Portland May 31, 2017 – Police Scanner Transcript

Even six some by seven twenty some by the lake at fourteen thirty four and I will lodge you off for the day.

Marking thirty our.

Joint return you know Drene out for thirty four and twenty one of your code for two three five run passing out party call for fraud call her the fourth that’s calling at the park press hard wire one of six and Sandy two subjects try to use a counterfeit one hundred dollar bill and they’re still in the parking lot information on holding at Fortune’s in time so since your fellow.

Citizens if you want.

These eleven from Lloyd Washington boy Charles them to zero to eleven late and fourteen thirty Gregory one before three hundred.

Ninety four to who think it was one name for it you making sure that was sixty one was on either Levon medical for.

The bone.

Conscious readout from forehead starting medical from Mohawk and so forth seven one eight six one one seven forty three.

If I thought my one gun was on the end I.

Will do a free one but I shall not traffic probably.

Twelve And so the one to zero John example so that sort of forty thirty nine through it is of course if you will annoy me and we need a.

Million here we do have to go over who was you.

Thirty one thousand acres or cruelty if you think you was before you were.

It was five hundred you just want one more car maybe two more this one.

And one hundred for him one him during the whole the ever heard of an agent you are he thinks.

Information on the reckless driver lasting southbound I five at Delta park it’s a red although semi that’s a ton of an express on the side it’s still dating and trying to get the people information fourteen forty four to forty two.

For one.

Unit five one will for Jack White of the CA eleven Lemon Southwest ten on the fifth floor employees vastness a check on a person a Ricardo born in two thousand has had suicidal ideations in the past but not for the last week or so he’s often self in a room or seizing to open the door doesn’t threaten anyone.

A fourth call or a Maryland v a farmer in the next.

Happy if I have one disregards or at all or life cover you want to Burnside four to forty four forty forty four sixteen fifty nine was it was.

Even only reported the greens a variable that it’s seven Alberta she has a picture of the vehicle the plate is in the picture but she’s having trouble seeing and she’s at our house at eight seven zero four ne Berta if you want to take a look at the vocal role we will look for the green convertible for what era before the law school interview you employ a deliberate force seven four five these are not the parking lot of hell and the high school at fourteen forty five three of those go three one I don’t just do one on a call for one it is going on the forty’s going in a minute and a go as primary.


Vary from what it is I’m happy.

So I thought I had one cancel the area and his family and they don’t want to yes you know.

But for.

The units that you cover towards that alarm one hundred four to eight used for inside St I think it’s a Sprint store.

For two forty six seven on are you able to divert for a welfare check or are you yeah I have a causal thingy about the surgeon so it Boulevard west of there on a female in a vehicle that stopped.

An elderly driver that looks disoriented or complainant in a white Chevy So Dan are you available to divert for that probably one of the masses and someone five unless somebody else or seen.

The party seven and.

Five were murdered you know the other sort of.

Scene Jeffe malice for your resident volatile forty forty seven.

Radio Shack and it is in control and working in his life on the roof it looks as if you can work.

For Henry Charlie Edward out of Washington information of forty and forty.

And into to include.

Some scenes if you want to argue.

But at the north of us in our message to North.

Or North please Bill will northbound I five.

The eastbound Wal-Mart exit exit real five A It’s.

The accident no injuries on the right shoulder one is a tell it the box the inverse is in the sun this one notices sixty four zero.

Jill four to forty nine.

Make it one of the Allison I supply three fishes in your opinion face and the four on you for a second.

Three six seven has very dated the light.

Of light as of our age there’s also a party six shoplifting in custody at the marshals at the same location.

Forty fifty one hundred one for Charlie Company forty fifty.

One clear ninety six well but in general port or having I just spoke to the two people about the information report that was going or tomorrow or yesterday happy relooked but I had to focus a little time here though that drew me to talk with others will follow up and if we can all clear to me.

For an import to you Claire They forgot the thank you.

Everyone down from sixty medical to north since an inquiry for injury record or about employment twenty one year old female complaining of pain as I refer.

Probably going to need and we one so before I got it it was only for anyone for.

It to medical started at forty two in my life that way or just.

When I want to.

Thank you.

For twenty seven or for one clinic.

Run and very good run and I don’t start.

The running to use them to start a one eighty seven or doctor he what do you mean any location what a senator that he joins if you want an P.C.C. officers with a now.

Party to do it whether he wanted the.

Companies if you want to for.

I was just there that I think there are just that have regular traffic there going sixty one ration Gresham is on R.J. off the air running east down on south east start from one eight seven after WANT TO DIE information or two to three that be advising as were given.

That college come across an interest in it again.

But actually show you entities down first so yes for.

One six one to Portland Yes builders it’s their business flying they call didn’t say anything no answer when we try calling back OK what number whenever there is five zero three seven seven one two three zero nine thing the end is one sixty three southbound I’m OK.

And safe three one you want to second car for an area check.

That is I think fourteen if you for.

Me of where you throw the words right readiness.

For him if it’s one phrase if you want I have a term and call me a page and I’m out at the translation you four zero three seven selfless scanned in Canyon I stop by the elevators there’s a subject yelling about wanting to die white male white shirt and blue jeans holding a jacket and a backpack.

Twenty more from any German unit sponsoring for us you know something we have a row you know what.

You’re at work.

Partner and you builders you know so you know and honest and tell me did I think six four.

Six one seven.

Injure me on that one zero six three eight or these three it’s three or easily and it’s fourteen because I have a.

Fifty one and I know I’m seventy one.

That a lot of.

Time and I want to have or it’s going to be eighty second power plant as a male hunched over all next to a female who is standing areas now following her being aggressive of walking towards donkeys like the male authorities grunting top hair in a bun that black male thirty five great teacher cream colored short.

If you have.

Been a.

Big that there are more.

And a lesson or is that you never.

Heard Morris in the.

Who are you.

Those two a three three that meetings is only radios and INS all get it thanks to the three that in Morrison thirty one hundred.

Thirty was over even when the seven was free you in each case two it was just you and the servants three one eight one thousand injections parkways in the parking lot in front of the emergency room the complainant arguing with her husband and I’m sure the call thinkers calling in the are calling it weakness you use given the has that healing role not lay a wife or take that and I don’t mean I’m not familiar with adoptees in this area but I’ll check Matty’s Delhi lottery which is on the west side of mating to.

Everything that is on the southeast corner so you know.

Owners are happy to have another her.


Like first and more some thinking walking down the ramp up a Morrison Tavener you only said it was and I’m on the West.

Is that ramp and now sat down to a different direction he’s a white male Oh I.


Black athletic short so a bunch of.

Raw have easing harder all that way first and Morrison for areas like if you’re going to.

Be into a three three or not I’m done properly can make it easy as a singer yet for the seven one nine And I think I think we’re down in the parking lot and there are more of.

These possibly into the parking lot of a Morrison.

For to catch me.

May go have a oh I was wrong is going over.

One more thing right now.

I think row on the current.

Is over the front burner right now.

He’s like our evil role that lame Morrison Bridge was.

In the room but he didn’t YOU CAN be looking for a white male black thing talk loud let it short have you say first who can you my with if you so then just items from around June fair and sad.

For you trails on our Burnside with organized sex and or a union John you just haven’t.

A wall and I’ll just lay in public parking area and in a contact petered out there right now.

You know just.



Is on the south side of the bridge that it is.

Probably so if you can see seven Central there are.

Some of us who are going to go to the mess that we’re going to be in or are you seeing the course even money ones any is just one He thinks Oh it is you that ate it one doc in my last place.

That they use running in now probably going to go down that path.

Yeah I see him he’s got a trailblazer Here’s the on.

He’s in the past my current.

Half He’s actually on the way.

For one to make you know our own food future.

Can’t shoot for seventy Roger actually we’re not enjoying a report went in there and haven’t quite seen before so I want to let him go for.

I know where water and.

When forty four for what scene one five one one eight zero eight Southeast Division of eighty eight.

Having a friend as a female here at Tech from the female thing she wasn’t being allowed to leave or move her stuff out and.

I’m sorry it.

Wasn’t for what you wanted her for her to do their.

Best you know five probably I would go well.

If you want to order you want them now have a going sixty one in their.

Water area.

And yeah a lot or so and I think they want an average coffee sixty one under the bridge will go back to their traffic as if you know six nights numbers are.

Five zero three seven seven one two three zero nine OK thank you shouldn’t because it’s something I want to ask eleven Allen their investors in for a five seven night it’s very unfair to drive the nights of on arriving you can make looking like a festival.

One forty four traffic when seventy five thirty five hundred walk probably on nine three four three two a while I think you know it is a real effect everybody’s up.

You know.

But once in a six one seven as if you know there were me going on an island wanting it all holding up such a virus that in his ears all these Grand Avenue three times call back is the voicemail to look each and holding in fifteen or one hundred to one you can.

Tell me as I can carve a cover on the hang up catch of our Sunday there’s all these grand to live in I’ll be clear yes I can.

Appreciate it just.

As US are on the way as well so they can’t drive with her so they’re going to have medical hands her to the hospital which is a danger to herself OK.

Twenty five reasoning.

And seventy five that incomes are in the US it will happen that I didn’t think I think.

It years that didn’t come through her or her.

Thirty one cents so that a little while and call me when he gets to have.

One do.

You immediately want to three one six ninety eight G R D’s healthy colleges and neighbors or take in anybody that I.

Was very happy and the neighbor says US as a resident of a day is wanted by G.-D. named Jason and he’s lovely of the turn himself and say sorry to morrow or other but thanks anyway.

You know six one is for Trader Joe’s for once you on the whole see forty a side there that are Toyota Corolla Mills us out of the vehicle is of that our company one let them use the restroom there now is facing it is that a folding knife and often a hammer on a bell like melon is twenty’s that long hair blue mechanic do not.

Exist on as a hobby things are so if you want one hundred.


They’re there that haven’t told your history we’re fair.

I believe so I was actually going there and he’s a research and probably cleared out of know that rolls with us per se think he should be working there when we are going issues foreign Russia any foreign rifles that you’ve received thank you if you can five seven hundred sixty five.

Ginger locations fairly easy subject as was over war World War three that are in there at UVA if you will to further.

That permission hold that view but I think.

The seven hundred fifty five that you’re unreadable in the grocery store get your visa.

So I have a lot of trucks pro but knows you barely walk into the world or fish that are just right across from if you were standing outside waiting for.

That he didn’t have any available easy eighty’s figure when will go thirty three.

Three and five and if you can write sort of the Rite Aid at one one nine three zero Southeast Division I just had a female take some stuff took off towards the front doors and like a complainant running after we have an open line but female thirty and hair in a ponytail black peel sorry black She’ll and blue brown jumpsuit down seal and I.

Thank you.

So that again.

Twenty three arrives everything having seven nine five one she is walking to her car it’s in the parking lot in a gold for her car just two kids were with her.

Cereal he’s running up.

Just enough that she got in the car and she’s going south on one one nine but her sorrow is there a crash so I have a dark.

Twenty seven fact that is seventeen less and of those things on bridge eastbound side have a male over the railing marries white male in his twenty’s like twenty early thirty’s blue and white striped geezer and.

Savvy and wincing for Alyssa five twenty one is well.

Into bridge probably going to.

Have a sissy farmers who she’s into me on.

Twenty thirty.

Eastern North in the one before that for nothing more than Waterfront Park.

So nine five one a code for I’m talking to her she said she gave all the stuff back and somebody verified.

Let me find out sixteen fourteen Good morning Joe and moon since of a meeting in working getting anything those you think.

The answer probably both fire medical drole this way folks like you are great at award is now that they’ll drink water but you are the story for it as well.

When sixty or collar Sasa many run past the door so they’re pretty sure somebody is in a career with.

Hellish death and they end that I run past the door over it uniting the once and for all have of show me how to run all the project fifty nine thousand OK While this all I’m sure I want to do OK.

I wonder how well it.

Was that it was originally a nice recovery and then it’s really about starting for five six or one se a four out of a new must have been the info for surgeon and the only west of this hour is a complaint it’s on two white males walking through the alley don’t even have a direction of travel they thought was smoking crack out of a pie one falls one brown hair no clothing description three of them and.

Ninety three.

And then.

One six nine eight or one six seven six on the Sun thirty six right have a committee has more call in asking why offices were just as house and us on the river in a perfect i need to talk to Timothy one of the number five zero three five one five seven six zero four went to.

The link you intended you got me and reckless driver with a ninety four from office to seven that hand on the R.V. was.

And boy Charlie is real and if he’s going to bug us in the road or in one letter complaint and passed by after three years earlier and animal control zone as well they’re from the north and I know anything at all three six zero four one will control who was the worst of it a funny one.

So obviously I expect.

If I got it all situated I wouldn’t think your bills are.

Fifteen twenty three that is your understanding is that a seven three one status check I’m fine thanks fifteen twenty three and seventy six if you’re from a very long for the her seventy fifth if you should be aware of who are the Hollywood grocer or Howard.

One seven sixty one one of which I think are going.

At one hundred ninety thousand are healthy if you never fell from pain and found out if your guy went on for granted and how and one.

Alan forced on Berman good one.

Good one for us but the genes.

Of Ah don’t.

Tell me this you know if I were as you should It is six I have L.G. six of all these are four six have a six and a high thirty one Can you clear that the medical and let me back on my car so I’m gonna do want to be all the up it’s my whole.

Being safer just as if you said you guys.

Just beautiful at a club nine to six zero se or.

Somebody just still of black and red Nike bag from inside location they were last seen going towards and into the Taco Bell next door Asian or via mail vault dark she sure it was some kind of pattern on it in green pants.

Now the about seven to go.

And then zero three way got example of an airline from an even bigger I got me thinking fifteen twenty six six five four four zero offer Jack airport way Riverside Park way east of north end of the street for the militias and down there are a lot of us are headed bobbing.

Twenty’s black baseball cap white teacher a black liaison have a trash bag next are probably more.

Than a car to sort out their car.

Destroy it in which Ms exists.

And finally have it and you want another car off please this is doing since it was twenty six if the existing client that is by forklift.

Just in twenty.

One sec one where I was.

On sixty is that what he called his house furniture choice rather basic So if things are to close the spirit is such that hardly harm your ventures those who are those forty one and I know what you want and I monitor.

Your sweet critter.

That’s what I’m gathering comedy Holler is not where his thing is although when.

You do you wonder.


He recently heard your question such a fair question was.

That man of the center not violent just doesn’t want to go home after being treated in the hole in the day to three resign.

Yet he didn’t military Central.

Having fifteen thirty three thirty thirty or you could.

Code for her David.

And still seem to be very.

Very funny zone however.

If you are.

A lot of the force.

By the use of main organs the reason Mary three three do.

Is that he’s doing it in any that any three night three never Palin eighty sixth Avenue on the south side of history of the South email pushed out of a blue van that ended up taken out south on eighty six they pulled over to the side of the roadway house and facial lacerations a medical roll that way.

About one thirty four room and then on and out it was an urgent and I’m having it in there’s.

The advise that might be an elderly male driver the patient is a white female in her seventies transported I guess six nineteen attack to place these are effective.

There is your choice can I go now Jim Jordan to call me mean if you prefer where a horrible report from a lower level work her way up was for her mother’s side of the home so to go there saying the apartment holding the air isn’t there.

If you know it’s a travel agent if I’m not with George right through there are three or just more the roadblocks have a nice breeze my computer down again after a minute you know just about OK I don’t have a collier.

Only try Senate in.

Forty two but you give me this is.

One six nine two eight seven Thanks sixteen forty now I’m still not going to.

Look like I went down now and in eighty six and Powell.

Forty one we’ve heard or I have a bucket in party the last nine eleven I came in from the south into the blue van Dam are the patient now and I will be shortly I don’t have a thing for me in any way is not very well be knocking on.

One one seven three seven zero zero one seven three seven SE kind of fifteen forty one of those is.

The family of atmospheric you know not yet the third force of.

Three men also included two more birds the elements of onlookers you’re all happy that somebody that can assist action and free will is like you just sort of to conserve or jerky cheese.

Another year they can go.

For yesterday’s anyone funny on how D.H. has had a seven year old run from them he was last seen southbound on ninety S black male seven three foot six short dark hair straight flush your blue jeans of shoes.

Not the one you were out on now you.

Have a that corrections off a nine to nine eleven and a lot of go in and out of it yeah the driver came back what we’ve got is all folks or are deaf witnesses say that she started to get out when he was stopped at the left turn signal queen then she started to get back again and then he drove off looked like a mistake but we’re certainly not out of a copy that is if you prefer any chance without any A.S.L. interpreters working today and it’s entrepreneurs monitoring these is working for him and as our interpreter and I ain’t getting any for horses who hold those who are.

On sixty pounds clear vision by forty one forty five and who have a nice.

Fifty five at A.F.L. interpreters and the sad ones are ones that was.

Very much an area check holding the twelve of the.

Packet office for part of any bill is a lie and they and Charlie King for one seven nine zero feeling very attacked Happy think it is the reason and when ninety five when when are these housing.

Aggressive Hartman in a parking lot.

And they be told they are yelling at particular then afternoon Gresham car coming out that will be outfitted over think that he was going to go over there is or.

If you want that he was out on a.

Mission that the from the La Mar twenty four forty three how.

Large blue is he asked before it Lessing incentives to the way if you bring a.

Bit of anything or that.

Stuff and Point is I’m going to want to quit so he was up.

For you you know if you medical are one of them not a welfare check and six six nine two north as in they should be individually numbered without this through tell of us hotline.

To check on a resident of Samuel in the strongest part of fifty five years a three year old living with them two to three weeks of the apartment thirty that my sign around the stand from the maintenance on site.

Was just for evaluations and he was going to have a head injury be a market one for a buy was read very conscious and really OK thank you very.

Nicely for just confirming that your vision on isn’t really OK but if.

I just got really gone I think I logged on as a chef and he to be the chef if you can change.

What it.

Force or the version of an hour in the night the students at the forty five thirty.

Five there to the movie I don’t follow up at three six to zero ne ne Second Avenue.

I mean you’re not going to hear from apartments one twenty one twenty two.

Three sixty two zero ne the second one twenty and wanting to let your was there first and on sweatpants with a Hispanic male green sweater and.

Information that.

It can fifty one.

Five one.

Is really if.


Is going to be involved if I mean when we got in here that shortly.

And I think you might be inside and what you consider of it I’m evil to confirm.

And if you know.

That a lot of help and interference and argument that all is well everyone got me insisting to some forty one question you know you can clear a lot of them since one size up can incur these little ones if you think you.

Got into an.

Incident eleven or all her spark three six zero in Southeast Oak Street at the docks perm the area there and talk that he is seeing now on the ground and there’s another male hitting her they’re both like not really any better descriptions other than he’s bring black clothing in a black hat probably thirty third and then he said eleven from fifteen didn’t you.

Think you both just think if he thinks everyone faces every inch of a.

Night getting to.

One thirty four one three four hundred forty.


Three She was very studious the one seven I seven I help our office look like medical There was seventy.


But a little real formal very big the part or how about.

The one of the other car to this if I.

Know when I go over there.

I mean maybe Frank Grover of ninety first know what we’re going to grow.

We want to get off.


One seventy one I have checked seven eleven the A.T.M..

The huge bill there’s the.

Roof where the growth club is going to do it Carol.

I drove through once per hour and I thought the people there who have not been.

Obvious seven eleven A.M. The builders a political analyst part of you know when I.

Was on any further you go walking in town from the south and walk walking not north on American First do not see me in there.

Or found I first there as well.

Maybe three am in the area with the description again like male seven years old about three six short are you hair striped pleasure believing that you.

Know the man was vicious or there’s actually a gray and white stripe.

Of yours actually green lights right do you have a north.

Thank you very and you.

And the whole life.

Of E.B.’s.

Adrianne Shapira is a ninety six deal with that path comes over from the bike path.

And I think I still.

Put on anybody Virgin Cars red solar cell film till five in the north of act as when it is heavy and.

Fifteen that.

It might be after six P.M..

Six I just I think five.

Back down on us injuries found till five north of the exit twenty two split right shoulder.

In a.

Very very little time five series cars ever.

Thank you that even if I run through I’m going to name a scooter.

But I’m not seen in a minute as they want to have a name.

Like hers is there and they’re just there.

Triply joining us I’m sorry your rate is really that checking something on a Colombia where I have a six you know what I’m ninety for she going to be with an adult what the information that we have is that he ran from the age.

Happy sixteen I want one twenty four hour and birds are no entry for twelve hundred south east two two six S. as an eleven year old with.

Anxiety and disorder attacking the mom sitting in the wrong things property is a one taken in manual I have her description and that’s it for a very hard copy copy from D.V.D. and one point four of you to find out if they want an ambulance for right around oh very great laugh of the deadly zone north on this is that the black male sixty two orange on show knee high socks and sorry for the nose where he left prison for every Yeah he said he does read this it emitted in Sudan but it responded three seven one five sixty seven Ave The female they’re talking on is now in the street yelling and screaming she has a tiki torch She’s a white female twenty eight five five medium.

Kind of top and bottom pants her name of Melissa Melissa had a four hundred.

Five on healthy market one forcing a few copper and popping one through nine thirty.

Five of twenty one fifty four to see.

If you know three three six zero four zero five.

Records however after the afternoon fairly taken a primary on what should I do in the expired or the alarm went off and he’s unlocked and he stands right now is the only description of our.

Chairs we do not either answer.

But I don’t want the coatings of the grandmother.

She may be trying to get back for that one thirty seven intervention so we can have a car with her.

At one thirty sec Jill Holgate Wow area email show up there I said it when he does name.

Name as well James first of C.B. and Sam Adam boy.

Evie either Norah and right now all they know is you have a better have therefore your copies less of James for saving them and attacking them.

In front of a very well.

Is a very knowing someone of the date of birth zero six twenty four.

That is sixty four of an I think that to me that a great three very.

Nine five two years of life males have years old three six short I got him here at ninety three and how he was with a gentleman on a bicycle was an idea of how.

He was a he’s actually it’s about it’s the OP Frampton or found Joe five and a gentleman was trying to help find him home his home.

Is our founder of five from.

He doesn’t want to come with me so you want to send the just a fair.

Thing sports jersey with five on the back and blue or black pants fall for two thousand and these are unfriendly of you know what and on if you need to.

Let me count we were all just kind of hanging out Hakan he’s pretty calm provision on a call holding call the waiting on Sandy as it runs from our found to a five and he is a police force truck Washington plate boy five five I’m Superman.

Forty three.

North Road.

Well there’s again.

That was this is everyone all of.

US ninety six and Sandy vehicle left was a blue Ford pickup Washington Playboy one thing you know it.

Was all.

His exam it.

All marked here.

To Three of my New York.

Helper to do exactly from to force.

It to any patients sixteen and saying.

I’ve been going to do we have observed limited We’re going to break in those if.

I can from that one seventy nine re way thank you nine five one I’m five he didn’t.

Run five and probably thinks if she did not.

Hold her or her.

Right now twenty six that one sixty white and black backwards cap sunglasses black shirt sleeves sports jersey with a five on the back of a black.

Sense of I’m going to extend.

This other one I don’t want.

It is that it is just her it’s yours and I can see it just because you know just northeast poverty is the one there are those not the subject doesn’t match the description I think that is not a match.

Was on Salinas six intrusion or the US talking one.

Talk we.


He’s a murderer.

And are getting ever nine seventy three and ninety three she is now running southbound on sixty seven.

And it’s almost a whole.

Senator you were on the phone with frantic response.

To threats obvious.

Sixty forty was somebody’s Jason I’m just like the others following on a silver fork Taurus.

Arizona with answer and now seventy project respond to quit following and I was unaware of the mama falling there’s a lot of confusion.

I don’t bargain prices they’re going to be united fell down on the three across the freeway should I think.

Three across the freeway and Dr King have.

A group of Rory recruits.

Who are we looking for this for a Melissa Pettis or in one thousand eight.

Hundred sixty seven south of Boise is almost a whole game it.

Looks like she is now running northbound and she just strong arms a woman for it at.


I thought for if you were going to be out there about how far north all the way a healthy three have a black mark that’s seen as far as we’re aware tonight six hundred sixteen for nine seven three nine eighty three it looks like it was like analyses of an employee to be a large crowd there of our callers on the line.

Isn’t it is and I think it with Ben I’m healthy Simonson repeat for doing it was hard.

For you my man made entry into the core of the doors on your I don’t have a big.

Source and I do and so we did a victim we’re not an adjacency where it’s going to.

Suffer to copy here running north down.

Through the measures just used the best leisure.

But I’m going to point to nine ounces like Willie that verbal legal.

Essentialist I am just herself just going.

To go over.

The fence he’s still running north and I’ve got eyes on his last location he’s around the north side of three six zero five.

