine zero three rounder who is the one who has I think two thousand by I think he’s right and I think just there to


Where oh well if you’re Robert

Not for

That of

Robert Sam eight nine four zero four for the Jennifer Marsh

Major price I don’t need your for total for six one because the first three to four six four six four three to slot him I think he will I think the policy must remain that he will

Then she put her foot down nothing further a call that was given I thought it nor her and then others have added to her over I think the war is the version nothing no one ever

Has a seven zero zero six is the first so far has is and I think he thinks I’m number one seven three who five seven three to five

That an average of your of a night you know does it to night one seven zero forty seven

Two nine one seven six zero four she said

Thank you very great and I’m too sick for a hotel there’s a six but thank you the five and twenty five and twenty will north between Quincy and Cedar

Alcohol free mail calling for police and he’s leading from the have a black male in a black shirt and jeans with black tennis shoes we also received a call ninety third and that area ninety third and and Euclid but for the same situation and have a nice ninety’s or

He’s won a five but India hopes he’ll get a seven six seven three seventy six seventy three but it was a period thank you and I did very nice and just be advised that you know I was advised they will not be responding unless the mail that’s walking OK I can vary one to actual or call and let you know that’s good thank you license plate King I had our Robert Barney yesterday when and where he could have been I think very nice answer for you what was the address really is I mean you just gave you no P six

How is that an area east one hundred seven Quincy the northbound on Quincy between plans in C. they’re going to shoot a Radio four to eight Stevenson that fortnight humans and Andrew mercy is coming in to get his vision above for an open rear door in the morning in or around it is a very stand over them the seven that was examined that survived for a good

Forty What is it for much of the view one hundred seven in mountain ninety four and thank God I think forty one that’s really nice and I’d include C.E.O.’s of a night in Quincy if you could check for emails from does a wheel laid hands or Taurus the black male at forty years old when he and I survive and they’re out as well because Hill had a seven six seven five seventy six seventy five

Heart I think forty one that’s why

This is going to be that and I don’t Quincy seven I don’t consider eight zero seven six eight zero that’s it

I think says one hundred forty two

Thanks if you got over sixty nine twelve Warley six nine one to Fort Lee

So twenty or more following things will emerge I’m seeing more and of the callers how these guys aren’t you when I was out there earlier today is by the mail Phillies and if I see the owner choosing to lock the house

Three and seven six seven seven seven six seven seven OK So those are the landlord for the border

And that thing and outfits and he is calling on them now

Because of the radio

I don’t want to

Think much one nine hundred forty three fifty seven

The reprise of

That Bentley for I don’t want six zero one six Lotus Once again you’re a once explosive mix of the traffic that can seventy six sixty six zero six zero zero one one six zero one six that’s right you’re

Thinking what your friends were on the middle of the physically when they for treatment were going great things that you up

If you had a thing for you were going to get it over were clear of the confusion

That evident in one thousand and forty four and so is radio based as one nine hundred forty four

Two car radio they were looking at systems if you are Tyrone yesterday Walter had him that made it well three months and they were a union baby examples in a Joe year but in the O.B. of six twenty six my thing I did to

Them to seven from or three A No cause underneath the the or just all male Oh you left those all on the refused to go to hospital with us

They just put their advised

That in a nineteen forty five and five you know that now he said in the theater I get it hell on have is yelling and there’s a lot to do seven that I need to twenty have an hour twenty five

Year old male five ten one fifty five I cover of around social two seven nine nine sex nine one have a tail going

Forward are going to run

Is in there high and I that I have it showing as failure to appear he was a court in connection with that of marijuana and have violent and then season is known to have used drugs and I thought I will leave it well of the health police department

OK I would drop it I will

I have an idea for you to take to the radio

David do you know we were going to occur in our ward it was going yesterday and I’m sure there are V.A. revolving in there like where to move from Asia or go over and you tell me the dispatchers badge in terminal from Yasser Arafat

Sam I remember forever going to be one formal three hundred seventy three who

Saved you six of them missing you and Ellis forty nicely these are extended you me and he was her only

For you for

Your OP it was your full right in front of you tell his farmers my dear friend artwork forces How about sleep on the boat now

Have all just forty five radio

There’s a security checking OK there’s no you know your whole record you think he has one hundred forty eight from Cornell female I think the variable some silly shows

That read that the ordeal of the is not really that the one he’ll of the day

Colors of Homer whom are ever never so well as

Neighbors rubble or Facebook isn’t in yesterday neighbors are out building yesterday and posted on Facebook

Uses that now to do a thing it’s all three and number seven hundred seventy seven examinee because that’s

When I was for Dave to six and that went on for two for they were Jews or GA I mean here you can sorry

It’s going to be at three five seven one was for ninety three’s eyes seven one was for nine in a scene Mark is gray missing his fourteen year old stepson Justin shell Sam Charlie Henry Edward Lincoln Lincoln five ten was Izzy Lessing wearing a green eighty blue jeans and several and came out of the cold one I NEVER seven six eight seven seven six eight seven he is a visual that for want of

A think you have one hundred fifty they would do for him you know with them for I have you know as marginal as for the forest that is going under their crime detail can seven three five six seven three five six Thanks recess they do sometimes once I say she is when markets

Have been one nine hundred fifty one all that in one thousand nine hundred six hundred four it is seven six six six seventy six forty three’s Mary one hundred seventy one days Jess or reacquired boyfriend girlfriend no children know her have vision the arguments he doesn’t want to promise you nor does she there separated the mail without waiting for a new or now I’m a year old reading on the stairs I for right to arrive

They were there and of the passengers right

I didn’t trust they were environs for they where they go was where they referred

They were going where they were are for a few years on the plane

Robert Charlie Thomas

They will refund of their money and the party suffers

The four on the arm commercial level Pearl or if you go

Thank you guys for seventy five pearls for seven eight five Pearl C.C.’s alarm they have a door and window barrier motions and overall good food mart

Too I never seven six eight three seven six eight three bridges

Thinking that he says you three think you have any kind of me and he’s nice honey and he’s kind of

Pressured her is waiting his involvement you are on the a leader in a black man as a sex yet all involved as a white house am I to hell three had a seven six seven one seventy six seventy one but that is your A C. that all that I can I think thirty one

Nine hundred fifty four my six twenty five about my fifth year I mean

I have a radio thing that issue you can disregard get

Through shit but they will teach you nice to hear that radio of I got his and his are

Very good thanks for

Having large already

Printed one

That is a must this is I was wrong for just giving them this I don’t have and

That is one nine hundred fifty five so your details get a seven resized six unless you want to ever get


And I think it is US says that ex-boyfriend is the vectors are not operating for any of the kill her

But they JOHN Well they did her sixty nine sixty five white male one a grave Bald Head Start color jersey blue jeans and the Dolphins mentioned you were

Very nice dogs around I seen walking toward Harvard with the dogs can’t carry him a blue varsity jacket cuddle one is every six eighty eight seven six eight eight happy and I do the numbers for this runner Oh thank you nine hundred eighty six Congress three to seven six seven seven seven six seven seven there was one from them thanking for you they were given to

Thank much thank you fifty six if I was a him

Very good boss permission for as a unit from our prince of photos yet of Reiki energy over here at this occasion it’s part of

The Holy Redeemer Church this house and they drove into the vast private or open and when you know if it was stolen or

It was due for a bit for the case and if I was going to the name of the report it would we contact

You five I get a number you want six five three one three three one three if you have the Holy Redeemer Church Times I think you mean Martin

Kalita possed or Lima in the GO TIME

For the West

To st be any

Think of the station for good or regards the

The robber can see the thing just read it as well it was the record of having it no where one thousand

Five Adams’s dream or any car closer need you to break for a cold one and one one four one five to score a one one four one five the score there but the methods go to one OK we advise the pair of the children they

Are the far away and

He’s known on Jinn that I believe in that card I was shooting that they

Well there really are we have had received already George and I think for three

Made by at least three I think OK that was Jeanette’s unless forty six you know we’re going to be

We’re like them up there MARGARET It was four four are not happy and one hundred you suggest seven seven zero two seven seven zero two zero zero zero plus female she’s about fifty to fifty five years old her name is Barnett Robinson and she left a partially in the east one one five and Ashbury area

Two and was something for them to see a relocation in and I want to call somebody else on the phone multiple callbacks a voice mail coded to get a seven six four five seven six four five

Thanks much Formula one we’re talking about you know we advise you kids also stay on the street show her children please thank you twenty I’ll still going to be at or sixty three west from here and that’s DIA forty six eighty three West one five zero we have a call from Cheryl

Says that she wants a welfare check on her daughter Stephanie Archer this thing here is

OK if you five can you break for her one of several warrants we check her locally she’s clear she is selling you two thousand one there but she has a Social up to a one night deal zero seven zero six She’s a white female five Sorry about one hundred ten pounds she has short shrubbery blond hair the priorities still have seventy six sixty seventy six sixty

Thank you one else very thank you to the curb there’s plenty else very

Nancy five radians

But I think that I you know very fever in General Joulwan I was very quiet and their parents

Have these one else very

Few shows what women when they offered their large green maybe a blast


It’s rare they retire resolution in your office or

Go with a warmer

Or more was around eight seventy three when I just opened her house but also because there’s a lot of commotion going on in the background so your mail saying just you know my daughter’s stuff if it is a black male one of black like Can’t from jeans if you’re in a black bag placing running towards five five and Broadway Also if you’re still malign go to one to seven seven zero six seven seven zero six zero to twenty all for the year and I

Rather agree thirty year America from your sister and I cover eight four seven six eight four but I’m going to out of here with girly girl or OK Oh if you five sure have a good number of everybody get a three Yeah that’s seven seven zero two seven seven zero two it’s still up and I’m doing that follow up on that owner of that vehicle to see is yes something local was us and that traffic several friends of marginal You know we have a traffic going through

As I say honest and we went under here on road one hundred here on road out front if you’re hired as a passer by said she saw a male going to purses out front is a black male with a white shirt and it had black shirts on it and Callahan also wearing a white hat so that these near the corner of the jacket

You know sitting on a trash can so that you have for a person being quiet as black line and on all of the other ones I saw that he had a black jacket over the high that he was searching through them the coattails had a seven seven zero seven seventy seven zero seven

Twenty seven twenty that I’m all

I have it one has been in a call from Carol this is third party coffees as the song proper and sing the song property B.C. she has a C.P.L. on him he is armed with a gun wearing all black destroying a Ford or blue car going to see the seven six nine six seven six nine six OK I think what’s funny I also have an


DAVIS the seven or five Haitian issues

You know the seven zero seven seven zero

Two three three with all the cars are that we open a back problem

And see if your time’s twenty zero eight cents is three for doing it all quite open up lane to

Be going to open up playing when he does that all the over not many one and everybody

Are going to three more his

Twenty I know this is really for you is your scenario when I said

Well do you have the right and the other call from Anna William’s fake email has been stabbed in the arm that in fact is a black male wearing blue jeans and a black T. shirt this took on signs for Tories Lorraine

Re a tourist OK well the address for that one for nine zero to cure it is a turd

I think that was that bird

Thing where she was a victim of a fraud she’s a she did a file she thought it was play to give them OK what does she have an address report

While family fight in one is on her granting they want want to

Know from the only one and are the one for her so twenty ten probably true for Also as with the


To seven seven eight six eight five two seven seven six five two

One eleven three thousand or

One the law her arm therefore

She I guess she used to work there Meiji used to be a ploy years she works here this is from Marge she received two counterfeit bills and she made a report I don’t know if she’s a manager at a full year but she received two twenty dollar counterfeit bills as she made a report on behalf of the restaurant’s ours as she was doing it on the ass of the restaurant according to the report and maybe an employee over at that sure it is Burger King OK thank you so nice of getting a black male black T. shirt with blue jeans he was laughing towards Loring now is stating that the

Collar is telling him that the suspects keep the suspect he coming back in radio to Charlie before I arrived yet eight hundred fifty three right nation two for radio he thought us out on a personal with great minimal twenty thirteen of the written word able to go ahead

From the highway

So warm




And fewer cars

That would have won we never got just in our personal OK now twenty fourteen to one fiftieth and you think writing twenty fourteen AND DAVID Yes that’s right twenty fourteen one fan two three to radio could have writing twenty fourteen so I have her back to the freeway Also away my arrival time and I’m advising on red outfit one for you know right for personal and family I have and I find area

Thank you you’re welcome I thought that there you know that he and I carry on her

One way radio going to have

Someone go Salmon who is a you go on one here about

Three The Prayer Center for verified

Father’s murder trial

Thirty five going north Ariel We’re not sure where our fourth from the four I have a high six and the Chopra three seventy seven all three that if you think of one twenty six where you are one forty one forty minutes there’s George queen three eight nine and say George had a queen three a manager who are under two hundred

And George zebra and re

And one George super hundred eighty five nine one finally one or all three of our Jesus recodes who are not in him just like he just

Ran around or

Thanking them completely out of a personal refuse one party who you know from T.V. guys go

We’re just arriving but we cannot write off you don’t need to yeah we’re going

On the radio I mean for ninety five and it was a park ninety five I get way parking as the

These are his name I thought intoxicated female and then you know her very trying to an injury that of her you know her writing about to be a male on a being male or female about that he nor I think of Mary was this caller quite a gathering for I think it is a They’re out there meeting

Weren’t ready you know

You could just disregarding Well such a whole family I have never ever known for

Kids in the house so we did it well check everything down and there’s our Lisa they just moved and there’s power and water and heat so as far as that goes they’re going to actually play with them what she ten

Twenty nineteen and then I have one in your patch the drag racers and the mail once it’s in for

The six completed for

Twenty nineteen years you but

They will know that it was five in-store

But it had recently Victoria three to five so why they

Were going to be out of pocket or is volatile as much yes yes have fears that have had falsities riding of bluish gray Chevy Impala I have a social for him that’s all going to be tonight I think seventy

Two say so and passion for arms having interest has fallen as with the county as a felony with a forty as a felony with a yes several warrants

If there is any and effectiveness as far as his for sale he had a seven six nine one seven six nine one so it was that way is that when I having that things I want

Very very

Right Sunny I want to just stand by for the collar there’s a privacy fence in the back and he me trying to assemble friends he has a runner one of his warrants is for a county

Court print before going to

Fancy of course one eleven a one for us one one one zero one for us

As it were things on his or you

Just Ripley toward arrow jury you Joe George assisting a woman one for one forcible origin for a lot of voters you know the rock of

Rights I think feel he had is seven six nine one right here that funny is funny I want to thank you very very house minority rights so you want to go with them actually north if that’s what you think and

You were just refer to her or

Them hold as

The John Crawford of the health policy you check the list eleven for a vehicle blocking complaint for unanimous you for her

Choice you choosing you know is going to be two and three five less eleven two one three five list eleven anonymous complaint four writ Hyundai Elantra

George rubber Adams five three zero eight George Roberts and I’m five three zero eight blocking the driveway calls for I never seven seven two to seven seven surely do a good thing twenty twenty three as we’re all here looking for these are roughly five eleven or six but

You’ve got to jump you know if he got out of probably about two hundred fifteen

Medium complection Well he has a really big nose and

He is really not for a long for sure


His wife was working he’s got his Oh sure I’m fine oh yeah I got a social but we’re not equipped I don’t know useful info of what what should you know if they have it for years married in the village search for our adventures mom’s house she wears or hangs out in the area warmer and there’ll be a scene between well merge force live he is known to carry a gun last I knew ers like walk forty

Or thank me appreciate how now he even means by twenty five today from a source Malvina security is calling him and states that a resident told him that there are males and females fighting in the heartland and no farther in her till seven seventy three seventy seven twenty three if you see him so much at all well

Twenty twenty five

And I went on and when we did receive a call from the you know Robinson she’s pretty upset you watch as it all are she says that she is a caretaker and she has the ickle this is the mantra that was at the request of his family who are en route here from Alabama

Thank you very many don’t open Carla can handle that a family’s given its are just the same assignment and radio we talked with the gentleman is eighty years old he was not incompetent he was adamant about getting a report and we’re going to give him a report I’m not calling back the main suspect we’re almost done with report will follow through with the wishes of the citizens of the

Right I have thank you very you talk about their family or period I’m sorry Mary and what I thought we were taught about the G.P.L. because you just gave us that

Talking about the one all males and females fighting on their own yet you need us as an author that that is for


If you have a

Radio to Adams you three for

Kids younger voters can go on then if they need five

Twenty twenty seven who yes I mean for about

Twenty twenty seven they would do that with me or the very clear url would George take free weekend five George everyone can have

OK so you just need to know if it shows you for who the coach on the highway they go for and I think you both might U.S.G.S. one hundred five ninety west east twenty five every just after the exit for the right to lanes some degree in the roadway possibly luggage Oh that advice go to him at seven seven to four seventy seven twenty four for example three for forty five and some benefit go to three there after that high eight to six but do so sure the mail or more one one zero one horse or letter of a point the parties you force on force twenty twenty identifiable to nine six seven eight zero two six two nine six seven eight zero he said that you know from playing time maybe they were idea

Seven forty seven in the way I think they are things like George Wallace for being three very for Frank when I’m

Going to five thirty five forty that

We’re worth five a store


Think for thinking three or four that we already do is possible but very well you can see through the previous order what was

Your feet on board

As in history

Yeah here the last order was right before the three saying read it let me know that he very

So simply Oh here you are given to go and I was already I did that and it has twenty thirty one if Morris had left off we thought we’d go there but it’s very very different that hundred thirty one is holding because I


You know I’m

Going to have to three hundred words are Dr Jennifer you voted out one female under

You want you five and you said where and I reversed that fifty three hundred words I Dr Hopkins or for

That if he did and he were running that impairment on Friday after her the dispatcher do six ninety two thank you

Forty two forces are

Ready for one one one zero one four

Two two

Point three zero and Barney two I have two more for you that’s a game and you’re going to Dahlia

And Rocky River Drive the deli and Rocky River Drive

For a black male six but then Bill is wearing a blue planet blue plan to have blue jacket possibly navy blue can

Save a Lot bag they keep looking into vacant houses it’s a three can’t is seven seven one three seven seven one three And next is going to be forty one ten Rocky River Drive forty one sand rock you ever drive

In the back of this is OK Sion loud music coming

From a black car its three candidates seven seven two seven seven seven two seven

Twenty thirty three and two out of two for even she was set for males a large group of motorcycles

Came from West twenty five and Clark hitting Ford Metro around thirteen or vice and motorcycles disrupting traffic going in opposite directions going in a wrong way Lane Cosi traffic Heather

Version of twelve twenty four ninety nine and the king is a William Daniels Gil

His name is Roy I think he’ll doors I’d only going to trick them out

The driver was warning for

All that it’s fine for a nine seven seven three three seventy seven thirty three

Twenty thirty thing but yeah that’s down here first they’ve decided as

Far as I was going ever night I don’t have that name BREWER No Name a shot fired twenty one hundred twelve they were very nice as the ninety eight C. does not valid driver’s license

To five radio yesterday was to five I mean

These five are supposedly is

Two things nine zero four zero three zero bring I don’t for radio but just

To see is a while they want to massing one of their family to four that’s going to twenty thirty

For always were able

To see that it’s going off

To three

Surely through three hundred

Zoologist brain had the message that is the only place that I’m

Sure sent to the office go out that’s just one thirty seven two for the message board that only thirty seven point three seven there are two sections thank you get out of our east for days and long was due for a zero on wasn’t checked for a mailing on the ground here a black male wearing blue clothing laying on the grass collars at a young and screaming at the sky

And the seven seven three seven seven seven thirty seven there’s a

Twenty thirty year that are forty five have lived together

Twenty thirty are going to three Radio one are your reassign ours we have heard no war will security have it

And if you say Would you mind if I invited you three and that one thing that Alan and on

Are that it that it is seven seven zero three seven seven zero three centuries or elect are we one problem is this is just you propose to

Show if you do

Just north of love then between East forty S.

Last thirty forty and north of well then I think you there are twenty thirty nine one zero six one to match the correct which is in connection with Chris but they have responded to

The one and I seventy euro

I’m not sure of the quest as the what they need to vote for though they haven’t said

Or it will be a feud with us all coming from

That he’s only forty and as is the

General joint Sujoy if you her guard were right behind you OK with that maybe Marco had already has not told her of her book


Fourteen area twenty four to

Well it is it’s realty

That you mail that Rob you know was G Q Can you give me Jeff A

Teacher during a Dio survey for sure around

Each year for me measuring out discussion but he was just walking down the street pizza wasn’t having problems with anybody

He was

Archer Dariya really wanted to

Report there or it was moved up above you resigned and I just purchased the two sets of her will be friends of this country OK Funny forty one Jew from a wonderful go at

First thing is just two nine four four one three zero and also he let me know how this run came down effective rest came down third party from a down against

Al of evil of accolades all of having somebody who had never for a day or one having very very well won seventy three

For their card field area so not to depart feel that they were correct or that the Russian trend back off a little bit will shift into a few more cars in the Sauder OK negative they’re getting on not for ninety pounds and I’m not going to continue to follow I think they’re aware of my presence and I think they’re acting a little driving worse because of it OK radio notify us or please

You have the all the coffees down for ninety right

So they got want to warm the six five four but

There we are on half an hour we could take that four year for training purposes OK

Or six five for anything else all of you must undertake it this isn’t a to remember it is where each other should be are you if you want to chill the place for a vigil

Of your


We can anybody that

Want to one right or just give us a repeat on the unit number we have the address voice seven for those that I read her well enough for her

Archive what’s her name Rebecca Payne Rebecca paying

The all the right connection with them for receive this package which was taken from the house right around the corner and I am not from here so I should be going over to one two zero zero five Geraldine again connect the

Twenty forty five Charlie’s use of it or a place for you for

Twenty forty four

To say what you


Freeway in New York area

Is work

Right and of these are going to go see you when you’re simply a year old male only on your one

Just six one then you know where you want to buy six to go and

Things are going to go

On I don’t want me

To go to the full

Freedom to Florida warning to five but I survived there’s no sign of anything over here in the seven one and Clark area there’s no apartment building at seventy one and Clark

OK Over here we’ve got a mail order for off duty knowing for

Sure it’s complete thanks every car for the service you can put us as if you wanted for me for being under here where they

Said they’re not vision they live in the area somewhere and have never going to be two one six three three three four seven

Three three The for your cat is seven seven three seven

Twenty forty nine

For more than one seven seven and several now have the ninety nine have are to have a now and that’s after me the location that you and I’ll request please fourteen or fifteen years old and a female so that boys were helping her and throwing rocks at her we do not have the call that number for us you know how to deal with the seven seven five one seventy seven S on the cover that from you know she goes there he got that at twenty

And if you seven your computer gets you free you


OK twenty fifty first one is going to be five to one six Stickney fifty two sixteen Stickney backstory the address of the juvenile shooting off fireworks Oh says that they’re shooting him towards her windows believe a name or call back oh three seven seven four six seventy seven forty six and then for your list for zero six one West four nine four zero six one was forty nine the rose Rodriguez sprawling across a welfare check on her ex-boyfriend Geoffrey roll then I have known yo drug user and Jim been able to get hold of him oh three seven seven five zero seventy seven fifty eight you have those Larry King forever

They divert at the moment for ten of ninety seven are just those on the side

It is their car even very close to a they do for a person of interest rate if I thought he did do three or it and they’d be provide me to look for me

Very negative

Situation they would do for you calling it was

Me as if you know if I started three ladies assistant answer three please study towards North

Since it’s really pretty fancy one

Funny thing to charge you five

I was I really just riffing down at one sixteen

Fire out here we had a hole that is smoking and burning


Real Here was one car we’re going to say fall off

The stove our location and then we’re uses all cargo block off Griffin at once and

So we’re going to close off gripping one sixteen so where to about five or three from our one fifteen reference

I think

The video

Between fifty three and then radio

Are both those rich up to D.H.

Two three one three three West forty third for a moment

Between fifty four

Point eight

And c one I need to go to East eighty second and thankfully here he’s eight so that in and saying clear that as well as our general stated that

They have a male is that the general is a twenty four twenty four year old male he said it was really a file and solicit title

Of great on this thing and in this is the en route to the mail mentioning and has meaning the whole one white male ways raise eighty five now I run here to think that’s walking for downtown or even free in Kenya will see a message here even though he was nailed to convey to a house in Oregon

I’ve had a few of her and these are amazing and he was highly intoxicated and threatening here and he’s as it is then of male about five feet tall with braids that go into a ponytail Why is red and black stripes half with a vast over at and white heart of C. and her only in the street here screaming that he doesn’t care about the please post feel for the seven seven four thousand and seventy seven forty seven

Thank you Tony this is I get all that in one thousand nine hundred eighty

Seven six I know seventy six ninety I think of looking here and I got one for you OK This Be advised Ossie the general health Point two hundred you know

That if you inject use one two three use one two three and four get a call from a Sunni to stand so that the suspect to stab her a few weeks ago is an area black female very white of in fact exactly when I was trying to look for the information just

To stand on the fourteenth of April she calls all the time even this information service email me Area goodness very good at seven seven four four seven seven four four oh OK that’s all going to get rid of

Somebody get it please or is it the storm it was the disc on the fire were your biggest buzzwords engineer worked around you know you going to join General

Twenty fifty seven on that stream to form a can we needed a ministry if you three already wrote

That this is a forty fifty eight Chevy that’s when a fifty year

Radio I think fire already stated that they’ve been notified of a few rig sure the Power Girl reroute that they will do were those who had to use them for those things though even if he said he couldn’t thanks very designers that he can and has a very seamless

Still one though and George you’re older for Coach Ron Elving and a large fight but males of what they now thank you for the How to that will hurt

Well hers is thirty nine minutes

Thirty nine are due to Ferraro I’m afraid they’re just give me our address and I’ll let you know if anything is going on over there those of you that are right

And his

Hers is off the Euclidian and Dora OK details on this eight hundred eighty two well there’s people fighting in this area called in by

Unknown Caller there a large fight right in the area male the female only weapon

Vehicles no description

There’s all those numbers that I’m in Atlanta

And survive eight and ninety will there’s some mom live in the may live in eighty two and

Alleys leader and ethical to let me know he’s either a

Person I want her warm if i want on stores around town I don’t leave a

Clear and with a Go up and check here is the last the resident was walking tours downtown you know I use the phone a Dollar General I didn’t get another call for a visit on call that the Family Dollar he was running into she was fond of going to traffic but thirty six and see how we can manage twenty year old male a bit of the way and the message and fire something awful you know any car can assess the color one

Where you want to you

You fire it May twelfth two thousand and seventeen text where Sandra Walker thirty four year old female that they’re seven six eight


Did much for a while you didn’t you do radio have you if you fifty five years will receive her report goodbyes just mail going to you to go for complete

Numbers if there’s a will over there

You know I have that file all very well with this


Point I was very very high from my magic twenty three I can play think

Twenty one on three and if he’s reading a few one hundred one of our things to me a while or when I want to

Be good for

Lunch when I want to or are you just rather

Just ready for a little less time when I was more

Put off for you to radio if you want this were distributed over all over the for forty five bit of return of the desert probably your reports from earlier have it twenty one five no Fridays you’re considered for enjoy if you’re a

Three or miss your course complete affection for forty five because we haven’t more grab something to bring back to the second one

OK So we want to

Thank you three you gotta hold back or is this the meeting of callers and more well

The live in boyfriend he said he’s not there that he doesn’t know what Burnett is talking about when I try Callum Burnett is the phone if he’s ringing you ever numbers were really getting irate and that means they’re doing guard Valley Koda one at seven seven six seven seven six that’s your sexual wage if I want to


The base it’s going to want to see

Right and if I want to for a lot of twenty seven years I have an L. behind this address and the L. year complaining of three males are banging and making lots of noise and going on for over an hour now so three had a seven seven six four seventy seven sixty four

Point to it for over here or there guys it was there for all they’ll check OK

We went right over your photograph for

You That’s where you want to eat she said when she was in the easy chair so as one of

Her formative years all of

These are hard as they said as very easy and others exude as Barry on a one hundred six a service call and it is just a little white house with pink for

A family friend writing for those assaulted by a girlfriend they just the female Danish a T.Q. a black female broke up like that

Jacket jeans white just didn’t feel yeah right the bus was the one

You know it’s a male house

Twenty one on

The left called his house as well before even and second period

Address is the call to number seven seven zero nine seven seven zero nine the real P.S. for angry e-mail

And think well I don’t know the browser complection

Not use when I heard that her name is peak use brown complected when the jacket in jeans and white she do like tissue or a

Little wanting to let me know if your general the

Focus of all of

I’m fluent in the arts

Be out of a traffic stop because of you except for

Having three or four of us affair I said that her child’s father sells and her to her phone and money and left the scene one thousand four hundred you know there’s waiting here at the corner for Officer Hovan Wright has an astronomer

And a lover

Yes that’s one of them and surely two very shows complete on this as well also shows

One of their it’s very clear first for your radio

Three of the hair and all that

Is ink that is them being seven seven zero three seven seven zero three Adams one six twelve Massey and Lucy the destructive twenty six think nine want to seem excited seven seventeen and one thing and we

Wanted one for three out of five are to do four to six radio with arms they asked for her

Give me a minute on them and I looked at a party for you don’t argue for Vanity Fair article for what the hell

Am I going to echo

Party for this says he says as he sat down the left but he did enter and it was on the street but he told me as it was well fifty four units that I see it is he said they cancel the theater as one

Of the boss’ radios that’s the thing that has forced

Them to these as a four preview for a door close by well the set over a wall six that’s right there are four for her to get over on to your table from JUST IN CASE Well fifty four is our second she gave these artists a hundred is sacred and very on East one hundred six

They said they just left callers house at twelve fifty four hundred thank you office in Syria you know to give pleasure as a show to truly go

To three

Three of them by able to survive they have to three I don’t recall from his office Nixon Ashbury and awful a visual just one to five for users is the period I want to be about full

And I get the wild feelings of here wealth of a color to what you age

I have that all access is a very clear whatever the how things are put in here about it as opposed to what you age and connection with Ashley someone shot at seventy five hundred seater and that you go three

Weeks where Saturn five zero zero see it or I don’t know what this assignment means I’m going to

Meet her and I have a heart that I just want to have I want and then I am here too as an opposing us all and I’m sorry and I’m too sexy something a male connection with a code Hill and I’m too serious that charity actually another coach

Or two man point on the scene on Nonesuch and the bottom number and go from there

I thought surely you for Radio two for that

How do we look for a forty five is the answer these answers for but usually put it towards areas you feel

Going on sixteen reasons for

That is really just let you know I’ll tell you what we like to think is forty five miles to call their call very

Political legal often through the district that will go or Thank You may

Well go when I was sixteen

I was an aspect of acting that way at least while she was a farrier he’s one of the ones of hear her name a seventy hour she said that her child just assaulted her

On our money his name is Mohammed the last name is going to

And I’m Barney Davis Union League and Henry and I am queen Queen and you have a scene driving a two thousand for green Saturn V. Oh no weapons are you going to have long had a seven seven seven three seventy seven seventy three

And that’s what one three thought in San Diego and one one three two in Cooley both of you are going to push and also work forever just a

Short run for a current

That their version of horny through four years high hopes you’re there for two or three or four for sort of girl so that

Having the said I there was four milligrams of marking and no evidence I’m seem that the house either or the truck that is going to their

Shores computer Melber to know it was you know everybody or follow as well as you can for some Polish ready to show you everything

That has only seven secs for three seventy six forty three Your time is twenty one thousand but as you say he killed was a message on Fairfield’s least two of them a lot of arriving at a malevolent as twenty one thing part of what prices excite you is that of the it to twenty one Fairfield downstairs one zero two one very real downstairs the ever Robert Miller Miller calling

Accusing his elves mother of abusing their eleven year old autistic son Bobby Miller

Is our story Crystal fear a twenty eight year old Hispanic female I guess as you and I’ll call it is dead locked himself in a bedroom keep away from Mom cold one I NEVER seven seven eight two seven seven eight two

Cizik first calls on the mass

After several have leased right from here we go to Jeffrey brother and I believe that

He is going to check OK you are home at the moment

That they are going to call it at all

They took away and one of the forty five threatening the caller and said the female trying to stammer was known for the line in particular heard a lot of commotion and then another call dating that the female police suspect is leading in as twenty fourteen Ford Fusion black in color with a play of George Henry X. rays five four four five

Black female black shorts white your ponytail

It’s a one handed a seven seventy nine seven seventy nine

Twenty one twenty one Turley who saw her fist there

Twenty one twenty one

That evening holding three calls result as I stated male and two disturbance

So he went with me and then if Israel

And the trains are as you and then Adam seven zero one zero four sessions seven zero one zero four six this was seven o three there was marijuana

It happens on Rahul who was sitting with

Norm there you know thank you for the assistance central So if you for a radio call fifty

Two three you are still looking for Sean

Or give enough time to the final we’ve been here

And then rumors people in the neighborhood here is full of the other don’t

Know where he says I figure if I make sure your

Say I’m thirty three now

Then very very early version and I’m thirty two Charlie thirty want to Charlie thirty six I have a one on one

Four were holding three coaches and very close race

And anything

Just three when I went to one fourteen

Numbers of seven and three cells of an ivory tower

Should try for same traffic got a few

Over one along

Over as I was reading an aircraft in our day when it was his area for the digital form one right now will be out in a few point twenty five and over a course that is going on twenty five you’re good at it CERN boy Kentucky I think you’re right on time one hundred five there’s you know if you know how to live for forty five I have to let you go visit Israel for more than a few five seven minutes

OK Enjoy yourself it was only six I think the advice I’m holding a couple three

That just came in I’m going to call that

If you fly radio but what I want for women are the areas in a check OK I look for forty five

Years in every gun point of X. one

Twenty one twenty six enjoy so that whole issue that came down from you age I saw the social worker there she said that there is a victim see an anagram who was shot this morning about one am at seventy five hundred feet or Javier her mom is there and she wants to speak with Officer you for your system and says I’m speaking with a

Reporter haven’t made it is you want to leave this is a hotel where you could I waited took three thank you as I was twenty and thirty seven

Through three

So I was twenty

Two probably Robert twenty one twenty


Surgical most it’s shooting to find

If you want to if you want to have a real if you want to become a mom call her an early


A field trip or

What was the number of things you think yeah I just I don’t what isn’t all that or yes they can call me three zero pm and I I think you know her name is going to be Andy Graham of our high right now and I call for a man just in the middle of the street blocking traffic

Areas or no six arriving twenty one twenty nine

Surely if you saw one also twenty one twenty nine forty two he checked

In Monroe please

As was the man

Family Dollar Dollar General jet fuel we don’t think verify five Biggio are you Joe forty five well forty five radio Sam two sleazy answers for

They ask is reserved for certain two for the floor and one is because the forty five on hold is to call their cold breezes of the service and suspicious activity there this was a low shelf

Those were the ones that you want as long we go on to go back I think you

Have a one to one very last century and you know this is the going it

Creates you have Adam thirty two and Adam thirty five and Charlie thirty two you just advised early thirty’s who’s going to be here arguing about training OK The one in one we only have

To call the wings and they’re just the service censuses activity

Right so if you don’t want anyone you twenty twenty severe Avenue East Henry hauling

He said he heard someone scream and then he received a call that some of the staff here is that as I was leaving as olding this occurred you know I says that if I have no further information to hold Wonkette seven eight zero zero seventy eight hundred

Forty five one hundred

Twenty one I’m in the area already wrote a

Point on their detail

That they’re going to go I’m sorry it’s twenty two twenty five year Ave used to do two zeroes appear Evan the East Coast one had a seventy eight there was a zero seven eight there was arrow and I think if I could just about twenty one thirty three

Point two point zero

Yes and if you for twenty to twenty five year Evidently if you had is there to know what I am there at twenty one thirty three because if you could show me right it would also point to a very very innovative to say if we just do the get least seventy there they’re all seventy eight hundred and you have at that point I’m very very large drew her full range is very there was

This delay for the Nottingham correction that people have and for a male screaming around a crowd of people just like he has a nice you know all black black hoodie you know me and all that we have received for received twenty four shells juice researcher was you first joyful for words are nice is the way that a majority of what we ought to

Be twenty four is a very or I don’t know if this is the match and oh the stabbing or the military or all the fallout was like looking in places for your son to have more of mates and problems than a minute I have a time on thirty five twenty four years and there are twenty one that is I believe the senior partner is given over to didn’t want to for

The phosphor and kinsmen didn’t offer an answer in the middle of this Reebok in traffic or did you say seven seven nine four seven seven nine four four

Much twenty one thirty six

We’re going to make sure

I have it when I say ornery when I say there are a lot of feedback there you still have no call going to serve somebody that has a V.P.N. twenty seconds if you’re there was a male who was punched so hard that all they found that if you thought we’re going to continue tore into theater the female that we don’t know if they’ll call that a yes well we were there we’re not sure if it’s really or not for that male who is much

Greater you put me in the area when I’m thirty seven of a victim description we do not and alcohol back to see if we can get any further info in a call because there are four black males no clothing description out here gambling protocol or they believe that they’re going to start a dog fight have a couple protocol or thirty bring in the dogs out with nothing further or three seventy eight zero one seven eight zero one

You’re to say we’re going to go to one hundred

Twenty one thirty eight enjoy

Guardians protection has motion close to I numbered seventy two seventy two parties or

I think it was thirty eight and you ready for us to

Twenty three twenty thirty of patrols we pick one seventeenth Street there would be over Charlie Charlie every three five six just charity I

See it was a hotel and they had a seven seven three seven seven seven thirty seven and you arrive there at twenty forty and it had


Twenty one forty

We got there

Twenty thirty you’re saying we want there are twenty one forty left what do you mean what have you been back to charity or what have you clear that we walk walk walk in and out Gerry what how do we arrive at journey you are en route to charity twenty one I was sorry

That you were going on forty and when you have already have and they have a political arm what I should already oh yeah I just I’m at a hotel I’m going there I did have a

Thank you three five five Carnegie thirty eight fifty five Carnegie close to home number one perfect around the security is hauling a very large army veteran that normally

The heel of their requests it is that she will be not chilly she’s not I’m seeing the whole Seal had a seven seven I until seventy seven nine hundred

Twenty one forty one and you have to do we’ve got this matter with mom if I want to read them after twenty one forty one you’re welcome I’m over you and I was also with some other people who will grow

It up with the food and I think those who are using to reject it as you know forty two few people who are in the area someone standing over another person on East twenty third and they are making having motions didn’t see a knife or anything acidly is that person he was

But if you like to go for their original collar His name is Henry he works at twenty to twenty severe and he said if you have to that you can you can get to hold him for there is only five

There talking will OK that we

Are the contact number you that I just want is the farrier he said there’s an alley that you can go down you’re able to reach him his name is Henry and his fall that is five zero on

One two zero for every two and your ego for three and three for one then

Reality series four or three George screws or Radio three Georges haven’t you told me what to sell to Jeff in court where George Nick surely Fortunately we’re

Not forty five

When outside the front and confer with us on severe sheriff and I declare no one home

Of door screen door and entry door

Ngs July twenty one for you

Going to go because you want your home twenty one for you finding joy to think

I mean the great George Curry X.-Ray or for I kind of back her head

Still I guess he just gave us another call and he wanted to cancel all that in the office or in the long run and involved

And then also the reward of those whenever you turn or

We just invite ya Her friend is now so hard just really I don’t want to say you’re going to add twenty one for you to fit in so I chose Lee over here is where I will

Be twenty one for six he check an alarm if the post office affair those do I know her and I think you’re eighty nine one he’s twenty five and I want He’s twenty fifth the post office called him by their security they get three drops from a safe motion how to get is seventy zero three seventy eight zero three I have to give that of you in another five postal police I have they are trying to get someone to go over having found a one as of yet OK

Twenty one forty seven if you could train up for our anniversary for free fourteenth of eighty

Eight and I can’t read I would like to share has seven eight one zero seventy eight and that May thirtieth

The check word for


Thanks obvious your point on various

Theories have already up and three seven

Two minutes or so in commercial where the wife and Robert fix six to eight my

First name is normal Joe threw her a really George Robert Adam when they were guests

But I’m free to

Think you good evening first one’s going to vs forty five are for four twenty five are for Zealand her nieces boyfriend Anthony how and refusing to leave so three seventy four seventy eight zero four for your list one four six two East one one five fourteen sixty two years one hundred fifty for music coming from a round cherry

Coke three it’s seven seven seven zero seventy seven seventy unless runs you have yet nine one in St Claire we thank you first instinct Claire for people hanging around outside the building here drinking and being allowed the description color disappears this doesn’t go three hundred seventy zero eight seventy eight zero eight

Three twenty one fifty black man there with you kids in the car it’s a wine and you can have any girl five seventy five


He came in really


I have my radio turned down leaving me

Visible and it’s a cold one to get to seventy five seventy five and like I said it was the father get out his DO NOW kid the child’s mom in an attack him and then

The on both of the kids started exposing himself to the kids while they were in the car

Color is waiting in a black man with the two kids

Just as if for his prayers if you were there gave her the email I don’t have that his last name the female is yeah well in my ng this is there is

More relaying in a brother is Matthew Lang now going from ya from ever getting to Mario going to referee or messing around the wrong guy

Surely if you so and I just did and was one hundred dollars for lunch go to one you know weapons filled two and there were seventy one six So unless

You were with this

I have it on us to go

To Florida

Were complicit or the primary

Primaries and I’m sixty five ninety six when I have seventy eight hundred seventy there there

And for her for if he completed her I think you are thinking of our fear for a forty five by four Park stand by one second hit me

There are two for to run a well in place but I have that Robert Call eight to eight six like zero but the

Answers for that evening first was going to be at thirty well your

Success will insist you for

Three four

First was that thirty’s real Evan was fifty six thirty three eleven was fifty six The album is rising because calling

The male is threatening in a red van to going oh there was a small scuffle over open line between the caller and her suspect and the thing for their calls to the number seventy zero nine seventy three zero nine for the list please that’s three four three nine was six three three four three night was six three we have Pauline that’s calling

Her husband Dennis intoxicated in law her and her son out of the house covers what he was a son of verging on Dennison So three I know I was seven eight zero seven seven eight zero seven and next you know one of them is seven months pregnant I could do a call that when I got a

Nine five or even more to ninety five or are going to

Where they were to my five five boys one thing I will stand by his thousand and seventeen he says three said Holloway thirty one year old female Valley to

Ormus Green was warning

Twenty six year cafe that was seventy two tale of an eight hundred

Twenty one fifty one six three really like a house boat that I never seventy goes over all of that caught

Yes a seven eight zero seven that came down at twenty one thirty nine ers before writing time sort of fifty six three was it was the fourth

Through what actually if you say

That added to one

My Trophy

Of the

You know when you’re ready to copy the data

From fifty seven

Going to be one one eight zero six right and one one eight zero six right Renee is calling for her forty year old son

That mental issues in a mathematics threatening suicide said he take a pill also threatening his girlfriend name is Michael Snyder gate of R T kind of seventy seven you know weapons this is all verbal threat it’s the one they can’t it’s seventy two zero seven eight two zero

One seven three eight alkaloid one seven three eight S immediate face do you see the coffer see calm in their face to a seven hundred sixty two alkaloid females they went on the line and said her son was threatening her then the line disconnected is a cold one and number seventy three to seventy three to

This estimated

Well from our estimated

Twenty one fifty a real five out of the five I want for you are just

Forty five they had three

For that one on

Millers of pleasure as was

Parked in a drive over this they did out in the empty for over a year as a suspicious vehicle is a cold three number seventy seven seventy two seventy seven seventy two Ford when was it

Already twenty four of you

Ready for the hit shows him for you know where he’s won a

BET or injector paid a bill that was characteristics

Of this or correctional personal

I deeply one

Hundred two zero seventy two zero

Twenty two hundred one of the radio you can also show me completely on that control center

Got me thinking what other thing way out of social Jew eight seven five eight four zero two one two eight seven five four zero two one but I think you have one final one already joinery you write one we’re out of five as

You knowledge if you zero point zero one three seven when I

Really feel it is very very composed in the area twenty two or to comfort of heidi or partially completed I refer forty five second to the strict zero point two reports and evidence that it points will free your system Xorn Zoie three favorite print and entries that is because you know who provides or at twenty eight less ninety percent of their connection with the domestic

Program and

I can

Try to offer if they do you think charities that are for ideal for you have probably

Very jolly G three radio

I spoke with for NIDA and our caller and the callers daughter on this whole matter here who vehicle on the Keys have been returned to the owner

We’ve contacted the daughter she’s going to be coming up here in a couple hours just be quick there and we’ve also contacted an adult protective services for them to follow up on him letting a lot you can show is complete will be no report no G.M.P. you know and I’ll try to use you know

Abler forty five back of the tester area for that one until five thousand zero six radio they get all the numbers by just a day number and sandals a barrier get a seven eight zero zero zero zero and I was just that it twenty one There you go

Every Saturday Yeah three seven The soon to be

Boss version of off farm Farias vs YOUR HEART ATTACK THE you’re following us to Fairview was

Right and to us of the Radio two of them the reason or the supervisor simply

Is dividing a vice and it’s one of three seven as a female who flies are open it connects with the suicide of

The going to be following in the US to Fairview connect with us

Thank you to the jewels of ever for him too for I got a cold one male was robbed by six males so in your much Boulevard now been mentioned R.T.A. is out with this mail now remain with them until I get a car to send

Is a very well

And they would sit in the area I have Charlie three one I could see if they would use it since he clears from this one am brightness this thing shows are going to take its OK through and that you know when you are ready

For this and it was full of our Lehtinen was full of our

R.T.A. is out with a male who used the R T nine on one call that he was rabidly ninety days and was full of our by six black males Proxima age nineteen to twenty years old still his wallet and cell phone no further information except one did have a bike gray hoodie

One with a blue jacket it’s a one can be seventy three sixty seventy three

OK twenty two and

A silver the five ninety seven four two eight two seven five again five nine seven four two eight two seven five six one eighty five Brown and Brown

Has a listed driver’s license but a permit ideas X. ray four four one six six two

X. three four four one six six two issues December twenty seventh twenty sixty expires one seventeen and twenty one thing they did over the car that’s the only one seventy eight of ninety four

He welcomes when he shouldn’t the surgery and

Run a mile from race through several zero eight six five two six one and if you also check and see if you have any kind of a

Or fake war for free over your children’s

Folksongs are going to be Mario age there are many to do They were bred for cold weather seven specialist for the OF least three G. interventions will give you over here in for the no good I think says twenty two twelve and it’s going to be a four three three seven less four eight four three three settle for a it’s going to be naked different edge

We miss We got a call for and I will one hang up from his house and any call that a little while ago advising that there were two males approximately eighteen to twenty years old with hoodies on

They broke into his house and it took off running

He doesn’t have a direction of travel where they took

And that’s in further on a description and out of the cold one I number seventy three for

Seventy three four but if you

Are going to reject an OK there


No phone numbers are very easy seven a copy you get us out of the A forty three thirty seven was four eight four three three seven was for a negative Redditch calling that two males one was in a racially the second male no description given practically eighteen to twenty years old

They broke into his house he met a city give them out they took office put on the erection code one I number seven eight three four seven three four

I think that it’s really two thirteen and twenty two Joyce Ivana says he’s texting but there is a A.P.L. against him young caution violent tendencies the named person is Jackie Lang protective person it does a male is allowed hand pathway the female when it regarding children for transition visitation

And it states that protected person is awarded temporary custody and that’s all I’m finding on him but suffice to say the five trader and I for that

Fact that this very

Thread is a few in

Jail goodly woman well it’s not true even for the

It’s an existing surgery of all

People no dog fighting

No fighting but that it finds existing thank you if you can hand over to us on the form

You want to form for what

You can offer to par M.V.A. a female in a great car park cars appears in the days that we get in cars for I really have to say to the owner and fire in the M S requests and we set it up and solicit escalating no further involved hundreds to it is something really something to it and is less than

Half of it when she’s sixteen she’s nearly eighty eight less ninety seven twenty eight less nine five there is.

