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DBPOWER 2 MP 5M USB Waterproof Hd 6-led Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Camera

Download Manual

Here is the user manual pdf download for the DBPOWER waterproof inspection camera.

DBPOWER waterproof inspection camera.pdf

Download Software



Details from the user manual

Waterproof USB wire CAMinspection camera 0
HD 720P
LED switch Adjustable lightness switch

1.The USB Endoscope can be inspected the hard-to-reach or hard-to-see areas. 2.The outer diameter of the Endoscope camera is only 10mm.
3.High resolution 2.0MP with 1/6 CMOS camera.
4.Built-in 6 LED lights in the len for inspecting in the dark environment. 5.USB2.0 interface.
6.Can be used on PC or Laptops, don’t support Tablet PC.
7.Support the Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Function items Spec Description
Samera 1/6″ COMS
Pixel 2.0 Mega Pixels
Resolutions 1600×1200,1280×720, 640×480,352×288…
Capture Resolution Up to 1600X1200
LED Light 6 pcs Adjustable
Brightness Auto
Exposed control Auto
FIN O 2.8
Camera housing diameter lO mm
Wide visual view angle 30°

1. Inserting the CD to the CD-ROM of your computer for installing the ViewPlayCap ‘
successfully, then you can find the ViewPlayCap icon m on the desktop.
2. Connecting the USB Endoscope with your computer’s USB interface, It needs longer
time for the first time.
3. Double-click the ViewPlayCap icon m on the desktop and appear the display window as below. If no image on the display window, click “Device” and select “USB video device”, then you can see the image.
4. The LED lights’ brightness can be adjusted by the
LED adjuster on the USB Repeater;
5. Capture images: Click the icon ~ in the displaywindow.
the pictures will be stored in the pictures favodtes or set up the picture path again as need. You can find the pictures as fallowing way directly: View>Open My Pictures.
6. Video capture: Click “file” option. Select “set capture file”. Setting the file name and location and saving the video, click “Open” to save. Setting up the capture file size, click “OK”; Click “Capture” and Setting up the time limit, thee press “OK”.

inspection camera 2 inspection camera 1


Product Features

Super Hi-Vision–2 Million Pixels CMOS camera
• The flexible camera is waterproof with 8.5mm diameter so that you can inspect area under water, gaps and holes.
• Capture snapshot image or video with 800*600,1024*768,1280*720,600*1200 resolutions.
• 5M Cable length, Silver camera head, updated version. With accessories of mirror, small hook and Magnet tools.
• Free replacement and after sale service available, please buy with confidence.