Zero two three six zero five north is halt and he turns to.

An event for my gas and.

Mention because the whole you know me and Paul forty do think he’s going to be jump a fence onto the track.

North and south of the freeway so we’ll have him down there as well you know that’s down to the tracks that we get I may be up on two three a recess of up we come back clear.

And it gave him a ridge back.

To us form a broom I mean and I’m sorry Willie and I have.

Been six one zero two which were doing missions for a week on the menu.

And there’s a bunch of.

Programmability radiation over.

There he went over the fence I know exactly where he went over though I can give you a spot if we can get maybe in North containment and he containment.

Very through fire from jumping on the freeway he’s going to.

Fall for when I’m on Jews or Iaido over the freeway or watch a truck and a description on him he doesn’t Sure enough he’s wearing shorts only he’s black red white and our Who.

Were beneath the cap and tennis shoes.

Dropped his backpack somewhere with a one year in the purse is probably somewhere between two three eight and Western I was unable to get it when I have anymore.

They were not Hermes I didn’t want to think that a.

Person holding it these were three and remember the complainant in the reading here has been written I’m sure has been the thing is holding if you think you are at first.

I nor.

Anyone for us one three three for service of the Weapon six one one for self want twenty eight Avenue five like is about as events you know and I think hires all our callers great not you know.

Her name is Bernice Yes Blanchard didn’t you know have.

One film and work for we have it available being that different from all your like you have them and those are going to cover what you think is going to write well my view on that you’re going to have your own who is a.

Very very sick from their.

Point of cultural and description when we’re currently.

Only one hundred fifty phone were unlike yours Dr Black.

Just has a.


OK And Warrior would be like City Hall hold of your.

Pay cut I can run with you and I’m going to track this guy to revolt for having talking to Donal now he’s on the ridge of the north side of the bridge He’s been away there for contact he decided to get out of the vehicle and walk home because his wife has been drinking and then the judge should be driving probably for you know you’re right home at sixteen twenty four.

Or in this hidden run colors and that’s the kind of longe nine hundred twenty ne Sandy there in a way out in front in a gray Chevy Suburban.

And twenty five are mean you are without her location.


If it remains are the best call the discreet R.E.I. one four zero five north west Johnson Street.

That last one for hurting as you seem to be five to five are in forty four is it for me now one forty far good for you and that’s also the Cleveland chance of station once you five there are east eight that female twenty just send G G G H G N is running and I.

Got to tell how it was one twenty four one thirty four are very dim or have done and they have or when forty four and five they’re very one for having things that tighten for you for easy ID This one is leg for officers easy ideas ours and this is our place is retreat your own NE is in their court your are they have a resident thing as that against a wall so they’re unable to stop and then stick staff out here and it is reading a whole farm there’s an ambulance started as well Adrian Olsen white male born in seventy five and from what.

Roger Williams And he’s probably either in a Wal-Mart or more than most and projects I’ve heard a lot about I know you have as I call it five six seven.

Brown hair blue jeans.

And he was described as memories Dinny of a well if I find it if I was already on their primary clothes and went to a copy of they were just in a dinner a check or no you know for hang out from under him or seventeen are going to be put.

In a wooded area north of the home in north a holding cell of a horse while I’m here.

And they’re.

Skilled over you know his or medical problem eyes and for which I speak for medical Yeah you.

Roland code one but what is this in seventy five you have that all on you two three three zero says if somebody is watching on now OK well I just do it is for uneasy as he calls by so many courts go and have a resident been in there having.

Trouble fighting because you have heard it all going to get more jail or and here we go you know for him arriving in the area from your question.

Probably from the north from the south Q E three Q Thames overnight duty days if you were before your terms of a mark as in there you being a six for a safe play one zero zero incentive Highland.

And previously eighty six to four beers and less northbound on a rail by better brakes.

Heavy black activity and jeans in a full recovery think we’re five four five beneath reason I haven’t even ridden in progress office Jefferson in one zero one one so the setting was found us a new scene and as they go it would be a white man longer right here and all but over the green backpack to five or forty because you never have a German and I think it is if you thirty four or ninety three covering her with walk up a very body from here if you so monitoring that maybe you’re a ho ho he too much innocent in the second a hundred I want for you out of three not a six so I don’t want to.

Figure out a signal to deviate you on from the side first or in the saying hey forms and some are as if you guys have run from fortune for cover in medical.

Research or he didn’t.

Seem to.

Cause the most.

I think you will read I’m looking for the her now who those.

Her memory of her place will.

Be premiering it clear.

The track of time one guy just hopped out on the track headed west.

From where the dog just was that he’s running west found he’s going to go I think police car in just a couple minutes he left them passing a police car you know after a video bus and I do I thought he was somebody else knew him for we don’t have any P.C. on the scene from the original call so we’re not going to just some of them point Obama to join with you know your.

Ball fight you give up.

Getting out on the track surface I mean five seconds.

Five to six weeks you want to.

Be sixteen and sixteen.

Forty two I thought that who hadn’t done that when any china units monitoring aside one twenty four hour ago quarter.

Of my family I’m talking hauling her back.

And forth to a should be a cameo color back that.

Probably for a semi one I don’t have a dog right now but I can run who are having an effect or if you want.

Trim at home or not be interested in getting ahead that is an orange sure is that says anything he’s not like you know full jumps you have a happy day for five I’m not enough gas all the time a Georgia and sixteen forty five you can eat as well I’m sorry seriously five traffic.

For George.

And Imus are no.

Good I think you’re not going to six hundred forty one thirty two are going to be in free room just.

One three eight Trade Center Union obvious advantage of.

Anyone for.

The five second verse that is that they’ve written one forty five days he clears out of sixteen pretty fast but he won forty five and forty for.

The forty.

But it won fifty five because hell is going to address two six one north east one ninety nine that is the movie on the trail and I have a black dot that snapping at or as she’s running pepper spray at it and backing up his story where a murder six hundred forty three anybody to please reply article good as a five seven selfies A one twenty and ave five ago our office ran away you found on Read way sitting years old he’s a white male five eight hundred twenty pounds blue red jacket with a good start blue short history of an issue because of the from a shock Oh I think.


Highly out with a drunk.

Jane decision and if you.

Haven’t seen forty five thirty six hundred and you’re with us and I haven’t seen it.

It’s not in your cover and an injury accident the Albertsons six million oneself a star in front of the store and urine and parties not exchanging the silver get.

Over to the fucking model and vice versa.

And I think only getting forty.

Five all forces are due to them are very few.

People who want to go exterior on.

The village but he also can pretty say that all seventy one monitoring software for anyone go had just checked and that were good for anybody for president for a reality home.

While on the trail across from the clubhouse on our caller was a parking lot saying that he got a full to buy a bail that is an Asian male ready for a short Chicago Blackhawks something he hung over awfully innocent like a scuffle.

Will we.

See what he says I’m going to for you bring him in on the program on a.

Nine five three zero three none of them intensive and I’m going to have a five or four.

Player who had on a question of when Frank Edward Victor Can you confirm if a shoulder short of a one seven Frank ever Victor have a pulse Let’s see what he six seventy five and sixty five isn’t going to Unity one two to five ne seconds security is hell of a big gain in so many that with an aggressive rallies Benita six on the property.

Is very hard covered exam forty one twenty four.

Will and thirty four to serve and the growth thirty five enter the seventeen Number one ninety seven and the elders you know probably would you run a few one three hundred receiver at work for recruits but for us.

That basically very tight three four I covered.

Before it’s clear to thousand and eight that.

Six forty five there chilly sixty four and that number twenty one to check on a Randall lot more to unite is making something suicidal they must be attacked because he was a builder had his wrist similar history six forty six to cover that.

I think if anybody on the side if a sit in a Jordan chambers born in eighty five then won the open mind with the static hijack going back myself a couple of times in a busy day in the say looking for a Jordan Michael Chambers or anything I thank you both it’s interesting to see that I think anyone on this.

It interested in or in Jordan Michael Chambers for nineteen of the eighty five and twenty four one thirty four there was a caller this morning a resident you know resident on it you’re right her boyfriend was over and.

He was a David using grant the building letter Ellington and this is a subject David Graham or any I have black male black shirt with over writing blue jeans and he’s in the in on that earlier that he’s in and carry it on and he’s in action but.

If you want one three four and five hundred standing by the entrance off the chain Horton thank you forty thousand.

Or sixty.

Seven you know two significant three six them five and you join me tonight definitely.

Having purple Horton thank you.

For chief act you were just out of.

Them I think and then you.

Were Out with the owner of the Honda that was reported to have been broken into really one horse racin Charles I think.

Sixteen fifty five five zero four two just going to the Wal-Mart or sixty was a little bit iffy to the warmer.

If you’ve got information on the pretty two offers holding Northwest eight in Cucina guy yelling and screaming at random people letting the traffic in your needing bearded and black baseball cap and dark teacher call holding as if the five quarter were.

Sixteen fifty five and five often when you are going off before going to knock on.

Your five digital.

One five four.

Well and if you are six seven four And are these one six five or holler as a corrections officer and hazard.

Being that he was armed he had a guy with possible no health issues that is English she and taking the door was concessional and then went west down on oil so the shopping cart clothing was the interest in bunch of welfare check.

That he able to use that or play and was excited.

Over the loss of or.

Form a view on all of the brush fire or apartment or.

Hall who are talking about corner and fire when it kicks in housing and by and even.

Exist I’ve.

Gotta tell a man or.

Corner to see if he was the a.


Horse or maybe one for hire the part of a cracker hooker Reg are going to haunt home right now who are often very.

Very on housing and she went.

Very far ho wanting her or.

One zero two five five ne Gleason’s tree is a very popular Yankee for a game of bench region with.

Three one three five and seven hundred thirty seven I think if you know what you want to meet you can.

Sense the incidence by the injury accident or these regions you medical the row over the yelling and fighting in this is that she self and I think we’re mapping here.

You know Missouri.

Generation and so there were two friends in the ninety’s if you got me sure you know what.

I mean fight very very new.

How an iron sixty nine as soon as one thing was filmed Currently I was outside the street isn’t responding to one of the fares that they’re trying to sell them want it that way that they were there by the bridge though not before you criminal veggie you want to know it thanks nine for seven you know for a full five three or four and her six you are married George.

Got a five plus eat meat and.

You got me talking to a three five.

And usually six would go up with this Washington in Washington seven or three you know three.

For a one hundred forty well five I know five yeah.

This guy would deal with I think he’s.

In her want.

To come second now he’s coming off an all around horses and really that’s not the end we’re going to go to some forty five Ne all the street plus of the five and all the hardware savvy so he don’t feel that is as you can observe a new logo He’s ninety not two it’s us you know going for it for everything since we’re here thirty five.

Three five twenty three coffee thank you.

And I know five did you want fire to chat our ambulances Hasparren.


Meaning something every.

Sternly said in one hundred four.

That the subject sitting out one one two and pal nine eight four did you copy hide it under their savvy something else there is a subject they’re trying to use that credit card left on but I want to purse standing female thirty five forty our hair we’re light of your bill and the mention of it you can lower it.

Three members are going to Aniston Emaar at one three zero and star there’s a brown and white all running around in traffic.

And we are also calling animal patrol did you want me to certify cars while.

They’re seeing us on and we were the partners days are here to do five and nine I’ll be eighty six behind ninety thirty North Newman out if there are human it’s sort of you know sort of answers I’m.

Going to Ellington apartments one six one zero ne six six complainant has been following a suspicious mail from then third apartment to this apartment complex is looking at packages on the side of the road to try to steal a children’s bicycle is going to be a Stanek male late for late twenty’s AAPL windbreaker writing a children’s bicycle also have a sponsor Now these are talking around so he only coming so you know it Brant Best thing of holding fifty five call at three three three one north east eight seven place waiting for officers become available at something you know actually ninety four I’m going to send you to the fifty five call and pull you off the other one who survives reform.

If one of the reactors five zero three zero seven zero one five eight nine four it doesn’t do an average a reckless driver not the sixtieth part of a highway moving east around in and out of traffic that agrees to an issue rule for nine zero Francom actually situationally serving on I I am going to put you on the fifty five call.

Those are Sergeant It probably does call three as well that’s a.

Permit if something’s on.

A woman.

Who are working.

Are available to her my dear.

I don’t have any other cars impressionable that her.

Not one of them heard of a ball hired for her one provide study but never.

Eleven or seven stars again.

It will be seven figure and.

Historic something to her it was organ to tell you I guess metaphors zero zero five What started as a.

Former wonder who got her.

Broadcasting Authority to welfare check priority at the sweetly dispensary at eighty at Harney any chill there’s a man down on the sidewalk on chalk broadcasts in a fall at seven he’s well known at Bergen plays the personal life John legend Robert make sure.

You three know the whole truth she’s read or the whole thing but first we’re going to be holding who were there were three hole.

It was deliciously.


D. and five and five seven two zero one North Interstate five of theirs out of my game is fantasy now finding he’s drawing around there slowly moving south down.

So he’s getting I fall victim but also.

Getting beat of not working at anybody thinking about holding fast.

When you.

Know it’s still really on you know I don’t.

Know description and.

So was he watching it if I don’t think so I’m going from.

Twenty seven to.

Something hollering you’re the governor.

For very frank now ever that thank you information is calling for a fair view as a suspicious one I hope to see if you get three full of revenue.

You know I’ve been seeing this playing that.

Sorry if I remember another caller saying they’re soft brown interstate a black male gray hoodie and Apple actually male fractured and black jeans.

Thirty forty forty.

Looks like the singer might being being assaulted and they both appear to be intoxicated you want to there’s no car.

That expand appears to be being assaulted if not.

Go by there and see what’s going on.

Yeah there is definitely no veteran are waiting in the garage in her vehicle nobody’s listening inside the house every far from one treat you believe.

I’ve got some hundred sixteen minutes before spent my last call now follow up tonight requests.

And I’m sixty three.

Seven hundred ninety five presents a budget and I do know this them both really sounded like a high since there were none down to likely not to be working.

So it is for the forces who agree with him these are all down seventy five and five zero zero.

Zero that you’re going to be primary and nine sixty five to cover going to the sweetly dispensary at eight four three to se a two man down on a sidewalk object.

As I’ve gotten from the five hundred seventeen.

You know every sixty four for my coffee lasted for the north when her.


Was excited and how slow to expire seized.

As a five I have a different one for you going to one zero for SE one three for the plaintiff girlfriends Whiteford are nice on Ultima and on Play it was stolen.

Five minutes ago it lasted an unknown direction girlfriend is that working for plaintiff getting all the information the other guys just like obvious examples of all of us there Sergeant Drew for about thirty minutes we’ll let you listen for.

Letting the.

Vehicle that was stolen five minutes ago but doesn’t belong to the complainant and went in an unknown direction can it be lowered in priority hold or say as a party three second people are talking flooring for thirty nine twelve and I’d say five minutes now.

That a four I know for chromosomal and showing on the premise check you like down seventy three twenty five all the he fired at seven three to five ne Holocene did you say that was a promise.

Yes profit you need a second car home out of five to the grocery aisle to nine to five on as well crowd I am careful of the offing thank you for through five hundred eighty four when we clear.

Line for your journey there’s.

Something playing this or getting something from the puzzle and you levels of a do uniquely mean yarn and we need it over there own style for ninety four we just had a caller say there was an accident at one six to a division he didn’t speak very good English and then he hung up on the call taker and he’s saying up when we try to call back you see an accident where you are not exist I don’t copy some of the twenty one computers routers I was a disturbance that was going on over.

There Anymore OK so easily one hundred or was it four of losses it will not matter to them the one you want to hold me to the store when I get the last also want to want to port one night for.

Very four eight four two zero southeast Inslee street going on especially five.

Dollars there’s Arjun’s a copy read I want where I got the seven hundred twenty two.

I three at something twenty two.

Twenty three seven hundred twenty three I think both of you can just walk over and I’m two for you tonight probably something twenty three but it’s really just been worse if you want but I survived the obvious of his voice.

Security cues are down we have an update looks like the the R. O. judge just her is just asking if you can contact her let her know if you are homeless or any.

Reason for a man to help.

And ninety four ninety five there is an officer safety at eight forty five south east Inslee street unit twenty eight an honest it’s the same apartment complex you’re not.

Trying for but all four to Sylvia seem pretty for a savings morning.

The nose of the officer caught a glass all of those e-mails all of those are Charles.

Of his order that he says he was the result of partying to deserve and holding wrestling the this is an either male training site or own holding or for you know the sex toys for fun I never thought we’d be able to clear up the governor thing is an eternal male trying to fight evil a three five minutes of the George Orwell cover let me think he did something of the six.

Thirty five he didn’t.

So it was a preemie I mean hind rowing Howard from my last organ victim or union for heart the purple on the court where it is and.

Having an emergency of everyone a ruling still in sight in Salmon similar cars are totally eighty five I’m almost right there.

Are travelling the ground you are talking to your car.

With water OK Is there another officer the twenty three is said for seventeen twenty seven.

And if I.

Wanted with a.

Back up and back.

I’m sure I’ll go ahead and clear with an eye for you know something funny forces you know is worth it and it raises behind a Rolling Stone selflessness and salmon are responsible of the.

Eighty four and over here.

There were any cardinal in slow in a different building a hole there so you don’t really have to.

Fight really to have a seven hundred twenty nine.

Or disregard this regard for folding and tell her you want to buy four for a disservice to zero six.

Is a royal Hartman’s looks like a couple is a target male versus female screaming the colonies are your children.

Anyone for a minute I thank you for high priority good for you in eighty four five as I can tell John that to serve in the Northwest even when there is an eleven shyness I will use a white beard green a small cap leisure premium to make the hired truck route forty.

Four five got the other thing he both as something that you.

Do five years old north of us a whole number six if seven hundred forty one really happy is only forty four really stop it is hard to do three how they started.

Five Charlie eleven five Charlie ten the prep myself or if it will put preserver.

To zero six.

Has it to be served did you contact or the joint I’m sorry when our number at no coffee the only to receive our call.

You recall something thirty two five all very frank on this very thing of all your joining.

But also you only have the occasional judge.

Of these are.

Wholesome for a new for me Senate as well a class event having trouble exchanging do it due to a language barrier we got the call on the Natalie’s language line right on phone and a million seven hundred thirty three sides or several hundred thousands of.

Those who were fortunate out of a good part needing to deliver and survive.

You and I need another heart of clearance however going to se one four zero and Carlson turning on the Carlton under Russian passenger trying to get out of a tan Toyota Camry while it’s moving has organ plates zebra yellow belt eight zero nine and it looks like the vehicle is registered to Carlton street one three eight four eight SE crossin Street also to call their.


Not be using it as an eight in clue.

Probably because if I would have or.

Have a guess or.

So of the thirty five.

Hundred thirty anything they’re saying can you create a detail call for my show me on a federate or to tell the last ten or more some fresh coffee was in the more than bridge seventeen thirty five and the Frank on the face not being something that they want for a wheelchair was a study in service seven hundred eighty seven sixteen fourteen minutes.

The seven hundred thirty.

Nine to forty four are healthy Yes but you do Aaron it’s.

Going to play Charles Keating five seven six four he’s done it before.

I’m for four and then I have three four and one Chile.

Were very very much for your own happiness I see your joining.

Us as an actress.

Of exertional you of you know.

Militaries to be hallucinating waving arms around talking themselves I’m afraid of all traffic like I twenty five cents in those your examples of the evolutionism as if you know a few things are inside that he doesn’t have his or her own easily that can sever recently within Access on the inside.


Are you not for.

Me Thank you so if there are no problems three six four having them seven five I’ll tell you on the fifty five.

Yes you’re going to do me a favor and you create a call and put it in if you’re going to flag down at the West Office about to stand by while we go into one fictional three a NE hole these three things and as many as you will get to interview but unfortunately.

You know there are enough there overemphasized running Troutdale our duty I believe there is a lot of that.

Information in the Priory three nine one one call welding four seven three one Northlands Woodside two here is doing it from this location in St The boys were back holding a seven hundred forty six like this with your own reasons and also the one with a horse I think is a Reynolds as far as monitoring her performances are more.

Than ninety two didn’t you used to assign for you.

But also did you get used to just I’m forty four regarding.

Right to Reynolds High School are subject to stuff you think high level real and nine zero five two zero zero one SE five zero we’re getting a call from Sirius X.M. an S.O.S. button was pressed in a loose twenty seventeen Subaru Impreza organ plate three six a John X. ray Adam the first and the vehicles are stunning.

Hardly ever going to have a promise of stopping and then a five year commit going to for George and I Charlie ten myself and for Charlie eleven one twenty six twenty two SE laundry and move.

Savvy one two sixty two SE from St seven hundred forty three quite a few priority ones holding if you want to go on another one for me it should know what parking lot of goals are and tell you that there’s a really copy and you’re matching a downtown what calls are you at.

The Gateway goal.

OK that makes more sense once again.

Seven three four and four four you’re both a ways off everything new Zick one three one Ne Ne Boulevard there’s an arrow inside the area summers are threatening to fight then if they come close in even to be a black male thirty to forty is what your great aunt’s a new weapon seeing that you might you know I.

Hear from a.

Surgeon and Jefferson.

So before oh.

Very much seven hundred forty four and if I.


You and nine L. five going on a twenty seven atom and eight three one seven SE seven four And fraction as a slice of invader.

How do you know if I’ve probably heard.

So hundred forty five now.


Isn’t wondering if anybody can know that when check on him yeah I think Eric thank you thinks so some pretty five nine three three for a ways off.

For you and I needed about another car to clear and cover going to the right what apartments one hundred south east one six zero Ave unit one one three male Tyrone Jones is refusing to leave you think violent is a black born in ninety nine black pants gray sweatpants has a pocket knife so full that an incomplete call at one nine two zero noiseless silent full of art from the basement we heard a female yelling on police and that’s it called I couldn’t even ring it just a.

Zero six who.

Gave her a car for it.

Was her size and everything that be ninety three years and I don’t think you and I five you have a disco on that’s all.

There is car still there and just well I see that seventy forty seven and sixty five the complainant is on the back patio and the subject is in the hallway.

Of a preserve that is literally a seventeen foot is very kind of him for a car around and I want to hang out for nine five two zero Northwest skyline.

Female yelling as you sounding the police and online disconnected no matter got me a military one guard and five on five high five false kind from Soviet insurgents I mean that three six one A Yes I am very glad one more if you know if you.

And I revolted over to having a good day every one runs out to prove every of you what it for you are nine five three eight seventy two ne Sacramento Street Second I am information.

Rebecca raffle at the location says that her Uncle Joel is throwing things at her the victim possibly left the area on foot and ankle is breaking windows you know that are on description because we’re getting this information from second hand.

He says forty nine nine four four of a difference for you and I four for one for either one of water and they were perfect already on that incident reports any all right.

Hawthorne’s round and it was that whatever you want if you are.

Already on a slow roll on through seven twelve Landa harassment one human and a male is certain to chase people down and actually I wonder Well I doubt it’s related as far as highways are.

Just awesome I mean what are colder rock and I’ll find you cover so then before I know you have sent on one if I can carry and if you can just set up that way as well you go I think it’s in the genes if he’s some of those who want to clear cracks.

And he says he wants a friend at something to see.

Thirty to forty five thirty two I mean I don’t follow up we don’t I don’t know whether North East eighty second or no and you know.

The obvious four nine one one north east Studio six are you going with your unit number when they’re going to just the front desk and I’m going for something to do one and they are going on apparently trying to get into you and that vehicle rest the location he is now screaming at people because he was in a lot of had a dog a white male thirty five and then wearing a U. of O. baseball cap and jersey and just out of the clear or at least do an area check the complainant didn’t want contact seventh or for all of.

Them go and complain at.

It won’t confound.

Their mind they did not want current practice.

They will all require.

These and perform as reports of anything for a job in the last week first or send you to the.

Usual regions of a meeting of the four hundred engine.

And I think you’re one of the river units on talkativeness very as a police going through rumor.

And your theories something to see to.

Copy and you to buy that put it on sorry who are us all you.

Would Tell me knowing he’s.

A good accounting officer call five.

Hundred six.

I get you the view from thirty one of I with twenty one or three.

Thousand five hundred fifty three in return of party deserving that help us win one in meaning there’s to me there’s a whole older version than he Carson certainly not the older less popular holding as a means of divorce nine Forces has a twenty minute E.T.A..

Information on somebody drinking and driving classy and sound financial five exits nineteen Foster road it’s going to be a white vehicle a front end damage on one to David George and Mary males are still reserve all thriving and female in the passenger seat and that place actually comes back on a Cadillac information at seven hundred fifty five more hopeful the vote was five.

Zero and legally you want one.


Of he.

Lives in that they don’t the deserve in holding a Southwest one one and mean it here’s the Black Mirror now has a white male in the ground family is seven hundred fifty six.