Las Vagus – May 7, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

Control undershirt all cracked or George

Still has been wisely for fifty occurs the medical being refused the next In fact the workers won’t be yours and he will be wall to wall all that will hold the ones the war will flow from the next if every college I can find it all again probably will enter a loss of over to from Europe was once a five having run on forces eighty times

The remains were blue Aran channel replied When you toss a fair falls out of your break rules you have a record here president of the South for three victories are for seven hundred seventy for one hundred

He started your heart over there we were like oh argue with her for six

Off for way I’m sorry last minute you have a lot of background video for greater in charge sort of already out there since I was really even very All the family members insider for a way to try to force and everybody who were just trying to separate a variety of now who are more units and one who is private I need you as an artist Rieker at seven hundred forty one Howard a forty five and very often I think I can remember something about when I only presume you can assign me for one of her Mary of Iraq present a greater one for every


Previous anything to three items or to send Nevada to time no options

When as if I revise across the board I’m in caught on and by such a hole thirty one hundred

Thirty one of three he said you clear away for three G.’s and have searched the southeast

Having the seventeen


They’re calling her minions don’t refer to fork or we go with the Germans or whoever here we earlier they give you an appropriate read we don’t have another corner

On our very usual Iraq and Iran

Needs a call for zero one zero one for her own policy Ditto for

Three Paul the report value if there is a target address or no longer land line in anything when they were not

French you got to

Give me that one as if you know what harm I got from the fence and he’s the owner of the area and I suffered here and he talked with me I thought wondering if you can you copy a four fifteen and Frank want to write a trailer park at twelve hundred North Lamble are wondering thirteen others have left unknown where they’re going at this time then hauling for over an hour if it’s a factor some of them angrier

At all they’re going to be Northwest talking supporting civil war thinking for the one out of four controls you have you’re in season about a three three DAVID want any form for frictional

Plot of her in a

Rush they are going to want to look into this for fifteen or to still see my fifty five point bringing the weaker unit forty in order to try to cherish your heart trouble for three or four it’s worth three hundred twenty three we’re going to be all on that subject and float a fifteen fifty East home in the courtrooms through a series of A

Whole Frank free seminar Unfortunately for

All of those who have added to its interest it’s not for free he writes You thousand three four F one fifty pickup truck Nevada full Franks three seven one four channel for

Having worked as a lawyer for six hours

Of the Public Storage sixty five ninety six is older talk for some of course but there was a

TIME When I think that’s a form of east

Culture how much I think the ninety five or

Three things hard to say here in which

Direction Wayfarer is informational for living under MC very you know the three for F one fifty pickup truck hearing about upholstering three seven only for general or for what we heard one prime that we rehearsed the gel

Control very soon coming for sure three someone seventy five Frank four zero going to be

Rich or

Someone but if you know anything

Well the primary job for seven Pro one I mean they want out of pocket coffee or Bill and care

One way or six part five have a right to rather Tonopah

Go away from yours by way of six copy before trying to share

Data with

White forty to fifty I can try to time show Warner

So you know I have not found one out of Oregon I will take a very very sick from one

Plan out of five copies of our seven hundred twenty five twelve for line Charlie five apartment one one five one breaker one can have you know as a back well before he served

As the right for that dealing going to be possible for him each trying to get into his ex or her front door an arm of her for their team they also use that stream cautious will contact the temp and Windsor to muster anyone who thinks I don’t rank

Five six five nine Arizona I’m going to be on the shelf because you know born into the riverside

Parking lot

They were surfing company went to far he’s carried all technician eleven one of four copies me for twenty five am the light while the seven zero five for euro is if I go back over a few of our

Last areas because I’m receiving five

Five copies pro-life and thirteen probably four if you’re going to run some thirteen thirty two breaker five we’re going to be arguing for a fair one time for Team control of forty four

Years and forty four you know the Foolish Four want to turn

The Wrangler forward motion from one girl truce refers I don’t know what one of

Your action provides to one hundred twenty few copy for seven hundred or one way to make his life oh north down on Jones and so are Montana

Reserved for

Research for Wonder sure over one’s response controlled remotely for super free for the homeowner turned on music they’re going to then you can just recover that

There’s over a fourth of the forty seven over thirty four six zero zero zero and I have been about our

Proposal before Kathy for one for just this April cotton and I have no idea number if you want to university or where you like


Coffee if you know I’m all there

And that’s when you’re rolling along right now it’s like I’m right on the surface doing it once a year and

From a

Pleasure having

It is a dispute over giving an ID back to here are three fronts probably you’re going to start a whole big project with the whole question of security analysts and it looks like they’re standing by They’re going to be at the Encore Hotel valet he was referring to me thirty seven years old brought in black hair he’s wearing a brown suit brown suit jacket and pants and of a shirt

For her son one one hundred four when he’s a twenty five you can actually just sort out of her medical


Three or four three fourths of him being around forty three zero seventy the actual ticket was your both of

Their horses happy Joe and I are forty one people straight up there with how much

They are forging Harvey thirty of five from the same channel and every one hero time a call is twenty one fifty one of you and around

Twenty to fifty nine and arrived twenty three only one in the city troll six to create a separate story for one your cross reference of to the know what numbers what he did I’m thirteen hundred

Five that I accidently really honestly wrong about the farm and if there was a previous four six seven five in Mary ran from a guess Dr either number one four five three

Four seven for the next three four seven five five five there or him hall ave

Timothy on the boyfriend here is inviting me on for fifteen turn the train is it your vehicle or author can hear me own coming up to her and yelling while me or my niece hollers if that’s the break for her to use before over Europe one is for happy on a funny running I’m afraid I’m a force that is the presence of hope back into

Back when one from a following Washington

Wanted I think pretext for you to push him as well from our money for shrimp press releases knowledge so why wasn’t five on seven go had you serve Jackson the opportunity to review where she walks North

And West the hospital property I haven’t had any pleasures of poverty very it’s going to be our Campagnolo were young one one two one one

The other if I’ve got any really between first

To be twenty

Four years for William he can Baker one zero three CERN and

Or for

Sure her for for civil rights or honor for

Vikings or on a force

Or silence of the Mayflower and you know it won’t work as you know

We’re presently have these but I’m eighteen detours Rivera’s they’re afraid Henry seven seven seven and the recruit years Nevada two five to win time Robert having to learn why not break the reference a male choking a female for eliminating river proposed three for provision row

And with value on her thirty three property for her credit when

We hear Farley is rushing Please recall if your Gerhard interests were not trying to have

Somebody want to write another you wanted them to have any one of

Seven hundred on here before you got and you know I know it’s very hard to try and director to find happiness

For you has the vehicle description for me I have to struggle even when I find a negative we were singing voice and I recall no further

For as they select three one buckskin Avenue in shady commercially healthy relied on the cell from Cornell there’s a real P.R. of I think that if insurance president honestly thirteen friends was before us and I feel I’m trapping be a force of fear just popped up one of the details are

For sixteen and that’s very one three five zero one actually December probably related to this for a big building west of apartment one zero nine zero five meals and air space flight and I went I was broken which build the milk to be a V.F. they were the late twenty’s he won the race shirt dress sixty five


Is actually going to be fifteen twenty north twenty first Street apartment number one we probably were there a few

Tones on the Homosassa

Some of these other comparable X. ray

One to Henry in zero seven to Nevada ninety three D. much of the zero minus one having

Previously just possible National ACT Arkansas hope of recovery or having drove off very far from poverty for him is out P.R. has got the amazed me on my vehicle Fanning vibe of charging me

With that fact and in the driving

Through school as well various releases I have for the record so I will go with you those who are there for the school who are here with us for parts for the south of Providence you know is there on the floor of their reveres that is very related to the four sixteen part of the

County map and showing the coordinates coming up to thirty five orange in the summer

There are eighty jewels of eternity for the early one and read the play won the battle for Mr

Graham six coffee twenty four forty six the Randall

Corey with their arrival Harvey joy and love twenty one writing of being a building five office for coffee one twelve

Nine seven first having them around the door five sixteen men face is believing me all his that he are in the same you know coming for us exam reassign use of the four fifteen a thirty five zero one ten very night one zero in turn

From Virginia station from the three right went very vigorously area

Five one five in the arm or second fight three all for you three D. for forty or thirty three are also called for the rhythm will be about when I go for the pick of coverage recovery the four fifteen A or if he was to the left I am for having the disregard for clearing out are over three hundred twenty first I now feel

He would have a melody on the inside of his forearm very

Last thing was going on for me and this plan was to work it would be to have

To tell him again details when William eleven remain to figure out where the judicial branch the force there’s any race or knife the four three teenagers who left their home before leaving razors and did it all for Charles all right but you just update us to Charleston and well managed reserve front groups will make me even come out

With images for the whole of an investment

In search of her five years have been in my sight the rest are we were if you wipe the floor her off with me

Sure sure three

More units with me are going to be a building twenty three

Could rest for after a very very having a four fifty three five zero zero one she recently

Primaries or will rise when we were born and

I’ve been

Three drivers

Were throwing trolling for what your answer the question

Really for

Air five you have yards out right now are five

For safety

So I was having the suspect just live and we are still having this not sent everybody into the center was short of your a couple units the perimeter of your outside five hundred seven

Real probably occur in Europe a moment

Who for want to certain has all the to exits and entrances to the Martin complex or both can be on straight on but

You know from an ally thirty five when she read them or theorize negative for fifteen days there was a fourth fifteen and there was a fourth there there were four thirteen seen cooler full of

Air five being not the thirty five or one Cheney very representative for fifteen

Involving something that had four things seen negative force to sling

Three California premium Brushwood very just west

And i Pods are usually the cross was well versed with Trinity

OK how does

One Write right or heart when war memories when someone in a white pants suit me quite sure what threats will take me across the thirty or five lines how often should their unit act and if I decide my sibling my last scene control one hundred thirty if there’s neighbors thought to be am

The window and who aren’t northbound toward the entrance one had a red chair on the phone she had her acknowledge and fire the advisor Hakeem the fourth quarter the only time once we have is over thirty and there are no harness on was a crime of all three to forty four coffee every time life is about eleven minutes

Troll of evasion right now for if you think Mr unsure if you want

Peace of East serve there are just be advised by Van towns of Afro runs on all

Search order that point

When you place six francs yellow will you do five very

Very seven seventy we’re not seeing any bags or anything for twenty five out there at the

Beginning of us being here from Asia for six months Simon says you know cylinder not just for us because I want one taker one of the I will go by David McKnight where that moment when you

Permit and for me twenty six or twenty cents for that coffee or where are you are going here in our coverage you want to

Copy it will actually warn ever marry however for six a one time or a chat over the whole of our

Show for one for

Some time for dinner one of them for one out of five when you did that there’s a great you know freakish thing

Them to the scene for a transport of her who also increase

Some injuries I have Could you clear and secure myself and my now improve

Affirmative there is very persistent he is very twenty three kana surfacing just as the refusing to leave going full force it’s nothing here in the US in the US happy and when aren’t short for a few of our forces for something you want to try rather six zero David one four zero characters of

Residue on a five have a

Leg now it’s across open from on around twenty four I’m checking on represent are four zero three then I just want to transition

Instead of her as if in progress and I’m five at fifteen those who run then ave to subjects are helping when they’re trying to get

Closer to a vice steward Marion Scrymgour night green Jeep Grand Cherokee five one time

Control different four founders Jr most if not MOST WANTED TO house is in trouble and to force if they were able to reach agreement on price or go via great media

Savvy need permission or

Ever bring six children then the seventy

One Adam or no matter where I’m going as a rancher is the joy


The welfare check on that P.R.’s friend possible for seventeen if the house looks like the friend also has me four or five The have mentioned four of have the in the past but never threatened Absolutely

Centroid twenty one of our sons having twenty one copies of my four

Digits of a calf

In the form of

I mean there you were flying over there were guns around

You find out if they believe they were intentionally RAM driven resister for wanting

Their experience and I think they’re going to be are you know I’m sick of it I’m kind of horribly something of a Fourth of July for them one for seven one for one of the influential on the other group was one of our right rear quarter how

Happy you are I am eighty five this child and

The children joy and I’ve kind of oral history and it was great now not writing me why it is a cure to guard

From July short remarkable rough Welsh no future

Affirmative do we have an age is a forty one year old


In the city in our series was in eighty three messages there were no refusing really none were to know any seven digits of the person are something of Christ

Cappy ran straight into people of different eras

But the six who had

Turned to medical reports are going to have one fairly well

But there is a

Reason pretty good rule when we introduce you know we don’t

Reinforce everything so early for this confirming no way I’m forced call a curtain extra or

Affirm her there’s three days ago this was if they’re from Robert area thank

You for six

Thank you Joe forty seven out of robber seven you are in jail and John and Adams

Because there is you can

Make any furtive movements or they were in there are essential for going to himself or kind of standing still

If it’s happening next four hundred

One it’s right the fault of course of some forces out there going to do any serious search on the hall or that

Anyone remember on those that are gone and call their families some for a coffee in a coma for fifteen or thirty five or one series ember you can bring down your prime and asked

For a trick or meter

Thanks for listening but if you answer how to reach recovery thirty five years back from Germany to service or for sixteen years your access we are ready to go for money for selling their cars Thursday for US workers for ministry seven service three seven zero The reason is because we control economists is only in very simple

Short because there are her free how to fix things

Now even very very very well things are going the next the security office that was a security company of the sums are going to cost what is being come out of

Control McQuay three ago it was backing woman president retreating also

This wife was very trying to say Charlie

One seven seven zero be right it’s going to be some time for her to go negative for her trial or he revised the plea probably zebras and one seven seven zero

Or one hundred ninety five hundred a court going about a one for Henry six nine three

Record for Iraq now he’s probably on house were

Dreaming or three to five point one company because you have your sister oh for wasn’t she

Or Russell for us some of our copy Thank you said we’re

Talking when something happens one time five constructive and five part one Frank over in creamy office for six seven photographs or not for all four hundred

One from him you want to clear the first one franc twenty three should be higher she said Here they are really left in the line this commence in recall an eager for over three of us and for that we advise trolls are very very much of our own printing on the coffin I’m calling security a reference to a two thousand and seven different two thousand and thirteen Chevy four door sedan expiration a seven twenty three seventeen so I made one you can sum it up for me to be frank for coffee for sixteen Frank Georgia and he’s a thirty thirty one East like me building he probably entered the Mr possibly for a way or for just read possibly for a force that was revived and some about everything but far enough from an ethical fleet of four Southern Robert

We are live in John a think none violence I understand if a New Mexico very well Venice four six one three four six one three should be on a ninety seven hundred forty

Over an hour talk to us from the recall front for control when it’s one of those things we are serving

On a fun company but if the George five picks pick that got a bit dictator

Going to be ninety nine

Well but made Wes Well trustworthy well to us they think knowledge referencing six seventy thousand is three to two twenty three twenty six twenty three twenty eight twenty three hundred eighteen in Baker five county

Thank you you’re going to be awful for three bakers three for two for them I’m sorry twenty three

Point zero and knowledge it went to four provide for three of her the first

Building nineteen or building twenty apartment one zero six three three nine piece

Seventy one of the most of the first Broadway and all the

Happy Couple of our first night of course it’s a homicide nine hundred five three five yellow Lincoln Victor they have about each of the three first time one thousand nine hundred ninety five one Baker one three seconds that are really profound and Tropicana just north of ones have most objects as one favorite phrase now requesting medical via Charlie says having three things in half before sixteen you know if she were at the time home the last few months of our job

There’s no unity of care is a question contract is going to be you know one thirty three hundred forty four

He said I said it was going to be the Jonathan perks

For the firm I know is I’m making much sense can if you can find on a number for all those of the she’s also on the insurance and I’m going with the future want to come to the score

So far for from a cell phone corner of any Oakley in Spain right off of her screaming on the line at a woman crying

Go for overseas

Stuff if they want to have coffee


Her have a theory area and learn to be ninety nine for the veto enough for

Coffee have a map showing off thirty nine forty S twenty four address only reform when she drove home last

This e-mail says using radicals don’t have anything further Miller line security seven are for

Are is a roller coaster for all of their five coffee ever twelve dream about a person one of them Sam Henry David ocean David

For passion rattles ravaged country eighty one fixing before it was fifteen from

Him talk of the force of

A nine zero seven general are going to seal Bentley to door there’s a lot of hard one time we’re going to be filming on our goal as well

Is the sixty four having problem not from having one you think you can measure four cents in the mills offense in a very cannon Frank two at twenty fifty seventy on the street but it probably varies but on the recall we had a female saying that

He threw me against the wall break and then the female was asked in their house questions but wasn’t very of the direct address but I can tell you this three

P.R.’s friend’s boyfriend is attempting to break into the residence were different even Europe was right where

Straight from Linda was originally for argument for the love and


Going to be all that you know hardly going to be what it is that they are so excited their friends and family go to why don’t you know who will have the forever til five hundred

Seventeen us as it is to me Aaron for brain injury twenty five nine large bills black hair possibly ability no surer and checkered short than P.R.’s and me an arms were three juveniles in the most room

For motion very well if you brought also

One us and

If you were in point you cut the

You’re wonderful yourself

Children are bent over for dinner over twelve

City thinking like you were we were going to be as far as the notion went you for her and I’m black swan Ridge court when I should have a Xerox you know for a whole story I’m going to do zip your police

Chief if he didn’t have the right party for his own record on weaker one if you have the theory we permit is four or five thirty in your A.T.L. any area in the Paradise Bob Hartman is in the south when the snow brink on us or if I see stuff like that are going to further theories or ninety four TO ME area

Carol if I were to clear up just what I’d never do to get out there if I have these i just want

To be forty four point zero point four surely two three one

Four nine nine for software on park one and not so you are clueless

Michael from true from untrue

Comes from nowhere and walking into the ever know full license plate of a vehicle maybe and

So I

No longer seven zero to seven one six two five one one

License plate of California No five Victor Frankl all done in five seven should be on a Black Berry and I’m six happy progress something for sixteen B. of hostage forty two hundred having you there were other residents in a diagonal direction there’s flashing lights on contact with rock and no one from one hundred one point two I’m wondering

When are you north of truck in Maryland at a moderate team in

He won a second point

Reference never out of thirteen Henry three five zero copy

Over three settings

Of the copy G C sixty three having been very

Long walk here very black market

Got a zero zero one zero David Johnson retractors last year graph covers a lot of

Tuna P.R. and three other family members T.R. endeavor for fifteen visor SR That looks like he wasn’t very cooperate of us there’s any you know if I think back three hundred twenty one advice

Thank you Joe ones out of superior in the US access to oil for several profits we earned

One current thirty

One hundred

Forty five rolls for her when we twenty five of the for making some spoke with

Friends here and were seventy control corporate record for me have a duty to go thirty three vehicles partly for the a lot if I go ahead

One by the orbiter or diversity or their poverty stricken me the government on what the money is no wonder are they really five there are seven cameras are enough because

I was

Forty four John one area twenty eighty seven South then you know you just bought three to for shots heard about you just really how nothing else for forty five you know her

Control want to join I think

The next five want to find companies and I just want fornia five Victor thanks Paul seven hundred seven three suspects of the any white Sure Ridge

Shorts clean cut pull your movie hair victims of the as a long black hair black dress with a black jacket and watches us in trouble here Mitchell survives a coffee and there’s some Me Long Frank you’re wearing a black dress black jacket and watch news the last in the area of traffic you know and Cameron just for the responders like recently controllers thirty forty when you back on that we responded with a couple more out but I thirty five I think when I first got some one thousand four hundred kind of two three nights zebra David Stephen King was a long

Time and I think

George thought what I’ve heard on general poets of the forty first I think of for progress they give a record about a reality where a guy wouldn’t have been the last elephant is it victor of eight for

Sure coming from you know some sort of penis the black you have a six seventy nine California five Victor Frank Paul seven five seven

Nine five Have you want to play anything to surprise us or you for also just write it

Down as if a long black hair black dress black jacket black shoes last seen traffic and traffic having Cameron area both an entry and I thank overcome as the slope address five three one North lamp Organum a four Q. sort of a four six really are those units that are welfare checks if you solicitor

Is going five three zero one more than five three one Northland normal for

When I’m sick try to give

Medical Haitian croaks for a for three of her

Twenty four year old female coffee preemie

Therefore I also have talked about a free South Park to fifteen that China

Thank you think any marriage from an illegal or something

When it is our

Own and go to is it just for illegal or is it because she took the pills and there’s injured children we really shouldn’t have to

Cover Thanks kamiński Park Street that several actually caught on camera forces the ones who are literally over to vote or break here in America or the out period for a very far over a period of a woman who is rare and I’m sure there were some ritual six million or more each other than her five six To me the simplest responses sometimes and controls several I’ve heard some of the authorities are causing traffic we have two for one these services and cost me two seven seven actually an even a better Jones and to say on one town I was the last one on that flight

Having one way mother thank you for president for six shopping right mean seventy five we’re going to go exactly when the form the hospital we’re trying to find on a one to forty water plated tent Allsorts but it is already very willing to nine George nine X. ray misery coffee interest and then throw away your

Self found ninety five Charles an on ramp or even

A couch job making two into fifteen fighter

Will be in my location for transport to do we

Are from an adversary and they can transport us there in San Jose as easy as

All three four four six times now thirty four crew David I have to validate never you

Ever meet


Seven hundred six on general from enterprise can you have units or anyone available that’s right for the four six three which of the older station

Or can a four twenty seven over here emergency in an emergency ping came back on our victims phones suppose we’ve been out parking lot if you don’t for a black Chevy

Forty four to me not to

Acknowledge you have older station for you want to know how we are for Veitch every piece have to survive building number thirty in the parking lot seconds have to fill whiteness twenty five nine meetings and the Bill of possible brown hair wearing a white sweater everything we throw a ball or doctored in right in there will be possible trolls and shawl for zero forty one hundred forty six we’re taking something from the movers and on one company one hundred forty copy and they are going to be in north east for fifteen event

Where mirrors are going for service if you try it if you screaming

In their series reading from the sonic recovers as not of all the great we’ve heard from

The Anyone who was really scared something control varies from zero three zero and we got many more calls for that surgery turtoni and complaining negative the car has a long contact or you can go in clear that people quit those units once and for Korea or a place for strange she wasn’t interested during I want to Heron I think

She says if you think of me bones are in the last words of her with

No units year to find or the only thing we got right

Rose checked it beside her partner our full seven hundred six back on General we have a good photo of the view

It’s really a black Chevy H H R which are very similar to a P.T. Cruiser So ninety five years on the force of civilization we look for a black Chevy H R R

Senate twenty one for What Were

Done to off

For thirty four

When I write those units were in the four twenty seven picture he mailed community I’m sure that with security

At the seventy six ers on how you can for thirty four hours and rewind seven hundred fifty Karen afternoons for apartments pumice a one heard three shots in front of building twenty to twenty one Of think use of it’s running and then she walked into buildings twenty one on one of her and Southwest contraption Co for whom one can buy a seventy F. for thirty nine of politics from the two hundred hospital fifty one ten with the hara the reference that walk away lasting a twenty one forty hours on a direction or more the travel station says Jessica Johnson by female twenty eight high street medium village green or black Fisher and man with an I.V. in her leg break she’s with her husband Nicholas Johnson white male twenty to thirty six foot medium build with a beard no color had no closure bleaching but theirs are two fortune on her control of health thirty four if you manage by her we’re going thirty four country pretty risky twenty five a city very affordable and then big refereeing inclusion figure if you have every sense is very huffy

When you

Go here you see if I see all three years of a very negative want of on N.C.I.C. in a negative local folks that prevent you going back to a home near east or south


Such as the one I were this gives of if you get any more information

Of anyone really there’s a language barrier

The only force or another think there’s five dollars transfer from any either England some of them parked where it was southbound from Durango one color Ford pick out varying amount of freedom she wanted entering for forty zero zero for any one of the juvenile or assume they will be an item for me Emma learn both to meet us

And you over negative everything

Is the advisor admin or once you have

Twelve to seven hours of surgery Victor fall for it out first ten things you want to happen and I find you for twenty five years an experience seventy three one Indian Creek you know one zero one very point

Is only one control so look at the surface of also inside that vehicle

Or by minutes we want to search for

The ones that once didn’t effect the repeating Oh here I’m trying to circle the supervisors now



Actually gave us that if you guys have for now have you off or if I see a rubber one of the palms that back only ninety five ninety nine I was trough wrote fourteen copy for purchase there are four copies have a department one zero three two locked inside their residence had a for thirteen as having himself for landline I felt every cover that

Sold he for forcible G.C. sixty four received and it was the form of the word of the Hoff there’s an urgency there you have all my words with disease if you want it was hard covered sixty three was it played again sixty four was a pagan received early Was it one of a problem twenty three or


And I think you know I really think that intro three marry where you’re

From using prose where one bigger one copy their previous four six seven

Tonight if a lot of flamingo is cleared Emory this is the part of the voice of our Jessica Rekos for have received money

He says if you walk up the Center for a woman or a twenty six has any one friend has a nice hospital for friends I for fifteen be Bill’s students go on Star protocol for thirteen and on type three and three times and he’s a white male twenty five years he’s had himself on his chest five six now certainly genes have been shrinking

And I hope that


Like you know your we have sufficient coverage or so I think

Personable are very very unselfish The further to me he saw her on the phone

Already better

Ones I know nothing but when you want me to back and forth anything from THANK YOU persons will start from a fan who has told everyone to Robert over a fourteen three on the west side of the concrete from the

Caribbean right wrist bands meaning you know my concern one reason is really going to go through the worst things about the device race if you want to speak Filipino

Neighbor gentle spirit when you are here sometimes thirty five female horrific rubber fourteen coverage provision editors will cover that refuse this call for her I.V. That’s a UNICEF for a feisty class the south down for the girlfriends no longer have for thirteen a simple decision Joe I don’t want to

Start one

Intermission occur on southeaster one Johnson on the possible for twenty seven vehicle we have over Station three hundred eleven will have but one or very Dreamcoat for us from a back thing are far north hundred consumer groups of the night anything you call have them

Give you free the suspect is going to be

In a black zero six Chevy With thousand employees by Victor Frank Paulson and by Simon is going to be the I’m a white shirt red short green cut full beard and a big low haircut before his appearance police themselves seventy three Charlie five going to tell you that the incision because you have probably think of four THANK YOU hours or who for more control not for any previous

Fourth or fifth program control for your feminine hard work for last fall that he asked at last for a zero zero four seven to give her he said sunrise only nosey

Revisers full frontal will save the day for the off in life of this whole

Fiasco in a copy not season that I know

For could be for six

Months or for the other zero seven seven Adam Thompson Center and sand hill west of Georgia for me six four six seven registered

But we’re Garge go will be trolled in a ninety five hundred

Years or actual

To review what are your directions we’re still on trial for rape and I’m fired the gun control panel of all six

We’ve built a seal this entire intersection six hundred feet east and west of can

Look at this but Estrin Estes not on seem to be trying to recall verve that are festering even

Though they want to thank you

Do you have any updates today from a contact with the restoration of the city’s recovery earth to welcome you a little ant three minutes after midnight when I recall it as even if they cleared OK I think they were going to go ahead and clear as well since nobody is telling us they are the skies not wait

For whatever

There is to report having for already been a rendezvous ninety nine days that is a medical exam I probably didn’t know how much my pleased to be ninety nine even advised of a possible heart attack

Are you available for for fifteen of the Fremont Hotel two hundred Fremont Street her at work or Korean security right now there are places where the program comp uses a for sixteen rears or for thirty nine of each on call

Now because if you both are more thinking control seven zero zero rings

Is a preliminary I know what it looks like is a lot but four times all four occupants are brothers B.-O. victim was in a play with one of his brothers there and the brothers

Company I wonder is were very bright isn’t security he’s wondering where is actually of her I mean we’re very thrilled over more of them point

Zero thirty five or greater X. ray George seventy five for Arizona for instance

One woman a

Short on for tomorrow five for six or

Something you want to try to use over reserves variance we have occupied one time to be a pretty good actress

But if you want to have coffee the four fifteen beer current in front of the mentally please avowing trying to clarify what now the county is watching over us will

Think you just heard it there oh sorry for the cars and you know so there is a row of us so much work there are so we’re obviously getting different stories here and it’s confusing so the Jews of us OK Have you already brought her for the grove of her Speaker

Every fourth ever resisting I’m registered white mercy he’s thirty three Harmon paradise

He raised sixty from there to come for one hundred thirty for the four of us have for him

You are the very core of it was

Very very brave for such a clever and free for red shirts from Albuquerque her character


And a prison radio castle was hell on earth they were still making the accident merrily I think we’re going to go today Chevron a shy and

Permanent happy

Life running a country intro Ameri Corps isn’t for me for six horses or work song or songs you know remember there is no unit over there just somewhere in Turkey in for instance you remember how hungry all advise women are for you for a variety of security primary five Rob who are well in retail he’s convinced they

Learn thirty very annoyed to be the gate

Karen is going because they’re

Not Thank you

For advice will George work out for much fun having rooted for him as an H.P. is going to be north

Or shells fell and I thought that’s rather that East Charleston and south U.S. ninety five there in the center median country

And they’ll walk into Iraq from health control and perfect even Korea from another era on a

Trip count themselves how mind seventy revise your coming and

Do you recall of your sort of who was driving with a red server and so on up there with his employees someone and not sure if there’s any footage of anything you know there was to the concept of three on the rise in women for Arsenal or ten in the major four where he knew it was two for something broke woman tell me three five seven and three tournaments for seven break them of walk in over by at Seven Year me forty five and me I’m there all of this is NOT want to write in The suspect this while if I mean I get the Scriptures I suspect control through unison or seven horses are anxious still trying to get further from the victim stating I suppose five suspects and have occurred at lien but we have a church room six five three of us wanted to remain there I mean if you want if you just go ahead and start preparation

But for six or

The others he just

Might wanna go for you and walk in the middle of the road on the renowned prove your theory for dreaming for

Performance when all we know is where we went for control it Mary sixty three nuclear we are marrying her mother of course and one current pop was your name means if you copy it reference three D. three

Three source moment team there at the C.D.C. C.P.S. is asking for us to come and speak with the father of the juvenile thirty three hundred thirty three evidence of can you assign that P.D. Your next to us were twenty seven or sixty three thing of the year well the station has a risk when we meet him Marian zero four six

Seven hundred and I’ll

Have a real children not with

Me or

Spy or until her address of five something more horrible number three there is any child in common

They were on the market Robinson Jr

He was sixteen players were away for a second for that race where it was Baylor copyright from author and terrifying and awesome in fact North bound for Africana

By the impossible B.M.A. one hundred twelve one can I think we have


Been turning up to

Thank for your talk with your partner or her husband you want to hire

Last year ago when

The resources X. just confirm there was a four twenty six beholding for two hours later that occurred two hours ago it is with that is just part of a month ago

You can

Be forty five and just be present enough for out there they check parking garage that was clear southeast corner and also in my truck lot was also negative and the north a lot of other possible creation

I think it was still coming in the same area and surprise surprise is that he has a most of all over probably think tank knowledge of Wilson

And certainly five hundred meters

I checked the results as well Hamish and I want to acknowledge


Hand information

From a city marshals there’s a Civic in the neighborhood driving around

Three Grand Marquis A Thank you Guy two times the juvenile on the passenger side is shooting a V.B. get out the window an object they’re passing by but they were attempting to shoot at I K O V in the area and for one some problem but it was hard surely for us to assume there was anyone I’m working my way over there

For even her we’re all they have a great person who thought of making her

Happy Living Will you copy

Joe one and you know they’re just the forces in the frame I mean it’s easy for if you heard

My hundred having control time allotment of six arrives tunnelling knows if having

Really don’t

Force it in was heavy handed like how to correct you you know there’s an additional unit route relegation with the crime wave he wanted and probably in two or any former Rooney one can only have any

Primary how can we draw it nice to see you for twenty five to be a one off right about a nine year old bigger three seven four we’re going to be essential to Parliament at confirming the plate nine zero three seven four

Intro Cricinfo it’s all it’s own result and twenty or sailor it’s journey for

Easy kind I think Nozomi clear G.C. twenty precise security quite Yes in terms of

Thousand and forty seven our team then we had a dress of a little bit more useful way arm a dress if we don’t it was already taken for the walls I mean someone

Can usually refineries are in zero zero four seven she asked me to stay the dish washing our expensive trash or to be done with them right from the

Nightmares have you can’t imagine I think I marry five caucus girls are there I mean that they say they define an R.

And B. and they give the very the new sixty three you have the fourth grader who are here one

Centering and just what he says of them isn’t strictly team can you show me around from county to Harmon


Some insider info has one to four yellow you to ROBERT OVADIA to fifteen or far north a lot of time and I think the wife and husband and I give her my usual marriage with an incident even clears be regular old a different

Country for twenty six or the circus from a tween as an infant child for the services of possibly the victim maybe under eighteen years old there’s an involved security

Girls have a very nice focus it’s very preliminary to be aware of any available for liminal for having joy persecute you for

The risks you know of out of Charlie wage and if you’re out of the world by four for me go across the higher res ipsa I’m going to hang out as there are at fifty three thirty

Three thirty which is a fish I’m in the downtown from along the

Way there are leaders here and there is that right there

Before on the ice in a few thousand and thirteen or before your expiration is eight thirteen or twenty seven sing very public if you have a you know cigarettes usually when we haven’t had to

Push out all he can tell and I think that would matter someone on asking the question of guilt or sorry Herman and it’s interests of neither one who is going to be you know seen for fear the process so anyone can from report on why people use what you know to Chili’s or sixty one humans and some

For sixty two times when you try joining us Michael for you resisting the reasons why he IRLs

Let them marry him and it’s

Three blocks more for trolls

Progress for fifty insecurities the Fall River or first artist or a business one a mysterious rest of us are your business two forces in people was a pharmacist and I still want you to have the en route the vehicles running and doesn’t open

About two up

Behind your street in this river nothing has revoked the curator of motel rooms where you are gone while on the fourth going over to reconquer

Here’s how you for sixteen years and of course if you mean there aren’t some pretty you can’t do thirty nine for an I care about me thirty says refusing to leave a problem for fifteen our current control

BLOCK Or the war Honda Accord of five one remember and one involving two sixty four having control

Of thirty four

Vehicles negative however I’ve heard a house or numerous residents in the theory are going to try to get ahold of you know control the flow try to get a hold of them for a tire even FOX in the area but not out of a

The route of Division of Wildlife copy think you are going to even show him his sixty three recovery of one because the humans are being born to be twenty five trainer joining one meaning of the universe or their primary three theories Nevada proper times front of timing or in a four

Fifty P.M. funa in front of them in a very very happy before

Brawlers words arose or you or or this church you will see it was a clue from your home or circle arms or from an infant someone I think

What a sick fuck you being around to sunrise to check on time on nine eleven other visions for a fellow Horowitz someone and several into other parts of you for one thing to see if there are cells of over seventy because if I read one trigger on from twenty three when I came

Out of four hundred of our last four fish nine item for vice president in zero zero three five all the windows are open and we could see everything inside now to four point five no forced entry

From has not what Dr Herbie record from in five nights on a wall or any jumped in to the property of the business heavy I’m a six foot medieval black rider of a short heavy black backpack and a bicycle fifty six three four six seven or a teacher G C sixty three


Your own lawn

Or the

Clothes or crosses are still OK although some perfect presents for

My D.D. twenty five controls have your M.P.’s the protection

For a few of your mail if you acknowledge that a better navy David seven one six three Jackson infield and Charlie

Taffy who

Well the rich are one way to

Sorry go right to a call

In Show one zero zero high risk of building many senior buildings one unit one zero

And if your three year old in the most right now appears in the real me the on the balcony there is none of the residents if you want to get back in the hundred government gives for

Their smarts and advice that paragraph thirteen says that it is said it might be security for the property it was just for twenty five how we entered

Recently three hundred thirty if you know what

Rooms of every Jew were exactly what their

Music in myriad I don’t for one zero one one zero monks who of course Seneca retore for Tamils and we’re going to take a record but we’ve got the professor who’s army on it for coffee corporately want to find the home one advantage over you may want to know why writer Craig rainbow want to sponsor a guy for six seven register on line for hands yeah walk to your B.M.W. hobby activity north of a mountain

In one thousand troll walk with what we call for posterity five

There’s a frustration coffee on the if the next where you know

My out of control it’s referred activity for as I haven’t heard intro

Or a sure on a really for being just one of a whole field of play whatever trials going to be archery five one five eight thirty Bill Burton having fun everyone I’m ready for a

Rush hour

When everyone

Was in when we come back or

Charles and

So far there’s an employee if you’re staring right at the river goes across the street at seventy they’re over in much pain on a cliff if you control those a few of the past seven came off and working on some files on them there’s a Fortune five in them Jones have a camera control program once I’m thinking maybe this female that we’re on the floor of for has to be in front of that making dollars just for the elf doing for help is a van Namen forty to fifty years old I ninety five and me and Bill’s all of them are in jacket and pasta for her thanks very very sage three fourths are very interested to

Know your very very horrible war you mean if you mean you can leave us for a different pair of accomplished people and go on time and I think all morning

As brothers girlfriends also become in effect items but she is not here for the pros not here as well she is not there what are we clear from your ego when just having never before you for control you start with the four seventeen eighteen to forty three or about forty three twenty four from Crossroads changes to remain


New Profile a negative point for sex life and be a Mark Osterman

Of Iraq and has recently received just there we support it so we will

Hear our dictator from twelve delegates from trolls before me I want poverty for one degree of being a drug for return to sit in front of

Her All nine of them for her because they were for searching for Gernhardt a very dark horse or

A feminist and funny when you have a security minutes are part of the service but for six of the princes there

The voting rights exterior once or for reading characters

Are there of all the vices of the I think all of us on military voices yes from actually forty nine actually children four fifty nine hundred on highway permit seven are some of those one have seen South Downs are hundred percent I don’t fight I felt on twenty runs for fifteen P.R. and here I think drug dealers are hiring people to for twenty M. for first experiment in causing child owners to go when I have training and I call it right or you’re a writer never to put


Thousand and six reasons to one is the right ones will be related to the prevent loss order one if there is something

Funny some of these firms are gone who are famous though Mary out of your Charlie Henry out of dollar very very narrow First there was no war I Rick James every idolator Watergate a fourth of July eighth remake the mighty war crimes of number one first drop the cover have one

On the ground taken up now and I’m not seen any fortress in a quarter can be heard

Of Laurel is really very early work was not a robbery we were very very were we returned in order for

Their birth very for someone in our no social

Thing wasn’t as Wardo though of course is one thing for all the other thought provoking Swoopo warmish war most of what was vocal are some answers when I have to

Drive one of the far away or person to do so little thing runs

Any less of a major And so while there is

The union says further and wrong advice means very seven

Thousand rules like right now so if your if you are not you know JONES In these times or over time full of Asian

Jones just north of

Me to be really awful and I for me

As Part one

For seven hundred forty for your one

Happy show one French other right when I’m on thank you

Very crisp reaffirms the first name again because I think I saw where snow and water when I put it E.G. reunion Adam Robert D. relations are correct or probability

OK with that information negative ones local N.C. I see no maps and trails so I think your humor

Troll theory remarrying pre-warn recovery to worse if you review very popular morrow

The start of the matter one third

Saturday night she won

Twelve three seven zero if you guys need to do some work I mean P.C. and P.C. I’m sure a pedophile right around midnight walking or swelling in a lot of

Joy I can copy that figure we’re both poor home and home drop a year he told me right around midnight here and eventually went from got me to cater a great

Plan when I think any further on that one if it was

One of them recurring our Nevada will be on Super Mario sixty one of the greats probably not as a team that’s not a fast from and I think

We’re going by now for right personnel but

Gerty reference of course the obvious theme that is no possibility in the Four Queens parking garage which

No description male is really going to notice or even female We’re going to see off topic

Now as answer like never cut you think you are one of the one that I’m going to find the apartment negative of in a

Like County retreat still if you have to call in the city and I’ll get you there when wankers

When George fork up for the first work of the wonders back to

The first recovery Hell I have been pretty countless You tell an average X. friend to Washington to check the mobile home parks in the area because of the fire will show that I think it was that if you just heard a joke as a feminist for ita

Charles author if you want a five acre campus Well I sure all fall for the visit up you can

Start for free there are zero one five am told well you have formed a perkier they mean a fourteen from the from one they can probably make you and European reference back around one Chinese nine Charlie three to call for a right

Or wrong so for having

Four like that offer avoid a

Real victory dinner right when you guys from

Liberals are in jail or a video or forty second Circus Circus roommates news of essential horrors were wrong in the store parking other before having

A fork into it and then for coffee one to three is exactly how far from high that someone has nothing I found in our town for every three three probably very hungry going to be in the past five and right in the hospital is a black bicycle

Walked to the bench right security at the hospital his pricing on forty five however bullet fell out of the vital security standing by the

Company controller for thirty four you know on a few points why was

I don’t have first of the

Zero four six when can Tom Henry second quarter and we know two eight zero two six one very fair points can be seventy eight easy one seven technology you need any information on me and I was right you are funny things for forty tough one to ninety degree

Summer in and those worries will contact their make as we type of gang related noise is not very certain what that means

It’s rest of it all about

Us OK for this role model the Republican war was a war of the US like those needs to

Be any right there after a firm friend I want to give you for much of your not been around for back many were driving over the parking lot you can’t driving the wrong direction in a parking lot right security to stop a vehicle over an acre for determine if they were truly four or eight their recent history one million times just

For the six hour sounds when I go more for one out of California is going to see if it extraditable last name we can Adam Frank Victor E.G. Robert first name Stacy common spelling her date of birth is zero three twenty one date of birth on this is sixty

Her So just five five seven five one two one seven P. The really a kind I just don’t know why I asked for the social voice to free one government happiness and I one place controls everything you know three one priest

Well I mean one three one how he’s going to be seventy won’t be any more than anything and it isn’t

A partner these guys

There are five or six of these is requesting us

You know the work of making it was a request for a fly over why for those who have

For their service I think he’s our hero was her for off point for a veil of I who are watching her where you who are through that they were very

You stuff either for her

Or less and he just was hanging out of her area her resolve itself is what there is here you know her the second half

Was maybe even a description of an innocent person is on the right

Person if you get a consistency throughout the whole year you know we have a store where the phone will area need help her or as we

Heard or a list of

Fifty sixty three six seven eight

Three six about her you know I mean little or there was no

Verbal Valley Hospital Casey’s she’s a victim of this yes she’s a victim of mine a battery

Operated so out

The other and I think it no real constructions on her correct that’s correct probably have every incentive through mostly what they say we’re talking night and show on the movement is going to need about government is where we are

Going are going to

Want an itinerant

Are for profit care are on their terms of use when you’re fighting for her

We’re going through an article Time from there for

A lawyer if you recall the city jail they serve brads I mean you get to be a basis

For your over has missed as a part of the last of the generators Popovich

Even arriving here will be off of your lesser of two wars overseas se just north of the four of us fair

Measure for thirteen kings five fifty five hundred Mountain Vista unit fourteen twenty four and you are not and here’s your drive he has there for thirteen if you are three homers kind of rock from about twenty five jacks Here’s a frightening

Break because if you are there’s one thing that one of you has a four that you need three inch blade Holmy Spears being inquired possible for you for her six year old three George four six nine during your India on call for you to record for one positive three for thirteen if they’re going to start this version was very nice Scream five require a check or

You have a hope of thirty five I’ll be going out and all that you want probably won’t I’m your two on the sea our waters will cover regional fortunes in the current pace AM PM at seventy three twelve lb generation one real friend of a grey van with a male Dragon a female version reason I was away

For a few words for

You want to want to mention one

You know of course haven’t seen any in PM seven if you told some JONES Maybe I’ll side in a gray van there’s a male dragging a female one action for motion faster that way probably the product

Of a little boy

Male point or

Little bit of purple

Only reserved couple of I think everybody or someone might

Well he’s having a little bit orderable heater in millions to turn left of her eyes that Pierce sister in law’s boyfriend Graham just breeze is a rodeo’s no place in the P.R.S. fearful state of injuries but thanks be very long for first six missed three of a concert that we advised

Her to refer to her as a

Slim Jims but it’s so much fun that I prefer men out with her or I’m one of the Crips six hundred

Seventy five of them want it for just like Uncle for the month Hi Thanks


Being Mary sixty four is looking for a tiny unit to a sister of my dresser twenty as the are you available for that

Oh yes I have always a causa

Mary sixty four

Probably going to go over there to read an article for

You you clear your me if I need to

So you can have officers off but there’s no way out I’ll be got a hard question or comment if it is you know I’ve got to be on he says waiting for his jealous of either the sister of several people who are profiting from resistive areas if

There are a last paragraph for her it’s also her chart areas if you have her you got a little bit of background in the right to person marry off whilst I’m putting off a marriage if you force a region of the military or even as a county areas as Iraqi

Apartments those of her male inside that residence is known as having male sex but then they’ll plan their own tiny correction twenty four hour convert a valid chop out of them

To get a different you know on inquiry often property with them women Baltimore Symphony control one way of getting rid of

Finder travel for the war will remain seen sign on AM

A forty four wire

Copy I’m watching now frankly wasn’t forty four situating

Frank you were in training

For thirteen

Almost right

Social six through one two three four four one one

There’s a progress


All charges are weapons involved very reduced charge of probation

Having the team going to deliver a search warrant

Having fights

One of

The month I think it’s one million it seems five out that there were three are of the poor in the object

And I’m very proud of them in this regard to tell just the right

Of servants very easy

And Sam easy choice of service will still drive if we shores what you want to your sources

For a lot of them even having been raised around the whole complex is nobody in the war right now a member of Congress permanent who have these rank if you want to drive around the river walk around looking

For one I

Want in a Genesee County

Central or fatherless I see her for three or four of us as a result

So her a series of over there has a hunch our server side is there’s a certain author of The First Presidency

Of the sphere that here take him out of e-mail

Is there is a unit that outlets are pretty even advised

To launch your P.R. is reporting that our suspect threatened the female body for fifteen or she did I think in a vehicle you want to do if you have a heart when we think

They are now I’m clearing out of her that way if I think AND hundred

Per minute or female is with the first correct one if you have affirmative or female that must suspect be equal to avoid our P.R. being for fifteen mind the traffic

Or bidding for available because you know when you’re in these unusual

From becoming general people for

Enjoyment before you can get out of course it’s really time for the wait for a number of Macondo individuals having always or even in twenty if there is other news rolls in the money for you for want of your sermon from as well went to bills for three years almost to a zero or one zero subjects and that’s very interesting drawn out of forty five years by me

Or were they one hundred forty five Read my commute times before they did twenty eight of seven dropping as a primary when you be forty or into the rebel gaff nation just north of Muslims they think of the

Prison coffee who for years for medical innovation for this is your source your

Eyes your

Seventy five

Initial one hundred twenty if you go for you might want to read the U.S. suspects a continent friends

Only I’m trying to copy is just going to certain hours

His or her employer doesn’t have a vehicle or don’t want for six they really went for it we have read from now on this though at a terrible

For ones who want to respond more the threat of

Terror freezes are very

High massive proxy five minute service

In this era where we can just write our issues over the slightest post alert record is valid the confirmation on a won’t be completed for twenty four hours

So they visually can’t confirm and they did request if you can get her most recent address and it can be passed along if you want to tell us how you so the marshal service can set up a picture of where and begin to confirm if you strange you can or how he thought yeah that’s just the very question they made I mean if you can’t you can’t you know

That you so much trouble at home Joe You’re welcome should have me out with one of the forty three

Presidents on Mars are following the success

You get me John I have an ally now

Run and you

Are here and it was on fire last you know who it was seventy one guy had to face the overeager of the

Crash that it


Would be happy


One of the older you to

Have a clear residence or

Is there going to be room for criticism for that looks like there is that time you know I already stated your I that I have a clue you go up there you

Go and apartments are down there was probably service

For eight hundred


Its version of voice

Their rights for

Having the one thousand


Recovery that I’m going to go out on the vehicle I don’t have it’s an investor in

Beijing reference you know there’s a before selfie self who are there are a lot of us who are this refer others are wealthy search however their results were spent in front

Of the controls that exists to clear secure

Control in front of peacocking for

Seven hundred Harry five one three from England out just have risen sixty one of them hopeless her closer to it all much else they want to enjoy my inner cargo is going on frothing rather So they’ve got a

Year later

I might have what you can afford

Is some of the Jennifer ones if one of the pursuits at Saudis funny stories are

Right those are of the right before it has a channel they are as funny I

Can trust in the unit for him arrived there as you had four hundred sixty in between the victim and suspect and are

Copying on Charlie one and we are very or in time really to the rear of a general for her Phil revising history of warfare Phil having

You know the publisher information

When he said it was unfair copying as affirmative is giving me at twenty three twenty nine nineteen

For that addresses fashionistas verifies that it is really two units out there also maybe just west of Nellis and Owens tells her progresses to ten hours a further fifty five hundred on the booking door now on our sanity three and you know they can be in around one Charlie for being around over

The last four or six crack and on race many of them now there are at least

Five eight arch white shirts are fans right talking to himself partner does not P.R. was making reference there’s a lot going is not on the

Sums for all three of your husbands in being rolled out five white male white teacher and blue jeans proudly here but I’m not over by here by our door now I’m still on a high right a three three eight you know when can we curve the resourcing call

That you want to have coffee for two or three fourths of them

When George to make her Henry nor one two nine eight Arizona trust an ardent vision of reverse recovery virtue will be in the Family Dollar for

Coffee with razor thin as are you ringing the doorbell but I think with a business negative on the right previously rising crime a business for his four seven three one to be very fit for

Only this business you write if you said five out of the Eleanor

Washington and three I think ranked only reasonably sure of copying him

Down a scene on a four fifteen that can hear a screaming and yelling one or two more three you certainly know our True Parents

Are thirty three and hopeful of an eight physicists who are rising from Asia for thirteen days or three or four Eastern and Stuart because there’s some risk every night do you want me to put you on the list but it was first off without feasts I’m happy and if it’s often so hard for me cause one

But you on the easy last the former is probably conservative male or female

Three for all concerned if you have the power to send them easy conferring you have a male or female one male yes three in the subject

Elven came out again after P.R. Frank but just interview nature if a twenty to thirty five rejected possibly refugee in an on for a tour for sex before the chain with things in life and on time I for the P.R. right now because if it isn’t him

Here’s all the advice right and there are a lot of your copy some to go on P.R.’s of advice in the subject was screaming yelling taking puffing himself sliding possibly easy than I am for control Roy if it was I see the woman wrong and run to a call stuff is no longer there he was laughing underage and on direction of travel he was also possibly easy to start with before there’s any problem if he were on the court or out having levels for the employee the if they’d revive his thirty years old high five medium build like your project it wife you know for a bit of icicles or a lot of

Coverage of

California you know most

Of her wonder if you clear up for well Mr fifty six for free not only with your Oh Frank there are six kinds there are free and very

Room for you know most of all that

It was

On the grounds obvious part of the Channel four let me go out on a possible four thirteen A.M. Eastern and they were

There invite six of the six So addiction an army on a four

Player is rehearsing for a freshman primary cause of a problem

For twenty five years the Albertsons five eight one East Charleston in Georgia four remapped two five three two one two very like a suspect from a previous four of seventy four eleven isn’t part of the business to be a black female

Five thirty medium build white jacket white fiancee right on a bicycle happy for on the most horses

Somewhere in the foreground seven falls you for a zero seventy six hell for not

Very tough you look like great probably very

Very sick so of a corner they get out of the vehicle before you though they get on the subject of that will copy protection

When I’m sixty five some children reside research where is that for three million as the deceased was examined custody of the House of Herman route from her hospital but now it’s figure longer as well there are way into transfer There’s also a four three nine offers her holding the same occupation thirty three in rough back three having her was a car for people in order to build a year an apartment over

One or two only we got as a pure result apartments thirty five and it’s directly a vase him off if I can find involving our mother fall for more of her on the arrival of Saturn the right engine

After talking thinking I would thank you from my pint every avenue you know building you know when I was three right by laps there I was about thirty twenty five minutes I haven’t had a recalls and if you are over

Probably from your

County for one or two us from the apartment thirty six three six one are you happy just going on as you name

Robert early Henry North

Because we think you were going on who was trying to


Yes A four zero six front car not a Ponzi thousand was the dura voting six Hermanson thirty some progress when I think I was away

From them up to forty one

Happy years ago

When they

Were seriously he’s living with her who was

A very sexy penis from the first six years of him you have probably partially remail the same things again injuring the vision window this is someone watching from outsiders of your calling from inside persecution Nazism and the fears unarmed inside the living room right here at home have you have a date a first year or two once you of one thousand eight hundred First he has revised the first name of the first object almost a copy if you only for Italy if I need to match

My Nancy if I were to be out with the B.M.A. on fourth in Carson just south of the parking lot your press America will have endless You can find who was hurt and so having your part of the probable cause raise you


They’re going to need it so hopefuls spend the money for a show him arrived over the U.C. call they’ve usually two other temperamentally be the seven

Yeah care I can give you the it was right here

Where cross control one hundred will be on you who are give you a point high going to

This pressure corral for one of your presence of respect thousand with her

Care so that the unit thrives and she disconnected when one just growing up there would be the motion white on the patio just going along having

We are feeling ninth

Zero three three six I think you may be sure there are going on about fifteen seconds out

There for if you don’t protons are two of our fortunes of some sort of on the right and I’m for Breaker Morant two circs obedience once or something

For four if you don’t want to be there with your feet so kerfuffle

Before hopping to risk the lives of the crew and zero to three hours in this recovery program I’m not sure if for an hour you can have them come up with

Enterprise clear to broadcast

If we have for summoning Charlie one particular one south ring three the hold up when working in the round of the event on their very short amount of terms are the ones of injury where

I will arrive in the store for having Thanks to Joe and Henry can recall a P.R. find out if so this last Easter went down the drain search

I think I think it was for before seven we got to recover when if I seem to be a mean guy they’re not superstore taking money out of the cash register there I think is going to be kind of a one last thing on Main our Going Green Door and I know which door I’ve heard probably have better separate rooms with Primus in via V.M. a great over have negative

Charge right thing to slip and right the suspect has been all year and starting thinking cash I have to go up in the very right you know out for thirteen or for there to be not been a video yet I’ll get a clarification from the coffee maker

Thank you very frightened of years of itin the middle of the point on that one I seem I have a point very negative thing control of everything if I mean it

On bigger ones and

You’ve obviously just if it is

I mean

These are not the four things further on offense in the view of me I’m a twenty thirty six five hundred eighty pound pound black in a white shirt cracked or around has had a black workout pants a woman two of the more

Serious assists also probably

Several who’ve already referenced

Knowing to be having those twenty six finding anything for a seven for eleven of you gotta think you

Another P.R. device in the they have nothing as a come out

In his professional part one breaker on the floor sometimes it’s a wonder how many

Of the same that we are

What works or what we’re moving that race was



Control on a crime you know was one of your the farcical non-directional

I mean

Pressure also not hard

They were just going to hurt me of business reports of a suspect fine for having

A home or apartment itself but five nine this was very sort of roses for one a sixty five twenty four Fig Tree Road going to be in William one very well like a major cross on that for me off of Torrey Hering and smoke ranch

Was like this response vehicle for one of the P.R. per vehicle break big time vehicles for me a white Chevy Arco Knox looks like the from her fell off near the victim’s vehicle

Yes the bumper of this suspect here already

Is now hers in front of sixty five forty five Graham was it and according to the P.R. this thing there is a vote of survivable and it was occupied by four possible injuries but I think Bill’s in the vehicle they were laughing going eastbound on the surface of a vehicle

Or for an Air Force

Right he of the reasons I have just been running

For cover if

You think anything else if I want a crummy John fell for a

While later when I’m having some free one how does the ninety nine which have all of it all the

Time or even I thought the trolls offer to have her husband one of us

Will be joining a contractor you number one carry

Over and I think both wealth of the center of attention

Has value from

The thank you for dropping by six three control Strickler dozens of eyes every possible thing over an hour

Lluvia off five hundred scientists was a problem

I think obvious reason was

All of her

Forcing control obviously rises free of

Girls who thought they were on the right

There or be annoyed beige

Example of cars and you know what’s wrong with that

I have heard of downtown

Before seven

Different Is it fair that it seven or eight big or four or five very rarely have off well and washed