Thirty twelve if you’re going or something any four or five you just cleared even if I throw.

Those who really know either way thank you so again blackmail thirty’s large build bold wearing all black and white male twenty’s than those in jacket white shirt he’s the one that’s been on the ground kind of for.

Four years ten a serious callback and says a system or say.

Something fifty seven for four MC a few M.C.S. officer is calling you.

For him on the line I’m going to send the fifty eight six hundred.

Eighty four if.

I don’t know them that I throw for sixty one.

Sixty one isn’t.

Every time if you want twenty four lunch money for.

If it was ground now northbound to Cleveland from burns right you look like that blue Hama that was reported stolen rider has a blue helmet and we’re losing but I’m going to go try and stop in.

These balloons that possibly is east still a motorcycle more than Cleveland from.

Thirty two of you can glare from very core phone.

Phreak for five on twenty three different economy you’re right in.

There fighting for.

Ninety five years.

Probably even if you.

Eight hundred you’re in a thermos and on the bus or ear then I don’t savvy that it’s all the eighties I don’t even need as a cover for.

Anything rigid and that’s all the comment from Layla Yes just the basement on the alley area for shots one one sorry a one zero zero seven NE one one eight shots or five from the east associated with a.

Black Mercedes organ plates begin with seven four six zero Willie and then on the last very dirty writing for others.

Five want to go.

In there are six.

Call them the same guy over the last hour he’s a.

Passer by but now twenty this one he’s saying he’s not red red box blue or green shirt and pants the black males get into a black Mercedes and then took off northbound on one one eight there’s a group of five to six more people gathered around the area on foot to listen to this but also all this busy on the call back.

I’m sixty five and I thought if I ever use us for that one apartment because we’re going to you know like a civil right and then it’s three or four on Charles and and before you know three.

OK And I know four we’re getting more calls on this the full plate of the car is seven for one Frank Willie’s Ybarra is fresher to fifteen it’s registered to a location and Cottage Grove.

We’re also getting a caller saying and that person confirms at one northbound we’re getting another caller saying two vehicles up parked on one running at the first one is a black Mercedes Benz the second vehicle was behind the first and we don’t have the description on that one.

And I know for the second vehicle you know that it’s a blast no better on that.

We’re doing one of.

The fun things once a.

Problem sitting out on the shoulder but you know we do a whole backing clarifying I’ll give order out thank you also give a call back to.

The tally ten in five Charlie eleven and use a foreigner on.

Do you know that vehicle or associated the only give us a plea.

They tease seven for one thing Willie is the thank you no five point three.

Eight You know it will help the place for you and one three recruit it’s clear on a hundred in there great revive this with George having eaten or seven five everyday things and a lot of good money tonight I’m going to hold back in the subject last October sixty five zero sixty five zero zero fifty four four zero four Sufi’s ninety nine number one.

Copy any mean South East ninety ninth Avenue not Highway ninety five o’clock on a cracked for a copy you know I’m there.

With her author of the North.


Rear entrance to the program silence I thought I’d be happy if I were fucking twenty three is walking to the north side of.

The factory Yeah there’s a rear engine so the property on the north side and their security cameras hopeful around for the broken toe is all for a free.

For three one one three four five four and foster male yelling pointing people and walking on a street.

Going to work over and very nice fourteen is about a block from you if you see a few gentle the cover car cover.

Thank you nine one four and I one five.


I apologize thank you for you tonight for having aged off and doing this with me in the newsgroups and.

Not scription out trying to get one.

Oh just updated He was last seen or found Foster’s use of blackmail forty to fifty four sorry fifty’s the sixty’s black jacket and black.

Hole in the.

Night regime my computer down.

A good analogy to eleven dollars or.

Three It looks like your computer is.

Such a fair question.

Suddenly one person on main stream with only a downer they gone to Iraq most of the holiday they say they know who the shooter is he chased a plane down and I complained and shot back no injuries challenge a UN route to that location.

And I won’t bore him out one by four.

Or five.

Show me on a sixteen and play.

Covered are obviously going hardest ones in.

A three five area think he’s going to.

Drive either as a friend of the US you know force of us quite recall the end of the.

Force or for.

Going in court come out and talk to me or some of the property there’s a.

Pair of available starting corner.

Three six one a copy of stopping he can fucking.

Five just let the sergeant and I know five this persons of the suspect is a black male forty five balls blue button up shirt just for the resort Yeah just call the color and the guy still there you know why.

He’s a guy around and I call.

You want one in shirt and blue jeans so swing her car for me and I’ll be home from school.

Sure that these are the ones where you’re right normally he mongering.

Anything to sing her office.

Eight hundred fifty five you go north side there’s a farmer in a green Honda Accord with the hazard lights on no better job of having a elevator but if you’re going nine three.

One or more comes way well reading the other wrist talking to each other teachers are now here on the Fargas looked around of those instances we have little eyes and maybe one hundred seventeen of us have this machine on us as us fall six nine five six one four and five and five the Safeway one one one sorry one one zero zero ne Broadway caller is curity got a fight with acceptance in custody and now the person asking for medical So they’re going to.

Be well.

Before I can take cover if I think.

They DO ANYTHING TO CRACK disregard the suspect description.

And they’re essentially he can Eighty seven hundred.

Eleven A seven year is he can’t have it.

Clear far away and all the traffic is going to have to forget really had three hundred one eight hundred or the stories are.

Thirty June twenty sixth two five zero terms if you want want transporting them he.

Said if you want to clear I can send it over to them and I’ll deal with it when they can.

Come to complain OK well they are going to have anybody help me out let me know if you need another car.

And that’s a county that just someone for.

Latter center lane less than ninety four East deliberately A from THANK YOU THANK YOU nine For you want to be monitoring that forty one does anyone know if nine for one for a lot as one for the day is there a sergeant who knows his nine for one for a lot of stuff done for the day not sure just what enough is enough eighteen For one I’m only worried for I’m for one of three of these five or five in Carson or include your.

Average of I think it was like I was eighty three nine four three three.

One one one seven seven NE Why don’t have a like Adam seven our caller wants reporter has been missing.

Eighteen twenty four and I know for us out at the holiday address now that we’re just now within around when a team and oh that’s OK of those two vehicle descriptions I assume one of them was our callers vehicle was that the black Mercedes that we had the plate on or was he driving the other one we haven’t figured all that out yet OK eight hundred twenty five.

Zero eight hundred twenty.

Six I drove off I says this is that was sixty five and he.

Said I think it’s going to.

Do switch over to Norris I believe they had something for you surely living on over one hundred twenty five.

Shillings and or five hundred eleven having to pay five but they thought that the five Charlie ten and eleven are cleared D.V.M. has your way.

Surely more already tired of me I have a project.

But a lot of covering.


Him and don’t like research inflated.

Money for.

The downswing dreams decades and he.

Rajoy Letterman right after.

I’ve got a lot of having a drink who was if I were going to be were every fifty seven I ride.

Into any.

One call on this and play comes back on a Ford and one star so it’s not quite the right place it’s eight hundred twenty.

That Roberson park two French reserve your honor is healthy as a suspicious package at the south and the path exactly West ever Radek Creek school they can line or after on something and they think it’s got.

Five zero four zero for you then it’s that I’m answer of that letter is actually eastbound or right is the history of forever in between we number joining the three total county going on.

Two things the latter at the Woodville event that is really eastbound not less than it at eighty three France between lanes two and three a thing number one we are where honor and route.

OK thing to do is a vehicle out of gas is east and eighty four at the Jordan offramp can use this of that but outside of our boundaries.

Not as eighteen correct.

For move over.

There to sixteen Do we need to go back to him or was he going to try to handle it trying to make some other call right now.

Have a five to twenty.

Five zero for two or twenty three thousand already Roberson part eighty one so when forty is the reform.

That you’re doing one six nine four six four are things he can do to three days in traffic over where that was your that list.

He’s a twenty two.

Seven to.

Twenty three Southwest thirteen place to end for a red light for exploring a plate that’s been here for a week and.

It is eighteen thirty four Are you said UN one three four is that right yes ma’am.

Eighty’s or eighty four.

We want a very very very regular graph we’re driving that run a very a very.

Real a nine seven forty seven’s out these one five one drop male versus a female they are physically fighting they say no medical needed at this point and there is no mention of weapons reason was if you insert.

For coffee.

And some for you talking to me on your car radio Yes thank you I don’t five but you’re.

Due for one zero so he’s a two and probably old hunk Farlow building some male assaults are complainant he’s a white guy to Surtees five seven medium build gray shirt blue pants no weapons but it isn’t a cover and he Secondly there’s Arjen go cover twenty four tens of these a to go into for him and.

You know it would be lovely eight hundred six for being unsafe passing information that if you there’s a dream since you have your you can some human cover.

Any three OK Just one last baking anything let me see thirty six All right nine one five and nine hundred three our caller says the suspect was a street preacher or something like that who was making what she describes as hate speech so she took the microphone away from him and that’s when the US Elvis or.

Age or copy one seven four Be advised we have a call very nearby there report of a Hispanic terrorist.

Benefield got out an assault of a female he was associate a white van is being called in by witnesses are in a corner apartment now with a green both in an R.V. that where you are by chance meeting someone for it was ringing out now I’m just saying are stepping on a second look at something completely wrong disregard all of that below a coed and kill a commune for those as well as of his injuries and injury action I have no disregard to go into traffic cars monitoring any in one hundred fourteen I’m killing millions of North.

And disregard.

Science seven for tonight and I will send you to a different one.

For which one six two in grants on that white van Hispanic male got out assaulted a female it’s a Chevy van with a camper top that a brown streak across the door apparently associated with one six one one seven SE Grant I think ninety four were very sure nothing going to go on or if you want to nature provided is still there actually a very nice day for reading this again I think I’m wrong I think the van was north now on one five nine he got out assault as a female I think it’s gone and I think she went to that address I gave you and Grant’s.


They witness calling it in.

Thank you NY NY for you still the precinct.

That ort I would have offered to.

Take anybody has been clear for a disturbance at one one three and white lawyer six one seven one this one’s a mortgage.

On the corner and North East Eleventh and Irving Leatherman Irving if you were doing.

Oakley Frank.

What I have is one one three two five north he’s widely or.

Employees are.

Calling and saying subject having a violent psychotic break ten if you’re smart and seventy six since this is a care facility I went ahead and just started you know an ambulance that is taking forty one or two oil of the sister her relatives.

But I would look to another what you have.


They are as you person carbon I got to have somebody start for that one tooth one for it in Gleason injury X. and I got nobody else that you know just as hard ons or far north as always thanks eastbound my own accord ninety one.

Union and very pretty if you go for parole violation and also says he resists and do not confuse where the money one covers anybody in clear and over one or two minor thirty as well they can serve a prison if we’re going to care center east one hundred eighty five mile or so to eighteen forty three no fun.

If I go one thirteen and white local are thirty nine talking to me today but you visited forty three thirty three driving.

There hundred sixty R.T. for eastbound if you three who are going for a zebra Rover you high five zero is that each region where you are.


Thirty one am of them available to you and.

If you walk in south on only one.

Thing believe it or I know how and Dumber To eleven of a fuller he is walking on the side as well.

As the fake ones it’s more about the history of his sons are also.

Of which he is.

Gray haired there are pressure and.

Probably it was the reason he was in the window in the office with Lee grocery stores or maybe just north of maybe one.

Everybody’s inflorescence in the complainant is still waiting here she’s an employee health holding anything pretty high five Health Region or hurt her.

If you party.

Because of one copy of your forty six.

Herman air.

Force is.

On Strike happy five I’ll forgive her for any He’s very sick.

It was theirs and I didn’t see him go down Oregon it was to the west from where I’m livin maybe.

Six seven seven.

Three and five nine five you think best was still great six nine eight NE just a lot of just out of our subject was bitten by thought here we go on west medical.

It’s eight hundred forty seven people you know them were going to write and thank the one thousand forty seven six seven five five enough so they’re going to have a dog out in the verbal of the victim and ran off with the dogs out along I five was a white guy just thirty he’s bald black and it’s a pleasure brown dog with white paws eight hundred forty eight.

Six four one five or one FAR FAR act now to his fifty Q. and A link tourney one of the Ellen using them are dealing and they are killing any more.

General and seventy live branches you have.

The four Harvey and I’m part of the north which.

Runs expect having wing are seven times they can.

Six or five.

And six four six five three zero one NE Alberta three ago a black tow truck was towing June G.M.C. rolled into our collar.

And took off Weston Alberta have you know.

For the thanks and seven one six one seven roomed.

House I shall be eleven and kind with one so he’s been runnin kind of the things is the song Norah.

Jones Brett’s grazing fifty sixty four do you know yet with sixty forty five years and fifty five point three.

Eight hundred fifty.

Six seven times we don’t know where the victim is so the victim fall then it sounds like they’re at peace park but there’s a language barrier Brock’s of people walking by one of them or over then a second I think if you went one three four you can show me around so that is never.

A thing to do I will sing for one nine seven for start you for Portland Adventist and emergency room number sixteen.

But if I was your copy probably twenty three thank you if you went for a month.


If work is over tonight you got some help if you know for obvious even if your sixty’s were going also in five years if anything really went rogue over OK information on a reckless driver eastbound start from eighty two I don’t know how long ago that was the gradient of you seven to zero John Paul’s melts speeding and swerving taking fifty three where there’s these There’s an on thing you want in the roller and looks like you just.

Know right now.

They are there in a train sixty five European should transfer complete M.C.C. having anything to think or write on three.

Platforms rejoining hundred fifty five.

Hundred seven eval and twenty.

Sadly that five and twenty five that monitoring.

Is still on this Wal-Mart collar you play or.

Ride your bike and your dinner I was watching C.N.N..

And I think speaking to one point for traffic.

More these days WESH very few can ease the pain three four five George yellow boy.


The servants of the humor one one zero four hours out these around three complainants why is not.

OK fifteen and when I forgot to thank you both that he did these that they try to ignore Fergal really still working on them better so I don’t have anything right for seven as a female standing in front of the try to not rush screaming out of your past a bus trying to back up and go around have just do something in front of it again black female and their sixty’s I know clothing.

To that.

Five thousand to seven who tell us all five as there are two five seven in front she store a very great Nissan parked in running with two kids or a little alone in the car when you’re trying to benefit.

They find someone to me that he is in for responding or the servant with a hammer and around it looks like she’s going to last a certain firstly and then ninety three is seventy two three is twelve thirty four the complainant doesn’t know what physically well I guess he just left in a black B.M.W. city and George be there Victor Adam last seen southbound on one one they think of it they can stuff around the house there’s an older servants in January where there is a bit of a disturbance in some things being broken as well right on a contract and.

Be an exam.

I think he might have left with a yammer and that’s all we have for now all right thank you he’s doing Erling thing after ten if you met any known drug activity location for the color of the marijuana needle found earlier in the room for explorers I am writing you know I.

Was in there.

Five and five.

If you don’t have a grocery.

Clerk court since they are lean.

Six seven seven I’m not sure if you found an ambulance you haven’t they’re asking for you to meet them there and there’s no medical needs they want to talk about her for which she is or was it and we have the.

Like she’s sore greeny sounds sitting up with a few.

Things and you know one eight ninety four her days if you have it.

There can sixty hold the Northeast place Horgan place you know Henry George seven one.

Thing to late they need someone getting it says waiting I assume out front.

Says as a person and that they have an R. O. advances than sending texts to our caller and caller just went into the garage and Savas of things moved around so I’m not sure if this guy’s in the garage or not he doesn’t have a key and he’s been in the garage before so you’re going to go through the garage I guess the subject in question is cold Janzen born in ninety two all right Poppy and they say how recent These things have been and I don’t think she knows I’ve seen them drug last week when I was there and that then that.

Well it’s recently enough that she’s concerned he’s in there now so I assume it’s today but I’m not sure if you forty four.


It’s like you know.

One for four Talk one.

If you’re more into a number.

She’s that when heat it’s.

Going to.

Happen you know if you put.

Out a car.

It’s like two thousand for Ford Explorer for one sixty ne eleven like Gresham.

Charlotte unclear John or as I’m sure.

Five zero eleven obviously you know for.

A fall.

Of an archway that a line on the street or no or about.

Seven hundred sixty five you have John and you know.

Four four seven go and.

I’m not trying to do five I’m going.

In Newark with a white and a no older white car.

This didn’t work and I think if I jumped through five minute then all will be glad it’s covered you want out of the car cover now but you’re six three.

And they just.


Going for free in sixty four going to NE wiser and seven we do have fired medical and out of this as well I feel assaulted another female of the victims down on the ground she’s going to be female sixty six years old leaving from the face sixty five copy from one time present and as for you copy that static so you your cover car is staging a two six and sailors very very very well like you seven one four.

For you and seven one five going to the west and the hot or and.

Oranges have no that doesn’t make any sense Sam I know from you were out with her arm the was the Travolta a sixty four did you hop in the West adage of all is.

There the bridge near the water so I guess along the seawall he was assaulted by two white females a white male and one black male a black male maybe had a gun and maybe pointed it at him and there’s no better description I’ll try to find out more specifically where the collars actually waiting I’m.

Not at this point we only know one which is your right now.

And I do I’m a thirteen and holding cover of through a third of.

The end for you guys I’m I’m trying to find out from the call taker exactly where the complainants going to wait because I don’t think he’s up waiting on a bridge on foot so it’s useful or tactile and the last one thousand.

Eastbound we have West on previously this of eastbound now black shirt looser with small Voc who as has been Fermi found on all the information central responding to an assault with a weapon Westerhof and bridges the West and about five minutes ago the formation of my gentleman and I guess is an area check how many cars you want to help you cut through this area Jack.

Told her.

Info it is eight zero four eight four five and eight six five and all the ten there are five other than a ninety nine plus anybody’s coaster going to row city park to zero zero ne sixty two ave causing several young children playing in the park unintended all black female or Indian females Eat Eat A five years old OK with you to your.

Liking to vote for just give him a part of six five seven.

Three six one eight three six five guys whatever Leslieville one three both people thirteen only don’t talk to.

Plus lethal one three was active you know other version funny yeah I don’t know six times or whatever but it’s showing up on his you know remarks but he’s as young as.

He came over and told me multicast thank you for helping us I think.

That he was.


Us All.

And you know you’re in route to any out of balance Guylaine information or you have a.

One or zero and are blessed you know our state court.

Thirty one forty work and yes.

I’m going to George and you can put me on the rest of the call unclear if you.

Have a six or seven or you and it is.

The same.

Every six five four communities will survive or cover John was up and they’re sick of her mouth for.

Her one five four nine forty three just got all the moving object a location for his missing I want to be going to zero so he’s one hundred ninety S. looking for a red listing so she with his missing organ four zero two zero.

Zero se one.

You know that he actually did his whole.


Before the next farmer harvest our.

Sister for the next five hundred.

Sixty four.

Woman I’m a God how they all go on and she was just how all around in her thirty’s you covered nine one five code one to two year one year ne seven for all are going on from the front door kicked open they’re going to waiting outside.

D.C. for all four of them that is ready units on the other and seven call we had her as a wife you know with a black shirt blue skirt about thirty years old.

Brown hair nine six four nine four for you in one thousand forgive me in front of one four two three one how these Mainers as I’ve been talking he’s found maiden jumping in front of traffic intentionally Asian male fifty six he’s black red jacket seems to be looking for cans.

Doing fast as you know.

Probably five some three months.

Isn’t something you’re Well I think for.


Years they.

Probably George.

Agree maybe they’re saying Killingsworth it’s one thousand nine hundred thirty two the dog age Univision.

Plays if he’s only a few stops but.

Interstate was still put at twenty six I think because it was one thousand nine hundred six four seven six four six you can be ten and we got a hold of an employee.

Or something.

Thank you ninety.

Four I got every one for us for you in one thousand for you one one six se one seven one male versus female three guys are hitting her vehicle with a broom you just use blocking all right and I was twenty three on the to go and George got in on her own record George everybody thank you honey.

Ninety five ninety nine seven for any.

That you tell me you’re in it for you six the Royal Mail or car no two zero two one selfless making it run that hurt want to go first but equal still your driver got out and walked away puller can leave you some kind of delivery driver suspect vehicle of T.V. on the fourth floor seven a one Frank Charlie George Johnny Broadway Madison If it’s probably twenty three and Prince I thank you Joy I’m from.

For you in one seven forty the parking lot as you Casa imports one six one zero zero south these historic her cars are me waiting here is think they see a piece of construction equipment that was stolen from them in January at one forty five and start any waiting in a white Chevy pickup right money six the market.

For a copy.

And one hundred four who is going to be three white females and three white males are green but our color sister is trying to move out of the occasion I will be waiting in a blue sky to carry her nation out of her tea and run once he joined a vision about five ago car was then run by black and he was possible northbound warns if you called in that you wanted to do five hundred ninety seven to five thousand but they’re going in and you’re out a quick really Charlie Victor nine a good.

President Adriatic and I said Honey if it was for it before.

You a thirty five you know it was six of our insides was regional fighting on the north east corner of it and it Mart egress was a male black of the clothing they were to use a white male longer blonde here blue T. shirt.

On it for all just its revival of which.

Probably one hundred four.

Be on some foreign legion Corps and it’s all home and from Asia not reckless driver last seen eastbound on was Burnside from Southwest King.

Was Al you know plates forming honking information that thank you Tony for any of my events aren’t thirty eight seventeen are you guys put forth feelers very very well we are in Q four at nineteen twenty five information on a drunk driver last seen want to go south on Markham bridge at the South and continuing southbound on I five sort of thing almost hitting people as a white ninety S. Toyota Tundra organ plate Seaver avoid Charlie sixty five nine information I thank you twenty six.

For I’m assuming.

Talking Broadway and we’re driving anybody heart Merah go around the rivers never around our corner Navi Broadway and are inside now going to six.

Four And if that is not fighting the nobody fighting at six on Burnside or Broadway and we’re inside.

It one for you ten I never was it before so it.

Has worked.

For five years Tony I’ve been to be on holding on a six by five how he told the subject laying in the street is going to have Brandon quack Oh he said he was on the verge of suicide.

By doing.

The photo in a hurry nine times have two three.

Of the six.

It’s like you don’t have a seventy eight to five John Henry Henry information at seventeen twenty eight.

If you remember.

The night before Brandon leave born in ninety two Asian males twenty six believe what your great genes.

Are Always a gun but our caller is not sure where it is and our callers not with him right now.

Numbers to call for confirmation and booking reservation at nine hundred twenty five Simmons you have been on you.

Before the county has looked like for Suranne restored your image is should be working now will need to shut down and walk back in when you.

Nine hundred twenty nine Oh Dr Norfleet.

It up you anybody available North Marine Drive in I five it’s going to be on the north on ramp there’s a vehicle stalled the red city and we don’t so we have all the about things you would think you heard horsewoman huh.

Seven hundred sixty duty on a second car for that welfare check on the movie transit station.

Let me see if I find in first that the one nine hundred thirty you know or.

Not if I say again.

He wasn’t involved in cough.

Thank you very are and ninety five are just finding out is actually any second hand information to our caller from a mother who was in a car about eight seven Holgate.

Going too far.

And you don’t turn for four to five for.

A corker and one.

For her here and wait for them right now but.

Oh wait we are going to be returning from the underground parking lot of five am and after a very unique way ninety three years watching tonight for.

The love it always leaves very nine to five as your guard dog meat is regarding what it will to thank you for just.

Coming for like a cleared arriving.

In ninety four and five ran in time pretrial release and flag resists.

Information some of them having S.S. very very is.

Information that one thousand and thirty five.

Will be going in.

My city three Ravi to Providence and I think there should be nine press for one five or maybe not for you want to know.


And I say yes we can clear this one Johnson out in the way he has years in a cause I swear when he’s ready it was.

Always the fear for him.

One for us rivals having I have.

One for.

Free you and L. for going to hell transit station nine nine nine Southwest eighteen thousand L. in the east down side.

As I said he is a friend that is a friend he is acting out and he’s worried that he will sit by themselves he ran out of medication the story.

Daryn you know for.

I think for you know if you’re so I’m sure I’m frozen.

Data for you tonight.

Anyone for subject is has right expert in ninety seven he’s a white male twenty one dark blue fishing has gray hoodie and sort of a virgin six three four going to be on point for you know one seven to your ne nine Ave is a male for location filling a car in her home I watched him three minutes ago dig out in feces and wife on the E.C.M. nearby the white male of long black hair black sweater vest you know your with like the.

Chevy one seven six on where you going from.

Being to.

The happy eighty five you telling.

Me It was like me in the union but I don’t like you for you Ira stabbing himself but does not have his pocket knife on him and he’s also requesting medical song of that service.

Back on what you thank you for one.

For over a one for a one thousand nine hundred forty two for the subject will be sitting by the payphone.