Copy probably prefer

It to five

Hundred eighty four zero

Robbery Nora


Was thinking it was six or six when inside of a six Frank settled for general Marilyn the author of I know sort of E seven six right seven three seven about and now clearly first asked George Coffey thank you because for prison for me having

Happy that was what I signed up for one of five having

The four or five in a few and

That one was a great movie her and I rated far even

More for the afterward I’m presently having goals of all sounds well we’ll have all of those insoles yesterday

And if you truly credit for success rather than go at sorority animal or damn easy one for the government we’re going to force isn’t moving forward

Tom easy

Blood flow and on the side which are causal was also points

He owns in Christie or want to force its remarks

In science fair read more of their rambling around here

As I can tell one hundred thirty five

Original classic rock chary one thousand now that are going to be our biggest knowing our

Own article for six seven cents

Right ring again about Nora Well you know one one

She forty seven

Marilyn joined me in the Afghan parking lot

Well there are three different

Reasons for six seven two X. three nor a vaguer thirty four thirteen Russell

Says how

Will you know of course or not or until over decide

I’m going to have a iti can tell you it one P.C. and one Mary or one Mary thank you winning for fifty at the

Very beautifully proper think you think you enjoy a one hundred forty four atom forty five thirty I either was born two of my four seventh’s on out of control for seven I copied or not I’m forty five if someone has even still three hikers happy thank you I’m sort of happy that we’ve got some hope reassuring Charlie married at seventy six for a final run into

Motion for her before Country Party returns will probably thank you folks all for the wonderful and serving of all the ceremony of some to Portugal as well some festival five missiles Well will this be advised as a season of your home going through whatever Unicredit Valley or if they were there

When for all the

Planes only seventy dollars for me fortunately I use the sixty one eighty one bus like the planes and he said look like the vehicle is occupied at sixteen hundred hours but we don’t know if it’s occupied now

If runs on top of her four hundred one your money with me going from an easy seven to acknowledge when you’re very far above unit for four more years there is for heavy unlined for the new theory I am finding that virtually I am right on a three zero


Hunting or having a view for the forces it to be

A red haired group of three or four trolls that over five hundred thirty six have been called for

Or think you happy playing for millions on a cinema think it for seventeen between parents sister and sisters boyfriends like this it was hers these are using that causes any fairly

Heavy ones until them for ransom for her or even for

The visa exceed the need for a shirt to the rear one zero zero one zero zero

One hundred sixty revising the street one zero zero one right

You need it or it is nice

He said he saw one ninety nine top one fifty drive home one night and I was sitting on it most of the

Controls you twenty nine can you please I’m used to it you see twenty

Three for the just me if I don’t have anything of your drive if you’re driving you know three patrol one thousand five hundred ninety nine

Mother with her son who was with a diver of the year for when a vehicle just arrived

Someone on anything

He logged out of went to Victor angry a bad six for effect you’re talking about here

One leaves except for me one line for you can just sit on that for seven some lines and

Charles offered you a lot better

You know if I won by taking good for

The children or

Something for being referred to surgery to be a journalist or me

Having control when I do not be told her I videotaped or they parked the forewarning so

One Anything else Paul five years three zero zero eight Piedmont Avenue six unknown soldier came in through the P.R. door the doggy door lies poverty fixes that if you can have that one hundred thirty six pro you serious very three of

The four thirty nine of the aria in custody over to my favorite

Hobby horse of a vehicle radio Charles

If you want to have it because even if you want because

They are Arab spring I’ll call them initial evil false

You’re not very

Horrifying point like over half the time secure a bike and

Variance are going to the Sunday before I was thinking of I

Want to hear them tell it like he’s a cross is coming straight

From Paul

KANJORSKI forty three people to use our ministry five three

Only one of her a live

One every twenty five it’s going to be zero zero four nine I was rushing northbound I Ridgefield those issues that changing her story with the call taker alters where I wouldn’t

Know with a little

Over a three year low David Swanson north of trapped or someone else for

Probably two units in my garbage can in grabbing her probably seventy one thirty five

Grams of her work with


Insofar as her arsenal one was going to be here fifty five fifty was warm springs of Herman twenty one forty bridge this is you know in a line she says news free for a month on the address and instead he’s going on line disconnected wrestling

So I’m

Going to go well Jeffrey you’re about to thirty six hours are I spew fifty five hours break in of the William one in the city from one side Michael Moore nine right

Her neighbors it’s five thirty three out here the carport purple doors down and we will welcome the Highness in their ball of wool chorus for Also Social Security or some other is horrible what we all drink in before home

Rather reconfigure their recruiting for recovery green here in beer Glaxo your inclusion is probably Hollywood and we

Received a call for a moment right you know or someone in on her roof seeing it clearly and run it by lawmakers you can clearly actually around when they go off of the advice that is P.R. called last week inviting the thinking for a great review what you have yours is you know you

See in this you’re going to have the Senate he’s eighty nine years old and didn’t have any weapons was alone because you’re trying so you’ve called for back not being more time when and for having the hours of life in the mom’s going to force what one aide began there’s a period for saying information from last week probably all of us are

A make a coffee one in Fargo a point where you were three four one zero in recreating the dream return to Dr Harmon the America

Party I have been hearing the cinematically organ

Trafficking since romance with your source I’m very

Controlling from for I mean the area your

Value because we’ve got another P.R. advice even is known Dean Martin and Constance one day we have recalls to the T.R.S. mother she’s a vice and it’s time of the five and both have just left and on direction of travel when

Very easy for success and he said

In reading and researching what revolver I mean juju to one another and even if anything else has a very heavy praying to noisy very

Controlling professional pursue trafficking or

The years kind of the shells were supposed to have been sometimes going up and there are points now from all her usual her


One hundred journalists or about it made me question if you’re

Having a revisionist or want to see us three eleven dollars for season choppy canon and Hopkins the channel where you will have a gas leak in the server on

The ready for nine and then proudly of all walk for places and he having a thirty five ten wearing a fedora isn’t here what sort of like me and great sacrifice Jack doesn’t have the only thirty five ten black shirts our pants that there isn’t a cafe five six dark top and our bottom sounds like three sixty’s you control the copier and he just runs off of there is your secret control even sixty three

Zero three private for them

There’s an order medical for what he she and I think her subject might have a quote where he and company reconfirm relocations these I’m sorry can you realize you just reconfirm your location for me it’s really Tompkins in the more in just about

Seven and sixpence How did you copy the US Weekly front of

What shoppers want was there for good because every minute readers get negative for

Criminal trial recall if you’re now on trial eleven please you wrestle for six if you have a well meaning Robin a one sounds like a former insurance three how can you possibly

Truman you should just cover

Any grand jury


That each of us

Twenty seven

She in for four

Hundred reasons you can feel good just devising a mocking of previous an excuse it gives us worse brings

Several persons of Herman’s one forty

One Mary twenty six having hundreds of residents who have a Gold Coast’s in a five something or probably a dozen races and eighty our security officer at each hill for her and I haven’t found anything

Else for my journey one scenario three Hey Dr Murray and a posse of acting involved are trained on one issue over

The souls of the forty G.B. forty three of us of our motel two thousand and one from us

Shows off if you want to five or six of our

Times it’s going to five fearful actually empower the Hawks crowd one time to be Koreans once a unified control public speaker her voice went sick when George took control confirming him as a good source for having me laugh which I’ve sonority if we had real approximations there well north poles have a civil war give me forty seven on the vehicle move out of five seven are in yellow I three

Marilyn and Harman

Four on Charlie four

Constructions arrive on lookers having Caesar you had Nick Rooney Baker and me on the other

Forty nine poor horse thinks we’re going to have a large

Traffic that Juergen DVA on ID but he chooses the right reservation someone

Who for one person a foreigner for him once had a mouse

Over one puppy or a six

Se as opposed to new

When it’s short of

The ridiculousness of what I’m going to revise not really take over the comical with the amount chickens from another reporter

When I was three from your wife Pontiac after five hours two or three times you Nevada parking lot Maryland train

For and

There are three things just that we humans always interrupt Marilyn on to this movie related to the mail and the seal and Ellis but Auto Zone is going in twenty one eighty one North Millis white male week forty three here in ponytail great beard listening to divorce only i’m not be her figure it is funny from how far

Have you with us this realm of crisis recovery for four six seven warning for you that an eight or five yo or even GEORGE NEGUS Now Eastern right here for the former but having ME ME in route to Las Vegas Florence in the us tonight Holly one very very very upfront probably better off well you’re having control problem before you know it’s off Ron Paul thirty six whose will for voters this

Year for forty I don’t know if you copy this rare for our house for another very very rich Afghan official of my wife if you join her for a long hurry for even

For a one puzzle four hundred for someone of our financial

Services and you know this was a one of for one reason it isn’t all three of your favorite the nine you’re in the right or you know if Washington were full of research there’s no reason to carry her as a center on all her other White House

And we are very secure who who who fell over from her visor bridge over camera itself are the intersection probably on route from salt and from

Drug War marriage one two three four six very swing for me

Probably the printers are transparent to Chinese and thirty four check in first for extra for home for country are happy we’re always looking for friends and paradise but the main area we’re going to be a paradise and Tony going to probably go for the record is unifying for one woman and you have the ever complete log I’m assuming personally have just twenty seven control over who will

Be advising us it’s very easy calling in saying that the subjects are back inside the room the privatising are in or out we will be short of property media because they are very very supported by their more work force is very very awful then there are things you can eat have come in and the hotels are warning us as well as a for a long time was over before one

Choice versus a free one for Wash Pres Why do you place the last name Mary yellow thinking easy family first name when Adam found out and Sam Henry Adam of B.S. very good of her nine seventeen or eighteen I know special dinners movers do you feel you have interest in just

Top it was only a few more countries are going to throw their answer we’re going to have right here going for a fork over

Every forty four and I

Told you to have me at the tree and all would again to you but our very own money and then when he wouldn’t let you know who played well yeah I’m not

Willing to lie thinking up to someone I know any change for the sake or a gradual

Time for a one point one odds Poppy a try for what’s across Europe they’re going to be there for many

Years in the drive through and how you know him from our actor acknowledged someone and then control but screaming for others because you Berta for commercials and then the second one limiter excluders and Arizona for violation of a quarter have you just want to confront limited action would be just running

Things surrounding local adjacent agencies only when the owner does have a phone number to call to confirm her you can try and get that one hundred three

Popular in the house a subject Aidid in other the local tribes who have an ID with no valid driver’s license driver life is number one six zero two fifty six one

Hundred on level charges five

To be a step back her turn to go south not on out on foot right now forty six sixty when they’ll want hair beard dark blue jacket to fall back to Corona

On and six well over row fourteen for me from very very good will for the first

It’s getting five years before seventeen out of four and wanting to Saffron camera so

Or just keep saying that she saw a few shadows

Is a no wax not of they just have you think you are fortunate for

They are one thirty seven Charlie two eight nine the buffalo in Charleston having probably of course the Great in Razor slavery

Time clock watch you know now

We are talking for him the fear is that the house for the friends of think the fear is in the closet the friends are watching the window the one story residence there is that here is white Dodge parked outside a merry tiny given truck I think of our war many friends who call for

Stop eating you know and some of the reason for it is honey for

Anything going on here and security China

Right now are here I start my career and I think that I know of I can call them probably central time over the horror of nine eleven Alpha control most of them before they were installed in California seven Robert if you’re Henry one sixty three I mean I have an idea who just North Adams

One line of evidence if any have you don’t know if I’ve missed

Any of the people in right on

The Fremont in groups just east of fifty five print Troy version one for six hundred cold weather

Sixty one Juhi George or treat three Nevada coming back to Florida to

Be from Bursa

Going to be on a

Very nice However I’m starting to as across a paradise

Point on pull in on the

The side of rush they seem

I’m happy about it three nights right there and you have a cloud offering the last hour of sorry for having to live in the charmed life traveler I’m sure I’m

Sure of course time products have even references of you to try to walk into P.R.’s apartments possibly still in front of the apartment

So I’m sure if I seen Kingstree a fifty thirty eight pounds a stack here is roommate girlfriend ex-girlfriend being themselves her friend

And ready for any free for us I mean clearly Thank you very forty four hundred fifty five so I didn’t fully buy the Op Ex now it’s the sort of the fun of a real one the tale of what if you know the person hope will give you twenty four

Seven I think you could have more appropriately to a time when I

Was afraid of your black B.M.W.

Something in because our property were going to be pointed for Gold Coast parking lot sensors in your camper things right in that parking were part of our garage coming over if you have you know X. three workers for coming from our three covered horse

Interesting challenge to which he and Wilbur

You know where in all black

Radio and T.V. and Jefferson has not seen any count which

Route three so were told were caught or persons looking over here could be he has Red Cross only before he left the subject me driving us over and sometimes he so me when I don’t really wanting a horrifying need five five five six red hair brown eyes when a recession lasts me I was SE subject movie a queue of Lima Marcia

So I’m yes

Over two thousand and seven he has run so and only was two for five Xeno enough to mention being spent three years old I’ve read here prescription glasses refers original for the front row seat check then cut at this time one of

My Henry we’re going to host the top of your last four zero three seven one two to about one hundred six I want custody for four and I have a torch for his

TIME When I took

Control were harder or easier

Than I want control I want a series of ice in the wall handling recall if ever needed holding area properly thank you welcome

I think of our maple leaf or Bank of or will probably think you have almost won a horse with very one time then I hope

All of them were married twenty five having fun out of it before rising to be twenty five percent with large

Drop before seventeen or even I love various boards over twenty and paraffin probably don’t know if you know copping

Control or if you just interfere with your own terms there’s no description just a male her right to think of it for six You mean even to seem normal to you or anyone serious or more to Dr Marilyn serious American or soon north or

Teen William Henry either tell me easy the rampart and Suncoast the divine

Arrow for seeking everything just trust him very much anything is really you know I just wrote it knowing why going to see anything being clear them of the R.T.S. while you take a quick look at the cameras eventually I think so

Alan a very innocent recovery for sure he will teach you how to propping when you want to go like nothing else for rehearsing or buying for California from the organ and washing is full of Art Shell for

Forty America up in our direction

Top in Washington eighty three

Twenty seven

A very sixty’s using show you have your own C.D.’s Some are

Probably think you can show America

For each one of us even from the actual war of

Surrounding states only for me I can’t find the original thread it was once out of and out of Pennsylvania also a clock of the six was right will have a thank you

Their version of for us to have her there with us Mexican friends you know from five five Norman Rockwell seven yards from the alarm providing the mail there were actually monkeys are the right


We’re on track next or do you have some I can go with them


You know here’s a little

Peer group who are darker and drunken

Driver trouble murdering who are very very sick fell

From one of the ones making a donation or three of those already for Europe and there were pleasures but it was for monitor business

On who on duty for her mother’s invading owner of the business mail that was lucky I was carrying a rolling suitcase that we think if you throw it won’t succeed in

Think it was because if I may show me there’s a four thirty on the north down ninety five fishing right showing eight or

It was an age of the lanes of grey Geo Metro vehicles


Things if they

Heard four hundred thirty four if you will here

Is not force of a zero when it got four fiancee’s people and or four hundred from

The area of the night or her will be a seven thousand or seventy S. Sure around our four door while I see the endo but actually the plate was updated to eight zero a yellow Robert Frank

Rising she wanted to borrow five native mentioned a no for a four for a fixer weapons to Hispanic female thirty five high rate hair brown eyes a prescription glasses and this reference attending events zero four eight one

Four thirty nine S. If I had that he needs a fairly here but him for his vision control Jews away from about

Planes is

What he said

For if you go

He said

One hundred seventy three

And these are great two thousand and fifteen Dodge Durango with a sense that one of those was about a seven seventy three you know broadcast for a lot of money on an hour and three surgeries is enough for a know with search engine windows with the Ironically things in the seven seventh’s right

From trouble because I wouldn’t

Know what was your house on the road we are going through all

The time it is about an hour septics the last seen on a southbound Alice on fire for seventeen between every white male and any white female or some

If I go after sixteen and trying to with a locker in fifty eleven hara

Three subjects involve their out of sight famous security trying to take security for thirteen one John and John Foster That way one joke of a great treasure

But in the four wonders to crack interventionists was the fix involved minor city trying to take the city’s four thirteen or so in line

So when York City for clearly implemented all

Person for community decision is also

The black fight possible for a waiter for first one George to watch them arrive on the fourth of the five

On the northeast corridor that Carl’s in your first day or your professor to give them some are very heading

Toward the copy

Of our We’re on the north probably are one of the

Search him more and the fires will all go or those who other two were running toward the firehouse war on the last thirty five prison as a means of having me juvenile of all black female one thousand years old one has a long sleeve black sweatshirt Well my short break Richard camouflage pants and then the third one of last night you heard the blacks whites of the free will first for George and me right from our house of the running in her journal for one for

Her is half one George have others running from fire house on their analysis

George you don’t want to trust your version of regret your own workaround right from our

Coverage on this channel for the Air Force

Six We don’t know if what you read here or not I don’t know how far being I want to hazard a red shirt I prefer we have there are still very

Knowledge of the heard over the

Country six was dreadfully vision that made it very clear for Channel three happening

And her recent negative everybody’s in country

Are the answer se for all their

Control I’m sorry for the

Top this one falls on hard recently

Charlie Olsen while

We have them going in hers when they get their growth for

Part of May not something fierce I’m sorry just for millions or the of US forces and the ninety two also from prison and I didn’t and I of course

But even anyone who has our heritage across this do you know I am not the spring Rove ignorance as a Christian leader wants a home in C.S.T. and I’m wondering of which

Horror culture has one hundred twelve George Noory Ford seventy six percent from the Rockefeller do

Apartments who control the home of an influx of illegals or any pleas for me and want to know for know from here is is one of those heavy We are going

To rush less every month


One Explorer one hundred thirteen I’m going to be in her or it will before in grad school quarter have happened if this is required

Because this is the risers the previous four six seven cause any item of

Profit interest

Just confirming you can’t be in one Georgia for strange you separation

So you would have what they should but wonder to me at the firehouse that when she wakes up Alice got me showing our place so it’s happening

More and more of a

Travel Agency riser so I had a UN there actually for an hour

Thank you a black jacket on my

Rose across on room


Almost seventy were coming to me on a brochure or reaffirming or

Most of need of the

Music for years just as you can find every See wouldn’t position I think for one church

Property that is a for the V.T. unit

From the and I do want to write some terms will be a very international it’s an assist feeding units for the transport I’m going to twenty six will be a

Very high sex drive

But it’s not very

Rigorous it is obviously very momentarily I can vacuum profit from bigotry people who have usually just my company you know when only

A person shouldn’t have a go so you have a lot of feedback revise you know he has examined the Ricoh on Eastern Europe

But the problem on here a fork in traffic and that every image onto a twenty six forty three just Canyon track every public road one way or control Have you ever sixteen he

May Donald’s three ninety nine properties a large right for

Passing sixty one to one hundred forty for coffee for seventeen means I to twenty seven twelve proposers


I mean between Peter

Wife in a wide spread for only appears a regular residence life in the printer only at the residence of the pearly gates for six unknown Python and left and right you drop your vote and that resident was my P.R. was actually marry

Me in the windows and event of personalized plates linking X. ray all ocean caster

Wonder sure

It’s not us information is relevant and I sent you for a thirty four Marine Drive right might have asked me for a personalized and out of places like United X. ray I did some ocean Channel Islands Well I’m only an eighteen keeping our C.H.P. on the small forty three five hundred Mark Hines when we return from Norton when William and ginger judgment of

Preference of various ports for any female are costing that all their whole insurance he has our homes for that are out there from out of our eight hundred seventy five it’s the A.T.M. only him speaking

Of how

It goes right sees it that way through the

Intro What is your answer is it forty seven easier to hire a marry her he shows for you want that’s less we

Assume to think so I think our rates were Windsor Windows Novell are going in I don’t experience either so for ensuring every foreclosure we arrived at the city van from the right E.G. entering for a crummy job when you know fix your forces

Or of off the line of having her managing seven six or seven balls right every one of us with remember

You know that my clients are human right if you’re a

Facility so if

It goes several hours you southbound LS from this to go sleep

One hundred

I think it was all seventy four of our George

Decatur and screamer and

Control going to reinforce the phone line for

Actually versus two or for some of the very sixty one three

Three nine two eight California to me Toronto or

Rather go for Robbie worth more amount than the zero

One seven twelve zero four

Control Mary for arriving one may for a make or two happy night of forty one

And if anyone blasting cell phone Boulevard on the Deuce bus B.M.A. twenty to thirty five any you need Bill you have built black hair and shirt hands and right top Your He was for forty one for what kind of a

He was is reasonable for a three a three six hundred Marlin avenue of Acre for every room he’s there is ring which went to the rear of the complex for objects signing lights into the office on a number of subjects eliminating further well Baker to control his ring around


Circle Jerk while horse are one in four counties one out of forty one I see it arrives just in the case and from a I three happy OK very topic rejoice for coffee who charged out there

Shouting that Ham want to nine P. number one four six ninety eight using vehicle one five seven two seven he plays my favorite example of human i Phone is the fact one X. one sucker for sure wanted to make me go there searching for an article for the first seven hundred fifty one of five golden sovereigns he gave it zero

Mr Parrish

It’s back some sort of personnel have cost me for forty so are there there and I know if

There are three or four of the rivers I

Have a lot of cops around for

Any officers short term type of force or same area just throw her a vehicle

For education here when exerting injuring don’t flinch and the oh OK you said the gun for the vehicle description that’s from other driver sorry you

Got it he’s holding short Michael her if you’re O’Neil’s going even green a truck shimmy through the left lane entrance vice knees by pulling off his meds request insanity sometimes refocus the rhetoric of the T.V. president on the right side breaking that have played a hero eighty yellow Robert Frank

And if you’re not thirty eight high five red hair brown eyes prescription glasses

Who George Will for four I’m sorry for coffee home one five nine in full for want of water offices if I can get that from a health it was like a

Good read a very serious six easy drive even on the own P.R.

Control wonder

Why John I’m usually to go with these people it is going to be about a ten minute semi every male or female going to be a female on Miles one point


Into a woman for over primary for a married twenty two year of the force via a funeral and marital

You have a P.R. several

Have a direct thirty four probably for success

I says if you are going to point zero for one union ocean Frank to fifteen inches

Young the south drive between McDonald’s perfect perfect is what they mean by drive through or three fifteen or am I have my camera panel with and want to

It will probably show up on revolve your grammar of a rock others have coffee from twelve thirty three the points about a zero and reports of the problem

Are not of clothing reach out to her for

Far there’s a

Difference girlfriend saying

For a chance to

Write just didn’t seem to have officers walking her arms or one fourth person on her

OK if in fact I’ve done that this challenge those are you have done this for all three to finish what you were the one who can still have you think you rejoice workers will have you have to for three minutes of eleventh two hundred West Boston ensure we can reach of our road from the shore Charleston will work forever for her if you don’t know I want five

And then once almost every

Woman I got through for wants and grow as close

To me because first of next must mean I’m going to be sworn in as the same union and I’m Robert Eve you grow first name as were oh we’re going to marry Iraq here’s a date of birth of three seventeen of Nineteen Eighty-Four break even of the B.M.A. six hundred ninety pounds you know so sure you have a California Oh a number of David one zero four three two ignominy break again each I mean one thousand to twenty

The send their over the happy Capriati Shirton black an asteroid or full force

In subjects was never going to be Warco it’s a very clear Winton north of the ocean first name of more than comments knowing their birth of three twenty I’m going to break you have a source turning over on him five five four seven one five three six one

Hears in the know in California over and over them in the act of trolling for sex and there’s a one two zero four which are more extreme than Sharon Maestro coffee coincidence or is the West reason

That none of these come back to the phone

Or Greg or do is going to try to call him on it all more well and horseradish goes you have a point there are

Several thousand but worth a bottle of

The river coffee and damn easy cover

Also just returns negative ones welcome and safety and they didn’t go on

Probably thank you or I don’t remember now she says they have injuries on the back end of the right front if you know I’m going to try to Commander out the county with one male on my old girl seven three point seven

Right I think from one of her number of the research for his having told her what I can record for herself or her for

Having six hundred zero watch of Richard Pryor’s from her mouth it was your two seven year old Georgia ferment just revise your previous

Very very forces to me was

Probably not very near as a victory party for trying to sugar headers where the

You’re the one who McNulty for However they’re going for with were you making happy it’s only one of the five three strange innings North Rancho professor of the army running around knocking on doors just saying no to security I was planning on for twenty one

Them are happy to John are five

Have lost five

To Earth two again we will carry that fifteen seventy five North Why am unit one o four is going to reveal occurrence

In our very inquiry for three or four miners very very very not

Say with workers or ram a partner in Reno

T.V. talking about him playing their music cares not one contacted the broadcaster me rejoice for having control the oil or whatever for program measure or the real often thought about the want to own the

Lives of an appendage you know I don’t want to have surgery for hope for them to you there from a family of group before turning for help over the problems or horses in the line of work having one track off now for me one hundred seventy one was my lucky Georgia because we were friends before one of four for a very long for sure if I can copy what each cross reference the four fifteen that I’m on and the four twenty two the other NE years of President past records show on either for a long a going to have to you know they can stand by the community and nonsense like us all act in order to present here he also if you are right

That A.P.R.’s Giannis out we go there for six of we can only run zero three

And you know if George like in Nevada going to be as serious and Argo as those are

But some explanation Charlie a friend with will of orders her I think that’s for sure that was true being about attempt or oil in one tree seven three two two probably not only having interviewed her we can for you require

The Nevada personalized for go one of the victor ocean even George I don’t know one well beyond Tropicana was down just west of when Moreau to preserve any adult control and return to country for seven hours under a certain one million twenty

Three B. of most Berry I try to turn and OK and Boeing planes many to

The phone are very very heavy but only for four animal having trouble recruiting for six in the trailers think one of their fellow going to be the in a one time or you know what you show on the form of a four person could have a hand want to know

If it was the Germans if you’re

To value Washington that’s one part of this route advised E.T.A. is one hour common place for it straight from out Levon and on subject follow the care home from a office outside throwing rocks at a window in line to have active organ voice now just there

He was damned if I do

Joe there was as you know if you have enough for anyone to do to even be of go one three four five to write or seven of two for several one a night when a situation serves with these dances ninety days then

You have your man of the economy I don’t know well enough for me please

For a very frank twenty three different Happy happy warrior Warrior which world’s going to be on


And so from one ninety nine timeline ninety nine I was a mouth that’s well above all Harry never that it’s rather I hope he and Rocco affirmative

Might in the same manner Juda on from the not quite as if I smell twenty four then have a shaved Michael shirt and dark and are three

Very thin every five

P.M. for one four three

Seven The radio is your ear I gave you I’m sorry just government was once more three zero seven

In the Company in service remember five six five six no vehicle writer for one very powerful for two patrols one for the far right you should be or other can also hold her

Own one thousand three hundred forty three George secretary

I will revise the numbers after George six the author of How horrible

To think you

Invent something again I never

Sure if you know what to prove for one hundred companies

John Tom companies every university in the US security is yelling and aggressive when

One trouble for six or eight million was around five pm apron who dreams of the Austrian support person

Fussing over three Maryland diligence if you have a partner eleven twenty four twenty heard only loud are you in door slam in a speech the mail in the residence

It’s a vacuum cleaners right for every era


Six six four hundred

But the technical truck if you know

John from

Covering seventy three copy thirty three Of arrive speak to a security

Problem before the trial of occurrence I’m not in that vehicle right by the entrance of the terrible decisions are all those involved in developing

The president the first one finally at twenty joined Clifford Street Apartment live in them for a number as the for all three of the

Others under twenty one Clifford Street a prominent live in ice in the mail that followed in front of a stop is now trying to get into the door and window

Because I think risk there is only going to be of a well there when you’re happy it’s very well for girls because of having

To hurt their victims I’m sure of it within your charities that have been happening and

I’m not sure I’ve got a for all three hundred twenty three one Clifford Street break there’s an earlier four twenty five A CREDIT FOR think that that was an avenue or facility in downtown great I got a call and got an essential goodness twenty one Clifford streets I’m not sure which one is going to be the correct address proliferates went through I mean twenty two hundred twenty three hundred block of street there are no apartments no one on over here no possible residences for

Most of us it’s going to be

Trying to copy it before you can if I get

Some return for a from this lifeline she gave us money for zero six this me twenty chill one Clifford one of new avenue an apartment eleven

Thirty three year old male he was with first of all that

Poppy Harlow over

One hundred twenty three francs forty four I’m going to call you both actually were fish farming for anything happy Dick’s nine one five vehicle one four eight three zero Right or two eight zero eight four nine zero maybe someone fix it or one for cover forcing her and her rushing out revise Why don’t for seventy Charlie very young person for having a child one point six five zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one I’m of all of our park on my twenty five Charlie’s we’re going to show you around which only eleven you know went on for maybe three

Of them who runs her and forty five removed from Europe that would have to drive or even describe

It with one choice recovery rate of four forty same rotation or George on top of her he and three previous of editors twenty three zero one and as you heard the intro we were out there earlier

If you know the area

And having been trying to pull at others deserve a forthright THANK YOU WANT TO three one ocean five he could be a force seventeen an ocean four one zero four five nine Main Street


Five camera crew there are probably for those who are out of the fire is already in the area the force of thirty forty heavy industry information we did have officers out earlier twenty three zero one Clifford with the same thing you’re probably really unfortunate what you have is is just one fourth of the or having to be broken it’s always pull everything out of us into a great service only fourteen years on and you’re for the war within

Right engineering in the lettering on the side about eight tone they are vicar general from Ocean two on a three thousand and fourteen silver Nissan Frontier four car with right engineering in blue lettering burning about it eighty eight Tom Baker Baker channel Baker Baker curve and vehicle actually now sitting at the intersection of N N rainbow when I thirty five in route in Reno if you go from there

And I see if I have a long as you’re going along for a no I want to Santa for when you’re done very busy as this one married twenty five with the possible

The possible for a nine so

We’re probably be three struck as a four eleven pending at Ocean two Frank Libya’s two thousand and fourteen silver Nissan Frontier four door with a bright engineering and lettering in Nevada eighty eight

Jennifer trying to divide are you from me with over three hundred grams or German twenty five perfect or fifty six arriving from events over the years from a far greater

Risk free and want to walk free sparrow Davis dance he said I’m sorry your radio was unreadable he realized the numbers are seven three nine three and want to alarm three zero reader one

Writer seven zero it’s real vision all of a vehicle it

Is time one seven being people being around two very twenty five and the ball of yarn and part thereof airport having missions to silver Nissan Frontier for her that’s right move letter to the side we’ve got a place he may

Want to thank Treasury for sure but my three day there are three of her

Let me take those precisely copy some of the saved


There’s going to be an apartment twenty one of the things are subject in front of his apartment talking about four twenty

Six feet right of where you have a very true one

Of the atrocity and six to transfer or literally three coffee who knows him very

Like just

This is sort of the broadcast of the four eleven on the silver twenty fourteen Nissan Frontier about eight hundred acre Baker the vehicle was told channels that

They’ve been successful on you know for twenty five years but she was last seen on the south side of the street before the flowers

Go on trade mission be admissable having which earlier he was revising the plate I think I transposed from numbers from Europe it’s my view seven there to one part of you think you are sitting there a free for all things for one line making a feminist control and try to reason or V.H.S. shortage of reality a hospital one lane for

Her for her for

The rifle having between fifteen you sometimes force me on

What especially given its wealth is a who’s who of users manage the here this isn’t really three

Drawn out of one coverage for three straight three times then or one pm res one of you know me I’m going to be

There and are going to who’s really very often just a very wonderful rhetoric or one for

The more

Which are three I’m pro four in this regard the Treasury has it and there’s a one in four you’re not a nine out of one so you are not good for acknowledge when you’re the wrong thing with her liver healthy

Growth or frozen or Joe I don’t want to hedge or zero six four zero Well John Zarrella there was a little bit of extra control interest if they can force these wells like twenty three cylinder going public with a

Little in one or warrior or the bright

Orange or

Will make one to have these volatile foreign retirees were instructions of a foreign mine it’s possible they’re designed only half and full on run three break points on the one on one thousand black B.M.W. seven fifty are over California having union Mary Frank seven zero four Frank Ochberg that right there you pay twenty Ron Herr Professor very quietly and if I if you were the driver market right kind of

Job or like any question raised from our home

What Arthur are humming from Contro warmers funny to the subject was transported to us by your margin one by one

Right well so ritual of effort going on in Europe five seven eight hundred I was out

Still on it must be our now

All to try me on if you voted out we have a clear residue even of that fall via talk of Florida forcing me

To channel tunnel on an all six or seven ton of the six that a four H. five Legion in Marion hold on a blowhard and sunset are

Probably going straight to central revising the first practical fourth principle the ones are struck

Hamas going to be sixty four point

Pressure six six six

Well now for the must be in fifty years seventy I tell her you’re like seventy you Mary Frank for there are seven right thank you my wife in honor twenty’s a blind pair she was very far away and if I write my security not to drive your boyfriend will be a vehicle one five six three four and if you can put it right or part of his hand seven are two five he won seven four four zero or one he’s the one I haven’t the money for that so what worker or north to want

Him as our women are very good seems

All military

Are you ever that are exercised to go for business owner builder highway building even some of Herman fifteen anyone break do you know the important David there are three Jane and John and

Harvey when I disagree not everyone has the right as a Ti Vo against the now half

Of her gets expired of the program that we just have you see just from physically way there Frank off of it or sixteen of the and then a hundred three or four forty five B. Well that was put there for a moment with a very free moment where that line of heavy import by one before you have used a curse for

This will have

The freshness have to rejoice very militant very nor will you

Want to receive to say industrial one only was written heavy for him too and William eleven negative for fisting I heard that a male is violent when she comes to

One ex-wife when you come across her before her employees seven merger with

Three can be are sure you


Probably you going right the back way on Survivor right where you want to sponsor a couple


Four hundred four or five dearest girl friends on

Forty right

Parked in front of first edition first edition right right brave sure

Trying to get on about zero before where I had

Been hundreds if not THE from if I don’t make contact

So if you want more of their own service fifty one four zero The hands nice five minority vehicle one four nine three six a writer possible for a seventieth universal plumbing for one hundred five West eco terrorism to be done and I was with them until

Eighth floor and room aides are on one once you offer advice and Athena happens fine I’m very pretty forthright her last name or where were you morrow morning tinting even Robert’s first name Timothy to you Tom I though Mary Alice in Palm and very well you know birth to eight eleven is only a great

Life or two or three or four so

The semi hopeless of people

For one five hundred officers you won’t have

Your Mr yours

But for a license for a Pontiac Vibe obvious for if you want to walk over or circle

Fifty one forty five

Control one hundred one hundred eight you see my warm front

For my photo

I think I’m going Giorgio

To California the Alexander taboo

Regular acknowledge or any other income from calling the Phillies the I have one out of

The one of our users are running from him or her having a hard marker for the lawyer and pick up the court so he will forward your a copy of them for was researching for you know how

To sail all six year zero

Zero four zero two three four

And twenty one thing M M Joe there is a on tonight to there is information British show me for ninety two times forty two from your retreat R.J.

There is incidentally

Fifty one for your equal or for eleven if I lost

Fifty one forty copy reference of the event and again to thirty five for two to turning for eleven on the brain color funny and five for two or

Three or four of the

Present will we go there and there’s a

Very forty four by contrast Mary for here’s the victim of the walkers negative nonsmoker on N.C.I.C. in service of ID number seventy five one two nine three four

Derives you have multiple pages of priors for trespassing three he also has priors for you are free

Very very

Fleeting in public and several more the same year for hell or high for a Ford or Heron

Pocket for a woman

Well you don’t want the product you know will be zero three zero four zero three for over twenty one dollars for me it’s good for Hope was very well received and

Oh Tara channels prayer vigil happy dog Ron Baker said three zero nine zero eight David Sam one zero four one zero five four you want us see Room four thirty

They were standing there nine hundred eighty three numbers for both of you

In seven zero hour penumbra six three zero three they were sent running have a can you just rewrite the remembering you think four three zero

If you will for her will you have to answer with my that are more than their member of the original is information if he was very happy introduce very probably four hundred

There’s an incentive

For me twenty nine cards or more value

There is nothing says he was a reference able to ask you this is the three of us very very neat in the sequels and take a little of Robert to go to the city one for you the street for London it is or with a vehicle that the more than forty five anchor for that prevent is not


Control So we’re going to be crowed for the

Have a cavity attack aircraft far over among our four country pleasure strange acknowledge five zero five Burns of The New Washington right there

Of a number seven zero two seven five eight zero one six three no additional four numbers released them with which for a cause of

Another negative will be used even if I have

A very major ocean point in our easing

Six For me you know it’s recall about or have

To cater an alkie just north of twenty percent

If he won forty revising

Seven zero zero seven five eight zero one six three

Even from foreman three to country forty five B. on line twenty

Six Peter Charlie Union

Six California

Five hundred West trials are not in

The morning seventy seven NIS services of the referee for the before he does or before hole and having the trolls is your fourth C.C. one forty four has sort of wrapped up a smoke right or two

Zero one six three was brought Well when

Not the feminists that if there are two seven five eight zero one six three and as affirmative broccoli in

Holding the person who knows no such person this as we have all the phone number we have another number for him cover semis as well not even any original event if there’s anything else on them

Then he doesn’t understand our questions and not in her initial

Charles or before as of yet routes what we for some reason before he got the forty five hours and forty that the corner for every two like the one he’s the one forty mins of

No additional phone number is worse than for that from second or third so that when the Governor thank you so much you know a couple of course it will produce nothing ventured every sense except for one to show me arrive in secure phrase Stay with us then one is nine

Hundred seventy Mary power ground plus Mary Fallin revised five seventy Mary Kom five seventy Mary Parker has been arrested five nine five the economy twenty one she forty want to have corner

Size than anybody in show three a very controversial

And very heist movie number is right

Five five who are legal one six three eight one rider zero two seven five six six three nine two more than three thousand one have reason for one of

The first forty aren’t really a promise all but confirm my few number one five forty five it’s easy to see I’m a senior have inside information on how you call my going pro for

When you need a job when you don’t want to hear how the

Ones on twenty one of

These Even forty things will witness the messenger for love any so this whole company is new ing television if you please eventually hear from the pros it was like here to serve openly news pushing buttons there not paying attention top you were trying to ring him through the front door access or thinking entry into the building trophy seven or

Seven I know how to be a fire station thirty one on the Hollywood just north of Cairo or even Vo right there thank you very very you know one of the ironic So you’re going to be around for about seventy nine a Hollywood north as they are if visions B. twenty five

Will be twenty five is not a recording I’m sorry but every forty four joinery for just as should possibly have fortunately there was a man united covering think it was the president possibly of the forcers in with her

Try seven four on their force of one

The many cost money six their maker

Some of nothing ever five six or five more seven five four four show me the result is very Give me have some sympathy

Right there

With Rico for just means they found that ninety nine

Before one possible seven or nine acknowledged go forward to find out

Just the forty Harvey control one hundred forty from

Fourteen For seven one thing you confirm


It advising that if Mr Power Station reignite the conventional of two hundred yards so we need to react unify here we can do a reaction request to shut down the street and get some of the three million people out here watching a film with the area

Cathy Freeman in three times for never never been to a vehicle Rider three three and five times where A three eighty one

M I C U twenty eight has been very

Moist and trying to distract the P.R.

Realizing that no one is trying to make entry into the apartment

To do their business we really go the units you need to properly security earlier and likely four to shut down four corners and there are several for the Fender stranded inside your apartment complex because there is no power entire area

And that’s well

While for

Him once he was there with all that wind all the

Trucker having trouble getting your for this one of Oregon subjects’ pharmaco or his ribs you can have one of those work will see if it’s not a problem or if there are going to have a person who don’t have a home

Thirty two

Either of you have the money crisis or mourning number survive for one more or seven for seven

The writers they have training in German right to try to


Each other so it works as

A P.R. and governor

Perry on G.C. country for example saw me contact him as soon as he’s here thank you very much

Logan he calling Well David immediately I think control married off working probably a lot less everybody’s a prophet I have back room

Mary Paul for Mary Paul for one hand the number eight eight eight five equal number four two seven eight and the writer eight one three five four two four and for me clear it’s very hard for something

To show that offends you turn arrived there was anything obvious that’s from other areas to assist to at the moment so was home for certainly

Parts of Iraq I’m sorry for having

Joe Davis around tonight I do various things you know and you don’t have usually arrived and I’ll be forty one R.J.

There is and you might be

In vehicle number nine six five zero was traffic when you have a human in vehicle nine six five you’re always asked if

You take the last one haven in for a coffee

Or if nothing else is really being number one zero two four zero four three four one on the right or three zero eight nine one one line

Time or big effects truck for endeavor but no

Joy we provide you disregard when we could be more the recovery

Vehicle one five seven four writers seven or to it one two five seven three two thousand

These any of everything here are very there are answers I wonder was it roughly for

Every as have ever to drive a truck through one and a half hole three seven seven seven seven zero two five to eight forty one twenty one one

Feel one freeze if you are not for sale

Or that often over five Robert fourteen ever

Fourteen I got the

Right you can take the pile through grouse spot for to come

McNeil histories probably work for the F.B.I. and you and I can be rather someone

NORTH Well Cafe for a safe haven or free a copy from the various central time allowed on all six four six seven you can clear Baker off the last minute sex

Ninety five David seven hundred six of Arden sunset become less obvious if you’re serious in season five before anyone that you will reach seven one for

The control to prevent me from Europe for her because it’s time to fifty right now Travolta family getting outsourced right now to answer the front lines in the time

In August

And hundred ninety

Three times he’s going to go to the U.N. awfully

Well bigger Do I really don’t operate more you know well you know running freaks

There is there are six of these well let me know has it been like to train on race on the table and on from the administration as it alters as assassin was began firing guns and all that I was asking myself so maybe they’re going to say it in proper thinking if you know true

Unfortunately clearer now longer to which are one hundred forty five not across party from his own fear if only for one vague or control good figure of years recalling saying the subjects are back again and he’s standing by in the bathroom first very private his apartment there’s no one popping gives him for talking about our

Famous anything else force behind being ever warm or in private to show me a vehicle one five seven night writer traveling to Europe for seven presidents there isn’t a microphone to trolls a meeting one two three where is it the ninety three winners retreat the first of the fall of the major experience sixty one fell over trying to

Address Seventy nine hundred ninety movie which is a lot of hatch area and Sam five country have your suggest

Probably prefer

SAN five controlled by fifty P. The couple are going

Five If you

Remember five nine seven zero vehicle four seven four four and I’m a writer eight zero seven eight five seven three five he got me Joker that’s a problem I have troll six to seven she’s talking about are you somebody to her six to six year old jackal for seventy two zero

Right or eight zero zero one six five are

Just me

Or of course it’s a different character and Rainbow country having

More to

Follow any

Number of course the seven through vehicle ninety eight seven seven the writers of the No two forms were no war for any real warriors Clark seems reasons

One time four seven one three Do you really want I think the answer after seventy three negative just goes for

Back in time forty in consequence for a war torn apart from

Even Mr Hart promise digital seventy three Do I have reason to even cover

This or

Have the

Time to sixteen for general family try to

Send me

On line it’s possibly left

Over from a couple of well maybe twenty five acknowledged very good P.R. over how your camera correct they farm fantasy about the one north of here

When there are thirty three

Honda Odyssey minivan silver and horse are much opportunity cheater and the ring her husband lost them six having trouble surviving from an older than five homes the five three dispatchers last summer thirty five every day hundreds of your most need for fantasy control warfare thirteen every few know from ruffle performing go on Rainbow reporters that you have worked every going to be

Because your drug has only for twenty five ends on one from Boulder Station forty one eleven Boulder Hiway break we will go over like Shirton great fans white tennis shoes this in one shoe break if you know how to use the few article for medical due to being for fifteen then just walk away she’s going to be disheveled with dirty clothes and have red eyes here have no further was a reference and zero seven six one channels with control featuring unclear and

Safely nine dollars control fifty to nine hundred new grandson Cairney

He’s an interesting actual

I don’t when you quit taking and I had to zero seven six twelve Also I want to kill

All the coughing Oh the left running in the traffic free you stand MALE three to thirty five six medium build the lecture was white printing and black jeans happy for all the Republican side show from the three

Seventy three not sure of a very even notified but elementary school

Even in character or even or

Possibly of any Thank you to the For it is zero or in his vehicle or in the house you see really how far we call him

Coffins and new riders over two zero zero one zero zero seven four for her if only one of the final three well

For woman several organizations of power and seven point five five all pressure I’ve asked for is are six three

Channels with the north down south of where the light pole that’s down the result of a four on one channel five

Big to three is that there are about one thirty three

For a Camaro then

Click their privacy ours is rising it is forty four pine even apartment you don’t want to survive either there’s a singer and yet he could see the units fifty feet away having

A three I have sure one hundred forty one point you and you have usually just done three one Henry three six nine downs like well as A or warns us if they feel like pull down residences for a for a one north south of time in Hendrix run down to where they

Were all of which he heard possible from the apartment thirty two

Forty years ago there heard the female screams last ten minutes there is no longer in the area and the answer of the Mojave River was heavy

One hundred seventy

If they were going to be the string record

Tell me that N.C. and Monte Carlo and Mary three here are saying about them

But certainly

There of the owners registered I’ve got tons of one practice one regular for the free thirty two thousand regiment for nine hundred

Seventy practice on a regular four hundred carrier and this young for a josh Robinson right now for five years of age prize four hundred forty five pounds brown and blue and of clothing before oh eight right now has Asperger’s sampler but once you three know that and OK

I know aspers the age of fifteen year old Jennifer sixty twenty less shopping can be seasonally visa far away right now wearing a black shirt and gray long short lines of a six foot two twenty we can start to for forty one customers you have holes in the drive if they don’t have something blue break or no clothing no The brings a new with effort or is this mental age of fifteen years old to agree

To a little too busy

Time to fifty something akin to sixteen

Really they it if it was to fifteen

But I had never suffered want my first quarter seven for forty five traffic I was trading company nor record

Doesn’t quit before eventually she wants to speak to you as well she wants to shift a lot on why F.M. The fixed sum from a

Down to fifty that were hobbling

You know for War two one three political four seven three eight The writers of No two eight one three three Warney already one headquarters

Two very thin teams from what was was there was going to be there all seven four sticks for three Charlie three which is the city or its owners every city that’s been a minority

To me for control of three thirty four or forty four was time to review the apartment where the P.R. was from or as it were she believed more as a residence rather see her as the noise from I believe it should be five ma’am

Or one county and that’s just for the forty zero and one for the four seventeen I’ve reviewed were logged on as anybody need to transport and palm one hundred seven that he said that no isn’t the boulevard that free downtown area can transfer from there go there are going to be if you’re approaching the boat

Right and none other requests for drugs and some of the words UNIVERSITY Well that is more to please her these are very honest if I’m not already to Germany are going to

Be very happy bussing of us things that I think had ours a white male twenty five five four one forty five round of blue I’m not quoting right the socks are designed as an Asperger’s he’s twenty five I have a mental age of fifteen they’re practicing lawyer for eleven taken from King five a white three seventy three under Vox truck with angle of divine figures of a life ratify three five three one four ones and of course right here many roads are down at this point

Only the interior ones no major roads

And of all martyrs know about having seven I

Three three zero seven abasing writer

WHO report from

George Harrison six one copyright law stands six one nine one hand his arm six for nine the number nine eight six Rican number zero one six five five nine break right are six seven seven four seven one fires will be forty one out of vision for the


Of having

Murdered thank you there’s going to be a pro or con and I



When every I don’t control six sixty

Six sixty team or one zero for three they go for a par four right or a security line seven tonight

And some clear six of us who are thinking the ones are they are going to given their zero seven seven seven mystery for copies of her filings works for we’re thinking one I have a new I think arises a sort of lining for me from the backyard so has resonance at the Civic for nineteen on January first three easily available devices there was a free coffee table in Washington troll wondrous earth right from congenial arrived we’ve been out of his residence several hands in a very

Different sound that the other acknowledged the break we’re going to where I present

The number five for a nine three vehicle for four five for Writer five three one four two seven four thank you it’s morning acknowledged there would be all of five or mindsets right or so until two or four years old or so six part of the story is even and they’re having to give me registration off well in real formative

I dear George five zero zero Nevada probably I’ll be there in no problem with a

So minutes

I can feel that you

Know it’s like

Well my voice

I’m very far ornery there come back negative ones in one thousand nine hundred seventy General Motors next version of one fourteen two thousand and eighteen town treaty I wonder if you want

To know if I was you and yes even there’s a five year old by an aerial I’m sorry your E.T.A. is was even a five minute


Use of image of a four zero six eight hundred forty one Fremont because for every we are afraid of event to a four or six years for twenty one a four or eight stating that someone’s inside the residence he’s going one on one for warm Herschel McCrae R.V. and

When we go to Europe

Heavy three zero seven have easy control three o seven every Syrian channel three o seven anything

Real seven of the Secret Warriors general reels of the easy tools and sure if you copy course you cannot measure one way in twenty

Moped are one time give you a crown and Rancho

Three five seven pretty crappy walk on

Three hundred seventy remember sixty three cheers because ninety nine one rider seven zero two two one seven five four four five

We have a good morning rituals are for result thirty seven times to fifty show original cover of

One rainy

One series of four from one million seventy seven five you Charley

There were out in Washington

Victor five seconds before the Richters this is a

Crock from one of the

And we were up which is where you’re beating in every

Idea ocean Tom King easy OK We go for I’m out of the mail happy

Horse there in Georgia if they’re doing work now and for the car wash stand on a female an A for sixteen so you think that way if I were fourth in the hundred first are you clear from I might

Already Know your There’s no other for a while because over

There you have just heard through my location is going to be free of any Haven north of where he got very drunk and or probably

Can’t tell I’m unhappy right twenty Asian I’d rather be hacked

First or have to do

Two out of four

I think in fact have a four seven hundred three ninety five Swenson dark apartment over due north

Thank you for some clarity controls on the other

Seventy three when I thought of a freaky for this fourteen year on Haven north of free a eighteen year virus forty he would rather reckon I’m old isn’t

Coming one hundred forty six very well every

Few times want to be I mean be up front

On it originals

To do for your words you’re from

And you know having control them pre-clearance

Them free when you know for theft if you superduper segregated have with again Brazil they’ve got a five Republicans on Union Robert Charles the

Seven one three three zero seven W.C.

Guys are

I was wailing so sorry

Even the selfish that’s for a minute even for

Probably thank you one

Hundred ninety three one Laura two we have the media stays on track this over here a haven has rocked us for many public clear

Out of her to Sister Tom one of them was saying earlier versions of George three on a tear and golden ninety nine forty fifty S of refusing to take up with a camper shell bearing of an A five hundred seventy John Union Robert

Is the verger of a court thirteen freedom for the man of her right now

Five three zero

Five three zero zero has been are sixty three one day before seven three for writer to make six three one two one

Five three series with the White House

And are here synonymous asked him by the commissioner for Levinson as are three and I don’t six former synastry or so I tangled ninety nine Ford F. two fifties a pretty fair governor of a plate of five hundred seven John Union father’s house control five million six hundred more from two other rights course primaries examiner company

Keys for the highest green or foreign and one true record for seven to one so my material three one five zero defect theories are cutting edge service a shovel has been in response will more than three in the forty three that we were in the south in control very Victor when he was

Married it’s funny or has

You never Grover gave it a no beating rather seven zero four zero zero zero zero one seven And Mary does this mean coffee

Is healthy five of you are

Five good morning or have morning before

I thought Johnny few number forty two sixteen and eighty four were a vehicle mine for four while the rider is it five eight to four to six if you have the first fifty three feet

Was the first the number four to one fix probably to have the first misery six three six yak Harbor Dr

Haneef Good morning morning movie premier one zero one now it’s early one according to recovery the crux of the

Reason or one thousand one hundred seven I want to

Update your a one three particular version

That’s from

What the rational against the west east

Very publicly refer to me

Control six on the seven one am Tom six seven Peterborough is an amount of success own vehicle nine seven one seven Roman writer Sana to revive zero three three four five five for the want

Doesn’t have control one point ninety one would you please log me off ma’am I haven’t

Seen anyone

Who troll for free for three months

Seven No one nor thirteen Street Apartment two sixteen

And there is nothing but number only

When I went to near zero one six hundred ninety want to

Show Nora the third place nor of any

Seven three there are also artists vehicle forty three twenty one and riders four six seven seven three nine nor is any of you ever nine to vehicle one eight three nine in the right or two eight six four zero or the

These are all I said French really for some five or six months really jealous forty seven Mary Idol

Eight zero higher being or fifteen south

Of a fix enjoy having twenty before you can feel that you have your head on the we’re sitting by the Gulf right Henry forty four

One energy forty four Iraq six silver shattering four and here are four hundred forty four goals three ninety one happy then by truly from one court four out of

Fifty seven one hundred twenty three one

Are you available for holes over

The Gazans are causing you


In one printer six zero or three four seven five three seven hundred or seven five nine hundred seventy

The spacing of these

Inquiries or age angle has been reserved for nine requests for one six for more or German or three they going through your I want you know research rich Nigerian roots records of every three that means it will help what I seventy three very obvious or if

I want to have a happy face during anyone control two thousand and one years was actually over is I never for going in the I think you know the record down and go there myself when I’m researching for an event or in three years

I have control six seventeen

And time to eighteen is a riddle there is a copy right now ha started as I go in so on I mean I think if I think that now that’s all policy will you be he’ll be and I don’t think it requires him to be

It was a bit of vises out of information that’s going to be just south of bonanza they were going to be north down south of it’s like sort of meat dress versus a tan Cadillac also from your light pole that

Covered the

Hundred of a varying about a dozen stores by one hundred sixty seven so our eye on

Top of your available north is requesting

Paul Davies if you don’t have a parent nothing whatever I had heard was the west of the intervention of Carl’s Jr parking lot the blue Hyundai Accent versus brown jeans

Tartan you’re going to get one day shift traffic surgeon and to Asia promoters

Who want to just stop traffic Resources Inc This is and for once

If there’s any additional resources you need please let me know so that we can get their facility

With it thank you very all troll service which line of reasoning requests for reaction that’s affirmative before certain

Right are five eight nine sixty six six you know

There are

Three good units on a permit or just in the V.M. from my computer let me know whether I should in the middle and everything and have you found this for a two hour spot send a message to send a secluded by staircases because if I

Turn say sixteen seventy five you copy

So part out it’s right Charlie before provides exchange raucously for us that they are able to not have a spine I think everyone forty recruits shirker who drove through nor can you contact

The person at the the P.R. They have his her report and if I think of how can you know are twenty four write to her before or for shopping

Well in a forty four goals troll marry me through twenty two forces in her marriage three in four and we are in the area six to five five Shenandoah Avenue and if you’re also a sawing Mary Victor twenty five and twenty eight out with me will be on the road to town for me right in Sicily fifteen drove through a city or an obvious service


Four six one her four seven seven zero seven arrive nine one one eight nine on MORNING

Was the theme of troll six a fourth murder walk on

Precinct five marry Victor good morning or have their

Morning three nine three six seven zero two four three nine zero eight foreign

Coffee over five sixty six zero six forty one and zero six fifty Williams seven thirty who were light red lights and speeding doing donuts in the traveling here last visual one Z. seventy of them to zero eight three eight

Thank you very grave shift for that easy transfer to release the vice use of racial overtones and the other X. rays were very miserable ninety nine for a three X. three fifty super duty truck driver for life stickers on the side bring about a Tom Tom Lee can king and an ocean sand destroyer if you can claim to have any control when the image of the elephant and you can create a previous bigger

Remaking happy shore when we are joined on a first day running he’s going north I think you’re wearing a white T. shirt reading from above

And could read the sounds you normally get

Twenty four fifty from an exam

Six four three three vehicle four seven six nine and the right of a cell of

Two four six four three three Good morning

Have a second warning every seven six seconds from top everyone can update the locations of graveyards really good memory leak of the location so we can know it was more seven six nine control and heater

Which I want to have and I’m not one for the company for fifteen


The muscle stuff for and of the time to run are


When I mean hanging around one hundred twenty making have each outlet Iraq has been

Shut down in this regard all their credit you know has a way of

Having Mr Porter from a valet or a now missing five in the supervisor’s name an infant protected from his urine test and in from a stray for on a dark room going on for just three fifty

During lunch at a personalized home Tom went in Adam ocean and

Here are all four to one riders row seven zero to frog run for our seven eight or nine shows you have to station eleven fifty three hundred souls to see one copy rather than

To see one the number by the ninety and ninety seven by the Vero the rule is poor three six nine rider is well seven zero two to four five seven six four five break chose a route sufficient presently to see one hundred cars

Didn’t you realize the second number only that if you number is ninety seven five Euro ninety

People you want something control seven six

Seven ninety nine and a vehicle one zero six two seven point

Seven six vehicles when your trousers are showing where were you injured or religious I was extracted and even relieved but I didn’t feel the ones who are little woman no vehicle in the right or seven zero zero four zero zero three one one five hundred one twenty five very well in a hundred different nature and presently location country I wasn’t

Going to be probably want the level of information in the left excellence I researched or similar to drowse attractors

Peanuts into the South for sacrificing two for eight

When the decision yes seventy three was confirming seven and three that’s a friends are having to marry


Sure they don’t need except now and then they can vote after all for service having

To wait you know be a pile on even something from two three five zero to five hundred is right half are on the easier way to arm having sat down south ever had to cover a light pole from

Georgetown to for himself or the premier of the moderates are going to be on this counter for having hands on five one six arrived three three Rico four seven nine nine Ryder five per cent to eight one two zero two five five and sometimes one country ritual free and very clear of

Sensory happening

It’s not here let me check

If I ever accidentally read this aircraft as if I’ve got that if I want to get up and thank you very very over your of all violent trials well knowing this one President you have from a few meters

And a one hundred

Wise is cute if you hadn’t really been

Doing first week in Victor Robert Robert I don’t know union winkin ho names and each series

To aim for something which I for you Mr

George make one general

Magath arrangement recall to record

Be hurting people Monday before his arrest

In which event

He’d be forty that the twenty first sunrise coffee control to the way that I met some point out there if you need me to be considerate about something

Seven I think if you drove through some of the precinct three or seven of the see

The supervisors who were probably it were over

Thirty six more conservative

Future for a

Gentleman probably right

Reasons for


It must control goes on for there is another trailer park out here a lot of weight to survive on has one John Charlie nine one two nine California

And why it solve John

And I

Found zero seven Jimmy Carter for Spring Valley an obvious interest to our J.C.

Troll top two for ninety pounds of wind power loss of a clear probably and Riff Trax

Sons of the victor if I’m in the group if you can hurt yourself or all my body in Victor five each will fight Grand Pacific Dr

Richard Roeper viewpoint you have P.R. is the C.S.T. and information is second hand to the floor from us from on high school student right before the mother of a student is

Maybe four or five these statements her daughter this morning and appear to be looking for four thirteen a razor as a kind of a law for tigers you know nine three five eight we really hope boys in their right are five eight nine three nine seven

Rahm’s been scored off the property in the daughters of a sewing room now I’m trying to sort a neighboring business that was a V.B. gunshot the windows possibly related and just last of and also know the vehicle speeding is going fifty to sixty mph negative vehicle description no further control can seem easy

Since anything you haven’t even

Obviously your alpha

From the five one zero five fifty three new controller out there are

Three just and yet even David Jackson we’re getting points not recall happier for fifteen for seventeen in the one three one eighty six out run park race on I five that’ll do me for mountain best

Scenery Herefore from the station

Before fifteen for seventeen at sunrise movie of ice as the icy cough her previous P.R.’s work for the money she’s also trying to report a four eleven the advice she’s reporting for eleven

And a vehicle is not her just five copies of her involve me thinking once I’m not related it’s actually a four thirty eight I’m secure of quite probably five or four

Seventy three come to haunt him

University says more for the zero one zero zero zero six six seven in the Rye or seven zero two four six three four and zero zero seven four three

If we can open up this whole road right here so the unit right there enters the complex and clear out if there are thirteen we’ve got your thirteen just them up there the city so no other thing you only believe well with out and goings of apartment yeah you know that we’re going to convince the down up here they’re free

To be are going to make a few minor things for six in the in Baker on this you want to keep your four and that was the center open

You can close the name since and there is one of the profound difference Horton runs if I force

This or trying to strike out in front if I thought nothing and wanted for it six five won’t grow for off shore and recovery from station

She dropped off her daughter at school she told the worry that she was going to drop off the little sister school for her pre-show as the route to the west gate on a four six three

Four seven G. rapid

Sins of the season with the who will sit side of him having thirty five organiser of


For fifteen that’s very very telling right one thousand one north because in year one one three very very

Do you really advise your location for the show on T.V.

For fifteen educator and there’s a handful for us have a five years all males are all right in a female females now laying in a parking lot unknown as he was actually hit by the rock there you know things are that way

Up over the five hundred that we

Have using

They dismissed parking lot forty forty bus doesn’t revolve our economy as very obvious

And her husband of a sixty seven year old of you know me

Not exactly specific but there has been a speeding up of the male corruption the female is sitting on her husband as for funny money possibly just one time

From one for three on this on an actual course when one is that most of all and how seventy four P. members are doing to be going for eight seven to the wider scope of the sort of seventy five having charged me for going for the break up my you disregard are not what I’m for


Writer five and I fix five four four zero

Five twenty five

Of a possible access of eleven hundred plus Monroe building eight unit one forty seven to sixty how clearly I think

You are going

To have them twenty four I mean

We are all very pretty for sure for our drug trial and aerial shots Annie our first P.R. is saying running out northbound he gave her

One hundred ninety two other Volterra half way time on anything else only innings he’s been adviser from for for thirty there’s a wheelbarrow US ninety five north around Seneca

Seventy thousand trying to make contact with who was there to judge it for Tom three zero seven W.C. thank you very much for your help

For her and for what you know you are there for to us for going forward

Can you say I’m sorry sixteen having worked

In the war on drugs or treat me over forty six three and a writer eight for three mornings Jeannie Sometimes I think having trouble following of every copy was

Vehicle for eight for seven downtown and the writer is eight zero nine six for one night SAGAL I’m sitting her to him today to reverse

I’m talking sitting in a car as a writer

See him in the bottom of her

Company for six

Don’t qualify the better for four easy fix or a one beyond her

Dress divisors of previous was the female or since I’ve had it for thirteen

On the last call there was an equal twenty one

Then twenty even disregarding to be able to win five degrees nothing

Compared to this going to be on a whiteboard camera

To be twenty three happy they’re not going to be around to see things later in the over the vehicle Boulder now or something or directly remember

Me First everything Watch has assets in the near the cage and on for April first it’s a license to if you’re over twenty three twenty three show me off some parts that control three or four

Months there’s a whole foods that for me to see was like me control to extort from company for six a

Free woman every time

You call five you guys are victims

Not enjoy a customer leave Well then got back out and now was walking towards the clerk asked Asian for her things will get her out riding Howard Pontiac Grand Prix in about for David Henry two for sovereigns listen to their female and her business right there across in March before heading south on one figure that must cross the very well used juveniles were to be loitering and

What’s her also

Easy and we will but we want

Right now thank you every child says they’re thinking of a road to traffic signs you seem

To be forty one years old biddies going to look for the car a like a

Time before you want having think your next boyfriend of the moment you know streaming out struggle her soul and I get further into lanes if you have that way

For a fiction or three of the Rockridge vision or fifteen or destructive can a fear from a certain physical beating inside the business and they still try to use our money sometimes fuel

Is very oppressive thirty year olds the boats are in trouble war very few German companies it will be a war that D.I.V. or gets

On a four four it

Knows there’s you know each of back are you on her show or if I want

To see if you have no place


You suspect there’s an A I mean a five acre fire to have you built on Coates or dart bracelets me as a walker next storm

From giraffe and apartment number line disconnect or it was

Reasonable number

From one three sixteen and out of

Control who sent probably out on her vehicle or

Her out of place three seventy three Robert Marion

Ohio who

Were there are

Hurt there are

Three horses

To her

Ground Zero Martin



Scenario and it’ll last for the four six seven hours of school lunches for example only before you can use your seven six eight zero seven six

Seven hundred forty one four seven eight got seven

Hundred forty one senator a senator if you are enough

Of a

You Number three nine one seven be a gold mine for six cents us anything

That posts for reference if you have it to see whether or not a suspect had a backpack on or a print house in the Anbar


And recruitment on

For a few I’m sure they’re not going to be out of the on business if you know they are not behind a business program looks like your D.H. working or


Sex responding to you for having me in the female’s return or to this recurring in the office used to evolve if you have a good voice now

Checking her for she reports of or she’s on phone but one point he even a partner or

Whatever involved

To be sure you agree one hundred offer

And he’s going on you know any firm for vehicle one zero four five zero in a rider five zero three seven one

Hundred one acknowledge trolls if you want five nineteen you show me I’m going to see one I question is a one time deal

To a business through

Our five yard arm of the shop’s regular required

Soft just one hundred

Times before you are unhappy your

Senator far from the radio for six seven our zero three two actually went and watched him live at one hundred three way that our call starts and

If thousand watch was lost or

Not related to the morals or is it good to do well possibly or not too sure

My gosh this one is over one full enough joke where I promise

If you caught you are going

To claim twenty of them are five four three zero vehicle warm zero five seven zero rider seven zero two six zero zero three three seven three forty one we were pretty frugal we’re

Now up to that once make the rainbow protecting you easy just one seven three Frank named Ellen copies are hard

There’s no control to center you can disregard two cents will have

Cancer or have you anything offered as a cause of heaven else is the inside having run into a fair thirties as I read and woks are two lanes of some procedures that are three in Ranger as expressed in the other version five or six one three said sugar free having a rainbow and

No one will be for having a fourth for a nine John one three for each arrow or if it’s right he searched for the second profile you know the Sam for the Motel six five zero eight five in Martin County drop of a nine five I can clear your music hear me also one hundred sixty copyright clearance external one hundred sixty seven print Troy in trouble the first seven on rabbit co-create Henry zero six four how he said Rancho into the

Two thirty five also all three occupants are

Transporters who are trying to finish first ones one jointly one

Only three twenty one challenge

Those are missed

On Russia’s third grader miles respects hotwired once lived there now as have all of our retirees a copy I’ve been

A big thing for any part

Time to sixteen Tunisia as well as a teary Ascherman or apartments very early going to make an apartment look like it’s going to open the part two zero four zero and building four where cause for it is very

Difficult through five to four knowledge to prepare her for her Prince Harry for about a seven seven David five zero now and going off of

It and OK at Owens west of suing her for college

Charlie Curtis European says its

Search for her new home for her and copy for the front line

Or your we ran into your

Search for happy and he’s our Ok sorry


You Carol prefer clear taking and really for controls or sorts on your playing the local programming I don’t

Care for crucial for these are very

Nice and for forty four monitor image to watch I don’t believe in me thanks and

Funny Five years ago as a teen will know I don’t want very little writing or sounds really go away for its

Harsh developer in a four one five four Job was very nice for his brother in a beer break religious

Point you know to for thirteenth if you are in Germany very slowly channeling

Her interest

Before for feeding four seven one three vehicle for review very Writers Group seven hundred forty three

That are from and

Sobbed if I want bigger sums if I think I think control different think of more than ten charts show horses or something of or

Never hire a lawyer zebra

The whole image of a

Far from past you can think of War three things in general or go for all the victims sooner rather than for very marked your last reaction or thirty


Or five where young people

Probably think you do because you can have an income for

The seventy four and other an apartment ten twenty for the not talk


Your cross for that’s for of if it’s for as I wasn’t

Really is going to be related to the world maybe that’s a primitive We are standing by waiting for her and saw four point five a go and drive away and stop that so I was real and OK probably not

So easy you know we’re not we’re not able to locate if you know so he clears

And can you put it out at the post office twenty six seventy five marketeer there’s been some treatment in the R.V. to anything ever Benjamin

Joel not I’m sure Nancy if anyone here it’s usually Israel on the uniforms of agree on we’re right next to it ha as we walked out one and two coffee two hundred forty five and

Is or even twenty three control

More immature and other than appear to be from center

He says

George for

George four and the writer for fix their own nonprofit thank you six

Times your price takes of a number zero seven six zero primes or six thirteen six fifty nine All right well seven thirty five you need George were in the city

We also think this or want to please

Look at the very

Day you show your horse the date for which it

Is right on point for your top of the hats even custody for more you know on available horse Berman have a very you know they communicate with you Frank twenty two is a little hard and those of us

Sort of these are very very what those are the search for this

Thank you to Henry who are even

Charlie for you just wanted to say I’m


You have one try three we can charm your

Twenty one hundred block of Highland Drive on I agree to in order

To sound these are

So what

If any or for


Jennifer love it’s only a partial plate and there are several options so that it is OK You said it was all white for

Us to find white for students to do our person of at a point a four one five four different every church twenty’s he was in wrapping up for us six in theory not shocked this these are the ones who are ready to fare I want to one

George will think of an old sweet one one one in the secret stationed here standing right in front of the business major

Government forces have a Korea over I’ve

Covered their war memo to Don

And I think oh for sure there’s a British recovery from going to

Be a fifty nine or twenty third street crime has the apartments you must working for horses marijuana if you have accidents or controls hundreds of her going to the roads sometimes well there are twenty three healthy surfers of or sixteen year Wells Fargo forty seven vice about four thousand euro or twenty three there are about average Americans some of those certain for

Somebody I’m sure it is now deceased various sort of if for a very few times in the advice call or also mention that there is a pink residences Mordred up next door there’s also having a problem with swatters differently for across

The reviewer for the engine to I am twenty all our three doing for I want to watch her working for free for a couple of years

Result in terms of every

Four six

Trophy when I know there are people in your room for eighty four artistically

If you want any of

The vital five one Frank one six four militants were here at just the so I’m very happy that he’s

Been through six we were six ninety AM who we

Were one day from

Six point to fifty

Three writer director Estes wrapping up here of her goods are returning or clear of the unit some of her as a thank having any sort of reference for it to you can creep from his position jail time please explain

Clear centricity

You want to look into an additional judge even

If you are not in a similar honey tree and there’s a potential to charge for three hundred twenty vets for the three troublemakers three victims error text me and I go for the three way over to relieve you so you can shift clear head back to our Robert

Conrad on the one channel for a fourth I may have a change but

I know you are but a couple citizens

Think the lights around the room have to and I fifteen maybe are and he cannot do some P.-R. I-C.

Hundred thirty four because I was across from her when on of all so many she was there not

Some pope I’ve been talking before before

It will chip all to repeat only five cover for CA Even if I want time each available argument we have thirty six thirty one dollars you

Know marriage we want to go for in the area and it’s from going to revise across America Parkway

Probably thinks one product of your high pressure your friends are a first it’s like River Central is seven for two other side for thirty nine pick em would side with me as I said before

Two or however I’m

On the location we are from a four to six to eight Heller in or even to mention if you’re over there to fill in if I was right or isn’t one hundred

Others will be interested I’m forty if you know how our coverage we are zero zero in some long first for me Gordon or Vince Gilligan negative on a rock star struck

The truth your average twenty three right if you’re over twenty three was farther than his them to be versus going to four for sort of that Motel six for a male chasing a female in the parking lot was full of healthy well roll who are supposed to maim is thirty tattoos think long for sure they’re not obviously in her forty’s one hair red shirt whites are declaring that one out there for John the other one another couple

You call for me mother not you call for going to church I can back off a

Huge haul forty five people or even just one opinion about our Turly Nora George Mason conduct expired for twenty seventeen on any twenty fourteen G.’s that little

Girl who starts

Out for four years of rising is so the rear of the motel there doesn’t know or remember the north wind for coffee the first sixteen V.M.C. street forty three fifteen feel she north three twenty four copy from two hundred twenty

Nationally for view Argemone law for know who or when we go

Through events in a country

With zero zero zero or twenty three Americanization present two three four six zero two figures or a politician easy going one hundred seven

Revised Cross and have a

Copy to consult only three or council can be updated

I’m seventy five

Twenty two fifty North Las Vegas for training

Have a centrally seventy four hour thirty four

First pretty thing in your Grammy and

Happy she is research

Jews have to

Do something

Given around

As walking is for for thirteen when he is restoring returning a further suspect or Nara to a force think no hope to her want her a sample


Jones and with warm white truck rush U.V.’s with a water destroyer vs another second vehicle that marries her is revived that’s for sure of her commute a fair location to the parking lot of middle row just

Better off of

From an event just confirming that your city just won that means there’s only

Thirty four surfers for them in area four nights for sufferance and report for injury one try three four


Trailers but you’re going to have a twenty one family had to work that person in Korea Jarhead I’m going to back let me question everything really everybody for the record

There are actually seven previous four seven teams and one clear Charlie’s rest am Mary Governor thank you we don’t want every three want no vehicle no rider at all the club over five hundred for

Sure but Branson pleasure is sitting on the delusional shortly because you never can rejoice in rehearsals was

To my nearly two hundred or six of Nevada one thousand Victor Paul seven Paul three repair three thousand walk higher

Than one

Hundred twenty one which were in school

And fell flat in hand information security in the middle of the scene

You are an integrated carry California plane that was dating directory Washington or

Ten possibly far thirty six turned north also gets bored space for your family for


The key to summarized fifty seven

Twenty four they want to restore

Right we want to try this you know waffles she’ll

Have a copy in the single house of us in the Southwest parking lot and just say red hair patches on the arms facts are those things are not typical you’re going to recall a P.R. status

To Arsenal or

Different about a second car for


Eight nine

Drinking ever think about off driving controlling twenty five what are they one hundred for

All right

So you want to force that has HOW WILL five hundred seventy five who just watch the desert for those who do business know what the doctor Prokhorov from his wife or son for one of the anons I’m on bobbins of your cause I’m still waiting for there’s something problem with the intersection again

And there’s a mom to stop Iran from

Four seventeen forty five twenty five Spring Mountain you vote for from Buffalo from the troll wants rights records

Which everything to choice for control to work on

Rewriting to go through joyful ritual going to church of recall if you are the vehicle to be

Trying times you there is

Always over a quarter to quarter want to say or be operational something very private Mercedes recovery surgery the six Warrigal for thirty to sixty one or just this chain or a twenty first go for very easy on a four nine or possibly about three or four hours of just

This is a seventy two most Well Christ drug war of

Their injuries right there and



I think having revised remarry our trial or thirty eight

Of a company not married very long very covered for six seven it was for six thousand wasn’t and I marry one that had been convicted David five zero three on the forming an organ

And I’m raising one Moberly

Me a five you five these demands arose the US vets office first and run the front office requesting CIA subject and he’s bipolar and schizophrenia to make a threat

To you copy

One Mary for Harry advice for Dr for another P.R.’s advice Melanson I’m gonna send as they’re standing by in front of the bogeys north beach town in the stroll which is about seventy seven’s on the West and road

Time to eating control chicken goes for the maker has some shooting coming to be very difficult for

Problems for six of times if I’m going on

Nine six three six three Robert Laura fire right right Baker on my last five or five or something for

Somebody I’m Troy one twenty four and I was twenty four

Nearly battery

Was the regular car right on his frustration Aquarius so he’s going to pick her up until we

Probably shouldn’t turn ring to be her

He says her home for the day

Because you have your own in a lot of reference of the awful truth that one coming

It included a nice dinner speaking it increased very own artist

In a thread on the four thirty three in the Red Lion south side of the intersection many charities or scooter scene of roadway director Jupiter to win every

Twenty seven chase copy from us to Williams are essential just having


Recount one million a year on our horses from running on accounts

Before someone in one hundred seventy a firm

One out of five six five have a seven Mark active expiration seventy seven seventeen over three thousand for a Chevy Aveo

For her to write something

This business there’s no way around

This report jockeys involving this right this right where you tell us who

They want to pay twelve


Train running their

Track record rings variadic their own re-emerges next record white direct

Records recovery three thirty three and as a vehicle are to find

The other seventeen pretty fair

Sized residency in Georgia before six seven

Nine three six Victor William David the writer

From you know just what Western powers are rather

Who shows arrive will be out of the vehicle so either you are going to be east on of the intersection

Or so great number two one three three out right for some

Well you know it’s going to

Do that you very well because Very And you know and you know the reason for Texas really for not engineering you know

Your apartments two six five on sales avenues in the apartment one zero one four in rejecting those five right now shall carry you want

Thank heaven during quantity ninety

Five I’ll be out on another twenty five you can probably play through the furnace

Seven three one yellow the zebra Paul and we have the same location

For my previously coming home here only so return

To golf

Club or yes of course he’s a

Forty four court having

Been there in the eighty’s any of various sorts many many and we have trust in them or in the car wash church where you can assign me with your

Search for the A.T.M. or for free for every Roach thank you open line that again was of arguing and I really need a fires of this for me

To solve to fifteen arrive Decatur make me south down south

So I’m finding

From one end of killing whatever you know one of our way out of Iraq to search for some of our first time on earth I’m careful of Krishna’s for eating us in a strange three in just a sixteen years old fast forward to five or median they will on your blue eyes and

Point three worms walking away trying to remember you know going to be a Walgreens important go to the twenty three have if you can how did you have a novel there from evolving program to writing right now

To reveal a great deal of either description

And you William voted for him but for a three twenty or three point that’s less base money that I mean I was.

Portland – May 7, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

If I think back of my walk to me and called me on my ward I’ll call you face value I mean who is going to call home or go

And I mean

Never think

If I seventy eight and I said I did you for going out and got couple times Hine and Sarah get out make it do do it from afar and outsourced or just being naked and yelling

If you were going to but it was you who three frightening at the cinema show me in Roxbury

You have a few for me think it’s worth having but three you from the address of a supposed to be

Such an easy address is a tree eight for one North Columbia L W operation got me ever leaving the area of Lawrence and white lashing North on the black dread of cameras have G. seven Henry X. ray Henry I.V. on for Milwaukee eventually

You know it’s interesting nine three four women in the parking lot feeling

Three for profit

Only going to origins you know three judges us I mean who did you see that forty three times offer to party for welfare check Missouri court apartments he G nine zero one north east Well he’s you know for six and you want to cover I mean first

Thanks three to twenty two fifty three

You know being twenty four you know four that go on a hundred should be clear with George you got left

After a four six six you want

A four six six you were not trying to say that you were

One sided or you know a predator or five was better if I

Didn’t drop two hundred

Thank you very very small have a permit are in factories have tickets and if you think the six

Days are there and we want to send selfies on with those that can reeking

Frankie’s that means that even if I have a chance to form that’s an interesting but I want to insert your very George one for one of two and start going to use it’s

Really unfortunate

Thirty six eleven

But zero four join Jim Cole

From the Block L.T. fucking doesn’t want to do it just certain worker

Clackamas and want to get a nine five eight zero meters or


Nine for a give this in Georgia will cover him


Nights I think of

Twenty to fifteen and one three is coming back on a Mercedes

Five or McLean my hopes of a given are

Going through traffic or their traffic are monitoring

Looks like they’re all gone have to detail or run away their owner I want to

Know either at twenty three one more Thanks very tentative it

Was exactly zero and I’m eighty five eighty five I want to one hundred se how it Benedict park in the skate park area G. way males are getting ready to

Univision ninety eight they were not only going through

An experience for that infamous article

But they thanked interviewer for court

For four prank Riba multicore west of each US set of a G. twenty three for

Ninth Street in Europe and we get a response from the Noida and I want to

And I know it’s almost

Thank you represent my computer graphic nature make clear to the

Twenty three of us sixteen zero three with Joel thing that always you think you know because the only just you know twenty

Six eighty six you can play for a really Nora there are seven one how do the plates away

B.A.P. have to create its own three or four north fourth coming up to burn

For the last a very pointy end of a parking lot

I mean on emergency as part of our

Vessel or who’s telling them that they’re being chased by a group of people from the other

You want to

Procreate your program and I’m twenty three great pleasure over the voyage as well

I said

One sixty one five Division be void twelve hours as neighbors outside of our collars or with a knife or get more have been around one for seven also says they were just got wrong an armed force primary to get a bean bag or a face you know you’ve got anyone ever being back

For war and all parties pages are going to

Be called back up or

Collars uncooperative says it’s white male sixty’s white teacher blue slots we don’t have much

Heavy furniture isn’t anything creative but it’s unclear it’s just risen from I think you saw three of

Twenty three

Some of the you know I think if I

Were you any four seven going to the Hamilton last apartments one G one G.’s off a plane I seen you meet them in the lobby be well

The owner of possibly a fifty psi on the ninth floor and need help investigating

Getting to each morning to evening thank you very much right away for the Carson near the entrance

Twenty three a lot of four seven hours a day sure I want sixty and I’m sixty three and driving West thank you very

Much So what he said

You just out here for me anyway this

Hundred twelve

I have a five minute intervention I’m looking at the D.I.R. and there’s probably

Just probably four to five hundred people there

But if I have every one I think you are for I’m sorry your radios unreadable Tregenna all the airplanes are none of her jaw for once in vision



Want you to know how young your own

Is not a foreign accent nine minutes a country fifty

One five eight Show me all I wanted to do for the star of course is one point it was

Muslims in north the starkest wintry

Horses were heard

By for heavy

Rain of late

I’m five into fired in fact if they didn’t need you OK thank you twenty three nineteen point zero

Five zero sixty

Seven six point zero right

That’s all right at seventeen it’s treasuries wanted to not only to directly Yeah go ahead

And I get to have officers of these three things are the only Hardly

Or in the

The Nader

Levels are going into the Alamo Oregon one three a young queen John B. soon though I’m also intrigued by three

Seven five one very nine ne so I for of a tele apartment ever seem powers they were if your and refusing to leave things

Were different an open mind with a bunch of screaming is this and I never told him it was just them and we deal with

The four or five OK I know well

It’s like seven eight and seven Joey almond and I want to call

At the Safeway on Barber Well right now me being a large part of

This thing we don’t even have a valve every five officers played white on women’s forum before on a civic structures of a five he said either as if a rise is likely to be fall

By six by some forward

But some for every eight nine seven something for John

Or five zero two nine flats down another color for zero for five mall St It’s may have been five and minutes over

Five every night you’re always

Going to get you going I sound and on their way I think they’re getting going I certainly will very soon your honor I’ve often three hundred ovoid rejoicing here you will highway little bridge

Well no evil of ages judgement thanks to mine is going to be waiting in front for survivalists objects their phone wall is charging a lost out the door is a black male about six feet are in a Sixties five nine then below

Had a black hoodie black pants on

We’re coming in a funeral I

Don’t gotta think it’s a G.’s if you can put it on I’m crazy for the G. forces me if you are heavy things how

China seven thirty seven

Percent for you and seven for seven the Pro three hundred lanes three zero three one SE pal ten of the hollers as they heard four shots and like it came from the parking garage or just closed they didn’t see or hear anything else they did see a person get into a light that but they didn’t appear frantic so they’re not really that already been around for

Twenty thirty or their jobs elsewhere that the attack you for possibly any traffic units monitoring your heart as well as I have any lock on the only one is sixteen or three and we just you know and you for my computer froze up can usually tell me in terms of a name please

Forgive me but not relied on interstate going no plated white Oldsmobile

Have three other things going

On Well you come Nora zero seven one twenty three zero one six five five

One it is of the burnside So I think that if you R.V. for this they have been watching on camera

Somebody in one of the vehicles parked out front

Using a flashlight have you for any better on the description of dark colored van

Security for go over

That and I with eyes like this every seven twenty four one five eight got a clear very Marina decided for a central zone for Ross on the bridge five hundred

Seventy on the north side of the Rossum bridge mid-span and swing a leg over the railing way if you know there are any previous

Why very few issues to fight with your hood

Right or fire off a

Government to

Go over the rights of the full fighters I’m seeing ours is a great jacket for over jeans no vehicles in your mind of a car says she’s traveling around on the north side to work on it thinking

When an

Unclear John you commit a crime are hungry

Right then think you’re on a high five and if you’re on twenty three forty three a friend Jack that was done here can you

Understand that’s much less of a ginger for we don’t have seventy for having He albeit with a moped

From an earlier hole on what he’s summonses self when it’s Evans of his heart it’s one hundred forty


Go and very few of them are cam Lombard in fact they have

Having an operator are trying not to have a reptile over the screen for them they have no hormones Why are

Rolling anything Russell copy very few and


And we do have both responding to we keep them coming

I think she just got off the rail and the standing up I think let me know if you want me to get the vote I mean we also have a land response coming out seven one four we’re angry be those three things you know the real We’re talking

You know I’m going to continue her one M.R. stand on that one for our get our medical league in for the summer one for cutting a marriage of your own to five you can clear please have a primary five hundred

Fifty first of my face I mean to me for but the one five hundred block

Star zero three zero Henry Charles Edward one one five hundred block of stock price of forty four zero or you are a complete

Member Senator


One thing if you act better if you’re a five boy you know what George one should do in Davis twenty two forty four block what I found one large


They think the organ a three five ranking really language barrier with the clerk male refusing to leave

France or forty five

Before I have

It forced clear and I’ll say primarily

THAT FOR think that on one to two and a vis nine five


Twice or forty five one for it

To five one month second five there are a famed how and however of

The four in the line discussion we’re friends

And we want hoping

For the foursome next eastbound traffic diverted up on Martin Mallory and form trying to

Do for us if you want seventy four so if you want twenty for anything MARGARET Yeah this is going to be one hundred one How can you send


Letter nothing more yet or not you just like an adaptation of the call that everybody on the service desk in order to please me for the whole piece is I mean if you have me in five point four five five apparently the dollar has gotten out of the for profit Jefferson College doesn’t run a page and they’re hearing the sounds of a fight like ten or twelve people in New York dogs barking having you can rejoice around them

A deal for you having over their whole government running a hole from a hole in three one Tyson it is your car that is going to be

Bisect covered it a fortune and the horror of the training that went for it we got through this is him around that occurred five ago so that vehicles of blue Ford go down the colors

And for the well short of every

Six to eight if either of them are either the drivers are not really at what Southey

Twenty three

Rides or who are ninety eight zero to twenty three want some sort of return for urine just lyrics were of the night so anything going on with them

But I didn’t go for it obvious place riveted Can you please have an on call very effective call my cell phone is a savvy twenty

For you an eighty seven the honey man lost by five by Northwest park is going to be on the plaza level there’s a male versus female haulers they seem I guess I should have a number of these fifteen that they’re not sure now have the black men only thirty six feet tall

For black female her forty’s has long hair remember she’s only twenty three fifty three and the sun frontier and Russia

Went through it

Once with my computer’s back and teach me to any item back to the city and I reviewed my future eight basics

Selflessness you know when Morrison is going to be in the during when there’s a dark compact vehicle obstructing traffic for the past hour twenty years if you please if you want one for seven six one point three fifty four and five

But what if I can start washing fight I mean like in Henry G.’s if I feel I want to fight and start twenty three fifty five seventy seven but pick a play or you insist

George Vavasor wanted to come back to

One thousand nine hundred you need time to Dorothy

I want five with five thousand

Nine hundred seventy five but ninety two and once she said in the oh George game queen you know jeez I mean

It will be in some harm in countless just sounded like one two and one second one close to it you have no way

To quickly know it was three three two three ne talking to male fighting

One very uncooperative power

Who heard on my door and him information

Six or seven off of each other thanks very but we have a certain family was there a surgeon the Can somebody he’s friends with Rick thank three A Thanks If reasons if there were a president just doing original one eighty seven crisis we’ll be calling you

One six

Six or six others two one seven Ave We got this through line for life resident there likely hundred or ninety one saying we want to jump off tomorrow no threats nothing tonight but one agreed to a six and one yesterday once or unless somebody is in danger we’re not going out there for the twenty seventh time OK I mean the one of you to call the caller back so I can give you the number on the air or by N.B.C. He had just returned to do that but they keep falling for the same stuff and we’re not going to get once actually I got it under you tonight but also on a number to copy and you have been what we were yesterday in here thinking you know anything

Projects fun is not going to go out there eighty six think I don’t think you know your phone number and eighty seven’s are

Now I an eighty seven you have a lot of

Them talking very frankly Central every five Information two ago three motorcycles racing southbound want you to from Gleason that they regard


Nine to four to serve it’s only money for you in one thousand five it five eight five nine selfies Harney drive complains over hearing sounds of a fight maybe from the driveway of the satirists something you think of it travels or something once a great

View in one one a ruby junction Trans Center used on Platform two five names your own horse race a court of a college boyfriend and her and figures things other They’ve both been drinking is Amos got Stevens and the car have a for a get for driving while I’m holding


The bulletin and once a great we got a call back she said of the wife and walked off and she doesn’t come back so we can be doing

To be on a pro

Over night fighting trying

To fight it one three nights out of Star organs Euro two zero

One three nights officer development none of them but he’s a me that’s not true and

From various four subjects fighting associate with a light my son I’m playing the throwing stuff in the street from the car one of the male and three male

Rowing fighters if you were probably person yes but then once whichever is three zero zero seven or just from a ave individual e never Kevil Park apartments actual problems can be directly at that unit there hearing shouting and crying

It sounds like at least two women of a couple kids

Were interviewed

When you even knew the little six seven eight great sectors apartments twenty you know North East fourteenth number for all seventy second on the gym as Nick was your place where he talks and whistling for the last hour nobody answering its door a dog barking inviting you know

It’s a car you exams I probably drink and platforms where your buzzer got me one six years you’ve obviously double to be able to get them to an advantage or

Washington Animal union seven juju nine

And a great joy to carry one to three hundred locker room on a one to three hundred like Ramona develops if it comes back on an Avalon and so on a warm up I’m out of where we want something to one waffle

Adam will union seventy two you know I’m clear on I play the Avalon bring

Sorry I green in color or when I’m when I get them are OK you have an affair well about one third of what about her

Nine five sevens on the whole something is a sixty one the validity and burden of all the time a junkie that I got behind you would be among here in shorts

Fix a traffic victory

Stretch that you know that no one taught us how

For you in seven one six am hell building six three zero for all these Eagle unit three zero eight one of the color heard their cars star they went running hot drive off eastbound handheld an annoying directional seven the dark blue two thousand silver and Prezza

Edwards at the fourth level twenty one also passed

On your rear door is white and

Partly six I mean

There we go cut three medicals breathing but unconscious

That’s I never thought

Six wonderful twenty fifth one three

Three one six Save the silence apartments for eight or nine thousand and eleven street units juicer teen there is a female resident there is sixty five years old has a service dog the service dogs been barking for about fifty thousand minutes so calling and maybe the resident having a medical problem we started medical as well Jenny temperature Why aren’t

Both women one five eight The girl returning for me on available to me anyway to

Join reason

Or eight of our coffee level is there any

Thank you for things only Koran cracker harmless little home from home to home

To in Hendersonville of the divine thirty eleven thirty right and I have a full measure of which is you know for every little war where it was on the if those are the number thirty you pointed to a work of four when it came felicity to level three things to me the one seven L M All they were trying was either that with all the other railroad tracks of altered form thirty three and one of

Couples or three to well three four one five eight

Different from Asians minimal started out at four six one hundred one six nine it was some kind of a male versus female from middle to cost more Thomas over as U.V. took a baby with them dropped the baby in the street scooted back up and then took off again and the force of the male the vehicle we don’t have anything better in the collar is an operative in the skin

It Debbie

And I won three days you’re going to you call very technical term for the loss of human one six three guys before we’re given you a legislator John

Before the exhibit

And fixates with land for my three of these proper I call it here four to five people fighting outside a concept and more often here last spring I got

There quickly governments are

Showing how we clear here momentarily don’t have that we’re

Pretty sure they’ll have

It it really

Has been Salman’s of a forty six seven five

Six eight

Five all five three

Five also extreme one of the jurors are on orgies American Road three go a similar sort of drive down the driveway in a dark alley almost thing because there’s no one else in the SO I just asked the husband where he can run and where he can hide he went driving for tonight you know three American plates on the vehicle should be six six mine Mary Mary John reserve as though figuring out the now among so often meant so much I go on on that Russian economy were

They want some traffic

On something or have me at seventeen in NATO for next year escape three three six trials Adam boy seventeen and you know that all for that dream if you

Go in the parking Pocono if you

Pull in the freezer just

On the edge of

A ninety seven

The Lester and we’ll find you have our car for nine four zero five plus four five units while hollers a boyfriend Charlie clean

An eighty three is out by high on heroin and that then trying to break into the apartment he’s a white male wearing a brown plaid jacket now for Senator

But me all of you I want you to do zero six hundred

Thousand once you develop forty seven I can now for your practice and

He’s currently on the back porch she’s yelling in the background

I don’t

Want to do I said

Just somebody else

Got one five The ones you do and I’ll just

Find something thought one thirteen and Reagan was six or zero George trials are over one thirteen a month in the free version but does that force now Gabi five hundred one of those level forty nine I mean I’m around the corner if there’s somebody question I for seven

For I got to wonder if you were against But if I they don’t have you continued it and four seventh’s

OK thirty six a lot of coverage but every night it was never good for eight months I think you and I eighty seventy seven just because I was like previous history here have just been on the carry knives and for that I’m for

I mean that I call for the

Full five hundred but go over to the homeowner and they left you yourself she went to I got three and I got checked he got on the line for them

You know does your you know you’re ever just you’re doing grabbing

Attention but very simply been a subtle player

Six respect you

For having just eighty six play and offer a chance for success for both of them joining us and I do that and I’m Lafferty’s her whole becoming president of the

Implosive different

But five subs if you have a few for eighty six confirming he said cut lawn A.M.R. eighty six disconfirming you said Kudlow Neymar that was asking for his if you know if you go

Within and one nor heard

Level six recovery still of physics I think so if

I make your primary in the servants’ five three G. selfish Cooper calling then says one house to the east sounds of a male and female five

To five or ninety five but he cover the servants on super

The if so

The fifty seven centrism forty five

Over the cars around seen a forty fifth that college kind of event can cancel he left to have a go they don’t serve until the last

Of thirty three

Customer Walmart’s is on the west side of the lot nearest the sandy bowl of art what appears to be an unoccupied vehicle the door opens out on the lawn around to ring for Granger I mean show me their one o’clock

They do it

In eighty seven C. he hollers to one the Northwest Davis Street there’s a mail outside refusing to leave being allowed and swearing back now thirty five years old running a black jacket with blue stripes and black and very rare but I am not sure how he always had the right David ninety nine seventy five zero three or

So for a woman I want to see for

You in six forty seven four five four five ne one zero two when it says in the far back corner of the parking lot of blacked out vehicle with people inside with flashlights it’s a suspicious bird there’s a guy he’s three

Cancers of Quest


Only when fall thirty and when I was thirty and let that want to for having things I need

Be in line for stuff then the things that are not just of one hundred sixty four so all these olders treats I see now is screaming there’s an arrow in the background sounds like there’s a physical education

Some companies want to do at holiday one free choice team of Iraq aren’t you five one seven who are searching out some information on

How they do we have a caller on this yet as it left the flowers and stirring for nothing from the Celtic are also now pointing in Jefferson County

Through June for shoulder union treasury affixed here to George when Burnside want to talk about

Nothing his request

For enough thinking through it

To eat seven horses others with

George Zimmerman Giorgio Ameri two thousand and fourteen for yes

Which plays a place of whistle

For more monitoring but

For seven one five north as in and in is called your town homes it says can direct you to a nearby apartment where they hear a male and female fighting

And it lowered over number seven there were in form groups were federal workers or watching the whole process just when it was part of a file to say this whole place service

I didn’t want to

I’m on scene I got here

Forty six


Talking at the one to six uncertain for some time to come on the other side I want to thank you coming off all her life now right here you all

Go you have a first name thank President that was for me we just have summer in our region office phone number who are excited for the Mail readers know

You are over here but me very eighty seven good for you in eighty eight I have a very close and I thought I find that selfless twelfth Avenue our caller savvy will roll over it’s now on the embankment firing that horrible for on every four which

Are that rank or me out of office

OK each week and

I want to

Buy seven our colors watching this from Southwest health and Cardinal suppose it’s a dark blue four door sedan you see four S.U.V. And it’s now right you haven’t seen anyone get out of it no one forty three hundred thirty

Three ninety three they got a guy walking away from so swiftly

OK So they figured sure kind of

Going to be around you know you probably are so insignificant you think one

Around here some friends we know certainly think

That being in any additional car suppose it’s one of Michael’s in the US are either North has a kind of you for all going to or the wrong one seven voices

Having difficulty but he’s destined for a cover car one six zero six forty one three ninety three cars

Are very diverse

As there are

A few they succumb to the sat there on the so that you have you got just a little bit better shot of that

A one seven they went from

George’s grocery store one one four three Southwest dark street at the register there’s an elderly male in a wheelchair saying he doesn’t know how to get back to the nursing home and seems confused or attended to call the nursing home but going to get through and think that he’s a danger to himself

From covering I knew this was happening if we’re going for

President he only had a one seven has always

No Use it was seventy they were trying to

Fight it but still the traffic was a no places like gold horses for three hundred one so just for the stars it was June or to start want to

Have less thinking and third between three and four there’s a drunk male trying to get into a white Toyota Camry attempting to drive isn’t going to acknowledge twenty to thirty years old he’s trying to tell he was he’s OK to drive our cars as he definitely is not twenty third and for me there was something when eating a five seven eight I said to him you just want to know that the whole twelve Avenue I think it’s going to be close along with ACT four or five No I’m sorry twenty six

So he will just want to

Read very

Well in one he want one thousand three hundred three Think it through the New York are close to so many

You know that succeeded and

Thanks just a second if you


One free of charge one probably want to six nine seven six eight and is even have an I this if he was unable to revise or holding

To give it credit for

Having it was I want to do you thirty first of all very very different one hundred

Three at the Best Western three three five in all the temp fifty to pick up details around about a Marine from the

One twenty three range location of the actual hole this House is trying to set back that’s when it’s been

If any I mean you know in six sixty the documentary apartments my one finally discovered it’s real six million you know it’s exactly what twenty four but when you give me nine three nine or the whites and seven in

Five it’ll be a record

Twenty three right very objective the groves thirty five hundred North the seventeen second entrance East from cane to subjects looking for windows with flashlights even a sensitive vehicle on seventeen steps and your call if you could do it in a Corona you know invite her into one twenty seven by three for a very free one false oven three story for Motel six on front room two thirteen Person of the room call of our front desk clerk and ask them to call the police didn’t say why then hang up the phone

They can start you in anything you can clear for cover series that Bernie three thousand North East twenty two ave in the parking lot here there’s a real versus you know it’s difficult there’s either going to be four door sedan parked next to read that code it wants you that if they are that close recover he was going together having you thank you then you’re in your car a white male mid twenty’s medium build brown beard green and black baseball cap green T. shirt and black pants right email early twenty’s light touch or trailing

Three and one thousand pounds or more thirty nine having a five year three five three one three who is not in there the one thirty one

The party once dishes weapons holding is a gas station by three fourths of the easy to ave owners to subject the city was a brown older woman or Chrysler one of them has a different weather threatening and barely in the vehicle holding on to the two

Never carry a vehicle weave in the green one to seven Georgia William nor having played in eternity starred in Raphael from what you

Know it’s Nash’s version savvy and I thought a lot of them will think that this is go on if we’re going from downtown the southeast never was an amoeba going to be one twenty six Somerville but the wind is different than Rafael and that Lee is clear on a Ford Fiesta

Or they would have for us seventy seven I don’t have anyone closer to me once I felt less broadly Dr colors was at this address it says a Dewey driver just ran into a parked car as a driver is crying and saying he has head trauma that we started medical coverage of Morrison seventy seven five hundred eighty eight where I’m clear when I got a

Seventy seven I think have you think thirty six that he wouldn’t do it with or for information out of all we know he’s still Church six nine five north me when you offer another action thirty minutes when I heard a call a minute ago some mention of a gun what doesn’t think of any call not threatening to spawn of apparently had a gun that is associated with the

Older model vehicle

And could go no one hundred five quotable through three for his having he said

For you and seven one of across the river north west Davis and Broadway are colors used to blackmail touching another subject and they gave her the subject say you already have my wallet weapon

That or

One more of what I said if I say screw me Frank every week I think seven seven thing when I think central ten for exactly is it for you

You in six forty seven of we will park for five by six thirty Stillings where there were twenty six

Known female five illustrates and every strange house to it off and on direction what you know and forty’s pretty right here by holding medicals and started as well

I think

It is this far yes

There’s a lot of his head in her face every It looks like they’re there with a female who has something wrong with her leg

And eighty seven are color is seeing all the tribes that are not sure that they can so they’re not one city but I can sort of a problem

Going around you can print me in and go I want that reasonably secure You’ve already teased him and he still fighting he’s going to be there complection there are better if you’re not you’re even if you have a gun or you’ve all heard or if you know log for the you know you can play a part of

DORGAN one eight seven and reeking George

Having to fight

The day or not far off from the Providence thing or we have to get out some other cars or go out of the area check gun thing we can go there

And ninety seven since arriving there is even advice if you contact interesting that the you

Would have anything years or seven question of how much of it we will remember


These debts for a cover car problems hospital and he our department as if I was security company for doing

Some of my way for you when

I was getting late and I’m sorry it broke out

I think that’s all the play over time if you like of

Having fish or even twenty three point one

Heavy death on the ground additional dollars emergency room lobby

Seven one seven

For us seven one six se in south east Grand Avenue you want to go there’s a

Guy wearing dark clothing run out into traffic and challenge cars a would be a change in about forty six years old

You knew you were in

The majors well

I won forty

Five Your choice but

Thank you and if you’re unemployed the whole bunch

Of California five or Edward nine hundred ninety one forms or drug incentives are a lot of

It is clear on any something

Going for it worth of and or might not have you ever have here

Six forty seven coming thirty wanted to Miss Joan of Arc Gary

Who are the whole

EVERYONE TO thing one forty five

Minutes they’re all there are five of them fighting with one two three five two five Javi number three twenty one of the Best Western on a march just

Three false starts all of us very highest on record yet they’re fighting with one of the Best Western to three five to five of these healthy have had your very question they’re not going to disregard the call and off my screen celebrities where a felony in a fight well

As you three five G.’s I’ve already told you Gene

Simmons who are sixty one of their

Six one now in regular traffic one forty seven one six a very very very



If you’re in Boise I mean there are Dan with the door open

For every one fighting and I personally did you generate a different call for the stop regarding this

Argument from Jerry now getting me to the room you know I just didn’t know and I do


Yeah I heard it I thought

Probably thinks Dixie

Here in six seven eight incomplete but Bantry one four zero nine zero or the C.N.D. the first six were in the area I was doing but it was six months to from a


Six a day if it were going to be the area or two

Was area suspicious I think we area don’t need anybody else at this point ninety nine percent of

Fortune was Duryea users with you ninety nine will have the eye on them to do exactly

That if that were from the course I should be an angel and you can roam

Around we’re going to be quitting poetry in our hero

Nightly bag full then it’s a mercy three hundred information at almost seventy five southwest ten adding Fargo a drunk driver took off until age I’m off still drinking you know laughing less out there in a white hand I think of you and I’m playing the image I won by three seconds and I want to go in and

Do in six forty an area check a seven eleven one one five when I enter the school and waiting Dr says Five ago the eighteen females inside seeing her husband was being violent towards you less than a white sign on with black tinted windows license plates as of all

And you can see in the West

OK got it

The first line of the fifty six free

Stuff it’s OK if any of you just yeah I was going to go out and die for Karen beach in this regard

And I’m very

Sorry yeah the plate on this trailer is I know your age Mind you all sorts and were on the street north of with the

Just East and the North busy east of two zero one thirty one twenty actually going to the primary then Providence Hospital and thank you three hundred three over a nine for eight the plate on the rig itself is there a one five zero three eight you tell and have a policeman suffered so just then or somebody at all because it’s all for

Me and both I think they’re caring for a general friend for a five hundred twenty five here

On six hundred one six program director Washington I don’t remember Mary three one two one six you saw her and Joe for a minute answering isn’t the one for zero eight zero seven

Five very user of her


Or if you want to write

On me think I was just on one fifty committee with

Gita plus and run through a current number when it is choose your zero eight one zero talker that you do you get the votes and on target to please jury’s going to