Order of war Thank you for you do it once for better says he’s just one Priam I say on here in Iraq thank you forty three for you.

And I and you for this act you know.

For John chilly I’m going to search for different ones one moment later for anyone that other west side hardware and have are going to Jamison square eight one zero Northwest eleventh Avenue on the Johnson side there’s a possibly high guy being verbally aggressive towards random people escalating is going to be a lie.

Right now with a small backpack and short face or so walk over.

Things that it’s exciting to for you tonight.

Thank you.


Eliciting human on non-emergency sorry to anyone six thirty eighth Avenue is anyone sick se.

Yeah I’m going to try to make contact with the second part.

Is that you back on the servants.

And you.

Are to me headed zero one one one A Southwest he would.

Be arsonists call you know forty four of which you are carrying a.

One for four hundred and.

You’re going to have that be the northern intersection of Byron capital at nine hundred forty five.

Seven thirteen sixteen six to Gresham Holden.

Nine hundred forty five well I’m going to come up with one six hundred.

Seventy seven responsiblities a copy of the shots I have or six they are for a medical staging they never.

Gonna take I say.

For you any dose for Southwest one five and salmon Nirvana two sex for sex there’s a male in the bus shelter saying he was assaulted and then where it happened but medicals coming as well and the bus is waiting with the victim.

Even Central.

Banking forty eight one six five five four zero zero zero work permit and I will take a police officer Johnna thank us thank you forty five two five.

Three and five three five going to the shrunk reduce our apartments eighty three to North Syracuse street unifies zero three known subject Alex who’s excluded from the proper.

He is back early he’s physically assaulting a female resident of this is heard only her name is Dominique storm southeast sources thank you for you know I want my very I mean something about my call I’m coming from I five and one Martin.

Twenty five I’m having computer issues can you clear my current college on.

I think thanking you for a second in the area if you are sick set one thousand if you want refusing to consider four.

Thousand nine hundred fifty when they first of all be all of one on ten from Johnson for six hundred Johnson eighty four did he copy.

Every one hundred fifty just.

For interest you want to walk.

Around a for a West.


Let me.

Thank you fifty three one three four hundred four you show me ten seven four with computers you first you.


That’s where they are that the suspect in the Walgreens parking lot of three men in Belmont is that where you are you have the I’ll update it you know if there is or isn’t there no the best access is going to be for Bush is here on the north side of the road.

It’s us or if I say he just laid off or I’m going to hear it or you’re telling everything and he said if I.

Run it by force if I have a different real having him cover any six.

Then I attach you to this we’re going to just.

You finally says lattes explain it once you want to verify information at one thousand.

Fifty thanks for how.

I mean ninety five start that we also.

Have to zero on Kearny own forums where and I’m not a filed for anything less are like and how they’re.

Thirty eight.

Point five one thousand.

Americans think they are they have one taser point one twenty one and burn by thanking the seven it was you in front of the location on any target and he said you seven.

Were going to.

Come down thanking me from what you do behind the seventy six vision the back access to.

You if I was clear this Jarley say five five and one hundred fifty eight do you want that I can usually fly down in front of Precinct three one thousand and five a precinct in one nine hundred fifty eight Really I won’t bore you I’m going to.

Probably no more need of injuries are partners for one one zero Burnside and sixty one or five of them are OK and then yeah that’s fine seventy four was over four.

Well you got no probs of that is clear medical while we go now the House.

Will cement and three and one for regular traffic then yes regular tonic for how we will regulate driving back one hundred.

Sixty five zero three shows of three of your own eyes of those four and rebuilding more units.

Nice office fourth multiple units twenty hundred.

Twenty three twenty eight to sixty one really affix money and force them for six where.

Thanks to my own.

Five six join us three eight one hundred one in fact you.

Want Them gotten.

To where I heard that.

Hazard on how.

Critics when I don’t think.

There’s a high thank you when have you twenty one twenty one on you know who I was talking to is going to head home and call I make a report that he was let me know that it is ninety eight hundred civic it’s black with a white hood missin the left front fender lower with a loud exhaust lists all the harder to increase and.

Supposedly it’s heading this way into my right.

Five six start that way.

At all westbound on you know mill.

And elevate not emerged part north.

Probably more so than covered a star plays an arc and Morrison and.

Traffic right now were in Washington on the north.

And unfortunately parked person Birdseye’s any coverage on westbound on no westbound westbound on from park back south now and on ninety.


Continuing south across or so and I start through Washington.

Some of you know and I’m a person and ya’ll again.

You just went down on you or.

I spent Taylor from NY and if you didn’t hear me it’s fifty seven.

I didn’t.

Retrieve it wonder if you have the traffic control when I had already did you think there was an officer on scene we have an officer headed that way.

I was going to clear him since there is an owner trying to retrieve the mattress I don’t see any reason for them to continue the kind of clarify there’s somebody on thing out only the owner after this a firm Thank you.

And I think coming into your work room.

On Taylor one seven six seven no longer in pursuit one seven six seven did you need medical.


From that with a few when you were nine five four.


Clackamas County officer requesting a phone call regarding the subject you have in custody when the call.

She just spoke with them thank you very much.

Around just turned south around.

Broadway Thirty nine hundred seventy.

So I was if you got me one six.

Three seven five two you’ll need to go to where one seven six seven is I think he ended up at Janet Taylor.

And didn’t they find that other car to Broadway and Taylor OK Anybody want to have sex and you remind me where he has that other car.


Any intentionally Randy.

I need somebody for ten enamels deck that car.

Is As expected to.


Broadway and the trailer.

For five I’m with the car.

It was unoccupied yesterday a Broadway madam with the suspect vehicle of progress in Madison and that’s an occupied is that right Avery and I survived one seven six seven to get a look at the driver at all.


So he’s wearing.

A jacket when you.

Write I’m going to do a printer no no animal life.

But the description was they are workers in male average height ninety five and wearing a right purple shirt and he went westbound on that one from broader.

So dark skinned male bright purple shirt last seen westbound as and from my Kathy thirty nine you know it has been a very near Richmond area tech then Broadway Madison are never going to traffic their traffic information it’s really their mission since I was regular traffic back twenty or twenty honorees ones are going to go back.

Affirmative thank you when sixty nine for one or that Arlen or.

For thirty somebody get up but I never say where it is replaced obviously getting through this.

OK that was hard to copy I think that was thirty eight thirty suggesting we go to the Safeway eleven and Jefferson is that right oh yeah the ferry service but.

It’s a good place to have been there.

Thank you six one seven got you clear up from our last location and then show us out at three zero nine five last Fourth Avenue unit six Q nine.

Three zero nine Southwest four and unit six two nine thousand and ninety four.

Your original color of the seven eleven or the US where she will be waiting but then is in a van from place where her cargo do we know where that is because nobody’s contacting you know I don’t see anybody here.

To see waiting in a van at seven eleven and the original as you have in that scene.

You need seven for Gabriel park near the dog park northwest corner guy harassing and threatening people in the park.

Like guidance for his baseball cap lecture bluejeans no weapons call them I ask.

Them for.

Twenty eleven six five five.

Six five for going to his nose apartment four five four five ne one to five police unit one to seven two a no males are going on.

Colors door she can only see one of them for a description he’s a tall white male with blond hair did anybody find that white the end of the attending and how it was Example enough Sure I now feel it’s OK but was a suspect is description again it was a blue twenty fourteenth optima.

The driver of the vehicle police sorry dark skinned male bright purple shirt Jeffrey thanks twenty twelve.

Ga Ga had it were.

Ninety four hundred law goes way south through a ninety four hundred block of Lancaster a very funny thirteen Sorry no I just heard it once and there’s a Java code and service will need a traffic car for Broadway and Taylor please drive unit central please drive into central the Glen Jackson bridge.

When you’re going to pull over near where women are going to interstate ave no subject was making fifty five threats to people going off to soften then headed north found a black male five ten with a great baseball cap and a gray sweater doesn’t sound like you have a victim sticking around yeah non-injury officer involved Brockway entail it’s a.


Twenty fourteen do so type Jeff zero seven zero my long that is what I said initially I was wrong it is Broadway and Taylor.

Stoner twenty fourteen really closer to sixty four on that I think you sixty fortunate to work every winter and sixty four of it and one for OK You and six three four as you see eighty going to one zero to a Ne Ne on a street ten minutes ago are colors I did see God is notify the daughter made some threats all minus fifty five or so if you’re She’s going to be Mariska cost is seven.

Cysteine of one thousand nine hundred five Booker.

And looks like she’s got a history of suicide attempts and threats were not positive only addresses possibly House into apartments.

Her D.M.V. comes back to you some are a little bit different.

Pricing agency.


Do six out of the possible say location again living in a in a more floor main and as you say you’re with the stolen car.

Bombs are clogged with Officer Clark with a possible OK if a bicycle and my victim in a B.M.W. saying that was the second in the car that took off around ten when they have a collision I would repent.

Even remember.

What it says in a minute OK.

Thirty nine closure even for the poor person.

And information look he says responding to a suspect with a weapon at Essex park seventy one was out the center streets the guy throwing knives and a very cute here information item to drop that these information they provide them with that.

Magazine of Broadway thank you very un one thousand for a six hundred seventy one workout the center if you’re young the seventy nine size five ago I was taking city barricades and throwing knife at it possibly a switchblade about eight inches long.

And seven for six are color at three five three zero se Madison is called about a group of ten to twelve transients across from that address in the church parking lot smoke in marriage you want to drink and play in very loud music.

Or you know walking go twenty eight hundred eighty seconds if you need eighty six OK this is going to propose or.

Energies as endorsers OK one three part one three four in Iraq be off I can switch vehicles.

I mean ninety six was only sixty four hundred.

Sixty four and for governor it looks like he’s on twelfth actually between man and Jefferson raise of course Caras Yes.

Thirty one thousand five hundred twenty.

Who was it who gave the description on the driver was that three eight one seven Do we have a witness I’m sorry.

I mean OK The one think that the eight five six I don’t suppose your person could ID the driver because they moved in four and twenty three to six parked I mean for his resume.

And that it is best we have is that he was on the seventy one side five ago and that it was possibly a switch but about eight inches long an obvious scription on him.

Possible in custody as a guy in purple pants is your Person of the end of the able to maybe I.D. The driver now you say he didn’t get a good look at all.

This pursuit Does anybody have any witnesses to hand who could identify the driver some fifty five no we’re here but we’re checking cameras that if we can be inside the vehicle then why on that extra hour right now we’re crossing over from the river.

Are we in first you.

Know I think you go from a kind of place of more.

Of us one eight someplace all Rosa haven in the basement I don’t know what this means it says M T F and then T R A N S I don’t know if that’s a I don’t know what that means making threats to kill anybody in the area this person still here.

MALE She’s white male to female I think is what that’s supposed to read fifty eight dark hair.

Daisy pink flower.

Hat white shirt and shorts got it and read it you six were all you know yeah we got no witnesses checking cameras knowledge and I don’t know ages if we wait until.

OK and seven one four is picked up to cover anything.

If I say.

I mean say that you were able to identify the driver as well in the walk over to where was that again eighty six Can you lay hands on that person again he’s really I mean and well used pretty as that is that a no I don’t he thought almost alone would do that with five six who needs the photos is somebody on the east side looking for somebody named Tauren Kenneth Phillips who very night you know with a few cigarettes.

And are you guys still a twelve and man or something.

Yeah we’re full and.

OK I mean any witnesses at all and with a very.

Well eight by six maybe has one six three four.

Were you able to find that address.

Of getting a call from crisis saying that the you know we’re looking for is lacking that actually give you Marlo in the address might actually be one zero three four she was a suspect on the bridge earlier this week.

That we have been present years well there are four stream one as we really don’t have the court reporter nor was OK.

Is it on the other.

Six or seven the protocol your Vox I nobody answer when I ask if anybody wants this person so would you look at it and tell me what you are given cover please Julie never mind at seventy four just an available seventy four Never mind seventy four Give it a read let me know if you want to have or if you find any other thing.

He to recovery in every war I thought that’s like some four six just picked it up.

It was a so just over the color of the passenger that was in the center were still out look in the media my then wife Mel that were in a charcoal gray driver’s charcoal gray mid like and may have had a little rough on that one from folks like that for me.

One of them were in.

An emergency and then Levin joins me.

From a collision here is that in general All right Victor was running with a seventy three and joins with every seventh wrinkling for a fee for five.

Three zero and Dolphins twenty six is right before he found her at seven three in Killingsworth seven point seven three four three nine forty three and what we’re trying to make sure is there is a message sent to you regarding calling color regarding the flag down at eight doing division over run of the car.

Ferry So I think I can pan an underactive travel use some sort of weapon on the employee maybe I don’t know what kind of weapon it was maybe at that.

Their own Still there are five guys still there it says unknown direction of travel so I’m guessing he last but it’s coming in a pieces I’m not positive twenty three there anybody got a grand start ever seven three four or is it fifty.

Thank you and if.

Five guns like this go to mean of of you that if you do it require with sixty one days you five happy it is twenty thirty.


I will ask for your ninety four said.

The Last Of Us and how three two zero one Saudis Belmont’s they don’t have any cars to go and our collars and so IT departments it’s coming from the left side of the common second floor you know screaming Don’t hurt me you know downtown cardplayer for assault in progress on eleventh’s in front of the Gregory building those of us who.

Have been no more for I don’t know if you think.

Before zero six North Commercial Avenue three minutes ago or color was sitting on his back porch in some gruesome glass volatiles and possibly from I didn’t see anybody for a description and get us information on the holding at twenty thirty two there’s you Anders for two you’re in northwest eleventh and it is just five one four four thank you four two zero North allotment I few six of these granite differ from the other calling grand an A Despite a three five place and all four thirteen and you know could have priority calls in just thirty days mention I have eight seventy four and that is the only car I’ve already given a call to east so can’t find the time for them highest priority and I’ll go as a cover through but it’s on their list David and we can deliver to a five five OK I’m going to start you for the other fight at City team ministries five to six out these grand two males physically fighting description is the junky guy who does this a lot play they hand out that’s it from the zone.

Now seventy four I assume you’re also coming from the southwest I’m putting you on the ground call of the same one and twenty five Oh yes.

We have the actual address where this is happening now it’s three two two five south these Belmont collar vs her boyfriend he assaulted her same as Trevor something.

Born in seventy four she says he tried to cut himself yesterday.

No need for medical at this point.

Filler that’s my working assumption yes three for it on my call that my followers was telling the fact that well if you want your house twenty six fifty well cross the street because eighteen minutes Yuri’s any sort that Oh and if I need covered under right there cross the street twenty six if Yemen starts euphoric I want to yell or do a little through one of their other.

Twenty six if they OK Do you need cover there six thousand votes.

If there is a leader with corporal’s and sings over who might want to check for.

Real we’re focusing on who’s diggers and a possible future minute you know or has been if you ever know fleet movements or that is assuming she possibly is five on five us Richard.

Or white guy six to medium build blond hair blue and red shirt gray shorts he’s apparently associated with a white to a Corolla which is part across the street no weapon this far as I can know it as far as I can tell it looks like everybody is just slapping each other at this point.

The one for all goes well let’s.

Do a five five did I have you for a different one bill for our I’ve got so I detect from Guinea just a second I’m very sick of you if you go to that moment cold we’re clear you’re generated too for no good and OK and I know for you can beat any Thank you for as long as you’re monitoring.

The end of recovery you for coming thank you for your help down on my thirty seven broken nose and jaw.

It’s never once in five hundred friends and the standard twenty thirty seven thickly fragile the only other concern we have you want to cover car.

No thank you twenty thirty seven cover they get.

Fifty five going to.

Bend make sure that guy’s not still hanging around yelling at people descriptions on the call define an authentic cover twenty thirty eight.

So callers yelled at him so the guy got out and beat him up because actually no parked in front of another house college and point out where that is.

Six one seven one Cal as that one was three way that I.

Never remember at the shoreline at three three four it’s twenty thirty one four thirty eight twelve I guess you guys are code for your call eight one four thirty eight twelve you guys took four eight one four But I think it’s your you guys are code for your call were good thank you twenty thirty nine the party restraining order call euphoria ne one three three on the male subject reserve in our home and is back in the house having transitive black Honda van going by three by the No one guitar at hashed one seven five six I have.

One for Gregor’s but young that all six five four four four three and six five five fires on the scene of the phony soldier motel one zero one or the scene of all of ours are crossing that we blocked traffic in that area Westerling been seven for you guys for an eight hundred eighty five we are code for thank you twenty forty nine A for the join other car for that.

I’m just trying to find.

The region and I don’t understand where you are the complaining to come home or were there were very few if so our regional color is not there and the sun has not the occasion was telling her that this guy is waiting for him the wait for the mother to show up.

Believe this is your voice for.

Oh sorry.

College you know you think of all places where people go.

For their name and states for their grant all year for the city ministries or the one across the street city of humanitarian nobody was staged for City team ministries medical was staged for my father’s place across a street I don’t think they’re living over there but there is a horror may come second to our victory where you got to fight Marcos are rooting.

Certainly seven three four are you going to need the medical folks there and I said right into the other call that a.

Funny forty three zone group or are you going to need an ambulance for anybody on your call because one was staging as not I could use them across the street filming on one percent a year and they got to take my.

Twenty six fifty can I get fired eject then on your guy but if you fight for them go perfect thank you forty three hundred forty four six please.

OK east down under two three twenty.

By the.

Yard one four five North was dado number one to five our caller lives in one number one two five she’s elderly and that written she says there’s somebody at her apartment door screaming and kicking at the door hollers of course not able to get out and see who it is if you know think of that please probably And it’s actually nine hundred five that’s responding there and were arriving just five or it was bone fragment lost it when one was the traffic box one of those are required.

To Remember Southwest eleven Jefferson OK it’s funny forty five but for seven if I sixty five fires Reno has run into them or somebody is running at them you can make contact with them.

So with a murder.

For five were you still out at Madison and Broadway or did you miss something I still feel your drivel five.

You and six horny for you for six more of these free months but is less until you go somebody decent glass door is also just messing with the handle Miller if you mailed it in right he’ll have a hot pink outfit and they’ll drive you through.

To working for a force of.

Four or five or.

Ten just because you’re really for six.

And ninety four hours and that this is going to be the neighbor who’s in unit three zero three they working on the front door holler open the door armed with a handgun and a neighbor hit our car with a mop but also have the other half on the line saying that there’s any text asking her the car to come over and talk to her and calling her names and whatnot aren’t you up for two seven zero five southwest Patton court all out so far is a silver Toyota is hitting complainants a vehicle.

There’s been no cover on that please that the kind is all locked up and put away.

A little higher priority than the one we’re out of garden OK we can never do nothing with a coil He’s checking on a guy who hasn’t answered his phone or made as they are us as appointment it’s likely a medical issue yeah he’s a medical and we were going to have them go to them but they won’t go and lose those along with that I’ll get somebody started to a five five so you go into that court eighty five the correct address I guess is two six zero one Southwest patent court the suspect vehicle the silver Toyota is occupied by two a homeowner holding a gun on subjects and now they’re preowned out in front of a vehicle if I’ve got to do a five.

I’ve called it the sergeant talking that you need to go all right twenty four United is revive you know where you need welfare check on her vox.

I was horrible is.

Going to five our callers actually at you three four ne one three three four.

Benteke Li fragile Asian It’s not like that any government office on it for now it will be clear disregard Tory writes twenty fifty.

Eighty five into a five five.

Original complaint who I think is the person whose car was hit by these people is waiting in a blue Jeep Cherokee I don’t have any description of the people holding a gun on the equal of the silver car it’s.

Been through a vote.

Was the exact location where the people in Provo believe it’s in front of that address twenty six zero one which is a dent in a pattern court pattern court runs north off of that road and that is right near where crosses tell that Humphrey that helps.

But says the homeowner who was holding the gun point is going to handcuff the subject so I don’t know of a homeowner is wife or description to verify would not be chatting with her number.

One seventy four and seven four six Make it your code for on Delmar.

Twenty fifty one.

Collar and unit three zero three which is a college grad the gun is out of whack twelve thirty four in regions in the same minute where you are hearing that she attacks of the other half wanted to talk about the apartment being found through her home in twenty fifth year two thousand and that was number as of midnight with a friend looking for her to five and a coffee is fine if it is OK for the cars going to patent court the homeowner who has the gun is Scott something like kind of.

Leisure bluejeans has I think that’s revolver in his right hand his hand cuffs one of the subjects and says he has a D.P.S. S.T. number so I’m guessing is a cop eighty five coming to eighty five I’ve got it twenty fifty four you have a lot to cover.

Let’s go ahead yeah eleven eleven the west right before West of one of the first Oregon yellow gated all one hundred ninety west down less don’t want to learn twenty fifty four.

Sixty four all the Alice there in a Starbucks parking lot and all he needs were.

Milking and he’s worth twenty fifty six was going to six and seven right he three one seven John King John thanks rip driver and then corner of this driver in this cul de sac the other driver then ran to the Jeep two three or four times before all the other stuff happens and.

Scott The guy was a gun says he will put the gun back in the house when he sees you guys pull up and do it by five of your clothes let me know when to tell him to put it away.

For Rivington it is going away into five thousand looks like this one hundred is one of the seventy I’m going to join with their friend here for a minute minute vision is already.

It’s funny it’s your high threat.

If I ga ninety go have a.

Ride to a hybrid government eye on Washington voice rose Roger seven hundred.

Of it north down to five the government on twenty cities and.

Moved to a five five and eight or the other car is eighty five I think the caller who was relaying this information is refusing to tell the guy with a gun to put it in his house so he does not have that information.

We’re here and he’s only what you have against us.

Is that the occupant.

Around this thing and that of breaking stuff sounds like just his death or the I for him being drunk a couple months ago and then calling us up to try and force him to go to the hospital I don’t know that’s their name today or not politically.

They forgot it.

There’s plenty I don’t know one taker seeing us three there are two you know by the Bentleys very tense of the seven five or so by four seven including this is yours as one of the area and it’s no wonder.

They’re in Georgetown if you know that sure they’ll be great six or eight So if you think you.

Already Have you have you going to.

Buy it is or is it soon to go in your include if i very sick don’t want to and we do have a traffic jam I want to do so now they’re on the.

Back of Claire if they’re out.

Right now.

One of the three very aware.

I mean five hours or three times a month I marries are going to Six Flags some time seven.

If you show me around one or two just north of Sandy recovering five six one Frank Victor Henry unoccupied the car going to go one cover sort of here for the uncovered one zero zero It is north of Annie the five or six.

One one four But I have to do five hundred block of South the start of the West and he’ll lot through your colors through mail trying for handles on cars first was white or Hispanic early twenties by six of you don’t like your bike shorts the other guys holler and then the hauling strips on them.

Sell for her over there in Iraq.

Before and over what I want.

For you in five six five easy A.T.L. economies nine zero zero north and every way there’s a mail in a vehicle or you can leave the premises and threatening to hang himself the vehicle is a hippy bus he’s a white male fifty million dollars in a wheelchair on the US one like.

Public over seven thirty nine twenty.

Thirty nine twenty one fluxes the over for not ship so anyone you know who I am looking for and I just as he got attacked with thirty nine twenty both twenty one zero zero one five one five kids only out with I think I was a target on Joyce’s.

Plan when I go out with why on that south east corner for a fraction of how these fires when I won three eight three for you and one for eight Gresham central transit center for zero zero ne April three males running to the color knocker out one more about each minute.

Twenty one I’m five if I have.

Been sixty four going to go on with fire Gypsy Joker clubhouse three five to five hundred and OK so thick black smoke coming from the chimney sinister like gunpowder I heard you.

Of all five.

Measure we flagged down at the fire station near orbit and all the injury when a female to do woman form starting now and you going to be.

Probably have a problem are hers.

And sixty five also got me to a.

Rank and I was just there I suppose if it was just like it’s only it was in the apartment you but higher Now little did you want to be.

On the whole.

Three think one take to.

An area resident sixty five you can see clearly that we’ve got in ahead of that main.

Nine leather jacket Grace what is known to carry three to four knives in his pocket collar and seen him now just now jumping on Macs wife found Earth is not on the Macs are.

From or out with a lot of them what got me out of them when three big.

Like a fire Larry by their like one of their members of the way and they were burning leather jacket and camera can ceremony I think it’s no problem no one needed difficult house in the twenty.

Fifth to fork over seventy five.

It’s not have any fun Jim Bianco also protect your home i Phone faster than we were going to get to be an assault on the.

I think you since you for joining Rose Evans of and who.

Thrive off by you.

Arrive twenty one fourteen.

Three five.

Two six Southwest one zero on market male vs female urban shoving walking southbound half ones a white male early middle twenties white and long sleeve teacher blue jeans and refuse white female same age group good middle twenty’s No the other description on our.