Represent to be given a critter for or if you know no one you’ve heard fact have a courtesy one zero one two thirteen and one from

Flag down three seven grandma reference the cake of his servants the seven so he said he said the way Senator Kennedy

Said you first and I think you want to know who looks out who can talk to please

Not for certain I’ll be out one in the middle of the road one two three just north of

Funky genius or maybe start another

Part they think you know you thinking seventy seven where in seven or seven you know I’m on the AM You know but it overthrew of using

It to twenty one we were nine four seven over if you want to know that because for sixty one with one to twenty one thirty eleven Can I have the officer

Says he was Virgo regattas R.C.C. having gone over

Eighty seven really the mouth

But now you have an award

Show one of you who are not of our that we have part of free after nine seven with Zach

Going to Frank either happy



Happy to work that he and that lead us I mean that clear on a Hyundai Elantra

Information on a credit you deserve an holdings retreat here at the Southeast thank you for agony in a number eight fire department the daughters here I guess her boyfriend you’re refusing to leave just like are I thought of a lot of us always go having is that he’s ready for and I’m saving it looks like it’s actually going to be three three zero if you sell these twenty two there was if you

A From one to jail



Said on that on the subject but if it is a jewel McCool burn in

Ninety one it looks like he might have a fifty for parole violation rate to twenty six having just confirming at three seventy and how poor if you do more for one hour and these are very rare in which where and where prescription naming isn’t a feeling in what I thought of her

Day you receive reports of people that build from the vehicle via descriptions and directions of all the rest of olive and

Black female life you know in a black male life in the further of the T.V. Frank crime scene seventy seven can you check the chip level

And seventy seven now that you’re thinking he might have been stabbed you still want one medical Yeah you just everything and talking to us

And to me was seventy seven for seven three seven if you would look on Belmont while mine is in the middle of the street was right in front of the triple net of three problem or

For traffic going

On in our family Victor report

The incidents are fit to use if you and thirty nine Freeman reading honey


You once and I can start with her having additional cars there ninety three I’m sorry no your R.D. there you are on third

Of all talking as you said it very well for those who were walking on vision and were so hands on the struggle over when more savvy realities are going to be with her probably does that mean to even around all want you to offer

One good not storage

And got three more that attach on top of one to a there we made it or that meaning faith that well enough on scene and we’ll go in and have an emergency after she’s Jeffy

A bit in the door at three three zero two thousand one hundred from Washington OK We got an answer the door

You know missiles we have enough you have you’ll get after it happened if you detect something like We’re going to do refunds and if he ends up in the catch didn’t want him again Mike you need to bring it here as you don’t read it but we do everybody

The storm guns are not the makings of more

They are you going to get on the back road when war so we’re good we’re going to back there’s a few of you on of the back to back room

And has been slacking on vassal that as you can and rosaries on this OK and again for radio documentation bird flu would not we have a now we have challenged and we’re not no response from the

Three of you three who are reporting to the people inside and no crime but those voices of war because that’s what the war

And I it is a

Prole violation of organs

In fact that’s just based off of the date of birth in your mind that we found since you now one from the complainer seven and I confirm that if we want to marry in forty one twenty three one for you thank you once we go to forty three when men from the age of friends though were moved in the apartment and

Who are in some room that we are back to who

Hold their own ever now we’re going to hold here and we’re going for the not to get arrogant form a plan we’re

Happy to see him walk by once if you’re actually going to the door to go with them

Have you them having your if there isn’t anyone else who want to do everything just

Have a hard time or just out there

Doing it for six Terry CECAFA right

Avenue Northwest Lovejoy Street want to go on mail that our caller had been living with just one hundred dollars to her clothing and then threw her out of the car she’s refusing in that suspect lucky son of joyous over Alexis but similar to five one five George X. ray George of a city a Michael Vega Hispanic male thirty years old different way in the hood Evan knew about with evident relief but as was hit by a white Ford must think of and so on the bridge tried to take off but followed it here there are no stops of Joel exchanging dropping

Earth for uni for seven Northwest Second Avenue and Northwest could street the icons on a rescue mission he then says is a male down and moaning uncouth between that and the next tracks not sure what’s wrong with him white male forty’s and I’m going over there of course from coffee and never do forty six because you know it’s required since I’m six has ignited to freezing for a north that you get there are all I three or four thirty for advice if I can read over a

Book or else

Then fiction I don’t want succeeding and outside the I think he is suspended on is organized and has are going to be due for heroin

That is expensive and so there are very real

Heavy F.E.N. processing activities of those stocks in front of Starbucks or your brickwork of a copy scenario if it was worth it in that I don’t see anything that normal on horizon or business in any market risky for if you have your job if you think like that

You’re going to go far in the city of utility

I transport and jail

And the other one should be clear I think you they force I mean you can clear eight to five or nothing and I think it is and

You’re one of the really go for down there are so serious

Looks like maybe a couple of all small stones hit the door but the glass is intact everyone will be thinking it was six seven eight

And was Verizon are a few that wants to come out clear this example since I’m actually did it the winner

And fries and he neck and provinces are being crammed with

Them in a lot of

The few I think just

Nine forty energy that burglary is open that if it’s

On forty eight all season another car please

Have a thing or clothes



For Their around individual whether it’s Jerry and you target

One to any

One to a certain like you drinking meter if you think water you’ve offered to fifty seven or seventy or just all car at once each of the weekend doing that over

The North and want you to write a book but we didn’t know

Any hard person

Said I want to do it star can never do that you know if you want to do we’ll

We don’t or

You don’t write all the blogs

Probably about seven hundred to for a moment there’s a police car that’s like our sister or their own studios are

Having an emergency Yeah they’re

Linkage incidents and make each has a mind you have in your house and I think that once you can get it and it’s on a couch or in a cricket that he’s doing all there or that those it is X. ray nor are wired nine


Once in a yahoo or harmful

Partner emergency off their own I’m going to force a woman who won’t work or whoever fifteen with to the courage clear Dr go traffic three of

Their minds and he says are you in traffic

Or you in one five sixteen or Park apartments from six five four hold the street in a parking lot there’s a guy with a fresh right looking in the cars and we have a description

Of the three of

Them properly for

What you’ve experienced three to four and you know both your replays the three six

Five six eight all

But it rewards heaven forfend

If you

Stay as seven when doing the entrance of a vehicle

Hold him and saying Yeah Henry Henry one for new Hogan rence I don’t really notice I.V. Yeah from Clackamas County

Regarding a rolling divestiture may be headed to five nine seven southeast one more eight

If you know call them in one sitting their voice very much driving drunk refusing to pull over better get out of the car

Is over Darwich neon

X. ray King George why he thought

They were coming

One four eight four zero south east west arrow probably a letter are

Trying to say one thing for one five three four three Sundays Division Street unit forestry junk sounding caller saying her friend who wrecked her vehicle earlier is refusing to leave A I V Y Z E L nineteen being Fletcher

Having three twelve I’ve

Been for seven

And it starving for the

Night for eight All-Star you for that Denny’s Auto five minutes three thirty

And twenty three

Twenty three Peter King six Joyce now

One two and enjoy resisting six to eight when you put them in the wash then eight to zero to Henry

Thank you healer plate to international auto and car is our property

Then when you know and our son eleven Wall

Stole a wall of your mother and everything that mother or you know it will be taken or for if it were after a

Chevy Malibu it’s a black male driver and a white males or with a wall or

Any and if

So are also are way off in this fashion one forty eight where you

Are having them and place them for me one more perfectly thirty seven is a Denny’s one zero four two A six of these are jumping one is OK to

Go to work and

Probably need to be back because you cover Well not much other

I’m going to hear this as warm again or it will be back to regular traffic

As there are

Hints of in your eyes

Well for half an Iraq you know


Well and I respect for


We’re going now is going to that here

That run through three of you are going from us but if you think of what is going to go to

Happen I hear you are leaving now or anybody being out to meet any information or party for your original call holding one for Ian Starr subjects’ stole something from a neighbor’s yard and left it out of black Jeep Cherokee with the lights off eastbound holding three twenty six and if there were twenty three on it then it’s seven three twenty six three times that’s eighty seven eighty five I was right T. seventy

Three any doing and I want a holiday an express two three three three

And have access to area there’s a guy refusing to leave Crowley yelling no cell mention something about a panic attack earlier to light now twenty five packed full of every jam or

Driving it’s a twenty three twenty three

Five in a hurry

Six six

Four callers now reporting five shots from the area fifty six to northeast where Mt Ave cars of her someone running south on an awfully a car you know off to black smaller so there

Are serious here waiting for her think of a president from a research team a cup of coffee there for racial profiling refined for two fair redress from a building on fire

Knowing it’s true that he states important that none


Our good I and three that are on it six eight six I mean Route two and see if you have my custody if you could let them know I am on my way and have at least one or two people meet me in court


Having me in their

Area for months

But smaller if there

Were an area that would

Put by seven eight one four zero four Northridge where I probably have a

Six to eight I’m carrying us off however I’m sure if I said anything to them I should say

What’s the name of the business we shot north west

There’s a couple curve I want to read Tor

The fire for if you went there and he fired his residence for you

If you like showing roughly six

When Julian is just

Bizarre her surrounding areas

Ninety seven ninety seven there’s a lark of them going through this bit of the house on the question and there’s an alarm going on there goes another car

G.O.P. John six five six five nine Torent four Q And family also please if you going to be there shut down both directions six seven am fairly stop yourself

If I met Mr and

Go on fire with the address is just yes some of our of for a


Once we are

And I says it will be out the fourth and Hill is right studies for any or

For two one one

Sixteen and

East bound thing the A for one someone pay

For westbound traffic in I think I need a month for two

Before to vote in North and South of

Very but I can tell it right out of the firing me blocking for two northbound

Coming from the south

Coming from North

West from very young this going around the firing

Three forty three

Sixty two a very for blocking

Or to Broadway

The evolving as a section state of mind the thing on shot


Fiction I would walk in here forty third reason or


I see a profit

From any part of life from a federal Iraq right

That is one of five in for me but everybody

Getting a new color fix right through here on Earth thirteen they found a couple of holes in my house right here

One to anything even different for them so soon as soon we go in the research unit every ninety six of

The four Yeah I’ve driven around this fire scene we’ve watched sandy beach vision there’s absolutely no traffic a force to an area

To forgive and I think cocky about his pants turning colors black male black jacket holding G. fifty

You know if you already know or there’s no crime like

I will clear it out of three fifty seven three seven

If I can very possibly just heard

Jail or burger eighty seven to eat healthy seventeen they heard someone pop open a steel door in the back said somebody was it was inside that exit

Couple though I don’t rush on seventeenth so we’re going to get more information

Talking about how firm if you can find them with Rick and have once had an awful

Any hand in sponsoring

A central white or Hispanic male buzz brown hair dark gray hoodie long shorts

Ninety seven going when we hear nothing Michael then I turn up to John three fifty two and seventy seventy one if you can start feeling for as well

As you can on seven others I never sent over

There for seven years he

Just read that and if you’re on the central it’s important because you know it’s just arrived three fifty three and seven I think it’s hard for a very discouraging the killer of a great seventy eight healthy seventeen governor out he’s received three votes three go for

Through two more days evidence or that you have to go to that I’m coming out for him I want you there for him a little more way where

If are seven course in

An area tax of a

Thing people yelling for help I thought I was being for me I don’t have a car to help areas

And rise

And they said they said it was unfortunate that on seven point three they said to five or seven you know for so much for you and I five eight and I are both a ways off one two four two zero zero These LS treaty them planes parents are going

What if you just north of start

By the company three fifty

Nine for service and it’s verbal or colors twelve years older that is Leo is a very male no sure mom is Mirabelle especially if you know by

Sure I mean three visit

Them and it’s a

I me about one we didn’t hear on the be able to relate this question but if I’m in the car no one else are you for one of those two million year olds probably the zero four hundred four hundred hours

And or the city having that having that park

Then a servant is called one of the very poor to walk a very go on a fine


Having a lot going on

And one needs a well I think it’s hard

For her probably seventy seventy five seventy enough players

Don’t even have the Pharo on if he’s having Thankee as different Hollinger be here glad Fanny to sever the welfare check southwest there instead of the going to drag on the email address cam and plastic jug our callers are

Very far as I see Mel sixty’s gray hair wearing exercise

A three said look out the you can show us twenty three previously very

Very far as it

Reaches who are going in our universe there’s revenge on a reckless driver want to go close in North but I just

Was on I.V. for a red Ford Thunderbird a partial wash in plays Boyd eight is all over the road different age and more three then four seven The dad just walked outside

For a four

Studio fix for nine one one NE The two pro who’s an employee there are flushing you have you know if the guy is using if you know of trying to Jimmy some kind of

Door on the north east corner of a building like the sixty’s black hair black the earth six but there was

Building up which are

You thinking of the cover and

If you thirty

Six I mean you think you

Know one another one with you in your own right but no way

For a six one four seven like over from one

With America

With the mail

To kind of nine to six and I mean we’ve got a good Catholic I

Think I mean I think

Right now if you say ninety percent visitors Mark one one nine zero zero se Morrison street

Complains R.V. park on a more since it is seven ago a spoof someone trying to steal it by an assessed deck sprayed he complains friend with pepper spray He then apparently went inside and started beating people

You know better description than a white male and the caller ran to Mr Pease to call the suspect was still there Wendy Colorado OK for twelve rounds I seventy and I’ll be in or out of a woman but as I said and John of course well just

Three one six going to

Where we’ve seen Queen one to secure a lock and suffering Dr

Interlochen South Korean dress for thirty

One sighting once I meet you in one six eight six zero six se you and seven Avenue will be checking on Eva late or Bleakley Thunderbird calling lines for life

Sorry suicide hotline talking about jumping off

Crown Point Monday night you also mention ammo and bazookas he also previously made some suicide by cop statements I was back in December two thousand and sixteen there’s a call here last week as well you know there’s a however he days

Thirty was you’re not going well somebody is in direct danger but you want to you have the ones I They won six aces or four five if we will vote for fifteen we’re going to be six four and over are sorry but oh question

Cavities are in Washington it’s for sixty eight for seven but

For the covering seven seven six out of the most healthy it is he left office six out of ale while setting the place for the last success that house so that I was only back and we don’t have a roof over

There is going from my copy from I just you know they force around from going

For it in it’s own zone twenty

Nine sixty we’re not hearing or seeing anything on the five R.V.’s that are parked on Morrison and we checked Mr V. and nobody’s around here think they are a stranger now for twenty intriguing ninety three you very clearly from the Welshman Jimmy was just being nothing to eat it and she found

That three days of C.D.C. for twenty one beer at that you know we don’t have a remember anything like that and he hung out at me in the way to call back fully clear for seven from us I mean especially if I haven’t having

Served in Providence should

Those votes have been offered you back on a fortnight you

Haven’t haven’t be out with her have here and on our boulevard her half of Aurora Dale Street ever thought of her that are fighting

One to each I think once we go to Mary Mary X. three one thinking I hope

We’re going to the palace Fortunately for forty one one three forty one twenty three you have me to a device that leaves when they call and water into the I don’t know that an incident was ever created down if it’s not you create one please

Looks like there was one I didn’t have units on it but I will reopen in what you want

To give me is in the

Two five one the nine I thank you for twenty five

When I was right and you went to live and getting forty six when Julian if you even went to weekly or fourteen or in there for vision a party to disturb its call holding starch St John homeless one five eight four seven studies dark street

Location shot a cell phone G.P.S. open mind the sounds of a possible male versus female fighting holding for thirty nine state unclear is John all of that way that’s actually you’re on the force of a five seven there’s a Welsh accent for them huge so

I mean until now

Nearly four

Zero zero zero zero one zero four and Star four thirty one zero zero in the

Park anyone for some good work

On the far end spot I want them to see we’re back on line a saying it’s Unit five

Every four thirty five

A day myself and we’re summer out

For never one heavy fighting this

One hundred three mill of on walking on the freeway in eighty four

Forty third

If I you for for three you want me to start a central units I’m going to

Start compared to if you’re a just me and your coach for me for seven between six

Eight to sixty minutes

For thirty seven Never seven we landed at the mana Bill what oh mon of Bilbo’s till four thirty

Thank you on the phone call or from a door or off line

For the area right here you might be on track you

Went through them for now there are three eight four forty two one who think you were at six hundred sixty one for forty two and any interpreters any Spanish interpreters on East mirrors of the negatives are in the phone because it would mean if someone is breaking it’s along your room didn’t get a description but it sounds like someone was breaking down the door and got an honesty and honest something stupid for forty three them back to

Information on a vehicle going through red lights flashing to go a sound Washington for my job

And with so white magnets sign on the driver’s side doors just provisional me for forty four

Her very of three court for her for our fee for service for having us have to and you know have a car that’s a coal


For Fighting back

If I can’t see any things haven’t been the umpire around salons have a class on a Southwest

Avondale you didn’t see Charlie checking for Tyler Royston on in ninety seven said on Facebook that he didn’t want to wake up and sorry

Very very rich as for forty six seventy seven

But this


Just for starters that and I think you guys who


You know breathing her daughter and hollering off oh cervical for forty

One thing

Once you get it for forty one you’re going from six eight one three it’s on sixty one for you but if you like that four hundred ninety three from

All of Oklahoma killers if they were hopeful six a copy for fifty one right three to


One sixty eight sixty one four fifty four

Or fifty four is I so enjoyed it has evidently three four five inside it reasons and

Are one of three to four WANTED of

Six of us and

A five seven eight five seven five four and yeah I’m sitting down thing that you guys are going to discuss I actually transferred this initial caller to Wacko Earlier he gave me his initial address and then tell me he worked at the rope which is that address so you’re probably not going to find a method you apartment and your mother love of the check but if you want to try peeing and guessing that’s going to be our next option

Because that letter the that everything this P.R. There number yet really he said he’s a bartender as a rogue and when I type it is accuracy is sweet unit Sun I think that’s where everything kind of got a little bit confused

Copy also i Washington County did that so this how can I call a color or a yes this address was they came up when we typed it in in the region and the caller said he worked at the road that’s right match that you they checked his address off of his office and he was he also OK probably think what

If I said and so are you going to probably Washington County then and have them trying to figure it out

And we definitely tried and I just have a thing it says it’s now ours being what his cell phone that we have a cell phone number yes in the Johnny center box is that M one forty five until all of this

When forty seven morning it’s five O M M three and two

For me so well from what

We know of the guy

Yes I talked to the initial caller and he told me that he lives somewhere in Washington County but he also works in Portland he mentioned being a bartender at the row which is a Park Avenue address and the only Washingtonian Anderson I have with his OP and they check that he was you feel felt a strike on a cell phone and the answers are great and if not they will do it with

Me if I said and if I said no you didn’t answer it went right to voicemail I left a message with our number and crisis phone number at this point I think will just leave it at that I don’t think we have enough things and it’s not even Hans I don’t think it’s seventy three but the original Yeomans were the original R.T.S. one of his friends but I transferred him to whack us and we don’t have any of his information now so well we’re up in the church is worked out for us but it’s over that Musial the lack of yeah we’ll work out where he didn’t call nine one eight and I want to


Down there’s a motorhome on fire down here on one hundred twelve just north of the author and I’m falling out and it’s got black fumes and flames flying off it I don’t know if it’s the fan or not OK I think I heard them take in there they were on fire but doesn’t

Look like there’s people in the R.V. either join or pull away from a vehicle but they’re outside of the thing right if the motor vehicle is on fire Honda possibly highlight their passport and there’s an R.V. in front of in their push an R.V. out the way

And what was a call from Foster is going to be on one twelve just north of foster right in front of the stop and dime for house on the

Family needs to me to block northbound traffic and Foster and I mean are going out that way

Through do vision is within four to two years all over were

You told me you were never of anyone looking for an O.T. contact me it’s highly three of one five ten seven and three ninety five a woman in the area I’ve left north or south

That is the North them and I want to unionize and north around plays one hundred

One family I mean that is not under the drug

Ring for it I want to get all of them to about twelve start

Point for

Probably a few others to try

And have our team

Are more Herm once again with Ivan I think I said if I send for you before seven count positive one five zero zero Southwest First Avenue you polish on the north side of the building isn’t that equal standing or stores there’s a changing male who goes by Robert’s

Supposedly there are fifty two or fifty three not sure which one he’s a white male fifty getting built grain around here wearing a camel jacket leading our color is security was told by a supervisor that he has a fifty to a fifty

Horse and

One party and I’m sixty four and about six point five

Five Have a Happy find him in beach one one one five zero north center Avenue in the bathroom is a male refusing to leave you through the halls close yeah employees told the call collar he just got out of jail as Nora Nora to go six point

Pleasure Tchaikovsky’s and that’s not usually a white male mid thirty’s heavy set in a wheelchair

If I did

One hundred from a transfer I don’t want to tell them thirty miles ninety six point five

Harvey them city Z. and that’s when our three


For service for

A one story cycle for a cup of

Coffee I think six hundred forty seven a foursome the bell Beverly all their apartments of one one one seven Southwest all there she called us as directly across from the top two males possibly breaking into a bronze medium sized S.U.V. parked across from here and the decks took off south on eleven but two there was a bunch of stuff the Asian male shorts wearing a white and black Sucher with a white male who’s balding wearing a black suit it’s a church and I guess there nothing is possibly a third of it involved who might still be inside a vehicle if for some company

An eighty seven cover

I think is identity for I

Think so many things so I think I will do the figure it will evolve

OK but if I said

I think nine twenty seven his you know with the G.’s of Yankees you know

I know right now ninety nine ninety eight is really good I there I leave the school five one zero nine SE six six colors of Estonian arrived to find the west side doors open partially blocked the folding tables someone knows are also blocked Mance I think someone might be there inside

Was all right I was going to look around nine for eight years of

Nine for eight now it’s gotten my chance I’m an out if you differ missions on I five your station from Washington patrol should go to Mars I go running red lights in Washington splitting lanes erratic driving and after a dirt bike the driver

Writer has a dark green helmet and black pants expression five twenty one of razor are called back holding a nine to one main caller says they saw a guy prowling around the neighborhood walk in other people’s porches they think he seen unknown race male black leather jacket over a gray hoodie with a hood that black mothers love them Sam and from ones who aren’t

True don’t you for your under vile Sex Look I certainly

Do not do more I’ll be able to go ninety four in the end Hill Street and coke for nine point

Five Marines are all so I think there are GOOD MORNING I have to do whore five six four miles one four point six

I have a sixty five I said before I think I’m going eight seven five rankling and Sam all there in Park all there and I get five

Farmers use or so on the

Side I just sort of mind if I think that once exact

Probably forty one and engine eleven

Forty when I’m defining success was

When I have a

Happy and successful time when I want a

Soviet seven nine zero one SE How old is how Street laundry for your nine three eight there’s a person inside receiving only

Nine hundred ninety three complain got into a verbal altercation with the subject of it’s described as a male black about thirty medium build dark secret black hoodie baseball cap and instead reamer something under its coat every still there they are a daily

Beast still there

Is a complaint on the following The film Les Malone of all feel that when we get there please OK thanks really

Had the edges occur

On one of the war the way towards one show or color

But then that’s how I was confirming that color is in his office he’s watching this guy or that I mean cameras and I steadily risen from under his jacket the bad guy that I was walking over to when

I want to contact

A sense of

Three and seven Marcus Cafe seven on windows of those thirty so there’s a person on site with no cost for

The face and so on and something returning from that won’t happen it’s of them having thank you cannot infer

From your

Distrust for

One three and northbound just passing Frank when he was suddenly got a council job

Search I won forty one forty nine ten eleven forty one parting that morning at six twenty one

My entry for you and nine one eight two three seven NE I’m born across the street or the subject or subjects rifle range or a black Dodge Ram an employee people associated are people that are going for orders as it were the drug house a two one seven Are these were some for three white guys colored things that might be stolen or something

Money shouldn’t Morgan you know it’s never enough of all those are heavy and I want to


One more firm visions is the lesson for what we were going to receive your older for three an eleven part one for three good morning at six forty two

Nine three typical

And I vary the vehicles on


I write nine and six ninety

For you and six seventy is the twenty seven Baker as a voice apply for a zero one zero is used Broadway

From the south at six forty six forty one going at six forty six forty one four if you know that I pretty much trying to get I had six hundred sixty five for me as he got me on a



This is it three six three six of these one hundred two classic billiards that you know there’s one older he does that look at the back door of the old V.H.S. we were out

On this guy yes that on April twenty fourth and way to take him to the hospital he’s back and he’s moaning I think and I get the same

Thing for you nine five eight

If you want three hundred three yes or if you should try to please run a search for

We’re going to give

You something he clears a

Vision he didn’t record at security do you go beyond that now and then find

Friends and force you know

That you know nine and find it is in the region though and says it was held back in March for miscellaneous violations

So that

I’m looking at a row where it does take the Optima is that aggressive Russians are going to be able for a

Horse for most of it was going to go as Frank ransom them is asking for Sergeant the columns as he was pulled over for writing as long ago on the bike lane is upset about it says I’m a size zero three nine one two six seven five five we’re going to be that the recovery just

A Yes FRANKLIN mess five zero three nine one two six seven five five and that’s for us Sergeant our traffic officer probably heard on the show thank you sort of on a one to eleven

But I want to tell me it’s for I thirty five thirty I thirty is a restraining order in progress happening now so it’s a zero nine north end of a street and violation I mean acknowledges somebody had a restraining order against it in the garage as they mature her Waldron he’s thirty one and our caller hung up on us after getting frustrated with all of our fun questions

I think Gene belonged to one of his first revealed a Bona


Thank you as it’s just me shudder Jake gentleman that was our interview Who are you


But I don’t want to get warnings I want


I don’t hold the mindset of those who

Don’t want to have a sense of the G. seven

Three and eight three seven and I’ll try to get a gauge of they’re headed your way as if it towers three three three north west four Ave unit number nine one eight And if you check in on the last the Royston first of Tyler eleven thirteen of nine hundred eighty seven rattling making vague suicidal statements on Facebook that he doesn’t want to wake up and that he’s sorry and apparently we attempted to find them at a different address that they think this is going to be the right one it is our job it is those who don’t like the Washington

Let me look at the previous exodus there was any of them on those programs a graph of the age of Celtic the bookie if three seven you can be good

And eight when seven will be going a three seven you can be twenty

Think you can

Do seven sounds like you can figure

That seven of the morning and then seven seven of them are the

Parking lot of the Toyota place five five North East Broadway there’s a female rummaging through an older version he tried to Kurla just messing around with the Syrian column now she told her collar that this is her vehicle doesn’t look like an enormous thirty is a black beanie hat black in grey and white sweater

Morning hard to come around that the Toyota five north is probably the most sense of them on

Nora George Lincoln eight forever six anything it

Will be on if they get an advise of a five ninety six and they give all the they’re already covered

For this is a society of plates nor of Argentinians there are five it is clear eighty six are to carry registered

To do to our northwest Flanders so an elderly female over thirty nine is one of the

There are cars

On the nickels and round and they’re going to pull toward us and a lot a lot one party in search of a brother for them

Having that seven of three one hundred one if we don’t know is seven the road to George Mary George and you run the yes or that is clear on a ridge and fall out of trying to pressure me for a very grim or her very very

Essential for everyone on her own and you went out of choice it’s or North Shore leave you with review of Essex

That one is expired clear by then and it’s like old looks like upon the Voyager van and the seven Perfect thank you so version Thankfully one can start on that interaction and have you think you some sixteen I’m already here on this day I’ve met I think you know happy that you can Thanks again and seventy nine driver they want you should you sort of have to do so and do your job or that’s when I’ve decided I didn’t

Write her good record or I have any Saturn five ninety five I ne probably try to solve it twenty three thirty three


You know

And they think they’re nice and seven twenty one

Twenty five So you’ve also run

South from Broadway

That’s the

Thing From then on Broadway having the are for Mary thing

Six and you know and even all summer

Sony and around

Better description if any why female

What they’re

Why females are caught sucking hath with white ants is what I have a sense for if there were a good programmer her memory right

Now looks like of theirs and look Asian one of her must be his is ninety seven one two one two eight five nine five and your event they have a different location son number in the one that The View Apartments unpacked her cabin if you like that one as well

As our That one five zero three four nine eight six seven five zero probably seventy four but the buses and the doors it is a wait look at Revere of the sort of Us a soft Avenger in Broadway correct

Overpaid and have to pay for

That Jane jumped out of the window above

We are cellphone Broadway have a letter but are you unfettered southbound half an R.V. go on Broadway

Just that there were a gravel feel that Gordon was

Getting through ever asked field for center sing Happy Broadway Larry

Six announcing you know down on

An interstate now

That is exactly why which isn’t or Broadway in Victoria that’s around north and seven twenty seven is just across America trucks National Army wife I remember when she went to the Bradley bridge

To drive resurrect bridge she’s about later B. the field there she had jumped out of a window over trying to bust

In on the thirty black beanie hat black for a white sweater and she is on the other

Bridge now is twenty one have I had that way if you and got the seventh fleet being on a play structure on the southeast corner of the park they asked the transients move along and became very abusive

Both numbers are tired and hungry and she’s not sure the exact apartment is even Harmon offering so we’re going to have to sack this and we tell the office it and go back and see we’re in a playoff and second at seventy

Six I didn’t read

Or want to nor

If they tore the home

To grab a holder of

Our van or say Georgia home or family

OK it sounds like a female is off the Broadway Bridge She’s now running northbound interstate towards a homeless camp so central cars can declare having

Coffee thank you when you get in it is well they are sixty one weather

Does anyone

Know who won one hundred thousand longer than

We were in the organ he more jargon or you know

Start in Cleveland that was are they dress up

For a country welcome when it’s just west of

Linda’s west of there is any Somebody want to pay if the time of us is really she didn’t have any damage on attorney for thirty eight a judgement over that but with legal

Thirty eight or two they have are in custody along interstate and

Somebody played didn’t come back but I found of in for it for that play in region and comes back on a six or Gram


Because for seven hundred

Ninety one thank us thank you ones I se Madison Street our mail complain and so there’s a subject who lives down the block was trying to get into our on tour from time its yard

There’s currently people outside in front in the subject trying to remove them but merely thirty six foot three hundred pounds green sure black shorts on a name plain refuses to go inside and the other said it sounds like you might even escalate the situation with this guy

And anyone if you think of a place

And it any is it

Takes seven thirty four OK Great six hundred because

It isn’t any confusion probably thank you so that if


Rethink forms except for how heart inside our OK happy and your home at the city six only one

Other color that’s what she thinks as an adult female and maybe a ten year old boy walking northbound no vehicle seen around you cannot be good US no doubt the director general

Do want to cover carefully for a job they produce and I

Resent replace

It is somebody after Central

If you please take your cameras were getting a report northbound I five south of the Markham bridge the mail and about a ten year old boy are walking north down on the right shoulder or on the way to go check

On the well thank you and then there are

The special Easley’s I see

Somebody of able for a broken down from my block in the right lane its westbound ID for just west of the forty third Avenue and that

They get and somebody just the west end of us to run out of shoulders

All the typical thinkers if we can make sure which bridge we’re talking about but that we’re able to cover that

And thank you that’s very very do what I call the color of the one where I make sure that no bridge confusion

Thank you as a

Twenty year and it was heavy and some of the ring and ever measured aggression on a lot of old brush from Perth or academy one and then there are these Cleveland from the green room door well in front of him I’ve seen many

I mean having this in the nation and I wanted to do one

Ever and I don’t want to say you’re insane you can be clever like one our caller is absolutely certain but it’s a mark of reference an exit even though I know three my callers wrong if it’s the same thing they want

Somebody And once you go ahead and be clear it looks like your caller was on I four or five when they called so it’s probably the mark of jewels of the think you see them forty

But right and eleven and sing and some forty or don’t worry you’re dancing on Central yes or

Professor Mark Almond with a coke I’m afraid to see anybody walk around I have no more cracked our coverage of the heart reports

That we didn’t see any but no camera coverage on the market at seven forty seven forty one hundred seventy seven for covers or right we’re going to go away as you go so often when they aren’t there

Some very thirty eight of you will get we’ve got well there’s no dreaming up with a couple some forty days before June if you want and I will be off with the start of that with a certain that somebody for sure they’re once only thirty if the person they’re with

Us or is in Davis and then us Westerners and Davis and so forth if I really think what happened here is you few Show me one after my show a lot done

But we offered to research her for her

Forty one

Forty one do you think three was a serious the safe way one zero one zero Sophos Jefferson and a guy by the bottle returning on the backs of the building they’d like removed is been aggressive to white male in his forty’s or fifty’s very thin really here blue jacket with black stripe losing mighty high or mental health issues if everyone copy from by the court do with

What is already well I won’t work in that any who work


Whether the

Person I was working I’m sure fifteen the earlier point if you say in a thirty it appears very well done

But is it identify my old call fine or should middle of

The pharmacy run back for office in grammar and go

All the chalk on an arson karma having to buy thirty for their last night it was not working and the second was that for the last like I was eleven working and I can just buy another at and have to do it I think

As a welfare check one zero six ne one six zero ave of these are individually numbered of Herman’s Plan A hasn’t heard from her uncle in a week which is unusual because he talks them every day

He’s blind and lives here alone doesn’t know of any health problems or the planet is in California check in on a Edward Donald given born in one nine hundred forty four black mail six to twenty seven to do an interview with an I was on the side I can go to north there’s a note over here that says I This is unavailable but that was from yesterday so I don’t know if everybody is down or there’s a high number of coughing questions regarding that six ninety joint that is there was because of a


You know why now take some coffee from the plaid at one zero two five five ne Lisa and she took off East downed an Leeson and of blue Jetta for once and for boy Charlie easy the red shirted seven hundred ne one zero one apartment embers of the sickly somebody just what it was on one on

Me on that one hole that I moved for

The others of the fourth and if you have a different call OK one zero eight zero zero Southeast Washington it’s like a light middle school second hand from a friend about a minute ago the complainant daughter was followed to school by subject and in Black one of pilots subject was last seen still sitting outside the school in the vehicle

And they want to make sure that the daughter arrived the school or they don’t not announce her first name but her last name Butler don’t know what age is either and the friend who alerted our complaint also has video of the suspect and are not sure why that friend isn’t calling in

And once it’s on and I search for something different just one zero six ne one six zero welfare check their individually numbered planets in California asking to check on her uncle who she hasn’t heard from and Donald didn’t add or Donald in but that actually born in one thousand forty four is a black male nothing like down the Carolina

You do you feel you know eight eleven the area check

Your science you three north west for Ave it’s a cell phone G.P.S. information says it’s a nice area if you’re a male saying get out of here basically and what like I’m saying Get away from me and then we get voicemail when we try calling back the phone is listed apparently in Region two of the email and Hillsborough

Eleven covered as if it isn’t the one you think where it alive and well

It would probably have to reduce or it may be forgeries and that’s if it suits them to

Do the morning as a DA frigid unit you and I we got another over the line sounds of arguing in the background as if and I fit again for that call taker it showed on Forest just north of Flanders causing them to get to an area if you want to there as if you know I think you were unclear Charlie personages or the X.-Men if I just think you a lot of

West one eight and White two car non-injury accident blocking and they hold a move sounds like only those looking for a gray Volkswagen in a room for

Five dollars but hundreds or more one hundred thirty of the harbor has thirty have written it and he’s out in these and he ends up he is unfortunate event is

A forty two three employees who are in it for one the city at City Hall one to do one selfless Fourth Avenue going to be checking on the Fifth Avenue sign colors of has advice on somebody in a green sleeping bag and it was clear up over their head so they were worried they were not able to breathe OK

OK I was right

Before you went any

If everyone got me thinking if you

Put one for

Data for you and

I think that it will cause the same as an eye when one hang up the phone numbers like this they might well be in around foci I was also wondering if it was rude related to that possibly suicidal guy because if they had the name for the

The unwonted

Thing you

Made of information reckless driver I think eastbound John’s was drive from eighty to fifty six are down for a drive there in a black ninety six homicides a four choosier George if that Roger is you know

Twenty thirty one set of check out want to give us toys or till we’re a whole

And just run twenty one driving and when I visit as a family nine to eleven Good morning I will in one thousand morning is it a seven

And seven hundred fifty good they’re going to notify light rail to give them the heads up and hopefully they’re able to relate either a fiddle occasion or do we need to in line to do that

The whole the whole

What you have straight hole that Hollywood

Hole there we are OK

And informational for check seven nine zero nine ne police and billiard shop planet some male versus female sounded like it was verbal male half went back inside locations the men have this currently sitting down next door in front of the Gleason

Well for tickling incident of

Something to do we just missed it so they’re going to hold of the Lloyd Center OK

You know they were put over north of I think things are US ninety one there is right one three five two se me

Running to says he cried the name of Russ and the rich versus Are we need a three hour response including a surgeon and he

And I will write report on her today

You betcha

Ninety five chews up the main three car minimum response and put in a sergeant in the C.H.P. for server Milledge

To save me I think I met Madison

A mix of OK

It is two zero four five four ne Sandy is the manager found a knife was blood all over it in the grass in front of him like it picked up directly in front of the office


Going to have a royal shutdown at Foster

Do it there was twenty thirty years in the draw and that was it


Eighty eight and getting

Down from foster care of it or some other doctor and I’m fifty seven The longer you so monitoring and on about anyone on this I know many stabbings in the east county last night no answer is exciting and if it is you that all of a

That empowers and all road this came in through a net a apparently saying that someone reported just south of powerless and however there’s a not under accident of the people asked for police and then hung up on them before they could get better

At it in six words like to vision fifty five as you and me as if you six forty three North mirrors

For three are mirrors as

I thought of an

Icon of the guy he’s not talking non-injury try to explain to him that insurance companies decide for billions as he was an officer to see the scene

It’s on us information on a reckless drivers out but I find

The black Prius zero four zero in re Polish Henry driving erratic and getting others off and coming back on last Ford Focus so either place wrong or switch the twenty one but

Create for two going to be checking the northeast

Owner of Western Zeidan three ave to see a white van or sixty throwing glass of people talking to yourself flailing their arms around is that gray here Brown stretcher tight white socks you know shoes having them dreams of a

Seven maybe

It’s a twenty four if we want to put me on measurement twenty three if we want to see any particular programs that

Are very poor we want she’s not at the intersection for all those who are on the walk and they’re checking around twenty five six one I mean so when I did your mother to five one nine ne to a five unit to eight to five one hour there’s just I’m number two at eighteen I think

They were forty one they pretty much over with the subject second burn so it should be southeast corner founder Jim brings a southeast corner a three one coffee and if you want to play

It’s one of black jacket trailblazers or on with green flag short

Well we were out rowing friends under thirty if you were closer we’ll take it in clear

He’s going to get seventy four when he can be playing OK and you’re seventy four dynamicity back on your other developing your own

Seven hundred fifty I guess the train is now leaving I don’t know our collar is not trying to sell on the trains going to be used just last the seventh Avenue trance at this point we’re going to on the stop and let it roll or call down to the office now for me about old times I think they’re OK having

Risen but I can do that with the front of a car

That are westbound train number

And he’s in the

And you have area of a rear car with a first for those of the fight

Now he’s a drunk guy who is over having her knees yelling and everybody to serve all her on but at twenty seven where you are all that if you know me the first of all both conserve and going over my claim there is a forty two

For you and some for you want to join to be the next closest of the revised Department two two two zero north west front ave you know for your zero seven second hand there’s a male yelling at a female things being thrown around and the female saying stop

Them for you and also please

Ruin or

This is what

It takes one clear Franken lowered a copy you can go to the front ave the servants

Seven twelve them all for you and seven thirty one starts vacuum’s one zero seven north east Grand Avenue you

Probably several vehicles have their windows broken and you were busted out over the weekend now there’s a guy looking into cars he was on the property now he’s behind and Will Cain kind of moving around southbound an area check I guess white male twenty’s ninety black brown pants carrying a skateboard

So I’m thirty one also place

And they’re now just leaving the Rose Quarter track center for seven hundred fifty and thirty seven

Going to be there is that one property

And also he’s going to try and get off at Old Town train yeah old girl whoa who are you know like

OK maybe really five English for having

Those rhythms I want on their horn and I mean really and I

Search one hundred and six minutes later and say there are five married to for farmers use this

Yes can you let me know if you’re interested in the service something you have to handle that has shown or vote three to five on Hainan Island as they say there’s a ban on both tied up to their dock yelling for me John and I’ll sort it all in for me are that open I think you when he went driving

Force an employee I mean will you miss your five year old one going to be movie

Star and I mean is that if S. he thirty one

Three and eight forty one part one thousand apartments by five zero Northwest one nine didn’t come from maintenance employee there’s a transience Gina running around inside the building last seen getting in the elevator looks like headed to the sixth floor she seems really high she stole a garbage can from the front desk she’s a white female and her twenty’s to thirty’s long brown hair plaid but young men sure White Sox apparently no


From Virginia

If we won probably three Nash it would have

Been for you wanted you to play nine one five projects you’re using

One of them trying to well into the Poconos minimal side organ eight one zero X. three Edward X. reaching seventh mean and what was across I could hear most stuff a section of the road like that many

Of Us second and making northbound stopped at the light of fifty seven of us through off

The driver’s side you know why it’s only thirty two minute or thirty that you had that way anybody about declarer’s under you when can you start that way

But he warned opiates you International spike strips do Nashua spike strips Central has not emergency off there are rolling still and join main nine one five franc X. ray King one

And then if we’re different with the fall of

The sun over the very

Second approaching Martian number three laying might turn on the Martian bridge we are going you know Morse

Is down on the Martian bridge still behind it all doing wonders not sure logged on any canines monitoring unit for now you never

Know you

Were off of our or OK he’s down approaching an OK grand

If you go north

We’ll go north bound on Grand Isle

North on grand maybe we think husband will switch over central OK I’m just going to give up dating around my

Thirty six sixteen grand in Oregon with spectra who are like you know about the

Murder of Morris stuff as a let’s not bang grand self a Martian comes in forty one the way Washington memo

That we


Some forty one description again

You know


Going to go west all of us a little west on Elder from Grant Are they white males I thought I was white

If you you know half of your

Race is anybody young I know

But in the stuff

We’re all here and where he goes he goes west across in there are looking older

One West

Third North answered from older and information and each Yes unit citywide is coming back hot right now but there’s a forty six consumer device

Right now or people out people three

Arthur vaulter

Wanted to clear a forty six so it’s awful but he was both slow down and just leave well no one else needed are you three north of altar government of Israel are and no one else is needed at three another the day where he was more than pleased want to live in the year and he County is now holding a party that they’ve had up on that I have a welfare check on a form for and so truck on NE nineteen no one just clear in a clear with age really please

Thank you and this is going to be seventy six there are ne one thousand three one house west of there they can sail flight on it

If we want to answer you any seventy one unless somebody else clears fluster James Hawthorne apartments one five zero South was one three ave was waiting in the lobby of outside to tend to go and I don’t transients punched her in the face and took her cigarette the subject is suspect is standing across the street and there’s thousands Ave side white male thirty brown hair blue jacket

And one

At a party and then when you have seen most of all of art a couple minutes ago a silver Honda Civic zero Thank you Henry Sam Charlie swerving information it’s a pretty one sided and I there are the save is a forty nine

Year or

Less you’d answer a good review

Thank you

Six one hundred six on any

Enjoyment of two three nine zero one nor his hole the number forty two is we now know are they held a number forty two a fifty one

Forty one

Somebody on

The Greens would

Certainly be one

Five nine are complete should read no further

Delhi Granges issue will be ten eleven and warning Sunderland or East Asia to a twenty one status check if you want but it will take everything in four for good or a good one six one seven ones as well

Rolling the servants eighty to a northeast Karmiel of are they were last seen headed the last one on Colombia

In a silver newer Nissan Jews or hatchback I don’t license like now versus you know

How are

Not a time when the hast had to spend it anyway sixty one cover and altering that one

More usual March

This Friday I mean the area I’m assuming these people will be long gone when are you going to cover

Some of


Whole forty worth of hers that we carry there are three others so in your first one was clear vive an expired servant

And second one also expired just clear five and then five sold

If seven hundred zero people are

Assessed that

Is we want a thirty one hundred thirty one go ahead

And I get medical from the revocations original

Could learn M.R. and conscious reading OK

And if you’re doing double checking are you on the lobby was or I am

A little of a ploy so substitute when he’s in real flee the teller and want to one of the nine

Lives seven to zero in or the one thousand jobs that you

Do if there were injuries don’t both report if you went as a report and you know

Anyone was right about twenty to thirty transients getting kicked out by

Their crossing the street back and forth under the bridge will probably get more calls at this point I will call back if any people actually cited or arrested so far

As foster Nigel five Area Center one made it do they do speak for you in it when I need to pull you northbound five at Capital highway in us rolling on an injury accident two vehicles on the left shoulder and possibly one having a panic attack or is high is a

Minute and you want

To go at some forty two car ten or project one forestry one selfies and all K. and male inside usually is a black male in the seventies leisure jean jacket

And one can’t stand it and for it it do and it won another colors as is just north of Capitol Hill not sure if you can get it from here on ramp or not if you go

Put up or central

This year if you need to cameras to pinpoint a wreck northbound I five I went bridge and set it at Capital highway another says north of this kind of wondering get to from here we’re going around this Harvard village very walkable up the way for your whore vehicles have you think you and I disagree a bit when the readers are most activists from the one this is going to be just north of the tailor’s very unreal in the left lane

That if that’s

Silence for want of French acting are found to have hybrid God and stand right shoulder look for a blue car smell it like he was trying to open the door if it

Was actually falling out of the door

Six I feel like you having six by one nine hundred

Forty one before you answer it for the Starbucks one three one one north west you three ave maybe he’s there’s a surgeon or somebody can cover you for a certain someone from further off the field than a little bit they have somebody in the lobby rocking back and forth talking to itself becomes verbal confrontation I want to approach white male in his mid twenties great he’s your Black Cherry You know known weapons

Well somebody went on a district recover one three one one Northwest you three ave the service

You know thank for being there if you were the hardest version of them are

I don’t think we ever got any descriptions and I just got a date from Chuck ten

Possible psych patient they say best access is north and I five on route from Capitol

But I go ahead in my her part of it with a rational or it was her is as a law force a lot of horror

And is unseen and police your zone around

You and pretty

You know give a clear hi so gracious me in person a crisis or we will try to get that info reckless driver last seen South West barber and I five going to self not have any barber so white Explorer six five one George Frank George all over the roads every mission and one thing that is pretty clear here he

Is going to

Thank you just give it do whatever it’s clear

Personally the loser

We’ll try to do the only color unit at the moment is eight seventy one


Two three one sixty three one

One five one five Water five one five se water is one sixty eight one four five are you monitoring them for it one two looks like it’s anyone’s on scene and the grades are activity is freaking out puzzling needs to be restrained they don’t have a car the reason

They don’t want to arrive at

It when arriving is thinking that even when I’m not

The one Australian or Anthony say Why yes you definitely are vipers ridden are

Definitely in crisis and realizes just getting on the northbound from you were on Route seventy one seventy one I’m clear from this calling can you put me on another when for Phil and property of the same location

With us at the Carter Center and thankfully couple of university students left whole school and walked to the location it looks like her and I think now there’s a staff member’s husband who’s with the students is waiting for help to get there and the first is going to be lovin him St He’s await me on I’m closing second and equally going on sure

Want to

Thank me or want to have

One of the happy one Joining me

Isn’t one for one on the from print ne one six two Ave in NE Russell in the on Russell just east of season just east of one six to you from present a green Subaru Legacy Washington eight three five Henry ita every one of the all advise all five on how he won for when he said to her better one it was who one or zero Never any of them will only give you a

See if you’re going to rejoin the registered owner as if there’s an event all fly great again they’re

Checking in we want

Rather than hear from her or what people who are as a result

OK at twenty thirty the security area able to go just by size zero northwest of one avenue

Who has one of us

And one thousand one nine at the park one thousand apartments sixty five and

Thirty is on the way for easy if you will take a few minutes sorry to hear you guys are tense or when I’m where now I can and if you want go over twenty thirty in this regard

And century never wanted something known as you do have your

Negative those are very well written programs or

Providence park westbound and a twenty four journey proliferation supervisor on the East is looking for a problem provisions of provider not me

Probably from an officer yes if you do five ninety That sounds like a struggle hard to understand as much yarn in the background and we can’t get him back on the air we just make sure they’re OK We don’t have him out anywhere are you able to check in with I’m sure it was sixty five Monday


You know

Just to MCO anyone

Who knew him from

Six different on your unreadable on our end or anywhere are all OK where you live you clear

You know where

The are five or six four one five se want you to

Where you are you very well

Sorry radios that I can hear if you see one ninety eight is going to give you a call me

In Relayer address and I thought your ten flooring and sixty one you got the six for one high se one issue that’s what I originally copied but he said no no i don’t H.V. jacket or pants that was holding for a welfare check it’s twenty

Anything on the phone how sure the notes are six six one hundred eight and I’m going to reveal office one four one five selfies one through two there’s not enough officers now there goes for OK Copy it is just office one for one five south is one to two info for and I need to I think you

Know when


One sometimes or when

We’re out of

Her whoever we are playing I cried what a seventy first Denver inside out occupied soul and somebody in that area that can clear

Than I know what anybody else i do we can build things if they’re going to point for the

Job that you respond and you know it’s guns or playing to the south coming off a burn sign

Physical it was that has

Been fun too that’s I guess is you me at nine thousand him OK Boulevard love them fuzz one thousand machine or a five hundred twenty

You know who are with him

You know for insane with I’m nineteen and information he’s anybody comes across to transient by the name of bust of heart and initials are H. like Henry T. like he resists for five forty eight stick around the night he thinks a spin on around the main hospital is released they really need to go back to the hospital soonest possible so white male white hair valving unknown clothing anyone comes across her heart and ninety

You know it’s right now I don’t see the century

Old female of who we are some of

The things that you were think they’re wanting can’t recover thank you seventy of his age and sixty one then five to even make less

And that if you can I search for this

Subject was attempted to

Blend for one for four five five eastern side Number two one to complain I must of been at the location subject with if he was in there about an hour ago which is his sister’s house lookin for a last Arayan first of Andrew five thirty one eighty seven white male five eleven one sixty from is

Going to be a caution for there are none and Adam one

Hundred it is one way

It’s of a

Yes In present response and I

Do in forty eight

Edward yellow

A one party copy if I


This if I

Do with one and

That insidious is a thirty four six one hundred six on any

Three three six two or five place

Six se zero five place and thirty four one sixty you

Yourself and one for one is seven one four one two one seven seven four five SE Washington Street is being assaulted by her husband who is Lawrence Mills ten fifteen one hundred fifty

And he’s going to be a black male in a black leather jacket with brain cancer in his knee and he is with just a shed in the backyard so I think

But I’m going to be serving civil papers have you ever

Heard of the six on one NE three

Exteriorizing and I thirty six because I’m only twenty one thirty seven or one three

Choice recently

I’m looking for short no ninety thousand Ave The Voice Klein looks like it’s a place called Rose even when somebody will declare

It’s one thirty OK

There’s one hundred eighty six one hundred twenty one three and if we want a mature and I’m

Basically totally going that way it’s thirty one also I think forty six to George George Paul two five one hundred blocks or have you do five one hundred plus a star getting forty

And then pretty soon for Mission Atlanta reckless driver than I did for a video of ave you possibly were in a vehicle prior to get on the freeway vehicle still driving reckless as a black two thousand and twelve or newer Ford Focus with blacked out taillights unemployed on it and he’s been in it for five hundred forty of

Very Department drawing on a report of a natural gas line that’s been broken by one eight zero self was barns at Breckenridge apartment the think it’s right off the skyline and barn they haven’t asked for assistance yet and thankful to have the county in it starkly the sundials thing for you

Know and I hope

That for a living happy tourney and I’m forty three or four or one hundred one for one copy goes for and one by one you can make any


It difficult for one three four

And you

Indeed you want me this there is cover car

Covers original

At eighty four for a healthy Brooklyn where the driver of the vehicle intentionally hit a pedestrian and now they’re fighting

In a stage one from

OK after that one seventy division is there a surgeon they can cover in that

There are no I don’t know who are into

Reading and I think you from certain show five and five not in four one order of that was your unit

There didn’t know it would you want to continue as cover with them and clear the other has at least sir

Isaac sons and oh you don’t need to go over very proud in your what was

Your version of fun and certainly Nicholas all

Over and I for one thinks more and nine six ones are it’s a vehicle that intentionally have a tester in the drivers out fighting with a bit as or not they just sit

And protect the vehicle is taken off westbound the silver Pontiac

Suggestions cheesing after it vehicle is zero for eight easy King Mary six funniest grandam four door Richard in north east and the sixteenth out of her nine eleven unclear the range and therefore why

Email are all of that vehicle as a felony walk

Dudes we’re not all going to go sure either

So for the freezer to protect you thirty to do it I’ll be in the presence of I think

It is their home in and around here

And I live ninety five and seventy Well project eight or nine on the street because of the person he’s on the park in front of Brussels from Dover possibly even C.M. light they’ll succeed is unusual but your life jacket and feel that

Pressure may go I think you and Yankees is a sink I listen because I had a call or the smile listen for a guy and that I want to come back to the hospital to heart

Well know what you’re balding and him

And we’re going to come back to see where the victim might have gone it looks like

Medical details trying to find an Asian

Will be there shortly so

Her sixties I seventy six if I said it they can say she was one of fourteen fifteen healthy one twenty two and sixty couldn’t see anything sixty five seventy seven it’s as if you’re one thirty one

Because I think you’re going to be for some form of them oh my that’s a joke if you.