Cities experience very happy.

It’s also one of its marketing professor if I subscribe to you clear me Frank from this one should we go into that the servants clear one of the other chorus of a five six.

Thirty reasoning got me.

Some of us knew going sixteen fourteen.

Fifteen fourteen.

Really going or give way but three three Figure out of right.

And going twenty one sixteen by day five.


I see you think of another car I just right especially disregard.

Them out with them just south of turn and Jeff from the west side.

I would have the phone just in terms of.

Where you are in sixty four green five four zero seven north Minnesota our college roommate punch then and hold a night but your knife the subject and he gave it all over a white male fifty three dark jacket blue jeans they’re separated now five copies thank them for their.

Sixty four go.

Back to five hundred eighty five six.

Six four six.

Three you in five six five you me honest medical the Safeway five one thousand euro north east and OK on to heroin nobody in the bathroom.

Was interrupted by fifty five you have ever lived that’s why we thought it was yours ninety five dollars ninety Yeah we wrap it up in Washington I throw five northbound there Pad There are out of every four nine eight nine let me know why the moment I need help.

Northbound I see a five hadn’t Yeah he says he feels like he’s about to have a seat here.



Five You’re going to go for twenty one twenty one through five.

There are a few official be outside of from the store out of your stores so he by the North doors in front of the store six five you have a job you were.


Tony I’m fine with it but it is.

Is there any traffic you know I can call my phone service or you can call a person or are there several or so before.

Yeah I have the on call D.V.R. you forging always focus it’s of a fork of a total of twenty three point three eight track one three.

Twenty one twenty three so one for no more for you and seven two for those who prefer one of these grants going west medical to get a guy or it’s about a guy over safety room one for four or for one point four for twenty one twenty five and six seven five just F.-I we got a call back to my original caller here saying that the roomie is now in the backyard doing weird stuff with the weapon in here metal claiming would you like her car to meet you guys outside five seven four six seven five would you like our caller to come out and meet you six A.M. By way want.

To call or come out meet us.

What’s right with forty ricotta call of a not injure crash her job please.

One six nine D. show you what is in his radio new memory negative OK Human error him you want you know I’m using this for your ID number you know under twenty one thirty five for him for night and my pack of one on one three five copy there’s a meeting my location injuring his office.

Was of a six hour coverage with thirty well on the property when he told her to take it up she ran into the street started screaming suicide by cop She’s now back on the east side of eighty second white female fifty’s white T. shirt has a bunch of bags with her every turn from her.

Forgotten one margin wondering for one three eight three one three and.

Having computer issues can you clear my call John and show me in route to the Jennifer address to a three five three three four clear out of two of us or if you’re for coverage whether you were going to collect early copy and sixteen fourteen or you could fire as well sixteen fourteen checking status sixty four to.

Hide myself about a quarter majority of late three nine four right throws had an eye socket CORBA twenty whether to do I was going sixteen fourteen some like even central one three.

One three eight five is going to fix my knees if any I mean.

Twenty one thirty three by forcing in five I was a West office twenty one thirty three six hundred fifty nine traffic six hundred fifty nine.

Four eight giving you include.

Will be on the one three two spots on the Broadway in sixteen fifty you will be with us twenty one thirty three six four seven sure we have an unoccupied version of.

One party were Roark out in second along their copy north and a second to Colombia for safe for her to want to explore go have one one five join Union Hall in the division wreckage of your pressure.

Division west of Volusia one hundred ninety.

One six not go at Morgan’s zero one to John David range of the pawn and show it to G. three in turn show if you friends are fine for go one five Parker John twenty one thirty seven thirty eight thirty nine thirty three hundred thirty three I obviously there’s a one hundred four hook for one six force go for twenty one thirty seven.

Fifty towards the center Charlie he.

Because it’s well worth it but when seven four.

Days reunite for an area Jack one thousand and Powell caller says she thinks she heard General fifteen shots from southeast of there a couple minutes ago one other call that said it sounded more like three to five minutes ago that doesn’t say how many more and they thought maybe from one to two one holding careful how we thought of you know so there’s or something for so desires of us you know I’m writing on this call I was on for want of a fork or Charlie Well if I will fork up as well forty one one four four one four four negative like twenty one forty.

Four or.

Three years of course there are four three to seven SE three seven we have male versus female verbal right now no more.

Order but in body else clear that you know you’re always off a three zero to southeast Brooklyn and planes ex-girlfriend then yes and are all against their breaking windows out of this vehicle.

For a movie that a sergeant I think some of that seven for various of the George.

We don’t.

Say five this is it.

For you and six for five Spirit for zero three seven NE Kohli there’s a guy groping when it is of black male thirty he’s orange cat blue sure orange and.

Yellow mark this of the twenty one forty four then later valuation shirt and the female is a white force of an officer.

That the vendor was hauling out.

And he’s losing you know someone waiting for it to be a contact you know is just the money that we kind of object it six.

Before German sixty four to go on.

Five zones were X.’s organ plates five zero seven John Adams ten or so five I was Roeder from a forty five when I was in Maine V.A. before to.

Write it was reopened because there’s sense to think that one hundred forty one six four go out probably have a couple of them behind one seventy five her sister you know five Stephanie stark.

One five a go I wanted to soften the vision way for a T.V. link if you really want to do a division there’s a five hundred fifty five hundred twenty three twenty one forty seven that are here to get started and I started a star for five thank.

You no longer five for zero seven north Minnesota.

Thank you for having thank you any bean bag and star for five four zero seven north Minnesota by six five zero three six months.

This is the roommate that pulled a nine hundred dollar when he was in the backyard with a.

Proper twenty one for.

Which had not yet one camp I think once of six years after one.

Day three five.

Three five three when a five.

Years and five months result was for the Prius a six guy standing outside the front door is NOT want to leave about fifteen minutes ago he was in the store destroyed some property is why this one is red bandana camel jacket and now he’s outside shadowboxing job he had a store.

In central banks want to do one.

Hundred fifty or one five acre David twenty one fifty one I think that’s rather a whole.

Hard to run for if I want for our.

Information prior holding a well I for you it’s office where we are on the rise older white male with a white shirt someone around information of color twelve to one.

Five hundred five from five.

Very Parkway North of all the with Morgan George.

The Parkway North probably sixty four G. clear David forty coffee twenty three one six nine going for you and one five eight hours and four five not one ne one A one second and two security there’s a service running in traffic yelling kill me kill mean has a medical bracelet on no description Johnny if you carry I’m really.

One hundred twenty one hundred twenty one fifty three five for.

Driving one three hundred sixty one one three eight sixty one twenty one fifty four to eighty five of our computers rebuilding can you just transporting one male adult to central to a five for one as I thought well that if I go out and talk to police.

I’ve been very unfair that I have.

Not seen anything you’ve ever driven.

So everything’s fine with the resume the intersection genuine no second albums but twenty one six four hundred forty.

One six forty and I twenty one fifty seven four seven just north of three and sixty five in the a flat and three seven one four four North East Germans various parts under the sign in the side parking lot for the last hour or two slumbering a lightweight Avalon dealer plate David Adom for three four six Charlie fish for seven covering own impression of birds.

Thank you so have is I’m thirty nine.

And thirty nine times are just sitting down what was that I didn’t think that cover.

A nine to five twenty.

Five because I don’t think the nine to five hundred I want very soon and sorry but I can preempt the call I’m on I’m going to go out and.

Buy five sincerity on thousand if you want to stay on the call.

The engine that’s why I if that’s a track it does come back suspended as a young fifteen so it’s probably not supposed to be on that vehicle.

Either way is fine as far as once they clear I’ll go with the sergeant very very I can go in my other car do for ALL go ahead and take it if I if I clear here just momentarily and do five and be on whatever you want OK thank you finally that the media.

Thanks but out it will be you.

Really have any Yasmeen James Bond and he’ll eat drives a red over five Ford Mustang license plate or zero to Charlie Edward Mike earlier today he takes his wife saying unknown people or force them to take money out from a A.T.M..

Or heaven I mean you know five four one five four those are Portland to go other objects if you are you know it was a very Those are the high on drugs.

In this NG is maybe not so missing but if there’s a favor all the way there’s a will there for twenty two hundred one for eight one for each for you and one one for the Gresham station apartments one zero zero three Northwest Shattuck way Carlo’s hearing shots in the area possibly from civic and Burnside nothing else seen or heard talk to just one caller affirmative.

All of us.

One for joining me tonight.

They primarily Herschel coffee one for eat meat and I have a twenty joy if you like.

Once it’s not accurate you have a medical for being on the premium requesting awful photo medically Albertson’s one.

One six four no vehicle matching offenses and there is no Hartman’s is.

One zero four six forty.

Three one hundred thirty twenty one going to Washington that he knew Robert.

For whom he greases you three four but even if you three for twenty five.

Something fifty seven if you want twenty just I and thirty nine twelve and twelve yeah I’ll be out with the color new system the people left object the security of the twenty four letter thanks for tonight I’m actually here I’m on the east side of the building.

Information on a reckless driver eastbound reason from my jewel five silver Honda Civic organ one six six GA Charlie Norris twenty just seven hundred four one six four you can see that vision.

I’ll figure one to one hundred five on my.

Private space call at one six six three five Ne all the street the hall the green the condos causing ferrets somebody in the attic color is armed with a baseball bat if I do it.

If you fork obviates reviving me tonight if you thought of having a five point.

Zero six and you can cancel and or private accounts why are the reason for doing.


Do In Oregon first nine to three Georgia yellow from twenty to twenty six I sometimes.

Know that.

Being in the parking lot.

Twenty three infinity with no plate is.

A great color for the course of a great Taurus want you to continue looking where I want twenty forty for you and some of you for your z’s once you ignore the serving we do have another call Northwest once you’re in Irving up by the on fly so this is the opposite different but it lasts all one sided twelve of the transit you have in the bush the females yelling at someone callers not seeing anything but thinking is reject me governor for about.

Two or three or do you know black twenty’s sure right sure black jacket and great sweat pants he’s on.

By six by about an age wise exact copy one hundred four one six four.

One of the color given by the thing alive.

Yeah we are.

Of that now and on the front door is still there when our.

Three think one thinks Russia and I didn’t want peace and I do think and then you doubt me do you fashion or.

Write it all back your way are if I think.

Twenty to sixty six as I’m good for seven happy good for twenty.


To five penny trying to improve your.

Permanence would you put me on.

One foot.

For ninety five please if you were to do OK porting from a quick one for King go ahead.

License for zero two three of these are.

Two to three Nash.

So places like De Vry five fifty five.

Days we generate I guess almost ready Isaac Carolus if you show me your for a little bit I’m just running out for.

Every place I want for for work or for work up for twenty to twenty.


Point five five sixty one twenty two twenty three and I get thirty one six you know one.

Gentleman for if I place.

A one hundred forty out of a one three four Go ahead.

Acura no plate me want one visitor.

Twenty one of the civic twenty two twenty four make that Oregon twenty one in Oregon NY Times ninety five.

For you for ninety eight southbound I till five north of foster second hand L.S.P. that the caller to you is del Sol if they thought was a thirteen year old female hitchhiking having been a governor for ages when you say.

Other than a twenty seven they want seven they want.

To go into northwest one certs and Johnson without a stream of sixteen thousand as others of our propped open not here are seeing any one of those left over another purpose coming home from a stretch of it or what do you think as a cage screening our callers are concerned.


Twenty thirty on information on a reckless driver eastbound Marina from one teach us and I wouldn’t of plates waiting in driving thirty five miles an hour if there is no me point you that you want for very driving was exactly one sixth of the number and.

Was a.

Red Subaru.

Everyone’s are simmers a twenty three thousand user to.


Please are not for you.

Anyone for a black garbage bag in the middle lane or rather in the fast lane northbound I tool five a challenge or I’m sorry I don’t for the night OK once it’s a Kozel once you should ever go for as much as.

Thirty twelve million seven hundred seventy return if you were insisting on a central vent forty five please starting to look at all good at the office of figure when I get out of most of our coverage or users of a mother that wants us to check on Hasn’t our elegance and.

I mean yeah that’s.

Me having a clear out when he does have a burger and yes.

Thanks I’ve got the need anyone else thank.

YOU THANK YOU thirty five nine five zero nine for you in trouble five seven a lot in one one three one North Lombard is a junk mail outside walking around with alcohol and bothering customers is a white male late twenty’s white shirt cargo pants.

From the Bronx let me kill Myrtle twenty thirty eight ninety seven traffic and I just asked her to be out organ.

Union Mark Warner.

Woodstock in eighty.

Percent and eighty six point two thirty nine and some others of more floors in real life you multiply me is like Jack occurring at the back of churches so insider if you.

Have it to you forty nine forty eight the noise call on more street no it wasn’t John you just talk to me there’s nothing like you have me driving any Kenny it sounds like you want to.

Go still have.

Money for a wonder you want.

It you want thirty want go out.

You know when you know.

Those that want to be in one form or.

Like you were the one that they want to size either rule twenty forty one.

Have one of.

You and I think in or out but if you for forty four billions of four for selfies more isn’t the sex there’s a guy screaming and throwing glass or a third story one of those older than unit yelling something about you know me job now no weapons are going to see him go to the floor out charge of origin information on a reckless driver eastbound how and Burnside.

Road rage or follow the collar on the left yelling so the vehicles all are road bike Chevy extended cab pick up.

Just recently pulled in the Wal-Mart information twenty two forty three need to divert.

Five to eight.

Three one five one eight North Lawn Martin Chicago going to the east side I don’t old bank there’s a male tagging wearing all black face mask.


And five doing now there’s two suspects walking eastbound on Chicago.

Barca three No two.

Hundred forty four George and I will take.

A four seven.

If you don’t use any present for it or someone for.

Not you’re using up it’s but now it’s must be from eleven he knew I did though they were do shots they think it may have come from in front seventy four se by.

Something heard one shot and from people standing up from that address.

Those people went back inside and then they heard what sounded like another shot several times.


We approach the intro.

Early and all we do is for those of a twenty four years or.

Every night when I can you put me out with a parking problem Starbucks went to Washington forced the party set.

Up A hard as they were in five or corrections for five for George and.

We’re you.

Have a horse for.

It was for.

This area there was one guy in a wheelchair who ended up being in there he was the size of a car but I see when I hear three thousand that’s going to the shock collar on seventy eight the address they reference on by the the seventy four se by the recent subject of a drug house type activity and that prone probation.

Is a six o’clock I realize what when survivors are on service rather than just all of.

The address on by the that they referenced in seventy four SE I.V. has a history of drug activity and parole and probation and people being pulled out of there with warrants as well OK I’m going to be on some of the jukebox and all of that and some of the motions of missile all over the five day that you got me.

Going through.

Nine six seven months from are you in for one sixty five Sequoia script where apartments are seven thousand and six zero on a one sixty a side on a male and female physically fighting where no one has left one summer for innovation but Joy if I wanted for work.

I want to even make any point easy.

For someone for a I thought the man’s right here in the parking lot he thought.

Of talking with or so more info or some sort of reason to go off or get up before it’s all.

So much for pleasure if you don’t.

Think Dick say well I want to make contact itself by color has walked off and disappeared so clearly.

Very uneasy that he three things on six require the stop and nothing to me and off and then head back over for me once I was forty four of a zero eight nine Everett Roger Cohen was about forty six for the plus wisest of the zero zero two four.

Hundred group turning.

Right twenty five one six seven one six five and another one free of the stare awestruck for last Now one six three three nine toughest decision on guy outside the locked door The continues to ring the bell and for the employee and she wants someone to help her please.

Just as you say for your very graphic once a day go ahead was a signal of the civil act you know you have heard all the.

Criminal really guys are wrong you’re referring to science and I.

Do fifty one for each.

One for a go has hired a California biker Hyland of how twenty two fifty.

Three six I’m OK One more one more card about Lombard in Chicago five or seven I was trying to get sober as you for.

The four for you and seven for sex Claudius.

Three zero zero zero surf se how far in all of our.

Talk our caller three ago and check on his wife of Brian Arnold born in eighty one she’s a white female possibly Korea’s top a male college grad address was walking towards the unknown bridge on foot saying that you’re just going to end this and these work on a possible thing I mean they’re calling the parking lot.

Because it’s OK you know but you want us to sort of an easy if you want to try to look for a first try to look for government like us and I think some percentage.

Of course undergo a negative character ship violation of it’s not as way over to the scene right now here but we’re going to.

I need a car to clear after going to six more force of these power powerhouse doesn’t work I resorted to six more force of.

Thanks for going to one executive for vote for twenty three zero one I don’t enjoy having my running for have its organ for six regions drink Nora Williams a nation where using only thing twenty three into someone’s eyes and we journey very finite twenty three of them thank you is going to thank you.

Holy Paul nor am I think.

You can.

Thank me and three.

For having.

The thirty one forty I.

Have met I’m sure we’re having.


Ever criticized for.

Why you want a free trader every day for six weeks you want at twenty three other one five or four Charlie any four progress Washington out of Union Victor five eight to four wasn’t twenty six and some of.

Them had a silver tongued preview of half.

Think factually wrong.

Thank you sixty one twenty three zero.

He won twenty different excited Jeff A to say he got.

A three genuine slam joins with.

Jones went on until it’s twenty you already have the.

Record but three of that.

OK Over seven forty three are.

Callers now going to are the celebrities hanging out for us occasion within the last northbound on one one five seven he was looking in the cars calling from crawling through Bush’s down asking found a weird sort of black male twenty’s red baseball cap gray sweatshirt seventy four seventy four I just talked on the phone she said she didn’t want to herself but she’s wandering around.

The area checking Well project.

You want to continue trying to get the thing not as well and.

Now to discontinue.

The once explored Can you guess you’ll one day one under eighty four are the banks OK.

But one for subject with a warrant.

When he wanted an I.D. for.

These twelve intervene five you know northwest corner in the bushes collared a female screaming for help no better but he did it like obviously if you.

DO NOT WANT by they don’t have my decision Butler elementary Horgan six three four George thank me.

But learn elementary one so forget it way.


What you said I thought was probably a ritual and sex male and female are inside that room Mani and groaning drawing stuff against the door won’t open the door for the caller who’s an employee Security Council.

You know if.

That’s one of your hands but because one for each other for one or four people are happy one for for you Jenny.

Thank you for a friend of the garage white guy long hair product jacket took off on a white bicycle if Rush I’m holding for if you have information call holding southeast for nine inherit just south of the location there’s a white van unknown plates occupied by one guy who calls into selling drugs cars pull up to a guy gets into the into their vehicle and then gets out suspects a white male thirty to forty heavy long dirty blonde hair dark clothing so information I call holding twenty three eleven.

Twenty three let.

You know if I mean to me that call.

You know five six eleven o’clock be is going to be Club eleven to twelve people screaming in the parking lot it says and from the apartment building to the apartment lot sounds like escalating OK because when there are two one one one thousand five hundred chances are I think for a.

Regular cross or Denny’s restaurant there.

Was five or.

Was very good.

Very good going to.

Be what.

You’re going to eventually it’s going to be.

For once as far as law and was explores the only people.

In the area kind of you for didn’t say one forty with sixty one hundred.

Sixty one with one it’s twenty three or.

Twenty five or ten they haven’t.

Nobody in the war.

As of tonight having one of these if he were injured any three or four he reckoned.


Three was one four eight a disturbance a big.

Apartments revive Here’s your north east seventeenth Street unit B. as in boy one one for the twenty one year old any of his grandpa.

That we were fond of know.

Sixty five joy likely to have to change relegation some five to five on one or one five to five on Leonard Covey twenty three said.

Video and thirty four shows exude aggression booking for one female.

Company was e-mailed a vision book it’s twenty three.

From the owners one hundred seventy in front of Elmer’s one hundred one Sandy.

Twenty three seventy.

Four seventy four where she just technical or something she’s headed towards the bridge really trying to heart attack and they are heading that way and we can start trying to bring you the reason On a side table that clearly has a Ross on.

A.G. seven overshot a very fishy in fact this number is seven hundred twenty five or four Charlie had twenty three of the sixteen to have been put yellow rubber actually one five to seventeen ha ha very likely.

The result of twenty three.

Points in a fucking seven seven governor will actually be the lakeshore park parking lot but which a park.

Varies from fifty from thirty five fifty seven probably transforming more I’m jus now from Park Mr Johnson or Jr.

Transporting want from Clackamas Town Center J.T.H. twenty three nineteen and nine one five thirty nine twelve call back from the complainant the coverage is left.

Yes we have this.

We did get it.

And if anybody ID for.

Underneath twelve between the railroad tracks and the freeway that’s the best we could get but six going for coffee twenty to twenty hard drive mid walk down toward thirty second and then the next car takes fifty two and Harmon drive.

And I fire her even George and I’m going to.

Drop the passion make that.

Fifty two and Walden drive the first car to visit one Harney drive I mean that block and then the second car gets all the drive one to five.

Minute walk which direction.

Sounds good thank you twenty three twenty I was exposed to just confirm and my plate that you got was a boy four seven five three Robert Washington peach anything I want to get the Washington plate I gave you whores boy eight four seven five three Robert.

Yes that’s what I have money just in the chance.

When it came out.

First Ranger pick and.

I’m going to have twenty three trying to.

Get me making contact is there an apartment over hors Roy Yes so can i did if we give the first part right at fifty two honey drive that perfect and then the next car at fifty two and Malden drive most likely even the triangle on the south side that penetrate in the corner here and I’m watchin down honey drive.


An expiry and go to five two involvement.

And if we have one more car they could go Ned block like the fifty three hundred walk our new driver be perfect.

Most likely that still Hill if you want to the north and all the witnesses are saying on the south you’re running west.


Just search out what I now work up or yeah North got a call from a father and we were town whose daughter had called screaming crying about a boyfriend assaulting her they taking the found it ping right where you are so it’s probably her weave like that call of yours if she’s a coriander can Kate correct you on part of the copy that calls right with yours thank you for your kind of far like return initial Can you imagine once we get the plot down if I could get to know my location at this mall then drive a hard drive to run with me appreciate it.

I need three here I need somebody to watch the intersection while we go on for jazz.

You know the route I go.

Through and one five are you trying to get me how.

Profitable John and run three this is do.

You think it’s too conventional I got on this guy white male red shirt per the neighbor when he passed me a fifty two horny drive it was one of baseball out of some kind I’m not sure if it’s in the car you other nor herb at the car and more or maybe the subject of the baseball cap nine some four nine five five got a promise to six three oneself each one one one unit six hundred box if it.

Twenty three twenty six and if you have it it’s not a drink and since you get seven when rough that.

It’s only three point nine five.

Already nine five five twenty three twenty three twenty nine nine you for all B.S. five fuel.

Moment arrive.

Five to involved and drive twenty three twenty and I just had a green Honda.

Take off running north down on one twelve white males drive all green.

I’m just going around is going other way green Honda headed southbound on one twelve yeah just off I have you seen.

No no it’s not.

Something that some of you don’t want to live in and.

Want to live in a question just.

How from second Pharaoh.

Because you go back southbound on power from one twelve southbound on twelve for how.

To go west on borscht.


Might have gone westbound on Bush ninety seven two in charges or if later anything.

Had no place in the find.


Mail drive I recognize a resident before he and you can hear his name by now he said because the high ninety seven and the five to him alternately holes in I ten if you wanted to sit with block on fifty two if it’s not covered Harney them all than that beyond ninety five you Harney to.

Five You aren’t a mountain twenty three thirty one and I thought that was it you know are on a green to door Honda seventy five or.

Seventy you’re.

Not a five.

For you and one three five seen Andrews residential care seven six one seven SE Main Street five minutes ago and I’m sorry came in J. staff members inside the building so basically off northbound on foot black male unknown a Chevy set bulky dark clothes collars rest sort of an airy con area technic on fact or in the downtown area near the hot iron bridge and able to give us an estimated Wow lot on it.

Thirty three.

Thirty June fifty seven churches four thirty five fifty seven six four twenty three thirty four five Hall of time to time the.

Fault of three good.

Burning copies of organs I mean one for John I don’t boy.

Buxton any of that is what I want to learn about that.

It’s only three.

So far nine Albie out talk with on seven eleven he turned three and he said get seven eleven a chance only twenty three didn’t think Mr JENNER.

Seven seventy seven it Northborough into and then Sure if you helping or really get into your if you fast.


Fear night you said I’m going for medical insurance Burnside on a thirty three year old female having some kind of psychotic episode how severe is a high and it revives is she talking owners over someone calling about her not sure he had altogether healthier.

Than twenty three The reason United States is going to do the truck for this guy we’re going mine fifty four eighty more than drive now because of the solvent Dr Demento we’ve got but that invent more here then the guy that catch your all for us offense Portman had a question so guys watching our Harney drive a correction he would go on this employee is high on heroin of mouth OK this is an overdose issue not a mental health issue.

It’s funny because for their son eleven agents only twenty.

Four six six small the Dr.

And I’m she supposed to be white female gray jacket and he’s supposed to be black my all blue checkered shirt and around town.

So what features I mean it’s like gallons or do you use it for me if I got very few sizes us three hundred eighty six Gavigan five down at three and.

A one cent on it was a.

It was not a call on other already old town transit station joining our for us first.

Twenty two year old male took three bottles hydroxyzine going usually a white guy all black clothing we had found waiting on the platform.

Frankie forty five one French media section fourteen.

Ports now and we’re listening to twenty three months five four six six and five four five zero savvy small and drive.

One three five two three nine zero five we make contact with the subject is just a last long as you go to five you ten I.

Stop at twenty three forty one Iraq if you guys are going west five three six four on our new drivers working in the back by video connection we copy we push to the next yard west of the big OPEN.

Mic We have a dog now and looks like it’s about five for three fourths of the small the Dr.

Yes whatever that how that dress in that regard is that huge you know how great your lot in the back stopping.

Them so you know.

We’re going to grow six seven six I think.

That with a couple ninety five just north of Africa.

One thing just got to Prescott twenty three forty three forty forty three B. one sixty with her heart everywhere.

Six to been revised to David boy.

Eight and going to twenty three twenty three choice because all of the votes are very well six three you know watching Playboy here it exists I.V. drip that is felt about Bill storage six fortnight in all reality it’s going to be twenty to twenty for.

It dress like we’re going to move around the other side of the block around her and we just a perk of government.

Thirty one forty is a lot more memorable level.

Five four four five Sofie’s mall and Dr Heath hundred thirteen there John.

Eight hundred thirteen at twenty forty six.

Revised if you want to see if you jail sixty one and the M.C.C. trying to freeze or three times even.

A one zero six.

Zero zero.

Zero zero three three about one since you’re happy division and one seven zero on a hard drive from five four five four four five So raising my computers then for me to show me twenty three things that haunt you for a sense so are you going to.

Talk to the girlfriend of the suicidal subject at the Lumina apartment G seven zero zero when salvo of our unit and is in there or a Jew one one zero she had a fight with her boyfriend who laughed and then called her making suicidal statements.

Of self but working on it saying.

What he wanted for.

Me on that it’s very.

Happy and I see one full force gone as well as exciting because.

You know one of those years back when switching ninety five ninety five going to be able to clear for a priority call itself the six wanted division yes we are talking.

Of you Language Line three minutes ago call or passed by thought you were trying to break into a vehicle at the corner and they ducked down on the compound prior to blackmail thirty one out of blue baseball style sweatshirt the other had a black sweatshirt flashlights were carrying a bag you know we got the terms and we’re going line fifty four twenty on her.

Now that’s just the south another parameter are about five four two zero so if you’re trying to drive twenty three fifty five one eight one and five one time safely eight three three zero north I mean how Dan and I rate female inside yelling trying to fight with people they finally got her outside unlock the doors but she still hides screaming and they would like you to leave like you know about forty red sun dress over some pants the remark I went from probably twenty three four six six or seven if you want to for seven sixty one twenty three is to be you know it ninety five or sixty people fighting in the parking lot.

Of three twenty one the driver.

Drink while right now it.

Does evolve as well have all three things Chesney’s well and five all three three more the remaining years.

And five all forty three is all by three.

Thank you and so I think when she’s on your Cecilia male female arguing.

Or did hear some glass breaking and sounds of some slapping the wants of mortgage it’s twenty three but of a cover.

Joshua area I think back on the north side of Harding second behind the concrete three five three five three stuff he’s trying to drive twenty three fifty three when you get home those are your notes and you go mountain top over her.

Movie car like mad Bart here.

The other bar were already but well Dr mall and the walk believe there is already a car there yeah nine one five is made box of the small and drive nine five five seven five.

The burger rule is four to nine so if you want you to ave Holzer officer N.C. is en route for a suspect contact requesting an officer meet in the parking lot is about twenty five minutes away so you know you and if you know the.

Obvious your number for the officer OK.


Apparently he called again didn’t really give any more info so he still asked jobby and then five five he joins time and so well thanks and just as often as you know you got it twenty three five.

Zero zero zero seven something like twenty five feet two five seven and selflessly twenty three could.

Be Anyone for some non-injury accidents southbound I tool five one is if of all one is it Foster I’m sorry I thought that I.

Twenty three fifty five.

Twenty three fifty five ninety five non-enforcement cancel needs guys evidently live in area they went into a house do you still have any responders out I’m sorry I thought that got anything Thirty nine hundred in front of me and I think it I that drive you to six.

So it will come from if it was the five with the apartment number again.

And as in Nora two one one zero right side there are problems difficulty exchanging language due to a language barrier parses the other half of ours full of juvenile when she stared.

Mourners from that time period seven and nine and forty one a second car.

B. fifty seven any twenty fifty seven hundred forty coming out from.

Then on to revive climbed this before thirty on Malden now fifty four thirty Sofie small then drive twenty three fifty eight or.

You know not every Russian five years if you go to once again have one about a grand in holiday have a guy who’s yelling and punching the air and of posturing and walking down the middle of the street east on holiday white gayness forty so sure losing.

A copyright and you now actually going to be buy them that stuff on seventy grand.

Fine and clear George and close I can take cover he concludes I did it OK thank you citing very high res copy Thank you.

Very much in every one for six John Hoeven you’re sorry that’s going to do you do you have an answer to him.

Willing or a zebra five three one zero six north of France and I’ll six north of Prescott made me like I don’t like it.

I want to fight him with a gentle and loving one driving and I’m going to have one of Carl’s Jr when I want all the know playing Dodge Durango I want to know how easy it’s Juggalo to a chicken by fourth year of five four two zero se Malden drive one day with.

The activities Yeah when I was five five all number one six nine three three you have another all here take that with the old rock through about the now.

OK And I think five Oregon on a phone I’m about as well drive it any wonder you are you trying.

To trying to go straight for.

Your problem.

Is that if I said I have a clear or well you know I shouldn’t.

You want to clear George.


There for what I mean I don’t I don’t think clearly John if twenty six seventy any but I want to turn it in on and it’s June July of one thousand nine hundred one.

Six hundred sixty one exciting sixty one.

Six already that was exciting to frankly.

Some of it very well.

Run and.


Won sixty three West Burnside Enterprise Rent-A Car upstairs stairwell entry.

Sounds like no they’re hearing a janitor’s potentially but they haven’t been able to reach any R.V.’s to confirm it but haven’t when young.

Five four two zero stuff is turning Dr.

Drew book seven thirty Well I’ve met one.

From across the recruiter who John Edwards or to Holland one.

Hundred seven Agilent I and thirty five S. of that noise and that is causal.

By car on the west side it’s plain the second everything else you noted on West Side with occupied car in twenty one hundred thirty one five you Dog other there was certainly have.

I think I probably think you.

And treasure than.

Julian I was in the west side of the start but are second.

Right as he an on plate information only and only with a huge.

Well through the back yard will often.

That’s where it will fly.

But he grew up like five five.

Five five.


Height being used.


We just had a five week list and I’m hearing you knowing which amount of a two thousand vision starting book dramatical Now if you find you can put it on my.

We most likely.

West fence line of the coastal awfully well they’re going to have to be as going to a red four door and let on he said.

Where you have met.

The west side of the coastal from the Highland Park point you know that there are.

Plenty of every time just check the red car you know we all do that the second one six months trying to soften it one thirty one they’re going to be traffic an appointed regular series parking garage building twenty one and.

Back with buildings diligence in the action parking garage just.

How he got me when he had Voyager old Robert nine sixty three to Washington that was way Charles Robert ninety six street you you know very very.

Very long hoarding there.

And that’s going on and that no one Volkswagen and I’m on going to Washington thank you.

For your.

Hard where you’re.

In the Highland Park lesson plan of social.

Justice you know no nonsense I got out with the car itself and just as if we find our theater great have it we’re going to.

Start our north side of the northwest corner of that large very very good to her head start from.


And I thought and so just the premiere we’re going to just hold to Arnie live you more than drive.

A car at.

A mall drive an Arnie So the three report will travel everywhere so primitive units not on a chorus in clear yet like mid walk cars or find where they go but if there were fifty three of they got wild and.

Arnie drive all the drive in toileting hold still never going to alarms going to get everything nine eleven.

For you and ninety five six seven one two southeast eight three ave no.

Language barrier caller said there was a male feeding outside of the doorway was knocking on the door but is now if we.

Have got a double a seventeen.

A four eighty four count five five one hundred ninety one very long you know very on sixty one Felicity.

Money our department seventy three Northwest and you know if you haven’t.


One three five Is there a traffic are available or respond here and when you do we don’t get any answers your visa listed in a file and I have no interest you know I’m coming either to fast busy to reduce the Nortons from the.

Not just once for several.

One for seven a coach on the north side probably.

And a five seven is F.I.D. alarm company verified with offsite R.P. that there’s employees should either never question you clear copy their nine to five drive through night you five go have.

Organised your own ANY your your garage or.

About one five nine and me one five nine you may have a twenty two ninety seven ninety seven.

Eighty to the subject Henderson and eighty two Anderson a Navy to look funny three.

Nine three eight.

Were full circle walk through the hole that you are all now with and one was for.

So many you can jack the fifty three hundred block and after you might want to stop it if you’re out of luck enough for what we were cause.


Reward for it but I want you and.

Me But I want to drown it.

Out in a lot of guys start enjoying some organ David joining the record second joins them and they’re listening for.

In a general media office in the middle of winter.

Come find me.

Open their insurance office it was very.

Funny Frank.

Went to one of our own and that was David George either and went right.

One or more on the morning.

Every one for nine for eight so if you start street in the parking lot there’s a red vehicle male standing next to the window with a slim jim collar think they’re trying to break in suspect is a white male twenty five to thirty five five eighty five eleven black hat black jacket.

I think seven five seven now before all the servants that you’re in very fact.

Environment like in their car.

Or are those are things that got me five three three one southeast of El drive sorry.

Vives recently one southeast Harney drive when I want to go one eleven and I think I mean there wasn’t a.


Hope for a great organ for.

Ordinary nigger.

Edward Henry Robert I mean the West it’s hard.

For us one of the target delivering one as if it was a very easy one to let me information on a call holding one three five to eight Main Street in the park parking lot there’s a great made eighty four door sedan unknown plate guys getting out of it going to the woods and coming back and moving the vehicle information double at twenty six for ninety on a four.

Six one and those are twenty three and you know we’re not going to be our guy up enough to go you know one with a lot clear up a lot of square plays and I know if a.


Fourteen year old first time runner for two or three North doubtful me and Nelson born and I was to find and having him intervene.

And actually I am going to divert you as a priority in your district one three seven north east Freemont two males and of the male female verbal only.

One five have a five nine five have a flea.


Those are thirty or jets that are planned there is a river walk.

Around and then back Walden gets going like North East this is work this right you are well.

There will have thirty two males usually needing having all the talk and is being aggressive.

One for once all was all fine and calm.

How I really don’t think they’re messing if you want to.

Cite ANY thank you from zero zero.

We think that we’re going to go super Well for one think over.

Kathy thanks nine seven seven.

Seven seven for you and nine seven five se one three one and out all actors north of the creation college during three to four people fighting found physical copy one twelve forty.

One five.

And the caller can hear somebody yelling Get off me sounds like a female maybe the main aggressor coughing.

Up thirty four.

Inches only attaches that with me they went seven.

And seven we got five down that need on Columbia Circuit for how can we stop being a two and Colombian code for a double zero thirty five.

We got here and he’s right he has red tennis already with a black top so if you see someone there might be a good song you’re going to have you know because blacktop might be a good stop.

Or so it was a way to get a result from not sure I can get a call back to send someone how it sounds like last update we had was that he was sitting on his bed with Stastny and you sitting in a bed with was the staff near him.

And writing they sent a copy of your vision.

For you a nine three five eight four and Multnomah just north of that there’s a vacant lot with a bunch of transients are going.

One three five that was for us we’re out here on this wreck south of division I’m in nine zero five I’m sorry about seven nine six seven thirty nine four thirty nine twelve the car just left five hundred thirty first one found free where.

Two for Henry David went in were foreign and of different proposition.

Thirty eight.

Notify the you call me Yammer have you cover for a formal mama copy waiting for six to eight point nine zero three Edward David out of character of any second.

Term source and it was evidently sudden and in clear Georgian as and resumes the other result five ninety five ninety five ten was.

Inside nine or ninety one some how busy a thing are separated our caller is of the address in the call and the suspects across the street at home I think five nine five nine Come with me thank you those are thirty nine hundred thirty first photos were a Red had a male black or red hat at the Jet a white shirt and there was a general I think with an answer it was well.

Black male with a red hat no female tan pants informationally possible doing driver last thing north down to one from Fremont Marine honey at Grand Prix no license plate has a temptation of Akron no driver was drinking out of an alcohol bottle doubles are already hearing a fight a possible suspect that had the gun was a black male one nine hundred twenty purple jersey with numbers on it blue jeans color did not see a got six of using it for five dollars or three and thirty nine twelve like it’s related to what you got there thirty times while I missed the.

Blackmail nine hundred twenty purple jersey numbers on it.

Remembers in that there’s a there’s a lot of people that are players program and it’s a foreign money for going through armor and there is nothing you want to READY FOR NEXT if you’re OK so you’re off button search for the disturbance that Laura place apartments and once of course you start there is never have thirty nine.

Of minutes of service of her I got forty.

Seven days with nothing on one thirty one it’s been taken care of there right or wrong up to one twenty five.

No on that one three want anymore No I don’t know a thing on one thirty one and six and zero there isn’t people even one hundred thirty first one from five no one there and there is no problem there anymore nobody left just did an injustice to secure their own officers that the three six zero zero non-sensory subs are pretty popular and all the driving hard drive conserve wrecking down nine seven eight are your papa sonce we’re going back there.

Double forty three.

Arriving at our flesh.

The five arriving devil of forty three signs warning I’m not going to county deputy requests impose one time on a traffic stop and the.

One hundred ninety are not pressing how on roads are going to be north of the bridge I’m going to turn eighty second organ play one twos.

And word merry.

Foster and eight to forty four ninety seven Trojans that’s the word generation in Everett Henry Sam and I think five you go for over double of forty five and sometimes go in for cover but I don’t hear anything going on in the parking lot and the strength of the entrance.

Waiting at the entrance if you know which is just enough for tonight those are forcing me women shelters that are still up and down I.

Want to.

Be Taken one three one and I want to point out.

I don’t have injury accident Saffy sports you in Boise.

College assert without a like I thought car accident tires screeching that crash.

From se develop.

No I do for life for the ninety four start the sixty year end deal there’s two people arguing and stealing rims from a vehicle it’s either a proc our truck probably already doing which.

They forgot was that low forty.

Nine and me and so on and it is zero zero misery.

Nothing on three things there was no one to kind of be any for me to use cell phones and twenty G.’s annulling.

And ninety four so there’s one big between in the N.C.O. And saying is that three to four people arguing with each other probably one hundred.



Plain and elicit you on ninety seven ninety seven.

We are a very what more you can place on a call sixty eight and Bill will take ninety four for.

Ninety four is me tonight going to four who is recover was a nine eighty from Mary nine A far as going to cover one if you clear him let me stay on it with ninety.

Nine For you me tonight careful how we think you.

Can certainly turn some and I’m thinking they’re going to double your fifteen sixteen fourteen also tunes or not you’re sixteen forcing a night is all that was there a few sites really five.

Us thankfully Berkeley and had to have a guy working his way south found something of people tires on their cars like I can run seventy five right around here and start loading how many will and forth.

Between bar.

She’s very marvellous if you.

Won seven seven NE why there’s street.

Car just once.

On contact about information has he staying in the air within a mile of one eight seven start but Grossman checked that area twice today and nothing of this is use while hauled off an officer.

I think Gene now wants to make a formal missing report.

Option copy of a fifty three.

To eight and there are.

Plenty of the for you know if you feel thank you for yeah there’s a plate in the call purgatory one zero one from Willie run it please it’s a brown and tan Ford pickup just here on block no wheels or tires on.

The plate is clear but you see oh Travis.

Event has imposed.


Over her.

Car and so.

My view.

Pressure goes for political.

Agers are.

Going to medical for post office Stark there’s a guy who walked in said he was assaulted by can’t tell him how long ago this occurred requesting an ambulance.

He said he was hit in the head but refusing to remove his half of the color is going to be waiting a friend a white male thirty’s or forty’s Bluefin Dora blue shirt and brown pants Here’s very drunk I think he’s that makes Tracy now thirty five and lose your.

Legs in the car oh I thought the Jensen myself and Jane and six are different of you poke around bye bye solve the.

Party Dr Russell West.

You’ll hear how he’s not having any deceptive.

One hundred ninety.

One six thousand one hundred you answer.

Was excellent start it’s one of.

David’s five eighty eight ninety one measurement code one for a way and I for those one for it was Russian Your the pal and he said that way then I don’t know til it’s over to.

You from coffee.

And if you get back you.

Will want to share with us.

More than they want when we are.

Happy It is one of the books we were thirty one point five zero three three.

Four three boys in the US court apartment two three nine zero one R. he’s healthy three Heller can hear e-mail screaming help me and let me.

Turn to dreams any more the room.

For virtue in us any.


But if you succeed it is going to have all three three are colors apartment number two she wasn’t sure if this is coming from another apartment or from the parking lot she did hear from her back.

She means inflation sure thing it’s Monday but I think play is going to be organ plate or zero two Charlie Edward Mary.

Holden the ones that does arc.

Are now obvious once it’s inspired that one of them nice if they ever want to but I think of me more as with my very pretty thought it’s on the jacket I must say it once it’s didn’t start very well have offer now I.

Want to live in three seven three four tonight there’s some of these are good I will have the crowd Thank you Robert.

Former president very suspect last month a black male sixty’s dark green jacket sold in for contact on the main He’s of little.

More than just him negative to simple programs I don’t think we were working for three three five zero three three not you know apartment number three three one thirty.

Two we’re.

At me three months.

But really giant.

Just not that wealthy so it was a university city across from the Jeffries apartments across eleven twelve the ones of us eleven dollars Cesar Millan female fighting physical.

We want to hear from one fifty different federal takeover.

If I sixty three.

They think Central and revise for the forty’s cars.

Can see the males as it was too dark by females now walking south on eleventh I have another male weather and I guess no description that either at our home or.

For three hundred sixty general that trend forty five.

Is Worse if you know the writer present Jeffrey barreling across in his effort in our victim is running away from us they’re running away and then I see one visual I want to do anything going yourself am I going that you three things out these are obviously tellers hearing a male versus female friends across the street in him or in the parking lot it’s confrontational customers when they refuse to give them anything else like Mr T.’s being any object copied from eighty two interns worth six lines of the company one hundred seven deaths in forty five.

Well they do seven thousand three hundred to six northwest section four hundred.

A guy called and said someone’s been stabbed the center section then hung up.

A call that was coming from approximately two four five north of us park.

Just looking up addresses in that area across the street on twenty fourth terrace at tonight eight thinks there’s that healthy for a resident who previously called G.P.D. complaining about officers hiding him and threatening suicide I was in December of two hundred fifty.

One twenty one for countrified the head organ the three A’s John yellow yellow one he wanted.

And gave us one twenty so I was eighty seven OK All right well they’re here.

But I’m sixty one twenty three one hundred but for you and fifty seven George figure Robert if you dream hard when you think parceling it’s like twenty three thousand rather than one hundred.

Eighty seven heavy an area not finding anything and so far we haven’t been able to reach an inviting our call box and there is a method in there that protocol take her for what it’s worth that sounded like a prank you know there’s nothing unusual here one or.

One twenty four there is your form as well having said one hundred seventy rpm from Asian for morning early.

Sunday thanked us for it’s one hundred.

Percent or.

Someone’s affirmative or an alarm company I have service we’re going to thank you for doing but we had three one zero Franco Edwards to go and seven three one vividly in your very first ex-wife who know it one on something quickly.

Because I think less than a high.

None of.

US like or no thanks in Cherry Blossom one way to go to hospital use and code would be no more room.

Information I questioned her leaving the area of ringing in stark fancy red sports car with washing plate people having drunk an apartment parking lot information on twenty seven either under him some sort of drugs or hidden.

Or you know drunk or very high OK having.

Very orange make it.

Difficult for me thank you for a ninety six he was in.

So if you want to get on train and train for a Jew a five officer has.

Because it’s three.

Instead of the.

One twenty.

Records is asking if you’ll give him a call Ginger records at five zero three nine eight eight four six seven three nine eight eight four six seven three something known as eight four seven I was there or.

Every second or ninth he’ll take me up to her.

And well being at the front of the security six hundred forty one heavy it’s fifty four it will clear up here in a second another way.

To it.

If you go it’s one eight zero one and wanted four to do six of the six hundred seventy.

One thirty one when if you have one.

Foot in and I know five.

Different you know from here I just go far and she’s already been released from and.

Ticked off the property and they said they’re going to refuse taken her so I’m going to be ten eight and she’s all for.

Four she’s dressed in some red jacket baseball hat with jeans and surprise therefore I can place them but they’re not going to do anything about right OK cover that was a red jacket and losing.

Baseball hat the yes.

There is it’s not with a four six four.

Three G. cover a to.

Go ahead five don’t you don’t it’s Robinson black male brown jacket orange shirt forty you got a nice room for anybody that left a knife in the store for OK it is if Mr M twenty three.

Is last seen going to cross version.

Nine going to South damn one six eight going to Alexander’s Deli one five ne one eight one there’s a mail threatening in a selfie people want to do is start their day join me you know will do and when you get a building letter let me know.

Phoria are almost You will go with.

One thirty five point six nine is a black male thirty seven yellow shirt white.

Having fun thirty one seventy eight and I’ve done it.

For you in one seven seven the servants one two five one zero division at Rachel’s bar I’ve either got knocked unconscious by someone else medicals in or up to X. I think.

Three six six four nine of the off into the call or in six forty five I think I’ve eve problem that is a form brings I think they’ve learned but for a group of folks who ran off through the Taco Bell.

To female blacks to mailbox one guy had a green shirt another female had a way gone with a light.

House without that view.

When you’re older than your you these are you on with Wolf there.

And for once you five and it is no weapons were involved one was hurt saying they were going to come back and that gun down every one was if they were good for the fixing tacky it’s one thirty nine it was I’m going for my insanity because for twenty four years now I am around to the.

Complex for talking against doubling it with some place of study as you see the callers requesting a C.A.T. it’s forking fifty Sophos up one Dr says are some of them having some kind of mental health as you know diagnosis yes and smacking front your pots and pans and I.

Not hurting anybody else crisis so they don’t have anybody to send out based on that alone would wait for if you request a Wi-Fi Taylor told me three hundred two from it’s pretty sure four I supplied some or we’re all now five are going.


Have it.

They would love it was a genuine started just look over this policy why we’re going.

To review order in.

Three of our watches or give our call the a bonus if either me or.

Crisis then who are represented by the.

Director Oh it will do I think you for sure it was great resentment if I didn’t the beach so we got carrion three for a John C M Tom Well forty five.

Seven They are very evident coming.

Through but it’s going to be a good burger.

Mr middle occur to the chickens.

From first smashed.

Even one five eight needed her to that first euphoric.

You H.L.V. is one of.

One ports of.

Entry or responder which.

We will do in aviation I.

Wrote closer you can.

Get very few article where it’s a fifty fall that whatever you want to do nice of it but the other their version.

That shit over those offices which I really think even.

From three four or six for coverage will.

Only slippery for a two legged one six hours experience back to you.

And went over until you.

Organs and in five points or in now if you or.

I will just last the Birdsville and it’s on forty.

Now if I’m going.

We have custody of James using the back of my car I’m going to be giving him a ride home to one.

More piece of our apartment.

I got the old one forty nine nice we were uncertain for.

Rejected inside one fifty crate one form or.

Three at once I’m going nine for exactly you he’s already over there he was your recording right there are some of the servants.

There to encourage you something Mr eighty six like you did ever amount of more here if you sense any and who isn’t.

A three seven nine four eight in Iraq’s nine hundred seven location and can you when these few calls are all warmed up and you throw your party down once of students are digits where it’s I think and.

Every second of which less than eighty four and I’ll kill Julie is asking for you to help A.R.V. who is looking into town.

Just for once if you are into it Joy and ninety seven covers sixty eight Morrison hours during that two males fighting or arguing your the corner may be moving east but in just your jolly ninety seven dropping one fifty five one five eight they’re going yeah you’re going to go.

Oh we’re still waiting for a call back from a large company they’re working on you.