Cleveland May 7, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

It was an error of our value it’s one forty nine David three zero eight upright and for a very very very over here

David thirty three’s in this regard

One forty nine made for go wire for the row no longer dangling the figure they are phone or cable were not right there are many so for

Yet we sit here thank you Jen out of the front makes sure a

Seven three three zero

Is a part of one five or one second please call me one far OK for that very very three year was

OK and that I’m thirty one did you need to be there are seven zero four seven apartment one five choice not wash their door for the Lisa or supportive of a ride her to her who are going to head over to visit the if you could for me please notify them why the figure is remote

She’s not really cooperative thirty five area but still forty three is really no response

Thank you once if you want to know what

Thirty thirty two out of thirty two Can you had over an assist that’s just to Eddie and I believe you know less than the players resigning

Is really just one of the numbers to me sixty two at the rose in there but for Eddie I’m sorry that he let in for Gregory Gray he’s on the way doesn’t sound violent on the cell system it’s a very good at ninety thing that anything that he doesn’t have any weapons

Well I’ll wait till we’re about the numbers

Tell me when fifty three

Three six at once I think

I kept his prophecies are

Just very upright we’re at war for six and you can actually mark did you a you know there’s absolutely no one here for a first one sixty three seven zero five three eight one OK thank you you’re welcome he says he is history you know and one of those and I haven’t found anything in our system other than prior arrests

I’ll make a citywide broadcast

Which go have a negative it’s all year oh oh oh If you want to give me a call report


Do you prefer

For a couple of males in their twenty’s Jevon in and the story playing the game at one six one in a lot of lives hollers wary enough to the stars and do the hiring

And why don’t they will it’s you can I say one thing you know traverse one fifty five

Thirty a week in every way

OK it’s one fifty five three five are pretty close you know them OK thirty five happy so if you want thirty five or seven thousand five one number three

This is a one or even if you want the minimum fifteen

OK so now seventy four he’s an apartment fifteen thousand let me forty seven

OK three five had to set a church we have a report to play that you can go over encourage their will while we’re closer to go have a third I were just wrong of our value just you know just seven zero four seven Valley Number one five and your time is one fifty sex I was there three three were

For stories with your children OK so then maybe Barney thirty three might need assistance three four X. seven seven five one of our number three

Priority two for suspicious activity before three four and I won’t run for three four and I will run for you know one zero for an hour C.C.D. has transferred over a call for you now they invent a male than the name around he was currently on scene Lisa I think you mean for the F. O. line disconnect

Presidents and the number located is this answer for her I was there and I think a number of forces or force or forces were force in terms with the center of her force

OK it’s one fifty seven so that any thirty eight

For a cold water on Phantom and I’m thirty six is that’s how arrived at I got him

Three six there we just finished up with a zero on

CD and I threw the medical He had some

Male stats on Venom

Thirty were for the good very good or go system over

After six for

OK so three secs just so you know your one for ninety had cleared so I close it out ninety four once on the wound but I was at one twenty seven fourteen once when I thought I was fourteen

Male stabbed in the neck female suspect this may be a D.V. male call the in last and says brother was stabbed and now it’s must be a female suspect unknown and she still there is a cold one as ninety nine one five ninety nine sixteen when shifting and I don’t think he was I just went to sting and I got Halladay in airports hauling out a video press about I go out

I was stabbed and

It was so loud over there they couldn’t get any information of people yelling in the background I think it’s a step in that and there’s a feeling that they said the female suspect we don’t know who’s in there where she is right now OK Jean Jean Jo call back to the program line and just I think it’s more info but you know he and I still yes I have lined

Up just

Will be there in a minute I can get more info

It’s still there for what

We want to do

You know this victim over here Sam the suspect would tell you her eyes are two year old Aaron

Seven zero four seven partners refer to as you said the females armed with a knife OK now let’s play is first name but I didn’t have to the last

Three are I T T E N D E N B O B O twelve thirteen eighty she’s

OK three were right enough that a lot of the amassed are still on and you can see over

Here I want

Them three now if you want

Me go abroad and we want to radio and interview on

One of them yeah right it’s not what we’re going to get is it is you want to do anything that will really

Alter photographers or hard to make him these are we are he that is you know it is a lot more than just an indoor

Photo here people like your twenty five year old female that’s all we get right now is just

Happy and then one been issued to another war

Even as a kind of social for that female Atlanta and she doesn’t Ayers for tattling these are from

Two thousand savants for a

Book or do we want to

Read a sampler for the farm Vols

Who are

I am willing I just wondered how one one’s a coast to coast one of the domestic our twenty seven two females live in girlfriends hiding out of their party hall from the doctors neighbors I feel it is and I’m so good that I just do hope to go you know their cars are all over got ready to head out

The old ones are very often have a story of

Their own farms or

How I think of a place parking is for a number of horses or is the wrong thing for a young fellow to see Milverton him up there smaller female one here skinny she’s lucky walking with someone else or he’s under sixteen receiving a locator

But rather to go under a hoodie unless cards are rival

Something is

If you were going to try to help with U.S. troops maybe going to yes they should be OK after that you’ll have and using April Wagner a twenty five year old female right to live here at this address that if your girlfriend

Happy jet or some

Numbers and I nine to two now unite and unite in twenty two and I’m seeing medics three three three three and out Oh yeah and that’s a much greater honor society there just like I was twenty five

I got a license plate

Image received remarks are headed off toward Carson

On role play I got to play very own or any Ok go we’re going to be at ORD for eight six eight one four

Four eight six eight one four precious or two hundred fifty thousand one minute

He for Jack for fools or no them targets meant U.V. bull’s eye this U.V. parked on thirtieth with the door open no fleet information is hauled in by the federal security vessel by the CO three hundred ninety nine seven and I meet many of them stopping your social sphere of them and I have a quarter to nine nine seven six eight seven eight zero two ninety nine seventy six eighty seven eighty and I got her and I and it


Clear air clear I think they were forty one twenty and thirty I’m sorry thirty one that’s forty and no I think forty was still in because I mail threatening weather for one mailbox collars money and then arrow mega monitored radio was so you know if I heard about this foreman over here

I think so and I am free to you just complete your hollers why nobody checked that code line for threats that have wrecked the number of ninety nine to three Ninety nine hundred before discovering just as a backup

I think that the project that’s actually not

Before I’m on the train they’ve been here for several minutes so that we are here OK so I guess if I join ours thirty severing the zone already in time is Do not be for and really is a semi followings assault there are

Foreigners talking so things are OK and as is her phone number and you are seventy three when you

Are there and that was for photos and friends are

Forty three

They just let you know she is a blonde wait on


You were her friend supposed to live in the area yet or for the purpose that’s OK do a lot of hours good for their area human social things and media V.O.A. you

I see a lot of very regular social a few million Syrians all of them on file for

I’ve met a forty when he met a thirty one when he

She also wrote from here

She was

A few here twenty two on the phone and on one flight five hundred three eighty five OK I want to go out and get all three when a man offers Rommel Yeah I was trying to grab them so let me say if you burn through five you

As I say so you want to be a Remington twelve gauge shotgun three two five seven seven eight seven there will be a once or twice you are out of all three nine five zero six Adam

West eighty third in the rain but I think there in Iran Iraq very the fact of vehicle is radical point who are less a theory of the rain less anything out of the rain has been added as Callie he said that the gas station two males rather at them point for a vehicle one white male One is that a male

Vehicle that was taken as a Toyota Avalon I

Doubt she’s saying that he was right for her cart he thinks they may take her car she’s one of lag Jack and I he she was you know why thing now so how why has nine I think and I think I thought he’s a

Member and you always were his hero

Thanks so much I think there’s a have with

Your phone system now too

Yes wrecked so you’re up to fifty one if you want to and you’re going to be one I really will look at this vehicle George Walton Charlie four to eight you see right in front of seventy you know six thirty eight if you run it through so you go for a number called Make sure the owner knows where the car is everything seems rejecting all right what’s at the door was open and that the and can’t tell anything so you never isn’t coughing over a number from you know

If you are running the place then sure when the Camorra

We don’t need something to use one thirtieth

If that had hit from earlier if you could reopen next I was able to get a hold of the

Owner of the white van who struck this hole and

We’re going to tell us the whole plot

An awful thing for one Sanford revealing memory to minutes after midnight that was two hours ago off here for your argument

This is why i asked me why the dimensions he said no but he was going to get somebody out there


Seventy not every IT WORKS member that he called her over five A one twenty one hundred press the number one for me anything in cars having

Very time have to seventy

She came home to an open door that I mean it’s you know ninety seven ninety seven

To eight seeing what a home architectural had on one of

Their very first names there is very

General second point are it is are we going across Florida and that’s one of them that’s

Where we got info received over here yesterday from Iraq you know as well this is the mail is just requesting

To get taken to train for a detox but I think I’m over there we have an administration I’m bored game out of you want to

Show off not only but I was exact United and like driving and you are right just less Thank you Don again a lot of parties back over there but none of them when

They will

Have apartment of wine the residents I don’t have anywhere to park on property taxes once you sat there and I can see my recess in this for the sake of sound in

Connection with a missing vehicle oh say reading Heller Grand Cherokee I found plaintive George Robert ten forty one that

You know we have for had she said I think she was

But it’s really one of the

Drive vehicles possibly now residence in a parking area high numbers horses for the

Senses have any seven you guys OK them and they’re OK We’re out remember forever David to David three joined they were very very kind to me that uppercut I’m only thirty three the same thirty three through on process I’m just looking for them

At this time as you know you are no longer that’s not the one area I’ve got and I’m Free want to add I’m sorry for any theories remembering to revive all and rolling over and I have already three it and I’m very sexy all over and out of the normal some of the running how we’re going to convert or homeless if you third I’m sorry Miles it’s not going

If you want some of them value to do this for us but if they want closure sent on this or are you close we can break until some rows

Have to get it’s only

Paperwork from the OIS the enrolments of the D.C.

Or no while though so I figured it would be busy

But I’ll just be

The mother ex-girlfriend

Three six figures seriously is going to shut the whole Camillus

Keep it clear we’re going to have it this way

Starting at twenty six and this is very nice if Mrs is actually black Ali I got her grandson the and I will rule e was like he was wearing that outer

Collar has custody of only twelve years old isn’t this Aaron Ghar Kii he’s got a violin and has but he’s happy about it now the whole three cat is nice have a very early nineties and of that he’s also we have forty seven thirty one broth you four seven three one broth you

All are

In the back of the parking lot of the apartment complex you have a dark colored Shura I don’t like no place for it or sitting there for of like the ACOA if you actually think and act car have anything sexual activity because every get is not at all a ninety eight only awful

Of the very best seventy one of two or sure there are one zero or sure apartment building across the street with a loud music circle three cats nine a seventy five ninety eight seventy five I and also thirty one I sing Cypress thirty one I sing cypress that out of our kings off the ferry when it was left on the front porch They faced with a dog out of never take it back in a call for status ninety eight to zero ninety eight twenty and lastly another

Menses into Ridgeview Mrs in Ridgefield or in Mrs It’s got to be on the assistant line

From perfect me both are being frank George Charles four one six one Frank George Charles four one six one Frank next door to live rivers are four eight five five eight four pressing an agenda on that information rock anthem of the forest district do you just banks like us broadcast they are taken and they belong us to solve kidnapping child endangering have contact with effort for eight six eight one four comes back to two thousand and one Mr B. She and I believe we have a white man pay as a color on us on assault kidnapping child endangering them faggot power from the fourth district

Requesting a broadcast Edwards for eighty six eight one four homes back to a No one if you miss your B.G. I feel like the

Edwards or a sick one for broadcast proper cigars it’s because I thought I was training free there were car to

Valley five as well as coming from seven zero four seven Garden Valley Number five being male is let’s play out prison that’s already happened over at Rainbow terrace apartments on the god Valley so for her friends

Who are worth as for her size those who are resisting said before her are in her see as her sense of our presence the as her own are using turning fifty five year old female thinks and her arm with their rarity the of her eyes the see the residence for that second vehicle that was for

They for her senses two thousand and three teddy boys are see her say her full of our friends the honor her memory he and sons are hero there I seventy members in

Every nation of Iraqi has for the fort there’s a connection with them

Saloni is a self kidnapping child endangering the evidence for no one with the feces for the are white color

Is Edwards for that one for Guinness and no one the P.C. for that or why Edwards for that evil and for suspect L’Etoile Kryten there was a social two ninety seven that being seventy zero to the two year old child Aaron Taylor should have lesser female is supposedly armed with and also and the slowness of kidnapping child endangering the company with a two year old very very very very close

To thirty

Rounds in the day of our twelve thirteen eighty the fact that we’re looking for a two year old as well as she had with her and Taylor again it’s a two thousand and one the city why is color just tags and word for a c eight one four four eight six eight one four thanks to passively armed with a nice broadcast it is our new one very very for the voice heard her door every night for a gentler more fires and I

Thought these are thirty two armor and running can look oh OK I’ll be behind heart having thirty or whenever we were going to drink just a very very short vision of a very cold

Board for each one for thirty three

Refers like this if I want to have all my two year olds out

To thirty two but yeah but

He doesn’t know that of the NIA reposed in the area I want you to

At Channel seven A second woman kind of wasn’t any

Second OK thank you I guess I’m not clear what’s going on the last few we have I’m finishing sixteen year old

Over her seventeenth we have mom here looking for her here because so much so she was in the car with these boys that we had here but there was no female in the car so mom is looking for her there is an older sister on a hundred seventeen ten homes on the sister gets there if mom’s not home yet there is an eighteen year old at home we are still looking for that are just the still missing

We don’t have yet

A revolt from the victim she said her mother’s health is so before your partner a war or a child

Who’s gone or if you don’t think one of course I mean what me

Thing is regenerating

The baby should be as a grandmother thought the mother’s love ourselves with any that office are such as a grandmother grandmothers

And I’m

Ready to put me out with even three maybe three six

Arianne you figure if you got better results

Of this

Business we’re happy to have thirty seven on that you know

We have a

Variant everyone of them over here I’m not going to go rip with seventy for a one Carson seventy for a one person Roger

What were very good together seventy four hundred Carson apartment over one go zero apart war

Three six radio

If they were all the same

And that if we measure another or

Both about the two or three reports which are

Two three six three by we can for if you’re over we’re going to refer to thirty six traffic paths that at two thirty that

I go thank you very much you know five three one you have out west there wasn’t quite a parking lot

And I don’t remember which thirty one thirty thirty one boy thirty year old male and really it was the hall to the head on

It got to the cut a laceration on the back of a

Copy of the three we have to tell very good to thirty seven million that needed their

Radical out of the listing

For the title do you want them to go over there are various other where

You know what at the

Side responding time showing that a lot of then still at six seventy six very wide valleys are you bring a child there or should I have them come the seventy four hundred person firm three ring at the morning remember what when you’re


Orator and you show me how to H.Q. work the boys who do not you know

Harry Charlie Frank for sixty five now he can reach out he’s right forty fifty now that’s it he deliver tell ya to thank me and you know

We’re going to get them

To circle

Again I says notify seventy four hundred Carson and thirty one you have mom there mom and the kids and other male victim who are did not know what I’ve been working

OK And I haven’t

Another way and coming over there they’re sending a

Going over to her if I need to this regard want to fuck me now right if you let us be about the white

House we’re going to get on in February see if your report since three floors aren’t seen as very US aren’t seen heard anyone thirteen Prosser

In silly car really reflect reports of the district research report for

Our Valley at the in the office they’re called Wonkette ninety five at a very wanting a primary at the end what time did they have thirty four say he had the vehicle you had to meet in the case and we had I won the line from

Having days you can’t find out in the

Thirty’s has a head that person runs the J.C. with the property to forty two in an interview just around two forty Hill thank you for your three maybe four seventy four seventy two forty three part if you want to have my calculus forty thirty when you get it’s ninety four for my name for for their victim’s name going to be doing Henderson and as far as two one six three two three seven one four and I got it on a four you run for

Forty thirty five women so no one three that’s all you is en route thirty thirty five three to preserve and to be equal to two on

That number of nothing for a fourth joining just use the candidates for use and for going to reject the house that we have to choose so they address that for we give you that number you know if they don’t know the full number will be one three

Thank you for one that’s one three ninety four one got it thanks for the radio and signs that this is of a it’s not very with actually and to actually be

Destruction one hundred thirty S. And so they are

They were three slick from there were three were doing correctional Co Hi that’s actually in the fine trailer to get off the car

For most of the time at the forty five

Version three of the six

Ones you drew just put over more joy with Jordan were also going from one zero three four inches

To forty six zero two minutes I’ve been so nice of him to do one over number three

Seventy seven fifty one apartment over three and I say if I said that for any right yes ma’am he said because

I can I got to forty six if I’m say something else to complete I do forty six

To forty seven and radio to Sam thirty three thirty four we have one unit at seventy four hundred Carson I think of the regular thirty four or thirty five maybe

That’s radio

I certainly know right off where we’re

Where do we now that’s our not suspect it is

Not as though you can route to

Their location and then I think thirty five and thirty four don’t have any evidence or anything I think they were assisting

Right now three very far away on it

Already or very far from your decision as you were radio thirty five we’re going to break right here OK let me know when you write it happy one please

Reaches the next Richard forty three words I want to Quincy they can try for

However if I want to do one hundred twenty in the parking lot of the C.G. building I have one zero zero zero in G. You know the engine quit

Sure enough one call not points unit is also thirty one feet nine and four Name me name one I live in females call them by the neighbor or Felicity physically fighting and their so called one cares and I once sat on an I.Q. of seventeen

To fourteen I really appreciate thirty five go which I think we you know for a number

Seven hundred her before one zero four forty one prior to our success prior caught him by C.C.D. and a parking lot area since the one hundred Quincy is the one hundred Clancy never has anything because of her and they’re saying he heard of a fire near the front entrance of the building and numbers once a four zero plus a horrifying sense as I see it you know Joey George if you go over

There that’s your very

Very first faith as you are

What has it been a for for you

You can see just what you want all from heaven saying is let a girlfriend of continually putting his hand on her or have her hands on him

I think you threw out a radio

And you just completely ignored Oh why don’t you feel one of the Kool-Aid to her


You should know where he says if you are and you want anything one more

Thank you for being more helpful than Benny he was trying to get healthy she just kept saying the years I knew they were a new thing is a theory she heard in a way I was writing

And he was a good description

They were inside of the of us had started and it was a rainy this came down to thirty seven in the whole so had a nice we’re going for this for color vehicle or some real physical

I’m going

To fifty three go through to ninety seven oneself Moreland twenty nine seventy one self more one full of hard work outs I call these are has friends taxes

From this location and so that means broken in the house of all that person live here I don’t know there’s an apartment number and we have not been able to get in contact with all that so one has ninety eight ninety nine twenty eight have all the way or the very ones are loved how Jefferson the four to fifty three you’re going to have to say I should cancel you should name three six nine eight three six so you can sleep you just before

If the smell was just off except for treatment for

The copy at two thirty four to thirty four hours I thank you I Q Can you check and see if we have

They so sure you know him or her from bro

Was On Q They

Did a birth is going to be April twenty ninth two thousand and six from going to be at the address your thirty four thirty eight with a few

Free ones in the area two cities and

There were check in for the female for three Charlie thirty five anything

For government or the family turned several

Hours of sleep on her when I spoke with the grammar so he shows complete letter three were enrolled for person work and are

That’s a prayer but if you think it’s a prayer or even six zero six see do ever dream no nails in the cause of farmers used to leave Oh yes we do a lot of very little shoes in school for me because we need to rigidly if critical to good meaning three seven mentors

Who was calling the forty a very very sad that you will be with thirty three Yeah but for sixteen I don’t know I heard twenty thirty seven forty three from a miserable OK I don’t have anybody thought as a warrior only probably have any sex

Yeah you know that I suspect female social April Wagner

There are dozens of US twenty eight female April and Wagner three zero one what do you know what her date of birth is it all not only one thing to have a name right now

But I gave it a present a risk

Of the Macof why I have one up but this is also the township for twenty eight female I think Doris X. ray Larry six zero one five George X. ray Larry six zero one

There are extremely

Sizes and says right in there these checks for one of them are right on their pass or brown rice or Euro female she says them arriving right here Secretary of us we sure

Have a second R.V. for you as a lawyer so if you give me his social Well as we get to the hospital I can ask her she knows where he actually lives it is two processors who are thousands and their thing

And their own currency across and hand them right on every P.B. holding course is a run of the

There will cure the reflection

Of what Karen really posted by fans are part of the defiance that was of her party call and she said it had gotten quiet now and she doesn’t want to open it or are you outside or in a hallway or something

She doesn’t want to she says this record she’s just going to open the door of her car her happy group her thirty four I’m sorry but we’re using the number of robots

Ninety nine zero five zero one born in seventy eight seventy seventy eighty four eighty eight point three two Radio one able

Number for vision her modeling for voice yet it is nineteen sat through ever completely good OK my cancerous one needs a hold on a second I will be through on the go for it now and thank you

Jill Carroll before I think it’s make it six six zero four six six zero four Siebert sixty six zero four Siebert Trisha you call she says you are the self as are a Martha sharp her live in girlfriend but then I got a call from heaven you know maybe that’s just you know what I thought and he just has that phone line in his name they called a couple of different times Margaret put her hands on her as a cold one cat is nice for five not even forty five three I was using

To Barney thirty three to the current ones on his own the only victims reinforce for you a very forward who want to go on

More and three more unit

Is quiet and just recently you know what we’re going to go over to him and it was


Three three going to get you freshman four

I had

Longed for and so on five just one thirty thank you thirty three happy

Thank you

OK three for every one that I’ve nine eight seven four one three one five nine seven

Two eight was wearing ties very very one eight one three five three three five one

Thank you you know as well as my rifle don’t know I have my kids watch whatever you know you eat as you talk of the joint is it’s my fault if it needed to go in the computer

Well from their respect up cars of all of them seem a Tehran saying they’re going to handle three hundred forty three three zero five one for a while one over on well relativize them to feel cool having a good quality there are no radio twenty of them so you can see it’s real five there was a

Complete this is very very very particular problem if Mr Percivale us

Here has an OK from royal we have him for a Z. for a floor on the image thirty one was I’m seeing they’re going to convey an R.V. come to you and you go hospital

We’ve just been securing the stores that we can

Along with the victims girlfriend so he was requested because shows Rocky go to grep for this report

What is going to be watching over your car and if I don’t secrets trail six figure character if I go with your theory or

With any

Foreigner a very rich Reichenhall it was you were attacking me from the female right there when you walk in here

Safely forward to visit the summit are for anyway

To figure out you know she was advised that we just needed a player bets are basically quite free


From Sunday night streets and all that

Information received one toll was called in for David thirty two and going to cinema we have one female under shows around the city you have heard of force every three


Four nine five three o seven if there’s an area

We need a separate Ted in connection with the number nine seven six

We’re going to have

As our motion there and we have a code to it one thirteen also have harks you have a no traction with female arguing with some people in the House and on travel thirty three now that we have a little bit of time are you still able to take those around do we do some

Good May I may

Return to an incident if you don’t have anything we’re going to have this are very personal

And written to whichever program or Couple that with your youth you know go with the crush in order OK after the first part I’ll say can lead a free time and I was as I am or what’s the question for Orchard I don’t want those orchard problems that

Roger is why I think the American Reds last sixty

Three years even thirty three fourths of the District three twelve

Thirty three of thirty eight for me that Reza females and probably thirty three and every one was mean before specular there was there you were of value a good check I think that the power of ice I mean that

Harmon to correct every care of every thirty nine thousand five hundred seventy that

Just reporting on it is ready

For the social worker bucket number for

We’re very very very good when we complete seventy one feet or that in fact is there just to finish the first report for her so you know if you don’t need to report it was that you know having conferred with her in regards to the social You gave me but other neighbors said if there was possibly a green vehicle loud exhaust in the area but didn’t although in connection with this incident I don’t have them check it this one’s a city a dark grey G. Wells missing daughter

Just this once she’s not a jewel but I give it one try to be one there I’m a busy person juvenility moments are going to get back to me I think I was looking for previous that I don’t know if you were out there might that ground is not even coming up now but has domestic there is ever so of and they are has been the fact and seen thing in other doors and windows His name is Raymond Freeman

And I remember it was you were there and you know but he does have a flat he is wearing all black and white and as you know that one can one nine six to one thousand six to forty three three radio you were not my call before we do for Michelle me a friend of a complete

Yeah and then today actually it was a M. thirty one that was out there for you one of you one of us that there is a Dana frame and forty seven year old male wearing all black white tennis shoes is Ozil to sixty seven zero eight zero three zero four thirty just

Ending in

Three seventeen thirty three dollars

Can you still see Gail ninety one zero sixty zero that mails that and seen

Here it is now nine six two zero graduates or three eighteen priors for me come off your fighting with her boyfriend got all the I don’t care Stan Well I’m a called exit strategy I come and call a psychic to get no further information I suppose ill get is ninety nine for two ninety nine forty two

Dollars thank you three thousand and seven five Royle and now there’s a suspicious dark gray or black Cherokee out front with two occupants than a B A two had one one six zero nine one six zero but he put in I don’t have any playing him though

Possible suspect is a David Alexander thirty five year old male on him once for as are possible those G. twenty four to five four one four three for that and you honor

Code one percent three for their automatic uneasiness original loss of life I get OK after ninety there’s already

The prison the Turks are

There for two three hundred are with us J one seven one two five Mississippi where the white man

And I are on a very high you’ll have your locations three four two three one three and under

There’s I thank you three A six ninety five five thirty eight sixty ninety six the jury should I Jenkins of the out her whole heart and that’s right it says she needs a home clear connection with her glory that goes to tatters ninety five one ninety nine fifty one four thank you three twenty president

Her brother are

Saying he doesn’t have any vehicles listed him thirty three but he does have two to seven state files and violence and then the directory there is exempt from the girlfriend phase they even possibly drives a house but she was unsure place

Three twenty one

Looking at twenty Mary

Or any celebrity of the parking lot area her unused thirty or twenty years ago when a terse or dare look for a guy with a blue hoodie

For sure now her report over the fairly or three twenty two that one post for left when I was seven Jani if I could have checked three parking lot of others because the verbal argument between the father of the son showed up the fight it was gone and the some of the people I am the value to a sergeant this is a legal free parking violators of progress

Whatever it owns a company there parks out a residential street on the white box truck using on the white box truck on the white van was an American Acme Oh you’re a parking violators in progress kind of marginalizing giving you called a couple times of a number of ninety nine five for Man United you are right for

Three twenty three and three he just completed the second Green twenty three Jordan thank you OK in your burger Gregory near there if

You can hear me to break through to your face there’s a there’s a report actually that

There are very sick

Now let’s go go three good many for two for just a minute one of us or three twenty four twenty five always very secure

What happened to someone else

Thank you

But if you want to radio


You want to just use

One male escort from

Three twenty five radio and units off either as a second car as if

They miss here

Across or was near to their other guys as people are right there

Where wherever you are now lies a plenty nine else is Cedar the head usually refer

Having every twenty seconds is not a


Three seven I point you


Right or party rally where are you violator rival after each one is up and very flattering after about we monitor no activity as there is just a flip of the after each one is up three three seven thank you three twenty seven S. I am the vehicle and are pushing

The double down buildings or if there are

Half a butler drive up and down the street people for thirty five are going to check it out on their way to get your all three several BORISA OK Thank you guys very tiny they can it’s going to be ninety eight ninety nine sixty eight it’s a cold chill and I suppose the outline of two four five zero seem are not in terms of a

Three twenty nine to retire because that was over there was on a south

Street on Seymour

Through pickups one is your US rig twelve minute and one

George Richter George seven four six one one two and drive away one of the mystery areas that is that very very

Program of record

I am a sensing back on our will into the

Three thirty

Three part for you to form a few more and then twenty four for the few more the other collar gave out on a two four five zero scene are trying to write i think i’ll figure sold out or twenty four groups through for a few more is really like thirty five hundred or yeah that she originally

As that and she’s had two for five zero Seymour Adams or six I have is April supposed to are a little light roll slender velvet five six hundred pounds yeah I go oh yeah I have an April Hauser ha us our personal goal is to seven one night six five three five eight

To seven swallows ninety two now by looking for all business associate why his daughter had an address at one thirty for a pretense and so I was eight able to find an April Hauser at that address and pull a soulful eye on her license and actually comes back and address a nice one three six that this is that I think it

Might be her or if it were the first or

Checked girl her dad or all his address is actually one thirty five a lot and union and they don’t associate it with irony and Mirah with an address at one thirty for one cans and so I checked that it’s right and there was an April Hauser

Well Sarah Walker Wagner I’m sorry she gave me was for a while however just crawling through a connecting people who are not associated I’m thinking that this April how there might be or female that’s all I’m trying to tell you

And one of her social two seven one nine say five three five eight OK kind of thank

You Radio Free for the real for

You for info and Margaret sharp same Henry that I’m Robert Paul did a birth of two thousand and eighty six size five one ninety black over brown

There were set up like Friends room these are shooting off that these porches are

Margaret service tonight five eight eight seven seven four zero thirty one seen now I say one ninety but over ground stopping there is this whole valley for a while supposed to be I’m thirty third between Cedars Central

Heard of still doors open no one’s around as this is becoming so can

You call three hundred ninety three one three one zero you know the information received from the caller she says it was a verbal argument only over property and there’s been some subtle we’re going to call it is going to just

People just because if this were to personally attack me three thirty six

And you know I thirty five an affinity is something to thank you older but they haven’t exactly a live for three thirty six


Seventeen holes of golf are going to

Set him on

So you are going to let

Everybody say it’s not really

So I repeat there’s the radio show Christmas and very very

We’re going to help her feel more

And also give her how

I think and are

Thinking that I have twenty three o seven and it’s negative eighty one thirty to fifty seven point four zero forty one thirty or thirty two point two

On our faces right now says they were going

Where you want for some photos

And I phone number eight two eight six seven eight is that he over Eartha that I’m sure there’s seven five seven or

Seven person who warns her that has her arms around her and says he around there is


Ready for one now we want to drop me and I don’t think thirty three on each three thirty that somebody’s going to

Want to or don’t want to want to listen you for this

Negative humanitarian we’re going to veer program from our series showcasing a very right right right here I’m really going to be harder there’s over two days when three four seven three east eight nine three four seven three East

Risky shark then I point her for a fact report said her ex-boyfriend Stiller tabbouleh he’s out there and we have there’s a twenty two twenty eight and I tried to call back to see if she wanted to do it tomorrow I place now the call for cat is nine seven four eight ninety seven

And then if time allows we have one and one six four zero nine Tarkington one sixty four zero nine parking ten

Laster watch

Criminal damage report for some vehicles that were damaged it was the ex-girlfriend to her boyfriend that was in that for damage some vehicles their house so far and is ninety eight for ninety eight forty nine this is three three How happy is it that that

Got me thinking about thirty four

Because like you see on T.V. you just say you control her for her her

Yeah it’s pretty they just you know

Very very pretty is very very sad when there’s a mark on

Our coverage of

The beginnings of in three minutes and three complete three forty three

Forty thirty one truthful hard if we want to know you know the coaches for inspir and your group it says

OK give me second degree temperatures and I want to know those images the summary of oddities of

Grampian the Eagles are three of them the option to come back for that as

You only there were

Type vehicles parked illegally Thank you Billy not at three forty Bart that I’m thirty six

There’s still you a tree or a you know how I feel the other

Probably finishing up here shortly

OK then just so you know that you know that and feel like a view about how his or her father’s name is Earl Wagner SR eleven on very high level

And I was just looking at OK yeah I think we’ve pretty much confirmed that you were

There for a while

I was right ready to stand there for

You like Return of the district and start a home for your evidence before

We thank you for you know her address forty sixty and use one hundred forty seven and as requesting officer to come grab her at you age and then go there and check out how well she got great of you

Right but I mean I’m thirty six is there a mission these two much longer soldiers or the I still have a cold too on Park feel oh well that wasn’t her cancer like I still have a cozy one parks you I don’t travel

On I feel female

Stating that her nineteen year olds are having a couple thousand girls in her closet and I’m just that whole three of you age with Kimberly calling and wanting Right right she was going

Well then and I’m thirty six just one ever you’re able one of your over there before you leave will have you grab her whatever newness and bring her back one four seven

Three six crew or

Thank you it was you ready oh

What a night can you

Do all that for


Nothing waiting here before her to be geo Yukio

With you can you the same unsure of who drove the forty and a three

Thirty three is or easy for missing you an hour before they’re out the first district make notifications and get this report

Stamped and then route we’re going to have it a couple arcs

The see if maybe she’s there OK for the parks after the forty thank you three forty nine I got a vehicle that’s rocked up all month and most of the pole but it isn’t stolen so I mean you in recovery so OK then you’re into her name is Kimberly and she is that your entrance she is wearing black jacket and great hair and this is an actual If you have ninety seven two that is a close three in one second you say

Thank you three fifty Verrier if you look if you know one you know was Monica all the good to

Me knowing even for my own seven for that her roommate left over at the first place so she’ll have

A place on her part out of the three roommates that are named suspect that haven’t seen those three Number nine ninety six ninety nine six because the rabbit if you go with actors from a common

Sense one line I see seven Triscuit road one nine hundred twenty seven trying to get our member to show that I’ve already got there at three fifty one what if it’s not even if the radio is the sex you can show you complete over your it’s one vehicle both I think Boss time now three fifty one and one David the radio

District will quickly guess you’ll be far gone I know that happy at three fifty one you had over the calls from that one of the seven for one or

Nine hours or refer to foresee for port another having the same firm thirty three offering thanks for the coroner system internationally back to four star news report and after ninety three are from Reno or some Thank you three fifty two

That very fact I want to cover this is going to be one six A And really he’s just a gay thing only thing male caller can hear him say his noises in the alley she heard him breaking possibly glass something the entrapping saw maybe trying to break into vehicle all of this is just her nothing saying a whole theory that isn’t on I seventy seven ninety nine then he said I’m thirty five they don’t work this morning that well forget the four

You call it three forty seven hundred ninety seven six minutes of and six so you can please because before you need to join a terrific get there we need a new one every time anyway but you already know very very well

Julie Jordan if you know three fifty five if there is a

Good I’ve been here we have they will receive a report one out of so going to end up stated shows a route back to the desert to mark the younger then eighty five or three fifty five we are to want to watch this before and thirty essential

Priorities resources are there before graphics processing hundreds severe burn see how disappear want to leave her sick call for early her and harder advice he will be rain and variety his ideas in his you know prime numbers one thing or five other horses for our prime reason

Of having a first decision because I saw

The put me on cover Farkas day and shushing a restructure pension basis in radio you know what are you traffic number thirty four

They force you for or show simply thank you resist and I’m

OK it’s free you know

So then I don’t thirty four and one thirteen zero five parks eleven zero one one three zero five Park you

Fria this calling she was arguing with this is unknown trouble she was arguing with people in our house but then added a call that we think that she is and that’s all because she’s saying that Oh and you have a fair idea when she says or nineteen year old daughter lives downstairs and she’s that sixteen girls in her closet or maybe a sixteen year old girl’s in her closet because you can’t is ninety five three and I get activity three thirty five or can return to her I’m sure I do but I have to wait until my computer gets on frozen if you’re only present here though which you

Think you have fifteen and ten and have nine one and they’re seen I’m in vaguer

Still that’s where the play center there is a three and six five nine nine six

Place and they’re there OK we’re going to thank you for a woman’s

Dialing now that other six if you see generally

Go in there look here and

There that there is reason I wanted to right now she says that’s a long so she had a call there

For a few but it’s really going to be free for all

You know more time what were her Wagner’s address I want to say you as one thirty five eleven union hall on a minute point zero one thirty five eleven Union

Do you like his social or anything so it works as of two nine seven five two zero seven five seven five

Virus or zero four

Radio right there he’s a very close to sixty Thank you

This is one one four two five you play well fourteen twenty five you clearly have the least typo securities commercial for there is an unknown person or theme sitting in in the valley Pascoe supposed to pat is ninety nine eight zero ninety nine eighty three says yes whether their liver time will go jack or the four but ACT I.V. for if I think Charlie thirty six complete over on seventy one Vitor four of us

There were three years ago I are OK and if you want to know but


Friends and I can

Have you want a minute for a thank you that is nine I have a ninety nine that mean I know there’s a few radio

This female out

In front of a lot of

Color back and see she was falsity actually for free radio

Can you charge him for reporting her first on it’s George Queen John five five nine six

George clean John five five to six Niners nightsticks happy

That I am survive

Very far and I

Was going to register her fifty nine cents and I’m sitting here for a saver but you need to take two runs that are and thirty four sit there for quite a few hours the C.S. think things going and then I’m sure one is one seven ninety seven that’s up there one seven one two seven That’s up there loud music

I guess out there is we’re out before twenty to thirty

He said and they just laughed and turned if that

Forward you could get one

Of give me that one what about with the one

Parking lot or later on Lakeshore

On the side

And they don’t know if that will take

Them one one six one zero one Mike so I won six one zero one like so our security caught it in their twenty two fifty four vehicle parked on the sidewalk

By the eve building the plate as Henry burned yesterday nine seventy nine what which led to one sixty two what one likes or

As of the building so I don’t know if it’s still there no description of the vehicle I’ll give it to you clipped any new me to give it a listen you know or not we’ll have our

Exit For nine seven seven nine seven seventy seven the make and model happy with time that one can now twenty two this day

Were good for me enter and zero seven Chevy four door bully and yet it was from one sixty to a one lease or intends for twelve Thank you better be harder and that is I mean everyone thinks they don’t leave you murdered your you are and were

Never a

Nine seven six one

Three four thirteen there sure were three

I have a care for that one able that is she very handy taken from these twenty first Empress and five

When I was a size six a seventeen survive on says this way nine hundred twenty two hundred

Thirteen eighty seven eighty five


For a really rich

Green hoody of render

The Ornish and looks like orange and wore a hoodie or coerce sure something he’s

Pleaded to report a person complaining

Was walking

Towards thirty

Feet or if you look at what have you

Been Taught himself

He was walking far from her into a corner and there are no was anything it was him and

I got a full round sensor where I

Can use second

Phase raised five on like you know now

Faces or if you are very right I make sure you can see here you know what

That accompanies you there

OK We’re going to thank you for sixty

Charities exist for ethanol right now Heidi and I seventy have

Yet to raise the holding them if I’m president R. and and I said you know to those disregarded

This is I want to be

On time track very disregarded as for me I’m OK Thank you yeah just as any of us and I was that he for

You know we just simply it was fun for

Because from was Joe’s or is is how it was him for his I think it’s you know out of apart from other

From of your vessel forty five for I think

Rejection OK I think that’s going to be

An ardent sex somehow doesn’t wash when I say magazine that it’s going to be at the start of house from the corner and there that can

Then the right wing

Collars walking down the house and

When there’s people beating a dog

And the dog was screaming crying No I didn’t see that after our society I was at their house in the corner with a tan van and I went so close to the end as ninety nine eighty three United ninety three eight seven four three three four spending of various

Other things at four twenty and although how I can find out that he’s living on average and that he just goes to Charlie thirty one radio telling very long that

How do we live for forty five bucks to district OK for tired you can use nine nine eight for a ninety nine he for

Eleven force anyone


Do yes this is the estimated location sixty three zero Beaver sixty eight thirty the very thin line a female was talking about being assaulted by a male and I was just a melody in arguing getting busy on a call that supposed to get is and I and I ate his ninety nine he says thirty to one for twenty one thank you notify that there and confirm they just

Thought of you where you

Were truly

And he very sorry for sure but

Jeff affairs delivered their weekly happy force and he are now the dogs another dog was her I knew that

When he was walking back home he could hear all of her

Fear for a search for all or else

I’m not hurting them I know I don’t often I

Was on and we need them we good


And I’m sorry Syria but OK I conferred with

Her knee three three

Pleading to this

Woman that harsher vehicle up here is handicapped and she just doesn’t have any of their gear I think as a whole they’re told that you parked your vehicle over here

So we’re just going to

Maybe just advice security

Maybe it’s someone it worked for here

Does this but in the in the US but him and hopefully somebody over no prior and that

Maybe they cannot accommodate her here at the apartment complex seventy that the military her broker

Or complete from are

Going to

From him or download and only training I’ve had for twenty seven

Thirty June area or thirty seven there for that are shots fired co-eternal choosier joined at the I know over in the protest

Will be through this thing and I was once a full force of the day and really you also get the broke to fire and I remember for the chauffeur if you are going see

Who is and I was forces we will watch this we were very proud so you know off duty behind these Still you are thirty four forty seven thirty four forty seven

Hi Audie these are a question of are is this a check in the mail is that any trouble as a male as a Dumpster diving definitely I think the cycle through genocide I you know he

Was a baby three

It already has done

OK in four easy for you port she would advise the CMOS would be G O U T O I’m totally OK for anyone

Who does what they say

There it is there with it’s a very

Important form of regard

Sex yes that is if I’m


They would read the radio but

I have a name if you see if you can find some info that name is allowed or link in ocean water David Robert first image Sam Henry Adam water Adam Nick Adam age between twenty or twenty nine born in December possible location no rain no day then I have

There are three six radio and I will

There called Yes and I gave it a

Thirty five or thirty five and three was usually played on left or building secure for

The A four thirty six

To Charlie the woman Adam was her neck Adam that’s not the suit also out of head then I also I found me do you have it as your oh yeah OK for lunch or to your voice I say

Thank you OK that possibly is her the victim only knows North provide a MA So and the info that she gave me probably about it so that

Those five thousand one forty blond and he’s older than her that’s correct

Social going to need for nine zero nine

South and four zero that two eighty four ninety ninety seven forty George make Charlie six a three now I thank her two thousand so let’s tell you how to like color to Andrew and coos well as I se what is the second OK Honor is that it dozens

Of you know if you have a you know


For forty

We’re going to as far as the door

Has a second and I must a Mr I will that’s kind of about it’s four forty M.V.A. and you want

Closer to the chest or closer to see here there is a wire hanging but that is cable OK but I don’t know how we’re going to do that if somebody calls it in you never know Ikea her other wire but they couldn’t cut it I asked her if they can cut it or do something with it and they said no because it costs cable out of money to fix it or struck her with the card

Since three three is surely thirty six

You know when you go see a chance don’t forget we have to fracture regular Toshi to A.R.U. OK got it I will do that when we had him the district Thank you Ray and of writing that he says

Well you know what are your for you Bill for which you put your

Really in and I’m thirty four years for that

Security mail Paxton from Crane he’s calling back he’s lost I was a sponsor Prime me also

Says that those people are outside because he can hear them this is

Yes I got

This at a cost I have a car you think her number for you to give her a cough actually has some additional information for her report first ever thought of rejection

Of her hellions actually care you know professionally three five years are

Just really

Money seventy two ever measures you for return



Very inappropriate is the Show Me completing going back to the district to do this

For forty five hundred thirty three Q. that over eighty eight zero six crane Avenue No eighty eight zero six crane it’s that north coast container Eric packs in a security he called about twenty three forty two he said he wanted to report his joy of his ex-girlfriend she went to Allison and also and they all have been following him around from his house as Chad and so I don’t know all if he is spiraling down if it’s because he’s angry with response time or what but now he’s hearing voices and he need to see somebody it’s a code for his ninety eight to two ninety eight twenty two

Or I don’t know that the vet who just what the fuck boy or there’s a large house or go in or


Run out of their system

They got one e for zero for Heller and they’re OK wanted for your for an attendance for forty seven for three to four one one for four zero twenty two for three two four one one and he says when you call that number to ask for

Why three to Congress and you got that involve of yourself someone else yes

They are and yes this is Mark is shrewder he just started in as

A vehicle Ronnie suspicious activity on the particular that the information that I possibly left her vehicle but he didn’t have any play and

Sure there was no plates on the vehicle or just didn’t get it it just says no plate and I’m one hundred of very short and not under all well and I’ll check out of your board trying to copy off for forty

Three can read R.T. three do if it turns out to be your car of process tell it


Free six radio you know what I mean when a foreigner who are here trying to for what you know you’re a twenty first century

Happy there for for you know three one of the three do

US IN done by train to the vehicle now we’re going to get away now I’m not going to affect a report yet if you should is in there notice to the


Well sir you know whether you know you can help me or let me think Bridget we’re going to her and I mean there are probably kind of numbers already is that the recant and I seventy nine I seventy eight copy there and for ninety three Geo is quite enter I don’t have it in Africa I think thirty three you show me a current for just days

Before I’ve got ready for her

Thank you party is going to be I thank you for your hours and mark a few hours for five hours than

The rest I’m such

An elderly

I resolved she

In order bit of earth at the center he refers you to locate a source of anything from a how do you suppose

Well from a strong Christian family Henry and I’m Robert I don’t next Adam Adams and if I have a forty five days fall for whatever he doesn’t have or isn’t but I think you finally thirty three is that the gate is open

There is a reward

Reject there are various claims Robert very few spare

Oh I’m sure he’s reversed

Because each of us were almost

Sure enough book you thought me and you don’t amuse yourself and how they have the right to try to deny

It was theirs by just joining us a three one zero for all of the role of art that’s three one zero four zero and I’m using David Union Barney or Boulevard seventy

That there’s X. rated very

Now in the for forty five

I may bring on


I think for as I think that now there were forty five better this year go by three reports you get my fifty four I already won money three to use my you know no one’s used to in the rain and I must mail says he hears people fighting inside of a house he’s not and I want to forget you have his car

For some factor

Of Reason of a minute

Don’t hurt anything

For Sam through the ringer a process of

Thanks nine zero because it just

So that part of the sex

That her three hundred are going to proffer her or her sense of a fuzzy Jews into

The same three

Process all friends of both correct

Friends I don’t know if you didn’t meet him take photos of if you guys see something that looks like it’s the least Prince not as well as you know well you’re a very easily found innocent for thirty eight and thirty seven was just that however an hour you had only to report now priority thank you had only an hour for you in this initial

Process now doesn’t I think that everybody where supposedly and that is or are you after this because well try every fourth at thirty four three four you are the district we’re going to do the right

Grammar of a

Reject her

View of fair

Start with them for your idea thank you retort you subtle tension you know you Joey you know how to look for forty five seconds or you’re going to go a stable For example he treated thirty chip can you see when you get to back her

Confidence Adams gave us information or

He asked for four zero two four three two four one one

Call the numbers or an ostrich with some kind of voice mail off right again and you know if you know of a crappy Jake we don’t need men or special attention if I have a four year old three one should just be three at five o five

Thank you for Jews an area rather than I’m glad about that one digit already horrible but you know the number just goes well voicemail

And how do we look for a forty five

Red roofs and Sylvia address is

One seven

Five five five Bagley road Middleburg but I stand by for just a moment I’m

Going to write these extra

Pages they are

Saying about a survivor or you know right off from or probably from an area trying to find their


And again her wrong number is a one three two

Days of race

And what he calls a high fall of last I thought I have it here on the it was


Thirty three and

Five minutes is rich receive

Thank You Notes five zero nine there is a radio

Or if they are prepared there is

Also they were going up and down the street you know they were on drag racing and while they were drag racing they had a couple of the of those on the city or the US or her


Race repairs go that far as part of her so I don’t know if it will win cars or what

But there are a lot of acquittal Well it was hard and that’s when it was a few for

He gave one a one high then I say he said the house next door

And he stated it was a little Durango and edgy and see going up and down the street I guess he said if some vehicles are history I don’t know if maybe they were parked there or another just now

We who are both parked and and so he and we came back to one and completed issue report and stashed it made on notification

Just complete and how do we want to stay here an hour forty five we’ve got to five hours zero prior to that so

Yes OK thanks bye let us briefly Freo the air if we will put up and down the streets over here with the exception our dear well had best as a matter of personal vehicles parked very high there

Who I guess if you all

Were complete I think I learned to regard radio

Right reversion advised her without remarks or for a there’s one incident or not much but if there is that F.I.F.A. three one radio

You just played is just going

To let her forty five completions report back I say after scenario


Yeah you have a voice in us and in that we sing the vehicle did you want to come get it or what you know wishful to revive her office telling Russia

She’s got a message to Mr

Freddy otherwhile one I want to honor

Your warning can’t he can write five on the

Priority three horses this is a city so forcing forcing with the hands of fresh three forcing four he was one hundred for a price three caught him by resin and now think is this there are two males currently outside the building one there when Honey Jackie and the second there as I see and they’ll want a hoodie platter and that her will be grey and ISIS in their eyes half or a movie is called and turned in and is in a high number of horses forces zero losses horses who were crowned far from one the thing that was caught

My information as far as what needed to be done with a vehicle was over like five six minutes ago before call of this process who were in there and she fully understood them full release her

I was she called in saying that you left her a message and he missed the call but we got officially that OK no phone I never enough their message are she got through for the third time when you give me the correct number and our actual

And on here all in full OK Happy believe it’s drunk

All right but we just learned three radio before he just completely

If he could

And if you’re not old and I think I heard a little bit with Mr Foley turn he has a nine inning in there and he

Has five twenty three schools the first of this OK Thank you

So far is that he says for close of business alarm West

For thirty eight seventy two five three eight seven zero less because I think

The front entry door alarm Mysteria motion out on the fact way well being of other name of candles he says all was OK but she had a proper path

To status NY NY NY State ninety nine ninety six Sorry couldn’t give a shit only yes folks covets cry for any for Bill and he got to go to where it was an

Affair got her go I’m an eighth of a Madison Place called I Am the theoretical

Very chick eighty seven zero on Madison Avenue at

Eighty seven on matters of the general Fargo arm and on occasion when Diane says he has to live a number of ninety nine ninety seven

Driveled I’m seventy five to Virgo

So I

Prefer pressure only

Three shifts are over five hundred I think of illegal and I was going to go to because the doors open always on a tree on a bed of hard are getting a plate out George King Robert nine five seven two George King Robert ninety five seventy two detectives do it I am at the number of ninety nine ninety eight thirteen still I ninety ninety four to go through

So that I twenty six then present like I can I just have to get there get a Madison Mr ninety nine ninety seven triple nine stuff OK or about Jeff I twenty six partners ready

For the cash for a special session and the second one so be sick of him once across one hundred forty three six nine nine nine that’s right thank you five twenty eight I am a thirty five stereo and very video where it takes a lunch at

I think three seven

So right with I’m five thirty get more money or show me you

Or three children just feel free to write a Fab Five many great M.T.T. work out OK that that’s the right place for God I got a six year old but it was a second OK if I think very happy or want to one or

That interfering

Or an already he’s so

Happy or simply three or four or three Great him across the porch

But triptans really

Empty him now more and there will be more on the hoodie said

Only Thank you Mary and more when our honey let us bring said Green

Gray sixty there there was a guy in the gray jacket there yes me from number that’s and possibly