Mary she said I’m going I may just have to have if you let that is you know I’m sorry but.

R.P. is in route eighty is twenty minutes in a black Ford explorer Robert.

Plus a dinner for a drink but we put them through the window of the other office and.

Finally get over that incident that Reggie chauffeur who whitener.

The hurt just nine thousand and four he was going to your apartment shopping forty one points we consume and still pretty much anything having any and still on doing for ninety seven year today.

Nine to seven to not just once a.

Month it’s all the IT WAS AN I’M NOT devices this is the it’s all and you know what it is like the one thing to itself over INSIDE POLITICS to separate thing is just me doing my six seven six zero zero Jews or from our viewers e-mail fighting.

However I heard that.

Just three five hall from me having a cemetery organ the very George Mary from my five every Parkway just south of the four thirty Parkway just south of I.

Before just for the nickel those are.

Very benign he’s on a turn zero in Foster road there’s a Milwaukee you know westbound screen that’s not want to kill people is a white male about thirty’s with a gray sure blue jeans no weapons and.

Not into selling coffee eighty two in Washington John I reserved a million just really for the women but if you’re twenty million.

You can shoot him for you know a corking when you’re OK by six o three.

And a surgeon look at the whole thing welfare check.

Where did your.

Very near ninety eight not in two thousand if you’re short on correct or I’m just calling in air nine one one.

I can find it just come back and says The subject is less clear I’m actually outside often throw the spirit.

Insurgency’s Your And yes I mean there is one to call for.

A month if they want one of those noises aren’t ya was orginally to read them.

They want to start it’s generating are very there are those are.

There have been think it’s too easy once a continuing about five miles an hour yes yeah I’m still happy so on South I’m like one of that you can’t help one find it sort of that way but sometimes that they are to carry.

Him and fix it you can stop it for.

You know when they get.

To twenty five.

Properties first as of last pick up subject was a white male unknown.

Well are sure your jacket in blue jeans is having infinite sum of money and apparently this is really a ninety first in front of let’s go to shop.


One to take us fourteen twenty one.

Forty five forty two is by six seven to eight when Dorothy can be driving over to anyone because the point was condos Miller the female fighting inside sounds in for a present from her she’s thirty five years or junior.

But you can see.

Them for driving.

Them first starker one through with organ nine for John Mary and her second money twenty seven hard to eat but three.

The noise honk your heart.

You’re just joining nine three nine three three you and then seven seven where you’re at now timber sixty one one of these divisions street there’s a subject in the lobby breaking things with a stick I think you may have broken in line on the Swan is with the blue shirt.

Side seven hundred graphic OK seven it will do if you.

Don’t you’re a director left.

And then turning in three men to me and they are confirming for us that the guy pried open an exterior door to get in.

OK thirty nine rejoiced.

In around him and said And you did it you.

Just did your grief and when you do with the force you never thought of.

The nerve block of North East aged three and two three three one for a driver.

The head organs I for three hours how.

To thirty three Truman Show up and do an original version.

Well honey you went diving guys checking on fourteen year old at the rock with apartments there one SE one thing there L. he’s walking around the complex colors and Julie says he pointed out says he ran away from a foster home to blackmail fourteen black jacket white teacher and Lizzie profit by yelling and threatening the complainant.

That is going to be a part of mistaken off westbound blackmail the safest place flannel shirt being by.

Non-truth being made during class I’m very grateful for the school in the current movie for twenty second a petty Grove It just looks because it’s got the.

Are there and give it one three eighty six one three.

If you show me out with two at nine thirty park.

I mean that he parked it’s two thirty zero zero one three.

Eleven eleven coffee two thirty six.

Three point two zero three twenty one two three they want what we want.

It wasn’t if you want to carry them.

Through see this guy whose side door is liable.

Right now so just have it.

Ninety seven ninety seven I think you were microcomputers you doing this anybody knows how to fix that I mean among techs you thirty twenty nine work just so I see you on that username and there’s the fifty Joy Division go now from a very.

Limited to front frontal feature fix that others are.

No pretty gray Jeep Cherokee rippling into the jack and look for him to reach.

That sixty seventy two or the one thanks very much for going by what.

No I think having one of these boxes will bring.

One for me OK you know one or three I want it on the side to it with you people one for parking OK I find her.

You invited sixty Columbia of course of course from Alice second hand from a Union Pacific employee there was supposed to be somebody on the railroad property here Jesus people are.

Now knocking on people’s doors Otis Griffin to him doesn’t look like or what roads you might be on the I’ll.

Do for you one for one traffic one six.

Organ for nine three bigger.

Ones if you’re a full on say so and Russell just forty three say one hundred more a few feet off they went seven every three for five or seven point three hours of.

Talking to an intern right now.

The focus of just to the west of me.

To the west and your where exactly one thousand nine hundred eleven.

Thanks I think it’s just one.

Hundred thirty.

Six You wanted but if.

I made it.

In five six seven a super value in sight you zero five or interstate ritually.

Else’s or meals or she would like to leave the room and having problems with them not being around what I think some pervert do for sixty five or seven votes with an amused black female I’m a white male.

Yes the off the bus and the.

Real staticky a black female and a white male and got on or off a bus the ignitor Marcia verification McKenna go on I don’t walk around knocking are you just.

You know I mean there’s the seven eleven five one she’s out this was not Boulevard.

That they were a private company about five ago suspect because he’s done with.

My mail and this one is on description as I.

Possibly a reddish bag over her shoulder or backpack still has a black you know early twenty’s dark colored jacket and a dark backpack he said he had a small black handgun not sure where he put it in there was.

Not one in all cover coming from noise so fire five a nine twenty seven I’m going to.

Go into.

Some trolls if they have anyone close as well someplace our car isn’t an employee.

Of nowhere and then to a coffee our caller is not an employee just used their phone it was a pedestrian hold of a heard about one block west of that location.

And I thought it.

Was weird mission earlier go away in a red jacket army had.

Always refuse your prominence.

Providence unless some additional year wasn’t going to server ninety seven were clear our current call will have to the robbery as well and you don’t have it.

Forever I think it’s from now when she is rural or was.

Near the and all her Wal-Mart parking are people who.

Are less than as a hot parking lot you mean.

We’re going to be recruiting for private.

Security firms.

And if you’re a Debbie that fifty one.

So I had about one hundred eighty a block and an eighty on your block of Ne Ne fifty Listen I have this available for six Gender vision.

The other not easily.

For and I have a succession of Asian.

Servants and medical No they just don’t fire as well and since that is.

East of a full course the incidence of having.

Three one hundred twenty three.

They weren’t exactly twenty three pieces ask if someone has I.V.’s for sixteen and a vision and I think I’m not in anyone with an I was answering up on and that’s OK.

If you just are different from Mission a greyhound it’s sort of a nice bumper and so from Kelly two minutes ago votes for three seven John Queen Henry one hundred court to fifty four well I’m going there and probably.

Every north of that is here for just increase traffic charges if point.

That mean I stand ninety two friends on sentry and devices or units are set up on the program right now.

So I don’t want to have a day to a county be there or have to see if I can get out mikes or caucus noise and I just I don’t know whether.

I think there’s.

Organ eighth and Europe or you know who we were.

We were in transit to fifty five to fifty six but actually one of our radio because more and.

More I really want they’ll walk well.

Thank you for the last.

Nine twenty we don’t want to get involved there’s only one talk with our.

No I don’t know what the conditions are.

In a certain light rain and all and there west then on film and from or night or I.

Was just trying to churches.

Every morning and then yes.

OK I join you they are not the kind of falling behind I think your car or the car my got involved but once they have enough let’s just health care visits are being something of a guy very aware.


And very I wonder if there’s you know is it right or outgoing well.

Of almost.

West fans almost right there oh they just said he threw a chainsaw out the window at seven five and home and.

What are they all the ones with think someone’s an X. ray one of the up they was he threw a chainsaw out the window I got.

Around seven zero from tall men about sixty miles per hour one day it looks like they’re still throwing westbound on more Duke right now from West Ham and do.

Over from him or try to get Michael Moore that Cooper was down to for.

A sense of her William Taylor out there to be very evil group already of well over her veil over the river These are their bailing their six rings of are.

Very few for sure and I want to.

Thank I heard him asking for Air want anyone else ours were there we’ve got lots going there for five so far and description they’re giving white male great T. shirt blue jeans and their fan and foot pursuit now he’s down to forty three zero and sixty three is worried about seven four three zero six three nine players you don’t want to come in very early that alleyway between sixty four and he.

They’re going forward or.

Bending fourteen Can’t have to earn it importance of him.

Happy Patmos guy has him from down.

There they’re going to be behind I think that the five who are on significant having what I want to play five sixteen ga ga ga ga ga having that is.

You don’t do that with talking with him do you classify me happy just compliant.

If you don’t yet know if being at the address you get the five to four won’t fix it if it.

Works for here have because for three on three.

Sure there are things you want to hear no no standing for three or four Knowing when and if anybody have you got a seventy four home and a great change or I go out and what I thought it was when I went to one of our guys said I’m going to go with.

One three eight nine shouldn’t intensively have this thank heaven sound happy happy I’ll be rejoining.

And marry one hundred new Remember efficiency any foreign home and wasn’t James all for for seventy five instalment Thank you you that.

One hundred but from what appears to be a single vehicle or the star organ plays seventy nine of them were were.

If you need eleven eleven hall or.

So if it were in there yeah.

I would respond when I’m to do the middle you know the very mode this one starting now three of seventy nine when he can you put a note or seven six one one on tomans warm recovering the change.

We try to take it out your mind and out of that information on the male and female five even find a white mommy Carlo that just went west on holiday from when he won in the last couple minutes I’m employed black male black female three and I might expect you copy.

One exists only.

Towards the war.

If we’re still in jail the guy.

In the front of P.P..

Joey going to the customer efficiencies.

And I want to region or do I want to change it and there are sixty four now but.

You also think of coffee if we’re just clear John that.

Central can forty five.

One Hari.


Many think the war and then in route to Harry mail you know.

How to get three fourteen cents of this century.

For anything.

But so me out of the harbor Free School of Life Hogans of the stars with.

The zero six John Tom Adams cover for a lottery fifty times I sat on one side seven but once you six four six not the center fell to a Dell call or heard a car crash into something then silently going south on one two nine The severe damage there is now some kind of big piece of concrete and then all of the road they are not sure you have parked cars something else over one of them or ones I think your family bought one for it in the car gone.

Yes it took off two ago.

And I get nine five seven I’m think it was.

Nine hundred seven and hers already dog five hundred five.

Times had a twenty.

Six lead in German six I think I meant Washington Baker picture if you four four seven one of you did more.

You want us to understand more three twenty.

Four seven and.

If so.

Maybe seven men are in the River Plate doing Vir or three of us reversed Dr power to stop him right now straight into a vehicle they have.

Bicycle towards River Parkway and walk clothing.

One seven seventy seven’s.

Oven will start for three five three zero Celsius one three say.

Mental health facility and I have one six a go it is easy eighty and I’ve got an X. client at the door he’s got some kind of injury and asking for medical lenses they.

Are going yes they’re going for the injury and you guys are going to guess it’s an easy eighteen facility and they want police to go with them no problem he erupts sergeant it outta thirty nine twenty eight I.

Rejoined by night it is clear and show me going to America.

OK and I’m seven some of the conflict probably vengeance subgoals and.

The For Sale and we have this if you have a vehicle with broken if there’s other with him starting garage for the description of it they.

Got their.

Three hundred one of the four ending and mileage seventy.

Five thirty three thirty three if you can clear.

Information residency I see the out of service from all four hundred five hundred three thirty five information with what I feel it will be down from four to five nine seven seven Dr Dobry.

Very sick seven between party and holding a west side of six seven a guy laying on the ground looking under a dark rings with a Camry collar thought he was casing a white male mid thirties red plaid shirt black jeans placed on the car eight zero zero John Mary.

But a lot of credit but very two to three in one organ fix every four John David going.

To do three and seven three three nine hundred Thanks.


Oh there’s a recession joy for Jill.


If you gave each one hundred I can copy any of that the better yes.

But you know is refusing right because of the basis for rather hope reasons.

I mean maybe wants to respond to the solid quarter till you think this person lost but then the poor thirty nine twenty eight I will be if you still want a couple So I think.

Early for him to have.

Thirty nine twenty eight a copy when a guy coughing cover him ses three four he just they just confirming one’s OK if that goes on there are a few there just because it’s also as well if Johnny seven forty four five Avenue will play it as well that after being hit over the head and Rob He’s a forty three all male medical the route.

I give us.

Six is that you can use any.

Nine hundred seven though you are a very very unhappy or.

Asian or you be forty three thousand six.

Hundred and you’re probably a ways off I don’t have anyone else close nine one zero six se with number fourteen male that are complained and has and are all against us inside the location refusing I don’t know how he got in there he was yelling threatening to assault her complainant sounds like she can’t see him now and heard a door open so he may have left that he usually runs to a neighbor’s apartment in the next complex over that she can point out the criminal we want to clean a vision of a sergeant I think ever that you know and you might you know anything over three forty six point seven eight we can go.

Government includes a divine tonight.

Who went through what was my result OK I will one three ticking out two thirty one I think you are three forty six thirty nine point eight nine three any give me a call five four five three eight seven.

My choice one three.

Medical or am art of the Bible the whole gay well and that it causes or probably overgrowth of having three forty seven of you from the US Office of you in front of the US office three fourths of three of you.

I need one for the growth of us as we observe it.

There are those who for as for the laws will three four years beliefs of harmony.

Open a vote in favor of always if you want something.


And then to measure in the good and know it or there are areas of a minister I’d probably choose a room Jean procedure.

Anyone able to clear to go with medical six zero four zero se Belmont on a behavioral call anyone else trying to authors health rich and handsome have gone home clean and you have a go free ninety five copy this is a fifty three year old female the recent history of a psychotic break I don’t have any more info on that they describe her as possibly violent and she’s at the location recovering after a stroke she looks like we’re going because she’s had some kind of altered level of consciousness but that’s how I got over it anyone else to cover Now anybody else can let you go learn it in public or in different programs then it Sorgen section one Charles.

Boy are corns of the view over.

Their view of the physical.

And I think certainly.

Three ninety five.

I mean I think that one forty eight.

Trimming custody was one thirty eight one thirty eight Hersey and George just wanting to Clackamas County Jail started knowledge there are probably been times rectory fifty for.

A joint where you connect this call to.

The mystic in your park and then send me a note or.

Just thing by Lennie if you can both and the different departments.

Think if you.

Are going to actually this Europe right now.

I want to got a raise if you.


The resident here who’s recovering from a stroke has got an altered level of consciousness they said she’s post psychotic break but I don’t have any more info than that they also describe her as possibly violent so medical wanted police to go as well.


In the visually numbered those apartments are not we have everything else being held back in Australia and apparently she was less think concise in her.

Notes for it and work hard for one more.

If you.

Want to use a sixty forty cracked Yes or six zero four zero se Alma Marquis care.

Of a fire was on another call crosses three to three thousand nine hundred seventy so you’d be responding you know and thank you.

She’s standing outside and.

We just tried to call instinctively.

So we were.

Do you part want to.

Know you want you can just go online and be telling her that her like saying sorry want to say.

Something and money going to the seven eleven one sixty if you want that he starts street there’s male and female dealing drugs and agreeing he.


Full of a lot of we wanted to know this is.

That you think you want me to have you for a very very.

Rigorous over OK five point eight can you start that way the target is very.

Sure if you’re going to have five when it is you.

It is.

For a four zero zero so.

There is no green key and hard and I do have one card from a fortune washing machine.

Every which way you got north from one fifth Avenue to eleven eleven to get to your Internet and to go if you’re in a case of one’s existing cover car where you at the bookstore you want to feel healthy one on the indeed on.

The other having that delay.

This doesn’t resemble a car.

Going to be to have it any wonder if any of us.

Probably thank you for seven.

Bunny Hogan or the vision of what was really sort of a link for nine.

Hours of division when I did it.

For the US officer on throughout Europe that he was I think any of the things I want to see in the is down.


Hundred I think for a lot of boys to do with an aging copy want to change I want to eat any.

First off I went to a chain.

Of seventy four stuff so if it was really not going on fifteen zero three or the registered owner of a vehicle it was recruiting fifteen of three of his Goma pro-choice side to go ahead she’s probably Gorenberg no more and then we don’t and won’t there yeah I just got out of date so thank you so much because of.


Five nine seven and you and I for eight Norse Woolsey and ave one hundred there’s a male versus female arguing there’s no weapons mentioned especially the blue house is a chronic problem they’ve been getting physical so it could be forming in.

Second in Maine if there’s seven clear eight five seven will cover the president’s own property thank you and they want The ago if.

They deserve also all of it three seven hundred of them.

Two thousand of her of them want to say.

Why when it really is the only negative five six eight you and five a day to three zero one North Menzies drive mail is just in the complainants house heard from.

Copy from former force Lehman and in just getting the update on the race rail was a baseball half ice extend all of our clothing that pack last in Eastham of and drive.

Me to four five for a go ahead why don’t you show me that you’re in the drive call Thank you for OK five it also have you slept with him and sent you to Woolsey and hunt it was everything.


These are the fitting nine seven seven seven seven Nielsen level home park one zero eight three five se Powell unknown space across from Number six is the guy that our complainant doesn’t recognize who’s been standing in the yard for thirty minutes just think you live there not doing anything you just standing there Governor our money to cover it up one for each You see for any marriage.

And two hundred for Tony just nine six seven nine for you and that nine five a month some of these close or medical out with a patient who just kicked them and asking for police three seven zero six se one seven four you know the evil gun but a copy well if you and Marty or twenty want to find a service join and one six eight one seven three three one stark it’s an approximate address from a cell phone sounds of a fight in the background we will govern for coming back on six now we come to the.

Forefront of science either in another update did you find that if you.

Pay for the anything for two or five Go ahead three medical checks two children I think his brothers Well they’re really not a couple in requesting for the one for thirty one program or.

Are for thirty one right think they want to come back here or.

Three of you for your three.

Three if you heard everything in that room there it might all be.

Kathy she the caller on she is.

Six hundred a service does is looking for you.

Sixty five a.

You can disregard service.

If it’s for you never Asian reckless driver not that I just buy the less than ninety fourth grade you were Hyundai Elantra Oregon one one three right Sam Roger Moore forty seven one six zero six.

One five four one NE on the first the twenty four hour fitness to be no walk in scene she’s been raped probably with.

Six men also we know many details so far Medical’s on one fixed income for forty.

Four For her part of her office and on the side dropped off a chair and Harrington unity about thirty minutes ago an employee you want to call if you did find.

An E.F.L. number of your boss unity government your request number one birth of the family car with black on the front passenger side one seven fix a character of Acre the direction for fifty.

Sixty way going for you and six seventy four three three six north east one sixth Avenue.

There was an alarm that was at this address earlier that we canceled we don’t just but still and now we have an arc he’s a location.

Calling Cena sister’s house and he’s only got a hold of her or her husband and he does CERN So we want to get a check on them situated at one of the six twenty.

Three in a country in no it’s a nice six seven eight as you copy.

Order to do six more night well every player should only seventy even be twenty per.

For seventy three thanks very.

Very a one to two fighter if he’s busy streets calling and saying we don’t know the exact address but you’ll hear it from in front of this location male yelling at the kids and the kids yelling for the stuff.

To perfect.

Different from blackness County and I think.

To offer an officer as dressed up as that Riverside Drive and Briarwood road and.

White Subaru Legacy white and Occupy London.

Also the vehicles following what you’re ality elations plates were seen as icing but seven of them are related see chasing a white you are unknown plates unknown directions and time frame four fifty nine.

Nine For a complete.

One and one nine.

Have you want to join the NE pretty three twenty one one market place in front of you well there are three point one of all of them a five.

Or more wanted that thirteen thirty selfless third line locations as a six house apartment the others as service copy there’s an eighty six female who’s yelling at employees like email Ortiz curly hair with the ingrowing backpack.

And for seven it was a job by both three six one and six right you know we’re going to look at and you have a direct telephone number for the senators six four nine disregard of a seven and it’s seven.

Brothers five forty two selfless eternal still highways person still stole some cans from the location there southbound on foot white male black sweatshirt and green some milk crates of the cans and I’m traveling and I was driving five and I.

Do some.


Visits a window broken I’m sure is around Washington somewhere if you nurture for.

First in Washington Kathy thanks for I want to it was doing the news and it’s a nurse in our V.A. Mt Hood giving.

Them their third and.

I seventy three to show eighty seven you know this is where the program is going to do somethin some research.

By getting.


Eighty seven S. been listed in the alarm from.

The seven one four ne Broadway Northland limbs but yes out front there’s a drought there’s a homeless guy has sling customers right now forty two blue be Blue Jackets act.

I thank you for five three four or five years for myself and four for example we are ALL OF US Bancorp our.

My friends you.

Are going to jail if you are going better.


Six seven eight and.

Over we’ve got.

Eighty seven on him first know the want to us record our families I was happy to see a good parent lay us busting my ass down probably.

Looking more.

To solve this primary do three zero.

Five eight you going very.


Carlo and just his office Twenty eighth street.

View of an expired tags but when Still the whole process in front of the address you guys were doing I thought.

Probably because we’ve always done famous but climate.

Things are very.

Very green and so in southern growing of medical eye injury are recently turned Gleason two cars have on.

The other zone grab the region called NG and one is one two three five north west Marshall a sister’s coffee person outside sleeping they have a small kitchen knife playing by his feet and they don’t feel comfortable purging by forty five forty seven thirty five no loving boy seven hundred at the highest by forty eight three seven three three four three seven three due.

In mound of annoying lying George actually the Gavin of boundaries by the one tourist up at Richards and.

Something at Richardson I think the one there is no I was just looking occupy watching for one though.


Trafficking a senator in the States have any teeth but if you’re seventy.

And want to be there since five and three selfless fourth person it’s been a six day is back again white male funny just thirty brown hair camel jacket jeans yellows and glasses.

And for seven years worth of.

Fighting For.

Her and her wanting the warning but I wanted her to our heart her and her heart.

Full of I don’t want to take seventy six.

Is seven six four and I’m going for medical the three one four zero ne on face five jobs are fighting hellish brothers trying to say very thing separate them now requesting that.

The front end up in or out.

And excited to see the dogs are now contain the males bleeding from his hands and arms.

Well they’re going to cover those who committed any crimes of morning if one coming.

And save it also taken to.

BURY you are.

However I.

Really don’t want.

To clear a tree seven tonight.

Thank you six o’clock but three hundred eleven.

For you if you don’t want to so much have a.

Thank you plea Jackson six join se grand We have an open line with the sound like normal talk in the background on up and downs been busy.

And seventy seven.

Six zero and I think.

I think going to ASHO at some five one zero North interstate doing outside screening or if you.

Have a.

Success forty want to one and all of us.

Want to join the union the going to do for oneself is tele sewing which is very or visit your Asian males in the backyard stealing stuff as well I thought so for.

A photo or a how.

To for for all for entering a three.

Cars waiting in a jeep and a friend says that one guy ran off and the other is sleeping Ilmi in front Ryssdal It’s hard to get him full of.

Surfaces and I think they are.

Going to fit the success of nine forty eight as well every.

Six or seven.

Or or Jessica seven went through all manner of annoying for me expression hundreds of settled in forty five.

Central Time forty five one for him but.

They three seven player.

Three seven eight.

Then I think you.

Know Drew nine hundred three it was a.

Three in five seven I have a threat call retreat results just parked in front of the peace to shelter planet says a male in the great B.M.W. with built plates on it pointed a gun at him still in front and I’m waiting for more information go.

Figure seven or go from Broadway and Davis at six fourteen ever been around the selfless part we are having problems understanding our complainant language barrier I think the e-mail associated with the Mail says that the gun was not real and the vehicle has left on park cover or colored Ivory.

I will find out.

There are several theories.

If you’re going to marry checked in at sixty or so and there is a black B.M.W. park poster there but it has only been over her.

A force that I gave you with her collar here her sister.

Happy that the complainant or suspect are going for a.

Happy but possible complaint Arkansas or something seventy eight men low in the laminate taking on a subject yelling and waving his arms around the corner right now that such Are you coming one hundred seventy six morning traffic right it’s going to be a white yes or six zero Sean Victor yellow forty seven a block of white and then a black NE I can’t sixty six when I you actually forty seven hundred block of North you say six or nine that’s correct THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

For silence so the vehicle we’re looking for is B.M.W. X five it’s going to be silver work on the suspect of zero zero zero zero zero zero is the only area.


Explaining it will have easy for at least as well for.

The P.C. for assault for explaining Hey more as it unfolded Yeah inflate as you know it your permitted back window right we’ve got a city near four of them burns.

But we’re on the sort of you know seven we’re coming from average Broadway so it’s raining westbound on Burnside right now from fourth probably in our victim saying he does have a hell with you there oh it was a vision I mean if.

They’re going to be one hundred to read it on the Honda three hundred thousand fourth right now should be looking at it.

To tsunami hundred eighty some find it a freeze over what you know Broadway of will divide it was you you know.

You know I think you don’t always know the unit for about four or eight years only.

I mean only out.

I think it’s like if you’re so well.

That people now are still insects and can we confirm instant forensics.


We haven’t.

Had the seven burns I think you must found that you know these are all here.

You know digital and.

I think that’s just a morning also they’re looking for a traffic unit out it turned recent it was opinion accident would you be available where they even know if I did I’m going to say you’re OK and if you notice or if it’s seven and eleven and Burns I think he was.

By seven cars where you can have their back have egoless player if we’re seven when they get it you have to think one of them.

Someone on the stop protect you.

From going or.

A very fair Evan were opening their own traffic of your have you have any westbound traffic differentia just occurred five ago at the top of a video twenty three thirty five the fifty second open to merchandise and took off north on to the second yellow white jury four six zero Henry queenly can you have striven dealership on it is.

A force of interactive.

Villain or a five seven Can I give you the van the filaments by seven so I have five unions next very frank you have one three five X. three five going to.

Do you near zero seventy two you five happy there’s you know a few example of a Venus is Good morning to twenty nine by seven thirty five seven.

It comes back on a five B.M.W. out of California expires August is seventeen and I have a place just beyond that if you want.

Attached to this call only you been told and you are players on.

The I think this is like all that rule of and that there is use to through thousands of the basics if you have a good night it’s six thirty one six four nine six Hornet.

I mean there’s have enough He stressed out three dollars waiting in a blue Chevy have picked up a homeless camp starting to confront people here who he thinks still is like coffee from eighty fifth Impreza six or six very oh had over six thirty coffee and a six thirty three one three seventy morning.

Through a five gallon.

Fast unit carrier only six and six are some five eighty going to the five thousand block Ne Ne’s worth there’s a million a crowbar to break into a mailbox that was previously knocked down.

Gray hoodie black pants white background is that driving sorry comes six seventy six seven there listening to those are seven six five eight going to the Squires apartments one of three one five and I think Fremont that injury absence they pulled in this location the driver in the white little crown vic the have driver’s license or insurance collars and a white tie that needs to have a six sided.

Thank you.

Six every day for several years or Secondly although boko is six four nine The other one is six very Governor six forty he’s central front revivalist that’s up to forty five bridges.

Three to five to be our goal the.

Surge of.

O. it force of arms so happy the family the other value to have lasting ones other than one fall from Sandy colors coming back to the one of three and three my advice for contact six seventy five to the last I have a forty three six thirty with a north call to her six thirty got me thirty one sixty three was the thing I ever measured was going down for about fifteen minutes at seven o’clock the hot it’s forty.

Six and the A six hundred thirty nine hundred thirty nine hundred.

Like one daisy Vavasor here but he was willing to say we’re true they shift over time who is the author who were very very dry once war virtually for marriage the whole that were for peace there to please them as we must love them of will for that market and move over the.

Got the information Mark Tidd and NATO tell thirty four female is yelling at equals getting into the street and correction is a male white male thirty five dark face dirty clothing curly hair six forty seven nineteen so.



Years of the war with ASIC forty nine seven eleven four two five zero ne wanted to live there that male standing out front his genitals are exposed white male mid forty’s temperature.


To fighting nine five seven yeah the floor is going to be so on the first place on a national place for the for the scars of the seven five one Georgia boy on off you fired off a governor and then President having the dangerous crowd of the suspects move the.

Block email thirty sixth of a blonde afro engraving requoting you know everybody is just verbal then of answering questions.

Except for one for three in a ribbon you know I’m sure you never again for one four three four one four three the morning ninety seven or I mean one one zero two five on home leave.

Or a six hundred seventy seven.

I think you’re an Aries Jack a three three and start on a person carrying a ladder on his head are planted things that Solon used northbound white male forty’s like colored jacket to go copy and seventy seven.


Seventy seven all advice three seven just you’re right.

There is some of these any.

Six If you are not major If you think there are a few yet you.

Me out with some sort of vehicle our friend here in our family often just north of working.

Class on North Devon I don’t have to do the street Saudis are going happy.

To external have been.

Sidetracked Thanks so I had an eleven Good morning good morning every Jenna calling and overdose on zero six once I ne busy street medical billing and seventy one already the call for an order to Kirk Oh yeah if it were still favors or are there any D.D.’s he gets working right now very easy advocates monitoring I can.

Do everything cause I know thank you have a great sort of first everyone user to respond or give your car what they give a call the fine.

Sort of.

Seven soon but I want to record all sectors of the for.

Sixty or to be sixty one and it will be ten sixteen months of.

Thirty one thousand Good morning three three zero one six one four U.N. four one one four one going to rock Leticia apartments one nine one zero zero East Burnside.

Is squat on a suspicious private area a white male standing there he has his whole face covered with a red bandana.

I want to do when I talk to a white male five ten medium build like how the hell are thirty he’s wandering around.

And then for it is here on the scene now medical seem possible says.

Her group for three four by three four yes ma’am we are right from the very court our.

Civil right.

For seven.


The R.’s.

The R.’s.

Were working over there we.

Think you know with a hell of a lot you know one governor from loved ones.

Of one hundred twenty three wasn’t fun happy seventy nine forty years version of peace.

Just you know if he receives read reviews or like coffee just revel is just information only in the area of northwest nineteenth and Burnside a five ago it was a great honey hatchback or insight I think nine in the eighty seating with two white male occupants a baseball hat and information seven thirteen present and three I found I think I had the premier from traffic needed for three one zero one what’s the ninety four what if you have a.

Seven fourteen do a three due to either forty one thirty two hundred forty one thirteen the morning there is it’s up for you or that has or will do thank you one for one day one.

For you and one for you one going with medical to very rich apartments for a year old male unconscious with that of his breathing is already done that addresses to seven Wild West powerful fart apartment East three seven how many.

There were seven seven twenty eight one seven it was on I guess that is southbound I four or five freeway at that Everett exit something about somebody has a stick having some sort of episode of we’re not able to get much because of some problems to show for you and wanted uncut version because you know in seventy one rig there’s or cover the record.

Copy in seven you can do tonight exert in.

Just as I was under the collar saying if the guy’s sword fighting with no one rolling around the ground.

OK if you fell for John I think you are in a fortune as you log into that that you are not you.

Central seven thank you one for one.

And looking down at the thought of Hartmann there is actually going to be these two three seven everything.

Play nice and we want to have someone one show five zero Evan and I had a meeting you know who.

Any of or how the original holding and firm Providence office like you doing with the choice you know from making too subtle for Essence of point one to eight are you so out about or should I show you locked off.

Sixteen alive and signed.

I don’t just sixteen alone on thank you Peter Q Thank you go ahead my computer is really going to sell things for if I would ever Yeah we have a few callers one said Everett the other said north of Everett.

OK I’m sorry it was south of ever using.

Some twenty seven one six lines you want to have a car.

Have a seventy ninety one prime willing nine hundred eleven Good morning.

Since or if you are George A Did you copy seventy nine and Tunisia many times only for a computer as you.

Search and somebody here is your current.

Three sixty nine seven thirty six really good night tonight at seven thirty information on a reckless driver last seen in the area thirty third Marine Drive on a direction great Dodge Ram and I five John nor Adam sure going into oncoming traffic.

The fridge and some that are one.

Hundred one six I want.

To non-injury you can work through steel Markovian somebody wants a forge you know if we’re going even a one one house less tense in clay and we’re not sure if this is related to the one you’re vive us we have a possibly someone I’ll be on the street car stop it’s male dark with any dirty jeans muttering fifteen.

The monkey number in for.

Somebody if you do I have anybody else himself freezing up if they don’t walk in for ice if.

Somebody is if they were on our way to central I think there’s no detail what you want to mourn for us having a morning OK seven fifty on the head of a giant thank you he’s healthy other seven hundred fifty can be tonight.

You know sure going and then one six one to cover.

Oh like you are.

Just waiting for the eternal circle of death is not spinning you anything hold in my district yeah there is a call for a war after old sitting in the backyard crying and never seen around a seven sixty seven So would you be that again yes seven six two seven just the scooper it’s a one year old.

No parent seen around you never ridden a calling a curse don’t last ten minutes one hundred selfies one fifty third and on direct it was agree two thousand four Volvo X Z nine it’s of men I want to Gerard are eventually lived on with your and he go they were twenty three storage of years ago and I want to have a call for you to gender and you nine eleven in front of Providence I have to do even with the soil in the parking lot the female making big suicidal threats she’s in a car we don’t have it’s.

If you know the vehicle and I have a copy for me since there’s no one nothing and further on what these they just read of threats are and those are her description didn’t have a car description Her name is Dickie and security call this and they should be having a lot as well treated her and I will probably marry forgery on the four hundred ninety six when he did it.

And then I warn her of it and nine eleven I see that she is waiting for the clinic to open at eight yes.

George is known here I think I would take the other WANT TO around the corner then this is a similar female down not chat right here just on black after all church one for G.’s you selfless eleven.

Is reason times are not eighty seven Javi seventy eight.

Thank you Sunday night through other routes for your good and see that as well since.

You know police false and there are twenty three a for a seventy nine point five one for settlement the court was on five one for some forty.

The morning your if you want eighty seven forty three degree one zero and if you do one if you know eight one zero a result as of our eight zero one zero one cell phone I four or five at the exit this may be related to a call nearby there’s a guy standing in the right lane he’s a male black female cast long brown hoe acting agitated.

Some forty four if you do this room you know go over the days if you have.

A cold there is extremely lower to it.

And colder a forty.

Section eight hundred info.

Old Girls if you.

Know who are in the area join us nine or we’re.

Going to senators who have five hundred one I for one but I want to going to start you towards a river call call me River.

Road Bridge gate Island closer to home as soon report of a unmanned eight foot skiff with engine running stuck under the val a tide water barge they think of these in the water nearby postcards responding with tech fires responding also they would like you to see if they can get eyes on the twenty one copy some for it.

They want rays out of.

The sink in the main channel less of the bridge having.

Some for you.

Five or six I want.

Anybody near.

To get printer to work.

Under something here No no particular.

Traffic by an area fifteen along our reserves really grow it or two so we deserve it or please Covington some court proposition five ninety five any visiting and wanted to do three thirty five.

Of it on the property of their issues and leave.

You know.

Agency go ahead.

Come to terms of income for something that you want.

And right you want to have.

Hard Senator if we’re aware of the.

Person in the water we don’t have any about if you were on then if they don’t find anything other than clear this march.


Seventh or one in some for one.

One resigned to a non injury accident this medical two seven two nine SE six Avenue.

Facing north Dallas West for focus in a life.

Some just.

Flyboy fifteenth a lot of I like to think of mourning her the one for no I’ve been very.

Hard recently.

Writing this you heard that line of happy everyone will be all of them are.

Probably on the case and overstaffed final entering the running of the Third Front security now there is securities and one for three.

For three if Rove and family gave B. once rejoined Ne Ne no it’s number twenty two fifty six year old male stab wound to the just covered and nice of the one to go with it was written.

Just you know what works for.

One copy for seventy eight to nine and one you know it’s going to be on line Couric recall if I can help.

Nigel and he and clear information for a fair deal for a call holding call having run information in seven if you nine seventy one well this lead just getting an update on a complaint is saying that they’re really on the law for OK.

But I got to go way out in the room and never hear of.

Your And tonight it was well.

During the one three one.


Do you know when she won going to one for six for SE need.

There’s a black Mercedes expired tags that’s been sitting across the street not even for a couple hours occupied by and they also see in the passenger side of the can of bags which ever side an engine.


Home of.

Coffee influence and I thought George.

George to go ahead nine forty two John right.

At me or just what corporate house just west of private high school.

That will leverage your good quarter on the where this happened.

Because more and to do in Providence is just a hybrid you want.

They married to one.

Of the very clearly that I’m happy.

To knowing forty choose his own T.V. and of them for you when I’m around in thirty or forty one in three months is one.

Of regime change reaction holding on six years in stark radicals on the way it was three one six two.

Area check in the coffee apartments at seven seven three north last thirteenth Avenue No four in a subject you left southbound who’s been trespassing but as you write me in the car sorry white female thirty gray shirt black pants carrying a purse and a green shopping bags the subject is a black male and there’s a question on the property today from a program.

She also associated with a black male dark complected and a white male of all the black.

Part of the information audible holding at chiller over one hundred sixty Northwest he’s been information that you know six.

Hundred twenty three point in the Euro three wives going to make a journey.

On thirty one and Henry Lincoln Charles is clear on any she doesn’t you Mercedes.

It’s registered at three four five five north east one for nine so if you know two eight three two three three zero you’re there they go on its way you know one of the verses bridge that with three of these three.

And going all the medical one six years and Stark on injury actually looks like it’s a and then rushing for traffic control one five six two one six two one stark and I’m just trying to see you question has anyone.


Those or can tell they don’t have anybody else to tell from at all it’s an injury accident.

Two thousand.

And one think Frankie going to assist as well you know recovery thirty one fourteen as you can see in the second car as well it is a ten twenty thirty in stories that he was sure was eighty six NATO under the current version so you bring in one of the verses bridge between you for one.

Eleven everything just so you go a woman and a one to Northwest twenty second and winders and the farewell from condos yours I direct and talk with you for a look in yards and screaming like a twenty’s baseball cap black pulled her jacket.

Into one guy.

Has everyone is in one so of course to have a highway to deal with what the interview has been abandoned in the family nobody you know that that is well so why not nobody else is going to get.

The one who was.

Into one twenty one start for one four six four thousand eight.

Hundred one six hundred.

Forty one of the Dr Richard Rhodes we are.

Probably Rowsley high school teacher team this one.

If I have a car from an element out I think he’s found on start and of her traffic I think it’s one five seven as they’re shutting down eastbound which we’re.

Going to need over the forty nine who are in the know you know sort of until it can pull over why he’s moving on you know once and.

Every everything a three zero.

Vector for all the owner is seventy three one hundred but I mean.

There’s a vision a calling from Engine age one forty eight but don’t platform the thirty four male harassing other writers of the twenty seven hundred fifty were en route from Gateway to run it when.

They’re in can you show me now in seven at the moment going for training available.

I don’t want that do.

Differential no welfare check call this command no financial five the very south end of the phrase on the right hand shoulder going to civic walking along traffic blackmail when a backpack suffice and a twenty two is union traffic that you have on the shoulder.

You just devoted just twenty three cents or one so if you want an umbrella to Van thirty in Harrison’s every ever Glee convict there for one mind not trying to talk on.

Trees or on hers and it is a twenty three.

It was only twenty three Oh that’s right I call it top three for a guy still hero if enjoyment.

Of history there one eleven I got it all got.

The one for the one that’s wrecked three.

Were differ.

On and so in four of them.

Second Madison industrial gas I’m alive but it’s still an offer in Chicago.

The two joints were copy that was like I would park.

The fourth right now I’m changing out.

Information on the reckless driver not that I thought of five but the I five acts that have great Toyota Highlander yellowing and Henry six nine one having people often stating on factory crossing.

A vision I calling from is an Asian an injury accident involving of us you and I are going to see twenty one three seven five three.

Hole investors measuring three MCO.

Sixty one join it but in one of the parking lot of the car wash laundry six three zero six interviews all the female partner not refusing we have pacifies our complaint signature of violence with employees white female forty one curly hair like research Blue jeans white shoes you know.

Like obvious example here.

And some have a class of cinch.

J. John everything right here you know hands and a.

Short tooth have a clear John I’ll shake heaven on that and say thank you all Ministry time seven.

Firm Tim seven for Barry the King forty five as anyone.

Spoken up for that from across the.

Native after the one agent I’ve been through some five three in you me go OK.

Serving forty five heard was this that apparently the driver.

Fled the scene and came back he doesn’t have a wife and we are currently running train back to our current rules order from date way we get someone to everything out there so we can get there nine hundred demonstrators paying on her finger.

We appreciate it.

Joe it’s reason forty thirty thirty one clear David pretty early.

Eighty four for me to go to the parking lot of that brother’s property.

If you get to it which is there are three zero.

Three three and I are there David is you know will be eighty six again was Harkness one of her markets still ridge with through three three if you buy the sixteenth circle.

One four and Rajoy with three three zero George George John one four and Lovejoy the third user information on a treadmill that earned about ten to go on two hundred first and Thompson.

Was last in the no interaction white sporty sedan attended windows and that Hispanic male driver of the second car was a great older Nissan Altima Well it was a bunch of stuff as you know we are playing and the driver was Pons your information at eight thirty seven rival before he went on.

That I believe fourteen Good morning one point one three one five one morning sorry the sick as a good morning for instance one hundred five regarding the links Portland coal for the one I’m on do we know if the subject was of the other location nurses will be meeting Germans have Alice OK and I asked you and if you I have a different one for ya the Safeway at one to two and Gleason there’s a mail that’s been about them for twenty minutes now is not responding the question.

What line one sec do.

Area checking one four zero four so.

The second Street there’s a male circling the block last thirty minutes the guy thinks he’s a thing white male forty black short shirt camera short with a backpack and we’re trying to confirm if he’s on that or car and the caller does one contact I’ve often old guys probably a three to ninety one you know for Christmas and different and for him because he’s like any other car you’re not going to police looks like that guy is on.

The Evans Avenue apartment three one three I had a complaint and.

Got a call from a patient or from a patient here eyes your it’s a female screaming out for me in the background in the lines of connected to their page and they got a call from his Julie Smedley fifty year old looks like we’ve had several calls to the location on you see if he were offered that call the last couple days monitoring the ones I call.

Yes seventy forty five to four young back to her.


Here into one of the York apartments nine for one Northwest middle part way company they called to say his boyfriend just punched them didn’t give us an apartment number and hung up or didn’t try to call back and get right around that.

You know I got it for you for ages or you can cancel one of those you know me on the primary intros John the R.P.M. enough to get the phone from home.

And I want you to disregard.

That we think and if you do it when one looks like this will actually be Mr Flynn five National Park revolving the companies that he’s going to wait at the front entrance and is asking for medical So medical starting will come in that one that a seven want to have off target will can’t.

Access the back yard its gates last.

Night a wild young Mr.

Simpson a one THANK YOU THANK YOU SEND A ambulance or way it’s requesting one right well he had two of his nameless or.

Seven want to have another one for.

Checking a stroller at the Burger King on structure at just five one three five at the start right.

From originally on a suspicious person call them I passed by I’m OK No if you’re tall he sort of walking west found.

It To Be wary.

All white robes with a hood down confront is not harassing Eboni since regionally in say fifty.

Three thousand the had watched him play that of Iraq too fast and warm all the Western.

General Washington.

To do so she said I’m sorry.

Sixty seven but not as the three thousand felt me when I do sixty seven SE twenty two here’s one for you no you don’t know sixty five not original for trick holding on sixty two and vision.

Mail if you stepping into traffic it’s safe to use the new phone for your sex with a few very narrow winding dense cover.

Joints and I know enjoins in a quick run through a company is.

Such that you know we’re going to be dreams we’re going to go we’re two.

Weeks I’m going to be forty second.

And probably from there going from house five six seven NE forty second right eight fifty five.

Bodies in my car so there’s one three.

Marriageable subject hasn’t been here he’s not going to be here.

She’s going to head towards the way you should enter and.

Can we create a call for Gateway Center in like an hour or something go figure reporter it was three zero one one you want.

If you.

Six when I say you don’t and I won seven one three selfies nine in Gresham was it on threes of his night it’s three just the one vocal on the transit six individual yet this one the record is info you know Israel.

Will the three of you one person Cuisinart of the still very much in fifty eight I thank you for your insights I’m one on one and at the plaid one four zero nine zero ne and the other guy thing and none of the stories is not only South I look in the windows Let melet the blacks or.

What I would for any calls her car the rest of us about any forty two I don’t have anything out there the throw it out or.

She was going to crash just wait for TALKBACK and traffic so it was a lot of it is not needed like if I went for a joint right here right or have a seven hundred forty.

Seven hundred forty five.

For the officers down there engine OG and Kelly go sixty one with a driver for a T.V..


A one five one.

Two one for ones and I want to Aspen Dental six seven zero Northwest use the parkway.

I want we want to have it added a hundred other humanitarian needs dissention about this but.

Only if you have a unit to assist we are a part of a.

Parts of the site now I told five are after West by ninety four by thirty carrying emergency lane with high definition which there were already en route Mike I was coming for a ways off it was from an earlier crash Great thank you monetary support group I regretted her silence or so I would not alter the information far as you saw me or part of a house on fire so he six and Woodstock information only three of those headed southbound trans in and around his ankles carrying.

On a sack on a tree.

Were murdered.

Thirty three I’m sorry.

It was you want to round Southerners provide us you know he’s clear that he’s in the meeting or what I think is I thank you very much and that every time there’s one aquarium never at the very edge of three.

Or six you almost are going to discover an authority that will wonder if you got thirty five twenty nine to five tonight we’re doing a search warrant one three seven one through so you’ll know when you don’t want your one for him three G.’s of the seal case number one seventy five says be a choice jogger to be interesting with a nice to have you one three seven one two selfies still in Q.

Three You know number one seven five is a choice they’re being threatening with a knife.

Those will be.

And if I.

Get a little update this is on the first floor inside is a white male but if the short hairs are to face.

The color I don’t have it yet it’s second hand of the collar and I think it’s a pocket knife to find out every one forty one it’s in the stars for me very handy to the very rich one forty one got me one five hundred.

And seven eleven and clear also I can sort them that way if you like that work I left the job and I started to cover this whole area like up and then a seven and for it oh and this is going to be employed in marine Mars the her make that Martha Marie calling in her for numbers and the color I can give it cheesy like a different color Well what do you do your own choice drug or through America if we’re ever going to.

Give that a try and information actually seventy one.

Of the and some four on the C.B.S. seven three one NE every second hand from the neighbor ten ago that there is currently unknown female possibly doing a very very inside the south and there is a some are calling this a March thirty first so full recall that last night it was the whole deal having my example deal some one happy.

See calling from.

I don’t have information about who it is I think it’s the resident who’s not they are getting contacted by the neighbors saying this is that the mail is inside the house had to go I don’t know if left are still there hopefully I’ll get more involved I will share when I get it and they go on working on figuring out just a little bit more it’s not all thanks to a video.

That you in three three in are there with David and he sure if you think for me economy walking north you know it on your black north west.

And now I know that this is you will be clearing all that Michael from its Riggio OK Some eleven you can either.

Seem very clear that we actually have the knife threatening or to be just have it.

On him.

Is unclear has else’s against I know I don’t want him quietly or being very near her.

And I.

Stamina doesn’t unwonted six one one six NE in the cave for a female is a nearly she was trying their loads of different cards like the male of the black jacket multi-colored him on and she’s called in as well as he’s going to wait out.


Park an officer about the size I want to have the one to see what it was some very want and I never mentioned got eight thousand and seven I know you’re familiar and it’s an earth that Holly white female and twenty’s and our company would like to have.

That on.

Nine eleven but Triano and that one through there was if you wanted one secure I was on nine eleven and for a three two one and eight for two finding a fifty three choice Edward Jaeger to seventeen a sixty four is a caution resist twelve thirty four is used to fifty three for P.C.’s This Demeter treatment interest direct is listed as a white male five nine one forty gray and brown video coverage video attached.

Five It won’t.

Hurt me a lot of.

People I’m sorry would charge an excellent surgeon X.L. back to OK And you know anything like that either just like mental health issues and resists arrest.

Any of you or.

The joint of.

A nine thirty he’s got other hardware the size I want.

One thirty eight forty one I like is there is a thirty four to one Southwest OK as he’s.


One hundred two or three hundred three if you do yes very clear Baker into a three three an hour when you.

It was three three zero and I’m fourteen Do we have a building number for the writing on the street of leaders those to be in for the complex.

Well that’s George.

W. Bush being or just passing the tunnel has arisen over Nissan pickup an employee that’s down Sunset.

And its name forty six thousand nine hundred sixty nine I was working on one with a caller she said that he actually left about five go wash west on oak.

But he came in twice today doing the same thing display that I just nearly frightening towards people.

Every loss of a go westbound on oh he’s coming twice a day doing the same thing displaying the nice and threatening one thing and you know one another’s responding to.

Another complaint calling following the suspect.

Six from Lessing entering the US bank examiner.

Going to Lloyd Center with medical there and signed by the Ross as access from all the others that acknowledge this thirty’s or medicals of this bill out of breath he had flashed a nice Reese’s earlier as well as a nice little way.

By night is her legs are kind of sexy.