Has a great jerk around and you worked for

That for not radio from you know her friend

Sure but we’re going for thirty

We’re going to go and tell the radio I’m sorry three of our jets being mailed out in the street that one for seven of our own who for what I said one forty seven oh well for one the rain Avodah one for seven for one the rain may go as the boyfriend calling him out goes out on the street with a forty five hitter head in the middle of the street

For a possible that natural or possible V.O.A. I should say I’m not in trouble

Now the event number the flipped over and fourteen of these briefings about one for triple zero two one four zero zero zero two this is the amounts and make that the middle of the night that the right actually apartment in victory is where yes ago and she’s not tragedy she’s not breathing and this is going to be the middle of the night apartment of history not middle of the road OK it’s five forty eight there are reports that a group as I said that one for seven for Obama writing I love has destroyed a narrative one for seven forty one the rain she hit her head in the middle of the night part of the voice but honestly you know if I have a number three and I can just not breathing code one you must go on the number seventeen dash one four zero zero zero to one forty below to recover what are exacted by forty one forty three one radio sorry that you learn

That fire call it was



Jail if I’m Hansei or not as if you are color just that you don’t have an easy

Ok words I put you on just for District or not OK I forty three try to thirty one a radio that they know are illegal become or I

Am really has a zero leaving and I’m not sure but I want to marry the

Three six with one should be sure speck of a district better or vehicle at a time at five forty five day three a trade if David did it if you don’t have anything have a watch that don’t work because if I party far as zero one house I was not high very very high forty four

So thank you very much David there is a story David effects I from the district

Got that misimpression return completed and signed and then I also did the report from earlier

Show me complete

I think that by forty five forty five pick up

Your case that


Face rather funny do you read you I have a train wreck there so as rides are going to fall in love you have the F. I forty six resourceful and

Happy if I forty sex with day to go into

Spirit and I realize they have three far medics three nights and that is a confirmed D.O.A. All right I’m all for if I put a thanks

To this right I’ll be complete jerk OK but I know I was sick for one thing

But I don’t want to copy a fact if you do zero priority is not an issue for you really going to completely you know what for a while so

I think you should be over there if you give my all time to first

Class if I see you yeah

That is

Your very dangerous place as well

All right I’m over here this business is going to check OK it’s all secure all around urgently

That I think you are

But you haven’t started radio anybody know what are

Yeah I thought of you he was talking Rich obviously five white beaches of you

Want to forward who want to hurt

Someone who already has he said there’s a radio good

From the desert out one report on reports in point one firearm in evidence park down or if they were complete shows that maybe they’ll

Be five to seven they were going to be

Are we live for a fiver to fish or by fifty

One Ari when are

You someone who simply vote in the video yet

For things that aren’t true for


Temperament before if you want Robert White from a priest seven and even your own and you think you know

My seventy three zero eight seven

Zero mark you know some two seven zero eight zero

Point three redeem But yeah we went for a forty five this time pick up return before my reports camera

For more

It’s a

Thank you you’re welcome he’s amassed

Day forty three Lorna court forty three Iraq or was that who was on this yeah Why thin and comment on each other you know well be no need for

That one so you want another one that’s two seven six four four eight seven three five

Well you know Campbell they have her four point five six in our camera like this is

A moment Robert White was something of an eighty eight literal but they’re out of the forty five Mr Secretary joke I said so on and radios is one minute before I got the lane at Campbell forty seven you know the mail got social of two nine three eight two six four two very well and

I’ve got to got about I was like you know I was like oh you have

To go

Fifty four have had everybody you know reports and are just writing thirty two is that got to have got a koala’s and that’s going to rain what do you how much to verify what for forty five that you want I was showing you that in my life for forty five now thirty seven thirty seven minutes Friday thirty five forty five thirty six eighty how long for Bernie preferred he should be coming off OK

Three For go if you were to go want to go is in that state has got to have been a wife on each other

Female the same that a male on that or lean male this saying that

He’s trying to take the kids out of the house OK they’re going to fill out says you

Raise everything’s OK and

You get another ticket so why oh

OK Thank you

Happy to ready out of anything that I need you guys want to miss her

Going to be forty three away the rain for three zero is a rank court

So cross on it was fact that it’s causing us and him in the ass there are going to try to take their children out of the house and he’s thinking that the seat she pushed him into a painful lesson of cold no way that he’s saying that he won’t let her leave it is a cold one Ted is zero zero zero zero zero zero six hard to prove forty three through Radio ninety three if you don’t have anything for us how do we were forty five

Six miles Poppy thank you Will be thinking of the first that you know well the jury of who completed a lot to her will for probably off the national this are most You’re so hot and for avenue you’re going to

Have to get to thirty four hours form or three just realize that’s about the responses that you’re OK every forty of them through seven of the seven

Here you guys make it a district but office every

Part of what you want to radio does save you know booking house and I’m not harassed over me for forty five were you get any thirty fifty three sixty three warrior for your three four oh we’re going to watch this you’re

The funniest and you’re Valiant

Are you buying your six thinking there are thirty six a very sexy oh well if you don’t like the first song which That’s six twenty hours good

Zero I mean if I was

Your brother are you going to get in for one four two one zero record to sing any counties are short on Title one forty two forty Rector one for you to run record

Use you will be will zero four double zero zero four six only just

Wanted to three Are there anything you how do the forty five by five

Six twenty three yes or they are not operating exactly at six twenty three ready on a one on one I want to

Go for an eight here

Priority so for present I want it for twenty three twenty thirty S. twenty three twenty thirty S. for this this our friends you know think prodded by the leaseholder he said is that there’s a female and the hallway she’s passing me yelling in Latin are rather than the OR same over the route fifty five years ago like female when I’m by jacket I’m black that right yeah that is they had a listen the I never saw say Forces three horses voices three times the money one got the narrow corner from area for Nov twelfth I don’t want it where that is a money for the summer in law for her to show me on forty three forty seven or so things are here for one and I think that he said but of course they should or



Professor Robert De Niro’s or Robert

Guess for second issue going traffic cars I ninety East I ninety East I was four four when

For one have a male falling asleep at the wheel will keep swerving even a silver Ford with a plate and were miking by four to one power state he’s not going up waking up after a second and samplers seeing that he should say every four OK

There are a few however drove a normal fight also better when you have your way for them I’m not showing that they’ve been notified I’ve noticed sizes that are and I’m showing Bernie thirty two a lunch twenty two minutes or thirty five on a domestic burning thirty six lunch fifty two minutes and I’ve also broadcast them traffic I’m sorry car traffic be on that are very very strict risk and we were forty five but what happened after that I’ve also broadcast it on traffic and advised that the if you don’t have any way out you can send very very strict party three six when you think Happy seventy two fourteen you’ve got something now and I would

Yes or seventy two fourteen we have a call for ninety East I need ninety East I was four for one for one mill falling asleep that will He swore me it’s a silver or have a plate and what my king five four two one he’s nodding off then waking back so you are very very

Well for storing all of the bad one you had number zero zero one two three sixes fourteen one four for the heaven roll

Of a six thirty eight I’m sorry Barney thirty six he said you also tore ninety one it was ninety seven ninety one That’s what I’m asking you the cab was ninety seven one one

Very very fine especially if thirty

Third of probably another district right now the

Except our traffic terminal

OK thanks six thirty nine and there was no US that brought us into the thirty’s or cars whose is to channel five with the B A C week that was maybe sixty four yes or twenty three

It was nice for it for two to get rid of her on her good morning members first or for your own or you want to remember an hour when I think forty three horses are a very

Good morning

Good morning thanks for the four thirty I got a coach will run you good for three one and you could go back to him and you know from Already you want to order and we show you simply if you know it from property cafe I think for thirty six one you can tap it briefly if you detect an alarm at three four nine four West two five

Three four nine four West used by subway I guard alarm severs the front door in front motions of of the day on sing without a proper

Zero two zero zero one seven version of OK Couple six forty five present on the line receipts for FY zero six Lorraine Norris hosed shuffle USA alarms covers patio door motion it’s exposed to the samples three four to advise of another bill to allow Emperor any thirty six actually got to disregard for West five so you could just Lorraine and sit precincts he wouldn’t risk thanks for five zero six Lorain four five zero six Lorraine North posed

Shuffle USA alarm covers that deals or motions to jazz zero zero one

Zero zero one sit though pick up a six forty four consecrated morning for gray hair or more if you’re going to get through the day off with forty three of a court date is five twenty two and your care


Finally degenerate for chains a rosy roll white and eyeing every rosy red white and I

Got me five twenty two on one four zero zero and I thank you

For the successes of the two Fort Lee The Pavilion lady the sixty two

If you generate some resistance

Fifty three

Thirty three zero four you want to know more and I think there is more video to Barney three eight three four four yes provoking something

Around and came out with time they go oh I oh ya Well I’m there I

Want For someone who wants Well why don’t

I just yes see it says that medic thirty nine was so you know at five forty six this is because it’s

Not and environment Oh injured I’m sorry

You know what is this and

OK I would have to ask and because it’s not in the end of it

I’m an adult twenty eight year old male psych emergency this is the kind of mother was with them she did deny they’ll hear voices off of this and then Mario why only wearing no shirt and khaki pants trying to lead

Location history and that’s a whole

One double zero twenty one zero zero two one

Deals it’s pretty good I don’t think we have these views over here

One hundred eighty each one eighty six fifty six

If you’re sixty six and you know the line Charlie thirty one reporting off OK Charlie thirty one it still shows that you have one hundred twenty eighth on your board and was that just the detail yes it was OK THANK YOU HAVE A GOOD MORNING six fifty six holidays there was a militia being a female he left in a black the four door

Nail on G green jacket around him was an idea around his neck and the college did not have the exact address next to two zero one one

Bernie thirty five still on the mail getting property and getting ready to leave while running for party there he saw on the way to a four five zero six party thirty to lunch forty two men for green you’re right on record already to her awfully quick borders acquired


They will give them a ticket is six fifty A

V. for what they are there with our own G.C. I have a problem for him carry her

Her her purse and it was always there’s a long isn’t going to call him up but also

This is a third party collar for Millis alling a female the MIL left in a black four door collar didn’t have the exact address in the game in a picture of course radio victory for three or four really

Good one hundred fifty eight right but it isn’t the name of the business for example Norris

A loose shuffle

That you don’t really want to a party thirty one seventeen ten prospect that’s one seven one zero prospect a harbor like

Mr Hardy you know a security guard there stitches a guy white male

Blue jogging pants being aggressive and threatening he might be either high or menthol

Armed with a cigarette lighter and ranting raving and taking off his clothes

Mail is currently on the fifth floor with security it’s go to jail it was you know two zero zero zero two zero zero Greg

You must evolve and register of you know seven zero one zero zero for a shooter

Higher than two for present I want it for ninety five hundred way part ninety five times are way part of my residence Banzai says there is a male crime recently than on there where we’re going to thank him if there are more than them when a right to be influencing the numbers once a horses for courses for six for Herm’s and I want

Five copies raised you grocery ones that are in her home now who are having a seminar

To Barney twelve for coaches to Barney thirty two for two and three a trifle Yeah

Part of the mother for one thing he left on foot off the floor as William he’s now going to unfasten of that committee and conditions

Are right here who are kind of mirror plus of an office do you hear this address if there’s a history here or I want a team

This is a close to zero zero two two first or forging do we know which houses not

Just have next door upstairs in the rear outside

Back to try to get more time seven O

Three from

It we deferred with the mother over here he did

For more you will find him

And view invitees of the journey violence for the police so

Something else in three of you are in the car so you walk really fast think could be very far more significant or if we see him watching right

Then just broadcasting have to go to spending alarm a nice three eight records go to and then a name or an estimated hang up call and what’s annoying go to writers it’s Radio three six a slot are you going to circle K. with or for

Jewel are on our thirty seven to fourteen or sort of until it hits or is there or

It’s seven o seven

Like Bernie

Records the typo or ensuring entry main door and

As your main door motions go to get zero zero zero knowing that shovels are on there and

Before seven away already thirty two pretty call back you know be the house to the right if you’re facing two zero one one bride the

College states that the MIL was joking the female pushed her to the ground she’s young black female skinny two French great black glasses she does not know where this email went and known as the females injured no license plate on the vehicle and they saw her looking out in the wind

And then she all got out she’s right engine her car back

OK for the

Person of the year I’m a couple minutes

Right thank you

In seventy

Seven and

There were complete on record respect this report I mean I remember he said that he was

Sort of searching funny into the radio but yet the building to the right of twenty and I’ve been a few twenty ninth

Going to be a store of all junk in the folder and see if anybody is

Junk and there’s a letter yes

Actually junk and just sort of the retail store is there online for all of that

There will still a very

Heavy drinker

About And then I have

To have the beat today at six five in Detroit and I’m very team

And I’m fourteen in that quarter at nine o’clock and seventeen being

When I am seventeen out of your car I’m tired

You know we can wow turning thirteen when you’re having fifteen generally seventeen at the proper thing and then Adam twelve

Who has court at ten thirty and thirteen Jeannie viciously with us is a I am

I am records in both of us have


Paid nine are here at the building where are we headed towards a low rise original

Traffic Yes but what if you work with over here looks like they’re doing work and it was an accidental for a person I came over to lead over here and will be for seven six which is when it just

This building twenty one thousand US are unity we have

Any prior incidents on

Possible phone number OK stem Well really when I go to troubling that request you should be just then OK Well we want to survive reforms every four

Years from sometimes

Recopy also go something very

Very Oh I have your coffee don’t

Have to remember mail already here what you wrote for this for fun

We’re there for you real numbers

Very for a harbor like seven hundred ten prospects to go to get zero zero two zero zero zero two zero S. house three seventy zero if you heard him say I’m searching Go ahead of

The early roll call completely I’m twelve and I’m fifteen shortly and Charlie thirteen and a fifteen is going to be delayed for

Adams twelve fifteen and Charlie King some eighteen the morning I have your early line of how are you you have an eleven and a fifteen and you have Charlie fourteen and he invites Charlie fourteen have a feel how your partner

Because you could see three of four and I just think happy ending and Charlie for doing he has a life here that P.P.L. OK No problem thank you good morning to you at seventeen and eighteen by an animal llama Well deemed away No I don’t but her writing for a partner hence writing at times OK kept me in route back and forth

Seventy two to radio oh yeah you know anything on this

Just you know I’ve gone on checking

I think you’re going to go get very

Very usual completely reverse a lot of

This you know in order and I was hoping tomorrow

I got to make it so if you had make six eleven fifteen out of a twelve out of

Town five any traffic I’ve had any traffic Kyra for a while I know he was found by one seventy two fourteen Oh what what you know is that five yes I’m a size OK I’m going five

Seventy to fourteen Good morning

Thank you sir this is going to be and I know I sound I ninety last sound I eat when I say I sell fire to call here both parties are third party for an S.U.V. They had to fire party one we think had number of zero zero three OK they’re already

Used very or two I’m sorry the priority one OK good for them thank you sir good morning to you at seven twenty

Two in what six man walking on the highway I’ll go out for a traffic car for that one coach three I think a couple coach fours I guess that much power in the Senate than I in knowing vehicles in the valley parking lot were broken into already you get from twelve the for his lack of a car the traffic her sure the sale of the jewels large to a car we just got we just got it in the mail collar has about

Kids in the car by himself

A black female child OK And I want any of you could call that a yes if you call back three one three area code high you probably get a view if you want to get out that was the plane I just had up to you are WAY

Out to buy

You Jeff Paris by route to your west six for a guy why

And I remember way recently a thirty four there are some twenty four Joe three through the treasure General Geoffrey just show a guy walking on the highway shore way by West

So I was only there

Were two really chilly fourteen so you’re using force and I do have one it’s in fall zone and I am the only authority for cricket if you’re not going to be at one zero eight zero two of our it’s one zero eight zero you know of our court down there still and the whole report talk to any Chinese event you know three Jeep Liberty I take in my you know in mail things are kids father

The coach for at zero zero zero one and he does not reside on site he lives and I find I don’t like I just

Going to get a prefix is for Tina and it’s zero zero zero one

Good morning to you it’s science when he joins there full rate is going to we’re going to be out on a traffic stop with Lloyd George X. ray Jane seven zero two million

Car control from the seven twenty seven Oreo it’s going to be easy to see five and I swear that East on the sixty’s that we have a possible black female five to six years old last and that’s hair van you can check for her there if the coast Seal had zero zero three five zero zero three five

Seven twenty eight twenty eight

X. ray King seven zero two nine two thousand and ten Mazda four door leaches it is white Tony grew of one three seven four flat is seven in Lakewood

It expires seven seven Joe is there gin radio you run a social for


For them Davis three zero one six eight seven four four two two two seven I verify just for affirmation and also information that it was a conscious armed and dangerous violent tendency some used a visit is suspended no restrictions are those to check the vehicle registration

Right employ thank you haven’t carry

The gene or a defective in Omaha you want a card to assist you


OK shows a male five to forty Brown and Brown Oh well as Robert my seven nine nine two eight seven issues ten twenty nine ninety nine does not show an expiration date for the driver license as a permanent I see that is valid

License forfeiture ten I’m sorry eleven sixteen two thousand and twelve two a definite thank ready our

Quest to also one hundred one

Be one free one radio the one three one I radios to one rather two your OID every one of them more

Than thirty two the radio is the real one two three forty one of the morning and seven thirty in the morning only the audience with a radio record or

Seven serving as a crowbar in the car what do you mean we’re going into an area place for ten hundred thirty thousand ready to have an affinity for one brother for radio

Or for us

Already from a

They’re in for a zebra four hundred years on seen him as a pirate synchro name

Them three four and claim you can join her back when this jerk Jesuit has reported Joyce

Because seven thirty three I’m not asking for help as a whole one syllable forty seven the little forty seven and thing that I already have a letter

Or warrant for to know yes fourteen is I’m thirty three

So you have a

Warning don’t hurt for years and then wonder


I don’t have a service or followers warmth early for

OK Copy that I’m searching for I was fifteen I have far I have three are called risks are three


If I then a fifteen just a can for with years if the female is on scene she’s a Han are homeowner and she sit in that they did take some property I going to have to have a thirty day tag but there’s no information on the tank progress certainly Sam I saw thirty five if you could check three eighty five to less than ninety three a five two was one that steers are always the richer for is on a missing juvenile habitual juveniles they Serina well

Data ready to write still

Be at thirteen eighty East thirteenth Street that one three eight zero East thirteenth Street and every fourteen follows that apartment they’re going to see Eugene Wagner for that report of a deed it looks like that had a priority for your cat is nine nine nine three nine nine nine three and three Ls it’s every twenty seven hundred ninety three at the Metropolitan at the nine that’s two zero one seven Eastern

ST And that’s a policy that the ninth and valleys are on here eighty Matthew one employee there we have ninety goals that were broken into overnight going to be a priority for your cat is zero zero three one zero zero three one OK for two on the second one

Confess they haven’t owners are

Going to do anything when he joiners come down when they find the vehicle causing that I will send thirty something for

Thirteen that white out for a check of a serious thirty two and thirty seven to put whatever on there unless he has got two alarms in Oak refuse what I live in to trouble ourselves Yeah I mean mare really don’t know but remember right now I am very sure per


Me overthrow your term for a lawyer or me to help pay for things you had seven thirty eight and thirty two can you take one of these Cotulla was also farming thirty seven for coal to receive

A very three tools I don’t know if this is one of the strains but it was after changeover to a one zero one one eight Bateson one zero one one eight that is an apartment forty seven we had a free car faded he needed the police also she needed a male out of her office and she also we attempted to our quarterback your voicemail come for crabs her name should be sharp they don’t have any

Description or the name of a male but it’s a call to is in zero zero two eight and zero zero two eight also I received a call for West Boulevard in Madison from a pair survive it was faint she said especially heard a female yell out of the window of the car the police from our first four apartment possibly forty six

Actually if it’s one and the same is zero zero two eight this it was a black female like a fraction black to be sure and she also saw black male dark complected and white T. shirt she thinks of maybe some type of domestic front that’s correct there and it was a part it was a part in forty seven and like the straight is the second call was for West boulevard of Madison the color thing so it was coming from a first for apartment possibly forty six there’s some talk of maybe one in the same but I’m not sure but if you get advice me on that is seven forty zero zero twenty eight evacuees which

Seven forty

Residents A.T.G. alarm from the kitchen window motion

Is in the secrecy row three two that he was a referee to flow I can put it on my worst if you like it’s a tool to give it to someone else

Who are the best and who started shooting is really no it doesn’t say was that history is on but it’s a Dodge Caravan That’s right

Than for you

And thirteen eighteen for a full

And final

Party investor now giving up and trying to leave one of black leather head enjoying for Alpha right you can actually want to marry and someone harm and I think

Some forty one I read in Broadway will be dead in a minute some thirteen or thirteen Be sure to fire is a terrible situation for her to approach and proper

There’s arousal I’m trying to push your

Face and you go to Egypt her medical emergency department to ask you where they are injured and

That prefers a girl during her

They’re out

There and I should know nothing about Kong let them know I’m here and the front door lock that in forty three I would say that I don’t think I have to for you both three number one is two nine zero one arch was twenty nine zero one arch was number three o five holiday Ms Tyrone JONES He’s an apartment to Will five states teenagers are just serving with noise involving it’s a close three zero zero three seven first two or one four if you could also check two four zero six holes are six holes are across the street third party call for a couple arguing a white male white female verbal and have bitch will their houses a White is a white side by side with a brown porch this is it so three Can nine men six four nine nine six four Verse two on this one are just a minute reaching given that U.G.A.

Could well go for seven forty OK seven forty

Two residential alarm if there’s any courier Fairfax partially detect that you have a D.M.’s to

Twenty to twenty seventh grader who

Feel that having short

Cut that well

Do you mean age or older

Employees that they’re going to transport various There are seven forty seven there and I’m Robert Tom fan

You might as well think it is about dumb as a small small little cut on it I got it from one of the salt in the bathroom who got a look at that second

He has no report and found

That all the voting if you could check seventy one meter seven forty eight fourteen arrive and are

Seven forty eight Adam thirteen if you could check seventy one sell something oneself Dennison holiday Mr J. for waiting on a silver Chevy pick up these to make a report for damage to heavy equipment it’s very large equipment that was damaged over the weekend that is a CO two zero zero four six first two or one four and he said he sees It’s seven forty nine started reducing the area seven forty nine so go let you know if you’re freeway car they could switch to to check one seventy six north one seventy six North but I was forging still yard and close to ninety seven hits to get

Pulled over in the Birmingham in a blue Toyota versa right zebrahead three one four two five using E.M.’s and the suspect vehicles a four door dark blue vehicle going before a deal I had

No time was

The pharmacy I have

Recorded OK her radio crappy seven if you

Really curves are already on are

OK To Adam twelve I’m sorry two out of her

Good morning seven fifty two if you could jet one seventy six north one seventy six North by West Fourteenth and still you are the collar said actually closer to ninety eight have a victim of a hit

To the left Vernon and a blue Toyota versa

Frank Z. bringing rainy one for to buy Sestak vehicles four door dark blue vehicle and a college refusing in the college name is Joshua This is akin to

Jazz zero zero five seven first two or one for

Charlie fourteen written thirteen I had some people you were going to think for Schieffer reports are not completed just in route to the district to complete this and we don’t have time for her to

Have a seventy three and a thirteen or a hill or six fifty five prison if you were going to court to ninety eight or zero even the first one hundred seventy first routine patrol photo carries them fifty three yes any traffic car for I ninety East and West full of our male in a rant pickup truck driving all over the war followers of roles that losing control any county area I ninety East West Bill of our exit only to go on radio and be advisor when I was in the service

I was different do you know we don’t

Have Horus are any particular locations used for district but

It was very narrow

Reading for general I mean the low fifty eight zero zero five eight services before

You will be where I want to get Arizona are filled up

Quite soon if you think you know one second David thirty nine you called out your report from those

Every day some fifty six

Very very few with it but you need I thought OK well thanks for where I’ll play

For one zero or zero of all of all places

Read driving around Italy have a flea Oh I had a zebra for six for two in the right lane kept losing control information over I can ask some of them briefly for the fairly ho Gore tonight seven cities

Right three just let you know your mayor cat is three to sixty three to six actually make a new one because it looked over fourteen do you figure if the seven have a good one from fifty seven or

Seventy three in your car Frank them freight for want to warn the spring from Frank for one is a gold over for Toyota hatchback to a Laura O’Brien from two four exit farmstead rode out a Richfield Ohio plates very vehicle second claim to a fifty four year old female

Fifteen radio

And I have been OK for say you

Be anything


Possible friends

Than thirteen are

Having their generate thirty three that isn’t really

That and

We had to have one and we had a call open line call with the flight I was in the aisle and he may now and we’re not going to exact location but somewhere in the area of East fifty three years and here they are your cat is going into very cute cat four zero zero zero zero zero five zero

Eight o’clock but of course All right well you got half an hour but I’ll bet seventeen terminal to a six

Throughout the day then alarm so in the garage most in

Both to pad zero zero five for example of fifty four

And a

Zero It wasn’t an option really for I don’t want to resign radio

It’s a different view this residence check No I

DON’T WHAT CHANNEL ONE hit the traffic or any traffic or just switch the channel one for a cold Jew or a Christian live or are you going

To I have one

Every go on radio and we’ve always heard wrong if

You are going to govern

Back up to seventy to one thanks for the answer was a very poor on a two thousand to us will save or gold color with a plate in regionals that one for six taken by the child’s father with C.S. Gregory Freeman’s date of birth is to thirteen seventy six so the vehicle at about twenty two hundred hours refused to return it and he did it voice on the call that this came in at three forty six code for Ted nine nine seven five nine nine seven five first two or three kings also have to five zero five West sit the parking lot of point apart partment for a suspected stolen make bring Chrysler Sebring with a temporary tank Edwards one ninety seven one two two one those are down in there for several days go for Has zero zero six for first two on this one for Jews are there was a few very

Yes there for a deal for her and bail for Iraq somebody else so this reformation that we don’t hear you know baggage Democrats will think you know


OK thanks excess forcing the world’s role six zero six eight one more time for change the rosy rosy eight

How I thank you and turned sixty six or six guys can either of you check for a reckless driver on the freeway for every you no longer an area but we got a call for ninety easy washable of our four reckless driver almost caused an accident or a graphic up truck with the numbers saying to sixty six that it was right ninety’s that was one of our we have a report of a red pickup truck driver driving erratically and they did deflate us pause as we brush for six Fortunately they stated he was in the right lane and each of those in control attempted to get a traffic Harvester tried after it’s approach who is in zero zero five nine

Thank you sir it’s nine zero I’m sorry eight also if

That is register Choice brand for truck two thousand and fifteen for me or truck parts I devoutly of you

Thank you for the color here on our choice when I want to speak to the older party in full received advice shows complete in Baltimore and next before heading downtown for

Eight o seven

Security or some surprise for us and they’re going to be in your area was one for a night in just a fraction of the commanders from playing when he can and we’re just be civically for us OK just a second via

Shirt for me at forty

You know questioning

Your vehicle over here and throwing out window they’re not fit for Tarzan to be ready I think we market for three to one affair but the breaker

For now got a van whenever you’re ready to do it from two zero zero zero

X. ray Sam hero of the year old three seven eight three zero repeating Johnson you and I don’t

Prove you’re over here oh right the first family there zero zero three seven eight three zero zero zero four


So you have a

Wager rich are you thirteen for one Charlie one very heavy thirteen

That’s right thirteen Good morning sir I thought it was two zero four zero Stern’s two zero four zero Stern’s residence that street are upset because someone is doing work on the street one of his own car to see if these guys have permits or they

Don’t understand why the whole street is blocked if you can just clarify it’s code three kids zero zero four two zero zero four to

Be good for

Many of the enemy between eighteen years of right for me yeah this is a thirteen or tortoise now they’re going to handle just wrote it and eighteen three six one six well four seven three six one six he’s one four seven they’re pretty impulse for the mystical you know being a focus of I have gone through a divorce her name is Twila His name is more recent

Previous The He’s known of the violent one the velocity

Six zero zero six

Eight eleven whole point zero is how

They do a thing


Pantera where budget is likely goes like

Or half hour they’ll also

Say you know the buffalo you said I to Edward same same same ocean make

That work Sam found them also

Again I apologize Kanchan the letter V. for the ocean in this three sail right you will see that work far far far also all

Right so that I do Edward saves them same motion a white twenty four team Volkswagen four door to a Michael Davis Carmen spelling from one three two one west eight five apartments three out of Cleveland the place good vehicle checks cleaning to a fifty six year old male

Having a bad call to a sick user

Right here on a car not working also hard or the friends are like that it’s only your saying thank you and not saying I’m

Out looking for someone his place down

In the park or I’ve been achieving

Like Sam Burton or radio and I think we will cause complete numbering while our existing they were eleven and David seventeen going to be related to

Now do you have


Rate inability but her

OK to

He ate in

Well over an hour both during

That OK It’s a oh yeah there’s your problem or there are

Now you’ve got the venom in and then a minute

So I think

It is usually Oh

This will be a quote or someone thought that cracked it was a female holler he was fighting with in the aisle in the background first she said she was still and then she was they were possibly move out driving over neon years of period to severe enough he said three and then she hung up and on how back there was no response her

Mom which is not

A seventy anisotropic

So I think

You know Mr Wagner story doesn’t make a lot of sense if you give Mr Poe her name and where we hope her numbers two one six one three two nine two zero four Mr Wagner saying he that for his sister’s home is missing do current check with her and he’s not making much sense here Tucker that I hear well

It is one hundred fifteen out of the day

If you know if you start head over at that metropolitan it and I mean one of the victims is calmness about his

It will be Unbroken to even the lobby to help out twelve Adam once he gets the

Coach forget zero zero seven three zero zero seven three

He was yes in the ninth

I’m sorry two zero one seven S. Manning two year one seventy five all right and we have a number for a I’m sorry mad rush for that garage really par

Three For The System thank you stuff I was around you know and you know we’re going through a fortnight in harder

When she’s in with

Not quite an event for her


Copy that and thank you after for sending one supposed to be since force the Senate traffic was a good question is just too much and was one hundred forty third in pure dismissing the right turn on if you’re this for a black female driver in a black Lexus driving with a baby on her lap it’s approaches the traffic not to drive on my way to just in order for United is going to that area Prince you know for a very well thank you sir it’s either ninety but ninety six

What I pay so I spoke to the sister she says that her brother must not be doing well there is no D. that’s missing and she is going to call him now OK I guess I just want to make many friends and I was trying to decipher it and I couldn’t thank you no problem a twenty so making the body

OK A twenty eight thousand of them force of it and Tell Me More from virgin or a plain wanting a lot of them already fifteen or seventeen they were thirteen

They even seven seem seventy two from missing person who are also craving thirteen will be on her and just her to Simon her for the majority are complete enough for a future of her for the short thankfully but of course you’re right you

Know We Are we getting for easy for a forty five I will be having two to four Personal eight twenty just by Barney fourteen when you’re ready to copy an alarm up on South water and then to

Safety from

It you know you know if I were a mole for the fly sure in Iraq well single flash

A twenty three D.

It was Newton’s right but surely thinking

The twenty three journey to age twenty five are going to

Pay for this I was you know your partner in a car full of life I would have you think Yeah but if he wanted he was rewarmed simply for my seven college hairy a twenty four visionary woman and I think that’s actually fifteen For one he doesn’t have a cold and he can tell me when I am

Ready and I know

What is or if it was a good purpose or whatever turns out it was his again earlier from a computer or current

Eight point

Nine eight twenty six

Twelve area going in

They were the vehicle was parked where are we sure she probably got her car back from Iraq

Zero zero six four eight twenty seven OK thank you all that are for each one

When we’re done at the impound lot vehicle called info for each one you know I’m going to system and see if you gotta get to school

Having I think twenty seven percent for

Their sorry just the arc for

Five years for I’m a guy some

Things he can’t is the law forty seven zero zero four seven just that or thirty three

There to the right

Rear of a horse and a check OK outside all our fortune jewelry for

Pick up the property room with the four we had to virtual

It’s a twenty eight


Two level eighty three zero zero eight three and four F.O.B. advise

And cancel advice that kind of think they learn and stop being a first year fourteen yes fourteen a twenty one

Then you knowing you well Rob

Eight thirty

Or can already I just think that’s an

Issue for Terminal two eight four

Eight thirty scared zero zero seven zero zero seven six we have the I thank you I guess I should report they’ve already cleared the fielding States ready for you after it and sometime overnight you can string marching up for the report rectory if in forging a zero zero one zero zero zero one zero zero zero zero zero zero Thank you take third quarter and gear for general for the M. by Neil gave the name of Survivor are he thank the receive a call from the year lease holder and Keesha the ones who have a million or one who will enter unit number who for say the telephone call involves her saying that she was taking them peel no further info was given no response at the call that given from the

Unknown as he’s actually her at this

And I mail hauler and he received a call from the lease holder time around the thirty one year incident numbers one six four seven three one six four seven three there is really no KILL THIS IS REAL ONE place

Radio to

What if I show you first animal love an Oreo having that with him or her partner’s going to say in addition

I want meaning I’m going to see commercial court I want to be in Room seventeen

Thinks the role of the winner and won three the clear

He won the sequel there is in reference to her heard land lower in arena the unit without her permission

Evidence that this was not the first

And that

You know on one occasion when our children were

And he was out of the war you know he wants to speak with officers in reference to the land or in a ring or unit when he’s not home and I’m not going to be a thirty three year incident number one six or seven three one six four seven three OK Have you ever thought of three Thankfully the boy Linked In and worked Nora in RE and were I Michael Eric out of

The twenty one pick up the trash just for eventually Rolls Royce seven S. It was a right seven

On the list Thank you Richard I thirty five really out of Arnie thirty seven for what

Thirty to

Thirty five Well I think for the one six or six




Stand Adam eleven but I’ll have an add on me that

Actually do have


I think like

OK happy a thirty five and then you think you know what again I just made it over what is probably a pocket that I’ll go to

You get zero zero eight two zero zero eight to write the morning for was the first free one for her wrecked it slipped over one for thirty six from for their winning of call of D.N.C. tower one six one one zero zero zero eight twenty four for the present complete you’re OK with that no I want her

But I think you know there is the fate of one thousand years or even a P.M.C. Bankhead and I want me a call we get busy and call back coach you if you’re a zero nine two zero zero nothing to use that is neighbor’s house appears to be shot he doesn’t see anything at this time but when you make sure that is neighbors are OK at it check head inside anything close if they are they are surprised or anything but in a way it’s a call three event fourteen and zero zero six seven zero zero six seven OK got the horn your lock wanna

Have a thirty eight they Marzo Robinson found an ID card outside her door it didn’t and she believes as someone used it to try to break in that this is a code three can zero zero nine six first two or one four eleven The radio people who make at home are five zero zero nine six double zero ninety six the three sixes one four So you eight thirty

Two can through the receiver and eight anything from forty to

Thirty four canals running over to call someone

Who bought a while for most just right for going across

The border

General there are a hoodie and by color only gave her her name and Travis sorority

That he received a call from the lease holder and said he’s of the ones who

Care Unit two zero four thing that he was going to think for he’ll know her of a simple given that you led a meal not

Naturally holders actually moment the urn I’m now going to be the forty that in the numbers on the one one six four seven three once the foursome from

Her T.N.T. apparently last night there are shots fired about one A.M. and then of a four am next door fire responded to a house fire she said to her car windows are busted out it’s an order he wants fifty and that driveway is a priority to you and it’s a caregiver of zero zero five six

A forty truth as it were to

Go for a living person or Home Affairs or

Heroku for resident voter because the court eight forty one says and they get another ten hour for vehicle program so OK And I’m like Can I get two more numbers

I just clarify fifteen anyone need one number in twelve that I mean eight to twelve I think that I’m sorry

Twelve I need to you numbers

For you right for your heart right now I use the original of my first and I need you want top even of a question fifteen to me one secretary watches but they

Didn’t Want To Believe me when I wrote the first one of her or

Forty three


Twelve Adam you can use care here one zero one and zero one zero two fifteen Adam you got zero one zero three zero they thank

Me and I talk these are one zero three thank you

Need more yeah just let me know and I’ll make them a party if we want you or if you want that

You know I have the Robert Frank seven six zero zero eight

For a Robert when Dorothy Robert social five seven three six five ninety zero five no

One if it’s the ME and four we were like now if you know

Some of that is an information from where I get a forty five

Twelve for a coach joining Hilman Atom one Q.


All of us are six zero one six zero women six zero one six Helman not of course they choose that you males stealing windows out of a vacant house one of them is a black male wearing a red plaid jacket defeating them into a city issued trash can and go to kids or one zero four that’s a one zero four

Three six unintended I don’t

Fret so and over I miss the location that

They’re getting across with your friends here as well you know well we all are in the USA OK out there if you grab us right that’s well

Wrote we’re getting a second bag thanks

Charlie thirteen I was reassigned to this world

He funny thing the radio

Say to save a day that’s a pain free as I use

For these have friends and foes as I’m sure this farm team arrived they say for the

Rightful far provides ornament you

David eleven semis and Regis they turned all the base if you so got those guys with us now or about I do it right right that the opposition really it all wrong

They just why they go what they were


Eight forty nine

A forty nine they were eighty three get Barney fifteen cat number

Does the color live at one zero six zero to Parker’s or is that the house it was shot in to

Believe that savers address the think of a Corvette that survives a second try to recap for you is robber saying I am one fire for four to one to beat Bruce Richardson His vehicle is a Chevy evel when I turn on The View can pull up a plate on that

Still not sure um cinema’s garage and I have two people here already on scene

Minus Zero aren’t two more not sure how many others are here for sure no Abby that I’m taking care of

Her black Cadillac for the Michigan easy that give me a second look for a fix you know Mission idea who am I to have a then and there if that would help them either they were you guys when he found a bro exit but is able truck ran into traffic

Was very last seen threatening Alexander Johnson but now forty one real thing is white one

What are suppose one zero one zero six zero one six

Eight fifty just a welcome eighty three yes this time you can hold it out the mail was able to get his car out of the empire and he said it’s

A fifty three eleven to six six zero four Siebert six six zero four Sievert a Margaret of color

And there are things disturbing seasonally through it and if you get the house that well when a browncoat Elijah’s Ulsan zero two zero zero nine eight the middle ninety

Distinct well wasn’t done and was a privacy issue dressed ready thirteenth one alarm of water the visor

And two first one one six one two zero South Waterloo as sunlight

Is USA security here on the rear driveway called the very get zero zero two five zero zero two

And one eight zero one two Marcella one eight zero Well if this is male and the blue there

Have they all been there for a few hours the place is at war three three one six two seven zero three and zero zero nine four zero zero first two or one four

Eight fifty six

This is rich in connection with a fort


The rear driver’s window

Much employed during warning three three six seven

Hundred ninety six call if you’re on that for me

Two zero one two over just sort of then house and there’s a little left in the

Four door issues easy unknown thirty they

Call it they say they belong to the drug boys in the area Thank you Joy It is the house you know so they can go for nine for four nine five four four and awful Well forty one fourteen live overall Well for one well formidable role

For the unknowns like oh for the little sixty four zero zero six

Zero zero eight fifty eight they were eleven for place and are easy to see a

Three East Side A eleven sixty three East fifty

Four Play Center report House has been clear hold three get it you’re all one one two zero one one doing the relocation or problem for whether one one six three E’s five eight these fifty

Eight fifty nine and they the six a for want on your in that in hand it’s a get report

That is out of a one

Three words are already

On a four fourteen Y. on all four fourteen way being called her up and there are sounds like they were troubled at the right any other someone has a knife because they give Tracy a little

But the male

Has an i Phone has of Rome a lot of commotion and they’re calling on each other and I thought I’ll go on a virtual Oh one zero one one seven zero one one seven

Nine o’clock

Want to they can help by stores open

I don’t know her twelve

Fourteen seventy he’s won eighty one more than zero one hundred a side door hasn’t kicked in that they can house another city Levon

Hall two and zero one one zero one one

First just for joining us yes nine a lot seventeen I spoke with a caller finally he’s at work but he stated that he did hear shots early this morning but he didn’t call to say your shots are off a tie and so he didn’t see anything OK Murray get no response at both little thing that’s roughly if we attempted to count to make some of the neighbors often got North

We’re going to make it

OK yourself it’s true if you didn’t check private Firefly for some placings you’re all black male wearing a gray T. shirt and jeans go three zero one one five zero one one five OK thanks but if you want to and thirty one I’ve got there’s no info and charity right next to this and there were hundreds reports

Fifteen but most of her Did you will get a doctor’s name from Leo Laporte

Negative How is that better yet if you were in her home or anywhere

Typing very badly my last


Parties will have somewhere national three one seven but we don’t go out to lose a few with a proper

Right you can use good zero zero seven four zero zero sum for him as I don’t for the run every

Yes play the role like I

Think he’s gone for like ten like he is saying that

Took a bunch of June SUDARSHANA

I deserve better you know who Jemma I know five hundred or so the box of a cigar and while you are but for

Real all of us knows the sun

OK You did one for about Moore’s on a B.M.W. I did a

Running more resilient a great B.M.W. I got though and

They tried to get

Permission had been taken to see that they’re all right I’ve got another one here I go right over eighty

One eighty only for him and I mean

There were times in front you know the shots fired were one o’clock in the morning and then the fire when I checked it was around four thirty maybe four forty eight

And any

Measure occurred just run over we had five hundred thirty three going to assist with the fire and fire arson is joinery for there is no other types of report that being done for help are itself

There were eleven radio eleven degrees or thriving

And only

Coming back to a white YOU thousand and seventeen it is rock

Two and a Marine Company fifteen hundred ten will have a nail two hours expires on seven thirty one seventy ame leasing company commercial and fifteen’s engine I four

Read it and fifteen that that was cancelled the mail on the scene and part of their dinner A To this day not a hand we are being held up

OK Having already run

The criminal response for the door

Very hard

To sell that on zero one two five zero one two five thanks

But you know that in one thousand rand you see a blue two thousand and seventeen G.M.C. Acadia Yes going to be



There we have manufacturers’ place of David

GREENE And George H. who’s got the little numbers of your zero five OK to try to create Michigan you know that’s a place

Where the cat is a one to four and nine when

There are those who are

Just thirteen radio go I was listening to


Regardless already oh you know we’ve all his truck and he’s all our seventy seven action coverage at nine forty

Nine fourteen or when or if they were beautiful car five A three hundred

Forty on your plate George’s or Robert one nine one zero comes that was due to a ninety nine Chevy four door Leach owes it is dark brown lonely Mike ocean I descend and rams your Robert and I’m my

Edward you know Robert one five seven zero two Halladay

Six seven ching


Market is this is rendered to the boys over to campus for the issue with the water mill and when we’re going to

Have your Washington

Earth Day nine twenty five one thousand nine hundred

License number Union Ward eight zero six five zero six

Three magoi

Alert one alert one two eight five zero says six eight six

Now you have

Anything it will

Be Missing yeah for now I think there’s one more you have been doing on the white S.U.V. I know right I think that’s the remaining one when I’m the owner then I’ll play around

Frank you know Walter they think they really are clear on that

Or maybe one of my victim’s parents read you every tweet ever and ever they are there and you’re a gentle Playfair called wired to the max Hey Frank

Started hurting and the rising really come across at someone and some checks

And agree my taxes are

Victims here I run both of those cars were filled with wedding gifts from their wedding or for me there’s probably nothing and I’m right the jeep and I’m the the other G.P.S. he walked through it he said nothing appears we take the time

Then the Honda looks like

I can’t oh it’s running through but I’m not sure if it was an acre of

The owner that was on the way down right you know Walter for a

Yup that’s it and I’ll think I want to do in front are you still the latest addition Yeah I’m getting fuel now I’m not

A salmon have one when you’re completely feel

You have no other

To give it to our police ID

Cards I told the crowd to bring your place I.D.R. drive results and so on that are back to the are


Funny Thank you Sam thirteen radioisotope one nineteen zero nine Brive you whore Kristen Langford is calling two reporters two daughters missing just two year old and their last seen yesterday.

Las Vagus – May 6, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

The Farleys of us as you is holding Iraq and her hand to protect herself and I want to see how things are not on that one you have you heard that for sixteen young people I’ve tried to recall that now answer on the surface of it so they’re not

To our family now

And having

It’s nothing is that our advice from here on happy

For you one hundred three George Washington around Archie thirty five Welcome to America do you have any video of anything coming out of the film

Negatives we don’t have oh well most of it is

You know here’s an adequately copy what furthest north camera you’re going to have because the old vehicle after two thousand if you even want more than camera we got a Circus Circus camera we also have to use you know mode and self harmers

OK for the studios up amongst the fair Kevin Circus Circus camera for suspect vehicle talk we won’t have any second

Choice but soon I

Move all the way area down a creek this occurred on the south side of the valley area of an army officers over here it’s not very feel for this the and the reason funerals are probably the most have been private

Since you know I can tell you want me to direct because you go the route of the velour answer without sort of walking through

Control features re advised people description crossing cell phone all I have is a dark blue Audi sorceress is still a very good and scary video has some as it will seven vary a lot and you can see it we don’t think it’s all of our survival five minutes we’re not seeing any vehicles matching that search in south

Central and

Turkey was forever your I.Q.

Children are nineteen or fall on a milk

We just arrived on this one trying to figure out what we got no

Power given the phone call if you can be our cause of your time Grace affirmative confidence that in your own



You were recalled if your view were the floor director since we wanted to come out of this problem the possibility of Asian historic So here are starting C.P.R. which was very quite precious or very sixteen words we have a lot of you walk out on the inside of your screen working on video footage right now

The suspect vehicle before the suspect how did he say that it was a houri And he also stated that the suspect was a little accord because

Of the residual security and nobody offered anything

Go for it I think

If I saw one vehicle or somebody

Being something very Lamplighter

Is somewhat of a cause of work if you need twenty four if you see one thing to show you have their arms open and there

Were the hospital repressions after

A very very

Very very wanted not not a twenty four and ninety and some five check a few are

Rising that while they’re transporting someone pull the highway every once in a great alley and on health care to place the subject has a gunshot wound to their chest possibly related to a very loving

Once and for A and

For you as well versus for

Even if you’re

Fifty if you have interests frozen us versus the five

We have a long conversation in on that the White House for the second week thirty eight vicar for Dr Wong to her call her some more harnessed and have come here illegally but medical treatment vision

Precious offense if you can cancel during one day for that is what we want

For your one more time than

We are going to the hospital and also the computer to all those other worlds we need animal control every cover so some part was from five one was like this vehicle that’s across one up in the landscaping great it’s probably going to have some run by parents to the wheel or fire survivor much parties are


Of having

Self-control and negative force recall the clock as he just recalls of the victims being transported from his hospital

For herself and her victim from the joy of race for the for profit security over at gas station the saving of the suspect if you just of you got the credibility you got transported less seem going to finance going coffee after you recall than say they’re being transported to sunrise

Or rather trauma is another very fair trial for five hundred every cell sentient supporting

Hospital called her son rush her probably thank you who does know the cause aren’t sure you know it’s funny incident or increase

I think really remarkable

Not an hour ago

I have

To have you for the want to be American from of B.R. from him closely together person you have a happy wife if you are we have our area you know

Possible great how he will make sure se Morty’s are also were

The authors we talk of the dinner three three chaos possible suspect is always going to be to be a major break first be amazingly six foot tall medium Bill gray shirt short hair break

Second subject same description but the white

Note has a wife beater also white skinned

We are surprised to find will make cloudy and for me no an on for the software lack of faith that well casing from a formal shell hang on the phone your last even

If you change

Everything for each and

Bank account happy

As helping to make minor in Britain how central vehicle drops off after moving them to and over your printer one thousand three hundred to three hundred twenty with that info York even if it’s not working

And the more probably

Argue thirty five you having Troll three and six effects listening to receive

Secret back it sounds like cervical to me a grey Audi going to fairly drop off another service who really has value anything kept going east zero nine hundred twenty so well apparently it’s got some damage to it and possibly window shop for a gallery I don’t think or model

Suspect vehicle for you know our

For instance center of the great Ari But if you spend twenty minutes of

The various

Hundred seventy three years be on the lookout for fifteen unknown hounds all right I think he’s down from straining once in area to gray or blue alley with the busted back window not the four fifteen it’s an office am are unless you give it to those you haven’t been to the polls the city has been transferred north because

They’re still leaving it will vary of forces between from three to fifty four for three or L.L. I was one of the visitor immigrates immaturely there is Lord military commission we have so they are on all of the radio for very very as a top military in this is going to be connected to the American Air Force if you have

Been averaging coffee for another person or foreign and having a private is not fine very

Often lacking even are were there again you have never held nothing in their out room in Washington Area recall Adam for three five I think he’s down on Washington passing Marion Fulker where me on her I’m out of there that but I have that waitress veteran and

From then on coming

Or some hard truth woman then had to

Chill with

You know very very bizarre but then I was a lie and I believe you are both going to be connected to your description of the R.V. from the kitchen area command and on live witnesses during your break they both describing the say we have both of us it out really well no driver side rear

Very very

Heavily this is going realizes three five nine five as well he is in a four for three hundred twenty reference an argument around that and such on that one ball notify the arm of her maternal progress of control through twenty four

Would you prefer was

A firm three four three three

Shows or Soon I will have who are there again if you like this one is that you have seen any other one is that summarize troll the internet what’s the status of the victim a summer’s theory there is worth a few of us two males and leaving this is healthy for fifteen or so going further than many others and separately

From them to merge with

So having something bigger to six hundred walk twenty second Street sorts of things that are enjoying your seven Frank nine three two

Seventeen or on your first

Sixty one errant verses you are going to have

To have it all start in hell is yourself


Metaphor for a man or three seventy to thirty thousand a successful heart a few nothing for health possibly near the pool area from thirty one to three hundred three I voted my four on the committee for the seven eleven for survive so

Do you want to part time three one of the affair zero one one

In one three night William we can follow the

Thread I want to be in the Internet for a four man a sweet seventy two thirty thousand is full of my parents and from

Their unit they cannot deny it is unfortunate So I repeat doing it on the very two five zero zero will there be any effect of affluence or north of what was going wage and I don’t say I’m not thirty minutes out I was wondering why he didn’t go also so he can get instead of rolling for his property also some five or more the quake we survive on zero seven zero six seven of the

Sort of being the victim girlfriend for well it was for

The reserve Oh and for that the number of

Foreigners who are sixty one soldiers arrives very vocal and they will court quite well have you respond over here

To survive unless you’re tired all piled up on something Mary sixty nine Mary thirty one nine Mary thirty two myself and one other unit will be able to clear her culture service no more of the fuel for her show fifty nine

Prisoners because her they will never have a long enough weekly reports breaking resident of will vote

For her for her baby’s own north

Korean war

Fifty three hundred horrified me

Movies everyone O’Keefe seventy two composite from the zero zero zero dollars for the battle be on zones never get the word zero six four

Probably three where you are forty four Control

Three hundred forty five give us mac three Sam survivors if any

Broadcast after they’ve been Tell us just once in a presidential break arms with black lung barrel revolver and a black semiautomatic handgun driving a silver V. and every seven series possible to are with a sunroof you know point three first I think of the army as the late twenty’s really thirty six but one who won sixty there on an April cotton twenty five or one zero eight three he’s extremely harsh if located male is extremely paranoid only an officer or a rival in the right a stranger on the fourth thirteenth juror

Price asked for an unfair one indicator Flingo eastbound forming a chill go and pray for an accord H.P. Adam six three one and out of service in the first go for company control nineteen very easy for the four forty before I mean that I don’t have anything here in the bureau yet there are not as well not have I’m getting zero reviews from you want to have your info I’m trying to be able to write now

And I am the way that is and

Will someone who can already vocation who is the inventing of the firm

Are you on sound

That everybody

You know of the whole lot of them feel like the book to force if they want to license is a theme because I thought journey your meal for me than Oracle was the same and we’ll have more of that for eighteen the subject of

Our fifteen or so there are now that I basically

Provide I give either as I have paid best for a one a caking or not quite experience different than P.R. Whose of that reference so we have coverage on that driver was driving preserving surgery for certain service has seventy three private mercenaries that have Sam John IRA Charlie shirts Rodney north of America

Having one from the front person Kathy I want some of you check with your US just to see her status if they would come up recently

I’ll call them to their support I was like the wind is an issue I mean of course through your

Freezers but zero don’t have a vehicle that you can get six for calling in and confirming one five zero

A for

Roll Call and one

On the phone number where every local phone

In fact for free one point of all figures from seven six six four three one seven one hundred sixty three reserve your honor so you have an arc to join or six when

We are subject


The present it will truly be played in the driveway so in about a handicap David five eight five three of black

Three of us our P.R.’s been following the V.M.E. eight years old black long curly hair blue very green shirt ring remastered all sorts of insane is all fair only three are to be around by outside of our toes of a creature

Your friend held for me by the police actually just right arrived home from Jena

Three hundred ninety three and strolled home five times to marry Sometimes you never see

Her are wrong

Now call her

Looks like get that in the air any designee area here in the party were full of like while they are going to see the fairies locking up the juvenile house the first only less fortunate been able to her sister people roughly forty five years are the cover of an eleven prom Wiser’s White Hart a civic occupied one client Hollywood I’m going to have a concert on in control of time three one hundred we Flamini tells that to driver says as he has no damage or vehicles as his Indian information exchange from day one hundred it’s a lot made of the ark they are very rare on the surface debut in the R C R virus that tells of a seven for having virus proportions have P.V. families with

Three for X. rated X. rated unit we’re going to be all for it into a

Series of if T.V.

Soon as you can solo

Through a one freeway you may know what controls are a little bit of work for you know the public think you do says if it is you have your for forty three million seven had a more human heart is rather heavy on previous seventies you are not getting anything back eight three five X. ray X. ray Union for some there are three not longer I now work on getting He wanted anybody can clear interest are for times are you one of you have been union right or inside as a three area for years he flew her teenage

Briefly to control some thirty one of three countries reasons

You had other do to support your corps I didn’t do it was you want to come by and stop it although own address what’s at stake so I can just write mark up before one but myself fall commuting out from there they also have some very very very big and if I mean

Trivial It’s when I just clear and I can transfer over time

But if I want to go to

The resistor just right at the charger reachable parking lot for

You know the president probably

Kind of business there are some very

Good three C’s one Arsenal is that the

Jersey on T.V. is unique and I’m sure if he said we want to call them over for a

House and for introducing me to you I say I thought the homeowner and sister are positive I can prove a true crime Great River County for county

I’m just waiting for a couple of years they’re

OK so the party is on when the gorge That’s affirmative and hard just don’t let me know when you get those other guys I’m already in they are complex just to the east sorry to the west there’s general connected actuary

They run parallel to each other these businesses are

No OK All right a few more cars make sure and so I think they’re probably all coming on that one

For sure and interview three one right here in the area where you

Are just with a quarter of

The show was three pounds always here from over here and it will just take a drive him


You start we Westerners are part of the serious second avails service

For having

The more courtesans all subject margin switches whole

Heavy nonsense of your forces or public response to knowing Charlie zero seven one of Marilyn or Sarah have to be seventy Do you have your full forty

Four other the moment or having something give it to Terry one of my go around the site not run from the north of options and probably thinking private thoughts and being

Explain to the general reading service or the Navy is he going to take her to go around or very very near to when he or she has been sitting

There is an awful lot of people have come back street five and seven hundred ninety five nuclear that last for six seven days in

Having somebody one hundred into the north officers

Of a medium sized truck with a point like if I think a four times a day before and during off in the vehicle having pumped up the what would be paper doesn’t often usually to arrive seven three three eight brushwood

You know fifteen will fall for the force or from him a very very will be a truce

I’m not years here on

The incident from a friend’s

Stop feels like it’s a thing which reserve them when I first told them of her but me if you know I’ll never know the sense of recovery you have inspectors in our time not this thing and here I said if you knew what Maureen is after in one thousand copy

Seasoning hundred fifty three nineteen vehicle number one six zero four one writer seven zero two two four nine hundred ninety seven with a corner deceive you thinking

Of a rival he’ll probably do her search while they are provided haven’t you going to have enough for a fortnight for at both her and oh I think you know thing leave me alone I mean I

Think the odds are good for all of the other problem we’re going to be escorting her back into the office to you forty

Seven eleven on one thousand and twenty nine of our guys are looks like the north thirty three are suffering from might be helpful for children going to you they marry sixty one some are thirty

Five more therefore you are three point seven and he’s on you know one of the six having I have you know I don’t we have a fourteen hour Henry one then four one one zero here chance I copy the order is eight one two zero one zero eight you know the route to vent three eight nine eight three zero zero

I think something’s going for

If you can not see if you can locate the two security guards

There on say maybe probably have some more info or if they have the cigarettes very very

Great coffee people are right or in uniform or over there are three two eight five nine two three

Hundred fifteen Sam I want to actually have a far one for you three I don’t want you to have your for forty you know

That for a perfect reflection

Rather one of not something I feel sorry for the far one is actually working out convincing hundreds of alarms have a can of they’re going to be

If you want to stay on this channel to talk about the fun Tropicana month

Ken and Las Vegas Boulevard having

Me on north of is an artist biggest taxi Dodge van occupied five times in a black Honda he’s been advised as well

Got me there in a road where they want to have a second H.P. called in they said they were all fixed on the riveted and they say they fold over here I’ll try to contact a taxi company stopping


Six for George to him it will be like me to Richard

But three of the twenty three three zero one seven we can or Robert or the other will be at the wall more on the clouds and drop it twice with a kind of a little bit more pressing clear dirty money from

Only twenty three US that have on their last reference before sixteen

Patrol one hundred five on turn one of our cover I’m sorry we just responses which is the an a three X. twenty four point five four out of a second which was it sounds like you know if you know you’re here for the year we got a hold of the owner he got something identified very Rove and you cited for not having a business license or anything else there is no record of R.T. this if any about fifty minutes so to say I hear they’re like four zero eight three twenty one twelve in custody at twenty one

Haven’t you this he’s a socialist I think he’s a grown or purposeful normal knowledge worker for regular short review for your company in the the ocean three in the Arctic I know you’re happy there’s no price

But we think you know

If you know what we do we will go over the

Over seven hundred nine we’re going to be a

While remaining in the afterlife room for

No I was only to go there when I was already there on the following over an hour the preparation

And a break anyway

I canceled a part for me I mean

Yeah that’s on the other one particular a very

Choosey extremely fearful four five six zero rider is Herman’s or two seven six eight nine one nine six and assign your achievement thirty eight ninety eight maybe

Not it was pretty strange and frankly

Three days we have a recent three haven’t really been very seriously ever of all things US where I mail out science from happening to spec does represent a large party feeling that has knowledge forever twenty four consultant for first place it was was earlier a for one reason that will tell what we’ve heard from you and offer her very very rapid


The very poisonous rhetoric three very pretty well

Who are very real interesting and funny meaner

To your friends also for there were years when we got the mail have right now

We have been making her our views prescribers darling you know I sleep in little bit you know I the morals is not going to be no one to solve not just on the area not have you have for over a month for him having I mean you have now

They’re saying well I need a medical You’re right Bridger appeared very corny there’s no medical problem as you took off in the vehicle having a pretty of cooperate know how to figure out what she’s

Having a

Go forward tax or a clear US policy

If he feels he’s going to use Iraq

Program for what

You have

Got one a black there and a white to door group F.T.V. aren’t going to fit very well and

I’m five times here even around through that area wrecked on Rainbow east of the intersection westbound lane

Her husband and her Gretchen that wrecked over Robert Phillips are

These are the four through intro sort of which

Fifty eight seventy eighty seven eighty or who is that we don’t already know our whole narrative having

The seven or so for six hundred

Thirty seven I haven’t seen Korean Spirit want to experience anything else and I think Israel and I were possible are you going to if you want to I’m going the N.C. State seventeen copyright

Eight seventeen H. seventeen point eight seven six three nine nine one zero two nine six three one three seven zero zero two thirty eight ninety eight eight hundred seventy you’re going to see him

Scription over time and of course from

Three to white males the first one is Parties five six then built gray shirt blue jeans break second one all I have is a white male try to recall our P.R. is one of voice mail I have no further control them very few are say where he was out on my property there you have

Caffeine fall and you recall

Back then which for sixteen B. thirty five eighty were to drive John one three or four be amazed when the things of you say in a vacant residence you know her reply major event she’s going to go to summarize a picture of that for me over there have a very nice defines the forty nine are over

For two or three or reprieve for some two for two winning tickets for a forty

Fundraiser Javi

Several for her six

Times haven’t for

Janardhan not only to make their six seconds every night

Stop all of our so much to unknown for the moment the residents want to tear open the door channels for she to north down channels where

They’re very very they haven’t even gotten a hold of anybody

But having signed for three francs between one and four three francs for Grand their game

Of the government I see a notation in the source for the five they have a rival for the ones from five will go her way to broadcasting cancel missile and in

Iraq having to have one acknowledged for us reviving as a rebel forty nine twenty five will the high wage on one bring in from the gas station D.N.A. twenty to twenty five six thousand top point Jean has resigned for four six channels

And I’m very very favorite part to wander away from the Grange

Or not O. Crawford and fill her street


With Ari can you revise your traffic

There right remember her thirty seven sixteen

Readers we can have you know us and really go for it for sixty nice sixty one twenty golden nectarines or for Peter happy

Happy times seven o four control freakery Brandon’s reasons for family are all is here to rule

On a five nine one ninety five is the prosperity on

The hopeful

Those who can exhaust all means

Not previous on the phone over it looks like that looks like a court it’s just not us is it shows in front of three three five East Hartman first found have

Preferred to

Perform or

To be seventy four three zero two eight

Three zero sewage throwaways insanity anything Soviet forces that one time to have a rosemary her and her center grow food for ACT one remember how so you who have until recently for

That all on the earth with genes

Were of

The charm and he’s that it’s one of the one of the why you’ll have all of us all

Covered if you

Were told that I had to die for your previous First the thing be I as a means in either contest oh OK Gene please don’t mention who there is no measure for a force Examiner Did you want to relate the temperature back on a force

Is a river how many have not had an average run of our last two our focus of a cold it gets a lot of

Control each morning arrives he’s funny he’s there even on the surface may not aside from the advice I think advice if it’s so far from an the former for fifty may mechanization seventy five WANT TO vice versa don’t we can break your feet at seventy one copies or not even if I can assist as well even as the war will be in the book copy it over exact copy for free

Because I think it’s actually going to be our number if they’re for the cup truck with a camper I want to show me I’ll be at an American reader and you’re already in for the import or comfort if it comes off

To be a man

Not right

Or wrong the

Right I have a meeting here

To find six inches of I’m sorry was last six mindset revise and I would need in for a seal less than one minute I heard three to four shots coming from the series examined Alan very difficult for me now control three four I think very very afraid to

Think for there’s no need it’s a report

And it’s working the proper general time there is what resilience is about two hundred people that are going to be going out or the van

You know drive just


Frank six for sure

We are white Ford or

Regional north of Washington seventy seventh Rockefeller for sixteen have ever agree and three of them general

Are No

Six or five cooperate and I’ll be clear profit in people for color if they offer the other vehicle

For free thanks for coming on sixty seven please pretty woman have given me the forensics and I did for him a sweet ninety one forty five sample of our very own age entering it three zero nine eight and your stories email static in her forty’s like pink top of the jeans and resume they will be one

Of their oh

No not a night dream Frank five seven to be in a parking lot of the fifteen or

Something on a line through ninety or five seven line about oh no US rather Carol than the average

Art of politics Heil definitely

Has a white man for two fifty years right

Very thirty year old now bring me recall of recall from million eulogizing he was done for an adoption travel a strike now thirty S. re sure we can’t control it only for

Me for you are always all units now going to

Be three three one a conical for

Fredricka and one units we’ll find to the Hollywood hundreds of pro

For you as a real human perfect

Topic for six months worth of you know what was for the French ones are you getting a little bit of an apple

Some kind of than

An echoey space the award of pops up on my engineer was asked for our intelligence briefing for an answer I’m not getting out here from out

There was a

Previous Ari

Seven eleven M. or something on the carrier I love there out there thank

You Troy

Davis and David sorry to fears I missed

Three hundred twenty seven

Americans on pretty twenty three for your normal not for six nine or keep rolling in her

Ankles nursed her black of reinterpret a forty thirty bus Charleston

And one of their own fans very very we thank you

For thinker at three point three three forty seven on a fourteen driver

Is this is going to be on at great risk maybe the regime great we’re going to be in the valley area of a war

The race of grocery three of the valley view North

Right next to C.B.S.


Several hundred workmen of course is to me to have done a lot of crazy trying hardest confirming top analyst job and was very modern made up for sixty

Years or knew how loitering had maybe moved along I’m sure some eleven acknowledged


In film for everything here are twenty four and we saw over shadow through our resident for fifteen A That I haven’t heard of center


But magnifiers cars and

There’s this

Was a way to do that

Over a million or a

Second for a return to a A one Nissan Disney’s I’m V.M. it’s going to be our zero is an edition of our I feel

Thank you

Seven eleven four six seven times I don’t want any nine zero on X. ray Charlie George Nevada and they already are why I have no financial

Times I know for Control Pro four six four six and her cousin is the variables our society you are in Mojave east and west that is a fossil for a nine you probably forty seven prior to the Oregon want to serve a divorce Mr ensuring they are not Colorado an ardent use of we don’t want to give you cover for six others on the video you know the seven Davids six five three

We’re going to be all shy and a lawyer just August come back to us

When you leave if you’ve having to think and

Dream about a seven one one I don’t know a bigger eight to Nevada six four zero you know the even or

Be warned about it one night a X. ray sensation claimed injuries make up for being nobody was ready for the break of the time a sign a time right before a six or six times short Mojave

Six or six semi happy I thought you threw in three hundred forty three were very very very big David Nevada of young I ninety five northbound Jeter

Were in three copy for four yet the firms are really larger probably seven seven seven hundred of their you have ever had a Jones in Washington a second seven seven seven not as a result on I don’t really enjoy it another way that stuff will distance themselves

Every four or five but only for so often when I’m cold or from in a remarkable position OK obviously just go for a closer unit if you can have that life through employment Renshaw and be sure to do if there is urgent O.O.P.L. home to Seattle until zero six or will I

Have a trip

Around for around that

Is rather a copy or is obvious it is a present which you have any other cause for to say sixty forty copies on six ports or seven for there are three hundred thirty to

One project for us for our

One year degree not

A life for sure one of yours for having a year in season and out of respect

For having

Been and three percent trapped in a nine hundred one one thousand and ten minutes sergeant in the middle the string on the a situation often Harmon and then right now long hair only forty to fifty is red shirt and jeans

So he says in the south our main standing and staring at the ankles possible for for sex or for a twenty one year nothing else

Some of the things you copy that is exactly

His Rhodes and zero three

Three G. twenty you have a lot of recovering had to force your server to follow server or afraid you’re in danger of your sex for service if you certain surface creative you try to copy be clear me or Mary person very

Regretful control three D. P. twenty four copy four six seven three evil twenty four guys there are going to be Nevada plates five zero Frank there are a one eight we’re going to be right off of winning on older running or if I’m going to go really trying for happens if you are forty nine four to seven fix


That they can revise have a horse to hide all of it

OK the next few round her or eighteen at the house on her drives different nor

Do I need any unit paranoia I

Remember searching OK

Twenty four seven three

Holes in time an offensive vehicle of a black Audi possibly seven on them I’m afraid something very greedy Emmys are to the Emmys and I very early in their twenty’s wearing blue medical mask armor Harvard Union George my hands were cold for there was rigor of intrigue a that’s it’s secured but all that of lines are over looks like need that’s why when you can see there’s nobody inside on surgery three fourths of server sometimes raise rates near zero three hundred sixty three to offering to mark our Hoffman ads are now US having

Problems for happy thank

You for any easier

Counseling sixteen zero return of hard work the original P.R. for control five seventy seven just for after they have a commission was first regular act against the park size and the summary of the Maryland disposal of remarries of a


Three of them I think it’s pretty funny he’s extreme caution is located in fact detective reference event three eight zero five from five five channels are very good evidence for seventeen million three hundred forty ignored the commuter terminal one of three

That are involved verbal between if you are in daughter of his attack on Christmas

And what do you do with it because that in terms of our copies I was talking to

A As the late twenty’s early thirty’s six one one sixty also with a black females Dalton equal cotton

Twenty eight years old five four one zero eight subjects armors in black one Vera revolver also black semiautomatic handgun Nelson surely paranoid waiting police rival break into their front door armed with the four thirteen using Paasschen is located in concert feature act of minor channels are controlled from the little one channel which you would never call some of our first days if you drive you into That’s what you have your for forty only convict are big hurry and

That’s all the forces of a vehicle


Stop them progress you know we’re going to need you are going to try to push through these armies of her split from being about a five year old winking hooking

Over to going through professional duties for any

Reasons that is exceptional control thirty forty five zero four six eight both male and I want to custody three D.V. twenty five confirming you’re on a four six eight right now and I’ll have you know I mean I think

For show us four six a folder and may order one across the room now there’s maybe ten soul of him down the street just kind of standing around

I cleared because we’re here B. or C. where information is to be zero seven he knew a fellow servant of

Very serious or

A zero five and also haven’t heard tell you that there’s going to establish peace and revise in their security they did cause some of this connectors are form no previous one and number three different ones having regard for anyone even if arms control and if you could do a proper procedure for anybody on the right one to front one there are three with the most part

In it rather for us thanks to see various I was right there trying to get through the fact how yellow they were after George running this is a winnable for Brinks first place as Iraq is known to be our liberties our friend from the neighborhood and now they are saying that it’s her boyfriends serious back to explore

It also

We want someone and having


Just our way down by the P.R. from the

Previous forces in the WE CAN you could spread around that will be I would build and she’s hiding in a stairwell and can hear the nails screaming five washers short arms

Fifty five probably will improve in this room in a couple minutes or American one six Frank nine seven zero we are remembering our target I thought you before you were going to be our award of over No it was part of the America thirty three twenty seven and have a family business and we will watch that address and not coming out trying to recall an affair

If we have a further problem I have half the five you know you have no money and I for one for the man with four for


For a short

Program counter registers showing up for the notes

First rank one copy very first to central control very frankly as well from three friends having seven to nine control

I probably think they’re probably things are more there was very point Jesus if I think I should be happy for example twenty thirty What if right if you do the right is really a great deal of

Having if you go for


Or seventeen a twenty five forty three month but that’s an apartment that’s only

For fifteen years only for sixty two of us it was meant for my healthy and fit for the retro Nativity

For Montgomery row if there


OK And they are flying down by the various forces in the area of the same location twenty one out of three months are different location no visible Visionaire will I think of envision a year with various years with me every retiree for three Charlie want to see the copy of course I’ve been seeing Charlie five to five four zero three not number two twenty feet three E.V.A.’s four should


The bill and then

They first dreams errand boy friend for fifteen minutes Cory is his previous four seventeen and Mary see George another in Mary Tucker series and two seasons on forever and F.T. is not on the same price of a two hundred four as he does come on the for various forums accident sex

Probably not if I don’t have

To see if I know how unless and I have priors first thought was the lead back then this past season or something have a officer control direction for any American system in her apartment ones or via

Joint before six seven unregistered green

Occupied at least one time

Told here in

Five fifteen

Pretty funny thing ferry to arrive thinking you prefer one over having me for

You have your writing problems if there were horses but he was gone

But we’re not like oh it would be great if the

Twenty dollars he wants across a friend who falls on into the floor of a chair and who for years

If you want to can revise or process right now

Copy Professor George curious I mean at thirty six or if you want direction thirty six zero warm preferred picture distribution

Sixty four horses are the easy fifty first one ready says white on their merry hawk and white ones on the sand and how few

If it was Happy OF are terribly with the ocean for it will be

Sure we just for

Fun just need to be dropped off right here on the Northwest just mail

US no address there enough in assist five three nine I don’t how is the chance for trial there or there isn’t going to be reference rebuilt yet Victor twenty three primary to clear it out of

D.D. thousand five

Hundred as well as a negative thank you from serving three three four six or sometimes reader and grab a personalized merry out I’m

Early on I’m bigger Robert I am William bonanza

Andre three thousand in funny because he won control of the copier and he just

Because you’re probably in control three four and you can clear me off there for a time you know back Frank very unsure of George you know three Frank copies researching in this regard

Because that is it’s all right five to five probabilities and twenty a very six and involved I am not involved

He is going to leave him for three six seven forty three sixty seven hundred twenty two twenty hours given John four counties break

And invest all three of the top Article three of all now that it impacts Norway I’m there oh one one seven four six

And huffy and I have found out that there isn’t just so for

The success or union it’s right OK are you going to say no you’re officially actually on it or even means as the need for nine forty three forty nine thirty eight is only three five six and I’m virtually George

Going to be a very

Pretty twenty three D. Josephs for sure music in Ukrainian security please take the question is it yellow David yellow overwhelms for you goal of your first I want to

Correct or equally be very different show me

Driving if you have the right information to start writing surely hard for about moving up in verse twenty once everything is there for you are odor for dental and climb factor was a series of five really five out of just tests for varying with the need a license for both before

Plenty has he gone to the vet a while back well one for two there were three that are going to be or what some go Poppy fifty four come

Previously for

Oh when

And why grow

Jimmy out of high school obviously reconfirm your traffic I’m really only Pecos just east of anything

Really five four fifty five point three zero sixty four in

The first go

Round I want to

Thank you three hundred twenty for me since I

Reserve the highway so work from farm for a

Week to clear and very few for no party character or salary after

Two months of having to reiterate I want to turn

To my son I have a job reaction twenty one person her most

Powerful Morris indicated that there are more dogs in the road on one’s going to marry a sinful person from having

Children joyful you’re a

Good reference returning five twenty one and three months

Shy of five we got fired over here twenty one hundred three March twenty one hundred sunrise

Of course a very one sided

Favorite of beer began sunrise

Drive every year for

Good for eight

Weeks rigorously in a circle for a rundown

References for thirty four thousand acre forty one one is a man seventy there

Were However the white males how if I didn’t give any further

You know when we’re not sure

You know colors

There you know if you’re starting from

Actual location

Conventionally forty four to other Z. G.H. and I’m out of the park for sex and joy for anyone who draws easy three words I secured

His influence I have is for the United welfare check across the ranks you know one or Jonesville in V.V. that apartments for ninety three which are female on the phone because you just are not very proud of your shoes they should cover if it’s sort of like she was crying Riggins her well for obvious effect on her

So far all I have is of like meow of the non-color George

Somebody her for twenty first remark

Has been extended over green other one it is a bow in front right there is a bow if

I seventy zero four is not in line if you want

Any of them as it is just me one

Of your

Twenty one or do they have any better description color of shorts or no

Read in Vero who are arrogant gunshot that no doubt from your more information well

Drawn them for you want you to floor everyone down on trolls right now we’re just going to have blackmail lack sure

Having any unit rolling code enforcement in eight inch of

Ground for the merchant we’re starting to get one there’s a lot of me they’ll be

Twenty first and then write

Them down for high seas wasing I mean east and there’s a while reducing the C.D.O. who also twenty six st probably so that when its officers on Easter Sunday East will have it the next Union back in goes to Eastern for Baker twelve

Of Iraq there throughout Europe is urine and some rice

And some of them they devise most of the resources of those so there’s certainly a reservoir short I’m certain they were of this party was advised if we come back you’ll hear from getting arrested or cited for running a business we have a license

And we are several cars compact in the area so we’re going to clear but

Really very many have a beer with his or her bikini on

Islands and then

Just as


Progress in return for ten sapphire five three five one monastery three pounds for one hour sitting through a neighborhood of South of the other out there is not a description of a thing as a possible charter challenger unemployment Chancellor thirty twenty

Down the alley twenty first towards Freeman but that was twenty two twenty seven I was

Very greedy animal control in the four thirty you got one small dog at the intersection

Or Springs and Hinson do you know the war warfare on this just doorstep there in the search for to the sound of the

First pile I’m having are they all live No they’re good have you ever had a car before seven point three zero Right or seventy five No Name five six seven three can you serve me with a peach were very five thirty each row or B. were to push each There seems to have three six probably ninety five and like me


And joining them

I am sorry if I just located two nine millimeter shell casings just east of twenty one a horse

That always riders on rise right

The Delphi causal to work with force

It’s also because you have a huge you know you have you know here twenty one hundred and summarize all the churches are vehemently white shirt running

Down summariser who shocks very she’s also saying her husband’s in Asia maybe he’s in the mirror and there’s over nine millimeter where you have where it is Rivers of Oh and I’m forty five right where he and over there lay them because I had with the description

Of what it’s going to the national the American were angrily while the marriage not much of a Haitian bridge owner is going to join us his vows the porter didn’t retire very far from their control I’m going to be in the log in your room in the main lobby of or

Have whoever come in for all my writer

Summary remember if you are seven and Richard a very fifty

Black B.M.W. let me go holding

Vigil here for some

Showing how the rush of the one on

Whose ears were blowing number for

Four cents you know for if it were me I think remember not one not in the scene that would even for far one of the really be twenty

Party for six women reject more white Sherry

Than people worrying


Our private

Group of males are you know what I think

Are the bigger city folks results is already out from every sixty five X. three already kind

Of basic series a quality Ager’s for work school vs church when they have

Little some go or

Even with any one of the apartment no

Some of quite a few I left there Ian wasn’t sure if the suspect are still inside or if he was armed their sources are to Soviet soldiers will be a problem there’s to be one of the females who know we’re certainly realtors and we have a source with members we will cross reference perfect name as going to deal with a rock or a guess then this reconciliation a twenty five to thirty five seven media involves both additional troops that’s not going to run on causing a lot of your

Rules when you were in forty seven everybody vote for the president once you know it so much you’ve got a long hours where there are places where freedoms for peace is not that you never I mean if you can find a contact in with your can really go

That are for you and so forth that is when I was foreclosed for fortune for forty four hours for me for a pretty

Boring run for herself

But happy

It seems you five six fun biggest family Dr Henry two and we foresee the America and the cheese and the city for

Me this minute here in the room a hospital for allowing this cross reference to a thing for fifteen B. from a six screen our David and Nancy five four three three very good primary minutes indicating and his speech early speech will be

Different from the sundry three

Personal homocentric to resign and he will hundred forty forty minutes not having twenty four things

Are going to go off and go on

Business and

Most of our permanent war there aren’t very good Ari who will prefer my call to point person for us versus just showcasing question out of work with here

One out of three that you control here haven’t we haven’t one transported on the whole quack sixty six Iraq reacts Cyclonus for the first look at four point six fifty six from one fourth of that running a puzzling twenty eight sunrise number one with Easy Street therefore having to station north from North for having us right on the first excuse me a noisy winding the street presents a loud party while music and all the seventy five easy subs are

There for only thirty meal seem a further whole story


Was Already

When he said I want to

Resurrect dance the dance of yes we know both are interest some are putting us to me on a Ford Aerostar Las Vegas Boulevard and let me go to make fun of

Reference about reform

I’m sorry covered for for your night and what was it a mystery Rosebank whatever ocean SAMII make random nor going public opposition

Of the exact role of schools although it’s

Control somebody wanted your phone off her out of awful suspect mess then you know Alan is also suspect or just the Hispanic male couple of unit out with a black male wearing black shorts there

Was therefore seem to be someone who’s going to be a force to see me sixty to sixty right by having us museums you can play for me which was going to be the one about zero one seven point two five

Parker nine out of the few

Times that I think it will be on all of our the record for

The main person who drove forty eight Samiti Clarence

Recently person who can’t charge me three six nine two Nevada Arkwright from the unit I sent home I got it on

Where you know you know how you know how he is running on this miracle in X. but I know that once installed my coffee is for the stars once I will have enough for for even the whole heart if you know five was term insane one


Of the cricket McGuire

Twenty two always a right one for also and

I would be able to note that often pop to the private or mention of people that are out there and if I think reserves of the four forty government approach or when I get me that reverses their eyes and if I think there is one brief review of your route for four years your leaders are having their for fifteen tool for Bill for five years but they’re only a month right now reference just other than your listener via virgin if your children view

As me for seven hundred sixty or you’re not up or down because the weather

For Muslims are eating because the other

Two and some who have one hundred or two others in five years but father and I have no unity

Or no

US arms far I can feel just from in the room

But even when you run away from facts before I enter the residence once or some economists just search when she says we are control freaks cleared her

The forty five years or twenty I thought her having a perfectly happy back for every war record or

Even attract the twenty five and they are


Troll seven from

Birth of

Her servant P.T. guards military for warm water cannon

Yeah I’ve got him on the list as well

Is the I think

If you’re

Here the five minutes ex-wife of findings of prospects and service remains president she’s very I say five four thousand males along with her boyfriend injuring twenty five years old mediums Colville the subject of a dark room and her Christmas tree ring convert convert of all marrying a man of cleaver Mary Ann in yellow fever I don’t know enjoy

To sixty four American forces

Will have to say easy you know we were going to be so he’s now we want him already does the sixty four thousand

One hundred twenty three

Recover for

The Armstrong revive for our

Air Force and

Show heaven either

I mean honestly

The work because you have control when George twenty three can live on that for fifteen as well from the station or your son

In the Iraqi war zone we’ll

Have you covered but it probably didn’t we were brave OK it might be there was

A very safe multiple missile taking it a lot of people way over her probably have you have area

On we call the female refused to give the address the phone yelling and cursing and call taker and the male has left and then the selected again Rivers forty three forty three we try to work decrease before their G.P.S. has a very accurate over or you want to make a call character three which were you there right now

There are areas of course we’ve been leave virtually going to be

Forty four eighty five are there we create reform or

Have a visual If you have it and probably think you

The only

Thing racist people are going to be a white board event I’ve heard approach was forming over in Memphis for control have a right there to come before the rights of Arizona Baker vaguer David to Vero of all of art and when summaries of Congress have a copy no one from Earth and you can from around to watch you figure

One of the for right here in Iowa for the for profit through

One route to war for

My knowledge Thank you it’s a joy she’s an agony for her me well her station and show that you’re free like you who are on one of the rules I misread what your former police are such as your record was part of the result of work by both of us these serials are having have a very about forty four or five

Pages is that they already explained if they say they get ready to go there is if he can go and it will

Still be for

Three years we’re just one hundred sure I figured out your partner

Primary five five hundred nineteen Mary seven seventy three California COBOL and Flamingo primary obvious knowledge pretty V fifty four control the high four Do you have another report of a four a one

Zero zero zero AM north the earth out of

Nothingness and you still play if there is room for another for a while and they’re saying R.C. how many this difference

That you will see it will take an interest in before coffee is the more familiar four six seven or I think there’s an area

Ignorance is for forces for crudity critic or who hope to

Be five or

Ten or B A R who will be rodeo Reg rail who got her home country

Yes for seventy five to George two hundred one and now three hundred twenty five

Year period temporary nor a whim to three four five warning you shine and Jones just he still

Has a three last

Trip really to eleven for six of

The regular three Nevada for six sure you know what William Crean going to be sharing these photographs we

Haven’t just because well we’re four zero seven hundred

Sixty five countries

It’s a shawl thirty five didn’t quite get off but if I say maybe even overnight a year or so I’ve been know here whole in the larger C.I.T. it’s usually for You want to when I was thirty five any different nine nine nine about a

New register on her is personal for

And it isn’t

So really because it works well there’s no interest here or one of the parties or even I think the reason for going to that crap we’re going to move along you haven’t hit me and you know what there are traffic

Only if it was

Only sixty eight there wouldn’t be a lot of you want to let you know that forty five fifty five weapons or enters

Different things

With me now


Isn’t it time for

The Congress after first of the windy Georgia O’Keefe you have recall from a P.R. vising approximately fifty seven is walking back to the party now happy to me and you are saying that if you’re sitting in this building two hundred girls who are in apartments will for


Who are going to be on harmony and interrupt are our violence technology

When your copy

Of your which are twenty three

Point Three their answers are and hold right to

Your future seven three seven very very important

Where if it ever was a mystery seven Mary David Williams eight three seven Mary David

Wonders to have one show thirty thirty five to fifty five where I was very well taken something of you having a free trophy if you

Were just Old Trafford and dignity five dollars are covered in the first five and he’s asking for a second or

So to be fifty three thousand of those little thing or control George what words of his for thirteen and a contract to do so if forty eight apartments are full of weather watches Well you’re still thinking fifty five for me cause for half an hour

Or thirteen me Frank you at fifteen twenty me going showing Building nine apartment an unknown apartment number one terrace a one even next to a P.R. for the people with a machete each party hire their own army now all ones are going to address eight to zero his bowling P.R.’s calling from apartment to thirty four Building nine Jordan from thirty two others are marrying short

Covering thirty

Eight hours has twelve myself and George twenty three are clearly had without acknowledged their perfect record profits very

Different health care as they were on this for thirteen also trying to get a four thirteen says of the if a forty five to fifty by six skinny bill the color coding military rule for weight control one or forty three can revise the address weeks Friday to zero Nicole Wayne Building nine P.R.’s an apartment two three four but with of the very people there

Even less

Work the


Blocking the exit from animals

In the air and well as often it’s also important to you this regard I’m not going to be all over remarkable for

Opportunities to try to make them or one form or another who have a

Problem really for a copy I woke up with a few city I

Know you’ve left you for being a little six year old Mary vehicle number nine who are very very writer seven zero two two eight Mary

Two want Cuernavaca will

Give every college for Mary for her federal prestigious one hundred forty

One Henry why things reasons aren’t proper was not gonna be just a matter of only what he thought was in her hundred seventy one innocently enough money for their

Soul to tell her for ha funny to me and every time the cigar

Concept of her just confirming that sex was easy my nine to just room education of a weekly

Turning suspended knee was affected for twenty six of seventeen three plus for the Venus one zero one three and last name of the R. O. as hollow P U L O Do you want to first thing phonetically

I think I prefer to thank you so much one recruiter for the vision care free standing driver the front gate areas makes for you that there is reason we have the snow like for six marijuana but one because it

Happening here but what is on the fourth has been William twenty Suzhou and arrives other problems and he’s very

Happy joiner four horses who are as are wanting for this over forced out are very fickle saying their ideal histories of land for the

Most positive programs you draw from your fear with

Reasons you crossed when I went for drug six bits of the harm describe me and put me on some for fifteen after from the area or from you know when now

OK she can remember Mark over front of me from where all the high end of arms

Not area four hundred

Three out of one about a three to Henry zero three nine channel or backside sixty five years you just referred to should be if only

There was a prophecy for it you have used route from Washington and I am

Not sure in other years of me residence for thirteen Frank us if you kill one st have you preferred or

Three for one copy three for three and three Bring her for seventy on one pro for all hope one of the what we’ve all done for her three hundred forty two or three great war

Controllable some for profit hold for the civil rights with his residency

And I think it is


One where you went into where you were where the thing ran have a business if you want to sell well service for the Mary continue playing arsenic and

Sue’s life three seven zero seven aching happy

Summer thirty really trying out for

Hypothermia resulted in Mary or unprepared or

Americans having both of her little worked out for comments so I don’t have to control sixty to seventy the remaining securities are very much often sixty third place after my own joint sixteen the only thing that I’m seein is just the broken glass and some beer bottles went in on a ground on the bare floor

Hey I just have a

Brick to go for three nights a

Week or actually were

Eight eight one five and prove my numbers my computer you know Charlie isn’t that all the computer

Forums are

Just I mean it is I mean as well

So many

Turns it’s a very subtle thing for every source you are up there still

When you think the jurors now are Christian confessions that you know for

Fifty five and for her remarks

Made it three two three three

I thought

Of her for over twenty five he wasn’t there is one of the other stuff is probably on me plus I think I’m going convert out into

We have a happy

Person having it having one friend or as a witness officer on this one for a woman to start

Obviously forty if you knew

The forty eight gravity

Control fiasco having a computer while

Sort of a printer I think

Or an office or in ones are in the higher physical ones for about thirty years we want to go back our cropping Ringo was inserting a compressing so I crossed the little holes in the front when children vanished the driver’s side be turned into the wind those are reviving the result will say we are here they feel that one parking lot over price of charity even that was on the same script just after may have made a lifetime standpoint of old guard and impossible turn into the when I was that twenty fifteen hours control one hundred twenty we could A.T.L. the area when thankfully happy be better off the last



So in forty four zero seven of rather or be very afraid only in Hollywood for the first twenty three will take root in the home when you’re funny so

Here is this seems something that one previous right it’s twenty five five nines and Bill of black hair and I’ve known for six

Months very high right here see our sex life is Amanda Martinez I’m sorry I think thirty five guys for Smallville red hair and clothing known for for Texas well very true story no fools no John a one time resident females as Dr of one ark was Chrysler Sebring convertible with personal right is merry and Yellow River I had an Orange California lifelessly Victoria Lincoln eighty seven zero Mojave and here are these

Since five o’clock P.M. each knowing first traffic you know for seventeen

Six three six and yacht harbor

Overall going to be related to that for seventeen action pending for six hundred

Seventy six Remember Yunel Warhol who I think the three four star of the hour we’re going to go anywhere is you know we also heard inside Georgia fifty one of the firefighters are from

Warner a baker and over one hundred on his control I think

If you

You know some of the poison scenes is something more serious you know of the in my teens I say I thought of my shorts going to succeed

So I was going to building

Records in Congress for a block known as thirty’s six hundred eighty five pounds from washer blue jeans and I have often seen

Possibly of thanks for her jeans you know on the fourth or the interests of it still in the parking lot near failing state there are two other V.M.E. possibly teenagers list and children forty four it was this was a horrible I think for a

Seventy discovery kind of clear broadcast twenty three twenty six restrooms been brought

For their son to restrike use them around Tropicana royal apartments have it rest alone will have until girls are out of obvious what it all watch and all her Oscar or someone else hiving Yes yes I think we have a floral on it was not created from us for a once off our life we have older and Russell south out of you to me and I see that instead of the firm we’re seeing although now that we have heard and the forecasts are valid that you know our boss and the subject of the request in medical for injuries in the late fifty five I mean anywhere if you’re me

Just the

I’ve been here from both and of course here

Plus fifty families having just

Run into a gold rush of the house we’re not ready for it is hard work writing project if you can find work with a resistor you rather I want I want I’m going to an extremely M one free one Minion X. Ray Williams one five one Lincoln action or your copy

On my run of you can be generated first

If you want your wife or sperm for you to figure eight right for Nevada

Rockers are for ten X. for one I remember a frozen church parking lot rings owners

As the only forty five in I don’t mind sixty five mins over avenues so these are live across our thing we were Dodge Challenger four door very not afraid of them and respect the very core union because laying

Center is because our sign

In the river feels

Clear and lovely up we are going to

Show up if you want ever any I want references you know recession has clearly been around for on the research for years however for ones involving the goal of her Camry vies

Involves a murder in a very hurting us yet are so and that’s why the company has reviewing Semites pretty

Smart choices versus a first a very sickening military of a well he sure who they are visions have all we had thirty some sixteen whole series heard us sort

Of realized this was are now

Every region is on three thousand one hundred INRI for a meeting those are

The people with our hope


We don’t need one Frank one packing office ones

That are one for going on for one family Thanks John one hundred four four hundred five eight minus four

Zero and yours nine five one American women row because I mean Huckabee and color hundred forty times in Korea for sixty three

Break and I was reading washy American negative or something programs and I know you’re unhappy because of the thank you everyone for married twenty one people who start wars after seventy nine

Days are happy

When they can make one for a forty four we really know will follow him one if they are either we turn to say we are already doesn’t you know he’s ready to roll or second wait a week last brought the reserve and that the next six Charlie four of the water as he woke up police were

Jealousy going to be Nevada where seven seven George zero zero seven who was sick of cars with EVA three seven five and Charlie one one five

Even easier checking on injuries I mean out of there there’s going to be a warm females years of injuries your legs eventually horse in for medical insurance because the

Chairman for one Charlie Yeah right here in very recent one Charlie There was also a trial that was an eight trial V. were dreamed of going to feature of my medicals well

If there’s three impact marks where we can hear the Right now on next play is going to be a near zero three Baker force fixing

No Vadra and the third place in the David five three one five Nevada

Problem nineteen seventeen pictures are

Well advised them

Reinstated on their phone hangers some very happy ones we can show or joy three or have people descriptions on you for a one piece

One is going to be a red in color for you what a cool

Year we’ve arrived they’ve killed in all directions to care for the subject if you’re America

Is all some will and it was for the event I was logged off

From your last run your first it seven four four seven you start over forty four seventeen four four one seven

Of them three if I win in the back of the Islamic U.F.O. nativity scene and find them in Fremont

That’s over and you factor you’re right

If you know that’s going to be if you are subject in custody for four fifteen security

For transfer

On Chinese one

You can roast Rio next robots on the earth as soon as I get one point

Thank you very well forty three for ever or anything so we get a great bargain apiece for transport or the trama at U.N.C.

For one hundred nineteen he’s a young fifty seven if you drop the frontrunner Iraq for me I probably on the uptake or in the practical she dismissed

But then her to have me and as if I just understand in three through of course no one else for him as he copies him try to look at

The very very very thick

And that’s I’m using the fifty five music services drive and see what

Turned out and stopping general forever twenty five three hundred twenty five about energy just arrived and having your model Honda Civic very healthfully of leaders seventy earthing M four three five from order to the carrier and harm

Or even there’s a very few of them one

But a very close very very they were it’s of transport there’s also a cover that is are going to be anybody left on the scene for the for a one of you want to get it done you know

They’ll be available drivers also as well as witnesses and vehicles I think of me

Being as the advisor of A for thirteen Charlie three the Circle K. at eleven forty East Charleston very three years a subject that was inside of the business with a for thirteen brake overcall am i news event on her but possibly their concern is possibly going to be returned negative but our society of things and events where here when Charlie says that we draw on childish are also wrong we have a suspect be sure

That the term white male fifty to sixty years old by six medium build and of color here wearing a green jacket yellow shirt and very sweatpants one vicar of people or if you now have another of these on the fourth or teeny that the subject presence of a fourth teen is pointing at a female Very now in a figure practice our protocol being that the Miata for thirteen A health of the female seven for the use of these are seven hundred forty

Seven for I quote one out of five These destroy Charlotte’s are very


Plus you have a fourth three Charlie even three you reappraise are all saying that with arriving joy you make regret utterly obvious for others

No reference to fourth or any of us I hope you haven’t for the song

Goes from one foot to shelter or Joe if I was a rat on national T.V. I can see police already going out your apartment before I answer from a never even one six six zero earlier from free or another group of taking

Thank you for your time off for fifteen V. medical has been refused I suspect there’s eastbound Ilana all songs for each course they’re trying to get for their delivery or in the interview for one movie and then as I write for it was very poor Iraq’s interim leader Shroeder rich history

Of her fear is now a fraction of the read on the soundtrack in a very well written the general term for the America

War of Iraq

I’m a free trade agreement over twenty three

Hundred fifty five want to overwhelm me Iraq is going to be building I’m sorry of David our fear on the four fifteen the army realise there is having more for the residents than for us on this for us the suspect trying to get in as a white female late twenty’s five seven and ten veils blonde here with a pink streak and unknown colored rolling pin in my apartment while

I marry five going for revising before a record for

Their talents once out of the three of you to read up on

We thank you for pro for your sharing

Sargent all of you wrote

Great and great and I’ve done that and will recall plan to just have to have weapons just like evolution so that the years I’ve been of I’m probably just



If I even know the exact

Those are going to be just terrible was the can I have you around on this for a one nine one six X. to riding high on your own family three and a beanie cap a ten and piece way to southwest US that was ripped from her

Record We are not only her husband for a twenty three acknowledge but he did if I can feel

Prevailed over PICK UP Yeah we

Fixed everything even I mean alley between high Hollywood and Paris and now going to get out of place we can Victor Yarrow six of union nine hundred seventy two Joe was really very Anjali to me the world of first of all the natural history of our medical to not see the child for a second for injuries if you’re going back Iraq was telling me one from for example all of us have any Chicago More War two goal harmony and no more trying for your thirty one

People three really go everywhere for three to fifty three anchor Trolltech with one hundred twenty ridges bases and wear out over G.C.

There’s a vehicle on the US right next to us and that is right off the road crashed

Obviously we’re not able to go there we want to get you

In the year check it out for three hundred bucks one point three plus hours have lived here a few number one three three five or mark over government or city on the Missouri teen Nora three Robert in southern China

From the fear right now the mornings are for something that happens when the evening and I go back for that profit

In that era we’re going to move to the a little bit now over to a car wash

Cover letters and then I have something they’re still carrying I was

Over the holes or just them never said I was having a series of them knowing I.C. in the way you know it was there clear enough to twelve dark forest I mean I don’t want her

To get married because you tell a fairy put sixteen the union link in for to her very paradise is from the US

Just now it’s on day one that Jack only read this June or our target for us for impacts the nature of evil without was just dropping on a one man you know well I was opening with

A very big group of people around I just didn’t have any control it just it on the summer with G.C. thirty three copy but I was almost all white in the store not used down as well as it was a fake those who are what

If you’re trying


Fix I think it’s

Pretty you know written in three to nine known for the writer for them to be human five nine four five nine if

This is not really having total war go

From seventy three fourths of


For regular viewers to that or anything more than

That mean that you have in a sense you very close or that affirmative

Then is going to do five year margins even I did

Damage a hold on the button for a few seconds I think we’re at the school when referring to her

Before twenty five in someone for ninety five percent of the for a vehicle hidden in her A are full of her fan with a broken cell line and

Me Crying off I’m sitting her current and only going to forty

Crenshaw carry her

One hundred four

Hundred percent or thirty connect me on the last of all the station so Senator Eric over back in one thirty seven and he is happy

To give you your Leo He got a full

A From a three five three two two one or for that or the

Jewel annoying or for going for

One very kind of anything for joining a lot of you want who you are going to run you want to know you

For my friend anyone has a lot of answer just as it’s one thirty seven

You can leave with a very well thank you every should acknowledge when you are as a seven carrier actually doing because business Explorer five three six four five three probably working on putting our panel this time the research topic I get a phone number from to see if we we’re all camera here on the way we’re all on alert and also want to hear from our viewers on the opposite of in your direction travel on the car with journey you know

Of our problem I think now

Passengers in the vehicle of trying items or their friends in the walkway

For forty fifteen I think fifteen might seem nothing more than back forty seven ninety two I think there’s another year or two and then the weather channel turn and you know who will be brutal Also we are as if they are tracking on that arena who probably was supposed to be we need no US meat now if they didn’t get a plate you sure own description of a black truck

I see the reference you’re playing for wanting a kind of the negative not the thing Cleaver was given originally

I’m showing you where

Anorak twenty three forty eight arrived at three fifty nine

In a tree revival in Hawaii whole days where it’s was really wrong and I had my share of their if I thank you for everything I’m sure

The feel I’m not very very career from because if you’re going to control an exit through your plate when I started using

The nine euro to Nevada when I first if the views of the situation under which if you let me know answer if you own one starter

Or crank or seen

Two or three sir you know the war you know and I


If you dream

Seven six nine real one five or zero six very very writer or one one three zero two you source Iraq to our county where military

P.T.D. safety control very

Has any one available to listen to the show you are through says no you want us here it is caucus that has divided your job

They just target on you are


Recent one in this Mexican restaurant right here Filipino out of place nine nine Charlie eight Wonga zero there you know my concerns one hundred seven seventy

One of a hundred before some of

The first thirty horses were polled and Indios was just


One hundred people on that one ninety one start on you there is no long for it or else I won one one

From And if I want to do you calling me a second actually just in front of you no amount control on some

Seventy there were things like there was YOUR HEALTH about your pump some seventy you know was number argument with age or a working class jerk another genetic A first word comes from some of the other restaurant how slim we give a lot of us

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Possums or hi fi is going to be the funniest thing for sixty five former howling bill and he can reply man one sixty seven assists in the bathroom one hand during the process will hopefully one coffee green coffee in developing but indoors maybe the cars I’m eating even eating the C.C.T. you can just think of more before of the you hear me speak I think her answer yes at one point this one’s been we’re going to be involved three for Henry one zero hard

Three hundred residents when I should have a prefer sixty one served she’s having more time they may well be at their Your separator points as we know one or two A.V.O. fairly for no maybe

Twenty or more into and on the left as you are up the corner there on the outside

So if you twenty five arriving have a four or five you

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We’re going to work in a series where intriguing they don’t the second story can you or call the area come up

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You see if I survive for fifteen Ameri three Harman’s and cooperate with them I was very sitting across from pop off there’s a male it’s for fifteen a female or so am I getting rather just my usual one Mary twenty were arriving in the area

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Saying that the female involved is bleeding she’s described as an unknown receiving now one of black and white stripes or possibly for a wave or for sex think if I fancy

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Four or you are now drawn up for something and who that’s enough for the P.R. of any art in the southwest corner of the parking lot in it back into the desert area and they’re going to get He’s only in front of his apartment and walk up to the female and punch her in the face the stairs often

The mouth of innocent people eating control ph ones we know are actively forfeiting

That’s not enough for want of Horgan you some a war hurt peace American want

Is their favorite year available victims go to the end of this never even the two I have a year old grey very big pyramid all taken off is what we are going and what we are we in about two minutes Jennifer on interior surround us six eight easy for two five channels for


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Thirty three eleven we can show

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A great place to be fighting season six five courses diseases

Are for family and vicar in about oh twenty thousand words he says five yellowing about every driver’s need him a forty five wearing a gray or black certainly jeans and left the residence extremely sorry to her room when you make her fall eight figure eight but firm because puzzles except for two David three nine three Iran of Maryland zero problems except a man to man so I’m going forty three through thirty three I’m thirty four Find Out of a hole for this subject we’ve got a interplay to cut all this well so from them there was insurance on them for five really really clear three trimesters eight minutes about an undershirt profit on drums so why four truck with unknown plates that was reading just from reading any Well I mean

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And Genesis enterprise on a four also have a ritual working hard for one of our favorite funny

Two five zero S. just him overnight or three pounds seven Matthew every other business the black Hunter four door sedan you want to see five and reserved two very rocky five a man of twenty five possibly wearing an orange T. shirts in a funny for black clothing of the airplane or twenty’s senator to cart for us American vice just her and twenty one time a whole twenty three thirty the final twenty three thirty nine horizon zero zero one three Baker foreign city for a while back home of the Cold War I’m going to want to cause you have your your twenty five pounds for you the public auction at twenty two forty five an hour see the receipts of

The years of eyes in your head enter the garage the less the garage then free right competency to be in front of harbor I went

To one hundred twenty having the only reason for going and recently were called for in this subject lot of a not for six B. We drove by we saw a subject and vehicle here the vehicle his vehicle production is just a quick article or receiving many are probably about a possible injuries wasn’t poverty are

Introducing any were rare will go across the street as if so there but the initiative and these are for twenty five years

More than anything when using any as he was hustling to mostly clear when reading material of criminal

History first video

Of the officers you’ll see where

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Three So I think we’ll see our P.R. out here from the recon however meet us the residents when we twenties in the medical care vary by war it’s all basic then we remember them or one point four of our

Basics a music having just an eye for

Some eye for thirty three of the


Term for that reason five year old West Reno and samplers

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Showing them to be clear

Once and for probably also anyone going into

The twenty four sixty five plus a couple of our hostages after first wonder of a cup of coffee that thank you

Very very freaky a day this for thirty nine related for

Just one of those weren’t these if anything seventy one days was rolled up Robert Jones and one clear now one have all thank you

Very well we

All know when it was as we have a call ending there for sixteen years they call their twenty three cents the are you going to go over there look forward to having a talk parts of several having him tell me see how many special events you know if you have a full time one here Sam I need tech savvy that could read this channel four zero six sixty five five West R.V.’s and

Scruby unit one four nine you can have it which probably


Hunting and I did three of the Special Events units only one of them is showing Czech Now as for Tommy when it’s forty any coffee their mail is whole on revenge just

Rory very funny Sami’s you don’t have a traffic one regular old man that’s saying you know when everything’s wrong having friends if they were through private and better free easier from a positive point six percent for Rick for success go forward with papers preferably of

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